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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 11, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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>> happy mother's day from barack obama's team. restore our future is responsible for the content of this message. >> bill: a pro-romney group launch as pro-mother's day ad. we will show it to you. >> i want the wedding to be celebratory. >> he not inviting president obama to his gay wedding. greg gutfeld has some thoughts on that. >> bill: caution, you are about to it enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. exaggerating and justifying bad behavior. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. one of the really annoying things about my job is when i confront a political partisan with a fact they often dodge it by dredging up a diversion
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to petty fog the issue. example. mitt romney put his dog on top of his car and drove to canada. what about that? oh, yeah? well, barack obama ate a cocker spaniel in indonesia. what? what does that have to do with romney's situation? now, we have a front page "the washington post" report says when mitt romney was 18 years old, about 50 years ago, he hazed a gay guy in prep school. and then i turn on the tv last night and instead of dealing with the absurdity of that story, some pundits are referring to other politicians doing even worse stuff. here in america we often justify bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior, which is what they do in 3rd grade. now, let's take a look at this romney prep school thing. it's dumb. i shot justin mcdevitt in the back with a b b b gun.
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justin was unarmed. i don't know why did i it. i hope can i keep my job. if there was a pattern of behavior, if mitt romney was hazing people all the time, if while governor of massachusetts, romney shaved barney frank's head, then you might have a story. but a prep school prank? come on. >> i don't recall the incident myself, but i have seen the reports. and i'm not going to argue with that. there is no question but that i did some stupid things when i was in high school. and obviously if i hurt anyone by virtue of that i would be very sorry for it and apologize for it. >> bill: talking points wants to ask the "the washington post" what is the statue of limitations on dopey teenage behavior? does it ever run out? in addition to shooting jump i think i hit sharon patterson with a snow ball when i was 14. can you believe this nonsense? that is politics in america today. gotcha, getcha, humiliate you.
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the romney story means nothing, period. that's the memo. now our top story tonight is justifying bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior a legitimate campaign technique? joining us from a republic-- strike that gist and in the studio john a democratic strategist. begin with you. you get my point here on the romney story? >> i get the point but i do think this went beyond a prank. a prank is short shooting a bat or. >> how do you know that. >> multiple sources. five sources. >> bill: who are they? >> five students. can i bring you the "the washington post" article. >> bill: you are going on a "the washington post" article, okay? and thought boy's family, by the way, who died, this kid died, says it's not really what happened. so, let's assume the story is true, which is a huge assumption, okay? for me. because i didn't believe the "the washington post" really
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really. let's assume it's true. he is 18, romney. how old is he now? >> born in 1947. >> bill: is he 65, okay? he is 18. he is 65. from 18 to 65, we don't have any other hazing. we don't have any incidents. we don't have any. zero. so you are going it sit there and condemn romney and say he is not fit to be president for what he did at 18? >> i think for what he did at 18. if it's a pattern of behavior, i agree. >> bill: is there any other evidence that it is. >> doesn't it disturb you that he didn't remember it. >> bill: no, i don't know what he did or didn't do. >> do you remember incidents when you were 12 and 14? >> bill: some i do. but i was a pretty zoo man in college. >> knocking a kid to the ground and cutting his hair and making him cry? >> bill: if it were that terrible, okay. but i'm not willing to cede that yet. what do you see, chris? >> well, you know, the thing i see, bill, is not necessarily the bad behavior, bad behavior, i agree. i hate it when politicians or
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spokes people for politicians answer with another bad behavior. for example, bush spent too much money, oh, okay, so obama can spend money now? he spent over 5 trillion since he has been elected a little over three years ago? what i see here is the "the washington post" writing a clear political hit piece. it's biased and now it's corrupt because after the last couple 'of days the family has come out of the gentlemen, the alleged victim and said he would be furious. it's a politically agenda driven story. >> bill: we don't know yet. and you have other people. >> bill: i want to hear from the family members themselves. >> the sister of the alleged victim. >> bill: let's take john's point though say mitt romney age 18. rich kid, prep school. a kid who was by most accounts acting kind of afilm nent and he did come out as gay later on and mitt took a little scissors and cut his died blond hair.
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does that disqualify him to be president? it's not a nice thing to do no it's not. it doesn't disqualify him it happened 47 years ago. you made a good point. if mitt romney had spent his entire adult life beating up people and cutting their hair, yes, it would call into character. this is a joke. the "the washington post" should be ridiculed and they are. absolute total joke. we will see more of it in the future. >> bill: now, i worked in boston and i know romney for a long time. i also knee intawfn very liberal political town. "boston globe" very liberal newspaper, okay? all the reporters that i know who covered romney and i know a lot of them, none of them say that he is a mean guy. none of them say that is he confrontational, that he is antigay. none of them say any of that. all right? these are the people who covered the man and who know him pretty well. that's why i'm saying that there is simply no reason to run a front page story like this, there just isn't. if it were me i would said to
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the reporter you have a start of a story. let's see if there is anything more in his adult life that can back this up? if there weren't, i wouldn't have run it. would i be a bad editor? >> well. >> bill: wait, let john reply. >> i mean, the incident, i mean the extent -- i agree, look it, this is 47 years ago. we have all done stupid things as kids. no doubt about it when you are 18 and you assault a kid and plan it for a couple of days? >> bill: he cut his hair. >> down to the ground with a group of kids while he was screaming and crying. that's a heck of a lot more than a hair cut. >> bill: did you read the police report on. this i read the articles on it. >> bill: not the police report. you couldn't have read a police report because there wasn't a police report and he wasn't expelled, romney. there is no paper trail on it. this is just antidotal. what about the fact, chris, that come conservatives on talk radio today going barack obama smoked pot and eight a dog and i did something, i don't know. that's how they are responding
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to this story, well, yeah. mitt romney may have cut the kid's hair but barack obama, i guess, lived in a crack house for eight years. isn't that insane? why would you lower yourself to do that? i think both sides are ridiculous. >> i think it's far better to return the "the washington post" hit piece as the joke that it is. 47 years ago. an 18-year-old kid might have done something. >> bill: you know, by conservatives doing that they actually justify the allegation. he may have done it but barack obama is eating that dourn hound -- dachshund. >> clearly the "the washington post" doesn't have a pattern on mitt romney bullying or having bad character. it's a joke to go back 47 years ago. it's a joke. the "the washington post" is a joke for running this story. 5,500 words. give me a break. >> bill: all right. good debate, guys. thanks very much for coming. in next on the run down, very
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to put more giddy-up in our get-along. it's time to start gellin' with dr. scholl's... ... and mix a little more hop in our hip-hop. with the eneizing support and cushioning of dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles ... you'll want to get up and go. >> bill: impact segment tonight. monday is mother's day. restore our future romney
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super pac has put out this ad. >> ann romney raised five boys. she successfully battered breast cancer and multiple sclerosis. what does white house insider hillary rosen say about ann romney. >> guess what she has never worked a day in her life. >> and biferl mar who gave a million dollars supporting obama attacks. >> ann romney has never gotten her ass out of the house. >> happy mother's day from barack obama's team. restore our future is responsible for the contest of this message. >> bill: joining us now to analyze from "the washington post" michigan shield fields reporter for the daily caller she is in for janine turner. leslie marshall. the reason i'm laughing at the ad is the whole day today is just absurd. you heard the top segment with romney. hasn't the "the washington post" ever seen animal house? romney wouldn't even be able to make that frat. but now we have obama's team
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so all of a sudden mar and the other woman who works at cnn rosen are part of obama's team. but, but, the ad is pretty effective because both of those people, rosen and mar are very identifiable democrats, leslie. so what say you? >> well, i say first of all, you know what? ann romney is not running for president. i know it's a shock to everybody. what kills me on the ad is really bad old soap opera type music. that aside, putting your wife forth and knocking an administration, bill maher doesn't work for the president. you know, i think that people know for the most part that hillary rosen doesn't speak for all of us on the left. all of us women myself on the left. i honestly don't think it was supposed to be such an attack on moms that don't work outside the home. we all know that is a lot of work. i think it's more the idea that somebody who is wealthy such as ann romney has that choice and then, of course, has the amount of money to buy $900 blouse. bottom line here, this, to me,
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does not really make the romney, the romney campaign look much better than they are trying to make the obama campaign look. i think it's pretty tasteless. >> bill: what do you say, michelle. >> look, i like this ad. i think it debunks this myth that liberals are trying to push that the romneys can't relate to the american people. if you look at this ad you see that ann romney has overcome some serious adversity. that's something all americans can relate to. i think it's going to be really effective. ann romney is somebody who really connects with voters. >> bill: do you think it's fair to link rosen and mar to president obama's team? >> well, rosen did visit the white house plenty of times and mar has given tons of money to obama, so, yes. these are his supporters i think that's that is a fair connection. if the ad were to say supporters i think it would be a better ad. team can connotes that they're n organized team playing
11:15 pm
together. that's what they do overplay this and that the reason this ad is out it's obvious president obama is ahead with single women. the polls say married women very close but single women are going, breaking for obama. so, that's why they put this ad out. it's worth a shot i think that's what the pack is saying. i don't disagree. i understand and agree with you the reason they are doing it there is a more effective way to do that. i mean, why are you demonizing president obama for something for things that bill maher. >> bill: because they don't like him. that's why. they want him out of there. come on, leslie. what are you little bo peep tonight? all right. >> who what wip don't they come out and say we don't like the guy and ann romney would be a better first lady so what if she has a $900 blouse. >> bill: ann romney be a
11:16 pm
better president than mr. obama. >> bill: get both of you to weigh in on this. this is an article about how children are being mothered in a different way. and obviously you can see the ad. it's very controversial. what do you say michelle? is this acceptable time magazine cover? >> i mean, this is completely disgusting. this woman is exploiting her child for 15 minutes of fame. >> bill: it's a model. it's not a real woman here. this is a model. >> no, it is a mother and that is her son. >> bill: is that right? i didn't know that. is that true? >> she was exploiting. she was on the news today talking about this. she is exploiting her child for 15 minutes of fame. i understand if you want to introduce a new issue of how to raise your child. but why don't you take a picture that actually depicts. >> bill: i think "time" magazine is the one that exploited. >> it's her child. >> bill: are you sure it's a real mom and her son? i guess it would have to be they couldn't do that if they weren't related. did you know that leslie? did you know that was a real
11:17 pm
mom and her son? did you know that? >> yes, did i. >> bill: so i'm the idiot here. >> no, no, no. >> bill: i should have done the research here. all right. leslie, is this offensive to you? >> it is. and, you know, i'm going to be in trouble, bill, because my mother is watching. but my mother breast fed one of my brothers until he was 3. i was offended by it i was embarrassed and humiliated to be seen with her in public. i do think this is gross. i agree with you 100%. whether it's a mom or a model completely exploiting a child breast feeding. >> bill: how old is the kid on the cover? how old is the kid? >> i think he is the 3-year-old son. she has a 3 and a a-year-old son but i believe this is the 3-year-old son. >> bill: okay. all right, ladies, thank you very much. very interesting. directly ahead, we will have the latest on the norfolk mob violence situation. very public crime remains largely unsolved down there. then lou dobbs on why mitt romney is building a significant lead in the latest polling and we are coming right back. ♪
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, as we have been reporting norfolk virginia police still have not solved the mob violence case where two white newspaper reporters were assaulted by a gang of young black men almost a month ago. this there has been one arrest. 16-year-old charged with five counts, one a flown. you might expect more when scores of people witness the attack, by at least five men. here now fox news anchor geraldo rivera who is also an attorney. so this evening i am appointing mr. rivera as the attorney for the victims who have filed a complaint against the norfolk police department. all right. so now you are taking the case over. where do you go with it? >> first of all, let me congratulate you for your wisdom in selecting a fine
11:22 pm
counsel. >> bill: sure, okay. >> let me also say were i you, i would have hired the most prominent black attorney in the norfolk area, someone like benjamin crump who represents the trayvon martin family in florida. i think that would diffuse and even reverse any kind of racial connotation and may work in the benefit. but, let me assume the guys, remembering my advice that i would have hired an african-american attorney. okay. what i would do first, is hold a press conference on the steps of the police department or city hall in norfolk and i would announce to the people in the commonwealth of virginia that i think a grave injustice is being done here. a toxic combination of political correctness and lazy police work has led to my clients, david forster and marjon ross ross tammy.
11:23 pm
these two guys were brutally beaten. i call on the commonwealth of virginia right now to release any relevant 911 calls. >> bill: we ought to tell the folks maybe they don't know the case. they won't release the 911 tape. the norfolk police saying there is an investigation and that might hinder it. >> bogus. how many times have we heard 911 call including in the trayvon martin case. you hear 911 calls. they release it when it is convenient for them. i call not only on rostami's 911 call to be released but all 911 calls because i surmise that there were other people witness to this incident who dialed 911. i want all 911 calls released. furthermore, i want every shop keeper in the area of brainstemmableton -- give us
11:24 pm
access to your surveillance video. i want every video. i want every personal device, ipod video. blackberry video, anyone who has video please bring it to me, and minor folk virginia office. i am imploring you as good citizens to give us access to that video. furthermore, i know for a fact, i as the attorney for these two young people that there were eyewitnesses to this incident who have attempted to come forward who have not been given full hearing by the investigators who chose for whatever reason to ignore. >> bill: that's why the two victims filed a complaint. because they said the norfolk police wouldn't interview the people who saw it aggressively. >> which leads me, ladies and gentlemen, to my fourth point. i know that the internal affairs department of the another folk police department is now investigating the responding officers in this case. i will allow them full, fair
11:25 pm
time to do their investigation. >> bill: it's been a month. >> but i call on colonel stephan flourdy of the virginia state police. a wonderful legendary organization to supervise the internal affairs probe of these officers as he is statutorily permitted to do, to ensure that this department does not cover up for the inaction or the cover up, if that is. >> bill: police oversight which is why we had the attorney general on. he is not the man. >> let the state police do it they're far scarier than the attorney general in this context. >> bill: we have a minute left. if you do not get. >> i have to say this my fifth and final point all. >> bill: all right, go. >> the virginia pilot newspaper has a long and storied tradition as a fine newspaper. you cannot tell your readers that were the case reversed
11:26 pm
and two young black people had been beset by a white mob, you would not have told the story for two weeks. you cannot editor, publisher, you cannot pretend. >> bill: he should resign, right? >> i think they really must answer in their own way to the fact that they did not report this story. >> bill: they a vend. they have attacked me for bringing that up. >> attacking you. why did they sit for two weeks and only tell it in an op. ed. >> bill: you ed said it political correctness. who you can sue if you don't get justice. >> sue the officers who responded once the internal affairs and administration and by extension the department and by extension the city of norfolk. >> bill: you could sue them all. >> you can sue them all, definitely. >> bill: geraldo, keep on it we will take a look at it. >> hire a black attorney david forester and marjon rostami. >> bill: was cbs news
11:27 pm
correspondent leslie stall unfair to rodriguez. adam says yes. he will be here. lou dobbs on a brand new poll saying mitt romney is building a significant lead over president obama. we hope you stay tuned to we hope you stay tuned to thos i'm really going to miss you.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. a couple of weeks ago 60 minutes featured jose rodriguez head of the forced interrogation unit. he has a new book. leslie stall interrogated him. you also employed stress techniques. >> um-huh. there was technique where the detableee would sit on the floor and raise his hands over his head. >> in other words, he had to hold his hands up there forever and forever. >> forever and ever. i was thinking about this the other day. the objective was to induce muscle fatigue. most people who work out do a lot more fatiguing of the muscles. >> are you saying this was like going to the gym? come on. a little different. >> bill: i thought the interview was fine. but adam corolla disagrees and
11:31 pm
joins us now from los angeles. what teed you off about leslie stall. >> i just think it's so easy to sit back in the cheap seats and snipe at these guys that are trying to get information that are going to save american lives. and maybe european lives as well. i mean, we sit around and we go, you know, torture doesn't work. well, it's been around for 5,000 years. most stuff that doesn't work goes the way of the dodo pretty quick like water beds and 8 tracks and things like that. my question to leslie stall is what would you use in place of enhanced interrogation to get information out of people who are trying to kill americans? >> bill: now, were you convinced by that interview that leslie stall was against coerced interrogation? against waterboarding and all of that? does she convince you of that? she never said that what she did was what i often do here and what i'm actually doing to you right now is she played devil's advocate.
11:32 pm
>> yeah. but i mean he was saying, you know, i slapped him with an open hand and she almost [bleep]. she was like, what? you did? you sleep deprivation, diet alteration. she was making it like it was a big deal. anyone who has rushed a frat who has gone through more than that. i just feel like look, you are trying to get information out of people. you know, they got terrorists in there. they are trying to get them to talk. what better way to do it than to put a little pressure on them. and. >> bill: i agree with you. there is two tracks here. i agree with you and from the jump i have said that if you have a captured terrorist, and you can't get through to the man, i think he tried to do it the conventional way. if you can't get through to the man, then you might have to get a little rough with him as long as you don't, you know, put an injury there that is permanent, and you don't go over some guidelines that were
11:33 pm
established. but what leslie stall is doing what mike wallace did, very successfully. and i do it, too. you are skeptical of what mr. rodriguez is saying. oh, come on. we don't do that here in america. we -- and you want to get rodriguez passionate in his defense. you want to get the juices flowing in the interview. so that he gives you more than he might with you agreeing with him. if you are going that's right. you are right. if you go come on, we can't be having the guy's hands up like that. it's not like going to the gym. so what leslie stall was doing was bear baiting. putting the carrot by the bare so the bear gets angrier and angrier. that's a technique that people use on television. >> yeah. it's also gay technique too i can get into t more off the air if you like. >> bill: no, i don't, thank you. >> i'm saying we here sit in our safe homes and watch 60 minutes on television and then we act appalled when these
11:34 pm
guys go out and do the dirty work it's their job to get information from people to stop the next 9/11. >> bill: you are more angry with the faint hearts who don't want any of this and oh we can't do that and then you have got 3,000 dead. who basically is being skeptical. i can't say that i don't know ms. stall. but she may be exactly what you are saying shoe. he may be a faint heart. but i think you have got to give her the benefit of the doubt. i'm just saying you could take the most liberal person on the planet, michael moore. robin and if that kid got abducted and you asked them both quietly we found a guy he knows some information. oxygen. can we go ahead and torture them to get the information out of the guy or waterboarding them? they would say hell yes. all the bodies from second hand smoke. i just think it's much to do
11:35 pm
about nothing. >> bill: thanks very much as always. when we come back, lou dobbs on a brand new poll showing president obama falling behind governor romney. and then the u.n. wants the u.s.a. to give mount rushmore back to the indians. wow. we'll be back in a moment. ♪ ♪ why do you whisper, green grass? ♪
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the lou's the boss segment tonight, rasmussen tracking poll not good news for president obama. the poll of unlikely voters has the president running behind mitt romney by seven points. romney 50%. obama 43%. also rasmussen asked likely voters about the president's handling of the economy. 37% say good or excellent. 48% say poor. with us now to react fox business anchor lou dobbs.
11:39 pm
this is the biggest gap that we have seen since the race began. and i'm saying that gay marriage might have had a little something to do with this because this is an overnight. the daily track something overnight. it's right on the heels of president obama coming out for gay marriage. >> it certainly if we have to pick one event, there is no question that the easiest way to put that causal relationship together would be to obviously the president's statement that he is now, he has evolved to same sex marriage support. it's going to be interesting to see what's going on here as we see more polls overtime. but that's really the only variable at work here. >> bill: the economy though is getting shakier and shakier this week the market did very poorly. jp morgan are they out of business now? did wendy's buy them? something happened. i didn't quite understand what it. >> it was $2 billion trading loss at least as as far as we know right now. that shook, obviously the banking industry sector in the
11:40 pm
markets, the markets themselves. >> bill: right. it was as jamie diamond the considered to be the top banker in the country. it was stupid. it was egregious. >> bill: what do they do? just have more bad loans? >> they made decisions to use derivatives which is, of course. >> bill: buy other people's loans if they can't pay up. they haven't learned their lesson? >> i think that's what jamie diamond is so rattled as the ceo himself is that they haven't learned their lesson. >> bill: wait a minute. he is in charge. >> is he in charge. >> bill: what is he rattled for? he has it know what they were doing. >> is he rattled i think at this moment because here is a man who has been amazingly successful. chase is the only major bank that didn't need a bailout. >> bill: um-huh. >> during the crisis. here he is with this mess on his hands. >> bill: i thought it was jp morgan that got hammered. >> j.p. morgan chase. >> just saying bank now. >> he yes. >> bill: you see what i know. i don't know anything about it. let's get back to the gay
11:41 pm
marriage. you lou dobbs have a big gay marriage supporter. >> i'm a supporter. >> bill: i heard you were invited to barney franks wedding. are you going there? >> no. >> bill: you got him a gift, i hope? >> i was trying to think what would be perfect. >> bill: i got him the cnbc interview where he said that fannie and freddie were good going forward. i i got him that in slow motion. >> i got him and chris dodd with their, you know, we made a lot of t-shirts. it was great. >> bill: you are in favor of gay marriage, right? >> i support it i'm a constitutional conservative. the 14th amendment says to me that every man and woman in this country gets equal rights, period. >> bill: you put that marriage contract under the rights category? >> absolutely. >> bill: now, do you think though in the long run that -- i said last night forget about north carolina for barack obama. the gay marriage thing, it's over there for him. 61% in north carolinaens said. no it's he's not going to overcome that. >> 38 states, bills have --
11:42 pm
have laws or provisions against it's a hurdle. >> bill: probably going to be a deficit for president obama in the election. >> i think it is. but i personally think it's going to be at the margin because most people, whether he declared himself or not purr received his position through his actions and his incident immigrations over the last three and a half years. >> bill: you are calling him a flip flopper and wishy washy guy. >> i'm calling him a panderer. >> bill: what is the equal access to justice act? what is that? >> that is an act signed by jimmy carter in 1980 to provide individuals and small groups and small profits the opportunity to sue the government for legal fees to recover illegal fees if they can demonstrate they have been proved -- they can demonstrate and prove that they have been wronged by the federal government. >> bill: so anybody, anybody who thinks the federal government hosed them could
11:43 pm
sue and how much was the government paid out under the equal access to justice act? >> that we don't have. we only have numbers going back to 2010. what gets. >> bill: two years. >> it's actually two years. >> bill: how much? >> in total, it's going to be somewhere around 5 to $6 million. which doesn't sound like a lot but most of that money is going to nonprofit environmental groups. 5013 c groups which are basically making a pretty good living for their lawyers by. >> bill: by suing the federal government. >> the sierra club they have a legal arm called earth justice. earth justice is seeking justice all the tile. >> bill: just a plethora of lawsuits going in because they have this fund and they have the right to sue and money is going out, taxpayer money toward this. >> taxpayer money and these are primarily nonprofits and by the way the number of nonprofits in this country, and this is really important issue i think story for the
11:44 pm
country. these 5013 cs are growing 0% per decade. >> bill: lou dobbs, everybody. dumbest things of the week on deck aclu wants u.s.a. to give mount rushmore back to the emily's just starting out... and on a budget. like a ramen noodle- every-night budget. she thought allstate car insurance was out of her reach. until she heard about the value plan. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. male announcer ] remember when you were a kid? you liked getting dirty and building things. there were no limits -- you cod move mountains. the john deere 1 series subcompact tractor --
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>> bill: back of will book segment this week dumbest things of the week. greg gutfeld is also on red eye in the middle of the night. arthel has chosen an internet dating site for convicts. >> this is a new web site that's picking up quite a bit of scheme. the goal here is to help inmates find pen pals or, maybe, a futuremate mate. either way the site says any
11:48 pm
prisoners are fun and loving just like everyone else, they have just committed a few crimes. >> bill: so what do you think about these fun loving inmates? >> when do i think about this? i don't know who is dumber the guys writing prisoners or the prisons themselves. >> bill: i will tell you who is dumber. the guys writing the prisoners. they are not dumb. sitting in prison. get some woman, the guy case may be sending you stuff. that's not dumb. >> are you kidding me stuff? prison is not a place for personal privileges, fan mail? please, somebody call the popo, this is crazy. >> bill: is are r. there any limitations say you are in prison for killing 18 people. are you skill have dates online. >> the idea is not it's about dates. about having a pen pal perhaps future mate. lonely need correspondence, go to this web site and pick somebody. go to the age group you want or the gender you would like to write to.
11:49 pm
>> bill: or the felony group. which felony would you like to be involved with. >> i picked somebody out for bill just in case you needed someone to send a letter to. >> arthel what do you think about this. >> great ideal for people who love the idea of being in a relationship without having to be around them which is basically everybody. >> bill: you can have a pen pal relationship but you don't have to see them or anything like that. >> who needs dinner? >> bill: mr. romance. all right. now, gutfeld, you know gay marriage in the news this week and barney frank, i don't know whether you know that he is getting married. after a long dating experience. and he says he is not going to invite the president to the wedding. i wondered if today's announcement changed the seating list. >> no. i admire the president. i deeply respect him. but i don't want my guests to have to go through the metal detector. the secret service does a great job of protecting the president. while they are protecting the president, they pretty much
11:50 pm
disrupt everybody's lives around them. so, i want the wedding to be celebrity tore not militarized. >> bill: full disclosure i have not been invited. >> shocker! >> bill: symbolically maybe he should send president obama a wedding invitation with a little note please don't come we don't want to have it militarized. >> he doesn't want his guest to go through the metal detector which leads me to wonder what kind of awesome freaky gifts are they bringing? this is going to be a great reception. i want to be there. >> bill: wouldn't it be there to have the president of the united states at your gay marriage? wouldn't it be worth it to go through the metal detector to see that. >> i'm down with it if it were me i would invite the president to my wedding for sure. >> i would ask everybody to spread the gifts around and be angry because there is no dog on the menu. >> bill: who would be. >> obama. >> bill: this is the reference to the president eating a cocker spaniel. >> a joke that might have been fresh three weeks ago.
11:51 pm
>> bill: you just recycled it here. >> why not? i'm running out of steam, arthel. >> bill: gutfeld does 10 shows where he has to talk to five people. >> can't all be winners. >> bill: my dumbest thing of the week is a winner. it's about the united nations. stay with me here. there is a special respect ator for the um. his name is james -- a college professor in arizona. the professor has said that the indians have gotten hosed in america and that's true. is he recommending that the united nations demand the u.s.a. give the bad lands and mount rushmore back to "the siox or they will sue or something? and you say arthel. >> i understand they have been
11:52 pm
unfairly mistreated and land has been stolen. >> bill: 19th century. >> that's not fair. however, i think this particular case is dumb because native americans are americans. the mount rushmore is an american treasure. >> bill: for everyone. >> yeah. >> hang on, to make the distinction in this case makes it seem like a separate part. do you know what i mean? like native americans are not americans. >> bill: real quick, gutfeld. >> they should get it back but put a real native american up there. replace abraham lincoln with elizabeth warren. [ laughter ] >> bill: running, of course for the senate in massachusetts. >> one, 32nd cherokee or something. actually the supreme court ruled that the indians do have legal claim to the lands but they refused to take it. pinheads and patriots in a moment. how many pro-gay marriage guests and how many antigay marriage guests were on cable news? we'll tell you in just over
11:53 pm
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>> bill: pinheads & patriots in a moment. first happy mother's day to all your moms and grandmoms throughout. my mom just turned 89 this week. happy birthday, mom. i will be over on sunday if you want to leave town. give you a little advance notice. now, dad's day is next month
11:56 pm
and next week we will show you great gifts for the man of the house. if you buy a premium membership on bill o'reilly .com, give it to your dad and you will get a free copy of killing lincoln. you can read it and then give it to your father. he will never know. now, the mail. why? i simply said the state should decide the issue based upon the standards the folks want. president obama agrees with me so what is the beef?
11:57 pm
but abortion is way beyond two folks living together, jeff. surely you understand that terminating a fetus is a deprivation of life. the two issues are are not even in the same hemisphere. best live performer ever, john. and it is is not even close. my newspaper column this week is on the beach boys. check it out on billo'reilly .com and the new york post today.
11:58 pm
well, excellent, karen. going to be a lively night here in new york city. and don't forget indianapolis june 22. chicago june 23 and a new program just booked in atlanta, georgia on september 7. details also on billoreilly .com. happy mother's day, sandy. thanks for reading my book. and finally tonight, pinheads & patriots. when president obama came out in favor of gay marriage the cable news networks covered it big time in prime time. on msnbc they had 14 progay marriage guests and zero, zero antigay marriage guests. that is good cover and. on cnn. they had 11 progay marriage guests, three antigay marriage.
11:59 pm
fox news, three progay marriage, two antigay marriage. once again, fair and balanced wins. we are patriots. and that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor web site different from billoreilly .com word of the day no chuffiness when writing to the factor. i'm bill o'reilly and remember that the spin stops right here because we are d captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: the washington post piece on mitt romney attempting to portray him as an antigay bully in high school continues to unravel tonight. abc news caught up with the sister of the alleged bully


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