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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 29, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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nuclear sites, and iran would keep limit uranium enrichment in exchange for following strict guidelines and letting the u.n. do rel inspections. that is the deal, good morning, i'm arthel neville, good to see you on this sunday morning. >> eric: i'm eric sean and welcome to america's news headquarter, this sunday morning and iranian officials say it is a good start but is a significant shift in white house policy and is likely to face heavy opposition at the next round of nuclear talks scheduled to be held in baghdad, next month. what does it mean? let us join john bolton, the former ambassador to the united nations, and a fox news contributor who joins us every sunday, about this time. good morning, ambassador. >> good morning, eric, how are you? >> eric: with the proposal to let iran, perhaps, enrich to 5%, are we giving into them or is this smart diplomacy? >> no, i think this is a huge mistake, going back to the first european efforts to negotiate with iran back in 2002 and 2003,
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the absolute foundation has been that iran has to suspend all uranium enrichment activity and give up everything that allowed them to develop the breakout capacity beyond civil nuclear power, to nuclear weapons. and that principle has been enshrined in u.n. security council resolutions, among other things, since 2006. so, to concede now that the iranians hand continue this enrichment activities up to reactor grade would be a huge concession and one foreshadowed before by repeated statements to the obama administration that iran is entitled to a peaceful nuclear program, but, adopt this as an actual negotiating position i think gives the iranians a huge leg up. >> eric: 2006 the u.n. security council demands they stop uranium enrichment and 6 resolutions so far, so, why would the administration do this? >> well, i think, what they --
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the obama administration fears more than iran making progress toward nuclear weapons, is the possibility of an israeli military strike, against the iranian nuclear program, to prevent them from getting nuclear weapons. and, if through a process of negotiations, the pressure can be applied to israel not to take military action, let's be clear, here, through the november election, then i think the administration sees that as something positive. i think it is another example of the iranians taking us to the cleaner in negotiations, buying time for them to make more progress on the nuclear program and giving them a kind of political legitimacy and in this case particularly with respect to the europeans, maybe buying space from the sanctions that the european union and, perhaps, even the united states, have imposed. >> eric: well the iranians in fact say they'll continue enrichment, not to 5%, but to 20%. what does that mean, you need 90% enrichment for a bomb?
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>> right. this is a matter for nuclear physic but let me put it this way. when you enrich up to 5% reactor grade you are 2/3 of the way towards weapons-grade enrichment and up to 20%, close to 80% of the way there. so, for iran to continue any kind of uranium enrichment allows them to build the supply of low enriched uranium they could easily turn and enrich up to weapons-grade and you let them higher than that, it is that much easier and this is something i don't think the obama administration or the europeans fully understand. serving and, finally, ambassador, so we have a position where, potentially, the administration is saying, maybe you can enrich some and the iranians say we'll do more and the president says, close fordo and the iranians say, no, we're not going to do that. what is next? >> well i think then it becomes the subject for negotiation, this is complicated but we're showing good faith so let's keep
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the talks going, every day that goes by allows iran to continue to enrich uranium, it is more progress for them, they would be happy to have these negotiations go on pretty much forever. that is what the problem is, the negotiations are not cost-free, they do buy time, for iran, they do make the situation in the middle east riskier. >> eric: and three weeks, more negotiations in baghdad. we'll see what happens, if anything. ambassador john bolton, thanks for joining us every sunday. >> thank you. >> this week marks one year since the u.s. raid that killed usama bin laden. it was may 2nd of last year, that a navy s.e.a.l. team moved in on the compound in pakistan, where the al qaeda leader was hiding out. so one-year later where do we stand in the war on terror? peter doocy is live in washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we heard from the president's chief counterterrorism advisor, john brennan who said killing bin laden definitely damaged al qaeda but didn't destroy them.
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>> we've degraded the organization over the past decade significantly and over the past several years in particular as we have taken off the battlefield of the founding leader and we are determined to destroy the organization. we are going to city of detroit but, th sh -- going to destroy it, in pakistan, afghanistan and as well as yemen. >> reporter: that jives with what congressman mike rogers, the chairman of the house intelligence committee said a few days ago. >> al qaeda is bigger than the core and some of that core, core leadership is still around and, ayman al-zawahiri is still in charge and providing inspirational leadership and guidance. >> reporter: wednesday the fbi an dhs released an advisory, ma, al qaeda might try to mark the one-year anniversary of his death with a terrorist attack in the u.s. and officials gave no specifics and the white house said that is because there really aren't any. >> at this time we have no
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credible information that terrorist organizations including al qaeda are plotting attacks in the u.s., to coincide with the anniversary of bin laden's death. however, we assess that aq's affiliates and allies remain intent on conducting attacks in the homeland and possibly to action venni avenge the death of bin laden, but not necessarily tied to the anniversary. >> and there is talk of whether the obama administration is political sizing the one-year anniversary and, john brennan said this morning, he does not do politics. >> peter doocy in washington, thank you very much. >> eric: a yacht race on the pacific ocean turned deadly, the u.s. coast guard reporting this morning one of the yachts apparently collided with a much larger vessel, during the 125-mile trek between newport, california and encinada, mexico, three crewmembers are confirmed dead and a fourth remains missing and the race passes
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through busy shipping lanes and the coast guard says it is possible for a large ship to potential hit a sailboat and not even know it. especially at night. meanwhile, the bizarre story, investigators looking through a survivalist bunker in washington state, the fugitive appears to have killed himself inside the fortified bunker. he was in hiding for a week after police say he killed his wife and daughter. officers had to blow up the top of the bunker with explosives because the hideout, they say was rigged with booby-traps. inside, they found more than a dozen guns, propane tanks, gas cans and stacks of ammunition and, reportedly it took him 8 years to carve out and build that bizarre bunker. >> let's go to the race for the white house, now. fox news now confirming, newt gingrich will end his presidency -- presidential bid, that is, on wednesday. special report anchor bret baier
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is speaking with senior sources. he's expected to express his support for mitt romney. the two reportedly spoke by phone, last week. now, with the speakers' departure, campaign strategies are changing to reflect what will likely be a tight race this fall. the latest fox news poll now showing voters evenly divided among president obama and mitt romney. each with 46% of the vote. the campaign is already in overdrive, with a surge of new attack ads, hitting the airwaves, this week. joining is now, is roll call staff writer david drucker. good morning, david. >> good morning. >> what is driving these latest numbers? >> well, i think that voters are honestly split about who they want for another four years and the president's economic record at least as perceived by the voters is not that great but they are not sold on mitt romney and have a lot of questions about him and i think that this race, at this point, is a 50-50 toss-up, the biggest misconceptions out there, on the right is that president obama is
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a very weak incumbent and i think he is a lot stronger than one might think he should be given the economy and, left, the misconception is that mitt romney is a weak republican nominee given the primary and some of the things he needs to work out and he's actually much better, i think, than people give him credit for. so i think you will see a really interesting campaign. >> and i think -- most people will have to pay atttion to this. we normally break done the poll numbers but people will pay a little more attention to those numbers because of that close race we're anticipating. and let's break those numbers down further, david. women, more than likely to back president obama by 47 to 42%. working moms, supporting the president, 55 to 32%. so, does romney have to work harder to win the women and, if he does, how does he do that, david? >> well, i think that mitt romney can only win demographics in a sense by being who he is and overspecializing and trying
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to pander or come up with tricks as to -- to get people to support you does not necessarily work. he does have to do better with women overall. there are very important demographics, they tend to vote, particularly high numbers. mitt romney tends to do well with married women and tends to have a problem with single women. and, i think that they are probably concerned about jobs and the economy like everyone else. he might have to tread lightly, on some social issues, that women tend to be concerned about, but other -- >> how do you tread lightly, when you get down to it there will be not be treading lightly going forward. >> there could be, it depend -- what i'm trying to explain is mitt romney can only be who he is and should focus on jobs and the economy, and what he plans to do about that and try and communicate it in a way that can appeal to women, but to try and overspecialize and be a sort of champion of women's health issues and a champion of that issue, i don't know if it will help him.
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>> it could become condescending. men are backing mitt romney, 49 to 45% over president obama, how do you analyze that? >> this is we have seen, the past couple of cycles, men support the republican candidate and women, the democratic candidate and it is simple wi. he has to paint mitt romney as not credible to be president, as too extreme or the economy improves or people's perception of the economy improves, and that will make men feel better and what i am trying to get to here, how do you get this group and that group. while it is true you have to pay particular attention to demographics and trying to communicate in a way that will attract those votes, at the end of the day it is pretty simple. if the economy improves, men will feel better about the economy and give the president credit and if they don't feel it is improving and doesn't
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actually improve they'll blame him. >> and you are right, at the end of the day the president is the president of the united states, including all genders, right? >> voters aren't really that different as we think. just times about how you communicate, but the policy, underlying part of your candidacy and who you are really doesn't change if you are going to be successful where people will see through that. >> david drucker, i've got to go, but it was interesting to see how you broke down those numbers. thanks. >> thanks a lot. >> tragic weather in st. louis, over this weekend, at least one person is dead and 100 people injured. after wild winds ripped through a victory celebration there. the storm sent a party tent flying. along with bar stools, pedestals and anything else not nailed down. the dj was actually knocked unconscious by an amplifier, about 100 pound weight amplifier that went flying into the air. witnesses say the powerful storm came on so quickly there was no
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time to get inside. >> no one thought to take shelter until the storm came up absolutely out of nowhere and hit so fast and the reaction was, everyone was running under tents and i saw this, everyone was beneath that tent and sure enough, next thing you know, it blows over and, completely lifted up, seemed like the draft caught beneath it and it completely ripped it up. >> eric: an st. louis has been under a severe thunderstorm watch and warnings, two hours after that, a funnel cloud was spotted nearby. there are more concerns today as violent storms could sweep through the middle of our country, maria molina has details from the fox weather center. these winds, man, are really dangerous and deadly. >> reporter: those are estimated at 50 miles per hour, in the st. louis area and just to the east of that, in a town called st. clair we had a tornado warning with the same cell because it started to strengthen and rotate and there were reports of winds there, 60 to 70 miles per hour. so, really important that
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everyone stay alert when we issue the slight risks for severe weather, or moderate to high risks, we have a chance to see thunderstorms that could produce severe weather and we're seeing more risks across the plains and from oklahoma city and, once again the city of st. louis, with large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes possible today. we'll continue to see those showers and thunderstorms firing up, throughout the afternoon hours, from texas into parts of indiana, and we are seeing some of those, right now, producing heavy rain, no warnings in effect, right now, but some of these storms have a lot of moisture, 2-3 inches of rain, have been reported across parts of missouri, so there are flash flood warnings in effect and we are actually seeing the water piling up, but, yesterday, we received over 200 reports of severe weather, so that is a sign that we're still looking at more of basically the risk for severe weather today and no warnings again in effect now and as we head into tomorrow, similar areas, once again, could see more severe weather, around the st. louis area, portions of ohio and, again central portions
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of the plains, from kansas into the texas panhandle with severe warnings again. >> eric: people in the middle of the country, be careful and watch out today. >> indeed. important, paratrooper training gets out of control, paratroopers and trees, not a good combination, the unusual rescue coming up. >> eric: and former president bush hops on his bike to support warriors in the 100 k wounded warrior bike race and at one point got off his bike to help a vet and guess who is pedslialin with him, our own dr. marc siegel, he gets off his bike and, talks to us on "sunday house call," just ahead. >> an opportunity for me to say to our vets, a care for you, thank you, i honor you. it is a way to herald the groups that support the vets.
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>> welcome back. glad you could join us, a pair of army paratroopers finding themselves in need of a rescue. it happened during a routine training jump, 70 miles southwest of seattle, winds leaving the two paratroopers tangled in the trees and
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firefighters managed to bring down one of the paratroopers but it took specially trained county firefighters to rescue the other one. a woman dangling 75 feet in the air. here's the good news, fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. >> eric: wednesday marks one year since the daring raid that killed usama bin laden. remember the demands of some that the administration produce photos of his dead body. this morning, on fox news sunday the president's top counterterrorism advisor, john brennan, explains why that did not and will not happen. >> no doubt whatsoever that bin laden is dead. i think, by all accounts it was a very successful raid on that compound in compound. and we don't want to incite emotions on the issue. it was confirmation for the government that it was bin laden and we believe, therefore, it is
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unnecessary to put something like that out. serving and he sat with the anchor of fox news sunday. chris wallace, good morning, good to see you. >> good to be with you. >> eric: did he talk about retaliation by al qaeda on wednesday? there are concerns about that. >> absolutely. he said there is a concern and al qaeda, one of their signatures, they like to mark important dates, there has been a concern they'd strike again on 9/11 and there was and is concern that they might strike on the first anniversary and there is terrorist chatter at the jihadist web sites but no credible evidence of a hard plot but he said we're keeping up our guard, understandably and i want to pick up on that. the next question, i asked after he said, you know, we don't want to do anything to incite violence like putting out the pictures, i asked brennan, well, then, under those circumstances, why is the obama campaign, one, bragging about the fact they took down bin laden and making
10:22 am
it a big deal in the election campaign and, two, even raising the issue, gee, mitt romney, maybe he wouldn't have done the same thing and i asked him, you know, are you concerned that will incite violence? it is worth watching his answer, on fox news sunday. >> eric: a great point and that is the hot political issue now, you have joe biden saying he can sum up the last four years, bin laden dead, and they are using it for political purposes and -- >> look, on the one hand it is legitimate to say it was an accomplishment of the president, he was the most wanted terrorist in the world and this president took him down. but to have it a very prominent part of the campaign, and even to make it a political issue, versus -- not just to say positively, we took him down but to say, we wonder whether mitt romney would have done that at the same time you are saying we don't want into cite violence against american servicemen overseas, it is an interesting question. and, one that i asked brennan on fox news sunday.
10:23 am
>> eric: fascinating, a great subject, chris, as always, you're right on it. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> eric: you can watch his interview with mr. brennan on the fox news channel on fox news sunday, a few hours from now, 2:00 eastern and this afternoon, and at 6:00 p.m. tonight, always vital, always important and always fascinating. >> a good show. we'll be there. still ahead, supporting our wounded warriors. in a 100k bike ride leading the way, former president george w. bush. and, our own dr. marc siegel from our medical a-team will join us to tell us all about it, sunday morning house call, straight ahead. >> really cool. really cool, just, the momentum and the -- how it is inspiring and how motivating it is. >> this is a huge celebration, intras of service, celebration of fitness. emily's just starting out... and on a budget. like a ramen noodle- every-night budget. she thought allstate car insurance was out of her reach.
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>> time for "sunday house call," joining us is dr. david smamadi chief of robotics at langone medical. >> >> eric: and dr. siegel, joining us, author of "the inner pulse" unlocking the secret code of sickness, and of health an dr. siegel you are in dallas and had a meaningful adventure in texas, this weekend, didn't you? >> unbelievable. i was in canyon state park with though veterans, wounded warriors that were going on a bicycle ride. mountain biking with president bush, who was literally standing on a hill looking over them, encouraging them on and down with them, helping amputees up the hill and he was clearly part of them, it was a deeply stirring experience, eric, about mind over matter, about veterans who have been wounded, trying to get back to society, to regain
10:29 am
the new normal, overcoming post-traumatic stress, amputations, and traumatic brain injuries, and, to be part of that, was so moving, to me, and, it is clearly an inspiration and is helping the veterans recover, is the main thing. >> eric: it shows caring and dedication, by the former president, that he is out there on his bike and we know how he loves riding his bike and being involved in this issue and it's an issue that really should be near and dear not just to the president's heart, but, to all of us, honoring u.s. military veterans, injured in iraq and afghanistan. let's look, as dr. siegel goes along for the ride. >> here we go! >> heros in the wars. severely wounded and heros again, as they courageously return to civilian life. invited by president george w. bush, keeply touched by his friendship. >> he feels the burden of the soldiers that have been wounded in this war. >> president bush is attempting to help the veterans to heal. >> it's an


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