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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 20, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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gutfeld. she could charm a mouse off a cat tree, kimberly guilfoyle. and bob beckel. he traded his bat swing for the right wing, eric bolling. she is america's bunny slipper. dana perino. 5:00 in new york city. 4:00 a.m. in dana lurid back pack. this is "the five." the show is packed tighter than a cook's hair net. let's do this, america. ♪ ♪ in ohio yesterday, the president rejected class warfare. it bet he said we have two competing visions of the future and the choice could not be clearer. >> right now we have two competing visions of our future. the choice could not be clearer. let me tell you, the folks on the other side, i'm sure they are patriots, i'm sure there is fear in terms of what they say, but their theory, i believe is wrong. somebody gave me an education. i wasn't born with a silver
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spoon in my mouth. michelle wasn't. but somebody gave us a chance. it's like these folks up here are looking for a chance. >> greg: i guess i was wrong. the president whines he had no silver spoon. if that's not class warfare, what is it? a war on spoons? he's got to stop this war on utensils, america. maybe he didn't have a silver spoon, but he had a silver tongue. he went from community organizer to president with just a few steps in between. something was silver. or straw. perhaps like his argument. you know i bet he knows a better way to make our economy stronger. it comes down to two choices, one evil and one good. >> what is the better way to make our economy stronger? get more tax breaks to ever millionaire and billionaire in the country or make investments in education and research and healthcare and job training? >> greg: that is like choosing between a hug from beckel or one from dana. thans is not a redistribution
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argument. this is not taking from the rich people to give to poor people. >> this is not a redistribution argument. not taking rich people to give to por people. this is us together making invest in the the country so everybody has a fair shot. greg fair shot? i guess the fair share failed so it's fair shot. most economists point out there is more movement from class to class here than anywhere else, ever. people come here not for class warfare but one day their kids can be born with a silver spoon or any spoon for that matter in their mouths. unlike indonesia, our spoons won't have dog in it. >> kimberly: really? >> greg: what? hey, bob -- >> kimberly: you're not well behaved. >> greg: it's thursday. in thursday move. thursday is like my friday. so the polls, cbs, "new york times" poll finds obama and romney in a dead heat. i want to ask you, if you were involved in obama's campaign,
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what kind of advice would you give to president obama, would you tell him to hold tight in things might get better. or new game plan. >> bob: i think -- he was in ohio yesterday. ohio is going to be as it usually is, critical to the outcome of the presidential race. here is the thing i find most interesting about all the polls. number of undecided voters are very small. persuadable voters. polarization on both sides is really, i mean they are both sitting around 46% if you ample it all out. normally in a presidential race, it's 40/40. that is the base. 20% persuadable vote. i think that that, what if i were obama i'd focus on that. here is the problem with romney and obama. they do not attract blue collar white, noncollege men. neither one of them. and that is a problem. whoever gets there first will win this election. >> greg: you know who does attract -- >> bob: are you bored already? >> eric: just a little. >> greg: that's what i thought. blue
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>> blue collar, white, non- -- be honest. >> bob: barrels of oil. >> eric: producer, fans politicos -- i won't lump you in to this. producer of politico loves poll. every day a new poll comes out and says next one, romney ahead, obama is ahead. then we go see the big move in the the poll. rely? >> dana: i think this is significant because it's the first time you see since the primary basically been over that you have the "new york times" and cbs poll saying it didn't affect romney as bad as a lot of people thought it might have. persuadable voters, so say you take ten of them in a room. they listen to president obama say i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. it guarantee you three of them off the table. or they stay home. >> bob: you're right about this. at least when they are polling, the conservative base of the party came to romney. he inherited that. the same way that obama has. that's why my new norm of both parties is 45%.
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of the electorate. i know it bores you. stay awake, will you? >> kimberly: it will be a challenge for both of the men to put together winning strategies in key states like ohio. right now it's too soon to tell in terms of how the numbers are going to settle. but i think eric from the beginning you said it will be anybody but obama, even generic republican beat obama. when you look at this long-term, quick snapshot, i think it's significant because it's showing movement. we'll see how -- >> bob: you won't see what you saw in the primary. this will be settled where it is now. it will be 44 to 48%, around that range. won't be big movement. >> kimberly: that's within the margin of error statistically. >> eric: can i jump in here? no, no, i want to talk about something greg said in that monologue. obama, can we talk about this? he wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth? can we talk about how he got to be president of the united states? tough childhood, i get it. his mother left him to be
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raised by his grandmother in hawaii where he earned a "c" average throughout high school. sometimes got through ok dental college with a c -- occidental college with "c" average. then found himself at harvard where he got prestigious position of editor of the harvard law review. then paid by the taxpayers through various forms of public service. senator and now president. so, financial silver spoon. he has a form. >> bob: don't you think being president of harvard law review requires some substance in the silver spoon comes, do you remember when ann richard talked about herbert walker bush saying he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. clearly referring to romney. >> dana: she said poor george bush, he was born with a silver foot in his mouth. that's why it was so funny and hi learous and one of the best i can still quote. the famous quote. president obama will never be
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in -- >> bob: he was referring to romney when he said that. >> dana: of course. that's the thing. he says he is -- i'm not doing class warfare and then he says something like that, of course he is talking about mitt romney. >> greg: if it's not working -- the class warfare rhetoric is not working, not helping him with men. if you look among women, married women move away from him. you still get single women. but married women are moving away. it's not working. speech writers, don't they have to come up with something new? >> kimberly: they recycle the same stuff. why what should they do with that? >> bob: if you are on an economy at best weak, what are you going to do? i think that what the polling indicates and what the focus group indicate is class warfare thing will bring over the white collar -- excuse me, blue collar men who don't like romney. romney not favorability among the people. >> greg: wrong for the country. it's wrong.
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>> dana: romney's lead among men is higher than percentage wise than obama is among women across the board. >> bob: are you sure? >> dana: yeah. >> greg: obama is adding $5 trillion to the debt. isn't that class warfare? >> dana: you ask what could he do in they could do something that -- he was in a perfect position to play against types. re-deuce taxes on corporation. why doesn't he nache? you know what congress? i want it done by the end of june on my desk. >> eric: i have a better idea. i have a better idea. how about he takes his own advice. isn't he the one that put together the simpson bowles commission? didn't he say guys, come up with ideas to tackle debt and make sure it doesn't spiral out of control? didn't they come up with five ideas, reforming medicare, medicaid, entitlement, a little bit of tax reform and spending reform. and all of a sudden, obama says no, i'm not against simpson bowles. no way. no way. >> bob: it would raids taxes.
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>> eric: but my point is he commissions a group, they come up with recommendations. nah, doesn't sound. >> dana: it gets worse. two days ago the head of the senate budget committee kent conrad, the senate hasn't had a budget in well over three years. >> kimberly: they don't care. >> dana: kent conrad, who is retiring said i'm going to have a markup on the simpson-bowles plan. markup means they have to vote on it. guess what? harry reid calls up and says no you don't. democrats won't have to take a vote on that. harry reid didn't come up with that on his own. that came from the white house. >> bob: the simpson bowles committee not created by obama. it was act of congress. the idea was you have a budget that had to be voted on. eight republicans backed off of it. >> eric: president obama, bob, you're wrong. >> dana: congress created it after he requested it. >> bob: he requested it. congress passed it. what it said is you were going to have no amendments up and down. remember that? the republicans at the very end backed off of that. >> greg: on that note -- >> bob: he didn't make it mandatory. >> greg: we're going to take a break.
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>> dana: are you still here? >> greg: yeah. get a snack. coming up, the president halted the keystone pipeline in january but now he has a new plan. what will obama do now? probably something. also don't forget to e-mail us at mali write "i love greg" in the subject header and win a free lunch with dana. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: there it is. the fisker fiasco. $5 million oyour money falling flat. fisker announced they are laying off the final 12 employeeat t delawar plant. don't blame fisker, blame the owns who gave fisker your hard-earned green. case and point. this clown testifying at a congressional hearing yesterday. >> did you know how much d.o.e. spent on travel last year? >> i don't have the answer. but the amount of money spent by the federal employees is
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paltry compared to the money spent by the facility management department. >> when you say paltry, that is a general term. >> i have not looked at the number. my understanding is it's in the $60 million a year range. >> eric: so to the d.o.e., $60 million of your money is paltry sum. t wh weid not hr was more stunning when asked about the rest of the travel expenditures by the department, mr. freeman said several hundred milli was "gross understatement." so, the d.o.e., the g.s.a., spending our money, bob, seems like it's a big joke. >> greg: they spent $60 million on poultry? >> kimberly: paltry. >> bob: it's not fair to call someone a clown because he's testifying. he's a civil servant, trying to do his best to answer the questions. it's amazing to me that you pick out the d.o.e. contract when the defense spends $5 billion on the ospry and it doesn't work.
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it doesn't work. it doesn't work. it doesn't fly. it flies up and then it goes. >> eric: i'm telling -- >> bob: the biggest waste of the money is the defense department. we never talk about it. >> greg: i love that bob is admonishing you for calling him a clown. that might be the best thing i've ever seen. >> dana: and the suggest. >> kimberly: that, too. very subtle. >> bob: one shot after another folks, after another. >> greg: i love you. >> bob: sometimes i can't make it out of here. i'm just saying that i think you -- by the way, the d.o.e. investigations, there are thousands and thousands of grants out there. they are investigating 300 of them. >> eric: let's talk about what this is. this is a congressional hearing -- >> bob: tell us what this is. >> eric: stay on the subject, shall we? this is congress and how they spend the money. $60 million of travel within the department itself with the contractors. several hundred million
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dollars is a gross understatement? >> dana: that is the scale, right? that is what we're talking about and why the second look at the green energy programs, because they can't get to scale there. might be a reason to fund basic science and basic research. the specific companies getting money like fisker or solyndra that has been a terrible experiment that is lead weight around the obama administration ankle. >> kimberly: is it excusable? >> dana: it's also congressional. we throw a lot of criticism the way of the president. but regardless of who is in office, congress has a responsibility to look at this. that's what joe barton was doing. >> bob: we don't talk about any of these, any of the energy things that have worked. of course, we don't do that, it's not good for the show, because you won't be able to deal with it. >> eric: we can, bob. >> bob: sure we can. >> eric: we can find one. i would love to talk about a green energy project that worked. find one and we'll all over
2:18 am
it. >> greg: petroleum liposuction. that's what i call drilling now, because it sounds better. to help reduce platary obesit obesity. petroleum liposuction. >> kimberly: mother earth. all right. if you're into that. >> eric: are you concerned or is it just me that fisker potentially has $500 million of our money, hasn't created jobs, shipping the jobs overseas. and should i not care that al gore is involved with this? >> kimberly: it's more of the exporting america and political pandering, like you scratch my back, i scratch you, whatever other parts, i don't know. to me, it doesn't make sense that we only find out about this after it blows up. where is the oversight? it seems like this borders on criminal. i don't think you can continue to excuse the gross expenses and spending out of control. well, that happens, at least we tried. >> bob: you didn't want to talk about or ever want to talk about the billions and billions and billions of
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dollars that dick cheney's old company got in no good contract in iraq which were wasted, more one wasted by dick chain's old company than all of these d.o.e. projects combined be. fair. talk about the reality of it. the fact is, they got, they got no big contracts. there was lots of waste. that was documented. we don't talk about that. we talk about a car company. >> eric: i think you talk about it quite often. >> bob: i talk about it. this is how it goes. "oh, fine, bob." [ laughter ] "fine, good. let's move on." >> kimberly: that is a good impersonation, actually. >> eric: isn't that testimony we just saw with the gentleman from the d.o.e. nonchalantly saying $50 million, that is no big deal? >> kimberly: monopoly money. >> dana: the part, the apt of money that they are dealing with, it's like if you saw the great speech this weekend, if i find $20 in my pocket, that's a lot for me. but for the equivalent, bill
2:20 am
gates for the money he earns he'd have to pull $12 million out of his pocket. $50 million to the department of energy given how much money they have is a little bit like a rounding error. it's still a lot of money. >> greg: the interesting thing is -- sorry, did i interrupt? >> dana: no. >> greg: it never ends. it's always $500 million. it's always like $500 million for fisker and solyndra. they should come up with one $500 million currency. and call it like the chu. >> bob: the extra engine that nobody really wanted on the raptor cost the american people? it wasn't $500 million. >> eric: who manufacturered that? >> bob: ohio, boehner -- >> dana: so after it was an american manufacturer they weren't shipping the jobs overseas? find something other than a car that no one is going to buy? >> eric: we need to go. >> bob: good. why don't you get out of here.
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>> eric: bill o'reilly speaks out against drinking while bathing on your dime. and wait until you see the other photos from the neely travel photo album. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: splish splash, jeff neely. bath in a fantasy tub. wine on the government's dime. he has become the poster boy for lavish spending in washington. bill o'reilly isn't happy about it. >> another reason no american should pay any more taxes. here he is. mr. weasel. in a vegas hotel room, using
2:26 am
the hot tub. champagne chaser or two. so you're telling me i should pay more taxes so jeffrey can run around the world jumping into hot tubs? is that what you are telling me? >> kimberly: from personal experience i would like to say that is a bathtub, right? that is a fancy waterfall. >> bob: the o'reilly show on the next half our on this to get everything covered. >> kimberly: good idea to start a war with him. >> greg: throw up that picture. i have to make a point. this is a different point. there is nothing more attractive than a gold chain resting on the white curly chest hair of middle age men. >> kimberly: it's quite 'perrous and expensive. >> greg: when he got that he thought this is really going to look good in the bathtub. and we paid for that, darn it.
2:27 am
>> kimberly: i know. so this seems to get more expensive by the minute. the information coming out, quite a few scandals. some people calling for elimination altogether of the agency given the extensive amount of corruption. >> dana: the purpose of the agency needs to exist in some way. gsa is the place that when you lease your building, they're like the landlord. that's what they are supposed to do. you can imagine the government has a lot of these. in 2008, president obama on the campaign trail wanted to make government cool again. if you look at this week between the secret service and jeff neely, he has accomplished something that he can probably run on. here is the thing. the spending at gsa is a problem. congress is right to look at it. this might go further. the bigger problem that no one is talking about is that our entitlement spending is the biggest problem.
2:28 am
whole we might need to do something at gsa we need to come together on social security, medicare and medicaid. or we can't solve upcoming problems. >> bob: you are right. is there a time to focus on big budget items. the gsa is a scandal. but this has nothing to do with obama. nothing to do with obama. the gsa as dana says lease buildings, buys buildings, puts furniture in buildings. not a very expensive agency. somebody has to do the job. why don't we talk about the big expenses? just in half a day spends more in social security, hundred times more. >> kimberly: eric? >> eric: stay on the gsa. that's what the topic is. but the point is the gsa does manage buildings, it doesn't buy the building. it manages them. i guess there is a purpose for it. here is the problem, when there is smoke, there is fire. there happens to be a ton of smoke here. this stuff reaps of just basic kick-back stuff. these guys were probably -- i
2:29 am
mean allegedly doing things that were giving gifts and things, treatment that they shouldn't -- >> kimberly: that is called kick-backs. you're right. allegedly. >> eric: can you imagine there is probably literally hundreds of people the gsa right now going oh, my gosh, what did i do, what did i get? they allowed them to get that. >> bob: department of defense overseas trip? lobbyists? >> kimberly: we have another picture for you, too. you'll like this. this is another picture released. i want to go to exotic locations, too. like samoa. this is jeff neely and his wife debra -- well, you know. better than new york. so they're lounging in samoa in 2008 on one of 131 trips. >> greg: look, kimberly, i'm so tired of the right wing going after these people when all they're really doing is creating a secret stimulus to help repair this country. we know that the stimulus
2:30 am
helps save our economy. and they're going out on their own and they're spending our money to save our country. and i don't have time to travel. i don't have time to go on vacation. i like that you go on vacation. no, i haven't. i like that i can see their vacation and enjoy their pictures. >> kimberly: he said he wanted to put in vacation time today. >> bob: this administration, can you do what we just did? would you wear shorts like that? >> greg: no, i wouldn't. no, i wouldn't. if it's in blue -- >> dana: you know what is audacious is the extra special treatment he gave his wife. the parking spot. using a badge so she could pretend to be a government employee. that's why -- >> kimberly: focus on the positive. it wasn't a mistress. it was his wife. that is one positive thing about mr. neely. >> bob: the truth of the matter is this does stand out
2:31 am
because of the specifics coming out about it. the wife and the travel and the dollars. i can understand why people are outraged by it. no question about it. it's a small deal but it's a big deal in terms of the public relations. the wife, apparently, not only travelled but set up all the meetings and did all this other stuff. there is a lot of stuff here, you can play with. i'm trying to put it in context of the bigger issue. go back to the smaller point. go ahead. >> greg: i want to make a quick point before we move on. we would not have known about the stuff if it wasn't for social network like facebook, digital phone and videos. could you imagine if we had this technology 30, 40, 50 years ago? we would haven't a government. the policemen for bloated bureaucracy is taking pictures. >> kimberly: there is transparency. >> bob: everything sticks around in the internet. what will you say if the stuff comes up in >> kimberly: now look at what you've done. nothing left to say. >> eric: he's gone off-topic. >> dana: you wanted to change the top nick the "a"
2:32 am
block, from the polls. >> kimberly: a little mini energy counseling session during the break. coming up, parents are suing apple because their kids are charging um expensive bills on their iphones by playing video games. who should be responsible? parents or apple? i say apple. they've got the money. we'll debate it. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: well, that's fun and so is playing video games on your mom's ipad and iphone. apparently this happens a lot. kids play their mom's, mom and dad's iphone and ipad. they play all sorts of game.
2:38 am
a game i never heard of is called smurfville but sounds like a place greg might live. but i love -- >> kimberly: another war started. >> dana: what is happening now, people can explain this to me. basically, parents are trying to sue apple. >> kimberly: right. >> dana: their kids are running up their bills because they're upgrading on some of the apps. >> kimberly: yes, so we've got a u.s. court case that is pending as well. now that the u.k. is following suit. like that? clever. so what it is, basically on your ipad or iphone they have applications to get them. some are free. like the smurf village thing, but it dupes you because once you get them, one of the characters is 75 pounds. that's how much money you pay, u.k. money. so if you don't have a password on yours, your kid can play this way, press it and then you are getting bills for thousands of dollars a month just for all of these apps. so it's very deceptive. if you don't have the
2:39 am
password, you've got to argue and fight it out with apple. it's really -- i have a password on mine. but all the time, pressing it, the smurf thing makes me so nervous. i am just going to delete it off of there. >> bob: apple says they put change in place hard to get there. my bill for itunes last month, i still don't know what it means, it was $483. so i looked into it -- it wasn't my girlfriend. she is a lot more expensive than that. it was songs, games, it was all this stuff. you know, i grant you it's my responsibility because i have the same password for everything, and i can't remember anything. but it seems to me when you get little kids that get in there, isn't it funny money? >> kimberly: it's real money. >> dana: kids don't realize it is money. >> kimberly: like congress. is this funny money? they spend it. >> eric: what bob is talking about is what happens at our house, too. i have an account. and i let him buy music. he does. then i get the bill.
2:40 am
the problem is -- the problem comes with this app which i think is probably, apple probably put a stop to this. if you have to pay additionally, you have to be notified. i would think you would have to be notified that you are buying something new. >> kimberly: my password, automatic -- if you have it set up. somehow i did it. maybe somebody did it for me. it does pop up. kids learn and they know your password. he can get in my ipad. >> dana: i'm going to go to greg earlier today on twitter i asked people, do you think parents should be allowed to sue apple for this? or think it's the parent's responsibility. there was interesting research. >> greg: amazing poll that you did, dana from the dana polling and pasta service. i'm impressed with that. here is the thing. this is a metaphor. this is our government. what do kids and bureaucrats have in common? they're spending money that isn't their own. and you end up in debt. we're also in a new era that
2:41 am
children have access to income they never had before. when i was growing up in the '50s, i had literally 25 cents in my pocket. that's the most you had. you spent it on wacky tax. now kids -- >> kimberly: what is that? >> greg: i'll show you later you remember wacky tax. you have to teach kids economics there. has to be a class in junior high that says money is real and you need to make money to spend money. you have can't spend more than you have. >> kimberly: just get a government job and spend whatever you want. >> bob: serious point. kids today have no concept of money. i feel like an atm machine. my kids come up and i push the button and give them money. i asked them to start checking accounts. neither one of them. they're 16, 18, neither one could figure out how to go to a checking account at the bank. i put money in there. by wednesday they can and say can you transfer more money, daddy? >> kimberly: we're cashed out. out. >> bob: outrageous. we pulled our money when i grew up around that time, a
2:42 am
little earlier. we pooled our money to buy playboy. everybody in my group. then we were broke. >> dana: in a group? that's gross. [ laughter ] >> kimberly: you object to the group? gross. freddie dana. >> kimberly: you have been corrupted. it's official. through him and apple -- >> dana: cansky a serious question. is it smarter for a to take care of this with outside the courtroom or are they bullied to do something they shouldn't have to do? >> eric: i doubt they are going to -- it doesn't matter. it's already in the courtroom. >> kimberly: these are parallel suits going now. >> eric: i think they can fix a glitch in an app. there are thousands of apps. they can't know everything. they'll probably fix it. >> kimberly: c'mon. >> bob: no, the difference here is they allow the kids in greg's neighborhood. then they can go in and boy, get money in there. >> eric: you know how it
2:43 am
works. >> kimberly: i think it was deliberate. >> eric: if apple knew they had access after you're already in, credit card. >> bob: you think apple knew that? >> eric: i'm positive they did. >> kimberly: how do you know? >> dana: we'll have to follow the case. to see who is right. we'll go to break now, because coming up latest absurdity in the campaign for the white house, because greg -- stop! this chapter involves dogs and we'll tell you all about it. i'm going to compose myself. >> kimberly: are we going to do in a group? ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ be♪ >> bob: yeah, well, let me just say, i'm not necessarily a big dog guy. but this presidential campaign has gone literally to the do dogs. i'll explain that. the big issue is social security, military, iran? no. the big issue is one presidential candidate tortured a dog by strapping him to the top of the car and the other one ate dogs. so i want to bring up on top
2:48 am
of the car -- >> greg: it wasn't torture. it was fun. >> dana: eye of the hold. >> bob: romney at 36 years old took a vacation for his family and didn't have room for the dog in the car so he put a dog crate on top of the car and he did build a wind screen to keep the dog from getting blistered from wind. dog took his stuff on the roof. this has been going on, people are talking about this. the democrats are making fun of this with romney and his dog on top of the roof. but now they find out from a book that president obama wrote he ate dogs but the difference is he was ten years old. listen to the explanations, romney last night on sean "hann" trying to expla the dog. >> what did you think of your dog and tell me the revelation that went viral today where the president's book admitted eating dog growing up in indonesia and grasshoppers. i didn't make that up. >> sean, i'm going to talk about jobs, and the economy.
2:49 am
and getting america working again. >> i think were talking about a reference in the book whento a period he was six or seven years old. making a big deal out of it sounds like someone trying to get out of the doghouse. >> bob: it makes me think that dana perino was one of the better secretaries in history. >> dana: that was funny, actually. >> bob: i'll say this. the idea they would bring this stuff out, i actually live, when in the peace corps with the philippines with dog was part of what people ate. i did not eat it, it made me sick. >> kimberly: how do you know you didn't? >> bob: make i did. i didn't know it. get that out of my face. the fact -- what was the name of romney's dog? sheyma. sheyma is dead now, but it wasn't from the trip. >> dana: natural causes. romney's problem has been, even brought up by diane sawyer in an interview this
2:50 am
week, everybody has been talking about it. so then, now it's turn about is fair play. this issue can be neutralized and we can go on to talk about the important things. conservatives came up with the funny tweet about dog recipes. these are bob's favorite. chicken poodle soup. good one. chow-chow mein. pekinese duck. the one i game up with golden doodle icous. >> bob: would you put he's a good boy on the top of the car. >> eric: when the president is riding in the car with bo, does he go oh, he tastes like a good boy. the politics of it, started to percolate, percolate the romney dog thing. that happened # 12 years ago. this started a couple of days ago and the right -- there is a picture. the last picture of president obama in the limo with bo.
2:51 am
in hindsight, maybe it wasn't a good idea. the point is the right went back and found the quote. the father, that president obama wrote. it's very, very smart to bring that up. not because the accusation of he ate dogs. he took that out of the -- >> greg: yeah. daily caller went back. to prove that nobody actually read obama's book. everybody loved the romney story and now that obama is involved in it, it's a distraction. it's so silly. it wasn't silly before. so i went ahead and called hillary rosen because she is free. i said look, obama, the thing he ate a dog. is this a big deal for obama? she said no, it was probably stay-at-home dog. >> bob: you have a dog. >> kimberly: i do. she is adorable. obama was a boy when this happened. i don't think we can hold it against him.
2:52 am
i don't think romney engages in cruelty to animals. i want to focus on jobs. >> bob: yeah. say one thing about it. let me give romney's campaign credit. their ability to respond quickly to the obama campaign on things like this is better than the mccain ever was. okay. i got to tease now. up next, one more thing. get that dog out of my face. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back. well, it's time for one more thing. i suppose i should go to you first, dnaa. >> dana: yeah, you have been so mean to me all day. i want to highlight something you might have missed during the week. there is a wonderful group united against nuclear iran. a group based out of here. their goal is to help figure out ways to pressure iran and the regime to stop the pursuit of nuclear weapon. they are the ones that helped design the sanctions that president obama called for that some people think are maybe having an impact. the automotive industry is huge there. and it helps support the iranian regime.
2:57 am
united against nuclear iran got porsche and hyundai to pull out of iran. they will no longer be selling cars in iran. that is a way to really put a dent in what the iranian regime is able to do. >> greg: pun there. >> dana: i didn't mean to make a pun. >> greg: those are the best kind. >> dana: it's like finding in my $20 in my pocket. bring it full circle. congratulations to them. check out their website for more. >> kimberly: so on a personal note, i wanted to make everyone aware that this month, april is national gastroesophegeal cancer month. that is the fastest growing cancer in the united states. early detection, prevention is very important. that's why bob and i are going on a medical appointment together. >> greg: that is what he told you. >> kimberly: made it sound fun so he said he is in for sure. on serious note, acid reflux, heart burn are some of the symptoms you could get. you think well, i ate at a
2:58 am
different restaurant. but you really should get it checked. you saw what katery couric did for awareness for colon cancer and i'm on the board of this fantastic, which is fantastic. www.fight my father passed away from the disease three years ago. unfortunately at the time, the diagnosis was stage four. he didn't know he had it. they found it by accident. whatever you can do to get the word out there, visit the website i mentioned. and every 31 minutes someone is diagnosed with the disease. >> greg: okay. eric? >> eric: i will do it quick. president obama, just the bottom part of the keystone pointline because he said the other part was the environmental concerns. take the screen very quickly. the transcanada pipeline, continental pipeline said they this done, they fixed it. the original. here is the new one. here is the new ride. it goes around the aquaphor in nebraska. no excuse less.
2:59 am
>> bob: senator pat toomey, the republican budget paul ryan in the senate yesterday that cuts $440 million. with the catholic church said moral criteria is disgusting. here is what toomey said. a small segment of our society has problems with poverty. senator, 49.1 million people are under the poverty level. this is what you find. i won't say all republicans but republicans in congress, particularly conservative ones are gutting at the same time they want to cut taxes from rich people. 28%. a disgrace. >> greg: love pat toomey. great senator. that's it for "the five." see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪


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