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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 7, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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statistics. >> eric: hold on, do this right. frankie, cue the clock. >> bob: cue the clock. where is the clock? >> eric: it's coming. i believe it's coming. there we go. >> bob: jobs added since obama took office, stimulus in 2009, 2.58 million jobs added. manufacturing job's added, since obama's stimulus came in 237,000 jobs. dow jones/industrials up 60%. corporate profits in today, 1 1.645 trillion. $1 trillion in 2009. profits have increased 50%. since obama took office. individual tax rate have not increased at all despite what you hear people around the table say. stimulus package totaled $300 billion. the cost of the george bush prescription drug entitlement with $365 million. how much time do i got?
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>> eric: what happened to our clock? >> bob: entitlement, war and debt, $5.8 trillion. corporate troft up -- >> eric: what is this here? >> bob: eric rocks. >> eric: dana, i'm glad it's a minute. >> eric: fine. >> bob: all i have to say is every one of those categories that came from the brain room and every one of them indicates we're in an economic recovery. >> eric: let's talk about it a little bit though. the one that jumped out at me, i was reading, 14.4% unemployment in the black community. that is up from the prior month, may to june. went from 13.6 to 14.4. you know what that means? 184,000 more blacks are unemployed this month than last month. >> kimberly: well, those numbers are problematic for the president. bob has been able to pull rabbit ears out of the hat. >> bob: these are not rabbit ears. those are facts. >> kimberly: well, anyway, bob, those are your numbers. there are other numbers that show a dismal outlook in the economy and what has happened
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in the administration with record high spending. so he has to deal with that. >> eric: did you notice that president obama took a long time to start talking about the jobs? >> dana: in the speech today? >> eric: romney came out right away and started to talk about the jobs report in his view. nuclear's a surprise. >> dana: they knew about it last night. so in president obama's campaign speech last night, they didn't really talk about it too much. they're not going to be able to hide from it, it's a bitter reality we're dealing with. you can put the numbers out. we're not keeping with the population growth. no construction jobs and the housing market is still as bad as we thought. this is a politically -- when you are going into this, there is no big idea. what would you do differently in the next four years that you haven't done this four years that would make things better? if this is the kind of growth, stagnant, sluggish, not as good as we hoped it was -- >> bob: jobs. >> dana: it's not keeping up with the population.
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not good enough. my biggest concern is the long-term unemployed. people who lost their job who are middle aged, lost their job two years ago. they have blown through the unemployment benefit and probably eaten in their retirement saving. they're having to try to help their children. it will take them a long time to recover. my worry on the bigger picture of this. forget four months from now on the politics. where are the big ideas how we get back? >> eric: how does he, president obama, still command a huge percentage of hispanic vote but the black vote, seeing the numbers? >> greg: he is still likabl likable. he is their guy. you look at the job number, you see more movement in nancy pelosi's forehead. we remember back around 2004. obama, i guess he must have attacked bush for posting what? 310,000 jobs in one month. he would eat his dog for those numbers now. >> kimberly: he already did. >> greg: oh, he did? >> bob: blacks and hispanics are not votingen unemployment.
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they are voting because they don't believe republicans have or will do anything for them. >> greg: why is that? could it be media constant through portraying the republicans -- >> bob: i don't think so. i think it's the very far right programs that republicans put forward -- >> greg: and the far left convincing minority that entitlement society is the only thing they've got going for them. >> bob: you talked about all the big deficits that obama has run up. do you realize the number i said here, if you take the onous have to pay for. and the national debt and the two wars, the deficit increased $5.7 trillion. that is what mccain would have had the same -- >> eric: we're on jobs. stay on jobs. you mentioned something important. you said president obama had the number last night. that absolutely blows me away. spending as much time i did in the investment communities, you know that -- >> dana: i say for sure, i believe so there is at least a few people who had some idea what the numbers would be, just the night before. they don't tell anybody. >> eric: work with me here for a sec, though. i'm reading directly from the
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department, the bureau of labor statistics. among the working group, unemployment rate, left, blacks, 14.4%. edged up for the month. edged up. dana, went from 13 to 14.4. 184,000 people. how is that an edge up? >> dana: well, the other thing we've been dealing with in the last several months, every month we get the job numbers. you find out there are peep who decided to give up and they're not even looking anymore. then you have the cascading effect. so then you have local governments who don't have the tax revenue that they needed before. so their situation gets worse. two weeks ago, president obama suggested we needed to do something more on the federal level to help the state. so the cycle will continue. so mccain would have had the same situation. would mccain spent $1 trillion on stimulus that did not work? might he have done something about reform of titlement? maybe the simpson-bowles and accepting some of those things or try to push for it. the leadership, it's
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lacking -- >> eric: recycling. >> dana: yes. recycling. >> eric: but let me get to this. we have a little sound bite of both president obama and romney today in response to jobs. get you to weigh in after that. >> we learned this morning that the business created 84,000 new jobs last month. that is a step in the right direction. >> we have seen the jobs report this morning. and it's another kick in the gut. to middle class families. >> eric: step in the right direction or kick in the gut? >> bob: coming from mitt romney who never met a payroll in his life, it doesn't matter what he says. >> dana: that is not true. >> bob: what payroll did he snake >> eric: bain capital. >> bob: they take their money from the profits they get. >> dana: do we compare that to president obama? >> bob: you talk about the trillion dollars of which i said $300 billion of that was for tax decreases. president obama not raised a single tax. he has cut taxes. dow jones/industrials has gone
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up 60%. by the way, the places you're from, foreign profits, since he took office, have increased by 50%. >> eric: are we still on jobs? >> bob: there are a few other things here you want to skip over. >> greg: i love it, though. now suddenly this is pro-profit. >> kimberly: can you believe it? >> greg: happy about profits. if this is a recovery, what do you call a corpse? resting long-term? >> bob: where is your evidence it not being a recovery? >> greg: job figures for one. 309,000 people with college graduate degrees or bet ver dis agreed. it's a horror movie. "invasion of the body snatchers" but jobs disappeared. if this were republican, oliver stone would make a horror move out of it. >> kimberly: this is a kick in the gut. i like the rhetoric that romney used. he needs to use more of it and be firm and emphatic in the way he speaks to the american people. there is a lot of play about that, in terms of criticism. what he needs to highlight is let's make a clear decision,
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between that guy and what he has done and himself, and what he can do. what obama gives you with one hand he is taking with the other. >> bob: what is your evidence for that? >> kimberly: look at the jobs number. >> bob: i'd like to see evidence for once. >> kimberly: population growth and create new jobs for new workers entering the workforce. trying to enter. we can't even deal with the people who are in there, long-term employment numbers. >> greg: you want an example? he put leo dicario as a priority over the key stephen pipeline. more interested in the celebrity environmentalists than getting jobs for america. >> kimberly: true. >> eric: how about this? 8.2%, the longest period above 8% unemployment since 1948. 12.5 million people out of work. >> bob: our largest market in the world, europe, in a terrible position. >> eric: there is a lot of blame to go around. >> greg: europe is in dire straits so we are adopting their game plan. like we hired the worst -- >> bob: how are we adopting
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them? it's inherited. inherited social security. >> greg: this created investment for entitlement. to help support the entitlement. >> kimberly: he is in trouble with his base. women, african-americans, latinos all hardest hit by this, by the economy and the jobs number. if he is going to have to recon with that. >> eric: 780,000 fewer women employed today than when president obama took office. >> bob: when he took office, there was $660 billion of defense spending. now there is $720 billion. >> greg: he is planning to make cuts. >> bob: oh, i see. you're saying it's cuts? >> greg: long-term look at europe, they made cut to support entitlement culture and he is proposing to do the same thing. >> dana: if you make that argument, you cannot say that paul ryan's budget would cut medicare. it's increase, lower increase, and -- slower increase and they reform it. if you make that point about president obama now you can't say it about paul ryan going forward.
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>> bob: i would say paul ryan if you took his program would cut the cost but also put people in the more dire straits. >> eric: wrapping it up here. coming up, class warrior in chief. at it again. money can't possibly have value. right? we'll play the outrageous tape after the break. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." class warfare, favorite topic of late. listen to president obama yesterday and see what you make of this. >> middle class is also an attitude. it's not just about income. it's about knowing what's important. not measuring your success just based on your bank
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account. but it's about your values. an being responsible. looking after each other. >> dana: nothing objection to believe that statement. but it's what he dop say that has some people questioning is it -- not saying that, does it mean rich people done have values? >> greg: having a bank account helps you take care of people. you begin to think he's not running against romney. he is running against success. waging a campaign against achievement. his motto should be if you're a winner don't vote for me. this is what this is about. he says he expanded the definition of middle class to include poor. it's true! middle class has become poor under him. equality through destruction. >> dana: one of the things about this class warfare rhetoric, it was shocking at first. then it just became accepted. in some ways we are more divided now than we were three-and-a-half years ago when president obama got
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elected. do you think people will forget the last three years and listen to this an think he is all for the middle class? >> kimberly: how could they? do the math. even the basic numbers show he has had a war on the middle class. they should be outraged. no way anybody the middle class should vote for someone mercilessly increasing their taxes, that you don't like the tax but they'll take the win if they can get it. it's ridiculous. how can you in good faith and conscience put somebody in who is stripping dollars out of your pockets and throwing it away and wasting government -- >> bob: waging a war in middle class? >> kimberly: that's what i think. 100%. >> bob: prove it. prove today that he has done anything to hurt the middle class. >> eric: i will. in five months, in five month whence the bush tax cuts expire unless president obama figures out a way to extend them -- >> bob: today. today. >> eric: this is today. >> kimberly: these are his policies today. things in the works. >> eric: only reason they haven't gone up is because the
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republicans in congress made sure they didn't know up. >> bob: bush tax cut put us in the deficit we're in. >> dana: that is not true. you can't say that and then claim in the priest segment the entitlement spending which was not created under president bush. >> bob: the prescription drug thing was? >> dana: do you think that is the only entitlement we have? your point was that -- >> bob: lbj and -- >> dana: i'm going to get back to the topic. because the question is on values. should rich people not have values? the first thing i thought of was it's actually rich people who fund all the charities that actually work better in delivering services and hel helping people than the government. >> eric: we did research, the top 50 philanthropists donated $10 billion to various charities. if you make money, people -- charities, create jobs,
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success works in america. contrary to what president obama would like everyone in the same little area. meanwhile, he is flying around on our $85 million air force one jet. he is not living like middle class than any mean. >> bob: did any other president? >> dana: let me get greg in here. if you're rich and in hollywood, you have values. you're a good for america. but if you work on wall street or oil company you are not good for america. pretty much? >> greg: rich is okay if you agree with their ideology. if you don't, then you're greedy. i will say this. bob, obama -- liberal is supposed to protect the little guy. that's what it is about. it will also be a duopoly between the little guy and the big guy. president obama is playing to the old tradition. the problem is he leans too much in the language of injustice. for language of injustice to survive it requires people perceiving themselves as victims and you end up with a
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melting pot that is on high boil. >> kimberly: victim class. >> bob: he never said rich people don't have values. not a word of that. >> dana: he says if you're not measuring your success based on the bank account at the values. >> bob: he is aiming himself where he wants to get elected. >> kimberly: he's not doing it right way. >> bob: how is that? >> kimberly: your statement is correct that is what he should be doing but he is not. he is creating a new class, victim class. that's as a result of -- >> kimberly: instead of saying things like that. give me examples of how he decimates the middle class? >> eric: sure. >> kimberly: i didn't ask you. >> eric: can i help? >> kimberly: job employment numbers are amisball. people are out of work. people there are supposed to be arden supporters and that he is supposed to lift and raise them up, he is not. >> bob: you said all along the capital system of the free market creates job. now you want the president of the united states to create
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jobs. >> kimberly: stop overregulating. >> bob: name me one regulation he put in. >> eric: i like when you're mad. >> bob: that is pretty cute. name one regulation. >> eric: dodd-frank -- >> kimberly: there is another one. >> bob: that is broken. >> dana: what about all the money that was thrown to cronies on the green energy front that has not panned out? that was taken from the poor, the middle class. >> bob: that was a terrible mistake. i agree. >> dana: coming up, morgan freeman -- the other thing that president obama is the first black president. you want to know why? you will hear when we come back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: is that queen? >> greg: that is queen. >> bob: actor morgan freeman
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has interesting things to say. one thing he said i agree with completely, president obama are seen by republicans as the jobs not going along with anything. he said president obama was not the first black president. listen to what he says. how he defines that. >> all of the people setting up this barrier for him, they just completely forget that barack had a momma. and she was white. america's first black president, hasn't arisen yet. he's not america's first black president. he's america's first mixed-race president. >> bob: that is true. some call it molatto. >> greg: not anymore. >> kimberly: that's objectionable term. >> bob: sorry about that. what sales new for me?
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what is the argument here? >> greg: you said you agreed with him about how the republicans try to make mim -- >> bob: absolutely. >> greg: that is what opposition parties do. when they lose, every has to make him a one-termer. democrats wanted bush to be a one-termer. that's not an insuspect. insult. that is how you play the game. >> dana: toward mid-terms in 2010, whenmcconnell, the leader of the senate, republican, what is your goal? any goal is help defeat president obama in 2012. everybody was like oh, my gosh, they were outraged on the floor, kicking and screaming that somebody said that. all i could think of is right, that is what he is supposed to. do he didn't say it on inauguration day. he said it a week before the mid-term elections in 2010. >> bob: but what he didn't say is deal with the deficit, deal with healthcare. >> dana: why didn't president obama deal with deficit or entitlement? why didn't he do anything but add healthcare to everybody's
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plate. and add $1 trillion stimulus. i hope the show is on in 20 years because it will be fun to watch you have to try to defend obamacare. >> bob: i don't think so. i think we will look at it like medicare. >> greg: 20 years is a long time. >> dana: i'm looking for long-term justice. >> bob: do you think sethe first black president? >> that is notf me to decide. that president obama's choice to say i'm black or i'm white. >> kimberly: he first black president. >> eric: my question is now that morgan freeman says he is not does that mean that the black by african-american community erode? >> bob: he made a decision. mixed race and decided to settle as african-american. he decided to do. so he is the first black president. jimenez is ridiculous and demeaning. i don't know why morgan freeman is doing this.
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he is being racially divisive. i don't like this at all. two things, i'm puerto rican. when i try to go to the latin clubs, they are you look white, you're 50% puerto rican. what is wrong with you? >> bob: rush limbaugh said they were dressing the white camp of president obama. is that out of line? >> greg: a good point. morgan freeman says it, it's okay. if rush says it, it's not. i don't know if this is our country or media of the country, we've become so obsessed, the most obsessed about race than any country in history of the world. we should be happy we think about it. but we should step back and say maybe we think about it too much. how do we move beyond the conversation. >> bob: average person in america doesn't think it's outrageous. >> eric: why in the world in an interview with npr would
2:29 am
this come up? that is the point? why bring it up? >> bob: i can't speak for morgan freeman. when race was a divisive issue in the '60s and '70s. back before that -- >> dana: like the civil war. >> bob: and the civil war. you could argue -- >> greg: we fought a war to end slavery. >> bob: that is my point. is it that big an issue today? the a answer clearly is no. if they raise it to divide the side of it, small percentage of liberals doing that. it's not helpful. why morgan freeman says it, i don't know. distinguished man. maybe he believeles you need to be 100% african-american. >> eric: what is the point? bost i have no idea. >> eric: you are right. throw race out there. >> kimberly: it's not helping. >> greg: i think he said the reason why republicans don't like him is race. they shouldn't not like him because he is half white. it was again, a different kind
2:30 am
of race baiting. >> kimberly: thank you. >> greg: you're welcome, kimberly. >> bob: all rit. coming up, a new study claims to have cracked the code for being cool. greg, the cool man will explain next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar
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now back to new york and "the five."
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to "poetry and progressive." researchers say they figured out what makes someone cool. they had people submit words describing cool and rank them on desirability. this is research, people. the most common trait, attractiveness, friendliness, personal confidence and forehead creeps. the last one was consciousness. look at kids from a canadian university which makes you want to nullify the results. but you'd be wrong. after all, canada did give us the odometer, which is cool. if you have to study cool you never find it. it exists without effort. we elect presidents based on
2:36 am
this. the real joke is social consciousness makes you cool. research employ it for word liberal. it meant gathering city for greenpeace, not for the local republican. they have it backward. coolness is based on prioritization of caring. the cool person reserves effort for people close to them. then they leave everyone else alone. they don't tell you what soda size to drink or how to recycle. socially conscious folks get in everyone's business as their own lives to go to hell. see dana perino, she seems so damn cool. except to those who have to deal with her. then you realize she is a monster who would be stopped. >> kimberly: my gosh! >> dana: i thought you said piddleless. pidle in the hallway. >> greg: i would surprised you bring up your dog in this. >> dana: he's cool. >> dana: i wap your definition of cool. don't say cruelty to elderly, because that's gisting. >> dana: that is what bob thinks i want to do to the
2:37 am
elderly. what does personal competence mean? >> greg: good at what you do. >> dana: personal confidence? i don't know. >> greg: hygiene. >> dana: got it. what? personal -- >> kimberly: don't listen to him. >> dana: if you comb your hair and wash your face? that makes you cool? >> greg: don't embarrass yourself in public. >> dana: that rules you out. the coolest people are the ones that don't give anything able anything. what you thought was cool when you are a teenager might not be cool when you're older. >> greg: how astute. eric, you said the coolest thing you did was sneak a theater to see "spy kids 2" and that was last year. >> eric: no, i didn't. some people think being rebillous is cool. looking up to tattoo and other things. >> dana: kinicky. >> eric: but other things that is cool is confidence. if you see someone confident,
2:38 am
attractive, not attractive, whatever. if they're confident it's pretty cool. >> kimberly: i agree with that. >> greg: bob, you the coolest person at the table. how do you keep your cool? >> bob: if attractiveness is a qualification, i lose. i want to say after the fourth of july show there was talk about me having a toupee. i may be ugly, but this is all my hair. that's all i want to say. >> greg: that was from your suspenders. >> --ked like d. >> bob: i understand that. i used to think rebels were cool. i don't know what is cool. >> dana: were you considered cool in high school? >> bob: no. i was a thug then. considered a thug now. i haven't changed much. i thought cool was keeping up with like modern culture. the last music i remember is willie nelson. i don't, i was a drunk for two-and-a-half decades. i don't remember much of that.
2:39 am
i'm not drunk now. >> kimberly: you are hanging out with the cool kids. >> greg: if you are good looking you have 99% of it. isn't that unfair? >> kimberly: i wouldn't know. you're not going to get me on this one. >> greg: who is cool? a lot of people watch a great show on f.x. called "justified." i'm just now catching up. tim olafant plays gibson, wears a stetson, u.s. marshal. that guy is so cool. the epitome of cool to me. >> greg: you develop these intense crushes. >> dana: i do. like dierks bentley is cool. we have a picture of him, too. i didn't want anyone to feel left out. both of them i would have had posters of them on my wall in high school, junior high or earlier than that. >> greg: did you draw their name with hearts on your notebook?
2:40 am
>> bob: with bubble letters. >> dana: i might start. >> bob: tom hanks dorb who are we talking about? tom cruise. tom cruise is cool. a man's man. >> dana: literally. >> eric: can i give an opinion. i'm christian. so i say walking on water, jesus christ is cool. my wife is cool, because i better say that or i'll get in trouble. my producer nina is cool. i love mina. you do a great job. you are cool. >> bob: mina, you're responsible for that stuff? i never knew that. >> greg: no choice for cool? >> kimberly: george clooney is cool. even though he is on the other side i like him. >> greg: just because he hit on you. every time he runs into you, he hits on you. can you blame him? coming up, she may be the most hated woman in america. the year after acquitting of
2:41 am
killer her daughter, casey anthony is making headlines. if you leave now, we won't have a new show tomorrow. ♪ ♪
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as to the charge of first degree murder, verdict to
2:45 am
count one, we the jury found the defendant not guilty. so say we all. ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: welcome back to "the five." casey anthony who was acquited of killing her daughter one year ago. her attorney jose baez was on "fox and friends" earlier and said this. >> the jury got it right. people should try and understand that i hope the public could say okay, she has had her day in court. allow the verdict to stand. i hope that casey can find a way to mourn and get on with her life. and make something of it. i hope that she can contribute something. and i have a feeling she will. >> kimberly: i think that is very doubtful. "people" magazine says casey remembers her daughter with a grim momento. a necklace containing her ashes.
2:46 am
the necklace was a gift from her mom. evidently they reconciled though casey accused her parents of abuse and implied they were involved in the 20-year-old's murder in her trial. you can't really make this up. >> dana: tragic from the beginning to the end and continues to be. still, we don't know what happened to the little girl. that is the real shame an injustice of all of this. also that she is wearing the necklace. >> bob: the shame and injustice is the attorney who is writing a book about this. ripping off a system and trying to make money. like that show -- >> kimberly: didn't pay him anything. >> bob: that recycle that stole our format. again, it's fine because fab watches it. good luck. you got no career. i was not supposed to say that, the producer said. >> eric: why are you so -- so baez is writing a book and he is going to capitalize on, another person capitalizing on poor girl's demise.
2:47 am
>> kimberly: respect jury system. that was a jury verdict they came up with. but give me a break. they saw all the evidence that was there. this is a tough 2010 swallow. the family is so dysfunctional. blaming one another. now, i mean, quit making a mockery. you're not fooling anybody by this phony i'm grieved. et cetera, et cetera. >> bob: what do you say about this point, she did the jury trial. that's what we do in this country. she was found not guilty. how do you -- what are we saying that? that the your system was loaded? bought them off or -- >> kimberly: i'm not saying they bought them off. sometimes good people get things wrong, bob. you know, look at the o.j. simpson trial. >> bob: i hear you. >> greg: they talk, i guess the guy says she wants to get on with her life. she should start dating again. she and scott peterson would be a perfect couple. >> kimberly: he has put together an appeal. >> greg: john edwards, he is single. >> kimberly: i don't know. but you think is in good taste at all to do something like
2:48 am
that? >> bob: i don't think it's good taste. first, she has gained 20 pounds. she was a 10 at 10:00 and now she is at the at 2:00. i don't get it. >> greg: is there another story we can move on to? >> kimberly: this isn't a story about the attractiveness of casey anthony. this is another story we covered in the university of minnesota. severing ties with the unfair campaign, which was designed to highlight white privilege, greg. what do you think of this? you did this. >> greg: i think they were actually, it was the university of minnesota like this. but they didn't expect outcry from people. now they are caught with their proverbial pants down and now they're disowning it. >> dana: caught with writing egg all over their face? something. >> greg: that was a stretch. >> dana: i was working on it. >> dana: i imagine the president of the university got a lot of phone calls. >> kimberly: why did it take them so long?
2:49 am
>> bob: it's university of minnesota duluth. it's 99.9% white. 99.9% you dent want to go there. dims women are -- >> bob: it's a nice play. >> kimberly: 2 at 2:00? >> kimberly: northern minnesota. it's all white. >> eric: what is your point? >> bob: i don't see what the point is. you are trying to attract black people up there? it's 80 below zero in september. >> kimberly: where do you come up with your weird senses to keep the bizarre demographics? >> bob: black white, puerto rican, they don't go there. >> kimberly: there you go with the puerto ricans again. >> bob: would you live in 80-degree below zero place? >> kimberly: common now. >> greg: why are we dumping on duluth? >> are you trying to say only white people live where it's cold? >> bob: norwegians. finns. people used to that. >> kimberly: is this from
2:50 am
the beckel almanac. >> bob: have you ever been to finland? >> kimberly: no. >> bob: good. >> greg: i have. i love finland. >> bob: because they have vodka there. >> kimberly: you have just destroyed this segment. [ laughter ] >> bob: trying to make a couple of points. >> greg: you have. >> kimberly: recycle this, baby. one more thing is up next.
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>> eric: all right. one more thing. greg is up first? >> greg: you know, on friday, i like to do my horoscope. virgo, by the way. your may wonder why you're singled out for great fortune. but nothing happens without a reason. enjoy what you get today. the police know what you did in brazil in 1994. they found the hand. >> kimberly: that is so disturbing. what is my horoscope. read for pisces. >> eric: all right. >> dana: i thought you were in germany in 1994. >> greg: i move around a lot. the best questions you ask, the better for your family. >> dana: i'm recycled my one
2:55 am
more thing from monday. president bush and mrs. bush was in zambia. and it's his birthday and the kids got a chance to king so him. he and mrs. bush went down there for the expansion of the pink ribbon, red ribbon campaign they are running out of the bush center. they had a lot of personal experiences this week and wish him happy birthday. >> kimberly: how nice is that. they give back all the time. >> dana: if you go to there is great video that is very touching. >> eric: very genuine. >> greg: your friends do nice things. >> eric: mine is not so, so heart-felt. ally spanola, runs marathons, takes cold showers and writes songs. this is 99 to drunk. >> ♪ in rare form ♪ ♪
2:56 am
♪ fuzzy, dizzy, merry >> eric: you can see the 46 or so on ally spannpanola. >> bob: i have been every one of those. president bush deserves credit for doing with aids in new york. he and his wife did a remarkable job and others didn't. my one more thing is a guy i write a column with is often not recognized for good work he does. cal thomas. largest syndicated columnist in america. he brought me to faith. raises money and gives it anonymously to people. he works with women in tragic conditions not to abort their children. he is an all-around wonderful human being. i congratulate him for all he does. he does it quietly but effectively. >> kimberly: "hear! hear!" strong finish. >> eric: you're up. >> kimberly: this weekend, big triathlon. uh-huh. we have real winners here at
2:57 am
fox news channel that will be participating. there is one. say hi. porter, porter, porter. that is the senior producer there. porter barry. he has been chasing us around the build stog get in shape. we know he will do fantastic. joining him from fox news channel will be cheryl cassone and anna koyman. we'll see how they do. porter, make us proud. >> bob: you know porter didn't start to swim until three weeks ago? he has to swim in the hudson river for a while. i'll be down there with a life preserver. we like him and want him back. rate he's going no, chance. [ laughter ] he will do well. he will do well. >> kimberly: we're excited. >> dana: deal with the heat. >> bob: the heat. ride a bicycle. >> greg: if you did triathlon, what would the three events be? >> dana: talking, talking, talking. i don't know. >> eric: what do you think? >> dana: what do you think? shopping. >> greg: pulling wings off butterflies, scaring
2:58 am
caterpillars and eating bunnies. >> dana: in that order. >> bob: drinking wine and more wine. >> kimberly: mine is talking, eating and dancing. >> greg: we'll leave it there. >> eric: okay. >> greg: maybe it's better. better we get out. >> bob: good show today. this has been a strange show. >> eric: have a fantastic weekend. ♪ ♪ welcome, i'm andy levy. he went down to crossroads trying to flag a ride and haven't heard from him since. >> if mcdonald's is your kind of place, do you deserve a break from the overcommercialization of the olympic games?
2:59 am
>> if you got those references you are probably my age or older. are they for good in the word to protect your personal freedom. we're going to settle the argument tonight. in a fun way. even if you didn't want your money back on the homemade sex movie you ordered ten years ago. tommy lee wants to know that he doesn't owe you thinking. >> and getting into the apps. >> wait until you hear about it. thanks, tom. >> and let's welcome our guests. i will here with columnist jetta and he claims to be a producer and director but i see no evidence, it's jay back from los angeles. bill schultz. she planning another reboot of spider-man. and back by popular demand at buddhist theater is victor roberts


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