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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  August 7, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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keep incentive to work harder and longer. by reducing, reducing write-offs, loopholes and deductions. you bring in more money to the treasury. you do two things. get the economy going. growth, stimulate the private sector and reduce the deficit because more money comes into the treasury. president obama's plan would raise taxes on the rich, which a study by ernst & young says would eliminate 700,000 jobs. not grow the economy. bill: you heard from directly from the president and romney team reacted. that romneyhood line will get a lot of reaction. what did you make of the romney team's response on that? >> he wants to refocus the attention on president obama and the economic record and the economy as it stands now. but he is reacting to the president. he is coming second to the president. in a political campaign that is not necessarily where you want to be.
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bill: stuart, see you at 9:20 fbn and neil at 4:00. patti ann. patti ann: that fund-raising stork in connecticut is rubbing a lot of locals in the wrong way. the president used a nearby beach as a landing pad for his helicopter. that forced the closure of not one but two beaches. one of them, sherwood island state park, is one of connecticut's busiest especially on a hot summer day. the state of connecticut says 1,000 people visit the park on average weekday. that generates 2500 fees in lost parking fees. that is revenue they likely won't make up and that doesn't include concession sales. we are told the lifeguards will be paid as though they worked day. bill: the rasmussen reports daily tracking poll the president has slimmest of leads over governor romney, 46-45%. well within the margin of
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error. the president got a bit of a boost from last week's jobs report. he only led romney a few times over the past month as rasmussen tracks that. patti ann: more speakers announced for the republican national cop vengs later this month in tampa. his former rival for the gop nomination, rick santorum. a senior advisor to santorum confirming to fox he has accepted invitation to speak. joining san tore -- santorum, republican governor mary falin. former florida governor, jeb bush. bill: it will be in charlotte tore the dnc in prime time. join all the entire election team coverage and big speeches analysis. why woe you go anywhere else? patti ann: no need. throw out the remote. bill: correct on that. patti ann: key primary races
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in four states. one in particular could shake the balance of power in senate. michigan, murder sisry, washington and kansas holding elections. polls show mccast skill's seat is very vulnerable. congressman todd aiken, businessman john brenner and former state treasurer sarah steele squaring off in today's primary in the show-me state and we'll keep an on how that turns out. newly-released dispatch audio paint as chilling picture of the shooting at a seek temple in wisconsin. the less's take a listen. >> i'm taking report of a altercation, seek temple. a lot of noise. not able to get much info. a balding male with glasses may have gone on side with a gun and shots fired. >> man with a gun.
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>> in the parking lot, white t-shirt. [gunfire] patti ann: you can actually hear the shots behind him. rick leventhal live in oak creek with more for us on this. rick, very dramatic audio we played. what is the latest you're hearing? >> less than 48 hours after that shooting patti ann, there are still police officers outside of the sikh temple behind us. they opened the main road here. but access to the temple has now been sealed as the fbi continues to process the crime seen and gather forensics. we can tell you the police officer who was injured in that attack, lieutenant brian murphy, is still listed in critical condition. 591-year-old officer in the hospital shot eight or nine times in the neck and extremities. he was wearing a bullet-proof vest. he was a 20 year veteran of tactical team. he was born in brooklyn. waved off arriving officers to help others instead of help him. the shooter is identified as
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wade michael page. a 40-year-old army veteran discharged for misconduct. he is known as a hard metal musician. he had a bond called, end apathy. known as a white supremacist and called creepy by one neighbor. he apparently gaut the .9 millimeter handgun he used in the shooting a week before. patti ann: how is the community reacting? >> reporter: they have had candlelight vigils and services in other sikh temples 20 miles from here. hundreds of members of the sikh community coming out to show support for family and loved once. among the victims of the shooting was the founder and president of the temple as well as two brothers and a mother of two. another compelling thing we're seeing here, patti ann, members of sikh community coming to the police department, giving baked goods and flowers to the officers for their hard work in responding to this awful,
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awful tragedy. patti ann: rick leventhal, reporting live from wisconsin. bill: we'll learn more about it every day. eight minutes past the hour. we're just getting started. curiosity phoned home 850 miles. the high-tech rover beaming back stunning images from mars and video from the heart-stopping plink from the surface. >> president obama telling supporters, we're in trouble. we're telling you why the white house is sounding the alarm. bill: new details in the firestorm over senator harry reid's comments about mitt romney's taxes. the man pointing the finger talking yet again. will he reveal his source we wonder? governor romney saying he is just dead wrong. >> let me also say categorically i have paid taxes every year, and a lot of taxes, a lot of taxes. so harry is simply wrong. you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card.
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patti ann: the olympics apparently uniting
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republicans and democrats at least on one issue. the white house says president barack obama backs a bill that would exempt american athletes from having to pay taxes on game medals and prize money. here is press secretary jay carney on legislation first proposed by republican senator marco rubio. >> the president believes we should support efforts like the bill you're referencing to ensure we're doing everything we can to honor and support our olympic athletes to represent our nation at the olympic games. so he supports that bill if it were to get to his desk, he would support it. patti ann: medal winners with in london get cash too. $25,000 for gold, 15 grand for silver, 10,000 for bronze. by the way the u.s. olympic committee pays for medals as well. bill: how about the women in soccer? did you hear about that yesterday? i think they may have gotten lug can i. they go for gold on thursday. so check it out. sorry, somebody a had to win,
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right? patti ann: exactly. bill: red, white and blue. president obama's re-election campaign telling supporters to step it up. after governor romney's fund-raising machine outperforms them again. team obama sending an e-mail saying unless they raise more cash now, they are quote, in trouble. governor romney and the rnc pulling in more than 1501 million dollars in july, the second straight month the romney team passed the 100 million mark. they outraised the president's re-election team the first time. makes three months in a row going back to may. steve hayes, senior writer, "weekly standard", fox news contributor. >> that was a great game yesterday. bill: wasn't it though? >> took time out. afternoon to watch the end of it. that was unbelievable. bill: that's right. listen to this. president obama has not been outraised by an opponent since 2007. and for three months now that has changed. why is that, steve? >> i think what you're
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seeing a lot of the negative intensity on behalf of mitt romney, against president obama showing up in the form of money. you've got people out in the country, including people who have never been active in politics before who are so concerned about the direction the country they're will withing to get behind mitt romney to give him money so they can get president obama out of the white house. bill: the e-mail says if we don't step it up we're in trouble. now is that panic or is that just smart? >> i think it is just smart. they want to take whatever the news is of the day and turn it their advantage. they're going back to the donors and saying to the ones who haven't maxed out to the small dollar donors, we have a lot of them, we need to do more, give more. and we're going back again and again and again. bill: seems that president obama is the only one who can raise real money on the democratic side. which means he is on the road to these fund-raisers all the time. what do you make of that strategy? >> i mean it is pretty amazing. mark knoller, who keeps
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track of this from cb. is news, the president is having two more fund-raisers today in washington. it is up to 199 fund-raisers this cycle. i mean that is an extraordinary number of fund-raisers, unprecedented. nobody has ever done this. what they have to show for it, again is, still now, behind what mitt romney and the rnc is raising. president obama has had an advantage up to this point to be sure but, mitt romney and the rnc have moved ahead. bill: how has he had an advantage, steve? >> he has been able to raise money and they have been spending quite a bit of money in the primary states, general election money in the primary states trying to define voters for mitt romney. and after the republican spends most of his money he will have to try to rededine himself in a sense. bill: this interesting comment you made at the beginning about negative intensity against the president, how do you find that or where do you see that? >> well you can look at,
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first of all, manifestly it is just there. you talk to people, talk to voters in these states. i've been out to quite a few of these swing states, not just republicans but independents are very concerned about the direction that the president's taken the country. that also shows up by the way in polling. if you talk to people who are supporters of mitt romney or likely to vote for mitt romney and you ask them whether they're more enthuse astic about voting for mitt romney or in effect voting against president obama, the number of people who are voting against president obama are eager to see him out of the white house is greater than the number voting for mitt romney. bill: look at battleground states and amount of media coverage and amount of political commercials already all over the air weaves in july and august. >> yeah. bill: do they have the measurable impact come september and october? or do folks get immune to them, do you think, steve? >> i think honestly this is in some ways one of the real
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big questions about the election. is it the case that president's obama spending in these early states has defined mitt romney in a way that will be sort of indelible, leave an indelible impression in the minds of voters or persuadable voters in the early swing states. there are some indications in fact that advertising has had an effect and has enabled the obama team to cast mitt romney has somebody who is benefits, himself and his wealthy friend at the expense of common people. that is the message that the obama team has been pushing. bill: there is a map of "the washington post" website that shows the intensity of the tv ads in different states. nevada, colorado, florida, virginia, ohio. >> yeah. bill: they have been, they're just 24 hours a day right now. have you been able to tell yet if one side is forced the other to change his strategy because of the spending? >> that's a really good question. you're right.
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certainly in ohio and other places it has been basically nonstop. i don't know anybody has had to change their strategy now. the romney campaign i think has been content, at least to this point, to wait and to a certain extent they have to. they have to wait to spend the vast majority of their money until after, as they say, the voters are really paying attention which is likely to come after the conventions, after labor day. they want to make one final push and say this is the mitt romney, these final eight weeks, this is the mitt romney who is going to direct this country, take it in a new direction for the final eight weeks of the campaign and then the next four years. bill: steve, thanks for coming in today, good to see you. steve hayes out of washington. >> thanks, bill. bill: we'll watch the storyline, whether the romney team or obama team makes any adjustments in strategy. here is patti ann. patti ann: harry reid getting a vocal backer for his claims about governor romney's taxes. why nancy pelosi is jumping in the fight right now. bill: there is raging inferno. why this fire is burning out of control even today.
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bill: 22 minutes past the hour now. a raging fire at a california refinery sending dozens of people to area hospitals with breathing problems. the fire at a chevron facility north of san francisco broke out last night. authorities say a diesel leak may have triggered that fire. people are being told to stay indoors there. stock futures heading higher on word some u.s. corporations are posting positive earnings. cvs, disney, priceline and express scripts showing earnings ahead of wall street predictions but the fed is expected to report consumers took on more debt in june even as they kept spending to a minimum.
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former owner of the l.a. dodgers, peter o'malley, teaming up with pro golfer phil mickelson to buy the san diego padres. price tag said to be $800 million. at a minimum. 23 past. patti ann? patti ann: accused arizona gunman jared loughner is expected to plead guilt t today in the shooting rampage that left six people dead and 13 wounded including congresswoman gabby giffords. loughner is due in federal? tucson for a competency hearing. if a judge finds that loughner understands the charges against him a plea deal could move forward tomorrow. alicia acuna is live in the tucson. hi. >> reporter: hi, patti ann. today could come down to how jared loughner handles himself and there are a lot of ifs. the doing nosed schizophrenic has not been in court for more than a year. he has been receiving
9:22 am
treatment in a missouri mental hospital since last summer. the expectation is he is ready to enter a guilty plea. however loughner could change his mind or he could act out which could happen in the past. it is up to loughner and the judge. >> when a defendant enters a guilty plea that is going to send him away for life without the possibility of parole, this judge will ask a large amount of questions, many questions i should say, for purposes of making sure this is a voluntary plea. that he knows and understands the consequences of the plea. >> reporter: now this could be a long day. it could be a very short day, patti ann. if the guilty plea is accepted then it is likely he will get a life sentence and avoid the death penalty. back to you. patti ann: alicia, what are we hearing from the victims and their families? >> reporter: there have been a lot of victim and family members attending these hearings. we do know deals like this
9:23 am
where there is a plea deal the prosecution often reached out to victims to make them aware. those inside the courtroom today will likely hear loughner himself in his own words describe to the judge, step by step, what his actions were in that safeway parking lot in january of last year. or attorneys could just list the events of that day. we will have a fox news producer in the courtroom today. this is a producer who has been in every hearing that loughner has had. and she will have all of these details later on today. patti ann? patti ann: alicia acuna live in tucson, thank you. bill: we'll see his demeanor then too. disturbing new reports on iran. why the rogue regime might be closer to building nuclear weapons. ambassador john bolton will analyze that in a few moment. >> a new polls a number of american voters may switch sides in 2012. why president obama may not get their vote again.
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patti ann: fox news alert. a disturbing new report on iran's nuclear intentions. a major israeli newspaper reports the rogue nation has made more progress on developing components for a nuclear weapon than previously thought.
9:28 am
ambassador john bolton joins us now. the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and fox news contributor. thanks for joining us, mr. ambassador. >> thank you. patti ann: five new countries have the intelligence, france, u.s., britain, germany and israel. all had the same conclusion that iran made more progress than earlier thought. based on these reports how close do you think iran is? >> i think they're very close to weaponize the uranium they have, to enrich it, the next step up to weaponize it. it is amazing pattern of western intelligence agencies constantly being surprised by new information. obviously the iran yoons have known this all along. it reflects the reason why they're not impressed by western economic sanctions. they're very close. they're not only close. they continue to develop a very broad and deep nuclear weapons program. i think it reflects their confidence that they will be able to continue this work without real chral from the west. patti ann: so, defense
9:29 am
secretary panetta, as you know, last week asked israel to be patient with these sanctions. he did also say the military option is on the table if the sanctions don't work. does the new tell ends if speed up the timetable for a possible military strike? >> this is panetta after this assessment has been reached some months ago saying that. unfortunately the obama administration has no credibility when it says in its casual offhand way, all options are on the table. israelis don't believe them. iranian regime doesn't believe them. that is why the pressure is on israel to make a decision whether it will use military force. israel would certainly previous the united states take the lead given our enormously bigger capabilities. i don't think that will happen and the obama administration and i don't think anybody seriously thinks that plans or no plans, that the president would order such an attack. patti ann: this report says iran's revenues larry --
9:30 am
revolutionary guard has a new team of 60 scientists working at a base near tehran and working on warheads and detonators. iran's defense ministers said if israel would attack iran it would be suicide for israel. if israel and or the united states struck iran, what type of response would you expect from iran? >> well, you never can tell what the iranians will do. i think there is a certain amount of irrationality there. i think the most likely response would be to unleash hezbollah to attack israel because it provides a certain element of distance. i don't think iran would seriously try to close the strait of hormuz or attack u.s. forces deployed in the persian gulf because that really would unleash a full american retaliatory strike. i think it is a lot easier to go after israel. but it is also why the israelis have been concerned for this possibility for so many years because the cost to them are potentially enormous and yet the cost of an iran with nuclear weapons
9:31 am
is even greater. the regime continuously saying that it wants to wipe israel off the face of the map. obviously once iran gets nuclear weapons you can marry that intention with the new capability. patti ann: yeah. just again reiterating those comments iran last week, ahmadinejad. mitt romney recently asked the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu if he is concerned a israeli attack iran would unite the iranians in the wrong way. netanyahu said no, it would strengthen the opposition. he used uganda in 1976 when amin was toppled. do you agree with that comparison? >> i think it is a an important point. those who say under no circumstances should the united states or israel destroy the iranian nuclear weapons program would simply iranian the people around the regime. i don't think that is inevitable at all. i think the iranian people are actually a lot smarter than that. they don't like this regime. it is unpopular. the young people don't like it. it has been a failure economically and for a
9:32 am
variety of other reasons, a well-laid out information campaign that makes it clear that what's being struck are illicit nuclear weapons facilities i think could help precipitate the fall of the regime. that ought to be a part of any strategy to go after the nuclear weapons program too. that is not the end of it. this regime is a threat, whether it has nuclear weapons or not. it has long been the world's central banker for international terrorism and our policy should be regime change in tehran. patti ann: ambassador john bolton, thank you as always. >> thank you. ♪ . ♪ memories of the way we were ♪. bill: that song will always be associated with the award winning come poser marvin hamlisch. he left us the age of 68.
9:33 am
behind the music the way we where were and "a chorus line." three mem mys a tony, three golden globes. he composed music more than 40 films. probably best known for the barbra streisand film, song, the way we were. collapsed after a brief illness. he is survived by his wife. emmy, gram any, oscar and tony. only ven people in the history of entertainment on this planet have done that so hamlisch is one of them. we remember him, gone too soon at the age of 68. patti ann: an icon. bill: indeed. patti ann: everything is caught on camera these days, even on mars. buckle up. when nasa's curiosity makes the daredevil landing on the red planet. bill: also the white house trying to duck a firestorm started by harry reid. when the senate majority
9:34 am
leader raised questions about romney's tax without proof but nancy pelosi seems ready to step into the ring. bob and andrea are in the ring. they're getting warmed up in moments. >> for this majority leader of the senate of the united states to go out and say this is a sign of both desher race of the democrats and more important the complete lack of character, the slimeball nature of the senate majority leader. harry reid ought to be disgusted and embarrassed and ashamed because he shamed the great institution he claims to lead. this man is about to be the millionth customer.
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9:38 am
was on his way in to see her. the wanted her to take a shower. when the mother got up, the she put the newborn in the tote bag. patti ann: luckily a sensor attached to the wrist alerted employees who stopped her from leaving the us speck is in custody. bill: praise be to technology. new reaction from the white house, senate majority leader harry reid's claims on governor mitt romney's taxes. white house saying that senator reid only speaks for himself but it did not condemn the remarks. house minority leader nancy pelosi backing reid saying she believes the information came from a credible source. who is that source? we do not know. as for reid he is not backing down from yesterday. >> the issue that i raised has nothing to do with me. it has everything to do with the first presidential candidate in more than 30 years who refused to show the american people his income tax returns.
9:39 am
you could not be confirmed as a secretary of a president's cabinet if you don't supply income tax returns. so, this is not about me. bill: well senator reid, remember, is from nevada. key swing state in november. bob beckel talks better, former democratic campaign manager. andrea tanteros might even speak better than bob. daily news columnist. both co-hosts of "the five" on the fox news channel at 5:00. what is going on you two? i'm looking at "washington post" this morning and four pinnochios for harry reid's claim. i don't know if i have seen four pinnochios before? >> yes. he has given four pinnochios. i give bob four pinnochios often. this is glen kessler from the "washington post." he says there is no basis for this. if he didn't pay his taxes the irs would have been all over him. you know what? i love when democrats do this.
9:40 am
itch to say i actually --. bill: how come? >> i enjoy this a lot. because it makes them look ridiculous and anybody sitting at home is not wringing their hands where mitt romney's taxes are. he already released his taxes for two years. they're saying where are the jobs? maybe reid's right. maybe this has nothing to do with him. i'll tell you what does have to, harry reid has to do with. that is a senate budget. we have not seen a budget from harry reid in over 1200 days. time he shut his mouth and do his job. >> what is 365 into that? >> one, two, three, almost four. yeah. bill: four pin yoke -- pinnochios. >> last four pinnochios from mitt romney for one of his ads. good try changing subject, andrea. i back reid 100% on this. i think his source came from bain capital, an investor in bain capital is a, --. bill: where is ire source,
9:41 am
bob? >> where is my source? harry reid. bill: you just said think his, you think his source is strong. >> excuse me. before we go to that, if you listened yesterday to priebus, who, republican national committee chairman, well, anyway, he called it a dirty liar. he is dirty liar, priebus knows about the taxes. put up or shut up. if mitt romney wants to end the things, release taxes like every other presidential candidate has. what he is hiding paying low income taxes if any, a putting them in the cayman islands. >> doesn't that highlight obama hasn't done his job reforming the tax code? that was one of his pledges. bill: hang on one second, andrea. how can you say that? >> how can i say that? bill: where is your information? >> my information is, when i look at somebody who refuses to release their taxes --. bill: you're guessing. you're guessing. >> am i guessing? let me put it this way. i'm an analyst, right. and i have a right to guess. bill: so you're analyzing
9:42 am
then. look republicans are saying if harry reid is really serious about this, put out his tax returns. we went back and looked at his, he spent most of his adult life in politics. >> yes. bill: with very little if any private sector experience. i don't know if he worked in the private sector. perhaps for a period of two or three years. his net worth is $10 million. how does that happen? >> i don't know. a lot of people make investments, don't they? why are you guys not insisting that mitt romney release his taxes like everybody else does. bill: why? >> he already released two years of his taxes. if you want to talk about not being transparent, where are the "fast and furious" documents? where are obama's academic records? where is the tape? where is the white house visitors records. we're i go dwro on and on and on. >> president of the united states fighting his tax returns. i offered yesterday. got federal express package for romney. happy to pay to send taxes in. every other presidential
9:43 am
candidate for 30 years has done it. this guy refusing to do it. bill: aren't we losing silt of the big issue. >> no. bill: lindsey graham hitting nail on head. if you looking for a job the election is not about romney's tax returns. it is about your tax returns. >> if you're looking for a job you want to put it in hands of somebody who is transparent and can trust and believe and i don't trust and believe mitt romney, period. >> hear is the question. are voters going to care in november? >> yes. >> more about what mitt romney did with his money and barack obama dith with ours? that is the question. that is why, bill, i say to the democrats if they want to keep talking about romney's taxes let them go. because it makes them look crazy. bill: andrea, don't you worry though it takes the eye off the ball, if the issue is economy and jobs is this from the a distraction that works for democrats? >> i don't think it works. i don't think it works. i don't think that voters are sitting at home looking for romney's taxes. i think they're looking for jobs. i think they're looking for president obama for
9:44 am
leadership. and i think this makes them look extremely, extremely detached. >> if that is the case, andrea, why don't romney tell us how he will create jobs. >> he sure has, job. >> i've gone through -- >> same bull crap you get out of the republican party. i will cut a republican parties. bill: that is small c, bob? >> what? bill:. >> back to the point on taxes bob, you even admitted this, president obama has not done anything to reform the tax code. he took every loophole closure and deduction known to man. president obama did. why didn't he take up this -- >> because chairman of ways and means committee does that is republican. number one. bill: got to run. >> got to ask yourself why. because people don't trust him, that's why and i certainly don't trust him. bill: we'll measure that in our next poll. >> good. bill: meantime see you guys in 7 hours and 12 minutes. >> you sure will. bill: you can't wait.
9:45 am
>> we can't. bill: so shake hands for now. >> we will. bill: shoot me an e-mail, and twitter, bill hemmer. bya, because you asked. and everything about bob and andrea and everything else going on later today. they have spoken their minds. we appreciate it. thanks to both of you. patti ann: we have troubling new data on the health care law. a third of doctors say they will not accept new medicaid patients. we'll look what that could mean for millions of americans. bill: chris christie on a lot of short lists for vp but the outspoken new jersey governor saying that whether it comes to the other half of romney's ticket, who cares? >> do you really think that people of the united states yeah, i'm not sure about this obama guy but boy i love biden. i'm voting for him for that reason. i'm getting gray but kate still looks like...kate. [ female announcer ] nice'n easy with colorblend technology is proven to give more blends of tones. for color that's true to you. i don't know how she does it.
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9:48 am
bill: what a finish here.
9:49 am
u.s. women's soccer team pulling off a brilliant victory yesterday in london. check it out. final minute. extra time. that is alex morgan, in overtime actually. the header giving the u.s. a victory over canada. what a game that was. the u.s. getting a chance to avenge last summer a world cup loss to japan. goes for gold on thursday. canadians are not happy how that thing wound up. men's hoops, u.s. beating argentina. they are in the quarterfinals. kevin durant hit five son connective -- consecutive three pointers in the third period. track-and-field. demas winning the heat in the 400 meter hurdles. two of her biggest fans cheering her on in the stands. that is her twin 5-year-old sons of the have a listen how they went at it. >> go, mommy, go. go. go. go mommy. go mommy. go mommy.
9:50 am
go mommy. bill: that's cute. i think she her them too. i think if i was one of the kids i would be standing up going, come on, come on. the u.s. second in the overall medal count. 63 told including 29 golds. chinese have 31 golds. we have all the track-and-field to work through. we shall catch beijing, right, patti ann? patti ann: oh, yeah. we have fascinating new video coming in to us from mars. nasa rover curiosity, sending back these grainy black and white images from the red planet. they show the rover's daring landing on mars. it was referred to as seven minutes of terror. you can secure rossty now kicking up dust as the moving laboratory moves about mars trying to determine if life ever existed there. kelly wright has more from washington. hi, kelly, what is next for curiosity? >> reporter: how about olympic gold for curiosity? the bottom line, the one ton
9:51 am
rover, curiosity is sitting inside a crater on the planet mars and already hard at work on the next phase of its mission. curiosity is snapping pictures, getting videos and yes, even tweeting about its mission on mars. one photo in black and white shows what nasa is calling mount sharp, the highest peak of a mountain on mars. nasa says the mount is 3.4 miles taller than mount whitney in california. the rover will conduct scientific tests about the viability of life. >> curiosity, the most sophisticated rover ever built, is now on the surface of the red planet where it will seek to answer age-old questions about whether life ever existed there on mars or if the planet can sustain life in the future. >> reporter: nasa plans to have curiosity conduct tests for the next two years. patti ann? patti ann: the mars project cost $2.5 billion. president obama of course is proposing cutting nasa's budget by 300 million.
9:52 am
will this have any impact on future explorations of mars? >> reporter: yes indeed it will. it ends two future mars partnership explorations with the european union. it raises questions about nasa's relevance since it retired the shuttle mission last year. the successful landing couldn't come at a better time for nasa right now. it is worth seeing again and again. shows how nasa remarkably combined engineering and mathematics to create a picture-perfect landing on the red planet. white house science advisor john holdren says the successful landing on mars should pout any doubts about the u.s. leadership in space to rest. the development of curiosity took longer than planned. resulted in a two-year delay that added a billion dollars to the cost of the project. president obama has proposed to cutting some funding he has set a goal for astronauts to orbit mars by the mid 20 '30s. patti ann. patti ann: kelly wright live in washington, thank you. bill: all that, and watched
9:53 am
that reaction, i thought, look what we can do. look what we can do. they talk about the seven minutes of terror as it entered the mars atmosphere. the way i had had to slow down and land perfectly without blowing itself up. you have the 14 minute mark where you have to wait for a signal. and it worked. hats off. patti ann: very suspenseful. bill: military leaders warning that the recent intel leaks could jeopardize our national security. so why are there u.s. senators considering a plan that would lessen the punishment for those who spill our secrets? we'll find out. patti ann: is president obama losing support among a key group of voters? new polls show some voters are switching sides.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
bill: fox news alert right now, new polling numbers that might tell a very interesting story. are the supporters of president obama switching sides? there is a new poll that suggests that some voters who chose the president in 2008 are going for governor romney come
9:57 am
november. brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." welcome back, i'm bill hemmer. martha continues a bit of vacation. how you doing. patti anne: i'm happy to be here. i'm pathee an patti ann browne. the numbers highlight hurdles for the president's re-election team. 86% of 2008 obama voters plan to vote for the president again, but 9% say this time they are voting republican. bill: jonah goldberg editor at large, how are you doing, jonah? here is what we found. that was the first number. among the 2008 mccain voters 92% favor governor romney versus 5% for president obama. what that shows here is about a 4-point swing moving away from obama toward romney. is that significant right now or
9:58 am
>> i don't think we can really say. i think it's significant -- it's potentially significant. it will be very interesting to w which voters we're talking about. i don't think many of them are in maine, massachusetts or california. if they are in ohio it's a big deal. if obama is losing the swing voters in those swing states it's a big deal. the voters that romney is losing, it would be interesting to know where they are. my guest is they areot in the swing states. i think it's probably a sign of low enthusiasm for obama which is a huge problem for the obama campaign because they need to hold onto the numbers they had to separate. but at the end of the day we just need another data set. i personally think this number is low. my sense is that there are more switchers for obama than what this number is showing. bill: what gives you that sense? >> i travel across the country, i was probably on 30, 40 planes
9:59 am
this summer. you meet a lot of people who voted for obama who are now going to vote for romney. you don't meet anybody who voted for mccain who is going to vote for obama. when you read the stuff about the sense of enthusiasm, the eagerness to vote on the pep side it is so much stronger than it is on the democratic side. bill: if there is a shift in loyalty what would explain that, factors of the country, policies, both? >> we know in 2008 obama got a lot of independent dent, there were conservatives voting for obama. nobody talks about the obamacons now. very few conservatives are craziest enough to want to do that again. it's like hell is my witness, i'm not going through that again in jaws. bill: great reference. if these numbers are true and if it is a close race in some of the battleground states, you
10:00 am
mentioned ohio, that could swing an election, it's that close. >> absolutely, one or two points in some place like ohio is a big deal. one or two points in some place like florida, right now according to the polling, michigan that is a big deal. if obama loses -- north carolina he won by 14,000 votes. so a 4-point net swing against obama in some place like north carolina cost him the state. plus there might be a badly effect here. there is still a lot of people out there who don't necessarily want to tell pollsters that they are not going to vote for obama. bill: what is the bradley effect again? >> bradley effect was the mayor of l.a. a lot of people said they were going to vote for the black mayor and when it actually came time to vote they didn't, because there was a fear of being called racist, or being perceived as racist. there's been a lot of fertilizing the sort of soil by the main-stream media or the last four years that if you're against obama you're racist.
10:01 am
some people don't want to admit it to a stranger on the phone or with a clipboard some place. bill: we'll watch this. thank you for being with us. patti anne: speculation is swirling over who governor romney will choose as his vice presidental running rate. chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in elk grove village illinois where any minute governor romney will give a speech about manufacturing jobs. how does is the decision on vp? >> reporter: it's very close. a number of people on the long list for romney's vice presidental pick have now been given speaking engagements at the republican national convention. jeb bush, condoleezzaa rice, rick santorum will all have speaking engagements. insofar as they might have been on the long list they are no longer considered to be on the short list. the list is rob portman.
10:02 am
no president has ever won the presidency without winning the buckeye street. he is high on the list. tim pawlenty is the sentimental favorite of the romney and romney campaign, he too a formal rival in the republican nomination. he didn't make the cut having got even out last year at the ames straw poll. he's been described as one of the best message carriers for the romney campaign. paul ryan, and his kepl i chemistry on stage with romney is quite exciting. they connect with each other. it would be a strong signal to american voters that romney is serious of trying to shrink the budget and right the economy. then there is marco rubio. that is the list of four. it doesn't appear that there are any women on it although mitt romney has sent time with new hampshire senator kelly ayotte
10:03 am
te others. she hasn't had anything to signal she is off the list. we could be surprised. by most accounts it's narrowed to a list of four and a very few days before he's likely to make that decision. patti anne: we'll be waiting. what is mitt romney doing today? >> today it's welfare reform. and he's going after press with a renewed attack as an extreme liberal. mr. romney takes issue with an action the president did in july where he sought to create greater flexibility to states in the administration of welfare benefits. but in the romney campaign in the republican view what president obama has done is essentially gut the work requirement from welfare reformists passed by bill clinton back in the 90s. without a work requirement the romney campaign and mr. romney argues that this is just big government liberal list inputting more and more government dependency into the economic bloodstream and not requiring the responsibility component that welfare to work required back in the 90s.
10:04 am
patti anne: carl cameron for us, thank you. bill: breaking news on the war in syria, a rare television appearance for the president, bashar al-assad. he appeared on state-run television for the first time in about two weeks, this after questions about his whereabouts and his health. dominique d-natali watching this in our middle east bureau. what can you tell bus this appearance? >> reporter: he was meeting the iranian chief of the supreme security council in dam r-frplt we haven'damascus. we haven't seen him for two weeks. if you're in charg charge of a country at war you would think he would appear more than that. syria is a central park of the access of resistance. one assumes that's resistance to the west and the arab nations that have supported the rebels so far. apply on words of the axis of evil which syria was considered
10:05 am
a part of under the bus bush regime. it's incredible we haven't had any statements from bashar al-assad on what is going on with the war. there were tweets by the russian ambassador saying he feared for bashar al-assad's health, if not he obviously could have been killed. but obviously appearing today that doesn't seem to be the case. bill: remarkable footage, first time in two weeks. the rebels apparently have gained the town of aleppo, syria's largest. >> it's incredible that they continue to withstand all that pounding by air support, and helicopter gun ships and heavy artillery. they've taken over pretty much a sway to the east into the southwest, they've moved into two key neighborhoods in the heart of aleppo. it's an ancient citadel area. it's easy for them to hide in the buildings there. the traditional type of war,
10:06 am
it's very hard for them to do it. they are going to have to flatten the center of aleppo to get at these rebels, bill. bill: thank you. patti anne: a remote control roadside bomb blows up a bridge near kabul. it flipped a bus packed with civilians killing nine. the bomber was tracked down by local villager. he was holding the detonator when arrested. he hit a civilian bus by mistake. bill: two incidents to talk about from afghanistan today. as we just heard carl mention any day now governor romney picks a running mate, but not everybody thinks that such it's such a big, fat deal in the end. >> no matter who governor romney picks, if the people of the ooh noted states are not convinced that he's the right man to b property of the united states right now, they won't be voting
10:07 am
for him. bill: does governor christie have a point. patti anne: household land security king peter king joins us to talk about security leaks. bill: a train jumps the traction. a ripple affect for traefrls up and dowtravelers up and down the east coast. details on what is happening to that today.
10:08 am
this mom has been doing it for years. she's got bounty. in this lab demo, one sheet of new bounty
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leaves this surface cleaner than two sheets of the leading ordinary brand. bounty. let the spills begin.
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bill: emergency crews have a mess on their hands in north carolina. a freight train caring propane goods and other hazardous chemicals derailed outside of charlotte. homes evacuated as a precaution. none of the chemicals on the train were leaking at the time and nobody on board was hurt. that is good news. no word on what caused the derailment that is slowing trains on the busy eastern corridor in north carolina. patti anne: i'm is running out for governor romney to choose a running mate.
10:11 am
one potential vp says it's not that big a deal. new jersey governor chris christie saying in typical fashion people are putting way too much emphasis on this. >> in the end nobody votes for vice president. they vote for president. and, you know, no matter who governor romney picks, if the people of the united states are not convinced that he's the right man to be president of the united states right now, no matter who he picks for vice president they are not voting for him. by the same token, that went for president obama four years ago. i mean, you really think that people of the united states said, i'm not sure about this obama guy, boy i love biden, i'm voting for him for that reason. people don't do that. patti anne: bob cusack is joining us, the managing editor ever "the hill." do people care about the running mate. >> i have to disagree with the governor. i think this is a big deal. its will reveal a lot about the former massachusetts governor, does he go bold or safe. it could be a steppingstone for
10:12 am
the presidency for 2016, 2020. four years later republicans are still second-guessing to pick a sarah palin. obviously a lot of republicans, including former vice president dick cheney thought that was a mistake. this is a big deal. is it going to make a difference in a swaeupbg state? swing state? possibly, is hasn't happened since 1960. rob portman in ohio, marco rubio in florida, maybe they pick up a half a point which could make a difference. patti anne: what do you think we might hear, what is the strategy there? >> i don't have inside information on this but i would doubt it happens this week, because you have the olympics going on and with romney's history with theee almost picks i don't want he wants to make a big announcement during the game. i think you could see as early as next week the pick. the conventional whic wisdom is that the pick could happen before the convention.
10:13 am
you could see early next week, you run that big news all the way, you try to dominate the month into the convention in tampa. patti anne: despite christie's comment, let's go ahead and speculate. who might romney choose. we have virginia's governor bob mcdonald. >> that is a must-have state for mitt romney. that would be a very outside washington pick. the downside of rob portman who is definitely qualified to be president is that he's been in washington a longtime and romney has run an anti-washington campaign. bob mcdonald would bring a lot to the ticket, republicans like him, the base would be excited about him, but he's signed of a second tier candidate as far as the speculation. again sarah palin was not a top tier candidate four years ago. patti anne: we are hearing about ohio senator rob portman, where do you think he stands? >> portman is definitely a leading contender. he is solid. some say he's not that
10:14 am
exciting. romney has shown, whether you look back at his business background, he usually makes safe picks and this would be a safe pick. republicans would not be -- i think the base would not be loving rob portman but they also would say, hey this is a solid pick, someone who is qualified to be president and i think that's what they want to make the case. barack obama can give a great speech but we've got the experience to fix the economy. patti anne: obviously we are hearing a lot about florida senator marco rubio, what do you think about him? >> rubio would bring a lot to the tickets as far as hispanics. democrats are relishing, he has some things he has to explain, the use of a credit card down in florida. he's tried to explain those things. he was really viewed at leading candidate about six weeks ago. i think he's dropped back a little bit, just because he hasn't been in the senate that long and he definitely would be attacked for lack of experience, something republicans have attacked barack obama on. but, you know, mitt romney has said that unless he does better,
10:15 am
and unless he closes the gap among hispanics that he is doomed. he was over heard saying that. he's got to be thinking, what does my vice presidental pick, will that attract hispanic voters? because there is no way that romney can win unless he closes that gap. obama is way up among those. patti anne: bob cusack managing editor of "the hill" thanks for joining us. bill: if you get the mitt romney app you can hear about it first. these reporters are crawling around every corner right now. patti anne: hopefully we'll get it first. bill: there are concerns about one of president obama's biggest promises on healthcare. >> if you like your healthcare plan, you'll be able to keep your healthcare plan, period. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. [applause] bill: why a government study now says one in three doctors will
10:16 am
not be accepting new patients. we'll explain that. patti anne: and the man charged with killing six people in tucson, arizona last year is due in federal court today, jerod laughner expected to plead guilty in an agreement reached with prosecutors. but will the judge sign off on it? ♪ [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the deliciousness you desire. the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real.
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10:19 am
patti anne: it's 21 past the hour. a volcano erupting on new zealand's north island spreading thick ash for several miles and forcing several residents from their home. no injuries or damage reported. fewer students are buying high calorie sodas at schools compared to six years ago when a ban went into effect. fruit drinks, sport drinks and other beverages with added sugar are still readily available.
10:20 am
sharon osbourne is leaving her judging points at "america's got talent" saying the tv station backed out of a business deal with her son after he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. nbc denies the charges. stpho: a stunning new report says a number of doctors will not take new patients under president obama's new healthcare law. 31% of physicians say they will not accept new patients k-frd covered by medicaid. dr. marc siegl, member of the medical a team, the fox news medical a team, doctor good morning to you. not to sound like a broken record but for two and a half records you've been telling me one thing, this is the beginning of the doctor shortage in america. one in three across the country will not accept new patients covered by medicaid, that's what the study says. what does it mean to you?
10:21 am
>> the headline is we're talking all doctors, bill. previously the center for studying health system change has shown up to 50% of primary care doctors like me, gate keepers, the first guy you see, we weren't taking new medicaid patients. and i said on the air here i can't afford to take medicaid patients, i see many of them for free. this study in health affairs says all doctors, meaning my network is broken too. even if i take your medicaid i might not have an earth peedist tearthearth that peed disto since you too. >> obamacare increasing doctors by 10% is a joke. medicaid has the most amount of paperwork, medicaid patients have a lot of medical problems. i might not have a specialist to refer you to. this is hardly surprising but it really puts an emphasis on the expansion problem. if obamacare expands medicaid by
10:22 am
16 million more people starting in 2014 -- bill: and you don't have doctors who are willing to take those patients. >> what are they going to do? they are going to go to the emergency room. another thing about this bill is it's very state to state. in new jersey only 40 pherz of doctors are accepting medicaid patients n. minnesota it's 96. in florida it's 56%. bill: what does that mean for patients? >> have you to check, does your state have the doctors or doesn't it. we were talking after the supreme court decision about how some states may opt out of the expansion. you may be in state that doesn't opt out of the expansion, then you're stuck with no doctors. it's a can i os, total chaos, we don't have the doctors. bill: national center for health statistics, credible. >> totally credible. bill: what you're saying is that the doctors are saying, look, we're not getting paid to do this work. the workload is too much, the paperwork is too much. we can't get through enough
10:23 am
patients during the day and the return on our time and investment is not there. is that the argument you're making? >> you better believe it. if i brought a medicaid form here and showed it on tv people not believe how complex that is and i might get paid 20 to 30 doctors for one form. if i do it online it's more come phra indicate. it's too much paperwork, i don't have the network of doctors to refer it to which is what this study shows and they don't pay me enough to keep my office open. 80% of physicians take medicare. 65% take medicaid. the difference is because medicaid doesn't pay me enough and it's too complicating. and we are expanding it. we can't afford to expand it. bill: you say the problem will only get worse because of that, because the supreme court said you can opt in or out of medicaid. we don't know what the states are going to do in knife or ten years. i ten years. >> the takes ten years to strain a doctor.
10:24 am
even if the government decided do something it would take ten years. the void will be filled by nurse practitioners by the way who are excellent, except for one thing they are not plugged into the same networks, they don't have the same training i do, that makes for more chaos. you can't add a nurse practical treugnurse practitioner. bill: you have warned about this for two and a half years. it seems it is coming true. good to see you,. patti anne: new questions about the president's argument that the middle class is getting smaller. why that claim may no longer stand up, plus this. >> we have a crisis of confidence in keeping information secret around the world. i can't tell you as a guy that is in charge of this for the house of representatives on the intelligence committee how people are saying, we just aren't sure that we can cooperate with the united states any more. serious problem. bill: what is up with national intel leaks.
10:25 am
top military brass says it's risking lives. why are they softening the punishment for a leak? we'll examine it next. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
10:26 am
or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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10:28 am
patti anne: a tough new measure cracking down on national security leaks may be gutted. the senate legislation would have revoked security clearances for those caught leaking information, but now lawmakers are considering softening the penalties among other changes. peter king, new york congressman, is the chairman of
10:29 am
the house homeland security committee. thank you so much for joining us, congress map. >> good morning, patti ann, good to be with you. patti anne: this was approved 14-1 in committee. the goal toys avoid leaks of national classified information to the media. some say it goes so far. what is your view. >> i'm tired of the critics. "the new york times," "the washington post." american lives are being put at risk, secrets are being leaked out. we have to clamp out on it and stop it. i think senator feinstein's bill as passed out of the committee is a perfect bill. maybe there is some room for improvement. as i see it right now it addresses the issues right now. we cannot allow these type leaks. polygraphs should be given to people outside the intelligence committee. the director of the national intelligence can make that recommendation. if the president is going to declassify any information he should make that phone to the house intelligence committee, the senate intelligence
10:30 am
committee. right now american lives are being put at risk whether it was the operation in yemen, whether it was the stutenx hea headquarters, or disclosing what is happening in syria. patti anne: what elements are controversial and how should they be revised now. >> the media doesn't want restrictions put on, they don't want the use of polygraphs outside the intelligence committee. basically ace se as i see it they are afraid that they will lose their sources in the intelligence committee. i don't see any changes that should be made, maybe a technicality here or there. what it comes down to is the media and the civil liberties people, especially the media they want to have access to the people, they feel if someone right now in the intelligence community or the white house earth administration is thinking of leaking something, if they are afraid of being pros quite
10:31 am
prosecuted or getting a polygraph they won't leak and sources will dry up. patti anne: nonetheless the bill is being looked at again. what modifications do you expect to go through this committee, and do you i lit approve it will be approved by the pull senate? >> i hope it's approved by the full senate. i hope that senator feinstein steps up. it was her bill, a good bill, a bipartisan bill, democrats and republicans and not back down to the media. the media has its own agenda. "the new york times" has put secrets on page one and doesn't care about american security on that issue. that is yellow journalism at its worse. i hope that sends feinstein and the republicans on the committee and in the senate stand tough on this and don't give in. this is really a defining moment. are we going to allow people in the administration to leak out national security secrets for political benefit and put american lives at risk and do so because we want to indicator to
10:32 am
the media? we can't do that. this bill is information, it should go through as is. any changes at all, maybe even make it tougher. it should not be watered down or modified. there are enough leaks now. let's not make it worse by watering down what is in the bill. patti anne: it ban is intelligence officials from giving background briefings to journalists. that's where they give the information without the reporter revealing the source. only certain press officers and agency directors would be authorized to speak on background. this would change a common practice right now where you have experts in the intelligence agencies explaining to reporters what is really going on behind the scenes. some of these journalists say, look without those background briefings we are not going to be able to report as accurately and we'll be more influenced by politicians who are not covered by this ban. what about that? >> the directors in the agencies they can designate who will be the approved government spokesman. have the spokesman for the agency, have that person designated by the kreufplt i.
10:33 am
a., the f.b.i., by the national security council, by the dia, have someone formally designated, not somebody in the dark of night giving out seek retsz from "the new york times" or "washington post." they'll look at the information but it will be done in a way where classified information will not be given out. there is a reason this information is kept secret, it's because we don't want the enemy to know what we are doing and know where the base of our operations is. what the media is looking for here is a license to continue to take secrets which are putting american lives at risk. patti anne: there is a difference in giving background information to explain an issue and revealing the secret location of a base. >> absolutely. patti anne: thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. bill: president obama wants to raise taxes on wealth year americans, arguing that some people, like himself, do not need a tax break. as chief national correspondent jim angle found out some administration facts are questioned on this issue. what is the argument on income and equality.
10:34 am
>> reporter: vice president bind says flatly that the middle class, quote is getting screwed. the president is a little more diplomatic than that, he put it differently. both statements are contrary to recent reports from the congressional budget office, listen. >> the r u.n. gs on the ladder of opportunity have grown farther and farther apart and the middle class has shr u.n. k. >> you often hear the middle class is in decline or shrinking and that is just not the face. if you look at the latest congressional budget office figures, for instance. since 1979 the average income of the household in the middle fifth has increased by a third. for the bottom fifth it's actually increased by over 40%. bill >> reporter: the president seems to believe the poor are hurt by the wealthy. he said that isn't clear either. take facebook founder mark zuckerberg who made a billion dollars or more when facebook went public. did this is gains come at
10:35 am
expense of those who made less in. >> i don't think there is a lot of evidence that that is the case. it's unclear that anyone is made worse off because of that. >> reporter: that's a point the administration has not yet explained, bill. bill: so, jim, what about taxes? the president argues raising taxes would help. what did you find out? >> reporter: if anything is clear it is that taxes have nothing to do at this point with income and equality. the latest report from the congressional budget office, for instance shows that the total % in income pay .3% of middle classes. the middle% pay 9.4% and the top 20% pay 67 point 9% of total income taxes. analysts also say income distribution isn't like geological strat a, in stone an unmovable but rather like an escalator with people moving up and down over time. people start their careers, their incomes are low, they
10:36 am
advance, get more experience, start base, income grows. studies show that 60% of people who start in the bottom fifth move up within ten years. there will always be inequality of incomes, bill the key question is whether there is mobility, meaning equality of turpbgts and i opportunity, and it appears there is. bill: jim angle. thank you. patti anne: legal action against twitter to force the website to identify the user behind a mass shooting threat seufpl to the one in aurora colorado. so part website is refusing to give out that information. david lee miller is live in our new york newsroom. what do we know about these threats? >> reporter: the threats were made apparently last friday, which by the way was opening mike of mike tyson's one man show called "undisputed truth." the tweets threatened to attack that theatre and they specifically cited what took place in aurora, colorado the shooting at the bathroom film
10:37 am
"the dark knight rises" in which 12 people were killed. you can read the text of some of the tweets. this blank ain't no joke, yo, i'm sorry people are going to die like aurora. there was a second treat, gosh, i'm still making this hit list, dam i want to kill a lot of people. and then responding to a post about why no shooting had taken place as of yet there was a third tweet that said, and i quote, i had last-minute plans and i'm in florida right now, but it will happen, i promise, i'm just finishing up my hit list. now the nypd has asked that the handle of the person behind the tweets not be released, they are attempting to identify this individual. they sent notification to twitter asking for information, and right now the nypd is seeking a subpoena. they say this is a serious matter, they are treating these threats as serious once. we should also mention that it just learned that it looks like the person behind these threatening messages may have also threatened a number of
10:38 am
celebrities as well. patti ann. patti anne: any response from twitter? >> reporter: according to the nypd the day after the request was made for information that would help identify the person behind these tweets the nypd received a message from twitter and we have the text of this as well. let's bring it up on the full screen, twitter said quote, while we do invoke emergency procedures when we believe a threat is present, specific and immediate this does not appear to fall under these strict parameters as per our policies. fox news a short time ago got a response from twitter asking for elaboration. they referred us to a general statement on their website. the director of the play says he in the nypd. the director of the show, spike lee. bill: twitter has been hacked. they had to respond to that immediately. tucson shooting suspect jerod
10:39 am
laughner expected to make a deal in an arizona courtroom today on this. >> we don't know exactly what the plea will look like. it's likely to be one that says a life sentence but we'll have to see. stpho: he's charged with killing six, injuring 13 others including then congresswoman gabrielle giffords during a shooting spree more and year ago. will the judge go for this deal? we're about to find out. patti anne: plus, james bond, or common criminal? florida place are asking if anyone knows this man after finding an enormous stash of uniforms and fake id's in his home. [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity...
10:40 am
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10:42 am
bill: police in florida trying to unravel the mystery of a man storing a huge stack of cash and several fake id's inside of his home. tampa police believe that roy antigua spent years lying about his identity and want to hear from anyone who might have fallen victim to his scams. they noticed something was amiss when he was pulled over and
10:43 am
handed an officer what looked like a fake coast guard id. when they checked his home they found uniforms from nasa, the navy, customs, the c.i.a., secret service and homeland security. he's being held without bail with a lot of questions. patti anne: a excused arizona gunman jerod laughner is due in federal court later today where he is expected to plead guilty in that shooting rampage that left six people dead and 13 wounded, including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. under the deal he'd be spared the death penalty but would spend life in prison. now lawyers on both sides say whether or not the judge accepts his plea depend entirely on jerod laughner himself. judge alex ferrer is the host of judge alex and a former criminal tort judge for florida. and dr. daniel bover is a forensic psychologist. thank you both for joining us. the issue here is competency, does he understand the charges against him and the implications
10:44 am
ever pleading guilty. what is the definition of competency in a case like this? >> well, competency is really basedded on what we call the duskey standard, that's a supreme court case. what competency basically means and i'm paraphrasing the standard is that the defendant is able to work with their attorney and to understand the nature of the charges against them. patti anne: so judge alex, both the prosecution and the defense agree to the plea deal. what is the judge looking at specifically in determining jerod laughner is competent and whether to accept this deal? >> the judge obviously will put a lot of weight into what the court appointed psychiatrist or psychologist says. this is not a situation like when the defendant is going to trial and the defense is trying to show that he's incompetent to keep him out of trial. this is a situation where both sides pretty much agree that he's competent. the judge is going to cross his t's, dot his i's to make sure there is a good record that he's
10:45 am
been found competent. he'll probably speak to the defendant himself to see if he understands the play and proceedings, and the role of the parties in the courtroom. once he's satisfied which shouldn't be too difficult in this situation then he'll probably go forward and accept the defendant's plea. patti anne: doctor bober some experts say that the judge will be looking at jerod laughner's demean tpher court a demeanor in court as well. he has been medicated his entire time in custody. what impact does that have? >> competency is not a static process. someone who is deemed to be competent can be eupl competent after a very short period of time. the fact that his mental illness has been treated will certainly help his ability to be competent but it won't necessarily mean that at some point he won't be incompetent. i think the fact that he's been treated is what's important here and that he understands the charges against him, and that he's able to work with his attorney. patti anne: judge alex as we said the edition has been made to spare jerod laughner a death sentence.
10:46 am
there are people who are very angry, who would like to see him put to death, but he has been determined to be mentally ill. what is your take on this decision? >> i think it's a good decision. i mean, the death penalty is not a slam dunk by any means. certainly there are a lot of people who would like to see him get the death penalty, but he does have mental illness, things he can raise as mitigating factors that might convince a jury to give him a life sentence anyway, so the prosecution in this case is guaranteeing that he's not going to get a not guilty by reason of insanity, they are going the is going to get a life sentence. i'm sure they've checked with the families of the victims and the surviving victims to make sure they are okay, and they are prepared to go forward witness, and it's in the with it, and it's not a bad decision. patti anne: thank you for joining us. bill: what is going on jenna.
10:47 am
>> reporter: we'll be live at the scene with breaking news from the sikh. to politics, we are going to tell you more about what is being described as the president's new attack line. is it an effective one and what it all means for the white house is all coming up on "happening now." bill: thanks, jenna, see you at the tonight of the hour. state of emergency in one state, devastating flash flooding sweeping houses right off their foundation, and the forecast coming up is not much better. >> the water was backing up in the bathtub because it overrun the sewers. i've been here about nine years and i've never seen it this bad. [ male announcer ] most people tend to think more about how they brush than what they brush with.
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10:50 am
patti anne: flash floods in northeastern tennessee prompting officials to tee clara state of emergency. violent storms dumping half a
10:51 am
foot of rain on the region, crumbling roads and bridges and sweeping houses off their foundations. things are especially bad in washington county where officials say 80 homes were destroyed. people say this is the worst flooding they've seen in nearly 40 years. >> a lot of rocks, a lot of trees, big free branches across the road, running through the middle of the road. they say it's a lot worse up past my home. >> you've got a lot of damage, a lot of high water remaining. patti anne: the red cross is helping those who have lost their homes. more rain, though, is in the forecast this week. bill: they get socked time and again, haven't they? there is a bank under fire after accusations it lawn tkerd money for iran. accused of hiding $250 billion over a six-year span. amy kellogg is watching that live out of london today. >> reporter: this is the latest in what's been a summer of banking scandals in the united kingdom. standard charter thought that they had managed to stay above
10:52 am
the fray even boasting that they were a boring bank. now new york authorities bill are calling them rogue and their stocks have lost a quarter of their value over the day. it turns out standard charter may be the worst offender when it comes to iran sanctions. reaping hundreds of millions of dollars to move iranian money through the clearing bank in the united states then to overseas destinations possibly to personal technology. when trouble was coming one executive was said to have replied, you expletive americans, who are you to tell us that we cannot deal with iranian money. bill, standard charter is denying the allegations, or at least the magnitude of those allegations. bill: why would a bank put its reputation on the line knowing that other banks have been caught doing this? >> reporter: bill, because the rewards are very high. the iranians reportedly are
10:53 am
willing to pay five and a half to six times the normal right to have someone move their money around the world since they are so heavily sanctioned. we know hsbc has recently been accused in being involved in money laundering. barclay's, lloyd's, credit swisse has had to pay fees for moving iran man illegally. one person i spoke to says 20 out of 50 major global banks may be involved in this sort of illegal work. bill: amy thanks, reporting on that out of london today. patti anne: tropical storm ernesto is gaining steam over the caribbean and barreling towards mexico lit hit th will it hit the united states? a live report coming up. autiful. in mississippi we had more good times... autiful.
10:54 am
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it can happen to you if you're young at heart ♪. bill: perfect song. you're only as old as you feel, folks. angela, she is 90, but she's a daredevil at heart. yeah the great-grandmother skydiving at a family reunion in minnesota. did it with six other family members. how cool is that? what they can do i can do, she said and she did. angelas that 25 grandchildren, 37 great grandchildren and everything came off perfectly in the end. we'll done. >> a lot you younger than 90 and say i wouldn't do it. good for her. she has guts. bill: catch you tomorrow, everybody. "happening now" starts right now. jenna: 91 days until the election and it is so on now. the president doubling down on what some are calling class warfare, calling governor romney's tax plan, quote, romneyhood.
10:58 am
tyking from the poor giving to the rich. get it? is that a right strategy. gregg: a massive fire, one of the largest refineries in the country. hundreds seeking medical attention even though the fire is now out. jenna: really incredible there. plus cool new video from the surface of mars. the rover cures are tow tooling around on the red planet. we'll tell you what it is finding. breaking news happening now. we start off with this fox news alert. all eyes on tucson, arizona. we're glad with you're us. i'm jenna lee. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for jon scott. we're hours away from a major hearing in the jared loughman murder trial. at his competency hearing the loughner was declared mentally unfit.
10:59 am
prosecutors have moved forward where both sides reached a deal where loughner would plead guilty to avoid death. first a judge needs to decide if loughner is competent enough to agree to a deal that would put him behind bars for the rest of his life. alicia acuna outside the district courthouse in tucson with the latest. how do we expect things to unfold today? >> reporter: hi, gregg. jared loughner's court appointed psychiatrist is expected to take the stand to testify that after more than a year of treatment in a mental facility, loughner is competent to enter a plea. now, if u.s. district judge larry burns agrees with that assessment, they move to a plea hearing which loughner will whenter a plea of guilty. doing this he avoids the federal death penalty and will receive life in prison. this is why the government would make a move like this. >> so often what you find is people say, well how many years will it be while they si


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