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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 8, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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president clinton the co-author of the welfare work reform bill weighed in saying romney's charges just aren't true. the administration has taken important steps to make sure that the work requirement is retained and that waivers will be granted only if a state can demonstrate that more people will be moved into work under its new approach it is worth noting that mr. romney says he is in favor of welfare reform. but not the removal of the work requirement. said he vetoed such attempts and president obama was on the record in opposition to welfare reform through much of the 90's. >> shepard: carl, the president is campaigning in colorado today. and so is one of governor romney's top supporters the ohio senator rob portman, he is somebody we keep seeing on the v.p. short list. >> speculation friendsy. rob portman the ohio senator is campaigning in colorado, bracketing as they say the president's visit there five events from portman acting as a surrogate from mitt rodge any is he definitely one of the topics on the possible short list.
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in addition, tim pawlentyy the former governor of minnesota is campaigning today in michigan. mitt romney's native state. is he out there on the romney bus in the next couple of weeks we are going to see mr. romney go on a bus trip in which he will be joined by paul ryan, the chairman of the house budget committee who will actually be on vacation in colorado next week as well as marco rubio mr. romney will be campaigning bus trip. rubio could be a big help to the ticket latino and romney needs all the help he can get with hispanics. >> shepard: carl lakeside, thanks. i mentioned the president is campaigning in colorado tonight. he wrapped up a rally in grand junction, earlier today he had a special guest with him to help make his case to women voters. we'll get a live update from denver coming up inside fox report. the suspect in that shooting rampage at the sikh temple in wisconsin was not shot dead by an officer after all. he killed himself with a single bullet to the head. that's the word today from the fbi. as the investigation unfolded, you may remember, officials
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initially said a police officer shot and killed the suspect, wade michael page. now the fbi reports the officer did, indeed shoot him. shot him in the stomach, but that didn't kill him. the suspect then shot himself. police say page killed six other people on sunday, critically wounded three, including another officer. and according to investigators, the suspect had described himself as a member of a white supremacist and kneel owe nazi group. meantime, the white house says president obama called india's prime minister and expressed his condolences over the shooting. more than half a million americans reportedly follow the sikh faith which teaches quality, social justice, and peace. rick leventhal oak creek, wisconsin tonight that's milwaukee county. the fbi reports t still has an extensive investigation underway even though the suspect is long gone. >> right. because feds say they still don't have a motive. they want to know how wade page reached the edge and whether anyone gave him a push. so they are talking to anyone and everyone who came in contact with the 40-year-old
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discharged army vet. they are conducting more than 100 interviews. they have issued 1 will 0 grand jury subpoenas. with more than 100 leads pending worldwide. they are still processing forensics inside the 16,000 square foot temple. collecting 139 pieces of evidence from the parking lot alone where page put a bullet in his own head. and today we learned that lt. brian murphy first on scene and shot 8 or 9 times by the suspect is doing much better. >> really good news yesterday. he was up walking. up walking, had him sitting up for a period of time. he is progressing amazingly. and we're very very thankful for that. >> authorities say they knew about page and his association with skin head groups before the shooting but there was no active investigation when it happened on sunday, shep. >> shepard: we have been reporting about the suspect's girlfriend arrested. what more do we know about that? >> brenda misty cook had a prior felony conviction for fleeing and alluding local police back in 2005. so she is not legally allowed
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to possess a firearm. and on sunday, when police and the fbi went to question her, they allegedly found a gun inside the apartment that she shared or used to share with page. so she was arrested and then released. misty cook was also active in the skin head scene and may be the reason wade page moved here in july the couple broke up and she got a job as a waitress in a restaurant just down the street from us here at the temple. it's not clear if this is a coincidence or part of some tragic set of circumstances that eventually led to the blood shed inside that place of worship. shep? >> shepard: rick leventhal on scene oak creek wisconsin, thank you. microsoft is launching an effort to help the new york city police track criminals and prevent terrorism. just ahead, how this new computer system worked and why civil rights groups say it is cause for great concern. and the cops tell us a man shot his wife of 45 years at her bedside in a hospital's intensive care unit. today he had a court hearing. but was this murder? or was it mercy?
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that from the 911 call from inside the hospital. plus, troops say the country star randy travis got wasted, got naked. then threatened to shoot him after he got up off the pavement. it is quite a story. i told you so at the top. we'll have more coming from the journalists of fox news on this wednesday fox report.
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the first pl of it's kind. share everything. only from verizon. add a smartphone for just $40 monthly access. >> shepard: well, this would have made a mighty sad country song. troopers in texas found the country music legend randy travis lying in the road naked and drunk out of his mind when they tried to arrest him he threatened to shoot them dead. that's a quote. here is the mugshot obligatory, you know. notice the black eye and scratches. the cops say that those came from the car wreck. according to tmz, police had to give him that shirt he wore there for the photo shoot since, as previously mentioned he was naked.
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check out the paper suit as he left the jail. he said nothing to reporters after posting bond. reporters say he will not be commenting at all. police say last night randy travis was driving down the road and crashed into construction barricades near his home north of dallas. the officers say he wreaked of booze and that he refused to take a sobriety test. he faces charges of drunken driving and a retaliation charge for the alleged threat to shoot and kill the cops. that's a felony, obviously. second arrest involving alcohol this year. police say they arrested a man with a loaded gun with a waste band connecticut. the guy was there for the screening of the new batman movie. obviously the same movie that was playing in the theater in colorado when a man killed 12 people and wounded dozens more. they are careful now. refused to give up his gun and used force to arrest him.
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they also acknowledge he had a permit to carry that weapon. this comes days after police say a man tried to carry multiple knives and gun into a batman movie into a city west of cleveland. the man in that case is scheduled to go before a judge this week on weapons charges. they say he was just carrying the weapons for his own protection four knives and a gun. cops in new york city today unveiled a new crime tracking and counter terrorism effort that it developed with microsoft, and according to the nypd, the so-called domain awareness system or das links about 3,000 surveillance cameras, license plate readers, radiation scanners and various law enforcement data bases analyze the data in realtime. had a demonstration of the thing and nypd officials showed how 911 call about a suspicious package could quickly plot the location of that package on the map. officers can then pull up video feeds from the cameras
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in that area to help them identify the person who might have dropped off the suspicious item. the city's mayor mike bloomberg the head of the nypd ray kelly say the program will help officers track criminals and potential terrorists they are very concerned that cops may abuse the new technology to target certain groups. you will recall muslim leaders spying on muslims outside of the live in new york city tonight and the nypd says this will really give a big boost to counter terror procedures around here, right? >> so much so that microsoft already has plans in the works to sell this system to other u.s. cities and u.s. allies. and because it was partially developed with the help of the nypd, the city is going to get 30% of all sales revenue. today new york city mayor michael bloomberg said the system essentially puts the
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city in a different league. we are not the mom and pop police department anymore. we are next century, we are leading the pack. that's exactly what you would expect us to do. you have our commitment that we will continue to do that. even though we got our first look at the system today. it's in use and making a difference, shepard. >> shepard: what else are the critics saying about this thing, david lee? >> as you pointed out prichesz and civil rights advocates are already distrustful of the nypd. they have many questions about this new system. one of their issues they say is that, yes, it keeps an eye on suspected wrong doers but it also in the process records everyone else we don't have any problems with the department having any
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strategies thought out for dealing with crime. this system a system that is going to collect information on every day people walking around the streets of new york doing nothing wrong. privacy advocates say one thing they would like to see is some type of overseer keeping an eye on the nypd. the nypd meanwhile says that the video archives are kept for only 30 days and then they are erased. shepard? >> shepard: david lee miller live for us. thanks very much. police say a man in ohio shot his wife of 45 years as she lay in bed in intensive care unit in a hospital what may have been a mercy killing. that man now faces murder charges. it happened on saturday in akron. the police department there has just released a 911 call from the witness inside the hospital.
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>> shepard: maybe an oxygen tank or something. it was not. this is the man who calmly walked into the hospital and shot his wife in the head. that wife had been in critical condition in icu. the suspect appeared over a closed circuit feed from the court from the jail there. you can see he is still in the jail clothes. his defense attorney says everything that man ever did for his wife, including the incident at the hospital was out of deep love. less than a week after a double-decker bus crashed into the bridge pillar, the companies had yet another major problem. this time one of its enormous buses caught fire with 80 people on board. we'll show you how what happened here. plus, you can get tossed out of school for failing tests, even apparently pregnancy tests. >> it's a school policy that actually requires some students to take pregnancy tests. get a positive result? and you get the boot. classroom controversy and the
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>> shepard: this time it's a fire. a double-decker bus caught fire on an interstate in georgia. happened on i-85. a busy one as the bus headed from atlanta to charlotte. mega bus staffers report everybody is fine and they added the bus was this year's model. we don't know yet what caused the fire. a passenger said just before it started she thought one of the tires blew. it is similar to what police say happened last week on yet another mega bus near litchfield, illinois. this n. that case investigators have said it looks like the driver of that bus lost control after a tire blew out. the bus slammed into a concrete bridge pillar. killed a person. and in chicago yesterday,
7:19 pm
investigators say a woman died when a mega bus hit her while it was turning. police say they cited the bus driver for failing to yield. we emailed the company, only way we knew. a short while ago for comment on this story, string of incidents. we haven't heard from them yet. if we do in this hour. we will bring them to you. get pregnant. get kicked out of class. that's the policy in one school that takes public money in louisiana. it's the del high charter school in the northwestern part of the state. and an observation pert from the school's only -- e cerpt, i should say from the school's policy manual reads the school reserves the right to require any female student to take a pregnancy test. it goes on to say if the test indicates the student is pregnant they will not be able to attend classes. civil union says it's against the law, period. education officials say they agree. the chief fox report correspondent is here. person says the school booted
7:20 pm
her because she was pregnant. >> in junior year at delhi when she got pregnant. she told a couple of friends and the baby's father. school officials then found out about it they confirmed the pregnant nance with courtney's mother and her doctor. and courtney says that was that. listen. >> they sent me home so it was really no ifs, ands and buts about it. once the charter school sent me home that was it. they didn't send me my work or nothing. i had to go to one of my teacher's homes to do my schoolwork. courtney says she was mad, she was shocked and she said had it not been for the kindness of that one particular teacher, inviting her to work with her, she would not have graduated. she says this policy has to change. >> what are school officials saying? >> we reached out to officials at delhi charter school today. it appears that change may be coming. we heard from cool board
7:21 pm
member albert chrisman who sent us one line email which red and i'm quoting here. revisions are being prepared now by our attorneys so we can be sure that our policy is consistent with state and federal law. a very good thing according to our own judge napolitano because he says right now this policy is not consistent with any laws. listen. >> if the exclusion was for failure to take the test, it would be a violation of the right to privacy. if the exclusion was because the test showed positive that the student is pregnant, would be a violation of the right to privacy. if the exclusion was because the student is pregnant, it would be discrimination on the basis of pregnancy. because pregnancy is a fundamental liberty. the government cannot punish you or disable you because you are pregnant. >> so changes are likely coming to the school policy and one imagines, shep, there may be some lawsuits coming from those kicked out for the crime of being pregnant. >> shepard: looks like a domino thing on the way. jonathan, thank you.
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how much are you paying for gas? and i mean by that, what percentage of your income do you spend at the gas pumps? imagine 10% or more. it's happening in more than one state. we will show you which one. but on the west coast, wonder why prices are about to get much higher? >> do i have to look forward to having cancer? >> oh, yes you do. >> does my grandchild have to look forward to having cancer. >> anger and outrage after a refinery fire shot clouds of toxic smoke into the air not far from san francisco. details from a rare interview with the wife of the disgraced illinois governor rod blagojevich known here affectionately as our blagojevich. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. he can comply, remember. he can comply.
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>> shepard: july was the hottest month ever roared in our country. that's according to climate scientists who say they chekdz records going back to 18956789 average temperature in the lower 48 last month was 77.6 degrees. just a little bit higher than the previous record set during the dust bowl in july of 3 '36. map reveals which areas got the worst of this last month. areas shaded in orange and red right here where temperatures were much higher than average. turns out walking around with antlers on your head can be a big problem.
7:27 pm
just ask this moose. got all tangled in a swing set in a community north of salt lake city. homeowner called the cops and sergeant showed up in w. a pair of bolt cutters. >> i tried to be calm, talk calm. >> come on, one more. there was one point i actually reached out and was kind of petting him on the head, trying to let him know that i wasn't going to hurt him. >> peace, moose. the sergeant spent a few minutes cutting the changes you saw until moose got loose. and then the animal wandered off back in the wild or something. or on the search for a safer piece of playground equipment. unsure. this is "the fox report." it's it the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. gas prices back on the up. you must have noticed. drivers in more than a dozen states are now spending at least 10% on average of their paychecks on gas. $1 out of ten on fuel. that's according to a leading oil price tracking group.
7:28 pm
it reports the crunch is hardest in the state of mississippi where on average folks are shelling out nearly 16% of their income at the gas pump. lori rothman with the news from the fox business network. lori, where else are people hurting in a big way? >> it is staggering, shep. look at these numbers. when you break it down, montana people are spending 14.2% of their income at the gas pump. number two oklahoma 13.1%. in both north dakota and louisiana, people are pumping 12.7% of their paychecks into the gas tank. you have also got kentucky 11.3%. texas, just over 11% of people's income all going into the gas pump. nationwide gas prices up 30 cents in just the last five weeks. it's really unbelievable. we are threatening the 3.94 gasoline high hit back on april 5th. we are coming into labor day weekend. peek driving season. >> why is it happening, lori, stats to show. >> laundry list of why we see
7:29 pm
this quick and dirty run up if you will. first of all these problems with the refining and transportation issues in the midwest as well as the west coast. geo politics all you have to say is iran and syria. back here in the u.s., monetary policy when berne bench prince drives up. crude oil up 20% in six weeks. we have heard about tropical storm ernesto, that could threaten supply. >> shepard: lori rothman with us, thanks very much. experts say a massive fire at one of the nation's largest oil refineries could help push gas prices even higherren the west coast. where they are already very high. they are expecting about two cents just since yesterday in california, oregon and washington. that's according to a.a.a. the analysts are warning now in some spots in the west, gas price could say go up, get. this 20 cents to 30 cents a gallon after the fire on monday night at chevron's bay area refinery. that fire sent giant clouds of chick smoke into the air. more than a thousand people went to the hospital with breathing problems.
7:30 pm
nobody was seriously hurt at least physically. city leaders accuse chevron of taking way too long to warn the public about the danger. it got ugly at community meeting last night as protesters heckled chevron officials in a huge way. members of one activist group claims whatever was in that smoke filled the food in their community gardens. chevron officials though defended the company's response to the fire. trace gallagher is in our west coast news hub this evening. trace, state law says all leaks have to be reported in a timely fashion. >> and that's true, shep. but apparently we just talked to the state and there is some wiggle room in there they believe if the leak can be controlled or easily contained, then t does not have to be reported and chevron believes that it could have been easily contained. here is the time line. 4:15 monday afternoon they that they first located that vapor leak. as we said it was not reported. at 6:30 p.m. 2 hours and 15 minutes later. the leak got much bigger. the employees were told to evacuate. it was at 6:37 the fire
7:31 pm
actually broke out. that's when the media, the public, and the authorities were all notified. some say the warning was effective. others disagree. listen. >> that's why we put that warning system in place long time ago so the residents wanted to know what type of disaster that they are facing and that's not occurring. >> the alarm kept going off. you see the smopg going up there. you stand on the side of a freeway with a camcorder taking pictures. and then you want to say you are observation posed 900 people. >> chevron now says all the fires at the refinery are out. even the controlled burn. and the feds now have a chemical safety team on site investigating this fire and leak. >> shepard: and now an apology or, i guess more accurately kind of an apology for chevron. >> yeah, kind of an apology. i mean chevron is not apologizing about the response because they think that was good. but when it comes to the fire, the refinery manager issued a
7:32 pm
statement saying, and i'm quoting here, we apologize for the fire and smoke smoke caused by monday's incident. nothing is more important than safe operations and we did not meet that expectation. that refinery in richmond has been there for 110 years. it's had problems including this january 2007 explosion. but it turns out 15% of the gas used in the western region and it is the biggest employer in richmond and as we found out last night, clearly there is a love/hate relationship. listen. >> you threaten us and you tell us about your close the plant down, so what? we don't care if you close it down. it's going to cost billions of dollars to clean up this nasty site that you put here for us. >> if you want to see a ghost town, and you think you have got problems now, let chevron uproot and leave. you see tumble reads rolling down the street. >> by the way the plant is
7:33 pm
still shut down. there is no word when the refinery will go back online, shep. the gas prices up they go. >> shepard: up they go. trace gallagher in up they go gas price land. trace, thanks very much. our blago now. the wife of the former illinois governor rod blagojevich has spoken out for the first time since our blago reported to prison. last year a jury convicted blagojevich of corruption charges, including trying to sell president obama's former senate seat. they sentenced him to 14 years. he started this sentence in march. the former first lady of the illinois, patty blagojevich told our fix affiliate in chicago. fox news, chicago. that their daughters miss their father. she added that she is frustrated that the court hasn't provided them with transcripts they need to start the appeals process. >> for five and a half months or five months or so we have been waiting for these transcripts to appear. meanwhile, the trials have been over the first time has been over for two years. the second trial has been over a year. >> shepard: bleepen golden.
7:34 pm
the court reporter in charge of providing the transcripts tells the appeals court that she has been on a five and a half month professional leave of absence. and return to a mountain of work. president obama is reaching out to women voters in a key swing state now and we have breaking news from the campaign trail. the president and governor romney may have found an issue on which they agree. watch for flying pigs. a live update next. plus, doctors say grapefruit juice is causing all sorts of problems with different medicines. you can't take grapefruit juice with this one. we found one where grapefruit juice could be just the answer. help fight cancer? they also warn before you start chugging -- well, we will get to that in just a moment. i am not a vegetarian...
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>> shepard: the president is making a pitch to women voters in the state of colorado. remember, he won that swing state four years ago.
7:38 pm
as we reported at the top of this newscast. there is a new poll out today that shows he is trailing governor mitt romney there. ed henry is live in denver. ed, he had a special guest there to introduce him tonight, right? >> that's right, shep. sandra fluke. you will remember that she was in the middle of that contraception controversy a few months back. rush limbaugh sort of picked on her. there was a war of words. she was standing up for the president's healthcare reform law. she is upset that mitt romney did not stand up and defend her. so today she fired back at romney. and the president also used her to try and say that he needs to get more women's votes because is he standing up for their healthcare. take a listen. >> mr. romney could only say that those weren't the words he would have chosen. [ laughter ] [boos] well, mr. romney, you're not going to be the candidate we choose. >> mr. romney is running as the candidate of conservative values. there is nothing conservative about a government that prevents a woman from making her own healthcare decisions.
7:39 pm
he says he is the candidate of freedom. but freedom -- the chance, the opportunity to determine for yourself the care that you need when you need it. >> now, one reason the president may be making this big push out here in this battleground state of colorado is that the romney camp is pointing out this new poll, the "new york times" cbs news quinnipiac suggest while the president still has an edge among women here in this state, romney may be picking up ground the president at 51% among women, romney at 43%. among men romney has a much bigger lead a 6% to 39%. although there are plenty of other battleground polls that show the president still has a big edge among women. the romney camp city thinks they are still making ground and headway there, shep? >> shepard: what's the thinking on this super pac that is supporting the president who has a new ad out regarding, i don't know, women? >> well, yeah, it's picking on a situation where the wife or the late wife of a steel
7:40 pm
worker who has basically lost his job because bain capital had basically shut down a steel plant in and around kansas city. the bottom line being run by democratic super pac that supports the president. republicans are outraged because some of the facts don't quite ad up. basically the woman did not lose her health insurance because her husband lost his job. in fact, she had her own health insurance. she later got cancer and died. and today romney's campaign says it's outrageous for this democratic group to suggest that romney had something to do with her death. take a listen. >> he has no positive record to run on. so instead is he launching personal character attacks at governor romney and, frankly, blaming him for things in just a disgusting way. >> the romney spokeswoman though andrea in a little hot water with conservatives because she suggested in that same interview with fox that perhaps if this woman who had passed away was living in massachusetts she would have healthcare because of former governor romney. that's not exactly fitting with the romney talking points, shep. >> shepard: and tonight, as i
7:41 pm
mentioned earlier, the breaking news is the governor and the president agree on something? >> they both disagree with the boy scout's policy of banning gay scouts, gay scout leaders. both campaigns putting out statements. the president, the white house making it official that the president is against this policy. what the romney camp is saying that dating back to 1994 when he was governor of massachusetts, he has always believed in the boy scout's ability to set their own policies but they add that he also believes that anyone should be able to serve in the boy scouts in any way. regardless of their sexual orientation. that's about as close as you are going to get on one issue among these two candidates, shep. >> shepard: ed henry in denver this afternoon. thanks. syrian rebel fighters say they forced government troops to retreat in the fight for syria's largest city. according to an opposition activist, syrian soldiers pull out parts of aleppo, the huge city in syria after the rebels inflicted huge losses bashar assad's forces. syrians government run
7:42 pm
television station told a much different story. it reported government troops killed most of the rebels in the area and entered other parts of the city in a new offensive. hello baghdad. meanwhile a human rights group reports the syrian government is set to judge a free speech advocate in a secret court. and may sentence him to death without any rights to a defense. fox news can't independently confirm any of these reports. a man says he ordered a flat screen tv online but when the door came open and there was the box, inside the delivery he found an assault rifle. and that is our top story on a fox trip across america. >> dc. the guy says he didn't know what to do with the gun, so he called the cops. >> they had never seen anything quite like it. illegal to keep here. illegal to transport in a car. so, can't be returned. >> police are investigating. they say the guy's address was on the box's shipping label. but that an invoice inside the box indicates the rifle should
7:43 pm
have gone to a gun shop in pennsylvania. north carolina. a second straight day of pouring rain flooded streets in charlotte. stranding cars in the deep water. >> the ground look pretty level. and when i went over into the street. it just got deep on me and i just got stuck. >> firefighters say they rescued several drivers but reported nobody hurt. oklahoma. a pet bulldog is recovering just south of oklahoma city after a vent removed more than 500 porcupine quails quills from its face it was playing near a pond when it got too close to the poor could you pine. >> you can't imagine the pain, the intense pain that she had to have been in. >> animal doctors took the 3-year-old pooch into emergency surgery. they say it's doing much better now and it's part of a fox watch across america. >> well, scientists say they
7:44 pm
have figured out a way to make a certain medicine work much better. add grapefruit juice. researches at the university of chicago saying patients taking the drug with a glass of grapefruit juice saw the levels of the medication increase by 350%. that drug is used to prevent the rejection of a transplant. but studies have shown t can also treat cancer and researchers say grapefruit actually increased the anticancer effects allowing for smaller doses which means fewer side effects and obviously a much lower cost. experts tell us this the findings are preliminary and they warn that mixing grapefruit juice with a lot of different medicine can cause overdose so don't add the grapefruit juice willy-nilly. the city that's home to disney land is now the site of violent protests. right now, angry residents are meeting with officials in anaheim, california about deadly clashes with the cops. we'll get a live report coming
7:45 pm
up next.
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7:48 pm
land into a concrete pillar in illinois. in this statement we just got the president and officer mega bus wrote safety is the priority. did he not mention the fire in georgia but did say the incidents in illinois are still under investigation by the authorities and we are unable to speculate on any outcomes until completed.
7:49 pm
he he goes on to say, however, we will continue to support the investigations in any way that we can that from mega bus just moments ago. folks have been rioting, not far from disney land after a pair of deadly police shootings now the cops in anaheim, california are demanding changes. [shouting] this was the scene after separate incidents in which cops shot and killed two gang members. one of them was unarmed. according to authorities. hundreds of protesters smashed store windows and threw rocks and other stuff at the officers who fired back with nonlethal bullets as they put it. the violence highlights the racial divide in anaheim according to the locals where minorities make up more than half of the population. right now, a community meeting is underway with the mayor and the city council to discuss the ways that the city officials elect its officials. william la jeunesse is there right now. what are they discussing,
7:50 pm
william? >> well, shepard, there are about 400 people inside, many waiting to speak. now the businesses here have all boarded up their windows, anticipating a problem. as you can see there are probably more media here than visible protesters or cops. the counsel is discussing three measures that address the concerns of latinos who now represent 53% of anaheim. up from just 9% in 1970. number one, any public is you is i did i to private enterprise would have to be approved by voters. two, the city council would expand from 4 seats to six seats. they would elect members by district, not a citywide vote. that way latinos would probably see multiple seats. right now they have zero. >> the latino population, residents are saying we would like representation at city council because we don't have someone who is speaking spanish. we don't have someone who is addressing our needs. >> right now, anaheim is a tale of two cities in many ways. you have latinos in the plat lands and white notice hills, older homeowners that kind of
7:51 pm
thing. also critics argue that the city has spent a lot of its money on making this a tourist mecca. helping out disney land. disney actually sports this move, the changes being considered inside. critics have called this the tragic kingdom not the magic kingdom. shepard? >> shepard: as i mentioned, this all started with some police shootings. >> yeah. there have been 8 shootings. five voluming fatalities. police say in those situations. four of the five victims were actually armed. they also believe that two of them, at least were, documented gang members. the one man they say did appear to pull something from his waistband. the family has said that is not accurate. they filed a 50-million-dollar suit. u.s. attorney and the fbi have both all these shootings, rather, shepard, under investigation. >> shepard: william la jeunesse in anaheim. we are doing better keeping up with mortgages apparently. the credit agency transunion reports 5.5% of homeowners were behind on payments 60 days or more in the second quarter of this year. that's the lowest delinquency
7:52 pm
rate in three years. it's still a long way from the rate of 2% before the housing market crashed. no mortgage on this place. somebody just bought a mansion in south florida for $47 million cash money. real estate agents say that's the highest price anybody has ever paid for any home in the miami-dade. they say the buyer is some business guy, a russian guy, and that's all they are going to tell us about him. so what does he get for 47 mill? he gets a pool and hot tub. six wet bars, six of them and a roof top sky bar plus a gym, a spa and a 3-d theater not to mention a beach with pink sand. imported from the bahamas. 47 mill you can have one too. study for worldwide beer. there is a high demand here at this moment. the global leader in beer production, who is that? this will surprise you.
7:53 pm
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >> shepard: now, beer. or at least in a minute and a half. global production of suds has hit a new high. happened last year according to a major brewery in japan. the number one beer producing country for the tenth year in a row is: china. here in the u.s., beer production reportedly went down a little bit last year. but americans still have plenty of options. a different firm in colorado reports that the number of breweries in the united states has just hit a 125 year high. and on this day in the year 1992, the original dream team beat croatia in basketball to clinch the gold medal in the summer olympics in barcelona. it's been called the greatest team ever assembled in any sport, period. the first olympics basketball squad to include nba stars and what a show. the roast err stacked.
7:57 pm
magic jordan. -- magic, jordan, it was like elvis and the beatles put together. in the final game croatian player guarding magic johnson waved to a teammate on the bench to take a picture of them together while they were playing. the current u.s. dream team ain't too shabby either but stars aligned on the podium 20 years ago today. back when we used to -- could watch the games like it would say they will be on this channel at this time and you can just turn it on and watch it not anymore. i think you should just forget about it and watch this guy. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> she passed away in 22 days. i don't think mitt romney realizes what he has done to anyone. >> bill: pro-obama campaign ad accusing mitt romney to the
7:58 pm
death of an american woman. is this a new low? dick morris will analyze. >> ah-ha, maybe i'm a social -- >> a california college professor accusing me, your humble correspondent of right wing buffoonery. wow, that man on the factor tonight. also ahead, jesse watters goes to madison, wisconsin. >> on your head tattooed that girls make me stupid. >> that is right. >> yeah that is right. >> dennis miller back from vacation. >> when it's time to go, it's time to go. you know that. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. playing dirty in the presidential campaign. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. president obama was elected last time around largely
7:59 pm
because he promised a new tone in washington, transz (is i, looking out for the folks. well, with all due respect, that's gone. the president trying to hide the fast and furious scandal and is using political assassins to put out ads like this one. >> when mitt romney and bain closed the plant, i lost my healthcare. and my family lost their healthcare. and a short time after that my wife became ill, and she passed away in 22 days. i do not think mitt romney realizes what he has done to anyone. and i furthermore i do not think mitt romney is concerned. >> so what that ad implies that mitt romney is cold, calculating, capitalism caused that man's wife to die. does anybody think that's a fair ad? please raise your hand. all right. now here is what is going on. the guy on the ad, joe lost his job 2001. after bain took over his company. at the time, his wife was


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