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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 20, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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another. and are americans fed up? will they voice their frustration in november? we asked karl rove, author of "courage and consequence." >> great to see you. >> greta: quite a week. we have had gsa scandal. guys in naked bathtubs with wine glasses. >> i am not the expert on the etiquette of naked bathtub appearances. >> greta: and the hooker scandal in columbia, protecting the president, preparing for them and they don't want to pay the bill for their hookers and the secret service. on a serious note... are all of these scandals going to so alienate voters that it's throw the bum out, no matter who's running? >> no. i don't think so. i think you have to differentiate, between the secret service and they will be held responsible for what comes out of this story and the gsa. where i do think they will say,
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huyour person in charge of this agency, your political appointee, why wasn't she paying attention to business? the worst thing for the president is not the long-term effect of this specifically. it's the long-term sense that washington is out of control and the sense that he is in charge and -- even more than that, it obscures his ability to get any other message out. he has chewed of up a couple of weeks on hillary rosen and now this. it's obscuring his ability to get a many that he would consider more beneficial. >> greta: i suspect that it would be pushed in his face, he talked about change. and the gsa thing is not new in terms of scandals with this president. but if you run on the mantra, i am going to change things, you know? and then we see it's business as usual. i am not saying it's easy to change the culture of washington. but i think the americans are particularly appalled by this? >> i think you are right. one of the great promises he had, he was going to change washington and the tone of
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washington and change washington itself. people read into that what they wanted to. whether it was post partisanship or dysfunctional washington, they thought he was going to take care of it. and he hasn't. to the degree that gsa adds to that, it's not helpful. >> greta: it's the power of the sound bite. last year, governor romney had that sound bite played over and over again, where he said, i like to fire people. and people were gasping. now, i would suspect, from a gretawire blogger that i like to fire people -- a lot of people would like to have someone fire gsa workers and secret service t. can be turned around. >> we would like to be in charge of making decisions about how we deal with, whether it's where we buy or car, our soap, eat our meals, we like to be in charge. but presidents, we require them to be the buck stops here. truman's famous mantra. people do want to know what the president's doing to move,
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particularly with the gsa scandal where he has a love direct authority. >> greta: if you look at how much money is squandered, $820,000 on the fancy party in vebas and the bathtub and the wine, which i love to keep mentioningism you are fixated on the bathtub and the wine t. makes me very comfortable. >> greta: it is true. i can't imagine -- his wife posted it. my husband -- first of all, my husband wouldn't do it. but he would shoot me if i posted something like that. >> who did she think they would impress? >> greta: the facebook with the secret service, bragging about checking out governor sarah palin, he is supposed to be watching her. >> very unprofessional. if my time at the white house, i became very fond of people who serve in the secret service. i would suspect that when this is all said and done, the people who are most hurt and upset and most angry about the performance of these 11 agents will be their colleagues in the is secret service. this does not speak well of the
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agency that they devote their lives to and take on an awesome responsibility when they join the secret service. i would suspect many of the men and women that i was fortunate to call colleagues and friends at the white house are going to be very upset with the performance of these 11 agents. >> greta: i agree. i have seen nothing but seriousness of purpose. but if he's putting this on facebook, his friends are seeing it, his colleagues are seeing t. he's saying things at the office. a lot of people knew and didn't blow the whistle. this guy who is a supervisor is not paying attention. people turned and looked the other way about the parties in the gsa. others who may want have been involved, but they knew. >> and be careful. he was a supervisor, but not a president of the presidential protective detail. this is the -- these are the people who protect the president. when the president goes abroad to do big international conference and they need additional agents, they reach out to the rest of the secret
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service. it was interesting to me, one of the agents was in the international section and another one of the agents of the three who resigned was in the training facility. neither one was in the presidential protective detail. >> greta: but they did protect a vice-presidential candidate this. man did? >> right. >> greta: i want to talk about this -- the election. there has been news today and every time governor jeb bush says anything, we grab it, you know and we spend hours trying to -- figure out what he meant. but there is a present that he said that he would consider running as vice-president on the republican ticket, if asked. but he also added, he didn't think he would be asked. your thoughts? >> you are right. it's going to create speculation for a couple of days. what is interesting to me. we are on april 20. this decision is likely to be made in july or early august. or mid-august even because the republican convention is at the tail end of august. are we going to spend the next, you know, april, may, june, july and part of august talking about vice-presidential candidate
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it's. >> greta: yes! yes, we are! >> the interesting thing is, look, at this point in 2000, who would have thought it would be dick cheney or joe lieberman? who in 2004 thought it would be john edwards? who in 2008 thought it would be joe biden or sarah palin? this is fun. we will get into it, like weer our own political bathtub -- >> greta: now you brought up the bathtub -- you brought up the bathtub! >> i wanted to put it into context. >> greta: i think you have the bathtub i. no, no, i am very disquieted about t. we are going to spend several months talking about this. but it is going to be a very interesting process inside the campaign. it has continue a meticulous, thoughtful, in-depth process nwhich they examine the public statements and actions and rumors and financial speculation and records of all of these potential runningmates and we will be speculating. and at the end of the day, tell
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probably catch us as a surprise. >> greta: let's assume they are flawless, no skeletons in the closet. what is it that governor romney -- what does he need most? what would be the most helpful to him as a runningmate? >> you put at this time right way -- he has to look for -- from the perspective of the president of the united states. this is the first presidential decision our president makes and he make its when he is a candidate. barack obama made it as a candidate and george w. bush made it as a candidate. but it was their first presidential decision. who is, out of the available people, who is it that will be a good partner to them in the act of governing? who will be a good partner in the oval office? whose judgment do they trust? whose abilities do they recognize? what kind ofitallents will they bring to add to the aiblght of the president to get the job done? second of all, whom will the country have confidence in if something terrible happens to the president of the united
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states? that has to be in the back of the minds of somebody in the office. the political considerations ought to be secondary. look, i am eye am the guy in the 2000 campaign was completely focused on politics. george w. bush was not. hence the moment of july of 2000 when he asked me to tell him why not to pick dick cheney and i outlined eight reasons, 5 feet away from governor bush and dick cheney. bush called me the next day and said all of those political reasons, you are right, go solve them. but i am looking at this as a prospective president and he would be a great partner to me in the oval office and if something happened to me, the country would have confidence in him as the leader of the free world. >> greta: let's play the parlor game since it is april. what do you think governor jeb bush would be -- what would be his greatest contribution? >> he's an articulate proponent of conserveatism n. november,
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mitt romney indicated that would be the coir of his campaign. entitlement reform, budget reform, pro-growth policies, reformingly the tax code. jeb would be an articulate advocate and he would be enormously effective in the hispanic community. he speaks fluent spanish, catholic and understands the community and comfortable campaigning in it and that would be helpful. >> greta: and florida. >> and florida. there is a debate in political science over this. i brought you a little reading material here. evaluating voter choice and a very interesting one, the vice-presidential home state advantage reconsidered. realdzing the home state population, 1884 to 2008 i. i am going to read that. i will read that. when you come back next week, i will have it all read. i will be tested. >> excellent. >> greta: karl, thank you. >> appreciate it. >> greta: a bunch of democrats going rogue, saying thing about
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the health care law the president probably won't like. but the same in thees voted for the health care law. so what's up? so, what's the story? some democrats are speaking out that it was probably not wise to do health care? >> yeah. this is mostly retiring democrats. so people who are not running for re-election in november. obviously, they have more freedom to speak their minds, they don't have to worry about upsetting the leadership and that's what they are doing, this sort of starting with barney frank, he was published in a new york magazine article. he was making the point, i wish we had focused on the economy, done financial reform. and senator jim webb followed suit on wednesday in nork in a breakfast. he said the way the president handled the health care reform law, the fact that he wasn't the one writing the law, but left it to five committees to write five bills that had to be put together at the last minute,
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that whole process weighed down on his leadership. >> greta: are these -- these members of congress and senator are not running again. this is the end. they are retiring. are they disgruntled democrats and they're not running because the health care law has made it so they won't be re-elected and they are going to throw a punch before they leave? or -- purging their souls of something that they voted in which they hadn't -- what is this? >> a lot of them say they are leaving because they are sick of politics. that might very well be true. bret miller of north carolina, he was redistricted out because north carolina lost the state legislature to republicans in 2010. so they redrew his map and he got redistricted out. so he's out, basically. so in his case, yeah, lazy not running, he can't win. >> greta: what do they get out of this? i really, simply don't understand when they were all -- they all hung tight.
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it was a close vote and they were very tough on this. and now they are saying things like, lyou know twasn't such a good idea. we blew a lot of political capital. why are they doing this? >> i think you are hearing from a lot of people who are not on the committees who wrote the bill for one thing. it's more the matter of how it was done and how quickly the president -- how focused the president was on helt care reform. have you people like barney frank and people like bret miller who are saying the same thing, which is, if we had done the economy first and we could have gotten the economy much better along, we would be politically in much better shape. so there is that buyer's remorse, in tes of why did we have to focus on health care reform? >> greta: it is reflection on the past and now they have a chance to see how things have unfolded and how other issues have perhaps, didn't get as much attention? or were arm twisted at the time they voted and they didn't want to because they thought they
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should be focusing on other things? >> i think they are realizing that the economy is nowhere near where they thought it would be. you know, they're afraid of losing a lot of seats and they don't want their party to lose, even though they are leaving. you know, you look at -- i mean, it's hard to overstate how unpopular this law is. >> greta: even among democrats? >> among voters. >> greta: how about the democrats on capitol hill who voted for it? was this rallying the troops and behind the scenes, they didn't like it? >> i think eye think we are hearing the same... grumbles that we heard two years ago. even two years ago, there was a lot of people in congress and in the white house saying, maybe we should do this slow. you know, maybe -- maybe we shouldn't be going all out. maybe we should be handling mortgages mortgages and putting the capital there. because that was the burning
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issue that people cared about and were upset about it. we did spend a lot of time on health care reform. the vision was a long-term vision. if we do this now, down the line, it will have a lot of benefits. but as a result of that, a lot of problems didn't get fixed with the economy and mortgages and et cetera. >> greta: do -- did they feel then or now that they were steamrolled by president's personal agenda and the leadership in the party at the time? >> ohhh -- that's hard to say. i mean... you know, barney frank, for example, got some push-back this week from example, henry waxman because barney frank's point was financial services reform, we need to focus on the banks bankd waxman said, he got his bill, so what is he complaining about? true, that bill came later. true, they lost some time. they could have done more if they hadn't spent political capital on helt care reform. but they didn't do that -- did
10:15 pm
do that bill and so to say they were steamrolled is a little much,. >> greta: the plot thickens. we will see what happens with the supreme court and with the voters when they have a chance to at least vote on the reverend upum on the health carry. thank you. >> sure. thank you. >> greta: straight ahead. it was a warm winter, but is the economic recovery headed for a deep freeze? who is warning us that dark clouds are on the horizon? a new photo in the trayvon martin case, taken within minutes of the deadly shooting. could it be a game changer? it will blow up the case? and a new storm, knocking the infamous friday off its perch. what new song got the title, worst song ever. coming up. zap technology. departure. hertz gold plus rewards also offers ereturn-- our fastest way to return your car.
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>> okay, when it looked like the economy was on the road to recovery -- there is disturbing new signs that we are not in the clear, at least not yet. fewer new jobs, higher oil prices and increasing gas prices, all signs the economic recovery is slowing down. so is this a blip? or should we be really worried?
10:20 pm
okay. tell me about the fears of a faltering recovery. what's going on? >> in parts, this is couched because we had a really great winter, unemployment is down significantly and we have had a mediocre spring. so economists are trying to figure out whether we are having a blip or whethers something is going on. but we do know that jobless claims have gone up. more people are seeking unemployment. that's not good. there is a crisis in europe. we are seeing spain with a lot of trouble funding themselves on the debt scmarkt oil prices are up, which takes a big bite out of budgets, so the picture's not great. >> greta: why would it rev up in the winter and why did it slow down in the spring? what is attributed to the success and what is attributed to the sluggishness. >> there were some things that made the winter look really good. for instance, inventories in factories were really low, so
10:21 pm
factories bought a lot of stuff. that's a one-time thing and that boosted gdp and unemployment numbers and that's not going to last. the other thing is that we obviously had a very, very warm winter. and what that did is it stealsthr the accountivity from sping. so if you were going to buya ooh a lawnmower in april, you might have bought it in february. so it moves that activity forward t. doesn't mean there is more activity overall, but it looks better in the winter. so economists are sifting through the data. so we had a strong winter so we will have a slower spring. >> greta: anemic, sluggish, dark clouds, persistent economic worries, head winds remain, which is secretary of treasury, tim geithner. what we hearing from the world stage economy is bleak, even the managing director the imf says there is a light recovery
10:22 pm
blowing in the spring wind with a dark cloud on the horizon. so it's like -- they're almost scaring the consumer, which is never a particularly good thing. >> no. this is from the imf that raised their forecast of global growth. yet, they are out saying, look, there is a lot of trouble. nobody can be complacent. banks in europe are having trouble. european countries are having trouble and the forecast for economies in europe and the not very good. a lot of things that are slowing the recovery down. you know, nobody wants to get people over optimistic about the pace of the recovery. >> greta: what's the plan? i mean, is there a plan and we wait and see to see if it evens out that we -- there is a greater demand and so that revs up the economy and the oil prices? sore is there a concerted effort by the imf or by the obama administration to make sure that that sluggishness gets a little gas? >> one thing that has been relatively good for us, obviously, last year, we had the
10:23 pm
issue where japan suffered a terrible tsunami and japan's a very, very big country and contributes to global growth, that slowed us down. the europeans will muddle through. so keep an eye on the gas prices. if the u.s. can bring new sources of oil online and push iran out as a global supplier, without creating a disruption, that will be good for the economy. but when you talk to economists, they constantly remind you that we are not talking about a quick, v-shaped recovery. we are not talking about the economy growing quickly. you know, the consensus forecast the gdp rise is not fast. >> greta: do they expect that the economy will show real growth between now and november because that has a political ramification for the president? >> interestingly, the pace of gdp growth doesn't imply that we're going to see a big drop in unemployment and that -- >> greta: that's a leg
10:24 pm
indicator. you might see retail sales go up and other things go up faster, which makes people feel better. >> so right now, gdp growth is not going to be great. it is 3% and expected to slow down somewhat through the summer and unemployment is lagging. we are not expecting to see the big drop that we saw over the winter. it is not a dire situation and another recession, anything like that, you know, it is the things you mentioned before, nothing looks great. >> greta: those are the ones that will scare everybody. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> greta: coming up, new evidence in the trayvon martin murder investigation. could a new photo taken minutes after the shooting change the entire case? our legal panel is next. what lengths would you go to to get the perfect hairstyle? some people are going to extremes and it's caught on camera. you don't want to miss that. with the capital one cash rewards card
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$400 in free bedding. only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699. >> greta: a new photo in the trayvon martin case, according to abc news, it shows george zimmerman's head, covered in blood. now, zimmer map is the florida neighborhood watch volunteer charged with the murder of 17-year-old trayvon martin. zimmerman claimed he shot unarmed mart nin self-defense. will the new photo bolster his claim? we have a prosecutor in florida
10:29 pm
and two defense lawyers here. diane, alan desh wits is lived and says it's a grave ethical violation, go it was withheld from the judge when the warrant was signed by the judge to arrest him. do you have any knowledge of whether or not it was in the arrest affidavit? >> i have to tell you, if that was a grave ethical violation, we are encorning those every day here in florida. it is very, very unusual -- in fact probably unheard of for evidence such as that to be given to the judge. there was a lot of pro-defense evidence that was left out of that probable cause affidavit. that's the way it happens on a daily basis here in florida. if alan can fix that, i would be happy to have it happen. but it didn't shock me. >> greta: bernie, is this -- >> no. i think i know where you are going. should the photograph in fairness and justice be included
10:30 pm
in that? -- >> greta: we are talk about this affidavit in support of the arrest warrant. >> right, right, right. as i told the client 20 years ago, he was crying, i said, if you want justice, read a book or watch a movie. and i was young then -- and good looking. diane is right, if this is a brady investigation and alan desh wits is outraged, it happens all over the country. should it have been put in? yes! the judge would have charged him with manslaughter and he would have gotten personal recage zans, but it's right, it happens all the time. >> greta: is this photograph nany way, is this like lie -- we can't predict what a jury will have to do or what will happen, but if you are a defense lawyer, you say, this is a photograph that is going to have an impact -- a big one? >> clearly a big impact. if i was the defensive attorney, i would be licking my chops because this photograph was taken 3 minutes after the attack
10:31 pm
between trayvon and zimmerman. quite naturally, zimmerman saw defense is self-defense. so quite naturally, this photo could very well play a large role because you can see the blood, et cetera and it buys into what zimmerman has said, that he was attacked by trayvon. >> greta: except for the one thing -- that i think will have an enormous bearing is the fact that trayvon martin was unarmed and he was armed and goes up on him. i think the prosecution will hammer that one -- >> and they should very well hammerhat because the fact about it is, the aggressor, from everything we know and have everything we learned today, zimmerman was in fact the aggressor. so zimmerman's hands were not very clean in this. but i gotta tell you, i think zimmerman's attorney do today did a brilliant job with what he had to work with. >> greta: diane athe bond, i mean, a lot of people in the
10:32 pm
fran community are -- are very displeased tonight with the level of the bond. in most states, tell mest if this is true in florida, the bond is unrelated to guilt or innocence, but an assurance that someone returns to court and can't be expressive, in violation of the constitution. is that the law in florida? tell me the bond law? >> it's stronger. the state of florida has a constitution that is stronger than the constitution of the united states. you are absolutely right. you are presumed innocent. and there is a presumption that you will be released on a reasonable bond, which by definition means a bond you can make. this is a very standard murder-type bond. i think it is unfortunate that people advising the martins gave them very, very false hopes that this was a situation where he would be kept without a bond. we all knew -- everybody in this community knew the state attorney's office knew or they wouldn't have gone in with a bear probable cause affidavit,
10:33 pm
that would never make the stashed in the state of florida. we knew t. it's unfortunate that they didn't. >> greta: i think the most painful thing about this case is that nobody's putting the lid on it. there is a lot of gasoline thrown on it. the process has to unfold. it's like, there is a lot of -- a lot of bad information out there. a lot of efrom it. >> it generates a lot of hate on both sides. trayvon martin's mother said weeks ago, all i want is an apology. zimmerman apologizes -- >> greta: but wait -- >> they say he's grandstanding. >> greta: but it's a little late. i mean -- not to be -- that's even weird that he apologized. i have to give him credit i. no. going back to your point. the fuel keeps getting poured on the fire. it is not getting better. i am reading the wire today, trayvon martin has burn patterns on his shirt, the gun's 6 to 10 inches away. i think he was executed.
10:34 pm
but we will find out. >> i have to actual, i was shocked to see zimmerman take the stand today and to apologize. i thought that the government should have had a right to just walk all the way through zimmerman, in light of the fact that the judge allowed him to get on the stand under oath and give testimony that was actually set to be a public relations campaign to the jury pool in this case. >> greta: this has been a case, which unfortunately, people have taken sides from the get go, without having an opportunity to see how it develops. i'm curious, why was he able to take the stand? why was that part of the process? >> well, a client or a defendant has the right to take the stand at any point in time. the risk that was taken was that if do you that in a trial situation, you don't get to just answer three questions and tell the state attorney, hey, you have crossed the bounds of the direct. you have to be wide open to questioning. the bond hearing is a different beast. but the defense definitely took
10:35 pm
a chance that that judge may not have reined those cross-examine questions in. they also got lucky that the state didn't seem to see that coming and didn't do a good job of delving into the -- didn't know he was armed or not armed. he said, i thought he was only bit younger than i was, that didn't match the first statement. so they didn't do a great job of cross-examination. >> greta: coming up, why is veteran senator orrin hatch, the villain, not the darling of the tea party? he says they are trashing him. and he has a battle. but first, senator hatch goes on the record. in two minutes, a hot new song, taking the internet by storm. not because it's good. what is the latest on the hit hot problems? ♪ [ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap! slap! ]
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>> greta: it's the moment you have been waiting for. you can get the infectious song "friday" outs of your head. the new song is called "hot problems," taking over the dubious title of worst song ever >> greta: two 17-year-old california girls are the stars of the video gone viral, to describe hot girls, complain about the problems of looking good. they admit they don't have great singing voices, but they think their song is entertaining. but most youtube viewers say it's the worst song ever. so what's worse? hot problems or friday? go to gretawire and tell us what you think. back in 2. [ male announcer ] how do you trade? with scottrader streaming quotes,
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>> greta: a big day and a big fight ahead for orrin hatch. but first, claudia could cowen e headlines. >> killing testimony friday from the man behind the massacre in norway. the confessed bomber and gunman, describing in detail how he killed 69 people at an island summer camp, explaining how he hesitated on the first victims, but the rest of the killings became easier. he was also behind a bombing in the capitol that killed eight people. >> joe biden's plane grounded after a bird strike that hit air force two as it was landing in santa barbara last night. others being inspected for damage. mr. biden left on another plane. it is not clear what type of bird collided with the 757. no one was hurt. from los angeles, let's go back to "on the record."
10:42 pm
>> greta: utah senator orrin hatch, fighting off an effort to boot him from office. who is trying to unseat the 36-year senate veteran? not who you might think. dick armey and his tea party group. we spoke to senator hatch earlier today. nice to see you, sir. >> well, nice to talk to you, greta. >> greta: all right, senator. i'm going to go out on a limb. i have a question. i have done some research and i know that tomorrow's the big convention. and freedom works, the tea party group of dick armey is gunning for you, spending $615,000 against you. so diresearch to find out why they would do that. and i am a bit curious. i think there is more going on. as you know, have you all of that seniority, if you are bumped out of office, utah loses the possible chairman of the senate finance committee. the things that are peculiarly -- but important to the tea party movement, like the balanced budget amendment, you have sponsored 17 times, going
10:43 pm
back to 1977. your newspapers call you the darling of the right. i have looked at all of your ratings, club for growth and everything, you have high ratings. the only thing i see is that you voted to raise the debt ceiling a couple of times. overall, is there more to this than politics? why is the -- the freedom works -- why are they going after you? >> i could live with them if they tell the truth. they take a few dozen votes out of of better than 12,000 vote, one of the most in the history of the senate and they distort the votes and lie about them, directly lie about them. i personally believe what they do is they take somebody like myself who, everybody knows and then they trash orrin hatch and then they raise a lot of money from, you know, conservatives all over the country who think that what they are saying is true. i have to admit, they're not
10:44 pm
people that vivery much respect for. in fact, i don't have any respect for them, that's how bad they are. >> greta: i don't have a dog in the fight. but i went to fact check dot-org and there seems to be more behind this that i can't figure out. you have had a lot of votes in the six times in the united states senate and you can cherry-pick some you might not like. but overall, i would think you would be the darling of the tea party movement and not the villain? >> i do have a lot of tea party support. you know, they respect somebody with a 90%, 36-year, 90% conservative union voting record. i think what is wrong with the freedom works people, they are doing it to raise money. they are paying them a lot of money. they have plush offices out of capitol hill. i think they are in it for the money. they act like they are doing something for conservatives.
10:45 pm
they have spent $700,000 against me and probably more than that by today. guess how much they spent against all 23 democrats who have been doing it to us? threes than $2,000. guess how much they spent against president obam a$173,000. about a fourth of what they spent against me. i have to say, there is something horribly wrong here because many of the votes they criticize me for, their own chairman, or president, dick armey voted the aim way i d. frankly, most republicans did. if you take -- check fact, they said, well, senator hatch voted for the department of education. no. i voted against the department of education. they said, they said i voted to fund fannie and freddie. no, i was one of 13 who voted against. it they said i voted for the automobile bailout. no, i didn't. you can go down vote after vote that they have distorted.
10:46 pm
they have lied about it. >> greta: i didn't go to your campaign, i went to fact check. >> sure. >> greta: i was suspicious whether you and dick armey had something going. it didn't make sheens that you had the target on your back. >> we were always friends in congress. i helped him a lot. i might add, hihim testify before the finance committee. but i have no respect for dick at this particular point, to allow his name to be used by these people -- they are radical libertarians. i am libertarian myself, but i am not a radical. the guy who is run this are radical libertarians. they are in it for the money, in my opinion. they are not really helping the republican party or the conservative cause, as far as kisee. if they were, they would be going against the president and the 23 democrats who are up and they would quit this stuff will trying to attack people like
10:47 pm
myself with 36 years of conservative voting. nobody else can match me. >> greta: there's always, every time you look at an incumbent, do you want to lose the seniority. frank leashing have you an awful lot of seniority. i would assume that that would have some bearing on -- on a voter, one way or the other. tomorrow, have you to achieve at this convention, what? 60% in order that you don't have a primary challenger, is that the way it works snitch the way it works is that -- you have to get at least 40%. a little over 40% plus 1. two months ago, they were predicting that i couldn't get 40%. and today, we have a shot at doing much better than that. in fact, we are consciously optimistic. i am not saying we can get 60%, which means we would avoid a primary. we have been planning, if it's a primary, that's fine. but there is a possibility we could. we have run a good campaign.
10:48 pm
>> i think people are waking up and realize that the freedom works people have been lying about my record and putting us in pretty slick brochures that are full of lies. and that's kind of backfired on freedom works, as far as i'm concerned. but i have been in every corner this state and met with people all over the state and the cities and towns and various meetings and delegates. vimet with as many as i can, gone to most of the county conventions. it's been a very, very wonderful time for me because i was able to meet with an awful lot of my fellow constit wens and fellow utahns. i think a lot of them are starting to realize, do we want to lose orrin hatch, the most senior republican in the united states senate, who is likely to become the chairman of the finance committee, the most powerful committee in the senate, who is a tough guy, who has been chairman of both the health committee, health, education, labor and pensions and stopped the country from going, you know, from losing the
10:49 pm
right to work loss in this country. and also chairman of the committee, where i have worked to make sure we have honest, decent conservative judges on the bench and in the supreme court of the united states. >> greta: well, tomorrow's the big day. and we saw what happened with senator bennett two years ago in utah. have you an unusual system. we will be watching. nice to have you join us. thank you, sir. >> nice to join you. you are great. appreciate watching you every night. >> greta: thank you, i'll take that ad. thank you, sir. >> okay. you bet. >> greta: straight ahead, president obama or governor mitt romney? seems like an obvious choice for our eight democratic lawmaker. which u.s. senator may cross party lines. and a curious kitten gets stuck in a dangerous jam. see that rescue, next. ♪
10:50 pm
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>> greta: you have seen our top story, but here's the best of the rest. president obama and mitt romney may have to do some wooing to get the vote of one senator. west virginia senator joe manchin says he is not sure who he will vote for in november. he's a democrat. but that doesn't mean that president obama will automatically get his vote. he says he has real differences with both governor romney and the president.
10:54 pm
he has broken with his party on other issues. so stay tuned. a hair-raising crime, caught on camera. a car full of robbers crashed in front of a georgia beauty salon. but the robbers headed for the most expensive product behind the counter. what was it -- hair extensions, of course. they got away with 25 packs of hair, worth at least $2,000. you never know what is lurking in the walls. a florida woman heard strange noises coming from inside her home. so she and her friend started investigating. it turns out that a tiny kitten was stuck inside the wall. they very carefully pulled the kitten out and now the lucky kitten is doing fine, staying with the man who rescued her until she is adopted. there you have it. the best of the rest. coming up, your last call, one more quick round before we turn down the lights. some parents say there is something rotten about aple and they are going to court. that's next.
10:55 pm
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time for last call. it's probably got the judge's attention. here is conan o'brien. >> a group of parents is suing apple for designing apps to be addictive for children. yeah. today a lawyer for apple entered a plea of "duh". >> that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. thank you for being with us tonight. make sure you go to greta there is an open thread and you can tell us what you thought about tonight's show. and looking at pictures from sudan, unbelievable. good night from washington, d.c.. see you monday night. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> i am sorry for the loss of your son. i did not know how old h