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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 7, 2012 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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everybody, i'm jenna lee? i'm jon scott. we will take you live to capitol hill where attorney general eric holder is facing new questions about the botched gun-running operation that sent weapons into mexico with deadly results, weapons later linked to the murder of a u.s. border patrol agent. today's grilling comes on the heels of new evidence in the investigation, including wiretaps approved by holder's second in command. they suggest that justice department's leadership knew more than they admitted to congress about the gun-running operation. today judiciary chairman lamar smith says he wants to get to the bottom of what the white house knew. >> did you yourself not inform anyone in the white house about operation fast and furious? >> i'm sure there was contact between staff, and the justice department, probably and the appropriate people in the white house about fast and furious. i don't remember, myself, ever sharing that information with -- >> how would anyone in the white house have learned about it, and who would have learned about it
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under the normal chain of command? >> i'm sorry? >> how would the white house have learned about operation fast and furious if not from you? >> well, through my staff and the interactions that we have with the white house counsel's office. >> when did your staff inform the white house about operation fast and furious? >> i don't know. >> were you ever curious about that? >> my focus was on dealing with the problems associated with fast and furious. >> it seems to me that you would want to know -- want white house official toss know what was going on in order to correct the problem. my time -- >> my focus was on the tactics and trying to solve the problem and not awfully concerned about what the knowledge was in the white house, my responsibilities. jon: joining us now judge andrew napolitano a fox news senior judicial analyst. during our time on the bench i'm
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sure you received many wiretap requests. >> the justice department has anan internal regulation. because wiretaps are so sensitive in order to have uniformity they have one person approving all of them in washington d.c. that happens to be the deputy to attorney general holder. the question is, did he just give a blanket approval or did he actually read the unlying documents before he approved them? if he read the underlying documents before he approved them, then he must have known about gun running long before attorney general holder has told us he found out. jon: right, and lanny brewer, the number two in the justice department in the criminal division has said that he didn't know a great deal about fast and furious, and isn't he the one who approved the wiretap? >> yes, he did. so did he do a thorough job when he approved them or when he got a request for a wiretap from an assistant u.s. attorney in
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southern california, arizona or new mexico, we are not exactly clear where the application came from, but we know it was a federal prosecutor in that part of the country, did he just have no curiosity about what was going on and say yes? the bottom line here is the evidence keeps mounting that the justice department knew, people in the justice department with significant authority knew about this sooner in time than they have told congressman issa who is on the screen now, or congressman smith, who was just interrogating the attorney general. jon: they knew about it, apparently and were looking the other way. but there is also the question about the release of this wiretap information. congressman issa calls it the results of a whistle-blower. some would suggest -- well it is a federal crime to release that information about those wiretaps, isn't it? >> yes, yes. this has really added a new dimension tot dimensions the
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interrogation of the attorney general holder. congress is using documents -- they haven't got even to the documents yet, i gather they will before the day is out, with which to interrogate attorney general holder, with which to demonstrate that he and his people must have known about this earlier, documents that were stolen, documents that someone committed a federal crime in order to put into the hands of investigators for the house. you see when you make an application to a judge for a search warrant, the papers that comprise the application remain sealed, remain secret, unless and until someone is charged with a crime, and evidence obtained from that search warrant is going to be used against them. somehow these documents got into the hands of house investigators long before that happened. it's likely a crime was committed in that process by somebody in the government, in the justice department, helping out the house of representatives. jon: but if it sheds some light on what actually happened in operation fast and furious is it for the better good? >> it very well could be, that's
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why we have the whistle blowers. they can be heros or goats, they can risk their lives and careers to violate a rule or law but sometimes the greater good comes about as a result of what they do. jon: you would agree that eric holder's justice department is in a bit more trouble, a bit more hot water right now as a result of the disclosure of this wiretap information. >> i woman. and it seems to be that way, jon every time he goes up there to testify. jon: judge, thank you. we will listen in now to eric holder's testimony on capitol hill. >> before brian terry was gunned down these wiretap applications, which we did not subpoena, but which were given to us by a furious group of whistle blowers that are tired of your stonewalling indicate that a number of key individuals in your administration in fact were responsible for information contained in here that clearly shows that the tactics of fast
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and furious were known. they were known and are contained in these wiretaps. i understand you've read these wiretaps since we've brought them tour attention, is that correct. >> i have read them and i disagree with the conclusion you just reached. >> let me go threw a very simple line of questioning if i may, mr. attorney general, james cole, deputy attorney general has written that the department has a greater obligation than just check the legal sufficiency and approving wiretap application. he thinks that applications also have to apply with doj policy, is that correct? >> applications have to agree with doj policy? >> that's what he said. >> sure. >> okay. during a transcribed interview deputy assistant attorney then jason weinstein testified that senior officials approving the wiretap applications do not read the wiretap applications. is this practice acceptable to you? >> they read summaries he of the
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applications, that is a process that has been used by this administration and by all previous administrations. it is the way in which the office of enforcement -- >> are you aware that a -- >> can i answer my question? the question you've asked me. >> you've given me a sufficient answer considering the amount of questions and the amount of time i've had. you're okay with that practice, you've already answered that. would you agree that senior officials are responsible for documents they sign? i would assume the answer is yes. so now let me ask you the question. jason weinstein, is he responsible for what is in these wiretaps? >> is he responsible -- >> he's a responsible officer under statute. is he responsible for them even if he only read a summary. >> he did not create those affidavits, he did not create that material. he would have been a person as a deputy attorney general that would review -- >> when they right a statute requiring certain people be
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responsible, such as beenee brewer and yourself. >> regular order. >> he will be allowed to answer this question. >> he hasn't asked the question. >> i'm halfway through it if you'll keep interrupting. if in fact the statute says they are responsible and if in fact they are not read -- >> regular order. >> i want the american people to understand. >> regular order. >> who is responsible for -- >> the attorney general will be allowed to answer. >> anyone reading these, including former director melson, anyone reading these would be sick to their stomach because they would be immediately aware -- >> do you have a question, mr. chairman. >> who is responsible mr. attorney general. >> you've combined those things. >> regular order now, mr. chairman, will he be allowed to answer the question now. >> the attorney will be allowed to answer the question but i'd appreciate no more interest ruplgss so thinterest rungses
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so the ag can answer the question. >> it's the responsibility of a deputy attorney general looking at the summaries to make sure that there is a basis to go into court and ask that court to grant the wiretap based on a determination that a responsible official makes that probable cause exists to believe that a wire facility has been used in the commission of a crime. they do not look at the affidavits to see if in fact, to review all that is engaged, all that is involved in the operation. >> i have read those now, i have read those, i've read those from wide receiver as well and i can say that what has happened in connection with fast and furious was done in the same way as wiretap applications were done under the previous administration and wide receiver. i've looked at summaries, and they acted in a way that is consistent with the practice and the responsibility that they have as defined by the statute. >> thank you, mr. issa. thdoes the ranking member reurb
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twish to speak out of order. >> yes, please. jon: you got a sense of some of the fireworks erupting on capitol hill as attorney general eric holder is grilled in front of a house committee there regarding operation fast and furious. clearly, judge andrew napolitano, what darrell issa was trying to get to there, the chairman of this committee -- i guess he's not the chairman but a member of the committee, he's trying to suggest that eric holder's people were rubber stamping the wiretaps without reading them, or if they read them they should have known more about the botched gun running sting. >> yes to both questions. i know what it's like to read a lot of those documents, but you have to have a feel for each of these because you are really intruding on a person's privacy in their telephone calls. have you to know that there is
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enough probable cause there to persuade a federal judge to authorize the wire tabs. it sounds as if they read the cover age only and not the underlying material. if they had they would have known about the gun running. jon: in your view as a judge who won that exchange. >> congressman issa, the nonlawyer beat the attorney general on that one. jon: judge, thank you. this house committee testimony goes on. we have it streaming for you live on >> my pleasure. jon: if you'd like to continue to watch. thank you, judge. jenne: we'll get back into it as we watch it develop overt next hour or so. there is a lot happening on capitol hill. we have another battle heating up, this time over tax cuts. and new reaction from the white house republicans extending the bush tax cuts, this after president clinton's controversial remarks. secret meetings may be taking place to figure out what we will do next. jon: our patience, is running
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out with regard to pakistan. exactly what should the u.s. do about it? jenne: the new developments in the case of a san francisco giants fan brutally beaten outside dodger stadium. graphic testimony in court from someone who saw the entire attack. a cup of joe is a sedan. a cup of johan is a 600 horsepower sports coupe that likes to hug curves. ♪ your curves. smooth, rich, never bitter, gevalia.
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jenne: the battle overextending the bush-era tax cuts is something you'll be hearing a lot b and it's getting bigger by the minute. now there are new reports of secret meetings by lawmakers to try to figure out what to do next. white house spokesman jay carney responding to whether or not a temporary extension is something the president will consider by saying this. quote, the president's position is that we absolutely should extend the tax cuts for the middle class. we should not extend, and he
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will not extend tax cuts for the highest income americans. well that's the reason why he had to make a response is that this week president clinton said that temporary extending all the bush-era tax cuts might be the best course of action for now, something the republicans jumped on quickly. >> it's really important that we provide some certainty to job creators in our country in extending all of the current tax rates for at least a year is really important if we are going to help job creators gain a little more confidence and put americans back to work. even bill clinton came out for it before he was against it. jenne: a former governor jeb bush weighing in on the issue this mourn. let's take a listen. >> here is what i know to be true, next year or the year after there is going to have to be a grand bargain. we are on an unsustainable course. it is not possible to continue to do what we are doing today. jenne: now that all sides have
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chimed in there are reports at some of these meetings underway with members ever congress to come up with a solution, maybe the grand bargain that governor bush is talking about there. steve moore is a writer for the "wall street journal." it's a secret meeting, now, steve so both side can speak freely. what are we doing? >> this has been quite a week. you're right. it started out with president clinton saying maybe we should suspend all these tax increases. then he got smacked down by the white house and they said you're free-lancing, you're not taking the party line an quickly retreated. you also had a top economist from the obama administration, larry somers who said this week, maybe it's time not to do this tax increase. what this is all about as you aptly put it on january 1, 2013 we will have this big tax time bomb explode, higher capital gain taxes, higher dividend taxes. higher small business taxes, and more and more politicians are
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coming to the conclusion that this is a disaster for the economy. that's what this is all about, jenna. it will be interesting to see whether the white house pre streets from this and says, look beings given the state of the economy, the lousy jobs numbers, the lousy stock market and gdp growth numbers now is not the time to raise taxes on anyone. jenne: politico is reporting that lawmakers from both sides are trying to come together and avoid the partisanship of this election season and talk freely about how to fix the economy. how can we trust them to fix the economy, steve, if they haven't have these conversations in public? >> that is a great point. i just laugh a little bit when you say they are going to overcome the partisanship. that is not going to happen over the next knife or six months. things are so divided on capitol hill. we are in the midst of the most important presidential election in 30 years. this is difficult to get any kind of agreement on this. i do still think, jenna, some time later this summer or in the fall president obama will come to his senses and they may make a deal saying, look, now is not
11:19 am
the time -- what would be the biggest tax increase in 30 years. jenne: let's talk a little bit about what would happen if the tax cuts go away or stay. if the congressional budget office came out this week and said listen if we keep the current policies and tax rates for everybody, public debt as a percentage of gdp will be at 200% by 2037. keeping those tax cuts in place, the nonpartisan cbo says could be a real problem for the economy. so when we're talking about temporary extensions, what are we really talking about? >> i think the cbo also said the worst way to raise taxes is to raise tax rates, which is exactly what the tax increase would do. i fundamentally disagree with that assessment, by the way, jenna. i think you've got to get this economy growing again. we are never going to get the revenues or the jobs unless we get the economy growing, and it's just -- in my opinion, very difficult to grow an economy. who wants to invest right now when you're looking at higher capital gain gains, higher
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dividends, higher business taxes. nobody wants to invest in that tsunami. you have to take that off the table. the important point that is left out of that cbo report is look if we get spending under control which has grown so enormously over the last four years you can bring the debt down and grow the economy. so i think we should get rid of the tax increases, but we should do the spending cuts and that was part of that cbo analysis that you mentioned. then if you do that you get trillion dollar deficits from now until kingdom come. jenne: i've written that all down. if you get into any of those secret meetings you let me know, will you steve. >> we have to diffuse this tax time bomb because it really -- it's one of the reasons the market has been so bad, jenna in the last few weeks. jenne: it's up today and we'll be talking a little bit about that also in the show. steve, nice to see you as always. jon: the timer on that bomb is still ticking. the supreme court about to issue its decision regarding the constitutionality of the president's healthcare law. some republican senators say the
11:21 am
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landmark ruling from the supreme court this month on president obama's healthcare law. several republican senators are speaking out today. they are angered they say by what they call attempts to intimidate the high court on this ruling. shannon bream has more from our d.c. bureau. >> reporter: the republican sevens are on the floor right now. they say they've had enough of democrats trying to publicly chastise and pressure the supreme court. they are speaking out this morning including senator chuck grassley. here is a bit of what he had to say. >> it's ridiculous to claim that striking down this law would be
11:25 am
judicial activism. a ruling that obamacare is unconstitutional would recognize that the law departed from the text of the constitution, our very structure of our federalism and even against the very history of our country. >> reporter: likes like john john cornyn is speaking. pat lay she said, as justices they are supposed to begin their inquiry as respecting the love the people as reflected in the congress. acting out based on their personal views in this matter would be the height of conservative judicial activism. of the course you'll remember this comment from the president in a it launched this whole dispute about whether the justices are being dressed down by a separate, coequal branch.
11:26 am
>> for years we have heard the biggest problem on the bench is judicial activism or a lack of judicial restraint, tha that a group of people would somehow overturn a due le a duely constituted and passed law. well, this is a good example. and i'm pretty confident that this court will recognize that and not take that step. >> reporter: when fox news polled american voters about whether they believe the president is trying to intimidate the supreme court 56% said yes. we are now just days away from the court's decision expecksette by the end of the term on june 25th. jon: we are going to be watching for that one. shannon bream, thank you. jenne: his life will never be the same and now his family is seeking justice. a key court hearing for two men accused of brutally breathing a giants fan was dodger stadium.
11:27 am
live at the breaking news with the latest on that. it's been the theme of the week so far, bill clinton appearing at odds with president obama. now reports that even mr. clinton's staff is surprised by his comments. so what is really going on? a fair & balanced debate next.
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jenne: right now new developments in the case of a san francisco giants fan brutally beaten outside the stadium of the rival l.a.
11:31 am
dodgers. it's a story we've been watching since it first broke, and for the next chapter rick folbaum joins us from the newsroom. >> reporter: this is a tough story. this is a preliminary hearing, to be clear to decide whether there will be an actual trial. this is not the trial. the testimony at this hearing getting very graphic, very detailed into how bryan stow was beaten and as to what want of his friends did to protect him. taking the stand today in that courtroom in l.a. the sister of one of the accused beaters. she drove the two defendants home from dodger stadium after the alleged crime, and police had arrested her at first on suspicion of being an accessory after the fact, but she was never officially charged. louis sanchez and marvin nor booenorwood were charged with mayhem and assault for beating stowe r-r simply wabrian stow
11:32 am
because he wore a san francisco jersey. >> as i was running towards bryan, the same person that had punched brjan, kicking him in the head repeatedly, and not just little kicks, these were full, wind up as hard as you can kicks. >> reporter: the friend whose voice we should heard in that testimony went onto describe throwing himself on stow answer body trying to shield his friend from any more kicks and punches. prosecutors played an audiotape as well of norwood telling his mother that he was involved in the beating. bryan stow's life will never be the same. he can't use his arms. he can't carry on a conversation with anybody. he is in rehab but they say he will not make a complete recovery. jenne: we'll bring the viewers up to date as far as any developments in this case.
11:33 am
rick, thank you. jon: there's been all kind of talk lately about whether bill clinton is helping or hurting president obama's re-election campaign. some even refer to the two as frenemies, after clinton talked about romney's time at bain capital and tax cuts. according to politico the comments took mr. clinton's staff by surprise. they wrote, quote, clinton's team was agast as obamas as how he wandered into comments. he tkpwhraeu gleeful republicans an opening to secure
11:34 am
obama with oeus own records. gretchen ham he will executive director at public notice. donna gentile o'donnell adviser to bob casey and former staffer for pennsylvania governor ed rendell. welcome to both of you. donna you know bill clinton well. i know you worked very hard on his campaign in pennsylvania and elsewhere. what is going on here? is this just bill clinton being bill clinton? >> pretty much. i was surprised that his staffers were surprised. i think it probably says that these are new staffers, not people that have known him for a longtime, but i also think that it's important to remember, bill clinton is not your standard surrogate, he is a former president, he has his own ideas and he loves being in the arena. i think he's prepared to engage the debate in a manner that benefits president obama, but i also think that he is really interested in ideas and deliberations and discussion,
11:35 am
and even though president obama and president clinton agree on the strategic goals of this debate, they have tactical differences, and so i think that that just has found expression in this tempest in a tea pot. jon: talking about tactical differences gretchen, i wondered about this. both of these men, both beat republican opponents fairly handily to win their first terms in office, and then both of them, i'm talking about bill clinton and barack obama, both of them got spanked in the polls in the midterm elections, and each lost the substantial democratic majorities on capitol hill that they had been using to get their policies through. bill clinton then went on with newt gingrich and members of the house, the republican house, to balance the budget. is that a lesson that barack obama should take in working with the republican majority, at least on the house side?
11:36 am
>> it's a lesson, but it's a lesson that he should have learned two years ago. the president, president clinton also reformed an entitlement program, welfare. you mentioned balancing the budget, he found ways to work with republicans. now it wasn't easy, he did veto things a few times and send them back and said bring it back to me. they found a way to work together and for the betterment of this nation and i think that's what voters want right now. this is a former president who has his own ideas about policy, and, frankly, they just have the added benefit of being on the right side of policy, and also looking like he's taking a dig at president obama who did defeat his wife just four years ago this week. jon: donna we mentioned that you are also close withed rendell. ed rendell has been suggesting that extending the bush tax cuts might be a good thing shall at least for the short term. >> well,ed has his own views. i can't say that i agree with all of them. i agree with the president on this. i guess it's a spirited question
11:37 am
to ask which president. the strategic goal i think is the same. the tactical issues are really what's at issue. jon: all right. so is there going to be some big meeting, gretchen, between these two camps to say, okay from now on mr. clinton you can only say this? >> you know, like i said he is a former president, he is not going to be a parrot for anybody. he's not just going to go out there and read off a bunch of talking points. owe has his own ideas on policies, he's a big thinker and he's been on record about these taxes before. let's look back at when we were here two years a it does seem like groundhogs day when we were talking about the taxes and them expiring two years ago. the president said -- president clinton said i would not raise taxes at a time like this. in these economic times and i don't think this is him straying too far off the message and the stances he's taken. for him to not standby his words is not -- him not being genuine and him not, you know,
11:38 am
representing his beliefs in where the policy should be. jon: donna, does bill clinton eclipse barack obama in terms of his star power when he says some of these things? >> i don't think so. i think president clinton is well regarded by democrats across the country, certainly by some republicans. i think there is a measure of regard between the two presidents. the fact that hillary clinton is his secretary of state and has served so nobly in that role. the clintons have relationships with an awful lot of people. i think it's fair to say the goals of the clinton are synonymous with president obama's goals and that is to move the country forward. that has to be the conversation. the small differences remind me of will rogers. i don't belong to any organized party, i'm a democrat. i think that's really what is at work here. jon: everybody wants to see the country move forward. thank you both for a good
11:39 am
debate. >> thanks for having us. jenne: a tornado slamming parts of texas forcing dozens of people from their homes. we're tracking that storm's path live next and we'll tell you where it potentially could be headed. an incredible look at our troops at work in afghanistan. what they are doing to keep our enemies at bay. ♪
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11:43 am
queen who bashed his pageant. our legal panel weighs in. jon: a fox news extreme weather alert now. at least one tornado touches down in the denver area, the same storm system also bringing drenching rain and hail the size of golf balls. lightning strikes in the area also hit several homes setting them on fire and frying electrical circuits, leaving many people without power. fortunately no reports of injuries. the forecasters are warning about the possibility of flash flooding. jenne: in parts of texas tens of thousands of folks are without power after a suspected tornado touched down near dallas yesterday afternoon. heavy winds tearing down power lines and taking the roof right off what we just saw, i believe was an apartment complex. the storm forcing dozens of people from their homes. lightning strikes collapsing the roof of a community theater and closing it down until further notice. quite a bit of damage there.
11:44 am
jon: what a mess. there are several severe storms in the forecast today. meteorologist janice dean live in the fox news extreme weather center. j.d. >> reporter: some of the same areas that got hit regard yesterday from the reports of tornadoes and reports of mail hail, inches of hail around the denver area there are your storm reports, over a hundred reports of stormy weather including hail, winds and tornadoes. seven reports of tornadoes in an around the denver area. we have one confirmed tornado, we are waiting on the national weather service to give us details on the other six. there is your satellite radar imagery over the last hours. thunderstorms across the northwest, a new system there. again we'll see more potential for bad storms in parts of texas, and up towards the rockies, including colorado. you can see some of these storms starting to fire now just south of the dallas area. severe threat, there it is today, from the dakotas, all the way down to northeastern
11:45 am
colorado, including in and around the denver area. so keep an eye to the sky and of course listen to your local weather updates. there are your highs today, 80 in dallas, 83 in minneapolis. cool here in new york city, the good news is we're scheduled for a warm up this weekend. so there is a silver lining there. back to you jon and jen a. jon: love those silver linings. thank you, janice. jenne: we'll take i overseas. we have rare video of u.s. troops in afghanistan working to keep the taliban from bringing weapons across the border from pakistan. it's a big problem and this is an incredible look at all this. rick. >> reporter: this is a special treat, jenna getting a look behind the scenes at our brave men and women moving through one of the most dangerous parts of afghanistan, this is the kunar river valley and the terrorists use this area to bring supplies as you said over the border from neighboring pakistan. our troops sleep during the day, patrol at night. a vampire cycle is what they call it. their base is combat outpost turtle king.
11:46 am
take a listen. >> here at purtle king we are pretty much in a fish bowl. we typically operate at night. all the details are conducted at night. the whole reason for that is it mitigates any exposure during the day whenever they do like to initiate contact. pk is kind of like our childhood fortress that we never got when we were kids. it is pretty interesting. the lifestyle is a lot different being kind of on a vampire cycle, it's pretty cool at the same time. we all enjoy it here. yeah, it's pretty interesting. >> reporter: pretty interesting, that is one way to describe it. i think most of us would call it extremely courageous. a little peak at the vital work that our troops are doing there as we edge closer to the war winding down. jenne: nice look. we haven't forgotten about them and we thank them for their service, rick, thank you very much. jon: the sergeant says, we enjoy it.
11:47 am
good for him. jenne: there you go. jon: great story. we'll be talking more about pakistan as defense secretary leon panetta issues a new warning, why the u.s. is running out of patience with that country. what that means for our relations with a nuclear-armed nation. we'll go in depth next. i take insulin, so i test... a lot. do you tt with this? freestyle lite test strips? i don't see... beep! wow! that didn't take much blood.
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jon: live now to the senate floor where democratic leader harry reid is blasting republicans, claiming the g.o.p. is blocking efforts to address the challenges facing our country. he's saying that serious legislating is all but done until after the election. the democrats accusing republicans of side lining middle class families' economic interests to focus on defeating president obama in november. it comes a few minutes after several prominent republican
11:51 am
senator senators slammed the democrats over healthcare. jenne: so they are getting a lot of work done. jon: they are blasting eve other, that is for sure. jenne: this new development in our relationship with nuclear i've armed pakistan. defense secretary leon panetta talking the pep talk in recent weeks, take it to a new level on a trip to pakistan. panetta warning pakistan it must step up networks against the h hakani network. >> we are reaching the limits of our patience here. for that reason it's extremely important that pakistan take action to prevent this kind of safe-haven from taking place and from allowing terrorists to use their country as a safety net in order to conduct their attacks on our forces. jenne: joining us now ambassador
11:52 am
james to be insurance, former a assistant secretary of state and the first envoy president bush sent to afghanistan after 9/11. ambassador nice to have you with us today. i'm sur just about the, or what, part of this conversation. secretary panetta says we are reaching the limits of our patience. what happens when we are at the limits of our patience, what do we do? >> i think a couple of things. we are continuing to conduct drone attacks against insurgents and against terrorists in pakistan over the objection of the pakistani government. i think the drone attacks will continue and might even accelerate and you might begin hitting targets associated with the hakani network that we've previously said stayed away from over concern for civilian casualties. pakistan has been a major recipient of american assistance over the last decade and i would think that assistance is seriously threatened. jenne: if that assistance is taken away the billions of dollars we give pakistan every year what becomes of our
11:53 am
relationship with that country and is it worth it to be maybe in a more hostile position than we are now but still continue some of the drone strikes we mentioned? >> i don't think the administration has too much choice. i think we tried to work with pakistan. pakistan has conducted essentially a double policy of supporting and cooperating with us in some respects, but at least toll rating the activity of the taliban and it's territory, and historically pakistan has worked within sur gents, mostly in its competition with india also at our behest against the soviet union in afghanistan, and it's got hooked on that process and it's never been able to stop. jenne: i'm just curious, given your past history, being that you raised the flag at the u.s. embassy in afghanistan in december of 2001, you've seen this incredible history-making
11:54 am
process over the last couple of years. what are your thoughts now in 2012 about the future of the united states in that region, and what our relationship will truly look like with pakistan? will we ten years from now still consider them an ally in your opinion? >> we are playing a pretty tough game with pakistan. we've tried to play nice for most of the last ten years. it hasn't worked satisfactorily. jenne: do you think oeut it's working now, ambassador? >> i think it's not working now, which is why the administration has been driven to take a much tougher line, to threaten further cooperation with india, more indian activity within afghanistan, which of course the pakistanis are quite afraid of. continued drone attacks, cut of off assistance. i don't think the administration prefers this outcome, i think they hope that we can still achieve a tolerable relationship in which we can again use pakistani territory as a supply line for our troops, and in
11:55 am
which we can begin to get some cooperation from the pakistanis in working against insurgent sanctuaries on their territory. but if we don't get that then i think we are in for a much more difficult time. jenne: even war? >> no, i don't think so. i mean i don't think pakistan is going to declare war on the united states and the united states is certainly not going to declare war on pakistan. we may continue to conduct military activities, including attacks on their territory. whether or not you call that war is a satisfactor is a semantic difference. jenne: we look forward to having you back for that conversation. good to have you today, sir. thank you. >> pleasure. jon: mitt romney has clinched the g.o.p. nomination for president. now the new efforts to get all the republicans on capitol hill behind the presumptive nominee. also you've probably seen this picture, we showed it to you yesterday, the gas can strapped
11:56 am
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♪ in a deep, hemi-rumble sort of way. guts. glory. ram. jon: a fox news alert, right now we are awaiting a news conference by congressional leaders on a flurry of recent national security leaks. heads of the intelligence committees in the house and senate from both parties all say they are deeply concerned about sensitive, classified information leaked to the news media. they're planning to write legislation aimed at stopping the leaks, and they have signed a letter stating, quote: the accelerating pace of such disclosures, the sensitivity of the matters in question and the harm caused to our national security interests is alarming and unacceptable. senator john mccain strongly criticizing the pattern of leaks earlier this week. >> there's been a disturbing stream of articles in the media,
12:00 pm
and common among them is that they cite leaked classified or highly-sensitive information, and what appears to be a broader administration effort to paint a portrait of the president of the united states as a strong leader on national security issues. jon: the white house, as you might imagine, disputes that claim. press secretary jay carney firing back saying this administration takes all appropriate and necessary steps to prevent leaks of classified information or sensitive information that could risk ongoing counterterrorism or intelligence operations. any suggest that this administration has authorized intentional leaks of classified information for political gain is grossly irresponsible. the intel committee chiefs are holding a news conference set to get underway at the bottom of the hour after they meet with director of national intelligence james clapper. >> reporter: rick folbaum in
12:01 pm
the "happening now" control room. brand new stories we're woking on just for you -- working on just for you, including this one. getting everyone on the same page, brand new game plan in d.c. to get mitt romney elected in november, how congress is about to play a much larger role. also the tragedy of an air france be jet liner that plunged into the atlantic a couple of years ago, brand new information about what the pilot was doing at the time problems onboard began. and an update on a story that we told you about yesterday, a mom who seemed a bit more concerned about protecting this gasoline can than her own child. the mom is speaking out today, and we'll tell you what she's saying. all of that and breaking news as the second hour of "happening now" starts right now. jenna: and we welcome everybody to a second hour of "happening now" on a business by knews day,
12:02 pm
i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. eric holder back on the hot seat facing tough questions about operation fast and furious, this a day after we reported on leaked wiretaps suggesting top officials at the justice department knew more about the botched gun-walking operation than they have admitted. jenna: been at it for a few hours now. william la jeunesse has been on the fast and furious case really from the start. william? >> reporter: well, jenna, here is the issue. the attorney general has claimed he didn't know about fast and furious, and neither he, nor his top aides knew about those reckless and unacceptable tactics used in it. house republicans unveiled their latest smoking gun, as you said yesterday, basically saying we have these wiretap applications that were reviewed and approved by holder's top aides. that, they say, indicates they did know. well, that is the substance of today's hearings. but it's also very political. for instance, how the attorney general answered that claim will likely determine whether the
12:03 pm
house oversight committee actually attempts to vote on a contempt citation against the attorney general for failure to turn over records. now today, again, holder basically said that his top staff did not know about the tactics in fast and furious. >> neither mr. brewer, nor mr. weinstein had information about the use of -- they were, in fact, assured that gun-walking tactics were not employed with regard to operation fast and furious. >> reporter: now, this is a copy of the department of justice's manual on how to handle wiretap applications. it is 200 pages long, and it is reviewed by the office of enforcement operations which is in washington, d.c. and under the purview of assistant attorney general lanny breuer. it requires a week to review a wiretap application, and it is their duty to evaluate the tactics and procedures used in an investigation. but again today the attorney general said his aides only read a summary of the application and
12:04 pm
not the application itself. congressman darrell issa says that's not good enough and doesn't meet their legal duty. >> if, in fact, the statute says they're responsible and if, in fact, they're not read then, in fact, how are the american people to understand -- >> regular order -- >> responsible for what is -- >> the attorney general will be allowed to answer this question. >> be, in fact, because anyone of ordinary reading including the atf director, former director nelson, anyone reading these -- according to him -- would be sick to their stomach because they would be -- >> does he have a question, mr. chairman? >> so who is responsible? >> reporter: now, remember, the attorney general is still under a subpoena, and chairman issa believes that they are stonewalling and says they have not received a single document in three weeks. now, holder says they have turned over o 7,000 documents to the committee, and they are not going to turn over any more
12:05 pm
because they're either privileged or because the case is under investigation. so here's where we're at. the oversight committee, jenna, could still hold a vote to hold the attorney general in contempt. i am told that will likely happen by the second week of july, or it will not happen at all. but that is a political decision that will be made by the house leadership. back to you. jenna: a lot to consider here, william. thank you very much. jon: more tense exchanges between attorney general holder and house republicans. here's one with the chair of the committee holding that hearing, lamar smith, of texas. >> how would the white house have learned about operation fast and furious if not from you? >> well, through my staff and the interactions that we have with the white house counsel -- >> okay. so when did your staff inform the white house about operation fast and furious? >> i don't know. >> were you ever curious about that? >> well, my focus was on dealing with the problems -- >> right. >> -- associated with fast and furious. >> it seems to me that you would
12:06 pm
want to know, want white house officials to know what was going on in order to correct the problem. jon: so did the attorney general satisfy lawmakers today? what's next? the chair of the house judiciary committee joins us later on "happening now." a fox business alert for you now on growing concern in washington that our economy could fall off a cliff come january if congress allows the bush-era tax cuts to expire. that's a tax hike along with scheduled spending cuts that could slam the brake on a very fragile recovery. some democrats, though, say that higher taxes may be just what the doctor ordered. rich edson is live in washington for the fox business network now. rich? >> reporter: well, jon, some analysts forecast a fiscal swan dive for the u.s. economy in january. now one analyst says it'll only be a gradual slide. early next year nearly every income tax rate increases, payroll taxes revert to higher rates, medicare doctors face a
12:07 pm
sizable pay cut and so do a host of other government programs including long-term unemployment benefits. a fiscal hit of hundreds of billions of dollars. and that effect on the u.s. economy may be less damaging than most economists predict, at least that's what an analyst from the left-leaning center for budget and policy priorities writes, writing: the economy will not go over a cliff and immediately plunge into a great recession in the first week of january. he argues, if congress fails to reach a long-term budget deal this year to fix all these problems, lawmakers should simply address them early next year. after all these tax increases and spending cuts hit. he argues waiting would be better than extending current tax rates and spending, a view basically shared by vice president joe biden's former chief economist, jared we were steven. however, analysts from bank of america/merrill lynch say the fiscal drag is unprecedented in size, $720 billion in size, in
12:08 pm
our view, understate the size of the cliff. congressional aides say lawmakers will likely wait until after november's elections to work this all out. jon? jon: rich edson from washington, thank you. than nan so breaking developments in syria, the secretary general saying shots were fired at unarmed u.n. monitors trying to reach the scene of another massacre. activists say government forces killed nearly 80 people including women and children. conor powell is live with more on all of this. conor? >> reporter: jenna, secretary of state hillary clinton condemned the attacks today saying that the united states is disgusted with what's happening in syria, and ban ki-moon, the u.n. chief, said as u.n. observers were trying to get to a site to investigate what actually happened, they were shot at, they were stopped by syrian troops, and they were also stopped by armed civilians as well. now, the u.n. isn't there yet, but they are trying to figure
12:09 pm
out what exactly happened in this site of the town. according to rebels, they say that 78 people were killed, including women and children, maybe as many as 100 people were killed in this town in haha province. now, that cannot be confirmed by fox news yet, we're waiting for word about what the observers actually find at the location. as of yet, they have been unable to get there. we are waiting to find out what exactly did happen, but the syrian government has said they were not responsible for this massacre, that it was the act of armed terrorists. the syrian government, however, has not denied that this massacre, in fact, has happened. they're just saying they did not have anything to do with it. now, the united nations is meeting today to discuss the futureover sort of -- future of a sort of political future to end the violence in syria. kofi annan is in new york
12:10 pm
discussing the entire situation with the u.n., but right now the political peace plan that is on the table really hasn't done much to solve the violence in syria. they're trying to come up with a new strategy, and kofi annan's pushing a strategy that would include the united states, britain, france, turkey, also iran, china and russia all being part of a contact group that kofi annan is hoping would find a political solution. but given the differences in opinion about what's actually happening in syria and who's responsible, it's tough to think that iran and the united states and russia and china and britain, france would all come together to find some type of political solution. as we speak, the violence is continuing in the syria, and there really doesn't appear, jenna, to be any type of political solution to end that violence. jenna: conor powell live in jerusalem today. conor, thank you. jon: police in new york are looking for new clues in the decades-old case of a missing child. plus, they say campaigns are
12:11 pm
all about coordination. now the gop is trying to rally around governor mitt romney, ramping up efforts to unite behind the republican candidate. we'll talk about the strategy to win the white house. also rick at the web wall. rick? >> reporter: coming up later on this hour, an update on the miss usa contestant who says the pageant is fixed. donald trump, the owner of the package gent, is threatening to sue. should she back down and apologize in order to avoid a lawsuit, or should she stick to her guns? why not take a couple of minutes right now and go to the "happening now" home page at weigh in on this, and we'll have more "happening now" after a quick break. don't go away. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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jon: well, now that governor mitt romney has locked up the gop nomination for president, capitol hill republicans are stepping up efforts to get everyone on the same page. and it looks like they might be having some success. let's talk about it with bob cusack, he is the managing editor of "the hill." one of your fellow reporters wrote a piece on this, welcome , about how republicans are all trying to unite behind mitt romney. ronald reagan famously said thou shalt not criticize your fellow republicans. there's been a lot of created schism directed at mitt romney -- criticism directed at mitt romney by his fellow republicans. is that over now? >> i think mostly it is. we've got five months before the election. this is an important development and one we've seen in years prior is that the party that is united usually wins. so this is an effort for republicans on capitol hill to talk on a weekly basis with the romney campaign, make sure that their messages are unified and that there's no surprises that
12:16 pm
are coming from either side. and we saw that on the student loans bill recently where romney embraced it, and then house speaker john boehner moved a speaker john boehner moved a bill that would keep student loan interest rates at a low. that's not just a coincidence, that's coordination. jon: some people might see something nefarious at work here, that the campaign and the political powers on capitol hill are getting on the same page. is it? >> no, no. both sides do that. certainly, the white house has conference calls with democratic leaders, and so this is, i mean, the republicans have been just so fractured over the last 18 months. they had the bruising republican presidential primary, and this is an effort for congressional leaders to get behind mitt romney. now, are all republicans in congress going to get behind mitt romney? you know, i don't think so, but most of them will. jon: so are democrats doing the same kind of thing? >> yes. democrats do that, and they've been doing that for yearses, and
12:17 pm
that's normal practice for the party in power in the white house, to coordinate what they're doing. but this has stepped up on the republican side because, obviously, republicans hope their guy is in come january 2013. jon: so they're trying to unite on policy issues, are there differences? >> there are. and just like on the democratic side, obama and democrats have differences on taxes. but on the republican side health care taxes, mostly they're on the same page. on china currency, term limits for lawmakers as well as storing nuclear waste at yucca mountain in nevada, there are differences there. so they have to deal with that. and we talked to one republican, greg walden, who's a member of the republican leadership team. he said, listen, we're going to disagree from time to time, but we just have to know where we both stand and how to deal with it. jon: bob cusack, they'll disagree just like president obama and bill clinton seem to be these days. [laughter] >> absolutely. thanks, jon. jenna: new information from the
12:18 pm
black box of that doomed passenger jet that crashed into the atlantic three years ago. there's some questions being raised about what the captain may have been doing in the final moments before the tragedy. plus, the beauty and the boss. donald trump threatening to sue over accusations involving the legitimacy of his miss usa pageant. does he have a case? a special guest, expert legal analyst joins us next. jon: ooh. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
12:19 pm
12:20 pm
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12:21 pm
jon: right now some new detail on the final, chaotic moments in
12:22 pm
the cockpit of a doomed air france flight that crashed into the atlantic three years ago killing everyone onboard. rick has more. >> reporter: this was an air france flight from rio de janeiro. this plane was being flown by the first officer onboard, a less experienced pilot after the captain had left the cockpit entirely to go and take a nap. according to reports, the plane's black boxes, later recovered in the atlantic ocean, show that the first officer became confused when a crucial piece of equipment on the plane stopped working. causing the plane's autopilot to disengage, and once that happened, the first officer made the fatal decision to pull up on the plane's nose, and that led the engines to stall. he began asking for the main pilot to return from his nap to the cockpit, but by the time he got there, it was too late. the flight crew never able to regain control of the airplane, and, of course, it went crashing
12:23 pm
into the water. french officials are getting set to issue their final report on this tragedy later on in the summer. these details on the black box recordings, though, is brand new. all 228 passengers and crew onboard air france flight 447 were killed. jon? jon: rick, just a quick clarification there. they're not talking about an engine stall, this is the pilot in me, but they're talking about a wing stall where he raised the nose, and aerodynamically the wings lost their lift. it wasn't actually an engine stall in that report, just wanted to -- >> reporter: thanks for clarifying. jon: sorry about that. all right. thanks very much, rick folbaum. new mexico new mexico well -- jenna: will ask. john:'s expertise on beauty contests next. [laughter] we have a special guest that has a special expertise on this next story. there's an ugly battle over a beauty pageant that could maybe land in court. we'll see.
12:24 pm
miss pennsylvania turning in her tiara and accusing the miss usa pageant of being fraudulent, trashy and rigged. but pageant officials say it's because she did not like the organization's decision to admit transjebder contestants, and now donald trump, the co-owner of the miss universe organization, is threatening to sue her. faith jenkins is a former president, and crystal mccrery is a criminal attorney. both could be, by the way, beauty contestants. >> oh. [laughter] jenna: we actually have a real live beauty queen on set with us as well. >> former. jenna: miss louisiana and first runner-up in the miss america pageant, not to be confused with miss usa. >> right. jenna: we'll turn her into an expert, crystal, right? [laughter] did you get any indication it could be rigged before you competed? >> no. but miss america is a little bit different than miss usa. if you listen to the telecast,
12:25 pm
they announce before they announce the top 16, and i went back to make sure they did this year, and they actually say that the judges along with members of the miss usa organization are helping to select the semifinalists. so a lot of people want to know because it's the public's impression that the judges are selecting the semifinalists. jenna: sure. >> a lot of people want to know what does that mean exactly? which members of the miss usa organization are helping to select the semifinalists, and how far does their decision making go in the process? jenna: so what do you think, crystal, does miss pennsylvania have a case? >> well, first of all, she's going to have to prove that it's true. essentially, what donald trump is saying, that she has defamed his organization, done harm to it in some way. and a possible defense for her would be that she's telling the truth. so the question is, how is she going to prove that she's telling the the truth? what i've heard of, and it's not even evidence at this point, but i heard that she said that another contestant showed her some piece of paper that had the five names -- jenna: and she overheard the
12:26 pm
conversation -- >> kind of sounds like hearsay, so it doesn't sound like truth could be a defense. she also could say that, she might say that it was an accident, but that's not going to fly because she posted on her facebook page that she believes that it's rigged. you can sue for anything -- jenna: and she's not actually saying that she's going to sue, it's donald trump saying he's going to sue her -- >> for defamation. >> in order for him to be successful, though, he has to prove that she knew her statements were false. i think this contestant believed that she was telling the truth. this other contestant came to her before the show and said, hey, i saw a list of the top five contestants before the show ever aired on tv, before they ever competed that night. and she thought that was the case. and then her statement is when they announced the top five, it was the exact top five in the order that this other contestant told her. jenna: let's listen to what donald trump has to say about all of this. he was speaking on "good morning america." let's take a listen. >> she made, you know, a very false charge, and she knows it
12:27 pm
was a false charge. he suffers from a thing called loser's remorse, and if you look at her compared to the top 15, you would understand why she's not in the top 15, and it's a very, very sad situation. jenna: all right. so maybe donald doesn't have a suit against her, but do you think she has a suit against him -- >> defamation of character? >> sure, why not? >> i mean, you know, i like donald performly, met -- personally, met him a few times, but shame on him for saying that about her. that was not very gentlemanly, it was certainly not very nice, and to me, it kind of sounds like he has his feathers ruffled to make such a potential attack against -- personal attack against her. all the women in this contest are gorgeous, so to say that, i think, was below the belt. >> i agree. and, you know, i think that someone wants to send a strong message. if you speak out against this organization or this pageant, you might have -- there might be some real ramifications. threatening a lawsuit? she's 27 years old. the fact that she would be sued,
12:28 pm
does she even have the resources to defend -- jenna: quick final question, donald trump is asking for an apology. would you give it to him, crystal? >> you know, it might make her life easier. i believe he said i hope she has a good lawyer, so perhaps the apology will stop her from having to lawyer up. jenna: what do you think? >> as a former competitor, if i believed something wasn't right about the competition, i would speak out about it, and i wouldn't feel the need to apologize, because as a contestant, all you want is a fair shot, and that's what you want, and that's what they're there for. >> but the facebook page is down now that stated that comment, so there's sort of an implied retraction in the fact that it's been removed, that particular statement. jenna: we'll see if this goes further. i love this beauty queen wars. there's war for everything now, right? [laughter] >> we should all get along. jenna: it wasn't that way for miss louisiana. >> oh, absolutely not. [laughter] jenna: there we go. crystal and faith, nice to have you both as always.
12:29 pm
jon? jon: here's what i know about pageants, the former miss pennsylvania is pretty, donald trump's comments notwithstanding. attorney general eric holder on the hot seat over fast and furious and wiretaps that suggest higher-ups knew about that botched gun-tracking operation much sooner than they admitted. the chair of today's hearing, lamar smith, up next. [ male announcer ] introducing a powerful weapon in your fight against bugs. ortho home defense max. with a new continuous spray wand. and a fast acting formula. so you can kill bugs inside, and keep bugs out. guaranteed. ortho home defense max.
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12:33 pm
>> no one other than atf officials in arizona you're saying knew about the tactics used in "operation fast and furious" beef december 15th, 2010, is that right. >> i think in terms of none of the tactics as opposed to operation itself i don't think anybody in washington knew about those tactics. jenna: that is more of the exchange between attorney general eric holder and house republicans over "fast and furious." saw on the chair of the screen, chairman of the house judiciary committee, lamar smith, stepping out of hearings to talk a little bit what is going on so far. congressman, nice to have you. >> general that. good to be with you, and thanks for the interest. jenna: this is the 8th time the attorney general appeared on the hill to answer questions about "fast and furious." up until this morning you and others have not been satisfied with the information he provide thus far. how close are you or we are at this point to citing attorney general hold forefor condemn. congress.
12:34 pm
>> you're right. i think all of us are disappointing the administration is not more forthcoming. frankly i think they're disregarding the constitution and the rule of law in not giving us the answer we seek. in this case we heard a lot of i don't knows, i will get back to you. this seems to me almost incredible that the attorney general of the united states would not know more about a program where the united states officials made weapons, made firearms available, 1600 firearms available to drug cartels in mexico and there doesn't seem to be any follow-up to that. there doesn't seem to be any concern going to the highest levels about that. we still don't know who authorized that program. so we have almost as many questions now as we width did when we started this --. jenna: congressman, william la jeunesse has been reporting on the story since it first broke. he told us since the beginning of the hour what he is hearing right now eric holder will be cited for contempt in congress
12:35 pm
early july or not at all. what do you think is going to happen? >> that is a republican leadership decision. and i think it will depend a lot as to how cooperative the attorney general is in the next week or two. whether he is forthcoming with the information and is candid and is honest in his responses. so i i don't know whether that decision has been made yet. i think it will really hinge what the attorney general says in these coming days. jenna: do you expect a change? >> i don't know what the attorney general is going to do. we've been encouraging him to us the information we want. some of the information he gives just isn't credible. i also have concerns about the administration picking and choosing which laws to enforce. realize that is another subject. this administration picks and chooses which immigration laws to enforce. defense of marriage was passed overwhelmingly in the house and signed by president clinton and this
12:36 pm
administration refuses to enforce it. regardless how you feel that about bill or immigration bills the attorney general is has to enforce all laws whether you agree with them or not. jenna: "fast and furious" for the moment, the department of justice said they supplied 7600 pieces of paper and documents regarding this case. just because of the amount of that are you completely confident that the answers that you're looking for are not within those pages? and how many more do you really need at this point to get the answers that you want? >> right. it is not how many pages that the ag or any other agency gives us. it is what is in those pages and whether they're responsive to what we want. we still don't know who authorized program. we don't know if individuals in the white house knew about it and ignored it. we didn't get answers to those questions today. they can flood and dump as many paper he is on us as they want to but if they're not providing the answer the american people want have the right to know what the
12:37 pm
answers are. jenna: what if in fact the answers you're getting are the truth will this entire process a waste of time. >> it is not credible for answers i don't know, i will get back to you, maybe, maybe not, not sure. we think this happened. those answers can be double-checked and schedules can be double-checked and witnesses can be double-checked. the attorney general will not make available to us individuals who could give us those answers. that to us is very concern. jenna:ing congressman a quick final question. there is so much going on with the economy right now and jobs and that being a real priority for americans, around this country right now, why do you think this deserves such time and such priority now when our country is facing so many other issues of great importance? >> those other issues are incredibly to. the economy, unemployment and everything else. maybe they are more important but this going goes to the heart of the administration. if an administration engages in obstruction, lack of transparency, lack of candor, and doesn't give the american people what they
12:38 pm
deserve to have, that goes to the heart of what kind of an administration this is. when you go to that you're talking about more than just specific issues. you're talking about whether the american people want to have another administration that is more transparent, more honest, more candid and gives us the facts and this is not true of this current administration. jenna: just to be clear, if the republican leadership decides to cite eric holder in contempt of congress, would you be supportive of that at this time? >> when and if the republican leadership makes that decision i'm sure there will be a lot of discussions about it. jenna: congressman, i know you have to get back to the hearings. thank you very much. >> thank you. jon: there is breaking news from a rare intelligence briefing on al qaeda's most active and lethal splinter group, al qaeda in arabian peninsula. the cia releasing new info after disrupting a bomb plot originating in yemen. chief intelligence correspondent, catherine herridge has that live from washington. >> reporter: officials tell fox news there are hundreds
12:39 pm
of hardcore fighters in yemen concentrated in south and east. the threats to the united states is described as consistent and persistent, quote. we work on the sum thaun aqap, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is coming after america every day these are extremists who joined a violent death cult. their goal is to martyr themselves. they have been able to make sig gains since march of 2011 with a significant presence in six provinces. recent weeks the yemen my military we're told has been able to bring the group's expansion to a halt. they have the top bomb technician in the country. actively training replacements if he is taken out there is not a single point of failure in the organization. fox news was told the last four significant plots targeting u.s. airlines and cargo industry were developed in the group's safe haven. there are two takeaways today. we heard from the sa john
12:40 pm
pistol who testified on capitol hill the single greatest threat to the u.s. airline industry remains the nonmetallic explosives. these explosives were perfected by the group in yemen. second when you simply look at up in members, u.s. officials told us today yemen is clearly on the ascent and al qaeda core remains in pakistan it is clearly on downward spiral especially with the death of number two in a drone strike this week, jon. jon: let's hope they get the other guy. catherine herridge in washington. thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. jenna: new warning for parents on the risk associated with cat scans. trying to find cancer and be preventative put you in a position where you could be more vulnerable to the disease? we have more on this developing story coming up. c'mon dad! i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy. instead i g heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilos isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer.
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really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] ensure high protein... ensure! nutrition in charge! jenna: first it was ireland. then it was greece. now the intense focus turns to spain and whether or not that country and what's going on with its finances
12:44 pm
poses a threat to the european union and our economy here at home. greg burke is live with more. greg? >> reporter: jenna, you know, that's right. it is interesting, spain never talked about bailout. the governor now the "b" word is certainly on the table. how did we get here? spain was incredible growth country in '90s like a 14-year-old kid, boom, boom, boom. incredible real estate boom. it all went bust in 2008. no surprise that spanish banks are in trouble. spanish banks in so much trouble really a question now how much it could actually be trouble for all of europe because of that. spain has been trying hard to avoid the bailout t could be inevitable. real question what form it will take. whether a baleout like those given to portugal, to ireland, to greece, directly to the government or something a little softer. what they're calling sort of a light bailout, essentially just helping the banks. in any case they're talking about a minimum of $40 billion euros. that is well over $50 billion.
12:45 pm
not chump chaupg by any means. although the spanish government does insist about 70% of the banking sector is okay. that is certainly leaves a huge chunk. the nationalized bank, thrt% which is in trouble. another thank not okay. unemployment, one out of four pan yards nearly out of work. economists do say essentially the economy is sound. exports are up. productivity is up. by the way the span soccer team is good. european championship starting this weekend. doesn't bring a lot of money into the country but makes everybody feel country. jenna: greg burke, in a windy spain. greg, thank you very much. jon: the doctor is in about some new concerns about involving testing children for head injuries. this after the results of an alarming new study find that cat scans in some cases
12:46 pm
might triple the risk of brain cancer and lukemia later in life. dr. richard fershin is director of the comprehensive medicine and here to tell us about the results of that study. the british did this study. children under 15 who had two or three ct scans, cat scans of the head, had triple the risk of brain cancer compared with the general population? >> yeah, this is an important study. the first time we actually could find a link between radiation exposure and the risk of cancer. in this case brain cancer and lukemia. previously all the work that had been done was based on research from nagasaki and hiroshima. that didn't tell us about x-ray information. this is specific about exposures to tests we do. jon: cts involve x-rays? ct scans involve taking an
12:47 pm
x-ray of the head and various parts of body from different angles. >> people don't understand a cat scan is very powerful x-ray. when they go for chest x-ray, everybody is concerned. don't want to get to many x-rays. there is risk of cancer from dental x-rays. this from 100 to 500 x-rays. that is lot of radiation. we're learning effects. jon: should parents essentially refuse to have their children undergo a cat san? >> what we need to do is step back a little bit and understand why we're doing all these tests. probably half of the tests we do in terms of cat scans are unnecessary. many kids go into the emergency room and get cat scans as some sort of trauma or experience where they have apparent brain or a head injury. what we can do is spend a little more time thinking about why we're doing these tests. maybe pull back a little bit. when you have a case, in this case people want to know what are the risks? what they found one in
12:48 pm
30,000 children would develop brain cancer if they receive two or three, equivalent of two or three cat scans. what we need to do is think about the what the risk is and what the benefit is. cat scans are enormously powerful tool. doctors can't live without them. we don't want to live without them but we need this think why we are using them. jon: doctor, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. jon: jenna. jenna: invasion by sea heading our way. tons of debris floating all the way from japan from last year's tsunami, some of it already arriving on the west coast. >> if this crossed the pacific other shn and this big, that means about anything of our worst nightmares can cross the pacific ocean. we're kind of frightened of what's to come. i look at her, and i just want to give her everything.
12:49 pm
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jon: tons of debris from
12:52 pm
last year's massive tsunami in japan are beginning to arrive on u.s. shores. take a look at that thing. that is a huge dock, ripped away by the pounding waves. it has floated 5000 miles, give or take a few, washing ashore on a beach in oregon. it is raising concerns a lot more debris is on the way and what is attached to the debris is also raising concern. fabian cousteau is accomplished oceanographer, grandson of famed jacques cousteau. a dock floating across the pacific. pretty monumental accident, if you want to call it that but stuff that might be on the dock has peel like you concerned. >> sure, jon. the problem is invasive species. if you have something like a dock that is 20 meters or 66 feet long wash up onshore from 5000 miles away it can
12:53 pm
bring a few hitchhikers along. jon: we have seen, well, some of the hitchhikers might be okay in japan but not necessarily don't want them on the u.s. pacific coast? >> exactly. look at caribbean, for example, the lion fish epidemic, a similar potential problem that we might have on the pacific coast. jon: zebra muscles in the great lakes for instance? >> exactly. jon: what are they supposed to do with this thing? if it has organisms growing on it that maybe shouldn't be here, what do they do? >> i don't think think we can do much once we open the bottle and the genie came out of the they will try to clean up the dock as much as possible or reuse it to break it away and take it down. unfortunately invasive speesh shells once let in the wild have a tendency to take over. jon: we have seen and show some of the debris and how far it flew. the goes ship was found off the coast of alaska.
12:54 pm
they finally scuttled that. 2200 miles from northern japan to the aleutian islands. where we saw a harley-davidson, a japanese harley-davidson in a shipping container wash up on the beach. that was, in graham island, canada. i should say. there it is the harley-davidson. probably nobody going to be riding that one. a soccer ball landed on middleton island off alaska. the dock we were talking about, landed in aggat beach oregon. we could look at summer or years of this stuff coming ashore? >> absolutely. this is the tip of the iceberg so to speak. the tsunami itself was devastating t took over 1.5 million tons of debris into the ocean. some of it sank. some of it started floating across the sea. a lot of it is going to get caught up in this north pacific guier to add itself to other plastic debris that is out there. some of it all the way to
12:55 pm
shore. jon: fabian cousteau. thank you for your expertise. we'll be right back. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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jenna: a follow-up, now, to a story we first told you about yesterday. a mother, her toddler and a gas can. need we say more, rick? >> reporter: this is the mom who was driving around with the gas can strapped in and the 2-year-old not. listen. >> my son was buckled, i'm sorry for any misunderstandings there were. i love my kids, i can't believe it's exploded the way it has. i've learned my lesson, i do not drive, and i am selling my vehicle. >> reporter: according to the mom, the boy was strapped in. that's why they make those phi-point harness -- five-point harness car seats, there are sometimes i have trouble buckling and unbuckling my kids. something she might want to think about. jenna: that still doesn't explain about the gas can.
12:59 pm
>> reporter: those are supposed to go in the trunk. jenna: maybe answers tomorrow. you never know. thank you. jon: good thing the kid didn't want to light a cigarette in the backseat. [laughter] thank you for joining us today. jenna: "america live" starts right now. martha: and we start with this fox news alert, growing outrage on capitol hill over a string of sensitive intelligence leaks that has some believing they may be coming directly from the white house. welcome to "america live," everybody, i'm martha maccallum in for megyn kelly. the effort to get this into a bipartisan issue, you've got democrats and republicans getting together on this because of concern about the leaks, and they will speak out about it this hour. they involve national security information, top secrets splashed across the headlines detailing drone programs, a so-called counterterrorism kill list, the bin laden raid, the details of which some were


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