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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  August 5, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm EDT

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and i realize that there will be some in the fourth state or whatever state. are far more interested in finding something to write about that's unrelated to the economy, to geopolitics, to the threat of war, to the reality of conflict in afghanistan today, to a nuclearization of iran and they'll instead try and find anything else to divert from the fact that these last four years have been tough years for our country. >> presumptive g.o.p. presidential nominee mitt romney. talking to political chief correspondent carl cameron about the treatment he had been getting to the media. we'll be getting to the gaffe-crazed media in a minute, but this nugget first from senator majority leader harry reid. >> the word is out that he hasn't paid any taxes for ten years, let hem prove thats' paid taxes because he hasn't. >> jon: well, that was senator
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reid. it's one thing, jeff, for reporters to use unnamed sources, but this is a majority leader of the united states senate who says he heard this, but he can't substantiate it. >> my headline from that, harry reid hears something from some guy and that's basically what it was. i heard some guy worked at bain capital that mitt romney didn't pay his taxes. do you have any substantiated evidence to prove that. i might be wrong. and that's where we're at. >> jon: the media reacted, how, judy? >> the media reacted just as the obama campaign want with aed them to react. to keep the issue focussed on mitt romney and failure to disclose tax returns. if you don't want to talk about the economy or a missed trip overseas, let's talk about the fact that he refuses to disclose that's tax rerms to -- tax forms. >> jon: so is this part of the
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media's attempt to continue to portray mitt romney as this rich guy who, you know, as senator reid said, hasn't been taxes? >> well, i think that harry reid is trying to get him to delete the taxes and-- >> and trying, setting it up in a way that now, if he doesn't, it's suspicious, and in response, i heard that harry reid is beating his wife. so let him prove he's not and that's basically what he's saying and he's going to have to come out and prove this accusation isn't true and the media is happy to play along. the media always wants more information so they're going to always say, like, release the taxes, and i think it was the democrats that-- >> and also, ideologically, most of the mainstream media is ideologically sympathetic to harry reid and to barack obama and that's why they're not questioning it. harry reid goes on the floor of the u.s. senate and we're
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paying for and puts out the smear and lie about the republican nominee for president and he's on the floor and says the word is out. the word is out because harry reid is reciting a vicious lie. >> doesn't mean it picked it up. governor romney released two years of tax returns and not like he's stonewalling the whole thing and now i think that governor romney is it not going to release any tax returns this lie is so egregious and the press is protecting harry reid. can you imagine if a republican went to the senate floor and said a barack obama in a vicious lie. news would be page one. >> you sound shock. it's campaign season, an election year. >> jon: but harry reid is not running for office. >> his party has everything at stake here with the president, come on, we can accept it -- let's not protest too much. >> jon: and unnamed sources? i mean. >> well, the press gets beaten
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up all the time reciting unnamed sources and harry reid the master of going off the press for doing this, and all right, harry reid. how much is harry reid peaking for the penthouse apartment in washington d.c. and i think that's a funny story, running for reelection and painting himself as a true nevadaen, living in d.c., and nobody cares about that. a random person he's making up, maybe not, and all mitt romney has to say is yeah, paying taxes and should go away. >> jon: let's talk about the media's presumptive gaffe fest as they followed mitt romney overseas tour. rich lauer, the presumptive presidential nominee, traveled to our allies accompanied by his merciless enemies, the media. did he nail it. >> gaffe palooza as gene
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robinson called it in the post, why don't they like mitt romney? at the moment those who traveled with them don't like him because he wouldn't talk to them. if you don't talk to them and feed the beast, the beast will develop its own narrative and that's what they have. >> you know, but he was criticized hem for that reason and not being that available to the media and peggy noonen in her column stayed that this was actually was a pretty disastrous trip, maybe not as bad as people say it is, it certainly wasn't good and seems like she wasn't sure he should have gone and felt that he did a lot of pandering and just generally didn't handle things well. so, i don't think that peggy noonen is part of this conspiracy against mitt romney. >> here is the problem though, if mitt romney comes out and holds, you know, seven presses in when he was in europe, the story then becomes mitt romney is trying to overshadow president obama, he's trying to steal president obama's thunder and look more presidential. it's really a lose-lose for mitt romney.
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whatever he does he's screwed and look, let's talk about the fact that president obama held five press conference ins four months, no one is talking about that. >> jon: and the culture comment and one ap reporter took romney's remarks about culture out of context and palestinian versus israeli culture and another ap reporter picks it up and makes it even worse. >> right ap look, what governor ram any said about the choices that society makes in terms of their culture and the political leadership is actually a correct point. i mean, when you look at it, you can know the elect hamas, you cannot elect-- on the territory and then expect a decent result. and that conversation and yet the press did not dig into that. and they did not explore that question and-- >> and all of that, i mean, the -- the palestinians that are not-- >> a lack of freedom of movement in and out of israel, is very complex situation.
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>> and he had to walk it back. >> it's not an is m i can at that and he stood by it and i'm glad he did. >> jon: next on news watch, what is the brief with chick-fil-a? >> chick-fil-a's values are not chicago values. >> politicians and activists attack their chief and did the media i can schen out in defending the company's rights? >> if they can do it, that's great. if they can't, they can't. our job, we're not making anybody do it. we're suggesting. >> new york city's mayor back in the headlines from banning big gulp to his push for
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>> i think we're inviting god's judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say, you know, we know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage and i
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pray god's mercy on our generation that has such a prideful arrogant attitude to think that we have the audacity to try to redefine what marriage is all about. >> dan cathy on marriage and what it ought to be. and getting reaction from the media and some liberal politicians. you had mayors in big cities saying we're not going to let chick-fil-a expand because of what they said. what happened to free speech. >> and when the mayor menino in boston and the mayor of washington d.c. jumped in and said, in a blatantly unconstitutional comment that they were going to try to legally ban chick-fil-a from operating within the limits of their city. that gave the story their legs. you're not talking about houses of prostitution or crack houses.
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they're talking about a legal operations trying to sell you a chicken sandwich and got everybody motivated. look, it's not the traditional against gay marriage, it's about free speech and first amendment. and shame on the media for blacking out the story and media can't exercise their rights under the first amendment and would not come to the defense of chick-fil-a. >> and pointing out how the mayor of boston has allowed a mosque in bft built on city land, million and a half dollars of city land and one of the backers, advocates tossing homosexuals off cliffs, but you can't get chick-fil-a. >> are they going to say that all muslim-owned businesses can't operate. or orthodox jewish businesses can't operate or three months ago barack obama could not set foot in chicago because he
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didn't share their values before he evolved into supporting gay marriage. it's outrageous what the mayors did. >> wait a minute, this story had legs and wings because-- (laughter) >> because the media-- >> didn't get a lot of front page coverage in usa today, had the new york times. >> not in the beginning, that's where the conservative media came in and pointed out something that was going on that people needed to know about and others were forced to pick it up and this is the way the system works. i think this is a good news story. >> well, and then there was chick-fil-a appreciation day on lines out the door. >>en saw you rush limbaugh when people tried to boycott him. it was a rating strike and for this it was a boon for chick-fil-a, a lot of people that wouldn't eat the chicken had lines out the door. a huge business boon for them.
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if you don't see conservatives protesting on, don't see them doing the same to the other-- >> ben and jerry's. >> ben and jerry's, for instance. >> where is the protest there. >> jon: when liberals get offended by something that happens, there's all kind of media coverage, it seems, but when conservatives get offended in the media, generally there's less coverage. >> absolutely less coverage. in part of this, there was an angle that wasn't covered, the battle of the private sector because the liberals came out and offended by this comment and calling for a boycott of chick-fil-a, don't go there and then the mayors got involved. and the social media, one of the reasons why the traditional media wasn't hip to this because this was going on twitter and facebook and we went out and supported chick-fil-a, a battle of the private sector. and this is the chick-fil-a revolution. >> all right. right there. more news watch ahead.
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first, if you see something that you feel shows evidence of media bias. e-mail us at and next, wikileaks pulls a fast one. >> wikileaks runs by the favorite mouth piece and how did this happen and how can you trust what you read and how does the media react to mike bloomberg's new plan to ban baby formula and push for more breast so anyway, i've been to a lot of places. you know, i've helped a lot of people save a lot of money. but today...( sfx: loud noise of large metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep? (sfx: loud thud sound)
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>> well, this is bill keller, from the new york times. formerly the editor and
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sometimes the topic of discussion on fox news watch. this is an article titled wikileaks, a postscript which appeared earlier this week, attributed to keller and it starts off with, as rumors build about the potential blockade. new york times, visa, master card and american express by hosting u.s. government cables defined by wikileaks, i find myself in the position of having to defend wikileaks. the problem is it's not the product of keller and the new york times, it's the product of wikileaks. how frightening is this? >> i don't think it's frightening, i think it's the pointer organization alluded to this week. it's important when you look things that purport to be from the new york times, "the washington post" or rush limbaugh, that you check to see whether or not it actually is. there were so many, so many indications that this was not genuine. and everybody missed it, including a reporter for the new york times.
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>> it should be pointed out that wikileaks doesn't, well, is not happy with the times because wikileaks is not able to transact business, they want the times to get on their band wagon. but, how do we know, you know, when stuff like that appears, how do we know that it's real? i mean, well, for me, even before i had read sort of the controversy, i just looked at the url on the times story and said opinion-new york and to me, people who understand the internet, that's a dead give away it's not a real article and is a fabrication and i guess they caught it within 12 hours and it looks like keller have egg on his face and that's kind of about it. >> jon: let's talk about mayor bloomberg, not far behind his proposed ban on large sugar-sweetened beverages in new york city, the mayor of this town has launched latch on nyc. >> i think most public health
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officials around the country think that this is a great idea, i understand, gather that the immunities that the mother built up get passed on to the child so the child is healthier. >> jon: what the mayor wants to do is lock up the baby food in hospital-- i'm sorry, the baby formula in hospitals so that new mothers breast-feed, are encouraged to breast-feed their children. >> they feel like they're getting some sort of illegal substance when they ask for it, they have to unlock the cabinet. >> jon: under lock and key. >> i'm generally in favor of most of the stuff that bloomberg does, along the nanny state stuff, i love the snow smoking stuff. i don't have a problem getting rid of sugary drinks getting rid of obedience. >> jon: obesity. [laughter] >> and about this-- but you know the story to shame women into having to choose one route or the other. this is not the government's
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role and talking they're going to keep it under lock and key and you're going to have to go out for it. pretty soon similar dealers standing in rain coats on the street corners with crystal meth and baby formula. this is out of control. he's gone after sugar, salt, and now formula, and now trying to regulate alcohol. this is out of control. whatever happened to personal responsibility p and even new yorkers are starting to revolt against it. >> jon: we have to take one more break. up next, some in ♪ [music plays] ♪ [muc plays]
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>> jon: one of the stories getting a good deal of attention extreme temperatures and drought hitting a big part of the nation and oppressive heat and dry weather have had on crops and livestock. record setting temperatures and lightning rod for global warming activists and liberal media like think progress. a blog tied to the center for american progress which receives funding from george soros who is no fan of conservatives or their views. sticking to their agenda, they released a story about the heat and drought in oklahoma and attached this photo from kofrtv. it's so who had even the street lights are melting. it attempted to tie the weather to global warming then took a whack at the state's senator who
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doesn't agree with their view. and just like anything on the web it gets picked up by left leaning organizations like yahoo news for example. it's hard to not be concerned with global warming what it's right in front of your eyes. it's one thing when the ocean reclaims islands but when you can see the effects in your hometown, that is another story altogether. it has been hot in oklahoma but that hot, melting street lights, no, it turns out the lamps were melted by a dumpster fire the night before. that is wrap on news watch. [ laughter ] >> jon: thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott. thanks for joining us and we'll see you again next >>. >> gregg: we're waiting on deadly shooting at sikh temple
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and they say the gunman is dead. it happened in the sikh temple of west side. it's just south of milwaukee. i'm gregg jarrett. this is brand-new hour. >> heather: i'm heather chill determination. we're getting new reaction from stunned parishioners. there was a terrifying scene of a gunman opening fire before services, one man saying his uncle is among the wounded. >> as far as i know my uncle has died. he was shot and he was down for a while and the hostage situation. right now he is in the hospital apparently in the hospital with a light wound. i'm not sure what his condition is. we're waiting to see, my aunt to make sure she got out safely and the kids that are in there. we're waiting to hear and update on his status. at least he is out and not as horrible of a gunshot wound we
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were worried about. we have services on thursday but sunday is the biggest one, sunday morning where a few hundred of us actually come together and pray. unfortunately this situation the gunman came earlier than when most people come. i think relatively damages were limited. it happened an hour or two later. god knows how many people would be hurt or dead. i don't want to think about it. >> heather: police say a veteran officer was the first on the scene. he engaged and killed the gunman. that officer was shot multiple times himself. we begin with mark shaft, a reporter of the oak creek patch and joins us on the phone. set the scene for me right now. tell me what you see? >> there are a few hundred people gathered in the parking lot of the day-careen


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