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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 8, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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and they can take advantage of the discontent in that community. so it is not much different than any of the other areas we can expect to see it in yemen and other parts of africa. wherever al qaeda units or splinter groups take advantage, they will move in. we have to be equally aggressive. >>shepard: former defense secrary cohen from capitol the t in the killing of a woman and her 14-year-old daughter. and the woman's two younger daughterrers are still missing. cops say this man, a family friend, helped the woman and her daughters prepare for a move from tennessee to their new home in arizona. shortly before they disappeared ess than two weeks ago. yesterday, the fbi confirmed the bodies of the mother and oldest daughter were if a shallow grave outside the suspect's home in north mississippi but in sign of
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the youngest daughters, 12 and eight years old. police say the girls are in "extremeanger only jonathan hunt found this story this morning and has been following it. tell us where we are? police have arrested suspects and relatives of suspects? >>jonathan: two relatives arrested, arraigned and now held in the county jail in tennessee. the wife of the suspect, adam, and mary, his mother, both have been arrested and now arraigned d charged resctively with conspiracy to kid 23457 and aggravated kidnapping. the wife admitted to prosecution driving the mother and three daughters from their home in tennessee to the home of adam's mother in northern mississippi, and that is where the bodies of
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the mother and 14-year-old daughter were discovered last week. still looking for the rest of them. >>shepard: do they have any clues where the man and two girls could b >>jonathan: they are not sharing it with us. it does appear they still focusing their efforts in that northern mississippi area. but we hear of digital bill boards showing the two young girls faces, 12 and eight, in atlanta, georgia. and adam, the suspect in this, has ties in arizona, texas, north carolina, south carolina, and florida. the potential search area is absolutely huge. every single available person the authorities have used in this search, obviously there is very serious concern for the safety of the two young girls.
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that concern increases with each passing water. >>shepard: this is in guntown, mississippi. never heard of it. >>shepard: and the mother lived outside and that is whe the bodies of the mother and the eldest daughter were discovered and we are not told how they died. the bodies were discovered on friday. >>shepard: i don't recognize that name, i guess it is near the alabama border. jonathan nice to see you. hope they fine them. president obama's campaign knew of gentlemans affair long before most voters the word from one of john edwards' biggest donors in court. today.
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>>shepard: former john edwards donor was astonished, he said, when the former presidentialal candidate said he had a shot of becoming then senator obama's vice president although the media reported details of the affair. the former donor is pictured here. the guy in the beard. he is a developer, former john edwards supporter, friend, and former john edwards aide andrew oung. he told the court that he warned then senator president obama's campaign back in date -- 2008 about the affair and told an obama staffer "you have seen the fab lloyd reports and usually they get these wrong but in this case i don't think they did." >> of court, the prosecution
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says jn edwards knew he was using campaign money to hide his affair from voters and his dying wife and john edwards' lawyers say he did not know of the cash and his aide, andrew young, spent the money on his dream home. if convicted john edwards faces up to 30 years in prison and $1.5 million in fines. and now, down to north carolina. what is the prosecution doing to try to prove john edwards did, indeed, know about the cash? >>jonathan: they have the former speech writer who helped john edwards comep with this draft of how he was going to admit his affair to the american public, she, just before a break, was describing how he apologized to staff. at that point, john edwards was visibly upset and during the break he sloly walked out of the courtroom into an add -- adjoining room with his lead defense attorney. the prosecution is pointing to
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evidence such as a hand written note that the court just publicized today in which john edwards writes to bunny mellon "you can help make a real difference in the country we both love." with that, the prosecution is hoping to convince the jury that the intent behind this donor money was political, not just gifts between friends. >>shepard: but the defense cross-examined the prosecution witness in this. >>jonathan: they did trying to point out that the witnesses convinced the jury that the witnesses may have had a vendetta against john edwards or they were trying to profit off of the affair. john edwards' lawyers pointed out a witness has used the "b" word to describe elizabeth and called john edwards a "pathetic little man," all in an e-mail he sent to former campaign aide andrew young. in one e-mail, he jokes about john edwards' affair resulting in a pregnancy, in that e-mail
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to young, he writes "on a lighter note the headline in "usa today" is fertility rate and usa on the upswing, way to be a trend setter." the defense showed another e-mail in this he congratulated young on a tv appearance talking about his tell-all book in that e-mail he writes "yeah, baby, we're drinkin' when you get home ." >>shepard: and now the lawyers, arthur aidala, and criminal defense attorney, randy zelin on the right. arthur, everyone knew, it seems. en knew. everyone around john edwards seemed to know. >>arthur: that is how the investigation going to prove the case. this is not like there isn't one smoking gun but there was a little one that dropped yesterday. but, the prosecution is trying to show, this campaign worker having nothing to do with mr. ed
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ward and his wife knew about this contribution and so did the speech writer and this advance person and this chauffeur. well, if this is really only about husband and wife, and about keeping this from the wife, why is everyone in the campaign know? that is the argument to the jury. >>shepard: if this just about the wife ill is not illegal. if it is about the voting public it is very much illegal. >>randy: we have heard about a coverup of an affair and you can call the hair stylist, they will call a speech writer, the bottom line, they have not produced any proof that the coverup was to deceive the voters. the coverup was, clearly, to keep it from elizabeth edwards which makes sense. and there was another piece of compelling testimony, which is, i wonder what that tape is worth? a conversation that he had with mr. young, this is --. >>arthur: no one is saying he went out there to try to sell
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the tape or shook down john edwards. but what is telling is bunny mellon's lawyer spoke to john edwards --. >>shepard: that is the dough increase who gave the $1 million or so, we don't know. >>arthur: does john edwards know he is using it for his own means? yes, he does. if he is using it for his own means why does everyone in the campaign know? why? why? >>randy: his wife is here. the campaign is here. his wife is there. you have do keep it great his wife. >>shepard: rielle hunter is the mistress and the mother of john edwards' love child. >>randy: that shows you they ain't got it. >>arthur: they are not sure they have it if they put her on, because that's really rolling the dice. she is a wild card. she has been called nuts, crazy,
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out of the loop, she consults astrologists. rain i do that all the time. >>shepard: i don't disbelieve that. >>randy: would you call me as a witness? >>shepard: i would not call you anything. i would ask you to dinner. but not with him. you can go to dinner but not together. >>arthur: it will be fun if she takes the witness stand. >>shepard: if there were cameras in the court room this would not have happened. >>jonathan: we would be watching every day. i feel like i need to take a you shower after i listen to this. >>shepard: we are spending less for gasoline. prices are down. and the worst case scenario, for this year, is very much less likely. why? gerri willis will tell us.@=h
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>>shepard: remember the talk of gas get dog $5-- gas getting to $5 a gallon? prices have fallen for the 5th straight rate. the national average for regular is $3.76 a drop of 16 cents in a month. analysts say prices could keep falling through the summer. experts say easing tensions over iran's nuclear program and re-opening of refineries and plummeting crude oil prices could get us closer to $3 a gallon. and gerri willis has the news. the president was working on this and that and putting pressure here and there and now the vice down but it has nothing to do with him. >>gerri: that is not what the analysts are saying. they say europe's demand is down. >>shepard: they don't have
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anything. gear gore they are trying to pay their debt. and supplies are up. so they say those things are creating less demand for oil so prices are down and we had an expert saying on fox business network that gas a gallon could go do $3.50 in short order. >>shepard: everything with iran is tamped down with restrictions on them. >>gerri: that is a big deal. the fear of the market drives prices higher and higher and higher. >>shepard: the biggest drag on the economy is housing and, today, news that bank of america is forced to do something about it. >>guest: that comes from the negotiations they had with the state ag's sending letters to americans offering to pay down a mortgage amount if you have bank of america, and the caveat, you have to be two months later, and underwater and owe more than the mortgage is worth, and the mortgage has to be owned by bank of america, and you have to pay 25 percent of your income to
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that mortgage, can you not pay less. >>shepard: if you have been paying on time you do not get help. >>gerri: you are out of luck. not a last people will qualify, only 200,000 people helped. >>shepard: b of a stock is down. the dow is down 100 points. >>gerri: it was worse earlier. and it is a lot of disparate news but all in all the trend is higher than it has been. >>shepard: we have 35 minutes left. maybe. maybe. maybe. >>gerri: something good could happen. have a party gas prices are down. you can drive for memorial day vacation. >>shepard: let's go to the beach! >>gerri: barbecue. beer. >>shepard: i'm there. facebook c.e.o. meeting with potential investors in the big city ahead of what could be the
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largest public offering ever. he wore a hoodie and jeans today as he spoke to 500 potential investors. no one was speak and there was no noise. shares of facebook will trade on nasdaq may 18th, and zuckerberg's stake could make him worth $25 billion. the united states border patrol is unveiling a new national strategy. it makes no minutes of the bush administration's border fence. that is out. they are not coming over here now. the number coming from mexico and going to mexico is the same. why not break out the drones? drone them. the united states border patrol has the ability to deploy a drone anywhere in a matter of hours. and the prime suspect in the disappearance of the american teenager, natalee holloway may face trial in the united states.
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>>shepard: i am shepard smith this is "studio b." it is time for the top of the news. >> one thing is clear to all of us that the war on terror is not over. >>shepard: the strategy for
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protecting the border will increase focus on weeding out threats to security using drones. increasingly becoming the government's weapon of choice against everything. we are told homeland security spent years building a fleet of unmanned aircraft armed with cameras, sensors and other high-tech surveillance systems. the border patrol will be able to deploy a drone and drone somebody anything over the united states in three hours. targets are repeat border crossers and suspected drug smugglers and others. trace is live from the west coast. not that long ago there was all this about the absolutely nonsense california in the -- nonsensical thought of building a physical fence. now we are just going do "drone" everyone. and that right. >>trace: there is nothing about fences, surveillance cameras or sensors which is clearly a huge departure from the bush administration. the bottom line, illegal
3:32 pm
crossings are down whether that is the economy, or better security or both, they are down. and the big push, now, is to move toward using, as you said, unmanned vehicles in the air, mobile surveillance vehicles on the ground and helicopters to try and stop the cartels and other criminals from building the tunnels under the border from flying their drugs overhead or using submarines to sneak them around the outside. >> how we redeploy resources from areas that were once areas of high threat in terms of activity level and redeploy those to new areas where we have seen displacement or new emerging nets on the border. >>trace: by 2016 they hope to have 24 unmanned drones and three hours they can be anywhere from the united states. >>shepard: and they want to stop the demand for drugs but they will stop the supply. it will be the first time not history of the world something
3:33 pm
leak that has happened so it is going to be awesome, the goal is to stop the revolving door, really. >>trace: yes, so the plan is you take the border crossers and put them in seven categories. one is the first time offenders. and children. they would go back quickly. but repeat offenders are taken and put aside and investigated and the plan would be you find out why they keep coming back to the united states. and you build better from officials of drug smugglers, and potential terrorists. we look at apprehensions as a start to really understand the rate of reapprehension, in different locations and doing the comparison to make sure we have a better sense of what is happening, not just independently trying to evaluation on whether the apprehends were up or down. >>trace: but critics say holding illegals longer could be very problematic because jail
3:34 pm
space both on the firm and the local level is still very much at a premium. >>shepard: certainly. you can always build more jails. thank, trace, from los angeles. the prime suspect in the disappearance of the we american natalee holloway, joran van der sloot could make trial in the united states on fraud and extortion. he met with a judge today to discuss it. he was the last person anyone saw with natalee holloway in 2005. cops arrested him but never charged him. two years ago a alabama court indicted him for wire fraud and extortion and offered the family details about her whereabouts in exchange for $25,000. he gave bogus information and took each with the money. he now is in peru appealing a separate murder conviction.
3:35 pm
do we have a sense for when we could see him in court in alabama? >>reporter: if he is extradited the earliest it would happen would be 28 days from now, after his appeal is over. and it would have to be approved by peru's supreme court and after it goes there it would have to be approved by the council of ministers. and if he shows up in alabama, peru officials still say immediately after he has to return to peru and finish serving out the 28-year-old murder sentence inside peru. >>shepard: what did we learn today? >>reporter: we spoke to two attorney whose say he is vigorously opposing any extradition to the united states. the reason he says is that joran van der sloot says he is scared they are trying to entrap him. the unstated reason could be that for someone with money, prison conditions in peru can be pretty easy.
3:36 pm
joran van der sloot has been accusedded of having female companionship in jail and accord dog some cell mates he spents every day all day playing video games. >>shepard: well, thank you, steve. the legal panel is here. randy and arthur who are adept at video games. bringing him back to alabama and trying him when he is already serving a quarter century, plus, for a conviction in peru. >>arthur: last part of the report changes my thoughts. i was under the misconception that prison there would be harsh, tough. and i would flat want to waste the money on it but we have every right to bring him back and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law but he then serves 28 years, i don't go he would be 50 some odd years old. >>shepard: if they make him serve it. art authority is the other question, does he actually serve the time?
3:37 pm
i don't know where he is getting money because his dad is gone. and maybe the $25,000 that he took when he extorted great alabama, allegedly, that he, could be and probably should be extradited for. >>randy: take off a parent house because if you are her parents you want him there. >>shepard: but you cannot take that hat off. >>randy: as lawyer you have to, why bring him back on a much lows serious charge when he is doing 28 years in peru? what it will cost the taxpayers to deal with the proceedings assuming he has no money, he get as free lawyer, for what, leave him there? there is something else --. >>shepard: do you know what it costs the taxpayers to run the war on drugs. >>randy: well "drone" joran van der sloot. we have extradition treat with peru, but interesting, the crimes have to be similar, and
3:38 pm
in peru extortion is typically viewed as a crime of violence were there is no crime of violence so he could have a technical reason why he should not be extradited. >>arthur: they like to play nice with the united states of america so if they say you want to they him in court and embarrass him and convict him, you can have him back. >>shepard: just drone everyone. >>randy: can you get financing for the drones? can a private citizen get a drone. >>shepard: intense video of police beating a homeless man to the ground in a fight that would leave the guy dead and now one of the cops faces murder charges. the victim is screaming in pain and begging for help.
3:39 pm
>> help. help. help. help. sorry, dude. i can't breathe. >>shepard: a lot to this video that lasted about 33 minutes but the fight part of it is 18 minutes. and once it was over the man was flat on the ground in a pool of his own blood. the prosecution says he suffered brain injuries and broken bones in the face and the chest. he died in a hospital. there are pictures of his face after that. but we cannot show them. the jury in california saw the video yesterday at start of a hearing to determine whether the two officers should stand trial. the officer on your right faced second-degree murder charges on bail on $1 million and raised by fellow police officers.
3:40 pm
both are charged with involuntary manslaughter. the defense says they arrested him after getting a call somebody was breaking into cars in orange county and he was uncooperative. he was uncooperative. he had a history of violence. there are questions of his mental health. this will be difficult for the police officers and everyone. the video is online. >> former senator rick santorum asked voters to picnic other republican in the country for president. any other. except this one. last night, rick santorum sent a ringing endorsement, e-mail to supporters asking them to help his former rival. that lukewarm issue is next. but, first, the beloved children's book all their has
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3:45 pm
do put up against president obama." he didn't make a speech. didn't say anything. came near the bottom of a 16 paragraph e-mail tucked way down there at the end and rick santorum sent out his supporters late last night around 11:00 p.m. eastern time, saying that governor romney "has my endorsement and support to win this the most critical election of our lifetime." today, governor romney held a rally in michigan where he was born. and his father was the governor of michigan. president obama won in michigan four years ago and carl cameron is live in washington, dc, and weirdness, governor romney went on the attack again the president. >>carl: but a counterattack. obama campaign has made no secret of the strategy to paint romney as right wing extremist based on the g.o.p. primary rhetoric. today in michigan which obama did win in 2008 but romney would love to win in 1212 he cast
3:46 pm
obama has left-wing big government liberal. >> president obama chose to apply liberal ideas of the past to a 21st century america. they did not work back then. they have not work during the last four years. and they will not work in the future. >> he pointed out that former bill clinton steered democrats away from old style liberalism, and clinton said the year of big government was over and got welfare reform and the federal budget balanced and it was not that long ago. >>shepard: that ringing from the mountain tops endorsement by rick santorum ought to help a lot. >>carl: well pretty cool. yes. you know, it was let key, santorum acknowledged it was a bit are primary. he wrote "governor romney and i have some differences but this
3:47 pm
are many significant areas in which we agree. we both agree that president obama must be defeated. the task will not be easy and will require all hands on deck if our nominee is to be victorious and governor romney be that nominee and he has my endorsement and support." romney and santorum do plan to meet again but as far as lingering disunit difficult in the g.o.p., that is basically over. romney knows conservatives would could be still look warm can be heated up come fall with remainders of the obama record. >>shepard: the partisan battle over student loan interest rates is not over, interest rates are set to double on the 1st of july. lawmakers in both political parties say they want do freeze the rates but they cannot get it done. they are saying they cannot figure how to pay for it. today, senate republicans blocked a democratic proposal and the president has threatened to veto a g.m. bill, and democrats say they want do pay
3:48 pm
for the bill through besting social security and medicare payroll taxes on high earning tock holders and republicans want to cut a preventive health care fund in the the new law and our student loan debt is exploding. and a six-year old has been suspended for sexual harassment and his parents want it are raced. so, what does this little boy do that was so awful? he sang this on. ♪ i'm sexy and i know it ♪ i'm sexy and i know it ♪ sexy and i know it
3:49 pm
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>>shepard: a sexual harasser, he is six years old. he was suspended for what was called sexual harassment in class but the family is trying to clear his record. here he is. the school claims he sang "i'm sexy and i know it," to a female classmate not once but twice. the lyrics from the song. ♪ i'm sexy and i know it >>shepard: the school district says that is sexual harassment, and behavior which is not welcome and personally offensive. but the boy's mom says the school's zero tolerance has gone too far. back to the lawyers. >>arthur: common sense right out the window. really? if you want to --.
3:53 pm
>>shepard: what should they have done? >>arthur: it wasn't appropriate language for the classroom, that different. that is different than sexual harassment. he should not get suspended. >>shepard: he does not know what "sex "is. >>randy: and neither did the other six-year-old. >>arthur: every graduation party is going wild for this song and the biggest commercial in the super bowl was eminem guy came out. >>shepard: elmo sings it. we hope this gets fixed. this should not be a blemish on his record. >>shepard: who is the adult in the room? >>randy: it could render you speechless, creation of a hostile offensive atmosphere,
3:54 pm
neither understood what the words meant. you and i actually agree for a change. common sense. and it is too late. this is all over billions of people are now watching this how does this poor young kid, and his poor young parents, how do they fix this? >>arthur: look, he is playing with spiderman and takes dr. seuss off the shelf and you can hear the voice and he says it is not appropriate, and he is mouthing the word that an adult said, it is not appropriate to say those things in the classroom. >>randy: i hope when he has the interview someone remembers this. >>shepard: how does he process this? he did something bad and the other kids ... >>arthur: like you took this kid' train or this doll. it is the same thing. but he doesn't know what he did.
3:55 pm
it is like he broke the rule but he doesn't understand. don't sing "sexy," where are we going do draw the line? >>shepard: i'm not sure. a gum ball cost 25 cents usually. they are now 25 cents arthur, until a kid is stuck in a machine and the fire department has to come and gum balls are free, then. with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these
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become a better investor at e-trade. >>shepard: when you do not have change handy for the gum ball machine you have to go to extreme measure. a two-year old in arkansas, his dad called the fire department when his arm was stuck in the machine. when you need candy you need candy. >> they was trying to get gum out of the machine, and, his hand was stuck up there.
3:59 pm
>> we did not have a plan. we we hoped it would be as simple as sliding it out. but it was not. >> they had to take the guam ball machine apart to free the kid's hand and he got to keep the gum ball. the moral of the story is, never mine. if they are watching. they will drone you. i appear shephard smith, back later for the fox report at 7:00 eastern and 6:00 in oxford. the dow has improved a bit on the day. everything is relative. it was lower. and now "your world," with neil cavuto until this evening have a great afternoon. >>neil: a scare in the air. and scare on the ground the one from a bomb you can not detect and another in your wallet that you cannot miss. today, both front and center. and there was nowhere you could hide. welcome, everyone, glad to


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