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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 27, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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explosive than fast & fur warehouse and the danger of the atf's latest debacle. you can afford $9 a gallon for gas? it could really happen? all that in just a moment. but right now, threats and intimidation, or bad word choice? a top efa official's controversial remark, setting off a firestorm. listen to what he said about the epa philosophy about oil & gas companies. >> i gave an analogy to my staff about my philosophy of enforcement. i think it was probably a little crude and maybe not appropriate for the meeting, but i will tell you. it's
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>> greta: the call to crucify spark outrage and rush limbaugh is firing back. >> explaining the epa is following the romans' philosophy for subjectating conquered villages. that's how this guy wanted to deal -- and was dealing with oil & gas companies. legitimate, american and international corporations. he hates them. he wants to subjectate them. he wants to crucify them just because he can. and he's bragging about how to do it. that's who they are, my friends. >> greta: senator james inhofe insists it is intimidation. senator, nice to see you. >> good to be with you. >> greta: senator, i understand that you have an objection to something that an epa officialr
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official said. what did he say? why do you object? >> what he said was and this was the district 6 administrator in the epa. he was saying what his philosophy was. we happened to intercept the video, the audio and the video that he was using. he likened it to the romans, going through -- around the mediterranean, they would invade the small villages in turkey. the first thing they would do would be to crucify the first five males that they saw and left them hanging there on their crosses and then we have them under our control from that point on. it is a longer quote than that. but to me, it's intimidation that they are doing right now to stop people, particularly in the oil & gas industry. >> greta: all right. when i read that, i was likewise, i thought, why is the epa minister saying something like that. i looked at the video, it was on a forbes web site. what he said eye am assuming
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this is the same video, in the year 2010, he said the reason he wanted to aggressively go after the oil companies, he wants to make examples out of people not complying with the law. he was going after oil companies that were doing things illegally. he was not going after those who were doing things lawfully and doing what prosecutors do every day across the country, which is, you know, you go after the people not complying with the law and hope that others get the message. when i studied the video, that's what i saw it as. >> the problem i have, i used three examples on the senate floor. in all three examples, they were complying with the law. the problem -- let's use -- >> greta: that's a big difference. if they are complying with the law and he's going after them and they are found to be compliant, that's different than if they are not compliant. but his statement was the non-compliant ones. >> but the examples i used and documented on the floor of the united states senate, range resources in texas, they didn't
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do anything wrong. they didn't com-- contaminate about water. there was a year of a barrage of insult, saying they were contaminating the water. finally, when they find out a year later, they weren't doing that, very quietly on a friday night, i suspect, when no one was watching, they withdrew their complaint. they had already written a letter, threatening to fine them $33,000 a day. you put yourself in a position -- you have a company, you are out there, exploring. you are developing, your resources, you are not doing anything wrong and you get beat up by the bureaucracy. >> greta: i am with you. there is nothing wrong with anybody being wrongfully accused. where do i go -- which door do i go through to get my dignity back? i am with you on that. but i am curious, were there reasons to raise the suspicion to go after them, or not?
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i am -- that's what -- >> except the problem with that is that they had findings, they use that word, saying we have found that they are in violation and they felt they were innocent and they ended up being right. the court intervened as a matter of fact -- this is the one you might remember, they were trying to make them look bad so they took the water used in the hydraulic faction and ran and they said they could thriet on fire. it was not the water, they had put gas in the water to plac it look that way. so it's a lot worse than you might think. they are going after these people. i use examples in wyoming, examples in pennsylvania and other examples on the floor of the senate. this is just one. >> greta: if they have complied and they are going after them gratao -- gratuitously, i agree his words were a poor choice of words. but we have a lot of poor choice
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of words in this town. but i understand what you are saying. >> greta, it's intimidation. i have been there. i used to be a builder and developer. i have been intimidated by the epa in years past, a long time ago. when you stop and you think that people who get letters saying we are going to invoke the fines of $33,000 a day. i can tell you, i use cases on the floor in the senate yesterday about a lumber company in tulsa, oklahoma. they would have dropped -- if they hadn't call mede and we said, no, that's just a threat -- they would be out of business. >> greta: that's like the irs who goes after people. they get letters with huge bills. those are -- i assume it's the same feeling. >> this is obama going after the oil cums and using hydraulic fraction. the first hydraulic fraction took place in duncan, oklahoma, in 1949. there has never been a documented case of groundwater contamination.
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the president know its -- >> greta: this is an important point. this is a record. >> the president knows, if they can kill hydraulic fraction, you can't get one cubic foot of natural gas out of a tight formation without hydraulic fraction. >> greta: what's the motive? >> if you stop and think about the people who have supported obama, the far left eye am talking about the move on dot org, the hollywood elite, they want to do away with fossile fuel. this has been a war on fossile fuel and that war on fossile fuel, and they can make it noncompetitive and come in with the green energy. that's what he is obligate to the far left for. that's what it is. >> greta: so i understand, would you agree with me, if the company is doing something unlawful, they should be aggressively gone after and if not, they should be left alone? >> absolutely. in these cases, they're not doing anything wrong, but their reputations were somewhat ruined or certainly tarnished irk i
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agree. that's horrible. if you have been wrongfully accused, that's a terrible thing to do. i totally agree. thank you. >> you bet. >> greta: tonight, another one. do you believe it? a new scandal, rocking the secret service, is it worse than columbia? did agents party with strippers and prostitutes in el salvador on the heels of the columbian prostitution scandal? the whistle-blow or kare-11. >> they had a good time in the strip joints and bragging about being part of the secret service, the crew of obama, most of them would brag about it every time they guild to the restaurant. we are americans. we are the service... secret service of obama. so people took a like to them. >> greta: we have only seen the tip of the iceberg with the secret service. we have carol len from this washington post. what happened? and when this was in el
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salvador? >> allegedly, this, according to the whistle-blower, this occurred in march 2011. so during obama's 10 and you are janet napolitano, the homeland security director's tenure. agency were down there for a trip. according to this whistle-blower, dea, secret service and military officials were partying pretty hard late into the night and multiple times, visiting a strip club that was famous there and paying women for hire for special favors in a v.i.p. section of the strip club irvetion you know what is so appalling about this, these agent, i assume some of them are called upon to be snipers to protect the president. and in this trip, his kids were with him and they were supposed to have protection. it's incredible the number of people who could be involved in this. >> yeah. before a president visits an international location, there are 200 guys on the ground -- and women, overwhelmingly guys, of course, in this service. they are preparing the ground.
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walking through blueprints. there are agents who are furious about these new allegations and the cartagena incident, saying, you know, we stayed up until 3:00 in the morning, walking through blueprints of every step the president would take up a ramp and down a ramp and around a stairway. we can't believe these guys ruined our reputation. >> greta: it's hard for me to believe and i know it involves a small group of people, that other people didn't know about it. when you travel in a big group, you know who is partying who is not. i suspect that someone's looking the other way. >> absolutely, that's the allegation. guys that have been implicated in this instance are telling their good friends and co-workers that they felt pressured to resign. now they are rethinking it on the view that, wait a second, we be, we were at a party before -- last year. we were somewhere where a manager was with us. we were somewhere where we jokingly told a supervisor. you start to wonder, is there a
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pattern of this conduct that is kind of accepted? is there a -- >> greta: which doesn't make it right? >> that's horrible as well. that's worse. >> right. i mean, i think it's striking that, you know, now you are starting to see all of these incidents come up, all of these new allegations. first it was a source of telling us someone about -- buenos aires, now it's 2011, cartagena's bad enough. what else is going to come out? i mean, the agency had really believed -- and hearing that napolitano was being questioned in, they really believed, look, we handled this, we swiftly investigated and dealt with the 12 guys on our watch. now it looks like there is a lot more underneath the blanket. >> greta: the white house must be lived. the cheating and the hookers in columbia. we make the lame jokes that we are embarrassed or ashamed or laugh at them. but this is protecting the first family. regardless which have side of the aisle you are on, this is, you know, this is a very serious
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job. >> it is. i would say to the defense of the secret service that the guys who have been implicated in this have been described to us as folks who were not directly in presidential details, wor one or two had been on vice-presidential nomination and campaign. but none of these guys would have been protecting the president. >> greta: but they had risen to this point. this is not an entry-level debail by any means. >> it could definitely compromise things, again, according to the sources we talked to. one thing i think is interesting, you know how pilots are not supposed to drink 8 hours before they go to the cockpit. in this instance, agents are not supposed to be drinking, personnel are not supposed to be drinking 8 hours before they go back on shift. these guys by all the clocks, were pretty much hammer when does they were supposed to be on shift. >> or they were lying and saying they were so hammered they doesn't have sex with the prostitute it's there's the choice -- explain this to the wife or explain this to your
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supervisionor that you were drunk. your option. >> and the secret service's rules on this appear to be pretty vague -- >> greta: actually, they may be vague. but there is common sense involved. really? okay. you think, it may be vague. but, you know, you know, -- >> you are allowed to have a woman in your room that is not a prostitute. if you are drunk and you have a gun, is that a good idea? >> greta: woon of my favorite stories of the night, it's report that the columbian ambass door to the united states is asking for a new and more meaningful apology from the united states. >> this is intriguing on a couple of levels. cartagena is starting to be a butt of international jokes, it's the place where, according to our papers, very nice style piece, swimming with prostitutes. altleast in certain zones where tourists are visiting. i think columbian officials are starting to feel prickly about
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how they're in the cross-hairs of a mistake that the secret service made. >> greta: they want an apology. but there are no laws broken. they want us to apologize for our bad behavior. basically. >> bad behavior with all in compliance with their laws at least. >> greta: for some reason, i expect you will be back. the 09 incident in buenos aires and el salvador and columbia. i fear this is not over. >> i fear you are right. >> greta: under the headline, never dull. thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, new advice to straighten out the secret service and the guys are probably not going to like it. this is minutes away. the gloves come off. vice-president joe biden accusing mitt romney of being stuck in the cold war. ambassador john bolon is here. if you thought $4 a gallon is bad. fasten your seat belts, could gas prices hit $9?
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>> greta: vice-president joe biden goes after mitt romney, blasting the governor about his foreign policy. listen to this. >> in the face of the challenges we now understand are ahead of us, what would governor romney
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do? well, the truth is, we don't know for certain. so it seeps to me that governor romney's fundamental thinking about the role of the president's foreign policy is fundamentally wrong. look, in my view, he would take us back do a dangerous and discredited policies that would make america less safe and liss secure. >> greta: former u.n. ambationz dorjohn bolton joins us. so the administration rolls out the foreign policy, start of the general election. what do you think about the vice-president's speech? >> it was interesting that he spent a good parted saying that governor romney is just george bush all over again, which is exactly what the president's saying on domestic issues for 3 1/2 years. there is a lot about the way the president has conducted foreign policy to try to distinguish himself from the bush administration. but i think therein lies the central problem. when your strategy consists largely of saying i'm not that
1:20 am
guy, it's no wonder it comes out confused confused and incoherent and incompetent, which is a good description of the obama foreign cels policy. >> greta: i think it's unfair to do this because foreign policy is so fluid and so many countries and so many different approaches and serious issues. how cow would you describe governor romney's foreign policy? and how would you describe president obama's? >> i think romney is in the long stream of republican presidents and candidate who is believe in the doctrine of peace through strength, a strong america is less likely to face challenges and difficulties than a weak america. obama has a very different view. he's obviously comfortable with american decline. he doesn't see international problems and threats as being nearly as serious as they are in the terrorism area, the proliferation area and others. he's presiding over a halhollowing out of the american military, which i think will have significant down sides for
1:21 am
us in the years to come. >> greta: he has been aggressive, using drones against terrorists in pakistan and al qaeda leader last week and no one can forget almost a year ago, bin laden being taken out, upon his decision for the go-ahead frrt seals. but, it seems to me like, step it back, it seems that i don't see countries stepping back and sort of -- stepping down. i see countries trying to sort of step up in terms of missile testing, nuclear -- nuclear threats and tests and sabre rattling with iran. am i right? are those hot spots always hot? >> no, i think the pace of proliferation is increasing -- north korea, iran. we have seen missile tests by india and pack stab and others are waffing and you drag the conclusion that we're want going to be successful, the united states nstopping this proliferation. that will encourage them to do more on their own. in the war on terrorism, the
1:22 am
administration's line is, we have killed lad scplad key al qaeda leaders along the afghan/pakistan border. that's fine, but taliban is growing in influence and along with them, al qaeda. al qaeda has increased its influence in the arabian peninsula and magrab and throughout the middle east and somalia. so the threat of terrorism continues to go. >> greta: many people come to the office of president and don't have foreign policy experience. governors don't. president obama did not. governor bush didn't. it's a trial by fire almost, foreign policy. do you think it's important for a presidential candidate to pick someone who is steeped in foreign policy experience? something senator biden -- i mean, then-senator obama did with senator biden and then senator biden, whether he agreed with him or not. should governor romney look for something like that? >> i think that dick cheney would be a better choice than joe biden. in romney's case, he doesn't
1:23 am
need balances on the foreign policy side. he has had extensive international experience in his business career, as governor of massachusetts and something not well herald, his success with the salt lake city olympics. i used to deal with the olympics in the bush 41 administration. it makes the united nations look simple by comparison. so i think that governor romney's got that background already. i think the pt problem with obama is that unlike every american president since franklin roosevelt, he does not get up every morning saying, my first priority is to say what threats the u.s. faces internationally. that's what distinguishes him. that's why he is such a problem. >> greta: not to diminish governor romney's contribution nterms of the olympics or his business. i do think it's different, dealing with countries on issues of war and i think the fact to have established relationship, someone with, steep in the relationships, may be an asset, maybe not. >> well, i think the criteria
1:24 am
that is most important for vice-president is the capacity to govern. and that can be a lot of different ways. very few people have 360 degrees experience with all the issues that a vice-president would have to assume if he became president. obviously, foreign policy, national security's a critical element and that is something that is part of governing. >> greta: it is interesting to watch the speech today, vice-president biden, someone like you, an international policy wonk, who has been steeped in this, would find it fascinating. but it was given at nyu, college students, who are interested, but probably very little interest beyond that. this is interesting for people who are following this closely, but i bet most of the electorate never saw the speech, won't hear about it or read it in the paper. >> i think the secret service may have overtaken the speech. the best part was that at one point, trying to appropriate another republican president, biden said, you have to smeek
1:25 am
softly and carry a big stick. he said, i promise you, president obama has a big stick. and the audience broke out laughing, which is some measure of their belief about how assertive he is on the international scene. >> greta: that's made a lot of jokes on the internet. that's not going to go away for vice-president biden. >> yet another one. >> greta: indeed. well, it will be interesting to see, you know, how -- i mag that disbfer romney will be responding soon with his foreign policy. >> i would be delighted to have more debate on national security in this presidential campaign because i think americans do understand that if you don't have a strong and assertive united states internationally, you cannot have sustained domestic prosperity over the long term. it is not possible. i think obama doesn't understand that connection. i think we coup can see it every day in his policies, internationally. >> greta: we will be watching. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> greta: imagine paying $9 a
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>> greta: $9 a gallon for gas. that sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? but could it be a possibility? listen to what ken salazar told the international press club. >> someone said they visited greece and it was $9 a gallon. are we headed in that direction? >> you know, we... we do not control the price of oil. i don't think anyone can speculate what will happen with respect to oil prices and gas prices because they are set on the global economy. so where it will all end, no one knows. >> greta: center really no end in sight? we asked senator bob casey? senator, nice to see you. >> great to be with you. >> greta: okay. the secretary of interior, salazar says no one knows if the price of gas will go to $9 a
1:31 am
gallon. is that possible? >> i don't know. but what we have to do is take some steps? the near term to have some impact on gas prices. vioutlined a couple of steps to do that. one is to use the power that the congress has to give the justice department greater authority to bring actions against opec, that's one way to do it. i think the commodities futures trading commission, if they get the rules out the door, as i have been urging them, could have apan impact on the so-called position, so you don't have one player in the oil oil marketplace, driving up prices too much. i think we should take action. but it's a difficult time for family, paying higher prices. >> greta: what you suggest, assuming it's a good idea twould take sometime, to accomplish that. i think most people look at the gas prices and they look, and they drive down the street and they see it crawling up, although it's down 6 cents from a month ago, shiadd. do you have any information at all or any sort of fear that it
1:32 am
could rise as high as $9 a gallon, when the secretary of interior says he doesn't know, that puts uncertainty amongst us who hear. >> it i haven't seen evidence that it would go that high. but hovering around $4 is too high and we need to take action and try as best we can to focus on the short term. >> greta: what is the short-term answer? is there any? >> if the comodzities future trading commission sends a very direct signal by way of their authority already, they have statutory authority right now on position limits for oil speculators, that would send a very strong signal and i think that would have an impact. but i don't think there is any particular magic wand. but we as well try to focus on some short-term steps. ultimately, we should be diversifying and reduce our extendence, natural gas, not just because pennsylvania is more shale region, but natural
1:33 am
gas can play a significant role in diversifying our energy sources, cheaper form of energy, very clean and also one that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil. i think folks want us to have an energy strategy, going forward. >> greta: toawhat extent can policy control the price of gas? have you some events, like a war in iran, do you anticipate that would drive prices? and are there other external forces that you worry about? >> oh, sure. that's why, when we focus on the iranian regime, we have to be conscience conscious of all of those factors. i have put sanctions pressure and even with the concerns some have about what they may be doing in terms of the oil market, i think we can put a lot of pressure on them to hold them accountable and at the same time, we have to take steps here domestically to some impact. i realize that some of this is beyond our borders. but i would like to be able to
1:34 am
use the authority of the united states government to take action against opec if they are going to continue to fix prices and thereby jack up the price of oil. >> greta: what action would you take against opec? they seem to have a lot of muscle. >> well, they do. but if we give the justice department the authority, i would like them to dake legal action. >> greta: but that's like saying "boo!" isn't it? they will say, whatever, if our justice department says, you are doing something wrong -- >> a price-fixing suit by the united states government would be unprecedented and i think it would be -- a step in the right direction to give our government the authority it should have right now to take action to protect our taxpayers and our families who have hotolive with the high price of oil, sometimes set by some oligark in another part of the world. >> greta: on a 1-10 scale, 10 the most frightened, how worried are you that we are going to have a war or situation in iran
1:35 am
that drives the prices up? >> it's a grave concern. >> reporter: >> greta: 7 or 8. >> i don't want to put a nob it. >> greta: but i am trying to gauge the seriousness because we read from the outside, we are trying to figure out how serious it is. i don't want to be an alarmist or a sitting duck. >> it's a very grave concern. one of the best ways to deal with it is to adopt what lindsay graham and joe lieberman and i have done, which is to say to iran and to the world, we are going to stop frugetting nuclear weapons capability. we are going to draw the line there. we can do everything we can on diplomacy, put as much economic pressure as we can, but we have to be very clear about our intentions to stop them f. we do that, we give some clarity to an issue that people are very concerned about. >> greta: i think what you just said, if the viewers are listening, they love to hear that you named a republican and an independent and a democrat -- we don'tv hear much of that. >> that happens once in a while. >> greta: i wanted to highlight
1:36 am
that. >> greta, thank you. >> greta: the obama administration does an about-face. the department of labor withdrawing a rule that would have prevented children from operating equipment on family farms. last night, as you may recall, we it told you about a government plan to limit the farm work that farm children can do. the agriculture industry was up in arms. senator john thune was against it, staying would harm the business of family-run farjs farms operated by parents and children for generations. tonight, it looks like the labor department heard the outcry and said that the obama administration would work with farming groups to develop an educational program to reduce accidents to young workers. coming up, what is worse than the government's fast & furious scandal? a second one. okay. what would be worse than that? one that involves more vicious weapons than guns. you have to see the photos to believe this one. you will.
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just the way you want them. new tidy cats with odor erasers. >> greta: speaker of the house, john boehner, accusing president obama of campaigning on the taxpayers' dime. what prompted this? the trip to campaign for student loans. >> for the president to make a campaign issue out of this and then to travel to 3 battleground states and go to 3 barge college campuses on taxpayer money to try to make this a political issue is pathetic. his campaign ought to be reimbursing the treasury for the cost of this trip. >> greta: what was one of the biggest expenses? it costs $179,000 an hour to fly air force 1. jay carney defending it, saying it was to draw attention to an issue before congress. what do you think? should president obama give
1:40 am
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. the man who fatally shot trayvon martin has raised more than $200,000 through a legal web site. george zimmerman's attorney just found out about the money and will inform the judge on friday. he was released on bail earlier this week, but his attorney says the bail amount might have been higher if the judge had known about the money raised. the house of representatives approving a cyber-security bill designed to stop electronic attacks from foreign governments, terrorists and cyber-criminals. the white house says it fails to protect your privacy. the administration favors a senate measure on security but
1:43 am
that bill remains stalled. back to "on the record" with greta. and check out our web site, it's have a great morning. ing. >> greta: if you are alarmed by fast & furious, brace yourself for grenadegate. did the justice department and atf just do it again? and are they tried -- trying to hide it? the atf was apparently up to its eyeballs in one. they were supposed to be tracking him and that the let him go -- twice. sound familiar? >> good evening. >> greta: explain to me, what is grenadegate? i are a former prosecutor, i should add. >> they got grenade holes -- >> greta: a dealer. >> mexican drug cartel, national, brother lives in the
1:44 am
united states, getting grenade holes or shells is not inherently ilwill legal. but atf intercepted it and put a device in the holes, as we were talking off air, even if there were an explosion, you could track them back to him, i am not sure what good that does. but that's what they did when the holes first came in. later on, other parts came together. atf surveilled, unlike fast & furious, from this standpoint, they surveilled him to the border and turned him over to mexican authorities who lost him. the really disappointing part about this case -- and i have not been hesitant to be critical of atf, when warranted, but atf repeatedly presented this to the attorney general's office in arizona who said it lacked jury appeal. they didn't think a jury would like 200-something grenades by mexican drug cartels.
1:45 am
he was mirandized and gave a confession. they let him go. >> greta: he was taken to mexico and assembling them to real grenades, with other parts. and one nightclub was blown up with 53 people killed. horrible, the tragedy. the united states attorney's office were only concerned with tracking it. they said fit explodes, you could track it, so they didn't care if it exploded. i guess you could say they didn't have concern for human life. is there a crime having shells in the united states and driving them across the border into mexico? is that a crime? >> no ma'am. to be complete, once he had the shells, he ordered the other parts that went with it, so he's in the process of building a grenade and he needs gunpowder and atf's position was, if we have him with gun powder, we can arrest him then. but you don't have to wait.
1:46 am
we knew he was working with the mexican drug cartel, you have a conspiracy case. >> greta: you have a conspiracy case. a conspiracy to commit the crime is a crime. >> no question,. >> greta: so he -- he got away away -- he got stopped by the u.s. attorney's office, they said they didn't have an appetite for it. >> lacked jury appeal. this is 200 grenades, with someone who has confessed to being part of a mexican drug cartel and the united states attorney's office in arizona said it lacked jury appeal. i go back a year. i asked atf during fast & furious, when i was a prosecutor, i never had a bad relationship with federal law enforcement, the relationship within twn the federal law enforcement and the attorney general in arizona was totally dysfunctional. the u.s. justice department doesn't have an explanation for why it wasn't done. in this instance, i think the
1:47 am
united states attorney's office in arizona dropped the ball. >> greta: it would be tentialy cold, but is there a number to put on the number of people who may have died from these grenades as they looked the other way? >> no, ma'am. like fast & furious, the body count may be -- we may still be counting it in the future. these grenades and guns are unaccounted for. >> greta: fast & furious, are you going to get answers from attorney general holder? you keep bringing him up. this is the endless investigation? >> yes, ma'am. i have you to thank because i knew i was coming on your show and i asked the speaker's office and darrell issa, when are we going to hold eric holder to the same level of accountability that we would be held if we got a summons or subpoena. i talked to chairman issa, who you know, is a patient man. even his patience has limits. before memorial day, eric holder
1:48 am
will comply or he will suffer consequences and i mean contempt of congress and his appropriations bill is on the floor of the house in two weeks. unless they want to sell paper clips to raise money for the department of justice, there will be many amendments gutting the appropriations for his department if he keeps playing this game. >> greta: this is the shot across the bow. he has -- for the attorney general. he has until memorial day. >> it may be closer than across the bow. he's been warned. we have been patient. and in my judgment, we have been more patient with him than -- police would be with you or me or of your viewers. i am -- it is not a political exercise to me, this is a law enforcement exercise. he needs to comply or tell us what legal privilege he is citing that keeps him from having to comply. he hasn't done either one. >> greta: congressman, thank you, sir. we will be watching. >> guess who is giving advice to
1:49 am
the secret service? who is the advice? whose plan is it? that's next. don't board one of these flights. several planes losing control. several planes losing control. the airport you should avoid on [ male announcer ] what can you do with plain white rice? when you pour chunky beef with country vegetables soup over it... you can do dinner. four minutes, around four bucks. campbels chunky. it's amazing what soup can do. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> greta: you have seen our top stories, but here's the best of the rest. first columbia, now el salvador. is there a pattern of bad behavior in the secret service. >> sean: harry reid was asked what should be done if there is a trend. here's what senator reid sadism hire more females. [chuckles] >> greta: do you agree with senator reid on this one? tell us, go to gretawire and tell us. strong winds causing chaos at an airport in spain. the dramatic landing attempts of several planes are caught on camera. the winds were whipping at more than 40 miles per hour. pilot his to put their landing skills to the test. you can see the planes swaying from side to side as they tried to land. some managed to make it to the ground, but some had to fly to different airports. a different problem in a busy new york city airport. a puby -- a puppy named birdie escaped from her crate and ran around the runway 10 minutes while authorities tried to get
1:54 am
ahold of her. they had to find the owner. the owner came out onto the runway and the puppy ran right to her. >> no one can stop talking about the flower flap in san diego. he has used yes or no and wire to turn signs sign flowers. at first people avoided them, but now they say they love the flower power. but the blooming community spirit may be stopped. the city says the stop sign flowers must come down. students at the university of colorado get a big surprise. a brown bear shows up on campus, caught on camera, taking a cat nap. when the bear woke up, he climbed a tree. he hung out there for a while. finally, wildlife workers captured the bear, he fell from the tree to a padded mat. he is now on his way to a bear habitat. there you have it, the best of the rest. coming up, president obama taking heat for his perns a late-night talk show, not coming
1:55 am
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>> greta: flash studio lights it's time for last call. president obama appeared on jimmy fallon's show but there is one more question for the president. >> we had the president of the united states, barack obama on the show. he hung out with me back stage. he gave an interview. at one point i was like, dude, don't have you a country to run? i mean what? >> that is your last call. and welcome to washington, d.c. to rg 3 and thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow night. rg 3. cool fbn one hour from now. >> eric: hello. i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪