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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  June 9, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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risk and congress wants it to stop. >> and there's been just a cascade of leaks coming out of the intelligence community over the last several weeks and it's our clear intention to put a stop to this. >> who is behind the leaks and should the press play along? barbara walters, the grand dame at abc, gets, syria assad, paying back the favor for one of his former aides. what's wrong with that. >> pomp and celebration for queen elizabeth and loyal subjects honor her jubilee, did one network go overboard on the coverage? >> on the panel, fox news writer judy miller. and monica crowley, jim pinkerton, and host of the alan colmes radio talk show, alan colmes, i'm jon scott, fox news watch is on right now.
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nbc news has been characterizing the race as too close to call. >> the wisconsin recall elections are too close to call. >> it's awful close and there's a lot of absentee ballots yet still out. >> all wisconsin polls are closed aen now we can officially report on fox, that it's too close to call. >> wisconsin's scott walker becomes the first governor in american history to survive a recall vote. >> jon: turned out to be not that close. scott walker wins governor of wisconsin again, winning the special recall election, called by opponents of his policies and supported by unions and some in the liberal media. here is one reaction. >> this is not going to be an easy night for many broadcasters, who are liberal. this is not going to be an easy night for this broadcaster to say that many' shocked and stunned is pretty much an understatement.
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>> jon: so there you had it, ed schultz from msnbc. was his reaction typical, jim? >> i think the media sort of had four reactions overall. one was, it was clearly bad for liberals, and see-- and they had to process that, second of all, couldn't get too negative and down beat. that would undercut president obama's momentum and the exit poll, even the exit poll was discredited and proven wrong and said afterwards, of course, obama won the exit poll vote and the third story line, and the fourth story line, what got into bill clinton or has he gotten too old? in politico talked about. >> jon: one of the story lines, too, judy, why did this recall election ever make it in the first place. walker hadn't committed a crime, hadn't been convicted with a sex offense or caught in office, you know, with his pants down. >> right, right, and that was i'll add number five to jim's list of four. it's really hard to recall a governor and only happened twice and in recent american
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history, 1921 and 2003. aen therefore, this was always a long shot. as opposed to the obvious story, which was this was a huge setback for democrats and for liberal union people in particular. >> jon: the money spent was often cited by those who, you know, lost the walker recall election, they say, oh, he outspent us 7 or 8 to one. when you add it up, all the spending for all the candidates, it was really a lot closer than that. >> and what i read, and also to keep him out of state, much of walker's moint came from out of state as opposed to barrett's. why you r laughing and smiling. it did, it came from out of state. this was a national election and the media missed so much here. walker, why did he leave marquette. missed the john doe investigation. liberal running, the media would focus and they barely
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focused it on why. >> jon: monica? >> a portion of the money pored into wisconsin, 2-1 walker advantage not 7-1, and we add in all the money spent by unions and so on. i find is incredibly rich the left who had no problem with barack obama raising 770 million dollars in the last election cycle and raising a lot this time, too, suddenly had a problem with the money raised on the right. i do think that, there were some in the press who raised the bigger question, it wasn't necessarily unions versus scott walker, this race was really about the two paths that america faces. are we going down the road of european style socialism, status or that the unions represent or try it get america back on track in terms of economic liberty and voters in wisconsin chose economic liber liberty. >> jon: one of the exit polls after which is was voted on tuesday, if you think that recall elections are appropriate anytime, 27% yes, misconduct, 60%.
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never 10%. so, 70% of those who were polled didn't think that the election really needed to be held. >> right, i think that was probably walker's key argument. even, and based on his message. even if you disagree with me on the union business, you agree that you i have four years and you elected me and obviously, the voters responded to that. he won a larger recall than in 2010. and led to further paradoxes of coverage. and for the daily caller, obama got a 50% mandate. and walker got 53% and quote, survived. >> and for big hollywood star arnold schwarzenegger and recalls, there wasn't enough reason to do it, they didn't have that argument gray davis in california, did they. >> jon: let's talk about the presidential race, the other big story of the week, bill
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clinton, is he or is he not a barack obama supporter? he said that mitt romney had a stirling business record and qualified for the presidency and he talked about extending the bush era tax cuts and thought it was the reasonable thing to do, but backed away from a you will of that and issued an apology on the tax question. and charles krauthammer called him a double hating. >> i think it's yet another bit of bad news for president obama recently. and when bill clinton gets out there and makes your opponent look worthy and noble and you look kind of like, who is this guy? oh, yeah, he's the president. i think that bill clinton is so powerful in democratic circles that even in the press conference on friday, president obama still had to pay homage to bill clinton by framing the economic choice the nation faces, citing clinton. i think that's an amazing tribute to the powers of the man. >> somebody can write a book
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about how much bill clinton hates barack obama. wait, ed klein already wrote that. >> it hasn't been covered-- >> do you believe the stuff in the book. really believe. >> you know the clinton maneuver. clinton has been passive-aggressive when it comes to big rivals and with this case with barack obama, he loathes him so much,'s doubling down on aggressiveness and saying that the u.s. economy is in recession and that's to me the biggest-- >> and divide and conquer, divide and conquer, bill clinton never said the tax cuts could be permanent and immediate why went totally wrong and went with the headline with wnbc, said u.s. already in recession and tax cuts bill clinton, a never said they should be-- >> he did say stirling record for romney. >> he didn't totally attack the guy. >> jon: we're going keep arguing about this during the break and next, congress wants to plug the leak for paper like the new york time.
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>> i don't think it's an accident that you have three stories within about 45 days that paint the obama administration as being effective in the war on terror and our national security detriment. >> members of congress calling for a high level investigation into what they call high level leaks from the obama white house. secret details of covert operations ending up on pages of the new york times. is this just good reporting or part of an agenda to build up our president's image? and where is the media concern about our nation's security? answers next on news watch. ley running. then get some blades spinning, paper sanding, and bits turning. let's motor to the only place that carries our favorite tools... for our favorite people... armed with a budget and a mission... and see what happens when we put those tools to work for us. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot.
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>> there's been a disturbing stream of articles in the media, and common among them is that they cite leaked classified or highly sensitive information in what appears to
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be a broader administration effort to paint a portrait of the president of the united states as a strong leader on national security issues. >> senator john mccain expressing concerns, his concerns and others laufg the house intel against committee investigating the recent leak of sensitive information about the covert drone and cyber wars against terrorism by the obama administration. the president responded to those claims on friday. >> the notion that my white house would purposely release classified national security information is offensive. . >> jon: we talked a little about this last week, monica. the suggestion from senator mccain is that the president or president's people are trying to burnish his image as a warrior and a protector of the nation by releasing classified information.
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>> yes, and note that was not a full aisle denial. he said that was offensive, didn't say it doesn't come from my white house. the politicizing sensitive information over the last couple of years have been totally, totally outrageous and bad enough he released exfacto details of the osama bin laden raid. but in this case to leak sensitive details about an ongoing operation with regard to the united states, number one enemy, number one state-based enemy, iran, is so appalling and so irresponsible and the idea that somehow they're going to investigate leaks that came from them is -- how any american is going to believe that's credible. >> kelly: alan, you're moaning and growning, why doesn't he say just didn't do it. >> and he didn't say the words and you would believe him if he denied it. if he denied, okay-- >> how about the word no? >> fine, if he denied it, you wouldn't believe it anyway. >> but, the issue is, that
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these leaks imperilled not just ongoing policy, not just covert operations that are happening now. >> do you think the president supports the leaks. >> and, do you think he sports the leak. >> i would like to see the commander-in-chief with a full on denial. >> he says there will be accountability and price to pay if anybody did it. what more do you want. he'll never say the words you'll want him to say. >> the leaks, obviously, media like to get information like this, jim, you're constantly telling us information wants to be free. are the media concerned about what happened here? >> the media should be concerned, because where this leads is to leak investigations and drying up of sources. i still have to remind everybody that when the 9/11 commission looked at how we had suffered the worst attack, the worst an i tack in our history in which 3000 americans died concluded the reason was too much secrecy in government, not enough communication between agencies and to the public. and that remains the bottom line.
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we need information, not all, yes, yes, there is some danger of leaking classified information, but every administration leaks some information to make itself look good, always going to happen. >> judy a bit of a distinction between two silos in the government say the fbi and cia communicating and both silos of the white house with the new york times. and my opinion the leaks came from the oval office, i said that last week and i'll stand by that. i think the president is going to be in the awkward position of investigating who in his administration? probably not going to want to do it, but what is very telling is diane feinstein, three republicans plus her up there. she's a democrat. she's very respected, an expert on intelligence, if she thinks it's serious bordering on potentially criminal, the obama white house has a problem. >> he doesn't need to burnish his national security creds,
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he's proven getting al-qaeda people and bin laden. >> clearly he has to he can't run on the economy because that's the only-- ments and you grant to me he doesn't have the-- >> interesting dynamic, during the bush years, the bush white house begged newspapers like the new york times, washington post not to splash the state secrets on page one, those paeps did it and now an information that's leaking to the new york times and more than had an ip to help the president out by doing exactly that. >> and said that the leak does not come-- >> wait a minute, that's another problem, once you have news organizations saying it wasn't him, it wasn't her, it wasn't the third party, it's going to be easy to identify who it was. and you know, i'm for, yes, it's true i'm sensitive about this because i went to jail to protect a source, i know what happens when a leak investigation starts it's a huge distraction for an administration, that's facing enormous challenges and problems and for the media. and this does not end well. >> jon: and there's just this nugget from a fox news poll
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out on friday. the pollsters asked members of the public who do most members of the media want to win the election, obama 58%, mitt romney 21%, unsure 13%, more news watch ahead. first, if you see something you feel shows evidence of media bias, e-mail us at media up in ex, did the matron of abc news mess up? >> much of the world regards you as a dictator and a tyrant. what do you say to that? >> barbara walters gets a big interview with syria as al-assad. and then tries to get his former aide a job at cnn. how did the media react to that deal? and qe-ii's jubilee celebration gets world attention. did one cable news network go overboard on the coverage? find out next on news watch.
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abc's barbara walters, pulled off a coup getting an interviewed with syria's president assad in september. a timely booking considering the escalating conflict and civilian massacres in at that country. however, earlier this week, the london newspaper the telegraph printed a series of chummy e-mails between walters and a former press aide to al-assad. jafry, daughter of the syrian ambassador to the united nations and one time press aide to assad helped walters land that interview with the syrian president. and once the e-mails were made public, the media took aim. and the suggestion, according
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to the new york times, according to the london telegraph, she asked walters if she could assist her in getting work. in january, walters wrote saying she had contacted c in. n's piers more began on her behalf and how terrific you are and attached the resume', appropriate? >> not appropriate and much to barbara walter's credit she owned up immediately and said she made a mistake and was sorry, apologized, a great reporter and great anchor over many, many years, she shouldn't have done it and she knows it. >> jon: so, jim, she also wrote to a former abc news executive richard wald now at the columbia journal echl school journalism school and tried to get his support. >> this is a window into the world of celebrity get. how you get access to the fill in the blank person who is
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famous at the moment. the and assad said i have nothing to do with people getting murdered and she sat and listened to them. now we know how the game works and played. >> they get chummy with aides, this is not every journal, but some might get chummy with aides and exploit the relationship and return the favor. you have to ask the question if somebody on the right had done this, they would so be fired. always the little-- >> let's move on to the other controversy of the week, the u.s. media joined the british in celebrating queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee, 60 years on the throne, the massive flotilla on the thaems and ride through london in the horse drawn carriage and outside buckle ham palace. and always popular with the press, but were you glued to the television. >> it would be hard for me to care less, and according to the ratings, a lot of those
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representative crowd in beverly hills. according to the l.a. times the audience was made up of the 40s hospitalize gay hollywood and supporters of the gay community. ellen degeneres and cher and her son chaz was there and president of the cbs. l.a. times quote the each a as saying mr. obama has shown great leadership on the issue of gay marriage but he heads a new division. multily journalism has changed, partisanship is very much a part of journalism now. he hastens to add, i run a news division and i given no money to any candidates. question we have, why would the guy who oversees the news division attend the fund-raising event for any candidate? thanks tour panel. i'm jon scott. thanks for joining us. keep it here on fox news
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channel. we'll see you next week for another edition of fox news watch. >> judge jeanine: tonight on "justice." a new sketch of the suspect wanted in the murder of morgan harrington and the brutal rape of another woman. a $150,000 reward to any one who helps capture this monster. and he is an average looking guy but this guy killed his wife and slit the throats of his two little children and then rigged his home to explode but even that didn't destroy all the evidence. tonight the fbi is searching for robert william fisher. and a serial bomber terrorizes arizona. three thrash light bombs have exploded in public places. five people injured. >> it is some type of terrorism when people are afraid now when clef they see is flash light they have to call it?


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