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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 9, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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election is, jobs. j-o-b-s jobs. democrats and republicans have different ideas for getting america back to work. president obama prefers a socialist style of government. spend more, tax more, redistribute more. hope it works out. we conservatives have a different way of dealing with things. it's called tough love. listen to hannity. >> you're 29 years old. stop wasting your time. novel concept. get up at 6:00, shuffle coffee down your throat, get to work, stop complaining and get your [bleep] out of bed like everybody else in america and get to work. >> give me a jobbism i'll go to work. >> eric: listen to maine's governor for straight talk for lazy, whiny free loaders. >> compassion and commitment to the children.
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to all of your able-bodied people up there, -- >> good for you. we have a choice. do we want to be a hardworking america that wins the global economic war. or the lazy whiny americans that sit on a couch, rely on the government to get our lunch by china everyone else. >> bob: the governor of maine, chris christie and i could use weight watchers. i sit around the table for almost a year and all you complain about is the obama administration no, jobs created. now you are saying why doesn't everybody go to work? if it's job, they go to work. >> eric: there are always jobs but there are just fewer jobs now. >> bob: then why, if there are jobs, and people really, most of them do want to work. i don't people want to stay on the couch.
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>> greg: most people do want to work but you can't tell people to get a job if it's not there. bob has a point. there is dignity in any kind of work and you have to willing to make choices that you wouldn't normally make, like moving to another city or taking a job that was ideal. that guy on hannity, we're milking to death is not representative of that generation. he represents emasculated beta bail with poorly poor facial hair. protester and example of a tool that wants to be paid for being him. you shouldn't smear an entire generation of people who look for work -- >> eric: stay there. >> greg: i'm not going anywhere. >> eric: hannity said i'll get you a job and he said no, i won't make $80,000 or more. that's why he wouldn't take a job. >> greg: he is not representative. he thinks jobs are fantasy
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world where you get paid to be yourself, you get paid to be a protester. he doesn't have, he will not take a mcdonald's job. he is a poor example i think. i don't think everybody is like that. i can't say get a job. look what i do. i have no discernible skills. i can't job and i can't work with machinery. i can do this job with a hangover and i am doing that now. >> eric: you make us laugh. that is a discernible skill. andrea, there are jobs but maybe they're different than they were three, four, or eight years ago. >> andrea: yeah. under employment is a problem. people with college and master degrees mowing lawns and serving up pizza. that is a big issue. with the millenials, what greg is touching on, generation fed if college you get out an you get a corner office and everybody gets a trophy generation that needs tons of praise. they're realizing the reality. and that is you can go and protest, but there really
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aren't the jobs you study for. you're in the going to be a ceo when you get out of office. it wrote a column a year-and-a-half on this. millenials maybe getting humble pie isn't a bad thing. serving sandwiches at quiznos may not be bad. we did it for summers. pew the kids have a spoiled mentality. hannity is talking to one of them and there is a lot more. >> eric: hold on. you sent this out. this is a fantastic op-ed. bret stevens in the "wall street journal" today on the kids graduating. pretty telling, the job market from 2012. >> dana: the numbers for people just graduating or graduating in the last three or four years are really bad. i think we are missing a bigger part of this, what has happened in the past 30 years and the root causes of this. when i watch this. in the commercial break last week the thing about the guy that is on with hannity, he is nev going to get married,
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okay? what woman is going to want to be with him. or in a committed relationship whatever it is. nobody wants to be saddled with somebody that doesn't want to do that, that provides for them. over time, talk about charlie's book before where we talked about town versus belmont. if you are a parent you need to think about the long road and helping steer kids to jobs to create them. we need to wake up and realize they are not mark zuckerberg just because they know how to go to facebook. that is very, very small. if you remember your grandfather, somebody who worked at a manufacturing job and the jobs aren't there anymore, you don't want to chop tomatoes at a restaurant necessarily. that is a deeper cause. >> eric: did any of us grow up with silver spoon? we worked jobs we didn't necessarily think we had to work. >> dana: telemarketing, the worst. >> eric: it seems, and stevens points out that the
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kids of 2012 and going forward, don't, they think they are too good for that type of job. >> andrea: they don't know where a char comes from. they don't know the value of a dollar because it's handed to them. >> bob: be careful about indicting an entire generation, largest generation in the country. they do more volunteer work than any other generation. most of them do want to work. they're trying to find jobs. what greg says, maybe you look for jobs. the most expensive thing you can do is uproot yourself and move to a town there may or may not be jobs. >> greg: you look first. >> bob: it's easy to say flip hamburgers but in a lot of places they are lining up to flip hamburgers. >> dana: the way you can get government assistance priced some out of the market. if it's more aggressive to stay on government benefit to go in and work at mcdonald's or whatever it might be, the natural choice is to continue to be on benefit and continue
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to try to find a job. >> bob: obama's idea of training people for job of the future would be better. >> dana: what president hasn't had that? >> bob: maybe a lot of them have, but we haven't done it well. >> dana: the private sector should been a together and do it together. not have a -- >> andrea: you can train them, but the jobs aren't there. >> greg: i want to add this is a cliche among all generations, every generation, you know, craps on the previous generation. these guys are a bunch of lazy people. they're not. this is a very tough time. >> bob: the greatest generation is the greatest generation. tom brokaw. >> eric: you can quantify this. kids graduating now have lower test scores lower math scores. we're 35thin math. >> greg: we're throwing more money in the education system. that is more about the education system. >> dana: in city journal, i read the hard copy of and is online soon, she has a compelling case to make about the breakdown of the family. over time, how that has led to a lot of these numbers that you can quantify.
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>> eric: you mentioned manufacturing is better now than when president obama took office. i have to -- this is where the jobs -- >> bob: this is 15 years ago. >> eric: no, we talked about the snapshot in time between january 20, 2009. there is almost 600,000 fewer jobs in the american manufacturing today than the day president obama took office. i'm going to give you a break here. the unemployment rate in manufacturing is going down. so what is happening this is from the bureau of statistics. manufacturing jobs are going away. fewer americans are -- >> bob: i wanted the airlines, group of airline once who wanted to get mechanics for their engines. delta and a couple of others banned together and set up the school to learn how to do that. we're going to have train -- those were high paying jobs. we have to train people. if you look at china, they graduate a million engineers and mathematicians every year. we have don't do that.
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so we're going to have to do that. that is jobs of the future. nursing is a huge job. >> andrea: that goes to another debate we had on the show, right. every child is somehow to you need a four-year university degree. what about vocationm, technical schools? >> bob: exactly right. or high-tech school. bachelor degree. what does latin do for you now? >> andrea: or psychology. >> greg: latin psychology. >> eric: a second language would go a long way. >> dana: if i were graduating today i think the advice i would give is go overseas. go an do something. not just volunteering but go and learn something. when you come back you will be a much more attractive employee to a potential employer if you have experience and shown you have gone and done something a lived in a different cometure and you can bring it back to your country. >> bob: people in the peace corps with me, every one of them came back and bot good jobs. we worked out in places, well -- >> greg: but there have to
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be jobs. there aren't any jobs. >> eric: coming up, david axelrod called the g.o.p.ars contract killers. what happened to civility? and toning down the rhetoric. what happened to that? his comments, next. also my turn to answer you questions on facebook tonight. like our page at send a question for yours truly. maybe you want to know what bob is laughing about right now in the commercial break. i'll answer my favorite after the show. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." all right, well, obama advisor david axelrod ratcheted up the rhetoric yesterday, taking a harsh shot at the g.o.p. heavy hitters. >> we are prepared and i want to be clear to respond to the attacks that we expect to continue not just from the romney campaign but from the
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karl and koch brothers contract killer over there in superpac land who are going to continue to pound away on behalf of governor romney. >> andrea: contract killers. i guess the senior aid visor wasn't listening when his boss president obama said this after the gabrielle giffords shooting. >> let us remember it's not because a simple act of civility caused this tragedy. it did not. but only because only a more civil and honest public discourse can help us face up to the channels o challenges ofr nation. >> andrea: "contract killers" is an agraceive term but it's a lie. are we done with civility now? >> eric: be careful. first, david axelrod being a senior advisor is different than one of us, pundit saying
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something. it puts him in a different league. this should be -- president obama should tell him he should go out -- >> andrea: should koch brothers sue? >> eric: the koch brothers are private citizens. that he can donate to whom over or whatever they want to donate to. a moment of heightened rhetoric. >> dana: premeditated or panic. when president obama is giving the speech he talks about positive discourse. that was a conference call he didn't think would become public. anything you say at any time can and will be used against you at some point. if it was panic, regrettable. if it's premeditated that's reprehensible. one of the press secretaries on the obama team called on romney to call out extreme members of the republican party. what about the extremists within president obama's inner circle? that i thought this was a hair-raising comment. >> andrea: how would you
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handle it? >> greg: the irony, president obama is a contract killer, but those are work contracts. i am so tired of the political ping-pong. rush limbaugh says this, bill maher says that. everybody creates faux outrage. i want more lack of civility. i want to say horrible things about people, but you have the freedom to do that. he didn't mean they were contract killers. that is the beauty of language. it's an analogy, metaphor, everybody knows that. stop doing it. let's do it first. let's say hey, we won't hold you to the same standard you do. >> andrea: george soros, that makes him a contract killer, too. he is giving $2 million to liberal groups. that is the news. liberal leaning political groups and he funds millions of dollars in democratic campaign. >> bob: first, he never should have used that words.
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he said they're contract killers, in the pac. the super pacs on the republican side proven themselveses so far to be disingenuous, untruthful. after their own kind. they went after their own kind in the primary after gingrich and santorum. this is $200 million, $300 million. idea this karl rove and the koch brothers have t independent -- >> andrea: it's like koch brothers and karl rove is the republican bill ayers. no one cares about this. >> i would not equate the koch brothers with karl.
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they are two separate things. you know my feeling about the koch brothers. i think they have broken the law and sold to the enemy. >> eric: stop, snob, stop. >> bob: you always say stop. >> eric: we are talking about campaign financing. >> bob: big money behind campaigns. i believe karl rove would not do what the koch brothers do. brothers are evil people. >> greg: these are sugar daddies for political parties. get over it. >> bob: when you spend $100 million a year -- >> greg: how much money does obama have? >> bob: these people act independently. >> greg: you'd love them if they were on your side, bob. >> dana: what about the union none surprise, the unions will go out and have a campaign for president obama. that was counterbalanced. >> andrea: speaking the contractors, richard trumka has words about his relationship with president
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obama and what would happen after a second term. >> have you had specific conversations with president obama about what his agenda in the second term might be? >> i have had conversations with the president. i have had conversations with his staff. his cabinet about things of that sorb. yeah. >> andrea: speaking of killer contracts. >> bob: i know richard trumka. a decent human being. private sector, unions represent less than 9% of the workforce. the idea that there is a killer contract out there is silly. if you have any time off on weekend, paid vacation and your kids are not working in slave labor, thank the labor union leaders who went to the well and got their -- their -- >> eric: that is off-topic. dana is 100% right. unions donate to obama. at the same pace that karl rove -- >> people, the eel people --
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evil people are koch brothers. >> i'm ready to do away with this seg minute. how about that? is the u.s. going to give up mount rushmore? that is what one official calling for. details next up. ♪ ♪ let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement insurance card, too.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: tonight on facebook, eric will actually sing that song for you live. so this is a story about the united nations. you probably won't believe it, actually. mount rushmore a place i used to go every year as a kid. 80 miles east of my great grandfather's ranch that they have there. my uncle and my cousins run it now. so the u.n. security, the united nations has a tour. i had to look that up. he is a reporter, the reporter to go basically to go to the united nations. he went to geneva an after all of this analysis he has come to determine he believes the sacred land like the black hills of south dakota, includes mount rushmore should be returned to the native
2:27 am
american control. interesting that the human rights counsel i points dictators of unrest of all sorts and allows things but they want to us return rushmore to the native americans. what do you think? >> greg: taking any advice onous tis from the u.n. is like taking health tip tips froa corpse. they once owned manhattan island, too. so i think there is a compromise here, for which we give the u.n. back to the iroquois or any native american. let them take over the u.n. because nobody can do a worse job than the u.n. now. he's crazy. >> andrea: i like that. move it to indian reservation. >> dana: congress can't agree on anything. no member would meet with him. what do you think of that bipartisanship? >> eric: this is ridiculous. i read the story, where am i going with this. why is this that the u.n. suggesting we -- how about the
2:28 am
u.n. figure out international problems? >> bob: the united states supreme court rule. and it's not just the tribal land. this is spiritual sand. >> dana: sacred land. >> bob: sacred land. they absolutely should get it back. we had a treaty, as usual, the white man broke the treaty and threw the indians -- >> andrea: the supreme court ruled to compensate them for the land and indians wouldn't take the money. >> bob: they want the land back. it's their secret land. you could still have mount rushmore and people can visit. >> dana: i credit obama administration trying to bring this lawsuit to settlement. noaa similar thing going on with palestine. >> bob: that is changing the subject. >> it's not. >> bob: what we did to the african-american and the american indians. we slaughtered them in hundreds of thousands a put them in the worst possible situation. the unemployment is rate. alcoholism rate is high. we ought to be disgraced.
2:29 am
>> greg: i'm not going to follow your liberalness. >> dana: but at what point does it end? nobody actually lived here, you can go back thousands of years, nobody lived here. they came here at some point. is there an end to this? talking about yelling at a mirror. >> andrea: i don't think you can defend what happened to the indians. but there is suffering in the western situation. a lot of people came here and suffered, as you pointed out. this is a tricky conversation. this is made by the academic. worst form of an academic, one with a law degree. it's waste of time to talk about it because the chances are slim to none, everybody. >> dana: have you been there? >> bob: i. i have's beautiful.
2:30 am
the congress took back the land and they ruled they had to catch sate it. they don't want compensation. we ought to give it right. no right. none. >> dana: nobody in congress -- of all the members of the congress, they met with -- >> bob: a bunch of wusses. they're scared. that is a bad thing. at least listen to the indians. >> andrea: some got financial compensation from the different organizations for land. are they going to start give that back now? you can't just say give us mount rushmore but we'll take money for this piece of land. >> bob: there are different ways to compensate them. part of one, a major one was to allow gaming on the indian territories to bring in a huge amount of money. >> dana: but a lot of problems, too. >> bob: problem but there has been money and reservation has been increasing in size. >> greg: the solution is a
2:31 am
casino on mount rushmore. genius! i have never been there. now i'm going. >> dana: before the u.n. takes back mount rushmore or greg gets a wish to put a casino there. take your family there. fantastic road trip. you will not regret it. i encourage you to do it. >> bob: get there after they put president obama's figure up there which will be in the next ten years. >> dana: or when h-e-double-hockey-stick freezes over. so i don't cuss on air. i don't have a swear jar. coming up, lugeer, republican senator in indiana in the primary fight of his life against tea party candidate. this is good or bad for the g.o.p.? we'll debate that next. ♪ ♪ w back to new york and "the
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five." ♪ ♪ >> bob: well, we talked about the american indians and this is a lead in to the next segment, tea party is about to get another scalp. one of the really decent and thoughtful senators republicans named lugar out of indiana. who has been responsible for more arms control agreements with the soviet union than anybody else. he's a terrific legislator. what the tea party is doing here. they are going to win and have murdoch, the state treasurer who can't add numbers very well. he will be up here and another right wing tea party person. what is available right wing and by the way, they are after orrin hatch in utah. they will probably get him, too. before the tea party -- before
2:38 am
the tea party is done, you are going to have an entire senate and house looking like eric bolling. think about that. okay? >> andrea: i like that thought. >> dana: hot congress. >> bob: the tea party is ruining the republican party. in my case it's not a question. they are. >> greg: you should be happy. why are you upset? you're scared. >> bob: i'm scared orange wingers. >> bob: they're winning. murdoch is 60 years old. scary when that is the young candidate. this is about new blood. not about the tea party but the fact you have people like lugar who has been in the same spot for 30 years and doesn't even live in indiana. i want to run for office. where the casino is. >> bob: the tax we talk about is $1.6 million outside group to defeat lugar. i don't know where cal did but they put him on the other. >> dana: i don't think so. >> bob: i don't get why they want to give up decent people.
2:39 am
>> andrea: that is not how democracy works. if the republicans decide they haven't been represented by lugar, that is their decision. you will crack up at this, too. you know when you haven't lived in a state for three decades, that is a problem. lugar told reporters that he found people saying he's the least worst of those running. and many attendees at a campaign event as reporters. he has serious problems. >> bob: let me ask you a question. they have knocked off a lot of republican moderates, lost the senate because of what happened in 2008. >> dana: the constituency grows and develop. why isn't competition good in this case? murdoch won statewide twice before. >> eric: i called mr. murdoch and i had a
2:40 am
conversation with him. it was a long conversation. i think it's important because i think indiana is becoming, kind of a poster child for the new breed of conservatives i'm for it. i like mike pence, and mitch daniels and richard mourdock. more conservative. the new breed at age 60. but he points in 2008, barack obama turned indiana light shade of blue. to bring it back to solid red state which it always has been. you are afraid of the tea party. >> bob: do you think guys will sit down with democrats to work out problems? or be like most tea party people. >> greg: the polarization argument, why can't they agree with me? nobody asks in a democrat race when a more left candidate comes in, to, my god, what will happen. that guy is more liberal.
2:41 am
>> andrea: do you get that heart burn when al franken runs? >> bob: you talk about -- al franken can go in and sit down and negotiate, the republicans, a few of the older ones have been around, trying to negotiate. pushed around by the tea party people. it's a great party and destroyed. what percentage of republican can vote in indiana? >> eric: i don't know. >> bob: i bet 20% maximum. >> okay. did you just say boehner influenced by the tea party? >> bob: absolutely. >> eric: tea party is upset with what has gone on. >> bob: what a shame. >> eric: you don't have a horse in this race. >> bob: i do. lugar has done some remarkable things in international affairs and i think it's important to have someone substantively. >> eric: he didn't know his
2:42 am
address on his driver's license. isn't it time to maybe get some new blood, fresh blood, conservative blood? boston if you consider mourdock fresh blood. i don't know. i think it's not something that is good for the republican party. >> andrea: let the voters of indiana decide. how about that? let them make their decision. >> bob: fine. trying to protect the party. that's all. >> andrea: thank you for caring about the g.o.p. thank you. >> bob: i do. >> bob: i got to go. coming up, eat the homemade cupcakes when you can. one state is considering banning bake sales in schools. give me a break. greg's monologue is next. ♪ ♪
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>> greg: welcome back. as of august 1, department of public health and education
2:47 am
will outlaw school bake sales. homemade treats to raise cash for kids. where does l it go after the football game snacks? spending on education is tripled in the last few decades and test scores worsened. students are sleeping with students and students are dropping in out huge numbers and you want to been a a cupcake. good luck getting kids to buy squash to pay for football pads. this is just another attack on the capitalism. a young girl can learn more from selling doughnuts than from a class on gender studie studies. the kids need lessons in winning, not whining. they should have chips in the bags, not on their shoulders. but now even the white house chef wants to control our lives. yes, sam cass says fat folks are a national security issue. thinks their butts are bigger target for north korean missile. get back in the kitchen. your brain is half-baked. when did chefs get so
2:48 am
self-important? the difference between chefs and cook is arugula. thanks to obamanomics rising food prices will have us eating less than our fair share in no time. i bet you ran for bake sale than betty crocker. are you outraged? >> dana: outraged. not that you get outraged about anything anymore. in the article it said they are been aing the sale of girl scout cookies. that raise money for a really good purpose. i don't know what people supposed to eat? >> greg: carrots. anything that a rabbit eats we have to eat. >> eric: c'mon wealth of massachusetts. bob is waving at the producer. >> bob: nobody pays attention. trying to get their attention. i can't get anybody to talk to meful >> greg: while i'm trying to do my monologue he is going like that. is that a coincidence? we all ignored him.
2:49 am
>> bob: wanted a cupcake. it was a smart funny thing to do. nobody up there answered me. >> andrea: we don't have more in the green room. >> eric: anyway, we can't have the girl scouts selling cookies or bake sales in massachusetts. >> greg: still angry. >> dana: maryland, too. happening in maryland as well. >> bob: listen, they have i happen to be a pro-cupcake lobbyist, the fact is a lot of sports teams in rural communities depend on this stuff to pay for their sports equipment. the idea you'll been a this stuff, been a something serious like heroin. >> dana: they will just buy the processed food version rather than a healthy homemade point. >> andrea: liberals think sugar is heroin. >> bob: it's not. >> greg: this is like an attack on the american way of baking.
2:50 am
>> andrea: we made a living selling people lots of food. what i find incredible is obama's personal chef before he became president of the united states is now his surrogate on national security? folks, this chef came out and was lecturing that obesity is a danger to national security. could you imagine -- there he is. can you imagine if mitt romney rolled owl his personal chef to lecture the nation on issues of national security? >> bob: the question is his choice is which one is his personal chef and which one of his houses and which state? i bet mitt romney never cooked a meal in his life. then again -- i don't know. he put his dog on top of the car. maybe he -- anyway. it is true. which is not bad p it is true a that obesity is a problem among children. we can agree with that. it's not because of bake sales for football game.
2:51 am
it's because of nutrition standards in schools and other stuff. why pick on that and not go after the school board? >> greg: nanny state never ends. they want to get more involved in our lives. >> dana: i found out today somebody who works here, they're not allowed to take cupcakes or cakes in the classroom for the birthday party for the kids. i'm like what are you supposed to take? apples and raisins and stuff. >> andrea: i feel sorry for kids nowadays. we talk about how they can't find jobs and we look at the younger generation. you wonder why they are not getting a good education. administrators worry about cupcakes instead of math and science. i feel sorry for them. >> bob: can i make a point, recovering alcoholics crave sugar. there may not be a lot of alcoholics in high school but if you take away sugar they do bad things. >> greg: all right, why does it always come back to -- all right. i'm tired of chefs. why do you call them chefs?
2:52 am
>> bob: you go places every night. >> greg: why chef. i don't say hey, pundit beckel. what does that become a thing? >> andrea: like a doctor. >> dana: if you get a ph.d. you call somebody a doctor. >> greg: you're a cook. >> bob: why are you on the cheffic? >> gregchef thing? >> greg: i'm outraged. >> eric: what is the difference between customer and a client? clients are more important, aren't they? >> andrea: the customer is always right. >> greg: one more thing is up next. if you leave now eric will not reveal his new routine for the chippendale dance review. >> eric: i love this son
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>> eric: a quick reminder after the show i'll answer five questions on the facebook page. send them now. go to answers will be posted around 6:30 eastern. now time for one more thing. >> andrea: can i pose a personal question? are you answering personal questions? >> eric: sure. >> andrea: so, jay-z, watch out, there is a new rapper on the scene. check her out. jay-dim. >> i'm just an 80-year-old woman that tweets. my goal is to reach 80,000
2:57 am
followers. i got a better touchdown dance than all of you. [ singing ] ♪ ♪ >> andrea: can you tell i was grasping for anything. she has more energy than i do. 80. you go, grandma! >> eric: go ahead, brother, you're up. >> bob: i'm up? >> eric: you are up. >> bob: listen, i want to show you a tape here of barack obama. this is lesson to the president. presidents should teach us all a lesson. this is obama coming town some place. and he goes walking back, can we play it back one more time. he walks off the plane and then he forgets his wife. that's something i try to do on a regular basis. in barack obama's case, i would not leave michelle obama behind, because she could whip you, man. >> dana: that would not happen to barbara bush. >> bob: you didn't have to say that. it was cute that the president made that mistake and came back and got his wife.
2:58 am
remind everyone married, to go back and get your wife. me, i go get a foreign exchange student. >> eric: joe biden last night. check it out. >> we took office, let me remind you, it was virtually no international pressure on iran. we were the problem. we were diplomatically isolated in the world, in the region. in europe. >> eric: there he is again. apologist for us. no thanks. dana, your turn. >> dana: that is actually really untrue and unfair. i'm going to talk about something fun. prince harry, the dashing, charming prince was in washington, d.c., getting an award from the atlantic council, 2012 distinguished leadership award for his work on behalf of injured service men. he met military folks in d.c. and he does things all around
2:59 am
the world; in particular, britain, served in the military himself. he's just so darn handsome. >> bob: maybe you should marry -- >> greg: can i do my one more thing, please? >> bob: no. >> greg: okay. i want to plug jonah goldberg's new work. for anyone who loves a good conservative book that is funny, pick this up. the best thing is this has a plug from vince vaughn on the back. any book that vince vaughn reads has to be a good book. >> eric: facebook in a couple minutes. peg your questions. i'm greg gutfeld or as you know, the guy in the gym in the sauna. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> the exhibits that were shown were exclusively our own, america. president obama finds himself taking heat for his


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