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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 4, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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virginia and now their own newspaper is taking shots at the factor because we exposed its cover up a of the story. will there be justice in norfolk? >> i'm a democrat and i will support the president. i hope he has a successful election. >> george clooney raising a reported $12 million for are the president by hosting an exclusive fundraiser at his home. what is behind the hollywood love affair with obama? >> we like to get the fiesta started early out here. >> someone out there in my whole life that toesent like me they,e they are jealous, they are fat and they are ugly. >> a tan loving mother accused of taking her five-year-old daughter along to the tanning salon lashes out saying her critics are jealous. >> i never thought in my wildest dreams i would tell anybody in this house to stop tanning. >> caution, is you are about to enter the no spin zone.
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the factor begins right now. hi, i'm elector ar laura ingrat for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. new job numbers in for april and they are underwhelming to say the least. we'll get to that shortly. but first, our top story as you may know we have been covering a vicious assault that took place in norfolk, virginia. two reporters for the virginia pilot were driving home from a movie theater when a mob of african american men descended on their chevy cavalier. someone threw a rock at the car and mr. forster got out to confront the attacker. as a result he was attacked and so was she. both took a week off to recover
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from the assault but their own newspaper did not report the story for two weeks. the factor has been critical and believes the editor are did not cover the story because of its racial component. well, tad, virginian pilot columnist karrie dougherty shot back at the factor writing and i quote the reporters didn't deserve this act of aggression but what about the pilot? does this paper deserve to be kicked in the head by everyone from fox's bill o'reilly to hundreds of our readers? it was a lapse in judgment not to report on a violent mob on a norfolk street but not a left wing conspiracy. the reaction as been obscenely overblown ." it is worth noteing that our request to the norfolk police to release the 911 call made during the assault was denied. the police claim that it would disrupt an ongoing investigation. now, there has opinio been onet in the case, a 16-year-olded
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whose name is not being released. shockingly, some local residents don't seem surprised at all by the attack. >> that is just a lack of just home training, good parenting. it is tragic. it truly is tragic. >> valerie francis thinks it is disappointing and says her family doesn't walk around this area at night. >> i will be in the house with my children taking care of my household trying to stay to myself. >> we also met 20-year-old marvin who tells ten on your side there is a culture here, stick together to survive. i asked if he has seen large bruce of young men walking around the neighborhood at night. >> 20-30 kids at night. >> a thousand of them. you got to protect your neighborhood because the insided is the problems and the odd will protect them. >> marvin's personal opinion is the two reporters should have known better than to drive-thru church and brambletop.
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>> they shouldn't have been out here. if we were out there where they live in their environment we would have been saying what are you all feeling. >> joining us from virginia beach, dave parker a radio talk show host on wnis there. people watching this across the country it may seem shocking to hear people say things like well, they shouldn't come to our neighborhood because obviously if the situation were reversed and someone said that people would be outraged and people are supposed to be welcome in the united states of america to walk where they want to walk. but was this area a particularly dangerous area that the reporters should not have been driving through? >> i think if you look at the crime rates of the city of norfolk it is a little bit higher in that area but i want to address the race issue right off the bat because there are the facts that we know and the feelings that have been expressed and as you know bigtimes there can be a pig
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difference between the two things. the facts that we know is there were no racial slurs hurled at the two reporters. 16 whoung man who is 1640 was was arrested is not going to be charged with a hate crime. the feelings expressed and they have been quite loud and vehement, the feelings are that there is some racial overtone but that is conjecture and clouds over the real story here and that is safety issue for many of the residents not just in norfolk but something in a similar fashion happens across communities across the area and the other issue is with the virginian pilot. >> laura: we will get to the pilot issue in a second. say it were a group of 30 white kids or more, we don't know the exact number. and there were two african american individuals, maybe reporters, maybe a couple inner that car, and they descended upon that car and news
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organizations were not either reporting on it or it was difficult to get that information let's say from police. i have a feeling the outrage would be expressed quite vehemently in certain circles. this it case, two weeks go by. no one reports anything. no one even asks, i don't know if you ask for the foia request but we asked for information from the police and if it is not forthcoming. maybe there is food reason for it, fine. -- maybe there is good reason for it, fine. you don't have to use a racial slur to feel like this was a racially charged act whether it was or wasn't. doesn't have to be a racial slur involved. >> that is the common thread that people are feeling here in the community. and there are some things about the story that just don't make sense. i mean we have the two reporters. now, these are people who base their income their livelihood on ferreting out facts, making sure that the facts are put forth in a succinct and truthful famou fashion.
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they have given us accounts what have happened. a group of 30 broke off and surrounded the vehicle and some attacked them. pulled the woman by the hair and beat her. that is the story we have been given. >> not newsworthy apparently to the virginia pilot until they were pressured to report on this. >> elector herhere is part of e disconnect. i have been asked repeatedly hey, parker, stop saying there were 30 people involved. why do you keep saying that because i'm borrowing the information from your very own reporters that is why. the norfolk police department is saying there were only five people. the two reporters who were there. i two trust the value voters statements over those who were not there. there is like a 600% difference in people. >> the editors at the virginia
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pilot can bluster all they want about "the factor" is being too aggressive and they were kicked in the head. it is just ridiculous. there is an attack that should have been reported. lieutenant get to the bottom of it and see what happens -- let's get to the bottom of it and see what pes. >> and there have been con spearconspiracy issues that hae come up. one there is a multimillion dollars investment project going on on the waterfront and also that there were mayoral elections. i think it was simply a really bad journalistic decision. >> i'm say. president obama says this week's jobs report is good news. with these terrible numbers? does mitt romney have a chance to gain some ground. >> a tan obsessed mom is in hot water for allegedly bringing her five-year-old into a tanning bed and now is saying her critics are jealous.
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american employers added fewer workers than forecasted. the smallest gain in six months. president obama spun the numbers earlier today. >> after the worst economic crisis since the great depression, our businesses have now created more than 4.2 million new jobs over the last 26 months. more than 1 million jobs in the last six months alone. >> not surprisingly, mitt romney rejected president's happy talk. >> we should be seeing numbers in the 500,000 jobs created per month. this is way off from what should happen in a normal recovery. the reason that you are seeing the unemplowment rate go down is because you have more people dropping out of the workforce than you have getting jobs. >> with us now, steven moore "wall street journal" senior economics writer and christian dorsey a director at the economic policy institute. gentlemen, this is clearly not the number that the
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administration wanted. christian, i saw you your comment that the government has to do more to create jobs. more to work within communities to actually put people to work all these projects that need working on roads and so forth. >> sure. >> but aren't we out of money and we are kind of out of ideas and i mean the government creates jobs is that really long-term economic growth? >> it is not what we want for the long-term but we are certainly not out of ideas. we are just out of political will. the recovery hasn't happened and the time is way past due to directly create jobs so that we can actually get to the business of restoring our fiscal footing. >> and steven, do we need something like a wpa now, where the government is actually an engine of growth by spending money and so forth because i don't know. i don't see the will to spend money when we already spent the
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$800 billion plus on the stimulus that had short term benefits. >> to borrow a phrase from the president, laura, we tried it your way and it didn't work. we have tried everything in terms of government spending creates jobs. the $800 billion stimulus bill. $00 billion of mortgage modifications programs. cash for clunkers. auto bailouts. i could go down the list. you will of the deluge of spending has not worked. i would start trying to cut back on the spending. for liberals that say the government isn't doing in up to create jobs. we are borrowing $1.2 trillion a year this year. if that isn't enough stimulus from the government, what is. one other interesting point if i may, you real hi nailed it when you talked about the fact that people are dropping out of the labor force. the only reason the unemployment date dropped and
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that will be the head line, it only dropped because over the last two months a half a million americans drop out of the work force. we used to call them discouraged workers and now maybe we should call them tee depressed workers. >> since 1981 we haven't had such a low participation rate in the workforce. 81. somehow that hope and change? trying to be fair and balanced here,. >> i all of the things that steven have talked about have been out of the economy going on a couple of years now. what we have seen in the last 18 months a really our natural state of an economy at work and the private sector not adding jobs at the rate that is necessary. that speaks to me that more needs to be done. you may think that the recovery act was wasted money but it produced real results and we have a lot of needs where jobs can be put towards and if we do that we would see the rate come
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down a lot. >> the numbers are what the numbers are. we are buried in debt. we now have less leverage everywhere in the world because of our weakened economic standing. with china, brazil, russia. againegiven the public lack of appetite for more spending what else do you do? >> first of all, borrowing costs are extremely low for the federal government as well as the private sector. put the money to work and invest it wisely to create a better return that is positive economic benefit. >> how much interest are we paying every year on that debt? what is it now? >> very soon going to be the single largest expenditure in the entire federal budget is interest on the debt. when you ask what do we do and get out of this kind of crisis. you know the answer and i know the answer and the american people know. regan did it in 1981 when inherited a great economic crisis. cut tax rates and got the
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inflation down. all the opposite things that onshore has done and with at this table stage of the recover which we weren't interesting 1250 jobs a month. we had 300, 400. under president regan we were at a million jobs in one month. where are those kinds of numbers? where are they. in. >> will hollywood put obama back in the white house? george clooney and other activists breaking campaign donation records. unreal. we will have a special report on that. and then a tan loving mom accused of take h her five-year-old daugher to the tanning salon. heris responding to critics. you don't want to miss this, coming up. it's time to get going. to put more giddy-up in our get-along. it's time to start gellin' with dr. scholl's...
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in the factor follow-up segment tonight. hollywood's passionate love
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affair with president obama is still going strong. and next thursday actor george clooney is expected to rake in as much as $12 million for the president's campaign. now, clooney is hosting a fundraiser may 10 at his studio city he house where other celebrities and entertainment executives are shelling out 40 ohi$40,000 a head to dine with obama. okay, chris. i'm going start with you. doesn't this just kind of prove republican's point that obama is really just, you know, in the end he is more comfortable in the celebrity set. he is kind of a celebrity president. kind of like ryan seacrest or he has that celebrity aura about him. but it doesn't quite work for the economy? i went into politics because i was an ugly actor. i will think most people who go
8:22 pm
into politics want to be celebrities in some way, shape or form and any president regardless of party is going to be one of the biggest celebrities in the world. look at the facts here. george clooney is a major humanitarian who spends a lot of h his time traveling the world for godetias an good caui think it is perfectly appropriate for the president to go out there and raise money with with his team. this will be an expensive election and the president has to get all the funds can he to fight back after negative campaigning on the part of mitt romney. 92% of his ads against newt gingrich were negative. the president has to gun up. >> i don't think there is anything wrong with raising money. look at the list of obama celebrities and look at the list of romney celebrities. romney has kid rock and lee greenwood. >> don't forget ted nugent.
8:23 pm
>> and a few others and sen crawford.dy that is kind of to be expected, is it not. >> hollywood has been a consistent cash cow for the democratic party and what chris just stated really is the pitch that it is going to be a close election, look, you may not be as enthusiastic and you were in 2008 but we need your checkbooks and it is working. clooney is going to raise $12 million. if this is going to be emulated because in addition to the 150 people he had a lot which where people used the social media and the internet for the chance to sit at the table with two celebrities with george clooney and president obama. they have to be careful of the photo ops. this attempt to regain the cool factor. undermines the seriousness of the office. >> at some point when you appear in all these shows and it is funny in the moment and it is beyond just a once-a-year
8:24 pm
are white house correspondents' dinner. singing with al green or hanging out with mick jagger. after awhile you look at the country and we are in declean and at some point it kind of all looks like one big reality show, doesn't it. as cool as george clooney is and he is quite cool. >> sock it to me, laura, i think this has again going on for a long time. people watch these shows who otherwise wouldn't be engaged in politics that the point. the election started for us a long time ago. but for most americans the election doesn't start until after labor day. the president or romney or everybody else going on to the shows and hanging out with people who people pay attention to all year long. people pay attention to george clooney and watch jimmy kimmel. >> does anybody care what
8:25 pm
george clooney thinks about tax policy. he is a a nice person. i met him and he was nice to me. do they really think they care what sheryl crow thinks about social policy. they are talented people but these are entertainers. >> if things were going wonderfully it would be just fine if this was the first sitting president to appear on a late night show and if he was slow jamming with jimmy fallon and hots of photo ops with celebrities. people see the contrast. >> nobody cares about any endorsement, political or otherwise. they vote for the people who are going to make the decisions especially for president. >> it seems a little tone deaf when the regular folks out there are really struggling and we are kind of in the party central. now, the economy is slow jamming that is the problem for criminal them. gentlemen, great to see you. and plenty more ahead aces the factor moves along. seriously, i didn't get my
8:26 pm
invitation from clooney. geraldo rivera on deck. the latest on the new jersey mom who allegedly took her daughter tanning. the left is all over ann romney for wearing an expensive shirt but is that even worth talking about and why do the late night comics almost never skewer mrs. obama? stay tuned for those reports.
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from the fridays with geraldo segment tonight, two hot topics starting with the 44-year-old mom who is charged with bringing her five-year-old into a tanning booth with her. she got so badly burpe burned t the school raised concerns. she told school officials i go tanning with mommy. she has been fodder for late night comedians.
8:30 pm
>> this whole thing has been blown out of proportion. that is the actual woman. she tanning or did she fall down a chimney. she looks like wylie coyote after the dynamite stick blows up. here is more from the brown lady. >> bring my little daughter into a 90-degree bed. i mean that is not normal. >> no. none of this is. none of it is -- your face is roasted, that is not normal. she is so tan it is actually racist. it is like -- >> now, as you can see, she maintains she is innocent and she is now lashing out at critics. >> there is somebody out there in my whole life that doesn't like me because they are jealous, is they are fat and they are ugly. >> fantastic.
8:31 pm
tan. that sounds like a tan trauma if you ask me. i'm not reading that, sorry. joining us now from los angeles, fox news anchor geraldo rivera. you can see him here sundays at 10:00 p.m. geraldo, are the puns are just too easy here. fantastic. i mean fan tanstic. the story here is that she is endangering her child by taking her to a tanning booth. isn't every mother who takes a child to the beach without on the child and oooo-oooo the keeps the child out for five hours equally in danger of harming the child. >> this woman reminds me most of al jol sop. a chrispy critter. she is a chrispy critter and if her face is any evidence she wants her child to follow in her bizarre are footsteps. even snookie thinks she is
8:32 pm
crazy. she is also' parentally drunk when she gave this interview. the serious thing is the child is exposed to the dangerous ultraviolet rays and could be seriously hurt. kid is the one who turned in mommy and said i went tanning with mommy. are she is charged with second-degree child endangerment. she is out on $25,000 bail. as bizarre as she is and as funny as the whole story is the fact of the matter is she is in a real jam now. the tanning salon suggests that she is telling the truth when she says she didn't intentionally bring the child near the upright tanning booth that she went into. but she has got to litigate the case now and she has a good chance maybe of going to jail,. >> when i first saw the story i thought it was the little girl's grand mother. seems much older than 44. i guess that is what tanning booths do to you. do you expect her to be convicted on this?
8:33 pm
>> i expect that they will reap some accommodation as they should. what i fear, though, is the kid is going to grow up and think that mom looks good. you know how children love their mommies. look at that burnt orange. when snookie says you are craze. >> because she is always tan herself. >> the skin is going to crack it is so horrible. >> you have a terrific complex, you don't have to go. >> i have natural mocha, that's right. >> we are all jealous of you. let's talk about this horrible case in florida. florida a.m a and m a hazing dh that occurred last year now developments that we want to bring to the pack facto factor. tell us about it. >> this kid on the marching band at famu and kid is being
8:34 pm
haded. you have to get into the band is like getting into a tough fraternity. show have a hazing tradition. 13 of them started hitting him and stomping him. this is one of the bizarre traditions. reminds me of lord of the flies. in the course of this hazing the young man the teenager died and now the 11 of the kids are charged with third-degree felony hazing. it is a really rarely used statute in florida. you can imagine why. but 11 of them are charged with a felony and two with miss demireps and they are really in searous -- misdemeanors. they are really in serious trouble. parents are trying to put pressure on the state to charge the kids with more serious crimes like murder two or manslaughter because robert did die in the -- under their boots and their punches. i think that is probably a bad
8:35 pm
move. i think the state is charge the appropriately. third-degree hazing is a serious felony. the parents want the band to be disbanded permanently. i don't think that is a good idea either. it is a tragic case and they have to crack down on hazing. >> doesn't this seem so incredibly moronic? i don't get the hazing thing. it happens all over the country in different ways and different forms. some is more harsh than others and some more prankish. but especially among marching bands now. i guess from the research it is is african american marching bands at certain schools have had this tradition and it has gotten worse and worse it seems every year. are this kid was beaten all over his body and unresponsive on the bus. it is outrageous. >> he was beaten to death. that is why i never ledge i nea
8:36 pm
fraternity. >> they wouldn't have let you in. i wouldn't have gotten into a sorority. you are too much of a smart mouth they wouldn't have let you in the fra terpity. good to see you, geraldo. >> when we come back. a factor flashback. o'reilly taking on the far left campaign that wants to been a the word illegal when it comes to illegal aliens. >> ted nugent loses his cool in an interview. we will show you the tape. those reports, after these messages. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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visit for details. you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. they say, "well, if you wanted a firm bed you can lie on one of those." we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. oh, wow! that feels really good. it's about support where you find it most comfortable. to celebrate 25 years of better sleep-for both of you - sleep number introduces the silver edition bed set, at incredible savings of $1,000 for a limited time. only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699. thanks for staying with us. i'm laura ingram in for bill o'reilly. in the factor flashback segment tonight a push from some on the far left to drop a word often used debating immigration issues.
8:40 pm
and what is the word? roll the tape. >> call allege person i will takes away their humanity. real of course about immigration and rights. >> illegal aliens in the country including many murderers and rapist,. >> it is racially charged, legally inaccurate. >> it is a way of legitimate legitimatizing violence against a group of people. >> we can stamp out this. no human being is illegal. let's drop the i word. >> bill spoke with the campaign coordinator for the drop the i word movement. and it got a lot of reaction. >> first of all, you are from el salvador. did you come here illegally yourself? >> no, i don't actually. >> you were an illegal alien yourself? >> no, that is not what i'm here to talk about.
8:41 pm
>> we have to define who you are in addition to what you believe. >> i came here as a war refugee from el salvador. >> so you had papers and you were here because of the war and i covered the war and when you el salvador in 1982 i was there getting shot at so i know what you are going through and i'm happy that you are here. >> part of the drop the i word legacy a picking up wore immigrants started doing immigrants rights work in the 1980s and telling their stories and putting humanity on the front burner making sure that our laws are humane. >> we have no beef with your intent. you came here legally and went through the process and now trying to help other people do the same thing and we applaud that but you are misguided in the sense that you feel that using the word description illegal alien which i do all the time by the way is somehow
8:42 pm
wrong. it is a crime to enter the united states illegally. it is a federal crime. so we are a nation of laws here. we define the laws on the books as they he stand. so i'm not committing a hate crime by seain saying illegal s are just that. >> so we are a nation of laws and we respect laws and also respect humane laws and we he have seen in the past that laws that weren't humane have been changed. >> then work to change them. don't demonize people who are accurate in the description as using a slur or using a hate word because that is not true. >> it is funny that you say that it is inaccurate and all this. i think that you know we can take a page from fox news latino who does not use the i word. they will not join the band wagon of people dehumanizing
8:43 pm
imgrants. >> i don't think i'm dehumanizing anybody by describing what the reality is. do you believe that we should have open borders here and anybody who comes to the united states should be able to come? >> i think we he should be looking at the reality and the reality. >> with all due respect what you did, what you you if is just dodged -- you dodged the question and now filibustering. two things we don't allow on the program. i will rephrase the question. do you you believe in open borders that people should be able to come to the united states without empediment yes or no? >> i believe that your laws should get modern. >> you are in charge of modernizing or changing the laws. the immigration law would be under your regime? >> the first thing that we need to do which is why we are doing the drop the i word campaign is to put human beings at the center of the conversation.
8:44 pm
>> that is the law? you are the czar. tell the people what you want. you are the czar. what is the law on immigration under your regime? >> humane law looks like a person who is undocumented an undocumented worker a worker being able to move about in a way that will allow for them to provide for their family. >> does everybody get that status? everybody who wants it? you have. even thought this out. you have not even thought this out and with all due respect because i appreciate you coming in here you come in here with a very hot campaign run by a far left website demonizing people like me who are accurately telling the people what is happening and you don't even know what you want. >> fox news latino agrees with us maybe you can talk a little bit with them. >> i like fox news latino but i do nye own programs. >> the i word is racist and not
8:45 pm
language that is accurate. >> i'm not a racist. i'm just reporting what is happening. people are coming here and they are not just latino. they are asian. they are russian. they are everyone. and they are coming here and crossing our borders illegally and therefore they are illegal aliens. i'm not a racist or trying to hurt anybody. i'm trying to tell the people the truth. i'm surprised that i gave you the opportunity to define for millions of people what you want the law to be and you can't. >> we are here to talk about the i word today. >> you are here to talk about what i want to talk about. this is my program. >> while the intention may not be racist, wheel people may not be intending to be racist people are being impacted every day in their lives. children are being bullied. children are being bullied. there was a case of a man in long island who before he was stabbed to death the kids that murdered him said hey you illegal, you mexican, you n word, you come here and you
8:46 pm
take or jobs. >> i take the last word from you and one of the reasons i want -- one of the reasons i want a very disciplined, fair illegal or legal m migrant campaign and law is so that crimes like that don't happen. i don't want stuff like that to happen. >> in a moment, ann romney taking heat from the left for wearing an expensive shirt on the campaign trail, her rep forbid. and should this kind of critique really be part of the political landscape this year? we will debate it, after these meages.
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8:49 pm
in the back of the book segment tonight. are attacks on political candidates spouses fair game?
8:50 pm
the most recent example is ann romney who wore an expensive shirt earlier this week during an interview on cbs. she was mocked by some late night comics and commentators on a competing cable news channel. joining me to react to the ongoing debate from fort worth texas jeanine turner and from l.a. fox news contributor leslie marshall. okay, ladies. first of all, i didn't see the interview live but i did see mrs. romney in a clip on cbs and it was kind of an unusual shirt. but i thought it was kind of cool. i thought it was a fish at first but apparently it was a bird. and leslie, i mean mrs. obama has been known to wear some pretty pricey things. i guess this was anion penceive shirt. mrs. obama wore $540 sneakers and friends like vera wang. she doesn't get criticized for that so why should ann romney?
8:51 pm
>> first of all, one is the first lady. one hopes to be the first lady. that aside i'm not in favor of candidates wives or husbands or president's wives thus far no husbands there or children being attacked. they didn't sign up for this. they are not running for office. this is not a pack and deal. if you vote for mitt romney yes, his wife and kids move into the white house. >> it is a package deal. >> i don't agree because the wives don't dictate policy. >> i don't know about that. >> they might dictate fashion but not policy. >> michelle obama has been anointed as the most effective surrogate for her husband. the most popular cultural person in the united states. raises more money than any one except george clooney for him. she was at a fundraiser talking about her husband's healthcare bill. she has put herself out there
8:52 pm
as a policy advocate. when you do that, do you put yourself in the spot light sufficiently to be critiqued for your policy views? >> well, i believe that whether you are president, president's wife or a potential president to be he's wife you are in a glass house and there is no way around that and everything that you do and everything that you wear is going to be critiqued as we have found out whether it is michelle obama's $2,000 sweater or ann romney's $800 whatever it was. >> not ridiculed to the same extent. she has never really been ridiculed by the late night comics. i don't remember. >> that is just a liberal bias. but what i think is interesting to note here is that women are smarter than this and americans are smarter than this and this isn't the spending we should be wore id about it. we should be worried about the pot of gold that obama wants to promise all of us at the end of his obama bow. obama created more debt in the
8:53 pm
past four years than all 43 presidents combined. that is the spending really i think we should be focused on. >> leslie, bly do you think that is the case that the -- why do you think that the late night comics who all tend to be more liberal, they really don't take off the gloves with female liberals like they do with female conservatives. i mean i don't really care. i think it is all kind of funny but there does seem to be he a bit of a balance question. a lot about michelle and the garden and bringing the children in to til the garden. that is quite humorous. i wrote about it in the obama diaries and it was humorous but they don't seem to go there. >> i disagree. rather the right to bear arms talking about the first lady's biceps. >> but that was positive. >> i don't think this is just -- he don't think this is is just a liberal or conservative issue. i think this is men attacking women. seriously. nancy pelosi, hillary clinton,
8:54 pm
sarah palin, michele bachmann, what do they all have in common, they are female. nobody is talking about how much the shoes the guys are wearing are. >> but michelle obama, the whole point here is that she doesn't get the critiques like the conservative politicos do. i think she is beautiful and dresses well and so does ann romney. if you put yourself out there in politics and political matters i think you can't expect to be shielded from criticism. pin heads and patriots on deck. ted nugent in the zone this evening. p and p about two minutes away.
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
8:57 pm
>> pinheads & patriots. rocker ted nugent was more than a bit miffed at the suggestion that she was too extreme to really help the romney campaign. >> call me, when you sit down across from someone who has more families with dying little boys and girl who is get a call to take them on their last fishing trip in life. call me when you meet someone who does that more than i do -- because that's really moderate. in fact, you know what that is?! that's extreme! i'm an extremely loving, passionate man. and people who investigate me honestly, without the baggage of political correctness ascertain the conclusion thati'm a damn nice guy and if you can find a screening process more powerful
8:58 pm
than that [bleep]. [bleep] -- how's that sound. >> we have no idea where that unexpected outburst came from. the second part of it directed to a female cbs news producer who was off camera. >> nugent apologized and said after the interview, he was rushed to the emergency room and had a kidney stone removed. you can decide if the rocker's a pinhead or a patriot for those remarks. check out bill o' because mother's day is right around the corner. why not get her a patriot mom mug or pen? in addition, if mom's a reader, buy a copy of "killing lincoln" on bill o' and get a copy of "eyes of justice," free of charge. check out bill o' for info about bill and dennis miller's bolder, fresher shows. and yes, yes, yes, the paperback
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