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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 26, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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thursday is certainly engineered and motivated by politics. and not law. >> this is a low-level politics at its best. >> eric: really? politics, mr. henderson and sharpton. mr. brian terry, a killed border agent. greg? >> greg: here is the thing. this is the left's comfy sweater. whenever you're in a corner, you trot out racism, and the great, the brilliant thing about the argument is it's a subtle factor. that means i'm not racist. because it's subtle. so you can't even see it. which means that you can project that back to him. you can say by the way i think your response is racist. because it's subtle. that is the point of the argument. it can never be proven. why not bounce it back to them? after all, hundreds of mexicans died.
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they don't care. that is racism. >> dana: well, it never occurred to me when i was press secretary to say that the actions being taken against alberto gonzalez, the attorney general at the time. i should have said that that was racist, because then i would haven't been asked more questions about it. they would have walked away and it would have gone away. darn it! next time! >> eric: andrea, we should stay on it, though. it isn't about race. it isn't about politics. it's about at least one dead border agent and another one jamie zapata, the ice agent who may be at the hands of a "fast and furious" type of gun. >> andrea: i think whenever they go to race it means they have run out of things to say on this one. >> greg: they want it to end. >> andrea: it's not going to. but they said a lot of things to this point. here is what is troubling to me about this. issa and holder sat down last week and holder said i will give you these documents. providing you don't bring a contempt vote to the floor. issa says no, i want to see the documents first. then he goes back, holder goes
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back to the white house, writes ago letter to the president asking him to invoke deliberative privilege process, which indicates it's probably communications between d.o.j. officials. he says if he doesn't, the results will be extremely damaging. >> dana: yeah. >> andrea: so which one -- is it really damaging? or is this no big deal? this is just e-mail and d.o.j. saying let's -- how do we spin this thing? >> bob: can i make a point here? nobody in the administration, nobody on the left, you say "they," "the left" brings out racism. there was one guy who southerly hinted at it who had nothing to do with the administration. the idea that somehow -- >> dana: speaker pelosi said -- >> eric: bob, can you -- i want you to finish your thought. >> bob: no, you don't. i don't get it to the end. >> eric: finish it after we rebut what you said. how can you say one guy who thinly vails the word race. that was a group of black leaders who are accusing darrell issa of being racist. that wasn't thinly vailed. >> bob: i didn't hear him
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call him a racist. >> dana: really? why do you think al sharpton was there? >> bob: because eric holder enforced the voter right act. >> greg: the issue of race is a subtle factor in this effort. that's what he said. >> bob: it's a subtle -- his view, it's a subtle -- a lot of black leaders probably believe that. and i don't, i don't necessarily belief it. although i do believe that eric holder has upheld a lot of voting rights actions that probably don't make the republicans very happy. but look, the fact of the matter is this is a sheer and it's a political ploy on the part of darrell issa and the republicans to embarrass the white house before the election. plain and simple. it's ridiculous. it's bull. >> greg: how did al sharpton become a leader? this is beyond me. a lot of people may not be hold enough to remember the tuwana brawley case. but this guy perpetuated a number of hoaxs over many years. embarrassment. not to blacks, but to everybody. somehow he is still able to
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get in front of a camera. i think he has a show on some public access network. i can't remember the name of it, though. >> bob: just don't accuse the entire left of being that way. that is problem i've got. >> greg: all you get from the left, bob. >> eric: they're spinning it, right? it was an issue of documents. chairman issa asked for 140,000 documents he got 7,600 of which he couldn't use many of them because they were mostly redacted. he wanted more. i don't think that eric holder would be held in contempt of congress had he turned over the documents, do you? >> bob: i don't think he should have turned over the documents because it's none of congress' business. >> andrea: none of congress' business? of course it's their business. >> bob: it's not. >> andrea: that is what they do. congressional hearings. >> bob: look, most administrations declare executive privilege negotiate out a deal. bush did, clinton did. why issa decided to rush to the floor -- >> andrea: not all the time. >> bob: show me another that had contempt vote. >> andrea: clinton had process privilege in the
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pardon controversy. >> dana: you have to involve a well-known person named eric holder by chance. >> andrea: sorry, forget. >> dana: there is a distinction. this might sound like hair-splitting but this makes a difference. deliberative privilege is what you get, you can get within one department that doesn't include white house communications. executive privilege applies to people having communications in the white house or between the white house and the d.o.j. that is what is going to be at issue here. i think both of them, here is the agreement i think they could come to. if they are at an impasse, and the republicans say they have 31 democrats who are likely to vote with them tomorrow on contempt, if i were them i'd get together and i'd say tell you what, why don't we ask the circuit court for expedited review and get it done quickly. >> bob: that is splitting hairs. >> dana: it's not. it's the law. >> greg: amazing thing about it, the executive privilege mess painted obama in a corner, which is amazing since he has an oval office. >> dana: i knew you'd say
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that. >> andrea: the race argument, i have a hard time believing this is an argument that the white house wants. >> bob: ronald reagan use executive privilege on the justice department. end of that discussion. >> eric: talk about the timing of this other controversy surrounding eric holder. yesterday, as the supreme court ruled in favor of arizona many on the one key provision of the law, the very same day, the feds, including ice and homeland security eliminated the ability of arizona lawmakers to access the ice data base. and coincidently, the same day, created illegals hotline. in essence, when the arizona lawmakers pick up the phone, they have nothing on the other side. nothing. >> bob: they shouldn't. supreme court ruled it's illegal. >> eric: if you are illegal you pick up the phone and say -- [ speaking spanish ] basically saying i'm here
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illegally -- illegally -- >> greg: what did you say? >> eric: i'm here illegally. someone at ice is going to answer that one. >> bob: this is now illegal. you cannot -- the arizona cannot call and ask for documentation on anybody. that's what the supreme court ruled. >> dana: that is not what they said. >> bob: they said you couldn't ask for documentation. >> eric: no, no no,, no. accessing the ice data base. >> greg: for verification. >> dana: actually, they ruled 8-0 against eric holder's core argument that they tried to argue in court. 8-0. it wasn't like it was a right wing nutcase -- >> bob: if you broke the law. >> dana: if you broke the law. but that's what they said in the first place. >> it's a felony. >> bob: up until this kind on anything they pulled them over, without breaking the law they could pick up the phone and call and get documentation about the people and it against the law now. >> andrea: the message is now to mexicans or any illegal immigrant, you come over the border, you drink four quarts of vodka and you kill someone then we will pick you up. janet napolitano is basically saying they will not receive
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anyone in detention facility until it's a felony. welcome to america, everyone. commit as many misdemeanors as you want with impunity an you're fine. >> bob: what is wrong with that? >> andrea: are you kidding? >> eric: arizona law enforcement cannot access ice data base. if you're illegal and feel like you're being profiled you pick up the phone and -- >> greg: fear a lot of lawmaker have is there will be a -- law enforcements have is there be lawsuits because of this. the government in real way is acting like the customer service for your cable company. meaning, they are the only game in town. nothing you can do about it. you're screwed. the government -- >> dana: i was going to spell it. >> greg: the government needs competitive government. we need a blue government and a red government. and compete for residence. >> dana: if you believe in states' rights you can interpret this in a different way, saying this helps. if the federal government is not going to do it, arizona, the whole central point of arizona passing the law is that the federal government was not doing its job. so now, if you're not going to
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do it at all, we have to do it on our own. >> bob: supreme court said they could not access documents unless they broke the law. the other thing, jan brewer lousy governor of the state and the cops that profile, they have been profiling people in the state and about time they backed off. >> greg: you are insulting ever police officer out there. you assume they are idiots and they can't do their job. this is about when they have information, then they can make a phone call. the government isn't cooperating. >> bob: they cannot ask for documentation. >> andrea: if the democrats think it's a problem coming here illegally and they don't want to enforce the law on the book, repeal the current law and make at it crime to come here. final thought, i want my phone back. you took my phone. >> eric: we got to go. >> dana: also, how can you say that the administration that has done more deportations than anybody and you can't -- you can't have it both ways. that's why everyone is frustrated about this. >> bob: i don't think everyone is frustrated by it. >> dana: i'm frustrated for it. >> eric: this is for you. coming up, obama taking the show on the road talking contraception to high school
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." atension parents out there. get ready to be outraged. at a campaign event atonics durham, new hampshire, president obama spoke to a room filled with kids about contraception. oh, yeah, and the abortion group planned parenthood. listen. >> you can decide that instead of restricting access to birth control or defunding planned parenthood, we should make sure in this country, women control their own healthcare choices. [ applause ] that's up to you! >> andrea: this is so inappropriate on so many levels. dana, i was sitting back and imagining if i had a daughter who would be a freshman, who would be coming in at say 14, 15 years old. and knowing that she was sitting in front of the president who is telling her, it's her right to be on contraception and talking
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about planned parenthood. it's so inappropriate for him to do this. >> dana: i was uncomfortable with it, especially when you think there are two things a president is supposed to do. uphold the constitution, protect the country from attacks. talking about all of this other stuff is things that we have layered on the government over the years. it's unnecessary. you know, president bush got a lot of grief for having talked about his faith-based program and abstinence, being the only sure way you could make sure you didn't get these problems. he was ridiculed by everybody. i thought it was a much more positive message than having president obama talk about this. it's not necessary to do it. he should be talking about the economy. >> bob: there are tens of thousands of girls in high schools in america that get pregnant out of wedlock. it certainly is the right place to do it. you should be able to talk about it at will. i'm glad the president brought it up. you saw the applause they got. you talk about your 14-year-old niece getting there. a lot of these kids get pregnant. you might as well give them as much information as you can. >> andrea: any person
5:16 pm
outside of greg, the health teacher, giving a speech on sex and condoms -- i'm not buying the argument it's his job to protect my ovaries or a girl's ovarys. >> greg: no matter how many euphemisms you use when you call it like it's healthcare choices, you are talking about abortion. bob, you often say that you are pro-life. but you are full of crap, because you're sitting here defending him for doing this. >> bob: excuse me. >> greg: no -- >> bob: that crossed the line. >> greg: you're full of crap. you talk about the kids. these kids, what should he say when he goes there. if your parents had an abortion you wouldn't be here. is that what he should be saying? >> bob: you can be pro-life band for contraception. >> greg: say that. >> bob: that's what i said. >> eric: i want to break this up. we're best friends out of here. >> greg: i can't stand you, eric. >> eric: i love bob. i love bob.
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>> greg: i didn't mean to anger you, bob. you say you're pro-life and go to bat like, that i got to point it out. >> bob: for contraception. i went to bat for that. >> eric: i have a 13-year-old boy who will be a freshman in high school next year. this is disgusting. this is president obama using the military as photo-ops and props behind him. he is using a high school now as another photo-top and a prop. he should not be making this speech. bob, if you are into it, that's fine. allow contraception to be acquired in high schools, for a kid who wants to can go to the health department and pick up a condom. let me finish. let me finish. i don't need my commander-in-chief sitting in front of high school students telling my kid what he should and should not do sexually. >> andrea: don't you think it diminishes the office of the president, talking about condoms? >> bob: no. go to a senior citizen center and talk about condoms? >> greg: the equivalent is going
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>> dana: remember when president obama says there would be no spiking of the football. no victory laps after usama bin laden? we spent a month.
5:19 pm
>> eric: yesterday, they struck down three-quarters of the arizona law. tomorrow, thursday, they'll be hacked. can i point something out? the tea party was birthed on healthcare, town halls sparked because of obama forcing healthcare on us. there will be victory lap and spiking the ball. a big party. i for one -- >> greg: i think it's a dicey, i think it's a bad conversation to have. i mean you don't know what is going to happen on thursday. and i think you should be spiking anything. >> andrea: if the republicans win, and it looks like a huge loss, what is wrong with being a sore winner? >> greg: i don't like it. i don't like it. i think you got to figure out what the solutions are. >> bob: if the republicans win, 40 million people lose. congratulations. >> andrea: i think that is a
5:20 pm
great point, greg. republicans have to be absolutely ready with their plan, because the minute this gets torn apart, people like bob and others will say what is your plan? they already have one. >> dana: honestly, bob, you are informed person. it's really unfair to the republicans. worked very hard on a lot of things like portability, taking the insurance from place to place. breaking up the monopolies and selling insurance across state lines. also on the preexisting condition. plus, they said they would keep the child thing. they have all those things, could have had those four. he had to add the individual mandate, which made it one of the most unpopular domestic initiatives in history. >> bob: i agree, i happen to think portability is a good idea. also, i think tort reform should be -- >> dana: wow! that was in the republican plan. >> bob: it should have been in the plan. but once you take the mandate out, none of the plans work. >> andrea: we don't have enough time for you and i to fight about that. >> bob: there is no law. >> andrea: coming up, president obama wantous to forgo your birthday present and wedding gifts and fork over the wedding cash for his
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re-election. dana will explain how you can sign up. ♪ ♪ the postal service is critical to our economy, delivering mail, medicine and packages. yet the house is considering a bill to close thousands of offices, slash service and layoff over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses but not for reasons you might think. the problem ? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains $5 billion a year from post office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. house bill 2309 is not the answer.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: okay. that was funny. president obama, why was he standing on top of the wedding cake? his campaign has a great new idea. that instead of getting a wedding gift or a birthday gift this year in lieu of that present, just ask people to give you -- give that money directly to his campaign. because he put out in a fundraising e-mail yesterday to his supporters that he believes he will be outspent in the campaign. greg, you thought this was a brilliant idea.
5:26 pm
>> greg: hey, any way you can make money when other areas are failing is brilliant. i'm all for innovation. here is the thing, though. i said this before. if i was going to a wedding like this, i would do the opposite. if this is what they were asking for, i would bring in -- i would sign them up for an n.r.a. membership. immediately. because this is what bob did to me. he signed up a donation for me to occupy wall street. that's what i'd do to them. this is a gift. this is about politics as identity. it's feeding their to go, saying like we think the right thoughts, we're the right people. >> dana: don't you think it looks desperate if you're asking people to give you -- instead of giving a gift; like you need something small, something you would have given in a gift card? if i were to give you a gift card for your birthday? >> andrea: it looks desperate on their part. for years we heard democrats say republicans, stay out of our bedrooms. this is obama popping his head up from the heart-shaped jacuzzi on the honeymoon.
5:27 pm
it's all about me. >> greg: the julia narrative. he is there for the wedding. he should give away the bride. >> andrea: it seems cultish. doesn't it? it seems creepy, donate to elect my president and have him be part of our day. it's weird. >> dana: go ahead. fundraising appeal? >> eric: i got one that says i will be out-spent. it goes through president obama. >> dana: i saw that one. >> eric: it talks about how he will be out-spent. it find that hard to believe, $1 billion you can be outspent. whatever! you can sign up to win, you might win dinner with president obama. but you don't have to donate anything. i went there and put my name in, my numbers in. press here if you don't want to donate money but just want to be included the thing. i wouldn't let me get through -- it wouldn't let me get through until i gave a credit card. >> dana: might have been blocked. on a serious note, bob, let's listen to joe trippi and karl rove who were on "special report" last night with bret baier. they were talking about the state of the campaign and cash on hand. rove's argument is that the
5:28 pm
republicans aren't as strong of a position and joe trippi had this to say. >> they reinvented the way we campaign. they are building a huge online network. they are spending a lot of money on the ground to turn that in to an on-the-ground army for get out the vote. >> the obama campaign will have spent $58 million on television ads. the romney campaign will have spent $14 million on television ads. my suspicion is by july, we may see the republicans with more money in the bank. and the obama campaign scraping the bottom of the barrel. >> dana: bob, that was outside of any of the super-pac activity. do you think the white house, or in chicago, at the campaign, they think they have a bigger problem than they thought they were going to have? >> bob: first, they can have all of my old wedding presents. >> dana: did you get a bread maker? >> bob: matching towels and some thing i don't -- >> dana: egg coddlers? >> bob: they are all in storage. if you want them, they're all yours. look, it's probably true that because obama has been spending what we call the burn
5:29 pm
rate in presidential politics at a furious rate on the field operations, joe said, but what karl -- karl may be right they will be v, the romney campaign will have more money. however, what karl failed to say is his own pac is going to spend $150 to $200 million against obama. already spent $50 million against him. when you add it up, obama will be outspent badly. >> dana: they have the opportunity to raise money from super pacs and then they have union support. >> andrea: they will have plenty of outside groups donating money. it's true, they have had trouble fundraising. the small donor dollars there the last time around aren't there this time around. there are reports they have to downsize a lot of their convention activities, because they are not pulling in the money. >> bob: romney is not pullinpulling in any small dono. >> dana: in may, they had the biggest numbers they have had. b. very little -- >> andrea: but he kept getting small donations. >> eric: you are seeing it
5:30 pm
set up on one side, president obama's side, the high profile celebrities are the biggest donors. on the other side, romney, biggest donors -- >> dana: that is a great point. this is a great point because one thing that president obama says in the e-mail is he is doing the dinners because he does things differently than other people. last week, we had the checks in the city with sarah jessica parker and anna wintour. how different is it, really? >> greg: the new contest, telling people, the young people coming do not abuse the mini bar. that is my favorite story of all. he is saying, guys are going to come, do not go in the mini bar. >> dana: you love a mini bar. >> greg: i could sleep in a mini bar. >> andrea: how do you get through the obama economy without a mini bar? >> greg: it's a metaphor for healthcare. it's like when you are in this room, that's all you have. so you pay $30. >> bob: if barack obama releases the name of the bundlers, mitt romney refuses
5:31 pm
to do it. utah and nevada and places like that -- >> eric: or a lot of them are wall street. >> bob: wall street, yeah, i'm sure it's wall street. all the guys that got away. >> andrea: soros,, they don't have money? >> bob: compared to what they are spending? romney himself is refusing to release bundlers. bush did. everybody else did. but this guy won't. i'm telling you, i think the reason for it is, you will find similarities between -- >> dana: last word, andrea. >> andrea: i point out for the democrats this isn't a very good year for them. they hope to hold on to the senate. dana, obama told them you are not going to get any of my campaign cash. >> dana: i heard that the democrats who support the senate, the senate democrats are starting to mobilize because they realize they have a problem. we're going to actually talk -- there is something we were supposed to have on here and we don't have, but i'll use it for the one more thing. we talk about it one more time later in the show. huckabee is not going to join us, though greg is desperate for him to. coming up, one of the most infamous newsroom reviewed the hbo series "newsroom" and he liked it.
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greg gutfeld not so much. his monologue is next. ♪ ♪ laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] get the mileage card with special perks on united, like a free checked bag, united club passes, and priority boarding. thanks. ♪ okay. what's your secret? [ male announcer ] the united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in.
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today concern among democrats about the obama re-election machine. tonight on "special report," the democratic national convention scaled down the opening event in charlotte. as another prominent democrat, a top obama ally announces she is not going. all of this as fundraising reports show with many fundraisers obama is spending more than he is taking in. u.s. ally turkey moves to protect the border after multiple syrian attack, as the 15-month civil war looks to be spreading there. we'll take you live to damascus for the latest. two days until contempt of congress vote against attorney general eric holder.
5:37 pm
oversight committee chairman darrell issa and the white house dig in their heels. pentagon celebrates gay pride month, which has some inside and outside the military wondering is it too soon for military ceremony? "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: i love that motley crue tempt newsroom belched forth on hbo. you know who loved it? dan rather. yeah, him. the guy who did the news. meaning delivering liberal pap under the guise of journalism. he reviewed the show for some blogs. oh, how the mighty have fallen. once the king, writing for shut-ins. dan liked the show because it's what news should be. ie, liberal. to help promote the mess, british actress mortimer,
5:38 pm
reveals how uninformed we yankees are. in the same blog, she says that george bush was president for ten years and describes a tea party who elected dozens of politician as the lunatic fringe. this is from a self-described anarchist, ailing from england where the media is as balanced as their teeth. how much you want to bet she sees wall street as fine, to adult like her protesting against democracy peacefully is scarier than planning to blow up bridges. newsroom is losers' lament, harkening back to a time when the left ran everything. no wonder they hate fox news, which means they hate you. non-coastal types who don't own prius, held together by bumper stickers. hbo hates you. you should accept the hate proudly. you earned it, because you're right and the show sucks. oh! that's all i have to say about that. what do you want to talk
5:39 pm
about? >> andrea: so you really liked it. >> greg: this was like a time machine that went back to fight old battles they lost. or something. >> andrea: with "days of our lives" on top. drama! if you have ever seen a newsroom in action, no one is stopping to give these bold speeches, these self-important believating, guys we should stop and think whether or not we have courage to run a story like this. no one does that. they look at each other and go run the tape, do the story, move, move, move. i thought it was predictable. they had the liberal feminist, at the beginning of it on the stage. she is railing about how the national endowment of the arts is so great. they pick a white guy to be republican. never have a woman like dana and i play the conservative. >> dana: if they did, we would be crazy. >> andrea: the middle anchor man takes shot at one girl. she gets up to ask a question about why america is so great. the greatest country. he starts going off and says
5:40 pm
listen, you sorority -- calling her a bimbo. i thought is that aaron sorkin hatred of women coming snout what is that? it's rude. >> greg: this is no mary tyler moore show. >> eric: you can tell you watch tv. i liked it. i watched it for 14, 15 minutes of it. >> greg: maybe that's why you liked it. >> eric: more like going to the zoo or watching a sporting event. you just kind of watch it. i love the news, i love politics. it was goofy. when you start to pick out those things you are like look what he is doing there. making fun of the conservatives there. look what he is doing. putting the liberals on a pedestal. that's okay. >> andrea: you were groaning grg in? you weren't groaning the whole time? >> dana: the "west wing" was more subtle. >> greg: no sutty here. bob, what did you make of it? i bet you didn't watch a single minute. you have a life and you go do things. >> bob: i hate you. >> greg: why do you hate me? >> bob: i hate you. it's a good thing you are short and everything. i won't beat you up. i'll forget about it.
5:41 pm
i don't really care. 2.1 million people. we had more people watching us yesterday than that. you know, you know, it's -- who cares? i mean, i just don't, newsroom, the only one that was good was the network movie. remember that movie, sweat and all that stuff? >> greg: yeah. >> bob: i thought that was goods. who was the woman who got killed -- i went out with her once, actually. woman that got killed, the anchor woman who got killed -- >> dana: jessica savage. >> bob: that lasted one date. >> dana: i can't imagine why. >> greg: yeah. >> andrea: it's interesting that they made the lead character, too, made him a republican. and so one blogger wrote you know that is interesting they would have the republican railing against republicans. he goes on to say why we're not the greatest country and france is great and spain is great. all of those countries wouldn't free if it wasn't for the united states. >> dana: it would be cool if hollywood had guts to put together a movie or a storyline based on how citizen journalists and bloggers are the ones taking down the
5:42 pm
traditional newsrooms and breaking things apart and exposing things like the selective edit we saw last week. >> andrea: or dan rather. >> dana: exactly. zing! >> dana: i love the name. mckenzie mchale. >> dana: what do you do with a british actress on a show with two last names? >> andrea: ignore her. >> eric: this is entertainment. >> --s not game-change -- >> greg: it's ideological. >> bob: can you get out of your segment so i can have mine? >> greg: yes. >> andrea: her nickname could be propaganda. >> greg: coming up, take a look at the terrifying video. >> oh, my gosh! oh! [ screaming ] oh! >> greg: in the next block, bob will discuss the tape and the effect on the election and the devastating impact on the political climate worldwide. we pick up where "special report" left off. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: now that is music! welcome to bob's corner. the last part of the show. i'm doing america's funniest home videos. [ laughter ] that is what it's brought down to here. which is fine. no problem at all. 30 years of politics, doesn't matter. we can talk about this. it's fine. >> dana: you're versatile. >> bob: i am versatile. in michigan, there was a wedding party and after the wedding, take a look at this. see what happens to these people when they go out and get the pictures taken. there go cell phones and expensive dresses. it actually reminds me of my wedding. it feels -- my wedding didn't go under water until three months after i was married. but this is a hell of a way to
5:48 pm
end your wedding. isn't it? >> greg: if it was dana's wedding you might have drowned. three feet of water. >> andrea: that's more of a metaphor for your wedding. >> bob: it is. no question about it. can you imagine that? >> eric: i think it's great. now they have that video and play it everywhere. >> dana: i don't. >> greg: they were happy. >> dana: they need a better team to test the weight of that thing. >> andrea: they were probably hammered? hit the bar beforehand. >> bob: don't be so cynical. the next american home vid, does vit a silence to it? i won't say it -- does it have a license to it? i won't say it. bob's home video. this is a courageous father, you will see, who goes on to a carnival ride with his daughter. and you can hear the little girl screaming. i for one do not go on these things because i scream, cry and pass out. that is even after i stopped drinking. watch this. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! oh!
5:49 pm
>> bob: they are waiting for the little girl to take ahold of her dad and say "dad, it's okay." have you been in one of those things? >> eric: i love those. i love all the rides. >> greg: the worst thing in the world is the tower of terror, disney world tower of terror. i'm like that guy. i would do anything. >> bob: which is that? >> greg: you are in like a haunted house and it drops. worst thing i've ever done. >> andrea: that guy in the video looks a little bit like you. >> bob: i appreciate that. let's go to next one. this is a baby bear cub caught in garage. his mother is looking for him. just like any mother would look for the baby. see the bear cub up there? he is hanging around. all of a sud therein comes momma pushing open the garage door. that he minds me of my ex-wife pushing open the door when i try to sneak in at 4:00 in the morning. the cub and the tomma. she says get your ass out of here and we're! the dog in the background -- he's a good dog -- is dana's
5:50 pm
dog and didn't like the noise. >> andrea: that was interesting. >> bob: i liked it. one more to go? two more seconds. this is bob's corner. military wife who does karaok karaoke. she won some award for this. she gets to play with the rascal flatts when they are in concert. listen to this, you think this is a pretty good? good? [ singing ] >> bob: okay, what do you think of that singing? >> eric: fantastic. >> bob: you do, really? >> eric: i love bob's corner of you narrating video. awesome. fantastic. >> bob: what do you think of that? >> dana: i love it. kimberly is 28 and she will get to open for ras cat flatts because of her performance there. that is huge. >> bob: i was going to ask what you thought. one producer said get everybody else in. the other said tease! >> andrea: do you want to go to coney island with me and
5:51 pm
ride rides later tonight? >> bob: no, no, no. not that i wouldn't go with you on a ride, but maybe a horseback ride or something. okay. [ laughter ] maybe yoga ride. >> eric: all right. >> andrea: enough! >> bob: one more thing is up next! ♪ ♪
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement available only with liberty mutual auto insurance, if your car's totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer. to learn more, vit us today. responsibility. what's your policy?
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>> eric: all right, about four minutes. greg, kick off one more thing. >> greg: today i'm going with the usual banned phrase. today, it is, "my friend. "when anybody begins a sentence with you know, my dear friend adrian zemed, or my dear friend bill hemmer. they are not your friend. they hate you. my friend means i hate your guts. because usually you never begin a sentence with dana perino. >> eric: how did you get bill in the -- >> greg: we had a loft in soho. >> bob: i bet you did. >> greg: we both danced in a shirtless troupe. >> eric: exactly. they want me to go to andrea next, although i would love to go to bob next. >> bob: did you celebrate sunday by any chance? curious. >> andrea: my one more thing will stop us from the hysterical outburst of lafter. real hunter and john edwards broke up officially. she said they broke up for
5:56 pm
final time last week. i have one question. can we stop talking about them now? >> bob: why would you get together with the dog in the first place? >> dana: probably trying to get more sales so they cooked up this thing and they will be back together in two weeks. >> greg: he is single, ladies. why not? >> eric: wasn't that my conspiracy theory you are borrowing right now? >> dana: i don't know. maybe you implanted it in my brain. now i'm a conspiracy theorist, too. >> eric: the longer you sit next to me, the more likely you are to come up with a conspiracy theory. >> dana: i said in my "c" block, dana's corner that bob and i had something we'd do in the show but forgot. i said obama has an idea instead of getting wedding or birthday gifts you give money to him instead. bob has a swear jar. as a strong incentive for him not to swear, all of that money in october will go to romney if he swears again. i have a new one, which is the jasper jar. this is greg gutfeld's idea. if i bring up my dog jasper, i have to put $1 in there.
5:57 pm
and this money will go to obama. >> eric: he's a good boy. >> dana: is it worth it or not? >> andrea: i think that is really unfair, actually. >> dana: swearing or jasper? >> andrea: why are we taking this out on jasper? >> bob: why take it out on my swearing? >> andrea: people want the hear about jesper. they don't want to hear your potty mouth. >> eric: get to your swear jar. quickly, last night, president obama in boston, know the audience, mr. president. listen. >> thank you -- [ inaudible ] i didn't think i'd get any boos outs of here. i should not have bought up baseball. i understand. my mistake. my mistake. you got to know your crowd. >> eric: right. that was, carney said they were yukalis. >> dana: president obama didn't expect boos. >> eric: kevin yukalis went from the red sox to the chicago white sox. >> andrea: what do you
5:58 pm
expect? have you seen president flota pitch? i could throw out a better pitch. >> bob: you can throw a pitch all right. mine is a coney island cyclone, the oldest wooden -- what do you call it? roller coaster in the world, in the united states anyway. it's celebrating the 85th birthday this weekend. now, i don't know about you, but would anybody in their right mind get on an 85-year-old wooden roller coaster? if anybody is thinking about doing it, don't. it will collapse this weekend. only kidding. only kidding. it's very safe apparently. it's historic landmark. >> dana: the show has been a roller coaster. >> eric: you know what that means? >> bob: get out. >> eric: got to go. see you tomorrow. ♪ >> bret: late changes in the charlotte convention. fundraising appeals about being outspent. is the obama campaign in a tough spot? this is "special report."
5:59 pm
♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. president obama has another deficit to contend with. despite rampant fundraising appeal, the obama re-election campaign is spending quite a bit more than it's raising. on top of that, the democratic convention was forced to move to a more modest venue for the opening day. chief washington correspondent ed henry looks at what is happening. as president obama took his two-day fundraising tour down south -- >> hello, atlanta. >> a couple hundred miles up the road in charlotte, woes for the democratic national convention piling up. faced with $27 million fundraising shortfall, the host committee today pulled the plug on using the charlotte motor speedway for the big labor day kickoff. raising more questions about whether a lack of enthusiasm will prevent the president from again carrying a key battleground like north carolina. >> number one, a bad economy makes raising large ss


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