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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 31, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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one of the counts against john edwards. that was the count that hemmingedly accepted illegal campaign contributions in 2008 from rachel bunny melon. they announced they could not reach a verdict on the other five counts. realizing they had not cop up with a unanimous verdict, the judge sent them back in the jury room w while she met with the lawyers. the prosecution wanted the jury to continue deliberating. the defense wanted the judge to declare a mistrial. the judge instructed jurors to go back and continue their deliberations and try to come up with the unanimous verdict on the other count. 45 minutes later, juror sent a judge a note saying after nine days of deliberations they were confident in their conclusions saying "we do not believe a different verdict will be reached." the judge declared a mistrial on the other five counts. the judge spoke to the jury
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briefly before dismissing jurors saying, "i know you're probably frustrated but you worked hard. you have done your job and you can hold your head up." back to you. >> kimberly: jonathan, this is interesting. after only 45 minutes the deliberation, judge sending them back in. on what we call a dynamite charge saying please continue to do your duty, go back in and deliberate further. they seem to have the right language to say they don't feel a verdict could be reached despite more deliberation going forward. but no indication, the news reports we're getting is no indication whatsoever whether or not they're going to retry the hung counts. have we heard any mention of perhaps how they were hung on the other charges? >> yeah, we don't know how they were hung on the other charges. but let me tell you throughout the investigation and according to some of the testimony, some of it allowed in court, much of it not allowed in court. there was not agreement even among government officials
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whether a donation to a third par that is then used to hide mistress, extra marital affai affair, federal presidential candidate, whether that qualifies as a federal, as a campaign finance violation. the justice department believes it was a violation. but other fcc trying to get to testify that no, in their opinion, it did not fall under federal campaign finance laws. the judge would not allow them to give their opinion. but for those of us on the outside of the courtroom, it gave you an idea experts in federal campaign finance laws disagree orve whether this met the criteria. when you look at this jury of laymen and lay women who are not experts, in campaign finance law, you can imagine just how complicated it was
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deliver these six counts of edwards. >> kimberly: remain live. we'll come back to you in the program if we have press statements from the prosecutors, defense, perhaps john edwards speaking himself or any members of the jury. thank you for the update. brian, take it around the table. he is making a great point. there was a lot of confusion even among the prosecution team how to proceed and the nature of the charges. pretty novel to try to bring this forward. it seems to have been something confusing with respect to the charges of is it a gift? or was it something used to further his campaign? the campaign contribution. >> brian: jury is the one tasked with this obligation. they have been unable to come up with anything. they have been a bizarre group to begin with. five of them were dressing alike for a while. one evidently flirting with john edwards, that was the accusation for a while. when you tell them to go back and come up with a decision, they are people. excuse me, i get the sense
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they're saying we hate each other, tired of each other, never going to move. back to you. i got nothing. >> kimberly: they pulled the rip cord on that one in north carolina, let me tell you. andrea, you talked about this earlier with me saying it's confusing to everyone watching, let alone jurors. it sounds like people in there had their heels dug in. one lady that had a crush that wasn't going to grudge on this. >> andrea: maybe they stopped talking because someone stole someone's outfit. juries get closed session after a couple of weeks. i saw they were hung on a number of counts the first thing i thought is i think the jurors are as confused as the rest of america. this points to something, and you know, i'll leave the legal ease up to you and -- legalese up to you and attorneys but campaign finance laws are all over the map. complicated and ambiguous. we need to re-examine them. it was megyn kelly who aptly pointed out if we are going to convict a politician for things that they did in their personal lives based on the
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minutia of the laws the courts are going to be clogged up. well worth a discussion about the campaign finance. you heard jonathan serrie say we couldn't get answers from our own administration on it. >> kimberly: we have interesting news here, that is why you don't want to move. john edwards, getting information from the bureau he might be coming out soon, shortly to give a speech. comments about this pretty stunning verdict, in fact. in terms of the not guilty. eric? >> eric: a couple of thoughts. count three he was found not guilty on, receiving contributions from rachel bunny melon, but on count five, receiving contributions from rachel bunny melon. hung on that one. whacky jury. no consistency. on may 14, this guy edwards' former sec chairman says he testified that he believed that the money, contribution, payments were actually gifts. i mean does anyone go up to a politician and say here is a
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boatload of money, not that it has anything to do with your campaign or willingness or wantingness to be vice president. here is money. take the money. the third thought if this were in business, they would be closing the jail cell right now on john edwards. look at keslowski nailed for using corporate funds with board approval, using it for a personal party he threw. he is in jail. maybe he is out now. but he spent years in jail. the rulings are different. >> kimberly: keep an eye on the microphone and courthouse steps. we hope momentarily john edwards will be coming forward to make a statement about this, a stunning verdict. hung count. keep in mind, the prosecutor's office not releasing formal statement yet but they are not decided whether or not to proceed forward with a retrial on the hung counts. depending on the breakdown of that, as we mentioned earlier, if it is 7-5, that would be a bad hang. they wouldn't proceed forward. if it was in favor of not
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guilty. but if it was closer, 10-2, there is a chance they'll proceed forward. bob, what is your take-away? does edwards have a future politically going forward? >> bob: the answer is absolutely no. what do you mean five dressed alike? >> brian: they were dressing alike for a while. >> kimberly: like a cult. >> brian: the jurors said they were coming out and dressing alike and one batting her eyes at john edwards and one was dismissed along the way. >> bob: there has not been a major significant finding of a jury about a federal election commission law. not even close to something like this. i am not surprised at all. this is so ambiguous. i have had campaign contribution in front of the department of justice before. >> kimberly: look at the smile on his face. good old days. >> bob: but they didn't proceed with it because it wasn't clear what it was. melon did not know she was giving the money -- did she
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know? >> andrea: the only evidence they have is she said maybe he should pay for his own girlfriends at some point. not the strongest piece of evidence. >> bob: did they say what it was for? >> eric: we almost had -- >> kimberly: we'll take it away here and get back to you after edwards speaks. he is going to gave statement, but not take any questions. curious to hear what he has to say. his reaction. of course, his daughter has been by his side the whole time. very supportive. is there. take a listen. >> i want to say first thank you for the jurors. their incredibly hard work and their diligence. they took their job very, very seriously, as we saw both during the trial, the attention they paid to the evidence during the trial, the presentations of the lawyers and the fact that they've now spent nine, almost nine full days deliberating, trying to
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reach a fair and just trial under the evidence and the law. thank goodness we live in a country that has the kind of system that we have. i think the jurors were an exemp lor for what jurors are supposed to do in this country. very, very impressive. the second thing i want to say a word about is responsibilit responsibility. this is about me. i want to make sure everyone hears from me and from my voice that while i do not believe i did anything illegal, i never thought i was doing anything illegal, i did an awful, awful lot that was wrong. there is no one else responsible for my sin. none of the people who came to court and testified are responsible. nobody working for the government is responsible. i am responsible.
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if i want to find the person who should be held accountable for my sin, honestly, i don't have to go any further than the mirror. it's me. it is me and me alone. the next thing i want to say a word about is for the people that i love. because it's been an incredible experience for me to watch my parents, my dad just turned 80. my mom who is 78. tromp up here from robins, north carolina, every day to be with me and to support me. i love them so much. they do such a wonderful job raising me and my brother blake and my sister kathy, who i also love dearly. i also want to say a word about my own children. kate, who most all of you has seen, has been here every single day. she has been here no matter
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what. no matter how awful and painful, a lot of the evidence was for her. evidence about her dad. evidence about her mom. who she loves so, so dearly. but she never once flinched. she said, "dad, i love you, i'll be there for you no matter what." i'm so proud to have had her with me through all this process. and then finally, emma, who turned 14 recently. emma and jack, who just turned 12. who i take care of every day. i have not been able to see them quite as much. i see them in the morning. i get their breakfast ready, get them off to school. then we get home at night and we all eat supper together. and i love them both so dearly. they are such an important part of every day of my life. and then finally, my precious
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quinn. who i love more than any of you could ever imagine. and i am so close and so, so grateful for. so grateful for quinn. i'm grateful for all of my children, including my son wade who we lost years ago. but you know, this is the last thing i'm going to say. i don't think god's through with me. i really believe he thinks there are still some good things i can do. whatever happens with this legal stuff going forward, what i'm hopeful about is all those kids i've seen in the poorest parts of this country and in some of the poorest places in the world, that i can help them. and whatever way i'm still capable of helping them. i want to dedicate myself to being the best dad i can be.
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and to help those kids who i think deserve help. and who i hope i can help. thank you all very much. >> kimberly: all right. well, imagine what a fall from grace john edwards once considered a top contender to be president of the united states of america, finding his faith in the hands of the jurors today, acquited on one count, not guilty, the other counts hung. giving a statement saying he doesn't believe that god is done with him, that he wants to dedicate his life to being the best father he can be for his children. he mentioned his daughter kate who has never left his side, has been there throughout the proceedings every day in the courtroom. even took the stand. he also mentioned emma clair, jack his two children he shared with elizabeth edwards. also mentioning wade, his son that passed away and baby quinn that he had with rheal hunter. get thoughts from around the table. >> eric: can i make a point. john edwards stepped up to the podium and said i want everyone to hear my voice.
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the problem is now he wants everyone to hear his voice, because he apparently didn't want him to hear his voice on the stand when he had to raise his right hand and testify. there is nothing like a perp walk to deter bad behavior, bob. this would have been a perfect example -- you pointed out before edwards spoke there needs to be fixing of the sikh rules. perp walk like that would deter a lot of people doing it going forward. now, who knows? maybe it opened the flood gates. >> bob: the last part was his campaign. that was his theme to go around the country. like a campaign speech near the end. i can assure you that god may want to use him for those things but he will not be a politician, for sure. one of the most stunning fall from grace i've seen in politics. >> brian: even tiger woods blasted that. >> bob: i have seen this, i
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know this guy. i spent time talking to him. many times. a guy considered a superior politician and so sure of himself, to see him up here making these statements is stunning to me. >> kimberly: one of the most successful trial lawyers in the country. revered, in every magazine. wonderful wife that battled triumphantly against breast cancer and the end of her life have this happen. struggling story. >> brian: deterrent, even though that he is not get 30 years, the humiliation he suffered through this. if you are not a lawyer and you get cght in an sec that is one thing. this guy is self-proclaimed, successful lawyer. how could you not know what you are doing funneling money to hunter on the side. the other thing to keep in mind, how long this went on.
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we didn't see the major playe players. hunter, never saw. edwards, in trial. and elizabeth edwards, didn't put anything in writing. >> kimberly: is that a problem? jury seized on that? there wasn't evidence or testimony. he had a right not to take the stand and take the fifth, edwards, but they weren't left with much to work with, as you said. >> brian: right. i'm fascinated by the fact he did mention quinn. i guess that is the baby. did not mention hunter. everything was clear, they are afraid of her. she is a loose cannon i'm curious to see what happens where she might appear. >> kimberly: what are your take-away, remarks, tenor and tone of what the future holds for john edwards? >> andrea: this is astounding. this is the first time we heard from edwards, it will be a year this summer. 2008 is when the affair broke. it's been a lot of time. we have heard from elizabeth
5:17 pm
edwards, we heard from hunter in a magazine. we haven't heard from him. this was his apology to the nation. but he at the crux of it, he did a very, very bad thing, but it wasn't an illegal thing. apology to the nation. i think it struck the right tone. he is done in politics, i'm not sure it can repair or decenter people. >> brian: get a talk show. >> bob: because he is a good lawyer is the reason he thought he'd beat this. he knew the laws were impossible the way they're written to prosecute somebody. that's why he was confident throughout the trial. >> eric: quick observation. when o.j. simpson was acquited he came out saying i'm going to spend the rest of my life looking for nicole's killer and it went on the side. john edwards comes to podium and says i'm going to work for kids going forward. do you think he is going to work for kids? >> kimberly: in north carolina, john edwards has left the courtroom. making his comments with his daughter and his parents by
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his side. we're going to have more on this stunning verdict coming up. john edwards not guilty of illegal campaign contribution. plus, president obama and president bush spent some quality time together today at the white house. and we have our very own dana perino, she had a front row seat for all of us here for the festivities and will give us a play-by-play of what she saw today when we come back. please stay with us. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] for two years in a row, j.d. power and associates has ranked quicken loans "highest in customer satisfaction in the united states." call or go to to discover
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>> brian: this is a fox news alert. john edwards found not guilty on one count and mistrial on five others. the former vice presidential candidate spoke moments ago. >> while i did not believe i did anything illegal or ever thought i was doing anything illegal i did an awful, awful lot that was wrong. and there is no one else responsible for my sins. none of the people who came to court and testified are responsible. nobody working for government is responsible.
5:23 pm
i am responsible. if i want to find the person who should be held accountable for my sins, honestly i don't have to go any further than the mirror. it's me. me and me alone. >> brian: he was careful to say because he knows they could retry five counts, even though it seems unlikely. >> kimberly: it was well-tailored and no surprise given his ability as a litigator. he doesn't want to come out and sound boastful or cocky. he wants to sound contrite, believing he didn't do anything illegal but it was morally wrong. and talk about his relationship with god and that god wasn't done with him. you don't want to offend the prosecutors when your life still hangs in the balance and they can decide whether or not to retry you. >> brian: "law and order" that went on for 20 years is the drama in the courtroom. the jurors were a bizarre group. they were told to go deliberate more. they said we thought about it 40 minutes but you can't make
5:24 pm
us. >> andrea: i disagree with you. i don't know how much of a deterrent it will be in the future. because you look at the number of politicians they get in office, their ego takes over. we have seen many politics do this thing. what happens? they do it over and over again. from a personal perspective, i'm sick of this. of john edwards. a lot of viewers are saying we are giving so much time to this man. he is just -- he is not -- it's nauseating to watch him talk. >> brian: toss up between him and kim kardashian. there is a story line getting closure. north carolina was beginning to switch to democratic state. john edwards is up-and-coming young guy, chance to be a governor and wanted to be president. now all of a sudden north carolina seems to go back red again. he is the symbol. >> bob: well, first of all, god may not be done with him but voters are, for sure.
5:25 pm
>> eric: arrogant enough maybe he is not done. >> kimberly: i agree. >> eric: dumb enough, arrogant enough -- >> bob: he can try to run for anything again. if he gets three votes i would be surprised. >> eric: he got, i don't know. seven or eight votes in the jury room. >> andrea: look at eliot spitzer. he was doing prostitution. this is astounding, cancer, cheating on your life. that is even a level that eliot spitzer didn't stoop to. >> bob: spitzer brought a prostitute to washington, d.c. never mind. >> andrea: please. >> bob: i remember when -- you hear politicians say how confident they are about what they'll do. remember edwards was governor of louisiana, edwin edwards they said he was unbeatable. he said the only way they beat me is with a dead woman or a live boy.
5:26 pm
they spent 20 years in penitentiary. i have represented people that i visited in jail. they don't get easily contrite. >> eric: i disagree with you also. you have to see a guy going to jail, in a jump suit and shackles to defer the behavior. there are politicians out there going whew, he got off. everyone else taking money and using it for something maybe not a girlfriend or kid, but something else. >> brian: his dad is there. his daughter is there. humiliation. >> eric: next week they'll forget about that. >> brian: people are mentally ill. >> andrea: he is the type of man that can cheat on his wife who was dying of cancer. pointed out in the break, denied the child. the same child he went up to the podium and said i love you more than anyone knows? really, you wouldn't know as boll boll said wisely but he
5:27 pm
denied her. >> ericboston this is a politician not -- >> bob: this is a politician to say two sides of a coin. i heard politicians come up with more excuses and mistakes they made, it's always down there. i am the only one to blame. i look in the mirror -- by the way, if he -- [ inaudible ] he has a north carolina accen accent. the reason north carolina is going democratic is hispanic voters. >> kimberly: i like the tie-in. he is perhaps contrite he got caught. he is a nar cystic guy, ego maniac -- narcissistic guy. ego maniac. there was an inquire thing he was hiding in the bathroom and
5:28 pm
got exposed. >> brian: you don't go shopping. >> andrea: the viewers are sick of different standard at home. charles rangel. and eliot spitzer, prostitution is lyle. now john edwards. >> bob: have the fox and friends visitor take us out here. >> brian: blocking for me. take it the restto way. coming up straight ahead, dana perino at the white house with the president, former president of the united states and the current president of the united states. and she will tell us what went on behind the scenes at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. the drama is tremendous! ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a powerful weapon
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." big day at the white house, as 43 and 44 reunited. president obama hosted the pred sessor and family earlier today for unveiling of president bush and mrs. bush's official portrait. these type of events the presidents are always gracious to one another. take a look. >> we may have our differences politically, but the presidency transcends those differences. we all love this country and we all want america to succeed. >> i am pleased that my portrait brings an interesting symmetry to the white house collection. i starts and ends with a george w. mr. president, when you are wandering the halls as you wrest with tough decisions you will be able to gaze at this
5:34 pm
portrait and ask what would george do? [ laughter ] >> andrea: that sharp sense of humor, we miss it. dana perino was in the room for festivities and joins us life from washington, d.c. hey, d.b. >> dana: thanks. glad i could get in on the conversation. it's interesting. the show is good. i watching it from here. >> andrea: we miss you. tell us what were the highlights of the portrait unveiling today? >> dana: i had feeling of nervousness. it hadn't been back for three-and-a-half years. there are memories for me and people here today. it wasn't all staff. all sort of people that worked for president bush watched today. for those of us in the room it was special. as i walked up the stairs to the event with karl rove i realize this house isn't anybody's. when you are occupying it. it belongs to everybody in america.
5:35 pm
a wonderful moment. 41 came in and he got the loudest sustained applause. when 43 talked about his dad and choked up in the moment, that is a moment of history in our lifetime we won't see again. >> andrea: did the president like the portrait? sometimes you get pictures done -- never a portrait but sketch. did he like it? >> dana: he didn't tell me he didn't. i think it was good. the painting in the back of him in that par trait is from the hymn "a charge to keep." i thought mrs. bush, she looks great in the portrait, but she looks amazing today. absolutely beautiful woman. stunning. i thought her speech was probably the best out of the four. if i could say that. >> eric: i mentioned to bob she looks fantastic. the epitome of graciousness. she was fantastic. did she like her picture? >> dana: i hope.
5:36 pm
so she was sincere and thanks in the gratitude, the artist they are taking a picture with her in a second. the unveiling, a special moment. also, nice kind of a bookend to a presidency when you get your portrait up there. i like 43 said the first george w., white house burned by the british, dolly madison ran out of the white house. and michelle, i'm your man if it happens again. a good moment. very funny. cut tension. jimenez is beautiful. special. glad they were there together. and that you were able to witness this and be a part of it. historic occasion. the bush family gracious. they learn so much from them. from the civility of the way they conduct themselves at every occasion. humble. it seems like a proud, happy day for family and father and son to be there. >> bob: what struck me, the contrast between the civility
5:37 pm
in that room incivility, whatever the word is, rest of washington is striking. did anyone mention "the five" when you were down there? >> dana: as a matter of fact, bob, you came up quite a bit at the white house today. >> andrea: we hear there were a lot of fans down there. >> dana: everybody from former secretary tom ridge said one of his favorite shows. carlos gutierrez, his wife was there and says she watches it every day. i got to see a lot of the butler staff and wait staff i got to know over the years who watch it every day. one guy, i will tell you who it is when i see you in person came up and said i have a bone to pick with you. this is a guy we worked with. he said you are way too soft on bob beckel. >> andrea: i want to play s.o.p. for you. things haven't always been that gracious between the two. take a listen. >> when i came in office, there had been drifts in the afghan strategy.
5:38 pm
they run up these wild debts. we take over and we have to clean it up. >> they want to give banks and insurance companies more power to do as they please. strip out regulation to protect consumers. that is not new. crime. remember? the last guy did all this. >> bob: on a day we have nice civility at the white house to start off to do these things and run the cuts of obama is -- >> kimberly: but he has brought up president bush. >> bob: on a day like today -- >> brian: it was unbelievable ceremony. i thought this is what i took from this. three-and-a-half years in office, i have a deeper understand of challenges faced by the men before me, including president bush. do you think we moved past some of the other guy and
5:39 pm
those statements? >> dana: no, i don't. politics set aside today. how do they recognize what they say later? that is politics. i was proud on saturday, i read a piece that peter wrote about an uncoming event today. through it all, the president bush always said the man deserves my silence. he never said anything publicly and he won't. he said he wasn't going to. i do believe comparisons will be made to the previous person and hard to set politics aside, especially when president obama is facing what will be a tough re-election effort. >> dana: >> thank you. we have to go. >> dana: see you tomorrow. >> andrea: have a safe trip back. coming up, the next story is so absurd, that even bob is beside himself. pretty soon here in new york
5:40 pm
city, we might not be able to buy super size soda drinks. if big brother and mayor michael bloomberg gets his way. we tell you about his latest scheme when we come back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the inspiring story of how a shipping giant can befriend a forest may seem like the stuff of fairy tales.
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story today is the mistrial in the john edwards corruption case. we go live to north carolina where jury deadlocked on five of six count against the former presidential candidate. they found him not guilty of one charge. former president george w. bush and former first lady his wife laura back at the white house. they were there for the unveiling of their official portraits. we take a look.
5:45 pm
is obama playing favorites in the energy policy? obama said so outside solyndra today, company failing after receiving federal loans. plus, someteams are pushing party lead torres reconsider the selection of charlotte, north carolina, as host city for the national convention. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> bob: god only gave you a certain number of breaths so you shouldn't waste them doing exercise like that. mayor bloomberg, one of my favorite people who charged $2350 to speak in a hotel room has come out with a new york city obesity task force plan, among other things would say everybody exercise, and then do away with sodas. do away with snapple.
5:46 pm
sugar. salt. everybody will get skinny at one time. there is reports out that exercise is bad for a lot of people. and i agree with that. stay out of our lives. drink sodas if we want to. not run if we don't want to run and we ought to be able to smoke in hotel rooms around this if it wasn't for you. >> brian: who are you? >> eric: the liberal would say we'll socially engineer your life. tell you what to eat and smoke and what not to do and how to spend your money. if you don't like this one, you found one you don't strike a rule? >> bob: i did. i speak for a lot of t obese people. >> brian: you are athletic. >> kimberly: stocky. >> brian: he says stop smoking in parks, no cell phone in school, block sugar drinks as he has done for the fast food places. blocked sugar drink in schools
5:47 pm
and banned transfat from restaurants. it's incredible -- did we elect jack lulane or bloomberg? he is not in that good of shape. >> andrea: you can't donate food unless it's healthy to homeless people. you can't donate. rather have them starve. how about do away with bloomberg? we can't. he spent money and changed the law on that. >> bob: if you take ho-hos away, you've a dead man. >> andrea: what is a bigger threat now to the republic? really? vent caramel or vente frappuccino? >> greg: half of new york city -- >> brian: half of new york city is overweight or obese. >> andrea: where? i don't see that. >> kimberly: people rock it. they're in shape and moving fast. competitive environment. >> bob: i feel out of place here.
5:48 pm
you are in good shape. do you do stuff? >> eric: i don't partake in that. be honest. in new york, chain restaurants have to put the calorie count of the food, of the menu on back of the menu. that is okay. >> andrea: the vest hopefully stupid. you have to question priorities of people in office. it won't stop here. >> bob: wait. what are we doing next here? >> kimberly: recap edwards. >> bob: one more thing. it had something else on the prompter and i don't read well. i'm slightly obese, mayor. ♪ ♪
5:49 pm
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finally my precious quinn, who i love more than any of you could ever imagine, who i am so close to and so, so grateful for. so grateful for quinn i'm grateful for all my children. >> kimberly: we will see if edwards will be retired by the
5:53 pm
government, not guilty on one count in this historic verdict and the corruption trial against him of illegal campaign contribution. victory for edwards nonetheless. him coming out afterwards and talking to the press. talking to america. contrite. was it authentic? >> brian: i have no idea. he sounds the same way we did four years ago when he denied it. i don't know what is real about him. he has to be relieved. it cost us millions of dollars to see this. i'm curious, he didn't mention hunter. does it mean they're in longer an item? why was he so secretive about the whole thing. he mentioned everybody except hunter. >> eric: i'll point out again, he was very verbose. he wanted to talk about his life. >> brian: everything. >> andrea: he never thought it would come to something like this. i got to tell you. he is a lucky man to have the
5:54 pm
support of his daughter. mother and father generally stick with you. but kate, how astounding that she has been by his side through the entire thing. the pain she went through with her mom when she was suffering through this. a lucky man in many, many aspects. >> bob: i don't think he will be retried either. but the reason he dop take the stand, i think he at the laws and they're so weak, so full of holes. why get up there and -- >> eric: not blame him for not taking the stand but pretending the act he did at the podium. >> andrea: kimberly, ask you. you are a former prosecutor. did he not want to take the stand, too, because he thought there was so much negative energy for him in the jr. could have said he's guilty. >> kimberly: it's tough for a trial lawyer not to get up and speak. former presidential and vice presidential candidate to speak on his own behalf. talented lawyer. used to risking cases. there is a risk as a lawyer you want to try the case,
5:55 pm
handle it yourself hecht had adept counsel. and respect to the -- >> brian: i have a prediction. one year from today, talking point on "the five" will be does john edwards deserve talk show? >> eric: you think it will take that long? >> brian: spitzer -- all right. six months. >> andrea: if spitzer ratings are indication. >> kimberly: coming to current tv. we'll see if we hear from miss hunter. that is it for "the five." thank you for watching an spending time for us. see you back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is genco services --
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so what's it going to be, partner? 5-hour energy. wise choice. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy. >> bret: the john edwards jury decides not to decide on most of corruption charges and the judge declares a mistrial. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening i'm bret baier. jury in north carolina said late this afternoon it had had enough of the john edwards campaign trial. it reached not guilty verdict on one of six counts and the judge declared a mistrial. jonathan serrie is live in greensboro with the story. good evening, jonathan. >> good evening. this came as a


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