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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  May 27, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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lyes on the lined every day. >> there are final resting places for our heros. some of the youngest paying tribute to flying colors this memorial day weaned. >> it stretches 1.7 miles but generations of american history. >> one of the recognizable landmarks. happy birthday golden gate bridge. >> we begin with a fox weather alert. tropical storm beryl intensifying. beryl will hit the united states late tonight. it is east of jacksonville florida right now. tropical storm warnings now in if he could for the georgia coastline as well as sparts par florida. bracing for heavy wind in a very severe way. the storm system as you might
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image shoreline campers sent packing heading inland. memorial day jazz fest i68 canceled ahead of the storm. winds knocking down tree winds in coastal georgia leaving hundreds there without electricity. this is all before beryl has made a grarned entrance. we have fox coverage tonight. liz get is there. oo winds are picking up quickly. 40 miles an hour on the beach. they have not made land fall. they are still another 3 hours away at that time. the wined should be double what they are right now. we also can expect 3-6 inches of rain. we heard from the mayor at a press conference. folks anywhere outside of the
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home that are not where they are supposed to be they need to hunker down the worst of the storm is yet to come. >> i was reading earlier they had rescues that had to take place. you would think people would heed the warning. we have had 7 rescues on this beach line 30 in jacksonville. according to local media reports more than 100 along the region of florida, georgia and north carolina. curiosity speaker -- seekers are inevitable. this is a nasty severe weather we are talking about. people want to get in this line the fact of the matter is the rip current can sweep you off your feet in a matter of seconds. the mayor insisted right now if you go anywhere near the beach you are going at your own risk. the beaches are not safe for folks to be heading out. >> curiosity seekers. i can think of different words for them.
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for more on what to expect we return to the fox center. >> you don't like to see it heading closer to land. strong tropical storm winds up to 65 miles an hour. this is the visible imagery we start to lose our daylight on it. start storm getting close just to the east of jacksonville there. turn the radar on you can see the bands in red intensifying. right where elizabeth is we are going to see some of the strongest winds and rain moving on shore quickly. center of the storm making it arounded that time frame. worst conditions over the next couple of hours i think we will start to see it. track in storm continues. little bit more maybe up to 70 miles an hour. 74 makes land fall. by tomorrow afternoon continuing
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off toward the west. then it takes a hard right turn. it will hug the coast. my wednesday afternoon we are talking about the storm bringing a lot of rain right here. rain is the good part of this. we have a desperate drought situation. that is where the worst of our drive is. some make more than that that's the good news. it will come at a price, though. probably power outages across coastal areas. >> a lot of drought stricken areas. also reports of tornado threats and dangerous heat through out the country. >> it is currently 90 degrees in minneapolis and chicago. that's the first time you have gotten over 95 degrees earlier in the season. right there is a cold front
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moving through is a potent storm. you have parts of oklahoma through money minute where y-- minnesota. moderate risk for severe weather right there and we are starting to see toronto concerns. you see the storms exploding. you see the spots arounded norfolk and nebraska area. they are rough over head and the overnight hours. thank you very much. mounting pressure with the regime of syria. the slaughter of innocents virtually unchecked there. united nations wrapped up a security meeting in new york city. that meeting popping up on this sunday as it became clear the shaky cease fire all but officially abandoned now. >> it is an attack in one syrian
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town lasted for more than 18 hours according to survivors. observers confirming artillery and tank shells. 32 of them children under the age of 10. >> the bloodshed unjust fyable according to security council members. >> security council made it abundantly clear that there are no circumstances whatsoever that justify the use of heavy weapons attacks against civilian population. >> the syriaenian ambassador called it unfounded allegations. >> i had like to condemn also on behalf of my government the lies that were said a few minutes ago by some members of the council who try to -- >> it has been a buzz lee last
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few hours as many people walked up to the microphones talking. joining me is ambassador to the united nations. thank you for being with us. >> we want to gain perspective on the importance of the sunday meeting. stronger words from the white house and state department. is the united states likely to get more involved in syria? >> it is not clear from simply having this meeting although it is unusual to have it on a sunday. the british and french wanted a stronger press statement. the russian and chinese objected. this statement condemns the shelling by the syrian government but doesn't condemn the execution style killings on the dozens of casualties because the syrian government accuses the opposition of having done that. the russians carrying water made
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sure the statement was ambiguous on that point. it is unclear whether they will do more than condemn the violence as it has done before. >> senator mccain with strong criticism for the obama administration. what could have been done is it too late at this point? >> by relying on the u.n. and med yags he ha-- mediation effoi annon which was a strategy doomed to failure. i would have to say it doesn't strike me as immediately obvious likely what we can do if anything to aid the opposition. i think there are grave risks for the u.s. the background we are not aware of. it is betting opposition leaders
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to see what they can trust. it could have happened a year ago instead of now. i am getting this word in now. u.n. ambassador susan rice tweeted on her tweter account the un a massacre. to see different people talking about this meeting today what does that tell you? >> nobodying deny it is an atrocity. it effects the efforts for the cease fire have broken down. the idea that it is going to help is unlikely. there was a report this weekend from ang arab news station that
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russia was in the process of supplying new weapons. if that report turns out to be true there is no surprise the russians are blocking the council from doing anything effectively. >> you and i spoke earlier. before i let you go i want to get your thoughts on if we were to get involved wering i know you told me earlier it is ambiguous who you are going to back. you are trying to figure out who these people are. >> i think that is a problem. the further problem is once you give someone the weapons there is no guarantee they will keep them they won't fall into other hands. this is different from libya in one respect. iran backing the regime. we need a broader strategy than just the conflict in syria. we need to factor in our dealings with iran on the nuke lear weapons pro gral.
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>> thank you so much for being with us on a sunday. >> apparently not his own government. now defense secretary leon pineda strong from pakistan after they jailed a doctor who helped identify osama bin laden in hand to hand combat. inside a tollbooth. what drove this guy to attack at that woman who was only doing her job? stay put. t in t in a [ male announcer ] when a major hospital wanted to provide better employee benefits while balancing the company's bottom line, their very first word was... [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac ♪ aflac [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] [ yawning sound ]
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[ male announcer ] with 50 horsepower, dual overhead cams and fierce acceleration, the gator xuv 825i will shatter your expectations. ♪ before your next big trip outdoors, visit for huge savings at this year's john deere green tag event. ♪ . >> our nation's defense secretary speaking out against the conviction of a pakistani doctor who helped capture osama bin laden. it is so difficult to understand and so disturbing
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they would sentence him to 33 years for helping in the search for the most notorious terrorist in our times. this doctor was not working against pakistan. he was working against al qaeda. i hope ultimately that pakistan understands that. because what they have done here i think does not help in the effort to try to reestablish a relationship between the united states and pakistan. >> u.s. officials urging pakistan to release the doctor. it is believed he ran a vaccination program he collect to do help the cia verify bin laden's location. he was killed last may. >> the catholic archbishop reacting to the obama administration's contraception mandate. donald cardinal whirl calling out a meeting today saying the network news programs quote
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missed the boat by largely ignoring lawsuits. the lawsuits filed catholic universities diocese and charities across the nation claiming the requirements to provide contraception goes against their religious liberty. they have a lawsuit claiming religious freedom violated by the obama administration for contraception coverage. it combed out information for religious institutionings. some others say some of those groups are self insured so they are force to do pay directly for something that is against their religion. they largely ignored the story when it was last week. >> it seems to be somehow they missed the boat they missed the story.
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that is why it is so important we have a moment the like this. >> you think it is political bias on the part of the networks? >> we have to take a look at this in a much larger picture. >> biden said the exemption is so nature wroe they will be called on to prove they are catholic enough to qualify. there are other catholic groups who think the exception is ju-- exemption is just fine. the catholic united groups says it reflects a sad reality for american catholics. the leadership of the catholic church is more interested in playing politics than it is for providing for the common good. that mandate goes into effect in august. a young college student goes missing.
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♪ every year omori >> every year on memorial day
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americans honor the men and woman who gave their lives for freedom every day. a special ceremony planned in washington. commander-in-chief president obama will give the keynote speech there. roaring thunder roars through our capital. motorcycle rally to make sure the war heros are never forgot ten. now in the 25th year. here is peter doocy. >> tens of thousands of people are rolling through the streets as rolling thunder rolls through. everybody is supporting veterans. one in particular. staff sergeant tim chambers he stood there all day in silent salute to everyone who passed? >> it is something i feel i need to do. i am not overseas i never made it to war. medical limitations held me back. so he stanned eep taller for my brothers and sisters over there and those who didn't make it. we lose friends and the way we
10:23 pm
can sacrifice is go gov and -- above and beyond. while many are supporting specific bikers they are honoring the fallen. >> nice to see these guys still doing what they need to do to show america we remember our guys. >> we stop at veteran as homes and hospitals. we give them gifts. we thank them for their services. >> as many as 9,000 bikers are here today putting this event the on. everyone who is missing in action is accounted store. boy and girl scouts honored this memorial day weekend. 3,000 scouts honoring the flag. together those kids planted 80,000 flags in several
10:24 pm
cemeteries. in tennessee a similar tribute. boy scouts putting flags on 42,000 graves at the national cemetery. this is not a storm you want to mess with. beryl intensifying in strength as it approaches the southeast coast we are tracking a storm with landed fall inevitable. a no go for gaga. it was supposed to be one of the biggest stops on the tour because some people in one country feel she is living too close to the edge. ♪ ♪
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bone fractures and low magnesium levels with long-term use of nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. let your doctor do his job, and you do yours. ask if nexium is right for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> tears the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. we are tracking tropical storm beryl. it is hours away from making landed fall. the warning is in effect for the georgia coastline as well as parts of florida and south carolina. people getting ready for a lot of rain and strong winds. from the area of racing for beryl mike joins us from jacksonville, florida. things changing rapidly. >> sustained winds about 65
10:29 pm
miles per hour. first rain bands have made it ashore now. this that is not all that far away and it will be a stetd de state now. the storm makes its way inlanded from north to west. >> these are strong winds and rain bands already on the coast of jacksonville, parts of sane the augustine. off to the coast they are working their way to jacksonville. the winds go up for a while tonight. the center moves over head. then we will start to pick up again late tonight and tomorrow. once the center begins to mv to the west. this is jacksonville beach. they want people to get off of the beaches. look at all of the wave action
10:30 pm
here. ternl mess. getting word this evening of an ongoing rescue. this is roughly about 50-60 miles south of jacksonville. >> last night you joined us on the fox report. it had been the quite come together. it is really holding together. you said last night your greatest concern was the thing was moving so slowly when it hits landed it is going to dump water. >> this is going to be a big rainfall for the area. if it moves to the west eastern time very near jacksonville and slowly works across north florida. you have the threat for wined tonight, 40-50 miles per hour sustained especially at the beaches. isolated tornadoes, too. with the slow movement we are talking rainfall in some spots it could be a foot or greater across jacksonville.
10:31 pm
then this moves off the coast and finely back out to the city next week. thank you very much from fox 30 down in jacksonville. >> the monster in new mexico won the quit. hundreds of firefighters try to gain control of the fire in hewlett national pore reforest. 191 square miles already burned there. it is eating homes and other buildings forcing evacuations along the way. crews are about to hit the wall of fire with water from the air again. the thick smoke so bad a health alert remains in the state all of the way to albuquerque. while fires intensify to the west firefighters are getting a handed from nature. 4ub in rer thub in krout-- they in control of two firefighters. the department of natural
10:32 pm
resources saying it is now nearly half contained. >> the other fire several structures that borders lake superior. turning now to nuclear stanned off with iran. that country's nuclear chief saying they will continue enriching uranium to 20 percent. the allies stop doing that. many experts fearing uranium at that level can be quickly turned into weapons grade material. ue ran maintaining nuclear program for energy purposes. it is being enriched at the nuclear site. a high level military circle. there were preventing attacks. now to egypt. in the wake of the country's first ever truly democratic election. claiming widespread voter fraud
10:33 pm
in filing appeals that said they could change the outcome. christians are concerned about what might happen if the muslim brotherho brotherhood candidates are there. >> a >> how are egyptians dealing with in uncertainty? >> to give you an idea how people feel about this? the egyptian stock market had the worst single day lost in some two months on the news of the runoff and who are going to be the presidential candidate. they are pap pee they have a vote about who will be their president but not happy about who their choices are. >> this doctor like many believe it is simply the less of two
10:34 pm
evils. >> you are voting for the pmuslm brotherhood do you want it to be under the sheikh? >> absolutely not. >> why are you voting for him if he is going to do that? >> i don't agree with many of the policies but we cannot adapt this to our needs. >> headed to the supreme court for a protest. it is another example of how bad it has gotten. >> nobody was arrested or tried or had people with ears cut or mutilateed by muslim fan fat ticks. we have had homes destroyed. many of the christians we talk about are going to support
10:35 pm
the prime minister under mustbak th the security they are facing right now. you heard from numbers of revelation nature res who started the protest last year if it comes into office they intended to protest once again. >> looking at the video, it looks like file footage from this time in 2011. it is bizarre to see. i know the final election is three weeks away from today. what are the options? >> egypt is making up the rule. it has yet to have one yet. on the other hand they have already broken a number of their own rules and people are talking about delaying the elections.
10:36 pm
>> the large he is anti government demonstration held for three years in georgia. we go arounded the world in 80 seconds. >> georgia thousands of people expressing their dislike and professing their support for rival leader georgia's richest man. he started the georgia dream coalition and hopes they win elections in october so he can become prime minister. italy a froes for the truth at the vat ta-- vatican. a 15-year-old girl vanished from her apartment 29 years ago. the vatican does not fully cooperate with the investigation. a spokesperson denying that claim. tension intensifying to find the girls remain's. >> oo china a toll collector attacked on the jobl. the guy who beat her wassing
10:37 pm
drunk and got angry and felt she was waiting too long for allowing him to pay her fee. >> indonesia lady gaga cancelling what was supposed to be the biggest stop on her asian tour. the queen of meat dresses bailed out of the show after they threatened violence saying the clothing and dance moves will corrupt the youth. her fans devastated but getting a full refunned. you look in the backyard and you see them with a trip on the growned. he's looking right at you. you live in the city. neighbors called 911. happy birthday gold ep gate bridge. time to celebrate. somebody cue tony bennet. ♪
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to get your feet moving to the beat. it's time to start gellin' with dr. scholl's and feel the energy from your feet up. thanks to the energizing support and cushioning of dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles, you'll want to get up and go. >> police following the leads of a missing college student mikalah shoe nick disappeared she was last seen leaving a late night party on a bicycle. you can see the bicyclist here. they believe this is the missing student. the picture is taken the night she vanished. there is also a pickup truck they are searching continuously for shunik. >> we are searching all areas including waterways. it may help us determine where she could haveeneded up or could
10:42 pm
have traveled. he is described as 5 foot 1, 115 pounds. if you have any helpful information call louisiana police department at the number at the bottom of the screen. an suv gives new meaning to drive through banking. takes over a suburban neighborhood as we go across america. >> florida. what a way to make an entrance. >> slashing through the front of mairng of america branch. no one was hurt. the driver says she doesn't know what we know the wrong. >> police say she crossed the median and several lanes of traffic before hitting the bank. >> colorado, lookout below. a massive sunk hole on a road in
10:43 pm
denver. over an aan doned mine. fears the 60 foot hole could grow potentially swallowing the road. california, grab a pubull b the horns. that's what police spent hours trying to do. one angry 15 hurn pound bull charging through backyards. >> they were down here messing with these guys. >> schools put on lock down while they tried to corner the bull. it all ended while a policeman -- yeah, you can the make this stuff up. coraling with a trailer. >> moran mal antics an angry crow swooping in on angry
10:44 pm
pedestrians in port landed. >> the bird was pretty big and the wings attacked me on the head. >> it's not like the bird can eat you alive or something but it is scary getting slapped in the face. >> not hurting anybody. likely protecting its nest. >> the golden state bridge or golden gate bridge, excuse me, 1.7 miles long. the golden gate festival wrapping up tonight with fireworks. life outside san francisco. claudia? >> hi, harris. special exhibits even an app a part of the bridge's 71st anniversary. it is hard to believe it almost didn't get built. >> the golden gate bridge is officially open. >> may 28th, 1937 the golden
10:45 pm
gate had an art deco landed mark that had con the versie. he remembers participating in the opening day festivities a 16-year-old clarinet player in the marching band. >> i think my most important consideration is following the base drum ahead of me. >> he watched the construction and 75 days -- years later still there. >> how smart the people were to engineer that thing. >> it was proposed in 1921 by joseph straws it was fiercely opposed by rival ferry companies as well as critics who claim it would be a money loser an aesthetic blight. it created an engineering mar r vel a success pangs spoerd by
10:46 pm
cables and painted to blend into the scene re. >> you can feel it move you can watch the pain thors painting. it is a bridge to be experienced. >> the air force wanted it to be blai painted red and white the othna black and yellow. one of the few bridges that enhances the landscape rather than de tracts from it. >> i love the hat and the earrings. you look great. >> thank you very much. a >> i had to blened in for the story. did they knock the suits off the men in black?
10:47 pm
woundeded warrior few have done despite fitz cal li-- physical limitations. >> >> i fight because everything. >> my firstiref ♪ >> stopped thinking about the rounds and mortars coming in. watch awesome people do what they do best. >> the whole scene was lit up with the explosions and guns firing. what i saw in my camera was a good number of peopmen being shs they waded into the water.
10:48 pm
it always amazed me they kept ongoing. >> i saw men and woman doing something bigger than themselves. >> i had to be strong for the guys that i was over there with. >> it was the size of central park in new york. 6,000 people were killed in 76 hours. >> they are giving everything. [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx.
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the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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this particular holiday weekend kicks off a brand new seas >> this particular holiday weekended as blockbusters.
10:52 pm
men in black 3 debuted at the number one movie earning a 55 million. it bumped the avenger after a terrific run for that film. the avenger adding $37 million to the already half million domestic hall. battleship the dictator and chernobyl diaries rounding out the top 5. ♪ >> on this memorial day weekend the story of sergeant sam stilla who is days away from climbing mown the kilimanjaro. he has over come more than 40 surgeries including an amputation. he is one amazing american. anna kooiman has more. >> the victim of an ied below the elbow he is defying the odds by participating in extreme
10:53 pm
sports. he leaves tuesday to climb kilimanjaro the highest peak in africa. he is trying to set a good example for his kids. he lost his arm while being hit by an ied in baghdad. >> i thought physical ak tufity was taken away from me. spiralled into depression which spiralled into daiks to pain medication. i lost two years of my life. my family as well. >> operation row bound part of the@looet leet's foundation helps wounded vets to participate in athletic competitions. he competed in numerous triathlons even the iron man in hawaii. it helps spread the message injuries don't define who you are.
10:54 pm
>> i think seeing other people in similar situations opens your eyes to say, there's a lot more i can do with my life. >> he plans to climb 3 of the highest peaks on each cont nant with his sights set eventually on mt. everest. if you would like to give go to www.sch www.challenge a blistering day at the track. the race was on. drama at the indianapolis 500. ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues
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and this just i >> the situation we have been watching with tropical storm beryl. it is very close to hurricane strength the. it is moving off the coast of florida expected to go up
10:58 pm
against the coastline and bring a ton of rain. we are watching the situation. we will bring you updates through out the night and over night as the news warrants on this. near hurricane strength tropical storm beryl with sustaind winds at 70 miles per hour at this point. it is a memorial day tradition a great spec cal in racing. indianapolis 500. came down to the final laps. taking the checkered flag after a crash seconds earlier. the first driver to win it at least 3 times. his teammates finishes second. >> let's fast forward now. big stories coming up. national memorial day parade in washington, d.c. will include the very first special public tribute of the nation's capital. iraq veterans are participating. presidential primary 155
10:59 pm
delegates at the state fair a win guy governor romney would put him over the top to get the 1,044 delegates needed clinch the nomination. i am harris falkner. on this memorial day we remember the men and women who serve this country. they are a part of what makes our nation great. >> tonight on huckabee. a fight from the start. he dislocated his shoulder as he was born. >> he overcame the addiction . >> he was addicted to crack . >> and debilitating injury. >> ark dam. your fingers are gone. >> no matter how hard he got hit himself he came back harder. >> he's the ultimate description of the friend. >> friend


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