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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 26, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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so himself. of course, we have been reporting how the u.k. has called up thousands of troops at the last minute after a security company couldn't come up with enough guards for the games. governor romney referencing as much in his interview. >> you know, it's hard to know just how well t will turn out there. are a few things that were disconcerting the stories about the private security firm not having enough people. the supposed strike of the immigration and customs officials. that obviously is not something which is encouraging. >> shepard: well, it was after this back and forth that the two men finally got together today. campaign carl cammeron is in london with a bit of satellite trouble tonight. he is on the phone with us. what do we know about this meeting and how it went? >> obviously sort of interrupted by all of this flap unfolding here in london with the british press going to town on mitt romney. he, of course, had come to europe hoping to sort of rise above the daily campaign attacks that he deals with back in the states. instead, he is facing them
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here. when mr. cammeron was talking about his experience with the london bustle, he didn't mention salt lake as you point out, shep, what he did do, however, is suggested on a recent trip to burma, there were six lane highways without any cars on it specifically made another reference, not salt lake, and mitt romney was of course asked about the british press reports about security issues. and he, essentially parroted back what he had been reading from the worldwide press. romney today recognized that there was a major to-do being made of this and he tried to walk it back somewhat. listen. >> there are always a few very small things that end up going not quite right in the first day or so. those get ironed out. when the games themselves begin and the athletes take over, all the mistakes of the organizing committee and i made a few, all of those are overwhelmed by the many things that the athletes carry out that capture the spirit of the games. >> no question that an awful lot of brits have taken
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offense to what he said but he wasn't saying it merely as american visitor or republic presidential candidate. he is, of course, the former coordinator of the 2002 olympics in salt lake city. so he does speak with some authority. and olympics right after 9/11 where security was premier importance, shep. >> shepard: certainly was. did they get to any other issues, carl. >> sure. mr. romney not only met with prime minister cammeron but a host of other leaders in great britain and talked about a variety of foreign policy issues. talked about the syria, and arab spring. considerable amount of discussion with the eurozone crisis with the chancellor of the exequivalent of the american treasurer. all of these things got discussed but the truth is all the olympics are all on the minds around the world and overshadowed any foreign policy discussions meant romney spent most of the day on defense trying to fight back the british tabs something they were reporting themselves security problems. t it will all come out fine.
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>> in the last few minutes we have gotten words from the salt lake city mayor ralph becker he is in on it here is a quote. we also hosted the most successful winter games ever. he can stop by any time. we would love to have him and happy to send him a map so he doesn't run into any trouble locating the middle of nowhere. again that from the mayor of salt lake city. as one of governor romney's advisors saying recent national security leaks came from inside the obama administration. we'll go live to the white house and hear from both sides coming up. the president himself is calling for common sense steps to prevent the movie theater massacre in colorado. >> i would agree with gun owners that ak 47's belong in the hands of soldiers and not in the hands of criminals. [ applause ] that they belong on the battlefield of war. not on the streets of our cities. >> government reports already illegal for illegals to buy ak
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47's. no law would have prevented the colorado rampage that killed a dozen people and wounded almost 60. >> i happen to think with regards to the colorado disaster, we are wise to continue it the time of memorial and think of the comforting of the people affected and political implications, legal implications are something which will be sorted out down the road, but i don't happen to believe that america needs new gun laws. >> shepard: the white house does support renewing the assault weapons ban but is he also calling for better background checks and enforcement of the laws we already have we may never know exactly what's in the colorado killer suspect's school records. a judge has ordered the university of colorado medical school in denver not to release them despite open records requests from several news organizations. 24-year-old james holmes recently dropped out of a neuroscience ph.d. program there. it's really unclear why. we know his grades weren't that good. police say it was just weeks before last friday's deadly shooting rampage. officials say the man killed 12 people and injured 59
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others in that attack. today, first responders paid their victims' respect at a makeshift memorial. several hospitals treated the wounded. they have now announced that they will help out with medical expenses by limiting fees or waiving them all together for the victims. and in washington, house lawmakers passed a resolution honoring victims and their families. as well as the first responders. police are looking for a man they say attacked a woman in the middle of a charity mission. and they say the blog she used to help breast cancer survivors may have helped her attacker commit that crime. the woman was about a month into her 1500-mile trip rowing solo around lake michigan to raise money for breast cancer survivors. she says the man in this sketch, sexually assaulted her while she was docked along michigan's upper peninsula. an area so remote, according to police, that cops say she must have -- he must have tracked her through a map on her blog. it used g.p.s., so supporters could track her boat's exact
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location. >> this has been the hardest to cope with. but i'm so supported and so well supported. and i feel like i can get through this. and i know i will. and i know i will be back from chicago in august to be welcomed home and likely stay on land for a while. >> she says she is not ready for dry land just yet, vowing to keep going until she has reached her goal of $100,000. and as you see here on her web site, she is already well on her way, 94 grand and counting. steve brown with the details in our midwest newsroom. she is not giving up, steve. she says there will be some changes. >> yes. jen who has given up the am niment given to sexual assault victims say she will have company both volunteers and the michigan state police. the next movie is next week to move her boat over land to muskegon. she will bike ride there with accompaniment. and then she will paddle the rest of the way home to chicago, 115 miles. she will not be giving out her specific location on her web
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site any longer. shep? >> shepard: she seemed to have a lot of good information for police, steve, about this attacker. >> assisted them a great deal as can you tell by the sketch that the police put together that the michigan state police are now looking for what they believe is a man -- a white male in his 30's between 5'8" and 6-foot tall, average to athletic build. last seen wearing a green t-shirt, green shorts and tennis shoes. michigan state police say if you have information they would like to you call 866-411-0018. one additional piece of information that jen helped with a jell-o jeep wrangler with a smiley face cover on the rear spare tire logo. that was the vehicle she believes her attacker was driving. >> steve, thank you. the number of layoffs has hit a low that our nation hasn't seen in years. there is a lot more to these numbers than it may seem. it's not just the drought that's going to cost us. ahead, how inflation is already hitting your grocery bill. plus, facebook's first
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>> shepard: the u.s. labor department today reported the largest drop in almost 2 and a half years in the number of people fresh out of work. sadly, that doesn't tell the whole story. the feds report there were '5,000 fewer first time claims for unemployment benefits last week. but, as always, that number is seasonally adjusted. it is the government's attempts to factor out regular changes like temporary layoffs of auto workers during the summer. this summer, many automakers are skipping those regular layoffs. adam shapiro is with us here on set from the fox business network. does that mean that these weekly reports are wrong. >> not that they're wrong. they will be revised. next week we will see this number revised. the fact that they are not counting the fact that we have the auto workers usually taking time off this year is skewing the numbers in a way that people really don't
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understand just yet. >> shepard: either way the unemployment rate remains above 8% and many americans still hurting financially. things aren't getting cheaper at the grocery store either. rough out there. >> look, the drought is going to raise food prices 4% to 5%. >> shepard: that's next year, right. >> that's next year. already seeing food prices go up 3%. things you love to eat. pasta is up 8 cents where t was last year. ice cream is suspect 4 cents over where it was last year. this is per pound by the way. steak, look as what is happening with beef. beef suspect roughly 93% per pound over where it was last year. and these prices are just going to go even higher as we go forward. >> adam shapiro from fox biz. thank you. >> yep. >> shepard: tonight, word that historic drought is getting even worse. more crops dead. more farmers desperate. what it all means for the rest of us coming up on fox report. first though, food costs may be rising. but, as you probably know. energy prices have been falling with gas down 50 cents since the spring. and that's taking a tiny toll on the oil companies. auction.
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the number of them have posted earnings for the past three months. take a look royal dutch shell report that profits fell more than 50% with the year before. conoco phillips earnings down 32%. exxon mobil profits rose but due mostly to the sale of company assets. that being said, the company remains very profitable with each earning billions of dollars over the past three months alone. well, it just went from bad to worse for folks who bought shares of facebook when the company first went public two months ago. the social networking site issuing its first earnings report since that time. posting a loss of $157 million. that's a 165% drop from the profits it reported one year ago. it actually wasn't as bad as analysts were expecting. the company blamed the cost of stock compensation after its initial public offering. still, sherels of the company have plunged another 11% in after hours trading to an all-time low. if you invested $10,000 in the stock when it launched on that day at that price, you now have a paper loss of about
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3700 bucks. the rest of the market faired much better today. the dow soared rises 200 points for the fifth time this year. the nasdaq up 40. the s&p 500 up 20. did the convicted penn state sex predator jerry sandusky really call one of his victims as the scandal unfolded? we'll play a newly released voice mail next. and new clues in the kidnapping of cal ripken's mother. coming up.
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j. >> the prosecutors call him victim number 2. the former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky molested victim number 2 in a campus shower when he was a young boy. today, for the first time. lawyers claiming to represent him have come forward and they say they intend to file a
7:18 pm
civil lawsuit against penn state. what's more, they say coach sandusky called their client on the phone as recently as last year and left numerous voice males. here's one recording the lawyers released. >> i'm probably not going to be able to get ahold of anybody. and i probably ought to just go forward. i would be very firm and express my feelings upfront. but and, you know, there is nothing really to hide, so. if you want, give me a call and you can call me on my other cell phone or on this one, either one. so, all right. take care. love you. hope you get this message. thanks. >> shepard: the identity of this victim number two is still very much a mystery. he did not take the stand in coach sandusky's child sex abuse trial. the former graduate assistant mike mcqueary testify and that then young boy naked in a
7:19 pm
penn state shower in the year 2001 and he testified that he heard skin on skin slapping sounds. coach mcqueary had estimated at the time that the boy was about 10 years old. the lawyers have not revealed their client's age, name or any other details for that matter. but today they released these audio recordings. they say that in them you can hear sandusky's voice. we cannot confirm anything beyond what the lawyers say. last month, a jury convicted coach sandusky on 45 counts of child sex abuse. is he still waiting to be sentenced. david lee miller covered that trial and he is live in our new york city newsroom. david, this would be the first lawsuit against penn state from one of sandusky's accusers? >> right now, shepard, there are at least two lawsuits that have actually been filed against penn state in connection with the sandusky scandal. the plaintiffs in those cases are anonymous. they referred to in court papers as only dough a -- doe a and doe b. hearing what is row purported
7:20 pm
to be sandusky leaving a message for victim number two. the attorneys who released the material on a law firm remember site made the calls in 2011 and exerted control over their client when it was clear sandusky was going to be indicted. >> just calling to see -- i didn't know whether you had any interest in going to a penn state game this saturday. if you could get back to me and let me know, i appreciate it. and when you get this message, give me a call. and, i will just talk to you later. thanks. i love you. >> the attorneys for the men claiming to be victim number two also represent three accuser who's testified during trial as well as sandusky's adopted son, matt, who also says he was abused, shep? >> shepard: david lee, has penn state responded at all. >> penn state spokesman will only say that the school trees these matters seriously but won't discuss pending lawsuits. many discussions about the man
7:21 pm
who claims is he victim number two, first and foremost, why didn't he testify during the criminal trial when his testimony would have helped the prosecution? sandusky was acquitted of the most serious charge against victim number two, deviant sexual intercourse because the jury had doubts about the testimony of a witness, that witness mike mcqueary. despite today's announcement, so far no lawsuit in this matter has been filed. the law firm will only say it's in the works. shepard? >> shepard: david lee miller in new york city. police in maryland have released surveillance photos of the man they say kidnapped cal ripken jr.'s mother. here he is, according to the police, but cops won't tell where this is. they say that could compromise their investigation. notice the orange and black ball cap. the colors of the baltimore orioles, the baseball great's team for 21 seasons. ripken's mom told a neighbor attacker didn't seem to know who the son was. he just wanted her car and her money. police say he forced her into this car at gunpoint, made her wear a blindfold and bound her
7:22 pm
hands. officers found her inside her car some 24 hours later they tell us, not far from her home, she was not hurt according to police. investigators are now offering a $2,000 reward for information that helps catch the attacker. the white house says it has no tolerance for the leaking of sensitive national security information but one former massachusetts governor mitt romney's advisors, one of his advisors now says the leak did indeed come from the administration. here we go again. the white house response coming up. plus, baseball and softball are out of the olympics this year. and they join a long list of former olympic sports. like tug of war. a look back at other olympic rejects. and coming up, a live look at the olympic park in london as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news from fox report. [ male announcer ] summer is here.
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>> shepard: more than 100 families said to evacuate their homes today after apartment building went up in flames. happened in brooklyn, huge plumes of smoke as hundreds of firefighters battle the thing. more than 25 firefighters were hurt in this. the building burned from 10:00 a.m. until mid afternoon. responders treated one person at the scene. authorities still investigating what caused it torrential rain stranded five men in the middle of a rising river. it took crews 18 hours to pave their way to a rescue. that tops our news around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds."
7:27 pm
china. first those rescuers tried to cross that river in the northeast by boat. but the current flipped their canoe. they finally called in dump trucks to fill the river with rocks. by the next day, they were close enough to get ropes to the stranded men. nobody hurt. spain. produce farmers gave away fruit and veggies in the centered of madrid. they said it was a protest against distributors who pay farmers too little and jack up prices at the market. organizers said the farmers gave out more than 30,000 pounds of produce. mexico. police arrested 17 people accusing them of connections to it a powerful drug cartel and of executing 25 people this spring. cops claim the suspect admits some victims were taxi drivers who hadn't paid extortion money. drug-related violence has reportedly killed some 55,000 people in mexico since 2006. the philippines, a retired
7:28 pm
business woman with a passion for puzzles. she says she has almost 500 of them and has completed every one. >> you still happy after making a puzzle and it's a great feeling. >> the biggest puzzle so far 18,000 pieces. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 8 will 0 seconds. >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. new pressure on the president now to name a special prosecutor to investigate national security leaks. two u.s. attorneys are looking into media reports about u.s. cyber attacks on iran. and al qaeda's latest botched underwear bomb plot. called for independent investigation by someone who does not answer to the justice department. and today the house speaker john boehner told our greta van susteren he agrees.
7:29 pm
>> all i know is that t is going to put american lives in danger and is going to has disclosed some of our methods of operation which our adversaries don't need to know. i think a more independent council would have been a more appropriate way to proceed. >> shepard: last night the commander of u.s. special operations forces also warned the could put lives in danger. organizing and executing the raid that led to the death of usama bin laden. the admiral almost never speaks in public. this video was streaming so the quality isn't perfect. look. >> we need to do the best we can to clamp down on it because sooner or later it is going to cost people their lives or going to cost us our national security. >> here is what president obama has to say about these leaks last month. >> the notion the notion that my white house would purposely
7:30 pm
release classified national security information is offensive. it's wrong. >> the president last month. now let's get to ed henry at the white house tonight. ed, is there a shift in message ever so slight on this matter? >> seems to be a little bit because the president was offended back last month as you note. and was adamant about the fact that nobody in the white house had leaked. but, yesterday, david axelrod said specifically the president did not leak and did not authorize any leaks. that seemed to open the door maybe to white house aides but not the president leaking so i pressed jay carney on that point. he didn't answer. take a listen. >> you can say flatly that nobody inside the white house was involved in the national security leaks or being investigated? >> well, ed, as you know, this is a matter under investigation by two experienced federal prosecutors so i'm not going to speak specifically about it. >> now, jay carney did go on to say he thinks it is
7:31 pm
preposterous to suggest that the white house leaked information for political gain. also worth noting admiral mccraven went on to say in his own comments that the president deserves great credit for the bin laden raid and the president is very concerned about these leaks, shep. >> shepard: romney campaign has weighed in on this but it sounds like the white house is pushing back pretty hard. >> pushing back hard because yesterday richard william son a foreign policy advisor to mitt romney really directly allege that the white house national security advisor tom donilin leaked some of this classified information without any real evidence. listen to those comments followed by jay carney pushing back. >> the obama administration has figured figured out. he made that accusation based on rumors he said he had heard in the journalistic community. that same person called russia the soviet union. he called governor romney governor reagan on several occasions. >> william son had been
7:32 pm
referring to david sangor the "new york times" reporter some of this information. carney was able to jump all over that william son the romney advisor did mess up and confuse russia with the soviet union which kind of undermined some of the other charges, shep. >> shepard: all right. ed henry at the white house this afternoon. thanks very much. the senior iranian official today appeared to offer tehran's full support for the syrian regime that is murdering its own people. iran's vice president in charge of international affairs said that iran is ready to share experience and capabilities with the syrians. but did he not explain what that meant. the comments came a day after a spokesman for iran's joints chief of staff said syria has friends in the region ready to strike out against foreign intervention. apparently that's a reference to militant groups including hezbollah and lebanon and hamas in the strip. iran and syria support hezbollah militants who
7:33 pm
maintain a strong presence near the syrian border. iran stamped out own uprising in 2009 after the disputed re-election of president mahmoud ahmadinejad. meanwhile, activists say syrian troops are preparing for a major battle in the rebel strong hold. the chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt is with us. jonathan, how significant is this alepo stand? that is a massive city. >> that's why the battle is so significant. largest city in syria. population wise. it's in the north of the country not too far from the turkish border. that's an area where the rebels are strongest. and they have clearly decided to take a stand in aleppo. from president assad's point of view he cannot lose control of such a syrian city. that's why he is amassing his forces there. u.s. forces think a blood bath is inevitable, listen. >> aleppo again as you said
7:34 pm
has been bombarded by syrian fighter jets. latest desperate effort of the assad regime to hold on to control and there are credible reports of columns of tanks prepared to attack the city. >>ness nuland said it appears inevitable within days possibly within hours we will be talking about another massacre. >> another warning about the consequences of the international community not speaking with one voice on. this absolutely. this warning this time came from the u.n. secretary general. 17 years ago there was one of the worst post world war ii masters of bosnia, won he was marking the massacre he drew direct parallels between what happened there 17 years ago and what is happening today in syria. listen. >> i do not want to see any of my successors after 10 years beating syria.
7:35 pm
apologizing for what we could have done now to protect the civilians in syria. which we are not seeing. >> there are those in the united states and international community in general has plenty to apologize already for in terms of what it has not done in syria. >> jonathan hunt with us tonight. jonathan thanks. very much. the temperatures in parts of the country are hot enough to melt an airport tarmac and bend railroad tracks. the pictures are incredible. we will bring them to you. as the mercury rises, so does the threat of very severe storms. the new york city metropolitan area is about to get slammed all the local news stations coming up with special reports now. 70, 80 mile-per-hour winds. this one is a bear. plus, ever wonder who son the other side of that web cam? tonight, one company that is making t easier for the cops to spy on you.
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>> shepard: roads have been buckling and crackling from texas all the way to the carolinas from the heat. reports of threats to nuclear power plants. get to more on that in the moment. triple digit temperatures bent the tracks along the d.c. metro line. officials blame that for derailing a train earlier this month. heat also grounded some plane passengers. the u.s. airways jet out of washington recently got stuck in melted asphalt meantime word the worst drought we have seen in least half a century worst bigger and quickly. worst in the heartland destroying corn and soybean crops. something we could all be paying for at the supermarket this time next year. the chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is in the studio with us. so hot the last couple weeks that heat and no rain at all
7:40 pm
has caused it to really expand. take a look at the latest drought monitor. this coming out today by the folks from nooa. some sort of a drought. 80% of the country in at least dry conditions but almost half now at least severe drought. think about that. half the country in severe drought at this point. and the bulls eye of that is right across parts of the central plains. take a look at these images right here. this is the mississippi river, shepard. >> wow. >> one year ago that we were talking about the major flooding, historical crests. >> shepard: i was there. >> on the mississippi river. now we are talking about barges can't get upstream in some cases because the drought is so bad. go back to the weather maps real quickly. just want to show you. very high temperatures we are going to be dealing with for the next couple of days again. looks like all the way to the weekend. temps in the triple digits so hot in chicago that a "new york times" report today saying that a couple of nuclear plants in chicago have
7:41 pm
had to temporarily shut down because the cooling ponds have either dried up or they are too hot to do any cooling. >> shepard: problem, wow. we have got severe storm coming right now stretching from cincinnati to connecticut. it could effect some 32 million people word of a possible twister in new york state. couple minutes new york city populated area is about to get slammed. >> we have been talking about it all day long. probably a storm bring 60 to 70 miles per hour winds. he will myra area possibly saw tornado. take a look at the weather. big area dealing with these storms. the worst of it is going to hit places like philadelphia in towards new york city, up around hartford and providence, shep. we are talking about new york city right about now. take a look at the tower cam right outside our building here and everything is about to change. that is facing north. if you look just to the west these storms are right on our shoulder. we are going to be talking about a lot of power outages by tomorrow morning and the temps, shep, are going to
7:42 pm
remain very high tomorrow. again around the 90-degree mark and not having any air conditioner for a lot of people. >> shepard: all the local airports are ground holds right now. nothing is moving. rick, thank you. the olympic torch wound on london's most famous land marks. a day before light the call drop for the summer games. carrying the flame over the millennium brick right through trafalgar square and right past the family of a buckingham palace. feature many of the favorites like basketball, jamb gymnastics and swimming. this year no baseball or softball. organizers said they included not to include those sports due to a lack of interest and countries failing to send their top athletes. our national past time has plenty of company as an olympic reject. >> over the last 100 or so years a lot of different sports that are no longer with us.
7:43 pm
some very interesting ones. >> sports that many now consider recreational hobbies like tandem biking. >> you think of, you know, someone with a horn beep beep and people coming and weaving through traffic and everyone going through a zoo. that was really competitive. up until '72. not a century ago. that was fairly recent. >> just about all of us played tug of war as kids. there was a time when nations sent their strongest athletes to compete on the rope. >> i love the tug of war. i think it's a great way to settle an argument. i think we can bring that into a lot of different worlds. for the olympics, 1900 and 1920 the tug of war was a big event. >> another day of the olympic games there is no let up in the keen competitions. >> shepard: sports historians say the creators of the modern games found inspiration in other competitions that included events like shin kicking. >> in 1600 there were some really really competitive shin kickers out there. >> and wheelbarrow racing.
7:44 pm
those never became olympic sports but somehow in 1906 gun fighting did no people actually shot. it was a dummy. different countries had their own person doing the duling pistol. >> and now baseball and softball have joined dueling pistols as former olympic event. continues debate as old as the games themselves about which sports should be included. >> i think it's a very subjective thing what makes a sport. what makes a ohio state buckeyes makes for great arguments in the bar room. governing bodies and formalized processes to have to come in and present the case hay look, across the globe, all these different continents are playing this sport competitively. >> shepard: supporters of baseball and softball were not able to do that when the olympic international committee. instead organizers added golf and rugby to the 2016 games.
7:45 pm
the web-based video chat service skype is reportedly making it easier for the authorities to spy on you. to listen in on people's online conversations. according to the reporting of today's "the washington post." the company is changing the way it routes calls so that law enforcement officials may be better able to monitor people's communications authorities have long skype makes it difficult to suspects drug lord and tastes. political protesters have preferred skype for those same security features. assaulting a police officer, bad idea. especially right before you are about to get fingerprinted in the politician. there is -- police station. there is a camera rolling. stupid. plus, a hospital worker accused of spreading hepatitis c with used syringes. and they tell us he could have infected thousands of people across several american states. the details on this coming up.
7:46 pm
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>> shepard: hospitals in eight states are investigating hepatitis c outbreak that could effect thousands of one time patients. federal prosecutors accuse this former infected lab technician spreading the disease at some 30 patients at exodus hospital in new hampshire. police there say he injected himself with drugs meant for the inpatients and left the contaminated needles to be reused on others. these are the states where the suspect reportedly worked. medical officials are now encouraging thousands of former patients to get tested for hepc. prosecutors charged the suspect with fraud and tampering with a consumer product. he claims he did not steal drugs and that he is scared of needles when would former patients know if they were infected. >> even if they were tested,
7:50 pm
the results would take more than a month to get. as you can imagine for many that would be agonizing wait. they were supposed to test. they decided to delay that because of poor organization. in the 8 states you mentioned david worked at ten different hospitals. that's a lot of patients to go back and notify. remember, you don't just get hepatitis c from dirty needles. also from blood transfusions, a mother can give it to her baby. and unprotected sex. so police say one man started a very dangerous chain. >> the threat from this individual is over. as far as i'm concerned. going forward, i mean, he is not going to be in a hospital setting with patients vulnerable patients at his disposal and the ability to hurt people. however, what he has done may hurt people going forward for a very long time. >> now, usually hepatitis c has no symptoms at all until they actually spot the liver
7:51 pm
damage. in some extreme cases the skin will turn yellow and some people could experience nausea. shep? >> shepard: shep, medical technicians don't give patients drugs. how do the suspects get ahold of this stuff. >> police believe the nurses would actually go inside the patient's rooms and fill up the syringes with pain dirls and then david would come in carrying one of those led aprons that protect from you radio activity and radiation and set it over the good syringe and then switch it out with a dirty needle and a syringe that was actually filled with nothing but salt water. so, not only were the patients left in pain, they were potentially infected. here is dr. manning. >> they are supposed to do the right thing by you. yes, mistakes are made all the time. everybody is human. but this is not a mistake. this is a crime of the highest degree. >> centers for disease control says that hepatitis c kills more people each year than h.i.v.
7:52 pm
shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher, thanks. a man sucker punches a cop right in the face in the middle of the police station. can you see the punch here on the station's security camera. came out of nowhere. look at this. police say they were booking the suspect on a couple of misdemeanors. he apparently got frustrated when the fingerprint machine wasn't working. three officers and one stun gun got the guy under control within minutes. well, if you think the rihannas and justin biebers of the world are sounding pretty much the same. you are not alone. in fact, scientists now say they have proof that pop music is a whole lot of trash. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it.
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[ feedback ] attention, well, everyone. you can now try snapshot from progressive free for 30 days. just plug this into your car, and your good drivin can save you up to 30%. you could even try it without switching your insurance. why not give it a shot? carry on. now you can test-drive snapshot before you switch. visit today. >> shepard: scientists now confirm what your dad told you a long time ago. the music you listen to is garbage. researchers in spain broke down the sounds and lyrics of pop songs from 1955 to 2010. their conclusion now published in the journal scientific that
7:56 pm
today's music has become generally louder. scientists also report today's music is more bland and limited in terms of chords, melodies and varieties of sound. thanks so much for that, scientists. before we go, our team's top five things of the day. number five, katie couric preparing for her daytime debut of a talk show this fall. the drug administration reports it's arrested 91 people and seized more than $36 million in cash as part of a nationwide crackdown on bath salts and other designer drugs. new jobless claims tumbled by 35,000. may be the result of temporary factors. white house says president obama supports an assault weapons ban is not pushing for new gun control laws. number one, officials in london hitting back after governor mitt romney questioned britain's handling of the olympic games. that's the "the fox report's" tp five. on this day in 1863, union soldiers dealt a blow to the
7:57 pm
south's morale capturing john hunt morgan and hundreds of his men in a civil war raid. the cavalry officer had just led his troops in three major battles across tennessee and kentucky. and despite orders not to cross that ohio river, the confederate general just couldn't help himself. his men stole steam boats to cross into indiana and then powered through southern ohio. spending 21 hours per day on horseback. the union army finally did catch up with him and the general surrendered. he later tunneled out of prison and died in battle a year later. but morgan's raid was no match for the yankees 149 years ago today. and now you know the news for this thursday, the 26th of july, 2012. for the journalists of fox news, i'm shepard smith. thanks for trusting us for your news and information. a programming note for you. tonight, the house speaker john boehner goes "on the record" with greta van susteren, that's 10:00 eastern, 9:00 central because when you have got to know the
7:58 pm
news, you have got to go to greta. first, mr. bill. you beta. >> bill: o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> there are some crimes that are so heinous that they cannot be left to the discretion of a judge like this guy murphy. thank god a hero has emerged in the awful child rape sentencing in brooklyn. u.s. attorney loretta lynch is coming to the rescue, embarrassing judge martin murphy and governors cuomo and christie as well. megyn kelly will report. ♪ i. [cheers] ♪ so in love with you. [cheers] >> bill: americans still like president obama even if they don't support his re-election. but why? john sununu and laura ingraham on that. also tonight, a new study says adolescents watch movies full
7:59 pm
of sex they are more likely to have sex. the culture warriors on that. can i come in? >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. finally a hero to protect the kids that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. andrew goodman raped two boys ages 11 and 13 over a period of four years. this savage pleaded guilty to 48 felony counts of criminal sexual acts. 48 counts. new york state judge martin murphy sentenced the monster to just two years in prison. outraging the victims, their families, and the brooklyn district attorney. murphy gave


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