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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  August 4, 2012 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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actually gone up to 8.3%. hard to go away with the win there when you see the number to increase. >> what's the difference here? two different surveys really. that's why there is disparity. 163,000 jobs added, in fact, there was some silver lining in these jobs because it looked like the last time we had the jobs report. those numbers were revised up, also. t seems like things are stabilizing. a number of americans who stopped looking for work at 150,000. and interestingly, friday, the stock market soared on the jobs numbers, 217 points. >> brought up the people that left the workforce, that usually means the number goes down. this labor force continues to shrink and shrink and shrink which usually takes that number down. t is not. here we are how many jobs reports left before this election really you have got august and september. that is it as far as romney and obama go. >> number comes out friday right before the election or two days after that, people
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probably have made up their minds. >> october numbers. look, what does this mean for the election? does it mean good things for romney? probably more so than obama at this point. >> u 6 number calculates folks working part time. it also throws in there the number of unemployment in addition to part time and people who have stopped looking for work. >> a lot of people point to this number like to your point this would be the real unemployment number 15%. if you ask the folks on wall street yesterday. again, the numbers soaring. trying to look for the silver lining. we now return to the 2007 level when goods and manufacturing, that same level. but there is 5 million fewer jobs since 2007. so, manufacturing may have returned to that same point but the jobs haven't. >> right. yesterday, i was on "fox & friends," and an hour before the numbers came out and we
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were all talking about how are these candidates going to handle these numbers? this is what barack obama said after the numbers came out. >> here's the thing. we are not going to get there. we are not going to get to where we need to be if we go back to the policies that helped to create this mess in the first place. and the last thing we should be doing is asking middle class families struggling to recover from this recession to pay more in taxes. >> blaming the previous administration but also keeping with the obama administration and re-election narrative here more on that later. mitt romney also came out yesterday and had a different take focusing instead of the overall jobs added number, specifically that unemployment number at 8.3%. take a listen. >> it's another hammer blow to the struggling middle class families of america because the president has not had
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policies that put american families back to work. i do. i will put them in place and get america working again. these numbers are not just statistics. these are real people. really suffering. having hard times. 23 million americans out of work or stopped looking for work way under employed. 23 million. the official unemployment number 8.3%. >> that's the message mitt romney has to it continue to stay on now under the 100 day mark from the election. charles krauthammer last night on "special report" weighing in on overall the general pattern, not going where it needs to be at this point in the recovery. >> the rate itself is not the key. it's the rate of change. it's going in the wrong direction. it rose. that's what hurts obama. said to the "new york times" that this is the worst recovery ever including during
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the great depression. he said if you aren't scared by that you don't know what's going on. pretty heavy as we used to say. election day might be too late. why? because 47 -- 40% of votes may already be cast at that point thanks to early voting in states across the country. in ohio, battleground zero for early voting right now. the obama campaign is looking at ohio and they are having issues with the way the military can vote ahead of time. wanting everybody to vote early. they think it might help them. >> military members obviously have the ability to vote early. three day period before the elections. the obama administration at clayton's point suing to remove that.
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what they want is everyone in ohio to have this exact same right to be able to vote early. now, what those who speak for the military say is, look, he they have obvious reasons that they need a special period, need flexibility. they have a little different situation than you and i. they have to protect our country. but, ainsley, this is a difficult situation because should everybody be lopped in or should the military get special privileges? >> let's hear what president obama's campaign spokesperson has to say? a n. addition to that we will hear from the ohio secretary of state on this. >> i just find it troubling that the republics would use veteran groups as cover fire for their real mission. real mission quite obvious solid to restrict people from voting three days before the election. >> i am just outraged by. this i can't believe that, you know, the obama campaign, state democratic party are actually saying there is no rational basis for a distinction between someone who is in the military voting and someone who is not in the
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military. >> someone who is in the military allen west had reaction to all of this out of florida. he writes and says as a combat veteran for this president to unleash his campaign cronies against our military is unconscionable, how dare this president compare the service, sacrifice, and commitment of those who guard our liberties not as special and steek compare them to everyone else, barack obama is undeserving of the title of commander in chief. >> we'll put that out to you folks. let us know on twitter ff weekend at should the military get that specific privilege alone as well as overseas voters. three day period, should they get that or should everyone have that right. >> all right. well, the military, we have the right to vote because the men and women fought for us. so keep that in mind. now, for your headlines this morning. we begin with yet another scare in the air. two planes coming dangerously close to each other while landing at detroit metro
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airport last night. the incident reportedly involving a delta flight from phoenix and small regional jet. one passenger said that he could see the other plane clearly from his cabin window. f.a.a. officials admit the planes did come a mile closer than standard safety regulation allow. the planes were not at risk at colliding. this incident comes as you know just days after three u.s. airways jets collided at international airport. officials there blaming a communication there heart wremplegging new details about the shooting rampage inside a movie theater. that one in colorado that you are well aware of. well, there are now indications that one of the victims, 26-year-old navy veteran jonathan blunk might have died while trying to stop the shooter. he was buried yesterday in reno, nevada. authorities reportedly telling his family and friends that he tried to grab the shooter's gun before ultimately taking a bullet to shield his friend. we are also learning the university of colorado has now hired a former u.s. attorney to review the handling of the
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alleged shooter james holmes. as you may know the 24-year-old was a medical student there and school psychiatrist claims that she warned her colleagues he might be dangerous up to six weeks before that attack. forget snakes on planes. how about bees? a delta flight at pittsburgh international airport was delayed 20 minutes when a cluster of honeybees found on a wing. the airport had to bring in a beekeeper to remove the buzzing. >> getting ready to fuel and came around the plane and on the wing is a cluster of hone bees. it was a shocker to a lot of people. >> what in the world? this is the fourth incident this year at pittsburgh international airport. the beekeeper says despite all the buzzing, the hone bees are harmless. just took a the love time, i'm sure, to call that beekeeper, get him out there. >> look up a beekeeper in the yellow pages, rick. we have got to get a beekeeper out here. >> how do you explain that your flight is delayed?
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>> i don't know. think you are making it up. a fluster in the toilet? , no, just bees. a lot of weather going on this he can would. severe storms across the plains. quick relief for the temperatures across the plains. quick and short-lived but take it when you can get it i guess. the tropics we haven't been talking about that much. going to be getting them a lot. very very active over the next couple of days. severe weather already overnight we had some of it you can see all this cluster of storms across areas of nebraska and minnesota. that's the beginning of what today is going to be a bit of severe weather. i don't want to say outbreak. better chance of outbreak tomorrow to the east of it today we are going to be dealing with strong winds. maybe central plains. also it's the tropics, tropical storm and another depression that's formed off there towards the east. talk quickly about ernesto here because this potential solid an impact for maybe south texas about a week from now. likely we will continue to see
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this pull off towards the west and i think mexico, the official track has a hurricane hitting mexico by the time we get toward wednesday this week. a lot of uncertainty with this one. bears watching and right of course on target timewise where we should be seeing activity pick up. guys? >> thanks so much, rick. coming up on the show, millions came out to show their support for chick-fil-a by buying up chicken and waffle fries. yesterday's kiss-in counter protest barely causing a stir. next guest says kiss-in was a bad move. >> bigger threat than nuke. why senator john kerry thinks so. that's coming up. [ donovan ] i hit a wall. and i thought "i can't do this, it's just too hard." then there was a moment. when i decided to find a way to keep going.
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male spirit present.trong it's the priceline negotiator. >>what? >>sorry. he wants you to know about priceline's new express deals. it's a faster way to get a great hotel deal without bidding. pick one with a pool, a gym, a great guest rating. >>and save big. >>thanks negotiator. wherever you are. ya, no. he's over here. >>in the refrigerator? >> welcome back, chick-fil-a supporters flock across the
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country last week. same sex supporters staged a kiss-n protest of the chain's president's comments opposing gay marriage. was the kiss-in effective and how was the protest different from appreciation day? joining us now to weigh in on this is radio talk show host tammy bruce. how are you? >> good morning. it's a pleasure to be here. >> thanks for coming in this morning for us. how do you think the fay community handled the kiss-in and was it a success? >> you know, it wasn't on a couple of levels. one, appreciation day did have hundreds of thousands if not millions of people who came out it is a little embarrassing when you have about 20 who show up maybe in cleveland and then there is, you know, vandalism here in los angeles. it's a little embarrassing. as a gay woman, i actually disagree a bit with mr. cathy's statements but i admire him and his company. and i'm thinking it really exposes the lack of awareness amongst the gay community. the gay rights movement started to combat intolerance and the idea of a certain
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majority that was wanted force on the gay community a certain type of behavior. here we are in the 21st century with that same kind of behavior now being exhibited by the liberal gay community certainly but there are many of us who are embarrassed by that it also kind of edges poses the -- exposes a realization they can't win on the merits of the argument. a bids for attention and somewhat sad. >> was this effort more about freedom of speech or americans being against gay marriage? >> well, look, it ended up being about freedom of speech, didn't it? originally it was started by mr. huckabee, of course. but there were many of us civil unions or anything else. whatever you want to call it
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it was quite shocking to many people to have such a blatant effort made to punch an individual, a family owned company simply because they might disagree on a political issue. remember, also, mr. cathy's position wasn't about being against gay people, it was about being for traditional marriage and reinforcing his view of the family which is in large part what has made this country great. so, for all of us, whether would he be gay or straight, we have really benefited from that value system and i frankly i saw a lot of gays distancing themselves from what was happening yesterday. i think many of them understand this issue. and at the very least, they should brush up on their orwell and read more animal farm. >> tammy, is it necessary, i want to ask you what you think about. this a the love companies are going out of their way to support the gay community. you have j.c. penney hiring allen and same sex couple catalogs, kraft food. bud light. microsoft, starbucks, nike,
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amazon, these are all companies we all use every day. is this necessary for companies to get involved in these social issues? >> well, i think, look, if there is recognition that like, look, all of america, a lot of people watch the ellen show, there is the conservative community, majority of heterosexuals don't mind seeing that. a majority of republicans now recognize as starting with the of course the cheney family and seeing examples of individuals they admire who are gay, that they appreciate that and support it now. i think if it's done tastefully, the majority of americans appreciate it look, measures love the underdog. we are a nation, if you will, of minorities, and so it's natural. we reject the extremist position. again as a gay woman it's very disturbing to finally see after so much progress has been made to finally see the gay community begin to it act in a fascist framework when that's what we have been fighting against all along. i trust that the majority of
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americans, whether they be liberal or conservative really get or gay or straight really get what this fight is about, which is about individualism, everyone has a right to their opinion. and the fact that they can afford to respect each other in that regard. >> tammy, thank you so much. what a pleasure to talk to you this morning. >> my pleasure. >> have a good one. >> the economy still struggling and latest unemployment number is not helping. how will this effect the election going forward? we have an economist here to talk about this and tell us all -- break it all down for us. then, police arrest a homeowner who was just trying to protect his own property now he is facing charges. should he be charged at all. that debate coming up.
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>> 163,000 jobs added last month. unemployment rate jumped to 8.3%. and republic presidential candidate mitt romney says there is just another blow to hard working americans. specifically those in the middle class. job creation. hear to way weigh in on this is the university of maryland peter morici. nice to see you this morning. >> nice to see you. >> you are looking at these numbers on friday morning and we heard what mitt romney had to say there coming out about in this is a hammer down on the middle class and problem for the country. later in the afternoon, the stock market source to 217 soars to 217 points and ignores this.
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>> you have to ignore the stock market, it will go down again on monday. popping champagne bottles and saying this is great progress. we have seen progress like this before only to fall down. it comes to 35 jobs for every city and county in the united states. think about it. 35 new jobs in manhattan. that's something to pop champagne? >> that's just one mcdonald's down the street. >> he they did say we have too many folks out there looking for work. we have more work to do on their behalf. is it enough to say we are back on the upslope after one uptick there in the job creation number? we need to create bring unemployment down to 6.6%. we are well capable of doing that mr. reagan i object laterred a bigger mess, unemployment peeked for him at 10.4% unlike obama's 10 and by
6:23 am
this time, he had unemployment down to about 7. and with a lot more people looking whereas with this president, a lot of people have quit looking. we had 348,000 people quit the labor force if think hadn't done that unemployment would have jumped to 8.5 or 8.6%. also looking at the numbers as it relates to manufacturing. some saying we have come back to the point where we were right prior to the recession. which is manufacturing is kind of getting back to that point of 2007. but, 5 million people still out of work. that's 5 million jobs numbers down. it's not on par with 2007. is that a good sign? manufacturing goods and services being shipped overseas? >> well, you know, we continue to bleed jobs to china. although we have picked um manufacturing jobs. look at how much the trade deficit with china has grown during this recovery. that represents jobs. it's grown so much that it's worth about 2.5 million jobs
6:24 am
think about that. that would slice a couple points off the unemployment rate and get us into the zone of acceptability. mr. obama promised to do something about that in 2008 and has come up short. >> peter, two, maybe three maybe jobs reports left before the election. congress clearly not going to act. presumably the feds will not with unemployment numbers. whatever is going to -- >> what you saw on friday is what you are likely to see in the next couple of jobs report. what romney has to do is better connect. i will create jobs. that's fine. he has to tell people how he will do that. how his policies on trade and energy and very tangible terms using, you know, antidotes and cases and charlie here lost his job because his factory closed and the envelopes are now made in china because x, y, z and i can fix that. if he does that he will win. unfortunately a lot of the
6:25 am
stuff coming out of the campaign doesn't do that if is august and a lot of people still at the beach. debate system get more details. peter morici, thanks for weighing up early with us and breaking all this down with us. >> knives to see you as always. >> coming up next, forget nuclear weapons and world war. senator john kerry says global warming is just as big a threat. is it really? >> ask that polar bear. food stamps for people who don't need them millions of dollars wasted on households who are doing just fine. think you can't get great auto insurance coverage
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>> thanks for waking up with us. senator john kerry on wednesday took to the floor in the senate in a major address he said we need to pay attention to global warming. he in fact went so far to insult climate skeptics, lumping them in the category as flat earthers, basically saying that they are in the same camp. if you are against climate and think there is is a problem with it, you are a flat earther. after what harry reid said on the senate floor, it's hard to raise the bar on stupidity on the senate floor. comparing the threat of nuclear weapons to something
6:29 am
as far off and as to your point disputed and not proven as climate change, that is a tough needle to thread. but john kerry attempted to do than 00 senate floor. listen. >> i believe the situation that we face, mr. president, is as dangerous as any of the sort of real crises that we talked about today. we had a hearing in the foreign relations committee on the subject of syria. and we all know what's happening with respect to iran and nuclear weapons and the possibility of even a war. well, this issue actuallily is of as significant a level of importance because it effects life itself on the planet. because it effects ecosystems on which the oceans and land depend for the relationship of the warmth of our earth and
6:30 am
the amount of moisture that there is and all of the interaction was that occur as a consequence of our climate. >> we had a climate skeptic i guess you could say on the show a few weeks ago who was disputing some of the new numbers coming out saying it's indisputable that climate change is happening. it's just the rate and speed to which it is happening. does it rise to the level of iran? >> right, ask israel how they feel about that? what's as imminent, right? something that could potentially be hundreds of years away or a country next door that wants to wipe you off the face of the map? >> we will remind you we will not have a ecosystem or moisture or climate if we have nuclear weapons that go off because that doesn't happen over years. that happens in a matter of seconds that the whole world can be wiped out. keep that in mind. >> we didn't take them out of context, clearly we gave him full context there and gave him plenty of rope. >> let us know what you think about this friends at >> it is is is a happy
6:31 am
birthday. how will he celebrate his special day? peter doocy is live in washington, d.c. with those details for us. good morning, peter. >> good morning ainsley. we will probably have to wait to see what president obama looks like as a 51-year-old because there are no public events listed on his schedule. he is at the white house right now. there is a chance that he will stay at the white house all day long. but we do know there is going to be a party in his honor at his house out in chicago. that won't be until next sunday. if you weren't invited by now you are probably not going to go to that party. some regular folks will be in attendance because the series of fundraising emails were sent out over the last few weeks. including some under first lady michelle obama's name telling potential donors if they ponied up three bucks for the campaign they will be automatically entered for the chance to join that party, which is going to be one of four fundraisers he will attend next sunday. and which is expected to be a lot more low key than its 50th birthday part august 4th.
6:32 am
jay-z tom hanks and charles barkley were among the guests at the white house where stevie wonder sang. another 50th birthday party was held in chicago last year and featured a song jennifer hudson. before that in 2010 he had basketball tournament with professional players. during first birthday in the white house 2009 he spent time with old friends at camp david. we are not exactly sure what is on his plate today but the weather here in d.c. is going to be very nice. it's going to be sunny and 80's and 90's all day long. and earlier this weekomebody in florida asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said that if he had a cake and candles to blow out that day he would wish for florida's electoral votes. back to you. >> a dollar says he is going to play golf. >> either that or basketball. >> i know last night he was in my town up there in connecticut. i'm sitting there with the kids at the pool and i hear this massive helicopter and i look up and sure you have that was marine one flying right
6:33 am
overhead over the pool there a little fundraiser with harvey weinstein 35 grand a plate in case you missed it. >> how was it. >> 35 grand a plate was out of my league. >> now with headlines, we begin with bombshell testimony. it came from anna, the sister of peterson's third wife and alleged victim kathleen savio. peterson threatened to kill her back in 2004. wouldn't get money or custody of their kids in an upcoming divorce settlement. six weeks later savio was found dead in a bathtub. peterson's lawyers claim the evidence is nothing but here say. peterson also suspected in the 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife stacy peterson though he has never been charged in that case. testimony resumes on tuesday. a number of wildfires raging across parts of oklahoma forcing hundreds of people to flee their houses. so far 25 homes in the town of luther. about 40 structures in tulsa have been destroyed. two highways and the main
6:34 am
roadway between oklahoma city and tulsa were even shut down because of all the smokes and flames. more than 100-degree heat and strong winds making conditions there very difficult for the crews to battle the flames. the governor has issued a statewide burn ban. a revealing report finds that $460 million worth of food stamp benefits going to homes across the country that are not eligible for them under federal guidelines. the government accountability office says that's all thanks to a state-run program that automatically triggers enrollment just by calling a toll free number or receiving a government brochure. get, this restrictions on this could reportedly save $11.5 billion over the next decade clint eastwood might have just made mitt romney's day. the oscar winning director endorsed mitt romney as president. eastwood revealing decision fund raidser yesterday hopes romney can fix the broken tax system in this country and those are your headlines.
6:35 am
>> many feel that puts to rest that controversy over that halftime in america ad. ripping clint for. meanwhile, let's talk a little sports. big night at the olympics in london. could michael phelps' record medal haul ever be broken it's not likely but missy franklin off to a pretty good start. colorado native set a new world record friday night taking home gold. gives her four medals and congratulatory tweets from justin bieber and taylor swift. >> that's what she wants. >> better than the gold. going out on top winning 17th gold medal butterfly last individual race of his astonishing career. phelps was second to last going into the turn. but in true form he like a champ. come back fashion for 21st overall meddings. last race is the 4 by 100 medley relay. that's tonight.
6:36 am
how about katie will he decky? a high school sophomore and olympic gold medalist. 15-year-old second youngest american ever to win gold taking first in the 800-meter freestyle. in the process she broke the previous freestyle set by janet evans, 8 years before she was even born. >> fighting back the tears. >> she is outstanding, isn't she? >> she deserves it. >> my daughter is coming after her in a couple of years. a quick look at the medal count. the augers leads the way and enjoying a slim leave over china. rush china russia and great britain. we're going to track and field. that's where we are going to separate, right, clayton? >> i think so. >> baseball upton brother both hit their career 99th home runs. b.j. and justin both went yard for their 100 career home runs. how about this? first t was baby bro justin. in the second inning he tees
6:37 am
off on philly pitcher kyle kendrick. coincidence? or was he in philadelphia the city of brotherly love. yes. brotherly love because then just hours later b.j. upton goes along in a fourth inning against baltimore. upton the sixth set of brothers to hit 100 major league homers, the first to too it on the same night. imagine the odds of putting two sons in the major leagues let alone two sons who hit 100 homers on the same night. >> in baseball, there is always statistics like that where someone has done that before. such a long history that i was surprised there is not two other brothers. >> on the same night. >> mannings of baseball. >> no major rings but rick reichmuth in with a check of our weather? >> are you surprised about that? >> i am surprised.
6:38 am
>> can i believe. >> all right, guys. let's talk about the weather. there is is a lot going on. you know it's tropical season. we haven't been talking much about it but right kind of on track. this is when we start to move towards our peek and what we are dealing with one big system. it's ernesto and another system little bit closer towards florida that we're potentially dealing with one towards florida. i bring it up. i don't think we are talking about. certainly not talking about a big storm but could be seeing a little bit of development of that over the next couple of days bringing rain it to florida. the one that we do already have though is ernesto and 60 mile-per-hour tropical storm at this point. all the computer models little bit farther south towards belize. develop into hurricane north mexico or maybe south texas sometime in the next week we have plenty of time to continue to watch that we are starting to see activity there. also in across parts of the
6:39 am
plains today. very significant weather we will be dealing with as the day heats up. see the thunderstorms already this morning as that energy continues to pull off towards the east and keep the day up. we will see big severe weather popping. places like chicago and over towards michigan. also, it's going to bring a little bit of relief towards the temperatures. look at your temperatures today. omaha 79 degrees. behind the front and seeing relief. see those temps to the south still in triple digits. 110 in tulsa. nice break. 10 trees lower. still hot obviously. watch how it heats right back up in the plains. by monday, back into the hundreds back in areas of nebraska and back 104, 105 in across parts of the southern plains. >> dry heat. >> coming up on the show, she doesn't have a badge or a gun. but she has been fighting crime for more than 30 years. i love this story. how one woman has won the guinness world record for helping solve the most crimes close to 1300. we will show you how she did it coming up and you will meet
6:40 am
her. >> then police arrest a homeowner who was just trying to protect his own property. now, he is facing charges and 15 years in jail. should he be charged at all? we will debate that next. ming♪ isn't it time you visited the places where time stops? and where the good ole days include today? then you belong at bass pro shops' fall hunting classic, our biggest hunting event ever. your adventure starts here. to experience the lexus performance line...
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>> she doesn't have badge or a gun, she has been fighting crime for more than 30 years after surviving a briewttlez assault, lois gibson turned a horrible ordeal into a positive. teaming up with the houston police department as a forensic sketch artist. she now holds the guinness world record sketch artist helping police solve 1300 crimes with her accurate sketches. joining us now with her story is forensic sketch artist lois gibson. it's nice to sigh this morning. >> it's so good to be here. >> congratulations on your record. it's amazing. we mentioned in the intro this was important to you after being brutally attacked. why did you died to do this to help others. >> i was killed and watched myself die but i didn't quite die. i reacted really horribly to it. i was tiny and i always drew
6:44 am
portraits. when i moved to houston it was like a blood bath. i had over 700 murders that year and i just went down and forced myself on the houston police officers. and it was very difficult. i had to freelance for seven and a quarter years bringing all my gear in the building, setting up in a room and breaking it down and putting it in the trunk of my car at the end of the sketch. every third sketchy would do would solve the crime. finally they gave me a job after seven and a quarter years. what the people of the united states do not understand is there is only about two dozen forensic artist in the entire country. almost every state and city does not have a whole time forensic artist. i just got the artist in chicago started. they don't have a full-time artist in chicago. but i got one started that took my class. and he he is solving all kind of crimes. sketch artist solve 30% of the time when they sketch. fingerprints only solve 10% of the time yet everybody has fingerprints available. really it's actually less than
6:45 am
10%. most artist have more than 30% success rate. all the departments have fingerprints but don't have forensic artists. it's a new field and i'm a pioneer and i'm trying to develop as many forensic artist i can before i pass away from the earth. >> we are looking at some of your artwork uncanny how much they look like alike when they catch these criminals. what's one case that comes to mind that sticks out for new particular? i have solved over 1266. you might have attention from i did from a mommy who saw a woman in her room, her hospital room and that woman kidnapped her 10 hour old baby a tiny newborn 10 hours old. i got with that mommy and she was hysterical. as soon as the sketch came out the friend hot kidnapper brought this little newborn baby over to show her friend she hadn't seen in years. when the friend saw the sketch on tv they got the baby back
6:46 am
that night. she called it in. that's how sketches work. sketches are wonderful. all the witnesses say they can't remember but every artist that can draw faces can learn how to do this. i got a class in october. i mean ainsley, if you can draw, you should sign up. it's october in houston, texas. it's five days long. and if you can draw, i can give you this career. i can teach you how to do this career. people come from all over the world. i just had a group from be a. i have taught artists from israel, romania, portugal and england. can i teach people if they can draw and they can get my book forensic art sernls. if you can draw faces and you have the trempment. if you can stand to be with me that have been through the worse thing in their life and make them feel better, you can help solve crimes. >> you are solving crimes for these families that need closure. you are really helping out and putting criminals behind bars
6:47 am
so that they don't do crimes to other people. thank you so much. >> gibson thank you. she hasn't seen your drawings because stick figures. >> she doesn't want you to take class. i would be more than five days. >> wait teres and housekeepers. cab drivers. seems everyone these days want a good tip. have we reached a tipping point that everyone expecting more for less. tipping for relatively no service at all. >> then a man facing charges protecting his home from two thieves. he he could go to jail for it should he be charged at all? that debate with the crazy clowns in the hassan coming up. stay with us. happy birthday! thank you, nana
6:48 am
send money to anyone's checking account with chase quickpay. all you need is an email address or mobile number. you're welcome. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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>> welcome back. when florida homeowner thomas discovered two men burglarizing his home in the middle of the night. he decided to protect himself and his property. firing seven shots that he hoped would scare the alleged thieves off. now, he is facing charges for standing his ground. beck was hit with aggravated assault for injuring one of those men and could face up to 15 years in jail if convicted. should he be charged, arrested at all? let's ask our legal analyst this morning are arthur aidala. fox news contributor. a former prosecutor and defense attorney. this is not the stand your ground law, arthur, we have heard so much about. because didn't really face any threats. should this man be arrested? if so, why? >> as you reported this story, you reported he fired his weapon to scare them off. now, in my mind, for brooklyn new york. you shoot it in the air or
6:52 am
maybe at a tree, but he shot the guy. the guy. >> the guy. >> we cannot have a society where someone goes in your backyard. >> to rob you? >> not robbing you, it's different. robbery means i'm robbing you. >> he was stealing this man's air-conditioning. >> not in his house. if he he was coming into his house he could blow him away. but even when you are in someone's backyard. >> there is the distinction. >> you will never find 12 people who that are going to want to lock this guy up. you would have done the same thing. you can't hang out the window and just take the lawn mower and everything will be fine. he is in the guy's yard. and, arthur, a career criminal, and this guy. >> we don't know he is a career criminal. >> enough is enough. >> hang on, here is one of the problems though, john, the guy was shooting at them as they were leaving.
6:53 am
>> duty to retreat. >> a little trouble? >> here is the factual disfunction. he wasn't shooting while they were leaving. he shot and they decided to leave. >> as they were leaving. not while they were leaving. as they were leaving. >> job was done. bang bang and there they went. >> what should you be able to do then within the law? someone is stealing things from your home? >> no, you go like this here you go, ready? 911. listen, i have got two jerks who are trying to still my air conditioner. come right step closer i will blow you away. >> take 911, 45 minutes to get to the back woods. >> weapon. >> that's when you pull the trigger. >> set a precedent that says you can't just shoot people that gone on to your property. does the judged need to set a precedent? >> yes. >> good point if they were trick-or-treaters going over the guy's lawn. walking a dog. you don't shoot them. the people were stealing his
6:54 am
lawn mower out of the shed. they were stealing it. >> he can take certain steps like threatening them as you originally purported this story but he actually tried to execute him. can't execute a guy. >> in the leg. >> i would go with the baseball bat. that's how i bring it. baseball bat that's a little more reasonable. >> we appreciate the passionate debate arthur. >> go fire. >> backyard tonight don't shoot. >> weigh in on twitter. let me know. should this man be arrested. find me on twitter at dave briggs tv. quick thinking helped save her member's life. something is wrong with my mom. >> are you with your mom right now? >> yes. >> how that 5-year-old there saved the day. illegal immigration policy disqualified if you drive drunk but open access if you steal someone's identity.
6:55 am
we'll explain at the top of the hour. [ "human" by the human league playing ] humans. we mean well, but we're imperfect creatures living in a beautifully imperfect world. it's amazing we've made it this far. maybe it's because when one of us messes up, someone else comes along to help out.
6:56 am
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[laughing] [tires screeching] good morning to you, it's saturday, august 4th. i'm ainsley earhart filling in for alisyn. a bad picture for the economy. unemployment jumps to 8.3. so what does a president do?
6:58 am
well, of course he is blaming president bush. >> we are not going to get there we are not going to get to where we need to be if we go back to the policies that helped to create this mess in the first place. >> and the last. >> and what that number actually means for you and your family. we'll talk about it. >> millions came out this week to show support for chick-fil-a and free speech by buying some chicken, some lemonade but yesterday's kiss-in counter barely caused a stir. we take a closer look at both. >> plus, waiters, housekeepers, cab drivers, have we reached our tipping point with everyone expecting more for less? >> yep. >>, think i we will get interesting emails on this. find us on twitter ff weekend. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now.
6:59 am
just talking to wally who is out there right now for bass pro, i said i mark sort of the beginning of fall when bass pro shows up on show with fall hunting classic. because, you know, all the heat. start changing a little bit. >> you they're. >> i'm there i want football, i want the a zip up sweater. >> i'm fighting and scraping to hang on to everywhere last bit of summer. i'm thrilled our friends are here from bass pro to tell us about the classic. >> i saw a great article on slate that says is august the most worthless months of the year? can we get rid of august? all the terrible movies come out in august? people are itching to get back to school we get -- what is wrong with you people? >> august. >> i'm with you. i'm just asking the question. >> come on.
7:00 am
>> i'm hanging out at the beach, baby. >> not over yet. summer is not over o. still have another good month. some people started school. oklahoma city already started school. >> here. look august. unemployment numbers. >> dog days. >> dog days right now, right? >> weird unemployment numbers. 8.3%, unplymouth rate jumping up there jobs rate added in july 163,000. you had wall street soaring on friday thanks to the jobs. they are not happy about the unemployment rate. >> right. and then if you look at that little number down at the bottom the u-6 number 15%. a lot of people say this is the actual unemployment number. because it factors in the people all together people who aren't happy in their jobs. >> if there is a positive it's that this election has been very well framed in terms of the economy there should be no real middle ground in terms of what you want, what you think
7:01 am
this country ought to do to get the economy back on the right track. the president clearly has one philosophy. and he has talked a lot about bottom out. bottom up even middle up economies here is what he said this week on how this economy in his opinion needs to grow. >> nobody is satisfied with our pace of growth. nobody is satisfied even with all the jobs we have created we have got to create more, but if you look at our history, if you look at the facts, every time we have grown, it hasn't been by the top down. it's been from the middle out. it's been from the bottom up. so interestingly, the narrative so far has been. we have heard, flight that no and historically i should say no president with these types of numbers has been reelected at this point since franklin roosevelt with these types of unemployment numbers. we think wow, this is terrible for the president heading into the re-election time. but rush limbaugh yesterday had some really interesting viewpoints on whether or not this economy is actually
7:02 am
helping the president. take a listen. >> i just divots an email from a friend. and the subject line of the email, am i being paranoid? here's the question. could the increasing number of unemployed actually help obama? your first reaction, how does that compute, rush, how the increasing number of unemployed help obama? well, if you are out of work. you might start thinking, you know what? i'm going to need government handouts. if there aren't any jobs, i'm going to need government handouts. er who is the guy passing them out now obama. i throw that out there as a think piece. doesn't that boil down to the question we are all asking how many people have been converted to permanent takers and how many people aren't?
7:03 am
>> it is interesting. although the other side of that is well, would you want a job rather than the government handout? >> it depends. >> that's a good question. >> i think what rush is saying that's the divide here. the folks that are out of work. you have those that are actively seeking jobs without government assistance and then you have those who are relying on the government. either meaning they are not seeking jobs just live on unemployment or actively looking but also using their unemployment. >> food stamps, social security disability skyrocketing, the last three years. that's what i mean about a positive. clearly two very different philosophies on what it takes to get this economy moving. some want handouts, some don't want handouts a very clear disparity between the two. >> go to twitter, sign up and follow ff weekend on twitter and let us know. do you think that rush has a point here. does this economy right now actually help president obama? let us know.
7:04 am
>> now, for your headlines. we will begin with yet another scare in the air. with it airplanes coming dangerously close to one another while landing at detroit metro last night. the incident reportedly involving a delta flight from phoenix and a small regional jet. one passenger said that he could see the other plane clearly from his cabin window. f.a.a. officials admit the plane did come about a mile closer than standard safety regulations allow. imagine sitting on this plane and seeing out of your window another plane very close to you. however, they say the planes were not at risk at colliding. this incident comes just a few days after three u.s. airway jets nearly collided at reagan international airport. officials there blaming a communications error. the obama administration outlining its controversial new immigration policy. the sweeping reform would allow more than 1 million illegal immigrants to stay in the u.s. so long as they meet the criteria. the certain criteria. for example, they must be under the age of 30.
7:05 am
and provide evidence that they have lived in the u.s. for at least five years. applicants will also have to undergo a background check. however, offenses like driving without a license or committing identity theft are considered okay. the department of homeland security will start taking applications on august 15th as a fee of $465 per person. about 3,000 people are expected to apply each day. a far cry from chick-fil-a's appreciation day that drew in thousands of supporters. the national same sex kiss-in appears to have fallen flat. smooching event planned by gay activists company's ceo about traditional marriage brought out small crowds. if even any people at all at some locations, one location in texas said t didn't see anybody puckering up. some places supporters for both sides did show up. she is being called a hero, a 7-year-old girl calling 911 after finding her mother out
7:06 am
cold. >> excuse me, something's wrong with my mom. >> are you with your mom right now? >> yes. >> do you see that she is breathing? >> i don't know if she is breathing. i don't feel her chest pumping. >> little kiera stevens from newark, delaware was watching television when she heard a loud thud come from her mother's room. turns out she had been going into a diabetic shock at that point. police say that kyra's cool and her calm collected 911 call made all the difference. her mom is now doing just fine. those are your headlines. >> thank you, absly. check in with rick reichmuth now with a look at the first alert forecast. >> a lot of people have been asking has hurricane season been a bust? you have said that or thought that? >> that was our dinner conversation last night. >> exactly, i knew it here is the deal. hurricane season is bunched up into this active period from now until mid october. we're right about here. heading towards the peek which
7:07 am
sander september 10th. and just right on could cue. sixth tropical depression atlantic hurricane center out here across the far eastern atlantic. take a look, can you see how far away that is in the any big concern immediately to us at all. one very close to the u.s. here. i don't think we have any potential becoming a big strong storm. we do stand the chance of some sort of development. folks in florida could be doing with a wig soaker. this right here is tropical storm ernesto now a 60 mile-per-hour storm and is going to continue to pull up towards the west. i think best bet it it is going to make landfill across the yucatan, new mexico. pull out belize. it will impact northern mexico and maybe southern texas. once you get about three days out here. the models begin to diverge quite a bit. anybody across the gulf needs to watch this one. do have a threat for severe
7:08 am
weather today. very strong cold front. strong for this time of year moving across parts of central plains to the east of that. that's where we will see some threat for severe weather. it does cool temperatures down across the plains which is welcome. rick? , quick question for you. whether you annoyed tip jar being present. why do you walk in and say why would i tip this person. >> if they don't do anything? >> that's a pretty good one. >> i think we have all kind of begun to reach our tipping point new survey from "u.s.a. today" 79% of respondents feel too many people are expecting too much when it comes to the tip jar. i know it fires clayton up. >> i can't stand it. the other day we had a little brunch get together, a lunch get together my family was in town and we went out and it was a buffet. and built in because we had like seven or eight of us there. built into the check was 18%
7:09 am
gratuity. >> that makes my blood boil. >> wait a second. you just brought us orange juice. it's a buffet. >>ner never heard. do you complain about that. >> i think you have to if it's a buffet. i understand it's built in normal check. everywhere we go. starbucks years ago started to have one. it seems you have to tip everyone today for just doing their job. i would love it if we got a tip for doing our job even a buck or two. >> did you say something to them? did you complain? >> no. you just do t because you don't want to be be that guy. we got some tweets. i love. this schneider writes us on twitter as a customer i reserve the right to not tip them if their service is horrible regardless of what the typical custom is. >> i agree with that. >> i'm going to put a tip jar right here, clayton. >> don't you feel obligated? what if you are like at a coffee shop. >> look at all the tips
7:10 am
pouring in. >> put a dollar in there for you. >> he wants us to give him money. >> these guys deserve it a lot more than we do. these guys do all the hard work. seriously if you are at a coffee shop don't you feel obligation. >> sure i do. >> no, no. >> what about wait, i have got a good one. here in new york this happens all the time you go to the lady's room tip jar in there and lady in there giving you a paper towel i hate that. >> i can't stand that. >> i don't like that either. >> fired up about that i go to the bathroom at a restaurant at which, you know, happens you don't know before going in there guy standing in there guy handing you a paper towel like, i have been going to the bathroom for years on my own, thanks for the help? i don't need the assistance. >> i don't need the cologne either. >> and the certs. >> i have come around on othe mailman. they come up to the door when they need to. offer a little bit extra. we want to hear from you folks ff weekend what's your tipping point.
7:11 am
when do you go nuts when you see that tip jar. >> i know waiters we are all wait teres and waitresses make like 1.80 an hour and live on tips. >> they deserve it. latest unemployment number is not helping. how is this effecting small business owners? >> plus, all she wanted to do was find some shade. but then a porcupine. >> look at that if you have a dog. >> that's going to leave a mark. >> like a bugs bunny. >> look at his eyes. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm.
7:12 am
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>>in the refrigerator? welcome back, under president obama unemployment has stayed
7:14 am
above 8% for 42 straight months. how has this impacted small business owners? small business owner and fox news contributor. nice to see you. >> good morning. we saw the numbers come out on friday. 163,000 jobs added. some of the earlier numbers revised. we talk about small businesses specifically. how are they doing right now? was this good on friday bad on friday? >> it's awful and it's going to continue to get worse. what people don't understand is we are pulling apart the country at its actual core the glue small business community. that's where the jobs come from and that's where the stability comes from in the community. it becomes a main resource for everything else. 160,000 jobs is not even half of what we need. people keep applauding like we are doing something good. we are not. we are not going anywhere near our mark and we haven't for months over months over months over months. >> you know who was applauding
7:15 am
wall street friday. 217 points stock market rose on these jobs numbers. they were excited about these jobs numbers. why? >> you know what? because they just want something to talk about to pretend like something is god. to be able to keep hope and change and whatever the forward period is it's all marketing. it is absolutely not representative of what's happening. small business don't get up and go what's the stock market look today. they go how am i going to make payroll. >> is there a lot of uncertainty for small businesses? i spoke to a small business owner california has to take seminar on obama care. they're not entirely sure how this is going to effect payroll. increase or decrease the number of employees they have based on how they implement obama care. still uncertainty in the small business sector is that driving some of this problem? >> not just uncertainty. here is what is wrong. we are unpaid servants to the government. i'm spending hours of very valuable time. i'm the most expensive resource of my company and i'm
7:16 am
trying to figure out obama care. every hour that i spend trying to figure this out is another hour i'm not building my business. it's another hour i'm not dedicated to my team. another hour i'm not dedicated to my community. i have so far just trying to figure out obama care i have over 100 hours in t and still decipher the penalties, the fees, the rules and regulations that make no sense to business person, none whatsoever? who made these rules you can't implement them. he has 100 employees absolutely, underneath 49 to get away from the penalty. >> get the tip jar out started this discussion on tips. have you had enough on tipping when you go into a place? have we gotten to a saturation point on tipping? >> just -- don't tell me how to treat my employees. i love them. do not tell them earn your tip. earn it because i'm more than generous but do something. love your job. >> here is our "fox & friends" tip jar this morning. >> did i earn your tip. >> woo-ho glomplet amilya antonetti, you can come back any time.
7:17 am
>> they're making the move from the military to politics. this year a record number of female veterans are running for office. why are the new career choice of a panel of female candidates here to tell us about it enjoy the cheap online shopping. if congress has its way soon be paying more for purchases, tell you why.
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>> welcome back, you know what that whifling means. time for news buy the numbers. $125 is how much you might end up paying a year for online shopping.
7:21 am
thanks to a new sales tax that congress is considering. next, $4.5 billion. that's how much a.i.g. stock will be for sale in a public offering by the u.s. treasury department wiping down the insureds bailout. caesar palace is betting on a we vamped buffet expected to be the biggest one on the las vegas trip strip. 17-million-dollar buffet, ainsley. >> wow. thanks, clayton. historic political turnout this year. 10 female veterans running for political office. the most ever. why are female vets increasingly looking to make the move from the military to the political office. here to tell us what female vets are bringing to the table is veteran and democratic candidate for the u.s. house donna along with republic candidate for the u.s. senate
7:22 am
great to see you this morning. as a female i'm very proud of you. thanks so much for serving in the military. i want to talk to each of you real quickly and briefly get a synopsis what branch you serve and why you feel it's important for you to run during the election this year. so i will start with you, donna. you go first. >> thank you, ainsley. i served in the army in the late 80s and early 90's. and i believe it's important to run for office. elected office in washington because we have a real dearth of leadership. we are all looking to get things done. i think our nation is ready to have people in elected office to get things done. being in the military is all about the mission and putting the mission first and putting the unit and the team above anything else i think all of us are more concerned patriotism and people than partisanship and politics. >> good answer, heather, how
7:23 am
about you? >> i was an air force officer. i went to the air force academy. i was in the third class with women to graduate from the air force academy i think it's our call to service and our country is in deep trouble. it's not going to be easy to get out of this. and those of us do so as all of us did in another capacity in another life. >> we are looking at some of your questions martha your turn. served in the air force for 2 of years. fired pilot. privilege to be the first woman to fly a fighter in combat and command a fighter squadron in combat. oath of office member of congress is the same as a military officer. i consider this a call to duty. next assignment to serve my country. got a heart of service. got some serious issues in our country right now. we have got a vacuum of leadership. so i felt very convicted and called to step up and serve in this new way. >> there is one female veteran
7:24 am
serving in congress. sandy adams is from florida. republic in florida. heather, have you run before. what's your advice to these other women. these 10 women or nine other women running for congress this year? >> well, i served with the congress for 10 years. while i was there, sandy and i didn't overlap although it would have been nice to have somebody else there with me at the time. a lot of it is, everyone comes with their story. our story is women's veterans is a very powerful one that people relate to. i mean, the military has cralted young leaders both men and women as one of the most respected institutions in our society and they train leaders. and now it's our opportunity to brick that leadership skill to a new arena. and i think that's an important message to be able to connect to people other one is just work hard. it's' a lot of hard work. >> that's great advice for all of us. i was reading about your platform and you say want to reduce the role of government
7:25 am
and jobs jobs jobs. how do you plan to take action? >> well, this is all about the economy right now. businesses are not hiring and people are not spending their money you a the sun turn i community out of the way. businesses can start hiring again and entrepreneurial spirit can reign. heather is a wonderful example and pioneer for all of us how she served. i look forward to joining her and sandy on the hill. >> this why i love women we support one another, right? donna, real quickly your motto not left, not right but forward. why is this your motto. >> because of all the gridlock, ainsley. we see so much partisanship and obstructionism and waiving of party flags. in the military we are about service. i took an oath to serve when i was 17 and that oath never expired when i entered west point and when i entered the army. and we're about team work. we are about that mission
7:26 am
matters. not left, not right. forward. it's not about being wed to rigid ideology or to specific platforms. it's about focusing on the issue. it's about marshallly the resources. it's about the discussion, the discourse, the collaboration, the solving the problem. moving forward and going on to the next. >> i wish you ladies all the best. donna, heather, more that. all our hats are off to you searching our country. no right or left when it comes to service. we approach yaft what you have done. have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> he faked his own death to get insurance cash. you probably heard about this story. he didn't tell his own wife. he is now busted. she knows and she is not happy about it got the latest on that for you. grab your hunting gear. bass pro shops fall hunting classic underway right now. what this year's show has in store for us. that's coming up next. this man is about to be the millionth customer.
7:27 am
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7:28 am
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behind that with the power of their $1 million service guarantee. you have so much to protect and nothing to lose when you call lifelock right now and try 60 days of identity theft protection risk-free. 60 days risk-free. use promo code: be secure order now and get this document shredder, a $29 value free. [♪...] call or go online now. [♪...] >> ainsleyly, was that our tip jar? how do you expect to get tips if you don't put our tip jar out. >> it's still empty. we do want your tips to continue to come in to twitter. what drives you nuts about tips. what is your tipping point? >> what about tipping a cab
7:30 am
driver. do you tip a cab driver 15, 20%. >> all they are doing is driving you. they are not serving you. >> that's a good point. but i'm sure they live on. >> serve me lunch in a cab. first we have headlines for you. >> yes we do. someone has a lot of splains to do. it turns out a new york man missing last week might have tried to fake his own death. he was stopped for speeding in south carolina just five days after his son told police he had gone swimming and never returned. and now raymond's wife is speaking out. she said she found emails between raymond and his son. dad and the son plotting this whole thing. >> feels like a sadness that he put a lot of people in danger to look for him that we thought he drowned. i was planning a funeral for him. i lost my husband. and then to find out he he is alive it's anger. it's sadness turned out he had
7:31 am
recently tripled life insurance policy. on his way back to new york. lucky to be alive. man believed to have been bitten by a great white shark in cape cod is released from the hospital. christopher myers was swimming with teenage son last week. and they were talking about what they would do if a shark swam up next to them and then one did. >> i felt like my leg was caught in a vice. and i kicked very hard with my free leg, with my right leg and i was able to or the shark decided i wasn't tasty or something good happen and he let me go. >> he is lucky. myers got 47 stitches. undergo surgery. the state shark expert hasn't officially declared it a shark bite but says it's morelan thikly a shark bite. >> 47 stitches? >> i would think it would be more than that. >> speaking of pain. oh my word this poor dog.
7:32 am
they say every dog has its day this was not it for this poor guy. it's hard to look at this especially new own bogging dogs. coming face to face. bella the bulldog stuck with 500 quills. she was trying to find shade in the backyard in oklahoma when this happened. poor thing. luckily on the road to recovery. doctors say she still needs to be watched closely as some quills might still surface but she is expected to be okay. >> don't met with the poor could you pine. >> reminds me of hell raiser movie. >> no one is come to the defense of the porcupine. >> dave, stand your ground law, clayton. big night at the olympics, especially in the pool. question for you. could michael phelps medal haul ever be broken? not likely missy frankly off to a great start, colorado native set a new world record friday taking home the 200-meter back stroke.
7:33 am
that gives the 17-year-old four medals and two con congratulatory tweets from justin beach and taylor swift. as for phelps though is he going out on top winning 17th gold medal in 100-meter buffalo. last individual race of his creditor. he swims again in the medley relay tonight. katy ledecky high school sophomore and olympic gold medalist. youngest female to win gold. >> think about what we were doing. >> at 15? >> sophomore year. >> she broke the previous american record set by janet evans in 1989. 8 years before will he decky was born. ledecky was born. you can see the medal count there. we lead. tebow mania has officially soared to a whole new
7:34 am
ridiculous level. thursday, president obama was a guest calling into an ohio radio station to give his opinion of the jets q.b. situation saying, quote: i have got to tell you i don't like the idea of a quarterback controversy at the start of a season. if i was a jets fan, i'd be pretty nervous. what? the president has now weighed in on tebow mania. yesterday, rex ryan who is never shy with words spobbed to the president's comments. he was very guarded. i respect president obama, you know, and i respect the fact that this is his opinion. >> yeah, come on. >> spoken like a true politician. >> that's from the guy who predicts super bowls annually but slimmer now and clearly much more guarded with his words. you can belief the president is weighing in on this controversy. >> i have heard enough about the jets.
7:35 am
enough. see when they start to slip to last place in the first few weeks of the season. >> see if rex is that guarded. >> aagree with you clayton. rick reichmuth is out in the heat this morning. >> we need to post our phone number up there so he can call. >> call me nice. >> lots going on weatherwise. starting to see the tropics pick up in activity. take a look at the weather maps. you can see one system we are watching for possible development right around florida. so, if you are in florida, certainly we need to be watching that one. also have tropical storm ernesto out there. t is now a 60 mile-per-hour storm. it's going it continue to pull off towards the west. take a look what the computer models do with it pulls off from the west next three days. splits a little bit. couple models pulling t toward the gulf. yucatan peninsula or down towards belize. we have plenty of times to watch this one. folks in south texas need to continue watching this one
7:36 am
maybe buy next tuesday or wednesday. plenty of time. dealing with all this heat and the drought across part of the claim. but temps today 110 in tulsa. 109 in oklahoma city. take a look what happens for you for the day tomorrow. cool down across parts of the southern plains and start to warm back up. 91 tomorrow. move forward to the day tomorrow 100 in north plat. 101 in dodge city and 104 in tulsa. going to be very short-lived. the hot summer is going to continue it. severe weather today also. there is a cold front moving through. that's what is temporarily lowering those temperatures across parts of the plains. severe weather fire across the great lakes tomorrow that pulled into the east. a couple of stormy days across areas of the plains and the east. all right, dave. send it over to i. >> tell me if it's humid. i have got to shed the jacket. it is sticky out here.
7:37 am
bass pro. time for the hall hunting clsk. wally, it's a good time to get into brass pro- >> 25 years we have been doing the fall hunting classic. 54 stores. 17 days in the next they weekends biggest hunting sale of year. >> how is it growing over all those years. >> it's gotten huge. a lot of things have become popular over the next three weekends like this weekend we have the hunter's university. next weekend is the hunters appreciation. third weekend is my favorite next generation weekend which really aims at our youth and next generation of hunters. all kinds of outdoor hunting activities there is a lot of stuff going on gotten real popular. it starts this weekend. >> that to me has changed. there is always a great sale but more and more to do every year. >> talk about some of the products you have with us? >> camera. this is really really popular
7:38 am
$93. >> you can view game or put it where you are hunting, air tithe and takes picks, your eyes when you number out in the kneeled. >> basically it's got a card and you take the card out and plug it into your computer and it shows everything. and it also times what time it came by. how many times it came by. the whole deal. >> on sale over $100. the camouflage. >> you have got to wear camo when you are in the field, man. redhead brand is quality. this is what they call the rip stock. long sleeve shirt or pants, your choice 15.97. really good stuff. i thank clayton for wearing that for us. >> he looks good, doesn't he? >> he does a good job. >> another program we have about pro-shops. bring in old binoculars and scope and can you get in up to $100 trade-in value. that's been huge. >> no matter what the condition there is.
7:39 am
foot wear on sale all over the store. >> if you have ever been in shoe department. slippers to snake proof boot. athletic shoes, hiking shoes, cowboy shoes, waiters, rubber boots. >> any of your foot work is covered. prices are great. right now over 10,000 items on sale at bass pro shops. >> almost everything i see here waterproof. tell me about the cross bow. >> this has really gotten popular. a lot of the states have changed regulations to let you hunt with a cross bow during archery season. a lot of people can't use a traditional compound bow. this is a horton bow. the whole package right now is $349 at bass pro shops. this opens it up to a lot more hunters that can hunt in the archery season. >> that's fantastic. clayton is scared of me right now. later on in the program with some of the other great programs and products you can find at the fall hunting classic.
7:40 am
guy, are you afraid? >> i saw you with just a bow and arrow before. it was like watching elmered if you -- elmer fudd. >> he pointed that right at us. coming up on the show. civil americans across the nation rally in support of chick-fil-a using the almighty dollar to send their mess. how is their rally different from the occupy wall street protesters? take a look at both of them. >> in the poor housing market it's the question on every potential buyer's mind should you rent or buy? >> believe it or not, there are cities where purchasing a house is a better deal. she is going to break it all down for us. happy birthday! thank you, nana
7:41 am
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7:43 am
>> break even horizon, sounds like the movie. point when opening a home becomes financially more advantageous than it would to be rent that very same home. new study shows in some major metropolitan areas buying a house is a better deal than renting in some cases just twownd years believe it or not. joining me is finance expert vera givens. you see her on fox a lot. >> early in the morning. >> 5:00 a.m. veer remarks break down these
7:44 am
numbers for us. is it better to rent or buy or how do you know. >> looking at all the different markets, 200 metro areas, over 8,000 cities to find out what the break even point would be more financially sad van teenage just to buy. in most major markets, buying is the better deal. you can break even in less than three years. >> in two years. >> each better. >> that's even better. even under two years we will look at some of these markets, miami, who would have felt like with all the downturn in miami. >> lot of the florida markets came in under this two year break even point. miami, fort lauderdale, tamp parks orlando, these are areas, of course, where prices shot up and then came crashing down. also phoenix, for example, that one makes sense. phoenix prices are down 15% and a glut of inventory, too. >> a lot of investors flying in from phoenix. coming in from canada. >> and then you have got detroit in under two years you can break even. >> you have to have 20 % down
7:45 am
now. >> that's the thing. that would be the only reason why people aren't buying because they can't do the down payment. they have bad credit. they are not sure about the job situation. the employment situation is spotty. whatever the case may be. >> let's talk under three years now. little bit different. obvious ones were in the under two year market now. pittsburgh, riverside, dallas, some other cities in here. >> a lot of the ohio markets, cleveland, cincinnati, columbus, georgia is in there, dallas, you have got -- >> denver. >> riverside where is that? >> california. >> ainsley, you have got to get out of new york. [ laughter ] >> i know, right? >> thinking is maybe a little bit of a surprise. atlanta. minneapolis. i think here is the thing with minneapolis. okay, the average monthly mortgage payment is now $122 less than the average rent of $965. just an astounding payment. >> that's an average nationally. >> in that particular area. one of the worst areas for renters minneapolis. down 30% from the peek.
7:46 am
message being if you are interested in buying. >> here is where renters have the upper hand. >> these are the expenses here. new york, for example, the break-even point is over five years. this is expensive city for renters and buyers. for san francisco it's it nearly six years. melville park substantially higher than that. and then you have got san who he safe that's just crazy texas. keeping values propped up. break even point there is almost higher than average. >> almost anyone years it break evening. >> >> amazing look around these big cities, who can afford. all the buildings are full in new york city. where are they making this economy in this economy? >> extremely tough for renters. you see what you can get rent $5,000 something halfway
7:47 am
decent. >> most of our viewers are scratching heir heads saying thank god i don't live in new york. always great to he sue. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show. thousands of americans rallied in support of chick-fil-a using the almighty dollar to send their message. how was this rally different from the occupy wall street rallies? we're going to take a look at both of those next. plus, is an adult only flight worth the money? new study how many people are preferring to travel to be kid free.
7:48 am
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7:50 am
7:51 am
>> you might say it's a tale of two types of protests. the orderly show of customer support for chick-fil-a vs. the violent confrontations at occupy demonstrations. >> so, does backing a cause need to end in chaos? well, joining us is nationally syndicated radio host min cow. how are you. >> tv host tonight on fox. >> we will talk to you 9:00 on fox. we wanted to ask you about the difference in the way that the occupy movement handled that as how the chick-fil-a protesters handled this. >> you know, guys, i can talk about this with some authority. i was in the dallas occupy wall street. i was in the new york protest here in chicago. and i also was part of the chick-fil-a protest it. i went to check it out. it's a big difference. it really demonstrates two types of americans that we see developing. it's fascinating really. so occupy wall street that chaos. you had basically $40 million
7:52 am
worth of damage. you had people smearing excrement on cop cars. it cost the economy. you had punch people. hate filled crowd. angle to it that nobody has talked about. that is an underlying current of anti-semitism. same kind of anti-semitism we see out of this white house. to some in the crowd, many in the crowd, rich people are jewish. and they are bad. and that was something i didn't see talked about it a lot. it was very evident on the ground. then you have chick-fil-a. >> i don't understand the connection. explain that connection. >> what do you mean. >> the anti-semitism. >> there was these protests, look, when you go around the world as i have, 9/11 was reported as buildings in new york filled with a lot of jewish bankers.
7:53 am
that's how it's reported in the middle east. you have this same kind of attitude among -- not everybody. some people are there for the party because they were smoking weed and having fun. i mean, honestly but there was definitely an element in the occupy wall street crowd thats with aen a at this semitic. this attitude that rich people are jewish and i don't like jewish people. i just saw it i'm not jewish. i just saw it. >> we want to touch on your special that airs tonight on the channel. you will touch on a whole host of subjects including, i believe that gary johnson could actually be a spoiler in this election. how? >> you know, look how close these numbers are. if you believe the numbers, i don't know that i do, i remember jimmy carter was going to win. i don't know if you can believe the numbers. but you know if this guy gets 2% of the vote. i voted for the libertarian last time i can't remember his name. if this guy gary johnson the libertarian the independent guy if he gets 2% it could be bad news for romney. can i just say one thing?
7:54 am
chick-fil-a contributed millions to the economy everybody was peaceful. they are not allowed in this city. our mayor rahm emanuel that welcomes farrakhan that's fine but not chick-fil-a. that's madness. crazy times. talk about the violence in this city and why is it the top 10 cities that are violent in america are run by democrats? i don't know. we're going to investigate that tonight. looking forward to it. >> sit down with rahm, will you? >> yeah. i don't know if i'm radical enough. >> all right. 10:00 tonight. we'll be watching. thanks so much mancow. >> thank you. >> obama administration says there is no war on coal. try telling that to coal miners in ohio. mine closing 5 years ahead of schedule. the president's policies are the reason why. still a big show ahead. governor mike huckabee is going to be with us and carl rove. stay with us. wake up!
7:55 am
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7:57 am
responsible for the lack of recovery. >> it's another hammer blow to the struggling middle class families of america. because the president has not had policies that put american families back to work.
7:58 am
>> some studies are showing the real unemployment numbers is actually 15%. who is correct here? we're going to crunch the numbers straight ahead. >> warning, watch out for climate change. senator john kerry says global warming is just as dangerous as a war with iran and nukes. wait until you hear what the senator had to say about that. >> and, are you tired of kids kicking and screaming on airplanes? well, how much would you pay for a child-free flight? would you pay more? you would be surprised at the numbers. we'll have that story for you coming up. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. yes, you already chimed in? >> dave briggs took umbrage bow and arrow. >> accurate as describing the
7:59 am
mannequin as clayton. saturday morning to all of you. ainsley earhardt is in for alisyn. bass pro is here on the plaza to tell you all about the fall hunting classic. clayton is going to ride that thing later. >> car service back to your apartment. >> i'm excited about the fall. they always kick it off here on our show. let's talk about unemployment numbers here this morning. we are digesting some of these knicks now. came out 8:30 eastern time. unemployment number 8.3%. we started to dive into t a little bit. wall street was excited about this number. most people saying wait a second. why would anybody get excited about that number. that jumped up from 8.2%. jobs added 163,000 in this economy right now. so that was maybe what wall street was excited about. saw a lot of people out of work. and not looking for work anymore. >> right. have given up. see that little number at the bottom of your screen in the right-hand corner the 15%?
8:00 am
many people are saying this is the true unemployment number because you have to factor in the people working. jobs they don't like and jobs they had to take. and part-time employees well. >> of course the back drop of all of, this we are under 100 days from the election. how does what we saw on friday impact the election? dramatically one would think. the obama administration wants to see this as a pattern of this economy improving of a recovery. hard to make that rg ament but he will try thread the needle here. >> >> not going to if we go back to the policies that got us here in the first place. middle class families still struggling to recover from this recession to pay more in taxes. >> go back and blame bush. >> bo back and look at the
8:01 am
history what the president was dealing with. trying to paint this picture still digging out of the mess left by president bush. is it reason nalgt. maybe internally the obama administration has seen poll numbers. we have heard from pollsters saying that may be working for hip. mitt romney went after that 8.3% on the campaign trail yesterday talking about how this is a hammer down on the people looking for work. take a listen. >> it's another hammer blow to the struggling middle class families of america because the president has not had policies that put american families back to work. i do. i'll put them in place and get america working again. these numbers are not just statistics. these are real people really suffering. having hard times. 23 million americans out of work or stopped looking for work way under employed. 23 million. the official unemployment number 8.3%. >> if there is one thing it did, i guess it -- the perception is it stopped the pleading because you were seeing that job creation
8:02 am
number continue continue to trickle counsel. now at least it goes back up if you look at that in a general pattern. that's about enough to keep pace with population growth in the united states. not to do a thing about our unemployment rate. in fact recollect if we create 160,000 jobs a month. we won't return to prerecession up employment numbers until 20205. >> that's a long time. >> that's a long time. >> i'm no matt genius. >> these are not the numbers we need. >> we interviewed economist at the top of the show peter morici and he was talking about reagan and what the unemployment was when reagan went into office and what was this point during his career where obama is or president obama is at this point. take a listen to this. >> we need to create maybe 375 to 400,000 jobs a month. each and every month for three years to bring unemployment down to 6%. we're well capable of doing that you know, mr. reagan inherited a bigger mess unemployment peeked for at
8:03 am
10.4%. by this time he had unemployment down to 7. and with a lot more people looking. whereas with this president, a lot of people have quit looking. you know, we had 348,000 people quit the labor force, and if they hadn't done that last month. unemployment would have jumped to 8.5 or 8.6%. >> more on that coming up a little bit later. we have carl rove on the show to talk about t as well as governor mike huckabee. meanwhile, on the floor of the senate these days it's interesting the senators who take to the senate floor to make accusations and have interesting discussions. well, senator john kerry in a major sort of policy discussion this week on wednesday taking the senate floor to make the claim that climate change is as much of a threat to the united states as iran. take a listen. >> i believe the situation that we face, mr. president, is as dangerous as any of the sort of real crises that we talked about stowed. we had a hearing in the foreign relations committee on
8:04 am
the subject of syria. and we all know what's happening with respect to iran and nuclear weapons and the possibility even of a war. well, this issue actually is of as significant a level of importance because it effects life itself on the planet. >> >> you wonder if that was in his notes. there was a big long pause there before he sort of slid that -- there is a couple of billing differences, one, global warm very much disputed in the scientific community. two, ask israel what's more urgent and dire. they have a neighbor whose nuclear weapons are being police officer rated they want to wipe israel off the face of the map. what's more dire if you are israel or the united states. something that's potentially hundreds of years away or could happen any moment? >> we have experts on the show that say they don't disagree
8:05 am
climate change is happening. speed and pace of which is under dispute of course. last night iran announced that they have successfully test their brand new conquer missile. their conquering missile. that's the name of it has been successfully tested and brand new missile guidance system suspect and running and deployed across the entire country and all of their future missile programs. that's iran, that's last night. i don't know what -- yeah. >> maybe is he in that thing thg with harry reid before going to the senate floor to make accusations. >> i like your point. what's more imminent? >> a conquer missile. >> a nuke, a missile, right? or global warming. >> let us know. >> now to your headlines. yet another scare in the air. two planes coming dangerously close to one another while landing at metro. delta flight from phoenix and small regional jet. one passenger said he could actually see another plane clearly from his cabin window f.a.a. officials admit the planes did come close to one another within a mile of one
8:06 am
another. a lot closer than standard safety regulations allow. however. >>, they say the planes were not at risk at colliding. this incident comes just days after three u.s. airways jets nearly collided at reagan international airport. officials there blaming a communications error. heart wrenching new details about the shooting rampage inside that movie theater in colorado. there are now some indications that one of the victims, the man you see here 26-year-old navy veteran jonathan blunk might have died trying to stop the shooter. he was buried yesterday in nevada, reno. reporters telling his family and friends that he tried to grab the shooter's gun before ultimately taking a bullet to shield his friend. we're also learning the university of colorado has hired a former u.s. attorney to review the handling of the alleged shooter james holmes as you might know, the 24-year-old medical student there, school psychiatrist claims that she warned her colleagues that he might do something dangerous. six weeks before that attack. the obama administration
8:07 am
outlining its controversial new immigration policy. the sweeping reform would allow more than 1 million illegal immigrants to stay in the u.s. so long as they meet certain criteria. for example, they have to be under the age of 30. they have to provide evidence that they have lived in the u.s. for five years. residents will have to undergo a background check. however certain offenses are going to be overlooked like driving without a license or committing theft. those are concerned a okay. taking august 15th fee of $465 per person. about 3,000 people expected to apply every day. okay, guys. would you pay extra for a kid-free flight? according to a new survey 1 in three people say yes, they will shelled out extra cash to agree their flights are adults
8:08 am
only. only one airline malaysia airline in a offering a child free seating zone. it's only on one routenned they don't charge extra for it. >> it's a bit of a crap shoot. you could get lucky and no kids on the flight and didn't pay extra extra. you do pay extra there definitely wouldn't be -- >> -- if you are going to orlando, florida, you can guarantee flight -- >> if you are going to vegas you don't have to worry about it. >> that's right. >> if you are requesting to a gambling center. >> i'm looking a ticket to malaysia. >> just do so you don't have to be next to kids. >> the reason you do that no one wants to be the an it at this family carrier. true, you also don't want to be the person with the kid kicking your seat. >> how due really feel about he kids. what about your own plane for a regular flight? that's the best way to go. we have been talking about six
8:09 am
tropical depression of the year a few minutes ago it just got named. tropical storm florence. it's going to continue to pull off towards the west. conditions become not so favorable over about the next four to five days for it to continue to strengthen. after that though, the east coast we need to be watching this one in about 10 days from now. a lot of activity going on. that's one way out there. this is ernesto. this one potentially impacts across areas of texas. maybe around 7 to 8 days from now. we do know it's going to continue to pull off towards the east. maybe likely impacting yucatan peninsula in mexico mexico. big storms northern plains and areas of the great lakes. this is all going to continue to kind of warm up and fire today here. could be seeing some strong winds and hail. maybe a tornado or two. tomorrow i think a better chance for some more significant severe weather. that's going to be stretched down from the ohio valley through the a lot of the big cities in of the northeast again. another day here of severe weather. temperatures dropping behind that cold front. at least temporarily. enjoy it minneapolis today 79. still 99 in kansas city.
8:10 am
but a little bit of a break for august 5th. getting a little bit better. but it will warm back up. guys? >> thanks, rick. we were having a discussion about the people who were ruined and decline their seats back on the airplane. >> nine out of ten times it's an adult not a kid. >> take a deep breath when you get on a flight. >> weigh in on this. we love to weigh in on twitter what your thoughts are obama administration says there is no war on coal but try telling that to coal miners in ohio. plant closing five years ahead of schedule. the company says the president's policies are to blame. >> food stamps for people who don't need them. yeah, millions of dollarss wasted on households who are doing just fine. g.
8:11 am
every bite goes above and beyond the call of deliciousness. that's a big 10-4 kosher. with no fillers, by-products, artificial flavors or colors. hebrew national. the better-than-a-hot dog- hot dog. it's something you're born with. and inspires the things you choose to do.
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8:13 am
>> welcome back, the obama administration -- the administration rather says they don't have a policy, a war on coal but do you remember when he said this in 2008? >> if somebody wants to build a coal powered plant they can it's just that t. will bankrupt them because they are going to be charged a huge sum. >> well, now coal workers in brilliant, ohio are paying attention because many of them are about to be out of work. a big coal plant there is shutting down five years earlier than expected. and the owner says it's entirely because of the president's policies. fox news radio correspondent todd starns joins us now with more on this story. todd, what is going on here. >> a lot of people are very concerned in coal mining country about the obama administration's policies in regards to the coal industry. and they truly believe there is a war on coal. this community in ohio, brilliant, ohio they are actually facing an entire shutdown five years early because of the obama administration's policies on
8:14 am
coal. >> is that true? because white house spokesman clark stevens says u.s.s. cole miners more are working this year than in any year since '97. they also say u.s.s. cole exports rose 31% over the previous years. so is that closure because of the administration? >> we hear what the administration is saying but it's not squaring up with what's happening boots on the ground. i happened to be in a west virginia community a couple of weeks ago and talked to people who are very concerned about losing their jobs. some have already started losing their jobs. and they are saying it is a direct result of what the obama administration is doing. >> listen to some of those residents. >> when you can't get a permit, and when they start changing the rules in midstream, or when you have a permit and they veto the permit and take t away, then that's an attack. and so that impacts this area very much. >> our coal miners don't, you know, they don't want a handout, they want a permit to work. >> you wouldn't believe when you figure it all up in aer i don't's time how many people
8:15 am
will lose their jobs when that coal mine shuts down. >> within the last four months our unemployment shot from 7% to 12%. >> if you look at the price. i was looking at this last night, todd, the pryce per mega what the, quite an increase. these companies can't keep up. >> no, they can't. the reason why all of us should be concerned is because our electric bills are going to go up if they keep shutting down these plants. back to this point. the obama administration says there are more coal jobs. in boone county, west virginia, when obama was elected. the unemployment rate was 4%. right now the unemployment rate in that community is 12%. so, again, those numbers. >> is this legal? >> how big a factor is this in the election do you believe? sab qulowbsly in west virginia is it more widespread from that. >> i believe it is. dispatches from america talked about this particular region of the country.
8:16 am
the president talked about these people being bitter clingers. this particular county boone county voted for barack obama back in 2008. they voted for him. he they believed in the hope and change he promised. in 2000 -- whenever they did the primary just a couple of months back that county voted for the federal inmate instead of president obama. >> right. i do remember that story. that was a little bit wacky. is this legal can a politician do this. >> he is do doog it pay he prom mid. >> new jersey lag narpg you can jack up price and put people out of work? you heard what vice president biden said on the no clean coal. they are followed through on the promise. >>ed to starns, fox news radio correspondent. thanks for being here. >> unemployment jumps to 8.3%. how badly will the lack of recovery hurt the president's re-election chances?
8:17 am
we will ask governor mike huckabee. he is coming up next. beware of the dr. google. why using the internet to self-diagnose your illness is even more dangerous than you think. i'm a big fan of web md.
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
>> welcome back, here are quick headlines for you, nasa shelling out more than a billion dollars to create more rocket ships to take cargo and astronauts to the international space station. the project could be done as early as 2015. and clinton eastwood might have just made mitt romney's day. the oscar winning director endorsing romney as his choice for president. saying he hopes the candidate can help fix the broken tax system in our country.
8:21 am
clayton, over to you. >> thank you, ainsley. do you rush to dr. google to self-diagnose your every illness? my co-host dave does that well, a new study says you may be playing roulette with your health. for example, searching the web infant safety. half are inaccurate or completely irrelevant. what do you need to know before do you a search. dr. nice to see you this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> i'm sorry in 201059% of the u.s. population jumped online to do an internet search to find out what ails them. is that a problem? >> i'm surprised actually that it's not higher than that because some patients come into the office, they say they are always checking things on google. and we're in an age now where we just google everything. so, i think that figure is just going to get higher as time goes by. >> he would hear this with real estate agents, right in the real estate agents say most of my clients now come to me. they have a few ideas that
8:22 am
they have googled first before they do me to buy a house. people are doing that with their own organs now? >> they are. the internet is very accessible. people have access to the internet on mobile phones on internet at work. so easy to google just put in a symptom, a sign, a condition and hundreds of different web sites come up. >> so you have provided us with some online health info dos and don'ts. take us through some of them. start with do not self-diagnose. >> that's probably one of the most important things. the internet can be very very useful. but it can also falsely reassure. also cause a lot of anxiety. say, for example, if you have blood in the urine, you may have a urinary tract infection or may have bladder cancer and the internet can frighten a lot of people. also they may read something and say that's okay, this is not a problem. i don't need to go to the doctor. so the internet is helpful but it should not be a substitute for going to a doctor. >> which is important. second tip make sure you go to the doctor make blood samples
8:23 am
and do those things. do take printed info to your doctor. >> that's right. if you read something on the internet and you think this is helpful. ask your doctor what he thinks. do you think this is a good idea? also for many people who have been diagnosed with a condition and they are going to see their doctor, if you want more information, ask your doctor what they would recommend is a good site if you want to learn more about your medical condition. >> you say there are recommended and reliable sites out there. they can't all be bad. talk about that infant sleep study some of them are bad. you say there are great ones out there. tell us what you recommend people look at. >> i would recommend people try and stay away from the patient blogs because blogs are usually not put together by medical personnel. they can be sometimes. but better web site, web md is actually very useful. i looked at conditions in my own specialty. it was fairly accurate. web m.d. is a useful resource. mayo clinic. >> wikipedia? >> it is very thorough,
8:24 am
actually. the information on there was surprisingly accurate. we also know that web sites have been put together by the government that end dot those generally are much more reliable. >> like the national institute of health. >> correct. >> that's also on your list great information this morning. because of i think that's what we tend to do. we feel my stomach is giving me a problem. i'm going to go to the internet first before seeing a doctor. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> i hope dave was paying attention. up next on the run down, food stamps for people who don't need them. millions of dollars wasted on households who are doing just fine. fraud? people across the country rallied this week to support chic fillet. by buying some chicken. yesterday's kissing counter protest caused a stir. the man behind the chick-fil-a appreciation day is there on atv. governor mike huckabee is
8:25 am
going to weigh in on that straight ahead. i hope he brought us food this morning. umming♪ check out the bass pro shops fall hunting classic, our biggest hunting event ever. during our bow trade-in sale you can save up to $100 on top of already low sale prices. and check out free seminars by top pro hunters this weekend. ♪ [muc plays] ♪ [music plays] >> announcer: meet jill. she thought she'd feel better after seeing her doctor. and she might have, if not for kari, the identity thief who stole jill's social security number to open credit cards, destroying jill's credit and her dream of retirement. now meet amanda. with a swipe of her debit card, she bought some gas...
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8:28 am
plane's p.a. system in front of everyone. listen. >> all find it in your hearts to forgive me for i am just a young man that thinks i am smarter than i am. [ laughter ] >> that's good. >> that will teach you, punk. >> good sport to read it. >> i like the fact that the coach makes teaches him a lesson. and makes him admit his mistake. >> embarrass him in front of the entire airlines. >> i'm surprised the airlines allowed this to happen. is that shock talking with all the safety precautions and everyone is trying to get off the ground in a hurry? >> i don't know. southwest has a good humor by it. >> customer savvy southwest. i like it. now to your headlines this morning. president obama's campaign office in oakland, california, feeling the wrath of the occupy wall street movement, protesters smashing the front window at the office during a march downtown. about 100 demonstrators took
8:29 am
part in this march. cops say several car windows were broken during the protest. no word if any arrests were made. president obama celebrating 51st birthday today in washington. no word on how he will be spending it. next sunday the president will be in his hometown of chicago where a party is being thrown in his honor. and you might remember last year president obama threw a star studded bash to celebrate his 50th rapper jazeera. actor tom hanks and retired basketball player charles barclay were there. and stevie wonder actually performed last year. a revealing report finds that $460 million worth of food stamp benefits are going to homes across the country not eligible for them under federal guidelines. the government accountability office says that's all thanks to a state run program that automatically triggers enrollment number or receiving government brochures. get, this restrictions on this could reportedly save $11.5 billion over the next decade.
8:30 am
talk about going out on top. dave, are you going to tell us about this one? michael phelps winning 17 gold medal in the 100 butterfly last individual race of his unbelievable race. phelps second to last going to the turn but in true form closed like a champ. takes the gold for his 21st olympic medal. his last overall race the 4 by 100 medley relay that is tonight. a quick look at the medal count. the u.s. leads the way enjoying a swim leave over china russia and japan. all next a ways back from the leaders clayton told you earlier track and field gets underway. interesting news the double amputee that there has been very controversial he did make the semi finals, some say he has unfair advantage. i say is he a double amputee. >> right. >> i like the michael phelps story because remember in the beginning people were wondering if he had slacked off a little bit if he was
8:31 am
lazy and then look at this. he leads. >> is he fantastic. >> he is amazing, so great. we support him. >> we're happy for colorado native missy franklin. at least this guy is rick reichmuth, have you been watching the olympics and enjoying it. >> absolutely. loving it. >> where are you? >> up here. >> he is in camouflage. >> what is he doing? >> sitting in a chair really high up competition. >> i know. clayton, you like it when bass pro shops comes because it's fall. >> right. >> i like it because i get to climb up on something, olympics swimming relay like way up there where they shoot the gun. >> they brought a shorter one thisser i don't. i think i scared them when i climbed up it last year. we will see if they bring the fall one back next year. >> don't fall. >> i won't. >> take a look at the picture maps. take a look at this picture sent in to me from deep water, missouri, absolutely beautiful sunrise. clayton you will be interested it know she says she took this with her iphone 4 s not a bad shot there yesterday morning sunrise in deep water.
8:32 am
8 will degrees and going to have a hot day today there about 101 degrees. keep sending me your pictures. rick reichmuth on twitter or put them on facebook page. take a look at the severe weather threat today. deep water is right around clinton the southern end where we have that threat today. north end u.p. of michigan and mainland michigan down towards indiana. tomorrow this slides off towards the east. so. of the northeast into new england upstate new york and down across the ohio river valley that's where we send see the threat for severe weather. tomorrow could be a pretty significant day especially for august. you don't get a lot of severe weather in august. going to see a pretty potent cold front moving through. here are the temps. see that cold front where it is now bringing a much micer day across the northern lanes. areas might not get out of the low 70s today. a big improvement from where have you been. still warm down to the south tomorrow. we will cool t down to the south and start to see the heat build back in to the far northern plains and high
8:33 am
plains. 94 tomorrow in rapid city. >> back to you inside. >> thank you so much, rick. let's bring in governor mike huckabee this morning. talk about all the chick-fil-a news. up employment numbers that came out the end of the week. some americans out of work. rather than retreading the same numbers and pulling them apart. i thought it was really fascinating the way that rush limbaugh put in this week and wondering whether or not this economy is helping president obama right now. traditionally the mind set is this wouldn't be helping. how is this guy going to get reelected with these snubs is this helping him because so many people relying on government support. what do you think about that? >> i'm not sure i agree that people are saying oh good we need to keep barack obama because his management of the economy has essentially driven into the ditch that he said it was in under george w. bush. when you have the unemployment numbers as high as they're, the highest since the great depression, he is always talking about since the great depression. well, 42 months of consecutive
8:34 am
unemployment rates above 8%, that's just simply not good. >> no president has ever won with those records. >> i think you have got to remember, too. this myth that people want to be on government assistance is nonsense. people want to be independent and stand on their own. they want to be moving ahead and not behind. if you are on government assistance you are not getting ahead. you are at best staying still. you may be getting behind. people want to do better than they're doing, not worse, not staying put. and the only wave you can do better is when you can shake off all of the government programs and stand on your own two feet. >> you can imagine mitt romney is going to stale focused on the economy. of course, this next week will probably be about the vice presidential pick. it looks like stocks that -- >> thinks this is basically a two or three day bounce and that's it. even given all the very interesting candidates. is there anyone out there that could change the narrative and shake things up the dynamic
8:35 am
for mitt romney as v.p. >> long term probably not. what he has to do is pick someone that helps the ticket. stunt hurt the ticket. doesn't overshadow him. doesn't become more of the factor. but he needs someone who can rally the base. i hope he if i cans somebody who connects he is having somewhat difficulty connecting to. >> if you were running and you have so you know what this is like. >> a of t-shirts available too if you need some. >> still stickers available. you are looking at states like ohio which has been a bit of a problem for mitt romney lately. some of the poll numbers in recent weeks have that the been good for mitt romney. does that factor in on presidential choice? i have got to win ohio i have got to pick rob portman. >> it very well may and probably should factor into it. that doesn't mean is he going to pick rob portman it certainly gives a good balance tip to a portman. you look at somebody who can bring something. and if you are raiser edge in a state, now what you do is find out does portman actually bring ohio? are people still just voting
8:36 am
for the top of the ticket? >> doesn't appear that way. according to the polls it doesn't look like he makes a tremendous difference. who would you pick? >> well, you know, i have been a rubio fan for a long time. i have known marco a long time. i like him. i think he brings an energy that would be explosive. >> or we overshadow mitt romney? >> i don't think he would. i think he would compliment mitt romney and i believe also he brings an energy to the base of the party. he is staunchly pro-life. unapologetically conservative. he is very traditional in his sense of approach to family issues. would be very acceptable to the base of the party. and that's important. >> experience is, that also an issue? dick cheney made a lot of headlines this week criticizing john mccain's pick of sarah palin thinking she didn't have the experience and couldn't have led the country, that was perhaps, way down the ticket. does he he pick someone who has a significant amount of experience so he doesn't get that criticism? >> you know, i think the wave to deflect that is to say whoever he picks pretty much from the first year city councilman up will have more
8:37 am
experience leading something than barack obama who was an absentee u.s. senator. not all that effective state senator and that was his entire preparation. he never had executive position in his life. so, if experience is the qualification, barack obama would never ever have been elected. >> when is he going to pick his v.p.? >> i don't know. is he not whispering in my ear to tell me that one thing about mitt romney people have to understand. he is not the kind of guy who makes emotional visceral decisions on the spur of the moment. is he not impromptu guy. thoughtful, methodical. meticulous in preparing for the decision. much like you would expect of a corporate executive used to making decisions that he had so see long term. that's how he will making this decision. >> there is campaign stops through swing states the next seven to ten days. i don't know if you have heard about this chick-fil-a story. >> really? what's that about? really? >> tell about this controversy regarding chick-fil-a and a lot of it well, the governor
8:38 am
he got that ball rolling. we ask what he thinks about this counter protest that went on on friday. >> plus, could a beetle really be to blame for holding up construction of the keystone pipeline? why the government's decision to protect this little bug cut put a wrench in development for up to a year. >> wring go. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> okay, welcome back, top stories on our web site for your health. a warning for fair goers. a new strain of swine flu spreading from animals to people. there have been 12 cases in just the last week and 10 were linked to a county fair in ohio. if you go to the fair, guys, wash your hands. kids who are fit are more likely to get better grades apparently. new study found student scores on standardized test went up the fitter they were. and, ladies, forget the milk. pick up a glass of wine for stronger bones. okay. twist my arm. according to a new study, drinking two glasses of wine a day helps a woman keep old bone -- their old bones helps them keep their old bones, makes them stronger apparently. when they stop drinking, i think i have been drinking, i can't read. this their bone loss decreases.
8:42 am
for more information visit slash weekend. >> it's always good to keep your old bones. chick-fil-a. >> that's what it said. >> i know. they had a controversy this weekend. i don't know if you heard anything about this was a hot story this weekend. yesterday, supporters of gay marriage held what they called a kiss-in. support of traditional marriage that was only after thousands turned out to support the change on wednesday buying up chicken and aachieving record sales. >> back with governor huckabee. the man behind chick-fil-a appreciation day. i don't know if you heard about any of this fuss. >> a little bit. >> what did you take away from all of this though? >> america, i put it this way, america ate chicken, rahm emanuel ate crow. it struck a nerve with americans that thought if you are on the left and you support same sex marriage, you know, you are protected, you are able to speak out and that's fine. but if you are a christian and you believe in a biblical world view of marriage, which
8:43 am
isn't all that crazy barack obama said he held that view until may, it's the view hillary clinton took. 32 to nothing. every time voters vote including like states in california and maine. the point is this is not outrageous view to believe that marriage is the traditional view. it's about free speech because can cathy as an individual simply expressed an opinion that is very consistent with a lot of other americans. the company doesn't push that you don't get a chicken sandwich that says marriage is only between a man and a woman. nobody is discriminated against in heir store, people felt it was blatantly unfair on one hand you have ceos ceos m apple computer and nike and starbucks who expressed themselves but dan cathy can't express himself? blatant hypocrisy and intolerance is what union knighted. >> go poor through the notes it wasn't about free speech
8:44 am
about intolerance. t is about where the money is going. he may have said. this when you pay for the chicken sandwich then that money then goes to anti-guy groups. >> buying his product not his politics. i have apple computers. iphone in my pocket. >> you drink coke will cola. >> sometimes, sometimes pepsi. i will tell you i drink starbucks. you know, i have shopped through amazon. all of these companies have ceos who give far more to the pro-gay cause than dan cathy has given to pro-marriage cause. i resented being called antigay. it's not antigay. it's the status quo. and when you protect the status quo, you are not against something, you are for that which is. it is the other side that is wanting to change the status quo and in any debate situation, the status quo stands unless someone successfully challenges this. >> the other side of this the
8:45 am
kiss-naacp which folk showed up. >> i'm not kissing you by the way. >> what did you make of the counter protest. >> i thought it was perfectly legitimate expression that people have a right to do. i was not nearly as troubled by that as the gays were troubled that there was a chick-fil-a appreciation day. in america this country is big enough that people can have different points of view. they have to be respectful. as long as they didn't impede traffic offer the ability of customers or employees to get to their jobs and do what they do, then so what? that's their choice. >> you think the gay marriage issue is going to be a hot topic this election, right? >> i do. i think it's going to be a much bigger topic than a lot of the prognosticators and pundits think. if you delve. >> huge mistake. hispanic and african-american communities this is not a popular position for the democrats to take in either of those communities. >> your show tonight, tell us about it what's coming up on the huckabee show. >> recap of the chick-fil-a
8:46 am
and ryan hall is with us. mary bono mac she will be talking about her bill to get rid of this olympic medal tax which is pretty stunning. pay a tasks this could break a grik like phelps. >> how many tough on your facebook now? >> 21 million. >> that's the way to drive up numbers on facebook. >> did you have any idea? >> i thought it would be a good turnout. no, nowhere near what it turned out where people waited in line four or five hours. what was significant, gracefully, kindly. no one was yelling and screaming. you know, it was very gracious, about the worst thing that happened was this twit in tucson who screamed but what a lovely person that young lady was. she should run a restaurant. >> have a flend who weekend at the come some.
8:47 am
everyone thanked her nice limple heavy metal concert there be was ank wreck. >> that's the one david and clayton big necessary. >> great to is he you. mg up, they conservative and protect our nation now. sewing to put our nirlt class. do our men and women diserch deserve he shall feement karl rove weighing in. grab your hunting gear guys 'because bass pro shops hunting classic is underway. coming up next. another great tt all this walking i've been doing is that it's given me time to reflect on some of life's biggest questions. like, if you could save hundreds on car insurance by making one simple call, why wouldn't you make that call?
8:48 am
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>> this is tt biggest hunting show of the year. dave was making fun of me, but i like to take my son out and look for birds. you need goodbye knock lars. and the high quality line, too, and it just came out with this line and they've got spotting scopes, binoculars and rifle scopes and these guys put this stuff through
8:52 am
torture before they put it on the shelves for guys like you and me. obviously, we talk about waterproof, i'm going to stick my arm in this infested tank and like i said, i said, oh, yeah, i spent 11 days in alaska and ten out of 11 is rain and nothing worse with binoculars and having them fog up. and they're shock proof, you can drop them. you don't want to drop them, but this is a good line of optics. >> in manhattan, you can see mayor bloomberg taking someone's soda. >> dave: those start at 199.99 as does the scope. what makes the scope so special? >> this is machined out of a single piece of aircraft aluminum and a lot goes into the optics, and probably one.
8:53 am
most important tools you have out there when you're hunting and like i said, they put a lot of work it's called easy glass and without getting technical, the glass is important and that makes things look clear and they've got the line, just come out and it's bright, these starts at 349. you don't want to go cheap. >> clayton: and you need durable, you're out with your backpack and with your son bird watching and-- >> i've got a bird for you. but bass pro shop, you think of bye binoculars and fishing rods and-- >> if you go into a bass pro store, you can't just go for ten minutes. there's brands of clothing, footware, whatever your needs for the outdoor, bass pro has your stuff.
8:54 am
>> they even allow me to take a nap i've been up since 2:30. >> yeah, we've been on the job. our thanks to bass pro shop, now i know what kind of binoculars i need. ainsley? i've got a lot to learn about binoculars, apparently. take the lid off first. >> thanks, guys, brand new details about the president's illegal immigration policy, disqualify if you drive drunk, but open access if you steal someone's identity. we'll explain. coming up at the top of the hour, karl rove is going to join us to break down the jobs numbers and what they mean to you and your family. ♪ i've worked hard to build my family.
8:55 am
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8:57 am
>> good saturday morning to you, it's august 4th, i'm ainsley earhart filling in for ali this morning. bad picture for the economy, unemployment jumping 8.3, what will it mean for the president. what will he do? well, it looks like he's blaming bush. >> we're not going to get there. we're not going to get to where we need to be if we go back to the policies that helped to create this mess in the first place.
8:58 am
and the last thing-- >> karl rove, what the numbers mean to you and your family and who is at fault. we'll talk to him coming up. >> dave: and harry reid fueling the rumor mills over mitt romney's taxes. >> harry reid hasn't put up or shut up, all right? so, harry, who are your sources? let's have harry explain who that is. >> dave: should reid come clean and why mitt romney is now pointing the finger at the white house. should he be responding? we'll ask mr. rove. and plus, cab drivers, seems everyone wants a good tip, if we reach our tipping point, and wanting more for less. karl rove didn't know we were asking that question. >> dave: "fox & friends" hour four starts right now. ♪ >> all right. you keep your e-mails coming
8:59 am
in. at what points do you say no to the tipping, ff weekend on twitter as well. >> dave: just say no. >> ainsley: now to your headlines, we're going to begin with another scare in the air. two planes coming dangerously close to each other while landing at detroit metro airport and the incident reportedly involving a delta flight and a small regional jet. one passenger said that he could see the other plane clearly from his cabin window. f.a.a. officials admit the planes did come about a mile closer than standard safety regulation allow, however, they say the planes were not at risk of colliding. this incident comes after three u.s. airways jets nearly collided at reagan international. heart wrenching new details about the shooting rampage in colorado. now indications one of the victims, a 26-year-old navy veteran, his picture. he might have died while
9:00 am
trying to stop the shooter. he was buried yesterday. and in reno, nevada. the apparently telling his family and friends he tried to grab the gun before taking a bullet to shield his friends. and learned that the reviewing the handling of this guy, the alleged shooter, james holmes' case, as you might know the m 24-year-old medical student, who psychiatrist claims that she warned her colleague he might be dangerous, up to six weeks before that attack. and a far cry from chick-fil-a's appreciation day that drew in thousands supporters. the same sex kiss-in appears to have fallen flat. after the company's comments of about traditional marriage. >> the gay rights movement started to combat intolerance and the idea of a certain
9:01 am
majority, is that with one as a force on the gay community a certain type of behavior. here we are in the 21st century with that same kind of behavior exhibited by the liberal gay community certainly, but there are many of us who are embarrassed by that. >> and some locations, supporters for both sides of the issue did show up and in florida, home owner, thomas witt protecting his home and shot at two guys breaking into his shed and he's facing charges for assault. and our fox news analyst, and a former prosecutor had a heated debate. so was he standing his ground? >> and he was not in his house, he was coming into his house, he can blow them away, but when you're in someone's back yard. >> and there in lies the distinction. >> you're never going to find 12 people that are going to
9:02 am
want to lock this guy up and-- >> you can't lean out the window and hey, you know what, take the lawn mower, everybody will be fine. he's in the guy's yard. >> he could face up to 15 years behind bars and if convicted, he might have to-- >> twitter was lighting up. when the cameras show up, put a shirt on. >> and hey, man. well, rick, people were lighting up in favor of that guy if you give the right to defend their own property. >> ainsley: maybe he wasn't wearing a shirt because he's living in a city that has hot temperatures. >> rick: he had a shirt off a few minutes ago, so hot. and i know. >> screamed and ran away. >> rick: and a lot of stuff is going on. and heat certainly across the east, and hot and humid and
9:03 am
the tropics, this is tropical depression number six and it now is tropical storm florence and it's going to continue to pull up to the east and it's been a weekend and however, once it weakens, it possibly stays together enough that we might be getting some sort of east coast impacts, 10, 11 days from now, a lot of time to watch that one and also dealing with tropical storm ernesto, and a 60 mile per hour storm across the eastern caribbean and pull off towards the west and likely, i think, some sort of i am fact, across the temps from mexico, and maybe they've been regenerating across the bay and having some impacts across south texas probably seven days from now, we're getting towards that peak of hurricane season and towards the active time and certainly right on target, we're starting to see that. severe weather today across areas of parts of kansas, all the way up to wisconsin and michigan, and some of this could be significant, certainly very strong wind and some hail, but we can't rule out a tornado or two from this storm today and tomorrow, pull farther up to the east,
9:04 am
northeast and mid atlantic, guys? >> thanks so much. >> and all right, well, it's the unemployment number out on friday, and only three months until the election if you can believe that. can president obama overcome these jobs numbers, and the history involved behind all of this. >> yeah, it's pretty good now, our good friend karl rove down in austin, texas, good to see you. >> hey, karl. >> good morning, how are you. >> we're great. >> how are you. >> ainsley: i'm great, everyone says hey, but-- >> and what do you make of the jobs numbers in terms of the politics of it. we're less than 100 days down, what does it mean? >> yeah, well, it's not what people's attitudes about the economy are going to lock in. and the closer to the election, attitude. unemployment at 8.3% is not good. the question, is that all we need to know to understand how it's going to play out. the answer is no. we also need to look at not just 8.3% unemployment we need to look at gdp growth because
9:05 am
that affects how people think. the economic growth in the first and second quarters of this year is growing at annualized rate of anemic, 1.75%, and the last time unemployment was high and a president ran for reelection, 7.2% in 1984, but economic growth was 7.1%. and four times the rate of growth that we've got now, people are saying unemployment is high, but we're getting a heck of a lot better and feel better about it and gave ronald reagan a 49 state majority. >> and you're student of history like dwight eyed hour, .3% or .03%. how is the president selling it, is his narrative working for mitt romney's narrative work, be honest, president obama is still blaming the bush administration for the
9:06 am
problems, is it working? >> two-thirds believe that president obama's policies at best not helped the economy or at worst actively hurt it. by every measure his job approval on the question of the economy is really bad and cbs new york times, 39% approved. 55% disapproved. and strongly approve 11, strongly disapprove. 49. the president is not making a good economic case, what he's trying to do, he's trying to disqualify mom by saying that the rich guy doesn't pay taxes and is out of touch, but making no effort at all to justify his record in a significant way. >> and he's got senator harry reid doing this on the senate floor, unsubstantiated rumors and a phone call from a bain investor. we know he was a boxer in the past, but he's now straight up a mud wrestler. i don't know if you are as stunned as me that he is-- >> i am -- first of all, no, i'm completely stunned. first of all, he says it on the senate floor and this
9:07 am
gives him a constitutional protection against libel. why doesn't he go off the senate floor and explicitly disavow the defense of being a member of the senate and constitutional protection of the senate against libel. this is unbelievable. president-- excuse me, governor romney put at the point years of financial records including how much he paid. on the internet. and you can go to the internet and find out for the last ten years, going back to the first time he ran for governor of massachusetts since 2002. how much he's earned and how much he's paid in taxes and given away. the majority leader of the senate of the united states to go out and taye this takes on both desperation of the democrats and more important than that, the complete lack of character. the slimeball nature of the senate majority leader, harry reid should be embarrassed
9:08 am
disgusted of the greatest institution he claims to lead. >> karl, you're talking about the harry reid and mitt romney is talking about the tax returns and not talking about the economy and meanwhile, president obama can keep his hands totally clean. at the playing good cop-bad cop with david axlerod. >> no, first of all, the president gets held responsibility for the quality of this campaign and look, i agree with you, it's required a response from mitt romney, but sometimes in politics, the counter punch is stronger than the punch and also, in politics every argument generates a unt coulder argument. when harry reid goes out and slimes people like this, the ordinary american citizens you know what, that's not fair, that's bad. that's wrong and i don't see, i not only don't see the president disavowing it, see his closest political advisor joining in this shameful activity. so the president hurts himself by this. what happened to all the promises of elevating politics and president of red states and blue states.
9:09 am
this is personal, this is shameful. this is despicable. this is chicago-style thugs and they've enlisted this-- i mean, harry reid has dishonored himself. i heard a rumor, one person told me harry reid got stolen car andro drove it into a liquor store, up to him to prove it's not true. please, this is ridiculous. >> it's the irs's job to police taxes and maybe-- >> and romney straight from the white house. and a campaign is suing the state of ohio they're allowing the military to vote early. what do you make of those? >> we've always allowed the military votes to be cast and counted in a slightly different manner because we're talking about military personnel around the world and i think that this is just an attempt to try and undermine these lost passed in ohio designed to police some abuses
9:10 am
in the early voting system. i'm not certain it's anything other than a publicity stunt. if they were serious about it, they should have made the arguments and filed the lawsuit when it was months ago, not 95, 96 days. >> and why didn't they show, are they worried it's not in their favor? >> yeah, look, every bit of evidence that we have. enthusiasm among african-americans, latinos and young people, and three voting blocks very important to the democrats in 2008. that the enthusiasm for voting and voting for president obama is down. not only, particularly, among the latino community and the young people, and it's not only, we're less enthusiastic about voting, but among young people, 13% drop in the president's support among young people. they're trying to juice, energize people in the three voters blocks and this go i haves them a chance to say if you don't vote early you're going to somehow lose your vote. we saw this with attorney general holder, going to the ncaa convention and attacking the voter identification laws
9:11 am
and says if you don't show up with the voter i.d. to prove you are who you say you are, he called those a poll tax or suggesting that this was somehow some bigoted effort to restrain black voting and all that was designed to do was to energize that. >> all right. clayton, 20% tip for karl. >> clayton: yeah, i'd give him that, you earned it. >> ainsley: thank you, karl. >> have a great weekend. >> i'll be waiting for the check, clayton, waiting for the check. >> got to find the address. >> ainsley: keep on waiting, karl. >> do you have paypal? >> coming up, could the blocking of tt decision for the keystone pipeline, put a wrench into the development for up to a year. i have very well fitting dentures. i like to eat a lot of fruits. love them all. the seal i get with the super poligrip free keeps the seeds from getting up underneath. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles.
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>> welcome back everybody, some politicians and protesters trying to stop the keystone pipeline from being built.
9:15 am
could the thing that finally halt constructions be a little bitty beetle? >> ringo starr, paul? >> not paul either. >> clayton: this could delay things as much as a year even after the okay for the department. and the former shell oil citizens for affordable. but not the beatles, but a bug could derail the entire project? >> whether it's the american burial beetle, a sacred remains or a site. the company like trans canada knows what it has to do. it has to get permits, in this case, move the beetle before they can start building the pipeline. >> they're prepared to do that, what is happening is overread in the legal system that cares less about the beetle and more about stopping
9:16 am
the pipeline and making americans pay more for gasoline. in chicago land your viewers are paying 35 cents a gallon more this week because of inadequate pipeline and refinery issues, we're going to be paying through the nose as americans for oil from wherever it comes from, if we allow this kind of a group to continue its unfettered, irresponsible attacks on responsible companies that are doing what they're supposed to do in the first place and that is protect these beatles or whatever else they have to protect. >> dave: and say that keystone pipeline had been built, would that have dropped down the price of gas domestically? >> you're talking about 800,000 new barrels a day of oil coming into the united states from our near neighbor canada. yes, more supply yields lower prices. and that's why prices are high today. not enough supply. >> canada's growing its oil resource development.
9:17 am
the u.s. stands to benefit from that increased oil production out of canada, and that could help ameliorate price rises and reduce prices. you have an administration and president who cares more about his campaign funding from environmental groups than what americans pay at the pump. and so he stopped the trans canada pipeline for now. the beatles will be taken care of. trans canada has been doing this for decades. it's not about the beatles. it's about stopping trans canada from helping the american gasoline consumer. i think the people in in country ought to wake up to the fact that these kind of one party, one shot, one trick pony interest groups are hurting the whole country. >> clayton: john, we'll leave it there. i don't know if it could be said better than that. a former ceo of shell oil and founder of citizens for energy. thanks, john, appreciate it. >> dave: think we're going to
9:18 am
need royalty to take care of the beetle for a long time. i want to hold your hand. and have you ever thought of home schooling your children? why one academy award winner says it's the best decision she's made. >> dave: and colleges are called for having a liberal bias and now professors are admitting and even saying they're discriminate against conservative professors. we will have that story for you. building pass, corporate card, verizon 4g lte phone. the global ready one ? yeah, but you won't need... ♪ hajimemashite. hajimemashite. hajimemashite. you guys like football ? thank you so much.
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>> welcome back, all you parents out there, you know that if your child's education is crucial, and while some parents are concerned, public and private schools don't offer kids the best setting to learn, parents are now turning to home schooling. more parents i should say. a recent report shows that more than 2 million u.s. children are being home schooled and that number continues to grow. our next guest knows all about it. she's been home schooling her daughter. quinn cummings is a former actress and the author of "the year of living dangerously", thanks for being with us, quinn. your book is so much-- sorry-- >> i was going to say thank you for having me. the one thing, it's a year of learning dangerously. >> ainsley: i'm sorry, i didn't know what i said, as an access, a big fan. >> thank you. >> ainsley: and the common
9:23 am
myth i hear about home schooling, that kids aren't socialized. tell us what your thoughts are. >> first of all, i totally understand the socialization concern, they assume i have my daughter in a shoe box with air holes poked in and let her have a friend when she gets her aarp card. there are a bunch of answers and i'll give you the short ones. disinterested third parties have studied home schooling nigh on 30 years. home schooled children socialize with children of same age, other ages and they're typically describing themselves as happy as the average population. and whatever measure you use for socialization, each study has their own, the home schooled kids meet it and beat it. >> ainsley: what about your daughter, what is she saying about it?
9:24 am
what's her perspective? >> her perspective is that she gets to see her friends, that she would like to see certain friends more often, and she's 12. i think that's the nature of the beast. usually, when we can see a friend, it's because she's got three things that she really wants to do that afternoon and she doesn't want to give up any of them. i think that's a pretty good position to be in. >> ainsley: i don't have children-- >> and also a pretty typical position. >> ainsley: i don't have children, but i do love-- whatever is offered in your city to take advantage of when you're home schooling your children, take somebody, new york, for instance, so many museums and opportunities to take your kids and see the items on display? >> that is -- yeah, that's, that's the pull. that's the dream for the home schooler, that they can go do these things. and someone who can travel. >> ainsley: one recently told me tim tebow was home schooled and when he decided to play
9:25 am
football at a high school, his parents were able to pick a high school and that helped his future and his career. >> now, home schooling and athletes, athletics are a topic right now. there are home schoolers who are eager to play within their local school communities. they want the advantagement-- advantage. that's the next conversation, there are home schoolers who want to have a relationship with the local school. they want the student to act or the music department or after school sports or the in-school sports and i think that the home schooling community is less closed within itself and more willing to cross over and start talking to the bricks and mortar schools. >> ainsley: and i think the bottom line, every child is different and you know your child, certainly you know what's best for your child. yes, have a great weekend. >> thank you so much for having me. >> ainsley: thank you. and next on the rundown, brand new details about the president's illegal immigration policy,
9:26 am
disqualified if you drive drunk, but open access and still someone's identity. we're going to explain this. plus, how much is too much? everyone wants a good tip, have we reached our tipping point, everyone expecting more for less. you want to revamp your home without breaking the bank? home depot's mike cartozza here has found a way to do just that. that's coming up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> it's road trip time. get out there and enjoy your summer. welcome back to "fox & friends." earlier on show we were talking about tipping. an interesting new study out about have we gone too far with tipping. do we expect to be rolled into every service and thing we do these days? it used to be exceptional service and now it's showing up. usa today, asked people in the survey about this and 79% of the people said too many people expect something extra these days whether you walk into the coffee shop and they've got the tip jar or clayton told us about earlier, a buffet they had it baked into the bill for parties of
9:31 am
six or more. and everyone feels they deserve a tip-- >> the buffet, you're doing the work, a bunch buffet and bringing you the orange juice. >> ainsley: we were talking about, in the bathroom, and the attendant there hands you a paper towel, and i'll get my own and-- >> i think that's mainly a new york thing. you don't see that a whole lot. >> you do, in atlanta, you see it. >> dave: we asked you what is your tipping point and a tip jar is next to the register at my local self-serve yogurt shop? come on, and that's mine, too, sarah, i've-- >> and robert writes us on e-mail this morning, i'm an airline pilot and have never received a tip. i've wondered what would materialize if i made an announcement that everyone's token of appreciation would help get the landing gear down? >> the pilot with a tip jar.
9:32 am
>> ainsley: he might deserve it. and an e-mail from beth says, you earn tips when you go beyond the call of duty. i tip when i check up on on a short conversation with the server. >> here is a tip for you in manhattan. if you come to the city, the cab drivers, the electronic cab drivers, credit card swipe machine, and it's automatically, 15 or 20%, and you can't, it's harder for you to say, oh, 12%, if you don't want to pay them that much. just pay it cash. >> and this is the thing, they say, ride, friends of mine say, 120% on there, because they pay a little bit more when you swipe your card, and costs them a will ill bit more and make more and do they deserve 20% when they're picking you up and-- >> a round about way and run the meter. >> ainsley: they always do that, take the longest route. >> tell us where your tipping point is, ff friends on twitter and--
9:33 am
>> and bombshell testimony in the drew peterson trial and president obama outlining his controversial policy at that will let 1 million ill immigrants. and offenses like driving without a license or committing identity theft are considered okay. phs taking applications august 15th and turns 0 ut a new york man was reported missing last week, might have tried to fake his own death. raymond was stopped for speeding in south carolina five days after his son told police he'd gone swimming and he never came home. and now they're speaking out and found e-mails between raymond and his son plotting the whole thing. i feel like a statement that he put a lot of people in danger to look for him. that i was planning a funeral for him. i lost my husband and then to find out he's alive, it's
9:34 am
anger, it's sadness. >> ainsley: it turns out, he reisn'tly tripled his life insurance pole and reportedly on the way back to new york and no word if he'll face charges. and forget snakes on a plane. a flight was delayed with a cluster of honey bees found on the wing. and they were buzzing. >> and came around the corner of the plane and right there on the wing is a cluster of honey bees. it was a shocker to a lot of people. >> this is the fourth incident this year, in pittsburgh international airport and the bee keeper says, the honey bees are harmless. only 20 minutes, and they had a bee keeper just lined up. >> dave: who doesn't. and all right, let's get to rick reichmuth who is outside with the folks. hi, rick. >> rick: it's hot and humid here and you know they're
9:35 am
here, with the hats. and two loads. and let's take a look at the maps. and someone last night sent in a spectacular picture, 8:15 and it's humid. and 92 and there will be thunderstorms today. keep sending your pictures. rick reichmuth on twitter or facebook page and this is what we're going to start seeing is a lot of tropical activities. the arrow is where we are date-wise and see the bulk of the tropical activity up the next six weeks and the beginning of that and right on target and take a look at the tropics, they're going and we have two tropical storms one on the far right side of the screen there, and there in the caribbean, a tropical storm around 60 miles per hour storm to the left and a disturbance across areas just to the east
9:36 am
of florida going to bring a lot of rain to florida today. i don't think we'll see a big development, but worth watching and mentioning, just as well. and also today. severe weather in across parts of the plains, from kansas up towards michigan and wisconsin, and tomorrow, it's like a little bit farther off towards the east and it could be pretty significant severe weather day across the northeast and the ohio river valley. all right, it's time to be inside, it's too hot to do anything, clayton outside. i hope you have an interior-- for today. >> clayton: i do, except we're outside explaining the interior project, go figure about that. but home depot is the place to go to figure out the diy projects. one simple thing to do, spruce up your bathroom and very simple to do, and if you hear from home depot, i'm not being hyperbolic when i say that, it's pretty easy. >> it is. if you've ever looked under the cabinet not that many steps, but you've got to take
9:37 am
out your old one. >> clayton: you're wondering if the water a shooting out like a car soon. >> this is not an old one, it's a new one. and pretend this is not one in the bathroom, turn off the water and there are valves underneath the sink and if you you've never looked, open up the faucet and let the water get out and if you've got one of the handles that controls the stopper, if you've never looked back here, this is going on and that's connected, this connector which looks to this pivot road and this easily comes out. screw out and snaps out and takes that kind of stuff and then remove the supply line, gets the water from the valve up to the faucet and should screw off. very easy to do and remove those and the last thing to do is remove the mounting nut. look under here, two mounting nuts actually hold the faucet to the sink and it might be the hardest part. if they've been there for a
9:38 am
while, they might be hard to get off. this is from rigid and it's the faucet installer, makes sense. allows you to get up there not having to get a wrench up in there. if you're having trouble put a penetrating oil that will loosen those, these screw off and the whole thing comes off. and we'll pretend this is the same thing, right? we're putting in a new faucet from delta, oil-rubbed bronze and notice the high arc, in the bathroom, you don't have the room to do what you do, and gives you a lot more work space. this simply goes into place where the other one was. new faucets come with these, and don't have to put silico silicone. you want to hand tighten these, and key for the faucets, don't overtighten these, if you overtighten and crack something, you're
9:39 am
probably in a bind. if you don't tighten them enough. you can tighten them more later on. and you can hand tighten them. and replace them, replace the supply lines, and-- stopper. >> connect the stopper. these can be different, but claysically -- basically like that. and you have in addition at home depot, tools for offing everything you do. and the bath aisle. >> if you're replacing the faucet because it's not working right that's fine. but if you're looking to update the look of your bathroom, this is the way to do this. this comes already put together. and you don't have to do anything, this is the chelsea, and this is the ashland, great prices, this was 129, this is $99 an incredible price. you get the cabinet and the sink. this is a value of 499 it's
9:40 am
now 299. fantastic, self-contained, easy to put in. >> great tips and great stuff at home depot, if you need extra tips to put this stuff in. go to home and great step by step videos there. have a great weekend. dave and ainsley, back to you guys. >> dave: thanks, buddy. next, colleges have within criticized having a liberal bias. now, protesters are admitting it and even saying they discriminate against conservative protesters. >> ainsley: first let's check in with brenda buttner, what's coming up on the cost of freedom business. >> hey, guys, good morning, recovery or recession? find out what new numbers on the economy means ahead. and what does it say when a number of 30-somethings living with mom and dad is soaring when someone here actually thinks that's great news for the economy, find out why get ready to pay up more. and something new from the tsa
9:41 am
may send the ticket prices even higher. cost of freedom at the top of the hour, we'll see you then.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
>> one of the last things you'd expect to hear from college professors, the shocking new survey, many admit to doing just that and who is the target? the conservative colleagues. >> so whatever happened to college being a place for open mind? well, here now to weigh in on this from the daily caller is michelle steele. good morning, michelle. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> ainsley: what do you make of this survey? first of all, tell us about it and what do you make of it? >> the survey has liberals openly admitting they have discriminate against
9:45 am
conservatives when it comes hiring and papers. if they knew they were conservative, they wouldn't hire them or give them the job. and being a conservative, this isn't a respecttable position in academia. >> dave: do not apply. and the journal perspectives on psychological science, one of my favorites. one third would chris discriminate against conservative jobs candidates and more willing to discriminate against conservatives and the study the bottom of the screen, the more liberal, the higher the assumption conservatives do not sha shake hostility and revealing their political identity. so they have to hide in academia. is any of this illegal? >> no, intellectual diversity is not one of the main things that professors worry about. they worry about
9:46 am
discrimination when it comes to african-americans or latinos. but, what's very interesting about this survey is that the researchers said that usually they have to trick people into admitting that they discriminate or that they're prejudice against a certain group. these professors are open about it. yes, it's very alarming and shows that they don't see that there's anything wrong or unfair with that type of behavior. as if they literally think that conservatives are lesser beings and worthy of this discrimination. >> ainsley: what is your advice for those looking for a job at a college. keep your opinion to yourself if you're a conservative, right? >> yeah, it's something that you have to do, but there are a lot of other universities, private institutions, that are more open to conservative ideas and to having an arena of open ideas on their campus so i would say just trying to research the university to make sure that they are
9:47 am
open-minded and actually to tolera tolerant. >> it's interesting if the roles were reversed and you have a college that's all conservative. >> good look with that. and 5 to 7% hopely identify as republicans, so it's very friendly turf. michelle fields, thank you for being with us. >> ainsley: always good to see you. coming up next we head back outside to get ready for the hunting season and test driving atv's. ♪
9:48 am
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9:51 am
it's a great sale and this one is a regular gasoline pursued, but it's fuel injected which is important as far as the throttle. and in the mountains, talking about regenning koorp raters and it does automatically and in-in suspension and lowers the center of gravity and makes it more stable. no down payment. no interest, no payment at all for the first six months and basically taking it on hunting on it on bass pro shop's nickel this fall. >> can you get a shot of
9:52 am
dave's socks. >> did you ever see someone with those socks driving an atv before? what in the world. >> dave: and i want to fire it up. >> clayton: fire it up. >> where are we. >> and you're out. you're good to go. >> anyway, great, great value right now and also you've got the hybrid model atv. >>his is the bad boy buggy ambush. >> this is the first bad boy buggy they've designed from the ground up. >> listen how quiet it is, because it's electric. >> and the rear axle is run by a gas engine and the front is run by electric, so, the great thing about this thing is, you can go -- say you're going to your hunt lodge four miles away and the first 1/2 mile gas and then to electric, approaching the tree stand quietly and makes all the difference in the world. take it out. >> it's like a glorified golf cart.
9:53 am
you can play golf or carry hay. >> that's right, put your beer in there. >> this is a cool vehicle. >> the bad boy buddy. >> and it handles well and nice when you're getting close to your hunting lodge, you can' going electric and it's stealth. >> clayton: and when you have an ainsley pulling up with you-- >> and there goes ainsley. >> oh, no. >> whoa. >> and with the classic-- >> and it starts, it's starting right now, right? >> it's going on right now, going on this weekend and the seminar and the pros are in talking about the hunting experience and giving tips. a lot going on on bass pro. >> more "fox & friends" in two minutes, head out to bass pro shop and you might see a guy with those socks there if you're lucky. ♪
9:54 am
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could've had a v8.
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> >> welcome to "fox & friends," rick will be at the twins festival. >> all sorts of twins get together. >> i brought you breakfast. >> and thanks to bass pro, the fall classic going on at all bass pro shops. >> thanks. >> ainsley: i've had so much fun with you guys. >> clayton: and again, the at. >> ainsley: you were not doing this as a child? >> congress bolting as the unemployment rate is rising and it's just not jobs that
9:58 am
are hurting. they're flat lining, and factory orders falling, manufacturing shrinking and housing sales falling. all of that nearly two-thirds of consumers think that the u.s. is back in a recession right now. are they right? i'm brenda buttner, let's get to it. gary b smith, tobin smith. jonas max ferris along with the author "the great crash ahead" and the aspen institute, susan. welcome everybody. okay, harry, forget it a new recession, you think we can't get out of the first one. you have two economies, the households with middle and low income wages and part-time jobs instead of full-time. many are underwater in their mortgages and their unemployment rates are more like 9 0 --
9:59 am
9 to 10% and the flip side. the college, they're gaining jobs and control about 85% of the financial assets outside of real estate and what the fed has been able to bubble back up with the artificial stimulus and we don't think it's going to lost. the top 20% are doing okay. shopping at guccis. most people feel like recession and never came out since 2009. >> okay, make the days for recovery. >> and we've had jobs created, a strong number and it's getting us up to a good place and 25% are manufacturing jobs and it doesn't happen overnight, but there's no denying that this is a good friend. and on the unemployment rate-- there is-- on the unemployment rate 22


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