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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 6, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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individual. he went to render aid. at that point, he was met by the suspect who ambushed him around the vehicle. >> the wounded officer, lieutenant murphy, is a 21-year veteran. shot eight or nine times at close range, listed in critical condition. authorities released a picture of a person of interest. a man with a 9/11 tattoo, who showed up at the semiapproximately after the shooting and looked suspicious, but left before police could question him. the f.b.i. now says the person has been located, interviewed and cleared. page spent six years in the u.s. army as psychological operation specialist and but discharged in 1998 for patterns of misconduct, including drinking on duty. he's described as a frustrated neo nazi. he had white supremacist tattoos and leader of a skin head rock band. neighbors say he seemed like a nice guy who lost his job and broke up with a girlfriend. >> he was the kind of guy who would talk to anybody.
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he didn't seem like he had a dark side like that to him but everybody has a skeleton in a closet. his came out yesterday. >> the f.b.i. is still trying to confirm paige's moment. president obama spoke about it today. if it turns out it may have been motivated by ethnicity. of those attending the temple, the american people immediat immediately recoil against those attitudes. >> well the sikh community says it's been targeted too many times in acts of racial hatred. especially since 9/11, often in case of mistaken identity. they think they are muslims. tonight they're reeling with several dead and others wounded. act of violence in a place of worship. >> bret: rick leventhal live in wisconsin. thank you. romney is expected to announce his vice presidential pick any day now.
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mike emanuel reports that the governor was engaged in a different kind of shopping today. we have breaking news tonight. good evening, mike. >> good evening, bret. analyst and political insiders think mitt romney's runningmate pick could come in week. fox news can confirm that marco rubio of florida will join romney on a bus tour which starts this weekend. >> governor romney visited a supermarket and pharmacy in new hampshire before meeting with senior aid visors at his home. romney did not reveal much to reporters following his every move. >> much of the runningmate talk in recent days focused on ohio senator rob portman, former governor tim pawlenty, florida senator marco rubio and house budget chairman paul ryan. the rnc chairman was care to feel avoid endorsing any one candidate. >> the other guys, rob and tim pawlenty are great as well.
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i think we will have an exciting august, a great convention. >> portman, pawlenty, rubio and ryan not among those announced as speakers at the upcoming republican convention in tampa. four governors have been given headliner roles including the host florida rick scott. ohio john kasich, south carolina nikki haley, and susanna martinez. mike huckabee, and former secretary of state condoleezza rice and senator john mccain are also confirmed speakers. new jersey governor chris christie has been expected to get a prominent slot, perhaps as keynote but hasn't been announced so far. >> i think chris christie would ignite the convention. he fires people up. i think he could fire up the troops. >> fundraising numbers reveal romney outraised president obama for the third month in a row. romney brought in 101.3 million, while obama campaign raised more than
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$75 million. while some suggest that the obama campaign burned too much money on overhead, senior advisor defended the spending. >> we invested in grassroot turn-out in field operation that is having for months one-on-one conversations with undecided voters and will pay dividends on election day. >> the romney campaign announced a bus tour of battleground states. virginia, north carolina, florida, ohio. starting on saturday, which could be the event to introduce a running mate. bret? >> we'll follow it every day. mike, thank you. a lot of political watchers are asking tonight if the hope and change mantra from four years ago is part of the president's re-election campaign this time around. focus remains on mitt romney's taxes. here is chief white house correspondent ed henry. >> we will finish what we started in 2008. and remind the world why the united states of america is
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the greatest nation on earth. >> while president obama builds his campaign as substantive and focus on hope and change, the white house today refuse to have harry reid to stop using one source to claim republican romney did not pay taxes over span of ten years. >> i'm not aware of the white house speaking to senator reid about the issue. >> coordinated dodge to allow the president's team to let reid be the attack dog on romney for releasing two years of tax returns. >> the point here is the romney campaign and governor romney can resolve this in ten seconds. release the tax returns. >> hardly denunciation of the hardball tactic for reid. >> he is a dirty liar. we're moving on. moving on to defeating the president and saving this country. >> the word is out he hasn't
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paid any taxes for ten years. let him prove he has paid taxes. he hasn't. >> now, house democratic leader nancy pelosi is giving him cover. telling the huffington post harry reid made a statement that is true. somebody told him. it's a fact. jay carney side-stepped a question whether the white house agrees with pelosi. >> i haven't seen that statement. >> the white house also played defense on "washington post" report that could undermine the administration's claims it's getting tough with iran. shortly before joining the white house steph in 2010, david plouffe got $100,000 speaking fee from a subsidiary of the mgm group, which does business with iran's government. the white house insists questions about the company ties to iran were unknown at the time. >> criticism, mr. plouffe, now, for issues and controversies that developed much letter is misplaced. >> but the republican national committee notes media reports dating back to 2005 show the company was doing business in iran. meanwhile, the white house fires back that the top bush
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officials gave paid speeches to ubs and credit suisse which also did business in iran. bret? >> bret: ed henry live on the north lawn. thank you. more obama voters than mccain voters are switching sides this year. gallup says 86% of those who voted for then senator obama if 2008 plan to vote for the re-election as president this november. 92% of mccain voters are said to cast a ballot for mitt romney. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke says showing the economy in recovery does not fully capture the tough times many of you are going through. on wall street today, the dow was up 21. the s&p 500 climbed three. nasdaq up 22. we hear it constantly. the rich are getting richer. you may be surprised at what the numbers show later. up next, earth invades mars again. throughout the show, we will bring you flavor here from wood county. starting with farmer paul
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haringschoel. >> started with my father and it's been 32 years. >> what is the biggest concern for farmers in wood county? >> the drought is a concern. we have had sever good years. we have the risk management tools in place. have we done daniel to our end users? and end buyers we i'll have long-term pain. >> how does it fall politically? >> i think when you look in terms of the farm bill, in the news lately, that is -- i don't think it's a republican democrat. that is frustration with what is happening in the house of representatives of the fact they did not come together and create bipartisan tarp bill like the senate did. >> how do you think the county swings? >> the agricultural community will be republican, vote for mitt romney. i don't know how they will vote. most farmers are concerned about the national debt.
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the question becomes how do you take care of the national debt and realize there are things they need to do. we need infrastructure to get the product to market. >> bret: when i turn on the tv it's nonstop political adds. >> i think most people tune it out. i want to know what the person is for. they spent millions of dollars and they haven't swayed the volters one way or the other. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day.
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[ male announcer ] the united mileageplus explorer card. the mileage car ith special perks on united. get it and you're in. >> bret: welcome back to bolling green. anysis suggests some security was s not the great deal it once was. people retiring now will receive less in benefits than they paid in taxes.
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this is the first generation like that. it will only get worse as the system moves to the date it's projected to run dry in 2033. if changes are not made. new images from the red planet. scientists in california had a party overnight after their latest probe survived a harrowing landing on mars. adam housesy is at the jet propulse laboratory for a story that seems to capture the country's imagination again. >> liftoff of the atlas 5 with curiosity. >> 154 million-miles from earth, nasa stuck the landing. the one-ton rover sits inside a crater on the planet mars. sending back the first images and ready coconduct scientist tests in the next two years over the viability of life.
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>> it's now on the surface of the red platote to answer questions whether the life existed on mars. >> this looks like by my eyeball we landed in a nice flat spot. >> beautiful. really beautiful. >> successful landing couldn't come at a better time for nasa, at president obama 2013 budget proposes cutting and platary science program by $300 million. ending partnership with the european union. >> if anyone is harboring doubt of the status of the u.s. leadership in space, well, there is a one-time automobile size piece of american ingenuity. >> ingenuity tt cost $2.5 million as it's outfitted with ten instruments including a drill strong enough to chisel away concrete.
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17 cameras. it can take 14 minutes for low-resolution pictures to send it back to earth. it could take hours or days. nasa says the h.d. quality pictures, and the small video clips could be beamed back to earth by the end of the week. scientists will instruct the rover to make the first movement on the planet as it searchs for life on mars. bret? >> bret: we will bring you new images as we get them. gibson gip tar company reached a deal with the federal prosecutors to settle criminal charges. the company was accused of violating environmental laws with the importation of exotic wood. gibbson acknowledged the violation, agreed to pay $350,000 and forfeit claims to $262,000 worth of seized materials. last year, they denounced the raid as overzealous federal
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regulation to threaten american jobs. still ahead, are the rich really getting richer? we'll see what the numbers say. first, another major defection from the embattled syrian regime. >> more than $80 billion in bail-out to the u.s. auto industries, most directed by president obama were not popular with all voters but in perryburg, ohio, hard to find many complaints. perryberg for 46 years has been home to a chrysler machining plant. one of three chrysler plants in the toledo area. now they're adding jobs. 1100 jobs in coming weeks and months. unemployment in this area is believed to be 7.2%. most people believe the plants would not be arp had it not been for the bail-out. the obama campaign knows that. they used them in ads, they
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>> bret: welcome back to bowling green, ohio. now take you overseas to international news. egypt military is vowing to hunt down the people who killed 16 soldiers at a check point along the sinai border with israel. it is suggesting the culprits were militants to received palestinian support. officials in gaza disown the attack. british bank steamed with the iranian government to launder $250 billion and leave the u.s. financial system vulnerable to terrorists. that's the charge from new york financial regulator. he says london-based starter charter bank intentionally removed crucial information
6:21 pm
from wire transfer messages to get around economic sanctions on iran. senior u.s. official says the defection of syria's prime minister is more evidence that the assad regime is crumbling. chief washington correspondent james rosen has the latest on syrian officials jumping ship. >> with the flight to jordan, former syrian prime minister riad hijab became the highest level civilian defector from the regime of president, bashar assad. >> translator: the syrian prime minister had a choice to be part of the criminal regime. he chose to be part of the revolution. >> a sunni, only in his job since june and not a member of assad's inner circle. still, the u.s. official seized on the defection and those of three army general and two other ministers as fresh indication that the group on power is loosening. >> he seems incapable of preventing senior member of the got and the military from
6:22 pm
defecting. that indicates a situation where the eventuality of assad leaving power comes closer and closer. >> it shows the aftermath of the commercial district near the turkish board they're is one of the rebels' last stronghold. the opposition managed to set off a bomb inside the state-run tv station. in the capital city damascus. no injuries were reported. broadcasting continued uninterrupted. >> whatever target we go after we can reach. there will be more victories in the coming days. >> a state department official urged other assad loyalists to break with the bloody past and defect on their own. but critics say the obama administration should be doing more. >> what you see at risk of the conflict regionalizing, turning in to not just a syrian civil war but regional conflict much more dangerous for the interest.
6:23 pm
so it's key i think for the united states to decide how it will act and get in there and show leadership. iran is busy, too. announcing a conference for later this week. for those countries that maintain, "realistic stances on syria." bret? >> bret: james, thank you. hillary clinton met with nelson mandela today. they had a small private lunch. former president bill clinton called on mandela three weeks ago. coming um, going batty over a picture of the first fan. the grapevine is next. first, meet carissa sanchez, mother of two here. >> i'm a single mom. i'm an independent distributor for a company. i work out of the home. my husband does, too.
6:24 pm
>> how the economy affects you, affects you directly. >> for people owning their own business and trying to start their own company. direct hit, if you will. >> you have two children. >> yes, i have two. seven and three. i worry about their future. it's a major concern of mine. as far as the election, one thing that is porn for me and i hope would be for other people, like i said, just not looking at, like looking at the whole big picture and now how it will affect us later.
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[ male announcer ] every day we help students earn their bachelor's or master's degree for tomorrow's careers. this is your moment. let nothing stand in your way. devry university, proud to support the education of our u.s. olympic team. >> bret: now, fresh pickings from the political grapevine. some folks in turkey are not happy about the photo we showed you last week, showing president obama wielding a baseball bat on the phone with the turkish prime minister. a number of turkish officials are calling it an insult to the country. but the prime minister continues to call president obama a friend who never falls short of respect or politeness. white house spokeswoman said the photo 'cuz released to show close relationship between the leaders. if you have been curious or nosey about the political leanings of your neighbors, there is an app for that.
6:29 pm
you can serenely centered democrats bill looking at a google map. here is a maind we saw when we tried out -- neighborhood we saw when we tried out the app today. complete with flags marking democratic households. full addresses are listed. the device is supposed to show first name and last initials in addition to gender and age. when we tried it today, the app only gave addresses. registered democrats' information in the app is publicly available, raising some eyebrows. local press in malawi reports that scot hillary clinton caused a buzz when a swarm of bees moved in, during her departure. clinton was forced to run in to her plane. local witnesses claim a panic broke out as officials scrambled t to avoid getting stung. spokeswoman confirmed there were bees on the tarmac and said it was no big deal and nobody panicked or fled. common refrain that poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. chief national correspondent
6:30 pm
jim angle shows us tonight there is new evidence to the contrary. >> president obama's determined to raise taxes on wealthier taxpayers, arguing everyone needs to pay their fair share. but the administration argument goes beyond that. and there is nothing subtle about it. >> the vast majority of the -- the middle class is being screwed. >> in the last few decades, the rung on the ladder of opportunity have grown farther and farther apart. the middle class shrunk. >> noted analyst says that is not true. you often hear the middle class is in decline or shrin shrinking. that is not the case. >> they point to the congressional budget office. >> since 1979, the average income of the household in the middle has increased by a third. for the bottom fifth it increased by 40%. >> the president seems to see a world in which the poor are hurt by the wealthy. but that isn't so clear eithe
6:31 pm
either. take mark zuckerberg who made $1 billion or more when facebook went public. did the game come of the expence of those who made less? >> it's unclear that anyone is made worse off because of that. >> one thing is clear. tax quality has nothing to do with income inequality. the bottom 20% of income pay .3% of total taxes. the middle 20% pay 9.4%. the top 20% pay 67.9% of total incomes taxes. it's not like in stone and immovable but an escalator with people moving up and down over time. >> if you are born in the lowest 20%. the likelihood is you are not going to end mup lowest 20%. >> in part, people start careers, the incomes are low. as they advance or get
6:32 pm
experience or get married or start a business, income gro grows. >> 60% of the people started in the bottom fifth make it out of the bottom fifth ten years later. >> the recession hurt top earners the most. bottom 80 losing 5% in income. top fifth, 18%. top one, 36%. bret? >> bret: jim, thank you. next up, has hope and change become negative? we ask the fox all-stars from washington when we come back. president obama often talks about raising subsidiaries for higher education as one way of reviving the u.s. economy. at bolling green state university, it seems to play well. bgsu is the largest employer in the county. this is a state school but funding from the state of ohio dropped below 25%.
6:33 pm
decrease of 35% in the last two decades. more money for education has great appeal in a college town. how will it play come november? "special report" continues after the break. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. because enbrel, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b,
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i'm not aware of the white house speaking to senator reid about this issue. i would simply say you all probably know senator reid well. you know, he speaks for himself. >> we all get it. he is just playing this game and you know, it's amazing to me that there can be any honor in a position he holds, that he has degraded so far down the tubes. is it what it is. he is a dirty liar. we're moving on. moving on to defeating the
6:37 pm
president and sievin saving this country. >> bret: charges and countercharges as the produce refuses to denounce harry reid using one anonymous source saying that mitt romney did not pay any taxes over the span of ten years. th was refrain echoed by the house minority leader today, where he told huffington post, "harry reid made a statement that was true. someone told him it's a fact. whether he did or not can be disposed of. mitt romney can release tax returns and show whether he paid taxes." what about this? start with the panel in washington. steve hayes, senior writer for "weekly standard." a.b. stoddard of the hill. and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. sometimes in august we get to the silly season here in politics. boy, this seems to be hot and heavy on this issue. >> this isn't silly season. this is disgrace season. the hypocrisy on this. democrats and liberals take endless pride in having opposed mccarthyist.
6:38 pm
the essence o mccarthyism is use high place, high office to make innuendo, unsubstantiated charges and destroy other people by means of doing that. the famous speech mccarthy made in 1950. i have in my hand list of 205 members of the communist state department. of course, he never produced that list. this is a blind accusation on harry reid where he says i have any head the word from one person who remains unname unnamed, that romney didn't pay his taxes. then he said, and he didn't pay his taxes. is there a single democrat in leadership anywhere, or in the white house who will denounce him as he needs to be denounced is tactic? it's worse. they use him to demand the
6:39 pm
release of the tax return. says it's a fact. the fact is he was told. that's like mccarthy but told there were 57 communists. the implication is the innuendo is a fact. the innuendo itself is fabrication and mccarthyism. this president came in on hope and change. transcending partisanship. new politics. four years later with a failed administration, where is the administration stooping? mccarthy tactics, which it refuses to disavow. this is as le as you can go. >> bret: a.b., clearly, the democrats see opportunity in this topic. this is part of the effort to go after mitt romney on taxes which is vulnerability for him. >> well, this is a big difference, though. the mitt romney tax story stays alive no matter what he does. he is not releasing them. everyone knows he is unemployed and making over $21 million a year in investment income.
6:40 pm
people in the republican party encourage mitt romney to release the tax return so it's no longer a distraction from the topic of president obama's record. making unsubstantiated accusations like harry reid did is dangerous and wrong and entirely inappropriate. it's true it degrades his position and lowers the game. makes it worse than it already is. much more negative. much less a process that the voters can trust. i don't know that i would say since the white house refuse to announce they are as guilty as the defenders but they did try to distance themselveses from harry reid comments today. people deespecially ifing him when there is no evidence what he says is true are in a different category. >> bret: steve, that is the question. is this story now changing? is the onus on harry reid and nancy pelosi and others to
6:41 pm
come forward with that evidence? it seemed like at the beginning, like pressure was on mitt romney. >> yeah. no, i don't think it actually is. i think harry reid has been denounced by every republican running for state and municipal offices because of what he has done. look, the white house -- the obama campaign spent weeks asking the question: why is mitt romney in the releasing his taxes? what is in those taxes. harry reid comes along conveniently i would suggest and answers the question and tries to answer the question, well, he is not releasing his taxes in part because he hasn't paid taxes for ten years. i don't have that on great sources but i've got it and i'll lobby accusations. you saw jay carney out there today saying he is not aware of the white house speaking with senator reid to make this case. i believe jay carney. i take him at his word when he says that. if you go by standard of evidence that theteams are using, jay carney should have to prove that. somebody made that allegation. there was a coordination between obama world and between harry reid.
6:42 pm
maybe there wasn't. i don't think it's fair to ask the white house to support that. if you use the own standard they are using, they should have to produce that evidence. >> bret: down the row starting with steve about the v.p. choice. there are rumblings that it could be this week for mitt romney to make this choice. he is going to go on a bus trip. we can confirm that marco rubio is going to be in florida with him. rob portman will be in ohio. bob mcdonald will be in virginia. where are we on the choice? is it this week? steve? >> i don't think anybody nodes yet. but there is a window at the end of this week, thursday, friday time frame, for romney to make this announcement if he wants to. he has engagements this week, tomorrow. wednesday and thursday. fundraising breakfast in new york. there is an opening he could if he decided to make the announcement make it at the end of the week and go in the sunday show. it's fairly clear they spent a good bit of time in the last couple of weeks narrowing down
6:43 pm
the choice. he spent a few weeks with the top advisors. the top advisors traveled with him to california. it's clear we're at decision time now. if he hasn't already made it. he will in the next day or so. >> bret: all right. okay. a.b., quickly, we have paul ryan, marco rubio, tim pawlenty, rob portman and chris christie possibly back in the mix. >> i don't think we should be diverted by names to speak at the convention. other names can be added later. this is a way to pique everybody's interest. it's probably down to those four minus christie. i think that steve is right. it's probably coming in the next couple of days or it comes after the olympics. he needs a second candidate. i think waiting until the convention is missing an opportunity that he should take. >> bret: all right, charles. 30 seconds. >> i think it's before, plus bob mcconnell, the governor of virginia. so it is five. the four who don't get the pick will undoubtedly be
6:44 pm
speaking. they are the rising stars of the party. and i think i would agree with a.b. chris christie looks like the log call choice for keynote address on tuesday night. >> bret: charles, a.b., steve, as always. thank you from washington. next up, a brand new panel. here in ohio. talk local politics and how everything is playing. this is new york state. we built the first railway, the first trade route to the west, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state. one that's working to attract businesses and create jobs. a place where innovation meets determination... and businesses lead the world.
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>> bret: welcome back to wood county, ohio, we're here at the fairgrounds. i wanted to talk about
6:48 pm
politics locally, with a local panel. we welcome to our panel, dave murray, managing editor of "the blade." melissa miller, political science professor at bowling green state university. craig tomlins anchor and reporter for fox toledo. thank you for being here. craig, we were talking about tv ads. it's just nonstop. >> it is incredible. >> if you come here from a state that doesn't have the ad, and you watch tv for ten minutes you have no idea how there could be this many political ads. for us, the advertising is up over 30%. politically speaking, where it was a few years ago. every break on all the local channels. you will see something for one of the candidates. >> bret: melissa, what is the big issue here? the car industry is huge and it seems like it plays a big factor. >> the economy is the number one issue in ohio as it is elsewhere. the bail-out of the auto industry is especially critical here. i think obama is getting mileage from that in ohio,
6:49 pm
because so many jobs in ohio are either directly or indirectly tied to the auto industry. he is gettingtrack. >> so when they run an ad that says, you know, he saves the auto industry, that plays here. >> that plays here. it plays certainly in northwest ohio, where we have a jeep plant, auto parts plant. there is a lot of automanufacturing type of jobs here in this corner of the state. it resonates. that doesn't mean everyone across the state believes it was a wonderful idea. i mean, you know, there are a lot of people in the state opposed to big government and opposed to the bail-out. i will tell you what, the ohio economy benefited from the bail-out. >> bret: union president in wood county, pretty hot? >> union in lugas in toledo is very high. it's said that 60,000 people a day wake up in somehow owe their job to the auto industry. that spills over to northern wood county, chrysler plant in wood county. wood county is more of an agriculture area. not as heavily unionized.
6:50 pm
>> bret: the interesting split here is that the ohio governor john kasich seems to be doing better in the polls as president obama is doing better. >> people care about their jobs so if they can say well, my job is doing better and my family is doing better, whoever is in power at a state and national level, even though they have exactly the opposite ideas of how things should go, they're both going up. >> bret: so the sense is the unemployment rate here is better than the national average. >> absolutely. it is. >> 7.2 as of june. a huge decrease. >> we peaked at 10.6% in 2009. so we have really come down. that is another reason. auto bail-out aside, the president says the economy is on track and recovery is underway, you buy it in ohio more easily than in other states where they haven't seen the gains we have seen.
6:51 pm
>> the latest poll shows obama over romney. that's the following of the unemployment rate in ohio. >> bret: agriculture is a big issue. how does it play? >> they are worried about rai rains. it has nothing to do with politics. use can't blame obama or romney for rain. >> if one of these could be rain maker they would seal up the ohio vote. it's not going to happen. i actually think that, you know, obama is in the lead right now but i wouldn't count on if it i were the obama administration yet. things can tighten up in ohio. funny things can happen in ohio. this state produced joe the plummer in 2008. that shook up the race not far from here. >> bret: there were more independents, at least say there are independents in ohio than many other states. it seems like it is one of the biggest swing states that we see. >> it's always talked about
6:52 pm
the fact that no republican won the white house without winning ohio. that is out there, that it's that important. while we talked about the autobail-out being a big thing for obama, not like there is that much love for him otherwise. in november, in ohio, there was a vote about obamacare. a vote against it. non-binding but a vote against it. it's still very much in play. that is why, you know, we'll continue to see the ads. president obama has been more to ohio than any other state than virginia since being in office. >> bret: do you see play heavily for romney campaign? >> romney campaign is better organized than the mccain campaign was four years ago at this time. >> yes. >> part is the romney campaign has been better at fundraising than mccain. the mccain campaign was. so they opened up field offices. not as many as obama just yet, but the many factor is going to be mitigated somewhat
6:53 pm
opposed to the situation in 2008. >> bret: do you think the grassroots getting out the people -- >> it wins election in ohio. the reason we had a flip from the democratic party to the republican party because the democrats didn't get out the vote. n the county. that's why john kasich is in office. we heard rumors of the lom rom campaign that asked the kasich office not to tout an issue how well ohio is doing. here we have the republican nominee or soon to be nominee saying we know you did a good job but hold off. we have don't want people to think. it's against the message they are putting out. >> kasich is scheduled to speak at the convention. you can see how this is playing out. dave, melissa, craig, thank you. interesting to talk to you. i'm sure we'll be back here to wood county and the fairgrounds after a short break.
6:54 pm
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>> bret: finally tonight, our coverage of the 2012 election, of course, continues this week right here on "special report." we will reintroduce you to the people we believe are on mitt romney's short list for the number two spot on the republic ticket. you will not want to miss that as an announcement literally could be any day. a special thanks to the great people here at the wood county fair. you can applaud now. [cheers] >> they made this show possible. we will continue great coverage all across the country and thanks for this special day here at the fair and, of course, we will also continue to be fair, balanced and unafraid. okay. >> this is the fox report. tonight, murder at a house of worship. now, the former stepmother of a suspected killer speaks. >> we're treating this as a
6:58 pm
domestic terrorist type incident. >> shepard: witnesses say he walked into the temple and started shooting. and then he turned his gun towards police. >> the officer was shot 8 to 9 times at very close range. >> shepard: now, new information coming out about the suspect. can say he was in the military. >> why investigators say he may have committed mass murders. >> death as nascar. >> i didn't see nothing but a bang and a flash and people laying on the ground. >> and one of those people never got back up. tonight, lightning strikes at the pennsylvania 400. plus the curiosity rover makes it to nice nasa is celebrating. >> safe on mars. [cheers] >> now, you will see the latest images from the planet next door.
6:59 pm
first from fox this monday night. they are there to pray and police say he was there to murder. civil rights group reports the main man accused of going on a shooting spree at a temple in wisconsin yesterday was a frustrated neo nazi. investigators identify the suspect as wade michael page a 40-year-old army veteran discharged in 1988. police say he opened fire at a sikh temple in oak creek, wisconsin just a few miles south of milwaukee and there he killed six people and wounded three others. among the injured a police lieutenant who arrived minutes after the first the 11 call. the oak creek police officer says that officer whom you see here was helping one of the weapons when the gunman ambushed him. >> the officer was shot 8 to 9 times at this incident at very close range with a handgun. >> shepard: chief says other officers ordered the suspect to drop his weapon but that he refused and started firing at them. and one officer shot and