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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 8, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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impact cuts will stimulate the economy, everything will be good. and i say to them, do you have children? do you have grandchildren who drink water? i'm a mom with five kids. [inaudible]. >> as a mom, i was vigilant about food safety. right, moms? i mean, you depend on the government for one thing. it was you had to be able to trust the water that our kids drank and the food that they ate. but this is the e. coli club. they dont want to spend money to do that. >> sean: pretty disgusting. here to respond to these despicable attacks, former new hampshire governor, sun -- john sununu. governor, let me give you a chance to respond to this.
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>> let's talk about the ad first. you certainly sympathize with the gentleman who has lost his wherer -- his wife. he obviously is grieving and wants to express his innermost feelings and wants to get his feelings out and we have empathy for that. but beyond that, have you to look at the people who cut the ad. and it is reprehensible for these people to exploit this man's grief, just on that basis. this is not the kind of ad you ought to be running in a presidential campaign, but it goes well beyond that. when you look at the facts that somebody either edited out what have he said or didn't put in the script that they gave him to speak, the fact is is that mitt romney left bain in 1999 to go run the olympics. the plant this gentleman is talking about was closed in 2001. in 2002, his wife was still
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working and another facility where she had insurance. and somewhere in that period, she got sick and the poor lady losh her fight with cancer in 2006. 7 years after mitt romney left bain. so what you have is the obama crowd once again, dissembling, deceiving, being dishonest, and frankly being absolutely disgusting, in putting an ad like this forth that exploit this is man's grief and by omission, lies about the facts. >> sean: governor, we are getting to a pretty serious point here because as you point out, governor romney had left bain 7 years prior. have they no shame? but this is what we are now hearing -- and these are his surrogates -- a felon, mitt romney doesn't pay taxes in 10 years, an anonymous source tells
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harry reid. mitt romney doesn't like dogs, he doesn't like women -- a war on women. you know, of course, the truth team member in virginia that was saying on behalf the obama campaign that governor romney is racist. where is the president's civility? where is the man who lectures the country constantly about tone? >> he is exposing himself to a campaign that will rip the scab off all of of his problems too. i said it before, i think on your show. it is unbelievable to me for president obama to introduce the word felon into the political discourse ch when this is the guy who walked the convicted felon, tony resco, through a piece of property and resco pays top dollar for one piece and the president gets a bargain deal on the other half. you know, you hang around with fellons issue you pick up, unfortunately, a little of the smell. i think this president is crazy to walk in that direction.
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>> sean: it's amazing, governor. there has been a political opportunity here. this is a super pac that bill maher who, uses the "c" word against governor palin and attacks children, et cetera. we keep using the term, sister soldier moment. he had an opportunity to repudiate maher and an opportunity to renounce this ad and to go after the woman who called romney a racist. he refuses to do so. >> he refuses to do so because it's part of the general strategy that they have laid out. they did this to hillary clinton and to john mccain. they did this to sarah palin. he is not going to apologize for something that he thinks is a standard way of running because that's the way they do it back in chicago. >> sean: yeah. let me move on because there is another point to this. there was an obama campaign preemptive strike. we expect probably within the
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next week that the governor's going to announce his vice-presidential choice. a preemptive strike against marco rubio and an email that was sent out. share what you think -- think the rest of the country should know about marco rubio, what he has really done in florida. the good, the bad and the ugly. coming from democratic operatives. >> well, look, i don't want to dwell on just the fact that this is a campaign that is desperate, but it clearly is. they are doing all kinds of things that the public should be absolutely lived about. what they have done on welfare is unbelievable. bill clinton and the republican congress after the republicans took over in '94, the congress, came up with a fantastic package of combining work and work training with welfare that was one of the crowning achievements of the clinton administration. it cut welfare virtually in
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half. it let people learn how to work t. got them into the workforce. it did things for people that they are purely warehousing them on welfare never could. this president by executive order with the arrogance of thinking he doesn't have to go to congress and thinking he can do anything he wants with the stroke of a pen, has eliminated the work component, which was a negotiated package, which was promoted by republican and democratic governors, from the national governors association, ucialging congress and the president to adopt it. >> sean: in that sense, he is almost the anti-clinton who he is leaning on. i have affectionately referred to you as a one-man, pro-romney wrecking crew because you have been so aggressive in standing up for the governor. there are two aspects to the attacks that i think cumeulatively, the obama
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campaign has been successful. every day they have harry reid or a truth team member in virginia, they are distracting the country away from the president's failed record. for example, they keep bringing up the issue of taxes. we are going to have a guy on on the next segment saying, romney, you should make a deal, president transparency, release your college records, we'll give you another year of taxes. do you think that maybe the shoe needs to be on the other foot, as you -- as you strategize here? >> sure. sure. i understand that. i understand the point about we should be focusing completely on the jobs issue. we should be focusing completely on the terrible economy we have had for the 3 1/2 years with the do-nothing president -- he'll be the only president that never had a budget passed during his tenure in modern times. we should be focusing on those issues. but i think he's loosing -- losing by having this discourse,
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point out how dishonest he is, having the public understand that he is desscprat will do anything. by having the public understand that he has no civility and no ethics in campaigning. all of those things are going to weigh down on him. i think it's going to erode, what a lot of folks thought was an asset and that was a perception by the public that they thought they might have liked him? so much for hope and change. good to see you. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up, one of the president obama's former classmates from columbia university is coming forward, saying it's time for the president's college records to see the light of day. find out why whether we come back. then, he can't run from his record, so he is making up -- well, one for romney. and president obama dubs the governor a modern-day robinhood for the rich. i am not a vegetarian... look at these teeth! they're made for meat! do i look like i'm stalking plants?
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>> sean: team obama has been busy hitting mitt romney over his refusal to release a decade worth of textax records. but a former classmate of president obama is advising mitt romney to demand that the anointed one unseal his college transcripts. he graduated the same year as barack obama and shared the same major. but he claims that neither he nor his classmates ever met, saw or heard of barack obama during the years at columbia.
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joining us as we continue to vet the president here on "hannity" and unveil -- help unveil obama's college years, wayne all en. >> i ran on the presidential ticket against barack obama in 2008. and thanks for inviting me. good to be with you. >> sean: good to have ow the program. it's interesting. how many people were in your class, total you? are saying, everybody you know from your years, same major, same year, pre-law and poly-sci, whatever it was. >> poly-sci. >> sean: nobody knew him -- not one person saw him, heard of him. >> i was a pretty connected guy. i knew pretty much everyone, i thought in the political science department. i never met him. i never saw him. i never heard of him. nobody i know at columbia ever met him, heard of him or saw him. it's strange. it doesn't mean he didn't go there. he was probably busy smoking pot
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and attending socialist meetingses. what can i tell you? >> the wall street journal called 400 people -- how many people near a class, how many? thousands? >> the whole class was 700 students. i figure class of '83, columbia, 700. political science, pre-law, 200, 250. i was pretty familiar with most of them. never heard of him. >> sean: you are not doubting he went and there and we are not suggest anything such thing. >> no. >> sean: you have a challenge. you think there is a response, which i think is another distraction, if he releases the tax returns, they are going to spend weeks poring over. so romney can't win. but you are saying he can if he does what? >> yeah. i think he needs to turn it around. i think if it was me undergone -- under attack, i would say, why are obama's records sealed in college, almost his entire life sealed, protected, lawyer, millions of dollars spent to keep him under lock and key?
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why? hoof he got good grades at columbia, show them. if he got bad grades -- who cares? he's the president of the united states. he got a "c" once. who cares. there is something strange. i am an odds-maker, i am a gut instinct guy. when i put it together, i felt queasy about this four years. there is something not right about obama's record at columbia university. >> sean: in the spirit of harry reid that -- my anonymous source said he hasn't paid taxes in 10 years. the insinuation by cutter that romney's a felon or the truth team member in virginia suggesting he is a racist or the new ad that suggests he might be a murderer -- for this poor woman who had cancer. and in fact, the republicans want dirty air and water. what is your speculation here? what would the records show except he was a bad student? >> first of all, let's get to my
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trade. i think romney should say, i will give up my tax returns for 10 years, if you give up all of your sealed records. >> sean: what do you expect to find? >> listen, my hunch is, how did he get into columbia with bad grades at occidental, which everyone said he was not a good student. how did he get to harvard law school? if he sealed the records? how did he pay for expensive schools like occidental, columbia, harvard? all very strange stories. and my gut instinct says there is an easy track that gets into an ivy league school. i was valedictorian in my high school and top in my a.s.t. scores. you don't have to do that as a foreign exchange student. they are looking for diversity. that's an easy way to get into an ivy-league school. it changes the ballgame and levels the field.
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if they are looking for a guy from indonesia, but you are a good talker, good interviewer and you have a great, exotic story. >> sean: in the spirit of harry reid, you are saying what reid is saying to romney -- prove it. >> yeah. listen. i am being honest. but harry reid didn't make it predictions for a living. i smell clues. something doesn't smell right at columbia. if it's just grade, why not unseal your record? if it is something else, shouldn't the american people have a right to see that? >> sean: i have never been a birther, i thought delaying the release of the birth certificate was interesting. there you go -- are you voting for romney? [laughter] >> i'm a libertarian, so i'm a gary johnson guy -- [overlapping dialogue] >> i'm a capitalist, evan
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>> sean: the obama campaign doesn't know when to stop. when one baseless attack doesn't work, they try another. last night, breaking into a campaign event, president obama twisted governor romney's tax plan and said this -- watch this. >> he would ask the middle class to pay more taxes so he could give another $250,000 tax cut to the people making more than $3 million a year. [boos from crowd]. >> it's like robinhood in reverse -- it's romneyhood. [cheering] >> sean: earlier, our own campaign carl cameron sat down with the governor and got his reaction to this, the latest
12:23 am
attack. >> we have been watching the president say a lot of things about me and my policies. and they're just not right. if i were to coin a term twould be obama-loney. he is serving a dish which is simply in contradiction of the truth and relates from everything from how i am going to help the middle class to tax policy. he is saying things that are not accurate. >> sean: it goes back and forth. joining me with analysis, stuart varny and the co-host of the ever popular "the five." >> okay. >> sean: i got it. dana perino. let's look at had he is saying here. it is just not true. >> it's factually, totally inaccurate. i think that liberals believe if you get something here, it's taken away there. they think that the cake is always the same size, that if i
12:24 am
reslice it a gain for one is an absolute loss for another. the president is flat-out wrong. he says, if you pay -- the middle class is asked to pay more in taxes so you can give money to the rich. that's nonsense. >> sean: but as much as we pay attention to the fact that romney and surrogates -- obama and surrogates refer to romney as a felon who didn't pay taxes for 10 years, who doesn't like women, is a racist, wants people to die-- are cancer, seven years after he leavings the company. as much as we pay attention to that, approximate president is telling americans that he created jobs. fewer americans are working. he's telling people that mitt romney wants the middle class to pay more in tax so he can give another $250,000 tax cut to people making more than $3 million. how do you deal with nathat? >> if there is one thing that romney did that he could have
12:25 am
taken an opportunity with carl cameron and done better, which is to blow off the obama attacks more and take the opportunities to tell people, let me tell you the three things you need to upon about my tax plan, one, two, three, i think that is the part, people want to defend them but they don't have the tools to do so. romneyhood -- it's a great line. but it doesn't work. if you know what the robinhood story is about-- great point. >> it's really funny. i am sure they came up with it on air force one. can't wait to use this line. he uses it and i am like -- this doesn't work. >> i know sherwood forest. i know about robinhood. go! the world's first freedom fight sneer good point. but here's the thing. they are successful on a daily basis of distracting the romney campaign. dana's right. i think you do have to sppd to every attack and you have to 55 scpot correct the record --
12:26 am
>> i think dana's right. i think romney has to get out front. he has to get out front of the argument and not be responding-- how do you get out front of why "i didn't kill this man's wife" -- >> my policies will be the ones that create growth and prosperity. >> sean: respond to the ad, say what you said -- get -- >> get oud out front. lead the charge. don't follow. lead it -- >> this is the problem. >> sean: this has to be an m.o., this has to be strategeically to do it with great discipline. >> this is why it's hard for any challenger to beat an incumbent. the president has the bully pulpit and all the media eating out of his hand. romneyhood, great line, boom done. i can have a beer at the bar. i don't know if any of them have read romney's tax plan. then it's hardener a tit for tat sound bite. the good thing that
12:27 am
conservatives have on their side is social media. they are absolutely dominating it when it comes to spreading messages around, stopping things in their tracks and getting people to understand that this was a distraction. let's not forget that these policies were short term in their thinking when it comes to obama coming in and dealing with the recession. >> sean: even if they have a distraction of the day, which they probably will, there are going to be debates. the record will be vetted. there is no getting around it this time. >> look, distractions, politics is skin deep. it is dug through because the pacific prosperity is what people feel and is getting away from us. we are getting worse off. >> sean: 49 million americans in poverty feel it. -- >> on a daily basis. new you have a gas price spike. here it is, the fire in california overnight, that's
12:28 am
raising prices in california. there is a midwest spike. 30 to 40 cents per gallon, up in one week, in the spring state of ohio and wisconsin, that's extraordinary. people feel that. there is a limit to how far you can distract people with obamahood -- romneyhood. >> i would like to ask-- what would you like to know? >> why are there so many undecide people-- there are really not. 6 to 8%. >> i thought it was 8 -- let's split it and say 8% that are undecided. at what point and what is the trigger for them to make their decision? how much time is left for these candidates? >> chances are they always break for the challenger e. greater majority. >> it's fluid at the moment. i would love to know what he thinks. >> sean: say goodbye to stuart. >> goodbye, stuart. >> sean: good night, gracie. [laughter] >> sean: frank luntz is back for
12:29 am
our 2012 ad wars segment. later, could this man be the next vice-president of the united states of america? governor tim pawlenty will be here, coming up. who better to ask about the v.p. selection process than liz cheney? she explains that process that a candidate has to go through, coming up next. at sleep number, individualizing your sleep is at the heart of every innovation. with the sleep number bed, it's notbout soft or firm. it's about support where you find it most comfortable.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity"iment time for our 2012 ad war segment. americans across the country are being flooded with political ads, both positive and negative. here to explain which are working and which are falling short. frank luntz with his olympic shirt. you can talk to the poll, those who voted, we have two questions to ask. those who voted for obama i. correct. >> sean: okay. whether or not you asked the question they believe obama's the worse president than they expected.
12:34 am
64% think -- these are obama voters. >> obama voters in 2008 that are undecided or supporting mitt romney now. people argued what is this presidential election about? based on this data and the others we found in the survey, it is coming down to bam bottom's presidency, they are making an evaluation over the last four years to decide what the next four years will be like. will we get lower unemployment and get more jobs? can we reduce the deficit? and their evaluation is no. >> sean: now the question, what do you think mitt romney should be talking about more? his business background and record. his record as governor, record with the olympics. it's interesting. here's a question that i asked governor romney on my radio program last week, that i don't think anyone asked -- tell me about bain capital, what did you do? when he explained it, it was pretty fascinating. how they start trksd all the jobs that were created, the businesses that were saved. >> that's a fundamental mistake n. his campaign in april, may,
12:35 am
june, he never explained what bain capital was about. i went to the university of pennsylvania, as a student and as a faculty member. and bain capital was the number-1 place that graduates wanted to work. it was and is the most respected management consulting, business consulting business that there is. it's okay. by the rnc. >> president obama came to the white house with big plans. he would half the deficit, strengthen the economy, lower unemployment. what did we get? national debt over $15 trillion and climbing. unemployment 8% for 40 straight months. an ongoing economic crisis with no end in sight. he tried. you tried. it's okay to make a change. the republican national committee is responsible for the content of this advertising? >> 50% of democrats. all the swing states are
12:36 am
bombarded with the ads. >> which make its almost impossible to cut through. the public expects the local ad to be negative. so when an ad scores well, today, the democrats score that high, that's pretty positive. what does it say? it's okay to change your mind. doesn't hit you in the face, it gives you the option-- good ad? >> right. >> sean: let's look at the latest obama ad. thanksgiving -- this is called -- crunch ad. >> i'm barack obama. and i approved this message. >> you work hard, stretch every penny, but chances are, you pay a higher tax rate than him. mitt romney made $20 million in 2010 and paid only 14% in taxes, probably less than you. now he has a plan to give millionaires another tax break and raises taxes on middle-class families up to $2,000 a year. mitt romney's middle-class tax increase.
12:37 am
he pays less. you pay more. >> first of all, there is no middle class tax increase. that's a lirks number 1. right? number 2, is this money that mitt romney already paid taxes on and this is a second bite of the apple? >> have you to explain it. but the fact is-- that's what i mean -- it's purposely deceptive. >> my job is to evaluate public opinion, not to talk about deception. people like have you to hold these ads accountable and show point by point whether or not they are accurate. i am telling you-- class warfare works even when it's purposely deceptive and i think it's beneath the office and the dignity of the president to purposely lie. >> they tried in 2000, 2004 tdidn't work. i am telling you, in 2027, it is working. >> sean: romney has to watch out for this? >> he has to respond and challenge. this is the actions of the first ad-- are you mad that this is made in china? >> yes, the olympic equipment.
12:38 am
i want viewers to see this. this is the logo. this is larger than the u.s. team logo. why? why is the logo-- they are a sponsor. >> why does polo make the u.s. equipment in china? by the way, this is the british logo, if you can show that. adidas. look how small it is here. they used the british colors. >> sean: where was it made? >> i don't know. >> sean: i have to go -- >> hold on. >> sean: should be red, white and blue. our clothing should be red, white and blue and made in america. >> sean: coming up, liz cheney with a unique look inside the process of shoo choosing the next vice-president. and are the rnc speakers off the short list. >> the fact that someone is speaking at the convention speaking at the convention doesn't mean that they wouldn't
12:39 am
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>> sean: as you heard last night in my exclusive interview with dick cheney, the vice-presidential decision is a critical one for the mitt romney campaign. dick cheney knows a thing or two interest selecting a runningmate. he served as v.p. and was responsible for two search efforts. in the 70s, he headed up the gerald ford v.p. search and for bush in 2000 and in the end, cheney himself was selected. with the romney v.p. announcement expected any day, cheney's daughter looking at selecting a runningmate. great to see and you your dad this weekend and these wounded warriors and the recovery mission, helping the guys who have been injured and suffering ptsd, it was a great time. >> it was terrific that you were able to get out with us and get out on the river and fish with those guys -- rivers of recovery, a tremendous group. they were honored that you were
12:44 am
able to be there. >> sean: don't tell anybody how many fish i caught because i am not discussing that part -- >> it was a slow day, sean. >> sean: hoos what i told my family. all right. >> right. >> sean: you lived through this -- twice. let's go back to 2000. when did you know that your dad was being considered? >> well, you know, i -- signed on to help him with the selection process. i had just had a baby and i was home on maternity leave from my job as a law firm, he asked if i would be willing to help organize the schedule and the process and work with him and we looked at some of the candidates that governor bush was reviewing. he writes in his book about the fact that we kept some of the documents that the people were sending in in my basement because we needed a secure place away from the campaign, where you could keep tax returns and documents they sent in in response to questionnaires that
12:45 am
was secure, a place that people wouldn't suspect, the basement of a housewife in virginia at that point was someplace that people didn't expect. i was involved in helping him through that process. looking at it from the outside tlooks like governor romney himself has put together a really good process. he has beth myers, someone he really trusts and has a lot of confidence in, who is a lawyer herself, very carefully going through some of the potential candidates. >> sean: ltoday, we heard the name general patreas. apparently, according to what i read, petraeus said that that is who governor romney wanted to choose. what do you think of that choice? >> well, look, i am a gig fan of general petraeus. i think of what he did in terms of the surge in iscprak in -- iraq and afghanistan, he was the architect of some of our most successful military operations
12:46 am
in recent history. i think that one reason the obama administration put him in the cia was to put him out of command. i don't think they wanted to listen to his advice, which in many instances, asked for more troops than he was willing to give in order to secure victory. i have a lot of respect for him. i see that general petraeus came out and said, absolutely not. he is not going to run for elective office. but, look, i think we have many, many young people on the republican side. you know, we have a really deep edge. i think it's a terrific time to be eye republican. you look at the people who have been announced, speaking at it is convention, governor halley, governor martinez, a lot of really impressive, new-generation folks. i think that governor romney has a tough decision to make because he has such a large bench to choose from. >> sean: we hear ryan and rubio, pawlenty, we have governor
12:47 am
pawlenty will be on later. and some of those choices better than others? i know the first criteria is can pathat person step in to be president. next, you look geographically and other factors, how well you can work with somebody, maybe they have a strength to your weakness who, do you like? >> yeah, look, i mean, i think, i don't want to pick one person because i like everybody you have named. i think you have it exactly right. one thing to remember, everybody also has negatives. the campaign has to be prepared, no matter who we pick, there will be negative things. you pointed out earlier, there are negatives put out about our candidates, our potential candidates. candidates. but i think with the intensive vetting process that these candidates will have been through, they are going to be filling out questionnaires that are asking incredibly probing
12:48 am
question, based in large part on the kind of things have you to fill out to get a security clearance from the government. >> sean: hew personal? >> very, very personal. in our case -- everything you could imagine nterms of the questionnaire and then in -- in our case, in 2000, you know, additional interviews went on in private where you are able to say to the candidate, you know, tell us everything because everything is going to come out. there are some candidate who is end up taking themselves off the list because they simply don't want to put themselves and their family through that meat grinder. but it's a very thorough vet that goes on. and then the candidate and their family have to prepare themselves for the kind of spotlight and intensity of focus that they have never experienced before. i would say, even those who may have run for president, who may be on the list, once you are the party's nominee for vice-president, that white-hot spotlight hits t. really is
12:49 am
completely incomparable to anything you have been through before. >> sean: liz cheney, great to see you and the rivers of recovery guys and your dad. thanks for being with us. >> thanks very much. >> sean: speaking of v.p.s, tim pawlenty joinsitous respond to rumors that he is one of the people on the mitt romney short list for v.p. he will be straight ahead. [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity...
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>> veep steaks are running wild as the bombshell announcement is likely to happen this week or next. one man who has been at or near the top of the list, governor tim pawlenty, with his strong record and aability to appeal to voters across the board twould not be surprising to see a romney/pawlenty ticket. we have the former minnesota governor, presidential candidate, tim pawlenty. all right, governor. come on. what do you know? help us out here. >> i think we are going to spill the beans here on "hannity"? >> i think we are going to spill it on your show? what does that mean?! of course, you should spill it here. >> if there were beans to spill, this would be a great place. but as you know, we have a policy of not talking about the v.p. process, as was mentioned
12:54 am
earlier in the show, governor romney has great people to pick from, great bench strength in the conservative movement, martinez, jindal, halley, portman, ryan, petraeus and more. he can't make a bad pick. he has tremendous, tremendous people to pick from. >> sean: it's interesting. i agree with you. we have a pretty deep bench. historically one of the important roles is being prepared. but have you to go out and attack. if you are ready for that, being considering that mitt romney has been accused of murder in the last 24 hours -- of being a murderer. being a felon being a racist. how would you counter that as the v.p. candidate? >> whether you are the presidential or the v.p. or any leader in the movement, one of the responsibilities and opportunities we have to say why
12:55 am
barack obama should be terminated. he doesn't deserve re-election, have you to make the case why he has failed as a president. it isn't hard to do. a third grader could do this. we have an economy in massive trouble with 23 million americans unemployed, under-employed, half of our high school and college graduates can't find a job. we have a president who has never been connect to the private sector and says things like if you own a business, you didn't build that. i mean, it is an easy case to make why bam shouldn't be re-elected president of the united states. by the way, you know, he made all of these great promises and hope and change has become bait and switch. >> sean: do you think that the president -- because i agree with everything you are saying, obviously. we have been leading the case against obama. do you think the country really understands what is at stake here? do you think it's going to be a hard case to make? for example, could your state go red? could wisconsin go red? are you confident in ohio and
12:56 am
iowa and new hampshire and new mexico and nevada, florida? >> you don't take anything for granted. these ever the swing states and others that you mentioned where a lot of tension is going to be and should be, they are not predisposed to go one way or the other. but the american people are wise. they won't want to be duped twice. somebody stood before them in 2008 and made big promises, things like he was going to cut the deficit in half in the first term, he he nearly tripled it. he said he would work on a bipartisan basis and he stiff-armed and shoved the republicans aside. he department turn the economy around, he would have a one-term proposition. we agree. he should go. the big speeches don't put gas in the car, pay the mortgage or pay the grocery bill or pay for college. we can't eat and live on his teleprompter speeches. that's not working people have
12:57 am
figured it out. >> sean: do you think the president has lost his likeability, going so negative and allowing his cushogates to be so negative? >> not totally, as luntz lubts would say. but he is losing it in increments each day. the ads that you showed, with the gentleman who is obviously hurting from the loss of his wife and then to have thors 'bama super pac exploit that to the point where they factually lie about the mitt romney time in that company, in other words, he had already left bain by the time they made at this time decision to close the plant-- we have to run. >> that's not befitting of the office and it reflects a campaign and a super pac agenda not befitting the country. >> sean: thanks. greta's next. >> greta: tonight... >> absolute blooming idiots! they are applauding their own demise. >> greta: who is rush limbaugh calling blooming idiots? he's in rare form. but right now, donald trump.
12:58 am
he wants to know if president obama's hiding something. what is it this time? and donald trump is planning to do something very, very major at the republican national convention. here is donald trump. >> hi, greta. >> greta: so, donald, the republican convention's coming up. are you going? that's the first question. secondly, if you are, do you spend to be speaking to the audience. >> well, they want me to go. i will be in sarso the at night before, where i am being honored by the republican party in florida as the statesman of the year. that will be very interesting. i look forward to that. i probably will be going. >> greta: have you been asked to speak? >> i would rather not say that, but they wantny do something very major at the convention. >> greta: something very major. now you have certainly teased -- what's the very major? can you give us a hint? >>? >> i am not allowed to say, but it's very, very major. >> greta: the nominee of the
12:59 am
republican party, mitt romney, has not name aid vice-president. we are getting down to the wire. im curious whether or not you think -- not who would you like to see, so much, but what would be the politically most shrewd choice, if he wants to get elected in november? >> well, i do think he should get somebody who will help him get one of the swing states. so if you look at the different people, you know, you have florida, rubio -- excellent. have you chris christie, excellent, excellent guy and a friend of mine and an excellent guy, done a great job as governor of new jersey. portman -- you know, we need to get ohio, we need to get other states. so i do think -- by the way, bob mcdonald in virginia is fantastic, doing an amazing job. i have a lot of property in virginia. he has done an amazing job. those are great names and those names with help swing a certain state. all of those states are very important. >> greta: i have been looking at the numbers of the states you have