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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 4, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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development of the shuttle successes and making sure that all those who work in the space industry in florida do not loser that jobs when the shuttle is retired because we can't afford to lose their expertise. under my watch nasa will inspire the world once again and make america stronger and is going to h help grow the economy right here in brevard county and right near florida. that is what we are going to do. >> sean: the towns pry pearly make up what is known as florida's space coast. this area was impacted the most when the space shuttle program ended sending unemployment soaring and it is only now starting to stablize. >> there was an impact, no doubt. and everyone would be not be remiss to say it differently. but the resillentcy is amazing. single digit unemployment. and it did rise above into double digits but it has been slowly coming down.
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>> sean: for some the economic hardship was almost too much to handle. thousands of workers laid off. highly skilled americans left with no hope. tony dees, karrie white, kevin harrington and jody tobin work for the private contractor united space alliance at the space center until the shuttle program ended. >> i'm currently not working. looking but not working. >> i got laid off 11 months ago and i tell you right now, nobody wants the old guy. >> for me, i knew it was coming so i poised myself into building a couple of companies and surviving. aerospacesome arrow space consulting. >> all across the country there is not a lot of jobs out there. a lot of experience but people don't want the experience or they don't want the old person. and i understand part of it but still it is tuff out there especially in this area. >> there are jobs out there.
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but there are a lot of jobs that are out-of-state and not all of us can pick up and go. for instance, myself, i take care of my parents every weekend. over there and mow the yard and do the odds and ends around it. if i go out of state there is nobody that is going to come around to do that. >> sean: it is not just those that worked at the space center feeling the economic sting. small businesses in the area also are suffering. jerry and a brenda own a small business that among other things sells t-shirts and collectibles for space enthusiasts of all ages. jerry was a part of the space shuttle program for three decades until the shuttle retired and he got laid off. >> knowing that we were going to be not having space shuttles any more we have been trying to do a little more diversification on our business. there has been a lot of people really working diligently to try to find other work and it has been very difficult. >> the biggest issue for us now
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is insurance. we went from having another whole income to no income plus pay $1,200 a month insurance for our family. you know that we weren't paying. and all the people like jerry, you know, he is 53 years old. you can't -- he is too young to quit working. he is too young to stop but he is too old to go start another career. >> sean: for those who built their careers helping put americans in space the fact that there is no longer a program hurts just as much as the economic impact. >> it is hard not to feel stung by it it, ultimately what people don't understand really is the investment in space has always paid back. >> does any one have any idea the money that it made us? it made us money in america. it made hundreds of businesses. thousands of businesses. hundreds of thousands of workers and we gave it all away. >> we can see a great thing
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that has been accomplished. make us proud. >> we can't afford not to fund a space program. period. i mean we as a nation are explorers, always have been. i just wish that the promise was not broken and we would still be flying today and we would still be number one in the space race today. >> under my watch nasa will inspire the world once again and make america stronger and is going to help grow the economy right here in brevard county and right here in florida. that is what we are going to do. >> sean: a broken promise that won't be foregotten any time soon. >> sean: joining me are two of the former united space alliance employees, terry white and tony dees. welcome to the program. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: the president talked about we are going to grow the economy and protect jobs and
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continue supporting nasa and continue funding the success of the shuttle program. did he do that? >> no, he did not. we knew the shuttle was ending but constellation was supposed to come online and he canceled the constellation program. >> you are not working. you are and i asked if you would give your friend a job and you said you would love to but there is not enough work? >> there is not work. i had to uproot and move to virginia for employment. >> sean: to do other work? >> away from my parents. >> sean: he said he would go lineally line and eliminate ear marks and that didn't happen. he said america is going to come together under his watch, not red america, blue america, the united states of america. now, that this affects you
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directly what do you think of the veracity of truth of him? >> campaign promises that he continued to break. >> sean: do you think he had intention? >> no, i don't. >> sean: he said what he needed to say to get elected and get people to vote for him. >> right. >> now, i'm seeing where he is recommending where we go overseas with some of that to do it cheaper. >> sean: what does it mean when we are hiring the russians to send astronauts up in space? >> we were leaders in space and the whole world looked on us. >> sean: you two have been impacted. how many other people are we talking about? >> tens of thousands. >> sean: in spite of the promise that we are going to continue to grow the economy that is what we are going to do, going to protect jobs. he didn't protect any jobs? >> not in our area. >> sean: what about the future projects and the success of the space shuttle -- successor of
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the space shuttle. >> if you look at what is going on from the administration it is moving further and further out. it was going to be 2020 and now it is going to be 2030. >> sean: you don't believe that either? >> we are the hardware guys. we put it together and make it work. >> no clear direction from this administration. >> sean: all right, guys. good to see you. words. just words. coming up more from the studio audience. we h head to nebraska. will residents there ever see the keystone pipeline built? we will look at the place where the prospect of jobs and growth is becoming nothing more
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>> sean: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." our investigation into president obama's broken promises is. we continue with the studio audience as we examine the effect of shutting down the shuttle program. a lot of experts in coal and
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energy and some of our best and brightest commentators. i will do something unusual. we never start in the back row. steven moore. we are going to start with you. the impact of, first of all, broken promises. some people say politicians make promises all the time and they break them. why is this so important that we continue with our nasa program? what have been some of the economic benefits for all americans as a result of this? >> it is an extremely beneficial program for a lot o of our scientific and transportation fields and so on. the bottom line here is this president, sean, would want these gentleman to be on welfare. they got the welfare reform and want to put people on food stamps and unemployment. >> sean: putting out ads. >> expanded the welfare state. hoyer said the best way to stimulate the economy is to increase food stamps and
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welfare. >> sean: you think this is a conscience effort, hoer did say the best way to stimulate the economy, food stamps and unemployment. nancy pelosi made a similar comment about unemployment. >> if you want to stimulate the economy start with entitlement reform. not providing funding to it nasa and the space exploration is not going to do anything for the economy. no point in killing thousands of the most advanced jobs in aerospace in the entire world. that is not going to stimulate the economy. >> sean: jason, you work for the "wall street journal." is is embarrassing tore america if we are sending americans up into space and paying the russians to get there. >> and with what the president has said is the key to building an economy that is built to last his phrase. science, technology,
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innovation, development. he said these are the things we should be focused on. how is that consistent with ending manned space flight? it isn't. >> sean: that is a great point. let me talk politics with you, monica. i go through a litany of broken promises. he would eliminate ear marks and go line by line and cut the deficit in half and create jobs be the most transparent president. seems like there are some of them? is the public paying attention? >> i think now they are because we are a results oriented society. americans are saying this is what he promised and it it is not connecting to the results on the ground. the space program work one of the crucial points to make is that the united states has always been based on this notion of big america. and by that i mean strong militarily, strong economically and adventurous from sea to space. what this president and his
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policies have accomplished is so weakening theiate especially economically, sean that we can no longer project power in the world whether it is economically, militarily, cultureally, politically in terms of the space program. this has been a deliberate attempt to take the united states down a notch or two or ten because this president comes out of this radical tradition where they honestly believe america is a force for bad in the world and a force for evil in the world and not a force for good and therefore our power and prestige should be taken down and he has accomplished that. >> what happened to nasa you will see exactly the same kind of dismantling of the national security. >> sean: dismantle national security. advancement in space we had many benefits because of that investment. why, so he can advance the social programs and pay for obama care? >> the space program, so nasa for all intent and purposes
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shuts down. they turn it over to the private sector. ilan musk runs space x. they put up a rocket in march. it worked. $100 million of his own months of private sector by but the government put $100 billion of our money in that project as well. farming out the business as government to the private sector but financing it as well. he got $500 million in an energy loan for the tesla motors electric car that you don't see them on the streets still to this day. >> you would think commercial space exploration might pick up the slack here but if commercial space flight is successful they will probably tax and regulate it to death. >> sean: they will find a way to make money. we will get you in i promise chris and everybody else. coming up next we head to nebraska where local stream of an economic boon that a project like the keystone pipeline will deliver but will the president
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>> sean: it is is a project that would create thousands of
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jobs and generate much needed revenue you in towns that stretch in alberta canada down to the oil refineries in texas but dreams of work and prosperity remain just that because the keystone pipeline remains saled by the president and staunch environmentalists. we traveled to nebraska to investigate. >> we can't afford to just wait for congress. where congress won't act, i will. >> sean: there is one issue where president obama does want to wait and that is the proposed 1,700-mile keystone pipeline. that would be a stretch from alberta can caucuses d. a. to refineries in texas and opponents say time is up. >> i will make sure that we build the pipeline from canada. >> sean: there have already been over 10,000-pages of environmental reports and review on the project the obama administration postponed approvals until more studies
12:21 am
are done and that is not sitting well with members of congress. >> they have made a decision not to decide. >> sean: at the center of the battle is farmlands in nebraska. on the one side, environmentalists. >> people united will never be defeated. >> sean: on the other side, workers. >> what do we want? jobs! >> when do we want them? >> neglect we are talking up to 2,000 jobs for up to two years. we are talking about tax revenue for the state of nebraska and the local communities that the pipeline is going to go through and i think the private capital issue is a major part of this. we are not looking for taxpayer dollars. we are working with the company that is investing the money to provide jobs and i think it is beneficial for everybody including the country as a whole. >> sean: the environmentalists have big money and celebrity endorsements on their side.
12:22 am
>> called the keystone xl and such a terrible idea that every clear headed environmental organization you can think of is against it. who can stop this mega stupid mega pipeline? you can, president obama. >> the project's environmental impact study finds the pipeline would not threaten the environment and local lawmakers argue that most critics don't know the facts. >> with all due respect, you don't give a damn about nebraska. >> the project owner agreed to reroute the pipeline away from the nebraska sand hills a fragile eco system that lies under a huge underground water source. >> i can't tell you how many times people came up to me and said we support the pipeline and the jobs and we support the energy security that it is bringing to our country. we just wish you could move it out of the sand hills and so i'm hoping by doing what was agreed to today we are going to make the vast majority of
12:23 am
nebraskans happy. >> sean: woman activists and farmers are still not -- some activists and farmers are still not buying it. >> even with the voluntary agreement to move the pipeline out of the sand hills we remain very skeptical. >> sean: yet to see the impact be a pipeline can have they only have to look a few miles away where transcanada came through and built the first keystone pipeline a few years ago. >> we had 750 construction workers that came into our community that had an economic impact of more than $10 million. and this happened to our community at the height of the recession which was is summer of 2009. >> sean: tony miles owns tony's steakhouse just outside of norfolk, nebraska. >> it was a total boon for the entire area. they had to buy diesel fuel, grass, food, rv parks. >> it was a tremendous boost in the sales tax revenues throughout the region.
12:24 am
not just in the norfolk area but surrounding communities. >> from my point of view and the business people's point of view in the area they were great. for that reason we would like to have them come back through. >> sean: and not just a temporary are boost to the economy. transcanada will be upgrading the power grid which benefits all residents and pushing power rates low. when a company such as transcanada puts in a large electrical facility like the multiple pumping stations along the route they pay for the construction of the expensive sub stations which enhances the capabilities of our grid. it is much more than just a pipeline. it is a utility and puts downward pressure on the rates for even the residential customers. >> sean: those who have lived through the pipeline construction dismiss concerns and say not only is it a huge economic boost but safe and virtually invisible. >> they did an immaculate job.
12:25 am
if you can find that pipeline, the only reason you can is if you know where the pumping station is. we anticipate them being a good neighbor in the next pipeline as well. i think it is one of the most monitored pipelines ever to be created in the united states. >> sean: nebraska congressman literary says enough is enough. he is introducing legislation to start construction of all of the pipeline other than the nebraska portion while the new route is being studied. >> we want the environmental studies done. but the question is why do you want to shut down the northern route when construction should be approved and starting. >> sean: as for the president, the people of nebraska have a message. we can't wait. >> there is a huge project with a lot of private capital that is not going rely on taxpayer dollars. and it is going to put
12:26 am
thousands of folks to work. especially where we have such high unemployment. >> sean: and joining me two of the people featured in that piece, nebraska congressman literary and norfolk area chamber of congress president and ceo, dennis houston. thank you for being here. let me seefy understand this. thousands of jobs created. we are helping to limit our dependency on foreign oil. we pauloer gas prices at the pump. creating jobs. increasing revenue. where is the downside? >> i haven't found the downside. you would think that creating tens of thousands of jobs having the third largest pool of oil in the world 200 miles from your northern border with the greatest trading partner and friend we can have in canada would be enough. but i'm even concerned now with the president inaction here because china is taking up all of the oil sands.
12:27 am
they reached a significant -- created a significant beachhead on the oil sands in north america now. >> sean: what has it been like from this area? you have got all of this oil available and all of these jobs waiting but then see the environmentalists protesting. how bad has it been in your area? >> in our example, sean, we are a real life experience of how good it can do for a community. i mean when the original pipeline came through our community three years ago it brought all the new jobs to the community. it created the third largest employer in the rural community. this is the time when main street and rural america needs to reach out and say how can we get those jobs. >> sean: if barack obama is president for the next four years will have get completed? >> i don't have the confidence in the president to allow the permit which is why i wrote the bill and gave that power to congress if we can get the bill passed. he is so tied into the environmental groups and this
12:28 am
is their number one issue. they said killing the keystone pipeline is their number one issue. if it is their number one issue where is it on the president's agenda? >> sean: thank you very much for coming in and talking about this. when we come back we will have more on this with our studio audience. also coming up the final focus on the president's broken promises will take to us west virginia where locals were told a clean coal initiatives by candidate obama but what they got instead was a war on their business. people like options. when you take geico, you can call them anytime you feel like saving money. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is, you have options. oh, how convenient. hey. crab cakes, what are you looking at? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> sean: back to "hannity." we continue with our studio audience, chris horner you battle the liberals on the environmental issues all the time. look what happened in north dakota. 3.5% unemployment rate. drilling on private lands. successful. doing it safely. and why this resistance? you battle these guys every day. why this mysterious reluctance and resistance? >> you just described it because it shows complete independence, a lack of dependence. they are are exploiting resources and using them to make us richer freer and safer which they don't like. these are jobs unlike the green jobs which take from the treasury and depend upon the treasury, which give to the treasury and will continue after any wealth transfer goes away. this doesn't require robbing peter to pay paul. they don't move pieces of the
12:33 am
job around with the state taking a bite each time. they are expanding the pie. >> sean: the president is investing in exploration in brazil and says we will be their biggest customer. he is investing in electric cars, new technology in finland. obviously it was good to enjest in brazil. how about the united states? how many years could we beenergy independent? >> the new technologies electric cars were created before the internal combustion driven cars. the wind mills came online in the 1880s and the solar panel in the 1890s. they just are movers and need to move out of the mother's basement and as the promoters say give them a chance to compete. >> sean: it hurts our national security. we are dependent on foreign oil and raises the price of gas at the pump for the average
12:34 am
family. jobs created and tax revenues increase. why the resistance? >> you get to look at the bottom line strategy. the 101 of business is look at the strategy of what is happening here. take a look at what is happening with the space program. giving away innovation and giving away inspiration from this country. when you take a look at what is happening here and what is happening with the pipeline. he is giving away the opportunity for us to be able to be self-reliant. the power of us at the negotiating table globally. >> sean: why? >> here is our house and hour house has four walls. systematically dismantling all walls. the military is going to be next and we are completely exposed. go around the core things that keep us together as a country and take it apart one system at a time. >> sean: here is what i don't understand politically. if the president was able to lower the price of gasoline and able to create millions of jobs because we fewer people working now than we did when took office that is not something good to run on. if you can increase revenues to
12:35 am
the government politically for him he likes that nice house he lives in, likes the helicopter he nyes in and the jet we far pay for. if politically it seems to make sense. >> absolutely. that doesn't play well in places where i'm from back home in tennessee and in places like, mississippi. are they hear the president wanting folks to turn in their cars and go out and spend thousands of dollars that they do not have on the little metro sexual cars you have to plug into a wall that are about the size of a matchbox. >> you are not driving a prius? what is up? >> the folks in mississippi are saying that dog don't hunt. >> i have an escalade hybrid. i do. >> if you don't sweat and a earn that dollar all the way up you don't respect it. when you come in the middle he doesn't understand what the journey is like. that is the fundamental core of
12:36 am
what business and innovation in this country is all about. that is what he doesn't know. >> sean: the president has never shown let's see the flexibility of a bill clinton. era of big government is over, the end of welfare as we know it. he clings to the rigid ideology and in spite of even it hurting himself perhaps. >> perceives himself as a bill clinton centrist but he is far from it. i can't remember are who said it but you ask why. why would president obama push away from the excel pipeline when it would create jobs? he cow to yous the environmental lobby. a good example is the coal industry. >> sean: a we will talk about that next. >> it is plummeting because of the epa regulations. he is straddling every industry that he can with regulation because he has a plan and an agenda. >> dismantling systematically. >> sean: we have a lot of smart
12:37 am
brilliant people here. thank you all for being with us. coming up next on our "hannity" investigation we head down to west virginia where the coal industry in fact remains in crisis. what did the president promise when was running for office and whming♪ isn't it time you visited the places where time stops? and where the good ole days include today? then you belong at bass pro shops' fall hunting classic, our biggest hunting event ever. your adventure starts here. this is new york state. we built the first railway, the first trade route to the west, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state. one that's working to attract businesses and create jobs. a place where innovation meets determination...
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>> sean: our final look at some of the president's costliest broken promises we examine the impact of the obama presidency and what it has had on the coal mining industry. candidate obama promised clean coal initiatives. that is not what the people of west virginia got. let's take a look. >> i'm in boone county, west virginia. the gateway to the coal fields. generations of families here have made their living by what comes out of these hills. these coal miners are proud people. they are well educated. high tech. long gone are the days of the shovel and the pick but their very way of life is now under attack. the environmental protection agency is cracking down. coal mines are closing. the unemployment rate more than 12%. and many people here believe
12:41 am
president obama has declared an all-out war on the nation's coal industry. ♪ while many men and women here in boone county work directly with coal, it is estimated that for every one person in the field there are six workers whose jobs support the industry. coal is such an integral part of boone county it has been the home of the west virginia coal festival for the past 19 years. you would be hard-pressed to find a company in boone county. this region has been a democratic stronghold for generations. and it was no surprise when voters here backed barack obama in the 2008 election. thanks in part to his promise to support the industry and clean coal. >> clean coal technology is something that can make america energy independent. this is america. we figured out how to put a man on the moon in ten years, you can't tell me we can't figure out how to burn coal that we
12:42 am
mine right here in the united states of america and make it work. >> but folks around boone county quickly discovered that while candidate obama talked the talk he did not walk the walk. the president showed his true colors claiming he would bankrupt any one attempting to build a new coal power plant. by the 2010 mid term election, the obama administration's war on coal was well underway. many of the president's supporters grew distant, blaming him for overbearing regulations imposed on the coal industry and some democrats found themselves campaigning for reelection on platforms that put them at odds with the president's epa policies. former west virginia governor and senate candidate joe mansion was elected on his not so subtle message to team obama and their coal policies. >> i will take on washington and the administration to get the federal government off of our backs and out of our
12:43 am
pockets. i sued the epa and i will take dead aim at the cap and trade bill because it is bad for west virginia. >> two years later the hurt and anger was so propound that boone county democrats voted for a federal inmate named keith judd rather than president obama. they were tired of the epa shutting down mines and plants, impacting their way of life. the impact of obama's war on coal resonated far past the boone county line. that is because every time coal production decreased your electric bills increased. the american coalition for clean coal energy is dedicated to educating the public about the vast improvements the coal community has undertaken plus their importance to the nation. while exposing the blind eye the epa turns on industry improvements. >> the epa is ignoring the progress that has been made and continues to be made by the coal-based electricity industry. this country has understood
12:44 am
very well for the last 20 years what pain at the pump means. the current epa regime and regulations are going to let people know what pain at the plug means. you cannot fire the cash register if you are running the small business, you can only fire the person behind it. as the costs ric rise you haveo pass that on to somebody. >> the effects are most evident on main street here in madison where the shop keepers struggle to survive. they know that the only way to keep their cash ridge teresa paytons full is i registers full is if the coal mines remain open. >> now, you know, we don't know what is going to happen. >> our coal miners don't -- you know, they don't want a handout. they he want a permit to work. >> you wouldn't believe when you figure it all up in a year's time how many people would really lose their job when the coal mine shuts down.
12:45 am
within the last four months our unemployment shot from 7% to 12%. >> we can be an energy superpower. we are an energy superpower but unless the government will allow us to use that energy we will be a third rate nation. >> it is as clean burning as you can get right now in america. but we are not going to burn it in america. we going to ship it overseas and they are going to burn it like we did back in the '20s with a bunch of sulfuric acid and everything else going into the atmosphere. >> safety we are all for are it. but some of the things we got to do now it is a great expense and you got to be profitable. >> when you can't get a permit and when they start changing the rules in mid stream or when you have a permit and they veto the permit and take it away that is an attack. that impacts this area very much. >> we need the mined coal to continue. i would hate to see this become a ghost town. >> the epa tried to destroy the way of life here in boone county but they did not destroy
12:46 am
the spirit. life here will go on, the people will persevere. but what happened here at the gateway to the coal fields should serve as a stark warning to the rest of the nation because if president obama can declare war on this community, yours might be next. >> sean: and joining me now are west virginia congress woman and todd starnes. great report. in his report he is talking about generations of coal miners. he is talking about a way of life under attack how people feel. 12% unemployment and using the term all out war. is that what it is? is th the administration all ot war. >> a war on america's energy and a war are on coal and these are communities that are blessed with a natural resource that want to live and work in a commune tate they love where their families are from and they are having to leave. just in the last month at least a thousand laid off coal miners have, those are families.
12:47 am
>> how many years in terms of independence do we have if we were to tap the resources in this country? >> i think there is estimates of 250 years. >> 250 years. >> yes. >> and it is clean, in other words, this is clean burning coal. we have the ability. >> we have the ability. we can could better at that. i think when there is more technology and research but not if you don't fund the technology and research. i had an experimentation in my district they had to pull the plug on it because the dollars weren't there. we have to move forward on this. i think it is detrimental to us. >> sean: watching the report closely, todd, what are the people on the ground in west virginia saying. joe mansion has to run almost like a conservative shoot a gun in a commercial and say he is against cap and trade to even have a chance of getting elected but then votes with the democrats on raising taxes on "the wealthy business owners in the country." what are they telling you on the ground about president obama. in. >> they are upset.
12:48 am
these are not closed minded people we are talking about. this was a community that voted for are president obama. they believed the hope and the change that he promised. and that never came. the numbers speak for themselves. the unemployment rate in boone county was 4%. >> sean: 12% now. >> 12%. and the cold hard reality is that these policies, this war are that he has declared on their way of living has taken food off the table. people are having to go some where else to find work to raise their families is and people are very, very concerned about what is is going to happen. >> sean: mr. blankenship is one of the big ercole miners going back and i gave a speech with him. he described it as an all out war. he says i got the all these guys i want to keep working and i can't do it. >> and they are closing up shop. they can't get the permits. they can't burn it. we had coal fired power plants close down in our region. the president is picking winners and losers in the
12:49 am
country. >> sean: solyndra is the winner. green energy are winners. finland is a winner. brazil is a winner. craze. good to see you both. good report, todd. thank you. coming you, we will wrap things up with the do you see it ? there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getti away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it. any day can be an adventure. that's whye got a subaru. love wherer the road takes you. wow, there it is that's 3 moves, 5 jobs, 2 newborns. it's no wonder i'm getting gray. but kate still looks like...kate. [ female announcer ] with nice'n easy, all they see is you -- in one step, nice'n easy with colorblend technology, is proven to give more blends of tones.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." as we continue with our studio audience. here is what i'm thinking.
12:53 am
energy wise, i'm an all of the above guy. i want to see nuclear power. i want to see more drilling. i want to see coal and refineries built. we haven't built those in, what, 30 some odd years. the president sometimes says it, it seems like by their actions they almost want us to get around in horse and buggy. anybody agree? >> i want to chastise you on something. stop calling these guys environmentalists. >> your plan is you want dirty air and dirty water. >> these are people you are exactly right. they are against nuclear, oil, natural gas which is a clean burning fuel. they are against anything that works. >> remember that candidate obama talked about when was quoted talking about his planned war on coal he said "electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket. when we ask the question is anything of this intentional.
12:54 am
in, of course, it is intentional. if you set out to cripple the u.s. economy perhaps the single most impactful thing is go after fossil fuels and traditional sources of energy. >> he said he would prefer more gradual increase in gas prices and by the way had a suggestion that we get tuneups regularly and inflate our tires. >> inflate our tires. it was like jimmy carter put on a sweater. that was h his energy policy. >> the goal is higher gas prices to move people towards renewable. >> european prices. >> european prices. they have been pretty open about this. >> michelle? >> obama and the epa they are basically saying look, we don't care that your way of life is threatened because if they did they would be implementing policies that don't destroy jobs and industries and don't raise the cost of living for the american people. >> and this is exactly how you
12:55 am
stifle small business. we can't transport our goods or take higher revenues on our costs. used to be that labor was the highest line item in my business now it is all the staples. electricity and health insurance and all the other stuff that never was there. >> which is maybe one of the reasons why everything is outsourced. >> it is the way of life to get back to your overarching question. at the root this is a population movement. just too many of them and not enough of you and me. wealthier is healthier and wealthier is cleaner. they don't seem to care about that. it really isn't about the environment if you scrutinize it. >> sean: let me go to our two congress persons here. congress woman, is there -- is there a consensus within the ranks, the halls of congress to real lay take the president on and can there be significant change or do we need a new congress and new house and new senate? >> we need a new president.
12:56 am
>> we need a new president. >> sean: the president is the answer. >> absolutely. we blame day after day the administrator or the epa but that agenda is being driven by the president and i think that it is very clear that he is not interested in jobs and economy. he never asks about how to weave a balance between the environment and the economy. he is -- they will throw back to me as a coal person well, you are mining more coal. sure, we are shipping it to china. our jobs and cheaper resource goal is going to china so they can burn it over there without their environmental controls. >> sean: and mexican oil. >> and we gave colombia $5 billion to refine our oil that we are shipping over there and as the gentleman points out we haven't had a new refinery here in over 30 years but colombians do on our dime. >> sean: and i love how we give money for looking for resources in brazil. but we will be the best customers. i always wanted to be brazil's best customer. >> i will say absolutely the
12:57 am
top has to go here. but he has a coconspirator in the senate with harry reid and he has blocked keystone pipeline i believe has enough votes, more than enough votes to pass in the senate but he is blocking it. >> joe mansion shot a bull let through cap and trade but the president said there are other ways to skin the cat. those are the rules. congress could stop the rules but harry reid. >> sean: thank you for your insight and todd thanks for your special report as well. i can't believe, how come you don't have to wear a tie? >> i will put a tie on when you get rid of the jeans. >> you are killing me. thank all of you for being with us. is all the the time we and thank you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. it remains one of the most shocking crimes in history. >> no children. no footprints. no blood. we knew they were gone.
12:58 am
>> 26 children with their school bus driver kidnapped and buried alive. how did they survive? >> we were starting to lose oxygen and i prayed let us make it out. >> it is the hot new sport but it has been around for ages. meet the olympic champion who not only trained the star of the hunger games but is out to hit the bulls eye again in london. despite sanctions, brand new porsches and mercedes are all over the streets of tehran and who is buying them will surprise you. >> i'm alisyn camerota. i'm amy kellogg. >> i'm marcel nevil and we are all here on this episode of "fox files." >> the summer of 1976 was a festive time in america. the bee gees ruled the air
12:59 am
waves. the country threw a huge party to celebrate its 200th birthday on the fourth of july. the center piece was operation sail, a nautical spectacular in new york harbor. it was happy days on tv and in theaters the horror film the omen had movie goers shaking in their seats. but a real life horror story was about to unfold in chowchilla a small farming community in central, california's agricultural belt 150 miles east of san francisco. >> we had pigs and a barn and chickens. >> they would play done the street with the neighbors, jeff and jennifer brown. >> we knew the whole entire town. it was a small all american town. >> a few shops, a few stores but not a very big town. >> thursday, july 15, 1976. with only one day left of


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