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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 18, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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museum. and, today, we will show you how the mint makes the real deal. and airline passengers have found out how to avoid spending money on the skyrocketing baggage fees. we will clue you in, unless breaking news changes everything. on "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, and in north carolina, where the jury is now deciding whether to convict the former presidential candidate and senator, john edwards, on half as do criminal counts that could put him in prison three decades. they heard three weeks of testimony covering the affair that john edwards had with try emhunter as his wife elizabeth suffered from cancer that killed her. but the jury will not be judging john edwards on character. this is about campaign finance laws. the prosecution tried to prove that john edwards used nearly $1 million in illegal contributions to cover up the affair. john edwards' lawyers argue that
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the money was a personal gift not a political donation. they also claim that the foam aide, andrew young, used most of that money to build his own dream home. and now, we have covered this from the beginning, and jonathan is live in north carolina. the jury asked to see some exhibits from the trial, right? >>jonathan: that is right. it looks like third following the money. they asked to see several checks that a donor, bunny mellon, wrote to the interior decorator, which were later cosigned by the wife of edwards' form campaign aide andrew young. and a couple notes bunny mellon wrote to john edwards. "from now on all hair cuts that are necessary and important for the campaign please send the bills to me," in care of the
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estate lawyer, a way to help our friend without government restrictions. those notes reflect what bunny mellon was thinking at time that she sent the money. and the judge's instructions were that the donor's intent, when she gave the money is something they must consider in determining whether these are, in fact, campaign contributions that must be reported. >>jonathan: the jury's request included a transcript of a voice mail john edwards left andrew young describing plans for a 2008 visit with bunny mellon, and gentleman said we will break out into a private session for a couple of hours and do our work including the work about you and making sure you are protected and included. >>shepard: what are the legal experts telling you of the request that the jury made today? >>jonathan: well, at face value the prosecution would argue that the evidence the jury has asked to look at what
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support their case that john edwards was aware of the funds and that the intent of the donors behind the funds was to support the campaign but the jury may just be exploring each count against john edwards in sequence and doing their due diligence with the evidence. and the fact that the jury just informed the judge that they may need monday to continue deliberations after they recess for the weekend, later today, suggests that they are doing their due diligence and taking this case very seriously. >>shepard: thank you, jonathan. and now to the lawyers, former prosecutor arthur aidala and criminal defense attorney, randy zelin on your right. randy you said he will walk. do you still believe that after what we heard? >>randy: this is now become the bunny mellon show, bunny mellon of course was the very wealthy now 101-year-old donor who gave $725,000 to john
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edwards to get to rielle hunter all but $25,000 actually went to the campaign, $700,000 went to the furniture, and that, and the other. this is the most fund part trying to read the tea leaves when you are on trial you want to die with every note. right now, i would agree, in other words do not take this as a sign they believe the prosecution because they are trying to figure out what bunny mellon was thinking. but what they are doing is going count by count looking at the evidence and they may have taken a straw vote to see how many guilty and how many not guilty. >>shepard: they are organized because they asked for posted notes. >>arthur: they are not looking at did he buy her flowers, they are going to the heart of the matter, good for them it seems like they listened to the judge
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and to the evidence and to the lawyers. and now they are going to vote on what is the relationship with bunny mellon and john edwards and what this was about. >>shepard: what we need to know, was this money that was a campaign donation used to protect her identity and this affair from the voting public or was he using it to keep his wife from founding out that he had an affair and a love child. >>randy: the challenge we have talked about in terms of me thinking he is going to walk, bunny mellon did not testify. the other wealthy donor did not testify. those are the two people --. >>shepard: well, he is dead. it would have been so difficult. really. from the ground. randy. >>randy: maybe after what we saw yesterday, maybe he could. rain but that is not john edwards' cross to bear, the fact the government cannot produce this evidence that is too bad.
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>>arthur: but we are focusing on the critical evidence, hand written note from bunny mellon, and a hand written, a check from bunny mellon. check from bunny mellon. >>randy: and checks from bun, andrew young got. and the hand written note talk about let's do this without facility restrictions so in her mind she is thinking it is okay to do it this way we are not violating any laws. >>arthur: that is what the jury is looking at. we will find out on monday. >>shepard: it could take until monday to find out. it could take the jury until then. did you check out facebook? they know very important people. the facebook trading frenzy may have created up to 1,000 knew millionaires, less than four hours after the social network went public. a like look at facebook here, $38.71. it was up to $45 and now at the
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$38.71, up 1.8 percent, and the founder of facebook rang the bell this morning from the headquarters out there in california, and dressed in the signature hoodie, and the 28-year-old college drop out is half the age of the average s&p c.e.o. and he was still a sophmore at harvard when he created facebook and has the second largest i.p.o. in united states history behind only visa. for every $2 increase in the stock price, zuckerberg pockets another $1 billion in paper worth. gerri from the business is with us, very busy day on the dial dialing the fox business network. what should we maybe of facebook's performance? the nasdaq's performance is another matter? >>gerri: it is underwhelming, i do i thought we would get more of a pop. having said that, the people would float the shares do not want to see a huge move because
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it means they left money on the table. but you would have thought, i had people in the building who work for the building coming up to me and saying i will try to buy facebook. but it is less than the average i.p.o. gain. >>shepard: they are in california. and i should remember that. and, 401(k)'s ... the rest of the sector was down today. you do not know what would have happened if facebook did not have the i.p.o. but the market has been on a slide for a couple of weeks or more. >>gerri: that is not too surprising given broader news and what we see from europe, the trickle of what is going on in spain but people had much bigger expectations for facebook and how it was going to impact the rest of the market and we are all sort of surprised. >>shepard: no doubt it opened 30 minutes late because nasdaq had troubles. per gear they had troubles. this was a huge stock offering. massive. one thing people were thinking about, 60 percent of the shares
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belonged to pet gemming out, original early investors so people look at that and they say is now the time that i invest at the original investors are getting out in >>shepard: but on nasa dam, a computer is watching and at the stock exchange a specialest would have been watching it. >>gerri: that is an issue, real human beings touch it so you are at the whim of the computers. >>shepard: and the moment, zuckerberg and his people must be smiling ear to ear. we will update you as the markets close. just about ... 50 minutes. north mississippi, and cops have the man who killed two people in north mississippi roads, at random. but they say that he did not do it the way they initially thought. remember the whole warning of if you are on the road and someone is pulling you over? that wasn't it. and the college student who contracted a strange disease in a freak accidents learn doctors
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have to cut off her hands and her remaining foot. but wait until you hear how she reacted when her father gave her that news. it's ahead on a friday. think again. and take aleve. it's the one doctors recommend most for arthritis pain. two pills can last all day. ♪
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>>shepard: police have arrested an ex-con in connection with a north mississippi highway killings which we have reported for the last week. this is the case that had the investigators warning people the shooter could be posing at a police officer to get the victims pull over. that is not at all what happened. the suspect faces charges including kidnapping. aggravated assault. rape. and murder. cops discovered the first victim dead in his car on i-55 in north mississippi three days later they found the body of a woman near her car on mississippi highway 713 in a nearby county. who did this? and why? greg has new details as they have come out. >>gregg: fears of a police
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imposter pulling over innocent drivers but that is unfounded. and the fear that gripped mississippi is now easing with the arrest of the suspect captured with a woman would claims he raped her. a 9 millimeter is the same gun used in two highway shootings. a 74-year-old from nebraska was found dead in his car after midnight ten days ago. days later a woman found dead in her car on a different highway not far away. for a while territories feared that someone could be posing as a fake cop to stop innocent drivers before then killing them. the crimes terrorizing citizens. >> we cannot confirm or deny that he used a light, but we did cover a weapon from the vehicle that is owned by his girlfriend. >> and the motive in the case?
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robbery and drugs according to police. the victims were random. he did not know who they were. >>shepard: what more did we know of the suspect? >> he has a criminal record, eight years behind bars for burglary. and while police say he did not confess, per se, to the murders, they think they got a lot of information from him. for example, ballistic tests allegedly connect him to the murders. there is in bond. and there will not be because this is a capital case meaning he could be sentenced to death. >>shepard: thank you. right now in the state of georgia a brave young woman is fighting a rare flesh-eating bacteria. it is already cost her her leg and part of her torso. but her dad said today that when he told the doctors, when he told her the doctor would have to amputated the other foot and both of her hands she had three word reply: let's do this. she got this flesh-eating
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infection after she fell from a homemade zip line early this month. her father kept friends and family in the loop, and, today, this update, she knows of her hands now, she holds them up to her face, examines them and shrugs as if to say, yes, so what? her dad wrote that when he and she played jack johnson cd she started bobbing her head and mouthing words to a song. he feels she is doing better. >> representatives of nato member countries will try to answer two big questions this weekend: one, how do we get out of afghanistan? and, to, how do we pay for it? a preview of the summit set for chicago next. plus, the bosses at a private space flight firm are ready to do something the company has never done before. they are sending a rocket to the international space station tomorrow. we will get to that space flight
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>>shepard: president obama and leaders from dozens of nations are getting together in chicago for a nato summit, the first time a u.s. city outside of washington, dc, has hosted such an event and folks in chicago can expect a lot of this. >> wall street, you can't hide. we can see your greedy side. several different groups are planning demonstrations. a nurse's union organized this march on downtown chicago calling for a robin hood tax on big banks to make up for cuts in health care and social services. police say they have prepared for crowds of protesters in the thousands. and inside the summit, we can expect the war in afghanistan to dominate much of the talk, and the afghans demanded $4 billion
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for the security forces after the united states and nato withdraw the troops in 2014 as schedule asked we could get stuck with most of the bill. joinings now is the office of the treasury, and c.e.o. of security consulting firm "diligence innovation." good to see you, mike. where are we now? >>guest: well, normally what happens is these are scripted. so we do not make a lot of news at these events. but what happened with the recent change of government in france, the french are going to pull out early. that will put a lot of pressure on the other democratic allies in nato to be responsive to their public. and one thing that is unusual here, no one really likes the policies we have ongoing. so across nato you see the same thing in the united states, where the people want out. everyone wants a "good" positive outcome and everyone knows it will cost billions and billions
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and take decades. so they will pass the hat. they will try to raise some money. we probably will not hit the targets we have. the things that are pledged will not get paid and we will get stuck with the bill. >>shepard: the idea is to set the targets for size and scope which is more significant than just a year ago when nato planned this. >>guest: true. at the end of the day, it is not an easy thing to take that number of troops from a place when they are still not really safety and security on the ground so there will be a lot of security vacuums, and hand overs that take a long period of time. and, again, the hard part is the optics. all of the nations, the united states and the rest of nato, will be interested in trying to be able to say it is peaceful and we are leaving and everything is calm, and it is unlikely that is the reality. >>shepard: it is not the reality now and the president signed a deal with the afghanistan president karzai which always is a shot in the dark. to commit us, really, if a
3:23 pm
decade after we are out, billions and billions and billions of dollars we did not have. >>guest: it is stunning. congress is supposed to make those kind of decisions. and congress has been absent in terms of whether we should number this war. how long we will stay in it. those things. at some point when the dust settles between iraq and afghanistan and the other problems we have to answer the constitutional questions the now that we have such a significant economic debt and we have sequestration at the department of defense we will have to have budgets and debates about the priorities of the nation. >>shepard: thank you, mike, good of you. >> remember those tv ads if coins commemorting the attacks of 9/11 folks call this a scam after they learned that the company behind the ads pocketed the proceeds rather than donating the money to the 9/11 memorial and museum. today, we get a look at the real thing. this is the official 9/11 commemorative medal, the mint facility in west point new york is producing these, and rick is
3:24 pm
there, this afternoon, to give us a look at the real dole. hello, rick? rick: we had to make it through several layers of tight security at the mint but we were let inside a room filled with heavy machinery where the raw silver blanks are starched with 217 tons of pressure to create the 9/11 medals. they are not coins but medals struck at west point and in philadelphia to commemorate the 10th anniversary. each is made with one ounce of pure silver with lady liberty holding what is called the lamp of remembrance with two beacons of light and the words "always remember." the reverse side, uretal side, has an eagle and the words "honor and hope." these are not cheap, they cost $66.95 each, with $10 to the 9/11 memorial or museum and officials want to make a clear distinction between these medals and other products that have
3:25 pm
been sold on tv that do not actually benefit the ground zero site. >> there are scams out there, a company was claiming the silver from the world trade center site was used in the coins and it was a scam. this is the mint and that is why we are giving every an american an opportunity to participate in the memorial. rick: this is only the third medal ever issued and the first strung here at west point and you can learn more at 9/11 >> and now, this video shows the florida teen, trayvon martin at the 7/11 before the fight with the neighborhood watch volunteer that left the teen dead. more evidence coming up for you to see in a moment, plus, the nato summit in chicago is one of two big meetings this weekend, between president obama and key
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allies and we will preview the largest conference of world leaders at camp david in history. we don't have a word for retirement. in the latino community the word that we use is jubilation. as you're getting older, you should be able to do the things that you love.
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. these the last known images of trayvon martin alive. the newly released surveillance video shows the teen buying snacks at a 7/11 wearing a
3:30 pm
hoodie that is a symbol for justice because he never made it home. he ran into george zimmerman who admitted he shot and killed the teen saying it was self-defense. pure and simple. this was a mountain of evidence in the case include these photos of george zimmerman with scrapes on his face, and blood on the back of his head. but the prosecution claims he was actually the aggressor. recorded interviews in the case include one with trayvon martin's girlfriend who says she was on the phone with martin during part of the deadly confrontation. >> trayvon martin says the guy is getting closer and you hear him saying something. >> why are you following me? >> why are you following me for? and then what happened? >> what do you want old man? what are you doing? >>shepard: what happens next is at heart of a case that is riveting the nation. and phil keating is like in
3:31 pm
florida. phil, what is the sense if how important this girlfriend's testimony is to the larger case? phil: very critical. because she is the only witness in the entire file dumped on us last night who directly contradicts george zimmerman's story. and that is he was walking back to his vehicle when he was hit from behind by trayvon martin. we have seen the one crime scene photograph taken by a sanford police officer showing the face of george zimmerman right after the deadly shooting and you can see the swollen broken nose and the blood on his upper lip and you can see in the crime scene photograph the yellow tarp covering trayvon martin's body four or five doors away from the town house where he was talking to, and according to the 16-year-old girlfriend she says during the phone call, the person who escalated things to physical was george zimmerman. >> he was saying what, now? >> get off. get off.
3:32 pm
>> is it clear you heard that or you think? i could hear it, get off. and the phone honk up. >> while the toxicology and the autopsy of trayvon martin did show there were trace amounts of marijuana, meaning trayvon martin had smoked pot some time in the previous three weeks, in was no drug or drug paraphernalia found in his pockets, sellly $40.15. >>shepard: a lot has been made of someone screaming for help, one of these two people, and the parents were led to believe in the beginning were saying they were not sure who it was. phil: absolutely. you have, the mother of trayvon martin saying without a doubt the person yelling for help, that is my son, trayvon martin. but on the first hearing, the first listening, the father of trayvon martin, says he did not think it was his son. however, the father of george zimmerman, robert zimmerman thinks upon first listening that it was his son.
3:33 pm
>> he is yelling "help." >> yes. >> that is absolutely, positively, george zimmerman. mile. my wife. my members and friends know that is george zimmerman. there is no doubt who is yelling for help. phil: the prosecution have two audio experts and they concluded it was the scream from trayvon martin. now, while much of it is blacked out, the discovery file that we received last night, that also does include the cell phone and text records of trayvon martin and george zimmerman before and after the shooting as well as the three interviews, statements that george zimmerman gave to the investigators and his videotaped recreation of exactly what happened at the scene. >>shepard: thank you from florida. and now to the lawyers. arthur and randy are back with
3:34 pm
us again. arthur, we don't have everything. we don't know what happened after that point. right there. but, it is clear to most parties there was an altercation and there was a fight. and it appears from everything we have been able to learn so far that it was george zimmerman who was getting the worst of it. >>arthur: let me just start with you. did you hear what phil said, there is so much stuff we don't have that randy and i don't have. you are the defense attorney right new, you are dying to, and i am sure that defense attorney has his door closes and going through each and every piece of paper with a fine tooth comb. the experts hired by the prosecution, say that it is trayvon martin who is screaming for help, i'm sure the defense attorney is going to find an expert that says it is george zimmerman. the key for the defense, in my opinion, the autopsy report shows that the gun was fired from 18" so you cannot have an
3:35 pm
argument that cross jobs was 7 or 10' away which leads to say there was a struggle over the gun, but, where --. >>shepard: or a struggle at least. >>shepard: where did the gun come from? who produced the gun? the only one that would testify to that is probably george zimmerman. >>randy: there are three critical things the start with definition of closed caption test, please stand stand your gd law. do you not have to wait if the deadly force to be upon you in order to use deadly force. if you have a reasonable belief --. >>shepard: a reasonable belief, that's the key under this law. >>randy: that someone is going to do great body ham to you or kill you can use deadly force, so the greater, the more significant the injuries there are to george zimmerman, it makes his reasonable belief more likely. the next thing that becomes important, is it one event or two? we heard so much that george zimmerman was the initial aggressor and, therefore, the "stand your ground" law does not
3:36 pm
apply. >>shepard: that is not the case in florida. what matters is the point where the deadly force was administered. >>randy: so there are two events. he initially approached trayvon martin doesn't mean that he can never, now, be the victim of deadly force. so, i argue there were two events, the initial one where he approached and trayvon martin became the aggressor and the third most important thing is, can the prosecution prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt? if they can't they should walk. >>arthur: this case, unlike the john edwards case, is so emotionally charged, it is such a national event, a lot of the laws are going to go out the window. and the jury will use their common sense. they will decide, whether a young man punches someone in the necessary and breaks his nose and the man falls back and hits his shed that man entertainmented to pull out a gun and execute him? and they me say yes, because the kid was bigger and it was dark
3:37 pm
and rainy and it was reasonable or they may say, no, that force is excessive. twilight be fact specific. if you take one set of 12 jurors they will have one verdict and another will have another verdict. >>shepard: but the judge can say the stand your ground law applies and he exercised his ride of the stand your ground law and there is no trial and this is over. that could happen. >>randy: remember, initially --. >>shepard: not to say it will but it could. >>randy: and the police department did not charge trayvon martin. >>shepard: one the deputies thought he should be charged with manslaughter. all that aside, we will wait-and-see what the judge does now and if we get to the jury we will see what they do and leave it at that. >> camp david will host the large it, ever, gathering of world leaders, from the united states, great britain, canada, france, italy, germany, japan, russia, meeting for the g-8 summit. president obama says the financial crisis in europe will dominate the talks but the leaders are also expected to
3:38 pm
discuss other issues including energy and climate change. and ed henry at the white house. president obama met with the new french president and both had a lot to say about the european debt crisis: >>reporter: because use know better than anyone this has huge impact not just in the united states, but, throughout europe, and around the world. it has been rocking global markets. and the point of sort of what will be the sharpest decision at camp david at the g-8 summit later tonight and then, tomorrow, as well, is the fact the new french president hollande just was elected and beat sarkozy by running on a platform of jobs and economic growth against the austerity measures that german chancellor merkel and others have pushed in europe. so there is a tension and what we saw president obama trying to do is walk the balance and say you need a little bit of both. take a listen. >> we are looking forward to a fruitful discussion later this evening, and tomorrow, with the
3:39 pm
other g-8 leaders about how we can manage a responsible approach to fiscal consolidation that is coupled with a strong growth agenda. >>reporter: a lot of new faces and president putin was just re-elected, new, to become president after being prime minister and president before that is not attending but other new faces such as a new prime minister from italy, prime minister monti and a prime minister of japan, in addition to president hollande so there are a lot of new faces it deal with, and they have to deal with the chemistry issues working through the big, big issues. >>shepard: perfect day at the white house. thank you, the airlines have been charging us for bags, the ones checks and eversized and the ones with carry on. but those fees may not be doing much to help the company's bottom line because a lot of
3:40 pm
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>>shepard: and an alert from the associated press, the john edwards jury has finished deliberating for the week. they have just gone home for the weekend and will pick up on monday morning. john edwards accused of using campaign money to hide the existence of his mistress and love child. if convicted could spend 30 years in prison. he pleaded not guilty. >> more phones are packing light to avoid getting nickel asked dimed when they any because the airlines made less money from bag fees last year than in 2010. the first time that has happened since the government starting keeping track. the transportation department reports that 17 largest airlines pocket add total of only $3.36 billion in fees for extra
3:44 pm
checked bags or oversized luggage, and sometimes carry on bags. that down from $3.4 billion in 2010 but those airlines reportedly served more passengers last year. do not expect fees to go away. no chance. spirit airlines has announced later this year it will charge folks up to $100 for carry on bags at the gate good they do not prepay online. and gerri from the fox business network is back. whichallys are making the most from the fees in >>gerri: delta is making $864 million. american, $594 million. u.s. say up there, and people are fighting back, they are putting everything in the 22" bags so spirit airlines is getting back at them and they have raised $134 million in fees. so the money keeps on keeping on. >>shepard: do we expect the fees to go up? down? what? i am betting up. >>gerri: i am betting up. the new spirit airlines fee of $100 for a carry on you fail to
3:45 pm
pay for in advance starts tag that and the bet way to figure it out look at jet fuel costs, that is up, and delta and jetblue and american are expected to raise fees on second checked bags for national flights coming this fall, so expect to see that here, as well. >>shepard: terrific news. have a great weekend. >> a potential game changer for space travel where they do not charge for checked bags. a private company is set to lunch supplies to the international space station. the company is space x, scheduled to launch a rocket from cape canavaral in florida tomorrow morning, and nasa has been working with the company do make it happen marking a milestone as space travel goes from a government run effort to primarily private-backed operation in the good old american spirit retiring the shuttle program last year after dominating space travel for decades but the shuttles, now nothing more than museum pieces.
3:46 pm
trace is with us. trace, what is the plan? >>trace: well, the dragon space capsule will launch at 4:55 a.m., and if that goes well, on monday, the capsule comes a mile and a half of the international space station to check out the maneuvering. if that works on tuesday it will be chose to the international space station, close enough so you can see the unloading, 1,000 pounds of cargo such as food and battery and load it up with 1,300 pounds trash and will have gone where in private company has gone before. >> this is highly visible task for nasa of cargo strategy after retiring the shuttle and to up moment the 40 tons of cargo we need to get to the space station nasa needs this cargo venture to succeed. >> it comes home the old nasa
3:47 pm
oned way, splashdown in the ocean. if you wonder, the cargo they are bringing up is not critical just in case it does not go as planned. >>shepard: what is in it for space x? >>trace: money. and a lot of money. they tested this system back in december and it works very william, two orbits around the earth, and now they will find a $1.5 billion contract with nasa, to provide definitely more cargo flights to the international space station and beyond that, some day bring astronauts to the international space station, and to bring private citizens to their own space station years down the road, and, here, again is tom jones. >> the question if the commercial companies, do they have the experience, the depth of knowledge, and engineering skills to build safe reliable spacecraft and nasa has proven it can do that, with a tremendous amount of knowledge to share but can the companies deliver cheap services? and, still, deliver the
3:48 pm
reliability and safety? >>trace: so we can all flight. it was founded by that man, the co-funder of papal and worth billions and other companies getting in the game. boeing has plans to launch their first space venture in the fall. >>shepard: thank you, trace. chris wallace is a game show champion. did you see him on "jeopardy." and his wife says he inspired the new cookbook. he is clearly divine. mr. and mrs. wallace. joining us in a moment.
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>>shepard: friday own "studio b" mean as talk with politics with chris wallace of fox news
3:52 pm
sunday. we usually give each other a pretty hard time. i usually win the confrontations. this week we will be nice because he is joined by his better half, his wife lorraine is with us, would has written another cookbook, mr. sunday's saturday night chicken. chris and lorraine wallace, nice to see you, from the shadow of capitol hill. who knew there was something before soup, more rain, i thought it was just sunday soup. >>guest: well, this is saturday chicken because after several saturdays of asking chris what he wanted to eat, he said let's stick with chicken, and after all, change is overrated. >>shepard: but variations on a theme are important especially when you talking about chicken. i understand you have 100 ways to do the clucker. >>guest: i do have sun ways to prepare, its is versatile. you can do almost anything with it, you can seven it hot, cold, broiled, baked, roasted, and there are 100 recipes, and 34
3:53 pm
wonderful sides we enjoy in our households. >>shepard: that sounds awesome, chris does she let you eat it? >>chris: people say, have you eaten the recipes and i have lived these recipes for the last eight years. it start the as she said when i started to do fox news sunday and went to bed early on saturday night, and i wanted something comforting, and my comfort food is chicken and the first week, show was going well association i aid let's have chick be so we have had chicken at least 48 saturdays a year for 8 1/2 years and yes i have had the same dish more than once, but it has been consistent. >>guest: who is a good tester. >>shepard: thankfully he has a good cook on his side. i found out it is very good brain food. this is "jeopardy." >>chris: the british are coming for $1,600.
3:54 pm
>> the answer is -- daily double. chris i lived my wife to say make it a true daily double but this is way to much money, so, i'll bet $2,000. the clue: the british did not have plan blank -- belong blank in the battle of this city? >>chris: what is new orleans? >>shepard: i would like to phone a friend. >>chris: that is why i made the face, i knew, i didn't know before i bet, but i knew the answer and i was like, gee, i wish i bet it all. >>shepard: fox report the other night and we have been watching that alex trebek on the other channel, because some of our viewers go away you had a slow start but you kicked all comers and it was impressive, wallace, proud of you. >>chris: i have to tell the viewers, because this gives you a sense how much attention was paying, you and your producer were e-mailing me in the middle
3:55 pm
of fox report telling me how well i was doing and i didn't thing about it, i thought thank you very much and i was, like, right in the middle of their show, are you watching your show or your show? >> doing our show and watching your slow and loving it all. chris we will get into what? the economy, and paul ryan cannot wait. mr. sunday saturday night chicken chris, love you. [ male announcer ] knowing your customers is important to any successful business. which is why at wells fargo, we work with you to get to know the unique aspects
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>>shepard: and in southwest england they are targeting unsafe drivers with "no excuses." collection of the more unusual stories the officers have heard according to the cops there. a man told an officer he was speeding because his poor eyesight made it hard to read the speed limit sign but it was okay because he was on the way to an eye exam. another was pulled over for talking on the phone while driving told the cops "i would have used the mobile if i knew there were police in unmarked
3:59 pm
car behind me." and a woman tried to get out of a speeding ticket saying she was keeping up with the flow but officers reported out she was the only driver on the road. technicality. that is it for "studio b" today and i am checking the final on facebook, right now opened at $38 flat and closed, went to a high of 45 and right this moment that is behind and right this moment we are at $38 flat. well ... neil cavuto in "your world," will add context and perspective. >>neil: fox on top of the face off over facebook as the social site brings thrills, chills and spills to wall street. it is all over but the counting. welcome, i am neil cavuto, and did facebook lose face? if you hoped for a double, you


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