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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 21, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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hatch should get a 70s term. the secret service prostitution scandal is growing. plus new tallies on campaign war chests showing president obama with a huge lead over mitt romney but a new report says the president may be running into a problem with some of his biggest donors. i'm uma pemmaraju in washington, "america's news headquarters" starts right now. >> hello, the fallout from the secret service prostitution scandals is growing. three more agents resigned and another has been put on leave. a dozen agents are implicated in the scandal. molly joins us with new information. >> that means a total of six secret agents were ousted or resigned including two supervisors. five more are on administer
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administrative leave and security clearance suspended. one has been cleared of serious misconduct but may face in-house push. mark sullivan briefed president obama in person late yesterday. meanwhile one top republican senator wants more information from sullivan on the investigation. chuck grassley sent a letter to sullivan asking if white house staffers could have been involved. grassley writes, did the secret service reserve rooms at the hotel care bay or other hotels in colombia for representatives of the white house communications agency or the white house advance team. if so, have records for overnight guests for those entities been pulled as part of the investigation? the white house said a couple times this week so far none of its team on the ground has been implicated. >> i have no reason to believe,
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i do not know otherwise, that this did not involve anything about agents and military personnel. we're in conversation with the senior members of the white house staff and the secret service getting briefed on the progress of their investigation. >> on the military side, the pentagon says at least 11 military members were involved as well. six from the army, two marines, two from the navy and one from the air force. >> thank you very much for that update. and coming up later in the hour, we'll talk to a man who worked on the lead advance team for two presidents to find out what actually happens behind the scenes on these trips. you'll hear from him later this hour. and it's your turn to weighh in on the scandal. do you think it's isolated or a widespread scandal. tweet it in and i plan to read
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your responses later this hour. back-to-back scandals involving government employees dominate the headlines. this week there were four congressional hearings on the gsa lavish spending spree. the agency described as the government landlord is under fire for parties in las vegas as a conference along with questionable travel on the taxpayers' dime. >> there's something rotten in denmark. it's not right. it's not just this. there's got to be a lot more. >> and he's not the only one who thinks there's more. florida republican congressman john mica is the senior member of the house oversight and government reform committee and joins us now. great to have you here today. >> good to be with you and it is -- just a disgusting scandal for the taxpayers, the whole gsa affair.
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>> you've said over the top spending in las vegas is the tip of the iceberg and there may be a pattern. can you elaborate? >> oh i've been after t.s.a. since the took the chair chairman ship and we have jurisdiction over public buildings. we produced a report before i became chairman entitled the federal government must stop sitting on assets with the lead investigative report on gsa. they have 14,000 buildings. 14,000 buildings either vacant or underutilized losing billions. to this waste at this convention is only the tip of the iceberg. >> well, some are saying that you are indicting all federal workers. are you? >> no. absolutely not. nor am i going after las vegas.
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harry reid came after me telling me to get a life. didn't want me to do these hearings, me and mr. ice is a. it's not about las vegas. it's a great community a great tourist destination but i think that if this happened in disney, if this happened at disney world or someplace else close by my district, its still offensive when you misuse taxpayer dollars. >> you know some people are asking -- lots of folks are asking why is it the person at the center of the controversy from the 2010 las vegas event, neely, is still receiving full pay and benefits? >> that's outrageous and something else i'm looking into. it's so hard to fire a federal employee. and this guy just kicked dirt in the face of -- not only the
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white house, which i believe was protecting him, but in the face of taxpayers. you know we all have seen the video in the hot tub and some of his comments, which were offensive. >> do you believe efforts should be made to get rid of the gsa or senior management? >> i've had a meeting with chairman denham who heads a subcommittee and we're looking at that. we're going to bring in people and see what we should do. would you or people listening give their property to the federal government to manage? i don't think so. here we have, as you said in the opening, the largest landlord in the world, the nation's landlord, and they're sitting on assets that are worth incredible amounts of money, wasting billions of dollars. we had the hearing a year ago
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february in a empty vacant building two blocks from the washington that's been vacant 15 years. then a couple weeks before the -- before the revelation on this scandal we did another hearing in the cotton annex next to the mall. a huge property, vacant for five years. the waste has to stop. >> you've suggested because the white house was informed 11 months ago about the spending, officials tried to hide details of the spending spree. are you saying the white house is directly tied to a coverup? if so, what evidence do you have to back that up? >> well, again, the whistleblower is a former staffer from our committee and, god bless her, she never let up. when they wasted money and she found out about it in october, she notified immediately in november. >> are you saying that the white house -- >> they knew. they knew -- they knew in june
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of 2011 all about what was going on. if she had not come out again, this staffer, and whistle blown on them, it would still probably be swept under the table. that's offensive. >> thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. this is an investigation you're going to be on top of and we'll hear more in the weeks and months to come. >> thank you. long time utah senator orrin hatch will find out later today if he faces a republican primary challenge. you're looking live at the utah republican state convention. if senator hatch or any other candidates receive 60% of the votes they'll automatically be the republican nominee. if not they'll square off in june to see who faces the
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democratic challenger. >> a new report shows president obama is struggle to get campaign cash from some of his biggest donors. but he may still have a huge financial edge over republican contender mitt romney. peter doocy is in the newsroom with the breakdown on the numbers. >> governor romney made a lot of money in march, $12.6 million and the national finance chairman says mitt romney as fundraising shows voters across the country are tired of failures from president obama. we will continue the hard work to raise the necessary funds to defeat president obama and change the direction of the country. so now governor romney has a war chest of $10 million and change. but that's more than ten times smaller than president obama's war chest which is over $104 million. now at last count, the observe campaign raked in $196 million total but at this point in 2008, they had already raised
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$235 million. almost 40 million more. a "new york times" report friday revealed president obama's big district donors are keeping checkbooks closed and most of his money is coming from small donors, which his campaign says is all right. >> this is how this works, people building the organization five and ten bucks at a time to take on mitt romney are required to file a fundraising report every month. this means what we report back to you every month on what the organization is raising and how. we have to dig deeper, work heard and move faster. it's going to take all of us working together. >> fox news learned that speaker gingrich's campaign, which is ongoing, has $4.3 million in debt. >> thank you very much. how important are the campaign war chest as soon as coming up, we'll talk to radio show host alan colmes and monica
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crawley and the other news making headlines. new fox news polls show mitt romney still has to overcome challenges to win the battle. in ohio registered voters gave president obama a 6-point lead over romney. the numbers are closer in the state of florida. the president leads romney by 2 points but that is within the polls' margin of error. another interesting factor to consider in the matchup could be voter motivation. in ohio and florida, supporters of president obama said they were voting for him. but the majority of romney supporters are saying they're casting their ballots more as a vote against the president rather than for mr. romney. turning to case that's grabbed attention across the country. the man accused of killing trayvon martin is expected to be released today.
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yesterday a judge set jury room jury george zimmerman's bail. zimmerman apologized to the family for shooting the 17-year-old. george zimmerman has been charged with second-degree murder. at this hour the f.b.i. continues the investigation in what is an emotionally charged story of a 6-year-old boy to disappeared more than six years ago. the search in manhattan for the remains of etan patz, who disappeared while walking to school for the first time on his own in 1979. investigators are searching a basement not far from his parents' home. we have the latest on the search. >> reporter: investigators have been using jackhammers to rip up the concrete floor of a basement used as a workshop for a neighborhood handyman at the time of the disappearance of etan patz. the nypd and f.b.i. have been digging up the concrete and
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sifting through it and moved on to the soil. we're a block from the bus stop where the 6-year-old was headed. the now 75-year-old handyman has hired and attorney who tells the media miller is cooperating with investigators but has no involvement in the case. >> i believe he's conveyed that message multiple times over 30 years. he's moved by this and he recognizes and agrees with us this is a terrible tragedy. we should not be compounding one tragedy by ruining another person's life who had nothing to do with it. >> and new york police commissioner raymond kelly says he would not the speak about potential suspects. for decades, jose ramos, an admitted child molester was never conducted in the etan patz case but was held responsible in a wrongful death suit.
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>> it was a civil case brought by the patz family and there's been a recovery. this individual has no money but there was a $2 million recovery but this is a civil matter and not enough evidence to go forward criminally against this individual. >> eaton patz was the first missing child to have his face on the side of a milk carton and has become a national symbol for childhood safety. we anticipate being here the rest of the day as investigator continue their search. >> any word from the parents on how they're dealing with this? >> we have not heard from the parents but eve been noticing a lot of social media sites like facebook and twitter, folks offering condolences to the family. >> indeed. a tragic story and i know you'll follow it through the day. thank you very much. coming up, an official cause of death released for and drew bike hart. and as more secret service
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welcome back. now more on the secret service prostitution scandal in which three more agents resigned their post. 12 employees have been implicated in the embarrassing scandal and lawmakers are calling for more information. >> we've got to find out how the widespread it is and how you change that part of the culture at the secret service where they think they have two roles, protecting high level, high value individuals like the president and cabinet and another one in which they say we're off-duty and we can do what we want. >> joining us for insights on the culture of the secret service and thoughts on the scandal a former member of the white house advance team who worked closely with the secret service during his time with the clinton and carter administrations. great to have you here today. >> thank you. >> talk about your reaction to the scandal in colombia. >> i'm heart sick about it
12:20 pm
because i've worked with the secret service on and off and pretty consistently over the years since 1968. i started working with them back then and they are the consummate, skilled professionals. they're dedicated to their mission and they are the best of the best. so i'm heart sick over this turn of events. >> give us a sense of what it's like to be on the road in these advance trips and on the road with the secret service agents particularly when traveling overseas. >> look, you're away from your home for extended periods of time. and the notion is you're -- the lead in to this that there's two standards, you have your time on the job and then your time off, i mean you are working 24/7.
12:21 pm
you are generally working 18, 19, 20 hours a day. you may go out for a meal and then it's right back at it because it's very intense. and then you finish one trip and you're on to the next. so this is very hard work, and we always used to joke that when we were going out to dinner as a group, we would invite the agents to come along and nine times out of ten they had paperwork to do. people take a look at them in terms of, you know, their earpieces and their shades and i don't think they have a real understanding of the hard work that goes into preparing on the front end so that nothing does go wrong. and if, god forbid, something does, what they do about it with an instant reaction.
12:22 pm
they have a lot of planning that they have to do with local law enforcement officials. >> with that said, there are a lot of people wondering that -- why is it that this elite group, trained to protect the president and his family, how could those accused have the time off in this situation to spend time in the clubs and hiring prostitutes? how did they breakaway when they're supposed to be preparing and working minute-by-minute on advanced trips? >> i wasn't in cartagena so i don't know the particulars but clearly there was extraordinarily bad judgment used on the part of these individuals. i'm not going to excuse it. but i'm not going to pass judgment. i don't know what their circumstances were. there are jump teams that come in there are responsible for particular sets of duties.
12:23 pm
and they're not involved with each and every detail of the trip. they're in to perform a specific task and that may have been what this group was about. the investigation will bear that out. >> let me ask you quickly. the big concern is that what makes it incredible is we have individuals here who could be creating big problems down the road. like blackmail and security breaches. what steps need to happen to cap the fallout from this miss? >> yeah, those steps are in place. i continue to work with the secret service. they have the highest levels of operational security. this was an outliar, an anomaly. it is not the way the secret service operates around the world day in and day out. i'm very confident when the investigation is completed, that these individuals, many of whom already have been disciplined. once this is out of the way, it
12:24 pm
will be clear that agency remains at the -- as the best of the best. >> all right, thank you so much for joining us with your insights. we appreciate it. >> thank you. conservative blogger and commentator andrew brietbart died of heart failure, the official cause of death released. it stemmed from coronary disease. a negligeable amount of alcohol was found in his system but no drugs. breitbart passed away in march after collapsing while walking his dog. he was 43 years old. could there be another bush in the white house? jeb bush creating a huge stir over what he told a website over whether he would be romney's running mate. and new turns in the search for missing fort bragg soldier. the latest on the search for kelly bordeaux when we come back. fore!
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as we've been reporting, three more secret service agents are out of the job as the prostitution scandal grows. peter doocy is standing by with more on this. >> the three agents resigned yesterday bricking the total -- bringing the total to 6. a 12th agent was placed on administrative leave. the involves 11 military members working on security. >> utah senator orrin hatch hopes to secure his run today. if he wins, 60% of the votes he moves on to face a democratic challengener november. if not, there will be a republican primary next month. violence in the syriancy of homs has stopped as un observers visit the area.
12:30 pm
seven un monitors toured the city. the security council meets about the situation in syria. >> federal investigators are searching a new york city basement for the remains of a child that disappeared 33 years ago. etan patz vanished while walking to school in 1979 and became one of the first faces of a missing child on the back of a milk carton. those are the top stories right now. >> thank you very much. it's been a week and police are still looking for clues into the disappearance of u.s. army private first class kelly bordeaux based in fort bragg, north carolina and never made it home after leaving a bar. we have the latest on the investigation. >> you're right, it's been seven days. the search for kelly bordeaux has been fruitless but we have new information.
12:31 pm
nicholas hoe bert, the bar man, was taken into custody. he turned himself in on unrelated charges, failure to register his new residence in the county. a local spokesperson says he's held on $100,000 secured bond. her family is pleading the public to keep her name in the news so they can find her alive. >> it's so unimaginable to wake up every day and this is the reality. you know, that i'm standing in front of you guys, hoping my sister is found safe and sound. >> police have turned up no leads after searching a wooded area yesterday and a pond in fayetteville thursday. she was last seen at froggy bottoms bar. her husband wasn't in town during her disappearance and police have not named a suspect but they've questioned nicholas
12:32 pm
hobart twice. he says he gave bordeaux a ride home that morning but he had nothing to do with her disappearance. his sex offender status is from a decade old conviction of inappropriate sexual contact with a child around the age of 5, according to local media reports. farce as far as the family is concerned, they'll stay in fayetteville and help with the search until these found alive. >> police, just return my sister. she's -- i have a three-year-old son that she's the moon to him and i don't want to explain anything to my son. he doesn't understand this. >> they went on to say rumors about her going a.w.o.l. are untrue. she took her duties as a soldier very seriously. >> thank you very much for that update. his name is in the ring of
12:33 pm
president obama vice president candidates but jeb bush says it won't be him. mr. bush said he would consider being vice president if asked. but he later told fox news that he is not a candidate for vice president. also during the interview, bush suggested florida senator marco rubio is probably the best choice for running mate but rubio says he does not want the job. now that the focus is on a matchup between president obama and mitt romney, fundraising is becoming more important. both campaigns releasing their numbers for last month showing that the president has a huge cash advantage over mitt romney but can he catch up? here to talk more about this and other political news we've got raid talk-show host monica crowley and alan colmes in the house. we're reporting the
12:34 pm
president may have tough time raising big bucks from big district donors but he's ahead of mr. romney. what do you make of the packet jon corzine, in the midst of a f.b.i. investigation, turns out to be the president's top fundraiser at the moment? >> well, look, the right wing will try to tie every negative thing that happened, the secret service scandal or something corzine did to president obama and i think that it's a stretch. i don't think the average voter is getting that much in the weeds about it. let's talk about real issues. i don't hear that administer or the republicans are coming -- mitt romney or the republicans are coming for the with a substantial issue other than i want to do the opposite of obama. it's so inside baseball the average voter is not paying attention. >> i don't think so. you have a former senator and former governor of new jersey, jon corzine, under federal
12:35 pm
investigation and congressional vegas for fraud of $1.2 billion plus of customer money at mf global and he's one of the president's top financial bundlers? that's the kind of thing that does have traction with the american voters. the president still is a fundraising machine. he has about a 10-1 cash advantage over mitt romney but that will close. the "new york times" has a big story about how obama's struggling with big donors, that big money isn't coming in so they're refocuses on grassroots. that's not to say he won't have any trouble fundraising but i think mitt romney, now that it looks like he's the republican no, ma'am -- nominee, he'll close that gap. >> when people talk about supporting mitt romney, we're finding that people are not so much voting for romney but they're voting against the president. what does this say about mr. romney's support?
12:36 pm
>> look at the endorsement mitt romney got. while -- people would bite -- hold their nose while endorsing them. marco rubio, they're not thrilled with him but like him better than the other guy. nobody's excited about romney. republicans have a hard time eating some of the words they used during the presidential primaries because they're going to walk back so much on what they said about romney and all their support for the other candidates have to be reversed. it's a tough road for many republicans never excited about this guy. >> monica, is this going to be a tough challenge for romney to overcome as he's going forward in the campaign? >> i don't think so. look, he's gone through one heck of a primary race. and these candidates beat each other up, as any primary process should, because it makes the nominee stronger. the reality is this campaign in
12:37 pm
november is not going to be about mitt romney. this campaign is going to be about barack obama and his abysmal economic record, high unemployment, gas prices, record-breaking deficits and debt and socialized medicine, all of which are unpeculiar among the american people. mitt romney's going out with positive economic message, he'll hold obama's feet to the fire and voters i think will come around to mitt romney, conservatives, independents, and disillusioned democrats who had enough of the president. >> i would like to know the positive economic message. he only says certain things to certain people when he think he's not to know tape. >> he put out a 60 page plan about tax reform, entitlement reform and slashing government spending to try to get this country back on track. >> last time we did those things we were left with a disaster at the end, the bush administration. last time we used those ideas.
12:38 pm
>> that's not true. tax cuts that president bush passed through bipartisan support let to 54 consecutive months of job creation and economic growth. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. the bush was losing 750,000 jobs a month by the end of his administration. the reversal came in april, the first year of president obama's administration. >> allan, a financial crisis is different than an economic crisis as you know. >> quickly, guys. i got to ask this. alan, what do you make the fact critics say mr. obama is trying to push ahead class war far and that's a cornerstone of what he does on the stump? >> class warfare is waged by the other side. class warfare is what the republicans are doing. you know, doing everything they can to protect the rich and when you have mitt romney saying i don't care about the poor, if
12:39 pm
they have a problem, i can fix that easily. this is not a man who connects with anybody other than the top 1%. >> monica, last word. >> you heard from him the kind of campaign president obama will run. it's about dividing americans, not uniting americans. it's about class wear fair. you know why it won't work? the united states is aspiring to be the rich. if you knock the rich and demonize them, then it's going to backfire. if that's the only thing you've got, good luck. >> all right. >> all you half is antiobama rhetoric. where is the positive message? >> always great to have you onboard. a pleasure, as you duke it out. love to hear it. thank you for joining us. we'll check back with you again, i'm sure, very soon. are stock traders making money off tweets and facebook post as soon as. >> a scrubbed launch of sorts for the space shuttle
12:40 pm
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welcome back, everybody. if investors have their ways your words could be use today determine stock values. tech firms look beyond numbers, analyzing social media discussions to make user emotions a factor in financial equations. tracy segal joins are -- casey segal is joining us live. this is absolutely fascinating. the idea is to get investment clues from what people are saying publicly on line. in other words, trying to gauge the mood. are people excited about something? are they worried about something? one study found that what folks are tweeting, blogging or facebooking about can predict which way the dow will go and sometimes days in advance. investors are keeping a close
12:45 pm
eye on our chatter. what we say about products, companies and services in online reviews. when usc researchers sold stocks based on negative reviews, they errand 8% more. for some investments, that can translate into millions. >> one individual is not going to move the market. but sometimes certain individuals might start a conversation which triggers other people's experiences, they pile on, they talk about a particular event or issue and that begins to move markets. >> there are actually companies now that specialize in finding these indicators. market psyche scours the internet looking for anything uttered about a company good or bad. it sells its findings to hedge funds, banks and brokerage firms and like with anything with the
12:46 pm
stock market, it's risky but could pay off big for someone willing to play the game. >> what you're looking for are indicators of some big event coming. now, a lot of the time you'll be wrong. you might get only 50% directional accuracy but when you catch big events, you're right 10% of the time and catch something like the financial crisis or the bankruptcy of lehman brothers, that will make your profits for even the year. >> investigators have always obviously tried to get into the brains of consumers. it's just nowadays, with so many of us sharing thoughts on line and publicly, it's a lot easier. >> thank you so much. very interesting story. it was a sight that stopped people in their tracks this week, the shuttle discovery on the last flight. coming up, we'll talk with tom jones on the end of an are a and -- era and what the future
12:47 pm
holds for america's space program. >> making history right here. bringing the shuttle and manned spaceflight to a place that we can all visit. >> i thought it was pretty amazing. ♪ [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curveballs. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra.
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welcome back. the shuttle discovery bringing americans to their feet in awe one last time. the spacecraft got a ride to the retirement home in northern virginia t had people cheering and pulling over in cars to catch a glimpse of history. where does the space program go from here? joining us, former nasa astronaut, tom jones. thank you for coming today. >> thank you for inviting me. >> you were part of the ceremonies for the last look at discovery. what were your thoughts arizona you -- as you witnessed history being made? >> it was be a amazing event. my hero, john glenn was there, and upclose we at the ceremony and several thousand people who came out thursday were able to go up close and see a spaceship standing outside the museum. it reminded me of the last time
12:52 pm
i walked outside around a space shuttle and that was the last time i came home on atlantis. people will have the same experience in new york and l.a. of getting upclose to an american spaceship with a 30-year record of amazing success and work, particularly in building the space station i helped build. >> it's an incredible sight. it was interesting some people were wondering why the shuttle wasn't scrubbed down and polished to look like new. but nasa made the decision to leave it as is because it shows its had quite a journey and shows its scars. >> that's the evidence of the work it did on its 39 launches. it shows those scars, it shows was a working vehicle and americans were working in space and developing the space station as a stepping stone. what nasa has to do is replace
12:53 pm
shuttles in the museums with spacecrafts doing other generations of work. >> many astronauts have been critical nasa doesn't seem to have a backup plan in place. funding is a part of it. do you think that nasa can play a vital role going forward? >> it does have a role in our competitiveness in the 21st century and needs to extend its welcome to partners in the commercial sector. so we do have americans working right now on the space station, don pettitte and dan burbank, to the space station goes on. the first commercial cargo launch is in april. that's nasa's gambit to buy cheaper cargo delivery. we we need to do better is convince policymakers in congress and the presidency that we've got to accelerate the space program and get a deep spacecraft moving forward faster, not wait until 2017 to
12:54 pm
fly the orion spaceship but 2014, 2015. if nasa doesn't have a higher profile as it did with the shuttles, it will be forgotten and relegated to the dust bin of history. we need to revive the excitement you saw in the film clip. >> for half a century, it -- nasa captivated the public's imagination, the challenge going forward is finding out how to do that to represent america as having the best and the brightest. >> we need to show our leadership that we have today by following up on the shuttle successes. it's a budget question. i think spending half a percent of the federal budget on space is justifiable in terms of draw it gives to new scientists and engineers and competitiveness in the economy. we need to up that to .6% of the federal budge to make it happen faster and get to the nearby as
12:55 pm
steroids and do prospecting. >> i look forward to that. it will be great to see it when we get to that point. tom jones, thank you for joining us today. all the best. >> you're welcome. >> we asked, you answered. what you have to say about the secret service scandal next. ♪ ♪ lord, you got no reason ♪ you got no right ♪ ♪ i find myself at the wrong place ♪ [ male announcer ] the ram 1500 express. ♪ it says a lot about you. ♪ in a deep, hemi-rumble sort of way. guts. glory. ram.
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>> okay, we love hearing from you at home of course and we're asking you what you think about
12:59 pm
the scandal around one of government's elite agencies and whether or not it's an isolated incidents. carl says difficult to know, excess speculation and coverage is destroying an honorable institution. kenny says, an isolated incident and every profession has representative of things gone on in the past and thanks to all of you for sharing and that's going to do it for me in washington and we're out of time. tomorrow on fox news sunday, joe lieberman, sits down with chris wallace to talk about the scandal. and mitch daniels on the 2012 election, i'm uma pemraju. >> jamie: we're following new fallout in t


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