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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  August 10, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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this year alone. >> check out curiosity 360 view of mars. this incredible image is the first color panoramic of the planet. the photo was built from dozens of pictures captured the rover's camera. you can see the rocky surface and the base of mount sharp. they are on a two-year mission to analyze rocks and soil to see if there are any races of life on mars. that is your 5@5:00. let's head to colorado for new developments in the shooting massacre in aurora. james holmes now saying their client is mentally ill and they need more time to evaluate his ladies and gentlemened psychiatric issues before they enter a plea. holmes did see a psychiatrist at the university of colorado weeks before he allegedly murdered 12 people. all of this lending to speculation an insanity defense is in the works. the defense made the court hearings when members of the
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media asked the judge to unseal documents in this case. that decision could come as early as today. holmes a 24-year-old medical student was at the hearing his hair still died orange and those inside the courtroom say he appeared to be sloppy and disinterested in what was going on. holmes is charged with 24 counts of murder and 16 counts of attempted murder. the rock and will roll bands kiss and motley crue are giving 100,000 dollars to the aurora victim relief fund. president obama onslaught of meg tive attack ads against mitt romney may be working. the president has picked up some support even though more voters think romney would be better at fixing the economy. peter doocy is live with more. >> these new polls show a gap between mitt romney and president obama with obama on the way up and mitt romney on
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the way down. back in july the president enjoyed a 4 point add straj over his republican rival among all registered voters. he was up 45 to 41. now he is up by 9 overall. 49 to 40. a big reason for his surge are the all important independents. he leads mitt romney by 11 with voert who's identify themselves as independents with a poll of 8 margin of error. back in june he was only up 3. it remains essentially the same since june with the middle of the road voters are those who are unsure or want somebody else to win that remained at 30 percent all summer long. more voters think romney two a bert job i am proving the economy. improving the deficit 46-48. when it comes to small businesses the president and challenger are tied at 45 a piece. same for immigration policy where the president and former
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massachusetts governor are tied at 43 each. there is plenty of time for mitt romney to turn things around. he had an edge in fundraising taking in $100 million. he has yet to pick a running mate. the president's favor ability rating is rising. sitting at 64 percent which is 2 points higher than it was in july with 88 days to go before voters pass their ballot. >> the continuing backlash from the super pac ad that blames romney for a wioman dying of cancer. >> listen to this. >> what i think should happen is some of these reporters who know the truth about this situation because they were in the room, in the press conference or
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teleconference room listening to this back, i think it was back in may, and now they are watching this out from the super pac they know it happened. i don't know how they can sleep at night. they are the ones who are prostituting four interviews, four access to the obama administration in the campaign and they are letting this go on though it is illegal, it violates the pac laws. what i would like to see happen is for one reporter in the mainstream media who knows the truth about this to stand up and to do the worthy and ethical thing and let americans know there was collaboration and also this is a fash fetchar fetched despicable ad and represents romney's position. he told hannity how he
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thinks mitt rom nae should fight back. >> how do you advice the romney campaign to deal with the daily attacks? >> you have to go after them and say she is a liar. what she said -- >> the president is lying? >> i would not say the president. you can't prove the president is lying. i think it's a very serious charge to say the president is lying. >> republican's plan a dirty air of water. >> to say the president is surrounded by liars is a pretty accurate charge. who the heck wants to be surrounded by liars? what is obama going to do about her? nothing. he's going to keep that liar on his campaign? >> obviously. >> then that says something about the president and his own integrity if that's the case. but i would ask for her to be dismissed from the campaign. the romney camp asked the president to denounce the ad. he has yet to do so.
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here's what we want to know. it tuns out your web browsing says an awful lot about your politics. >> interesting it's a study by endayi engage dc. wh if use google tumbler you most likely favor obama. those who favor mitt romney probably buy stuff on ebay hang out on pinterest and search the web with binge. are you a fan of the game angry birds then you are a swing voter. the study finds those who listen to pandora are more politically engaged. that leads us to our question of the day. we want to know what does your browser say about you? looking forward to what folks say about this. >> i haven't even heard of some of this stuff.
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>> 9 after the hour. the donald says no speaking for the gop convention. >> why you may have wanted to unplug your dishwasher. right now we have major details on a very serious dishwasher recall. you will want to hear about this. as we go to the break take a look at the forecast across the country today.
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>> good morning. it is now 13 answer after the hour. here's what you missed while you were sleeping. brand new reports that donald trump has turned down an offer to deliver a prime time speech at the republican national convention coming up.
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you may remember fox telling fox and friends he was planning quote a big surprise for the rnc. the convention begins august 27th in campau, florida. i wonder what the surprise is. ge recalling more than 1 million dishwashers because they may cause a fire. this is a really serious issue, folks. the machines may actually catch fire due to failed heating elements. 7 fires have been reported. no one has been hurt. ge planning free repairs a rebate toward new dishwashers. they tell you unplug those rate away. it is time now for another look at who is talking. yesterday we told you about an ohio deli owner demanding his store be removed from a campaign ad for president obama. that ad shows someone opening the security door of krause' tell ldeli as he talks about small business. she never gave permission to
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show her store and she is lost business because of it. deborah krause mcdonald going on the record to explain her position. >> the reason i was upset initially, we got reaction from the buyers -- the customers that come down regularly we got immediate reaction and that reaction was negative. i really had to take a stance. i tried to reach out to the local dnc to have them leaf out krause's so that part of the ad would be wouldn't be a concern to account uniteds mer -- customers. >> are you saying if the stock video had been purchased the romney campaign would you have had the same objection? >> i would, greta. as i said in the beginning this is a nonpartisan business. we don't talk politics on either
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side. >> it should be added neither the dnc or obama campaign shot the video. it was recorded by an intermede air reparty but the owe bam paw campaign bought and ordered it. lawmakers in washington want to know, well they want some answers after there were e-mails that show there may have been a different set of rules for union and nonunion workers over pension payouts. this for a company that did business with gm. listen to this, the none union employees lost between 30 and 70 percent of the values while union workers were made whole. here to explain this lauren simonetti from the fox business network. this is amid the backdrop of the auto bailout. the company we are talking about and its employees delphi. >> major supplier to general motors. internal government e-mails obtained by the daily caller a black eye for the obama
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administration. back in 2009, 20,000 salaried workers and retirees at delphi auto parts were not in a labor union saw their pensions cut. delphi workers in the united auto workers were made whole. all along treasury white house say the decisions were made by the independent pension benefit guarantee corporation. key officials testified to that under oath. the e-mails recently obtained by the daily caller said that's not the case. that is 3 months before the pension decision was made they had a meeting with general motors and delphi. that calls into question who calls the shots and why. labor union's driving force behind the election in 2008 donating $100 million. money turned out to be well spent for the delphi union workers not really for any one else in this case. >> sounds like this could have been politically motivated.
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if they were truly lie behind this these feeks are not made whole while the unions were. >> there is a hearing to find out what exactly happened. the obvious we is those who saw their pensions cut. >> will they get their money back? folks have thall enon hard times we are talking about 20,000 employees who were affected by this. that is hard to stomach. stay on top of this for us. hope you will. 18 minutes after the hour. governor chris christie's every move is now being monitored. amid talks he's on the finalist to be mitt romney's vp. who is behind it? seconds away from death these plane crash passengers managed to catch it all on camera. you think something else might be on their mind. right? let's take a look at this morning's prices at the pump. the national average stands at $3.67. we have seen this every day this week. >> every day. >> we will be right back.
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>> 22 minutes after the hour. a liberal super pac is tracking every move by new jersey governor chris christie amid talks he may be on the finalist of mitt romney's vp. it sent someone to monitor every public appearance christie makes. top weather experts say recent tropical storm are is sign of what is to come. noah says the atlantic hurricane season is likely to be above average and increase the predictions between 12-17 storms
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this year 5-8 of them could be hurricanes. pat patti ann let's head ore to you. >> a roundup of this week's medical stories. startling data on kids and car seats. anna kooiman is here to talk about this. more than half of united states is not sit safely in cars. 3 percent of toddlers are sit in a car seat properly if restrained at all. 8 percent of 8 to 10-year-olds use a booster seat. experts say parents need to be aware current car seat guidelines patti ann. >> another troubling study. cigarette use is down but cigar use is up. >> more americans are kicking the cigarette habit. the finds that although overall consumption of tobacco hadz increased the use of other tobacco products are up some 123
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percent. health officials say the lower price of cigars and pipes attract consumers are just as damaging as cigarettes maybe saving a little money but you are not saving your lungs. antipsychotic drug use among teens and kids going up. >> especially the way it is happening. psychiatrists are prescraping antipsychotic drugs for 1 in 3 teenagers that visit them. that's up about 1 in 11. many psychiatrists are giving antipsychotic drugs to kids and teenagers off label which means prescriptioning them for things other than what they are approved. for example disruptive behaviors like attention deficit hyper activity disorder. they have approved the antipsychotic drugs for schizophrenia disorder but not adhd. >> there is no roof it works for that. >> it could be very dangerous. for more information on these stories and health news visit
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fox news >> anna kooiman thank you so much adds always. 24 after the hour. still to come a veteran's charity ripping off the vet that is supposed to help. now the state of california is suing. we will have the details on that. now a frightening scene all caught on camera. a plane plummeting to the ground. we will have the miraculous ending to this story coming up. >> in 1821 missouri admitted as the 24th u.s. state.
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>> waking you up with a little rock and roll. you are listening to 3 doors down. they are getting ready to perform in the summer concert
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series. >> don't we have a barbecue, too. >> that comes up later this morning. >> welcome back to "fox & friends" everyone. i am heather nauert. >> i am patti ann browne. now it is time for the top stories making news at this hour. new questions about the white house involvement with solyndra. the white house over sit committee releasing e-mails that shows president obama requested a personal briefing on the programs that used billions of dollars in tax payer's money to fund green energy companies including solyndra. the request was made two months before solyndra was bankrupt. e-mails showing they expressed concerns about the program. they were over ruled chief of staff william daley. trying to distance himself from the loan program. the white house says final decisions were made only by the energy department. the e-mails don't indicate whether or not that briefing actually took place. president obama's personal plans to let young illegal
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immigrants stay in the u.s. causing internal struggles at the department of homeland security. fox news obtaining a draft document revealing it is having issues with implementing the plan. admitting those on the verge of deportation could use the new policy to stay here. it piers to show the plan gives safe harbor to criminal illegal aliens. jeff sessions is outraged saying quote if this stays in effect i say this ends the ability to have effective border security. the state of california is now suing one of the nation's largest military charities. it claims the directors of that charity spent millions of dollars of donations on themselves. the charity is called health hospitalized veterans it rakes in about 40 million each year. it is supposed to provide injured vets of art and craft tips but the problem is one group says the charity leaders spent 65 percent of those donations on personal things
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including golf memberships and $2 million pension plan for the charity's former president. really? hospitalized veterans not responding at this time. we will keep looking at this one, though. this is a story you have to see to believe. four friends mir rack rousely walking away from a small plane crash in idaho. the entire thing was caught on camera from inside the cockpit. >> well the plane apparently hit an air pocket and quickly lost altitude. that's when it began to descend slamming into the trees. the pay lot was hurt the worst but is expected to make a full recovery. >> everyone has cameras these days. >> listen to this the mother of an army national guard soldier getting an unexpected surprise while she is at work. let's watch this. >> it's very hard for any family.
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but i am proud of matthew. he's serving our country and i couldn't ask for a better kid. >> army national guard soldier returnling home from afghanistan to florida. he kept it a secret from his mom meeting with the rest of his family first before he headed to the restaurant where his mom works. >> expected to stay home indefinitely. what a nice boy. that is your top 5 at 5:30. mom looks so young. too. how map pee to have her baby home. >> after a vber rash of attacks romney's popularity is slipping. let's go to doug luzader live in washington, d.c. >> oo good morning. a whole draft of polling numbers here. let's take a look at the primary number here the head to head match up as president and mitt
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romney. has a 9 point lead among registered voters. that is a real eye opener for conservatives who say the same impacts have really taken their poll. >> this poll is directly in response to the negative campaign of romney and success. let's take a look at the numbers here. pertaining to the economy romney is tied or leading but you look at foreign policy and national security. a lot of these are within the margin of error. look at the numbers among critical independent voters that's where the things were won or lost. the president has an 11-point margin. what romney does have is an impending vp announcement that could give him a bounce. he talked about the choice he is going to make. >> expect every person that has
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strength of character vision for the country that adds something to the political discourse about the direction of the company. this is a defining election for america that we are going to be voting for what kind of america we are going to have. >> the name of that vp pick will be a mystery. who knows any day now. >> doug luzader live from washington. >> laura ingram is talking and she is talking about the president's smash and grab attacks against mitt romney. >> she is also talking how she thinkings romney should counter president obama. >> every week it's a news smash and grab. smash the topic to get a vote. move on to the next topic. >> last week was harry reid. we will get people thinking romney pay any taxes. then we move on to the -- he's
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trying to stop you from taking birth control pills so all of these are created little controversies that make it such that he does not have to talk about something that is inconvenient like the gep the debt rate. he is doing it now. to some extent it is working. he has the gender gap a big lead among latinos. he has romney's like ability down. so far it is working for him. i think what romney now needs to do he needs to have effective spokesmen who go out there every time one of these stupid ads comes out smash it back and have a couple talented governors to get the positive this is romney's message then romney has to go basically state by state in the swing states and he has to do what romney does best. he has to be essentially, bill, without being a power point presentation, it has to be this is what we are facing, $15.8 trillion in debt, this is how i am going to fix it. >> laura said if romney does
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that he will have president obama in the corner. >> time toent tan this. it may be time to bring out the vinyl 45. the old school record is spinning back to life and may be helping small businesses. fox nis byes network robert gray is here. >> i love these. you got the led zeppelin covers also. >> this is a lot of fun. last year up to at least 2 decades according to sound scan. the revolution is helping small businesses generating more interest in the music industry. it is not just nostalgia driving the sales. >> vinyl records has gotten their groove back. the 12 inch discs left for dead. it is once again a hot physical commodity in the digital
5:35 am
download world. >> we are going back to 9 vinyl again was they enjoy the experience. >> it peaked in the disco era but began fading for new technology. >> cassette come tact disc and mp3. over the past few years more americans are dusting off the vinyl and putting the needle on the record. u.s. vinyl sales in 2011 jumped nearly 40 percent from the prior year still just a fraction from the 1977 peak. the vinyl insurgence shows no signs of slowing. they are selling lp's and record players. >> hard to say tif the sales trajectory will rise in sales. it is food for business for those who make albums. >> they run brooklyn photo a vinyl record pressing plant. since their start in 2001 sthef
5:36 am
seen interest in vinyl and demand for their services grow faster than they ever imaged. >> everyone is pressing vinyl. before you had a very like niche group of labels that would come to us that had been doing it for a while. and now you have sort of everyone wants to sort of make a record. business has doubled every year since they started back in early 2000. tom refitted the first two by himself in diy fashion. it's not the old school bands we know from back in the day. i talked to the merge records bands like shuper chug rk fire. the younger guys are more excited about vinyl than the older artists. the price is a little hire not because they are banking more they call more for something like art, graphics things you can play with and the materials. >> it makes sense. there is something about it but
5:37 am
we have big changes virgin records power records going under recently. does this help those businesses? >> i talked to joseph he was in the piece there. academy records in new york. he has been the owner since the late 90s. it is helping drive more traffic in. dee think the vinyl will boost sales enough to keep them going. stores gathered together. they just held 5th one. they are trying to rally the troops around vinyl and cd's as well. >> fox business network, thank you. >> heather? >> love it. we are all a little old school around here. >> 39 pins after the hour. now for the starting lineup. sports stories making headlines at this hour. it is a three piece for the u.s. women's soccer team at the olympics. scoring not once but twice for the u.s. final there is. she wasn't even in the starting lineup when the olympics started. they go to win the gold 2-1
5:38 am
against japan. >> usain bolt bolting into the record books by scoring a double double. taking home the gold in the 200 meter race. he is the first to win the 100 and 200 meter. you wouldn't know from watching them but team usa hailed mitchell in the red here. he broke his rleg but still managed to finish the first leg of the 4 by 400 meter prelim. he didn't think about shopping knowing they had to qualify for the finals. that is dedication. broken leg. it is now 40 minutes after the hour. a recent campaign stop for president obama costing one town thousandand thousands of dollar. now they are asking the president to pay up. >> detainees finding a new favorite for entertainment. which is gaining popularity? they have tv, too.
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as we look to the break let's take a look at this forecast across the country. there it is right there. we will be back in just a minute. with the spark cash card from capital one, sven's home security gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! how does this thinwork? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% casback on every purche, every day! woo-hoo!!! so that ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great businesses deserve the most rewards! [ male announcer ] the ark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? here's your invoice.
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>> 44 after the hour. let's span the globe and see what headlines are happening over seas. more rain brought on by tropical storm ernesto. two drowning deaths are being blamed on the powerful storm. flooding remains a concern. check this out the wreckage of a 2,000-year-old sunken ship. divers found clay pots some finding food some headed to sprain for being traded. a librarian there revealing the terror inmates love the fresh
5:43 am
prince of bellaire. he has all 6 seasons dubbed in arabic to keep up with the prisoner's demand. they went through a fim similar phase with the harry potter's series. >> if you are struggling to keep up the lending agency is proposing a new set of rules to help you avoid foreclosure. tell us about this. >> they have proposed new deals aimed at protecting home owners by mortgage servicers. these are the financial institutions that went as a go between and the banks themselves. they calligive the billing statements. they have to give clear monthly billing statements warn borrowers before interest rate hikes and actively help them avoid phobe closu-- foreclosure. the director said yesterday the
5:44 am
proposal reflecting two basic comments and standards. no surprises and run arounds. the major failures in the industry shows rules are necessary. they can't have mortgage servicers they buy from the original lender. mortgage servicers have been harshly criticized in the wake of housing crisis like practices like charging excessive fees purchasing insurance for them for high prices without notice and foreclosing without reviewing the paperwork for borrower's applications for loan modifications. they are learning to curve all of that. they are open for public comment on october 9th and the agency will final liz the rules in january of 2013. >> thank you so much. just about the -- how did he go
5:45 am
through the x-ray machine? it is your last chance to enter our question of the day. a new study says your browser may indicate your political leaning. weigh want to know what your browser says about you. we will have some of your e-mails coming up. first let's check in with steve doocy see what's coming up on kogs of courses a "fox & friend. >> we are going to talk about how mitt romney is telling the president he should denounce the cancer ad that stars joe soptic talking his wife dying of cancer. >> there's a member of the president's campaign team who should be fired. allen west found in florida who is running for his seat in congress. he is depictd in an ad punching a woman. we are going to talk to the congressman about that. f "fox & friends" kicks off right here on "the fox news channel. [ male announcer ] when mariel zagunis first took up fencing,
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the u.s. hadn't won gold in over 100 years. but thanks to them... and her... and especially this guy, all those years were just a prologue to this. ♪ it's amazing how far you can go with a little help along the way. td ameritrade. proud sponsor of the 2012 u.s. olympic team.
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>> good morning. 9 minutes before the hour. it cost taxpayers in stanford and connecticut 43,000 dollars in extra security. now officials from both towns say they want the president to foot the bill. they should be responsible for the reelection expenses. daredevil nick woolen dau braving the surf and the sand from 100 feet above it. pulling off the stunt in atlantic city new jersey. will end up finishing the quarter mile walk in half an hour. look at that right there. he walked high above niagara falls nearly 2 months ago i think he's going out to the grand canyon, too. >> brave guy. the drew peterson murder trial picks up again today.
5:50 am
this following a dramatic day of testimony despite support from his family. chris peterson sat in the front row and chatted with his father after lunch before court resumed. yesterday was chris '18th birthday. courtroom sketch artist tom guillen any sat right next to him. >> he was told not to hug him or anything like that. they start the having a little small talk. drew said oh, by the way happy birthday, son. >> it was the first time in over 3 years that chris had seen his father in person. >> he was choked up. he came showed his support. they exchanged, they talked for a few minutes and father and son hadn't been together for some time and they missed each other very much. he can't wait for his dad to come home. it is not clear if prosecutors thought the visit was appropriate.
5:51 am
earlier kathleen savio fellow nursing student said around thanksgiving savio showed her strangle marks on her neck saying they happened the night before when drew peterson broke into her home grabbed her by the throat and said why don't you just die. he said savio also said he could kill her and make her disappear. during cross examination the defense pointed out inconsistencies about when and where the conversation happened. at one point she broke down. >> how can you believe anything she said when she thought she was in trouble she started crying. >> you think that was made up? >> absolutely. >> that was craig wall reporting. >> today's brew on this, it turns out where you browse on the web might determine your political preferences. one example found in a new study uses google and those who use binge by mitt romney. >> we want to know what your
5:52 am
browser says about you. here is some of your responses so far. bill e-mailed us saying this is statistics gone hey wire. i use all of the obama web sites and none of the prromney ones. yes i am a conservative. >> chris from tampa agrees this is crazy i am an independent voter who never uses angry bird shops on >> wesley tweeted us spot on i love the apps pandora and politics. it is about 5 minutes before the hour. coming up falling asleep at the airport. he gives security screeners a really big surprise. this is a story you just can't not talk about. >> we will have the answer. ♪
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>> two minutes until the top of the hour. we'll look at the good, the bad, and ugly. think about thinking on his feet. the cat was chased by a dog and makes a narrow escape by jumped on the surfboard and coasting to safety. someone turned on a carousel and he road around before they saw the image on the screen. he was drinking and facing charges. they had to wake him p. and the ugny low. the nasa test started out strong and went down hill. >> three, two, go.
5:57 am
yeah. i wonder how much that cost. unmanned moon lander and burst in flames seconds after take off during an engine taste. nasa blamed a hardware flaw. why they test it. here is anna. >> give me the clue again. there i misted it. surfboard. >> we hadn't done t yet. anna, nice job and happy friday. fox and friends starts right now. >> thru go and thank you so much for joining, i am anna filling in for gretchin karlson. week before the convention and
5:58 am
president obama pulls ahead in the polls. can mitt romney pull ahead with picking the right vp. >> steve: did one of president obama's campaign advisors lie to the u.s.. blaming mitt romney for a woman's death? >> brian: the department of homeland security run like a sorority. a bomb shell revelation against janet napolitano. fox and friends starts right now. ♪ ♪ what would i do? >> steve: i love these goys. >> brian: why they will playing three doors down. >> steve: they are one door
5:59 am
down . they are doing a sound check right now. >> yesterday i was on youtube watching them . you don't know how many hits they have. >> brian: learning to the acoustic end. the bad weather sidelined the drummer. we'll be in a situation where we do something this might end up big are than their recorded cuts. they will say exclusively for the summer concert series on fox and friends >> chris: three doors down. or one of us could volunteer to drum. >> brian: this might be an opportunity to bring ringo starr, back. >> steve: can you knowledge -- imagine how famous he would


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