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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 5, 2012 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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wisconsin. we're glad you're with us, everybody. i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. both republican governor scott walker and his democratic challenger from two years ago, milwaukee mayor tom barrett have cast their ballots this morning. they join millions of voters in that key battleground state trying to decide whether governor walker should keep his job or whether barrett should replace him. the drive to recall walker began after the he released his plan to balance the budget in 2011. it called for stripping most public workers of their collective bargaining rights. that move sparked massive protests across the state and made headlines across the country. voter turnout expected to be high, near presidential election levels. the results could give president obama and governor romney a glimpse what's to come in november. but that's not all. primaries underway right now in six states and there are some key congressional races to watch including ones in california and new jersey that pit democrats against
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each other and have president obama and former president clinton fighting on opposite sides. larry sabato is the director of center for politics at the university of virginia. larry, you don't get to see a gubernatorial recall election very often. what are you watching for in wisconsin today? >> this is only the third one, jon. we political junkies are getting a big fix tonight. obviously everyone knows that this is an off, off-year race in the sense that it's in june and yet there's going to be a giant turnout. i think both democrats and republicans will show up in large numbers but the crystal ball to be honest has had this leaning or likely walker for months. we have never had it in the toss upcategory. we think that most of the key factors in the race favor walker. so we'll be very surprised if he isn't confirmed in office. jon: this is a rerun of the gubernatorial election from two years ago and from what i can tell, based on the
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polling, it hasn't moved all that much. the polling shows that if walker wins his margin of victory likely to be about the same as it was a couple years ago. >> it could very easily be a repeat, you know. it is a retread election after just year-and-a-half, frankly, jon, is the problem with recall elections. there is impeachment. you can have judicial removal after conviction. if there is a real problem, and someone's done a serious thing, misfeesance, malfeasance in office there are ways to deal with it. i'm not craze is about the idea of recall and i said this when gray davis was recall in california back in the early part of the last decade. jon: this one is costing $19 million. that is a let of cheese. let's talk about some of the congressional races. which of those that are out there, some of them have democrats fighting against other democrats, which of them interests you the most? >> yeah. there are three of them
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tonight. three democrat versus democrat contests. two are in california but my favorite, jon, is in new jersey. it is the new jersey 9th, that is northern new jersey and it's not because of the candidates really. congressman steve rothman and congressman bill pascrell. it is because it is a proxy fight between barack obama and bill clinton. this is a very interesting race for that reason. rothman is supported by obama. why? well he backed obama over hillary clinton in 2008. bill clinton is backing bill pascrell, why? because he backed hillary clinton over barack obama in 2008. you know the obama-clinton relationship is getting more and more interesting. they claim they're friends. others say they might be frenimies we'll see how do night how it works out. jon: it will be really interesting. that race in new jersey because of the shrinking population of that state and
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congressional redistricting, combining a couple of districts into one. two sitting members of congress have to fight for one job. musical chairs. we'll talk about that bill clinton, barack obama thing next hour. larry sab toe. thanks for joining us. jenna: are you going to use the word french my. jon: i like -- that word. jenna: the frenemy segment in ex-hour. the presidential campaign carries on. the continues to the paint as hostile towards free enterprise. carl cam rohn joins us. what is the latest from the campaign trail? >> reporter: you heard larry sabato talk about the proxy fight in new jersey. the recall election in wisconsin is proxy fight for republicans and democrats, right and left, in terms of organization axe at this vism and how they energize their base. the outcome will feed into the presidential campaign. today romney will focus criticism on the president and ongoing rhetoric the
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president's policies essentially undermined the economic recovery. he will do so focusing on latino voters in the wake of last week's dismal jobs report the romney campaign released a new web video in spanish highlighting how rough things have been for spanish workers in the obama economy. subtitled in english. unemployment among latinos was 11%. that is three points higher than the national average. you can bet mr. romney as he has been slamming the president for the record that things are getting worse and mr. obama's policies are undercutting the possibility of any recovery. jenna: that is interesting focus for mitt rom any of. doesn't the president have aed advantage with hispanic voters? >> yeah. romney will visit a latino owned business in because of this. president has a big advantage. telemundo poll suggested that mr. obama has a two to one advantage with hispanic voters, basically 60-30 over romney. but in key swing states like arizona, new mexico,
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colorado, florida, elsewhere, latino voters could be pivotal and just getting a small number of them, even if it were to be a minority and could get more than half could be enough voters to potentially tip any one of those potentially decisive swing states. so the battle over latinos isn't necessarily winning them nationally as an overall percentage but in the key swing states, particularly border states they are a big deal. mr. romney has ground to catch up it. jenna: very interesting. the beat goes on in the presidential race in 2012 of carl, thank you very much. >> reporter: you bet. jon: intelligence officials are trying to confirm whether one of al qaeda's top strategists is dead after a u.s. drone strike in pakistan yesterday. a counter terrorism official confirmed to fox news that strike targeted abu al r.b.i. -- al-libi. known by followers for appearing in more than a dozen online videos. catherine herridge has the latest washington. what can you tell us about this u.s. strike. >> reporter: thank you john.
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based on my reporting this is cia strike. new information from pakistani intelligence officials al-libi was in the house when it was hit by a drone. it is part of the tribal belt in pakistan and home of three training camps. they are reporting a vehicle used by al-libi are was reportedly destroyed by the strike. they are reporting a telephone intercept suggesting and he was killed in early hours of monday but not clear whether the arab was al-libi, a libyan national. they would not confirm the al qaeda's leader death and spoke broadly about the remaining threat in pakistan. >> as we said in many times pakistan faces strong core threat from these extremist groups and we're committed to cooperating with them in counter terrorism. >> reporter: after failure by the u.s. and pakistan failing to reach an agreement on reopening supply routes for nato forces in afghanistan the
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drone campaign was in holding pattern to encourage a deal was switched back on. the monday's drone strike is the 8th strike in pakistan since the nato summit, jon. jon: how important is this guy, al-libi? >> reporter: some reports said al-libi is the number two. i would argue he does not have the battle experience. i would argue he is scholar. al-libi is rock star for jihadists. his videos and lectures go viral on the web. he is al qaeda's version of mr. youtube in the world. we found 80 entries in the video site. he made his name in 2005 when he escaped from the high security prison in bagram, pakistani president pervez musharraf. he made a 54 minute video documenting the escape. the bottom line that al-libi is ideas guy, a preacher, a scholar who more recently took on the mantle of operations because there are some vacancies at the top of al qaeda in afghanistan and pakistan. confirmation of thinks death
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according to one analyst will be a major psychological blow for al qaeda. jon: let's hope there is another vacancy in the organization. katherine, thank you. >> reporter: thank you. jenna: we commonly refer to them as drones. the military call them unmanned aerial vehicles, uavs either way they are playing a big role in the fight against terror. there are more than 300 flights in pakistan since 2004, according to the new american foundation a non-partisan public policy institute. it estimates 1500 to 2300 militants have been killed. while these numbers go back to 2004, 95% of these strikes have actually happened in the last four years. jon: syria expelling 17 western diplomats including u.s. ambassador robert ford. this comes a week after western countries sent syrian diplomats packing. that came following one of the worst massacres in syria since the uprising began there. most of the victims, women
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and children. meanwhile the united nations is saying syria has granted permission for aid workers to enter four hard-hit provinces. well in this country all eyes are on wisconsin and the recall election targeting governor scott walker. both side gearing up for what could be a real nail-biter as the republican tries to become the first governor in the nation to successfully fend off a recall vote. the chairman of the republican national committee, reince priebus, weighs in moments from now. jenna: also deadly violence right near our border with mexico as gunmen storm a drug rehab center. why it was targeted. we have breaking details in a live report. jon: a weather forecaster now in a legal firestorm, suing her bosses claiming they fired her because of her military service. we're going to go in depth. >> i stayed in because i love my job. i'm a meteorologist who gets to fly into storms and
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jon: right now stories making headlines. iraqi police say, i'm sorry, homicide bomber detonated an explosive-rigged car outside an office for shiite muslims in baghdad killing at least 23 people. today's violence said to be the deadliest single attack in iraq in three months. heavy rains and strong winds in nigeria slowing the search for the dead. 153 passengers and many more on the ground were killed when a passenger plane crashed into buildings in lagos this weekend. mexico saying it has seen a rise in foreign travelers this year and that more than half of the tourists are american. the uptick in travel comes despite a reported increase in mexico's drug violence.
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jenna: we are america's election headquarters and there is an epic recall election underway right now in wisconsin. you have governor scott walker facing off against milwaukee mayor tom barrett, his democratic challenger of two years ago. our next guest says if walker wins the president will have a much tougher road in wisconsin this fall. that is how we look ahead to the 2012 election. joining us reince priebus, chairman of the republican national committee, as soon as this video is over is heading to wisconsin. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, jenna. you bet. i was there over the weaken and can't wait to get back home. jenna: there's a question, there are a couple questions before us today. one will be who wins the governorship. but there is also a few other recall elections taking place, for the lieutenant governor and for four state senate seats. if any of those seats go democrat, the senate goes democrat as well. so that could be an interesting dynamic that emerges in wisconsin. what does it mean to you
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then? what does it mean to the republican party if that's the scenario, walker wins but some of those other seats go democrat? >> first of all walker wins and rebecca wins it is an enormous victory for conservatives and republicans in wisconsin. as you alluded to a few seconds ago is it is not just great for wisconsin. today is question of taking care of home. no question about it. taking care of wisconsin and rewarding two people that kept their promises. simple things like not spending more money than you take in. that is what this is about. jenna, if you think about what is going to happen on the democratic side of the aisle provided we prevail tonight i think democrats enter into this circular firing squad for about three to four weeks. then you have the president, interestingly, coming back to wisconsin and saying to these same activists fighting to reclaim wisconsin as a democratic state, the president's going to come back and say, hey, i
11:17 am
need you to get to work to help me get elected here. i think these democrats are so disappointed in this president that he didn't even lift a finger. for him to come back, they're going to look at him and say, thanks a lot, pal. thanks for helping us out. jenna: that's your opinion on that. debbie wasserman schultz, the head of the dnc has a different point of view. she says right now although this race for the governorship is important, this recall election is important, what is also important to point out she says is that the president has been able, and democratic party has been able to set up a remarkable system in wisconsin and that is going to give them an early start into 2012, a early start that the republican party and mitt romney can not compete with. what do you think about that? >> well, they're bragging that they made 800,000 calls. we made 2.5 million since the beginning of the year. so i just think there's a false narrative out there that somehow they have got this great ground operation in wisconsin. we wouldn't have been able to win so many races in wisconsin if we didn't have
11:18 am
a superior ground operation. we do. we've got a better operation. we've got a better absentee ballot program, better door-to-door program. i will say this though, to be fair. both political parties in wisconsin are very serious organizations that understand where their votes are. they're both pretty good getting the vote out. my point is the idea that the democrats somehow have a superior program, they just don't. if you look at the results, we've made more contacts than they have and not just turning out the vote, jenna. i mean it's the same thing that abraham lincoln said, find every wig and get them to the polls. that's what we do today. jenna: thank you very much for your time. we have breaking news. i know you have to run as well to wisconsin. we appreciate it very much. we want to tell our viewers we reached out to the barrett campaign and reached out to the head of the dnc they were not available. we look forward to having them join our program at any time. jon? jon: well good thing reince priebus isn't flying to lax
11:19 am
because part of terminal 6 in that air port has been evacuated. authorities say they found a suspicious bag there in terminal 6 and evacuated part of it as a precaution. they have apparently located the owner of that bag. the owner is being interviewed. that interview may spare him from having his or her bag blown up by some kind of a bomb squad robot. maybe it's a bomb. maybe it's some kind of suspicious chemical. we don't know why bag is suspicious but as, as out of an abundance of precaution they have decided to evacuate part of terminal 6. when we get more information, we'll bring it to you live. meantime the economy is trying to hold on from those dismal jobless numbers in may and 8.2 unemployment rate bad enough. new numbers show the situation is much worse for one group of potential employees. plus, we reported about u.s. drone strikes in pakistan but what about their use by law enforcement right here
11:20 am
at home? judge napolitano weighs in later in the show.
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jenna: another horrific attack in mexico to tell you about today. it happened only a few hours drive from our border and the location might surprise some of our viewers, rick. what do we know? >> reporter: jenna, you might not usually think of a drug rehabilitation center as target in mexico's brutal drug wars butter this. this is just the latest. there was one hit last year. two years ago five drug rehab facilities were shot up. cartels are going after members of rival gangs that are being treated there to try to prevent them from being able to talk to the police. sunday night's attack leaving 11 people dead. at least nine more wounded. that number will go up as police are looking for wounded patients who left on their own before the help
11:24 am
arrived. there is a heavy police presence at that center even today to prevent the drug gangs from coming back to try to kill off anyone who may have survived the latest attack. cocaine is really at the heart of this war. gangs doing whatever it takes to control the lucrative supply lines that move the drugs into the u.s. one of the gangs fighting for that territory made up of former mexican soldiers trained by the u.s. to be special forces in mexico and now of course they're using that training to get an upper hand in the multibillion-dollar drug trade even though some key figures have been arrested. jenna, the mexican government has not been very effective trying to shut down these drug cartels. back to you. jenna: rick, thank you. jon:. a new poll shows more than 1 1/2 million young people have stopped looking for work due to the dismal job market. while the may unemployment rate rose to 8.2%, among all adults looking for work, guess what? the number of unemployed
11:25 am
workers between the ages of 18 and 29 jumps up to 12.1% according to one new poll. shannon bream has details from washington. what else are we learning, shannon from these new numbers. >> reporter: these numbers come to us from generation opportunity, a nonpartisan group aimed to veitch out to young voters that 18 to 29 group. they're crunching official government data. they're finding this. 1.7 million people in the age group were not factored into the unemployment numbers because they simply have given up looking for work. if they were factored in, unemployment for this group would hit 16.9%. paul conway, former labor department official and president of generation opportunity believes that unemployment rate will have a political impact come november. >> rutgers recently came out with a study that indicated 49%, only 49% of the graduating classes of 2009 through 2011 have actually found jobs, full-time meaningful work in their career path. the question what about the other 51%?
11:26 am
will they settle with the a status quo marked but unpaid internships, paid internships and part-time jobs? we don't think that is the case. >> reporter: hard times across the board but especially for those those folks just out of college, jon. jon: i guess the question is one issue will it drive a wedge between young voters and president obama? >> reporter: let's check this out. new polls, these are most recent ones from fox news, we asked voters in the group, 18 to 29 who they would vote for if the election would vote for. 52% said they would vote to reelect president obama. 28% said they would elect governor romney. eithers preferred a third party candidate or not at all vote. reed poll from cnn highlight the youth gap. 2/3 of under the age of 30 have favorable view of president, just 40% have the same favorable view of governor romney. there is certainly a youth gap for republicans to close if they hope to clinch that
11:27 am
group in the quest for the white house. jon. jon: shannan bream, reporting live from washington. thank you, shannon. jenna: the historic recall election, lots of pundits watching the election closely alongwith the rest of us, right? so is also the u.s. justice department keeping a close eye on the recall election and what is going on with voter fraud, if there is any and trying to prevent it. we'll be live in wisconsin, in madison with more on that story. there is this. she was a star on the weather channel but this meteorologist also served her country. and now she claims she was fired for it. our legal panel breaks it all down. >> it is popular right now to say we support the troops and that we've got your back. but if you're going to say it, you should mean it.
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11:31 am
state of wisconsin and right now voters are doing what has only been done two other times in our country's history, trying to decide if their sitting governor should be ousted from office. steve brown is live in madison, wisconsin, with more on all of this. steve, there is certainly a lot of speculation that this race in some ways is a dress roo he hersal for the presidential race. tell us more what folks are saying on the ground there. >> reporter: as far as the infrastructure in terms of headquarters, yeah, definitely. the physical structures, a lot of the same volunteers will be working on the presidential campaign coming up this fall. keep in mind, they have been in battle mode for a long time. scott walker voting today, this is now the fourth election in 19 months. fourth statewide election in 19 months. all of them highly bitter, highly partisan affairs. scott walker on top of predicting he will narrowly win today, he believes wisconsinites are tired of the nonstop election
11:32 am
nearing. take a listen. >> most people are happy to have the election over. certainly for my family and most voters in the state want all the attack ads off. they want their tvs back. they want to have their lives back. a lot of folks from outside the to state move on to florida, move on to ohio and move on to other states and we can get back to business. >> reporter: not likely there will be a letup in the television ads. walker has been saturating the airwaves. then again we've got the general election. this is battleground state. this will be commercial opportunities for him, jenna. jenna: one has to ask, some of that angst that is what the governor was describing to get this election over with, whether or not that affects turnout? there is a lot made of the turnout machine for the democrats, also for the republicans. talking about the democrats specifically can they really get the turnout they need to get the win for barrett? >> they believe they do but they really have to maximize pretty much everything. we do have videotape of tom barrett voting this morning himself. and he really needs younger voters.
11:33 am
he needs key area, demographic areas, particularly african-american voters, young voters. milwaukee and dane county is what he needs mostly. essentially he believes that get-out-the-vote effort can do it for him. have a listen. >> obviously the lines are very, very long we take as encouraging sign. people are engaged in this. we noted over the last 96 hours around the state the energy has been building and building and building. >> reporter: there have been all sorts of organizations, state parties busing people in. labor organizations contributed money and loaned people for get-out-the-vote efforts. phone efforts. democrats have tried to maximize this. this is very important race for them. jenna? jenna: we'll look forward to the results whatever they are. steve, thank you. jon: "happening now", a former weather channel star is suing the channel now claiming she was fired because of her military service. reporter morris diggs of fox
11:34 am
affiliate waja has more. >> reporter: it had not been simply a job but a passion for this air force reserve officer. >> i stayed in because i love my job. i'm a meteorologist who gets to fly into storms and that's incredible. >> reporter: what seemed to be a good good fit for part-time officer and full-time on air talent for the weather channel turned sour. she claims new management began to hassle her about time for work for the military assignment. the ongoing dispute led to her contract not being renewed. a lawsuit on her baffle spells out how personnel in the armed forces are supposed to be protected when they work for a private employer. for tv job appearance is important. mitchell said a manager scolded her when she told to keep her weekend air force commitment instead of coming in to get her hair done. the lawyer says at the same time the weather channel allegedly unplaced unreasonable demands on
11:35 am
mitchell. they sought to capitalize on her air force duty as part of the hurricane hunters crew which flies into storms to gather weather data. a former military man supported mitchell at the news conference and issued a challenge to the weather channel to settle the claim. >> we never hoped to see this claim where we had to publicize their outrageous conduct and their hypocrisy in promoting upcoming special on the hurricane hunt erstwhile they drive somebody out of the country who works in that program. >> it is popular right now to say we support the troops and that we've got your back. but if you're going to say it you should mean it report are the company responded in a statement. the weather channel is committed to creating a work atmosphere free of discrimination and in compliance wit uniform services and rei am moment rights act of 1994. its owners support that commitment. jon: so does she have a case? let's bring in our legal panel. lis wiehl, a fox news legal
11:36 am
analyst. generaller in bonjean is a criminal defense attorney. can she successfully sue here? >> she has a great case under the 1994 act. you can not discriminate against somebody because they are in the military. did she miss two weekends because of hair and makeup assignments. yes she did. was she on air all the time with stellar performances? yes she did. how can you take any other thing other than she just wasn't there for two weekends. that made management mad. you can't fire someone over that though when they're going to the military. just for example, jon if you're in jury duty you can't fire someone because they're doing jury duty and away from work during that time. jon: jennifer, i've been in television a couple of times. i've had a couple contracts in other places management said it was not personal. we want to go into a different direction or whatever? >> the uniform services reemployment act does in fact protoke those who serve
11:37 am
in the armed forces and reserved from being disadvantaged anyway in their civilian employment. all that being said if in fact the weather channel discriminated or didn't renew her contract because of her service duties and obligations yes that would actually violate the act and they're going to have some issues there in court. but what we have right now is a complaint, an allegation that has not been responded to by the weather channel in any formal way. anybody can file a lawsuit. just takes you a couple hundred bucks actually. we need to wait and see because if the weather channel can show that she would have been fired irrespective of her obligations, they have not violated the act and there is no lawsuit to pursue. but right now we're just in the allegations stage. jon: let me read, before we get to you, lis, let me read this late statement from the weather channel they sent us. as with many situations they say there is more than one version of what occurred. we disagree with many of the
11:38 am
assertions in the plaintiff's press statement and intend to vigorously defend the matter in the arbitration process. georgia is a right-to-work state, right, lis? >> that is correct. wait a second here, jon. back up for one second i completely agree what is being said in the sense we have to take the allegations right now as we know them. if the allegations are as we know them, she had stellar work performances, there was nothing that she did wrong. the only reason, would save her for an act here is a 1994 violation of the patriots act, not the patriots act, not the right to work act but -- yeah. thank you, thank you. then that is a real problem for the employer. i get with you, jon. i understand that tv contracts, radio contracts, they can be renewed or not renewed but not for that reason. jon: the problem i guess might be proving it. does she have an e-mail chain or something? >> exactly. we have to see the proof in this case. the defense hasn't even
11:39 am
answered the complaint yet. we don't know. they could say, listen she was out doing, x, y, and z when she said she was doing -- this is speculation. we don't know what the response is. and it is very premature to say they violated act because by virtue of her complaint and untested charges. >> you agree with me, wouldn't you, just two weekends she missed a hair and makeup consult because she had longstanding obligation, with the military, that would not be right for firing? >> yes i would agree 100%. my experience one person's allegations don't always turn out to be true. >> we have to wait and see. jon: we all agree if that's why they did it is pretty appalling. we'll see how the lawsuit proceeds and keep our viewers updated. jennifer and lis, thank youeth both. jenna: we'll take you back to washington, d.c. the senate is set to hold a key vote on a bill that could affect our paychecks. supporters say it is needed to fix the gender gap between salaries for men and
11:40 am
women. critics say the measure will tie up businesses in more red tape. this is called the paycheck fairness act. it will require employers to show differences in wages are not based on gender. it will prohibit businesses from retaliating against workers seeking details about payment practice sises or revealing their own wages. and it would also do several things when it comes to additional protections including increased ability to pursue punitive damages for unequal pay claims which means we'll bring back the legal panel which means we'll have more ground to sue. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live on capitol hill with more on this mike, start with the argument, the argument the democrats in the senate are making in favor of this legislation. why do they think it is necessary? >> reporter: well, jenna, they say they have found evidence that women do not make as much as their male counterparts. so they are arguing that this is completely necessary. senator barbara mikulski, democrat from maryland says, it really is a problem that
11:41 am
compounds itself. take a listen to her. >> it affects your social security. it affects your pension. it affects absolutely, absolutely everything. the negative impact multiplies. it is like compound interest. in reverse. it is compound disinterest. it is compounded unfairness. >> reporter: of course this is an election year. so you can already hear the commercials being prepared about senator so-and-so voting against women getting equal pay. and so make no mistake about it, in 2012, anything that goes on here on capitol hill does have an election component, jenna. jenna: talk a little bit about senator and so-and-so. what is the other side of the issue? why are some folks opposing the bill? >> republicans are against it. there are also business groups. u.s. chamber of commerce. they are saying that they are for equal pay for equal work but bottom line is they are saying that the winner in all this, if this goes
11:42 am
through is the trial lawyers who will get to file many more lawsuits, they say. this could have a crippling effect on small businesses. for example, if one employee has more skills, more experience, perhaps works more overtime, that that person should make a little bit more money than the counterpart but they can get sued, they can get dragged into court. so they're saying at a time when we need jobs in this country, that bottom line is, businesses are not going to be hering because this is yet another regulation burden on them. so we do expect that procedural vote to come up in the senate this afternoon. it sounds like the republicans will hold firm and not back it and so, get ready for the campaign ads. jenna: we will mike, thank you very much. >> thank you. jon: drones, they are spies in the sky and they could be coming to your neighborhood. right here in the usa. what would they be used for and why they are raising some fears of big brother. that is coming up.
11:43 am
11:44 am
11:45 am
11:46 am
sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, x: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching bandnd and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this paradeeet, x: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering honoring america's troops. sfx: sounds of marching bandnd and crowd cheering which is actually in tquite fitting becauseadeeet, x: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering geico has been serving e military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. jenna: right now critics are worried about reports of a push by local governments and the the feds to get drones flying high over your city. these are different than the drones we told you about earlier in the show, the ones that are operating overseas. these drones are not armed. the unmooned aerial vehicles will only collect information for homeland security. once the military has the data it can be turned over to law enforcement for
11:47 am
future investigations even if the data collected goes beyond the scope of the intended mission. this is raising fears that the system is open for abuse. joining me now, judge andrew napolitano. what is the difference between this and surveillance cameras? >> we could walk out of this building two blocks from here and standing on new york city police corner where new york police could be watching or listening to us. if i put my arm around you, we could hear a voice saying do don't that that is married woman. don't do that because big brother is watching. >> rightfully so, judge, seriously. >> here is what the american people need to realize. jenna: okay. >> that we will soon have to decide whether we want to give up privacy, give up freedom for security. whether we want to live in a society where the government watches us all the time and even whether that watching makes us any safer. jenna: that's a good question. we don't know that yet because these drones, again,
11:48 am
just sort of a test going on. we hear reports of it happening but, they're not over manhattan, at least i don't think they're not over manhattan. >> they're not over manhattan yet. we know there are 313 local police departments, including the city of new york which own drones which have filed public applications with the faa for permission to fly them. we know that none of them have been granted permission to fly yet. we know that the air force has predicted within 10 years there will be between 10,000 and 30,000 drones in the air at any given time. watching the behavior of everybody. jenna: get back to what is different from some of the things we have in place. you don't like surveillance cameras out there. you also think they're unconstitutional. what about police driving around your neighborhood simply that's what they're doing and checking out people's yards and seeing what is going on, they see something, they might do something about it? >> the constitution limits the ability of the government to commence a criminal investigation or to intrude on to private
11:49 am
property, to probable cause. stated differently, they have to have a serious belief, grounded in evidence, not a hunch, that some criminal activity is going on. and if they don't have that, they can't look in your back yard. jenna: maybe they wouldn't tell you to take your arl off me, right? >> if they told me i to take my arm off i would take my chances and disobey them. the point is do we want to live in a society where government watches everything. some of our behavior is ambiguous. there is drone in the backyard. you have fertilizer. is it for rose bushes or to make a bomb? taking sudafed. is it for a cold or something else? are you smoking in front of your children? do we want the nanny state watching us from the sky and telling us what to do and keeping pictures what we do in our private moments? could you imagine if drones existed in 1776 and george the iii sent one to whoever outside the bedroom of monticello, what jefferson
11:50 am
would have done? jenna: we're into completely different area than i thought we were going to be in including history. we have to have a conversation about austerity and how that could be an affect on this. we have to go to commercial. >> maybe if we get too austere, they won't have money for drones. jenna: i have to go, judge
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
jon: new next hour, they are on opposite sides in two big congressional races underway today. we're talking about president obama and former president clinton, holding a fund-raiser last night together in new york but their relationship is interesting at best, and and in depth look at that dynamic ahead. keep an eye to the sky for a once in a lifetime, a celestial show. we'll tell but the place to watch venus floating across the sun. it is one of astronomy's
11:54 am
rarest events. a deadly drone strike in pakistan target as top al qaeda leader. we have brand new information. jenna: now to this. a dangerous computer virus may be heading for a computer near you. we first told but the flame virus, escaping from computer to computer in several middle east countries. we first learned about it last week. now microsoft is warning the u.s. and users here that a flaw in their software might let the virus sneak through. this is a virus we don't want to sneak through. rick? report true, jenna. there are still a lot of questions about the flame virus, exactly who developed it, what they're planning on using it for. but the fact it is using a fake microsoft program to infiltrate personal computers has security experts and microsoft of course very concerned. this is a virus originally shows up looking like a legitimate microsoft software program. computer users see what looks like authentic microsoft notification on the screen. once they click yes to
11:55 am
download, their computer is infected. microsoft has released a software fix to fight the virus and cybersecurity experts say the hackers success here might actually lead to something kind of good. on one hand other hackers might try to use similar techniques to break into other computer systems. now that the flame has been discovered experts say it might be easier to shut down similar types of viruses before they do any major damage. if you want to update your computer with the software fix microsoft put out there you have to click on a screen that looks almost exactly like the ones the hackers developed. there you go. jenna: we're talking about, strange things move above us in the studio here. i don't know if there is any connection, rick. >> reporter: i will look into it. jenna: no more talking about the flame virus. jon: someone hacked into our lighting grid. it is being called the second biggest election in america this year. the high-stakes election recall of wisconsin's governor. the battle might hardly be over even after the results are announced tonight, not
11:56 am
by a longshot . a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪
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11:59 am
jenna: almost noon here on the east coast, and we have a wig headline -- big headline on iran. there's a meeting taking place at the u.n. watchdog agency, the iaea, and at this time our head representative to that agency is giving a report to the members. and this is what robert wood has to say. he says iran has actually accelerated it production of low-enriched uranium. that's important because they need to enrich this uranium to a certain level to make it a nuclear weapon. now, wood goes on to say there appears to be no immediate peaceful need for such stockpiles. of course, the iranians have argued that's why they want nuclear energy, is for peaceful means. wood also goes on to say that if they accelerated this program and they continue to enrich the uranium at higher levels, if they continue to do it, it will be enough right now for several nuclear weapons. that is, of course, if it gets
12:00 pm
to enrichment at a higher level. so these are big headlines coming out of vienna today, that's where the meeting is happening at the iaea, the important agent is i that's constantly taking a look at what's happening inside iran. by the way, it's june 5th right now, june 8th, there's going to be a big meeting, a follow-up meeting to the meeting in baghdad between iran and the iaea, and whether or not there can be an agreement made about this nuclear program that's been unsuccessful in some ways so far, but we continue to have some of these meet position see if progress can be made. that's the headline today though from the u.n. watchdog agency. as we get more information, we'll bring that to you. and now this fox news alert, the polls are open, and voters are casting their ballots in wisconsin's recall election. could be a big issue for 2012. jon: a couple of good, big issues to keep an eye on. jenna: welcome to a brand new hour of "happening now," everybody, i'm jenna lee.
12:01 pm
jon: i'm jon scott. it has only happened twice before, a state governor facing a recall vote. the first two sitting governors lost those elections. in wisconsin, governor scott walker hopes to become the first to actually keep his job, but he faces a very tight race after a campaign that has shattered state spending records and further divided a state already polarized. joining us now in wisconsin, neil cavuto, the anchor of cavuto at 8 p.m. eastern on fox business network, and ian walkshaw, jon mccormack is a staff writer for the weekly standard. john, i'm going to start with you first because neil gets all kind of air time here. you have been watching this race for a while. what are you looking for in terms of the indicators of today's election? >> it's all going to come down to turn out. polls have shown scott walker with a steady lead of about seven points, actually, but it all depends on whether the republican districts and
12:02 pm
milwaukee suburbs turn out or if that can be overwhelmed. jon: turnout is important. is that why, neil, is that why bill clinton showed up, to try to generate turnout especially in milwaukee? >> yeah, but he was the biggest democratic fish who did try to get supporters going here. for mayor barrett. what's interesting here is that the president largely avoided -- entirely avoided this state even when he was within a marine one ride of this state this past weekend, throughout the midwest and minnesota, what have you. so he did tweet his support yesterday, late last night, but it was a little too little, too late. it is a tight race, as we just heard. i do think, though, the president not being here was a calculated political move on his part. he's very popular in this state, just as popular as scott walker, you don't want to do anything to upset that apple cart.
12:03 pm
but it might boom rang on him, we'll see. jon: what about that, john? there were all kinds of democrats begging president obama to lend his support to tom barrett. he opted not to do so. why? >> i think he sees the polls. i think he sees the polls that everyone else sees, and scott walker's been consistently at 50% or above, and he just doesn't want to put his credibility on the line, and more beover, he doesn't want to campaign against reforms that are very popular in this state. scott walker's agenda was controversial, a year later it's hurt. taxes have gone down. obama needs to win wisconsin, and he doesn't want to put himself on the wrong side of a popular governor right now. jon: so is it possible, neil, that voters vote to retain scott walker but also vote to elect barack obama as they did four years ago? >> well, it's distinctly possible. keep in mind walker came into power in 2010, connell a couple -- only a couple of years after barack obama won this
12:04 pm
state in a landslide, almost 15 points. so the sentiments has changed mightily in this state, and it is a reminder that the president has the same approval rating in this state as scott walker. this is a state of extremes, this is a state of passions, and this is a state where those passions are played out. but obviously, republicans feel that if they can win here and scott walker can pull a victory out tonight, this state might be in play. that in and of itself, jon, is stunning considering the fact that as close as some presidential con contests have been over the years, republicans haven't won this since reagan in '84. it could further embolden republican governors and a couple of democratic governors who are trying to do the very same thing with regard to public pension and health care costs that scott walker is doing right here in wisconsin. jon: all right. neil cavuto and john mccormack, it's good of you both to join us. neil is going to have live election results tonight on
12:05 pm
cavuto, 8 p.m. eastern on fox business network. neil working a long day, as always. his guests will include former vice presidential candidate sarah palin and scott mcnealy, co-spowmed founder of sun microsystems. fox business. jenna: wildfires raging across the western part of the country. the newest fire breaking out in the colorado. and right now crews are trying to contain a fire that's threatening homes in livermore. the flames are growing and have prompted evacuations there. also in utah crews are battling high winds to put out a wildfire right near the state's border with nevada. they expect the fire to be fully contained by this weekend. in the meantime, back to new mexico where we have been watching this fire closely. firefighters are slowly making progress on the massive fire there burning near a major national forest. alicia aacuna's live in denver with more on this. >> reporter: hi, jenna. yes, we'll begin here in colorado near fort collins,
12:06 pm
livermore, that is at 0% containment. it's about 200-plus acres right now, and it's burning so that additional firefighters have been brought in to battle it. about two to three outstructures have already burned and more than a dozen homes near fort collins have been evacuated and residents have been put on notice to be ready to go. according to the u.s. forest service, 11 wildfires are currently burning in the western united states. in utah, still battling a massive blaze in the eastern part of the state. the national transportation and safety board started the investigation into a plane crash that happened on sunday. >> our investigators, let's just say that soles of their shoes were melting: that's how hot it was. there were spots in the fire where aluminum from the plane had melted and actually ran down off the hill. >> reporter: the state of new mexico is dealing with air
12:07 pm
quality problems as crews work to beat back two separate fires, one the largest the state has ever seen. the white water ballty fire now at 390 square miles and only 18% contained. in arizona the fire is 80% contained near the town of crown king. this began as a house fire and quickly burned out of control. now, northern arizona is also experiencing low humidity and high winds, high temperatures and, jenna, as you know, that is bad news for firefighters, that is bad news for anyone who's near any area where a fire can spark because things can get going pretty quickly. here in colorado in the northern part of the state, they're expecting winds to pick up pretty quickly later on, and that's not good news here as well. jenna: we will certainly follow those developments. alicia out of denver, thank you. jon: right now syria is kicking out u.s. and european diplomats saying they are no longer
12:08 pm
welcome in that country. the move comes as syria continues its deadly spiral toward civil war. syrian diplomats in the u.s. and other countries already have been ec pelled after -- expelled after the masser that killed more than 100 civilian withs. conor powell is life in our mideast bureau with an update for us. >> reporter: jon, last week at least a dozen countries around the world kicked out their syrian ambassadors, including the united states, britain and france. and on sunday president assad, the syrian president, said that all of syria's internal problems are the result of foreign meddling, as he said. and it appears now that syria's trying to tackle that so-called foreign meddling by kicking out foreign ambassadors from the united states, britain, france and turkey, 17 countries in total are having their foreign ambassadors kicked out of syria. now, the u.s. ambassador to syria, robert ford, has actually been out of syria since october. he left several months ago because of safety and security
12:09 pm
concerns, so u.s. diplomacy was not being conducted out of the u.s. embassy in syria but, of course, out of the state department and the white house here in recent months. but as diplomacy continues to carry on in syria and around the world trying to find a solution to the bloodshed, the violence in syria has continued. today there were reports of new fighting along the coastal areas in syria. now, the u.s. is still you shoulding for be a dip plomatic -- diplomatic solution in syria, but there are concerns that as the overall bloodshed and the violence continues, that that diplomatic effort may not actually succeed. and the rebels said that they will no longer abide by a u.n.-backed cease fire that is officially expired in their minds on noon friday. the rebels are said that because the syrian government has essentially failed to live up to that agreement, they will not follow that agreement either. there's real concern that the diplomatic options are starting to run out. but one glimmer of good news here, jon, the syrian government
12:10 pm
apparently is allowing some humanitarian workers into syria. the u.n. saying they've issued visas into syria, and they will even be allowed into some of the most hard-hit areas, including homs. so one bright note among many, many very serious and horrific incidents, jon. jon: you have to wonder how many of those diplomats are maybe relieved to be leaving syria. we'll see. conor powell, thank you. jenna: well, a miami man whose legal team once claimed his wife died from a spray tan is now facing its fate in a florida courtroom. coming up, we're in miami where a jury is deciding whether adam kaufman murdered his young wife. jon: also, a young college student disappeared three years ago, her body found dumped near a farm about a year after. coming up, disturbing new details on a possible suspect in that case. this country was built by working people.
12:11 pm
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jon: an hours-long standoff ends peacefully in oakland, california. three hostages were let go unarmed after the suspect had barricaded himself inside their home. the suspect gave up several hours later. thirty people are hurt after a school bus accident in queens, newt: york. no word on how many of the victims were kids, but we're told all the injuries are minor. and we we could see a horsen the triple crown for the first time in more than three decades, or maybe not. the union representing maintenance and starting gate workers at the belmont race track is threatening to strike. a mediator will attempt to settle the dispute. i'll have another could become the first triple crown winner in 34 years with a win at belmont this weekend if race goes. jenna: wow. well, a jury deliberating the fate of a miami man accused of killing his wife. his name is adam kaufman. he frantically called 911 back in 2007 telling an operator he
12:15 pm
found his wife unconscious on the bathroom floor. originally, his legal team claimed his wife's allergic reaction to spray tan killed her. that defense was never heard by the jury. instead, kaufman's attorneys argue his wife died from an undiagnosed heart condition. of course, the prosecution has a different story. phil keating is live in miami with more on this. phil? >> reporter: well, less than two hours into jury deliberations, and the jury had a question. they wanted to see some photographs presented by one of the medical experts brought in by the defense purporting to show wounds on her neck, lena kaufman's, that matched the buckles of the magazine rack, but the judge ruled, no, not allowed, go back and resume deliberations. adam and his wife had two young children at the time of her death back in 2007, and this morning prosecutors tried to persuade the jury that the only reason her mother -- the mother-in-law of the murder defendant -- supports him during this trial is so that she can
12:16 pm
continue to see her grandkids. >> this is her time, the joy of her life. do you think she's going to go against him? >> are you accusing me of -- >> well, that outburst then led to the mother-in-law being escorted out of the courtroom. now, initially the spray tan chemical reaction killed lena kaufman defense was abandoned in favor of an undiagnosed heart condition which led her to collapse while in the master bedroom bathroom and then fall onto a magazine rack, thus asphyxiating herself. but the fact that just the prosecutors here all along in this trial have really been ripping the family and the supporters of adam kaufman, well, today they said it's simply insulting and audacious. >> who are these people? who are these prosecutors? they don't know our family. they don't know anything about us. they have their little concocted story that they have to believe, and that's it. >> reporter: now, the extended
12:17 pm
family has been here all throughout this nearly monthlong trial, and adam kaufman -- a prominent real estate developer north of miami -- is charged with second-degree murder. back to you. jenna: wow. we'll have those results as they come in from the jury, phil. thank you very much. jon: brand new information in the mysterious death of a virginia tech student. morgan harrington was last seen alive leaving a concert in 2009. her remains were found a few months later. rick folbaum is in the newsroom with more now. >> reporter: we're monitoring this because morgan's killer has never been found two-and-a-half years after she was last seen alive. the fbi now releasing a brand new sketch hoping it gets them closer to cracking the case and perhaps a second case as well. this is the man that law enforcement believes killed morgan, a 20-year-old student at virginia tech who had gone with some friends to hear metallica. she left the group to go to the
12:18 pm
bathroom, and when she didn't come back, she told them she'd make her own way home. she said don't worry about me. her body, as you mentioned, was found three months later. the fbi says the man in the sketch is not only a suspect in morgan harrington's murder, forensic evidence leads him to a sexual assault back in 2005. morgan's disappearance led to one of the largest searches in virginia state history, and there is still quite a bit of reward money available to anybody who helps police solve this case, cliending $50,000 being offered by the members of metallica whose concert morgan never got to enjoy. jon: wow. rick folbaum, thank you. jenna: president obama and bill clinton teaming up in new york city for some serious fundraising, but is this really a united front? coming up, a fair and balanced debate about what that word frenemies? jon: frenemies. jenna: we'll see.
12:19 pm
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jon: bubba is back. president bill clinton on the stump helping the president, president obama's re-election effort. but some are asking if these two democratic powerhouses are really on the same page. [cheers and applause] they're scheduled to appear together at a fund raiser tonight after several events yesterday in new york city. clinton took the chance to tear into president obama's rival, mitt romney. mr. clinton told the crowd that a romney presidency in his opinion would be, quote, calamitous for our country and the world. clinton's comments a far cry
12:23 pm
from when he recently defended romney's record at bain capital on national tv. bain, of course, the recent target of attacks by the president's campaign. mr. clinton telling cnn: there's no question that in terms of getting up, going to the office and basically performing the essential funks of the office, a man who's been governor and had a sterling business career crosses the qualification threshold. well, bill clinton did then walk those comments back, but today there are at least two primaries in which the presidents are at odds. in new jersey mr. clinton is backing bill pascrell, mr. obama supports bill rothman, his competitor. and in california clinton is supporting his support behind howard berman, president obama supports brad sherman. so will there differences affect democratic unity in the presidential election? simon rosenberg is president and
12:24 pm
founder of ndn and a former clinton campaign adviser. chip salzmann is the former campaign manager for mike huckabee for president. gentlemen, welcome. >> good to be with you. jon: chip, this new jersey election is so interesting because you've got two sitting democratic members of congress, their districts have been reapportioned, so they both have to fight for the same seat, and they're both getting support from the two different democratic big kahunas, bill pascrell has mr. clinton's support, mr. obama is supporting his challenger. who's going to win? >> it's going to be a tight race, and i think both of those endorsements matter. i think this is payback from when the congressman endorsed hillary clinton's presidential campaign, and the other congressman endorsed obama's campaign. the one thing about president clinton that you've learned is he's a pretty low ideal guy, and he's -- loyal guy, and he's going to support the people that supported him and his wife four years or eight years ago.
12:25 pm
jon: and, simon, the endorsement of bill clinton is huge. does it mean bill pascrell might beat steve rothman? >> we'll find out tonight. i think all these races tonight are going to be close. but, look, i think that a lot can be made of the disagreements. politicians don't agree on anything, on many things, and if you look at mitt romney, some of his surrogates are going to be disagreeing with him on major issues. where i think the former president and the current president are united is on their fear and worry about the romney economic policies and how it could do harm to the country. and i think that's where you're going to see -- so i think bill clinton loves all this attention. it gives him a bigger platform to make his case for barack obama and against mitt romney. so i think he welcomes this attention right now. jon: i'm sure, you know, bill clinton has never been one to shy away from a television camera -- [laughter] but if he's so concerned about mitt romney, why did he go on cnn and can talk about romney's sterling business career? go ahead --
12:26 pm
>> go ahead, chip, sorry. jon: go ahead, simon, i was throwing that to you. >> okay. look, i don't think this is an area of big disagreement. i think what president clinton was saying is mitt romney is a legitimate and serious candidate for president, he's done remarkable things in his life. i don't think that's inconsistent with what barack obama's been saying. he's pursued an economic philosophy that has left people unemployed and is not the proper course of the country. you can say someone is qualified for president, but you disagree with them on their economic approach, and i think that's where if you listen to president clinton's statement last night, it is clear that he is 100% behind barack obama. they are going to be joined at the hip in this election, and he is definitely the best surrogate that president obama has in this election. jon: chip, some say that putting bill clinton on stage next to the sitting president overshadows the sitting president. does it? >> i think it does a little bit.
12:27 pm
i mean, the one thing about bill clinton is, he's always going to talk about what he wants to do, and he loves this attention. and be he was a very -- he's now a very popular former president, and he does overshadow president obama, especially in some states like north carolina, perhaps, and virginia and wisconsin that we've got coming up today as well. and so bill clinton turns into this double-edged sword. if obama people need him, but he's going to overshadow the president in certain areas. jon: a lot of democrats would have preferred to see hillary clinton to become the nominee and go on to win the presidency. is she still a viable candidate for four years from now, and is bill clinton perhaps trying to position his wife to become the next democratic president? >> well, i think it's important to realize that, you know, at the end of that very divisive primary that barack obama brought hillary clinton into the government, she's been an exceptional secretary of state, they've been working very well together and have had some of the biggest successes of this
12:28 pm
administration so far. and my own view about hillary, and i think everyone is saying sort of the same thing, she's going to end her four years as secretary of state, she's going to take time and look at the environment. i think there's a chance she runs. i don't think we'll know for another year or so. if she does run, she's going to be a very formidable candidate in 2016. jon: all right. simon rosenberg, chip salzmann, thank you, both. jenna: debt is one of, such major issue for the economies, including our own. why is one of the president's top former advisers arguing that the government should borrow more? we're going to talk more about that coming up. plus, a family-owned company lighting up the world for 80 years, and today the flame is still burning as an american icon celebrates another milestone. we'll take you there just ahead. c'mon dad!
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jenna: right now we will give you a look at what is going on in the markets . the dow up 7, it's been all over today. worldwide there is concern about growing debt. it certainly hits close to home. a new report from the congressional budget office, the cbo projecting federal debt by the end of this year will reach about 70% of our gross domestic product the highest level since shortly after world war ii. laurie somers thinks with today's low, long-term interest rates it's time for the government to borrow even more. in a recent editorial he argues this. governments have who enjoy such
12:33 pm
a low borrowing cost can improve their creditworthiness by borrowing more not less and in in investing and improving their fiscal position. there is speculation that the federal reserve will take further measures to shore up the economy. the fed releases the beige book that is a periodic survey of economic conditions across the country. on thursday you have the fed chairman ben bernanke testifying on capitol hill. simon is a columnist. we'll lis listen to him before ben bernanke. >> i think this would make sense if the rest of the fiscal house is order. it's like being tote at lee in debt and thinking that refinancing your mortgage will help you get out of debt. you have to take bigger steps than that. we know the government is wasteful and we are in a massive
12:34 pm
amount of debt in the country from the federal level. he makes the argument that it would be in good business, if we were in business it would be a good idea to do this. businesses in this country have tons of cash, they are in great fiscal shape. they are not in the same situation as the government. it's not a fair comparison. jenna: how do you get the government with the cash stockpiles and not just the corporation. >> we have to get the economy growing. you have to get out of the way of the entrepreneurs. one great line i heard from an entrepreneur is hire great people and then get out of their way. let them need to do what they need to do. we have great entrepreneurs, we need light regulation, some, but let them get out of the fail. let them fail if they fail, succeed if they success. jenna: the entrepreneurs are still operating in the country that the cbo says the end of the year will have the debt being 70% of your gross domestic product. how difficult is it to start a
12:35 pm
company in an economy like this? >> it's called crowding out. the government is the most creditworthy entity in the country and they get to borrow first. if they borrow there is less for everyone else to borrow. if a small business wants to borrow some money and the government is borrowing gobs of it there is a little bit left. jenna: that could affect the small business person trying to get capital to do what we want them to do, create jobs. >> yes. jenna: thank you for being here. jon. jon: you know them for that famous clicking sound, zippo lighters, and american icon, after 80 years of being made in america the company behind them is about to reach a major milestone. rick leventhal live in bran
12:36 pm
ford, pennsylvania. >> reporter: all of the 620 employees are enjoying a picnic lunch under the tents. the 500 millionth zippo lighter was manufactured today. they are making 60,000 replicas today. we want to show you video of the zippo lighter that was made today. it's a classic brush chrome lighter in gray with a special two-tone logo, a pretty big deal for this company. the lighter was passed hand-to-hand among all the employees in a line down here to this location where the grandson of the founder, george duke, lit that lighter and talked about this company being based in bradford for 80 years, and the president of the company joins us now. tell us about the significance
12:37 pm
of 500 million. >> any manufacturer that gets to this point in their history is an amazing thing. we compete globally and successfully, and you get to a 500 millionth lighter it means nothing but success. >> reporter: one thing about zippo, you fix it for free. >> anything that happens, it doesn't matter in your dad, grandfather bought it, you bring it back and we fix it for free. >> reporter: the basic product hasn't changed in 80 years. >> it really hasn't. the shape is generally the same. we've rounded the corners a little bit, changed the hinge design and flint wheel a little bit, now you have that world-famous zippo lighter. >> reporter: you can get almost anything on a zippo.
12:38 pm
i was fortunate enough to get my own personal zippo lighter. it was not my idea but i'm pretty proud of that baby right there. jon: that is nice, bring that home we'll put it in the museum here in the lobby. >> reporter: fabulous artwork. jon: one of a find. thanks, rick. jenna: we have breaking news on iran's nuclear program. a meeting is happening right now in vienna and the u.n. nuclear watchdog agency is discussing iran. a senior u.s. official is voicing his concern saying this. that iran has accelerated its production of low enriched uranium, if it is enriched at higher levels it's enough for several nuclear weapons. jim walsh is a event national security expert at mit's security program. he joins us on the phone with reaction to this news. what do you make of this? >> this is based on the international atomic energy report that says that iran continues its enrichment
12:39 pm
program. let's be clear, you can't make a nuclear weapon out of low enriched uranium, you have to continue to process it until it reaches about a 90% enrichment level. iran has not done that, they cannot make a nuclear weapon. if they were to kick out all the inspectors and try to enrich that uranium they would have enough material for five bombs. they've been on this path for a while. it seems to me the real striking information or announcement today is offered by the u.s. ambassador there that iran is cleaning up a site, trying to cleanup any contamination that might indicate that iran had done nuclear weapons work back in 2003, trying to hide the evidence. jenna: let me share that headline as well with our viewers. there is some sort of cleanup effort going on in this military site. that is an important sign, because inspectors want access to that site and that's part of the conversations that are on going between this watchdog
12:40 pm
agency and iran about whether or not they are going to get access to the different sites inside the country. this indication that they are trying to cleanup something, plus the acceleration in there enrichment program and you put those things together, what do you think we should think about it? >> ironically there is actually some good news here. you're absolutely right, jenna to say the iaea has been arguing with iran now for over a year about getting access to the site. the agency suspects that iran violated its obligations and did weapons-related work back in 2003, and then they -- subsequent to that they short of shut down the program. they want to go in there and look at that and iran is trying to cover it up and clean it up. in some ways that's good news, believe it or not, because actually what iran is doing is trying to clean it up so they can meet with iaea so that sets the path or at least the possibility of trying to get some negotiation to help constrain and reduce this program.
12:41 pm
the only reason they would clean it up if they are going to let them in. jenna: they wouldn't want to clean it up just to disguise something? >> they don't have to let them in. if they weren't going to let them in, then they wouldn't bother cleaning it up. since they are cleaning it up i think that is evidence that they are trying to strike a deal with the agency. jenna: one of our experts that we call, jim walsh, thank you very much. a big meeting on friday between iran and the iaea. >> thank you. jon: let's hope something good comes out of that. u.s. forces hitting again with drones inside pakistan, their target no stranger to western intel, more on who this guy is and what the strike could mean in our relationship with pakistan coming up. it's the last chance you'll ever have to see this. rick knows all about it. >> reporter: there is a little black spot on the sun today. i can't get that police song out of my head. you might want to grab a special pair of glasses and look up to
12:42 pm
the sky. we'll tell you why, coming right up. [ male announcer ] today a mom will see her doctor.
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jenna: a day of digging in the backyard turns into a prehistoric find for one iowa man and his sons, identifying himself only by his first name of john, not this jon, a different john. john says they came ae across a mammoth femur or thigh bone in his backyard two years ago. he enlisted help from the university of iowa. he says it includes a knee joint the size of a soccer ball, and it will help give us a glimpse of what life was like 12,000 years ago. who knew in iowa, mammoths. jon: i love that. i guess he's going to keep digging. jenna: i guess so. you might as well if you find something like that. you never know what else you'll
12:46 pm
find. jon: some museum will buy that. if you have clear skies this evening you're in luck, you'll be able to see something that will not happen again in our lifetime, guarantee it. rick has the latest on this very special celestial event. >> reporter: if like me you have never heard of "transit of venus" or you thought it was the name of some seattle grudge rock band, don't feel too badly it only happens once every 20 years. venus passing directly between us and the sun. if you look up and watch venus it looks like a black spot on the sun's surface. don't look up, not directly and without wearing proper viewing glasses, because looking at the sun without them is dangerous. you'll see this starting at 3:09 pacific time this afternoon, the transit begins, venus will pass along the upper hand of the sun from left to right, from start to finish the whole thing takes around seven hours and after that you're out of luck again until 2117. you can also listen to that song
12:47 pm
"king of pain" by the police. which i can't get out of my head. there is a little black spot on the sun today. obviously not sing baggy a venus transit, jon, because tomorrow this spot is history. jon: every what, 117 years? >> every 20 years. jenna: some referred to him as the rock star of al-qaida, he's really the number two in command and the target of a recent u.s. drone strike in pakistan. peter brooks will join us on more than this and his reaction on the breaking news outside of iran. a state race with national implications, the voting underway in the recall race of wisconsin governor scott walker, a live report from wisconsin still ahead.
12:48 pm
12:49 pm
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12:51 pm
jenna: al-qaida's second in command the target of a u.s. drone strike yesterday in pakistan. the man on your screen stepped up to the number two spot after the death of osama bin laden and so far there is some evidence suggesting that the air strike was successful, but of course forensic testing is needed to confirm his death. peter brooks is a former cia officer and a senior fellow for national security affairs at the heritage foundation. peter, if this is confirmed how big of a deal is this? >> i think it's very good news. he's obviously number two in al-qaida, al-qaida's core, that group the original 9/11 group that is finding itself in the pakistani tribal areas. he's a major pro propagandist. he's major in raising funds for al-qaida. if he's gone it's a good day. jenna: on the front page of the "wall street journal" there is a big story about the cia drawing down its people in iraq. they say they are going to drawdown to 40% of wartime
12:52 pm
levels. i'm su curious with your experience in the cia what does it mean for intelligence in the middle east? what is going on? >> it's critically important that we support the war fighters. intelligence is our first line of defense. we node tow support our war fighters, the guys and gals fighting right now in places like afghanistan. you want your assets, since they are limited, we don't have unlimited number of intelligence officers, you want them in the places that provide the greatest threat. i would say our greatest counterterrorism threat to the united states is probably coming from al-qaida in the a rabe began peninsula in yemen. you want folks looking at that. you don't want to create a blind spot to al-qaida in iraq which is causing trouble for the government there. we have a war in afghanistan, the al-qaida in the arabian peninsula, other ace round the world. hopefully the folks inside the intelligence apparatus are looking at where we have
12:53 pm
intelligence holes that we need to plug with our intelligence officers and they are doing that. jenna: it's interesting to talk about iraq of course because of the relationship between iran and iraq. we had breaking news this hour on iran the top senior officials saying listen iran is accelerating its enrichment program. we heard from jim walsh from mit says he doesn't think there is a lot of bad news in this report. i'm curious in your opinion on this news that we're learning more about what is happening inside iran and what kind of a threat there really is there? >> there is no good news coming out of iran from what i would tell, and i would probably disagree with jim. i didn't see his segment. i would disagree with hem there. the fact is they continue to enrich uranium, to levels higher than necessary for nuclear reactor fuel, up to 27%. they continue to create a greater volume of low enriched uranium that can be reprocessed for weapons. they have a new facility they are cleaning up, they are moving dirt around and scrubbing down
12:54 pm
the desk and the chairs. jenna: how good is our intelligence really inside iran at this time? >> it's very, very difficult. we would consider it to be a hard target. but this site is where they are probably doing explosive works which is used in the development of a warhead, in other words to be able to crush that uranium pit which is used in a nuclear warhead with exact timing to be able to create a a -- split an at tomorrow or fuse an at tomorrow, that is what they are trying to cover up there. the only good news coming out of iran is we perhaps got in there with a computer virus and in my estimation that shouldn't be released to the public. we shouldn't know about that. that is very sensitive stuff. jenna: there is a lot to keep an ey eye on. thank you so much. jon: a day of fun ends in near disaster as a hiker loses her footing in a very steep canyon. the story of her rescue, straight ahead. and i just want to give her everything. yeah, you -- you know,
12:55 pm
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jon: a fox news alert on an update to proposition eight. you might remember that gay marriage ban that california voters voted in place back in place back in 2008. well, it has been struck down twice in federal courts. now the ninth circuit crort r court in california is saying it refuses to hear the case. that means it is likely to go directly to the supreme court. of course the supreme court will have to accept that case. but it appears that california's proposition eight is going to the supreme court. we'll keep you updated. jenna: a hiker loses her footing in dangerous terrain and now rescuers say she's lucky to be alive, the accident happened over the week glend a canyon just outside of lows ang, the 25-year-old woman and a friend were hiking to a waterfall when they got lost and left the trail and she fell down a sleep hill. the friend had to call help. what you're seeing is rcue
12:59 pm
crews. she was lifted to safety by helicopter but as we said, very lucky that she's okay. jon: she's lets -- let's hope she gets out of that okay. thank you for joining us. jenna: "america live" starts right now. miklaszewski fox news alert, passions running high in wisconsin and breaking news on a controversy about a campaign mailer that some residents are calling an attempt at voter intimidation. welcome to "america live" i'm megyn kelly. of coursers are turning out at the polls are national ramification, the race between scott walker and tom barrett. we are hearing growing outrage over these letters listing the recent voting records of individual wisconsin residents, it tells you whether your neighbor voted in the last election and the one before that, and it's getting mailed out to pes


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