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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 1, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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enhanced interrogation program he defends his work. he did here to is set the record straight and explain how lives have been saved. first president obama knows he can't win reelection in november and he is trying to play in the politics of fear. tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of osama bin laden's death. it's important to honor the brave men that made that momentous day possible. you have seen the ad they are circulating which claims that mitt romney would not have made the same decision. today mitt romney responded and he scoffed at the outrageous assertion. listen to what he had to say about when asked by reporters. >> governor would you have gone after bin laden. >> you would have given the order, governor? >> sean: meanwhile, earlier today at white house press
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conference, president obama chose to pat himself on the back. >> i just recommend everybody look at previous statements whether they thought it was appropriate to go into pakistan and take out bin laden. i assume that people meant what they said when they said it. that's been at least my practice. i said that i would go after bin laden if we had a clear shot at him and i did. if there are others who have said one thing and now suggest they would do something else, i would go ahead and let them explain it. >> sean: this a type comes as a surprise to any of us this administration is not above politicizing any issue for personal gain and taking the high road is not something how to do. the author of a book "screwed,"
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dick morris is with us. it's the same time person that said we don't need to spike the football as it relates to the issue of osama bin laden's death? >> yeah, expect he must be on steroids. that ad is beyond the pale. i don't think there is anybody in the united states that really believes that mitt romney wouldn't have gone after osama bin laden. to compound the felony in that ad, that is the ad that has clinton's voice over. yeah, then by the way let's understand the reason the clinton did a votesover said obama agreed to raise money to help pay off hillary's debt. when you do an ad you have an announcer voice pay the guy $500. clinton is getting about $2 million for it.
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>> sean: let me get to one the points. >> that bill clinton passed up three opportunities to get osama bin laden. one because had a clear shot and would have killed him but he said no because of collateral damage. another one he said there was no order for him because he was not yet under indictment in the united states. for clinton to be saying this is absurd. >> sean: first of all, the guy that was involved and enhanced interrogation programs and ran them coming on right after you. interestingly, these are the interrogation programs that president obama opposed just like rendition sites where we got the information that led to the intelligence that led to the opportunity for him to make the decision. it drives liberals crazy but we are going to prove it tonight. he uses robert gibbs in this case but they took it out of context romney's statement. romney said, of course we get
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osama bin laden. we track him wherever he going and makes sure he pace for the outrage america. we'll move everything to get him but it's more than bin laden but he is going to pained he will die. that is what he said. this is what the president with a smirk on the face is taking out of context. >> you know, i believe that obama is digging himself into a gigantic hole here. for the last four or five or six weeks, maybe for the last two months. this class warfare, such an obvious distortion of the negative as this. he is trying to divide the country along ethnic lines, as well. i think i know she paying a price for it. in the polling i have seen, obama's personal positives was about 20 points higher than his
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job approval. in the polling i've seen lately they are even. in other words, his approval has been in the mid or low 40s. now his favorability has dropped to that. i think that the hope and change bin laden in the public's mind has been replaced with the nasly surly visceral figure. >> bill: did you notice that kim stras el and they are naming private citizens donating to romney with the insinuation that some of them have seedy backgrounds. by the way, we know who obama's associates are. but he is not happy it seems like if he is not attacking big oil and the rich? >> those are legitimate targets but for the president to single out individuals that contributed to his opponents' campaign that
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they may be audited by the irs or cut off from federal funds, all things the president can do. the more this president campaigns on divisiveness the more he reminds me of richard nixon. >> sean: you just don't do that with private citizens. it's very different tone than 2008. what did you make of the first lady when she said she wishes her fantasy to walk out the front door and keep walking? >> i hope that we give her that opportunity. by the way, you were kind enough to mention my new book "screwed if you order it on my week i will send you a signed book plate if you want. but i think we should keep michelle obama keep walking. i am amazed she spent half a million dollars on that trip to spain. this president has had 144
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fund-raisers and the others had combined 94. >> but president obama has had nor fund-raising events since richard nixon combined. factor that in. >> about 30% more. >> sean: here is what i want to ask you. you look at number of polls in the rear clear average, obama is ahead but there is very key polls that have come out in the last two weeks that show that romney head to head beats obama. when you look at karl rove's electoral map it becomes more difficult. that has some people i know concerned. does that concern you that the electoral map or is this the type of thing that is it's way too early to tell? >> it's too early to tell that. i mention to you on your radio show, i went back to 1964 and i
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tested out every incumbent president polled on election day as opposed to the final gallup poll. i found that six of the ialt did not get a single undecided vote but they loss some of the support that the last poll gave him. bush was the only exception. he ran two points above his final poll. so when i see a poll romney ahead of obama 47-46 that is 50-46 defeat and more likely a 50-45 defeat. so the swing state analysis the undecided will divide or stay home. that is not what history suggests. i think the swing states are going to be states that the democrats are pretty confident of. i think that they'll have to fight for michigan. they will have to fight for
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wisconsin. pennsylvania i think take more easily. the traditional swing states i think have swung. >> sean: i hope you are right. we'll see in the months ahead. you don't want to miss this exclusive interview, after years of being under investigation and being called the torturer. he is fighting back tonight. he will be with his side of the story. this is about enhanced interrogations of khalid shaikh mohammed. mohammed. did it [ male announcer ] at scottrade,
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>>. >> sean: one year after the raid that killed osama bin laden. a high ranking c.i.a. official is speaking out and arguing that the harsh interrogation techniques that were employed by the bush administration played a larger role provided intelligence road map that eventually led to the terrorist compound. >> he spent 31 years in the c.i.a.'s clandestine service. after the 9/11 attacks he led the agency's counterterrorism center. >> we targeted the al-qaeda structure. took to the enemy with determination and we focused. >> in a new back he defends the
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interrogation techniques like water boarding used after 9/11 on some of al-qaeda's top leadership. poster boy was al-qaeda operative was abu zabeda. >> he identified ramsey bin al sheik and led to his capture a xur and they provided information that captured khalid shaikh mohammed. >> khalid shaikh mohammed was the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. >> only three of the terror leaders were waterboarded a technique seen here by a demonstration but rodriguez says it led to the interruption of ten large scale plots and capture of many more terrorists. >> honest men can differ whether they are comfortable with some of the techniques we used and that is fair debate but you
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shouldn't say the techniques didn't work. >> some shouldn't say they didn't work including nancy pelosi that says it didn't happen at all. >> using the congress of the united states. >> yet rodriguez led a delegation to brief congressional leaders including pelosi. >> the only mention of water boarding it was not being employed. >> sean: she seemed to backtrack when her aide had been briefed specifically about the water boarding. >> informed he in the briefing had taken place. >> she was informed actually using the techniques. >> no, he did say it. he said that the techniques were now being used. >> controversy erupted in 2007 when it was revealed that rodriguez ordered the destruction the videotapes that showed a water boarding.
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>> he has no recollection of being made aware of the tapes or destruction of them. >> we'll call for a obstruction of evidence and justice in the destruction of these videotapes. >> the bush justice department had written extensive memos detailing what was allowed under the enhanced interrogation and why was legal. after a lawsuit those memos were released by the obama administration. >> the memos reflected in my view of losing our moral merits. >> they were cleared of wrongdoing and the investigations were ended. >> these men deserve to be decorated. they don't deserve to be prosecuted. >> sean: joining us is a man at the center. jose rodriguez, jr., director of the c.i.a. national clandestine service and aggressive c.i.a. actions saved american lives
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after 9/11. thank you for inviting me. >> sean: i have read the book cover to cover. i'm going to try to get as much as i can. you personally briefed nancy pelosi about enhanced interrogation. >> we briefed her before september 2002 about the interrogation of abu zebeda including the techniques including water boarding. >> sean: with a she said to the american people, she lied. >> she is confused or is lying. >> sean: let's go to the mindset. you went into detail. you thought, you were flooded with intelligence of an imminent a attack, nuclear. explain. >> we were very concerned about
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a second wave of attack in may of 2002. we had a flood of intelligence coming in about threats. we had the al-qaeda anthrax scare before. we were very concerned that we were going to get hit again. we had confirmed reports of anthrax and we knew about the al-qaeda nuclear program. we could hear but we couldn't see it but we could hear it ticking. >> sean: you felt another attack was imminent and you needed as quickly as possible the intelligence to save american lives? >> correct. we captured ammar al-zubaydi. he was the highest. >> you thought he was going to die? >> he was wounded by the
12:19 am
pakistanis, he was near death. we actually brought in the best surgeons we could find and saved his life. >> sean: this is where this comes in. we are the dark side. i took a little issue with that. maybe you refer to that. you were on the front lines of extracting information under the circumstances post-9/11 to save lives. why do you call it the dark side? >> we are in the shadows. we do what nobody else does. f.b.i. does it's thing. military does it's thing. we get authorities to go beyond. we have very special authority to do covert action. for example, we operate in the shadows. that is what i meant by that. >> sean: everybody you did including water boarding, sleep deprivation.
12:20 am
food deprivation. what did you do to ammar al-zubaydi and khalid shaikh mohammed. >> they were approved in august of 2002. i say in the book, hard measures, they were pretty wimpy. if the american people actually knew what these techniques, what are you talking about? for example, the first one is attention, you grab somebody and bring him close to you and look at him stray straight in the eye to let him know there is a new sheriff in town and slap him. that is number three. the insult slap. it's a slap. it's not torture. it's within open hand so it's not to hurt him. people take offense to that. it gets their attention.
12:21 am
>> sean: they are naked? >> in most cases they are naked. yes, vulnerable. >> sean: sleep deprivation? >> yes. >> sean: food deprivation? >> there is caloric reduction intake. >> sean: what else? >> there is the facial hold, you grab by the face and you make them look at you. so those are the conditions. then there is a couple stles techniques where you silt on the floor and you put your hands above your head and it causes muscle fatigue zbloog. >> sean: to make them as uncomfortable and miserable as possible so you can get information? >> correct. >> sean: we're going to get into what we call water boarding next but it's also done under supervision, very strict guidelines and you only did it three people.
12:22 am
ammar al-zubaydi, khalid shaikh mohammed? >> and one other the person that was responsible for the bombing of the u.s.s. cole. >> sean: the book is fascinating. it brings us in the world that help save lives that some people deny. we look forward to more of mr. rodriguez. are the occupy protestors putting lives in danger for plans tomorrow in cities probably near you. what they have pla copd makes it hard to breathe, so i wasn't playing much of a role in my own life, but with advair, i'm breathing better so now i can take the lead on a science adventure.
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>>. >> sean: welcome back to hannity. we continue with jose rodriguez, jr., the head of the clandestine service and author of the new book. you put guys in diapers, food deprivation, sleep deprivation but everybody talks enhanced interrogation, water boarding. three people. ammar al-zubaydi and khalid shaikh mohammed. >> the first is ammar
12:27 am
al-zubaydi. he gave us early information and then he stopped talking. we were dead in the water in may of 2002. we were very concerned about a second wave of attacks. we had who come up with something. i asked a psychologist exert expert that we had on a military training program that claims u.s. servicemen sent to prison in case they are taken prisoner how to assist. we asked him to do a set of alternative techniques that would do a number of things. primarily to let them know that they're fate was in our hands. they had absolutely no control.
12:28 am
>> sean: so what you do is put them sideways and cover their mouth and their nose and pour water on them. you can only do it for? >> 40 seconds is the max but an average of 10 seconds. >> sean: president obama called this torture. he wanted to close gitmo and ending rendition black sites. he what he said. >> i ban the use of so-called interrogation technique by the united states of america. i know some have argued that brutal methods like water boarding were necessary to keep us safe. i could not disagree more. make no mistake we will close guantanamo prison which is a tremendous recruiting tool for al-qaeda. >> i strongly believe that the steps we've taken to prevent these kinds of enhanced
12:29 am
interrogation techniques will make us stronger over the long term. >> sean: the president is now taking credit for getting bin laden. if he had his way of closing gitmo and ending enhanced interrogations, would we have gotten bin laden? >> we got a lot of information from the detainees that eventually led us to bin laden. >> sean: you saw, you watched this unfold? >> what concerns me there is still doubt out there. people are doubting the amount of information that we got from these programs that gave us the basis to go overal-qaeda, the al-qaeda that attacked us on 9/11 is amazing. >> sean: you don't think we have gotten bin laden without the techniques leading to
12:30 am
intelligence? >> the reason why there is a clear trail. there was someone we captured, a facilitator that we captured in 2004 that told us about bin laden's cure your and gave us a used man. we got a name of the kuwaiti. >> sean: so for the president taking credit for getting osama bin laden but without these techniques, the things these opposed wouldn't have allowed him to make that decision. is that a fair statement? >> that is a fair statement. >> sean: what does it say when you are call called a for forer? >> i say in the book i was disgusted and my colleagues were after we stepped up to the plate to do what we had to do after 9/11. we answered the call. we had our president basically called us torturers.
12:31 am
>> sean: there was a controversy of water boarding of ammar al-zubaydi. you made the decision two tunnels you could destroy them and use a somer and you did. -- shredder. they compared it to watergate. >> there were 92 tapes and the tapes were done actually to prove to the world that we were actually taking care of ammar al-zubaydi. we were concerned that he was going to die. again we realized that the tapes actually had the faces of our ingators and they were -- interrogators. that was a problem. my people were going to be compromised, the security. so they asked me if we can destroy the tapes so that started a three-year ordeal.
12:32 am
>> sean: you had a lawyer and you had had to defend yourself. >> i finally made the decision. >> sean: you made the call. >> to go ahead and destroy. two years later that story leaked and there was an investigation and there was a special prosecutor assigned to investigate. it was three-year investigation. >> sean: you think all of the people that were working on behalf of the safety of americans, it wouldn't have looked pretty but you think their lives would have been in jeopardy? >> i really do. >> sean: you saw the water boarding of the two and you said mohammad in particular was a very evil cold individual. >> khalid shaikh mohammed was an evil cold murderer. he is the person who cut the throat of a dan pearl on tape. he was just pure evil. he was looking for different
12:33 am
ways of coming after us. we was the guy who back in 1995 came up with the bejinka plot. he today up in 9/11. he was the toughest. >> sean: one last question. if we abandon these policies are americans less safe now? >> these tools saved us, saved lives. i am convinced that it saved lives and allowed us to stop plots against us. it allowed us to go after all these terrorists. we don't capture anybody anymore. so we don't get intelligence anymore. >> sean: mistake? >> it's a mistake. even if we captured, we no longer of have the discretion that we used to. now, we are bound by the army field manual which restricts any
12:34 am
of this. >> sean: well, thank you for what you did for the country's safety. you will have your critics forever but i believe you, you kept the country safe. >> thank you very much. >> sean: i really enjoyed it. >> occupiers are calling for the shutdown of new york city. what does it mean on the one-year anniversary of osama
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[ male announcer ] treat your frequent heartburn by blocking the acid with prilosec otc. and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn. >>. >> sean: authorities are warning that americans may be targeted on the one-year anniversary of osama bin laden's death. occupy movement is calling for a strike in 125 cities including new york city. occupiers are hoping for more than 30,000 protestors that would tie up hundreds of police officers that would otherwise be working to disrupt any possible
12:39 am
terrorist attacks. so you don't have a problem, we have real clear present danger on one-year anniversary and these selfish occupiers are going to tie 6 traffic and tie up all police resources? >> all traffic, all police resources. what about all the people that are starting in times square. it is not the same of a few thousands people. freedom of speech in this country, sean, people have a voice. >> sean: they put their agenda above. >> i have to disagree right out the gate with tamara. on new year's eve they cordoned off. they have control pens where they have people separated. you have union organizations which are going to be protesting. you have the anarchists.
12:40 am
they want to do a peaceful demonstration but the an arc activities will, anarchists want to close the bridge. what about the movement. what about the people of new york? don't they have rights? >> yeah. it's called freedom of speech. it's something called the first amendment. just because it's not one group of people doesn't mean it's okay or not okay. >> i just came from 79th street, mayor bloomberg's house, chairman of homeland security. mayor's attitude is this, if they want to peacefully demonstrate, we'll give them all the opportunity under first amendment rights. as soon as they break the law they are going to be arrested. >> they should be but only a few thousand people that have been arrested. >> when they go over the bridge
12:41 am
and stop traffic. >> that is wrong, right. people can speak out the injustices in this country. >> we have the right to demonstrate. i love america. i wear my flag. okay? >> i'm a liberal, i'm anti-american. >> when people are demonstrating you have these an are a kits. anarchists. >> why are you here? i got ten different answers. i had several hundred but every one of them. >> sean: what about all the violence, what about did he at the indicating on police officers. what about the sex in public. what about. >> they have the sex disease. >> oh, my gosh. >> didn't you know about that. >> you can find those people in the street of new orleans. you can find those people
12:42 am
anywhere. you are heightening the small amount of people when there are thousands of people that are fighting. >> the problem here, i have to respect you with the demonstrations but the problem is you have these anarchists. they are there for one thing to show the cops and they want a videotape and show the cops, spit the cops face and they try to handcuff them. the cops or brutal. my problem with this whole thing you've got the anarchists sprinkled in with good demonstrators. you have union people that is going to demonstrate to. >> they can demonstrate across the old world. >> i hope it's not a diversion for some muslim extremist saying it's going to be fun tomorrow. the cops will be all busy. if they are going to be there i can go over there. >> you are minimizing the police
12:43 am
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this is your moment. let nothing stand in your way. devry university, proud to support the education of our u.s. olympic team. >>. >> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel. co-host of the five. bob beckel is here. syndicated columnist cal thomas. she works with the daily caller, michelle field is with us. if you are in the country illegally and you are an illegal immigrant that is not acceptable anymore. >> calling a person illegal, join our voices to drop. conversation of immigration and human rights. it's racially charged and morally wrong.
12:48 am
language can be deadly. >> illegal is a racial epithet. it's a way of legitimizing violence against a particular group of people. >> we can stamp out this word. we can drop the >> sean: racially charged, morally wrong, a slur? bob, i'm not stopping it. illegal immigrant. >> as the slur. it is a hate word you use and it is also to paint a whole group of people. you don't know if they are illegal number one. >> sean: but they are here illegally. that is a fact, that is the truth. >> you are calling them illegals. >> sean: what do you think? >> in my continuing effort to help with vocabulary. instead let's call them
12:49 am
occupiers or trespassers or invaders or squatters or i will legislate visitors. it's like calling a bank robber somebody that is making a withdrawal. they are breaking the law. change the language doesn't change the act. >> liberals are trying to demonize the group of individuals people that enter the country illegally are illegal. that is not racist. this is simple liberals trying so hard to change the subject to distract voters from obama's fails policies. >> i think stopping people indiscriminately like the cops do in arizona. it's about brown people crossing the border. how do you know they are here illegally? answer my question. >> we're not talking about specific people.
12:50 am
people being called illegal. >> how do we know that. >> sean: because they don't have documentation they enter the country illegally. it happens every day. i've been down to the border. >> so you think this is a racial slur. >> i think its racial slur to be sure. >> excuse me. i'm latina, i am racist against my own people. >> if you use that word. >> sean: you are saying, people who use the word illegals are making a racist statement. >> she is saying, i guess hispanic american? >> yes. >> sean: she is racist against. >> not racist and against that word is racist. >> sean: do you think i am a racist? >> no. i don't think you are a racist or he is a racist. in and of itself it is a racist
12:51 am
word. >> i am interested move on says word illegal infringes upon the humanity of people who are breaking the law to get here and yet they are pro-choice on abortion. if that doesn't diminish the humanity of the unborn child, what does? you advance a political agenda and you don't when they don't. >> if illegals are upset about the term illegal why don't they return to the country and apply for a visa and we won't call them illegal. >> because most will come here need to feed their family. it's a choice of crossing the border illegally. >> so you agree they are illegal. thank you. you just said that. >> sean: great american panel and we made it through the whole segment and bob behaved. >> i'm a good influence.
12:52 am
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>>. >> sean: we're on the air, bob. we were talking about in a clip of jimmy kimmel. i've never been to a washington correspondents dinner. >> you are very fortunate. i was there saturday night and i left early.
12:56 am
>> sean: michelle, you've ever been there. in are you upset, the president joked about eating a little puppy. >> how about little johnny's puppy. >> give me a break. >> sean: i said that, i was kidding around. >>. >> romney tortured a dog. >> sean: the dog did not die. which dog would like that be the one that survived on the top of the car. >> can you go to jimmy kimmel? >> sean: and correspondents dinner that i probably did not attend. >> some of your fellow it is, they would like to see you stick to your guns and if you don't have any guns, they would like
12:57 am
you to ask eric holder to get some for you. >> sean: here a cloud of scandal. fashion and furious, solyndra, secret service now. the cronies that got into the white house, ggsa scandal on top of it. >> you know something, when people go to november, not one person is going to vote on fast and furious or solyndra. they will vote on a lot of issues but you try to manufacturer these scandals. >> sean: i'm not sure it's going to be close. >> he will close to a landslide. >> remember when the republicans were in the white house in george w. bush and nancy pelosi promised if you elect those democrats we're going to drain the swamp. instead she built a hot tub. whether republicans do something it's horrible and awful. we've got congressional investigation but when democrats do it it's not no big deal.
12:58 am
>> what about the illegal war in iraq. it was illegal. >> sean: excuse me, he got congressional authorization. >> when people go to polls they are going to vote according to the economy. we have seen what has happened under the obama administration. all he care about is getting reelected. they are going to vote for the candidate that has experience in business and that is mitt romney. >> a lot of people are going to say they are better off four years ago, wait a second. if you look what happened this summer before obama was elected, it was the worst situation this country has seen since the great depression. >> sean: jimmy carter, 21% interest rates. i say reagan inherited a bad economy. >> i want to get back to the clip of jimmy kimmel. you mentioned solyndra and secret service. it's pretty bad secret service
12:59 am
agents hiring prostitutes and then the president of the united states who is their ultimate boss stands up and makes a joke about it. they have wives and kids. i think it's incredibly bad taste. >> i don't think it was in bad taste at all. we could argue. >> if you had any bad taste you would have taste. >> hey, what do saw i about that. >> i think to draw attention to fast and furious because the administration has been trying so hard to downplay this bloody scandal. >> out in indiana, bob and sue, that fast and furious thing is just killing me. >> what about the hundreds of families that are affected by this. >> sean: bob made it. greta is next. >> greta: big news in the fiery ep have a controversy. top official heard the word crucify.