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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 8, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the private sector is doing fine. >> dana: a couple of hours later he was already walking back those comments. >> it is absolutely clear that the economy is not doing fine. that is the reason i had a press conference. so let me be as clear as i can be. the economy needs to be strengthened. >> dana: so, greg, back in the day, might be a banned phrase soon. >> greg: it should be. >> dana: used to be you would have a purpose to press conference to announce news, drive a message through. unfortunately for president obama, that didn't happen today. >> greg: you have to ask why did this happen? the most pointless televised event since women's bowling. i think michelle obama wanted him out of the house. this happens to me all the time when my wife wants me to clean the apartment. get out, go do a presser. we're vacuuming the place. he's wandering around.
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he can't play golf so he decided to have a press conference. he was correct when he said the private sector was fine. referring to private prank sector in the army. he's fine. >> bob: who are you kidding? your wife wants you out of the apartment all the time. >> greg: that is true. >> dana: there are times especially staffers watching the press conference what is the headline going to go b? what is the lead going to be? kimberly, when you heard that today, did you have a sharp intake of breath, there's the lead? >> kimberly: sharp intake of breath. he made everybody else go out and say let me modify the statement to clinton and everyone else. today was his. c'mon, you can't tell us that the economy is okay. you know the truth. come clean on it. i don't think his first press conference was handled properly. he should haven't had to go out and say something. >> dana: do you remember in the 2008 campaign, senator canmccain at the time said the
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fundamentals of the economy were sound. president obama stood up like a rocket. that was the day you thought my gosh, mccain is going to lose. >> eric: unbelievable you just said that. today, when president obama took to the microphone and started in with the same stuff, private sector is fine. we need more government hiring, i literally sent an e-mail to you. i think he just lost the re-election. right now on this day, mark your calendar, this is a day that president obama lost. he proved to the world he has no answers. he is waiting this thing out. hoping, you know, come november unemployment starts to get better. that will save him. if it doesn't, he is toast. he has no idea. >> dana: in 2008, john mccain asked for people to have context for which he said that. i know that politicians we all want more context. i think the white house is asking for that today. >> bob: still got to get over eric's market beatdown. there is five months between now and the election. there is a lot that will happen, including mitt romney
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has to take his share of the guillotine, too. two things. one, i'm not sure i blame obama for having a press conference when there is no news. so maybe the idea is to get exposure. >> dana: you should have something to announce. >> bob: you think so. but there is not a lot to announce. i would not back off that. i think the economy is better than it was. and you know, if he has to defend himself on it, i would not have come back and changed that statement. >> kimberly: exactly. >> bob: the idea -- keep in mind, john mccain, that was right on top of the election when it happened. >> dana: context of that he said it, the united states economy -- he was trying to get the context. the problem i think for this is that you don't get context. you hardly get any walkbacks. one of my friends said that the democrats right now more clarifications than clareosil or neutrogena. i can't remember which one it
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was. if you look at the last two weeks, corey booker, bill clinton and all had to clarify the comments. mitt romney will probably have his fair share of things he wishes he would clarify. >> eric: unemployment went up. last friday, unemployment went in the wrong direction. weekly jobless claims are going in the wrong direction. how is this economy good or better? president obama showed today, he took to the podium, everyone was waiting. do you a plan, sir? what is going to happen? how will you fix the economy? all he came up is we need to hire more government workers. >> greg: the big criticism has always been that mitt romney is out of touch. this is out of touch. he is more out of touch than holland oats. to say the economy -- >> bob: that's funny. >> greg: thank you. you remember them, don't you? >> dana: you think in the last two weeks with the fundraisers, two trip with the hollywood set, helping run the re-election effort, those people are doing okay.
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small business owners who don't feel like they are doing okay. >> kimberly: it begs the question, is it a good idea for him to do the multiple fundraisers every day when the economy is in this kind of shape and out with hollywood buddies like george clooney raising $15 million a party. that seems like you know what you are unaware of what is going on with the rest of the people in the world. >> bob: what are you supposed to do running for re-election? romney had 15 this week. 15. >> kimberly: he is not the president of the united states. >> bob: he is the front runner. >> eric: he is not responsible for economy. >> bob: he is telling us how he will get us out of it. >> eric: obama is. >> bob: romney is responsible to tell us if he wants to be president of the united states, and itk like he could very well, tell us specifically -- >> dana: let me get in here on something. >> kimberly: did you hear him say that he very well could be? >> dana: he wants congress, he wants to put the blame on congress, republican congress. we know they have the democrats and led the congress. the first two years. one of the things he asked for
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was the bill to get done. they already passed. in the senate, the trade agreements, patent reform. the f.a.a. bill. the veterans payroll tax holiday. there is not a lot left they could do. what do you think? >> eric: i have an idea. i brought this out. remember this, this was the gasoline thing. we did the special -- oil and gas are down since we did this. full screen. he can create a million job, obama can. probably be re-elected if he did it. repatriot the $2 trillion in corporate bank accounts overseas. bring them back. tax holiday no, interest whatever. no taxes. 25% of it, the i.r.s. can escrow 25% of that. companies that bring the money back have to use it to hire u.s. pleas and buy equipment. cost to taxpayer zero. nothing wrong with the plan. i would create jobs overnight. >> bob: it's a great idea. it was introduced as legislation and defeated. >> eric: not this one. >> dana: one other thing
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from the press conference. the other big story was a question of the national security related leaks or reporting. in the press. of course, president obama will get asked about this. he did. this is his response. >> the notion that my white house would purposefully release classified national security information is offensive. it's wrong. you know people i think need to have a better sense of how i approach this office, and how the people around me here approach the office. >> dana: greg, in one of the articles in the "new york times," they quoted three dozen national security officials and senior administration officials in the article. so either 36 people are out, are not in line with what the president wants or he is daring the press to prove him wrong. >> greg: there is more leaks
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in the administration than a day care center. i love how the "new york times," the writer scott shane -- >> bob: that was funny, too. >> greg: thank you, bob. you're catching on. they're saying this is not dangerous. it doesn't put anybody in jeopardy having the leaks. by that notion, shouldn't we start tweeting our troop movement? this is completely crazy. it is coming from the white house. because it is making him look good. if it makes you look good, it's comeing from the white house. if it looks bad -- >> bob: that is outrageous allegation. >> dana: i don't think so. david sanger -- >> bob: there are 10,000 people in the security -- >> dana: they have 100 people on the conference call on the kill list to decide who is going to vote. maybe that is a bad idea. 100 people. interestingly, i thought david sanger from the "new york times" has a book out this week and one thing he says is after the bin laden raid, secretary bob gates no longer secretary, at the time he went to the national security advisor who asked for his advice on communications. secretary gates said here is
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my best p.r. advice. shut the -- hmm -- up. >> greg: what did he say? >> dana: a bleeped word. a banned word. >> bob: i've said it before. i'll do it for you. >> dana: if you have the secretary of defense and he is worried about the national security problems from the leaks because they were using it to make president obama look better, then actually he didn't even need help. he looks good on. >> kimberly: he did. they overplayed their hand. he has to deny it and have plausible deniability. i didn't do it. nothing to do with us. >> bob: you think the president of the united states called in people and said we're going to leak that stuff? >> kimberly: nobody is that naive. >> greg: helping him out. it could be biden. biden talks about everything. >> dana: or the campaign. they were in the national security meeting. >> eric: in the "new york times" article that you are discounting now? there is so much information. they detail how the president dictates the kill list and who he decides who is on and not
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on it. there is detail in the article. they cite 36 different current and former advisors. people close to the president. current an former. would you go on record and leak information? >> dana: wrap it up, guys. >> bob: i believe to suggest that the president of the united states would do that is outrageous. >> greg: you would suggest bush do the same thing. >> bob: i don't think bush would do it either. >> dana: and he did not. are the democrats in disarray? bill clinton and corey booker is off-message. romney is raising more money. we'll break it down for you next. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] roam like the gnome this summer.
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: well, it's been a chaotic week for democrats after newark mayor and obama surrogate corey booker said obama administration hacked on romney's record at bain capital were "nauseating."
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and former president bill clinton keeps backtracking on comments about extending the bush tax cuts. here is his latest. >> i'm very sorry about what happened yesterday. what i thought something had to be done at the fiscal clip before the election. nothing has to be done till the first of the year. he should stick with his position and negotiate the republicans. >> kimberly: just say no. don't say sorry. back up what you said the first time because you were right. american people respect that. >> greg: you know you're right. >> kimberly: you system v become the nemesis. >> greg: bill clinton. >> kimberly: we're ignoring you. >> dana: this is amazing. on background, because they're not brave enough, nobody from the white house says on the reporter about booker he is dead to us. it is such ity politics to me. i'm not that naive, i know the
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stuff goes on. but the way they talk about one another, let alone their opponent's or so-called enemies, really is appalling. >> greg: this is like a bunch of beta males watching "good fellas." "he's dead to us." who are you kidding? >> eric: it's that delusion the only say to corey booker who probably has a much higher approval rating than president obama right now. they need booker more than booker needs the white house. >> kimberly: don't you think it's arrogant? >> eric: terrible and arrogant. >> dana: probably said by something who is 28 years old. >> greg: that's a beta male complex. >> kimberly: that's exactly what you said. >> greg: i did. thank you for listening. >> eric: 40-year-olds couldn't be beta males? >> kimberly: what happened to bob? who is in a trance. some kind of trance over here. >> bob: trying to figure out how to redo my bets, because this is a waste of time. every white house has a bad week like this. you will have bad stories. and have people say things they shouldn't saying. bill clinton, the idea of
5:17 pm
extending the tax cuts he was way off the game. the fact of the matter is the mayor of newark is in the back pocket of the private equity guys so he has to defend it. >> eric: isn't obama in back pocket of the equity guys, too? raising $300 million of the there are 1 billion slush fund. >> bob: not nearly what he raised last time. >> eric: bain and private equity are as important to president obama as to bill clinton, corey booker. who are the other ones? governor of -- end rendell, former governor of pennsylvania. governor of massachusetts. all over the place. >> bob: people in the back pocket of private equity firms. >> greg: bill clinton's life is one long apology. when he is not apologizing for something, it's because he is doing something that is about to apologize for. it's usually a red head.
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>> kimberly: oh, my gosh. >> bob: the most successful president -- freddie he is charming, he is wond -- >> greg: he is charming and wonderful. >> bob: not charming. created more jobs than any other president. >> greg: honesty is bad for his health. >> kimberly: what if they didn't cheat hillary clinton out of it. >> bob: she got herself out of that race. >> kimberly: i disagree. we would have been better off. i said it. and sean hannity said it. >> eric: krauthammer had a great assessment of what bill clinton said there. you thereon that, it doesn't make much sense if any sense at all. krauthammer called it a word salad. it made no sense. no cohesive message at all. what did he say? i thought we had until the end of the year but we only have to the end of the year. keep doing what you're doing. >> kimberly: i'll say, i'm a little worried about the president.
5:19 pm
things are not going well. he needs an ice cream sundae and a foot rub. >> bob: clin top or obama? >> kimberly: obama. clin top wants one, too. >> bob: bad week. you listen to you talk about this and it's the end of the world. silly. you don't know anything about politics. >> greg: i agree with bob. >> bob: she is a good writer but she knows nothing about politics. >> greg: i agree. it's five months away. these are little things. dog, dead of summer there is no great stories. but peggy noonan is right, the things are mounting. they're sending a message about the leftism and liberalism after the recall, occupy wall street. people are sick and tired of big government. >> eric: you know why it matters, robert? when we find out yesterday and today the fundraising for the two catches, romney for the first time outraised president obama because they are going in the wrong direction. >> dana: those are 90% of the contributions under $250. >> bob: excuse me. >> kimberly: that is
5:20 pm
significant. >> bob: under $200 are under 9% for romney. 48% for president obama. >> dana: i must have read it wrong. >> bob: the fact is that romney -- >> kimberly: in may? >> bob: overall. >> kimberly: i know you like polls. you a poll master. fox news poll tries to do a better job on taxes, economy, job creating, immigration, government spending. you look across the board, and romney is doing very well on these numbers. plus or minus three. >> bob: eric bolling would be doing well against obama right now. he is not winning in every category. what he has to do before it's over, mitt romney has to answer the questions about how he would do any of these thin things. so far he is able to escape. romney's time is coming. there are 15 fundraisers. >> kimberly: can you talk about -- pop this up quick. if the election were held
5:21 pm
today. we are a little ways off. but a dead heat in the fox news poll if the election were held today. 43%/43%. what do you think about that? >> bob: surprising that obama is even tied with him. the poll, all this stuff, top line. it comes down to the nine states that will decide this. i think obama is behind. >> kimberly: we'll see what happens. these times are interesting. coming up, remember when president obama promised to close gitmo in the 2008 campaign? foolish mistake. he's changed his tune. gitmo detention center is getting a pricy upgrade on your dime. how do you feel about that? how does eric feel about it? he'll explain next. ♪ ♪ blan ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. controversial detension center that holds the world's most dangerous terror suspects. goes beyond ridiculous when president obama promised to close down gitmo two days in his presidency. >> guantanamo will be closed no later than one year from now. >> eric: thankfully gitmo is still open for business. but get this. gitmo is quietly getting an extreme makeover. besides the super $750,000 soccer field, detainees are getting flat-screen tvs equipped with 22 cable channels. think they're watch us now in >> kimberly: hi.
5:27 pm
>> eric: hello! they're getting detainee classes, painting or my favorite, personal finance. >> kimberly: wow! >> dana: first, on ksm, that photograph of him, that glamour shot he posted somewhere in a cave or something is ridiculous. we should always show the one where he was caught as well. okay. and on gitmo, it's kind of hard to swallow how vitriolic the press and the left was about gitmo in the bush administration. now you do not have a thing from them. now we have the upgrade. i understand the soccer field. they need to get out aggression. flat screen tv. you buy a new tv, that's the kind you have to have. i don't nigh why they need more than one. but enriching life classes for detainees? what would you possibly teach in that class?
5:28 pm
>> greg: why not stop blowing people up? that is the first class you take. >> eric: 101. >> greg: yeah. the first one. this is where in me opinion flip flopping awesome. the ryionny of the administration, president obama's greatest achievement is a continue situation of bush terror policies with drones, and with gitmo. he should make bush secretary of state or v.p. he might get re-elected. >> eric: i'm sure there is pictures of -- >> kimberly: bob checked out. you see this? >> eric: that is why i'm not going to him. >> bob: i don't care. >> eric: kimberly, do we really need to spend millions on millions of bucks to make terrorist' lives enriched in prison? >> kimberly: this enrages me. how about sending money in our public schools? how about enriching the lives of children? >> bob: republicans cut it.
5:29 pm
>> kimberly: that is incorrect. erroneous statement. why do they need all the extra niceties? isn't the point of incarceration, punishment? instead, teach them how to be americanized. probably basketuising. they get move vees like harry potter. unbelievable. >> greg: we can't complain, the fact is -- that's the thing, you have to be consistent. if you wanted it there under bush. you have to have it under obama. you'd be hypocrite. >> dana: but they wanted to close it. they are trying to get the country and government to take responsibility. the risk of recidivism rate rate, -- that's what was happening. there is great story in one of the books that has come out one of the first days after that event where president
5:30 pm
obama said gitmo would be closed in one year. after that, people said start planning to get it done. cricket >> crickets. >> dana: staff looked around and said we'll get back to you. >> bob: can i say one thing? >> eric: no. we don't want you to say anything. greg or kimberly, the numbers per detainee. >> kimberly: there -- >> greg: you are a hypocrite if you are complaining about these things. >> bob: the people who wanted rit the military guards. >> greg: you're right. >> bob: it costs $1.5 million for someone -- okay. >> kimberly: he's right. that is correct. >> bob: that's fine. >> eric: it does not cost $1.5 million for someone to go to prison. that is absolutely ridiculous. do they have rights? do je to protect their rights as the detainee at gitmo?
5:31 pm
>> greg: we're a good country. we should. >> eric: should, but do we have to? >> kimberly: why should gitmo be closed to begin with? it's a facility that runs very well. anyone who has been there and visited it understands the way it runs. what i was saying what is correct about what bob mentioned, yes, people guarding them and working with the detainees want them only have privilege osmake it easier to manage them. he is upset. >> bob: is this an anti-obama block? >> eric: let me look. no. coming up -- woman faking she had cancer just to get wedding swag. >> you got a free wedding dress. you got free rings. those are all -- you got free honeymoon and free air fare to aruba for the honeymoon. bob has thoughts on that woman next. ♪
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i'm chris wallace in for bret baier in washington. the big story here today is the economy. president obama said the private sector is doing fine. tonight on "special report," we'll look at the state of the recovery. as well as the financial issues plaguing europe. how well do the president's comments stand up to scrutiny? president obama jumped on the words. the source of several high high-profile national security leaks may be in the justice department. the idea they could be politically motivated is something mr. obama called offenseive. we will take a closer look at that. hospitals are starting to give deep discounts for those patients willing to pay their bills on time. find out where and why.
5:37 pm
on the grapevine, romney's math problem come november. "special report" starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> bob: take a listen to this. 25-year-old faked having cancer. even i haven't done that. the scheme worked and they got married. the friend in the community gave them thousands of dollars in wedding donations. after the wedding the groom found out she didn't have cancer. she was arrested and served time for grand larceny. she is out now and talking to abc news. [ inaudible ] >> i will always kiss you good
5:38 pm
night. >> even during this lovely wedding you're still lying. >> dirty dancing. >> yeah. that is one thing -- >> you don't look like a woman who is struggling with suicidal regret. >> i regret what i did to people. but i don't know any female in the earth that would be depressed op their wedding day. >> but not long after their donated honeymoon to aruba, o'connel said he had a nagging suspicion that his wife was healthier than she claimed. >> i was enraged. >> once he knew his wife would live, mike dumped her. but things are looking up for her now. her husband mike has taken her back. >> i tried to hate her. >> you can't help who you love. >> bob: mike, buddy, let me take a guess. you ain't going to make it, okay? why would you go back with that woman? give me a break. eric, would you go back to that woman?
5:39 pm
>> eric: no. i would haven't been with that woman in first place. it's good to know that the justice system is working. she had number one served time, number two, paid the money back. she could be the most despicable -- >> dana: what is wrong with our society? >> greg: whoa, whoa, whoa. true, most people fake illnesses to get out of weddings. so this is weird. but this is a story of true love. she loved this man so much she was willing to lie. everybody does that. >> kimberly: you are twisted. >> bob: did you live live to get in her marriage? you must have done something for her to take you. >> dana: what gave him the first clue? if you have a life-threatening illness you typically go to the doctor fairly often. you want your fiance save or loved one to go with her. >> bob: she said she had a rare form of leukemia.
5:40 pm
found out he is didn't calling her doctor. why do you wait until after the wedding to do that? he is not a mensa candidate. >> dana: if you were trying to -- is she like a serial liar? tell so many lies you believe it? >> kimberly: if you see someone who would fake having cancer and if you had family members that die of cancer, it's so serious. for her to say that. that is what my mom died of. i take this personal. >> greg: the real crime is her hair. >> kimberly: that, too. i would give somebody like this is a lot of time. it's really like hi she will reoffend. >> bob: bring her other picture back up? >> dana: do the glamour shot of -- >> greg: that'of -- >> bob: that is like greg
5:41 pm
with hair. >> eric: do you watch "america's got talent! the controversy, do you hear what is going on? a guy who claimed to have military action. say he got shot in iraq or afghanistan and he had a bad twitch. he couldn't talk. he stuttered. but he could sing. sang beautiful live and pushed him to vegas and he was lying. >> dana: don't they do it to get the controversy going so people talk about the show? >> eric: i don't know. >> dana: wait until i spread the rumors about "the five." i'll think about it this weekend? >> eric: scandalous? >> dana: i don't know. i think they create scand to get people to watch the show. >> eric: interesting to see what scandals the viewers -- >> dana: i don't want to know. >> greg: it would be about eric having surgery in the '90s. >> bob: that was not mysterious. sex change operation. coming up --
5:42 pm
greg gutfeld will analyze the casting controversy. ♪ ♪ four walls and a roof is a structure. what's inside is a home. home protector plus, from liberty mutual insurance,
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♪ >> greg: welcome back to "meet the press." [ laughter ] some little people are pissed off they cast non-dwarf actors as dwarfs in "snow white and the huntsman." faces were added to the bodies and robbing tiny actors of roles and that appalls those not tall like actor danny woodburn who tells the "new york post" owned by the parent company awesome people incorporated it's like white actors dawning black face. baloney. this is an attack on the tiny. what is worse, that some of our nation's biggest little people aren't speaking up. where is tom cruise? dennis kucinich? danny devito? dana perino? i'm not saying dana is small,
5:47 pm
but this morning she did her step aerobics on a lego. then she came to work in monopoly wheelbarrow. at red lobsters she orders nothing but plankton and she travels by slingshot. last week, she ate an olive and qualified for ma terpty need. hollywood wants to pretend they're exclusive but they're into rapt jerks. it'd organize a protest but i went to home depot and couldn't reach the shelf they sold the poster board so i got drunk instead. dana, wow! >> dana: wow! >> greg: why do you remain silent? >> dana: first, one of the lines is one i gave you. hollywood are jerks, when they say they're sensitive but they're mean to people. they're not sensitive at all. they're a bunch of you know what.
5:48 pm
>> greg: we know dana is 80 pounds. two feet. she had to go to the movie theater when she was a kid. she couldn't go to movies, because she couldn't keep the seat down. >> dana: my mom would have to put her purse on the chair to home the thing down. >> kimberly: honestly, i thought the woman who faked cancer -- >> dana: it's true. >> the slingshot one would be fun, but not true. >> greg: there are not a lot of roles for little people. it's outrage. >> bob: i couldn't agree more. >> kimberly: we gave you a role. >> bob: you know who sued -- people play the punchkins in the "wizard of oz" they sued the movie company. munchkins did. they're mostly all republicans. they sued the movie company and didn't get -- they lost. >> dana: what did they sue them for? >> bob: they sued because they didn't pay them or something. i don't remember.
5:49 pm
they all got together. >> bob: the little people been a together because you can travel 80 to a car. >> greg: terrible. >> dana: i think they are right to complain. >> greg: here is my question to you. should obama be impeached? >> eric: it is unbelievably obvious that this is obama's fault. i saw this movie. it was great. the guy from "deadwood." unbelievable actor. he was one of the little people, it would haven't worked with anyone else. he was fantastic. >> greg: how about this -- >> kimberly: i couldn't tell. it looked real to me. excellent movie. >> greg: whatever, kimberly. shouldn't little people have the opportunity to play tall people in movies grafting little people's head like tom
5:50 pm
cruise's head? why can't tom cruise play michael jordan in the jim jordan movie? >> kimberly: they do that. they wear lifts and put them on. if you want to wear my shoes one day. okay. >> greg: what makes you think i haven't done it already. >> bob: littl little people are nice people. do you know in the break eric hit me viciously. my arm swollen up. i'm taking you to human intelligence. whatever it is. >> kimberly: resources. >> dana: you a tape, at least. >> bob: right, i have a tape. brutal assault. make that point. i just, i can't believe it. it's okay. i'll get through it somehow. >> dana: i stand with the little people. in this case. >> greg: you have to climb on a ladder to be with the little people. we'll take a break. one manufacture thing is next. if you leave now i'll break in your house at night and watch you sleep. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] roam like the gnome this summer.
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♪ >> dana: all right. time new for one more thing. oddly, we have lost one of "the five." eric bolling has left. maybe he is mad at bob or something. but we're going to continue on. we'll pick up the pieces of our live and go on. tart with kimberly. >> kimberly: so, anybody is a big boxing fan, knows manny paccio is one of the greatest fighters ever. he is talented.
5:55 pm
won so many matches. he is the world boxing organization welterweight champion and has a fight this saturday against bradley. he owes it all to his dog. see the cutie patootie.? it's pacman named after him. and he's a jack russell and trains with him. >> greg: great protein building muscle. >> dana: or running for president. >> bob: you know i once in a while bet a dime or 15 cents on a horse race. but this afternoon, they scratched i'll have another. they have put the horse out to stud basically. he is never going to race again. i thought, i never bought in the notion you could win the triple crown. it's the toughest single sporting event. like winning three super bowls in a row. this is one i thought had a chance. a lot of guts and courage. sad day in racing he is not running. if you have trifecta, put bellehan in.
5:56 pm
>> dana: i wonder if they will release a statement from the white house? when one of the horses died i made a joke and said i'd do that. let me do mine. you know how in your neighborhood after an election, after everybody has all of their bumper stickers four years later they have the four-year-old bumper stickers on? wisconsin, that resulted in walker win the recall election. there has been people saying they want to remove the bumper stickers. there is advice. you can use -- advise you to go to the website in wisconsin. they have advice about using nail polish removeer, rubbing alcohol. sometimes lighter fluid. i would tonight that around kids i guess. wd-40. all sorts of things. blow drier. heat on it. get the bumper sticker on and have a clean slate so everybody can get along in the neighborhood. >> bob: leave it or for as long as you can. >> greg: what did you use the get the bumper sticker off the big wheel? >> dana: what i used to get off the mini jeep you drive
5:57 pm
around. same stuff. >> greg: groovy. banned word. "take itake it away,president o. >> make no mistake. >> make no mistake. >> make no mistake. >> make no mistake. >> greg: "make no mistake." we're not making the mistake. don't tell me to make the mistake it's unnecessary. make no mistake. >> dana: he uses let's be perfectly clear as well. while you were talking i saw eric bolling is outside. let's go and seer rick, got microphone? >> eric: dana, come outside. one more thing. let's go outside and find fox fans. it found jennifer, peter, curtis, and christie. can you tell me where you are from? >> nashville, tennessee. >> eric: do you like knocks >> that is all we like. i'll also from nashville, tennessee. we threw the remote away. we love fox. >> eric: which show do you like on knocks
5:58 pm
>> hannity, "the five," i like shepard smith. >> eric: you love "the five," right? you told me you walk past here every day. >> the only be on tv. >> you're from tennessee? >> from nashville, as well. i like hannity and "the five" as well. >> eric: who do you like on "the five"? >> oh, well, like a lot of guys i like dana and kimberly, and to heckle beckel. >> like you. >> eric: that's so sweet. >> i like greg. he's funny. >> i lover ric love eric. >> eric: send it back to dana. beautiful day. have a great weekend. >> dana: he did not ask them the most important question. if they knew dierks bentley. >> bob: good thing you got outside. you got a head start. i'm coming. >> dana: that was amazing week. i got a new dog, obama had a bad week, bob in a bad mood but people in nashville like
5:59 pm
us. that's it for "the five." have a great weekend. see you on monday. ♪ notice captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> chris: the president says the private sector is doing fine. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ note ♪ ♪ >> chris: boke. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. president obama held a mini news conference today on the state of the economy. he placed blame for the slow recovery on congress and the debt crisis in europe. but it was another unplanned remark getting most of the attention tonight. here is senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler. >> it wasn't meant to be a diagnosis, but president obama seemed to give the economy a clean bill of health. >> we created 4.3 million jobs in the last 27


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