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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 19, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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thanks for watching us tonight. president obama illegal immigration and the law. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. there are many things in play after mr. obama announced a quasilegalization of perhaps 800,000 illegal aliens. on friday the president announced that the u.s. government would ono longer deport aliens brought here illegally when they were 16 years old or under. those folks must not be more than 30 years old now. have a clean record with a high school diploma or military service. the president says it's the fair thing to do and talking points does not disagree with the theory. it group of illegal aliens was brought to america through no fault of their own. however, the president's new policy might very well be illegal. it is up to congress to make federal law, not the president.
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it's simply son constitutional decency. this is out and out lawlessness, the congress is the ones who makes the law, what the administration does is administers the law, in fact, what it is pretending to do is to use discretion. that's what the homeland security a second said. this is not discretion. >> bill: if you go by the letter of the law, charles krauthammer is correct. there is no discretion in exempting a large group of people from federal law. nevertheless, the obama administration is doing it. our attorneys are confident this is within our authority. overstepped constitutional authority. on the political front mitt romney believes the president's move was dictated by vote pandering. if he felt seriously about
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this he should have taken action when he had a democrat house and senate. he didn't. he saves these sort of things four and a half months before the general election. >> so he did it for politics? >> that's certainly a big part of the equation. >> bill: then there is the racist angle. whenever the right goes after president obama there are those on the left who cry racism. sam donaldson said this many on the right believe this president ought not to be there. they oppose him not for his policy and political view but for who he is an african-american. i guess i'm a racist if i raise the legality question on the issue, right, sam? cnn anchor done lemon echoed donaldson on the air. >> let's face t many on the right believe he should not be there. they oppose him not for his policy and political view but for who he is, an african-american. finally the elephant in the rose garden, thank you, sam donaldson, enough said there. >> bill: bernie goldberg will
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have more on that a bit later on. coming up, talking points believes illegal aliens dragged to the u.s.a. by their parents should be given special status by congress. but because he bypassed congress what the president did is flat out unconstitutional. no spin. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us washington mary katharine ham and juan williams. illegal, right. >> not at all. executive orders. >> bill: he didn't issue executive order. >> no. this is a memorandum to homeland security to janet napolitano saying to her exercise discretion when you are enforcing laws regarding deportation and then list just as you did, bill, the outcome people in high school in the military. >> it's a dodge, juan. explain this to me, juan. the president took an oath, right? in his inauguration? remember that oath. >> absolutely. enforce the constitution.
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no he took an oath that said "i swear to uphold the laws of the united states." >> that's right. >> bill: is he upholding the immigration law, juan? >> yes, he is. >> bill: what? are you kidding me? >> not all of it. >> bill: wait, are you kidding me? he just said -- he said no legislation passed. he said, you know what? i don't like this law. i'm going tox settlement 800,000 people from it, all right? because i don't like it. >> no, what he said was. >> that's what he said. >> what he said was that he thinks that this law is onerous and puts pressure on law enforcement as it goes about supporting criminals. >> bill: you are agreeing with me. he says he doesn't like it so he, julius caesar is going to say no you document have to enforce it juan, you take a deep breath. mary katharine, you know i'm right, correct? >> i'm with you bill on two counts. one i think you are right that the folks that he is dealing with with this change of law that he has magically come upon are among the most
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sympathetic when you are talking about the immigration debate. i think that's why he thinks he is get away interest w. this particular move. couple months ago he he didn't think he had the power to do this but now he does. >> bill: when did he say that. >> can i get you the clip. i can send it to you. >> bill: do you remember anything about that clip where it was, when t was? >> i'm telling you what he said you don't remember the circumstance of it? i would like to know where t is so i can get it? >> i will get it to you. tomorrow night. section where mary katharine gets the clip. >> i will not mess with you. executives like to hang on to executive power. whatever you think the bush he did slings and arrows of bringing social security reform. actually doing the comprehensive reform for which he gets no credited from the people on the other side of the aisle he made those attempts. barack obama had a rare super majority which he could have done that. >> no, hey.
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can i interject? >> juan, we will get back to you. mary katharine, look. the intent of the law, all right, to give -- carve out a special status for people who were dragged here, when they were kids and -- i think is noble. you don't disagree with that do you. >> no, i actually don't disagree with that. >> okay. >> i'm not -- i'm not a hard librarier on immigration necessarily as a conservative. many are. i'm not as hard line but this is something -- >> let me get back to juan. >> you are taking a convincible person like me and turning me off by using made up power. >> it's more than that you will be angrier when you hear me present this to juan. he take as noble thick, juan and all three of us agree that the carve out for these specific illegal aliens, all right would be a compassionate fair thing to do. we all agree with that right? >> he takes that a good thing,
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and then he brings it into a realm of illegality. that to me is wrong. if you are convinced that it's noble and i think moist americans would agree with us. not all but most. you take t to congress and you need to do this. bill he did. >> he didn't could it that specifically, yuan. he had this big dream act thing that was full of all this stuff just exact. >> a minute ago, bill you said he didn't take it to congress. >> he took it to congress he got 55 votes and it was republics who obstructed him. >> bill: juan, there was a whole bunch of other stuff in that. >> what did president bush do? president bush took it to congress. what did republicans do there? they blocked it. >> bill: that was comprehensive immigration reform. >> what are we learning that congress is refusing to reform america's immigration law. >> bill: that might be true but we're not talking about that now. >> other people juan, just
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because a president can't get it through, you don't usurp the power which is what he did. only to be fair mary katharine gets the last word. governmental i would note that president obama has a semi marco rubio version of the dream act more tailored. he has someone he can work with. he wants to avoid doing that because it's hard. is he bad at it even when he had a super majority he was bad at it he doesn't want to go that way so he makes up new powers. >> that's a good point. it's further than that. he doesn't want to work with rubio because then he doesn't get the hispanic vote that he is after by doing. this that's a very good point. >> rubio can't even get the other republicans to join into his bill. >> let's see. >> maybe barack obama should bring his magic to the table. >> very interesting debate. next on the run down, karl rove will respond to what you just heard. later, reality check. your humble correspondent throws out the first pitch at the mets game. the mets game. how did that go?
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>> bill: joining us from washington is fox news analyst carl rove. here is how good my staff is mary katharine ham reference add sound bite that president obama said that seems to contradict his stance now on illegal immigration. we already got it pulled. let's roll the tape. >> we are doing everything we can administratively but the
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fact of the matter is there are laws on the book that i have to enforce. i think that there a great disservice done to the cause of getting the dream act passed and getting comprehensive immigration passed by perpetrating the notion that somehow by myself i can go and do these things. it's just not true. >> bill: wow. that's pretty stunning your staff watches megyn kelly who introduced that slice of tape a couple of days ago. you are right president obama a year ago said i don't have the right to could this and that authority still does not exist for hill to say we will selectively apply the laws of the united states. not case individual case by case by case but by class. we will exempt a class of people from the statutes. there is no authority to do that. >> republic challengers risk
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come off mean guy anti-hispanic that's the hole the republicans want to put the democrats in, right? >> this is a smart political move. step back. he was driven to this move by the nra. you might think that stand for the national rifle association but really stands for nada. he had doning nothing to pass immigration reform. sunday david plouffe senior white house advisor quote said we have tried as hard as we can to pass comprehensive immigration reform congress has refused. that's simply not true. juan was inaccurate when he depicted congress turning out immigration reform under this president. president obama has never drafted, never introduced, never asked congress to hold a hearing on comprehensive immigration reform proifl from the. he went to the three amig go summit with the leader of canada mexico and united states said we are drafting a bill lining up co-response ares have it introduced by the
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end of the year. people in the latino community were understanding how little he had done on the issue. marco rubio began drafting a bill pretty similar to what the president ultimately authorized the department of homeland security to do. in fact in april according to salon, there was a white house meeting in which the white house tried to pressure latino organizations not to be supportive of the rubio initiative. it didn't help even cnn's representative latino commentator heralded the effort by rubio. they're worried about rubio taking the issue away from them. finally apathy. the latino population was 9% of the electorate in 2009 while they were they voted overwhelmingly for obama ma'am the enthusiasm causing concern democratic camp that their turn out would be less and romney would get a slightly larger percentage of the vote than mccain got which would be deadly in states like florida and nevada.
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>> bill: why did the dream act get blocked? that is the one argument that juan cited and it is true. it got blocked. why did it get blocked? i part of what mary katharine said is accurate it had a lot more stuff in it this is oftentimes overlooked. harry reid offered up five different versions of the dream act in a matter of a few days. he would be discussing one version of it and the next day another version of it. >> bill: come to the senate floor. >> right with inadequate preparation. the president was not engaged there were no big committee hearings on this. no bipartisan effort to draft it. there was no time to look at the bill. this bill was constantly changing. the republics said we are not going to be suckered for that kind of process. each time bigger bigger, different different different. this is highly contentious issue. harry reid was the guy who screwed up comprehensive immigration reform in 2007. he reilly is not a fan of comprehensive immigration
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reform. is he being driven by this politics himself. not out a sincere belief of resolving this situation. you cannot legislate well when you have absent presidential leadership. highly contentious issue and the legislative leadership engaging in political game just trying to score political points not actually get it done. >> okay. now, mitt romney, what does he do to counter this obvious play for hispanic votes, what can he do? >> first, don't take the bait. stay focused on the bigger issues. if you take a look at the issues in the latino community. here is jobs, here is economy. here is the deficit. here is spending, and down here is immigration. don't take the bait. stay focused on the big issues. second of all, romney did something i thought very interesting in his comments, which is to say we need to take up this whole issue and deal with it in a comprehensive fashion when i become president. interesting sign that this will be a priority for him to deal with as well. >> remember, president bush tried to do that and he was
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not successful. a republic president will get comprehensive immigration reform done not a democrat. >> mr. rove, thanks very much. directly ahead, what should america do with illegal immigrants who are helping the country. we will discuss that in a very specific way. also monica crowley has a new book and it has a bleep in it. and bernie goldberg on othe racist accusations surrounding criticism of president obama. we'll be right back.
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>> personal story segment tonight, if the u.s.a. is indeed a fair country, what should we do with illegal aliens who are helping the nation? "time" magazine cover story this week deals with the question. it's entitled "we are americans, not just legally." here now the author of the piece jose antonio --
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freelance journalist illegal alien even though he graduated from san francisco state university and working in the media for 14 years. before we get to your article how did you pull that off did anybody at the college ask you. >> no. i graduated high school 2000. a year before the dream ability was even introduced. i remembered my principal pat highland my principal and my superintendent in high school mountain tan view where google is in california. i was the dirty little secret because they didn't know what to do with me. >> bill: they knew you weren't a legal citizen. >> i was undocumented. if you are not documented you can't have financial aid. >> where did your mom and dad come. >> from philippines. my mother and father sent me to live with my grand parents you never went back. >> both my grandparents were naturalized american citizens. >> bill: why didn't you go through the process a lot of times if you have that you can become an american citizen. >> i didn't realize i didn't have the right papers until i
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went to the dmv. i went to get my driver's permit. >> this woman looked at my green card and she said this is fake. >> bill: your father admitted that it was fake. >> my grandfather. confirmed that it was fake, yeah. you go to high school and they know you are illegal. go to san francisco and get a diploma and you work as a journalist. nobody in journalism. that would be politically incorrect to ask you. >> you have to fill out the forms right, employment forms. i remember looking at that paper when i was at the conkle right out of high school. either check the box that says resident alien but i don't have that number other one said u.s. citizen. it says that if you checked that box it's against the law. i was 19. >> what did you do? >> i had a conversation with myself. i was 19 and i said why don't you just check this box and why don't you live up to what that means. >> bill: so you checked u.s. citizen.
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>> i checked u.s. citizen. >> >> bill: you pay taxes and everything. >> since i was 18. >> do you have a social security number. >> i'm not supposed to be working with it i have been paying social security and taxes since i was 18 years old. >> how did you get the social security number. >> my grandfather bought that. >> bill: he was instrumentsous guy he a lot of sacrifices. >> bill: your grandfather makes it possible for you to stay here illegally is he breaking the law. you are here, establish a career, get educated contributing to the country. what should happen to you. jose, you are a citizen, should they? >> well, i think shut the government say you are a. >> you are forward, you are on the factor, everybody is seeing you. >> everybody is seeing me. >> bill: should the government say jose, you are a good citizen, here is the american pathway? , yes? >> i would love -- i would love a process. i would love a process. >> bill: you want to become an american citizen. >> yes, of course. >> bill: you think the
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government should allow you to do that because you came here because you were dragged here? you were sent. >> my mother and father wanted to give me a better life. >> bill: i agree with you. i think there hud should being a pastway for you. >> thank you by the way for that. >> bill: if you are 32 jose and you sneak across the border? no, i'm telling you no. >> i understand that do you agree with my stance that if you iii ii and you sneak across the border or overstay your visa you are not being an american citizen? do you agree. >> i agree that we need smart enforcement. >> bill: you are dodging the question. >> oh no. >> bill: do you agree with me. >> circumstances are different though. it depends on the circumstances. >> bill: here is your circumstances you sneak across the border in tucson, right? >> yeah, tucson. >> bill: they catch you, you are not going to be an american citizen. i understand that. >> bill: do you agree with it? >> i do. but here is the context. the number of illegal border crossings has been the slowest level since nixon was
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president. >> bill: we all know that. we have got to get a philosophical thing going on here. >> i understand that a country needs to enforce its borders. i understand that. >> bill: you are not saying everybody should be legalized. >> what i'm say something a process. the president just had this order on friday, right? >> bill: which is illegal. >> discretion. >> bill: we want legality across the board. i have got to government i want everybody to read your compelling piece. we need a carve out and process for people like you. >> process, absolutely. >> bill: thanks for coming. >> in thanks for having me. >> bill: sam donaldson says some conservatives who oppose president obama are racist. bernie goldberg will deal with that monica crowley has a new book that has a bleep in it. she will be here as well. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: unresolved problem
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segment tonight, will republicans and conservatives be able to regain power in the u.s.a. fox news analyst monica crowley says yes and has put forth her vision in a new book called what the bleep just happened. the happy warrior's guide to the great american come back. i guess you are the happy warrior, right? >> i am a happy warrior by nature. i have also tried to create in if book a new template for americans. to be every american. altitude change. enough with this depression and bad attitude and all to get our groove. >> bill: the groove is coming back. this is really an anti-obama book, mondayca. let's be. this is anti-obama book. >> the title of the book is what the bleep just happened because every american has been asking that exact question since the fall of 2008. because every day under this administration, political we have gotten hit with leftist madness big stuff to the small stuff. >> bill: he still haskins 40%
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to 43% that love him even the left wing has been asking. >> some of them. >> bill: you say his parents were communists. the president's parents were communists how do you know that? >> both of his parents are on record as being sympathetic to the communist cause. >> bill: his father was a reprobate who just ran around and doing what he wanted. impregnating women saying he wasn't married when he was. having multiple wives on multiple continents. he is not even worth talking about. >> active in the social movement in kenya. >> fine. this guy, i don't think -- i think he is beneath contempt. the mother was a different story. she was a hippy, right? >> she was a hippy, but she aattended a communist church. >> bill: what church was that? >> literally called? >> literally called the little red church. >> bill: not because it was painted red. >> communist church. she was very close friends with obama's ideological mentor and ideological father
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frank marshall davis who was one of the most prominent communist of the 1950s. >> bill: your theory is barack obama, little barack, all right or barry as they call him back in hawaii was raised as a communist? is he a communist kid? >> he was steeped in that entire philosophy so when you look at this question of what the bleep just happened, you have to go back and understand where this man is coming from what values he was steeped in. >> bill: i gave you a bush for your book. >> thank you. >> bill: when i was reading it this was the most popular part of the book for me. so you believe that barack obama, the president of the united states is not a capitalist. does not believe in a free open marketplace. and wants to fundamentally change this country into what? >> correct. in 2008 when he talked about a more perfect union. >> bill: stop, stop. what does he want to change the united states into?
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nooncht a socialist ideal. >> bill: like what? get another country he wants us to be what? >> i have 300 pages and three and a half years of evidence everything from obama care socializing medicine to creating new industrial base, financial sector in energy, in healthcare. this is all about taking down the traditional pillars of the u.s. economy and remaking it in a more redistribune. >> bill: what country would be closest to the president's opinion. >> i would say sweden over the past couple of decades even with europe now the complete collapse of because of decades of what he is trying to do here. >> bill: no argument there. this is where i separate from barack obama. his economic policies i think have been disas tu ter russ and we are on the road to even more disaster. i agree with you 100%. you say if he had a magic wand, the president, he would change the united states into
4:33 am
sweden? >> yes, he has been doing over to the past three and a half years. look, he had two years to get this done before the first midterm elections. he knew he had a very short window of time to do. this this is why they went after healthcare first. if the government controls your healthcare, the government controls you, bill o'reilly. that's why when the american people were screaming for jobs, get this economy back on track, they went number one for healthcare. this is about redistributing not just our wealth, bill, but i lay out a bigger argument how he has been interested in redistributing everything great about america from our military strength to our political power as a way to dilute our very exceptionism. he has done one heck of a job. when you say he has failed, yeah, normal americans look at this and say it's an absolute failure. 9% unemployment. 8% unemployment. eanymore mick economic growth what's happening in america? in his mind this is a total success. this is what his objective has been from the beginning. remake america as a socialist model. you know what? you can't do that without breaking some eggs.
4:34 am
that's why he lost big majorities in 2010. you know what? he didn't care about that one iota. all about the agenda. >> bill: the book is "what the bleep just happened?" monica in private will say the bleep word. she will, all right? provocative book when we come right back. most controversial story of the evening if you can believe it sam donaldson saying some conservatives who oppose barack obama do so because is he black. bernie goldberg has s
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the weekdays with bernie segment today, we featured sam donaldson saying that some on the political right are criticizing barack obama because is he a black man. also cnn anchor lemon echoed that on the air. joining us now is the purveyor of bold mr. goldberg.
4:38 am
first before we get to that i want to say that roger clemens was acquitted today. we the get to that after we get through with this. do you know sam donaldson? do you know him? >> i met him a couple times early in my career when i was a local reporter in miami. he was very gracious, very nice. but i guess i know him the way your audience knows him, bill. i know him from watching him on tv a number of years. and from that sense i think i know him pretty well. >> bill: it's no surprise is he a liberal man. he has always been that way. >> right. >> always going after the conservative presidents like reagan, harder than he would go after a bill clinton. okay. so we established that. this is not the first time donaldson has made an accusation, a general accusation that if you criticize barack obama for immigration or whatever you criticize him for, it's because is he black. now, i say this, this is what i said in my radio commentary today. number one, this is unseemly because donaldson can't back it up. am i a racist because i
4:39 am
criticized barack obama because it may be unconstitutional what he did last friday? am i racist because of that? you see, donaldson, this is cheap. that's what angers me about it. >> we heard this a approximately 2200 times from liberals inside and outside of the media if you disagree with barack obama it must be because you are a racist. it can't possibly be because you disagree with him on obama care or the stimulus on or about the amount of. >> where does it come from? >> i'm going to tell you right now. it comes from liberals like sam donaldson looking at things through this racial prism because, this is the important part, because it makes them feel better about themselves. because then they can say, you see, i'm one of the good white people, i'm not like those right wing bigots. but if sam is listening tonight and he may very well
4:40 am
be. sam sam is a smart guy. i would ask them him. this do you really think, sam, those people that you call right wing bigots, racists, do you really think they would be racist towards a black man, a conservative black man who was president of the united states? i think they love him. i think they love him. i think if you think about it for a second, sam, you might agree with that. that it's clearly his liberal politics that these cerves don't like not the color of his skin. >> what i don't understand is this sam donaldson, why does sam donaldson have to feel better about himself. does he feel guilty for being a left wing guy? if you are a left wing guy, that's fine. why do you have to feel guilty about anything? brilliant scholar named shelby steel steele who writes about this and he calls it good racial manners. it's a way white people some
4:41 am
whited people take care of their guilt. they feel guilty look where i am and maybe i wouldn't be here if i were black so they go out of their way to show their good racial manners. sam donaldson. >> bill: i never had one day in my life i felt guilty about my success because there were african-americans walking around this country. there is no linkage at all. >> that doesn't mean, bill. i believe you neither i have. that doesn't mean there are white liberals out there that feel the opposite. there are. >> bill: i don't know why they would. there is no linkage at all. if there is a poor white person or black person or indian or whatever, i will try to help them but it doesn't have anything to do with my career or my lifestyle whatsoever. let me get on to this. this guy from the daily caller, the conservative web site, he interrupts barack obama and i say it's a pure attention getting play for
4:42 am
this guy. all right? he wants attention. the daily caller wants attention. but, again, it's a racist thing. he wouldn't do it to i'm going don't you people understand he wants attention. that's why he did it. >> listen, i would say that this reporter for the daily caller in a word is a jerk totally unprofessional. i think what's worse than what he did even turk tucker carlson didn't do anything wrong. he would have gold star i would have fired that reporter before he got back to the office. >> bill: why would have you fired him. >> because it's totally unprofessional to interrupt the president of the united states in the middle of his remarks supposedly to ask a question. it was one of those questions he wanted to get into the debate with the president. do you remember not that long ago a few years back that
4:43 am
iraqi journalist threw a shoe at president bush more ever that a phi r. few liberals laughed their head off over it never mind that george w. bush was the president of the united states of america. their president. now we have conservatives, not many, absolutely right. but we have some conservatives who are defending this guy saying barack obama shows no respect to us, why should we show respect to him. >> bill: i have a letter i am going to read along that line. very few. real quick because i have got to get to clemens. >> i think is he a jerk but i have no reason to believe is he a racist. sam donaldson has no way of knowing if is he a racist or not either. >> bill: real quick, roger clemens acquitted. are you surprised? >> no. i think there are two quick reasons i will give you.
4:44 am
one. clemens former teammate andy pettitte at one point said he too close to call told him he took human growth hormone and on cross-examination i may have gotten that wrong. i think i'm 5050. that could present reasonable doubt. i think the big irreason is too many jurors watch csi miami. i mean testimony means nothing to these people. they want fingerprints. they want blood samples and microscopes. that's why a lot of people who i think some of us would say clearly guilty going to get off and have been getting off because jurors watch too many television. >> bill: yard -- beyond a reasonable doubt in this case. is it legal investigating the case. your humble correspondent throws out the first ball at the met game. how did that go down? we'll show you after these messages.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, reality check where we stop the spin cold. check one, new study by an outfit called buy-ology pinpointed the differences between republicans and democrats on a variety of free market issues. most desired car for example g.o.p. bmy. dems jeep. >> bill: there you have it, whatever it is. check 2. did you know that sarah palin didn't like president obama? did you know that? the governor recently took aim at the media for not vetting him properly? >> why at least did they not read his autobiography?
4:49 am
they would have learned a whole lot. [ applause ] they would not have learned a whole lot about not all that pot smoking and cocaine snorting. >> yep. >> [ laughter ] i think it's funny that the cocktail circuit slash circuit gives me a hard time for eating elk and moose. come on, anybody here have a pet moose? [ laughter ] thank you. >> bill: bull winkle is appalled. check three. big crowd showed up in san diego to attend a non-denomination church service on sunday. one of the big attractions is tim tebow. >> i always thought about what my dad said to me do you love what you are doing. are you passionate about it? passion isn't something that comes and goes. passion is something that comes from deep down. are you really passionate about it and are you willing to sacrifice?
4:50 am
because if you have those three things, and whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish, i think you are probably going to be pretty successful. >> bill: very good advice. check four, the tennis tournament in london, edge england injured a line judge. >> not looking see the kick. well, you know what? i can understand why he has got to go in every which way. he just rolls up the chair. obviously he meant to kick the wood part. of course he was up against it >> all right. now, he didn't mean to kick the guy but he did so he was fines $13,000. london police say they may have even charged him with assault. check five, on a much calmer sports note i your humble correspondent was invited to throw out the first pitch at the mets-reds game on friday night. >> ladies and gentlemen, we direct your attention to the pitcher's mound for tonight's very special ceremonial first pitch from the most watched cable news program in america for 12 years running, best
4:51 am
selling author, syndicated columnist, political commentator, and anchor of the o'reilly factor, please welcome bill o'reilly. he is joined on the mound tonight by his son spencer. all right, bill. are you ready? it's your pitch. >> bill: all right, now, the big right hander, looks over, winds and deals, a little high. at least i didn't bounce it like miller. miller bounced it 18 times in there. all right. josh stoley, the catcher. good guy. spencer kind of dazed. [ laughter ] he said dad, can we do that every game? and that is reality check. pinheads and patriots on deck. featuring a bizarre ending to the u.s.s. open golf tournament. p and p over two minutes away. ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids.
4:52 am
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we'll finish up here. >> a heckler gets slapped down in a moment. but first, you may know factor is a big supporter of the military. two of our main charities are the warrior foundation and the fisher group who provides housing. we've developed a new line of mug with the new spin theme. these are great items and all the proceeds i get from them go to charity, so check it out. now the mail, peggy mcclain.
4:55 am
bill, although i agree the office of the president has to be respected, barack obama must respect it also. that's why we have elections, peggy. if the president does something illegal, congress can take action as president clinton found out. >> i'm angry about the president's new plan. i've been waiting for 18 years for my children and their families to join me here in america. the ins tells me i have to wait longer. not fair, con chita. the entire immigration process is broken, i wish i had a magic wand. hang in there. >> you call president obama's pandering for votes compas compassionate, now many have to compete with illegals for jacques. >> i debit call the president'ss policy compassionate. i said it's fair to give illegal aliens who were brought here through no fault of their own a
4:56 am
look, and that's fair. >> a man who killed the murderer of the -- who killed the man who molested his 4-year-old daughter is a high row. it's just too bad he didn't catch sandusky, too. >> bill, your interview with the beach boys brought me back to my childhood and great memories. bill, we saw the beach boys at the
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
♪ >> good morning. hope you are having a great day already. i am heather nauert. >> i am angsly air heart. it is tuesday june 19th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> our top five at 5:00. we start with afghanistan. an insider attack leaving an american service member dead and nine others are hurt. their injuries are considered minor at this point. the three gunmen that opened fire were wearing afghan police uniforms at the time. we will keep you posted on developments. a chili meeting between obama and putin. president obama looking away from putin with a frown on his face and putin giving obama a cold stair. >> during the meeting it must end