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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 23, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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roo. >> sean: watch this. >> you know what a think a lot of republicans in congress want to cooperate and no better but in this rein of terror in the other polling shows the other party has moved out and in your poll is winning among moderates by 14 points. governor romney is way of a to the right. >> sean: joining me is the co-author. book, it's called "screwed," how american companies are plundering our economy and dick morris. good to see you. >> if you order screwed at my website and you fill it out, i will send you a book plate
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personalized and signed by me. >> sean: i usually get a copy of this. i have a few more. it's still early. i want to examine the tactics. you heard david axelrod saying anything that the president, we're saving people money all the time yet, $5 trillion in at the time and then there is a reign of terror. sea say anything, and demonize opponents. i want to see how successful you think the tactics will be. what do you think of what axelrod said? >> i think the gsa is playing defense and i think the scandals have a lot more life of them. the secret service, too. i think that is going to hurt them. the key think is we have subpoena power the republicans do in the committees and you'll get more fox.
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>> sean: but he says we're saving taxpayers money? >> people think it's ridiculous. reign of terror is fundamental to his campaign. what he is trying do is win the election by animating his base. the republican strategy is to win the swing voters in the middle. i think it will be very successful. this strategy is to demonize the republicans. so that people are scared to death. whereas they used to vote out of hope and change, now they vote out of fear and losing and envy. he is trying to portray the republicans as draconian in their cuts and the answer, yes social spending will be less and welfare spending will be less but more jobs and more wages and more income. everybody will be much better off. >> sean: as we examine the tactics that going to be
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employed. what axelrod said, their surrogates in congress that are support have any the media, they regurgitate. it's an echo chamber. you hear what david axelrod says. let's hear what ed markee said. >> the republican budget reads like those legislative version. hunger games, pitting american families in an unfair and losing battle against billionaires and big oil. the republican budget doles out tax breaks to the wealthiest don't need and we can't afford. two, gives away $4 billion in annual tax breaks for oil companies. three, abandons grandma and grandpa forcing them to pay more for health care or forgo coverage altogether. four, takes food out of the
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mouths of hungry children all across our country. g.o.p. used to stand for grand hold party, now it stands for guaranteed oil profits. now it stands for old people and greed over principle. >> sean: old people, hungry children -- wait a minute. it starts at the white house. president has made similar statements. here is question -- when people are hammered with this, with their surrogates. it will be effective? >> no. the medicare thing where he read out. the medicare it could be effective. it's truly the other thing. food out of mouths isn't going to matter much. but medicare could be. one the key things that gives romney a tremendous advantage is
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he has not endorsed the ryan budgeted insofar as it cuts medicare. he has called for restoring the $500 billion medicare cuts that obama has imposed. i think it's a big win opportunity for the republican party. you know, when i worked for bill clinton. the first thing i did was i had did a poll of 250 questions. i tested every single budget cut that gingrich was pushing. i found there was only one that made any difference at all. medicare. education a little, environment a little but medicare. all of the stuff about school lunches and welfare cuts and food stamps, none of that matter much at all. i think the medicare issue is a very distinct issue. i think that will trump. obama will lose the medicare
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issue. the elderly are voting against him two to one. >> sean: the only thing i say, i think it scaring old people have been a proven tactic. the president is trying to divide the country, rich versus poor and then he has one other weapon he doesn't pay for, that is his presents secretaries throughout the mainstream media that similarly regurgitated these lies. let me give you brian williams. >> how can he go, evolution. >> that is not what he said. he has never said he is a flatterer. he doesn't believe in evolution. don't take your words chris. >> romney, ask him irjs don't know. it wasn't an issue in the primary. [ laughter ] >> you are the grand wizard
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crowd. >> come on. what is this grand wizard nonsense. >> all right. ku klux klan. give me a break. don't go there with me. >> good, thank you. one of those problems. >> sean: and there must be some deep-seated racial antipathy that exists? >> they think they are running with santorum and santorum is going to be bad on women and bad on a variety of social issues for the independent women voter. but not romney. romney doesn't have a reputation as that. romney isn't part of the flat earth core. obama's campaign people did not want to run against romney. they haven't pivoted or adjusted. the other thing to bear in mind the republicans will have a two to one financial advantage in
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advertising because the democrats are moving very directly into field work, not advertising. big money is not giving to obama and the republican super pacs including karl rove's pack are wonderful in the amount of money they are going to raise and spend. we're going defeat those arguments. >> sean: i live in a world where i don't think any of these attacks should go without being responded to. we have to roll. thanks for being with us. coming up. rudy guliani is giving his forl political rival a rousing endorsement. the mayor is here that he thinks romney is right choice and marco rubio and robin leach speaks out and beckel's return, as well. what the world wants to know and share is here.
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incredible savings of $1,000 for a limited time. only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699. >> sean: g.o.p. presidential nominee mitt romney ping up a critical endorsement. a man it was the former governor's rival. that is former new york city mayor rudy guliani. why did he decide to back his one time competitor. is what he said this morning. >> he has the resume and background for the job. this is going to be an election about the economy. if i look at all the republican field and who better than mitt romney to carry our banner and
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point out this has been a failed economic program. a sensible conservative economic principles, this country will have a boom. i think he has an understanding of the economy that is far deeper than the president and far deeper than most people. he has the strength and toughness to handle foreign policy that hasn't been covered in this campaign. when i met with the candidates, met with several of them, i spent most of my time talking about foreign policy. >> sean: joining me to talk about that statement is rudy guliani. good to see you. you make this decision. he is the presumptive nominee. what do you think? >> i work in the feel. rick perry, good friend, newt gingrich, good friend. i campaigned for rick. it was hard for me because i like a lot of these men.
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mitt won it. he has won an overwhelming number of primaries. he has gone to republican voters and made his case. it's quite clear he would be the best candidate to win against barack obama. who can win and i have no question after analyzing it for several months, mitt romney would be the best candidate to defeat barack obama. >> you had a meeting with governor romney. this is fair statement. those that have won against governor romney there is residual and there still exists with some of his recent challengers. >> i when you run against each other but you have to get over it for the good of the party. mitt is a very, very tenacious
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candidate. he has got a terrific organization. they are very good at negative campaigning. now i hope that is place where it really belongs which is barack obama. >> sean: let me put up on the screen, the average income under obama has dropped $3,000. you look at the other barometers. we have five trillion in new debt. he called on bush 4 trillion will. he said he was unpatriotic. he will not have created one single job. have lost between 500,000 to million jobs. how does he make the case or can he make the case that he deserves four more years? >> he can't make that case. he has to make the case against romney. if you focus on obama. obama took over a recession. i took over bad economic times. four years later, unemployment
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was twice as much. deficit was three times as much. they would have thrown me out of office. that is basically what happened here. he took over, unemployment is worse, the deficit is higher than it's been under all other presidents combined. our economy is trying desperately to recover and i can't because it's being set on by obama's policies of redistribution and useless regulations of most of our major industries. he is the reason we don't create jobs in this country. >> sean: he only has one option left. that is to run a negative campaign which he has already started. >> look at axelrod, republican reign of terror, come on. and they are talking about a civil campaign and we have a reign of terror -- that is french revolution, that is not
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the campaigns of america. >> shep: president says republicans want dirty air and water. so the obama in 2007 and 2008 and obama that is running in this campaign, very different man. how is the public going to perceive that? >> i don't think a president can't win an election without that. do we want barack obama for four more years. by every measure we're worse off now, unemployment persistently high. our debt incredibly high. a country, we can't seem to sustain a recovery. we've got plenty of recessions. let's compare him to ronald reagan. he took over in 1981. terrible economic times.
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by time we get to attempt to be re-elected in 1984 he got unemployment way down, jobs way up. we had massive growth going on. i think it was 7.35% growth. >> we 62% growth and we don't even count the under employment. 13 million more americans in poverty. one of the early indicators from governor romney who does he surround himself with. i would like to see you in his cabinet. i don't know who you like for vice president. a strong conservative as vice president. that i think is going to be key to anybody who is president. who do they surround themselves with. >> i think all the candidates have strengths and weaknesses. one of governor romney's strength says he very good executive. he will select very highly qualified people and challenge him to be a better president.
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i don't think there will be any fear of being overwhelmed by someone like that. >> sean: how about for you defense secretary or homeland security. if you were defense secretary i think it would send a strong message to the world. >> i don't think we should be talking about any of those things. >> sean: i do. >> one thing that would be an improvement over four years ago. maybe vice presidential candidate should be picked earlier than waiting until august, where you only have two months for that candidate to establish themselves. maybe the candidates. >> sean: give me three names. >> rubio, chris christie, portman. i heard jeb bush's name. i supported kelly in a race. i know kelly well. she is a little bit of unknown
9:21 pm
but enormously talented and terrific lawyer and public servant. >> sean: i don't like the idea of an unknown because you get into the big mystery. >> i remember a rule somewhere i read in political science book that said the best vice presidential candidate is somebody that has been tested or gotten a chance, to tear apart. we know all the bad things and when all the bad things come back it's old history. i am going to select somebody fairly new. >> and it's slen been selected in june but by the time they got to to the debate with biden. if she had three months to prepare you would see the sarah palin. >> sean: she would have won the debate. >> that took three weeks of preparation. you do two months preparation.
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>> sean: good to see you. appreciate you being with us, ticking time bomb. and he is here. his name is being bandied about as potential vice president. marco rubio will explain how it will impact the race. and private white house meeting reveals the administration is trying to push through left wing agenda by circumventing congress. we expose the real obama as the vetting of the president continues. that's why we developed bayer advanced aspirin with micro particles. now we're challenging you to put it to the test. visit to get your free bottle.
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>> sean: very little secret they wanted to keep it quiet until after november. over $8 billion was being wasted on an experimental program that gives bonuses to providers of private medicare advantage plans that meet targets. reports indicate that the money is funding the program until after the election when it will then be gutted by obamacare. without the money this would explode just days before the general election. we all know that team obama wouldn't want that. joining me now is reaction to
9:27 pm
this and much more. marco rubio. good to see you. >> thank you. >> sean: i have to punish you and be a horrible host and ask you about the slip of the tongue that made so much news. here is what happened. >> three, four, seven years ago, if i do a good job as vice president -- i'm sorry. [ laughter ] >> you all got that. >> if i do a good job as a senator i'll have a chance to do i'll have a chance to do all sorts of things including commissioner of the n.f.l. where is where the real power is. >> sean: will you explain that? >> it was a slip of the tongue. you get asked so many times. stuff starts floating in your head. at this point. sean i think governor romney has begin a formal process and we
9:28 pm
should respect that. all who participate in politics and let them do their work. we don't want to be talking about that anymore. >> sean: if they came to you we would like to consider you, we need your help in the vetting process, would you be open to? >> that i'm not going to talk about that because i wanted to be respectful of the process. next question. [ laughter ] >> sean: thank you very much senator. >> this is interesting because a lot of the more draconian portions of obamacare, a lot of them starting next year, 2014. one provision would go into effect just a few weeks before the election. the medicare advantage program. what they did they are funneling $8 billion i would argue slush fund through health and human
9:29 pm
services to delay it's implementation by saying it's an experimented and the experiment, what if we don't change things. that is what the experiment is so they won't feel the wrath of voters with obamacare? >> one of big issues with lawsuits and administration in specific is medicare in addition to having people in the state of florida that are on medicare. one of them is my mother. my mother is on medicare vantage. which si think is one of few khiols programs we have in the public sector in united states. servicing political with this administration. everything is designed around the election and increasingly so you are starting to see that. the ig beer program with medicare the president doesn't have a plan to save it. one of the things in this report it's going to show medicare spends more money than it takes
9:30 pm
in and is headed towards banuptcy. there would be sense of urgency about saving medicare but they want to play politics. they wanted to attack paul ryan on it. instead of focusing on the fact unless we save it we're not going to have it. >> sean: we just played it earlier, g.o.p. is out to get grandma. throwing grandma over the cliff. any time any effort has been made to save medicare from inevitable bankruptcy, it gets demagogued. they have signaled the president himself and he republicans want elderly and kids with autism to fend for themselves? >> how do you combated that? >> first of all we to have tell people why this is going to the campaign. they don't want the in campaign to be about the president's record. this campaign is about president's record he is going
9:31 pm
to lose. had his is record where it was worse than dated he was sworn in. they don't want it to be about economy or record. they want it to be about everything else. that is why they say these outrageous things. what we need to with medicare, my mom is on medicare. i will never supported any changes to medicare that would negatively affect our or any one like her that is currently on the program. i do believe that people like me that are decades from retirement we're going to have accept in order to keep medicare has it stands for our parents and grand parents, our medicare, my generation's medicare is going to have to look different, especially if we wanted one. is that too much to ask of our generation. we need to drive that point home. >> sean: any time it's been attempted any responsible proposal is put forward. you know what happens. you watch this process unfold and the president does this with abandon. it seems that he'll say anything
9:32 pm
to hang on the nice house, nice plane and helicopter. one has to wonder, is the country ready -- we borrow 40 cents of every dollar. he says we're borrowing from the bank of china in the name of our kids and grandkids. >> people get what is happening. if you with went to the american people said, should we keep medicare the way it is for the people but in order to do that should we ask future generations people like me and young they're are decades away from retirement to accept that it's going to be different from their parents in order to save the medicare now, the vast majority of americans would say absolutely. the sooner we do that and the better off this country is going to be. that is why we need to do to elected mitt romney because he is the only one that is willing to do that. this president has no maroon plan to save this program whatsoever. he should be held accountable for that in november.
9:33 pm
>> sean: there is nothing you want to add about the issue of vice president. this inside joke, we were giving on speech in names, florida, i was late. you were up at the podium giving a great 45 minute speech. i said i'm sorry, you were gracious enough to introduce me, i'm sorry mr. vice president and what was rita action the rumor, they liked the idea. it just happened very organically. >> nice to see you. [ laughter ] >> sean: good answer. you did very well. a private white house meeting, how the obama administration is plotting to sidestep congress and push through their agenda as we have former lifestyles of rich and famous robin leach is warning of the dangers of
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9:39 pm
aggressively use executive power to govern in obstructions. it was the president himself we can't wait to jumpstart the new overreaching tactic. joining me is reaction made headlines when he called president's policies socialist. highly successful rich and famous, robin leach. >> one day you'll get it right. [ laughter ] >> sean: doubtful. but your show was massive. 14 years. huge run in syndication. was it number one most of those years. >> yes, indeed, it was. it's nice to be able to use the comparisons to see what is happening today in the run of lifestyles. we celebrated success. we celebrated the reward of hard work and today it seems as if
9:40 pm
the current administration would like to clamp down and squash all that kind of thing. we live in a country where change was promised four years ago has been division instead of unification. we thought that he was going to le let us all unite. instead he is dividing us all. when you divide, you bring chaos. economic divide, racial divide. age divide, it all spells chaos which is why you have this governed by executive order. >> sean: i'm curious, when my background, first scrubbing pots and pans at a restaurant, waiting tables, tending bar, laying tile, framing houses, doing painting and hanging wallpaper, all those rich people came to a restaurant and hired me, i was glad they had the money. when you would go to the rich people's homes, 1 percent, what
9:41 pm
percentage of those people earned those homes that you would go visit? >> every one of them. i know there is a controversy about this slogan of being born with a silver spoon in your mouth. we only profile people that worked hard and dragged themselves up by their boot straps to become successful. it appears today, it's wrong to be successful. you know that is the true meaning of socialism. you don't want people to be successful. that is a great tragedy. in all of these executive orders that get signed on mysterious friday afternoons in america goes away for the weekend and mini vacation for 48 hours, you suddenly find that these are the beginning of a socialist state. >> sean: when i listen to stuart
9:42 pm
varney or daniel hannon, you grew up -- we're watching what is happening in greece, italy, spain, portugal, ireland, the euro. you grew up under social. you look in america. what has changed in america. what was america like when you came here versus now and do you see that ideology is now happening here, unfolding before our eyes? >> i came here in 1963 because it was the land of opportunity. it was where you didn't have to have an old school tie to be successful. if you worked hard you were disciplined and dedicated, you were rewarded. you didn't just do it for the monetary sums of money. this is not about scrooge. this is being rewarded hard work
9:43 pm
with success. what sped up in the last four years is where this has become a dirty word. the target has been had youening on the back of successful people as if it is wrong or if it is a crime. it is not a sin to be successful. socialism is the sin that speaks to that and says everybody has to be on level playing field. that is wrong. that is not the america we know and love. it's not the america the founding fathers also planned out. >> sean: well said. robin leach, its warning. we could face the problems if we keep going down that road. i think you need to go backs fox business network, bring back lifestyles of the rich and famous. let your heart not be troubled -- beckel is back in the house. he is a new person. so he says. that and our great american panel next. ] that. right there -- reminds you
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>>. >> sean: tonight on our great american panel. former deputy assistant of state. fox contributor, co-host of the five, bob beckel is here. he is an editorial, that is for you bob. and tucker carlson. she was an advisor for senator harry reid and former communication director for ed rendell and political strategist. penny lee is back. are you on better behavior now? how much money is in the five i saw? >> $400. >> sean: you put $10. >> when i say something wrong, i haven't sworn.
9:49 pm
>> sean: i don't want to hear i haven't sworn in a week. that is barely cutting it. >> i haven't sworn. >> sean: so the answer you are not going to talk. >> no, i will but carefully. >> sean: what about the naacp and west. here you have a guy. i never understood this, naacp, why do you have to be a liberal. why is not clarence thomas not endorsed. why are we still here where we ought to be celebrating success regardless? >> what he said. he accused people within that party of being communist. what he said was reckless. he has not apologized but he doubles down on it.
9:50 pm
>> sean: there was never been a liberal african-american that said something controversial? >> sure, but not allowing ted nugent because he said inflammatory things. no, what they are saying, they are not endorsing, to deny him the right to come before. >> sean: you just gave it away. in that party. the naacp is not the same as the democratic party. naacp, is a totally discredited group. anyone doesn't know much about na a acp. it's bankrupt and morally. its fringe group. i don't know why we pay any attention to what they think. it was a force for good but no longer. >> i don't think they are morally bankrupt. they have a platform and west doesn't belong on them and clarence thomas doesn't belong
9:51 pm
on them. >> sean: the group, national association for the advancement of people, why do you have to be liberal. here is clarence thomas that that has the american story, the only reason he faced opposition because he is conservative, bob. >> in large part his rulings has been in their view, on platform is not helpful to the black people. >> so you have to be liberal. >> the advancement of liberal. >> because of the group. it would be the same as you are saying to me the chamber of commerce, because it's a bunch of white old dudes ought to endorse every old white old doot dude in congress. >> it's based on their skin color. the idea left wing ideology is always good for black americans is ridiculous and counterproductive.
9:52 pm
>> not saying that. just because they are denying him or saying they no longer want you at that event doesn't mean they are not denying trying to advance those principles. remember -- they invited him to come, but what was to offensive. >> think. [ talking over each other ] >> it's liberal policies. >> look 50% of african-americans taking a summer job, the higher unemployment rates are because of obama liberal policies have not helped african-americans. >> it's not the naacp's position >> sean: that is the problem. you'll never know what beckel will do next. straight ahead. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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>>. >> sean: we're on the air, bob. bob, we're on the air. i don't want to be accused -- >> are you talking to me. >> you attacked me last week after you made the mistake and said i need to run my show better. >> you just brought it up. >> you gave me this. >> nancy pelosi can't wait for americans to make more money,
9:57 pm
why? you should have figured this out. she wants her cut. >> i would say, pay more and good paying jobs in our country. >> make more and pay more. she thinks it's her money. >> i think it's progressive income tax. we're going to flat tax or we need a progressive tax. >> sean: i wish they to make more so they could pay more. so the whole point of your labor is to give this woman more power. if i were the rnc i would put video endless loop on their website. she is the most off-putting public figure i've seen. >> i think the point is well taken, wealthy people in america have gotten away with the easiest ride as anybody. >> they pay for the whole thing. >> that is true. we ought to take a little more from them. >> that is actually happening.
9:58 pm
1800 people renounced their citizenship. as long as you are hear bob, i wouldn't think of leaving. >> look at these three polls, three polls that show obama losing to romney at this point. there is an approval rating hovering between 41-45%. no president, go back to dwight eisenhower has had reelect numbers at this point in their presidency. why will obama beat that or will he? >> you having conflicting polls all over the place. but at the end of the day it's going to be close race. >> sean: i don't think it will be that close. >> i do. >> by definition it has to be close. >> sean: so where has he been successful. >> he has been successful in auto bailouts. >> sean: it would have happened anyway. it get oi give me metric. $5 trillion in debt.
9:59 pm
no at single job created. not a one. fewer people working at the end of four years. >> quick analysis. lowest number of voters i've seen in presidential election. it will be decided by 8-9% of the people. that will be volunteers close election. people are polarized in the party. by the way, your numbers i think is a little suspect but leaving that aside. it used to be 20% but now it's only about 10%. >> he runs on healthcare reform. i will buy you dinner. >> no way, people hate it. >> sean: good to see you, greta is next. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight the secret service prostitution scandal, does the trail of evidence now lead to the white house? senator chuck grassley is going