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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 26, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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rain. and more is on the rain. here is a look at debby's position right now after pounding the coast since saturday, it's finally made landfall only about two hours ago. forecasters say it should begin weakening just a little overnight. as i mentioned the coast has been walloped but well inland one area south of tallahassee. they recorded more than 28 inches of rain and counting. >> the water came up over the wall where i live. and was coming up anytime a two story on stilts. you know it, came to pint i didn't know if i could get my things out or not. a church in jacksonville this request. if you prayed for rain, you can stop. debby also triggered several tornadoes, including one that destroyed a mobile home on sunday. sent a woman inside flying 200 feet while apparently she
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held on to her young daughter. the member died. but neighbors say they found that little girl alive protected in her mother's arms. let's get right to phil keating who is live 35 miles where officially this storm hit landfall. that doesn't tell the whole story. phil, how is it looking? >> well, we are still waiting to see how bad extensive storm search is going to be. high tide is still 30 minutes away from cedar key. the forecast for the nature coast storm surge of 2 to 4 feet. the police chief is certainly barricading roads preparing for the worse. the storm surge is predicted to go 3 feet all the way down to tampa. the storm system still packing tornadic potential as well as microburst winds like the ones that flipped over the plane at the nearby airport. for all emergency managers in northern and central florida florida simply hasn't quit. >> it is taxing on us. usually we're very fortunate,
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within 24 hours at tops storm is in, storm is out. we are just -- we haven't been able to do this. >> it has been 4 to 5 straight days of rain for much of northern and central florida. every dock destroyed and half of them up on land, shep. >> shepard: the rain is certainly the main story here. there is a wind subplot, isn't there, phil? >> there absolutely is the winds are still sustained maximum about 40 miles per hour. typically in any rain event. all of that rainwater drains in the creeks and rivers out to the ocean. in this case the rain keeps coming in off the ocean. pushing all that water back up stream keeping all the mainland areas oversaturated. persisting in much of central and northern florida. in fact, that neighborhood we were at last night where it was essentially a moat surrounding all their homes.
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evacuation is being very strongly encouraged, shep. >> cedar key florida. as florida deals with the floods, other areas are facing a heat wave. temperatures up through the dakotas. rapid city in south dakota had a scorcher today, 109. in denver, five straight days of triple digits. it's june, remember, and that ties a record from 2005. the heat is expected windy city around 1:056789 evansville, indiana where temperatures are in the 90's today a 7-year-old girl cooled notify a bank's fountain. southwest of topeka a lifeguard found relief by pop ago bag of its right up on her head. heat and humidity causing major problems for the firefighters who are trying to contain a number of blafses out west. some major fires burning in spots from montana to arizona. the worst of it in northern colorado there where the state's second largest
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wildfire in history is now burning. officials in bolder say a new fire just forced them to issue a preevacuation notice, a full update with meteorologist janice dean from the extreme weather center coming up later in this news hour. a number of republic senators today are demanding the white house appoint an independent investigator to find out who has been leaking classified information. leaks which they claim were designed to make the president look good but which they say, insterksd endangered u.s. lives national security. for his part the president says this has nothing to do with any of it and promised to go after the people who are responsible. here is where we stand right now. attorney general holder inquiries inquire into the source of the leak. information about possible u.s. involvement in a cyber attack on iran. a recent al qaeda plot to detonate an underwear bomb on a u.s. bound flight. and details about the president's so-called secret kill list. the republics say they are skeptical the investigation
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would be impartial. today they had some harsh accusations, hear listen. this administration cannot be trusted to investigate itself. we have never seen the number of leaks coming out of the intelligence community. >> this taking place i have never seen anything like the many years i have been here. >> shepard: the president has called such accusations offensive and denies the leaks were denied made to make him look strong or anything else. if they did come from within. the administration will find that source and deal with it catherine herridge with the news live in d.c. catherine the top democrat in the intelligence committee is getting involved. >> that's right. shep. more than 30 senators have signed on. none are democrats. the chair of the senate intelligence committee dianne feinstein referring to the u.s. attorneys on the case she told fox that process has begun. that process should run. a special counsel takes time this has s. already working and has been for three weeks. feinstein unlikely to change her mind unless the u.s.
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attorneys cannot work at the source of the leak,. >> shepard: shep pot on slow boil for months and months now they have specific concerns. >> the senators are questioning whether the u.s. attorney ron can be objective claiming he donated four times to the obama campaign in 2000 will. he reportedly helped to vet vice presidential candidates. current and former administration officials told fox it's not uncommon for u.s. attorneys to make political donations tore advise candidates adding a special counsel would take months to set up and get the necessary security clearances and so far fox has been told the fbi has already interviewed more than 100 people for these investigations. >> shepard: the economy is shaky obviously and it has folks keeping close watch on their wallets. according to the leading researcher of the consumer confidence board more americans say they are worried about jobs and where our economy is headed. it's the fourth straight month we have seen consumer confidence drop. and that has a lot of shoppers apparently thinking twice before buying much. major retail chains like bed,
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bath and beyond ethan allen reports slowing sales. people seem to be making every dollar wouldn't. in fact, red lobster's parent company warns that people aren't eating out that much after $1 price hike on the festival of shrimp. gerri willis is live in our fox business studios. were analysts expecting this bad news that we got today? >> they were expecting bad news but not this bad. as you know consumer spend something 70 members of the economy. it really matters. here's what's going on. consumers are hoarding cash. not spending as you would expect as gas price goes lower and lower and lower. shep? >> shepard: you know, gerri, we got good news on housing prices are up. that's new and good. >> listen, that's great news. it's not going to sound like much, prices up across the country, 1 money 3% for houses. it is the right direction and a different direction than we have seen. they say prices up in 19 of the 20 markets they take a look at. >> shepard: that's a rarity lately. moved the markets today, didn't it? >> absolutely. the market is bouncing back.
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really not posting a terrific performance. everybody is waiting for thursday. that's when the european summit gets underway. we're really going to be watching markets then. that should be an interesting day as we try to figure out whether the europeans can figure out how to pay their debt. >> gerri willis from the fox business network, thanks. news corporation stock took a big jump today after executives confirmed they are considering splitting the company in half. news corps owns this network as well as other cable and broadcast networks. film studios, publishers, newspapers all over the world. news corps isn't specifying which businesses would go to each half of the company. news corps "wall street journal" reports the company may separate newspaper and book publishers to one side. entertainment and broadcasters movies on the other side. news corps stocks went up huge today. more than 8% on the news to close at the highest level in more than four years. the head of a house committee that sent president obama a letter with questions about the decisions youth executive privilege in the fast and furious gun sting controversy.
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the white house says the congressman's letter is absurd. why investigators say the man who killed the unarmed florida teenager, travon martin had at least a couple of chances to diffuse the confrontation before it ended in death. the newly released police records are coming up from the journalists of fox news on this tuesday fox report. whoa. right? get. out. exactly! really?! [ mom ] what? shut the front door. right? woop-woop! franklin delano! [ male announcer ] hey! there's oreo creme under that fudge! oreo fudge cremes. indescribably good.
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the head of the house committee challenging president obama's use executive fast and furious gun sting. last week the president asserted that privilege to keep the justice department from having to hand over certain documents. the goal of fast and furious was said to be tracking weapons to high level arms traffickers the feds failed to track some of those weapons and the two of them ended up at the scene of a shootout that killed border patrol agent brian terry. the house oversight committee has been demanding more information about the. today darrell issa sent a letter to the white house, criticizing the president's use of executive privilege. keep in mind, all this comes
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as the full house gets to vote on whether to hold the attorney general in contempt of congress for refusing to turn over documents related to this matter. just minutes ago late developments on that front we turn to mike emanuel. what's happening? >> white house counsel justice department official. speaker boehner and congressman issa. their meeting broke down. they could not reach a deal. congressional sources say the officials presented fewer than 30 pages of documents related to fast and queue ended. that was a no deal. we appear headed for a contempt vote on thursday, shep. >> back to congressman issa's letter it contains strong recommendations. >> suggesting the white house officials were managing fast and furious and immediate aftermath. this afternoon i asked congressman issa about his
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letter to the president taking that on its face value. also continuing to reach out to the white house saying if not all of it falls under privilege certainly not all of it, could would you please deliver us what you could so key as much as possible. >> congressman issa insists when they do have a contempt vote here. he does believe there will be some democratic support, shep. >> the white house seems to be shaking its collective head and saying this is ridiculous. >> that's right. they responded very quickly and with strength white house spokesman schultz says the congressman's analysis has as much merit as absurd contention that operation fast and furious was created gun control. our position is consistent with executive branch legal precedent for the last three decades spanning administrations of both parties and dating back to president reagan's department of justice. it does not sound like either side is willing to budge. we appear headed for cob tempt
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vote on thursday, shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel on capitol hill tonight. mike, thanks very much. the man who shot and killed the central florida teenager travon martin had at least two chances to avoid that deadly confrontation. that's the finding of the lead investigator and we know because of documents that prosecutors released just today. george zimmerman faces charges of second degree murder for killing travon martin it happened in february zimmerman maintains self-defense. police did not arrest him for six weeks. at the time of the shooting the lead investigator wrote in a report that police had probable cause to arrest zimmerman right then for manslaughter. he wrote that zimmerman twice failed to tell the teenager that he was the neighborhood watchman. something that detectives say might have prevented the shooting. wrote that document has asked to transfer out of the department's investigative unit it comes just days after the city leaders fired sanford florida's police chief in the wake of this case.
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the president of syria finally admits that his country is in a state of war what would happen if that civil war spilled into neighboring turkey. then you would call it a regional war and then we have enormous trouble. there is a warning now from the turkish prime minister and it's next. when you book a hotel room online the rooms you see should be the same no matter what kind of computer you use, right? well, we have some news for those of you who work from an apple. that's coming up.
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it is heating up again. the prime minister of turkey today warned syria that it will treat any syrian troops who approach the turkish border as a direct threat. should turkey act upon that warning, it could cause the
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syrian civil war to spread not just to turkey. it's getting serious. analysts say it could have a disastrous effect on stability and for that fact oil prices. this standoff started on friday when the syrian military shot down a turkish reconnaissance yet over the mediterranean sea. border and syrian rebels have used that region as a base for operations. fast forward to today as turkey's prime minister had very strong words for the neighboring syrians. >> the rules of engagement have changed for the turkish armed forces after this incident. we are not a country which will remain silent and sit idle without doing anything in the face of an attack claim. inside syria is also rapidly spiraling deeper inside to chaos. rebels launch president bashar assad came before his cabinet and told it that the uprising
7:21 pm
in syria is, quote, a real situation of war. greg palkot with the news streaming live from inside damascus like all western journalists in the country. greg is there with permission of the syrian regime which is now monitoring his report. greg? just a short while ago bashar assad confirmed what we had been witnessing as we travel around the countrifully those comments before his new cabinet on tuesday he said we live in a real state of war. he went on to say all policies, all sides, all sectors need to be directed at winning this war what we have seen and heard about is a real escalation in the past few days of a syrian military offensive against the armed opposition in this country. it's happening throughout the nation. the military is using a range of weaponry from big to small. even for the first time in the suburbs around where we are right now in the capital of damascus, heavy artillery. all of this has kept the u.n.
7:22 pm
observer mission grounded except for some humanitarian operations we went on on tuesday but here is a bit of a back and forth that i had with the chief of his mission. a general robert. take a listen. >> you said about the amount of violence going on right now. the major warfare happening through the this country. >> obviously it's disappointing across i come from a position in which more violence is simply lead to more violence again it's a circle we have to break. all the stakeholders inside syria and outside syria that's the main challenge. >> he told me that patrols could resume in a couple of days. but another u.n. official is quoted as saying that that under current circumstances could not even be considered. considering the violence we have been seeing maybe the smart move. shep? here in the united states
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students attending career training programs at for profit schools are at risk the losing federal aid money. this after the education department found that five of such programs failed to meet the gainful employment requirement. meantime graduates are having trouble getting jobs and paying down their student loans. according to the new numbers, just 12% of all higher education students attend a for profit institution. yet they represent 46% of all student loan dollars in default. the travel web site orbit now reveals it's been giving different search results based on what kind of computer that user is using. the company found people with mack tend to book high end motels spending 30% more. so the site steers mac users to the pricier options. orbits exercises it is not offering the same rooms at different prices. consumers can still search their search results by price
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or whatever you want. as big as yesterday supreme court's decision on arizona law was, analysts say one sentenced buried deep inside that ruling could mean huge changes in imforeign relation policy far beyond arizona. we will get to that in a moment. plus are you a college football fan? last week he we mentioned it might be time to dance on the bcs but not yet. not yet has passed. dance away. we have approval tonight for a playoff system and with great glee and joy we'll describe it to you here. then the complaining will begin. as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on fox report. how math and science kind of makes the world work. in high school, i had a physics teacher by the name of mr. davies. he made physics more than theoretical, he made it real for me. we built a guitar, we did thingwith electronics and mother boards.
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>> shepard: update now on the monster storm that's pummeling florida. landfall made hours ago it do dump another 4 to 8 inches of rain across north florida as it moves inland. that's on top of the more than 2 feet reported in some areas since the storm began. when the heat keeps coming down without stopping you get these several giant sink holes popping up in roads and yards across central florida neighborhoods. janice dean in the extreme weather center. what are we expecting over the next 24 hours. >> we will see more rain across northern florida and eventually 24 to 3 of hours debby rolls out in the atlantic. we are getting heavy rain across jacksonville, florida.
7:29 pm
jacksonville flash flood emergency, rain coming down 2 to 3 inches an hour. this is very general. some cases over two feet. this is going to eax sasser is bait dangerous situation. this is the latest track, shepard as we head through tomorrow. moving offshore and we could see a tropical storm but moving away from land which is where we want it to go. >> shepard: that's down south in the west. it's record heat and firefighters are hurting. what's the word there? >> shepard, taking a look at the latest wildfire visuals that we have. from bolder county, colorado this is the latest that broke out very recently they are preevacuation as of tuesday today this afternoon. 97-degree heat right now. 11% humidity and winds from the northwest at 6 miles per hour. and the fire danger is on the increase across the west. it's going to be like this for will next several days, nine
7:30 pm
states danger. how hot? incredibly. 100 degrees in denver. fifth consecutive day that they had 100-degree heat. look at these totals, 109 right now. 106 in sterling. and that, unfortunately, is going to continue to be the scenario throughout the evening and into tomorrow and even into the rest of the workweek. your wind speeds right now are light. shepard, we could see wind gusts in excess of 30, even 40 miles per hour overnight tonight. our prayers are with the folks in colorado. all of the areas suffering. >> a lot of work to be done. janice dean, thank you. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. supreme court on healthcare for thursday. politicians are picking away arizona's tough immigration law. the high court's split verdict had supporters and opponents
7:31 pm
of that nation passage which some lawmakers say supports the white house's recent decision to stop deporting some children of illegal immigrants. the line in question, reads, quote: the equities of the individual case may turn on many factors. including whether the alien has children born in the united states, long ties to the community and record of distinguished military service. some legal experts says that sentence opens the door to major changes in deportation laws. other court watchers question the justices the intent is still in the clear. shannon bream with the news top story at the bottom of the hour now. how are we to fairly interpret that language? >> shepard as with any supreme court upon opinion. it's got to be most narrowly interpreted before the case. a will the of folks think that sounds like dream act language forming amnesty or citizenship for those who served in the military or other ties to
7:32 pm
their community. court watchers like tom dupre and attorneys say be careful. >> at the same time i would be careful not it recovery read that provision. it seems pretty clear what the court was talking about is how you exercise discretion in individual cases. that's actually the language that they used. individual case. >> certainly individual cases much different than a blanket piece of legislation that could cover millions, shep? >> shepard: i guess officials in arizona are responding to word that the feds cutting back on border protection, right? >> right. after that split decision from the supreme court yesterday. the administration through the department of homeland security notified arizona that it was going to lose some of the immigration enforcement enforce and powers that it had there. there has been a backlash from republic governor jan brewer. here is her take. >> i would think that the american people would think long and deep about what the federal government is doing and why aren't they abiding by the rule of law.
7:33 pm
it's just unconscionable. what they said to arizona is drop dead, arizona. drop dead and go away. we're going to ignore you. >> and the man who is arguably arizona's best known sheriff joe arpaio says he still has his ways around these rulings and these different administration. going to stay in the constitution. still going to get the immigration enforcement job done. shep? >> shepard: mitt romney today going after the president over the high court's immigration ruling. >> states looking for a why to find the problems he didn't address. trying to address it in their own ways. now the supreme court has looked at it and what we're left with is a bit of a muddle. what we know is the president failed to lead. he failed to do what he said he would do. >> governor romney also attacked the president's plan to halt the deportation of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who came to the united states as children. the presumptive republic nominee called it purely political. it's worth noting that critics
7:34 pm
argue romney has yet to lay out immigration plan of his own. then there is healthcare. the governor said if the supreme court does not overturn the law this week, he will touch t if elected. >> as you know, the supreme court is going to be dealing with whether or not obama care is constitutional. if it's not, if obama care is not deemed constitutional, then the first three and a half years of this president's term will have been wasted on something that has not helped the american people. >> election day and if each side wants to keep up the fight right now it's all about money. ed henry is live at the white house with more. ed, governor romney raising a lot of money -- well, the president raising a lot of money. it looks like governor romney is going to outspend him. >> that's right, shep. president on a two day fundraising swing. he was in boston last night. today down in atlanta as well as miami right now. the bottom line is that he put out a fundraising pitch to his supporters today in writing the president saying in the modern history the first
7:35 pm
president outspent by his challenger. some of his aides think that mitt romney may raise $100 million this month alone on top of republic super pac money swamping democrats right now. that's why the president at a fundraiser in atlanta said this will be uphill battle. >> theyal say, you know the economy is bad and it's obama's fault. [ laughter ] and because times are tough and because they're spending these ungodly sums. it's going to be close. >> it's not because of a lack of trying that the president has fallen behind. has he done a hundred fundraisers this year alone. that's three times what george w. bush had done at this point in 2004. the problem for the president his campaign is spending a lot of money. on the positive side, they think that money is helping them with organization and key battleground states and may pay off with turning out voters in november, shep. >> money problems for the convention i hear too.
7:36 pm
ones scheduled for the dog days of spending in charlotte. >> $27 million for democrats. shook up the schedule today and said they are no longer going to be at the charlotte speedway kick things off on labor day. instead doing a smaller thing in downtown business district. down playing the money woes, the bottom line is when you talk to some of the president's allies they say this raises question whether there enthusiasm gap' whether it's going to be hard for the president to win battle ground states like north carolina, take a listen. >> number one, bad economy makes raising large sums of money more difficult. number two, no secret the president is not as popular in the business part of the community as might otherwise be the case. >> another challenge is some high profile democrats like clara mccass skill is now going to skip the democratic convention and not go at all. questions about whether she doesn't want to so be seen with party leaders. she down played that today and said shield rather be with voters in missouri fighting to keep her job than going to some party in charlotte.
7:37 pm
shep? >> shepard: ed henry, thanks very much. word that congress is clothes to a deal that would protect keep interest on student loans from skyrocketing. a senior g.o.p. aide tells fox news that house lawmakers are close to reaching a deal on a monster transportation spending bill. if congress doesn't pass it by saturday, federal funding for road, bridge and rail projects will be cut off with up to 3 million jobs hacking in the balance. that source tells us both political parties have reached agreements on quote all the big things, whatever that means. no word whether that includes a provision to fast track the controversial keystone xl pipe line. president obama put that project on hold over republic objections. another would extend the interest rate break on federal loans. john edwards' former mistress said she and the one-time senator and presidential candidate are no longer a
7:38 pm
couple. rielle hunter tells abc good morning america they agreed to split up as of last week. rirl rielle hunter was promoting memoir. at the time the exsenator's wife was battling breast cache. the cancer which eventually killed her. federal prosecutors later accused john edwards of misusing campaign funds to hide the infidelity and love child. a federal jury acquitted him on one charge and deadlocked on five others. it's bun of the biggest cyber crime busts in history. we'll tell you about the fbi sting that's reportedly protected hundreds of thousands of people and their credit cards online. that's all aheads at news rules -- rolls on this tuesday night. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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reports much the 71-year-old screen writer is best known for the iconic movies when harry met sally and sleepless in seattle. liz smith says she spoke efron's son who told mother is dying. updates as they come in. big news today for millions of college football fans the much hated bowl championship series or bcs three words which we will tonight retire it is over. a committee of the university president today approved a 14 national playoff system. bcs commissioner drew up the plan last week. t will replace the current system coming 2014. the way it works right now. some crazy computer somewhere in kalamazoo basically picks a top two teams at the end of the season under that new format. some kind of committee would pick the four playoff teams. so you can hate people instead of machines. we're told officials still need to work out some details but that the all decision
7:43 pm
makers are behind the plan. the death of the bcs comes at long last. the feds say they have helped bus more than two dozen people around the world in the biggest international cyber crime sting ever. the fbi led the investigation which reportedly targeted people buying and selling stolen identities, credit cards and more online. the feds say the sting protected more than 400,000 potential cyber crime christmas and prevented more than 200 million until potential credit theft. how did they they catch these guys. >> 24 arrests in all in 13 countries. as a result of operation card chop in which the feds essentially set up an undercover online forum on which the scammers were talking about buying and selling illegal credit card data but all the time the forum was being monitored by the fbi who tracked all of those on it today they moved into to make those arrests of criminals who rebel in scream
7:44 pm
names like josh the god and i wear a magnum today i wear pag numb and his friends find themselves wearing handcuffs. >> they funny enough don't put their real names on there. >> as delicious as that is, we now have word that this is just the beginning. >> yes. credit card fraud apparently costs the card industry and the retailers here in the u.s. alone something like 8 and a half billion dollars every year according to a recent study. so the feds were delighted to strike a blow here. the assistant fbi director involved in this operation said in a statement today's arrest caused significant disruption to the underground economy. and our r. a stark he radio minored that mosqued ip addresses and private forums are no sanctuary for criminals. and are not beyond the reach of the fbi. but the feds here and right across the globe really has no
7:45 pm
-- >> first time ever. the pentagon honored members of the military for something that would have gotten them court martialled months ago. celebrating the end of the ban on gays in the military coming up. plus the texting behind the wheel is dangerous. it could also hurt new your wallet in a big way in the cops catch you. what's new here? oh, it's new and we will get to it as fox report continues after this. sven's home security gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! how does this thinwork? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% casback on every purche, every day! woo-hoo!!! so that ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great businesses deserve the most rewards! [ male announcer ] the ark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back
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>> shepard: pentagon marking a major shift honoring gay and lesbian service members with first ever gay pride event today.
7:49 pm
comes nine months after repeal of don't ask don't tell took effect. >> how has the military accepted this change? better than we anticipated. i attribute this to the strength of our military and its army, navy, air force, marine and coast guard leadership. and i know i speak for these leaders when i say we hope this process continues in the professional and sober manner than that it has taken since last year. president obama leon panetta taped messages. less than year ago on september the 20th that don't ask, don't tell was officially repealed, right? >> that's right. and it was standing room only today in the pentagon auditorium to mark gay pride day today. >> i went into work on the 20th of september thinking life was going to change. i went in and stat down at my desk and braced myself on the
7:50 pm
desk waiting for everyone to come and ask me if i was gay. [ laughter ] and believe it or not, nobody did. [ laughter ] marine captain matthew phelps says it makes news but for him it's business as usual. the marines expressed the most reservations about the repeal survey in 2000 10. since taken the lead in the transition. shep? >> shepard: jen, everybody wasn't happy about this obviously. >> that's right. those who led the fight against the repeal don't ask, don't tell say today it was too much too soon. >> what happened to the promises that gay personnel only wanted to serve quietly in the military? now we see a gay pride celebration? next year we are going to see mandatory attendance? we are going to see this as military bases elsewhere? this, again, it's
7:51 pm
inappropriate. >> the republic chairman of the house armed services committee congressman buck mckee hand who had been opposed to the repeal of don't ask, don't tell will not attempt to reinstate don't ask, don't tell under a new administration. >> jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thanks. the next time cops catch you using a cell phone while driving in certain states you may have to pay up in a big wra. let's go to new jersey where lawmakers are debating whether to hike a fine for any hand held cell phone use behind the wheel from 100 to 200 bucks for the first offense nine other states and the district of colombia banned all from using hand held phones. ban texting while driving. states should improve drivers education programs but one lawmaker, a democrat in new jersey says and i quote. our goal is to have people stop injuring each other. before it was a slap on the wrist. what people need is a slap on the face. some black bears simply cannot be contained regardless of how
7:52 pm
many times you try. tonight, the story of one particular black bear who managed to make its way back to civilization after packing half a state away. bear in tree ahead of the factor just away. ng i can to mae sure my patients get the very best care. but look at our health care system. everyone agreed we needed reforms -- but this new health care law -- it just isn't fixing things. president obama promised my patients that they could keep me -- but what if because of this new health care law -- i can't keep them? i've looked at this law. i know the consequences: delayed care and worse yet -- denied care. studies show the president's health care law is projected to add hundreds of billions of dollars to our deficit -- and increase spending by more than a trillion dollars. and the truth is -- we still don't know how much this law will eventually cost. i don't want anything to come between my patients and me -- especially washington
7:53 pm
bureaucrats. we need real reform that improves care, and the president's health care law just isn't it. it just isn't worth it. this is where health care decisions should be made. not in washington. i knew it'd be tough on our retirement savings, especially in this economy. but with three kids, being home more really helped. man: so we went to fidelity. we talked about where we were and what we could do. we changed our plan and did something about our economy. now we know where to go for help if things change again. call or come in today to take control of your personal economy. get free one-on-one help from america's retirement leader. the teacher that comes to mind for me is my high school math teacher, dr. gilmore. i mean he could teach. he was there for us, even if we needed him in college.
7:54 pm
you could call him, you had his phone number. he was just focused on making sure we were gonna be successful. he would never give up on any of us. hey. hey eddie. i brought your stuff. you don't have to do this. yes i do. i want you to keep this. it'd be weird. take care. you too. [ sighs ]
7:55 pm
so how did it go? he's upset. [ male announcer ] spend less time at gas stations. with best in class fuel economy. it's our most innovative altima ever. ♪ >> shepard: though the wildlife folks in massachusetts say the black bear that spend memorial day on cape cod today showed up outside boston. authorities caught the animal for the second time this month after he climbed up a giant pine tree in somebody's backyard. officials say the young bear has quite a travel log. last month it reportedly swam across the cape cod canal and wandered around there for a couple of weeks. officials captured said bear and released it in central massachusetts. since then they say it wandered some 100 miles east before ending up in a boston suburb. the bear became a bit of a local celebrity. officials say this time they
7:56 pm
will will bring it to a remote spot in western massachusetts but that they cannot guarantee it will stay there. word is it's on the move for lauren over the red sox. out west in california. wildlife officials captured 100-pound bear in the backyard about 40 miles east of los angeles. officials say they were able to chase that bear up a tree after it spent the early morning hours looking for food. the fish and game folks tranquilized the bear they say it took about 15 minutes to knock the thing out. officials say they plan to he release t. i don't know. maybe massachusetts? nbc is reportedly planning to pay "the today show" co-host ann curry 10 million bucks to leave the show. that's according to the reporting of the "new york post" which is owned by our parent company. ann curry has been part of the today show for about 15 years now. a number of news outlets report savanna guthrie is the frontrunner for the spot we don't know. right now she hosts the third
7:57 pm
hour of the 30 hour per day of the today show. top five things of the day. number five queen elizabeth is set to meet with the head of the army tomorrow end conflict between british government and ireland. number four, appeals court today upheld federal regulations meant to limit greenhouse gas emission. number three, u.s. intelligence officials say despite reports of syria. the army stable. number two, firefighters battle record triple digit temperatures in colorado today while trying to get those deadly wildfires under control. number one, tropical storm debby finally made landfall over florida late this afternoon but the trouble is far from over. that's "the fox report's" top five. on this day in 1917, u.s. troops first landed in france and began turning the tide of world war i. they got there by ship at a secret location in order to avoid german submarines.
7:58 pm
14,000 of them in all. they weren't trained. they were ill equipped. and nowhere near ready for the horrors that would lie ahead. the so-called dough boys spent four months in training before they finally saw combat. on november 2nd of that year the first american troops died during a german raid on their trench. in all more than 2 million u.s. troops served in world war i and helped the allies win. 50,000 brave americans never came home but our boys first arrived over there 95 years ago today. and now you he know the news for this tuesday, june the 26th, 2012. for the journalist of the fox news, i'm shepard smith. thanks for trusting us for your news and information. opinion, analysis begins now. >> laura: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> the department of justice will continue to vigorously enforce federal prohibitions against racial and ethnic
7:59 pm
discrimination. >> the obama administration continues its war on arizona's tough immigration law even after the supreme court ruled that the main provision is fine. >> we all have fundamental rights. even if you do not have papers and the supreme court did nothing to change that. >> laura: monica crowley and allen colmes on that. >> instead of restricting access to birth control, we should make sure in this country women control their own healthcare choices. >> president obama takes his war on women narrative to a high school in new hampshire, but is that the appropriate venue? we'll debate it. sphbland the addiction epidemic. new study shows that 40 million americans are addicted to drugs. >> hit me again. >> so what's john stossel's solution? he will tell us. >> laura: caution, you where to enter


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