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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  May 28, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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day. the major milestone rolling thunder just reached. and from the wars of those motorcycle engines to the silence at the final resting places for our heros. some of our youngest scouts paying tribute with flying colors this memorial day weekend. also, it stretches 1.7 miles but spans generations of american history. celebrating one of the world's most recognizable landmarks, happy birthday, golden gate bridge. we begin with a fox weather alert. tropical storm beryl intensifying. forecasters saying beryl will hit the united states late tonight. it is centered 85 miles east of jacksonville, florida right now. tropical storm warnings now in effect for the entire georgia coastline as well as parts of florida and south carolina. people there bracing for heavy rain, wind and the threat of very severe flooding. also the storm system ruining
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memorial day weekend plans. shoreline campers sent packing heading inland. several events in florida including a memorial day day jazz festival canceled ahead of the storm. winds knocking down tree limbs and power lines in coastal georgia leaving hundreds without electricity at this hour and this is all before beryl has made a grand entrance. we have team fox coverage tonight. rick reichmuth from the extreme weather center but let's start with elizabeth prann from the beach in florida. >> these are by far the worst conditions we have seen yet today. the winds picking up quickly and rain coming down. gusts between 30 and 40 miles per hour on the beach. the storm has not even made landfall yet. still another three hours away at the least. at that time the winds should be double what they are right now. we also can expect between 3 to 6 inches of rain. we just heard from the mayor at a press conference and he said if folks are anywhere outside
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of their homes that is not where they are supposed to be. they need to hunker down. the worst of the storm a yet to come and it is approaching aing as we speak. >> i was reading they had rescues that had to take place. you think people would heed the warning. >> 7 rescues on this beech alone. 30 in jacksonville and more than 100 along the region of florida, georgia, south carolina and north carolina. curiosity seekers are inevitable. that being said the rip currents as you look over my shoulder. when people want to get in the water the fact of the matter is that rip current can sweep you off your feet in a matter of seconds. one thing the mayor has insisted on is right now if you go anywhere near the beach you are going at your own risk. the beaches are not safe for folks to be out. harris? >> curiosity seekers. i can think of a whole different word for them. elizabeth prann, thank you very much. for more on what to expect from
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tropical storm beryl we turn to meteorologist rick reichmuth in the fox weather center. rick? >> it has gotten stronger the last few hours and you don't like to see that as it is getting closer to land. we had kind of a minimal tropical storm and now to a strong tropical storm. winds up to 65 miles an hour. this is the visible imagery. the last few lops we start to lose daylight on it. just east of jacksonville. you can see the bands of yellow and red intensifying and getting close right here to the coast. right where elizabeth is we will be seeing the strongest winds and rains moving onshore are quickly. the center like li likely makig landfall around the midnight time frame. that is the calm in the center of the storm. the worst conditions over the next couple of hours. it could strangen up to a 70-mile an hour or so storm before it makes landfall. by tomorrow afternoon
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continuing off towards the west and then a hard right turn and going to hug the coast here of the chair li carolinas and by y afternoon we will still be talking about the storm bringing a lot of rain right here. rain is a good part of this. a desperate drought across area of florida and georgia. where the bulls eye of rain is where the worst drought it. that is good news. it will come at a price, though, with strong rip currents, likely flooding and probably significant power outages especially across coastal areas. >> a blessing for the drought stricken areas but also report of a tornado threat and dangerous heat moving across the country. >> a big heat wave. at least a three day heat wave. you can see that where the dark oranges and red ares are currently. 90 degrees in minneapolis. 96 chicago. the first time ever that you have gotten over 95 degrees this early in the season. right there is a cold front moving on through and a pretty
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potent storm. significant threat for severe weather from parts of oklahoma up through minnesota. where you see the red here storm prediction center issued a moderate risk for severe weather right there and already starting to see tornado concerns. severe thunderstorm watch boxes in effect but the storms exploding. the red spots there around the norfolk, nebraska, area where we have tornado warnings. rough evening ahead and maybe into the overnight hours for severe weather across the plains. >> thank you very much. a fox urgent now. international pressure mounting on the regime in syria as the slaughter of innocent civilians continues virtually unchecked there. the united nations just wrapped up an emergency meeting. that meeting popping up as it became clear the shaky cease fire all but officially abandoned now inside syria. the security council officially condemning an attack in one syrian town in particular which
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lasted for more than 18 hours. u.n. observers confirming artillery and tank shells killed some 108 people in the town. 32 of them children under the age of ten. the bloodshed unjustifiable according to the security council members. >> the security council has made it abundantly clear through its resolutions that there are no circumstances whatsoever that justify the use of heavy weapons and tanks against civilian population. >> syria's ambassador also condemning the violence but was quick to respond to what he called unfounded allegations. >> i would like here to condemn also on behalf of my government the tsunami of lies that were said a few minutes ago by some members of the council who tried to mislead you. >> and it has been a busy last
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few hours as many people came out of the meeting and walked up to the microphones talking. joining me is former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. ambassador, thank you for being with us tonight. >> glad to be here. >> we want to gain perspective on the importance of the sunday meeting. with the urgent u.n. meeting and stronger words from the white house and state department yesterday is the united states likely to get more involved in syria? >> it is not clear from simply having this meeting although obviously it is unusual to have it on a sunday. the british and french wanted to try a stronger press statement. the russians and chinese objected and that is why the discussion went on for as long as it did. this statement certainly condemns the shelling by the syrian government but doesn't condemn the execution style killing of dozens of those casualties that you referred to because the syrian government accuses of opposition of having done that. the russians carrying water for
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the syrian government basically made sure the statement was ambiguous on that point. it is not at all clear whether the council is going to do more than condemn the violence as it has done many times before. >> senator john mccain of arizona with strong criticism today for the obama administration not doing more say even a year ago. what more could have been done? is it too late at this point? >> i think certainly by relying on the u.n. and relying on the mediation efforts of former u.n. secretary general kofi annan which was a strategy doomed to failure the administration is certainly responsible. i would have to say it doesn't strike me as immediately obvious what we can could, if anything, to aid the opposition. i think there are grave risks for the u.s. in arming people whose backgrounds we are not really aware of. the administration says it is now vetting opposition leaders to see who it can trust.
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i think senator mccain pointed out that could have happened a year ago instead of now. northbounnonetheless it is impe not be arming people who could commit their own atrocities. >> i'm just getting this word in. stand which while i read this. u.n. ambassador current susan rice just tweeted the u.n. security council condemn the senseless horror in this town this weekend, a deliberate and shocking massacre. to see different people talking about this meeting today, what does that tell you? >> well, nobody can deny this was an atrocity. it is really the violence is appalling. and it reflects that the efforts for the cease fire have broken down. but the idea that the security council is going to do anything is highly unlikely given the russian and chinese approach. there is a report this weekend from an arab television ne news
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station that are you you sha was in the process of supplying the syrian government with new weapons. if that report turns out to be true there is no surprise the russians are blocking the council from doing anything effectively. >> you and i spoke earlier before i let you go, i want to get your thoughts on if we were to get involved the united states i know you told me earlier it is kind of who you would back because you don't know a whole lot about the rebels. didn't we learn the same thing in libya. >> once you give somebody the weapons there is no guarantee that they will keep the weapons and they won't fall into other hands and this really is different from libya in one important respect and this is iran backing the asaad regime. iran and russi russia together. we need a wroter strategy. we need to factor it into our dealings with iran on their
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nuclear weapons program. >> john bolton, thank you so much for being with us on this sunday. >> thank you. many people consider him a hero for helping the united states take out the world's most wanted terrorist but apparently not his own government. now, defense secretary leon panetta with strong language for pakistan after it jailed that doctor who helped take down osama bin laden. and hand to hand combat in and hand to hand combat in a what's withou? trouble with a car insurance claim. [ dennis ] switch to allstate. their claim service is so good, noit's guaranteed. [ foreman ] so i can trust 'em. unlike rdy. dolr for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate.
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our nation's defense secretary speaking out today about the conviction of the pakistani doctor who helped us find osama bin laden. >> it is so difficult to understand and so disturbing that they would sentence this
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doctor to 33 years for helping in the search for the most notorious terrorist in our times. this doctor was not working against pakistan. he was working against al-qaeda. and i hope that ultimately pakistan understands that because what they have done here i think does not help in the effort to try to re-establish a relationship between the united states and pakistan. >> u.s. officials urging pakistan to release that doctor. it is believed he ran a vaccination program and used dna information he collected to help the cia verify bin laden's location. the terror leader was killed as you know last may. the catholic archbishop of washington, d.c. reacting tonight to the obama administration contraception mandate.
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cardinal wuerl saying the network news programs missed the boat by largely ignoring lawsuits filed last week against thed a h menstruation steve centanni with the news live in washington tonight. steve? >> harris. lawsuit backing the la you claiming religious freedom is being violated. the president did carve out an exemption for religious institutions that allows insurance companies and not the catholic organization to pay are for the coverage. but wuerl and some others say some of those groups are self-inned to they will be forced to pay directly for something that is against their religion. and he says the media largely ignored the story when the lawsuit was announced last week. >> it seems to me that somehow they have missed the boat. they missed the story and that
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is why i think it is so important that we have a moment like this. >> do you think it is political bias on the part of the networks? >> i think we have to take a look at this in the much larger picture. >> cardinal timothy dolan the archbishop of new york is also involved in the legal fight. he says the exemption is so narrow that institutions will be called on to prove they are catholic enough to qualify. but there are other catholic groups that think the exemption is just fine and the bishops versus a right wing political agenda. james salt of the catholics united group says these lawsuits reflect a sad reality for american catholics. the leadership of the catholic church is more interested in playing politics than it is in providing for the common good. that controversial mandate goes into effect in august. harris? >> steve, thank you very much. a young college student goes missing and now newly released surveillance video believed to show her on her bicycle before she disappeared. what else on this tape caught
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investigators' eye. and rolling in to our heart of our nation's capital with a message straight from their heart. [ truck beeping ]
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♪ every year on memorial day americans honor the men and women who gave their lives for
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the freedom we enjoy every day. a special ceremony planned for tomorrow at the vietnam veteran's memorial in washington. commander in chief president obama will give the keynote speech there. and earlier today, rolling thunder roared through the nation's capital. the annual motorcycle rally to make sure our war heros are never foregotten. now, in its 25th year. >> tens of thousands are lining the streets today as rolling thunder rolls through and everybody here is supporting veterans. one person here in particular, staff sergeant tim chambers. he stood there all day in silent salute to everyone who passed and here is why. >> i'm not overseas. i never made it to war. medical limitations held me back so i have to stand even taller for brothers and sisters over there and those that didn't make it because we lose friends and the way we can honor their sacrifice is going above and beyond.
1:23 am
>> people rode bikes in all across america to be here today and while many in the crowd are supporting specific bikers others are here to honor the fallen. >> i was in nam in '72 to '73 and my second officer went down over the north some where. it is nice to see these guys still doing what they need to do to show america we still remember our guys. >> we stop in veteran's homes. we stop in veteran's hospitals. we greet our veterans. we give them gifts and pins and thank them for their services. >> as many as 900,000 bikers are here today and organizers say they will keep putting the event on until all prisoners of war and everyone missing in action is accounted for. harris? >> peter, thank you. boy and girl scouts is nationwide honoring our nation's fallen heros this memorial day weekend. about 3,000 scouts placing american flags at soldier's grave stones in los angeles. together the kids planted 87,000 flags at several cemeteries.
1:24 am
in tennessee a similar tribute. boy scouts placing american flags on 42,000 graves at memphis national cemetery. well, this is not a storm you want to mess. beryl intensifying in strength. as it approaches the u.s. southeast coast. we are tracking this tropical storm with landfall inevitable and. and a no-go for gaga. the plug pulled on what was supposed to be one of the biggest stops on her tour all because some people in one country feel she is living too close to the edge. ♪ i'm on the edge ♪ and i'm hanging on a moment of truth ♪ ♪ i'm on the edge and i'm ♪ i'm on the edge and i'm hanging on a moment of you having an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation ♪ i'm on the edge and i'm hanging on a moment of you puts you at 5 times greater risk of stroke. don't wait. go to for a free discussion guide to help you talk to your doctor about reducing your risk. that's
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so don't just stand there holding your lattes, boys. make your move. we'll take the 5-hour energy. smart move. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy. i'm harris faulkner and this is the fox report. we are tracking tropical storm beryl just hours away from making landfall along the southeastern coastline. warnings now in effect for the georgia coastline and parts of florida and south carolina. people there getting ready for a lot of rain and strong winds. from the area, bracing for beryl, chief meteorologist at fox 30 in jacksonville, florida, mike barish joins us. >> the storm is now closing in. less than 100 miles away from jacksonville. beryl with sustained winds about 65 miles per hour and the
1:29 am
first rain bands have made it ashore now and the winds at 65. that is not all that far from hurricane strength. looks like it will be steady state now and weakening tonight and tomorrow as the storm wakes its way inland in east to west across the area. here is a look at our doppler radar and you can see there is yellow in here. these are strong winds and heavy rain bands. wind gusts of 50 to 60 miles per hour already on the coast south to saint augustine and rainfall of 1 to 2 inches or more per hour. the center it of the storm is going to work its way into jacksonville and we will see the winds go up for awhile tonight and decrease late tonight as the center moves overhead and then start to pick up again late tonight and tomorrow once the center begins to move back to the west further in to florida. this is jacksonville beach. a rescue vehicle there. warning people to get off the beaches. we had a lot of people curious about the waves. look at the wave action here.
1:30 am
a terrible mess throughout. erip current risk and getting word this evening of an ongoing rescue at flagler beach 50 to 60 miles south of jacksonville. >> last night you joined us on the fox report and this hadn't quite come together and now as i look as the map you were showing moments guy it was really holding together. you said last night the greatest concern is that it was moving so slowly when it hits land it is just going to dump water. >> this is going be a big rainfall for the area. as it moves to the west it makes landfall roughly midnight, 1:00 in the morning give or take eastern time. very near jacksonville and then just slowly works across north florida. first the threat for the wind tonight 40 to 50 miles per hour sustained gusts, even stronger in some spots especially at the beaches and then isolated tornadoes as the storm comes ashore later tonight and tomorrow. with the movement rainfall in some spots could be a foot or greater across parts of
1:31 am
jacksonville, northeast florida and southeast georgia. and then up the coast and back out to sea the middle of the week, harris. >> glad you joined us. mike barish from fox 30 down in jacksonville. >> thank you. wildfire alert now and monster burning in new mexico won't quit. hundreds of firefighters struggling to gain control of the flames in the national forest. 122,000 acres burned there. 121 square miles. it has eaten homes and other buildings forcing evacuations along the way. for the first time in days crews are about to hit that wall of fire with water from the air again. the thick smoke to bad a health alert remains in effect for parts of the state all the way to albuquerque. and while the fires intensify in the west, rain helping out in two wildfires in michigan. the first one burning more than 30 state miles mckinley the peninsula.e upper
1:32 am
the other fire destroying several structures near a stretch of forest that borders lake superior. people ordered to leave their home there's. turning now to the nuclear standoff with iran and that country's nuclear chief saying that they will continue enriching uranium to 20% despite demands from the u.s. and allies for them to stop doing that. many experts fearing uranium enrich at that level can be quickly turned into weapons material. iran claiming it is for energy purposes. inspectors saying the uranium being enriched at a high level military facility built deep inside the mountain. talks with iran over the program set to resume next month in moss cue. now, to egypt. in the wake of the country's first ever democratic election some problems. three presidential candidates
1:33 am
claiming widespread voter fraud and filing appeals that could change the outcome. many of egypt's coptic christians concerned about what might happen if the muslim brotherhood candidate win there's. leland vitter streaming live from egypt tonight. how are egyptians dealing with the uncertainty? >> to say they are anxious would be an understatement. to give you an idea how people feel about this. the egyptian stock market here in cairo had its first single day loss in some two months on news of the runoff and who are going to be the presidential candidate. theegyptians are happy they haa vote but not really happy about who their choices are. but this doctor like many egyptians believe muslim brotherhood candidate muhammad morsi is the lesser of two evils when compared to shafiq the former prime minister under
1:34 am
president mubarak. >> do you want egypt to be an islamic state wit with sharia . >> i don't agree with many of the muslim brotherhood's policy but we can modulate this and adapt this to our needs. >> christians in cairo left church this sunday and headed to the supreme court for a protest. they say it is just another example of how bad conditions have gotten in this country and they say if the muslim brotherhood takes over and institutes sharia law many christians will have to leave their homeland of egypt. >> the church is burned without people being arrested or tried and people with their ears cut and mutilated by muslim fanatics. we had homes destroyed. >> right now many of the christians we saw say they will likely support shafiq as the former prime minister under
1:35 am
president mubarak in the hope that brings about some type of stablization to the security situation they are facing right now. however, harris, we heard from a number of the revolutionaries who started the protests last year that if shafiq comes into office that they intend to protest, once again. >> i have to tell you, leland, looking at that video, it looks like file footage from this time in 2011. it is just bizarre to see it. i know the final election is three weeks away from today. what are the options? >> essentially egypt has been making up the rules for the presidential election as it goes because they have yet to have one yet. so they can have their first set. on the other hand they have already broke and number of their own rules and already people now are talking about delaying the elections because shafiq is under investigation for corruption. harris? >> thank you very much. the largest antigovernment
1:36 am
demonstration held in three years in georgia. it is our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> georgia. tens of thousands of people expressing their dislike for the president and professing their support for a rival party leader georgia's richest man. he started the georgian dream coalition and is hoping his party wins parliamentary elections in october so he can become prime minister. italy. a protest for the truth at the vatican. the crowd wanting to know what happened to a 15-year-old girl who vanished from her vatican city apartment 29 years ago. there is speculation the vatican did not fully cooperate with the investigation. a spokesperson denying the claim. efforts intensifying in recent weeks to find the girl's remains. china. a toll collector attacked on the job. police saying the guy who beat her was drunk and got angry because he felt he was waiting
1:37 am
too long for her to collect his fee. now, he is paying a fine for driving drunk and doing ten days behind bars for attacking her. >> indonesia. lady gaga canceling what was supposed to be the biggest stop on her asian tour. bowing out of the sold out show after islamist hard liners threatened violence claiming her sexy movements and dance moves with corrupt the youth. her fans devastated but getting a full refund. so you look in the back yard and see a beast scratching his hoof on the ground. that would be an angry bull and he is looking right at you. and you live in the city. these neighbors called 911. see who showed up. and happy birthday, golden gate bridge. time to celebrate. somebody cue you tony bennett. love him. ♪ i left my heart in
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police in louisiana following new leads in the search for a missing college student. university of louisiana studentmy kayla disappeared may 19. last scene leaving a late night party on a bicycle. police releasing images caught on video camera. they believe this is the missing student. the pictures taken the night she vanished. there is a pickup truck caught on the tape. police looking for the driver of the truck and friends searching continuously for shunick. >> we will continue in the area including waterways for any evidence that will help us determine where maybe ms. shunick could have ended up or could have traveled.
1:42 am
>> described as 5'1", 115-pounds. if you have any helpful information call the louisiana police department at the number there at the bottom of the screen. an suv gives new meaning to the term drive-thru banking. and and angry bull takes over a suburban neighborhood. just two stops as we go across america. florida. what a way to make an entrance. >> oh, my god! >> a jeep crashing through the front of a bank of america branch near miami. it was open with customers inside and amazingly no one was hurt. the driver says she doesn't quite know what went wrong. >> i'm all right. i'm all right. i think it is problem with brakes. >> police think she crossed the median and several lanes of traffic before hitting the bank. >> colorado. look out below. a massive sinkhole appearing overnight on a rural road west of denver.
1:43 am
shifting ground underneath an abandoned mine to blame. traffic being rerouted ove arod the area over fears the hole could grow, potentially swallowing the road. california. grab a bull by the horns. at least that is what fresno police spent hours trying to do. one angry 1500-pound bull charging through backyards. people caught off-guard, no doubt. >> i run. yeah, i ran. >> all my homies they was down here messing with it. i ain't going to mess with no bull. >> schools put on lockdown while officers tried to corner the bull. it ended when one policeman a former cowboy, you can't make this stuff up. he swings a mean rope, corralling the bull into a trailer. oregon, more animal antics. time an angry crow swooping in on innocent pedestrians in
1:44 am
portland. >> i was kind of scared because the bird was big and the wing just lick tapped me on the head and i was like oh, my gosh. it is is not like the bird can eat you alive but it is scary getting slapped in the face. >> the bird just causing a nuisance. likely just protecting its nest. and that is a fox watch across america. san francisco celebrating a milestone in a big way. the golden state bridge or golden gate bridge excuse me, turned 75. a lot going on near the bridge that is 1.7 miles long. the golden gait festival wrapping up tonight with fireworks on the waterfront. claudia cowan is live outside san francisco. >> hi, harris. a parade and special exhibits and even an app. given how famous it is it is hard to believe it almost didn't get built. >> as the cable is burned in two, new golden gate bridge is officially opened. >> on may 28, 1937, the golden gate straight was spanned by an
1:45 am
art deco landmark that over came years of lawsuits and controversy. wilbur are remembers participating in the opening day festivities. a 16-year-old clare net player in the high school marching band. >> i think my most important contribution was following the base drum who was ahead of me. >> riding the ferry with his father, he watched the construction and 75 years later is still in awe. >> every day i go across i look at that bridge and say how smart those people were to engineer that thing. first proposed in 1921 by engineer joseph strauss it was opposed by rival ferry companies. in just four years a depression era crew created an engineering marvel. a 4200-foot long suspension span supported by cables held alost by two 746-foot tall high
1:46 am
towers. a mix of art and efficiency and always moving people. >> you can walk on it and touch it and feel it move. you can watch the painters painting. it is just a bridge to be experienced. >> and the color was another controversy. the air force wanted the bridge to be painted red and white. the navy black and yellow. can you imagine for their navigation purposes. the international orange won. one of the few bridges that enhances the landscape rather than attract from it. >> i love the hat and earrings. the international orange that you are sporting. you look great. >> well, thank you very much. have to blend in for the story. >> and you did well. thank you. >> the summer blockbuster season kicking off this holiday weekend. did the superheros and the avengers knock the suits off the men in black? a look at the weekend's box office coming up. and a wounded warrior preparing
1:47 am
to do what few have done despite his physical limitations. retired major. >> i'm about to return on my sixth tour of duty. i fight because this country has given my family everything. >> my first firefight was eight and a half minutes and felt like two days. for a second you stop thinking about the rounds that are flying past you or hitting right next to your feet and the mortars coming in and just watch these awesome people do what they do best. the royal battle was something that the public had never seen before. the whole sea was lit up with big explosions of the big guns fire. what i saw in my camera was a good number of men being shot as they waded through the water. it was always amazing to me that these guys would continue to keep on going. >> to observe the triangle of
1:48 am
death, the amount of dead that we sustained, i captured men and women who were doing something bigger than themselves. >> i had to lead. i had to be strong for the guys that i was over there with. >> i think that people should understand that on an island that was one third the size of central park in new york over 6,000 people were killed in 76 hours. >> every day that i breathe on this planet i have to breathe for the marines that is giving everyt ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] with 50 horsepower, dual overhead cams and fierce acceleration, the gator xuv 825i will shatter your expectations. ♪ before your next big trip outdoors, visit
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for huge savings at this year's john deere green tag event. ♪
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this particular holiday weekend kicks off a brand new season of hollywood blockbusters and we are seeing the suits knocking off the super heros at the box office.
1:52 am
men in black three debuted a the number one movie and bumped the avengers to second place after a terrific run tore that film. the avengers adding another $37 million to its already half billion dollars domestic haul. battleship the dictator and chernobyl diaries rounding out the top five. >> and on this memorial day weekend the story of sergeant sam silla who is days away from climbing mount kilimanjaro. he was hurt in baghdad in 2005 and has overcome 40 surgeries including an amputation. he is one amazing american. anna has more. >> as a victim of an ied and below the level amputee sam leaves tuesday to climb mount
1:53 am
kilimanjaro, the highest peak in africa. he is now a 38-year-old father trying to set a good scam for his kids.or -- set a good example for his kid. he was hit by an ied in 2005 and it changed his entire being. >> i assumed my identity was physical and thought that was taken away from me and spiraled into depression which led into addiction to pain medication. a long turbulent road for two years which i lost of my life and then my family lost as well. >> joining operation rebound a part of the challenged athletes foundation renewed his spirit. the program helps wounded vets and first responders get back on their feet and participate in athletic competition. he has competed in numerous triathlons and even the iron man in hawaii. his story helped spread the cas message that injuries don't dietine who you are. >> i think seeing other people
1:54 am
who are in similar situations opens your eyes to say there is a lot more that i can do with my life. >> phillip plans to climb at least three of the highest peaks on each continent over the next few years with his sights set eventually on mount everest. to donate to the challenged athletes foundation go to www. >> ablisteringdayatthetrackand h ablisteringdayatthetrackandh eartstopingdramaatthe eartstopingdramaatthe
1:55 am
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wise choice. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy. and this just in in the situation we have been watching with tropical storm beryl we are now learning that it is very close to hurricane strength. and it is moving just off the coast now of florida expected
1:58 am
to brush up against the coastline andrin a ton of rain. we are watching this situation and we will bring you updates throughout the night and overnight as the news warrants on this. near hurricane strength tropical storm beryl with sustained winds of 70 miles per hour at this point. well, it is a memorial day day tradition, a great spectacle in racing. the indianapolis 500 came down to the final lap. dario franchitti. now, the tent driver to win at least three times. his teammate finishing second. let's do fox fast forward looking ahead to the big stories this week. tomorrow the 2012 national memorial day parade in washington, d.c. will include the first special public tribute in the nation's capital to the iraq war generation. all iraq veterans and active duty military encouraged to participate.
1:59 am
and tuesday, texas holds its presidential primary. a win by governor mitt romney would put him over the top to get the 1,144 delegates needed to clinch the nomination. and that is how fox reports on this sunday, may 27, 2012. i'm harris faulkner. thank you for watching on this memorial day we remember the men and women who serve this country and thank them and ington.ize that they are a key have a wonderful memorial day captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> chris: i'm chris wallace. on this memorial day weekend the u.s. faces military and diplomatic challenges. we'll discuss stalled talks with iran. continuing tensions with pakistan. and the war in afghanistan. with one of the gop's leading voices on foreign policy, senator john mccain. then, catholic institutions take the obama administration to court over its insurance mandate on contraception. is it an issue of religious freedom or women's healt


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