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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  August 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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committee holds a hearing on the waste of tax payer money by the agency. the hearing is about monpartyinn your dime. >> 115,000 dollars in over time pay. there's something wrong at gsa when you have to pay an employee 115,000 dollars in over time. >> scandal plagued agency paying a stunning $44 million last year in bonuses. the gsa one percent of the work force. made up 10 percent of all government bonuses. the gsa first gaining infamy for the bash in las vegas that cost taxpayers 100,000 dollars. we will have a live report in the next half hour. >> a rocket launches last night from kazakhstan. >> 3, 2, 1.
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ture b turbo pumps at flight speed. lift-off>> what a sight. it is sharing the progress 48. that's a cargo ship. the first ever 6 hour flight to the international space station. that spacecraft is schedule to do deliver two tons of supplies up there. that is your 5@5:00. warning signs about shooting suspect james holmes ignored. new questions are being raised with a shocking report that says james holmes' psychiatrist alerted colleagues he might be a threat. ainsley earhardt is live with more. erie details. the world is wondering did any one see signs from the shooting suspect of the seemingly normal ph.d. student that he was
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capable of a massacre. six weeks before that attack that left 12 dead and 58 wounded the suspect's sipsychiatrist became so concerned about his behavior that she did notify the university of colorado threat team. allegedly the suspect's doctor and the person who received a notebook from him full of disturbing images detailing the massacre. in addition she was the one who wrote the university. despite the fears he might be dangerous nothing was ever done. three-days after he bought an assault weapon the 24-year-old notified the university he was dropping out. sources claim he never had a formal meeting never intervened because they thought they didn't have control over him after left the campus since he was dropping out. they will be addressing the public as students return to the campus. four victims of the shooting are
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still in the hospital one in critical the other in fair condition. holmes facing 122 charges including 24 counts of first degree murder. back to you. thank you very much ainsley. appreciate it. head to capitol hill where an all out tax cuts. they are approving tax hikes for all americans. this happened after a defeated plan calling for tax increases. peter doocy joins us with morement what's next now? >> the first big move they made is individual taking of 200 thousand a year. couples making 250,000 a year. the thousands voted that down. 257 to 170 with 19 democrats voting with republicans against it. nancy pelosi was not one of
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them. >> there were tax cuts by this weekend. what that would mean is they could pay their bills. it would mean the uncertainty in their lives could mean a bit. instead the republicans give tax cuts to the wealthyest people in our country. >> by almost an identical margin 256 to 171 the house then voted to approve a tax plan that would renew tax breaks for all people under all income levels. gop congressman timothy johnson voted against the plan. he was the only detector. the speaker of the house didn't sound like he was too concerned with that or with the president's veto threat. >> we sent a letter to senator reed outlining that. if they were to vote on the looming tax hikes or if the
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senator was to vote to replace the sec quest tore we would be willing to bring the house back in august to deal with those issues. congresswoman pelosi later said she would rather have the results on taxes than issue on the polls. paul ryan said there is bipartisan opposition to the approach the president is taking and at the time is now supervised and competence for job creators. but his plans -- republican's plans has almost no chance of ever passing the senate or getting kisigned the president. >> thank you so much. certainly keeping them buzz busy down there. senators john mccain and michelle malkin are talking about the president. senator mccain taking issue with what he says is a bias in the media and says it is leaning toward president obama. >> is there anything mitt romney can do about it? >> well, i think that the media
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bias towards president obama is just something we have to accept. it's just the air we breathe in the political environment. we have to take that into consideration. i watched mitt romney's trip to europe. he was endorced the great hero of the cold war. the ship yard was where this whole over throw of the soviet union began. prime minister netanyahu did everything but endorse mitt romney. they have known each other for years. romney couldn't have been more warmly received. >> at the same time media treats him as you just mentioned. but it is what it is. people like you can bring it to the american people's attention. i don't think it is going to change. i think it will have to be part of what the romney campaign can
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put up with. >> she is weighing in on mitt romney's strategy thus far. she says it is time for him to take it off. >> we have talked about this in the past months about how he needs to drop the whole obama is a niece guy act. he did. there was an encouraging report just in the last two weeks reporting that some of his top staff have dropped that whole pretense and he needs to get tough. now he needs to get tough not only with team obama and the likes of valerie jarrett and david axle rod but also all of the lap doggies in the media that are doing their best -- yes, lab doggies who are doing their best to tear this man down and do what the white house has done all four years which is to hoist false narrative after false narrative in the american public. now that it has come to hurt and to damage and really face romney
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directly i think he finally gets it that the mets have to come off. >> michelle malkin also appearin on "fox & friends" this morning. make sure to tune into that. >> now we have stories you can bank on this morning. bad news for big cities. nearly all major metro areas reporting a rise in unemployment. breaking down the numbers is lauren simonetti on the fox business network. >> this is bad news ahead of the big jobs report. unemployment rose in nearly 90 percent of large u.s. cities in june. many young people graduated from school with no process. unemployment rose in 332 large metro areas unchanged in 11. >> if you drive a toyota you have to listen up. >> recalling 778 rav-4 suv's
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from model year 2006 to 2011 and lexus hs 250 h sedan from 2010. they need to fix the suspension problem that can cause crashes. if the rear suspension nuts are not tightened properly they can rust and separate from the car. they have 9 minor injuries and 3 crashes. i couldn't believe this last story. even an olympic victory comes with a price. >> yes. sometimes not a very good one. >> olympic medalists are not only taxed on the medal they cost 650 to make they collect 232 taxes on that. they are also taxed on their prize money what their country gives them. gold medalist is given 25,000 u.s. olympic committee and owes taxes based on 35 percent tax rate. silver medalists they owe more
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than 5200 in taxes bronze medalists liable for 3500 that's based on their prizes 15 and 10,000. michael phelps has 19 olympic medals how much does he owe? that earned him 425,000 he has to pay up nearly $149,000. >> he can afford it with all of the endorsements. >> senator marco rubio has a bill that would exempt our athletes. plus they have to pay for all of their training. huge liability for parents. >> thank you as always. the time is 12 hins after the top of the hour. coming up the chicken sandwich became a political statement yesterday as thousands of people all across the country came out in support of chik-fil-a and the first amendment. we are asking you to brew on that today. three years have passed since the shootings at fort hood. why have no disciplinary actions
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taken for those who were supposed to keep the base safe? we will take a look at that as well. we will be right back.
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>> good morning. it is now quarter past the hour and a fox news alert to bring
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you. moments ago an explosion rocking an oil refinery in tulsa, oklahoma. it was taken by a witness who saw massive flames in from a distance there. no word of any injuries or what caused the fire. this happens moments ago. we will bring you the latest. >> it has been three years since nadal hassan opened fire killing 13 people and wounding 2 dozen others. katherine harrage has the latest details. >> ladies, good morning. a top executive from the fbi was publicly chaz tized because no one has been fired over the fort hood massacre. >> my son comes back fortunate
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and gets killed where he is stationed by a member of his own military who begins his shooting career as a murderer by shouting allah aqaba. >> as i stated at the beginning i am not here to make excuses. >> two investigations found the fbi washington field office choose not to interview the alleged shooter before the massacre because they didn't want to jeopardize his military career. they question whether military correctness was to blame. the first time they admitted the anwar al-awlaki on the kill list was under a full investigation when he was invited to lunch at the pentagon in february 2002. a story first reported by fox news. >> if he was under a full investigation from approximately 2001 to 2003 why was awlaki approved to speak at the pentagon? >> i can't answer that question.
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>> both republicans and democrats are demanding a full investigation with an incident in 2002. anwar allal can all can i was t even though he was under investigation. >> the time now is 18 after the top of the hour. we are asking you to bra on this. fair or foul? the chicken sandwich becoming a topic for chik-fil-a. we want to know where you stand. >> an employee lucky to be alive after surviving this crash. look at that right there. we will tell you exactly what happened 19 minutes after the hour. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar
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>> welcome back. 22 after the top of the hour. rarely has the choice of fast food said more about a person's politics. as the show down over the first amendment rights and chik-fil-a continues many people came out to show their support of the fast food chain. john roberts has the story. >> hundreds of chik-fil-a stores across the country the chicken sandwich became a political sand statement. a oo people are standing up for the rights of the united states. >> takens of thousands came out to support chik-fil-a. the drive through line looped twice around the building and out into the streets. people voting with their wallets. >> i think it is sad you don't respect other people. i am not going to condemn you because you do believe what i do. >> a couple weeks ago dan kathy
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ignite add firestorm of chris sichl when he said he supported the idea of traditional marriage. >> i think we are inviting god's judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say we know bert than you -- better th you when we say what constitutes marriage. >> chik-fil-a is not welcome in their towns. dc marriage said hate chicken to a twitter posting. in response fox news host mike huckabee declared this, chik-fil-a appreciation day. more than half a million people signed up on his facebook page. >> it is big for america and people who belief the first amendment applies to everybody including christians. >> dozens of other groups and prominent individuals joined in the campaign. in washington a group of black clergy compared it to racism.
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>> they don't want us staying in their hotels now they are saying because we increased the position they don't want us in their cities. well, we won't take it. >> today's show of support took on different meaning for different people. for some it was about freedom of speech. for others it was support for biblical principals. but steven lan han sees a greater position. >> it is a culture war going on. people aren't really spreekting each other in difference of opinion. there's no dialogue taking place to get to the part of what we believe as a nation and getting at truth. over the years the company has given millions of dollars to organizations that actively campaign against gay marriage. those critics will have their say when they stage a kiss in at chik-fil-as in 39 states.
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this morning the chik-fil-a controversy is what charles kraut hymer is talking about. >> kraut ha krauthammer takes h position. >> organize a boycott it's a free country. once you get government doing it with the powers of police and taxation imposing the views on somebody excluding them or punishing them not for a commission of a crime which is what government is supposed to be that is thought police. political oppression there is no other word for that. what does dan calf fee say in his opposition to gay marriage that is different than is incon grew went what the president of the united states barack obama held 6 months ago on the same issue. he was opposed to gay marriage. does that mean in the flooirs
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months of the obama presidency he was a bigot who was deserving of ahs sicos sichl anism and os? >> that issue is what we are asking you about. we want to know what you think about the chik-fil-a controversy? is it fair or foul? send us your comments you can tweet them at fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail at fox friends first. coming up we have a major jobs report tomorrow. but who is hiring right now. we have a list of names from cheryl. >> this image is cinnamon nosin synonymous with pasteful spending. the lathes hearing that shows it is worse than we originally
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>> welcome back to fox and friends first. i am heather childers. >> i am heather nauert. it is 30 minutes past the hour. the top five stories making news for you at this hour. astounding news that our nation's deficit is at the highest level since 1946 during world war ii. accumulating over 31,000 worth of debt wakesup americans about the debt crisis. the national debt around $16 trillion. >> an update on the case of the two missing cousins from iowa. the f bishg is now sayi -- fbi s
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saying the driver of this white van is not a suspect. they contacted police after he saw a news report about that photo that was taken a few miles from where elizabeth collins and cook were last seen on july the 13th. he said the van belongs to his family business and this is a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> watch as this driver goes on a wild ride through a texas gas station crashing right through the front of the convenience store. the clerk goes flying and amazingly gets right back up on his feet. heather who wouldn't. he suffered a couple of bumps and bruises. they charged the woman behind the wheel of drunk driving. >> not such a safe place to work. >> america's best colleges. taking the top spot princeton university followed by williams college stanford university, university of chicago, yale round out the top five schools.
5:30 am
the list is based on post graduate success. student satisfaction, debt, graduation rate and competitive awards. a detroit boy looking to save his cash strapped city one snack at a time. 9-year-old joshua smith heading up a lemonade and popcorn stand after budget cuts force the city to stop cutting grass at his favorite public park. he has raised $500 so far for his effort. even attracting the attention of detroit's mayor. he suggested a different use for the money. but joshua is sticking to his guns. >> he told me to raise the money for college that i have choices the city is important just as important to the city. >> it turns out a local landscape you are was so impressed he has offered to cut the park's grass for free.
5:31 am
he will still donate his prophets to city hall. that's your 5@5:30. >> what a selfless young man. >> pack to wa back to washington more tsa events coming under scrutiny as they have the nerve to hold the conference at the same time to have a hearing on the wasteful spending. doug luzader has more. >> really? >> you ready for all of this? as if the gsa didn't have enough problems. new videos are showing the extent of the problems there. they show highlights of the gsa conference. it was a team building exercise where they paid 20,000 dollars just for the drum sticks you see there. 20,000 to the team building facilitator and attendees got cash awards. the administrator didn't show up at the congressional hearing.
5:32 am
he's on a family vacation rep t reportedly. the officer had to answer tough questions about a number of different gsa events. >> is 104,000 dollars the typical fee for a one-day conference? >> chairman, we look toring niezing fee the overall purpose of the conference. >> 104,000 dollars for one day conference. i am in the wrong -- there are a lot of people in the wrong business out there. >> we would not have approved that conference under today's standards. >> it didn't help the gsa's case that at the same time that hearing was underway there was another gsa conference taking place at a posh hotel at aubreyland near nashville. >> is there a gsa employee in the presidential suite. it is over 3,000 a night.
5:33 am
>> i don't know. i would hope not. >> how about the junior suite. those are booked up, too. >> under the policies those rooms weare not ob pococcupied a employees. >> managers say they have cleaned up their act. freedom of information act shows the gsa paid out 44 million in employee bonuses in 2011. back to you in new york. >> we talked about the feds paying out more than $400,000 in bonuses last year alone. unbelievable. doug luzader thank you very much. new segment to bring you now. time to step into the fox light. the lathes on the scoop in the entertainment world. we are talking about phil phillips he goes global and fans will hear him at the olympics. >> they will. when it comes to the olympics american idol winner phillip phillips has taken home the gold literally.
5:34 am
♪ >> it is the song of choice for women's gymnastic coverage. it is hitting number one on itunes. by the way set the american idol record by selling 240,000 down loads in the week. that surpasses david cook's sij "the time of my life." it is on it is way to hitting platinum. >> it is a terrific song. tell us about this, the popular show "arrested development"" is coming back. fans of the cult comedy arrested development had something to cheer about. jason bateman recently tweeted pictures from the set along with actor michael sarin giving a
5:35 am
tour. many have been speculating for a while the show will return for a 4th and final season. it will be on netflix with more episodes. >> fantastic. great news. i always love to hear who watches fox, who is a fan of fox and real housewives of numbering new jersey caroline manza. >> when it comes to real housewives of new jersey sunday nights are full of loads of drama. garden state drama carolyn stepped into the spotlight to give us information on the big show. my big question is there's a side to his personality not portrayed on the show. >> yes. that is by design. >> i am the toughest you will ever meet. >> you are not yourself on the show? >> we talk about him with his learning disability and weight loss issues social issues with the kids of course and being
5:36 am
married. my premenopause or whatever i am going through right now. there's a part of me that you will never see that belongs to my husband and kids. >> we had a lot of fun with caroline. i call her foxy manzo. log on to fox news we will cook up sausage in the pan. >> sausage and potato pos. >> sounds good. i hope you bring us some. that is a wrap this week in the fox light. and now here is starting lineup a roundup of all of the sports stories making headlines at this hour. a thrilling photo finish in the 100 meter olympic free style. >> adrien trying to get to the wall first. too close to call. adrien has a medal. >> the united states nathan adrien winning by 100ths of a
5:37 am
second. ma ghshg usse in with a ti. it's the first time the u.s. won the event since 1988. take another look. it could not have been any closer. missy fraipg lynn who goes to school in aurora, colorado winning another gold medal in honor of the movie massacre victims the relay allison schmidt also winning her gold. beat the record by nearly 2 seconds. franklin is only 17 years old by the way. >> venus williams bounced into the third round of the olympics. looking for a record gold medal in tennis. she can win it with sister serena. >> olympic swimmer and 12 time medallist derek juarez will be on fox and friends this morning.
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coming up we have a look at a new unemployment number tomorrow. cheryl has the name for us. messing with the wrong ladies they forced to leave the scene after she shows them she will have none of it. we will tell you about that when we come back. ♪ happy birthday! thank you, nana send money to anyone's checking account with chase quickpay. all you need is an email address or mobile number. you're welcome.
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>> 17 minutes before the hour. now to a potentially devastating collision averted at dc's reagan international airport with seconds to spare. we are outside reagan airport with more. tell us about what we are hearing? >> we are hearing there were nearly 200 passengers aboard the three planes one was landing two were taking off and they came within seconds of that mid air collision. the information is coming in from the "washington post". it is the latest in a series of mishaps for reagan international airport. it involves three u.s. airways computer nets. there appears to be confusion in the air traffic control tower. an inbound plane cleared to land
5:42 am
right in the path of two planes taking off based on the speed of those planes they came within 12 seconds of a mid air collision. the confusion occurred at a time when the airport was switching the directions that planes land here because of shifting winds in the area. apparently that information did not get passed on to everyone in the control tower and the plane was given the go ahead to land in the wrong direction. the faa is now investigating. they told the "washington post" this is a pretty big screw up. >> we will continue covering this through out the day. heather let's head on over to you. >> we are here to talk about weekly job lost claims data that is out in just a few hours. tomorrow we will get jobs report. the last of the monthly numbers before the political convention. so it is important. right now we want to get you hired if you are looking for a job. sarl casone knee joins us wi--
5:43 am
cheryl casone is here to talk about more. >> verizon wireless is the nation's largest mobile phone operator and it is about that data. everybody is on their smart phones or iphones or samsung gal lax sees. they are expanding. they have 1200 job openings. they have already hired 3,000 people overall. that's their target for the year. they need people to do sales and engineering and it. they have had several rankings by computer world and by working mother magazine. the benefits are strong here. you get tuition assist stance. you get medical, vision, dental all of that the first day on the job. many companies in particular with the cost of healthcare are waiting to give employees benefits. they will give it to you on day one. >> very good. that's important to a lot of people. if you are good in making a sub
5:44 am
sta sandwich talent can be used here. >> you know what they said about mrifrpy? it -- blimp pee it is a target audience. they are give ago certain amount from the military. you can give half off of the franchise to start a blimp pee shop. >> if you are a veteran. >> if you are a veteran. we have 500 job openings. they need managers and people who can work the counters. there's a big expansion we are seeing in the food services whether on the restaurant side or in the pafast food shops. franchise opportunities can be interesting especially if you have the manager experience. >> banking industry, one company hiring. >> they have had a lot of problems. this is financial services. this is tcs.
5:45 am
they are based in minnesota. it's a 19 billion company bias sets. they have 200 positions right now. they got a new call center in sioux falls, south dakota. many banks are opening. great place to live. i have no idea. they opened up a new facility in may. they have jobs. 15th largest visa card. they are going to go out and spend more. the financial services industry is beginning to expand on the big bank side. >> if you live in south dakota just a tweet or e-mail how great south dakota is. >> thank you very much, cheryl. you can catch cheryl at noonoon at the fox business network. log on to casone 48 after the top of the
5:46 am
hour. shrimp verses turtle? why fisherman are saying their livelihoods are at risk because of government regulation. >> this is the first chance to answer question of the day. why all of this chik-fil-a recipe. fair or foul? >> just a quick personal turtle story. i have had habits and dogs for some reason my turtle is game. i have two brothers. the chik-fil-a controversy the man who countered it with his own nationwide support for the movement governor huckabee will be here live. the gsa wasting more money it will make you rode rage or throw up in your mouth. the bp station is it true they are down to 3.
5:47 am
and we take a look -- talk with two olympians. dara torres will be talking about how to be successful when you are weighing on another guy but want to take them down. all this in 11 mints. i will wait here. how does this thinwork? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% casback on every purche, every day! woo-hoo!!! so that ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great businesses deserve the most rewards! [ male announcer ] the ark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? here's your invoice.
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>> 8 minutes before the hour. now to a fox news alert. we are getting brand new video into our fox newsroom of an explosion we told you about a short time ago that rocked an oil refinery in tulsa, oklahoma. check out the massive flames there. at this hour we are not getting any word of injuries or what caused the fire but we will keep you posted. they messed with the wrong lady.
5:51 am
five trying to rob a jewelry store at gun point. that's when the store's 65-year-old owner turns the tables on them. she grabs her gun and fired off two shots. they ran to get into a white suv they are still on the run. the owner and customer not harmed. >> tliefrp fishermen are fighting back against new government regulation that is meant to protect and endanger turtle species. officials say it is sending them great to the unemployment line. here to explain is diane macedo this morning. this move to protect endangered sea turtles from drowning prompted major complaints from the dwindling fleet of shrimpers who say their own livelihood are at stake here. the federal government wants 25 shrimp boats to install gear in their nets meant to protect the
5:52 am
kent bradley turtle. scientists have grown more concerned about their survival saying most deaths thought to be caused by the oil spill were actually due to drowning most likely in them. they are hoping installing turtle devices will help protect the endangered animals. they say the turtles are even more in danger than they are. high fuel prices and the bp oil spill driven about 4,000 boats off the water in louisiana over the past decade alone. by causing them to lose a lot of shrimp makes it worse. they insist it is unnecessary because they rarely ever catch turtles anyway. they hope the rules will be completed and in effect by march 2013. diane macedo, interesting one. >> we asked you to brew on
5:53 am
another kind of animal. chicken. the chicken sandwich becoming a political statement yesterday as thousands of people coming out in support of chik-fil-a and the first amendment. >> what do you think about the chik-fil-a controversy? is it fair or foul? jonathan simmons tweeted this. he says i think everyone is entitled to their belief. we should not rye iot because w disagree, we should respect each other. >> andrew e-mailed us saying chik-fil-a is a private company. as a private company they can have whatever view they want. we live in america. >> davey saying the controversy is foul. the playor shoumayor should not office to control business practices in their city. >> it could hurt employees as well. >> we will keep hearing a lot about this through out the day. >> the time is about 4 minutes
5:54 am
until the top of the hour. coming up the wedding vows apparently not all that exciting for this flower girl what she tried to do to pass the time. >> oh. can you figure out this word of the day? stick around for the answer we will tell you what it is coming up in just a few minutes.
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> let's take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly.
5:57 am
and a good for daniel rodriguez who received the purple heart after serving in afghanistan and iraq. cleared to join the clemson football team. good for him. and the bad has never been so cute. >> in just a moment. >> a young flower girl who decided to take a nap right behind the bride and groom at the wedding. they are eventually skipping her off. and finally the ugly. a masve sinkhole in new york. a car teetering on the edge of a gaping hole about 15 feet wide, 20 feet long. no injuries reported so far. now it's time to get scrambled up. andal on is here to helpuous that. >> good morning. >> allison, good morning. >> we are out of time. we are out of time!
5:58 am
sleeping! >> which is exactly what we should all be doing now. get up, wake up with us. have a great day, everyone. >> good morning. it's thursday, how long continued. i'm allison in for gretchen. people from coast-to-coast flocked to chick-fil-a yesterday to support the ceo and his stance on traditional marriage. >> will we have sound from them? >> we will. >> and they spend millions on bubble baths for that guy. hotel rooms for everybody and even a smoking clown. now we are trying to explain what went on. the government services administration heads to capitol hill but have they learned their lesson if right now they are at
5:59 am
opreyland. and they may be competing forgot old usa but why don't they have to pay? fox and friends starts right now. >> was that a rooster as in chick-fil-a? was that the cue? >> right. yep. >> roostter chewy. >> delicious. >> you don't want to east a rooster. >> i know you are a bomber. >> you would know. likedly albert on "green acres." >> we mentioned chick-fil-a because did you try to go to one yesterday? they have 1600 locations across the country and thousands, we haven't heard the figures, maybe millions, were line up like that, leans around the block, people in drive throughs, so many people went to chick-fil-a to support the ceo, a fellow


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