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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  July 15, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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overseas from the private equity firm bain capital. there's never been concrete evidence of. if asked if he would apologize, the president telling a tv reporter no we will not apologize. mr. romney claims he's mr. fix-it and they want to know exactly what is his business experience, end quote. and the deputy manager, stephanie cutter, last week said governor romney might be guilty of a felony if he misrepresented his position at bain as a security and exchange committee member and her point he worked there when jobs with outsourced and he ins cysts he left in 1999. on friday, the governor asked for an apology for the remark and round and round we go the battle playing out on the sunday talk shows and cutter facing off with romney's senior campaign advisor, kevin madden.
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the obama campaign continues to focus on these afact even though fact check after fact, and investigative journalist after journalist shows that governor romney left bain in 1999. >> instead of whining about what the obama campaign says, put the fact out there rather than trying to hide. >> and how are they explaining the status at bain at this critical period? >> i think that the governor was retired retroactively because he never did return to bain. questions about bain capital have occupied much of the campaign's time the past few weeks and he claims it's an effort by the obama administration to draw attention away from the bad economy and romney aides are slamming the president for his negative ads. >> we've got these baseless charges on moving jobs overseas who fact checkers have said they're not true, indeed a lie and reckless and unfounded allegation that--
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of criminal activity and so it's sad to see, we now know that this president will say or do anything to keep the highest office in the land even if it means demeaning the highest office in the land. >> romney's campaign released a new ad today asking why the president has stopped talking about hope and change. >> harris: people may see this as an interesting point because the facts so far not supporting these accusations, how does the obama campaign respond to romney's charge and these attacks are beneath the presidency. >> they say these are re get mat questions and romney needs to be more forth coming not only about bain, but off shore accounts, commonly used as tax shelters. and saying the off shore could influence the governor's decision making if he were elected. >> i'm not suggesting based on what we know that he's done anything illegal. i'm not suggesting that.
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what i'm suggesting, he's taken advantage of every single conceivable tax shelter loophole that we can see and now is he the guy that's going to clean up the tax code and make it as advantageous to the taxpayers and the country or look at it through the lens of his own experience. the obama campaign of course pressuring romney to release more tax returns, harris. >> steve centanni, thank you very much. let's turn to oversees and the efforts to pre two kidnapped americans in egypt. the appeal from a boston area family, one of the two taken. and the fox report team reaching out to the family of pastor lewis and moments ago sharing news they photographs. we know that in egypt, the pastor along with another american retracing the steps of jesus in the who willy land and snatched in broad
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daylight, and that's a region in eastern most egypt that links egypt to israel. our peter doocy following the story from washington. >> reporter: harris, the 32-year-old hostage taken says his 62-year-old uncle was thrown in a jail last week because he wouldn't bribe them and the nephew wants the triple kidnapping to urge authorities to free his uncle and using lewis and 39-year-old from the boston area and the tour guide as leverage. the state department says, we're aware that two americans were kidnapped. and that egyptian authorities are doing everything to bring back safe relief and we will provide counselor assistance as needed. hillary clinton met with egyptian leaders as part of a pre-scheduled trip and this situation is a big test for
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their new president. >> i think the egyptian government has to demonstrate that it's still able to maintain security enside egypt. if it fails to do that, it's going to be a severe economic blow to egypt, to the tourist industry and call into question whether the new government is effectively in power. >> and all reverend lewis' family wants is his return and not revenge. >> and you know, and i'm sure they have their open reasons for doing such. i mean, we just would love, and no more lies. >> and reverend lewis' son says the fay less a' concern for his father's return, and they want them to know that he's diabetic. >> harris: as peter mentioned moments ago, secretary of state, hillary clinton wrapping up a historic visit to egypt. meeting with prominent women leadners cairo and urged the egyptian people on a different matter, to quote, commit to a
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strong and durable democracy than appears to be far from finished as the power struggle between the new government continues to escalate. the top general raising the stakes with the muslim brotherhood, saying the armed forces will not allow any single group to dominate the country. he did not mention the muslim brotherhood by name, but clearly referring to the elected president and last week that he defined the military by attempting to reconvene the parliament by the muslim brotherhood. we'll keep you posted there. a fox weather alert now. lightning blamed in the deaths of two people in north harris county, texas happening a few hours ago, saying the victims were on soccer fields when lightning hit them. a third person we now have learned, haseen taken to the hospital and we don't know the extent of the injuries of that victim.
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and it's part of a series of nasty weather all weekend long in the houston area and we want to learn more about what's happening. meteorologist maria molina is with us in the extreme weather center. >> unfortunately we're hearing about these now from some of lightning storms from the houston area and flash flooding across that region, dumping a lot of heavy rain, over two inches of rain, that being a short amount of time duringome of the storms, that have been rolling through. you saw on the radar, that the batch of stormed rolled through earlier, probably a couple of hours ago. now the strongest storms are austin, san antonio, so, just be careful out there. we see widespread storms and across the eastern third of the country and upstate new york and pennsylvania and a strong line of storms at the albany area approaching massachusetts and new york city should be seeing those later on tonight. as we head westward. we're concerned about activity
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across north dakota until midnight. no dangerous storms have fired up that in that area, and watching the potential across the southwest, and the big stair are the droughts. colorado, arizona, utah and now navy storms rolling through, typical this time of year and unfortunately dump a lot of rain in a sort amount of time and flash flooding is a concern as well. and a watch in effect arizona, nevada and southern california in effect through tonight and some of the storms can bring heavy rain and we need the moisture across the lower 48 we're experiencing dry conditions and severe droughts in some areas, we need the rain and take it where we can get it and it will be tracking the heat that will be making a come back through the midwest and the northeast and rapid city, once again at theened of tomorrow. >> i tell you, it's an odd one. triple digits, it looks like
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they're reversed. they're usually to the south. but maria, we'll check back when the news warrants, thank you. >> right now two little girls, cousins vanished and the frantic search is on, unfolding we're told near a lake and the family says it's just not like them to wander off. how investigators are handling the case and also, police say he was drunk, do you think? it got out of control. wait until you hear what one witness did on a high speed chase with police. stay close. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast, st $14.99.
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♪ i hear you... ♪ rocky mountain high ♪ rocky, rocky mountain high ♪ ♪ all my exes live in texas ♪ ♪ born on the bayou [ female announcer ] the perfect song for everywhere can be downloaded almost anywhere. ♪ i'm back, back in the new york groove ♪ [ male announcer ] the nation's largest 4g network. covering 2,000 more 4g cities and towns than verin. rethink possible. >> hundreds of volunteers joining iowa police for the accept of two girls, ten-year-old and her cousin last seen riding their bicycles near a lake.
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the mom says she believes they were abducted. the investigators are treating this as a missing person's case and in the outruling the kidnapping. and they're looking at sex offenders who live in the area. it's now been 55 hours since anyone was heard or seen the girls. ten-year-old lyric cook, often stayed at the home of her younger cousin, eight-year-old elizabeth while the mother worked. the grandmother called the police when they dnd show up. they discovered the bikes along a trail on liar's lakes and the girl's family are begging for a reunion. >> whoever has them, turn them in and call the cell phone and she knows the phone. >> the fbi and iowa division of criminal investigation has turned in the search efforts and they've scoured 40ers p-of
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the lake using divers and son sonar. and a plane with infrared and so has the canine. this has rocked the town. searching in the wee hours of the morning and going to bed for a couple of hours and doing it all over again. some people wonder what about an amber alert. certain things have to be in place, this is not that yet. >> no amber alert because the authorities don't have a description of a vehicle or a suspect. and that's the reason for that. but, if you have any information about the cousins, call 911 immediately eight-year-old elizabeth collins approximately 4 feet 1 inches tall. 55 pounds and sandy hair and blue eyes and ten-year-old, foot 4, 11 inches tall a stockier build and there's an anonymous builder is offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the
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girl's whereabouts. >> before i let you go. there were i think so this coming out about the moms being talked to and ruling out any signs that they wandered off. they got to a huge search quickly. >> the firefighter found the bicycle of both of the girls, so, that leads you to wonder, why would they have left the bikes there either? >> all right. we wish them the best, thank you very much. well, in a neighboring missouri town, police questioning a person of interest in the disappearance of two young mothers, they said that ashley key had been running with a bad crowd and moved in with her sister, she was turning her life around. and they were missing and he came home to find his children alone. >> she was a very good mother, she would never leave her kids alone especially for that amount of time. >> police say a truck was also missing from the home, but it was recovered yesterday with no signs of the two women. and terrifying moments for people at a summer party, a deck giving way and taking
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with it, anyone who could not hang on, and escape. what they hit below. knew details we're learning about this accident. it's not the unusual truck stop gathering, this is know the unusual, the couple is too cute. [ morgan ] right now when you use your visa card,
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. >> summer time party. it's erupted when a deck filled with people collapses.
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>> everybody screamed, not dramatic screams, but there were like screams and i was thinking, oh, man, someone is going to die. >> harris: the scene in texas of the fire officials saying the deck came crashing down, sending more than a dozen party goers into the ravine below. >> there were people carted off and gashes. ten people hurt, officials wanted to know why it happened. a high speed chase involving a suspected drunk driver comes to a busy end. the driver surrendering to officers, he tried to get tout of the truck while teep keeping his hands up. gets an a for effort, but stuck upside down in the window and the suspect had been drinking and could be seen throwing at least a half dozen bottles out of the window during the chasement allegedly hit two cars, one so hard it rolled over and one
7:21 pm
witness following him for miles. >> it's all the way from the state that he's been driving like that, passing people on the shoulder of the road, flipping people off and dreefg erratically. >> harris: it took a while, too, that chase ended when at that dodge pinningup gave out and stalled on the road and you can see how badly damaged it is. the suspect facing a long list of charges. a big fire to one of new york's popular tourist spots and one couple said i do's at a truck stop, two stops as we go across america. ohio, a columbus policeman recovering after he was stabbed several times. overs saying he was forced to short and kill his attacker, and he was wanted terry detect dispute. three automotives arrived and he attacked and stabbing one
7:22 pm
in both shoulders. new york, a three alarm fire in one of manhattan's landmarks many and firefighters quickly from both land and water and evacuated safely in minutes. >> and five minutes later, fire trucks all over the place. >> and super kwek, seriously, we heard them behind us and that's the first time i saw that here in a second. >> the fire severely damaged part of it which came close to repairs. >> and texas, a 15-year-old girl looking for her best friend, a chihuahua named killer. killer ran off after being scared off by july 4th fireworks. >> my daughter's dog came up missing. >> the family is searching the neighborhood since. now concerns about sierra's health. she has type one diabetes and all of this stress didn't
7:23 pm
help. i offered her to buy another one. he's like my son, i can't have another one he's out alone and if i know he's close by, ill i won't stop looking until i find him. >> the family everything 0 a reward. >> and north carolina, getting hit at a truck stop. it's the very spot where robert clark met the mrs. clark a year ago and says he waited 30 years for the moment and the hollywood an appropriate road trip to myrtle beach. that's a fox watch across america. >> major credit card companies reaching a multi-billion dollar settlement with u.s. retailers and leaving questions who made out in this deal. why you, the shoppers, could end up footing part of the bill. and a car lover is reunited with his stolen wheels after more than 40 years of searchingment you won't believe how he tracked down.
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no apology from president obama to mitt romney. and stems from the business experience. the accusation from the president' camp that mitt romney sent jobs overseas when he was at the hit many of bain capital. . >> and pastor in egypt and others, the abductor of lewis, says he's had conversations with intelligence officials about releasing those americans. the 61-year-old pastor is a diabetic and doesn't have his medication. a new heatwave gripping the country and will not let go. right now hot temperatures are expected. >> new question, following what could be the largest anti-trust settlement in the united states history. visa, master card, and the banks that issue their credit cards, agreeing to a multi-billion dollar settlement with less retailers. a result of the 2005 lawsuit over credit card fees and it still needs the judge's
7:29 pm
approval, but we're learning part of the settlement could fall on shopper's shoulders. they'll be allowed to charge them fees. in hopes that bulls and bears, brenda buttner. >> and did card companies get swiped? the agreement by major ones, including visa, master card and big banks. and responding over retailers at least 6 billion, maybe more than 7 billion to settle one if approved by a judge and executed, to be the biggest private anti-trust settlement ever. as you know, when you pay with a credit card now, you don't pay extra for the service, but retailers do big time. often around 3.7% for transaction, the nation's largest retail group says costs about 30 billion per year for stores. retailers alleged credit card issue issuers colluded, but they
7:30 pm
offer a service that retailers should pay for. retailers want the right to charge you, the consumer for that service and something that visa and master card has banned. settlement sets aside more than 6 billion dollar fund to repay retailers and they will agree to reduce fees for eight months. so, the real question is, if some retailers decide to charge consumers for the fees, will the customers go elsewhere. >> retailers hope it gives them the power to give credit cards, which can be one of the highest costs of doing business, but it's a business more complicated. debit cards, more popular and they cut down on debt are not part of the settlement and the real question is, will credit card companies, be forced to lower these for good. find another way to make up the money and who gets hit?
7:31 pm
history tells us, you might get ready for another fee when you pull out the plastic. >> harris, more coming to you. >> thank you. >> big labor in the united states and it's political influence, the topic of a wall street journal report. reveals organizationed labor groups spends about for times as much money on politics and lobbying, exposing an aspect of labor's activity that has been often overlooked. after much research, the wall street journal how much ormsed labor has spent on political activity the last several years and the journal places the figure not at 1.1 billion. they're usually fooled by the election's commission. lm 2's that the union have been required to file since 2005 with the department of
7:32 pm
labor. >> you always know that the wall street journal, the way it's documented that really it has been in to mobilize their memories, get them out to vote, volunteer in campaigns, i think that it's a controversy within the labor movement. and how much emphasis on work place issues and on membership issues more generally. >> and indeed, after their seeming defeat at wisconsin's recall election, the rank and file may wonder what they've got ten. and a law that limited collective bargaining, but steamied with the legislation and union members both for the private sector work force and as a whole declined since 2005. >> they're looking to attain political influence and grow the size to get new members in
7:33 pm
ways that frankly harm their exist tent pension britishry, the major union declined to comment. but called it a hit piece with a crazy premise, not sought ways for the agenda that show up. and they note that corporate political spending and lobbying dwarfs that of the union. and it's by trade associations, more than ten times more than unions typically and over a long period of time. >> verifying the journal's new figure would involve retracing their exact methodology and make jult calls about category spending and the like. what the average people will safely conclude that both sides of every major policy dispute, huge sums of money get their messages out. in washington, james rosenment fox news. >> harris: and paying off for a texas man spent decades
7:34 pm
searching for his stolen sports car. he says he spotted his 1967 austin healy on ebay looked like the one taken from his home in 1970. he called police and the car was tracked to a dealership in los angeles. he's right. it was his car, he says he bought it for $3,000, you know what it's worth today? >> 23 and probably priceless at 23,000 for him because he loves it. he helped us track down the world's most wanted man. a pakistani doctor, and now a cruel prison sentence in pakistan. how much power should the government have when taking land away from americans. they call it eminent domain. is it taking liberties? we report, you decide. [ female announcer ] you can make macaroni & cheese
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♪ ♪ who wants to be a millionaire ♪ ♪ a country estate, is something i'd hate ♪ iment. >> oh, classic. frank sinatra and seles holm in the musical "high society" she passed away today. she won an oscar on the big screen performance in gentlemen's agreement and she was still working completed work on a new movie coming out next year, she was 95. some members of congress not giving up the fight to free the pakistani doctor who helped the cia track down osama bin laden. the republican senator rand paul of kentucky says he has enough support to force a vote
7:39 pm
in senate later this month and it's of move that would strip the treaty if he's not released. pakistan relies on billions in aid to fund their military operation and the doctor faces decades in prison, sentenced in a pakistani court in may for quote, ties to terrorists, many are retaliation offer the raid on bin laden's compound. one of america's most wanted finally in custody after two decades on the run and they arrested sin vincent walters. he's wanted and the u.s. marshals service says he was works as a staffer at the cancun international airport for more than a decade and used the alias rivera and he's now awaiting extradition.
7:40 pm
new word of tragedy onmont blank. a massive avalanche killing nine, injuring 14 others and a polish man and one woman were found yesterday. dead after more than 24 hours in a snow hole. they were caught in a storm. overcrowded bus skids off a highway, our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. the bus into a flooded irrigation canal, on a rain slicked road. and recovering 39 bodies. they believe the driver survived, and ran away. the bus was so backed some people were riding on the roof. the structure collapses and three adjacent building and five people injured.
7:41 pm
ten killed. and now looking for any survivors. israel, human inferno. a protester sets himself on fire during a valley in tell i a veef. and trying to put ott the flames. he man in the hospital with serious burns. and one year since a wave of economic protests. economic and social issues. china, a new guinness world record. 101 volunteers successfully creating the largest ever human mattress domino chain. ten minutes to fully topple and the trick, don't dj that mattress when it falls on you. keep it going. that's a trip around the world in 80 seconds. lift off into space. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... lift off,
7:42 pm
lift off the soyuz. >> harris: a russian soyuz over the skies of kazakhstan carrying three astronauts including one american to the national space station. it will take two days to reach their colleagues at the space outpost where they'll prepare for unprecedented amount of traffic. a cargo from japan and london's landmark looking different today. and daredevil dancers taking offer some of the best known sites. the performance included red acrobats bouncing up and down. and others walked across the roof the gas domed city hall. today, eye popping events, across seven city landmarks, part of london's cultural
7:43 pm
olympiad. and the olympics begin july 27th. the stars ap stripes underfire. why one state is banning flying our american flag in one very public place. and i don't know, was it tacky? you make the call. hmmm. one country with a curfew shut the microphones off, the boss, a beatle and all of their fans, from jersey belting out this one, really? how dare them. ♪ just 17, you know what i mean ♪ ♪ and the way she looks is way beyond compare ♪ ♪ well, how could i dance with another, woo, when i saw her standing there ♪ note whoa.
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>> for the past eight years, the vfw post in minnesota has been flying flags on bridges in one part of the state to honor fallen troops and now the state says the flags have to go. the minnesota department of transportation says that old glory could be dangerous to drivers because the flags could fall and hit the cards on the road. the post commander says he was shocked when he heard from state officials, he spoke out this morning on "fox & friends." >> we have freedom to fly anything and if we were to fly the american flag, what if somebody asked them to fly the iraqi flag. i almost dropped the phone and i responded to respond, if i was iraq i could fly it anywhere we want to apparently in america, we couldn't fly it anywhere we want to. >> harris: the minnesota department of transportation says it's part of anything attached to overpasses not just flags. state of virginia considering amending its constitution making it more difficult for
7:48 pm
the government to get their hands on private lands and eminent domain, and developers believe it will be harmful. >> for 70 years, bob wells had been making radio parts for the federal government. now, the local government here in norfolk, virginia wrants to take the party away from eminent domain. >> we don't think it's right for them to take it. >> it's not because norfolk needs a new school or new parks, in fact the city only wants to take the factory away to be sold to a developer. and now, the motivation they say is to spur economic development. we don't need economic development. we have 100 employees here that are able to buy homes and supporting a ballot pressure
7:49 pm
that would prohibit public taking for private enterprise. critics say the law is too broad and will hurt community planning. >> there's a higher cost. >> from the virginia association of counties, he says the constitutional amendment will include valuing properties for lost profits, i with he says will make necessary public taking more expensive. all of these are going to drive the cost of government higher. >> and the county governments in virginia say you're going to make everyone in virginia pay for eminent domain with higher taxes, what do you say to that? >> we disagree, we think the costs will come down. >> if the counties are taking less property. everyone will be paying less money. >> in norfolk, virginia, douglas kennedy, fox news. >> and a crime to springsteen
7:50 pm
fans, it's because of a curfew in hyde park, the concert had gone 30 minutes past the curfew and brought up paul mccartney up for a quick song and they cut the mics. [applaus [applause]. [applause]. >> . >> obviously, you can still hear the fans. who were not pleased responding with boos and jeers, neither was steven van sant who plays guitar for springsteen's e street bands. one of the great gigs ever in my opinion, seriously when did england many become a mr. is state. and london mirror said they should have been able to finish despite the cure few. and the tour de france, many
7:51 pm
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i'm really proud of you, dad. ma the most of your network with verizon. re 4g lte coverage than l other networks combined. >> remember when we were feeling lin-sanity, and taking basketball by storm. and looked like he might lead the knicks to the playoffs with the big star caramelo anthony out. and just as kick, he was into the scene, he could be on another team. pete is here and more to the story, it's unfolding tonight. >> mike: it's a drama like few others. new york basketball has two teams, brooklyn nets, nothing, but good news this off season and new york knicks, longstanding favorite team here in the city and jeremy lin reenergized, led them to
7:55 pm
an unlikely run to the playoffs and got injured, missing the playoffs. and this off season theyed him to get resigned and see if they gets any offers. a chance to match it. the houstons rockets will pay piem 25 million dollars over three years, 15 million dollars after the third year and what caramelo anthony and teammates referred to as quote, unquote, a ridiculous contract. that's how absurd this money is for jeremy lin. knicks have until tuesday night whether they want to match that contract and he's a fantastic player, but 25 million dollar player? we'll see, the guy makes 500 million dollars worth of money, but the notice on-- >> people love him. >> they love this guy. is he worth 25 million dollars? we'll see and the other wrinkle in the story. >> harris: and with somebody who they thought was worth the cash, all day long the associated press wires filled with pictures of jason kidd
7:56 pm
not for a good reason. >> no, a 39-year-old veteran supposed to come in ear and play the same position as jeremy lin perhaps be the backup or a starter last night, less than a week after signs with the new york knicks, is busted for dui out in the hamptons and bad news apparently reportedly carried out of the club drunk and gets behind the wheel and a dui. ladies and gentlemen, it costs less than $200 round trip to have a car outside one of the clubs in the hamptons to take him back and opted not to and got behind the will. jason kidd dui and a point guard and jeremy lin intown? >> and kidd-sanity. and thises dangerous and tacky, the tour de france, what happened? >> at 14th leg of the tour de france and all month long, what happened? fans threw actual tax on to
7:57 pm
the course popping 30 different riders tires and the cycling world is up in arms over this, how could this happen? but the jerks in france. >> harris: great to see you. let's do fox fast toward. the big stories coming up this week. tomorrow a busy week of campaigning, in mississippi, alabama, louisiana and also tomorrow. the start of earnings week, dozens of standard & poor's companies, intel, microsoft, general electric, coca-cola and on tuesday, federal reserve chairman ben burke testifying before the banking, housing and urban affairs committee and take any action to help the economy grow. and that's how fox reports on this sunday, july 15th, 2012. i'm harris falkner, thank you for watching.
7:58 pm
it's shaping up to be an intense time in the political struggle to leave this great nation. keep it on fox news channel. have a great week, and don't miss a second of huckabee, you've got one, ten seconds? have a good one. ♪ >> tonight on huckabee. >> we are taking a historic chance to make welfare what it was meant to be, a second chance on a way of life. >> a successful bipartisan program that created jobs, reduced poverty and why is president obama picking welfare reform apart? >> and if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor period. >> the president promised his health care law will let you keep your doctor, but will your doctor be able to keep their doors open? private practice physicians say that obama care is driving them out of business. >> plus.
7:59 pm
>> there's no proof that our ewill lexes are in person voter fraud. >> and the governor takes on attorney general holder's claim. >> and the topics, you wrote us about tonight. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applaus [applause] >> thank you. thank you very much. and we've got a great studio audience and from huckabee on the fox news studios. >> one of the few times that the government worked is during the welfare reform efforts of the mid 1990's, engineered originally by wisconsin governor tommy thompson and utah governor mike leavitt, the republican congress in 1994 and speaker newt gingrich worked with democratic president bill clinton, to pass the landmark legislation which was crafted to take people from welfare roles to payrolls. and in my f


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