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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 20, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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questioning the president's motives. >> who knew about "fast and furious," when and how high up did it go? now the president of the united states has changed executive privilege. that brings into question whether or whether or not holder knew. and did the president know? >>shepard: some democrats suggest the reason if this is politics. >> it should not be a political witch hunt against the attorney general of our country and our president if an election year. >>shepard: it stems from the investigation in "fast and furious," officials say it was supposed to track illegal weapons to drug cartels but agents failed to keep tabs on hundreds of the weapons and two of them turned up at scene of a shoot out that showed up at border agent. ed henry is at the white house and on capitol hill, it is fiery
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in the election year. we had arts on each side. mike, tell us about contempt arguments against the attorney general. >>reporter: a lot of lawmakers were irritated at the last moment the administration asserted executive privilege saying this was not any mention before today of the possibility of going to that, the possibility of executive privilege. so, they are saying essentially 18 months after the death of border agent terry, it is time for answers. all we have not gotten to the body of this. if brian kelly was killed in december of 2010, we should get to the bottom of this. it is not about holder but about
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justice not united states of america. >>reporter: republicans felt the attorney general coming up here last night trying to cut a deal to avoid this contempt of congress vote was too little too late and pushing to go forward with the content of congress vote in the committee later this afternoon. >> democrats pushing to step it but they are in the minority and they are trying to protect holder and they say this is licks. >>reporter: the breakdown is 23 republicans to 17 democrats so the republicans should have the votes, the top democrat on the committee said a short time ago, what is attorney general hiding? why think he is hiding a damn thing and others say this spectacle on capitol hill does not look right. >> i am very concerned about public perception of what we are preparing to do here today. we have seen through this discussion for the last almost two hours, we have seen a serious feud, a perceptual
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dispute over information the committee has seen. >>reporter: democrats have been arguing today with the administration saying, asserting executive privilege to hold thing up and not go forward with the vote. the republicans in the majority appear they are going to do that this afternoon. >>shepard: what about the argument that some tactics were used not last administration, the bush administration? >>reporter: the most passionate argument on that was from a former prosecutor who said bottom line. we should follow the facts where they lead. check this out. >> bring the information before the committee because this is wrong no matter what administration does. so, bring the republicans and bring the democrats and bring the parties, that does not mitigate the attorney general responsibility to comply with a subpoena from congress.
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>> former prosecutor is one of the most feisty today says it is time for answers and he has been embarrassed by this situation. >>shepard: thank you, mike. this is the first time president obama has invoked executive privilege. the white house says he has gone longer than any president in three decades without using it. in fact, george w. bush asserted executive privilege six times during his two terms and president clinton used it 1 4 times but when president obama was a senator he criticized the move saying the predecessor was trying to "hide behind executive privilege." and now, ed henry is at the white house. they ratcheting up the pressure on the president. >>reporter: it raises the stakes for the president. i am told by senior officials that it was the president himself returning from mexico and the g-20 summit who personally signed off on this
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move on executive privilege. he was asked by the attorney general holder to do that and he did because they say he believes in this principle and believes these are protected. but a scandal that has had all the heat on the attorney general and has been, the president has been insulated now, suddenly, he is directly involved. that enabled the series of republicans to pop off and raise questions about whether the president is hiding something. >> the obama administration, the justice department, cannot continue to stonewall the committee. the american people want answers. agent terry's family deserves answers. the gentle woman from new york mentioned this is all occurring because it is an election year. i don't think agent terry's family cares. >> president asserting privilege does not mean he is involved he
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is asserting this to say the conversations between officials of his government are protected. and that congress as a coequal branch of government does not have access. that is the same privilege that bill clinton and george bush used. >>shepard: and governor romney weighing in. >>reporter: his spokesman put out a tough statement going after the president saying "president obama's pledge to run the most open and transparent administration in history has turned out to be just another broken promise." saying by shielding the thousands of pages of documents the president is no longer showing transparency. i spoke to an obama campaign official who laughed it off saying are you serious? the romney campaign, where they have a candidate that switched bank accounts and hiding some of the assets, a candidate not revealing all of the major campaign bundlers who raise the campaign money are questioning us on transparency. the obama campaign thinks this is a joke. >>shepard: how could this play
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in election time? >>guest: no question republicans believe it will fire up their base. a lot of conservatives would believe the administration if wrong, which the attorney general himself admits in the gunrunning operation they screwed up but conservatives believe more is being hidden because of executive privilege and that could fire up the right. look at this quote from the white house communications director: instead of creating jobs congressional republicans are spending time on a politically motivated taxpayer funded fishing expedition. conserves could be fired up. but will independent see this investigation as an overreach by republicans? and, instead, want them to focus on what the white house says: jobs and the economy. >>shepard: and now, procedure. they will have a vote here. and then to the full house of representatives. then what? >>reporter: then they will press, this would be criminal charges again the attorney general of the united states, an
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extraordinary move. that is why all this maneuvering has happened. this is a remarkable move. the strongest move any congress can take against an administration official. obviously if the attorney general, he, deny this and say these are trumped up charges and then it would go to a court to see whether they, enforce the charges. >>shepard: and the thinking is it would just die and go away and it did not happen but it was a political show? >>reporter: likely it would be tied up in courts for years. it was noted i remember covering the bush administration and karl rove and the u.s. attorney issue and there were contempt charges pressed by democrat on the hill against karl rove and the bush white house and i understand that has been kicking around the courts to give you an united nations he has been out of office for, him, four years. and it is still kicking around. likely to get kicked around in the courts and not determined before the election. >>shepard: when they impeached bill clinton some in the republican party who were going,
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this might not look go later, they were quiet. is there any of that now? or do they think the other way entirely? >>reporter: a few weeks ago there was a story in the "los angeles times" that said issa had a grown light from speaker boehner to move forward on contempt and speaker boehner said, wait, wait, wait there is no green light and it looked like they were nervous but in the few weeks' time the help now seems to the republican leadership has given a blessing because they have moved forward. are there some in the party who have second thoughts? maybe. they have not spoken out publicly. the white house believe in an election that will be decided on the economy and jobs this is going to look like a filibustering expedition. that will be the fight in the months ahead. it is unlikely that a court will decide on this before november. so truth and justice is unlikely to come out but a mill battle. republicans think they have the upper hand and the white house things it is an overreach.
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>>shepard: the producers are, ask him something else and i am saying you are going to melt. it is like 120 degrees? it is 62 in here. >>reporter: yes about 120 degrees. >>shepard: the lawyers for penn state assistant football coach called character witnesses to the stand and even called his wife to defend child molestation charges but they did not call jerry sandusky. there are new developments from the courtroom. and egypt. just as unsettled today as it did a year ago. the last president reportedly in a coma. the next president still a mystery. dealer dealer
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let's solve this.
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>>shepard: the fed supports a plan to have long term interest rate lowered. ten year treasuries are 1.6 percent the lowest rate in decades. and the fed reports it must extend the bond buying program because hiring is weak and rising too slowly. and gerri is us with, the markets are not rallying on this. it is not horrible. >>gerri: they wanted more stimulus, they wanted the fed to spend the period with low do no interest rates and they got operation twist which will mean less to the economy and less impressive. >>shepard: the federal reserve cutting the forecast if growth. gear g.d.p. growth, of our economy, they are ratcheting down 2.2 percent for 2013, 2.5 percent, and 2014, 2.3 percent. that is punk for the biggest committee. expecting more but they revise
3:15 pm
it down. >>shepard: so everything is not awesome? >>gerri: and the unemployment projections were up for 2012, and 7.8 in 2013, and 2014, 7.4 percent. they see what is going on in europe and they think it is coming to our shores. wish i had better news. >>shepard: wikileaks founder is in the middle of a program and walked it to the ecuador ambassador's home in london. he lost a ballot in the british courts to avoid extradition to widen in connection with sexual assault allegations and the embassy, rather, the ambassador said any are reviewing his application for asylum but she added the government does not intent to interfere with british or sweden's government. we are waiting for the big
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sting. republican lawmakers threatening to hold the united states attorney in contempt of congress and that is coming presently. there is the attorney general holder. it stems from "fast and furious," officials say it was supposed to track illegal weapons from mexican gun cartels but they failed to keep tabs on hundreds and two ended up at the spot where a border agent was killed. stay tuned. my bad. tell me you have good insurance. yup, i've got... [ voice of dennis ] really? i was afraid you'd have some cut-rate policy. [ normal vce ] nope, i've got... [ voice of dennis ] the allstate value plan. it's their most affordable car insurance -- and you still get an allstate agent. i too have... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. [ normal voice ] same agent and everything. it's like we're connected. no we're not. yeah, we are. no...we're not.
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>>shepard: almost over. today the defense rested in the trial of jerry sandusky, penn state assistant football coach, and the judge told the jury they should be able to deliberate
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tomorrow after the closing is delivered tomorrow. and the jury has to decide whether to convict jerry sandusky on any or all of the 51 criminal counts. the prosecution says he sexually me lived, raped, or otherwise abused continue boys over a decade. they say he use the gifts including game tickets and trips to boy the boy's silence. coach jerry sandusky denied the charges and today the defense tried to chip away the testimony from the former assistant coach who said he personally witnesses jerry sandusky rape a young boy in the shower. according to a family friend who took the stand today, he did not say he saw the actual encounter but what he heard sounded like what that person called "intercourse," what would be more accurately called anal rape. there is in intercourse with a child. that's called rape. david lee miller is outside the
3:21 pm
courthouse in pennsylvania. >>reporter: a few moments before we went on the air jerry sandusky's attorney left the courthouse behind me at first he was reluctant to speak because of the gag order but when pressed he said the decision not to put jerry sandusky on the stand was made only this morning. here, now, is the back story to that. at 11:00 this morning, following a recess, widely expected that jerry sandusky was going to testify. instead, what happened at 11:00, jerry sandusky, his attorney and the prosecution, all went into the judge's chambers and they remained for nearly 45 minutes. when they entered the courtroom, the defense announced it was going to rest. that means the very last person to testify on behalf of the defense was another character witness, a young man who met jerry sandusky through the second mile charity and
3:22 pm
describes him to the jury as "a father figure." tomorrow we do expect this case to go to the jury and the judge told the jury that they should plan on packing a bag because they are going to be sequestered. he wants to prevent them from any outside influences while they deliberate. >>shepard: thank you, david lee miller. and now to the legal matter, arthur aidala on the left, and criminal defense attorney randy zelin on the right. >>arthur: glad the judge is sequestering the jury because of finances. the courts do not want to spend the money to keep the jurors away but they should, especially in a case of this magnitude. in terms of whether he was going to testify, obviously, there was decisions that were made in the judge's chambers, a lot of times the defense will ask the judge, can we talk about this, or go
3:23 pm
here, will you let the prosecution attack him and some judges say throw the guy on the stand and you will see what happens and other judges, for 45 minute conference, there must have been some substance there, probably gave him some answers and they realized the risk of putting him on and doing as he did with bob costas. >>shepard: we have a time schedule and the judge's treat the juries like they work for them. they are serving the judge. so the judge came out and said to them, thursday is your day to pack, hang around for a while, and if the judge thought the guy was ever going to testify, we would not have had that we would have gone on for days. not like you could put jerry sandusky on there for 15 minutes. >>arthur: but telling them to bring a bag is not so much --. >>shepard: it seemed a telling sign to me. >>randy: jerry sandusky was probably never going to testify. probably what happened was they
3:24 pm
said to the judge, if i put him on will you let the prosecution go into the unaired portion of the costas interview and the judge probably either said yes, or you will have to wait-and-see, so here is the critical part of this case, and why in my opinion he did not get convicted of rape. real simple: the allegations go back if years and years and years. the jury can justify why no one comes forward because the children and the horrific nature of the allegations what creates the problem is when they start to see that witnesses have been coped. clearly, the evidence came out that law enforcement was trying to get the ones together, trying to get the stories together. that is horrible. particularly when the defense, how do you not say after it happened what you saw but 10 years later you come in and say it? he is done. the prosecution is done. done. >>arthur: i will not go that far. i think more of an issue is the
3:25 pm
whole penn state aura, and the paterno aura. >>shepard: the entire institution is on the line. >>arthur: we do not know who the jurors are. for us to think that is not going to play a role in one of the mines of the jury is naive. >>randy: if the evidence was there and corroborated and the physical evidence was there, but without --. >>arthur: the guy who testified, what he did, ten-year-olds, 11-year-olds. >>randy: where is the evidence? these are horrific allegations. >>arthur: five young men. what did he have? his wife said i didn't hear the screams. >>shepard: it wasn't sound roof and i would have heard the screams of my husband raping children in downstairs.
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and now, the attorney of general could be held in contempt of congress. there is a vote, and i understand it is coming right about now. we are not going to miss it. we will take a quick commercial break. [ male announcer ] it's back again at red lobster,
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look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. >>shepard: this is "studio b" at bottom of the hour and time for the tonight news. ought white house oversight committee considering contempt of congress vote against the attorney general of the united states, all over documents the committee wants involving the gunrunning sting. congress can vote to hold the attorney general in in content if the witness is "obstructing ability to carry out constitutional powers." mike is on capitol hill and i thought this would have happened. what is the deal? >>reporter: argue over several democratic amendments, whether it should go failure at all. the committee has not brought in former attorney general mukasey who served under the bush administration, and there has been talk, reporting, about
3:31 pm
whether the gunrunning started during the bush years and perhaps this should be brought in and asked about the origins of the program. a separate democratic amendment, also to look at, the price of the overall investigation, the "fast and furious," investigation and wants an itemized list of what this is costing. breaking news, we got a statement from the family of board agent terry who was killed 18 months ago as a result of the botched "fast and furious," operation and i will read part of it. the parents of brian terry say our son lot of his life protecting the inflation and it is disappointing we are faced with an administration that seems more concerned with protecting themselves rather than revealing the truth behind "operation fast and furious," they are saying the document sought by the house of representatives overeat committee should be turned over
3:32 pm
because they want answers what happened to their son a year and a half ago the >>shepard: you said off the top there are questions of some ams and whether a vote could actually happen. could a vote on contempt possibly not happen? >>reporter: we thought there would be comments from the different members after the 10:00 hearing and by afternoon we would have a vote and there arrest couple of the different democratic amendments and we expect they will get through and we did not expect they will pass and we expect there will be a vote but it has dragged on longer than we expected. >>shepard: it has. mike, good to see you. here is the thing. either way we will get back to mike for breaking developments immediately as things change if and when there is a vote. we take you like. our correspondents are standing by on the hill and the white house with full coverage ahead of the former egyptian president mubarak is now reportedly in a coma as the nation he ruled appears to be opening a new chapter of political turmoil. according to egyptian officials,
3:33 pm
mubarak is now off life support after suffering a stroke and his lawyer say reports of the former president near death are not true and he is recovering after falling to a prison bathroom which is absolutely 100 percent not what they told us yesterday. baghdad bob has moved to cairo. tensions over egypt's first free presidential election appear to be near the boiling point. tens of thousands have gathered in tahrir square to protest the military for stripping away presidential powers in the last minute before last week's historical election. change the lawyers at election day. jonathan hunt is with us and a very volatile situation now, jonathan, in the run up of the announcement of the result of the elections there. this could be real struggle not just in egypt. >>jonathan: that could be about to explode. the supreme elections commission in egypt has just announced it
3:34 pm
will not now announce the winner of the presidential election tomorrow as it promised to do. the run up, of course, was between mubarak's former prime minister on the left. and the muslim brotherhood candidate. we expected a final decision on would won the presidential election tomorrow. the elections commission now says it will not give us that result and it is not setting any date on which to announce the result. of course, behind all of this, a lot of people are saying is the egyptian military who have changed the rules to try to cling to power. and a lot of experts say that is inevitable and actually might not be the worst possible outcome for egypt. listen. >> it may not necessarily be bad if the military retain as degree of control over egyptian politics from our standpoint but we cannot dictate that to them. we have to wait-and-see how it plays out and we hope that as we
3:35 pm
realize what the election results are, they will accommodate themselves, the egyptian people and the egyptian power employers, will accommodate themselves to that result and that accommodation it has to include the armed forces to an extent. >>shepard: with the announcement of the election results, now delayed, it seems the military retain complete power in egypt. >>shepard: last night right before the fox report the egyptian state media put out mubarak is dead and they unkilled him said he was on life support. and in his last hours. today we learn he fell in the bathtub. what? what? >>jonathan: we simply do not know. there are all sorts of rumors. she in a coma. he is not. he slipped in the prison shower. he didn't slip. we know he has been moved to a hospital and there are those conspiracy theorist whose say this was all arc straighted by mubarak supporters in the military to get him out of the tough conditions of prison and
3:36 pm
into that air conditioned hospital. and tying the two strands of the story together i noticed a sarcastic tweak during the rounds among the reformers in egypt today which said, mubarak actually did die last night and the military rule his death "unconstitutional." >> than you. now the former ambassador to egypt, currently foreign affairs advisor to a law firm here in new york city. he believed the last american to speak with president mubarak before he left office. what was his mindset then? >>guest: well, i saw the president when, in the last days he was in office and he was planning very carefully what he would do in the future. he was about to swear in the new cabinet. make a major nation-wide speech. he did not predict he would be
3:37 pm
leaving office but it was very dealer at that time that the cars were laying out the end of the mubarak period. >>shepard: where are we in this crisis? are we turning a new page on new political turmoil? >>guest: well, we're all wise to very careful not to jump to conclusions. but my own judgment, and i can only share that with you, is the military means it when it says it wants to get out of the situation and turn the u government over to a successor and do it with as little delay as possible predicting the end of june. and, second, the presidential election results will be announced whether it is on thursday or immediately thereafter, and we do know the generation election commission is run, now, three elections,
3:38 pm
has run them in a manner that is quite credible and we should defer and allow those judgments to take place without secretary guessing them. the election mission operates with a great deal of independence and it is simply not right to say they are pawns of the military. >>shepard: in the end there are questions that the new civilian leader will actually have any power. >>guest: well, i would say the oldest story i know is that the egyptian military long signaled it would be responsible for its own chain of command, its own budget, and the maintenance of peace long egypt's borders, including the peace with israel. that they, then, formalized their statements in a recent set of proclamations on the eve of the election making it clear the guidelines that would surround the constitution personally came as no great surprise to me.
3:39 pm
the government, however, whoever it is and however parliament is re-created and whoever the prime minister ends up being, is going to have a huge job with social conditions and the maintenance of ordinary law and order, and, particularly, particularly the committee. all of that will fall to a new continue-led administration. >>shepard: a lot ahead before we get to that. tahrir square is abuzz this night. mr. ambassador, thank you. the phrase turn about is fair play, well the transportation security administration does not recognize that rule. t.s.a., hello? thousands standing around. they do not recognize it when a passenger decides to patdown a t.s.a. agent. this man is about to be the millionth customer. would you mind if i go ahead of you? instead we had someone go ahead of him and wifty thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth customer.
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3:43 pm
watch this video. you can see one screener in a blue uniform conducting a patdown on the passenger. routine. routine. oh, no, the flyer walks over to demonstrate to the agent, and the passenger did not have permission to start patting down the screener herself. and cops arrested her. after she tried walking away from the scene back in april and the woman is due in court next month and there is more to this story. the passenger used to work for the transportation security administration and was at that same airport, and phil keating is at the newsroom. she says this is in retaliation? phil: she worked at the airport for three years as a t.s.a. worker and says she and the supervisor never got alone and that is the only reason she was singled out and arrested and for that she got arrested and she missed her flight, and
3:44 pm
beyond that, she reportedly missed her brother's funeral. so she and her attorney are fighting back. >> her genetiles were touched twice, and breasts numerous times. there is for logical reason that a person's jenitals should be searched during a t.s.a. screening. >>reporter: they are standing firmly "t.s.a. will not tolerate assault against their workforce. the individual set off an alarm requiring a secondary screening which was conducted according to established protocols." she is now charged with misdemeanor battery. >>shepard: the t.s.a. just fired some agents and suspended more agents at the same airport, which airport is that? phil: this is southwest florida international airport. that happened earlier this month, 43 total workers suspended or fired for failing
3:45 pm
to randomly search secondarily passengers at the airport. now, many americans at airports around the nation have, of course, protested t.s.a.'s methods before. remember this man in portland, stripping buck naked to prove that he had in weapons on him. well, that person also missed his flight and we asked the t.s.a., how many times a t.s.a. worker has been suspended or fired or punished for not screening someone, but for overzealously screening someone "authority tripping." the answer: not a single time. no one. no one. >>shepard: thank you from the southwest florida coast. our legal panel is back, randy and arthur. this is one way when they do to you what would have in public been a felony, you just ... become a felon yourself. >>arthur: t.s.a. violated the
3:46 pm
shep rule "don't touch my junk." according to the lawyers they touched the genitals several times. if it seemed like she had a bottle that seemed like alcohol but random, what set off the alarm? what happened? and people act out of frustration, and the fact, now, that evidence is coming out there is an interpersonal relationship they knew each other and worked together and she misses her brother's funeral, i hope her case is dismissed and i hope she get as few bucks from t.s.a. >>randy: t.s.a. stands for totally stupid allegations. >>shepard: no, "thousands standing around." >>randy: this was to intent to sexually gratify this woman by touching this woman she was demonstrating what happened to her and why it was inappropriate. arthur we tale agree today. this case should be gone.
3:47 pm
>>shepard: watch this, watch this, watch, watch, watch. boom. wow. >>arthur: that was done do her. twice. twice. and they touched her chest. why? why? why? if they were able to say she had a knife, but, nothing. why? she did not get along with that supervisor when she work flood for three years? what about what phil keating said no one has gotten fired for doing what they did. in the one time. >>shepard: new one for t.s.a. "touch someone's anatomy." >>arthur: don't touch my junk. >>shepard: thank you underwear bomber and shoe bomber and everything is terrible new. but for the contempt hearing. that is the only big news on capitol hill. this is more. a major bill could affect everything from school lunches to aid for pakistan.
3:48 pm
a possible clue that could help catch the man who falsely reports a deadly yacht explosion off the coast of jersey of the remember this? channel 7 and channel 5, and channel 4, channel 2, channel 9. everyone on this thing. nothing. what do you do when it costs $88,000? and a hearing on capitol hill, and we hope the vote happens. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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>>shepard: we are waiting on a contempt of congress vote on capitol hill. and first a major piece of legislation that could have an impact on every american who goes do the grocery store. it centers around what the government pays the nation's farmers. but this bill could affect everything from the price at the supermarket, the food stamps,
3:52 pm
some of our school leverage money-- school lunches. >>trace: the familiar bill is one of the biggest: $1 trillion. and 80 percent of that has nothing whatever to do with farming. for example, an amendment in the bill was aid to pakistan. now, there is bipartisan support in the senate which is surprising but experts say that is because the bill is a huge pork barrel spending spree including billions of controversial subsidies to farmers. listen. >> farming is not like it was back if the 1930's like the grapes of wrath where farmers were very poor. these days farmers are wealthy. farming is a high-tech capital intensive business. farmers are doing better than ever because crop prices are
3:53 pm
high. >>trace: another controversial big ticket items is food stamps. the past 10 years the program has quadrupled from $22 billion to $80 billion and some say that is a product of the bad committee and others say it is fraud and abuse. there were 300 amendments in the bill narrowed down to 73 including one that adds chick peas and peas and lentils to school lunches. they are debating those amendments right now. they expect a vote tonight late or vote on it some time tomorrow. then it goes to the house of representatives. >>shepard: the person who falsely reported a yacht had exploded off the coast sandy hook in new jersey may have pulled the same stunt last in in another state. the news conference today the coast guard officials say that the voice sounded similar to that from a hoax dissession call reporting six missing off the texas coast. they say crews searched for 36 hours. nothing. remember last week hundreds of
3:54 pm
rescueers mobilized. >> we have 21 souls on board, 20 in the water, right now, and i have three deceased on board, nine injured because of the explosion we have had. i'm in 3 feet of war on the bridge and i will stay by the radio as long as i can before i have to go over board. >>shepard: a lost specifics from a full of it kind of guy. it was all a big fat lie that cost taxpayers, i said $88,000, now they say $300,000. a voice expert is now comparing the calls from the two hoaxes off jersey and off texas. details as they come in. >> kutcher is in a legal fight with california dmv but not because of the lines or the driving test. wait until you see what kutcher has going on.
3:55 pm
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>>shepard: ashton kutcher involved in a lawsuit over a reality show with california dmv. lawyers say the agency backed out of a deal to film a show based on his personnel and customers. lawyers say a dmv official told them it was dropping out because the show what in longer in the "best interests." you think the problem is lawyers say the company already started filming. and now they want some $.4 million in damages. so far no comment from dmv and we are told that can take some time. that is it today. and now, the dow is down 21 points. and already clapping down there so something good must have happened and we are waiting for the hearings to sta on capitol hill, the vote, actually, on the holding in contempt of congress of the attorney subsequent of the united states, holder, our coverage continues on capitol hill and beyond on "your world," with neil cavuto.
3:59 pm
>>neil: i am not talking about the gq cover shoot, heating up the news stands, i am talking about the meltdown long the east coast today. >> hi, honey! anyway ... welcome. i'm neil cavuto. on top of the first day of summer and the last day of my marriage. just call it the "east coast roast," what feels like triple digit temperatures, normal for the desert of arizona, hitting the canyons of new york and frying the populated regions of the united states today. heat advisories in effect in no fewer than 13 states and we are all over it with on how bad it will


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