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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 2, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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he did a great job. it's the olympics, it's like having a human aquarium in your living room. keep it on, walk by and order food. sit and watch it. for two weeks it's there and it disappears. i love the australian synchronizeed swimmer. i don't know if you have seen them, but they are more adorable than wallaby riding a unicorn over a rainbow. there it is. >> dana: do you watch synchronizeed swimming? >> greg: no. >> kimberly: i love the olympics and i love controlled water. /love it. bathtub, hot tub, swimming pool. >> dana: ocean water and lake water. >> bob: what i thought was amazing is if you watch the diver -- >> dana: i love that. >> bob: it's unbelievable how they do that.
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you and i couldn't do that. >> greg: that reminds me of obama's jobs numbers. >> bob: i was waiting for that. >> greg: it's cheap shot wednesday. >> bob: i'm going to let that go. >> dana: i want to talk about one other thing, the gymnastics team. gymnastics is near and dear for a lot of people's hearts. people try it when they're little and they don't get better and they end joining the speech team. but kathy rigby. rigsby was a mcclairry book. my dad built me a balanced beam on my backyard. i wanted to be kathy so much.
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i remember getting a book about her from the library. >> bob: those things are so narrow like eric's political views. >> greg: nice. now you've learned. >> bob: the thing about that was, used to be controlled. remember the row mainiance were the big deal in the olympics. the chinese moved in? the united states have become by far and away the best olympics gymnastics -- >> eric: the romanian coach. >> bob: who pays for all of this? >> eric: the network pays $2 million for this stuff. they make $1 billion on advertising the ioc. >> dana: where does the money go? >> bob: the olympic committee. freddie but not to the host city. >> bob: they give some of it to the host city. phelps, he lost, he won the
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gold in the $200 butterfly -- 200 butterfly three times in a row or twice in a row. going for his third. i thought he won it. >> kimberly: his mom, too. >> bob: he lost by .05 of a second. give credit where credit is due. i mean this as a positive way. darwin said we all came from fish. i didn't retain any of those darwinian dna notches. but phelps did. he is built to be a swimmer. the fact younger guys beat him, so what? >> eric: you look like a fish. >> dana: so one thing that the international olympic committee -- >> eric: it was your idea to start with the olympics. let's go. >> dana: the person with the previous record of the medals, that phelps beat, she wanted
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to present the medal to phelps. cool thing. but the ioc said no way. >> eric: the oec is smart. -- ioc is smart. they keep very much -- no, they keep a lot of control on the clips that you can run. where you advertise. these are going to be advertising banks. they'll make so much money and generate so much cash. ioc says you are not allowed to tweet or sell yourself before the olympics or after. that is smart. >> bob: i wonder where they found a band to play 200 anthems. >> dana: that is a great question. >> bob: i was making a joke. it was prerecorded. >> dana: i have had to work every night. let me ask you something we talked about earlier. has anybody else noticed the negative ads during the
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olympics? it seems like a discordant note when they run. >> kimberly: what a great word. i love it. >> dana: discordant. >> kimberly: it's out of place and mean-spirited and inappropriate jarring. greg likes it. >> greg: i disagree. we're supposed to avoid pointing the glory of synchronizeed swimming. >> dana: you just said you love it. >> greg: for the wrong reasons. our democracy is our olympics. it's something we should be patriotic about. some other country like england doesn't. have >> dana: they wouldn't even medal. >> bob: but in campaigns there are certain things you don't advertise negative on. it's a given. those things are jarring. everybody puts ads on there, the best produce ads we can get for the products. then bang! people i think are watching the olympics because they look for good news. grant you that things are not great and they like it. the viewership is high. but then to drop in the middle
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of that american presidential politics, it just -- i find it to be -- it's bad politics. forget what you think about it. bad politics. >> dana: waste of money. >> bob: sure. reinforces negative on both of them. >> eric: i disagree with that. what is going on is certain president obama and mitt romney are hitting certain markets. this isn't just general advertising. >> kimberly: reaching civilians of america. >> eric: they go to battleground states. in the olympics that's all you see. >> bob: eventually the romney campaign will realize everybody who has a negative on obama has it already 100%. romney -- if romney had run a biographical spot in the olympics something with his background and that -- >> eric: he is. his ads are this is what i did. >> bob: did you just watch that? the >> dana: the and dates' themselves are -- candidates themselves have ads fairly positive. the outside groups are not. you can't tell them stuff. >> kimberly: not allowed to speak to them. remember that, bob?
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>> bob: they're stupid. >> greg: what is wrong, what is wrong with being negative? positives are boring. i've seen a commercial, the commercial about the child coming out of the gar dan and growing branchs. has anybody seen the commercial for the movie? it's nauseating. >> eric: i can't figure it out. >> greg: you can't have a kid. a kid comes in from the garden. it's great message to the world. i would rather see negative campaign ad, than that. >> bob: the individual athletes for the united states where they two do a two or three-minute background, very moving and well done. you come out of that with a wonderful feeling about a kid making it and boom, you're hit with a negative ad. >> dana: u.s. volleyball team. they were watching the men's volleyball. doing great. great feeling. the first add out was a negative ad.
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>> bob: better not run it for beach volleyball for women. i'd be upset. >> greg: they do it during the "bachelorette." the roses are tough to get. >> kimberly: did you watch the final rose ceremony? >> greg: i cried during it. >> bob: what is the "bachelorette"? >> dana: we'll tell you in break. much more on the olympics but here is what happens when advisor tries to convince sean hannity is better off now than when the president took office. >> we have fewer americans working today and $5 trillion in debt. you are going to tell the american people that is a success? >> you're trying to switch it around. >> dana: we'll show you the rest of the tape when we come back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: if you happen to be watching fox news last night around 9:35:00 p.m. eastern or so, you were likely treated to one of the best debates on the obama economy in a long time. sean hannity had austan austan goolsbee. >> president had nancy pelosi in the house and harry reid in the senate. he got the budgets passed, stimulus passed, healthcare bill passed and we still have $1 trillion deficits. wait a minute. he failed. we have fewer americans working today. $5 trillion in debt.
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you are going to tell the american people that is a success? >> you are trying to switch it around. >> got to focus here. >> your first charge is that the president say he would cut the deficit in half and he didn't. now i remind you when -- >> he broke his promise. he failed. >> no. it was off of the 1.3 trillion deficit that he was left with. >> eric: nice job, sean. meanwhile, president panel bam spent today in battleground state of ohio. here is a clip. >> you know this country wasn't built from the top down. it was built by the middle class. it was built by farmers. and factory workers. and startups. and small businesses. >> eric: wait a minute. farmers, factory workers, startups, small businesses built america? >> if you've got a business, you didn't build that.
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somebody else made that happen. >> eric: oh, my gosh. you agree. could you believe he went and said farmers, small businesses, startups built america. >> dana: if you are in ohio, and you are an obama supporter or maybe undecided or leaning democrat, you're not sure and you heard that speech, not the one that you didn't build that peach, if you heard that speech you'd say that is my guy. you would -- he sounded a lot better. messaging was good. it asked about austan goolsbee. he is a good sport. a really nice guy. he's trying to defend a lot of things that are indefensible. but my problem for them is how do they pivot and talk about if the record is not good. but then what policy do we have to propose that we would do a second term to make things better? that is totally missing from the conversation. >> greg: it takes guts for austan goolsbee to come on
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hannity to sell this economy. it's like bringing a hooker to a funeral. you are going to lose. >> kimberly: are you sure? >> greg: yes. to my funeral, no. it's not about obama. it's about romney. romney has to go after obama the way hannity went after goolsbee. the next debates in my opinion are the biggest debates in my lifetime. because you are talking about taking the ultra progressive and you have a person that has to counter those arguments or you're going to have four more years of the faculty lounge. it will have to channel his ener newt. we all have an inner newt. >> kimberly: great point. people may disagree or whatever with newt about some stuff but his messaging is great, on point and fires it up. people want to see that, eric bolling. >> eric: what i was going to ask you is president obama trying to change the rhetoric, trying to change the debate. small businesses. factory workers. he said you didn't build that. >> kimberly: but listen, because he realizeizes that was oops! i took a truth serum and i
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told people what i really think. that is not going to get me anywhere. i'll try to slide back to say something. he doesn't have anything else to sell. what will he say he will do in four years? four more years of this? it will be disastrous. >> bob: four more years of this as four years of romney. i'm glad to see you brought that up again. are we going to make this 143 shows in a row to bring it up? in ohio, one of the key target states where obama is far ahead of romney. here is one of the things you have to think about. when pew research did a story, did a poll on obama, they said 98% of the people knew what they needed to know about obama. a lot of it was negative, but they knew it. two-third of them are not sure they know enough about romney. that goes back to the question, he can beat up obama all he wants. the messages are out there and settled. he doesn't make a case for himself. if you call what he has said so far, he will put up trillions more in debt.
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>> greg: that is the point of the debate. right now you have candidates who aren't talking to each other. once the debate happens, you have mitt romney who is going to have to go after a very set ideology. take it apart. if he doesn't, it's over. >> bob: that is where you are wrong. he is going to have to say what he will do. >> kimberly: he will cut taxes and less spending and less regulation. >> eric: no, he doesn't. absolutely he does not. mitt romney doesn't have to win this election. obama is going to lose it. >> bob: those are settled. 9 #% of the electorate is decided about obama. >> eric: whatever. >> bob: whatever. traitor and a politician. >> eric: you're a politician? >> bob: 30 years worth. >> eric: the economy doesn't matter. 41 months in a row of above 8% unemployment. that doesn't matter because bob knows better. >> dana: okay. on the undecided point, if you haven't decided by now, it's only like 8% of americans. we'll have -- that is why the debates are important.
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turn-out will be so important. and i do think that actually both of them have some work to do. but they are going to do it when people start paying attention again after the olympics, after kids start going back to school. around labor day, that's when people settle in. >> bob: it's still a crime that romney and his people have not done -- 'canes why? >> bob: what is logical. because they haven't told the story. >> dana: they have? about him personally? >> bob: yes. >> dana: i think he has work to do on that. if you're president for four years people know more about president obama now than they did before. >> bob: that's settled. >> greg: bob is right. if only romney had written two memoirs before he was 45, that would be good. >> kimberly: i hear what bob is saying. >> president obama spent couple hundred of million dollars already. is dana right he should have saved that money? kept the powder dry for september, october? >> kimberly: what value is he getting? i like a good sale and good bargain. i don't think he got his
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money's worth. >> bob: the field organization is second to none. >> dana: obama? >> bob: yeah. darren they have a good one. but -- >> dana: they have a good one. but romney can want spend it until he's nominated officially. they just announced today that they just spent, did an $8.2 million buy for a week coming up. it's coming. people are just going to have to wait. >> bob: they are still missing it fundamentally, a basic principle. tell people good things about yourself. >> eric: all right. coming up next, the big tea party win for candidate. in the texas senate race. democrats give a huge prime time slot to rising latino star. kimberly is next on "the five" and breaks it down. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar
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millions of texans, millions of americans are rising up to reclaim our country, to defend liberty and to restore the constitution. >> kimberly: that was ted cruz who went yesterday for the republican runoff race in the u.s. senate. he was strongly backed by the tea party and credited the movement helming him win. what does the victory say about the tea party power today? >> it's huge.
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three big races. dick lugar and richard murdoch. mike lee and bob bennett where tea party backed mike lee. then this one, the tea party -- don't forget. ted cruz didn't win the election. he scored lower but the margin was thin so it went to another primary runoff primary. he won with substantial amount of the vote. because the tea party got behind this guy. they're in out frons. at the senate level. >> greg: the cruz victory reiterates the impact of a party that the media revileed. i'm still waiting for the candidate from occupy wall street to come out. somebody has to post their bail. >> kimberly: oh, my goodness. >> greg: cheap shot
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wednesday. >> kimberly: concern? are the democrats saying tea party has power? >> bob: shaking in our boots. before the primary, the democrats had no chance in texas. now they have a chance. one thing about the tea party, they can be effective in the republican primaries and caucuses. the turn-out was not high. it can have an impact. give them credit for the impact. they nominated a guy way off to the right. canadian. he's cuban. i mean, mexican americans and cuban americans do not get along with one another. simple as that. >> dana: canadian? >> bob: he was born in canada. calgary. >> dana: he is running for senate. he's not -- he lived in in texas his whole life. not running for the presidency. your don't to be born in america. >> kimberly: he grew up in texas! >> greg: look at barack obama. >> kimberly: exactly. a little bit about his background is compelling. this is important because this is a big important for the republicans to really seize that crucial significant
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portion of the latino community that gets out there and votes. he grew up in texas. son of a cuban immigrant. went to princeton, undergrad. harvard law school. in 2003, appointed the texas solicitor general. held that position for five years. he authored over, get this, 80 u.s. supreme court briefs and argued 40 moral arguments. what have you done with your life at all, ever? >> greg: me? >> kimberly: yeah. >> greg: a key difference when you look at the party belief, minorities or whatever. the left, if you are part of democrats do you stress separation? if you are part of the conservative movement, you stretch unity. should they take pride in being part of america or adopt the grievance industry, which takes them nowhere? latinos in general are conservative and religious. eisenhower republicans who don't know it yet. >> bob: they don't know it yet is right.
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right now, obama is beating romney 67 to 23. among hispanics. ain't nothing going to change that, that much. george bush was the only one who could crack 40% of all republicans because he understood the hispanic community. romney does not. you say about the tea party unifying. unifying who? >> eric: you mean like go through this tea party, it's irrelevant now? >> bob: i don't think they're relevant but that is not the point. who are they unifying? >> kimberly: bob gets warm and fuzzy. >> eric: so here is on the right you have marco rubio. cruz. on the left you have gr -- villaraigosa and the mayor of san antonio. julian castro. >> kimberly: keynote spea speaker. >> eric: la raza founders are people. it's interesting. clearly both campaigns, both the right and left are going after the hispanic vote.
2:28 am
me personally, i like marco rubio. put him up against villaraigosa, i take rubio. the guys are, they are tea party. they are small got. they don't want to -- small government. >> bob: they're going after the hispanic vote for republicans get to 30%. the chance of that is like you flying to mars and back. >> kimberly: this guy is a rising star. obama was propelled, i was there when he spoke at the dnc and gave the rivetting speech. people were like he is a future star of the party. now castro is a keynote party. and part of george w. bush's inner circle. >> dana: what i like about the cruz race, people decided on the merits about the younger fresher energy. principles, you have people, republican split on both sides. like in indiana, today, lugar
2:29 am
and murdoch come together. try to unite the party. that happened. we're going to have clinton at the dnc. they unify. this kind of catchtition within the republican party, is a very good thing. it makes you stronger going forward. there are really great younger people that have done amazing things by the time they are 41 years old. are you a nine -- arguing nine cases in front of the supreme court this time in your life is amazing. >> kimberly: total winner. that's why "time" magazine 40 under 40 he made it. >> bob: which of the two has a better chance to hold the seat? >> dana: he will win. i bet you $1,000. >> bob: i won't bet you that. he probably will win. but democrats shouldn't be in the race. he single-handedly brought them back in the race. >> kimberly: his brother joaquin got them -- >> bob: joaquin in >> kimberly: did i stutter? time-out for bob. coming up, is rahm emanuel keeps touting the value of his
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crime-ridden city, greg's head will explode. i can't wait. why they should reprioritize is next on "the five." ♪ ♪ ps [ male announcer ] when mariel zagunis first took up fencing,
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the u.s. hadn't won gold in over 100 years. but thanks to them... and her... and especially this guy, all those years were just a prologue to this. ♪ it's amazing how far you can go with a little help along the way. td ameritrade. proud sponsor of the 2012 u.s. olympic team.
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now and "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: catsteins? what is this -- cat stevens? is this a college dorm from 1984? i hate cat stevens. we have been playing a game called chase the chicken. bad things are happening we're obsessing over a fast food joint that serves bird. why? scary stuff like the economy, war and murder. chicago mayor rahm emanuel who said chick-fil-a didn't represent chicago values. what a relief! for the chain. that is. given what pose values are. according to nbc chicago, chi-town is unbeatable when it comes to violence. based on projected murder total this year, chicago has 20 murders for 100,000 people. double moscow, three times new york city and twice mexico city. when you have to go to mexico to get away from the crime, you have problems. for rahm it's not about gay marriage. it's the prime export is
2:36 am
corpses and keeping it off the radar. he knows the media prefers gay or decay. better to report that over the drip, drip, drip of daily bloodshed. the citizens know rahm is chickening out. voices of all thing tolerant is tolerant of the one thing he shouldn't be tolerant of. a city spiraling toward hell, with or without the waffle fries. >> kimberly: that was really good. >> greg: thank you. are you free later? kimberly, subpoenas you're already talking when mexico city looks like a more desirable neighborhood you have problems. >> kimberly: that is a great point. people hear about the violence in mexico, how bad it is, drug war and cartels and you feel like you can't go down the street without bullets in your back. guess what? chicago is worse. rahm emanuel is supposed to be a star in the party.
2:37 am
it has gotten worse. this is ridiculous. they're not doing anything about it. he doesn't know anything about fighting crime, i tell you that much as a prosecutor. >> greg: they refocus the way they fight crime. he is talking to the gangs. begging him to start. >> bob: you are wrong on chick-fil-a. do you know how many people turned out for the chick-fil-a thingnode >> eric: insane numbers. >> bob: it was great. don't get excited. it's okay. >> eric: millions of -- >> bob: can we get back to chicago? sorry i opened the door. this is overwhelmallingly drug related violence. emanuel won't get far talking to gangs. chicago historically is a violent city. >> greg: that is not an excuse. >> bob: al capne isn't an excuse. major trading place for drugs in the midwest. >> eric: chicago always had
2:38 am
crime. chicago born and raised, long time. but this is going in the wrong direction. the murder rate is going back up. it had been going down for years. now rahm emanuel is seeing it go back up and worried about chicken sandwiches. >> bob: because the minority areas are growing in chicago. they lost the population. >> eric: it doesn't matter. it's per 100,000 in population. i have to keep you real on the numbers. >> bob: japan has 127 million people. they not allow guns. two people were murdered. >> eric: there is a handgun ban in chicago. what is your point? >> bob: the bans, d.c. and chicago this country is washed in guns. you can go anywhere to get them. >> dana: you need to protect yourself. >> greg: good people have guns to protect yourself from the bad people with the illegal guns. there is no solution. like you said with "fast and furious." they get the guns somehow.
2:39 am
>> bob: a lot of murders are bad guys versus bad guys. >> eric: what is the point? they're still dying. >> kimberly: it's still human life. >> bob: your concern for drug dealers -- >> eric: it's like guys ignoring "fast and furious" and the 300 mexicans that got killed on the border. you will agree with us on brian terry but won't agree with us on the 100 mexicans or 200 or 300. >> bob: excuse me, 50,000 mexicans. >> eric: i'm talking about the "fast and furious" guns. remember the guns that walked? >> bob: i do. >> eric: the 200 mexicans -- >> bob: 50,000 killed in a drug war down there. a small percentage were "fast and furious" guns. >> greg: i have one last question. why all the dangerous cities have democratic mayors? >> dana: good question. smart people run for u.s. senate and win in texas. >> bob: smart thing to do. >> greg: good answer. >> dana: i don't know. interestingly across the country crime has been falling down everywhere,men the recession.
2:40 am
people have a hard time figuring out why. chicago has a problem, especially though mayor gets good mark on education reform and taking on the unions there. violence is a major problem. >> kimberly: republicans are tougher on law an order. take giuliani. it's true. it is. >> bob: because it mirrors the democratic base. that's what happened. >> greg: we have to take a break. coming up, two words that drive women crazy. seacrest, badminton. leave now and there will be no group hug after the show. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: would you leigh me alone? thank you. eric, missed the turn at the competition and he's upset about it. the picture you saw when we were coming in here -- hey. [ laughter ] you know, you are watching on the edge of a death threat. >> eric: we have to go. >> bob: fine. if you notice in the picture there is a judo contestant wearing a scarf. she is from saudi arabia. he is intends to compete with the scarf around her head which is traditional for saudi arabia an other muslim countrys. what do you think about that? >> eric: get greg's opinion. >> greg: say i belong to a
2:45 am
religion that says i must wrestle nude. if i put on any clothing i could be stoned. i might be happy, but the opponent could be a bit anxious. it find the fact they're allowing -- >> bob: not to mention the audience. >> greg: america would love it! i have interesting tattoos and birthmarks. it's crazy that this is happening. the fact is it can work against her. you pull on her head scarf and -- in judo you qualify. she is a blue belt. >> bob: i'm surprised that allow other pieces of equipment in there. whether you could use it to pull her down or not i don't know. >> kimberly: they're being p.c. it's the olympics. supposed to be the best of the best. >> dana: earlier eric made a good point. that is why the ioc has strict rules that it sticks to. in the nail of looking at progress and allowing a woman to come, though she is a blue
2:46 am
belt. not a black belt. >> greg: always about color with you. >> dana: why are they strict on some things and not on this one? >> eric: there are other ereligious beliefs. some athletes wouldn't compete between sun down to sun down from friday to saturday night. i'm guessing the olympics put it aside for two weeks of your life and go back to it. >> bob: remember "chariots of fire" the jewish runner did not run on the sabbath and it caused a huge stir. i don't remember if he got to run -- i don't think he did on the next day. >> kimberly: she is a blue belt. supposed to be a black belt. sure, go on. go ahead and wear the head scarf, come in the competition to wear the blue belt. she wanted to have a black belt though she hasn't earned it because everyone else has one. what kind of olympics is this? >> bob: who is brian seacrest. >> kimberly: ryan.
2:47 am
ryan. >> bob: ryan? the guy that shows up in every piece of this nbc show. >> kimberly: he is a huge star. >> bob: for what? >> kimberly: everything. he has hosted "american idol" for years. dick clark -- >> bob: this guy? >> kimberly: yeah. hosts on the "e" entertainment channel. >> dana: radio show. >> kimberly: hugely popular radio show. >> bob: then he must be a fantastic actor. what is he doing at a sporting event? >> greg: his real name is not ryan seacrest. it's seacrest hk 500 e.t. he is an android they bring in there. >> dana: is that how they get the hair like that? >> bob: don't you find that -- >> kimberly: i like the hair. >> bob: he's never been an athlete -- >> dana: i like it because olympics is more than -- it's like football. the marketing has been good to bring more women watching football and enjoying it. seeing seacrest brings in
2:48 am
young people and women that might not have watched the sports. >> bob: what do you think of this? >> greg: marketing sports to women you have to have people who don't know sports to do it? >> dana: yes. >> eric: i think he is fantastic. "american idol," the top 40 radio show. look at it this way. you watch football or baseball. there is always a color commentator and analyst who used to play the sport. seacrest is the ultimate color commentator. m.c., he oversees it all. >> bob: but most of the venues have the color commentary person and the analysts are both -- >> dana: i have another example. the national dog show. airs every thanksgiving day. john o'hurely who played peterson in seinfeld is a color commentary. he's a good entertain sore people watch the show because of him. >> bob: do you remember the westminster dog show?
2:49 am
best in show. the woman ran around and fell on the court. >> eric: "best in show" the movie. >> kimberly: my gosh. >> bob: she weighed 300 pounds. >> kimberly: ryan seacrest is rumored to be the today show to replace matt lauer. widely circulated as he is talking with "today show" with al and the whole thing. he rates. everything he is involved with, wins. >> eric: the guy, the show, the guy that did politics his own life is introducing segments on video and ryan seacrest -- >> bob: because a liberal is forced to the back of the bus. >> dana: today was the first day i heard badminton was an olympic sport. >> greg: but there is a scandal, the badminton players might have thrown the matches to get a better seed.
2:50 am
this is rocking the badminton world. it's in chaos. if you go to manhattan there are badminton players weeping on every corner. what are you going to tell the children, the children who play badminton whose souls are crushed by the information? >> dana: this tells you something about doing business today in a global economy. if people grow up and know it's okay to cheat and you get to business -- >> greg: it's badminton. >> bob: this is a wimpy sport. one more thing is next! ♪ ♪
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the same area over and over again?
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>> dana: time for one more thing and let them work something out over there. i want to talk about one of my favorite e-mails. morning dole from jim doherty today he talked about what is a gaffe and what isn't. when you say something that might be a misstatement or a joke or a brain freeze, is it a gaffe or not? take a look. here is a list. we don't have as much time. sign for it at national review if you haven't. it's great. my sister got married this
2:55 am
past weekend. she was getting her makeup done and her makeup artist said how did you get that scar? she said, let me see. that's not a scar. that is my crow's foot. you could define that makeup artist making a gaffe. right? >> greg: way to throw her sister under the bus. >> dana: i asked her for permission. >> greg: i find that morally offensive. >> dana: kimberly? >> kimberly:♪ the brady bunch ♪ ♪ the brady bunch remember that show? i loved it. so now vince vaughn, a truly funny human being is going to bring it back. it will be kind of the little modern family meet brady bunch. focus on bobby brady who is, let me see if i get it right. gets a divorce. remarry, so the children from his new wife. then they have a child together, too. kids from two separate families and they have a child together. it will be funny.
2:56 am
rework the theme music. it should be good. i'm excited about it. >> eric: very quickly. we don't have time. i personally want to shout out to congratulations to rush limbaugh. fantastic, great conservative voice. today is his 24th year of eib network. the silent majority speaks, rush. congratulations. >> kimberly: congrats, rush. >> dana: greg? >> greg: last night i had a one more thing and it was going to be my dream. >> greg gutfeld's dreams of my five. >> greg: over the weekend i kept seeing a stupid commercial for the odd life of timmy green about a kid who comes from a garden and he has branchs. i made fun of it on twitter and i went to bed and i dreamt that i had feet that turned in to trees. i had to get to work and i'm running the work, but i can't get there. so i go to your place and i bang on your door and youring to jasper started eating my branchs. then i finally got here and eric and k.g. and bob started
2:57 am
to work on the branchs. they put an ointment on it. >> bob: we are taking him back to the institution and get him back on his meds. i want to do a special congratulations to my colleague, colleague of all of us here today juan williams. his daughter reagan, and patrick harold, her husband, brought identical twin girls in the world. pepper and wesley, born at georgetown hospital. they have an older brother. mom is doing fine. congratulations, grandpa. >> kimberly: beautiful baby girls. >> bob: they are wonderful. congratulations, juan. >> dana: tnk you for watching. see you next week. they'll see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome to "redeye" i'm
2:58 am
greg gutfeld. let's go to andy levy, what is coming up. >> andy: thanks, greg. eight players are disqualified after trying to lose. and new obama fund-raiser donating to himself. this means at long last the impeachment hearings will finally begin? and are christian having a custody battle over their dog? >> greg: that reminds me. i was captain 'pebbles. >> does he miss me? >> who cares. start the show. >> greg: can i see a picture of him? >> we agreed that would be a bad idea. captain pebbles and i agreed it would be a bad idea. >> greg: i don't believe that. >> andy: you promised you wouldn't tell. >> greg: it came out one night
2:59 am
while we were taking our weekly bath. >> i miss those weekly baths. >> start your so. >> greg: i guess you are right and you doing this to hurt me. you know what you did. go away. let's welcome our guests. so hot the bench approaches her. and remy spencer and it's comedian tom. in thailand, it's tuesday. and also bill and i bang him outside a classroom. fox news senior correspondent reverend fall and bosses can't be happy the sales are so crappy good to see you pinch. drew christy and there is nothing knew within the current crop of movies or book and originality is dead. anything to add intern? o


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