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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 31, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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former polish president, the hero of the cold war, giving what his campaign is calling an endorsement for the candidate. he's already been behind bars for three years and today the trial for former police officer drew peterson gets underway. he's charged with the death of his third wife. her body was found in a dry bathtub back in 2004. her death was ruled an accident until his fourth wife, stacy, disappeared in 2007. peterson pleaded not guilty, describing her death as a tragic accident. attorneys say he killed her because he was afraid their divorce would wipe him out financially. charges were child against james holmes. he's accused of killing 12 people at a movie three they are in colorado earlier this month. the motion set for unceiling of court records is set for next week. the judge will decide in the
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notebook mailed to his psychiatrist can be used as evidence or kept confidential. a shock new congressional report revealing one in five illegal immigrants arrested for crimes commit within three years of being released. department of homeland security stats, based on nearly 8500 drunk driving offenses and more than 6,000 drug arrests. there were also arrests for murder and kidnapping. house judiciary chair is outraged by this. he said the obama administration could be prevented these crimes by enforcing our immigration laws but he refuses to while innocent americans suffer the consequences. no right from homeland security. those are your headlines this morning. >> did you get a phone call recently from the gallop people, they probably called during speaker, asking what is the number one issue that the next president of the united states must address? and this comes as bad news for p.m. and probably good -- for president obama and probably
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good news for mitt romney. the number one was not about taxing the rich, which is the current number one thing the president is pushing, it actually finished dead last. number one thing people want the president to do is to create jobs because there just aren't enough of them. >> i was stunneddy this gallop. obviously a vry he is seemed polling outfit but the obama administration is known for doing policy. in fact they went to polling to find out what they would do in july and august and maybe the rest of the way. thethe first one does not surpre me, jobs. the second one does, corruption. people want to know what went wrong on wall street and people want to know where their money went so let's find out. that's number two. reducing the deficit also up there. >> i was surprised that corruption was second, to be honest with you, of all the things people have to think about like schools fell down, improving public schools fell down, 38%. and setting high morale standards, 36%,ism proving
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healthcare, 36%. and reducing the deficit, 44%. then as we talked about, that's correcting the rich just at 21%. so now the bottom line is if the president can't run on his record or these kind of campaign tactics, what should he do? is the negativity, continuing down the path of negativity, going to work out for him? here's doug schoen. >> his approval is below 50, 46, 47. bottom line, a majority of the american people are not satisfied with his job performance. the got line, unless the american people hear a positive pro growth strategy to create jobs, stim lay the economy, they will be just as frustrated on election day as they are now. >> last night in new york city the president of the united states was here collecting $2 million. the first time he was here -- last time he was here was jessica parker's house for $2 million. he made this statement.
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if the elections were today it would be close but i can win. he still thinks he can win. but the democratic national convention says bill clinton will speak, followed by elizabeth warren will be first on wednesday and followed by bill clinton. but upon further review, can bill clinton speaking actually have a negative effect on the president? >> you never know what he's going to say because he in the past, i think we calculated there were four or five major topics that bill clinton disagreed with president obama on and was very vocal about that in the past couple months. one was extending the bush tax cuts. interestingly enough when it was announced he was going to speak at the convention yesterday he took a step back and said he was sorry. he's following a pattern there of obama surrogates who say something and come back and say they are sorry a little later on. >> yeah, he had to walk back. plus, when you see him, bill clinton, up there on the stage, and i wonder what obama had to
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promise bill clinton to get him to do that, to bail him out again, when you see him you are remind of a time when the economy was roaring, a guy who balanced budgets and dealt with republicans, a guy who pulled the party to the center instead of so polar left as the current president has. what is interesting as well, dick morris had apparently some inside intel against william jefferson clinton that i had not heard until last night on hannity. listen to this. >> i guarantee you, sean, based on what i have heard from third parties or have spoken to, that william jefferson clinton is going to past his ballot for mitt romney. >> wow. >> however, he's going to open his mouth for barack obama because his wife is hostage. they have her under lock and key as secretary of state and he is scared that obama will lose and blame him if he undermines obama. so he will do everything he asks him to do and then he will jab him whenever he can.
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>> hillary is hostage? >> i don't know about that. >> and he can get the white working class voter. bill clinton is great with that, and that's ohio and pennsylvania and he thinks he can do that. but by-election day will people even remember the speech? and if bill clinton is going to talk about his years, that's fine if the year is 2008 but why would you give a speech about the economy and focus on his years, ag -- ignoring president obama's years? >> bill clinton likes to be in the spotlight. bill clinton probably being asked to do this, yeah, maybe he gets something in return but this is about people coming back to the stage and saying we loved when bill colon ton was president and that must make him feel pretty good about that. >> and when you think of bill clinton, you think of hillary. and unfortunately for obama a lot of people may be thinking
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why didn't we elect her again? i forget. we were discussing this last night and brit hume saw bad news for the president in the tea leaves. >> i don't think he is -- do you think they have a checklist, here's what you can and can't say and they gave it to him and he notarized it and stamped it and said i won't say this stuff? >> i think they will control him as best you can but you cannot control the big dog. he goes where he wants to go and says what he wants to say. >> this is funny. here you have a guy, who says to the president, i'm going to say what i want because i'm still mad at you for downgrading hillary in 2008. and then he picks him wednesday night for the big show. >> big show. so stand by. that's going to be -- he's going to be the headliner on one whole night of the dnc. >> so you have a problem. a lot of kids, especially in the city, are not getting good grades.
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graduating 53%, 53% graduating. so come summertime you need them to catch up or improve their grades. how do you get them to perform, especially if you teach in washington d.c.? >> one thing they are trying is to pay them a salary, pay them $5.25 an hour to go to summer school. before you say it sounds like a ridiculous idea, keep in mind they are paying $12,000 to $15,000 a year for each of these kids to go to school and only half are graduating and many can't read even when they graduate from high school. is this is good idea? is $5.25 an hour a drop in the bucket to get them to come to school and maybe have a chance or is it wasted money? do you think it works or not? >> ultimately, remember when we were in school, were you motivated? as it turns out this is dcs bridge summer program where initially 95 kids signed up to
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take the summer school. but they needed 400. so as it turns out, the department of education went over to the department of summer jobs, and the employment services, and employment services says, you know what, you need 305 more kids, what we are going to do is kids of that applied for jobs we will put in school. so these are kids who didn't want to be in school, they wanted to have a summer job, so you will have a whole bunch of kids that aren't as motivated as the 95 who were by signing up for school. >> that will be good. some kids will stay for extra help just to get some extra money. i need help in math, an extra 4 bucks. >> i think a stipend motivates kids or we wouldn't have allowances in 99% of families in america. you pay your kids to do chores, or a lot of families do, because it's an incentive for them to work harder. >> i have an incentive, do you want to eat and sleep for free, go outside and take out the garbage and you can stay here a
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while. >> harvard offered to pay students not five bucks an hour but $100 a month, and they did it for a while. and it did not work. the grades did not go up. good luck to them. we need our kids to get a good education and let's see if paying them works. >> do you think pay to behave programs in the long run do work? do you think they just need to be fine tuned or are we going down the wrong path? >> coming up, illegal immigrants using the president's green act as get out of jail free card. the agents are forced to comply with that. the head of the ice agents union with a stunning example what just happened. >> then you bail them out. now general motors is sending $600 million of that cash overseas. aloha. their extremely controversial investment coming up. ♪
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>> new reports of chaos and confusion along america's southern borders, yes, more than usual. and last month the united states decided to loosen their laws against illegal immigration. they don't want to punish people like students brought here illegally by their parents because they are innocent victims. the only problem is the u.s.
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boarder agents never got guidelines so they have no idea how to enforce the president's so-called dream act. the national union counsel, chris crane, is here to talk about it. >> the president makes the statement, a lot of people cheer and now you have a challenge. find out who is here illegally and go on their word, correct? >> absolutely, brian. we've had a lot of challenges under this president for the last three and a half years but this may be one of our biggest challenges. basically what we are facing right now is presidentially-ordered fraud. these individuals, when we encounter them on the street or within jails, are not required to give us any proof whatsoever of whether or not they actually qualify under the president's new dream act deferred action policies. >> so if you pull over somebody, and you say, okay, show me your registrations, i don't have it, but i was brought here by my parents at a very young age, leave me alone, you essentially
6:15 am
have to leave them alone? >> that's absolutely correct, unless they have a conviction for a very serious crime that we are aware of. if they tell us they are a dreamer, they tell us they are under 31 years of age, and they are attending school, have a ged, have attended school in the past, we are obligated to let them go and we can't ask for any type of proof, any kind of verification. like i said, for us right now we think there are a whole lot of folks out there that aren't dreamers that are using this to avoid arrest and deportation. >> this blows me away, not knowing your business, i think if a president or any president has a plan they have to talk to you about how to implement the plan regardless what have they hope to do because you are the ones on the street. were you conferred with at all? >> absolutely not. this is a big problem we've been bringing to the attention of congress and to the public for quite a while now.
6:16 am
we have individuals within our agencies of that never put handcuffs on anyone, have never worked in the field as law enforcement officers, and they are dictating our policy and they are working with immigrant advocacy groups, special interest groups, to dictate our arrest policies on the street, our security protocols within our detention centers, and as law enforcement officers we have absolutely no input on what is happening. they absolutely do not want to hear from us. we've let them know that, and they continue to shut us out. >> chris, is this the only thing you can do, is let the people know what's going on? are your hands really tied? >> our hands absolutely are tied. that's one were the things that's important to us in regards to having a union because it does give us very limited protection for those union folks to go out and talk on behalf of our officers and agents and let the american public know what's going on. because i'll tell you right now, if one of our officers goes out and speaks publicly that's not in a union capacity, they will
6:17 am
be fired immediately. so it's a really tricky business for us to try to get the word out to the american public. >> you are doing the right thing by letting us know what is really going on or else we would never know. chris crane, thank you very much. >> thanks, brian. >> hopefully someone will step up and try to solve it. we are about to fall off on a fiscal cliff but lawmakers can't agree on what to cut. but the next guest say we are in bigger trouble than we think because both sides have it wrong. and welcome to miami in new york, that is, why these bathing beauties are coming her this season. [ male announcer ] at scottrade, we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations,
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flush. >> qck headlines now. at this hour at least 600 million people are without electricity over in india after failures across three power grids now. more than half of the population now in the dark. more bomb threats called into wal-mart stores. people evacuated in new jersey. they think it's connected to similar threats to 11 stores in missouri and kansas over the weekend. the stores in california also evacuated. no explosives found in any of these incidences. we have something else to talk about. >> we do, indeed. thank you very much. with america teetering on the edge of a fiscal cliff at the end of the year, democrats are targeting the defense department as their preferred place to cut while republicans go after entitlements. >> but our next guest says both sides have it wrong. david wessel, author of "red inx," the book comes out today.
6:22 am
how do both sides have it wrong? >> i think almost everyone is trying to fool the american people to think it is going to be easier than it is. president obama said we need to raise tax bus we can limit it to the people who make quarter million dollars a year but even some people in his party don't think that's possible. and a number of republicans are in favor of spending cuts because everyone likes spending cuts until they discover that means they may have to pay more for their medicare and other benefits. they aren't being candid with people. >> at one point you talk about how in 2009 every dollar spent in the budget was already allocated before congress even walked through the door. so it's already baked in the cake. clearly the people of america, when we just did the gallop poll, they look at all the corruption in government right now and they would like -- they see that as part of government spending and the deficits are number two reason why people want a new president to get on
6:23 am
it. so where does that leave us? >> people don't like waste, and they are right not to like it, and there is a lot of waste in government but not nearly as much as people think. doug, he runs the congressional budget office, he broke it down to one sentence, the american people want more in benefits than they are willing to pay in taxes. >> that's right. >> that's easy to understand. if only we can fix it. let's take a look at where all the money goes. as you break it down, i think in your book you describe how the fact is almost 50% -- is it 50% of the budget is already -- >> almost two-thirds of the budget is already committed before congress comes to work at the beginning of congressional session. social security, medicare, medicaid, farm price support, interest on the debt. they spend the rest of the year arguing about the remaining third. >> let's go ahead. we have another graphic that shows how much we are spending on medicare and medicaid. in 19891 we spent about 10%. now we are up to 25%.
6:24 am
and we are headed for a third. that is unsustainable. >> right. if you ask me one thing on the spending side we have to control if we are going to control debt and deficit, the answer is simple, it's health. when i talked to rob portman, who was the budget director for a while, i said when you left what did you learn, and he said eats all about healthcare costs. >> and we look at what some people deem as a radical budget of paul ryan, will it work? >> i think one of the champ edges he has, it's a plan heavy on spending cuts. people like that in principle pal but we will see when you get to the specifics. if mitt romney wins, will he really propose a budget that looks as tough on spending as ryan's or not? >> and you say if all comes down to politics. >>. these are fundamentally political decisions. how much do we want to tax ourselves and what do we want to
6:25 am
spend the money on. right now we have a stalemate in congress, a paralysis and we are borrowing hundreds of millions of dollars a day, much from the chinese, as our elected officials can't get around the table and figure out what to do about it. >> one thing we know for sure, we have to do something about something by the end of the year. >> right. i think they will look at this at congress and say we pointed a loaded gun at the economy with the tax increases and spending cuts triggered at the end of the year. the easiest thing do is take the ball lets out and kick the can down the road again another year. >> oh, it's so frustrating with so many americans but that may be where we are headed. a fascinating discussion about the budget and the deficit. thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up next, the bombshell in the fast and furious case. it happened overnight. the government says they now know who is to blame. >> then when a woman beats a man in the olympics, questions are raised. so when she beats him by five
6:26 am
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insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they help cover some of the expenses medicare doesn't pay. and save you up to thousands in out-of-pocket costs. to find out more, request your free decision guide. call or go online today. after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> mitt romney caused quite the controversy at the olympics. mitt romney campaign still trying to do damage control after remarks romney made while in the u. k.. probably romney's worse gaffe was when he visited buckingham palace and told queen
6:30 am
elizabeth," you call this a house? >> that's funny. >> for mitt romney, who people say he should be more direct and willing to rough emfeathers, this three-country tour than very direct. >> london a lot of controversy, israel, and even poland today he will give a major speech about russia. >> in polish? >> that would shock many. >> i know somebody in the makeup room who speaks polish. she can give him pointers. >> who are you talking about. >> marie? >> sjoshe speaks polish? >> i don't know one polish word to talk to her. >> bratwurst? >> that's polish? >> it could be. >> maybe you are thinking of the music? >> did you just and me to play the recorder? >> the clarinet. we will figure it out. let us know if you know. >> you speak it fluently? >> that was neither.
6:31 am
it's a selection of music. >> okay. >> klina, doesn't that mean small? i'm going to reclina before we do the news. >> we have to get out to kelly. in just a few hours the troubling report on the botched fast and furious operation will officially be released but we already know it levels serious blame at five now, five atn employees. we are live from washington with more. >> good morning to you, gretchen, brian and steve as well. giving false testimony to congress and repeatedly risky management, those are just a few of the claims made in this initial congressional investigative report on several members of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. republican congressional investigators conclude that five senior atf officials all blamed for the fast and furious gun running operation. the report by the l. a. times
6:32 am
says the gun walking was marred by mishaps and bad strategy. one was said to be a scapegoat after he said his agents were doing damage control more than anything else once the information became public. but they said he failed to shut fast and furious down. and william newell, the special agent in charge in phoenix, it said they had repeatedly risky management and consistently pushed the management of risky techniques and he was repeatedly repeatedly -- for following the line. brian terry was gunned down in 2010. in response to the report the
6:33 am
attorney for newell issued is report, stating chairman ice saw saw -- issa has consistently shown he won't let it get in the way of his witch-hunt. this report continues that trend. americans deserve better. the fast and furious operation led to attorney general eric holder being held in contempt of congress for failing to turn over s&ped documents to chairman darryl issa. the report is the first of three to be issued from the congressional investigation. all five named in this report have been reassigned, but remain employed in the atf. gretchen. >> all right. kelly wright, thank four dissecting that for us this morning. now for other headlines. a judge awarding the families of 59 americans killed in 9/11 $6 billion in their suit targeting iran and al-qaeda. but will the families actually ever see a single penny is
6:34 am
unclear. al-qaeda is on its last legs and the taliban is still at war with the u.s. and that has them seek assets overseas. >> they might feel different about being on their last legs u bailed them out and now there's word this morning general motors is sending millions of dollars of cash overseas. you heard that right. the car company is reportedly giving $600 million over the next seven years to manchester united for seven years sponsorship. in return the team will wear chevrolet on their jerseys and gm will be able to call itself manchester united's global automobile partner. wow! >> a frightening scene in cape cod as a man body surfing with his son said to be attacked by a shark. witnesses say it was actually like a scene out of jaws. >> a fin about, you know, yay big came up and it was torquing and then it was just like what did we just see? because it was out of a movie.
6:35 am
oh, my god, but you knew that was a shark. >> it was unbelievable. we thought we were watching a movie. we all looked at each other, wondering didewe just see what we think we saw. >> the man was bitten on both legs. he's recovering in a massachusetts hospital. cops say the wounds will be examined to determine if it was definitely a shark. the beach is now closed. >> it's tough being tim tebow. after this went vial, he said it's hard to lead a normal life right now. new york will do that to you. some of the jabs coming from fellow quarterback mark sanchez seen here posing topless for gq magazine in 2007, he said tebow made sure to remind him of that spread. >> i say it's a dead heat between both of those guys with their shirts off. >> in terms of popularity, i think it's the first guy. 17-year-old missing franklin, she's a high school kid, breaking a u.s. record.
6:36 am
breaking a u.s. record in the 100-meter backstroke. let's listen. >> yes! >> she'll have a tough time keeping that amateur status. the first gold medal of her career in 58.33 seconds. her parents there to cheer her on. franklin, who is from colorado, dedicating all of her races to the victims of the movie theater massacre. she still wants to swim in college. she's not even collecting a sponsor ship. the medal total impressive. the u.s. has 17 medals but just five golds. france, and us and china round out the top five. >> and this is 16-year-old yi winn, setting a world record and actually swimming the last
6:37 am
50 meters faster than brian lochte. she beat the record by a full five seconds. i don't know if she had fins on. the world coach calling the performance unbelievable and disturbing. china was already caught cheating in the sport in the 1990s but i thought they were over it. >> what's the allegation? >> that she is taking stuff that makes them go faster and. don't blink because you will miss a sports legend being interviewed at the olympics unknowingly. >> gold medals? >> when i saw the queen -- >> nbc showing a split second interview with him during the today show. they made no mention who he was or identify him as an olympic medal winner himself. they said it's hard to recognize him with a baseball cap on but it's hard not to know who one of the best boxers of all-time was,
6:38 am
he tweeted about it. >> that would have gone unnoticed. >> and coming up, jennifer griffin will be there and we have a lot of surprises. >> all right. i'll look forward to that. in the meantime steve is looking forward to the next segment because he's with women in bikinis. >> take a look at this. ted, if you pan over there, this morning fox and friends are getting -- >> wow! >> -- a taste of the miami heat and the miami convention bureau unveiling a campaign calling it it's so miami. who are you and your friends? >> these young ladies and i are wearing jansen. >> the swimming suit? >> yes. we are hear promoting tourism in miami. >> what's going to happen today at union square. >> a pool party from twelve to six. >> are we invited? >> of course, as is everyone. >> food? >> yes.
6:39 am
>> and fun and girls, models, djs, coffee. >> so it starts off at noon from six today. you know what else miami is, weather. >> weather. >> would you like to assist me with the weather? >> of course. >> what megan will do, megan will actually only talk about miami, i'll talk about the other parts of the country. so let's put the first match-up. it shows us that as you can see we've got some thunderstorms moving through central dixie land and stuff around the great lakes states. how is the precipitation forecast for miami today? >> negative. there is none. warm and beautiful, as usual. >> warm and beautiful, indeed. the next map shows you the current temperatures. gives you a good idea how you should dress for the day. you would probably suggest wear a bikini? >>. >> a jansen bikini. and i know it's kind of far away but can you see the temperature in miami? >> i feel like this is an eye test. i believe it's 88.
6:40 am
>> a beautiful day in miami. >> and ladies, have a great event. >> thank you. come see us! >> i don't know if i will because i'm having lunch with my family but i'm sure ted the camera guy will be there. he's nodding his head. back to you, brian and gretch. >> good to know ted has something to do this afternoon because a lot of times he sits around. >> can you help him with his pickup lines? >> i don't think anyone can help ted. i think he's at the top of his game. >> he's single so he's allowed 20 do that. if teachers don't make the cut can they be sued into success? some trying to fix their schools with lawsuits s that really the answer? we will explore that. >> then if you thought you saw the last of mr. hot, think again. >> oh, no. >> and spending on your dime. the new report revealed. >> is he ever going to drink those drinks? >> i think he ends up doing that. i don't want to give away the ending. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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what's in your wallet? >> headlines for you on this tuesday. republican congressman john mica revealing there are 77gs conferences being investigated. the gsa first faced widespread criticism by hosting a lavish bash in las vegas that cost taxpayers over $800,000. that guy in the hot tub is
6:44 am
responsible. and which state has the highest car insurance rates? michigan. a new study found 8% of the average person's income in michigan goes to car insurance. the reason? it's the only state to guarantee unlimited personal injury where nobody is at fault. it's no-fault. >> gretch. >> if schools aren't doing enough to educate students, can they be sued into success? the aclu hopes so. they are filing a lawsuit claiming michigan's department of education is depriving kids of an education. is a legal battle going to solve that. #*? president of the pta is my guest this morning. good morning, ms. barry. >> good morning. >> explain what is happening with the kids in this school district. >> this school district has a history of students not succeeding and falling below reading level. so there is a need for some
6:45 am
change there. >> all right. so the aclu has stepped in to do what? what are they suing for? >> well, they filed the lawsuit saying that the adults involved need to provide a proper education for the students in that school district. while i think that they were absolutely correct with filing that lawsuit, i think that's a short-term effect for a long-term problem. >> so that the adults are not doing enough, so who exactly are they suing, the teachers? >> no, they are actually suing the department of education, they are suing the school district, they are suing the emergency financial manager of the schools, as well as the state. >> all right. so here is the statement from the aclu michigan executive director. what is unique about this is we are focusing in on lit's and the right to read. literacy is the gateway to all other knowledge. i guess the claim is a lot of kids are graduating and they are not lit rat, right?
6:46 am
>> yeah, that's their basis. >> you said yes, right? >> yes. that's the basis of their lawsuit. that's what they are saying. >> so as a parent, do you think that this lawsuit will do anything to improve the education of the kids in this district? >> i think that it's going to draw some attention to the situation, but we don't think that it's a long-term effect that it's going to have. and i think that education reform shouldn't be looked at as a sprint, it should be looked at that this is going to be a marathon. and the michigan department of education has actually done some great things moving forward with trying to make sure that every child receives a quality education. with the adoption of the state standards, and the waiver, ask changing the way they are looking at top-perform schools and going more toward achievement gaps in school and looking at that instead of just looking at the high performance of the schools. so i think there are some things that are in place that will help us assure that no matter what
6:47 am
zip code a child lives in, they will receive a quality education. >> well, it's an interesting discussion because it's my belief that this is the first time that this kind of a lawsuit has ever happened on behalf of school children getting a better education. it's shaton, right? not sharon. >> shaton. >> i got it incorrect the first time. thanks for being my guest today. >> you too. >> and soda, check, and the mayor forcing new moms to breast-feed, keeping formula under lock and key? is that fair? we will tell you about it. and a small business founded by disabled vets, about to go under. why? they are stripped of their veteran status. those stories are next.
6:48 am
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6:51 am
>> fox news alert to tell you about right now. you are looking live at the u.s. embassy in norway. it has just been evacuated. norwegian police found a suspicious object near a car nearby. it was parked by the embassy. surrounding buildings there also been evacuated. we will continue to follow the story out of norway. u.s. embassy evacuated because of a bomb scare there. guys. ♪. >> one small business founded and owned by several disabled veterans may be forced to go under, that's because the federal government has rejected their request for service
6:52 am
disabled veteran status for small business owners. but the business owners claim they meet all the requirements currently. >> we are joined now by the co-owners of the new evening land industrial waste services, and thanks for both of you for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> jeremy, tell me about your company first. >> our company was founded and became no one back in august of 2007 and has been a services disabled veterans services company since then, found by james colson, a vietnam veteran himself who passed away just last year, and transfership, ownership has answered in the last year, less than a year ago, i should say, and those are one of the things up for question, which is completely within regulations. >> exactly. so, dean, explain why the federal government money that you had been relying on has dried up. >> right now what we found is
6:53 am
when mr. colson passed away, we had to restructure our business and our ownership structure in order to remain in compliance. when we did that -- >> you mean to be in compliance with. >> you have to have at least half the employees have to be disabled? >> at least 51% of the ownership has to be service disabled veteran owned. and we reached out to them dating back to august of last year asking for guidance and support and we received no support whatsoever. our e-mails were not returned, our phone calls were not returned and we recently just reapplied for our veteran status. we had to reapply because mr. colson passed away. anytime there's an ownership change. >> so you reapply for stat us and find out you don't have it, the government contracts are not going to be renewed, correct jeremy? >> oh, yeah, definitely correct. we are being monetarily impacted, our business is right now. you know, we really have -- i don't want to say there's no time to wait, but we have to recertify for verification in 60
6:54 am
or 90 days. >> it's not just you, a lot of companies by you in the same boat are being declined by the federal government. >> that's correct. back in 2008 there were 15,000 companies, service disabled in the system and now there are just over 1500 companies in the system. that's a rate of 90% reduction since 2008. >> and here's what the veterans affairs says. company was originally verified in 2010 but it's eligibility expired when the law was enacted. the verification process changed to require examination of and a number of documents. that's where we found their business structure was not in compliance. your reaction? >> reaction to that was we had reached out to them since august of last year. we required all the documents they required and requested, and we did. went through a 90-day process to fine out we were denied >> let's find out if this helps by virtue of you coming on to the tv show to talk about it. perhaps they will take another look at it. >> and with he will follow up
6:55 am
with you in a couple weeks. >> thank you very much. >> jeremy and dean, thank you very much and good luck to you. >> thank you. >> meanwhile the law says the government has to warn federal employees about layoffs by november 2nd but they just changed the rules. politics, anyone? just a little. >> and he's called the nanny mayor and bloomberg's latest plan, cut back on baby formula to force moms to breastfeed. we aren't kidding. i wouldn't do it in times square but elsewhere they are doing it. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. [ jennifer ] better. stronger. believe. happier. healthier.
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6:57 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone.
6:58 am
today is tuesday, july 31. the last day of the month. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. it's first on the president's list, but last on yours. stunning new feedback from voters may have the obama campaign scrambling this morning. we'll let you in on the details. >> brian: then, speaking of job, millions of americans may lose theirs. but the labor department says it's inappropriate to give those people a heads up before the election. smells like politics, doesn't it? >> steve: and smoking, check. salt, check. soda, check. now the mayor of new york city wants to make it tougher for new mothers to feed their babies with formula. what's he doing now? "fox & friends" and formula starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. we kick off this hour with a fox news alert because you're looking live now at the u.s.
6:59 am
embassy in norway which has just been evacuated. police found a suspicious object beneath a car parked near the embassy. surrounding buildings have been evacuated. we'll keep you posted as we follow the story. moments ago, republican presidential detainee mitt romney wrapping up his speech to a crowd in warsaw, poland, asking them to stand with the united states. he finishes his overseas tour today. earlier he ignored shouted questions from several reporters about his so-called controversial comments during the trip. >> are you concerned about some of the mishaps on your trip? >> what about your gaffes? >> gretchen: his visit was at the invitation of lechdkl
7:00 am
flawed operation. he's already been behind bars for three years. but today the trial of former police sergeant drew peterson in illinois officially gets underway. peterson charged with death of his third wife, kathleen savio. her body was found in a dry bathtub in 2004. her death initially ruled an accident until peterson's fourth wife, pictured there, disappeared in 2007. peterson has pleaded not guilty,
7:01 am
describing her death as a tragic accident. prosecutors say he killed her because he was afraid their divorce would wipe him out financially. we'll talk to judge jeanine pirro about this case coming up next hour. can you imagine giving birth to twins on not just one highway, but two? this woman was heading to the hospital on long island in new york but realized the babies weren't going to wait. her husband called an ambulance and soon after, gavin anderson was welcomed on the southern tate parkway. emts tried to get her to the closest hospital for the second birth. but moments later, she gave we are to decklynn on the wontau parkway. everyone is doing fine and will go home later this evening. >> brian: you're going there, you can't use the carpool lane. on the way home you can. >> steve: exactly. >> brian: right in the middle. >> gretchen: very cute. >> steve: larry sabato has been
7:02 am
on this program a couple of times, the esteemed political analyst and he talked about the president's tax the rich strategy generally doesn't really work in a general election because people don't like the idea of raising anybody's taxes. because they figure they raise the rich's taxes, eventually they'll come for me. tax the rich at the bottom of the list, the number within thing you want, the next president to do, create some jobs, followed by reduce corruption, the deficit and there you can see, it was number 12, tack the rich. >> brian: it's behind address global warming. >> steve: yeah. >> brian: so that's a little surprising. affordable college, overcoming gridlock in there and improving healthcare, which is interesting because most of the country does not approve of the healthcare coming our way. >> gretchen: i thought it was fascinating because you have to wonder if they're behind closed doors in the obama campaign strategy room deciding whether or not they'll continue with
7:03 am
what continues to be the headline of their campaign, which is tax the rich, that everyone needs to pay their fair share, that millionaires and billionaires are the problem in our society. now when you see that only one out of four people actually think that it's the number one or serious issue, maybe they'll tweak the campaign strategy. >> steve: one of the things they're polling has shown is that there is an enthusiasm gap. more republicans are enthused to go to the polls than democrats are. so perhaps what this would do historically is when you suggest this, it will fire up the liberal base. unfortunately, just the liberal base will not get president obama reelected. instead, they need to go ahead and capture the imagination of those conservative swing voters and the tax the rich thing not going to do it. >> brian: the president in new york last night got 2 million bucks. he had 60 people conveniented and one of the statements was it will be close, but if the election was held today, he would win. in the national poll, it's dead
7:04 am
even. in rasmussen, he's trailing by five points. let's talk about the economy, there is a lot of people going to get laid off with sequestering coming up, for example, if you work for a defense contractor. if you work for the government, there is a standard that you have to give everybody 60 days notice before you release them. that's the law. >> gretchen: we should remind people that southwest race is -- sequestration is a result of the republicans and democrats not able to come together to fix our deficit, the super committee. they came up with nothing. so these automatic cuts went into effect. originally they were so severe, especially for the department of defense, that when they came up with the super committee rules, they figured they will come up with some sort of decision 'cause they'll never let the cut goes into effect. >> ste: so there is this law on the book called the warren act that says if they're going to -- if there are going to be big layoff, you have to let people know 60 days out, which
7:05 am
as it ounce out, would be four days before the general election. keep in mind, dollar number of swing states, like north carolina, also virginia and florida with a heavy dod employment record. those swingers in those states, if they see the layoffs will think not good and might vote their pocketbook and vote fort other person. as it turns out now, according to the labor department, they've sent this out. they've said, you don't really have to warn them. they say to the employees and federal contractors, including in the defense industry, it is not required, the layoff notice, 60 days in advance. >> brian: what's the theiry -- theory? >> steve: it would be inappropriate given the lack of certainty of how the cuts would be implemented. >> brian: the theory is they have to come up with some kind of deal, which is a huge stretch after the president said you're on your own.
7:06 am
we'll talk about what the military will look like. >> gretchen: first i want to get to senator ayotte who was on the show yes saying she thinks it's politics and maybe could there be a solution before the end of the year? let's listen to the senator. >> blatantly political move by our department of labor that contradicts the law because unfortunately, they don't want the american people to know that people are going to be laid off, that our national security is at risk, and the president, as the commander in chief of this country, he's the one in charge of the department of labor that just issues it. he doesn't want voters to know. >> gretchen: she's saying it's purely political, why the 60 day notice would not happen of the but congress could still come up with some sort of a deal to not let these cuts go into effect. they have nill december 31 to do that. before january 2 when they would automatically happen. >> brian: it would kill the defense department. what's got to be going on if you bring it into the fall and winter.
7:07 am
>> steve: keep in mind, that's if they make a deal. if they don't make a deal before the election by federal mandate under the warren act, they've got to warn people that it looks like, according to our callouses right now, come the first of the year, you're going to be laid off. but the labor department says wouldn't be appropriate. but that does look political until let's talk breast-feeding. >> gretchen: there is only one of us on the couch who has actually done it, i think. [ laughter ] unless some of you were taking estrogen and something else happened. i did it twice and it was my personal choice. i also used formula to feed my kids here and there. now the mayor of new york, mike bloomberg, many people feel like this is a trend where he's becoming breast-feeder in chief now. yeah, there he is as a nanny, because in new york city, hospitals now, they've always encouraged breast-feeding in the hospitals. by the way, breast-feeding is up dramatically from generations
7:08 am
before. but now they're going to actually put formula behind lock and key. make it more difficult for mothers who have just given birth to ask for formula. they're going to make it really difficult so that they will be almost forced into breast-feeding. now, i hate to say it, but some moms can't breast-feed. it just doesn't work. >> steve: or they choose not to. >> gretchen: yeah. so is this the right thing to do? >> steve: this is the very latest thing on his list of things to do. he reduced salt. he cut out smoking. he is trying to get rid of the big giant sodas as well that so many people use. now he's turning to breast-feeding. >> brian: he also slid in liquor. last week it was liquor. >> steve: explain the liquor thing 'cause this has a lot of people upset. >> brian: i don't really know. >> steve: he's trying to reduce the am of liquor people can drink? >> brian: something to avoid binge drinking. he's looking at crackdown on it in some type of way. >> gretchen: i just feel like
7:09 am
this -- >> brian: this is why you don't give a mayor a third term. >> gretchen: dads can relate. when off newborn at home and they're screaming at the top of their lungs, you might want to be able to get your hands on a little bit of formula. it's already going to add to the stress of being a new mom in the hospital or a new dad who is trying to console the child. i think it should be up to the person to decide what they want to feed their own kid. >> steve: suitly. this time i think he's -- i think he crossed the line before. he crossed the line this time easily. there are as gretch mentioned, some women who can't do it. some women who don't get the time off to do it and others don't want to do it. he's essentially mandating you got to do it or you'll get lectured. >> brian: am i the only one not feeling comfortable with this conversation? >> gretchen: you're the only one admitting it. >> brian: i am totally uncomfortable with this. what i am is anti-gas. anything i can give the baby that doesn't give a baby gas, i'm for it. >> steve: you're thinking
7:10 am
formula gives a baby gas? >> brian: right. >> gretchen: as a mom, you can't eat broccoli before you breast-feed. coming up on the show, the police officer never saw it coming. routine traffic stop turns into a shootout. how the officer made it out alive. >> steve: then another american city on the verge of going bankrupt. why stuart varney says you should pay attention no matter where you live. brian, explain during the commercial how you turn the breast thing into a gas thing? >> brian: never !
7:11 am
7:12 am
7:13 am
>> gretchen: with high taxes and sky high public sector pay, california cities are falling into bankruptcy. citigroup is warning investors that fresno, california, may be the next to fall. can the city turn itself around instead of heading toward a fiscal cliff? >> steve: stuart varney joins us live. fresno, hadn't seen this on the bankruptcy radar until now. >> look, citigroup, the big bank here, says the harsh spotlight of potential bankruptcy has been
7:14 am
shifted to fresno. the mayor of fresno, ashley swearingen, says, look, i got a new budget. i can balance the budget if i get big millions of dollars worth of concessions from the police. the police say no deal. we're not even talking. so fresno is looking to make cuts elsewhere on the brink, bankruptcy mentions necks with another -- in connection with another big city. the bottom line here is that cities all across california, and indeed all across america, are in this vice. they can't raise more revenue and they can't pay the promises that they've made in the past. so everything gets squeezed. bankruptcy is now a threat that's very definitely on the horizon. the bottom line for everybody watching our show who is any way, shape, or form near a city in trouble, your services, education and health in particular, are going to get cut. >> gretchen: let me ask you
7:15 am
this, if they actually go through with the bankruptcy, then do they relieve themselves of all of these pensions and such that they have to pay, or how does that work out? >> it's very harsh. you do go into chapter 9. if you do that as the three cities in california have already, it's very, very harsh medicine because you pay an enormous amount of money in legal fees. the lawyers get the money first before all the pensioners and alt services, the lawyers get the money. it's a lot of money. plus, you can't borrow money. you're in bankruptcy. so you're denying access to the credit markets. you are frozen out of the money. yes, you may be able to adjust your pension program in the future. you may be able to do that. it depends on the bankruptcy court judge. what is he or she going to say? you don't know that going in. you are taking harsh medicine. >> steve: while there has been so many stories about bankruptcies out in california, have you noticed that other municipalities are suddenly going, you know what?
7:16 am
we're at the tipping point. we can no longer afford this. so going forward, we'll have to be a little smarter about our budgeting? >> they are. there are other big cities that are right on the line. you don't want to name names and use the word bankruptcy in the same sentence. it will affect their borrowing cost. but i had the mayor of a big american city on my program yesterday. he has been downgraded by the ratings agency. he's got to cut 40 million out of the wages and benefits of his city workers. he's having a very hard time doing it. even though underlying everything, his city is in relatively good shape. he is being squeezed like everybody else. big cities all across the country. >> gretchen: very interesting discussion. we can continue, people can, to see you ton varney and company at 9:20 a.m. on fox business. coming up, new information about just how dangerous the illegal immigration problem is. turns out jail isn't much of a
7:17 am
deterrent for criminal immigrants. the stunning new numbers. >> steve: then defense cuts about to go into effect. could cost thousands of jobs. maybe up to a million, some estimates are and jeopardize our national security. why is the commander in chief miss not guilty action? senator inhofe reporting for duty, next i knew it'd be tough on our retirement savings, especially in this economy. but with three kids, being home more really helped. man: so we went to fidelity. we talked about where we were and what we could do. we changed our plan and did something about our economy. now we know where to go for help if things change again. call or come in today to take control of your personal economy.
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get free one-on-one help from america's retirement leader. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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7:20 am
>> steve: it's time for yours news by the numbers. 13%, that's how much revenue for martha stewart living has fallen. it has not been profitable for the last nine years. that's not a good thing. next, 40,000. that's how many people turned
7:21 am
out to see glenn beck during a rally at cowboys stadium in texas about love, faith and country. 62%, that's how many young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 are still receiving financial help from their parents. that's according to a study by clark university. mr. kilmeade, over to you. >> brian: major cuts are looming they will impact our economy. under the plan, if congress fails to act by the end of the year, defense spending will be splashed by $500 billion over the next ten years. now, with so much at stake, many are wondering why isn't the president taking any action and what would this mean for our actual defense of the nation? joining us now, a man wondering the same thing, senator jim inhofe. first off, you cut $3,500,000,000,000 off, how does that leave us militarily? >> you stop and think about it, he's going through four budget cycles so far and each one has been a disarming of america. if you have taken the half
7:22 am
trillion dollars off that he's already projecting now, that's without obama sequestration, then you add another half trillion dollars from that, even according to his own secretary of defense, panetta, he said it would be devastating to the military. we would end up with the lowest ground force we've had since 1940, lowest number of ships since 1915, lowest strike vehicles in the air of all time. i mean, people need to understand what he's already done and then the effect it's going to have if he's successful in the obama sequestration. >> brian: i want you to hear white house press secretary jay carney when asked of him, what's going to happen with the cuts to the military? listen. >> we have a situation where defense cuts that the president believes are much too deep, that republicans and democrats believe are much too deep, as well as nondefense cuts. republicans would allow those to go into place rather than ask
7:23 am
millionaires and billionaires to pay a little bit more. that's unacceptable as far as this president is concerned. >> brian: because you don't want to ask rich people to pay more. >> they've always wanted more tax increases. in his own budget, people don't realize this, the president designs the budget. if you add up all four, it's $5.3 trillion that he has proposed in his budget. now we're look at a ten-year period where he's trying to squeeze 1.2 trillion dollars that. didn't seem like it would be a problem at all. this is his sequestration. it's not as jay carney said. it's not congress. this is obama's sequestration. you think about the jobs. i mean, lockheed martin is talking about the probability of 120,000 jobs that they're going to lose as a result of this. i am concerned about the jobs. i'm not as concerned about that as what he's doing to america's ability to defend ourselves that. is the big issue.
7:24 am
>> brian: absolutely. especially as we try to tell iran there is going to be ramifications to your actions in the persian gulf. and we tell china we're going to be watching you. you're not going to dominate the region like we plan on having a greater presence in asia. i want to bring tout warren act that says you have to give people 60 days notice before you lay them off. if you don't have a deal, these people need notice. how does that gel with the election and with these pink slips going out? >> the fact that the president, through his department of labor, is trying to intimidate businesses, companies, corporations, not just defense contractors, into not issuing the pink slips. right here i had the law in front of me that says they have to do it within 60 days. january 2, so that's november 2. the president doesn't want them going out five days before the election. but this is the part of the law that no one has said anything about. the warren act states that any employer who orders a plant
7:25 am
closing or mass layoff in violation of section 3 shall be, listen, liable to each agreed employee who suffers an employment loss as a result of such closing layoff. you can't not comply with the law. put yourself on the board of directors of lockheed martin. if they came out with a class action lawsuit, you bet they're going to send out pink slips. by the way, they don't have to wait until november 2. they can send them out today if they want to. >> brian: the president is out of balance this year, $1.2 trillion. senator, stay on top of this. i appreciate you joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> brian: next on this show, the black panthers accused of intimidating voters at the polls. so why weren't they prosecuted? the stunning court ruling that says the obama administration was involved. then here is a way to dependent the kids excited about school. pay them to go. it's happening! but is that really a good idea [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity...
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7:29 am
♪ >> steve: oh, man. >> gretchen: check out the shot of the morning. it's a sweet revenge for a do every in russia after battling for the lane with another driver. the driver of this suv decides he's had enough. he pulls ahead and over to the side, waiting for his unsuspecting victim and times it perfectly with a puddle, speeding through it examine soaking the other car. who caught it all on camera? that's what i want to no.
7:30 am
>> steve: no kidding. you got to figure that wasn't planned. that was probable lea just a coincidence that there was a gigantic soaking puddle there waiting. >> brian: i don't know if i'm going to buy that. the way the kardashians aren't planned? come on. >> gretchen: you're going to be suspect of it. >> brian: i'm somewhat because m street smart. i've been around. >> gretchen: okay. >> steve: mean streets. >> gretchen: one thing some people were suspicious of was whether or not the new black panther party had anything o do with the 2008 election. remember in philadelphia, there was that video of potentially precluding voters or at least threatening them as they were trying to come in to vote. the department of justice looked into that and said there was not a case. now a federal court has found that some of the obama appointees did, in fact, interfere with the new black panther prosecution. >> steve: yeah. this is a case brought by judicial watch initially and they were trying it figure out whether court costs should be reimbursed and stuff like that.
7:31 am
and so they looked at it and this is what the u.s. district judge, judge reggie jackson said. he said documents reveal political appointees within the doj were conferring about the status and resolution of the new black panther party case in the days preceding the doj's dismissal of the claim. so it does look, according to the judge, and he's the final word on it, there was interference on the part of the obama administration. >> gretchen: i didn't know reggie jackson became a judge. >> brian: weighs in on parry bonds. now we have a black panther case. come on, reggie, back out! >> steve: who knew? >> gretchen: all right. >> brian: hank aaron couldn't be reached for comment. >> steve: he could not. meanwhile, 27 minutes before the top of the hour and switching gears. the suspect in the colorado
7:32 am
massacre, james holmes, faces up to 142 charges for the massacre that killed 12 people and wounded 58 others. brian. >> brian: elizabeth prann joins us live from centennial, colorado with details. when will we see holmes in court again, if ever? >> right. well, it could be as early as next week, thursday, august 9, is the date set where the judge will hear the media's motion in regards to releasing those sealed documents. and as a defendant in this case, holmes does have the right to be in court, although the courthouse p.i.o. tells us he doesn't have any indication at this point that he will be present and of course, there will be no cameras in the courtroom. as far as charges are concerned, the district attorney in arapaho county, who is an outspoken supporter of the death penalty, seemingly focused her attention on the movie theater crime scene. that's where the most serious charges were handed down yesterday. perhaps in an attempt to really prevent a very lengthy trial,
7:33 am
although experts say that may be inevitable. 142. >> has been in total. -- 24 counts of first-degree murder. 116 counts of attempted murder and one count of an explosive device and one sentence enhancer, which means it's just a crime of violence. two counts for each victim. why? the prosecution has an advantage. the jury will now have two theory this is deliberate. the first is murder after deliberation and the second is murder with extreme indifference to human life. both carry a minimum life sentence without parole and a maximum sentence of the death penalty. our producer inside the courtroom saw survivors who were inside. they still had bandages wrapped around their arms and legs after multiple surgeries and family members who had very emotional reaction. listen. >> i got a sense that he was very aware of what was going on. i do not believe that he's insane, but of course, i'm not a
7:34 am
psychiatrist. he responded very appropriately and said yes when he understood the charges. >> now, her niece, ashley moser, lost her six-year-old child, as well as her unborn child as a result of the tragedy. she is also paralyzed. we do know yesterday that the district attorney has appointed a victim advocate to enforce the rights of victims in this case. back to you in new york. >> gretchen: elizabeth prann live in centennial, colorado. thank you very much for the update. >> brian: now to the rest of the headlines. two men accused of creating a fake september 11 charity and pocketing thousands of dollars in donations. the new jersey attorney general says the men showed up at memorial events in this public truck with the names of fallen first responders written on it. they collected donations and sold t-shirts saying the money would go to ground zero charities. instead, they reportedly kept the money for themselves. both men convicted of fraud in the past. >> gretchen: routine traffic stop quickly turns terrifying.
7:35 am
watch what happens to this indiana police officer. suspect james lockhart fired 12 shots in 16 seconds. then look what he does. he gets in his car, takes off. the officer was hit. in minutes, another officer shows up to help. >> hang in there, all right? >> i'm all right. >> gretchen: officer fox is said to be in good condition now recovering at a hospital. police ended up tracking down lockhart at this apartment. he was shot and killed by police after he again fired at officers. >> steve: meanwhile, a troubling new congressional report revealing one in five illegals arrested for crimes commit more within three years of being released. the department of homeland security statistics show 8500 drunk driving offenses and more
7:36 am
than 6,000 drug arrests. there were arrests for kidnapping and murder as well. house judiciary chairman lamar smith outraged. he says, quote, the obama administration could have prevented these senseless crimes by enforcing our immigration laws. but president obama continues to further his anti-enforcement agenda while innocent americans suffer the consequences. no comment this morning from the department of homeland security. >> gretchen: let's head to brian. you must be in your glory because there is so much sports to talk about with the olympics. >> brian: it's so good we could show video this year. olympic swimmer missy franklin was in high school and wants to swim in college. while she's unbelievable. she's won again. she's dedicating her entire showing to the victims of the colorado massacre. watch. >> lane 5!
7:37 am
>> brian: gold medal in the 100-meter back stroke. she finished 58.33 seconds. new u.s. record. her parents even there to cheer her on. the current medal count, china in front. tied with us with 17. but they have more golds. then you got france, north korea, and italy rounding out the top five. let's talk about china for a second. are they cheating again? there is increasing calls to investigate after china has been blowing out the competition in the water. now you got the 16-year-old, she's got to be under 50, setting a world record to the 40 medley, breaking it by a full five seconds. she use an engine? she swam the 50 meters faster than ryan lochte who won the gold in that final lap. the executive director of the world swimming coaches association calls the performance unbelievable and disturbing. china was already caught for cheating in the sport leading up to their hosting the sport in beijing four years ago. that was in the '90s. she denies using performance
7:38 am
enhancing drugs. there she is with the gold. >> gretchen: wow. five second as soon as in a sport like swimming or running where it's all down to like millisecond. five seconds? >> steve: jet ski. >> gretchen: earlier in the show, we were talking about this program, this summer school program in washington, d.c. for at risk kids where it's a bit controversial. they're paying the kids to go to summer school. so we were asking you whether or not you thought that was a good idea. is it good incentive to keep some of these kids in school? keep in mind, less than 50% of the kids in this school district actually end up graduating from high school. it costs 12 to $15,000 a year for one kid to go to school. that's taxpayer money. so is it worth it to pay them five bucks an hour to go to summer school. >> brian: this harvard economist, rowland fryer said he was motivated to dot program because he's just trying to get something going there to save these kids.
7:39 am
it's called the paid to behave program. some of the kids say listen, i can't go to summer school. i can't catch up. i have to go get a job. or i prefer to get a job. now this is their answer. >> steve: right. the problem is, the summer school seats, 400 suits, only 100 of the kids wanted to be there. 300 of the kids simply wanted a job. they're just showing up, drawing a paycheck. they could care less perhaps what they learn because all they got to too is be in the chairs. we asked you what you thought. amy says paying kids to do what is expected ask required of them is just one more step to creating an entitlement society. >> gretchen: chuck said this, give your children payment for their services and allowance, award, wage, teaching my kids about stipend social security a gift that they will use for life. so you got both sides of the story. >> steve: meanwhile, need a job? your search might just end today. cheryl casone is here with the top five companies hiring. one of those companies just named one of the best places to work.
7:40 am
grab a pencil and a player. >> gretchen: and they say politicians affect them. 17-year-old should be allowed to vote? the two girls who are making it their mission here next. >> brian: first, the pfizer trivia question. born in 1965, she's british, a woman, and wrote a best selling book series in history. who is she? >> gretchen: she was part of the olympic opening ceremony. >> brian: i know. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil®. here one story. i'm sean. i switched to adv® 10 months ago. biking can be really tough on the lower back and your upper thighs. you have some nasty aches and pains. i really like advil® because it takes care of it all.
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7:43 am
>> brian: quick headlines. new jersey wal-mart is the latest to get bomb threats. 700 people evacuated from the store. police think it's connected to similar threats in missouri, kansas and california. no explosives found in any of those places, but they continue to call it in. seniors looking to retire should consider the midwest instead of warmer climate. a new report found that provo, utah and sioux falls, south dakota, were the best city because they offer quality health care, plus education and employment opportunities to keep active. i'm sure she's enjoyed the game. gretch? >> gretchen: thanks. they're old enough to serve in the military.
7:44 am
so should 17-year-olds also be allowed to vote? vote 17, a grassroots teen organization, wants to change the voting laws. this is happening in lowell, massachusetts. they say 17-year-olds should be able to cast ballots in city elections and they're on a mission to make sure it happens. joining me now are susan and carline. they're behind this mission. good morning to you ladies. >> good morning. >> gretchen: all right. so susan, let me know why should 17-year-olds be able to vote? >> 17-year-olds should be able to vote because it's proven that voting is habitual. especially when you start at an early age. also you're still in your community and still in high school. like a senior in high school. and you will be voting on things that will directly affect you, such as the school committee decision and city council. >> gretchen: right. so the interesting thing here, carline, is that you would only be able, if this passes, you would only be able to vote in your city elections. so for municipal things.
7:45 am
you argue that when you turn 18, many people go away to college and there are more transitional, so 17 is a more crucial age than 18. right? >> yes. we believe that when you're 17, since you are still in your community and you're still involved in the political process, rather than when you're 18, you will be off to college and worried about what's going on in college and what's going on in the other city, that you will now call your home. so we feel being able to get the 17-year-olds while they're still in their community will increase engagement and increase youth voices. so they can be more involved in their community and in their schools. >> gretchen: if we look at the recent registered voters in your town of lowell, massachusetts, it's not that great. it's right around 50%. so what can the two of you do to try and change that? >> we feel like what we can do, be able to have teens be able to
7:46 am
voice their opinions in the voting booth because there are a lot of teens in our school actually that voice their opinions, like with -- in 2009, we had a youth led city council candidate forum held and there was over 250 teens that were there. so we surveyed the teens in our community and we were just asking if they would like to discuss whether city council candidates and one of the questions that came up was, would you support voting age at 17? and 18 of the 19 said yes. a lot of teen high school a good response and this is how we came up with the campaign. >> gretchen: today you're going to the state house, right, susan? >> correct. >> gretchen: and you want to try and get a meeting with the speaker. does this thing have a chance of passing? >> well, speaking of the speaker, we want to thank his office 'cause they've been very generous with their time.
7:47 am
they must feel -- made us feel comfortable and we look forward to work with them. we are very optimistic of our chances of having our bill being brought up on the house floor today. >> gretchen: congratulations to both of you for being so active in your community. we'll continue to follow your story to see if it actually comes to reality. susan and carline, good to see you this morning. good luck. >> thank you. >> gretchen: that's great, isn't it? teens who are getting active in their community. if you're looking for work, look no further. cheryl casone up next with the top five companies hiring exactly today. first on this date in 1996, remember this? the macarena? it was the number one song. it's still a good one.
7:48 am
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7:51 am
>> steve: answer to the pfizer question of the day, j.k. rowling. the winner is mimi. congratulations. meanwhile, small glimmer of hope for the struggling job market. the number of americans filing for unemployment benefits dropped by 5,000 last week. back with more good news is "fox business" network's cheryl casone. you've got five companies that are hiring today. let's start with verizon. >> all of the iphones and galaxies and everything else we're carrying around, the wireless companies have been hiring. verizon is hiring. they've hired 3,000 this year, but they're looking to hire more. i wanted to highlight what they need because they've got 100 positions still open. a lot of this will be i.t., but they've got tuition assistance if you want to go back and get retraining. they will match up your retirement, your 401(k) contributions up to 6%. i always look at that.
7:52 am
and the rating agencies -- not rating agencies. but like training magazine, computer world ranked them in other top lists. >> steve: if you don't know how to program a phone, they'll teach you if they hire you. >> they really need engineers. >> steve: pinnacle foods has brands like duncan heinze and vlasic pickles. >> in new jersey, they've been expanding. you've heard of a lot of these brands, hungry man dinners. i can see you eating one. >> steve: i love the tried chick -- fried chicken. >> their brands are in 85% of households. they need r and d. anyway. they just expanded one of their facilities in new jersey and hiring there. 75 openings now. >> steve: there is a software company called quarter stone on
7:53 am
demand. they're also looking. >> the software what, it does is helps people kind of assimilate and do better in their hr operations. kind of replacing people in hr departments. but still, they're hiring. they have 50 job openings. in particular, their headquarters based in los angeles. they're looking for people there. they've got 50 positions open now. they hired about 180 last year. they're hoping to do that this year. you do get six weeks paid leave if you're a new mother and for new dads, they will give you kind of bonding time. they call it baby bonding time. >> steve: all right. and very good. even in tough times, people need to eat. that's why blimpie's is thinking of opening 100 new locations. >> one of the things they're doing, and i know we're always talking about opportunities for veterans. a lot of the opportunities are franchise ownership opportunities. they'll slash the fees in half for veterans. some of the companies will waive them completely. they're doing half off. they need managers, cashier, people that can work on the counter. >> steve: tcf bank. >> financial services. the company is based in
7:54 am
minnesota, but they're opening up and expanding in sioux falls, south dakota. they've got about 500 openings right now. they need -- excuse me. they've got about 200 openings right now, may 2012, they're look to expand. this is financial services. this is consumer debit cards, financing for businesses, things like that. so there are some openings up in the financial services industry. a lot of it is tied to consumer credit because people are actually starting to borrow again, which you could consider a positive thing. >> steve: absolutely. now, you've just highlighted thousands of jobs that are out there right now. people have more questions. i know -- >> ff job hunt at of you can either reach out to us if you're in the interview process, if you have questions. every few weeks we'll be answering your questions. also if you're a company looking to hire, that really is the best way. also there is some advice at my blog. that's a weekly column where i give you advice how to kind of -- new social media.
7:55 am
>> steve: who needs the want ad when is you got her? >> i'm trying. >> steve: thank you very much. see you next week. coming up, the president tapping bill clinton to sell four more years to a not so approving public. one former clinton aide says not so fast. bubba is going to vote for romney. then, the new miss teen usa overcame incredible odds. now she has a plan to improvege america's schools. she's here live ime you feel like saving money. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is, you have options. oh, how convenient. hey. crab cakes, what are you looking at? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. why not talk to someone who owns an adjustable version of the most highly recommended bed in america?
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where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if, whilen enbrel, you experice persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. [ phil ] get back to the things that matter most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biolog medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. with lean cuisine steam bags. get our crispiest carrots and our snappiest peas all freshly steamed in just minutes. steam bags from lean cuisine. be culinary chic. >> gretchen: good morning,
7:58 am
everyone. today is tuesday, july 31, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for spending part of your busy day with us today. mitt romney wrapping up his overseas trip with a not so warm sendoff from the main stream media. listen to this. >> governor romney, are you concerned about some of the mishaps on your trip? >> what about your gaffes? >> gretchen: all right. is that civility? we're live at the white house just moments away. >> steve: meanwhile, message misfire. americans are not buying the current president's tax the rich attacks. stunning new feedback from voters may have that guy's campaign scrambling on this tuesday morning. >> brian: bill clinton tapped to sell four more years of obama. one former clinton aide says president clinton will be pulling the lever for romney. "fox & friends" starts right now.
7:59 am
>> steve: hello, people. live from studio e here in the midtown manhattan area. brian, you've been talking all morning about the olympics. i just found a fascinating fact. you know the horses that are jumping over things? you know how they get them to the olympics? >> brian: by boat? >> steve: no. fed-ex. they fed-ex the horses there. >> brian: really? >> steve: not in boxes, but fed-ex is the carrier. >> gretchen: really? >> brian: that's fan tastic -- fantastic. >> gretchen: what does it cost it fed-ex a horse? >> steve: when the horse absolutely positively has to be there overnight, go with fed-ex. >> brian: you got the slogan down. >> gretchen: back to politics, republican presidential candidate mitt romney wrapping up his overseas tour with a major foreign policy speech in poland. wendell goler live for us at the white house with all the details. good morning to you, wendell. >> good morning. the white house mutg its criticism of romney's trip, though the obama campaign certainly is not. senior campaign advisor david
8:00 am
axelrod tweeted out, calling it romney's rolling ruckus. and though romney was warmly welcomed in israel and poland, very few people are saying he seized the opportunity presented. he and his wife are in poend la getting a warm reception in part because of his push for a tougher line with russia. after starting the trip in britain with what some is a less than complimentary remark about their presentations for the olympics. supporters hoped he would take advantage of his long relationship with israeli prime minister netanyahu during his time in israel. he did promise to be a more reliable friend to israel, but also offered confusing remarks about israeli-palestinian cultural differences accounting for their economic disparity and his figures understated israeli earnings by half and overstated palestinian earnings by a factor of five. josh earnest did take a veiled shot at that. >> one of the challenges of being an actor on the national
8:01 am
stage, particularly when you're traveling to such a sensitive part of the world, is that your comments are closely scrutinized for meaning, for nuance, for motivation and it is clear that there are some people who have taken a look at those comments and are scratching their heads a little bit. >> romney has taken few questions on this trip. as you pointed out in your introduction, reporters rebelled at a stop firing questions over an aide's insistence they show respect. here is how they went. >> are you concerned about some of the mishaps on your trip? >> what about your gaffes? >> this is romney's last day abroad. he'll be back on the campaign trail in this country on thursday. gretchen? >> gretchen: all right. wendell goler live at the white house, thanks very much. >> steve: i saw one report where the reporters were yelling, i think it's a holy area, and
8:02 am
there was somebody from the romney camp who said that was inappropriate to be barking out questions like that. >> brian: yeah. and of course, mitt romney was saying saluting the israelis about their culture. that created controversy. now he's in poland giving a major speech and he'll be talk being maybe bringing up russian relations. so i'm sure that will cause controversy nonresponsive here at home, the other man who would like to maintain his status as president of the united states, president obama, part of the campaign strategy has been what some deem class warfare and there has been a lot of talk about taxing the rich, people who make over $250,000 a year. could it be now that that strategy may have to be tweaked because voters don't really care that much about that? is it a misfire? in a recent gallup poll, taxing the rich only 21% put that as the most important issue to themselves as a voter. the number one issue, of course, is creating jobs. 48% of the people said that. reducing corruption, 45%. reducing the deficit, 44%.
8:03 am
that would be interesting to see how that's changed over the last four years. i bet that was down in the single digit. that's up 44%. taxing the rich, 21%. >> brian: even global warming, which divides this country, has more people concerned than does taxing the rich. as if they understand that that's not going to solve any problems. >> steve: you know, one of the things that has shown up historically with this president is when asked, they say he's a really likeable guy. they say he's very likeable. unfortunately for his campaign, because he's been doing so many slash and burn negative ads, it's really started to show up in the polling where he's not that likeable as he was in the beginning. doug schoen was on with greta van susteren, actual lea with dana perino hosting for greta last night, talked about the negative ads taking their toll. listen to this. >> the obama campaign is doing it because the president's approval is below 50s. 46 or 47. bottom line, a majority of the american people are not satisfied with his job performance. the bottom line, unless the
8:04 am
american people hear a positive pro-growth strategy to create jobs, stimulate the economy, they're going to be just as frustrated on election day as they are now. >> brian: they rolled out two negative ads yesterday. did the reelection campaign, but the president did raise $2 million. went to the nomad hotel, had 60 rich people show up. one of which is the ceo of ubs, right next door. and at which time he said, this is my last election. somebody yelled out, what about for your library? he goes, someone else will call you about that. he did say if the election was held today, he would win. >> gretchen: somebody who has a library and a past that many people deem to be a good one as president is bill clinton. so can bill clinton help when he gives the biggest speech of the entire democratic national convention that's going to be happening the first week in september in charlotte? yep. he's going to be the big speaker. so obviously he was invited. obviously he accepted. but is it a good thing for
8:05 am
president obama because you really never know what bill clinton is going to say. i can think of five major issues that he differed on with president obama in just the last month. >> brian: see, i think when he has the message typed out or on teleprompter. >> gretchen: he doesn't use them. >> brian: i would say that his lead up interviews and post-interviews is where he could probably let a few mistakes be made. for example, let's extend all the bush tax cuts. elizabeth warren will be leading in to bill clinton. bill clinton will be in the big star. they say elizabeth warren is the future star, which is a little bit controversy to me because she's having a hard time in inn a liberal state in massachusetts despite all her money. she had the controversy with her cherokee background. and she also says that she's the godmother of the occupy operation, which has been a joke. >> steve: plus, the stuff that got the president of the united states in trouble in roanoke was that you didn't build that comment, which sounded a lot like what elizabeth warren said out on the stump. here is a replay.
8:06 am
listen. >> there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. nobody. you built a factory out there, good for you. but i want to be clear, you moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for. you hired workers the rest of us paid to educate. you were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. you didn't have to worry that bands would come and seize everything at your factory and hire someone to protect against this because of the work the rest of us did. >> gretchen: the interesting thing is she's going to speak before bill clinton on wednesday night at the convention. but to me, there is reasoning behind that, because elizabeth warren is much more liberal than bill clinton is. she sounds a lot more like barak obama and what he said about building -- whether or not you build your own business. i'm not so sure bill and hillary
8:07 am
clinton agree with that. is this strategic to put them both on the stage, a piece to the base and then have bill clinton come out, because he's really good with the working class folks out there, and also with the independents. >> steve: see, i think that there is some peril in having her on because it's going to remind everybody, wait a minute, she's the one ho said the thing that got our guy, president obama, in trouble in roanoke with the you didn't build that thing. they got to figure that if barak obama personally called bill clinton to bail him out and come out and give the keynote on that night after elizabeth warren, he really had to pretty his teeth because historically, they have not gotten along ever since barak obama beat his wife four years ago. dick morris -- >> brian: in the election. >> steve: exactly. dick morris has an interesting observation. he made it to sean hannity last night. listen to o who mr. clinton is going to vote for.
8:08 am
>> i guarantee you, sean, based on what i've heard from third parties who i've spoken to, that william jefferson clinton is going to cast his ballot for mitt romney. however, he's going to open his mouth for barak obama because his wife is hostage. they have her under lock and key as secretary of state. and he is scared that obama will lose and blame him if he undermines obama. so he'll do everything he asks him to do and then he'll jab him whenever he can. >> gretchen: i agree with the last part of that thing. but i don't know if anyone can hold hillary clinton under lock and key. she is the secretary of state, but only bill clinton and hillary know who they'll vote for. >> brian: she's retiring. >> steve: that's what i hear. the bad news for bill clinton and his appearance before the democrats is the fact that apparently it will be opposite the season opener of the nfl. >> brian: giants-cowboys. >> steve: yeah. which would you watch? >> brian: do you have to even ask me? >> steve: you're a sports guy. >> gretchen: we'll be there, so
8:09 am
we'll be watching bill clinton. now to the headlines. fox news alert, moments ago, authorities lifting the evacuation order for the u.s. embassy in norway. police determining a suspicious object near a parked car is harmless. nearby buildings also evacuated as a precaution. james holmes flashing his 142 criminal counts that could lead to his execution. that includes 4 counts of murder -- 24 counts of murder and in his first public words since the massacre, the 24-year-old mumble add barely audible yeah, when the judge asked if he agreed with his lawyer's request to delay his next hearing. he's already been behind bars for three years and today the trial of former police sergeant drew peterson gets underway in illinois. peterson charged with the death of his third wife, katherine savio. her body was found in a dry bathtub in 2004. her death was initially ruled an accident until peterson's fourth wife, stacy, disappeared in 2007. peterson has pleaded not guilty, describing her death as a tragic accident. prosecutors say he killed her because he was afraid their
8:10 am
divorce would, quote, wipe him out financially. judge jeanine joins us live from the courthouse a few minutes from now. those are your headlines. >> brian: we have a lot more show coming your way, including the sad story of a general store, the oldest in the country closing up. we'll get the inside story on that. but first, smoking, check. salt, check. soda, good-bye. mayor bloomberg's next target, baby formula. he wants to hide the bottles so women will be forced to breast-feed. is that fair? your e-mails are pouring in. >> steve: then you bailed them out. now general motors is sending $600 million of that cash overseas. you heard right. the car company's extremely controversial investment coming up
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
>> gretchen: 15 minutes after the top of the hour. opening arguments are set to get underway in the drew peterson trial today. the former police sergeant accused of killing his third wife, kathleen, back in 2004. the case gaining attention only after peterson's fourth wife, stacy, went missing in 2007. can we expect to hear anything from the defendant himself? >> brian: joining us now live is
8:14 am
jeanine pirro, the host of "justice." judge, what do you expect? >> you know, it's going to be very interesting. i'm standing in front of the will county courthouse, opening statements set to begin in a very short while. the prosecution will get out there today and talk about what they believe is the way that kathleen savio died in 2004 when her body was found in a dry bathtub. of course, at the time, it was assumed to be and ruled to be an accident. with an exhumation of the body after the fourth wife disappeared, it's determined to be a homicide. i expect that the prosecution in their opening statements, will say what it is that they intend to prove, that what they have is a body of a woman who was in the midst of a divorce and a financial settlement with the defendant who was drowned, both sides say she did drown, but as a result of a homicide. they will say that there is
8:15 am
motive, means an opportunity, and of course, the defense will say it was completely an accident and maybe she had some kind of undiagnosed neurological problem to cause her to at all examine die in the bathtub. the real issue, though, as you kind of allude to, is whether or not drew peterson will take the stand. i had his attorney on my show this past saturday night and he said, of course, it's yet to be seen. but i really think based upon drew peterson's activities in the selection of the jury, he was very actively involved, that he will take the stand. this is the kind of guy who wants to tell his story. he's never seen a camera that he didn't stop in front of. i pretty much expect it, but he has the right not to. >> steve: he's a talker. gout to figure you're right. what about the -- the prosecution's got a tough bar to cross because there is no physical evidence. >> right. this is a completely circumstantial case and what you
8:16 am
have is the key of the case, the crux, homicide versus accident, is up in the air because the original coroner ruled it an accident. this jury, all 12 of them, have to believe beyond a reasonable doubt, that kathleen savio died as a result of a homicide, that the first coroner, the coroner's jury, got it all wrong, and that's going to be difficult. we know from the casey anthony trial, the jurors want real evidence. this is a csi generation. what we want is an audio tape, a videotape, a confession. she's dead. she captain tell us what happened. so it's a tough one. >> gretchen: and they probably -- >> dry bathtub. >> gretchen: they probably won't hear much about his fourth wife, stacy peterson, who still has never been found since 2007. judge, great to see you. we got to wrap it up. so much to talk about, but we'll see it on your show coming up this weekend, saturday at 9 p.m thanks. >> brian: coming up, a bombshell in the fast and furious case
8:17 am
overnight. the government says they know who is to blame. >> steve: good. i want to hear. then, bullied relentlessly. the new miss teen usa overcame incredible odds. now she has a plan to change america's schools. she's here live. ♪ [ jennifer ] better. stronger. believe. happier. healthier. i believe weight watchers made me more powerful. it's time to believe again. stand up and take charge. i believe if you want to change your life, you can. ♪ believe in yourself [ female announcer ] weight watchers -- rated number one best plan for weight loss by u.s. news and world report, again. join for $1. hurry offer ends august 4th. weight watchers. believe. because it works. i'm making my money do more. ♪ i'm consolidating my assets.
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>> brian: at least 600 million people are without electricity in india after failures across three power grids there for the second straight day. more than half of the country's population now in the dark. who is going to help us with our electronics? the husband of nicky haley is being deployed to afghanistan. lieutenant michael haley is a member of the south carolina army national guard.
8:21 am
according to reports, this is the first time a governor's spouse has been sent to a combat zone as a member of the national guard. he ships out in january. gretch? >> gretchen: good luck to him. this weekend, girls from all across the country competed for this year's title of miss teen usa. but only one went home with the crown. >> ladies and gentlemen, miss teen usa 2012 is connecticut! >> gretchen: lucky for us, as soon as all that cheering stopped, she headed straight for our studio. miss teen usa 2012, logan west from connecticut joins me now. good morning. >> good morning. >> gretchen: congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> gretchen: when you won, you were doing exercise there is. >> i don't know what that was. >> gretchen: that's called a true reaction in the moment. shear joy, right? >> yes. >> gretchen: it was a long road for you to get there. part of your story in become this empowered woman now is that you were bullied as a kid.
8:22 am
>> i was in the 7th grade by a classmate who told me i didn't act my skin color. for six months in school, i was tortured, humiliated and ultimately just lost who i was. i was no longer the logan i used to be. so in the process of losing myself and after suffering consequences from retaliating against my bully, i found the program, bully proof, empowering children today, to prevent bullying tomorrow so no student would have to face what i did. >> gretchen: i want to get to what that is in a minute. but let's talk a little bit about the details because so many parents go through situations like these with their children in school and they feel helpless to a certain extent because like you, your mom went to the school and said this is happening to my daughter, logan. and what happened? >> in the beginning, they just said. don't worry about it. everything will be okay. we'll take care of it. they sat my bully and i in the counselor's office for 20 minutes by ourselves. nothing was said or done. i think as a parent, you have to be relentless. you can't just put it in the school's hands and allow them to do whatever. you have to constantly be on top
8:23 am
of them because only so much can be done from home. but you have to trust the school to a certain extent. >> gretchen: right. it has to be a safe environment. what ended up happening? you thought that the result -- and many parents, myself included, would think this would be the right thing to do, was that you retaliated back against the bully. what happened? >> i was suspended. i had equal consequence. >> gretchen: you punched her? >> no. i was suspended for two days. and i realized i was the victim. i did nothing wrong and how was it i was getting equal consequence? it was over those two days i developed bully proof and thought there was a way i had to teach students in order to prevent themselves from being in that situation. >> gretchen: by 14, you turned the situation around. the girl left the school and you came up with this program. let's look at some of the tips incorporated. what an honor. this program is now in all the schools in connecticut, or many of them. here are some of the tips. tell the bully what they're
8:24 am
doing is bothering you. the first thing is speak up. >> absolutely. because sometimes if they really don't know they're upsetting you, they can't stop what they're doing. >> gretchen: use the word stop. it's only one word, but can get a message across. >> absolutely. that was to let them know they crossed a line. >> gretchen: get up and walk away. >> bullies are sneaky. they want to be mean but never want to get caught. so go to a safe place. if there is a teacher or friends, they won't follow you where they think they'll get caught. >> gretchen: talk to your friends, but don't try to gang up on the bully. what do you mean? >> i tend to be shy. so if i were being belayed, i might bring my best friend or sister along to tell the bully what is going on of the they're not there to say anything. but rather they're there for moral support so you feel comfortable saying what needs to be said. >> gretchen: tell an adult. it's not tattling if someone is hurting you. >> kids get caught up in saying it's tattling, but you have to speak up or nothing gets done.
8:25 am
>> gretchen: the silver lining is you told me in the commercial break that this was a horrible experience, but it empowered you as a person, you're a better person as a result. how? >> i turned this negative experience into something positive. that was my whole goal in this program as a way of not only helping other students, but myself. i think as a way of finding logan again, i found a whole new piece of me. i found i could speak in public. it's a new confidence within myself that i went through horrible situation, but look where i am now. >> gretchen: look where you are. you are miss teen usa. a wonderful representative. >> thank you very much. >> gretchen: best of luck. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, he cracked down on salt, then soda. now the mayor of new york is going after new moms who want baby formula instead of breast-feeding? your e-mails are pour not guilty on this one. then when a woman beats a man in the olympics, questions are asked. when she beats him by five whole seconds, big questions are raised, like could there be cheating involved? we'll get into that.
8:26 am
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send money to anyone's checking account with chase quickpay. all you need is an email address or mobile number. you're welcome. take a step forward and chase what matters. >> steve: here is your shot of the morning. take a look. walrus see, walrus do. he's not doing the moonwalk. but as you can see in russia, the moves of this walrus really aren't bad as he dances to the music of michael jackson, along with his trainer. >> gretchen: he's a better dancer than brian. >> brian: no doubt about it. more flexibility. >> gretchen: oh, my gosh. he's a better dancer than most people, i think. >> steve: no kidding. >> brian: that's russia. this is our second video from russia today.
8:30 am
>> gretchen: i'm glad you made it back to the set because i know you love animal stories. >> brian: i had a chance to talk to miss teen usa and i understand that now they are set, miss universe, miss america, miss teen usa all in the same department. >> gretchen: , no, no, n. miss usa, not miss america. you said miss america. >> brian: okay. miss usa, miss teen usa, and miss universe, all in the same department. even though it will be a new miss universe in the department. i was getting a rundown and next thing i know, the show started. >> steve: 28 minutes before the top of the hour. scathing report to tell but on the botched fast and tourious operation. officially being released later today. we already know it leveled serious blame at five atf employees, kelly wright live in washington with what we know this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning to you as well. giving false testimony to congress and repeatedly risky management, those are just a few of the claims made in this
8:31 am
initial congressional investigative report on several members of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. republican congressional investigators conclude that five senior atf officials all bear blame for the failed fast and furious gun tracking operation. the report obtained by the l.a. times states the gun walking was marred by missteps, poor judgments, and inherently wreckless strategy. it claims that kenneth nelson, then acting atf director, was made into a scapegoat for fast and furious after he told congressional republicans his justice department supervisors were doing more damage control than anything else once the operation became public. but nelson, the report adds, failed to shut down fast and furious. also named in the report, william theyell. it found he displayed repeatedly risky management and consistently pushed the envelope of permissible investigative techniques and he had been
8:32 am
repeatedly reprimanded for crossing the line. most of the weapons sold were never followed and some ended up at the murder scene of border patrol agent brian terry, gunned down in december 2010. in response to the report, the attorney for newell issued a statement blasting darrell issa, chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee stating, chairman issa has consistently shown he won't let the truth get in the way of his political witch hunt. this report continues that trend. americans deserve better. republican senator james inhofe had this to say to "fox & friends" earlier. >> i think the public understands what's going on in this fast and furious and it's outrageous and so outrageous, the president is really busy trying to do his damage control. now we have a report coming out. it's going to identify individuals and show documentation of what they had to do with it. >> that report coming out later today. the fast and furious operation
8:33 am
also led to eric holder being held in contempt of congress for failing to turn over subpoenaed documents to chairman darrell issa. the report is the first of three to be issued from the congressional investigation. all five of those named in the report have been reassigned, but remain employed at the atf. back to you. >> steve: all right, we thank you very much. i read a couple of blogs this morning regarding this and they wonder whether or not eric holder will leave before or after the election. the consensus is after. >> brian: yeah, i would think so. >> gretchen: other headlines, judge awarding the families of 59 americans killed in 9-11 $6 billion in their lawsuit targeting iran and al-qaeda. the ruling, the first to hit those responsible fort attacks. but none of the families actually see a single penny -- whether they see a single penny remains unclear. bin laden is dead and al-qaeda some say is on the last legs. that means attorney also have to go over iranian state assets
8:34 am
overseas. >> brian: you bailed them out and now there is word that general motors is spending dollars, millions of dollars of that cash overseas. you got it right. the car company is reportedly giving $600 million to the english soccer club, manchester united, for seven-year sponsorship deal. in return, the team will wear chevrolet across their jerseys. now, they're as famous as the new york yankees there and gm will be able to call itself their global automobile partner. >> steve: now we know ho they are. in cape cod, a man body surfing with his son is said to be attacked by a shark. witnesses say it was like a seen out of "jaws." >> a fin about yea big came up and it was torquing and then it was like what, did we just see? it was like out of a movie. but you knew, that was a shark. >> it was unbelievable. we really thought we were watching a movie. we all looked at each other wondering, did we just see what we think we saw?
8:35 am
>> steve: yes, you did. the man was bitten on both legs. he's recovering in a massachusetts hospital. cops say the wounds will be examined to determine if it was definitely a shark. the beach remains closed today. >> gretchen: can you imagine giving birth to twins on not just one highway, but two? a woman was heading to the hospital on long island in new york but realized the babies weren't gog to wait. gavin was welcomed on the southern state parkway. ems arrived and tried to get the mom to the closest hospital for the second birth. but mom gave birth to little decklynn on the wonta. >> yelling to the ambulance and i'm holding gavin and i'm not really covered up at all. and there is a car lit reallily driving towards us and i'm like, oh, my god. >> gretchen: luckily everyone is doing okay and they're all going to go home later on this week. she has a great story to tell
8:36 am
those beautiful little baby when is they grow up. >> steve: no kidding. let's speed over to mr. olympics. >> brian: i think the message is if you have one kid, stick around. don't get back in the car until you have the other kid. >> gretchen: thank you, mr. mom. >> brian: olympic swimmer missy franklin, who goes to high school and trains in aurora, dedicated all of her races to the victims of the movie theater massacre. it makes yesterday's unbelievable performance even more special. >> in lane 5, yes! a silver! >> brian: she wins the gold. her first gold medal in the 100-meter back stroke. she finished in 58.53. new u.s. record. her parents even there to cheer her on. now back to school. summer school maybe perhaps. current medal count, china and u.s. tied at 17. followed by france, south korea, and then italy. is china cheating at the olympics again? there is increasing calls to
8:37 am
investigate their program after china has been blowing the competition away in the water. the latest example, 16-year-old ye setting a world record in the 400 medley, breaking it by five seconds. she actually swam the last 50-meters faster than ryan lochte. the executive director of the women's coaching association called it unbelievable and disturbing. china was caught for cheating in the 1990s. let's talk about women's sock. the olympic soccer star, hope solo, not taking back some controversial comments about soccer legend and teammate brandy chastain. she's upping her criticism as she's broadcasting. yesterday she met with the press. so low saying the -- solo saying broadcasters should call the game with passion and chastain doesn't have that.
8:38 am
tell chastain, the game changed and she needs to get more educated. that was on twitter in four straight tweets. she's become the story. no one is talking about the fact that the women's team is undefeated. >> gretchen: all right. let's talk about something else that's controversial. is the nanny mayor of new york city, mike bloomberg, or as somebody e-mailed in, mayor boob berg, new york city now, he's encouraging breast-feeding. is he a boob because he's encouraging breast-feeding and telling the nurses that before they hand out formula to new moms if they request it, that they have a get a lecture on how much more important it is to breast-feed. the interesting thing is stats show the number of women breast-feeding is on the uptick. more women are doing it. so mike bloomberg still apparently think this is is really important to not allow new moms to get their hands on formula. what do you think? >> brian: he should focus on the stop and frisk law. that's the bigger story with everything going on right now. john writes in michigan, what
8:39 am
makes bloomberg know better than the mother? the nanny state is here. >> steve: a lot of people feel the same way. from elizabeth, when bloomberg gives birth to a one pound, 13-ounce baby and can't produce enough milk to feed her, then maybe he will understand that formula is not only necessary, but can save lives. this country has no room for dictators. aha. >> gretchen: thanks for your thoughts on that. coming up next, the colorado shooter's psychiatrist may be the prosecution's best witness, proving he's not insane at all. peter johnson, jr. is going to look at that case. >> brian: and a sad sign of the times. country's oldest general store closing up shop after more than 200 years. the owners join us with the reason behind their decision. i blame the not so supermarkets.
8:40 am
i wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. i was in an accident. i lost my hands, my feet. shriners did a lot more than just heal me. they helped me put my whole life back together. (vo) send your love to the rescue. (vo) donate to shriners hospitals today.
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>> you've probably heard a lot about reverse mortgages lately and frankly, it may all seem just a little confusing. and if you're anything like me, you want to have all the facts before you make any big decision. that's why i want to send you this free dvd about reverse mortgages. it'll walk you through the process, from qualification to counseling to closing and also, answer some important questions. what are the costs and how do they compare to a traditional mortgage? how is the government involved? and what is your responsibility
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after you get your reverse mortgage? the answers are all in this free dvd. a reverse mortgage could be a smart, safe and secure option that could help you pay off your original mortgage, manage your health care costs or just cover your day-to-day expenses. so call this toll-free number and let me send you your free video right now. [♪...] >> steve: facing 142 felony charges, including 24 counts of first-degree murder, attorneys for suspected colorado shooter james holmes, may turn to his psychiatrist for evidence. they may ask her, dr. fientsen, if holmes was under an impaired mental state during the shooting. but could a notebook he sent to dr. lynn fenton, pictured there, be proof of premeditated murder? let's talk to fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr.
8:43 am
>> good morning. how are you? i think this is incredibly fascinating. i think what's going to happen, i'll make a prediction now, is dr. fenton turns out to be a witness for the prosecution; that james holmes is not insane. she will have her records of treatment. she's apparently an expert in schizophrenia. she will, i believe, opine, although i haven't seen the records yet, that he was not committable at that point that she was seeing him, that he was not worthy of confinement in the mental institution or hospital, and that he had not confessed his intention to murder anyone. at the same time, i also predict that she and the university of colorado and the state of colorado, will be sued by the families of victims on the duty to warn issue, meaning she had an obligation to tell those persons who might be targets of
8:44 am
his wrath and any institutions and notify the police of his conduct in the future. >> steve: you told us about duty and warning last week. let me ask but this, obviously she's in the hot seat because everybody wants to know, what did he say? but doctor-patient privacy, you kind of wonder, does she really have to reveal what was said? >> doctor-patient privilege goes out the window in the event you are told as a psychiatrist or mental health provider that a person is going to kill or injure or maim someone. they have an obligation to tell the people involved and then tell the police. >> steve: what if he never brought that up? >> if he never brought it up, then she's not liable. it's unfair had a loft ways. the media has been dumping on this woman big time over the last couple of days. the psychiatrist is not a guarantor of someone's behavior. a psychiatrist can't guarantee whether someone commits a crime or doesn't commit a criminal or goes off the rail in terms of schizophrenia, which may have already been diagnosed. there is a lot of people walking around with schizophrenia who
8:45 am
are obviously not insane. they're on medication. they're leading daily lives. they're as normal as can be possible, but in this case, what happened? does she become the fall guy in some ways for the defense, at the same time, does she become the lynch pin witness for the prosecution ho will not have their own psychiatrist to say listen, he may have had some psychiatric issues, but he was not delusional. he was not insane. >> steve: and his appearances in court, he has seemed unphased. >> he seems out of it. >> steve: people say it's an act n we don't know if it's an act or drug. we know the notebook becomes a critical issue. does it show premeditation or someone drawing stick figures by someone who is obviously in insane? easier in colorado to prove because the burden is on the state to prove that the defendant is, in fact, sane.
8:46 am
>> steve: very good. peter johnson, jr. with legal angles. thank you very much. straight ahead, next, it's sad sign of the times. a piece of american history about to be gone. the country's oldest general store in business for over 200 years closing up shop. the owners join brian next. right now let's join bill hemmer with a preview of what happens in the channel at the top of the hour. >> our shop is open today. >> steve: it's always open. >> every day. the intel leaks from the white house have not stopped. that's charge from a leading republican. mike rogers is here live. significant news on fast and furious. will this become an election issue come november? rand paul is on the fiscal cliff today and we're going to mars, kinda sorta. coming up in ten minutes on "america's newsroom"
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
>> steve: quick headlines. new congressional report revealing one in five illegals arrested for violent crimes commit more crimes within three years of being released. and it's tough being tim tebow. that youtube going viral after he was seen running shirtless during practice. his reaction, it's hard to lead a normal life right now. i think that qualifies as me doing sports. >> brian: i really do. >> steve: sorry, brian. >> brian: 224 years old, gray's, the oldest general store in america is closing its doors for good. the rhode island shop first opened in 1788 and has been in the wade family for six generations and just last month, 21-year-old jonah wade inherited the store. he joins us with his mother. welcome. i know this is somewhat of a
8:51 am
very sad day, i imagine. am i correct? >> yeah. the saddest days with sunday, obviousl with the store's closing. also being my father's birthday. but that's what helped the store seem appropriate for its closure. >> brian: how does a store stay open through all these years and stay relevant today? how did he do it? >> you know, i don't think that in the past probable lea decade it was really relevant anymore. it was relevant to adam'sville, rhode island. i think people marked time by the opening and the closing of that store each day, thatting into going out and the shutters going open. but relevant in terms of cvs's, obviously, you know, it saw its time. it had its day. >> brian: right. jonah, i know your dad passed away. sorry for that.
8:52 am
he was also a bit of a hoarder. you had some unbelievable stuff in there. correct? >> yeah. there is still original items and pieces that you can find. things that have been collected over the years and as the store has changed, you can see the different pieces from time as well. it's interesting to see. >> we like to see he appreciated the historical items. >> brian: in 2007, i know you finally got recognized for the longevity and was actually put aside, it was honored by the town. correct? >> yep. >> brian: it was also he had a post office in the back room. correct? did you find some letters there? >> there is still original letters from when the post office was still in operation. a lot of it's family mail,
8:53 am
things of that nature. but the post office itself has stayed intact completely from when it closed. >> brian: what happens to all this stuff? >> that's really for jonah to decide. i think in the beginning of this process, there were a lot of options to consider and i think it was very overwhelming now as time has gone on, i think jonah has felt a little bit, if he even could, feel closer to the property and to the store. it was his home growing up. so i think that holding on to it might be something that he is really thinking more and more about as time goes on and i think people should keep an eye on the place because you never know when it's going to open as something else. >> brian: so jonah, what are you saying, you might hold on to this? >> that's definitely an option. but as i've been saying to all the other media, that i've been
8:54 am
entertaining options. for the time being, i'm going to hold on to the property. nothing is listed. nothing is going up for sale. once i get a stable mindset, 'cause everything seems like such a whirlwind as of late. once i really get to sit down and think about the property and what i'd like to do with it, i'll make the best decision, one that i know my father would be proud of and one that i'm happy with. >> brian: i tell you why i think you should leave it open and the city should pay for it to be open, almost as a tribute and museum. >> i think the post office will become somewhat of a museum. >> brian: great. danna, jonah, thank you for joining us and sharing your story. >> thank you. >> brian: all right. more "fox & friends" in two minutes
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> gretchen: as we close out the show, we have a very special guest. eugene turns 80 years old today. happy birthday. what was the one thing you wanted to do for your 80th birthday. >> come to meet you. >> brian: and you did! got a chance to meet gretchen. >> gretchen: happy birthday. this cake is for you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: and for your beautiful wife of 54 years and for your daughter who set this whole thing up, have a wonderful 80th birthday. >> thank you so much. >> gretchen: thanks for watching our show. >> brian: thanks for your loyalty. >> steve: that's going to wrap it up for today. we'll see you back here tomorrow. happy birthday. happy birthday from us to
8:58 am
you as well. there are brand new developments on "operation fast and furious". fox news obtaining a report that names names and places blame. good morning, everybody. we get our first look at that i'm bill hemmer. welcome here. martha is on vaca. how are you doing? heather: nice to be back. i'm heather childers in for martha maccallum. investigators point to five key figures from the bureau of alcohol firearms and explosives including acting director, ken melson. bill: that was specialed to track weapons and stop a crime wave. instead many of the guns would end up lost and end up on both sides of the border. the report says the operation was quote, marched by missteps, poor judgment and inherently recollectionless strategy. william la jeunesse is on the story in l.a. what else is in the. >> reporter: report the report has 10,000 documents most obtained under subpoena.
8:59 am
paints poor oversight, sloppily significant tiff work and lying. saying director ken melson that he failed to supervise. assistant directors and bill hoover and bill mcmahon complained about sending guns to mexico but never did anything to stop it. it says bill newell, the agent in charge of phoenix, he was accused of running this rogue operation. he was reprimanded for doing it in the past but didn't stop. it finds atf dropped the ball. if atf had bothered to conduct a thorough review of all the information contained in the dea intercept, that fast and fire just may have concluded a year earlier. that atf repeatedly failed to follow up on dea leads. they knew dates, times, places flight numbers of guns being smuggled to mexico and did nothing to stop it. that i.c.e. was told to back off. contrary to prior testimony they did have evidence to stop the guy


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