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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 4, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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bowling? >> eric: i'm not talking. >> kimberly: why? >> eric: greg is not wearing a tie. >> greg: i'm doing it for kiss-in. i didn't want to get constrain when we go to the chick-fil-a. >> kimberly: your man crush has gone too far. >> eric: i spoke to herman cain an hour ago and he said that chick-fil-a, he spoke to dan cathy, chick-fil-a doubled the highest sales ever. so clearly, the prior high. they doubled their prior high. clearly, the sit-in is going to outweigh the sit-out. not many people went to the kiss-in. there were incidents, too. they called the cops in a couple of times. it didn't see anyone calling the cops for the wednesday appreciation day. what is wrong with you? >> kimberly: i think he was tupe late last night. >> bob: not at all. this is goingbe to go down like herman cain is. two of the top stories.
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>> andrea: the present employer thought it was a good business decision for him to let the guy go. the negative media he was getting, he probably thought one, i don't want a guy like this harassing people working for me. it wonder if he was supposed to be in a meeting. if it happened in work hours. his boss has grounds to say you're supposed to do your job. it wonder if he might sue based on some kind of discrimination if he is in a state like new york. >> kimberly: wrongful termination. >> bob: if he was supposed to be at work, that's one thing. why did he get fired for -- it's terrible for what he said. if i got fired for what i said outside of work for or what i say inside of work. >> andrea: it's his right to let him go or keep anymore he wants to. they haven't let you go because they love you despite the things you safe. >> greg: rachel, you know, rachel is the star of this whole thing. i love it when somebody
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unintentionally is found to be a great person. if she is ever in a job interview and they say have you faced adversity? all she has to do is say let me show you this video. she will never worry about a job again. she is what is great about young americans. she works hard. so pleasant and so nice. >> eric: you know what is funny about this, mr. smith got fired, the jerk in the car said that he was actually trying to put up a video that -- he wanted to speak scripture, and cite scriptures but he forgot and he just took rachel apart. trying to walk back what he did. >> andrea: that would have been interesting to have him try to cite scriptures. >> greg: bob did it last night. >> andrea: it was masterful, by the way. but that girl, i don't know if she is a christian or not. if she is, because she works in a company rooted in
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christian values, what a great advertisement for christianity and christian values. instead of anger, she didn't engage him. she was, she was -- >> bob: i will grant you that the bible is very specific about gays and that sort of thing. this guy, the coo of the fish fillet of whatever it is. chicken filet. >> eric: chick-fil-a. great idea. >> andrea: it's chicken in french. >> bob: i knew that. the fact of the matter is the bible is specific about what you do and don't do trying to look out for your fellow people. he was not being a christian. >> eric: chick-fil-a. you know they're closed on sunday. right? >> bob: i guess. >> eric: so is no doubt that the man is a christian. he runs his business along the line of bag good christian. all of a sudden he makes a statement. nothing to do with the
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business. >> bob: the diamond district here is closed on saturday. >> eric: so he says i'm in favor, i believe in marriage between one man and one woman. then all of a sudden my goodness, don't buy chicken. >> kimberly: he was just talking about his values. >> bob: speaking as the coo of chick-fil-a. >> kimberly: roger, the worker, said the actions of mr. smith do not reflect our corporate values in any manner and this is a equal opportunity company with diverse workforce that holds diverse opinions. we respect the rights of employees and americans to hold personal opinion. but we also expect company offer to behave in manner commensurate with their position and value of civility with others. fired. >> andrea: the same amendment that let him go is the one that protects ceo of
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chick-fil-a. and the jerk in the drive-through. >> bob: the fact he was fired for saying what he believes in is chump. >> bob: i know what you are saying. you should be allowed to say what you want. say i'm running a company and i have abemployee going on twitter who is embarrassing the company by saying stupid things. it's my company, i should fire that person for embarrassing the company. freedom of speech regardless, he can't say what he wants. but i can also fire him. there is no law against that. >> andrea: should the people in chicago fireman emanuel? >> bob: for what? >> kimberly: for not focusing on the job at hand. >> bob: those comments by people high up in high profile restaurants like that, have no business being in the public square. >> andrea: what about the liberal companies? starbucks and -- >> bob: what about them? >> greg: they insult everybody. >> bob: but not around
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religion context. >> andrea: what about anna wintour? >> bob: who is that? >> eric: there are different companies that make donations to certain gay and lesbian causes, right? should there be boycotts for people who don't believe in that way of life? >> bob: people who are christian should do two things. spread the word, evangelicals, and christ never wanted us involved in politics. did not want to us mess around the way the religious right does. >> andrea: wait a minute. wait a minute. [ overtalk ] >> greg: you just quoted the bible yesterday and friday to demonize republicans. >> bob: your shot about me yesterday. i said guys on capitol hill who voted for budget and claim to be devout christians. >> greg: you are using religion to bolster political point. >> bob: i'm trying to say we'd be better off if the religion stayed out of this.
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>> greg: i agree with you completely. but your side doesn't. >> eric: where is politics in this? >> bob: controversy over gay marriage is political. >> eric: it sounds like religion and business to me. i can't find politics in that. >> andrea: how can you think christians should be silenced when everyone else has a right to stand for their beliefs. they're supposed to just spread the word -- >> bob: as good christians our job is find as many people who need to hear the word as possible. not get out in the public square to talk about chickens. >> eric: is boycotting christian? >> bob: if you had to, if you -- >> eric: say no if you want to. >> bob: i'm trying to think about -- >> eric: when there is people like rachel who -- if the boycott worked and they had to close shop, stores, people would be outof work. >> bob: i suppose you could argue maybe the good samaritan who went across the street to help that guy who was boycotted maybe that was christian. yeah.
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it's not about politics and chicken. >> greg: i e-mailed a gay republican yesterday and asked what would happen today, friday, and he said about the tax reform messaging, the senate continues to present a channel. he thought i was talking about something else. no interest in this whatsoeve whatsoever. like bob said we have bigger issues in front of us than chicken. by monday this will be gone. >> bob: just like herman cain. nice guy, chick-fil-a may be nice food. >> andrea: government officials should not regulate the speech of businesses. they are not allowed to do. >> bob: if you want a business in your community, you can't as a group not have it? >> andrea: are you kidding? no. you can't do with rahm and others are doing. you can't. >> kimberly: jon stewart agrees with you. when he starts to disagree with the left and rapting mayors you know you have trouble in your house. coming up, did you catch team usa tearing it up on the basketball court against nigeria last night?
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needless to say, they gave them a beat-down. some debbie downers in press are complaining about it, saying america did too well. greg has some thoughts. >> greg: no, i don't. >> kimberly: all right, fine. then don't. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: in life, timing is everything and the timing couldn't be worse for president obama with 95 days or so to the election. we learn today that americans unemployed increased by 45,000
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last month and unemployment rate jumped to stagger 8.3%. that's the good news. the bad news is something you are probably not going to hear in the liberal mainstream media, but you are here because we are keeping it real. gasoline is spiking in a big way. check out what is going on with gasoline. note, the battleground state, obama held in 2008 are the hardest hit. ohio, overnight, 15 cents jump in gasoline prices. electoral votes in ohio. 18. next, michigan, 13 cents jump overnight. forty-two cents over the month. 16 elector rail votes. go. florida, two cents overnight. one more. 29 electoral votes in florida. ten in wisconsin. you can bring it out to us in out. bob, four states, four battleground states having a hard time with the gasoline prices. how in the world do you get past that? >> bob: how you get past is
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it to tell the actual figures. there were 166,300 new jobs last month. there were more people leaving the workforce and all that, 160,000 jobs created. gasoline generally goes up, as you well know as a former gas trader in the summer. it's much less than it was a year ago. >> eric: 15 cents overnight in ohio. >> bob: less than it was a year ago. >> eric: 15 cents overnight. >> bob: less than it was a year ago. >> eric: 95% more than it was three or four years ago when obama was elected. >> bob: this says vacation time. that's the reason it's up. >> kimberly: okay, you can demonize all you want but the -- >> bob: i'm demonizing? >> kimberly: obama, his administration has to take ownership of it. the white house has three more jobs report coming out and one on november 2. good luck. >> andrea: how much malox reached for when he saw the numbers? especially underemployment. almost double what employment is. a lot of people working at
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taco bell with a law degree have to be ticked off. think about that. millions of americans who are now, they have jobs but they're angry because they're not the jobs they want. >> kimberly: wouldn't you be? >> andrea: who do they blame come november? >> bob: they are going to blame obama. first of all, lawyers working at taco bell is probably a good start. >> kimberly: how are they going to blame romney? >> eric: lawyers working in fast food restaurant isn't good for the economy. >> greg: i have a question. i have a question. i have a comment. my question is 155 -- stop that. 155,000 people left the workforce. where do they go? a giant kidnapping. where are they hiding? the msnbc line-up? >> bob: a lot of them go to social security. >> greg: the other thing, youth unemployment. 18 to 19-year-olds are up to 22%. one out of five. when young people are working, it's scary. that is how menuedo started. >> eric: bob, you want to play games with the numbers. here are the real numbers. >> bob: you play games with the numbers. >> eric: the economy has to
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create 120,000 jobs to keep up with people moving here, birthrate and people graduating. do we agree with that number at least? well known number. cbo will tell you that. >> bob: fine. >> eric: in the term of president obama, 42 months he has been, 42 full months he has been president. do the math. 42 times 120,000. that is 5 million people have come in the workforce. they're not working. there are 5 million people who aren't working. >> bob: 4.5 million jobs created so that is a loss of 500,000 jobs. >> eric: 300,000 fewer people working today -- >> bob: how many people out of the workforce go to social security? this is an aging workforce. >> eric: that is what is happening. they're leaving the workforce and going on the public dole. >> bob: social security is public dole? they pay for it. >> kimberly: it's meaningless when you say 163,000 jobs added in july. guess what? a gaping hole and pouring through with people who are now long-term unemployment, losing jobs. we are not adding back in enough to make a difference.
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>> bob: you know people who turn old enough to get social security every month? it's tens of hundreds of thousands. >> andrea: what is the plan? what is obama going to do? >> bob: what is romney's plan beside cut taxes on the rich? >> andrea: it's a fair question. both of these two men have to define what they are going to do. i'm not sure both of them clearly state stated with that . >> bob: every economist i heard from said romney will increase taxes on middle class. he will. he doesn't tell the truth about anything. he won't tell the truth about this. tell me what his job plan is. >> greg: four words. "i won't be him." the economy is now become like the economics. it's a spectator sport. people are on the couch, sitting it out for two reasons. they don't have confidence in the economy. small businesses aren't hiring. number two, they have extended unemployment benefit. the economy is getting screwed from both ends. try not to make a joke out of that, bob. >> eric: i thought you were going to.
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>> greg: saw it coming. >> eric: leave it there. coming up, mitt romney delivers ultimatum for the senate democrat leader >> harry reid has to put up or shut up. harry, who are your sources? >> eric: he wants proof or harry reid better stop flapping his trap about the taxes going unpaid. our thoughts next on "the five." ♪ ♪ the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone, but her... likes 50% more cash. but, i have an idea. do you want a princess dress? yes how about some cupcakes? yes lollipop? yes! do you want an etch a sketch? yes! do you want 50% more cash? no you got talent. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. with a 50% annual cash bonus it's the card for people who like more cash. what's in your wallet? i usually say that.
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." now on to the tax fight between mitt romney and senate majority leader harry reid. here is what started it all. >> the word's out he hasn't paid any taxes for ten years. let him prove that he has paid taxes because he hasn't. >> andrea: today, mitt romney fired back. >> harry reid has to put up or shut up, all right? harry, who are your sources? let's have harry explain who that is. harry, i understand what you're trying to do. you are trying to deflect the fact that jobs numbers are bad. that americans are out of work. and you're trying to throw anything up on the screen that will grab attention away from the fact that the policies of the white house haven't worked to put americans to work and
2:23 am
the policy of the senate haven't even got a budget in place for three years. >> kimberly: i am loving this. >> andrea: kimberly, typically, it's not good when candidates address certain things because they get buried in the weeds. but i like what romney did. put up and shut up, give them fire. he turned it around to get back on his own message, the failure of the obama administration. >> kimberly: absolutely. he called him harry, because he doesn't deserve a title when he behaved abombably. he has no substance to back this up. when did harry reid become the summer intern for david axelrod. really? it's ridiculous. >> andrea: he said these things on the senate floor. could there be an ethical issue? using the senate for for arguably could be slappeder. >> bob: i don't think harry reid would have said it unless he knew something. put up or shut up, mitt. you put up. put your taxes. the reason you won't put them up is you either didn't pay them or you're hiding taxes in
2:24 am
cayman island. >> greg: bob raises a good point. it did research earlier. reid is asking him to prove he paid his taxes. in 1971, harry reid became lieutenant governor of nevada, the same exact year, the same exact year, bob, edi amin took over uganda. that timing is uncanny. did harry reid have contact with edi amin? if so, what was said at that time. how come harry reid has not come forward on what went on between them? and edi amin is dead and how convenient is that for harry reid? harry reid got him in power and had him killed. >> eric: i concur. >> greg: thank you. >> kimberly: that was very convincing. >> andrea: mark theisen appears orn our network and said i hear harry reid beats his wife. this is a similar thing. >> eric: a lot of people are playing games with it a little
2:25 am
bit. here is the real issue. this is harry reid trying to get mitt romney maybe file a lawsuit. >> bob: do something legitimate. >> eric: file a lawsuit that there are no grounds for. be if he fires a lawsuit he has to bring the tax records forward. he doesn't want to do it so he probably won't. he may have not paid taxes and still not broken the law. >> bob: he didn't pay taxes. he won't release the terms. >> eric: completely legal. >> bob: that's fine, you can hide enough money in cayman islands, that's the point. he is not transparent at all. he is hiding his money, not paying the u.s. taxes. he's a freeloader. >> eric: stop. >> bob: he is a freeloader. >> eric: just because you open a cayman account. >> andrea: a freeloader? >> bob: worse than a freeloader. >> eric: just because you haveback accounts elsewhere doesn't mean you don't pay taxes. >> bob: then let's see his taxes. what is he afraid of? he is gutless when it comes to this. >> eric: put your money wherever you want. >> bob: why won't he release
2:26 am
the taxes? he doesn't have the guts to show he doesn't pay taxes. >> andrea: romney probably paid more in taxes than obama and biden -- >> bob: how would we know that? >> kimberly: charitable contributions, by the way. >> andrea: gives to charity. you say he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. he gave his entire inheritance to charity. mitt romney paid his fair share. mitt romney of the mitt romney world fund the welfare -- >> bob: fair share? he made hundreds of millions of dollars. he taught pay taxes. >> kimberly: you say he has money from inheritance. you're wrong. he made the money on his own. he gave his inheritance to charity. he's -- >> bob: he gave it to the mormon church. that's fine. that's fine. more power to him. >> kimberly: where did he get the rest of the money, bob? >> bob: from ripping down companies and putting money away from the kay man islands. >> eric: can i agree with you on something? i'll speculate. he doesn't seem like a guy who will cheat on his taxes. it may be that he has so many loopholes it would be embarrassing to show how many
2:27 am
loopholes he has taken advantage of. you know what, though? i'll agree with you. if that is the case, man up and go we have a crappy code, let's fix it. i made a lot of money. >> kimberly: i agree. >> andrea: every deduction that president obama could take, every loophole that he could find, he took. same with joe biden. >> bob: how do you know? guest if romney is gutless, then obama is gutless cubed. how many things have we asked from president obama he refused to show? it's a mirror image. >> kimberly: hypocrite. >> bob: college grades. >> kimberly: application. >> greg: what is he hiding? what is he hiding? >> bob: romney is hiding offshore to get away -- away -- >> greg: what is obama hiding? >> andrea: why would you spend a million dollars to keep birth certificate and transcript -- >> bob: because you have right wing kooks out of the tea party demanding it. that's why. >> greg: what is he hiding? what is he hiding?
2:28 am
>> bob: the fact that he is a friend of yours. >> i agree. i will tell you this. >> bob: if you're not paying taxes -- >> eric: i think he should open them up and say look, i made a lot of money. i'm not embarrassed. i'm proud of it. i would do it. >> kimberly: he is a winner. what are we complaining about? he has been successful and he knows how to make money and he might -- >> bob: show how he does it. >> kimberly: give him the job. president of the united states. he will show up. >> bob: shows how he managed the money. show us how he manages money. what are you afraid of? why are you defending him? >> andrea: if he pays 13% in taxes, i don't want him as my president. i want him as my accountant. >> bob: anybody can hide money. >> andrea: coming up, the u.s. men's basketball team crushed the competition last night. now they're getting criticism for it. greg will explain next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> melo continues to bomb for three. >> there's nobody etch back. oh! >> for the field. another one! >> you got to be kidding me! >> i have never seen shooting like this.
2:34 am
ever. >> greg: i love racquet ball. after the u.s. team routed nigeria in basketball there was talk that the u.s. ran up the score. some wondered if it was done to set a pile of records. translation: we hate you because you're awesome. which is more of the same old snide anti-americanlism, that are relentless exceptionism creates. the yanks bashing yanks is mistaken for enlightenment when it's insecurity. can you blame the international media? since 1776 we have been running the score. proving that our way of life rules. that's why the citizens are dying to come here. even but you can't encourage people to win and tell them to slow down. we train the troops to search and destroy and then punish them for howling at the moon.
2:35 am
forget basketball, obama is running up a deficit like he is richar carmelo anthony. the best analysis comes from nigerian player who said, "on the one side it's terrible to get whooped like that. but on the other side it was impressive to be a part of and witness in person. that's miles per hour history in a nutshell. coco archibald. >> america's team was so great nigerian was pleased to be on the court with them. we got killed but it was great! >> i love that. >> coach shevardnadze said we didn't -- coach shevseske didn't even play everybody. >> andrea: why would they try to play it down after the badminton scandal?
2:36 am
>> greg: you got to win. >> the olympic games, the olympic games has been supposed to be about am whew athletics. these guys together -- no, and basketball is where they have broken this. it's wrong. absolutely wrong. i admire the players but who are you kidding. like playing a boy scout team. >> eric: you have done it again. you start the comment with something that is false. >> the olympics are about putting your best athletes forward. the ncaa is about amateur athletes. >> bob: does somebody have the ioac rule book. >> greg: let me get it there. >> kimberly: it's on 17. >> bob: it used to be amateur basketball players. but we decided because we got our ass whooped -- >> eric: it's a decision to use amateur. >> bob: the fact of the matter is we should not play. they make $36 million a year. >> so what? >> why should you not have --
2:37 am
>> andrea: foreign players come over and -- >> bob: how many shot putters are professional? or bad min top players are professionals? swimmers are professionables? >> greg: there are no professional teams. >> bob: that's right. now you got it. >> greg: you point makes no sense. if there were professional badminton teams there would be professional players. >> bob: how do you know that? >> greg: that is how it works. >> bob: we have the best basketball players in college in this country? >> andrea: we do. >> kimberly: bob is upset over what does not exist. >> eric: basketball for italy, italian national plays basketball and he come here to play in the n.b.a. should he play for the u.s. olympic team? >> bob: no. >> eric: is it okay if that professional -- >> bob: no, i don't think any professional ought to play in olympic games. it's about the amateur athletics. bring the national heavy weight champion in and fight in boxers. bring in professionals boxers? why don't you bring in kick
2:38 am
boxers? >> greg: other countries started it first. americans do great in anything. why should we be ashamed of it? >> kimberly: that is the whole thing with cowped and the administration -- >> bob: do you have to get that with everything you say? >> kimberly: i'm doing a great job of it. why do we punish exceptionalism and entrepreneurship. this team is consistent running through it. now we have to hold our head in shame because the basketball team is great? we have to hold our head in shame because romney made money? it doesn't make sense to me. people are doing well. we overtax and overregulate them. >> ericthem. >> bob: you and eric can weave in obama here. the idea is the best amateur athletes in the world. >> andrea: we have been whooped by soccer players. they do other things well. we do basketball well. play our best people. >> bob: then why don't we
2:39 am
bring in professional on everything? we don't bring in professional skiers. >> eric: when they get endorsement from skiers. >> bob: i am talking about salaried professional players. >> greg: >> do you remember the dream team play? >> bob: it's cool. if i could build a team and play against high school kids i'd do pretty well, too. >> andrea: some of the team are good. >> kimberly: have you seen the facial hair? they're not high school kids. >> greg: they are asking for autographs than the american players. they're happy to see them. >> bob: i am not, not proud of the country or the team. this is typical bash liberals and i can see the tweeters coming in now. save your time. i love my country. i love the fact we're doing well. i don't think -- it's meant to be amateur sport and shouldn't
2:40 am
be dominated by 6'9", $200 million ball players. >> greg: i agree which is why president obama should be impeached. got to go. >> eric: did you hear obama weighed in on the u.s. basketball team? >> kimberly: obama should have benched them. >> eric: he said we didn't build that. >> bob: funny. >> greg: coming um. >> bob: that is really funny. >> greg: we have more on the olympic games and the u.s. cart wheel in the purple nurple. can we beat the swiss in yodeling? they have the lederhosen but we have the pipes. we have all the news, plus stuff that isn't. next. ♪ ♪ hat [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save yoby switching, you'd have like, a ton of dollars. but how are they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um" or, "no comment."
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♪ ♪ >> bob: the olympics always seems to produce one supersta superstar, somebody that captures the heart of the american people. that person at least in my mind and most of ours is gabgy douglas from virginia beach, the first african-american to win the all-around gold medal in gymnastics. her story is phenomenal. she was great. she has greatest smile in the world. to do what this girl does,th's just unbelievable. greg couldn't even do that. >> greg: i know, i tried. >> eric: isn't she a story? her parents divorced. gabby moved to iowa to train with a coach she thought could get her the gold, moving away
2:45 am
from her family for two years. it all culminated in phenomenal gymnastics. you watch gymnastics, i don't think i've seen anyone better than her. >> kimberly: she is perfection. look at her. she is genetic perfection, per normans is eck wits. you hear her speak and she is articulate and she talks about sacrifice and how it was worth it. >> bob: you mentioned her rehereditary. her parents were good athletes and her brother is a good athlete. i know i wish i had more in my background. i got drubed out of football early. i think is a great story. there is a lot of great stories in the olympics. michael phelps won more medals than anyone in the history of the olympics. he has one more shot tonight and he is against his rival i would say, lochte, right? what is going to happen? >> andrea: i think he will win. i know eric doesn't like him.
2:46 am
you and i have fought about this, but i have to maybe a bag of cheetos and bong hit isn't as bad as multiple one night stands. >> eric: one is legal and one is illegal. >> bob: i don't have a problem with it. >> greg: lochte's mom didn't know what that meant. she meant dates. my suggestion is i think the olympics should be year-round because it's a great distraction. we don't talk about quanttative easing. we talk about the great people. if you think about bolstering the economy. pummel horse industry will explode. get the western values out, there women's right in crappy countries improve. this will make the world a better place. >> bob: another story -- >> kimberly: she was beat by the puerto rican girl. >> andrea: bob, do you tear up when you watch them? >> bob: i tear up when i
2:47 am
watch the individual stories. i think they are wonderful. another story out of here, the olympics. it comes from the chinese. the greatest threat of the united states security than any in the world including islamists. the chinese attack the western media over their coverage of the olympic games because someone happened to be critical of the fact that the chinese fell apart in gymnastics. does the chinese, only one complaining because the team isn't winning the most medals as they usually are. shut up. they launched attack on the arrogant and prejudice view of athlete in london olympics. arrogance? >> greg: you are proving their point the way you're
2:48 am
attacking them. >> kimberly: by this way they're coming after you now. >> bob: i am on the front line of the attack on chinese. >> kimberly: you should love donald trump for that. he talks about that all the time. >> eric: china? >> andrea: the chinese governmentor chinese athletes? >> bob: the chinese government which controls their media. what? >> andrea: we are talking about the olympics. >> bob: the producers said to me -- go ahead. get me out of this. >> eric: roll video of gabby douglas flip-flopping. it's fantastic. she is going to be a marketing superstar. she is going to make millions and millions of dollars. they want to hire her. she is fantastic, that my friends is american exceptionalism. capitalism. you are 100% right. she has been signed to be on the cover of the wheaties box. >> bob: all i can say is one more thing is up next!
2:49 am
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2:53 am
>> greg: on "red eye" we are following the olympics closely. we sent our correspondent to cover the games in england. here are the highlights. >> reminder to viewers there >> there may london. action-packed event but most of all, huge day for the east germans. that's right. the boy from east berlin winning the men 200 medley. >> that looks like footal from the 1948 london olympics. >> sorry, greg, that appears to be a satellite delay issue. >> mike, do you have any real reporting like we talked about? >> that is it from london.
2:54 am
back to you, greg. >> eric: we spent over $50,000 of our budget to send him there. i don't think he is there. i think he's in building. >> bob: he's actually stoneded. we know that. >> kimberly: anyway. okay. >> eric: tomorrow is barack obama's birthday. we thought it would be nice for a birthday cake. here is his birthday came. >> kimberly:♪ it's your birthday." >> eric: he's 57. >> greg: he's not. i believe he's 51. >> eric: that's right. thought there were 57 states in america before he was elected president. my bad. sorry. president obama, in all sincerity, happy birthday, sir. >> bob: you mean that from the bottom of your heart. >> kimberly: happy birthday. lower our taxes. thank you. >> bob: two days ago we missed this one, we shouldn't have. it was my fault. jerry garcia the leader of the grateful dead, one of the greatest bands therever was in the psychedelic era. an era i am quite familiar with. or sort of remember.
2:55 am
jerry died frankly using too many drugs. but he not only was his band a terrific group of musicians, but he had dead heads who followed them around mostly kids who inherit a lot of money. but interesting thing about it, with all the bands who refused to let people take their songs, they put what they call a malt box in the middle of the stadiums to let them do it right off the instrumennation. i know phil played with jerry. phil wherever you are, nice to talk to you, i hope. for jerry garcia, a great man. i love your ice cream they named after you, man. >> greg: keep doing. >> kimberly: all right. >> andrea: after bob's favorite quote, you didn't build it comment from obama -- >> bob: are we never going to stop this crap? >> andrea: after this. a lot of people are ankious to build obama they didn't build
2:56 am
or i did build it stories. last week, i encouraged you to go to website i built that that is on john cornyn's website. it picked my favorite. her name is diane from austin, texas. she created accessory known as the pink pocket used now by women recovering from mastectomys and she started with $10,000 she scraped together. she didn't take a nick from the government. she has four kids she is putting through college. but she has done it herself. congratulations. you did build that. >> bob: that is a great story. she didn't get it from the government? where did the $10,000 come from? people helped her out, right? >> andrea: no, it was her savings account. >> bob: people helped her out. >> andrea: it wasn't obama. monoobama fer -- >> bob: obama never said it was obama. >> kimberly: this is "the five." we have one more thing for one more thing. two more things for one more thing. a book, a great book i was given that i enjoyed called
2:57 am
"no higher power." one of the author is my friend george newmeyer and i encourage you to check it out. you can see this. and very importantly, stephanie woodward is going back. fantastic! intern here on "the five." we love and adore her. she has been a pleasure. stephanie, we love you so much. god bless you. thank you for doing a great job. >> andrea: rock star. >> kimberly: that is it for "the five." have a great weekend, everybody. hug somebody. ♪ welcome to "red eye." i'm anny levy filling in for greg who is on assignment.
2:58 am
not really, i always wanted to say that. michael, coming up on the show? >> the top stories tonight the united states olympic basketball team beats nye year gentleman 40,000 2073. following the game, carmelo anthony gave his entire fortunate the opposing team's coach who claimed to be the wife of nigeria's deposed finance minister, and cinnabon is opening up a franchise in syria, and jenna jamison has endorsed mitt romney, saying rich people should support republicans. it's said this is a clever plan to get everybody to vote for barack obama. >> let's welcome our guests. i'm here with harris faulkner, she anchors fox reports on saturdays and sundays right here.
2:59 am
and tom slew. his latest collection of stories, and actor, writer, comedian and bottle blonde, mikeat black. the co-author of, "america, you sexy --" [bleep] >> and pinch. >> taking sides in the chick-fil-a debate is a temptation few can resist. personally never ate at chick-fil-a before the story and don't plan to now. talking guys? yes, porch. >> me want fried chicken monstrosity. >> you won't like it, butch. andy? oops. >> yeah. so, was there a place in line or out of line. team america a h


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