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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  April 21, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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recommend tiff newcomer, forces him into a run off, and, what started off in a hotel hallway in columbia now on the presidential agenda. more secret service agents leaving under the cloud of controversy. in the secret service, scandal, agents in trouble and some shown the door and now, a new focus, reports columbia launching its own probe. taking a very close look at the agen ages of the agents allegedly involved and what we learned of the investigation into the men assigned to protect our president. also running for the highest office in the land does not come cheap, new word a traditional source of campaign cash is drying up, for president obama. tonight, fox reports on the
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state of the candidates' war chest. and... caught on tape. a man walking on a highway, wait until you see what happens next. we begin tonight with new developments in the scandal surrounding the u.s. secret service. they are looking into any of the women allegedly involved were under age, coming after the secret service forced out three additional employees yesterday. you will recall officials sent 11 agents home after reports claimed some brought prostitutes to a columbian hotel last weekend, keep in mind the agents were in the country to prepare for the president's visit. the scandal quickly overshadowed mr. obama's trip and he responded saying if he discovered is the reports were true he'd be angry. according to the reports it began when an agent and prostitute were arguing about payments. we're told the fight spilled into the hallway of the hotel where members of the press were
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also staying. in all, 6 secret service agents now out of a job. the scandal, also involving 11 u.s. military members from the army special forces. the navy, marines, air force, and they are all back in the united states now, waiting for the results of the sweeping investigation. our molly henneberg, live with the news in washington, and, molly, the big question, tonight, could these american agents and military officers possibly face criminal charges in columbia? >> reporter: that is what columbian authorities are trying to determine. they are interviewing employees at the hotel who would have checked the i.d.s of the prostitute and have gone to the club where the secret service agents apparently picked up the women to try to determine if any of the prostitutes was underage, meaning underage 18, illegal in columbia where adult prostitution is legal and back at home the top republican and democrat on the house oversight government and reform committee, congressmen or seeking
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assurances from the secret service that none of the women was a minor and a columbian official tells the miami herald, so far, there is no evidence the women involved with the secret service and u.s. military members were under age. harris? >> harris: i know, iowa's senator chuck grassley, the top republican on the senate judiciary committee wants something more on this. what is he seeking. >> reporter: he wants to know if the scandal is limited to the secret service and military only, or, if some members of the white house team could have been involved, too, in a letter to the secret service director he asks if any, quote, overnight guests are listed in the hotel records for members of the white house communications agency or the white house advanced team and goes onto inquire, quote, who would be reviewing these hotel records, to insure that sensitive information was not compromised. by overnight guests. the white house has said repeatedly, this week, so far none of the team on the ground has been caught up in the scannedled and there is, therefore, no need for an
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internal investigation. >> harris: and we'll stay on the story, molly henneberg, with the latest. thank you very much. dozens of police officers, forensic experts and fbi agents and even an anthropologist spending this weekend in new york city's soho neighborhood. a cold case of a child missing got hot, they are searching for his remains and, he was 6 years ol and vanished in 1979 while walking to the school bus stop. by himself for the first time. the little boy with the sandy hair and beautiful smile becoming the face of missing kids across the country. thousands of flyers were plastered across new york city, buildings, canvassed hundreds of people interviewed back then and the search expanded worldwide and over the past three decades ten detectives were assigned to head up the search and we have seen times when they thought they had a break, only to have the case go cold again and now, after a decade of relative silence, a cadaver sniffing dog picked up on a scent in an old basement down the street.
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authorities ripping up concrete with jack hammers and saws and we watched it and carefully setting the piece aside hoping they'll find any answer. our reporter is live in soho in new york city looking into this. anna? >> reporter: harris, investigators are wrapping up a third day here for the first time, they begin digging into the soil beneath where the concrete that you mentioned had been, we're told they will be going 4-6 feet below where the basement was and a team of 50 fbi agents and n.y.p.d. officers, and anthropologists and forensic expert have been on the site and they say they are halfway through the process and do anticipate finishing up sometime tomorrow. >> harris: anna, what are we learning about the suspects in this case? y. >> new york police commissioner raymond kelly says he will not discuss any potential suspects, in this case and he's not even calling the former handy man who had been using the basement as a work space a suspect.
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and, they've hired an attorney, who said that miller is cooperating with investigators and has nothing do with the disappearance. >> i believe he conveyed the message mulitple times over 30 years and he's moved, as all new yorkers are by this and agrees it is' terrible tragedy. we should not compound one tragedy by ruining another person's life who had nothing to do with this. >> reporter: and harris for decades there had been a prime suspect in this case and, an admitted child molester, already locked up in a pennsylvania prison on other charges, and could be getting out, in november. he was never convicted criminal mally but he was held responsible in a wrongful death suits. the child's parents still live in the soho neighborhood and his mother was spotted out here today but it still requesting privacy and did not speak with the media and initially we found they did not want to talk to us based upon a sign they put on their door for us.
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investigators are going to be out here again tomorrow, an harris we'll be back in the morning as well, back to you. >> harris: wow, the mom there at the digging site, can even imagine what it is like for those parents, all these years later. >> reporter: decades. >> harris: i know, thank you very much. and, there is this: a grim ending in the search for a ten-year-old from texas. police suspected he was starved to death by his father and st stepm stepmom, cadaver dogs leading police to the remains of jonathan ramsey. police were searching there since his father told authorities he dumped his body there in august, and police arrested aaron and elizabeth ramsey earlier this month, they are held in a dallas jail on charges of injuring a child and told charges will be likely upgraded now to murder. calling it a southeaster, a super-soaker, a storm system welcomed in some of the
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drought-stricken areas but poses a danger. meteorologist maria molina. >> there are several dangers, looking at a sever weather risk across parts of florida and also a lot of rain and even though we need it across the southeast you have the -- too much rain, too fast problem and talking about flooding concerns across florida and will track up the cost is and bring rain to the northeast as we head into tomorrow and also, snow on the back side of the storm system, but everyone in the northeast is looking for when the rain will be coming, areas of rain are coming through upstate new york and the heavy rain will come from the system that today is bringing the rain across parts of the southeast and with the severe weather risk across florida and no tornado warnings, but we'll keep you posted and need the rain in georgia, south carolina and florida, where an extreme drought is out there and when you get 3 or more inches of rain
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in one day, that is a flooding concern, especially in south florida, the rest of florida should be fine but continuing to head up the coast it will intensify and drop a lot of moisture, more than 3 inches of rain possible from new york city, northward and big cities like boston and also, southern parts of maine, interior portions, you are not looking at that much rainfall but you will be getting snow because that cold front will leave behind cold air and we are talking about more than 8 snatchinches w across the higher elevations of western pennsylvania. >> harris: that happens sometimes in the spring, we forget about that. thank you very much. one of the most influential figures in the nixon white house, chuck coulson was died. he spent nearly a year in prison for his role in watergate and pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and later went onto found prison fellowship ministries. he underwent surgery in march to remove a clot from his brain and doctors saying he died from complications from the surgery,
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more more on the life of charles coulson, coming up in the fox report a veteran republican senator fighting for his political life. we'll tell you who was forced into a primary battle pitting him against a tea party backed challenger and the battle for the white house, campaign donations can make all the difference, you have to must have money and now, new words on how the donor cash piles are stacking up. or not. and, moments ago, a glorious achievement for one pitcher. perfection! throwing a perfect game. we understand, though, it almost didn't happen. stay with us. wake up!
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>> he has got -- it is a perfect game! >> harris: how we celebrate every night after the fox report! the right-hander was spectacular, against seattle today, striking out 9 batters, only the 21st perfect game, in two years and, no one can get a hit or walk on the base and no one on the pitcher's team can make an error, and that means 27 batters up and 27 batters down. way to go! ♪ fox news is america's election headquarters and long serving utah senator orrin hatch now has to face a primary battle to keep his job. he has had it for six terms. this after he came just under the number of delegates needed today to win his party's nomination and senator hatch needed 60% of the vote in today's convention and snead got just above 59%, 50 votes short,
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forcing him into a fight with challenger and former state senator, dan lundquist. and he got 40% of the delegates and until today political watchers assumed he'd easily win the nomination and he's trying for his 7th term. casey steegel, more now, a surprise, coming up inside the fox report when we revisit the story. and, there is a new report president obama is having a tough time drumming up the kinds of campaign donations he raised in 2008. "the new york times" reporting his campaign has seen a big drop off in cash from places like hollywood and wall street and, now has leaning heavily on smaller contributors and experts say that could put though president in a big disadvantage when he goes up against super pacs in the fall. peter doocy with the news from washington. >> four years ago, wealthy americans boosted senator obama's campaign by writing a lot of big checks but this time around, that is not happening, quite as much, because, some on wall street feel like president
7:16 pm
obama has unfairly singled them out, for political purposes so they don't want to give him any more money. according to a report in friday's "new york times," that also blames the bad economy and be a since of a democratic primary or lack of excitement among the base and as a result 59% of the obama campaign's $196 million has been from small donors, contributions of $200 or less, and that is part of the reason they are off the pace they said in 2008 and because the large donors are staying home doesn't mean the obama campaign is having money troubles. the mitt romney war chest has $10 million in cash and the obama war chest has ten times that much, $104 million, cash and their campaign manager says that they'll figure out how to make it work with the small checks. >> it is really how it works. people in the organizations, $5 and $10 a time, taking on mitt romney, we'll have to dig deeper and work harder and, it will take all of us, working
7:17 pm
together. >> reporter: super pacs will help mitt romney bridge the 10-to-1 fund-raising gap between now and november, one of the super pacs, made $87 million, and priorities u.s.a. action which backs the president made $2.5 million. harris? >> harris: peter, thank you. a recall from wouldn't of the nation's largest tire makers we'll have that and check out this guy: just wandering on the highway, enter the speeding car and, yes. there are traffic cameras rolling. we'll watch it. stay close. there he is, gordon jones, poised at this moment to discover new plum amazins from sunsweet, the amazing alternative to raisins and cranberries with 50% more fiber, about half the sugar, and a way better glycemic index. yes, that's the stuff.
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>> harris: charles colson, once described by the "washington post" as one of the most powerful presidential aides to richard nixon, he died today at age 80. he became a key player in the watergate scandal. he served as special counsel to president nixon from 1969 to 1973, and he pleaded guilty a year later to his role in watergate and did prison time and later in life founded a worldwide ministry. our chief washington correspondent has more on his life. >> reporter: he was known as richard nixon's hatchet man, the white house special counsel, willing to walk over his own grandmother to reelect the president but he'd spend the next four decades as one of the leading christian missionaries, working with inmates in the prison. >> i saw the world through eyes of the people untouchable and outcast. >> reporter: born in 1931:he
7:22 pm
tragedied brown university through the alumni association met e. howard hunt who years later he recruited to the nixon white house and supervised the watergate break in, a hard driving lawyer he joined the nixon white house as special counsel and his chief task, to get richard nixon reelected by identifying and courting blue-collar workers, ethnics and other voters, later dubbed reagan democrats. he was a driving force behind the white house enemies list and the infamous plumber's group and his role in smearing antiwar activist, daniel else berg ultimately landed him in prison. >> it was the first thing in my life to be indicted. i had been so proud as a marine officer and proud to serve my country. and, a flag-waving patriot and end up in the courtroom, the u.s. of, a versus charles w. col soch son.
7:23 pm
>> reporter: and out of boston on the night of august 12, 197, h -- 1973, had his own epiphany. >> i drove up the driveway and got 100 yards and, this ex-marine captain, white house hatchet man and tough guy, found i was crying so hard i couldn't drive any further and spent probably a half-hour, in his driveway, that night, maybe an hour, and talking to god for the first time, seriously in my life. >> reporter: intense skepticism greeted his announcement of his conversion but 1976 published his first book, a memoir of the nixon years and testament to his new found witness, born again became a classic and helping to popular rise the term, breathing life into the evangelical movement in american society and politics. >> the book came out, barbara walters held it up in television an jimmy carter was asked about it when he campaigned for president. >> reporter: he founded prison fellowship and it started with
7:24 pm
small groups of 1 inmates, some violent, released from prison into the custody of he and his associates. >> the thousand inmates we took out the first five or six years of the ministry, we had not a single incident. it was a huge success. >> reporter: today, prison fellowship operates in more than 100 countries, in 1993, he joined billy graham, mother teresa as a recipient of the templeton prize. >> i want to thank chuck colson and mark earl at the prison fellowship program which is -- has been hosting and organizing the angel troop program, since 1982, 6 million boys and girls have received a gift on christmas and i want to thank you very much for doing that. >> reporter: he underwent surgery in march to remove a blood clot on his brain. he initially showed signs of recovering but in recent days his condition grew dire, the subject of a biography and children's book, he expressed
7:25 pm
concern about the commercialization of evangelical christianity and his own image. >> as a christian witness, and i don't want my witnesses... >> reporter: he was 80 years old. in washington, james rosen, fox news. >> harris: a new financial warning for europe, at an imf meeting in washington, d.c., u.s. treasury secretary tim geithner saying european leaders still need to do more, to avoid a catastrophe. and several countries in central -- and central banking promising to pump a half trillion additional dollars, into europe. at this point, the u.s. and canada have refused to participate. at least three nations, as you know, greece, ireland and portugal, have already accepted big bailouts to keep the economies going, offering sparking protests, and analysts fear italy and spain could be next and secretary geithner saying europe must be flexible
7:26 pm
and aggressive to survive the crisis. michelin recalling 77 bus tires in north america, the model number is there on your screen, coming up the company reports sidewall defects in the tire models could cause them to rapidly lose air, and that is a problem with buses and they didn't point to any accidents, though, but they received quite a few complaints from customers and the company decided to investigate. and recall. a terror plot foiled and we've learned 27 pounds of explosives were seized. and 5 people tonight are in custody, where they were planning on launching a massive attack, and, a bus and truck collide, killing dozens of people, and police are on the hunt for one man, who got away from that wreck. ♪ everything that i've gained in life
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weork with you to get to know the unique aspects of your business. we can recommend financial solutions that can work for you that have helped millions of business owners save time, reduce expenses, and maximize cash flow. as the number-one small business lender for nine years running, we're with you when you need us so you can be there for your customers. wells fargo. together we'll go far. >> harris: i'm harris faulkener and this is the fox report, the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. george zimmerman meeting with his attorney in jail, today. saying he is hoping to have his client out of jail by mid-week, zimmerman admitted to shooting and killing a 17-year-old unarmed teenager, trayvon martin, and the bail was set by the judge at $150,000. a coroner saying, the commentator died of heart
7:31 pm
failure, the 43-year-old journalist and author, collapsed as he was walking his dog near his home last month and tucson, arizona, police are searching for a missing 6-year-old girl and they say she was last seen as she went to bed friday night. her father called police when she went into her room the next morning, and she was not there. it has been one week now, since the fort bragg, north carolina soldier went missing. and there is no sign of us army private first class kelly bordeaux. she was last seen leaving a bar and her family urging anyone with information to come forward. elizabeth prann is following the story and we learned information about the man who saw her last? >> reporter: yes, he is in police custody, as we speak and turned himself in to authorities late last night on completely unrelated charges. he is guilty of not registering himself in that county, because he's a registered sex offender
7:32 pm
and had a pretty hefty bond, $100,000, secured bond, harris, and the sex offender status is a result of a decade old conviction of inappropriate sexual contact with a five-year-old child. he told local reporters, he's a drifter living in the woots behind the froggy bottom bar where she was last seen a week ago today. the same bar he works as a bar hand and police turned up no leads yesterday, in a pond in the fayetteville on thursday, harris? >> harris: i know the family is asking for nifrn wianyone with information to come forward. what are they saying about her disappearance. >> reporter: they are devastated and are working with police and volunteers in the search efforts and want to keep her name in the headlines, as much as possible. until they find her alive. >> unimaginable to wake up every day and this is the reality. you know? standing in front of you guys,
7:33 pm
hoping, my sister is found safe and sound. >> please, just return my sister, i have a three-year-old son, and, kelly is... i can't explain anything to him... he doesn't understand this. >> reporter: they said bordeaux would have never gone awol and took her daughters with the military seriously. harris? >> harris: all right, elizabeth, thank you very much. turning now overseas, security forces in afghanistan are holding at least 5 people accused of planning a massive tear tor attack in the capital and they seized 22,000 pounds of explosives, enough to do serious damage and we are told they were hidden under potatoes in a truck and the men admitted they plan to set off those explosives in kabul and claiming they got their orders from militant leaders with ties to pakistan's intelligence service and police arrested three other suspected members of the taliban, who have been plotting to assassinate
7:34 pm
afghan's vice president. for the first time in months there was no shelling or gunfire, reportedly in the syrian town of homs, the monitors are touring the rubble-filled streets after a u.n. cease-fire went into effect. the shelling expected to resume once the monitors have left there. homs is a strong hold for anti-government forces but the u.n. security council today drafted a new peace resolution which will allow hundreds of additional observers to monitor syria over the coming months and at the same time, the state news agency reporting an explosion at an oil pipeline in the eastern province, so-called armed terrorists are being blamed. two dutch commuter trains crashed head on, leaving more than 100 people seriously hurt. it happened in amsterdam, some victims had to be lived from the wreckage by cranes and a trauma center was set up near the scene to provide first aid with dozens of ambulances waiting to take the injured to hospital. what a scene.
7:35 pm
a chopper used to transport those who were hurt, so, far, no reports of any deaths. people caught in the middle when a tour bus collides with a tractor-trailer and it is kcar, versus pedestrian, as we go around the world in 80 second. ♪ >> harris: mexico, 43 people died, when police say the trailer of a cargo truck brook loose and slammed into a bus, filled with farm workers. you can see luggage and clothing scattered beside the highway. the bus barely recognizable. police now looking for the truck driver. china, carves man. on tape. first of all, he was walking on the highway when the vehicle come along and traffic cameras catching it all, the victims who described himself as intellectually disabled taken to the hospital. the only injury, a broken leg.
7:36 pm
canada... police firing tear gas and rubber bullets during a protest in downtown montreal. college students trying to disrupt a speech by quebec's premier, and for a little while they did. they are upset about a plan to raise tuition fees, the premier saying he will not back down. at least 6 people hurt. gaza. lions and tigers, notice they are not moving. they are stuffed. most are there tanks to taxi determinists, the idea to teach kids about exotic creatures and one visitor describing it as weird but he said they make the zoo more interesting. there is that. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> harris: and political drama, six-term senator orrin hatch of utah comes up short. and a republican primary now facing a run off against a young republican, a relative newcomer. a live report, casey steegel will be up with that and
7:37 pm
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is often handed down from generation to generation. because offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >> harris: while serving utah senator -- long serving utah senator orrin hatch needs a run off election to keep his seat. the republican senator for more than 30 years, hours ago, finishing 50 delegates shy of
7:41 pm
his party's nomination and overall he got 59% of the vote and, the former state senator got 40% and casy steegel is live in the west coast news hub and it surprised a lot of people. >> reporter: it did and this is really considered a defeated for the incumbent senator orrin hatch. he was hoping to sail straight through to the general election without having to put up a fight with a primary, but here is what happened today because he failed to secure at least 60% of the vote at the state g.o.p. convention, he now goes on the june ballot, running against 37-year-old former state senator dan lilenquist, and he said he was two years old when hatch was elected and point out a lot changed since then and therefore it times for some new blood in washington. >> your vote today has nothing to do with the words, chairman or seniority. it has everything to do with
7:42 pm
having the training, the background and the experience in turning things around. >> but, hatch, who is currently the second longest serving u.s. senator with 6 terms already under his belt, has a major leg up on his opponent in terms of fund-raising. he says it is his very experience that the people of utah and america need at this time. >> i don't have to tell you the things in washington need to change. the government is too big. taxes are too high, our nation's budget is out of balance and regulations are out of control and entitlements are destroying our children's future. >> reporter: many illegal analysts say it too reminiscent of two years ago when bob bennett was ousted from his seat at the convention because of a growing shift towards the tea party and by the way, the democrats in utah also holding their state convention this weekend, and, three-term state
7:43 pm
senator scott howell, this man, securing 63% of the vote, meaning he avoids the primary, something hatch was hoping for, and, now goes straight through to the general election, and he'll face either hatch for lilenquist come november and senator hatch defeated howell, interestingly, in 2000 when they ran against each other. >> harris: you are getting this on your blackberry as well, but lilenquist's campaign released, you talked about the platforms of the tea party and he says, quote, i'm pleased with the race we've ran as we talk to our delegates of message of fiscal discipline and bold innovative ideas resonates with them and after weeks of hearing the race is over, it is clear momentum is on our side and he goes on and you hear two themes here, he said there is a youth movement in the g.o.p. and now is talking about tea party principles and what are senator hatch's chances in a run off. >> reporter: they will have their work cut out for them in terms of the lilenquist camp because, if, assuming the nearly
7:44 pm
4,000 delegates who cast their votes today are a fair representation of the electorate, again, hatch took nearly nearly 60% of the vote compared to his opponent's 40%, it will be an interesting race but as we know with politics, a lot can happen between now and the end of june when voters head to the primary. >> harris: isn't that the truth. i'm glad you are on the story, always good to see you. houston is dealing with a huge amount of damage left by a powerful and unexpected rain storm. our top story as we go across america. ♪ >> harris: texas. people caught off guard when a symptom whips through downtown houston. >> we're not used to something like that that comes spur of the moment. we get a warning and there has not been a warning. >> harris: some braved wind and rain and others took shelter, and the landscape is missing, more than 70 trees...
7:45 pm
illinois, crews cleaning up this ugly scene at what used to be a beauty parlor. before a woman drove herself and a two-year-old right through the front of it. >> i'm trying to turn the car off and must have hit something, and, i was going forward and tried to hit the brake or gas or whatever... and, it went clean up into the window. >> harris: we're told the is fine but a woman inside the store hospitalized in critical condition. arizona, this man took his tax return money to the casino, and won a life-changing jackpot. the couple say they were struggling to pay rent on the tiny apartment they share with their son, and, then... >> the phone rings and i'm like, wow, what are you going to tell me now, he said you will not believe it. i won $5.7 million and i told him he was full of... well, crap. >> harris: well he was full of something else. the truth, and now, divine gratitude. >> it had to be him upstairs, how else, i mean...
7:46 pm
unbelievable. >> harris: also, the grand canyon state, this little guy wandered too close to a pool and fell in, nighttime video, thanks to surveillance cameras and good samaritan rescuing sterling from the pool skimmer and a trip to the hospital and he's fine and with a face like that it didn't take long to find him an owner. that is the fox watch across america. a family from southern maryland getting a huge surprise at an awards ceremony honoring them as the military family of the year. >> i think we need one more volunteer. let's look for one more person that might volunteer... how about you, sir? >> harris: that's awesome. dad's stationed in guantanamo bay, cuba and secretly arranged the visit through his superiors and mom said she couldn't believe it when her husband showed up.
7:47 pm
>> since december... i'm so glad we got to visit. >> harris: the event hosted by our military kids is nonprofit and gives grants to families of deployed service members allowing their children to take part in different activities. god bless 'em. two years after the worst oil spill in our shores in u.s. history we are hearing from the people living and working along the gulf, and some are pretty optimistic. interesting story. and, there is word crews will soon begin hauling away the documented crews ship where 32 people died when it ran ash grou -- aground, and they want to float it away in one piece. will they use that again? ♪ ♪ ♪ and i never thought i'd fe this way ♪
7:48 pm
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>> harris: plans underway to remove the costa concordia in one piece, 32 passengers and crewmembers were killed when it ran aground in january, an american salvage company will haul it away to another port city in one piece and if authorities give the plan a green light the salvage operation should begin early next month and it could take a year to get the job done. two years ago, the news was breaking on the bp oil disaster in the gulf of mexico. you cannot forget the images, the deep water horizon. exploded at night, 11 workers died and the rig burned 36 hours before sinking, a sheen of oil took the rig's place and continued to spread. the leak blamed on a broken undersea oil well that needed to be closed and sealed. millions of a barrel of oil leaked into the gulf, causing extensive damage to marine and wildlife habitat as well as to the fishing and tourism
7:52 pm
industry. and, now, two years later, we are hearing cautious optimism from people most affected by the oil spill. steve harrigan has the story. >> reporter: 40 out of 44 oyster processors in louisiana shut down, a year after the bp oil spill and more than half are still closed yet there is no anger orbit terns from the 7th generation oysterman. >> bp acted responsibly, from a tragedy they have responded responsibly. half my family were working towards resolve. >> reporter: an emergency cash payment from bp kept gold band oysters afloat and more money is expected from a class-action lawsuit. and sales are down, 65%, but they are surviving. and, studies have known no oil contamination in gulf oysters.
7:53 pm
a different story for dolphins at the top of the the gulf food chain. >> we have literally seen over 700 dolphins and, you know, one animal may have one thing and another, we may see something completely different. >> scientific studies are trying to determine what exactly is harming the dolphins. but there is no debate, even from bp executives, over the cause of this damage. >> the marsh grasses are regenerating and you can see, it is important to understand as we have freely acknowledged, is there is also areas of unfortunate loss. and, real damage. that is not likely to regenerate. >> reporter: bp spent $14 billion on cleanup and paid $8 billion in claims. while some of the effects of the spill are still being studied others are clearly visible. visible, too, to anyone who was on these beaches two years ago are the signs of a massive
7:54 pm
cleanup. and a sense of a gradual recovery of a people and a region, after a traumatic event, whose memory is still clear, in grand isle, louisiana, steve harrigan, fox news. >> harris: a key player in the watergate scandal is dead. chuck colson passed away today. an update on fox top stories coming up, and honoring singer willie nelson. the music legend took time out to treat the crowd to some of his greatest hits and he sounded fantastic. >> ♪ ♪ life i love is making music with my friends ♪ ♪ i can't wait to get on the road again...♪
7:55 pm
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7:58 pm
die...♪ >> harris: willie nelson singing his new song, "roll me up and smoke me when i die", they dead stated a statue dedicated to him. and nelson, a well phone advocate for legalizing marijuana and though yesterday was 4/20, a day associate yad w the drug, they said it was a coincidence and, i read on the press wire there was a wafting scent of something at the dedication. we don't know, we weren't there. top stories, chuck colson passed away, special counsel to president richard nixon and went to prison for his role in watergate and the man known that's evil genius who would walk over ohis grandmother to gt the president reelected. he was 80 years old. the secret service, forcing out
7:59 pm
three additional employees, yesterday, now six agents out of work. >> harris: on this day in 753 bc, according to legend, romulus and rheemus, they founded rome, and, it wasn't called rome sill romulus killed rheemus and named the city after himself and it became an empire, one of the largest the world has known and today is this capital of italy but an empire was born 2765 years ago today,are you checking the math on that? our flood director is checking my math, and that is our fox report, i'm harris faulkener, thanks for watching. huckabee starts, right now... >> tonight on huckabee... jobs. >> president barack obama: the american jobs act. >> the economy... >> he's


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