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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 6, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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friends. >> no. >> would you say that under oath? >> what is oath? >> one of the housemates. >> then yes. she is not allowed to hug diabetics. i am here with remi spencer. and he is so sharp on weekends he doubles as a row toe tiller. it is gary johnson, the former new mexico governor and 2012 presidential hopeful. and in oregon he is considered a trail mix. it is my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and i would pay good money to watch kenny g blow him in a crowded theater. he also has a new pod cast and you can find it at penn sunday they still have those. and the latest book "we are still plugging you" is now available in paperback. it is sean hannity's favorite book. and he is a lefty crap thrower you would run over with a
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mower. good to see you, pinch. >> today in sports he pray views the upcoming -- previews the upcoming bellmont stakes. oh, a day at the racetrack. reminds me when we used to sit at the racetrack. oh doo-da-day. going to run all night. going to run all day. back in the day gay meant happy. >> okay. >> that's old timey talk. >> i'm sure. j do we still have him here? >> are you talking about your vet work. one of those things tied with being a ma -- magician is being a vet. you have to learn to do your v's and p's and if your lips don't move. and think of the time as a character. put character to it and move your lips the right way.
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they look like they are flapping up and down. it should go, i'm, the new york times. why don't you just reach your arm around gary here and watch the way he moves his lips when he talks. this work is repulsive. >> it disgusts you. >> it does. >> and i don't mean what you said. doing a steven foster song with a john travolta is gay joke at the end not genius. but please for the love of christ work on your ven trillion qis. >> this is something we can talk about during a commercial break when the kids are not watching who don't know i am pinch. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry. >> can we please pull back the curtain. i am so care, children of america -- i am so sorry, children of america. penn hates you. >> i'm sorry too. i'm really, really sorry. >> when did he start sounding
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like a house? >> i have an idea, let's do a story. >> i'm sorry. >> we are going to do a story. >> but that is important. >> i know. i saw you get angry. this is your livlihood. you didn't go to college. you learned this. >> the nice thing is that the only thing below jugulars and magicians, ven trillion qises. >> they thought that would -- all right, we are going to do a story. >> i need new material. >> i know you r. i have l -- i have a presidential candidate. the war on sugar is on and the latest volley will say all products advertised on disney must meet a new set of nutritional standard. it extends to saturday morning cartoons meaning the company will say that's all, folks to capri suns and lunchables and cereals and ever clear.
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disney unveiled the plan at a news conference with michelle obama. i wonder if she is thrilled that when our kids tune into their favorite shows on disney channels or log on to a disney website they won't be bombarded with unhealthy messages during the commercial breaks. >> i am thrilled that over the next couple years when our kids tune into their favorite shows on disney channel or they log on to the disney website they will no longer be bombarded with unhealthy messages during the commercial breaks. >> that's what what i said. should cereal really strike therial? we asked one expert. >> hi, buddy. buddy seems to like it. >> the next scene, the child
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is gone in one gulp. >> disney acknowledges that they are going to lose some advertising revenue, but the benefits out weight the downside. aren't they full of crap? they are going to lose money on this. >> as long as it is not government making the decision. by the way, i was on a couple -- i was on before and i talked about calorie counting and how that was such a great idea. boy was i wrong. the fact is though you come up with a good idea which is restricting calories, eat healthy. that is an educational process. but if the government gets involved in it and passes law itself require that -- passes laws that requires that, we will criminalized a 70 ounce big gulp. that's what will happen. and my legislation -- i passed legislation and it will be good legislation. i leave office at some point and then it takes off a crime national tee and dimensions that nobody can foresee with the government getting involved in big ways. >> here is the thing, and this
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is what is sneaky about it, recommend knee. he is okay with it because the government is not getting involved. but michelle obama is the first lady, and who will say no to the first lady? well of course because you are penn jaw let. you say -- penn gillette. you say no to everybody. >> i think it is going to be very hard for industry stri to say no to the first lady. maybe they will think they will get a favor if they say yes. you want to please people in power, at least a lot of people do. because it is a private industry making our own business decisions, disney thinks it is good for the brand and will make them money. >> they are terrified. >> that might be true. >> they are good for the brand. >> i disagree. i don't think that's true at all. i think there are plenty of big industries out there that have said no to michelle obama. we just don't know about it.
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there is nothing wrong with -- >> president obama and his wife get a lot of positive press forgetting disney to do this if that's what you are saying. and disney gets the positive press of having the force of the white house behind it. >> penn you hate disney, don't you? >> i worked for disney. >> i know. >> i did fine at disney. i used to be when i was on "dancing with the stars" the first one to lose. i was on "dancing with the stars" and they told me for the rest of my life i had vip passes to disney world and disneynd la. that meant the rest of my life only during the time on "dancing with the stars." now i wait three hours for space mountain. >> i can get you in. >> caw? >> yes -- can you really? >> yes, i have a little people pass. >> i am fine with disney, but i don't think the solution to obesity is changing the advertising. i'm fat, and i don't watch tv. >> are you not fat.
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you are just large. you know what is funny. you are in that group of people called big. it doesn't fit into any kind of other thing other than big. >> i'm just an anomaly. i don't know if the problem we have is tv advertising. i think the problem may be we are too good at making food. we got really good at making food. it used to be food was a big part of our experience. now we have the problem with people who are in poverty being fat. if you went back a hundred years and said our big problem is that people who are living in poverty are too fat they would go -- [laughing] because that's how they laughed back then. 100 years ago they threw their heads back. >> as a child you ate only your body hair. that was while watching saturday morning cartoons, so this story means nothing to you jie. my middle -- >> my middill name is pika. fie on all of you. none of you see through michelle obama's starving
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children policy? i have been told she has destroyed every fried donut stand in space mountain and she told every disney animater that they will be deported if they draw abs on donald duck. >> finally somebody agreeing with me. she is trying to kill my path. what ever happened to when i was growing up -- >> he said fried donuts. >> i remember king vitamin and count chocula. cocoa puffs and fruit loops. they from coming after my heros. >> doctor diabetes. >> you know you got a free sir ring. syringe. >> i have to tell you, she is showing leadership here. i think she is doing it in the best way possible. i think the world is healthier because of this initiative and other initiatives that follow. >> it doesn't matter what the intention r.z. >> as long as it is not the government doing it.
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if the government is doing it, the government is going to declare it criminal and we are going to have ramifications. >> did you ever put extra sugar on frosted flakes? >> all the time. >> it was never enough. >> i told my mom it was sugar. >> they may stop selling advertising or air time to these fast-food p cs, but i would be shocked if disney will stop selling their $10 sodas and their $8 hot dogs or whatever other bad, unhealthy food there is. they will still make money off of this. it is a little hipocritical. >> those rides could be considered unhealthy. what if senior citizens come out against that because it is too hard on their hearts. >> the disney celery stand. >> watch the food manufacturers make healthier products. >> i hope not. from mickey mouse to mary jane. mayor bloomburg, who ever that is, and the city soft prosecutors endorsed a proposal to the small amounts of marijuana. it is a big boost to andrew
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cuomo. cops made 50,000 arrests. most stemming from the city's controversial stop and frisk policy which may maintain made them safer. the mayor discussed complications that arise. >> during the stop and frisk they said to turn out your pockets. the marijuana is now in public view. it just went from a violation to a crime. the affect of a criminal conviction on a young person can alter the trajectory of your entire life. >> he is the most riveting speaker since cool ledge. how does the pot smoking robot community taking the news?
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>> i don't know. they didn't seem high to me. governor you released a statement endorsing cuomo's proposal, but adds that it doesn't really solve the problem. >> i always advocated using marijuana because de criminalizing turns its back on half of the problem which is the market place. look, if they de criminalize pot, it just makes it in my opinion a lot easier for law enforcement to focus on those who are selling it. if you look at the profile of individuals in federal prison, the majority are those who sold small amount of drugs on numerous occasions and have been caught, mandatory sentencing. positive steps, but legalize it. let's tax it and regulate it. >> that would put you out of business because your clients are criminals. >> i think we can agree there is a big difference between a college student who gets caught with a little marijuana in the park one day, and the
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person who is traveling around the world and putting people in danger and getting all of the drugs and distributing them throughout the country. >> but if it is legal, that comes off the black market, and it is no longer -- >> look, i am all for -- >> the problem is created by it being you will lil. >> -- illegal. >> i am all for de criminalizing small drug possession. but it will be a longtime before we see that. >> why? >> because for so many reasons. the primary reason -- >> the only person i know who doesn't smoke pot is me. >>- q. i and me. >> i -- >> and me. >> i don't smoke it. it makes me paranoid. >> how do you know that? >> i smoked it an hour ago. i need you to drive me to the hospital. >> it is a positive first step in this process to de criminalize drugs. the amount of time and resources it takes law enforcement and prosecutors and the judiciary to prosecute these really petty thefts as the governor said can really affect a good person's life. it can change the direction of
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their life. >> if obama had been busted he wouldn't be president. it certainly didn't help his life. >> there is a formula to the news too. every night we have the largest drug bust, and then we go from the largest drug bust to the kingpin headquarters which is a doublewide trailer. there is a formula, but it is crazy. >> you know what is crazy is you talk to people in-law enforcement and they agree. >> who is against it? >> it is a generational thing and politicians are afraid to lose votes because people in their 60s and 70s go, not on my watch. i saw what the kids did on the happy juice in the 1970s. i saw the movies they made. >> we are at a tipping point and that will be colorado. it is on the ballot in colorado. it is to regulate marijuana like alcohol. alcohol alcohol, the highest percentage of pot smokers on a per cap paw tau basis than any
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other state in the country. >> is that true? >> yes. and six years ago they vote toady criminalize marijuana in denver on a basis that it is less dangerous than alcohol. so first domino, 50 dominoes to fall. >> can't the federal government override that like they are doing in california with the medical marijuana? >> but that was the down fall when it came to the prohibition of alcohol. my understanding is that new york said, we are not going to enforce federal alcohol prohibition anymore. new want to do it you can. i think that will be the same pho noel none. >> bill, you dnt have any opinion on the whole drug legalization thing. >> see how he moves it? much better. >> our graphics department endorses smoking weed, hence this. we will get back to what remi was saying. last year of the 6,000 possession arrests arrests in
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manhattan half were first time they have ever been arrested. so basically they got somebody that is a 40-year-old aunt going to "sister act" and thought it would make it a little more interesting and somebody busts her and it is on her record. that is crazy. >> i do no not believe in the trojan horse that is the medical marijuana thing. >> nor do i. i think you should tell the truth. >> 100 million americans have smoked pot, but for the wrong set of circumstances, and i am one of them, and we are all behind bars. >> wouldn't that be cool? everyone in prison. >> something tells me you are the sickest person of all. we can't even keep drugs out of prison. no matter how draw cone yen a system you have, there are still drugs in prison. even if we all lived in the prison system there would still be drugs all over the
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place. you can't fight it. >> that's the upside of going to prison, bill. >> the only drug i have got in prison is a roofy. >> you know the good thing in prison is you can practice your ven trillion qism. >> something tells me he would be the puppet. that was obvious. >> we have that move on. coming up, can most murderers be cured with nothing more than a good hug? remi spencer discusses her new book, i heart murderers, after the break. first, what new things did this goat say about the hiring practices? i don't know, but it sounds weird.
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should his three way yield a pay way? his hankie pangy meant --
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panky meant banky. his heart didn't go through a three so many. william martinez's estate filed a medical malpractice suit claiming a cardiologist failed to warn the 31-year-old to avoid physical activity. the week before the three-way martinez went to the cardiologist complaining of chest pains. a test was scheduled, but he died during sex the day before. i believe we have tape of the jury during lunch break. >> in the animal kingdom version, they are trying to convince the rest of the chipmunks. >> they are prairie dogs. >> i feel like i am the only one with a brain at this table, unreal. >> they were prairie dogs. i am so sorry. >> apologize to them. >> there will be a written apology in "the times."
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>> remi, you are a lawyer, or you claim to be one. we are not sure. did the jury make the right call on this? >> i didn't sit in on the court case, and assuming the evidence revealed that this doctor did not warn the 31-year-old man that any kind of sexual activity or excitement would potentially cause this kind of a fatal heart attack, then, yes. and the amount is based on his potential earnings over the rest of his life. he was a young man, so that is going to come up with the $3 million figure. the truth is, if the doctor didn't warn him any excitement or stressful activity could lead to a heart attack, then the jury did the right thing. >> who wants to be a doctor now? seriously. >> right. >> it scares me, but i am not a doctor. i was going to go to med school and that scares me. >> it is a basic kind of warning that a cardiologist would tell any patient complaining of chest pain. you don't have to be a doctor to know that.
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>> once you have done this every doctor will say don't do anything every time to be safe. and then you will start ignoring them anyway. >> i have gotten a little older and i have gone to the doctor more lately, and they are telling me lists of things i shouldn't bea doing, that i do every day. >> exactly my point. >> they are afraid of lawsuits. i would rather the doctor give me this advice. god forbid if you ignore it you do it at your peril. >> and no one will pass up a three so many. >> that's a good point. >> you are not going to pass that up. you have a 75% of dying if you have a three so many. i will take those odds. anytime, any place. 85% chance. i will take it. offer it. it doesn't even matter who is in the three psalm. three so many. >> it could be the prairie dogs. when the doctor gives you the list it is suddenly your bucket list.
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hang gliding nude? governor, where do you stand on this? >> i am so appalled by this kind of a decision. by the way, in new mexico they awarded a woman $1 million because she spilled her mcdonald's hot coffee on her. in new mexico when you pulled up to mcdonalds to get a cup of fof tee -- coffee they said how do you want your coffee. this my lap, please. i mean, come on. i had a horrible para-gliding accident six years ago. the doctors told me basically my life was done. if i would have listened to the doctors it probably would be. i walked out of the door and haven't been back since. >> have you para-glided since? >> i haven't. >> what happened to you? what did you injure? everything? >> hang gliding, you fall out of the sky. >> everything. i had a fracture on the 12t
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vertebrae. i lost an inch and a half in height. >> and he is still taller than me, bill. >> para-gliding is like walking in the air. that is wicked dangerous. why would you choose paragliding? >> why would you do a three so many? -- 3some. you have chest pains, come on. jay it is walking in the sky -- >> it is walking in the sky with no no protection and it seems crazy. you fall out of the sky. >> i am not for that. >> it is road runner stuff. >> it was my fault. >> did you just fall or did you glide into something? >> here is the story. i took off from a tight spot which i was in hawaii, took off from a tight spot. also was the first one to take off. why be the wind dummy? well, i was the wind dummy. i take off first and from a tight spot. i am flying into the trees that for two weeks i was flying over. my harness is caught in the top of a tree.
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i am thinking i will get tangled in the tree. i end up just falling a straight 50 feet. a fracture of the 12t vertebrae and meniscus in both knees, torn acl, shoulder, hips, everything. >> have i a daughter named meniscus. i haven't seen her in ages. go to bed if you are watching. >> give me a break on the three way and $3 million. come on. we have to -- >> just go walk in the sky. >> kids at home, don't walk in the sky. >> but try threesomes. it is so much safer. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. to leave a voice male -- voicemail call me. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by wool sack racing. the sport in which competetors run it is length of a course
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while carrying a 60-pack sack of wool on their back. thanks, wool sack racing.
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welcome back. let's see if we got anything wrong so far. >> hi, greg, how are you? >> great, thanks. >> i want to make it clear to all of the kids watching at home, penn was joke whg he suggested pinch is a puppet being manipulated by bill. >> thank you.
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>> i got that, but people at home may not. >> pinch is as real as greg. >> we will get letters, penn. >> i know. the letters will talk. >> you referred to as the sugar smack smack down. >> travisty. >> and apparently for a brief time they were just called smacks. >> it is the weird habit he developed. >> governor, i want to be clear for this. did you backtrack for what was a pretty firm stance on a previous occasion when you were on the show? forcing restaurants to list the calories of their foods is a good thing? >> i totally backtracked. i was thinking of my legislation that i would have
3:32 am
passed. it would mott have been onerus. it would have been educational. but i would have left off the semisuccessor and they would have gone to criminal penalties and it would have become the largest beurocracy in all of government. i'm sorry. i backtrack. >> i have never heard a politician say that. >> he's good. >> recommend my, i agree with you, and greg. >> that it might be hard for companies to say no to the first lady and have i no problem with it. i have no problem with michelle obama or any politician asking them to do something voluntarily or using their pulpit to say, people should eat healthful foods. >> what was the show obama went to the place and convinced him to say you can't smoke mi more in front of the fox -- smoke anymore in front of the fox building. >> that's fine. >> is it?
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>> as long as they don't get to the passing laws i am all for it. >> you said you don't think changing the advertising will be with advertising. but we are talking about ids kids. about kids. the idea is to help parents. >> i guess so. but parents should take care of their children. i don't think it takes a village to eat sugar smacks. hahn nay smacks. smacks -- honey smacks. smacks. >> do you think disney will lose money off of this? >> i disagree. even if they lose ad revenue, i think it will be good for the brand. >> i am sick of the brand. >> i love that phrase. >> remi, you said disney is being a little hipocritical because they serve all of this thiscrap food at their theme parks. but along with the advertising thing disney also said today
3:34 am
or yesterday that it is going to offer healthier foods. for instance they will reduce sodium by 25% in the 12 million children meals they serve. >> i don't buy it. they may make some minor changes. they will sell funnel cakes cakes and cotton candy. don't hold yourself out as a healthy brand and then make a killing on the back end when the kids come to the park. >> there might be cotton candy during the parade. >> i haven't been to disney world since i was 4. >> i twhras a couple years ago and i -- i twhras a couple years ago. >> i remember looking for funnel cakes. >> greg, if you recall when we were there a couple years ago, since then we were not allowed back. >> we went during that special weekend celebration. >> absolutely. >> that was nice. >> a lot of rainbows.
3:35 am
>> it was sunny outside. >> i guess so. >> a little rain in the air. >> who knew goofy was such a narc. >> you talked about putting extra sugar on frosted flakes. did you ever pour a ton of cereal so you just have the sugar at the bottom? >> the sugar with the milk. the greatest thing in the world. i always wondered when i was a grown up i promised myself i would put sugar in a bowl and put milk on it and eat it. i didn't keep that promise to my 12-year-old self. maybe tonight. >> it is not too late. >> did you ever buy the mini servings, did you ever poor milk in the boxes? >> i did once. it doesn't work. >> you have to open it perfectly too. >> i guess now it is in little bowls. >> and per for rations -- perforations. >> that's an advertising lie. the dotted line, they never had a real indention there. >> plus even if you got to that intention, you have the
3:36 am
papery selofane. >> it was wax paper. you can't cut wax paper evenly. >> don't get me started on captain crunch. always cutting the roof of your mouth. >> you know, bliewt man group did a -- the blue man group did a bit where they bit captain crunch in beat with the music and the microphones. i told them when i saw the show off broadway, that's going to cut your gums up and they will get infected and then they will die. they went, huh, huh, huh. they said we can't do the captain crunch thing because they are cutting up our gums and they are getting inpecked it. he used to -- infected. he used to catch yams in a stick in his mouth. that's how he died. little cuts that get infected and then you die. i have information too, you know. and i am not checking stuff. >> and quite frankly it is a
3:37 am
lot more interesting than the crap i come up with. cuomo and de criminalizing pot. do you favor legalizing them or de criminalizing them? >> i do. i think it will be a long process. i don't think you can snap major inning ifers -- your fingers and make it happen. regulate it, tax it, control it. absolutely. >> or maybe make it legal and not tax it. tax a lot less of everything. >> i agree with that. >> that's a question i had for governor johnson. you talk about colorado. the thing about legalizing, people always say, you legalize it and you can regulate it. as a libertarian, shouldn't you want them to legalize it and not regulate it? >> i agree with that completely, but there is a pallet ability that goes along with taxing it and regulating it, the notion that we are going to do this like alcohol. that's what is on the ballot. regulate marijuana like alcohol. california regulates marijuana like wine. i think that tells a whole story in and of itself. it gives the pallet ability to potentially passing it.
3:38 am
>> that's a good point. all of a sudden you go on winery tours. >> regulating can simply mean keeping it away from children. >> it is like cigarettes. you have to be 18 years old. you pay $10 a pack. it is not easy to get cigarettes. >> it is if you go out in front of fox when they are smoking. >> i won't give you one. >> i would give them free samples, but charge them up the butt for food. >> million dollar idea. >> lastly before i have to go, greg, you said you don't believe in the trojan horse that is medical marijuana. you should check. they had a good piece on veterans who were better able to deal with pain using marijuana rather than using opietes and pain pills. i agree they are taking advantage of it, but it does president mean it is thought truly helpful for some people. >> i think every substance can be truly helpful to every person whether it is ecstasy or acid. you name it and it can be
3:39 am
used. the overwhelming wink that comes with medical marijuana is for my carpal tunnel syndrome. it might hurt these soldiers by making it into a joke. >> have to go, greg. >> glad. ?ai coming up, do you remember -- coming up, do you remember what you did when jeffrey domer got caught? i cried for months. first, should cats and dogs be forced to wear seatbelts? we pick up where special report left off.
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okay. should you be better paid if your wife is a babe? vanderbilt football coach seems to think so. in an interview last week james franklin said he would never hire a man who didn't have a sexy spouse. but let's let him explain. >> have i been saying for a longtime. -- i have been saying for a longtime. i will not hire an assistant coach until i have seen his wife. if his wife -- if she looks the part and she is a d1
3:43 am
recruit, then you can count them hired. there is a strong correlation between having the confidence of talking to a woman and being quick on your feet and having some personality and confidence and being fun and articulate than it is walking that a high school and recruiting a kid and selling them. >> he has since apologized tweeting, quote, attempted humor -- they always say that. fell a few yards short when it talks about the courage for a man to approach the women who become their wives. then he reiterates. we must skis this in -- >> -- discuss this in -- >> lightning roooooouu nu d. lightning round. >> i don't know if this is sexist or what it is, but you were cringing. >> it is stupid.
3:44 am
his analysis of what a hot wife is and maybe him saying to have the confidence to talk to people -- but his indication of what a hot -- shut up. i mean that's where the problem is. the problem is yes, you want somebody who is good at talking to people. but his -- who gives a good [bleep] whose wife he thinks is hot? >> that's true. governor, is there any logic to this? >> not job ending, but just stupid. it is just stupid. >> remi, while we are watching you are nodding in total agreement. it was incredible. >> as always you get it completely wrong. i can come up with a different word that starts with the letter d, instead of d1 recruit for this guy. >> daring? >> [bleep] is the word i am looking for.
3:45 am
this guy is a jerk. i think his explanation for this is just complete balogna. i don't think -- an attempt at humor? please. whether or not an assistant coach is attractive or not attractive has nothing to do with the qualification. >> bill, you posed as a hot wife once to get your neighbor boxcar willy a job as a cabdriver. how did that work out? >> that wig he gave me was full of mites. >> those were prairie dogs. >> he likes his girls with afros. at first i thought they are an american hero. then you are thinking he is hiring the coaches for their hot wives not because it show these have confidence, but it is so he can hit on them. >> if that were the case there would be some sense to it. the horror of this is he is probably telling the truth. that's the nightmare. if you look at it from a cynical point of view there is
3:46 am
some sense to it. i believe taking it at face value makes him -- what is the d-word? [bleep]. >> we have to move on. in iowa a school superintendent was forced to resign for sending sexually explicit e-mails at work nancy see bring, named after the car, was ousted after officials said she sent the messages work hours from the computer to a man with whom she was in a relationship. read one e-mail, quote, i have this craving in my body for you, and i can't ignore it. i sent bill hemmer the same e-mail an hour ago and didn't hear back sadly. >> if she can be in trouble -- >> who cares? >> it is using a work device. >> who cares? if she wasn't sending it to students and she wasn't actually bothering her work -- it is embarrassing that we have to see that. why is that any of our business? >> i don't know. let's say it is your private
3:47 am
business. you own gary johnson laundromats. >> a thousand employees. >> how would you feel if your employees were on their -- on your computer. we know they are. would you say it is human nature? >> all right, if it is -- it is thought job ending in and of itself. but if it is a continuation of a practice they have been asked to stop that's a different story. >> how would you know it? you don't monitor every e-mail employees sends. >> exactly. >> so my concern would be, look, this is my time. here is how you are spending my time. not job ending in and of itself, but if this is a continuation -- >> i like you as a boss. this is not job ending. what if i do this. >> you found the one guy who doesn't smoke marijuana.
3:48 am
now let's find the one guy, by the way not me, who does not send sexually explicit e-mails from work. >> you never sent sexually -- >> no, i have. what i was saying is it was hard enough to find me. now let's find that guy who hasn't sent one -- you sent sexually explicit messages from your computer. >> i am pleading the fifth. >> the good news is i am the boss. i own my firm. i can spend may time, and i can use my computers however i want. when my employees spend time not being productive and not getting the job done -- >> if you are sending a number of these e-mails, if you are wrapped up in your relationship -- >> there is one saying my body craves you. >> that is not enough. >> i have like 30 seconds. >> you not only own the firm, you are firm. >> on that note we have to
3:49 am
take a break. don't even think of leaving me now. we have a lot more. with
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welcome back.
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i am talking to myself. new jersey officials are planning to enforce laws requiring motorists to buckle up their cat or dog. drivers failing to do so could face criminal charges and fined up to $1,000. it prevents dogs from hanging out of windows and riding on the bed of pick up trucks. penn, isn't the whole point of being a dog sticking your head out the window? >> i thought there should be a law in england that everybody driving in england should have to have a dog with them so americans would look out of the corner of their eye and think there is a dog driving and laugh. it is really funny when you are in england and not paying attention and the dog goes by driving. >> it freaks you out. what do you think of this? >> what i dipping -- think about this? i have an idea that would save hundreds of thousands of lives a year and that would require everyone to wear an all purpose helmet from the point of birth until the time they die. >> you know somebody has come up with that in a serious conviction has.
3:54 am
>> thank you haven't seen professional bull riding, go and see it. >> is there an end to when it comes to legislation? >> there was a dog and cat exercise when i was the governor of new mexico. it was a bill to require the pet stores to exercise their dogs and their cats two hours a day and three times a week. i said, you know what, great idea. that's where i would want to buy my dog and cat. then i have to establish the dog and cat exercise police. >> remi, you would love to be a part of that police force. >> i would be the chief of the police force. >> just answer the question. >> as a small business owner in new jersey involved in someway in politics and the legal system in new jersey i am embarrassed about this new law. it hopefully does not pass. it smells of money. this is so the town is creating someway to generate
3:55 am
some additional revenue for a bogus ticket. anybody who has a dog, and i have two that you can't harness up your dog and throw him in the car. >> i work as a dog on the weekend, but the harness is part of the deal. >> we have to move on. >> you click the leash on to the glove compartment or something? >> in the dungeon i work at? absolutely. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up with andy levy. go to fox eye.
3:56 am
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3:58 am
back to tv's andy levy, post game wrap up. >> quickly, what do you think about bloomburg's proposed large drink ban? i agree. remi, did you adopt? >> i did adopt a puppy and i encourage people to go to better homes for they are a wonderful
3:59 am
organization. >> quickly, pod cast this. >> yes, penn sunday >> that was fast. >> now we have extra time just to stair at each other awkwardly. let's do that. good night from wisconsin. >> bret: scott walker becomes the first governor to survive a recall vote. the numbers and what they mean, next. this is a special election night edition of "special report". >> good evening, i'm bret baier, two times in american politics prior to tonight sitting governors have faced the wrath of voters in recall elections. until this evening, no governor had ever survived. but wisconsin's scott walker made history tonight. soundly defeating


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