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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 7, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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charge of that investigation since he's so good at it. >> greta: maybe we should explain that reference is david fluff before he went to work for the white house, that he gave a speech in africa, for part of iran's cell, which is fully owned by the iranian revolutionary guard, which of course cracks down on dissidents, and it's largely responsible for its nuclear program. he wasn't at the white house at the time. nonetheless, if you want sanctions to work, we ought to all stand by them. >> it's just deplorable. no american should be entering into contracts that are funded or affiliated with the iranian revolutionary army, let alone a guy that's involved with barack obama, takes a job in the white house, does a one-off for $100,000 before he steps into the white house. these are things that harry reid ought to be worried about, not making up stories on the floor of the senate.
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here's the deal. i think this president has a problem with the american dream in this country. this is what it comes down to. i don't know a parent in america that drives on the street with their kids -- my dad was a union electrician fromke nora, wisconsin. we didn't look at house on the corner that was beautiful and big and say, hey, look at these lousy people over here. they pointed to the house, and looked back at me and said, listen, pal, if you work hard, you go to school, you're going to be in that house. and mom and dad hope it's even bigger. i think in the end, all of this noise, all of this garbage coming from these guys is all going to turn against them, because people in america, republicans and democrats, believe in the american dream, and they sure as heck believe in it for their kids. i don't get what this president's all about anymore. i think it's a bad mistake for him to demonize this idea of making something from nothing and being successful.
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dloig all right. >> greta: however tax returnsgis financial background, and in governor romney's situation it might tell us if he's as good a businessman as he claims to be or whether or not to some american it might make a difference how much taxes he paid, what percentage. do you think it's appropriate for him, politically, strategically, he doesn't have to, but to withhold tax returns? >> no, but here's the deal, he's not, though. he's released two years of taxes. he's going to release the 2011 taxes in full when those get completed. he's released 500 pages that have been filed already with the fec. this is the deal. i think as republicans, as people in this country that care about these issues -- and care about what matters in this campaign, which is jobs, the economy, the debt, all the promises made by barack obama, i think that, you know, taking this lying down is a mistake.
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why we came out so strong yesterday. we are not going to get pushed around by these baseless accusations that the president's behind. i mean, the president is behind this. all he has to do is say to harry reid, you know what, cut this garbage out. this is not what i'm about. this is not what i campaigned on in 2008. the problem is this president isn't who he said he was. all of this is going to come unraveled. i think the american dream and the idea of the american dream is going to defeat barack obama. >> greta: my whole problem i hate anonymous sources completely. >> absolutely. >> greta: let me ask you about the convention coming up. not on your speaker list so far is governor palin. is she going to speak? >> i can't make that announcement tonight, but certainly she's great and i think a lot of her, and hope she does speak. >> greta: how about congressman ron paul? >> again, i don't know when that's coming out. i'm not at liberty to tell you that tonight. >> greta: senator rick santorum
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or speaker gingrich? >> you can keep going down the list, greta, and i'm sorry, but, you know, we're going to roll these things out in waves. what happened today was the first wave of speakers that you saw. there's going to be others. i just would rather have everyone kind of wait and see how we roll this out. i think everyone will be happy with how it comes out. >> greta: how is this decision made? is it made by the campaign or the rnc? >> quite honestly it's a 50/50 joint venture. we have a very good working relationship with team romney. they don't have a deputy chairman in the rnc like many times they've done before. so they've empowered us and we've worked together on everything, programming, speakers, everything down the line. it's been a great team effort. i think you know romney victory when we announce the fundraising totals that's a joint venture between the rnc and team romney. these things will come in waves. i think our entire -- both the base, both independents, i think
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people across america are going to love the array of speakers that we have that are out there. i think it's going to be a good deal. >> greta: you go first this year, democrats second. would you rather go second? >> we went second last time. it didn't work out. we'll go the other way. >> greta: thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: now more on the sneak peek we're getting into the republican national convention. tonight we know seven of the major speakers slated to take the podium. one of the headliners is south carolina governor nikki haley and she joins us. good evening, govern. >> hi, greta. how are you? >> greta: very well. who called you to tell you you were one of the chosen ones? >> beth myers called. >> greta: and i suppose you said yes right away? >> yes, of course. i would be honored to speak at the convention. listen, i've been a strong believer and support are of governor romney since 2008. the past, you know, 3 1/2 years we've watched under president obama proves even more how great
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president romney will be for this country. i'm honored to be there. i'm honored to represent the state of south carolina. i'm honored to represent a good group of governors who understand that we've got to get washington turned around. >> greta: i actually remember coming down to south carolina and tonef the skin, it's important that you have si. president obama has a lapdog for everything single day. his job is to make sure that they can put out distractions every day until the election. governor romney has credits and proven results for every single day, whether it was making sure that he brought jobs into his state, whether it was making sure he turned the olympics around and made it's a source of pride. you know, whether we look at everything that he's done in the private sector to bring jobs, he's signed the front of a paycheck. it's so easy to talk about
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somebody who has proven results as opposed to a president who, god bless him, has tried, but has not been able to do this. >> greta: well, how do you explain the -- let me give you some polls. in the month of july, among the women vote, president obama was at 48%. governor romney was at 40%. now fast-forward to a month later, president obama has jumped from 48% to 56%, and governor romney has slipped three percentage points with the women. >> i think we have to educate more. you know, the more i get out the more other people get out, we're starting to see the momentum. it will get down to those last 30 days. it will get down to have gas prices gone up or down? it's going to get down to what people are feeling in their wallets and pocketbooks. i'll give you an example. i was stumping for romney in michigan, i was at a rally, and an independent came up to me and said, you know, i don't know that much about governor romney, but what i do know is we deserve
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better. that's what this is going to come down to. don't settle for what's not working. they know they deserve better. the american people know they deserve better. they deserve jobs. they don't deserve increased taxes. they want to decrease taxes. they don't deserve seeing their military not taken care of and weakened. they deserve a strong military. they don't deserve watching their credit rating fall as a country. they deserve to see their credit rating go up. all of these things will change when we get president romney in office. >> greta: other potential speakers that haven't been named yet in the list. one is congressman ron paul. he has a lot of very, very passionate supporters. should he have a speaking role? should he have a major part of -- he might not even want one for all i know, but should he? >> you know, this is what i will tell you, i'm not a political advisor. it would be wrong for me to get into it. i will tell you there are so many rock stars that are in the republican party right now. and it's because they are not doing like the democrats, where
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all they do is complain about the past. they actually have ideas and results dealing with the future. you have a number of people from ron paul to sarah palin to tons of governors, you know, to paul ryan, to all these people who have actually not just complained, but actually done something about it. i feel for all the people having to make these decisions, because we've got too many great ones to choose. >> greta: you mentioned governor sarah palin. she's obviously the former -- she was the vice presidential nominee of your party four years ago. would you expect -- she does have a huge draw, especially among the tea party across the country. she's had lots of success campaigning in nebraska, indiana, endorsing, and in texas recently with mr. cruz. would you expect that she would be -- she would have a prominent speaking role? >> well, i don't want that decision, and i hate it for them, but i will tell you i have always been a big fan for sarah
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palin, for the fighter she is and the way she goes out for the conservative cause. i would certainly like to see her speak. >> greta: this whole business about governor romney's tax returns -- very plainly, i don't like the anonymous sources, that harry reid has gone to the floor of the senate, where he's protected, protected speech. it's anonymous, dirty. he knows it. he's a lawyer. he knows all about anonymous sources. however, having said that, tax returns do tell us a little bit about the candidate. they tell us whether the person has been smart financially, whether the person has paid a income tax rate that we might think is fair. besides the bullying aspect, would you like to see governor romney give us more financial information? us meaning the voters. >> well, i think let's, first of all, look at the fact that harry reid has yet to show you a tax retu, so it's absolutely hypocritical for him to do that. secondly president obama should be embarrassed that he's having to ask one person after another
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to attack governor romney every single day to keep from speaking on his record. thirdly, governor romney has shown two years' worth of tax returns. let's be clear, he could show you 12 years' worth of tax returns and president obama would still say that's not enough because he doesn't want to talk about the failure that he's had the debt. he doesn't want to talk about the failure with unemployment. he doesn't want to talk about the fact that he has not handled the international situation. well, he doesn't want to talk about anything that has to do with his record except complain about other people. so harry reid and nancy pelosi and everybody else will keep doing what president obama tells them to do, which is create a distraction every day until the election and let's hope the people aren't smart enough to figure it out. i think he's wrong. i think the people are much smarter than this. >> greta: would a summary be satisfactory -- is there sort of a middle ground at all, an accountant's summary of, for instance, what the tax rate is, what some of his investments are going back beyond two years? would that be seen as sort of a middle ground?
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>> i mean, with all due respect, greta, i think you're falling for what they want you to fall for. instead i want to talk about how many businesses did he take that were not doing well that he made successful. what did he exactly do and the results of how he spent money in the olympics that turned it around and made it's a source of pride. how did he go with a majority democratic legislature and cut taxes in the state of massachusetts? those are real results. why are we not talking about that? instead we're talking about hypotheticals, talking about made-up things, talking about anonymous sources and once again falling into the trap that president obama once us to fall into, which is don't talk about the president, keep talking about mitt romney so people start to doubt him. it's not going to work. the american people are much smarter than that. >> greta: governor, so we're clear, i think what harry reid has done with anonymous sources is deplorable. you can't fight back. if he's got sources, he ought to step up and name them. >> absolutely.
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>> greta: i think president obama is up to his eyeballs in it, looking the other way. he ought to make a statement on it. i totally agree. but as we evaluate other candidates, there are indicators that are helpful to voters, but for one last second i don't think harry reid is playing decent in this one. and speaker pelosi is up to her eyeballs in this one. >> i agree, absolutely agree. >> greta: governor, thank you. good luck with your speech. >> thank you so much. it's always fun to be with you, greta. >> greta: straight ahead, would you ever be so stupid as to run a business where it cost you $16 to buy a hamburger to sell and then you turn around and sell it for only $9.50? would you ever be that stupid? guess what. we know something about you that you won't like. that's coming up. also, sean penn is lending his power to a controversial presidential candidate, but it's not president obama or governor romney. romney. who is people we rely on in the morning
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>> greta: okay, can you imagine anything dumber than this? imagine selling a cheeseburger for $9.50 when it cost you $16.15 to make it. try this one. how about selling a soda for $2 when it cost you $3.40 to serve
1:18 am
it. sounds really dumb, doesn't it? really dumb. that's what amtrak is doing. guess what. guess who's paying for the millions of dollars in amtrak losses. that's right. you are. congressman john mica chairs the house transportation infrastructure committee. he joins us. good evening, sir. these numbers are absolutely staggering, these numbers. >> it's hard to believe, greta. >> greta: give us a sample of the numbers. >> they've gone, in the last three years, from $79 million a year loss -- now, this is captive food service. you can't go anywhere else. you know, you can't hop off the train and buy something and bring it back on while it's moving. anyways, but they've got captive service. $79 million loss, three years ago. now they've got it up to $84.5 million loss. you buy a bottle of water like you said, or a drink, for $2, it
1:19 am
costs $3.40. the taxpayers are underwriting this. >> greta: thes loss on food on amtrak is $842 million. i ride amtrak all the time. with all due respect to everybody, it is the worst food ever. i mean, it's like -- it's stunning that anyone would even buy it at $6.50, it's that bad. >> it's adding to our deficit. it's three-quarters of a billion dollars in loss in 10 years by selling food to the public. it's outrageous. >> greta: but there's something funny about it, too, because when you're on it, like if you go up and say diet coke, they say, well, will a pepsi do? the pepsi costs $3.40, which we
1:20 am
only get charged $2, you may buy up on it and bring it back to the office, i say sarcastically. why are they only selling pepsi? are they wheeling and dealing with coca-cola to get a better deal than $3.40 a can? >> we haven't looked into their choice of vendors. you know, this is -- this is, again, one of those tips of the iceberg. they have 1200 employees. last time we investigated it, i had the inspector general look at it, and we found thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars being ripped off. they use cash. most everybody else has gone to credit cards. we're two years later, and they still haven't gotten to a credit card cashless system, money flying out the door. we had dozens of employees fired when we did a sting to see where the money was going. so you're only talking about the loss that is transparent. the rest of the loss is phenomenal. again, with a captive food
1:21 am
audience. >> greta: you know, it's interesting, this almost makes the solyndra business deal look smarter, because with solyndra it's stunning that it was cheaper to buy the solar panels in china than to build it here in the united states, you wonder who is making these business decisions for anybody. no one in his right mind would spend $16 to buy a hamburger and then turn around and sell it for $9. i mean, no one's that stupid. >> greta, it gets worse. there were 28 million passengers on amtrak a year ago. every ticket was underwritten by the taxpayer, over $49. if you amortized the stimulus money that went for three years into amtrak, that shoots the cost of every ticket subsidy to $99 for the taxpayer. it's absolutely outrageous. >> greta: but i tell you from the corridor, from washington to new york, it is almost always filled, and the tickets are -- i
1:22 am
mean, there's quite a range of tickets. you have the same seat and pay $99 or pay $300. i mean, there is a range on these tickets. i mean, i think if it were run smartly, that it's a good business. not on the food. we'd be better off to get mcdonald's in there. anyway, let me ask you a about these empty buildings. >> you come up with radical ideas, like people that could sell food and run a train and do it with a profit. you're outrageous, greta. >> greta: anyway, let me ask you a quick question. less a minute left. what's the story on a hearing on an empty building? >> another one, greta. our first one out in the field in my state, 178 square feet, a courthouse, empty in miami for five years, and the guy that's running it, who came and testified, i asked him if he'd been one of those people who got a bonus. here he's losing money, $1.12 million a year, and he got a bonus. he wouldn't tell the committee
1:23 am
how much he got, but we'll find out. the losses for these properties across the country. our next hearing will be in los angeles. stay tuned. we'll take these buildings down one at a time. >> greta: the last word on this building in florida, built in 1933, it's probably a beautiful building. sell it to donald trump at a great price. he just bought the old courthouse in d.c. he'll convert it to something. that's my business advice. call up donald trump. i'll bet you he'll take it off your hands. >> you're a radical woman. thank you. >> greta: congressman, thank you. wait till you hear who sean penn wants for president. if you guessed president obama or governor romney, you're wrong. who is sean penn pushing for president? find out next. and who forget this, president bush dancing with a west african dance now. well, now secretary of state hillary clinton is giving president bush a run for his money. don't miss this video.
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>> greta: wisconsin police say they may never learn the motive behind a vicious rampage, but tonight we're learning more about the gunman who murdered six peek at the suburban milwaukee sikh temple. weighed page was a former army soldier, demoted and discharged. police say he was also a member of heavy metal bands. police say he opened fire inside the temple as people were arriving for friday prayer
1:28 am
services. six people were killed and three wounded, including a police officer. another police officer shot page to death. stay tuned to fox news channel for the latest on this developing story. an actor is hitting the campaign trail, but not to support president obama or mitt romney. sean penn is campaigning with and for venezuelan president hugo chavez who hangs out with iran's president ahmadinejad. why is he riding on a truck with chavez at a campaign rally? byron york joins us. i bet your answer to that is how would i know. >> he's finally found a campaign he feels passionate about, except it's just in venezuela. the thing about hugo chavez, if you are a bad actor in the world, if you are in cuba, or if you were in iran, or if you are in syria, he's your buddy. i mean, right now most of the
1:29 am
world is trying to get asat out of -- assad out of syria. hugo chavez is helping him out. it's a bad thing to help him get re-elected. >> greta: things are quite confusing or complicated. take a guy like sean penn who has done good work in haiti. then he hicks up with chavez. if you go to the state department website you can read about the human rights violations, good the government criminalizes dissent, harasses and intimidates the media, uses the judges against people. they have summary executions of criminals. you go through the long list, and you think what in the world is sean penn doing that for? >> a couple of years ago he took offense to reporters who referred to chavez as a dictator and suggested there should be a way to jail those reporters. maybe these sympathetic. and your thoughts about david
1:30 am
fluff who gave a speech before he went to the white house to an organization, mtn, a joint venture, something called iran's cell. >> looks bad to be cashing in with really questionable sources. this is after david plouffe runs the campaign that won in 2008. they switched off, where axelrod has gone to the re-election campaign. plouffe is in the white house now. just before going to the white house he apparently gets $100,000 for two speeches, south african company in nigeria, but it's a company that does a lot of business with iran. >> greta: you know, i actually have a different twist on it than everybody else. everyone focused the fact that he ran the campaign, in an interim time when he wasn't working at the white house, then goes to the white house a shorts time later. i don't know why any american citizen would do. we're talking about iran, which is trying to wipe -- ahmadinejad
1:31 am
is trying to wipe israel off the map, from all we know is trying to get nuclear weapons, and this joint venture with iran's cell. it was not a mystery. in fact, the undersecretary of 2006 according to the wikileaks leak said that the iran cell was a fully owned by the iranian revolutionary guard, the ones who put down the protests in june of 2009, and they're the ones who were instrumental in the nuclear program, nuclear weapons program, in iran. so if you want sanctions to work, you got to get serious about it. i don't care if you're going to the white house or not. but if you're in any way helping these people, you're making a mockery of these sanctions. >> the other thing is, he'd just run a victorious presidential campaign. there is a cash-in period for people after that. there were a lot of opportunities for him to make money without having to deal with questionable countries that do business -- companies that do
1:32 am
business with iran. i mean, a winning consultant in a campaign like that, gives a lot of speeches for a lot of money, he can work on foreign campaigns, but he doesn't have to involve himself with people like that to make money. >> greta: i don't mind him cashing in, but this really is serious. you know, about what's going on with iran. and, you know, i don't understand why there isn't more outrage on this. you know, this is just -- this is not a little thing where he gives a speech to a company that's in -- you know, does a partnership with an iranian company. i mean, this is -- this is a really -- i think it's very serious. >> well, it just came out today. the romney campaign talked about it a little bit. you're right, it's not caught on. i think we'll be hearing it more and more, if iran pops into the news between now and the election. certainly whatever president obama does, there will be people who will snipe at it at least by saying, but yeah, one of your main guys has been making money off this.
1:33 am
>> greta: i was just in israel, and they're thinking about going to war. our country is saying, no, don't go to war, the sanctions are going to work. you know, be patient. well, the sanctions aren't going to if americans are going to do -- if they're going to chip away at the sanctions. what he did was perfectly legal, perfectly legal, but this -- but what it does is create a sieve out of the sanctions when people do things like that, and these are real-life problems for people. >> right. well, it undercuts of the united states to actually enforce these things. >> greta: byron, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, chris christie, marco rubio and paul ryan, what do they have in common? and a dazzling touchdown like you've never seen before. we do have it on video. no, it's not football. it's mars. the first photos have a organic artichokes, organic lettuce, organic kale... does your cauliflower have a big carbon footprint?
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>> greta: it's out of this world, the most high-tech rover ever built makes a perfect landing on mars. the curiosity landed right on target. nasa is celebrating the success. >> touchdown confirmed. we're seeing mars. >> whew! whoa! >> greta: it took curiosity eight months to make it to mars, and after landing it beamed the first photos from inside the crater. it shows the rover's wheel in its shadow cast by the afternoon sun. over the next two years, curiosity will drive from a mountain rising from the crater, poke into rocks and scoop up soil, all part of the quest to find out if there was ever life on the red planet. what do you think the rover will find? grow to we're back in two. hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages.
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. the shooting suspect in the shooting of gabrielle giffords is scheduled to be in court on tuesday, expected to change his plea to guilty. a judge will decide if he's competent to enter that plea. he's accused of opening fire as giffords met with members of the public last year in tucson. six people were killed. giveords and 12 others were wounded. forecasters expecting torrential rains soaking the capitol of the philippines to continue at least another day. the heavy downpour, triggered by a monsoon, overflowing dams in that region, forcing thousands to evacuate in manila. government offices and schools were shut down on monday. the death toll after more than a week of flooding reaching at least 51. i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to "on the record" with greta. thanks for watching.
1:40 am
>> greta: new jersey governor chris christie, wisconsin congressman paul ryan and ohio senator rob portman, virginia governor bob mcdonnell, and jeb bush are some of the names left off the republican convention speakers. is that a possible clue? are they on the short list to be governor romney's running mate? rick klein joins us. it's a silly game we like to play. what's it mean the names haven't been scheduled? >> the romney folks are having a lot of fun with the process. this is a good headline for the people that weren't name to the people that are named. they coincide with names on the short list like pawlenty, portman, who you just mentioned. governor romney will choose who he wants to choose. whether or not they're announced previously as convention speakers, it's irrelevant. he'll program his convention, program it with his running
1:41 am
mate. in the meantime this is great grist. >> greta: governor haley was just on with us. and former secretary of state condoleezza rice. at the same time his numbers with women from july to now, governor romney's have gone down, and president obama's have improved. is that part of the attempt to get that women vote? >> no question. you want to showcase your party's stars, the ones who speak to particular geographical groups or demographic groups. it's going to look different than, say, the republican caucus up on capitol hill. that's the nature of the beast. they're going to go for something that says something about the party. that's why john kerry chose president obama to be his convention keynoter back in 2004. it says something to people that you want to be out there. again, the vice presidential choice said something even bigger, but that's a different
1:42 am
decision. >> greta: where is governor palin on the women's list? >> she'll be there. you were there four years ago. it's hard to conceive of the next republican convention without having governor palin in a prominent role, if she wants to do it. i assume she does. i assume we'll hear her name in the mix. she'll be joining us in tampa again. >> greta: i looked at the impact she has on the primaries. if the republican party intends to make it a big tent party, wants to reach the tea party people, she's had an enormous amount of success in the primaries. >> no question. she fired up the convention crowd like nothing i've ever witnessed before four years ago. she still has a lot of pull. she's prevailing in a number of primaries. she's a huge star in the party. more than alleges governor romney wants to make sure she's in the fold. you don't want to do anything that upsets her. >> greta: do you have any thoughts as to why governor romney's numbers with women have gone down in the last month and president obama's have gone up? anything happen? the women's vote is a big vote. >> it's a big vote, and
1:43 am
typically democrats carry it, the question is how much. men disproportionately will vote republican. there's contraceptive issues, planned parenthood that the democrats are trying to begin g. there's some carry-over i suppose. president obama has spent so much money, his allies have been bombarding voters with negative messaging about mitt romney, trying to define him before he gets out of the box. >> greta: representative ron paul, that's another part of the big tent that i assume the republicans will include. he has the most passionate supporters of any group throughout. >out there. >> he does. we tend to dissect the speaking order at the convention as if we're seating the u.n. security council. this is programming a pep rally. you want to energize your base, get every segment of your party as energized and excited about this four days as possible. so they'll do what it takes to check the boxes, whether that
1:44 am
means choosing particular people based on demographic appeal or based on the performance in the primaries, and everyone will leave tampa happy. >> greta: a lot of republicans won't be happy that gets the 3:00 a.m. slot. >> that's right. the most important part is how you program the primetime network coverage each night, how you try to present the candidate, have the speakers complement what the candidate wants you to tell. >> greta: and the democratic national convention is coming up, and their biggest speaker is former president bill clinton, speaking the same nights as the nfl season opener. >> that's right. >> greta: bad timing. >> that's the only chance to counter programming against that. that was supposed to be vice president biden's night. >> greta: it's tough to go up against the nfl. >> no question. i'll be torn. it's the giants. >> greta: it is indeed. and representative paul ryan, is
1:45 am
he going to speak? >> i can't imagine a convention without him in some ways. maybe he speaks as a running mate. a lot of attention being paid to paul ryan. >> greta: i think he could carry wisconsin if he's chosen. rick, thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> greta: now to a campaign flash. rising tea party star ted cruz of texas has some advice for governor romney. he says if governor romney wants to appeal to latino voters he should appeal to conservative values. >> those are all conservative values. faith, family, hard work, responsibility. i think what governor romney needs to do, and i think what he issues -- doing, defending those values and making the case that the obama agenda has been incredibly destructive to the hispanic community. >> greta: last week cruz won the texas primary to become the republican senate nominee with the support of tea party conservatives, he upset texas lieutenant governor david dewhurst in a runoff election.
1:46 am
and straight ahead, oscar director clint eastwood is at it again. he just made somebody's day. whose turn is it? that's next. also a lost camera leads a man on a bizarre search. see with athlete's foot, i just wanted to hide myeet. now? not so much. i got lotrimin ultra. it penetrates to soothe symptoms while it cures athlete's foot at its core. prescription strength lotrimin ultra.
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>> greta: you've seen our top stories, but here's the best of the rest. clint eastwood just made governor romney's day. the os war-winning director endorsing governor romney a sun valley fundraiser. last february eastwood said he wasn't endorsing anyone. there was speculation that eastwood's super bowl ads was a nod toward president obama, but at the time eastwood denied it. now he says he's voting for governor romney. what does governor romney say about clint eastwood? he said, he just made my day. what a guy. an update on the olympic size controversy. last week many americans were outraged to find out that u.s. olympic medalists were getting taxed on their winnings, that's because they win prize money along with their medals. several lawmakers have proposed legislation to stop the olympians from getting taxed. today word from the white house that president obama supports the effort to wave the taxes. press secretary jay carney
1:51 am
saying the president supports efforts that we do everything we can to support our athletes who represent our nation at the olympic games. and one man finds a camera at the bottom of a creek in upstate new york and goes to extreme lengths to find its owner. he found a soggy memory card in the waterlogged digital camera. the most photo on the card was from 2009. he looked at the hundreds of photos to find clues with the camera's owner. the photo showed urban streets and some street signs. he realized most of the streets seemed to be in new york city the one photo even showed a specific bagel shop. he matched an address, a street sign, and the bagel shop. he tracked them all down to brooklyn, new york. he then used tax records to find the owner. finally he reunited the camera with its owner. amazing. and atms are not just for getting cash anymore. in chicago, there's a new machine that dispenses cupcakes. you heard right. the machine is right outside a bakery. you swipe your bank card and out
1:52 am
comes a cupcake. it can hold up 500 cupcakes and the bakery says they're all fresh. if you're on the wes west coast, there's also a cupcake atm in beverly hills. coming up, you may remember president bush showing off his dancindancedancing skills. now secretary of state is getting her groove on. who is a better dancer? that video is next. [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity...
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1:57 am
♪ [ music ] . >> okay. that is your last call. lights are blinking and we are closing down shop. thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow night. tell us what you thought about that dancing and in the meantime we want u to keep it right here on fox news channel. good night, we'll see you tomorrow night with another great cable news show for you. "the five" coming right up, right now. >> eric: hello, everybody. i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, andrea tantaros, greg gutfeld. we have a huge show for you today, so please stay with us for the whole hour because we have our hands on rare footal of the greatest moments in
1:58 am
olympic history. we'll have one story each day this week. today, feature jesse owens, an exceptional american. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: senate majority harry reid yelled "fire" in a crowded room with this speculation. >> so, the word is out he hasn't paid any taxes for ten years. let him prove that he has paid taxes, because he hasn't. >> eric: word is out, senator, is it or it that you are making stuff up to divert etension from the 42 months in a row of above 8% unemployment under president obama? whatever. mitt romney wasn't taking the claim lying down, suggesting reid put up or shut up, but it was the rnc chairman reince priebus who got really fired up. >> i am not going to respond a dirty liar who hasn't filed a
1:59 am
single pay of tax returns himself. >> you said you are not going to respond, but you called him a dirty liar. you think harry reid is a dirty liar? >> i just said. >> eric: then nancy pelosi landed the final blow to the g.o.p. with proof that mitt was cheating on his taxes. she offered this amazing legal argument. he is said harry reid made a statement, that is true. somebody told him. it's a fact. she left it there. kimberly? >> kimberly: this is -- >> eric: it's proof. >> kimberly: what kind of proof is that. really? i have a few things i can prove based on that criteria. thanks, nancy. this will amount to nothing when it comes down to the election. you can say what they want. mitt romney is a successful businessman who knows how to make money on his own, bob, not through inheritance. there is simply nothing to attack him on so they have to reach and grasp at this. it's calling on flat ears. >> eric: stay ontippic. harry reid, should he is use the senate floor to level accusas