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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  August 5, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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is not technically a day of worship for the sikh community. they might not have been packed but there were are a lot of people there because they tend to worship more on weekends, saturdays and sundays, mornings and evenings because work responsibilities are not on the calendar on those days. but it is not a day of sabbath or a day of rest or anything the way that other religions might observe a sunday. it may speak to potentially just how packed the temple was at the team as we try to learn, as certain just how many people have been involved with this and what the job ahead is for the first responders to go in and deliniate between who belongs here and who doesn't. >> i must say harris just judging by the police activity outside this sikh temple which is again south of milwaukee they are not taking cover. we are not seeing, you know,
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snipers at the ready assisting the s.w.a.t. team that is we understand inside the temple right now. so one would sort of suspect by looking at the outside of the temple and the activity going on there isn't a sense of urgency and they may feel as though there is just one shooter. that shooter is now down according to the chief of police. we are also getting one other detail here. one police officer has reportedly been shot, is being treated, expected to survive. there is no total victim count. two at the hospital right now that we know of. one in critical condition. we don't know and don't have confirmed as you point out, are rice, any other suspects who may be inside but they are clearly going through room by room trying to rescue those who mae be hiding potential victim
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there's. but just the sense here from watching the outside is they may feel as though they have this under control and that this may be a lone gunman. harris? >> you know, when all of this news was just wreck breaking a short time ago we should tell people a police dispatcher in ath area of wisconsin is how we all found about this as the news went out several people had been shot at the sikh temple. now, that the milwaukee county sheriff's department has held the news conference we have learned more about the timing of this and how long it might have lasted and now just trying to learn more about the victims. at least two hospitals, greg, you may have said and we are learning more about this are treating victims of this. we know of at least one in critical condition at this point. but you know, things can change rather rapidly and as they continue to bring people out of this temple and out of this complex we will learn more. we hope that they won't find any more injured at this point. they are trying to figure out if they have anybody else in
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there that may have played a role in this criminally. greg, you do an expert read and we have covered these kinds things before. >> we have have on the telephone the county alderman. sir, can you tell it us any additional details as to the shooting? >> well, approximately 11:45 central time this morning the mayor of oak creek called me up to inform me about the shooting. and one information that i'm getting off your newscast today is more information than i have personally received up until the time and i'm shocked about the shooting because sense i have been alderman a little over three years even when this sikh temple was built there
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have never been any trouble or any problems. i have never received any phone calls from people complaining about them and they have just been good citizens. >> how large is the sikh community? >> right now, they blend in well within the city and i really don't have that information on hand. >> and you said you recalled when the temple was built. when was is it constructed? how long has it been there? >> oh, i would say five or six years now. i don't know exactly when but i would say it has been here about five or six years. like i say, they have been good citizens. >> and to your knowledge there is no -- there has been no unrest, ethnic or otherwise that would relate to this sikh temple. >> none whatsoever. >> this has got to be a shock to our community, one would imagine, this sort of thing
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really doesn't happen much in wisconsin. i don't recall a memory over the last 15-to 20* years reporting too much of this sort of gun violence. >> oak creek has a population of approximately 35,000. things like that just don't happen in oak creek. they happen to other people but we like to think we are quiet community and it just doesn't happen here. >> alderman da, if you get any updates, let us know, sir. >> listening to the news, i think you people are getting more information than i'm getting personally. >> thank you, sir. appreciate it. >> you have a good day. >> we do have a clip from the news conference. again, this was the chief of police in greenfield nearby. let's take a list. >> an officer arrived on scene he engaged an active shooter. that officer was shot multiple times. he is -- he has been
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transported to a local hospital. he is expected to survive. that officer returned fire and that shooter was put down. that shooter is currently outside of the temple. he is down on the scene. at this time we don't know if there are additional shooters inside the temple. our tactical officers from multiple jurisdictions are on the scene. we are going about a methodical process of identifying the individuals both inside and outside of the temple and ensuring that the scene is safe and secure and attending to victims as they go forward. >> all right. the term put down in reference to the shooter is a bit vague and ambiguous. he has clearly been hit by gun fire from the police officer who was shot multiple times and expected to survive. whether or not that means that the gunmen has been killed or has survived we just don't know. let's go to harris faulkner at
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the breaking news desk. harris? >> i was listening to your interview you moments ago and one of the questions was about the sixt sikh community and si. i have a little background about the oak creek temple and why they built it. why it was necessary. >> originally the sikh temple of wisconsin was established back in october of 1997 and started with just 20 to 25 families. they were gathering in a rental community in the halls on the south side of milwaukee and then in 1999 they formally established themselves as the official sikh temple of wisconsin and grew. at that time to about 350, 400 people in the congregation so it is a growing population at that point. and thereafter they felt the need to build a new oak creek center temple to better serve the needs of this growing community. they bought 13 acres of land on south howell avenue near the airport in oak creek to build this. the construction, 7,500 square
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feet is what they built. and so this is a large complex. beautiful brick building that answered the call of the growing sikh community and i wanted to answer your on that as he continue to gather information. >> it is ongoing and fluid according to police. they say one suspect has been put down. a gunman who opened fire inside this sikh temple. there are several victims. we do not know all of their conditions except one is in critical condition at a local hospital. they don't know if other shooters are inside the building. authorities were called there with reports of shots fired. again we heard the chief of police from greenfield saying he doesn't know how many victims there are and how many suspects there are are. the s.w.a.t. team is inside going room by room and there may still be potential members of this sikh temple hiding out
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in closets and in bathrooms and in rooms. let's listen again to police. >> please do not show the videos. we will be giving another update shortly but we ask that you stop that. >> you are hearing the oak creek police asking media to not fly over in their are helicopters right now because there are tactical units on scene and they are saying at this point that is detrimental to the situation. we are hearing there may still be other suspects inside and a hostage situation possibly. we are trying to learn more information. we will be getting another briefing here in about 20 minutes or so. to recap everything that is kind of happening. we just heard about 15 minutes ago they got a 911 phone call around 10:20. it was unin tell legible. an officer arrived on the scene and was shot and transported to the hospital. he is believed to be okay. also a suspect was shot and we do not know if there are additional suspects that the
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point. but this is a very fluid situation and you can tell by the oak creek police officer there who told us do not give away any inside stuff, tactical units are on scene. do not fly helicopters over. this is a fluid situation and it could be detrimental to what is happening inside there right now. ted and kim? >> all right, that it is actually the fox affiliate witi and filling in the details here at least one police officer shot multiple times able to get off a round, putting down the gunman but there may be more and we don't know what put down means but retired fbi special agent jeff lansa joins us on the telephone. you went to the scene there, what happened? >> i wasn't at the scene there. i can tell you in flux like they mentioned and what they are trying to do is figure out if there is another shooter. that is the most important thing to determine if there is
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another threat still active and once they determine that they can take a plan of action and then rescue any one that is a hostage or potentially people injured right now. >> do they go room by room? i don't want to at the hest of police i don't want to give away any major secrets but the obvious would simply is seem they would go room by room. >> that would be the normal procedure. if you have one person put down according to the police officer you have one threat eliminated. they have to determine if there is another threat and once they clear that and determine that there is no other are threats go in and help any one that has been injured and get the people out of there. >> you are backin breaking up a little bit but put down obviously means subdued but doesn't tell us whether the gunman has been killed or injured, right? >> what he probably means is that the threat has been elame
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eliminated and that could be injury or he has been killed. that is what that means in law enforcement. >> all right. agent jeff lansa, formerly of the fbi retired now. thank you very much for your insights. if you are just now joining us, breaking news south of milwaukee in the town of oak creek. ed firet one gunman open od inside a sikh temple this morning. hospital spokesman at a nearby medical center says that three of the victims now in the shooting have been brought this throw ththere. they are all men. she did not have their identities or know why they were there at the temple. we would presume they are members of that temple. one of the men is in the operating room. another one is in a surgical intensive care unit. the third is being evaluated in the emergency room now by critical care doctors. the hospital is a level one
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trauma center prepared to receive more patients from the shooting if that is in fact necessary. but at the present time the hospital spokesman is saying nobody else is on the way. there may be others being treated at the scene or taken to other medical facilities. we just don't know that. tactical command center is there and s.w.a.t. team is inside the temple and they are simply trying to identify whether there are any gunmen who are there. whether there are any hostages or injuries inside the temple. this has been a breaking news alert from the fox news team and we are going to have more breaking news for you on the other side of this break. please stay with us. have doubs about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer.
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this is a fox news alert. i'm gregg jarrett. there has been a shooting at a sikh temple in oak creek, wisconsin, just south of milwaukee this morning. as parishonners were there at a service. apparently at least one gunman opened fire. four people have been shot. a hospital spokesperson telling fox news that two people have been rushed to the hospital. that may now be three. and they are being treated there. the temple president reportedly among the victims. three other victims may be priests. police have the temple on lockdown. there was a report that the gunman may have had hostages including women and children hiding inside various rooms. the s.w.a.t. team is inside the temple right now and trying to determine if it there is a second gunman according to the chief of police there in greenfield, who held a news conference a short time ago. at least one gunman has been
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quote unquote put down. the police officer who shot him has also been shot multiple times, expected to survive. harris faulkner at the breaking news desk now with more details. harris? >> well, a couple of things. the hospital where these victims have been taken, this froedtert you mentioned before the commercial break it is a level one trauma unit. it is important to know that because they were first put on stand biand that is where one of the victims is now in surgery for critical injuries. the other importance of that is that as they bring people out we will be able to contact because we have been in communication with froedtert hospital and medical center. we will be able to find out if there are any additional victims as they go room by room. they were telling people as they were coming out and we have seen this scene unfortunately play out in different locations and states, get down, take cover. but people know to do that now
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inside, too. so we are being told and the police department there in wisconsin is saying this is still an ongoing and fluid situation because they do have people who are going to try to seek cover and hide for as long as possible. they don't trust yet, you know, whoever the person is coming up to check them out. this could play out for some time to come before they can clear the scene and make sure that the person that they quote unquote put down as a suspect outside did not have any accomplices inside. greg, i know you were talking with a former fbi agent about what the words put down would mean. they are a technical term for police. it can mean injured, shot, fatal. we don't know yet in terms of the person that police have captured at this point. certainly for the people left in the building right now it is going to be a watch and wait for the rest of us as they go room by room that the point. i have fox 6 i'm watching off air right now which is the local fox affiliate there in
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milwaukee, wisconsin. and they have got their reporter on scene at oak creek. i don't know if we can listen to a little bit of that or watch a little bit of that right now. he has been out interviewing local people in the community and people are starting to talk a little bit about the shockwave that this is sending. can we watch that perhaps? >> increases the likelihood as he said of children and young people being on the inside. very, very moving, moving words from the state representative from the south milwaukee area. live in oak creek, be fox 6 news. >> we need to be careful abouting is the representative said and i know he is close to the community. he has been in temple many times, these are his friends. he mentioned he heard three people dead. we have no confirmation of that. i'm not sure where he got that information but authorities have not confirmed any fatalities that the point. i'm not saying he is not, correct. >> you are absolutely accurate. and we do need to stress that.
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multiple eyewitnesses coming into account and with all due respect to the representative even though he holds a government title he is not one of the tactical commanders or any sort of law enforcement personnel. >> absolutely. >> on the scene. so he a very emotional and very connected to the situation but again everything with a grain of salt until we get to that 1:30 briefing or so. >> we absolutely appreciate his perspective. >> greg, i want to clear something up because i have been watching this. they are are talking about representative josh zepnek telling the story of how he has attended as a guest as a candidate and as a representative there in the state. he has actually attended services at that particular temple in oak creek and he has been doing kind of his own reconnaissance there on the ground. what they are saying is is that he is not working necessarily with the police department but may have some facts that they aren't able to verify. i just wanted to make that clear. we are are, by the way, trying to get the representative on the line as well so we can do
2:22 pm
our own interview with him to ask him what is playing out as he sees it. >> and his name popped up in a newspaper search that i did about acts of violence about this particular temple and previous antisemitic acts of violence that i will explain to the viewers in just a minute. joining us on the phone is melissa wenke of the froedtert hospital where some of the victims are being treated. a spokesperson there. what can you tell us about the number of people brought there and the condition they are in? >> can you hear me? >> yes, i'm sorry about that. >> how many people are being treated there and for what. >> three people have come into the trauma center and all three are male and all three are in critical condition. >> are any in surgery. >> one is in the operating room, yes? >> what is the nature of their injuries.
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>> all i'm aware of is that they are gunshot wounds. we hope to have more information to share with you soon. >> what kind of hospital is froedtert? >> the area's only level one trauma center. >> equipped to do what. >> mobilized and ready for any mass casualty situation that may arise. >> are you anticipating any more victims from the shooting at the sikh temple? >> at the moment we are are not aware of any but if they do come here we will be prepared to care and treat them to summarize, three individuals with gunshot wounds, all in critical condition. one being operated on right now. did they suffer multiple gunshot wounds, any of them? >> that is not information that i have right now. but again we will be gathering more information soon. >> all right. so one is being operated on. >> correct. >> in surgery right now and the other two, can you explain a bit more about them? >> right now they are in critical condition. i don't at the moment know the nature of their injuries.
2:24 pm
>> any deaths? >> at the hospital, no, none that i can confirm. >> all right. ma issuemelissa spokesperson ae froedtert hospital, a level one trauma center, thank you very much. >> thank you you. >> i mentioned a moment ago, acts of violence against this particular sikh temple and the parishonners there. there was a story in the oak creek patch which quoted the state representative josh zepnik and the district attorney both of whom had visited the temple back in 2011. they noted that there was a discussion with parishonners there about public safety issues in the sikh community. businesses and workers had been the victims of robberies and vandalism. they -- the sikhs are because of religious tradition they wear tour been as many of them and they are often mistaken according to the newspaper article for muslims. they he have been the target of
2:25 pm
racially motivated crimes by antimuslim people and groups. again, i'm reading and summarizing here from the oak creek patch. epithets apparently shout the at them. whether this is related to the shooting we don't know. there is another shooting similar to this it incident in march of 2005 in brookfield where a gunman killed parishonners during a church service at a shara ton hotel in brookfield where the living church of god met but again separate and distinct from the sikh temple. back to harris faulkner with further details. harris? >> i'm seeing this across the associated press wires and we are really trying to confirm this. witnesses are describing a chaotic situation with an unknown number of victims and
2:26 pm
it it is from the witnesses greg apparently that the word of suspects and possible hostages still being in the building. but i do want to caution that we have not been able to confirm that. i know that there are reporting services that are are talking with witnesses and those witnesses feel strongly about what might be playing out inside. but there are s.w.a.t. teams. we know that there are actively at least two police departments, the fbi called in. they have a number of different law enforcement agencies work the perimeter of this and also on the inside talking with the s.w.a.t. teams to try to figure out who they have on their hands in there and finding the people who might be hiding for safety. i just want to kind of play through this a little bit as we learn more about the situation inside we won't know until authorities tell us what they see. greg? >> authorities today on the scene of a shooting at a sikh temple. it is just south of milwaukee. police and witnesses describing an incredibly chaotic situation
2:27 pm
and unknown number of victims, suspect and possible hostages. police were called to this sikh temple in wisconsin in the suburb of oak creek this morning some where around 10:00 a.m. local time. witnesses said is several dozen people gathering for a service there suddenly gun fire erupts. we now know that three people are in critical condition at a local level one trauma center. one is in the operating room right now. the others being evaluated. there may still be hostages and a second gunman. s.w.a.t. team is on the sceneao trying to determine that. wegr will continue our breaking news coverage in just a moment. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep?
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this is a fox news alert. i'm gregg jarrett. there has been a shooting at a sikh temple just south of milwaukee this morning. here are the latest details on a possible hostage situation at that temple. local media reporting at least four people have been shot at this temple in oak creek, sconsin. there is the map just south of milwaukee. a short time ago, police saying that one officer was shot multiple times engaging the gunman. that gunman was reportedly put down. it is unclear what that means at the moment. obviously subdued and in control. whether he was killed or injured we just don't know. we is spoke with a local hospital spokesperson moments ago telling us that three
2:31 pm
people are there at the hospital. all three are in critical condition. one is is in surgery. the temple president is reportedly among the victims. the three other victims could be sikh priests at least according to one eyewitness that is the case who telephoned in to his brother in law who was trapped inside during the shooting. police have the temple on lockdown. the gunman may have hostages. we haven't been able to rule that out including women and children. there was a report by one eyewitness that the s.w.a.t. team entered to determine the nature of the shooting. and that there were telephone calls from inside from women and children who were hiding in various locations, bathrooms, other rooms, even in closets, hiding from one or more shooters. be fenagain, we just don't know whether the situation is fully under control. one shooter has been put down and there could be another
2:32 pm
shooter inside. the s.w.a.t. team trying to determine that. really going room to room as we learned from a retired fbi agent who was on the phone a short time ago. go back to harris faulkner at the breaking news desk. again, there you see the yellow tape to cordon off what is essentially an ongoing crime scene right now. a considerable distance away from the temple but it doesn't seem to be a situation of great urgency there which leads to us believe they may feel as though they have the situation contained. >> a couple of things we have been able to learn. this command post is not as close it is a appears in the pictures. we don't want to be caught off guard by saying the scene is completely calm. this is where we are expecting the next news conference scheduled for 1:30 p.m. local time. it could pop up any moment while you and i are talking about the scene. it is a ways away from and now you see the camera zooming in to give us a closer picture of
2:33 pm
where the ambulances are yet the next line of perimeter set up and then you see cars going through. things may seem relatively calm where the command post is for the media and we don't want that to put everybody in a position where they just are lulled into complacency about this because we don't know what is going on inside the building. there is a growing wave of people involved in this with law enforcement we have gotten word in the newsroom that the a it tf agents now are en route to the scene. this is likely due to the firearms used on the premises by the person or persons because we know that police there have put one down. one suspect down. we don't know yet what that means and that they are looking for the possibility or potential that anybody else inside the building might have been an accomplice. the atf agents are en route now. not due you to any suspected explosives or anything like that. we want to make that clear. alcohol, tobacco, firearms and
2:34 pm
explosives, that agency on its way, possibly because of the firearms that were used. they are the experts. they will take a look. they will figure out what caused the damage. they will figure out what types of injuries might have been caused by the weapons, what weapons might have been used as they begin to work on the investigative part of the puzzle as well. and froedtert medical center, level one trauma care for the victims is being taken from the scene there. working on at least one person in critical condition right now. we know that there are three men who were inside that temple victims in critical condition. one in surgery. froedtert and we know, greg, from talking with a spokesperson there would have been the closest and best place to take victims with these kinds of injuries. i know that they are are working the phones here in the newsroom and have been able to determine as well as our heather childress has been on the phone saying that the medical examiner has not been officially called to the scene. again, we don't want to make
2:35 pm
any assumptions about this. but that could be an indication that they are still working this as an active scene and are not ready to release information about there being fatalities if there are any and are not in need yet of the coroner or medical facility support. we saw a fire engine go by and i'm not seeing that it it technically part of the scene with you but could be. >> we have no idea whether the gunman who has been quote unquote put down, either killed or subdued or injured with gun fire it a member of this particular temple or not. but we can report not withstanding what the the alderman told us on the telephone about a peaceful community with no troubles there was a story a year ago this month in the oak creek patch the local nuc nuce newspn
2:36 pm
oak creek that there had been acts of vandalism so much so that the district attorney visited the temple to talk to members there about public safety issues in the sikh community and in fact there had been racially motivated and rehe lidgeously motivated crimes committed against members of the temple apparently because those members were mistaken for muslims which they are not. and as a result of which there were epitaphs shouted at them and other crimes committed against members of the temple. they had been cautioned as recently as a year ago. again, according to a newspaper report in the oak creek patch about safety issues. today this morning several hours ago a gunman entered the temple, opened fire. three people at a local hospital in critical condition. the gunman has been put down but there could be an accomplice there and so the
2:37 pm
s.w.a.t. team inside trying to determine that and trying to locate people who took refuge and secreted themselves inside closets and bathrooms and other rooms within the temple, some of them able to call out and cell phones and talk to relatives and authority there's. it is a very cautious and methodical process in which police aided by the fbi are going through this temple trying to locate and identify every single individual and they have to do so slowly and cautiously so as to minimize any additional injuries. we have no reports is or confirmations of any deaths but at least three people are in critical condition at a local hospital. harris, do you have any further details that you can add to this? >> what i want to do right now you is get on the phone with the greenfield police department ahead of the news conference to get the timing of it. we are ten minutes off schedule right now.
2:38 pm
we don't know if that could indicate there is news coming or what. typically at this point i want to get someone on the phone and ask. i also want to make a call to froedtert hospital. witnesses are describing far more people injured than what we are reporting and able to confirm. the hospital is potentially the best place to try to start to confirm that information. as we are now starting to get more drips and dribbles because this has been a slow process as this is an akron ittive scene. they have already -- active scene. they asked the media above with news helicopters and any kind of helicopter support. do not shoot anything. we know that with s.w.a.t. team movement a lot of times as reporters we know not shoot the scene. you don't want to see the entry and exit points as people are in the scene. we are seeing someone walking up to the microphone. i will step away for a few seconds and pick up the phone. >> please do so. want to underscore that one police officer has according to
2:39 pm
local authorities there been shot multiple times. it would appear that his actions quite heroic because according to the greenfield chief of police he is the one who quote unquote put down the gunman who had opened fire this morning inside this sikh temple filled with people there at a service is who had been praying. that police officer shot multiple times but expected to survive. he notwithstanding injuries to himself was able to get off a round and hit the gunman and put him down. we don't know the condition of the gunman, whether he is alive or whether he has been killed but we will continue to gather details. a news conference by police momentarily. quickll pause and take a break. back in just a a moment with more breaking news.
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a fox news alert. i'm he greg jarrett. on the left-hand side of your screen is the chief of police for the city of greenfield. he just mentioned an important fact. the shooter in this temple shooting would appear to be dead. let's listen? >> the tactical personnel that have gone through the scene have initially identified what they believe to be four deceased inside of the temple and three deceased outside of the temperatur temple, one of e shooter. that is the best information we have available at this time. i do not have any additional information to share with you. are as you can see behind me there are multiple agencies involved here. both local, state and federal. and we are all trying to coordinate the response here and make sure that everybody is safe anybody who may be wounded is taken care of and that this investigation gets underway forward. there is a concern about multiple gun men based on information heard over the
2:44 pm
scanners. i will tell you that at this time we have not identified any additional gunmen. it is possible in these types of incidents as i said before they are extremely fluid and we get multiple calls and multiple reports. it is possible that the result imreports were of the same person. we have not identified additional shooters in the temple or on the scene. we are not sure if there was' dictional shooters. that will be part of the ongoing pro tes process of tacl follow-up accounting for all of the victims and witnesses. i cannot take any questions at this time because that is all the information i have right now. we will schedule a brief is at 3:30 p.m. at this same spot where representatives of the various agencies will be present and we hope to be able to answer some more of your questions at that time. i thank you for your patient and sit tight at 3:30. thanks. >> are children among the
2:45 pm
victims, sir? >> was hoping for an answer to that question. were children among the victims. the chief of police for greenfield not answering that question. here is the late tastest that we have received. the shooting at the sikh temple south of milwaukee. four dead inside. we believe they are all members of this temple who were there for a morning service. it happened about 10:25 a.m. three are dead outside the temple, including the shooter. so in all, we have 7 people who are dead. six of them were either members of the parish o who were simply there on the premises and then the 7th the shooter himself who was shot by a police officer who reported to the scene within minutes of the first 911 calls that were received of a shooting incident there. he was shot. that police officer, multiple
2:46 pm
times. after he was shot apparently he was able to get off one or more rounds, killing the gunman who -- and this could have happened inside and h his body taken outside. we just don't know. but there are four dead inside, three dead outside including the shooter. we did talk a short time ago with a froedtert hospital level one trauma unit. there are three people there who were being treated. they are all in critical condition right now. one is in surgery. the others are being evaluated and treated but again three in critical condition. bo joins us on the telephone. former new york police department homicide detective. it is important at a time like this not to jump to any erroneous conclusions about a second gunman. that is the task that is being undertaken right now by the s.w.a.t. team assisted by the fbi inside that temple. talk to us about what they do?
2:47 pm
>> you what happens, is you get a lot of confusion going on there. people are shot. the most important thing you have to do is try to save anybody else if they are in danger at that point. if there is a is second gunman, we are not saying there is. you have to take down the right away.nger reit away an question as many witnesses that are able to be questioned immediately so they will let you know was there more than one person involved with shooting like that. it has is to be organized. what happens at a scene like this all these different law enforcement groups but the initial response is that local police department there and they he have to organize it in the sense again most important thing is to try to save anybody's lives. get the shot people to medical care right away so if any of those people can be saved by getting them to the hospital that is the important thing. cover in case there is a second
2:48 pm
guy. everybody could be running out of the mosque, out of the temple excuse me and another shooter could have ran out with all of the people. you have to be careful with that also. it is a difficult situation but crimeve to control the cream scene. control evidence that is there. have to be able to control the people there and get as many statements as you can to put the puzzle together. >> harris faulkner has been joining me at the breaking news desk and has a question for you, bo. >> bo, you know, what we learned from the last news conference is that the police officer who first arrived on the scene was a 20 year veteran. extremely accomplished. this is what the police chief just said. extremely accomplished in tactical capabilities. a tactical officer. how key in your opinion was that to the scene? >> well, you want to know some of these small police departments and i'm not saying that is a small police department where this occurred but a lot of the smaller police departments are sending their police officers and detectives to this tactical training
2:49 pm
because it might happen. it might happen in this small town, in that little town and they are sending more and more of the police officers through the tactical training. the tollway sounds this police officer did a really -- the way it sounds this police officer did a heroic job. and this could have kept going, we saw what happened in colorado, if this person had more time to have his way with this people if there was one person, there could have been a lot more dead and injured. this training very important. we are facing a bigger are type of threat now. we have to get more equipment and more high powered equipment. what you are facing is not one guy with a saturday night special any more. >> and this always seems like such a heinous senseless act and one yearns to know why would this happen. the mow at th motivation coulde
2:50 pm
racially motivated. there have been reports of violence against members of this temple. they were counseled by a state representative and district attorney who met with them a year ago about public safety issues that some people who are unaware have mistaken the sikhs for muslims. it could be motivated in that regard or maybe could be someone within the temple itself. >> the motivation could be almost anything. i'm sure the investigation will uncover possible motives behind it. we have another motive. the economy today, people going through depression and getting into deep depressions and when they get into deep depressions they want to go out with a blaze of glory and possibly they don't like muslim people,
2:51 pm
possibly they don't like jews or christians and they will take out their response on a religious group because of their own depression. we have to really learn what was behind this person who committed this unseemly act. >> bo dietl thank you very much. seven people dead in a shooting at a sikh temple just south of milwaukee. the seven include the gunman himself. we'll be right back. of any small business credit card! pizza!!!!! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! put it on my spark card! [ high-pitched ] nice doin' business with you! [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve the most rewards! awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet?
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2:53 pm
.... >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. seven people dead including a gunman at sikh temple in oak
2:54 pm
creek, west side, that is south of milwaukee on lake michigan. it happened this morning. the first 911 call at around 10:25 local time. reports of a gunman opening fire and several people have been injured, three at a local hospital in critical condition. one is in surgery. again, four people dead inside the temple, three outside are dead including the gunman who was shot by a police officer apparently the first to arrive at the scene who himself was shot multiple times by the gunman. he was able to get around even after the officer was hit killing the gunman. we heard a moment ago from the chief of police in greenfield nearby who is acting at spokesperson saying they believe the gunman is down. the gunman is dead and they
2:55 pm
don't believe at this time, they don't have any further information about a second gunman. back to harris faulkner. the s.w.a.t. team is still inside the temple and they are trying to rule out any second gunman. >> reporter: and find people that may be hiding. closets where they could crash down and stay away from bullets. we're starting to understand better why this is fluid and active scene. imagine, there are three people dead on the outside of this temple, as police are arriving we don't know which order they found the victims but they are four people dead inside the temple. these are in police terms, different types of crime scenes. they don't know if they are looking for more than one person until they can go closet by closet and room by loom, hopefully people that are hiding and not injured. they wanted to make sure they know there is not another
2:56 pm
gunman. what we learned from the news conference they don't have a reason to believe they are looking for a second shooter at this point but they have to treat this as an active scene because of two different victims. some of the witness reports we weren't sure what to believe. we knew from covering these scenes, certainly not as victims ourselves, it's hard sometimes to know if a witness was calm enough to know what they were looking at. some of the witnesses were spot on in terms of counting victims. that is tremendously sad. there are people who watched other people perish and that will unfold and become part of the investigation in the hours and days to come. >> gregg: obviously a frightening scene inside that temple this morning during a morning service and prayers. meeltd 911 flooded with
2:57 pm
telephone calls inside the sikh temple. report reportedly hiding from the gunman including women and children. afraid they would be the next victims. six in all, the seventh is the gunman who is dead at the scene shot by a police officer who was injured himself multiple times with gunshot wounds but expected to survive. we're going to continue to monitor the situation there south of milwaukee over the course over the next hour. forhose that were expecting to see fox sunday news, it will run in its entirety at 6:00 eastern time. there will be a 4:30 eastern time news conference with police. we'll cover. that in the meantime, journal editorial reported begins now. >> this week on the journal editorial report. the romney campaign, is it
2:58 pm
like george w. bush? that's what president obama would have voters believe. should you buy it? and stunning chinese athletes in the olympics. the politics of sports. can a nation's greatness really be measured by the medal standings? welcome to the journal, editorial report. i'm paul gigot. democrats successfully used the phrase, it's the economy, stupid. and that phrase hit a nerve with the american public, but this may be the time for republicans to make that argument as the labor department releases the latest numbers on america's unemployed. a contradictory message of sorts on friday as the unemployment rate rose to 8.3%, while 160,000 new jobs were added, in july. the romney camp wasting no time pushing their plans for the economy, laying out his
2:59 pm
economic agenda to the wall street journal this week. and is joining the panel. wall street columnist editor, dan henninger and kim extras many. dan, with the new jobs numbers coming out a week after the second quarter growth figures, measley 1 1/2% growth, is the state of the economy now fixed in the voter mind for november? >> i think so. i don't know whether it's fixed in the voters' minds. >> really. >> the fact is these are the numbers and the state of the economy between now and november. >> what does it tell you about that state? >> well, it me that they have to make a choice, make a choice between the incumbent, barack obama, who after all has been president through this period and he is on the defensive by definition. the economy has been this way and he's been president. while we tend to personalize this, opponents for barack obama being obama. it doesn't, if he were president x under the