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tv   Stossel  FOX News  August 4, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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thank you at the same time. i'm not trying to be funny and i guess it would be in i didn't live there. i don't think apeopling to gang bangers to their good manners is going to work. what will work? we already have some of the toughest gun laws in america. i feel they violate my second amendment right to protect myself and my family. the gang bangers don't care about the gun laws so innocent people continue to get killed. i want to go to our great panel. harvard law grad and editor of above the law .com. from chicago my home here is liberal radio host and fox news contributor sa santita jacksond imogen load weber. let's get going. gang bangers. appealing to their good nature.
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>> every time something goes wrong with gun laws it is like an excuse for us not to have gun laws. we don't say let's not traffic laws because people in boston don't know how to drive, right just the if you want to deal with gangbangers one of the best ways to start is to go and take all of their guns. >> i don't have people driving their car into my living room and having their way with my life and stealing my stuff. i could project my family if my he liberal mayor would let me have a gun to protect myself. i really believe this. if i could protect myself these gang bangers are looking for an opportunity. if they think you can fight back it will stop the violence. let me have a gun. let good people have guns and the violence will stop. >> it is a wonderful thought but the studies don't prove that out. the fact is we have to look at the violence and the culture. the fact is january 8, 2011
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gabby giffords was shot. you can have your guns. i don't have one but if you want it you got it no problem. the constitution is a living breathing document. you can have that. >> why can't i have a gun in our city? >> i'm saying is this do you need an ak 47 or assault rifle. >> yes. >> you do not. >> land of free. >> you are not free to shoot something out of the sky. an airplane i'm not shooting something out of the plane. >> that is what mr. holmes had. he was able to order four guns, 6,000 rounds. >> there is a big difference between some creep going to the movie theater and killing people and me protecting my family. a gang comes in as a gang. >> you do not need a machine gun to do that. >> i live in the city where hundreds of people have been killed. >> this whole discussion about rights responsibilities. you have a responsibility not to kill people. >> i have a responsibility -- >> no, no, no. >> i have to responsibility to protect my wife and children and i can't do that.
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>> mr. holmes was not trying to protect any one. he walked into the theater to kill and he was successful at it. >> what if i had been in the theaterrer with a gun legally and i could have stopped him? >> i would hope that you would have been on the floor protecting your family. >> we are not saying the way to stop gun violence in the country is to arm everybody in some kind of weird escape from new york death match. >> elie, that is exactly what we are trying to do. that is exactly what i think. guys if you give good people, you don't take light away from darkness and hope the darkness behaves. shine light in there. these guys are looking for opportunity. >> guns don't give you life they give you a spark. >> do you know what guns are, you guys have sticks in london. >> 51 people die in it britain last year through guns. do you believe in vigilante justice is that what you are saying? >> talking about chuck bronson
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going after the bad guys 86 i'm okay with that. >> you really are? >> do all right for simself. >> asntita and i share the same neighborhood. >> if she was going to be truthful today. >> i live on the south side of chicago. don't live on the south side of chicago. >> 15 minute response time when you call 911. 15 minutes. out cayou can do a lot of rapid killing in 15 minutes. my wife and my children don't have that time. >> it is about the american dream and the problem in chicago a lot of people feel they don't have access to that dream my more. >> wait a minute, guys. i went to public schools. and i didn't have we were poor growing up and we weren't killing each other. are there is more to it. more to it than this.
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>> dennis blair who headed up the intelligence agency said the greats depression. he said this will unravel our social fabric. >> what is the answer. throw more money at it? >> give people jobs. >> let's buy air conditioners. i heard that, too. midnight basketball. it is not working. >> it is made out of great process. >> you will all these murders in chicago and it is not even one of the most violent cities in america. i want to put up the list for you guys. startling that the most dangerous cities in america look at this. nine out of ten of them are democratic. can't just be a coincidence. >> this has nothing to do with democrats and republican. >> it as coincidence that democrats tend to win elections in bigger cities with more of a poorer population and republicans win in smaller cities with more rich people around. that makes a lot of sense. >> are you saying that republicans don't kill each other but democrats do? just a coincidence. >> this is a transpartisan issue.
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shame on you you for bringing partisanship into this. this is corporatism versus poplytism. i don't mind corporations. let me finish my thought. i think the people need to weigh in here. this is not about republicans and democrats. >> but it is. the republicans won't let me have a -- the republicans would let me have a fun to defend myself. >> there have been 60 shootings since gabrielle giffords. you want to look at chicago but you don't want to look that the. >> chicago. >> these come i believe from fbi statistics and they say it is a false way of looking at them by looking at the it cities, it is simplistic. republicans and democrats as well. fundamentally there are big problems that need to be dealt with. you live in an amazing country. >> thank you. >> a fantastic political system but has to do with checks and balances and to get to grips
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with the big probe lemes in the country that involve addiction and education they need to come together and wor work together. >> with all due respect, welcome to america. i have grown up with this. i heard this rhetoric my whole life. more money for this. that is is always the answer. more are money for everything. it is not working. >> but you are -- >> i think -- i tell you what. >> mancow it has worked before. white on white crime, we had an explosion of violence in chicago, jane adams and hull house and the president weighing? >> when was this. >> 1890 through 1930. >> that wasn't the 1800s. isn't that when it took 8 minute foss load a weapon in the first place. >> they threw money at cities and had a plan to get people out of poverty and out of the get toes. >> money, money. that is always the answer. why do i think democratic cities are more violent where there is no vision people
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perish. vision. morals. values. politicians laugh at people like me that believe in god, guns and guts. these things are jut dated. a fish rots from the head down and we have rotten leadership in this country with no morels. when they rather morals to us it is laughable. democratic controlled cities sorry they are more violent. so why is it then that every time an act of violence happens the lame stream media immediately tries to pin it on the tea party or a conservative? it is unfair. the rush to judgment, coming up next right here. hang on. ♪
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the tea party is churning out ruthless mass murderers well that is if you believe the lame stream media. the movie theater massacre gunman was immediately called a tea partyer by abc's brian ross.
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i will give you a few right now. 2010 professor amy bishop at the university of alabama shot and killed three colleagues and, of course, when you think professor at a college immediately the tea party, right? surprise, turns out she was a life long democrat and a obama donor. 2011, the rampage in tucson. remember that guy. there he is. is you know what, i don't want to mention his name. congress woman gabie giffords could be watching right now. we salute her and her recovery. they immediately labeled him a tea party extremist. wrong again. 2010. a massive car bomb right down the street here set to slaughter families. right there in times square. the king of new york, excuse me mayor of new york king bloomberg said it must be some crazed conservative commie care hating chief whack adoodle.
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this is from the mayor that was in new york during 9/11. it wasn't a tea partyer. it was a terrorist act by an islamofascist. when they are wrong it is a little burr be at the back of the paper. i think they are just sorry they couldn't make a connection to the tea party. let me ask the panel here why does the knee jerk media always try to pin it on the left? >> are you saying that profiling somebody based on a wrong assumption about their race and economic situation is bad? >> i think you are right. i think you are right. >> you are very funny. it is very funny except what is -- why are they profiling tea partyers? >> because -- >> why? >> at this point the tea partyers have been the most out front in terms of gun rights so when gun violence happens they are getting profiled. i'm not saying it is fair. i'm not saying it is right. i'm the guy that believes take
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every situation as it many coulds as opposed to making broad againization. >> you are the guy that feels that way. i was wondering who it was you're okay with every time it is the tea partyer. >> i'm not saying that. >> republicans are twice as likely as democrats to have a gun. it is the culture of the media to try to rush to get ahead of the story. they did it with healthcare and this he did it with this. fortunately no other network ran with that and they retracted it. >> brian ross did. >> it is wrong and they he shouldn't have done it. the media needs to stop before they tweet and research properly because this has happened time and time again recently. >> and more and more americans are turning away from the mainstream media because we are tired of this. i don't like profiling as you sort of did when we were coming in because every crazed terrorist in this is a democrat but i will leave that alone. >> that is not right. we has an islamofascist.
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the list has all kinds of political parties mention. >> but mancow i'm teasing. having grown up in public life i have seen people profiled and it is not fair. we to push the media to tell the store. >> karch: the whole truth. your side, my side. the truth. period. that is it. >> the new york city mayor king bloomberg, excuse me, mike bloomberg, his answer to the violence is compellingly clueless. i mean i can't even believe it. >> i don't understand why the police officers across this country don't stand up collectively and say we are going to go on strike. we're not going to protect you unless you the public through your legislature do what is required to keep us safe. after all, police officers want to go home to their families. and we are doing everything we can to make their job more difficult but more importantly more dangerous by leaving guns
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in the hands of people who shouldn't have them and letting people who have those guns buy things like armor piercing bullets. >> wow, the cops should go on strike. good night irene. that is just two scoops of stupid. the cops should go on strike and leave people out here in some sort of mad max crazy world like you were talking about. >> he was making a legitimate point that one would think that a safer society would be one where the cops have a monopoly on fire power and the criminals don't have any. >> that is the answer, the government can have guns, right, big government is always the answer for everybody. more money. and more guns and they will do the right thing because that is what the government does. >> trained professionals should have guns. criminals should not have guns. i should not have a gunny. grandma should not have a gun.
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>> why? >> grandma still can't program the vcr. >> she has the musket cover. >> she can do the musket. >> mancow, what do you want to see? >> in new york? >> yeah, in chicago. >> i would leak to be able to protect myself. >> so why do you need armor piercing bull lets. >> wait, wait, wait, wait. because it is america and i should be able to have whatever i want to have in a free country. >> if it is for hunting, they don't have flapjack coats on animals. >> the deer are very smart. you never know. they are getting smarter. the deer are getting smarter. >> he is killing me. >> i love america. i have come to learn about america and i'm not going to be busy saying you need the gun control laws that we have in the uk, i understand that but armor piercing why do you need that? >> you don't need that. and mancow, if i may -- >> where does it stop? >> you are imperilling the police. you love the police, right? >> of course. i support the police. where does it stop.
10:18 pm
incrementalism. >> they are not safe with these kinds of guns and armor piercing bull lets. come on now. >> santita thank you. >> in other words, shut up. >> no. >> i love you. you know i love you. >> i tell you what i would do. i will tell you what i will do. i have the insurance, it is coming up next. >> i would personally. >> and is this the man right here that will get -- there he is. will that guy right there guarantee a second term for president obama? libertarian presidential nominee gary johnson is in here next. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. ♪ [muc plays] ♪ [music plays]
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i have to confess i voted libertarian in 2008. and i really can't remember who i voted for. so, why should someone in 2012
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vote for a libertarian when that person has almost no chance of winning? we have third-party candidate and former new mexico governor gary johnson with us right now. under what scenario would you become our president? you you ka say you can win andu don't believe you can win. >> the only scenario under which i win is if i'm in the national debate and at that point that could be crash and burn or anything could happen if that happened. >> you nailed as a republican candidate. is that why you are running as a libertarian candidate? >> i think i'm a special person for the fastest growing seth of american politics today and that is those that consider themselves libertarian. >> i want to talk about the frightful libertarian moment with your friend ron paul. >> your policy towards iran is if they want to develop a nuclear weapon that is their right. no sanctions and effort to stop them. >> i think that makes is t. much worse.
10:23 pm
why would that be so strange if the soviets and chinese have nuclear weapons. we didn't attack them and they were a much greater danger. they were the greatest danger to us in our whole history. you don't go to war against them. >> i think he made a lot of sense until that point. i think a lot of potential libertarian voters saw that and thought sweet jesus that is a problem. this is a frightening moment. do you feel the same way? >> i feel the same way as ron paul. >> let iran nuke up. >> if we bomb ryan w we bomb ie into a two year bombing of iran. nuclear weapons are all about key teresa paytonence. iran launches a nuclear weapon they are assure of their destruction. >> they say they will use it. they -- i mean i remember a song when i was a kid by sting i hope the russians love their kids, too. turns out they he did. they are saying they going to
10:24 pm
use it. shouldn't we he take it seriously. >> after 9/11 in iran there was the biggest demonstration on the planet in support of the united states and 9/11 and what happened at 9/11 support for the united states. so if we bomb iran look for a two year bombing maintenance program for iran. they are just going to do it deeper but they are going to develop that nuclear weapon and then where are they going to launch it. be the way. >> they will launch it towards israel and launch it towards america and i also letter them celebrating all over the middle east for 9/11. >> and israel has 300 nuclear warheads they launch a weapon and retal torrey strike. they launch a weapon they are assured of their own destruct,ion. we should be vigilant to -- >> vigilant. >> so watch them nuke up but don't do anything about it. >> perhaps we do something about it. >> if you are president you say israel go take care of iran. >> well, right now i would say don't bomb iran. we bomb iran we are going to
10:25 pm
end up with a nuclear war at the end of this. >> if we have troops anywhere are on the planet earth under your presidency? >> i'm looking to reduce the military footprint by 43%. i think we very to balance the federal budget. i think the biggest threat to our national security is the fact that we are borrowing and printing money to the tune of 43 cents out of every doll are spending.we i propose a 43% cut in the mill tar ray which only takes us back to 2003. that is in the military footprint. >> you would let iran nuke up, though, i want to make this clear? >> not necessarily. >> but you are not the going do anything about it. >> how about the notion of real diplomacy and the reason of trade. >> that fails you let them nuke up? >> depending on the -- look, i don't want -- this is a primary responsibility of the president of the united states to make sure -- >> that is to defend the united
10:26 pm
states. is it your job to stop iran who says they will use the nukes before they get to that point? >> should we have gone in and bombed turkey or india or the soviet union or ouching? >> maybe we should have stopped some of these programs. >> i think we would have bigger problems. >> you also believe drugs should be decriminalized and you are fine with that. >> the only drug i'm advocating legalizing is marijuana. >> are you high right now? >> i don't think i would be able to do this if i were high right now. >> you haven't had any brownies or anything to prepare for this? >> i -- >> there you go. do you use marijuana? >> do i. in no, i don't. i have, though. >> why are you such a big supporter for it. when i bring up your name. he likes marijuana. why do you think that. >> i'm in the category of 100 million americans who smoke marijuana but for the wrong set of circumstances are behind bars. i don't want to be a hype
10:27 pm
picrite on this. >> you inhale. >> i joke that i never ex-hail. >> you cut taxes in your state and it worked you cut the taxes and it work. >> more than that. i think i brought about fiscal sanity. i may have the distinction of having vetoed more bills than the other 49 governors in the country combined. i said no to the notion that government passes laws and rules and regulation that just add time and money to us being able to comply to the rules and regulations and i said no. >> the tax situation in america right now if you you became president would you abolish the irs and cut taxes and you would. >> i would adopt the fair tax and abolish the irs and eliminate corporate tax and income tax. i think it reboots the american economy. kicks crony capitalism in the rear end. washington is selling loopholes and individuals groups and
10:28 pm
corporations are buying the group holes adopting the fair tax issues pink slips to half of washington lobbyists. >> used to be a republican and now a libertarian. >> maybe i have always been a libertarian. took a hiatus and became a republican. >> republican so you could wen. >> actually govern. >> what is mitt romney to you. a republican? a good conservative to you? >> well, the only issue i have with mitt romney is i have no idea where mitt romney stands on any of these issues. he talks about balancing the federal budget, the need to do that but he says that we should hold military or we should increase spending for the military and hold medicare in check. i graduated from the second grade and it doesn't add up the mathematics. >> you used to be republican. you come in and get 2% or 3% of the vote and mitt romney louisiana loses. are you okay with that? >> are you going to cheer over the fact that i cost obama the election because that is actually statistically what is coming down.
10:29 pm
>> i think actually it will take equally from both sides and i will think people should vote their conscience as opposed to voting for the lesser of two evils. >> i want to play a little game for you. jumping all over the place. play a little game with me. here we go. >> i don't have a choice. but oh bay driving count to road and your brakes fail and you are coming to a fork in the road and there is a liberal in one road, a conservative in the other. which road do you turn down? >> at that point i am -- i am skillful enough to avoid both. >> wow. john stossel the most famous libertarian we all know around here, what about him as your v.p.? >> i do have a v.p., jim grey, a former superior court judge in california, former federal prosecutor. very outspoken on the war and drugs. terrific guy. solid guy. >> nobody knows who that is. come on. >> well, the notion is that he takes over if something happens
10:30 pm
to me and i take that very seriously he in that selection. >> thank you for coming in. >> mancow, thank you very much. >> would you believe a business owner that says firing people actually creates jobs. and we will read between the headlines, next. it's add news. happy birthday! thank you, nana
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,. mire from america's news headquarters i'm marianne rafferty. a grueling weekend for crews across oklahoma battling at least a dozen wildfires in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. high winds spanned the flames towards dozens of homes. one fire may have been ignited by a.b. arsonist. shaping up to be one of the worst wildfires in state's history. in chicago, the la palooza fess city val back in full swing after a weather detay.
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fans left grant park calmly as the storm dropped torrential rain on the city. organizers exercising an abundance of caution after the last year's deadly stage collapse at the indiana state fair. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to mancow. for the latest headlines log on to fox news .com. ad news. read between the headlines right now. there is a brand new online cast that actually can measure your cat's iq. if your cat can find it online the cat is smart. meow, meow, click. >> after 85 0* years nuce week is going to stop the hard copy edition. only online. where will i get my left wing propaganda and my hard copies of president obama with the halo. the pompous pontiff right
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there. there. snooki will have a son there and name her son lorenzo. let me use it in a se sentence. poor lorenzo. this marks the first time in years that any one in yahoo has done something new. tragedy has struck. chris and bruce jener or is it kardashian. they may be headed for divorce. one of the great tragedies of our age. but you wouldn't know it looking at bruce because he had his doctor put on his brave face. people fainting at obama speeches but when they faint it is when starts talking about his economic plan. >> they will be okay. just give them a little space. they will okay. it is so fake. it is so fake. this economy is not for the
10:36 pm
faint of heart. north korea dictator king jong un just got married. wooed his bride to be with flowers and chocolates and the promise not to kill her family. the couple is registered at the north korean bed, bath and beyond famine. right now we will show you one of the latest attack ads against mitt romney. i think this will resonate with a lot of americans struggling with the tough economy. i want to show it. see what you think. >> out of the blue one day we were told to build a a 30-foot stage gather the guys and we built that 30-foot stage not knowing what it was for. just days later all three shifts were told to assemble in the warehouse a group of people walked out on that stage and told us that the plant is now closed and all of you are fired.
10:37 pm
i looked both ways, i looked at the crowd and we all just lost your jobs. we don't have an income. mitt romney made over $100 million by shutting down our plant and devastated our lives. >> joining me right now is the ceo of euro pacific capital and author of the book the real crash. peter schiff. you saw that. you arby's owner. how do you justify what people just saw? >> an ad that is designed to appeal to people that don't understand how capitalism works and i guess that is fitting because obama doesn't understand it either. yes, it is acing. the problem is sometimes people lose their jobs in a free market and sometimes the best way to create better jobs is for some people to lose their jobs. resources in an economy are scarce and it is up to a business to produce as much business using as little input as possible and some of those inputs are laner.
10:38 pm
whatever labor is freed up by one business is now available to do something else and be more productive. >> peter. pete. let's say there is a company with a thousand people that is losing money and is going to go bankrupt. if firing 200 people can keep that company in business and profitable, then you fire 200 people. you save the jobs of 800. and now those 2 h hundred people can start doing something more productive with their time and labor and everybody will benefit. >> what are they going to do more productive with their time? sit around without a job? >> they are going to get other job. >> sounds great. what you are saying sounds great. what i understood of it. however, to the regular guy sitting out there america is is a mess right now. they don't have jobs. that add is powerful. and your answer is -- >> i didn't say it wasn't a powerful add ad. if might even work slap slap. >> that is not going to play to the voters. that is not what the voters are going to think they see that. do you think mitt romney has countered this ad correctly?
10:39 pm
>> he needs to explain the biggest barriers to job creation is government. i'm a small employer. i have about 150 employees and the only reason i hire people is to make more money for myself. that is the only reason anybody has a job is because their boss wants to make money. i would have a lot more people working for me now if it wasn't for government. i opened an office in the caribbean and i'm opening up another in ireland. i would rather employ more americans but the u.s. government makes that impossible because they made it too expensive. the regulations are pricing american workers out of the market. >> you are an outsourcer proudly, right? >> and so is mitt romney. but what he should run on is why. what forced him to outsource. it was big government. it was the exact type of policies that obama is pursuing. and if we want a vibrant economy we have to get the government out of the way. we can't run up the cost of doing business in the country. >> how do we get the jobs back in america? that is whey want to know?
10:40 pm
how do we get them back? >> less regulations. low restacks shrink government so the economy can grow. empower entrepreneurs instead of trying to put barriers in front of them which is happening with me and my business and loot of businesses. when i give advice to young people starting businesses one of the things i tell them is hire as few people as possible because the government has made being an employer almost like you are public enemy number one and the minute you hire somebody they are coming at you from all angles. taxes, fines, litigation, regulations. better to run your business without hiring anybody. what kind of country is this. >> obama's attack on the american bread winners and peter's take on it, coming up next. [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity... to drive a car filled with as much advanced technology as the world around it. with the available lexus enform app suite, you can use opentable tmake restaurant servations...
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unless you have been heighting under a rock you have probably seen this by now but i want to play it one more time because the more i hear it and the more you hear it the more ridiculous it sounds. >> somebody h helped to create this unbelievable american system that we had that allowed you to thrive. somebody invested in roads and bridges. if you got a business, that -- you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> ow. all right, peter, you heard him. according to our beloved president you didn't build your business. if you didn't do it, peter, who built your business?
10:45 pm
>> i don't know. i remember when i first started as a one man shop in a one bedroom apartment i would about put in 16 hour days. i didn't see obama there helping me out. the whole idea is resting on the false premise that the wealthy people made their money by taking something out of sew sigh itty ansociety and they he back. more the opposite. they earn money by putting in and provide the economy with all of the goods and services that we desire. i'm not doing this interview naked. >> thank god. >> i have a suit of clothes on and the wealthy people that provided me with clothing got paid and i would rather have the cash than the clothes but in the process of satisfying my desire to not be naked they employed a lot of people. it is the wealthy entrepreneurs that take all the risks and all of sacrifices that work the hardest that put in the most hours that keep these society going and create all of the goods and services and provide all the jobs and the biggest barrier to doing that is
10:46 pm
government. >> peter, you are not naked from what we can see you are clothed. [ laughter ] >> think i had i bought from some rich person that wanted to make a buck. look at all of the things that we have that steve jobs provided us with. the computers around all the products that we love. did he have to give anything back? as far as i'm concerned he should haven't paid any taxes. >> i know you like making a buck, it is great. don't you have responsibility to give back to the society? you made a lot of money. obama just says we should all just put it in a big pot and share it. isn't that nice? >> i'm already giving to society as are all businessmen by providing goods and services and creating jobs. the people that need to give back. what about somebody who is living on welfare or just collecting? just collecting checks, what have they put in? why don't they give something back. you can't just go after the rich. the problem is if you try to
10:47 pm
tax the rich more, the rich people are not going to work as hard and produce as much and create any more jobs. >> can american businesses handle four more years of this president? >> mine might because part of my business is helping americans get their money out of harm's way by investing abroad and buying gold and out of thesng out of the dale dollar. i'm not sure if i will have any money left over after he finishes taxing me. the bigger problem is we have structural economic problems. huge imbalances built up over years under both democrat and republican presidents. our economy is all screwed up. interest rates too low. we consumed too much. borrowed too much. we will have a real crash coming. i would definitely rather have a romney in the white house when that happens because at least he believes in capitalism. might not underand it it completely but he believes in
10:48 pm
it. i think in his heart obama is a socialist and looking for any kind of failure to ratify that belief. he will blame everything on capitalism. this is not capitalism fault. this is government's fault. central banking. central planning. we need a free market in the united states if we are going to survive and thrive. >> no matter what the american public will lose no matter how we vote. thank you, peter, i appreciate it. on the tweeter sphere as well. andy says bain capital is like the ex-girlfriend mitt romney tries to cop out of his profile picture but everyone can still see her arm. coming up more tweets on twilight and chick-fil-a and the twilight cheating scandal. real important stuff. hang on.
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like this. maybe the question should be should we forgive cnn for being so unbelievably biased? we forgive them for all of the propaganda. roseanne was big in the '90s. had a tv show and apparently hates chick-fil-a. any one who eats blank philly deserves that get cancer that comes from eating antibiotic filled tortured chickens for are christ. wow, roseanne that is a christian message of love that resonates for her. she salutes the boston mayor
10:53 pm
who doesn't want any chick-fil-a. no jobs but no chick-fil-a. if there is anybody that knows about eat lousy food it is roseanne. her coming out against fast food is like a pig coming out against mud. ellen barken. poor ellen. could you remember ellen? nobody else dose either. she tweets got to go to bed. work in the morning. i love everybody except you right wing morons. that is hilarious. ellen barken going to work. come on. surprised to learn softball is an olympic sport. turn its out brian williams was just interviewing romney. yeah, the easy questions. i questions he is saving the tough stuff for obama. if the media is playing softball with romney then it is tee ball with obama. here is another one. call me crazy but he is kind of cute.
10:54 pm
i don't want to tell you who they are talking about. i don't want to say his name and show him. thousands are women are tweeting about the colorado mass murderer. be honest to god there are 47 million single men in america and women are focusing on this freaky deeky? honestly, ladies, come on. 47 million men are single. and what do you go on match .com and look for mass murderers? the fact is a some poor schlub is sitting home alone watching me out a lady and you are giving props to this guy? it's 50 shades of gross. thanks for joining us. good night. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. [ female announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role throughout our entire lives. ♪ one a day women's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin
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10:58 pm
like george w. bush? that's what president obama would have voters believe. should you buy it? and stunning chinese athletes in the olympics. the politics of sports. can a nation's greatness really be measured by the medal standings? welcome to the journal, editorial report. i'm paul gigot. democrats successfully used the phrase, it's the economy, stupid. and that phrase hit a nerve with the american public, but this may be the time for republicans to make that argument as the labor department releases the latest numbers on america's unemployed. a contradictory message of sorts on friday as the unemployment rate rose to 8.3%, while 160,000 new jobs were added, in july. the romney camp wasting no time pushing their plans for the economy, laying out his
10:59 pm
economic agenda to the wall street journal this week. and is joining the panel. wall street columnist editor, dan henninger and kim extras many. dan, with the new jobs numbers coming out a week after the second quarter growth figures, measley 1 1/2% growth, is the state of the economy now fixed in the voter mind for november? >> i think so. i don't know whether it's fixed in the voters' minds. >> really. >> the fact is these are the numbers and the state of the economy between now and november. >> what does it tell you about that state? >> well, it me that they have to make a choice, make a choice between the incumbent, barack obama, who after all has been president through this period and he is on the defensive by definition. the economy has been this way and he's been president. while we tend to personalize this, opponents for barack obama being obama. it doesn't, if he w


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