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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  August 11, 2012 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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ryan is his running mate. fox has not yet confirmed that congressman ryan is the pick. but that is what the a.p. put out in the middle of the night. and g.o.p. sources told my colleague jake gibb son that mitt romney called ohio senator rob portman who was thought to be a frontrunner to join romney on the ticket and told him that he is not the pick. whoever it is though, the announcement is going to come at the start of a scheduled swing state bus tour making stops in virginia, north carolina, florida, and ohio. following the announcement in norfolk, this morning, mr. romney and his runs mate will head over to ashland, virginia to a railroad side cafe. randolph college sometime after 1:00. this afternoon in 4:15 in virginia at the harris pavilion thought outdoor entertainment facility. there is a lot of speculation right now going on, but we are about three hours ar way from
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knowing for sure hot pick is and seeing him stand in front of cameras with mitt romney for the first time. 87 days before voters head to the polls. back to you in new york. peter doocy and peter johnson jr. >> bottom line, bold pig, gutsy from that that standpoint. medicare, it will be all about medicare going forward. that's how they are going to attack him. let's bring in byron york, our chief political correspondent from "the washington examiner." good to see you this morning. this is bold for obvious reasons makes it a voucher plan for those under the age of 55. no one pushing granny off the cliff condition temporary to popular opinion. how surprised are you by the
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bold move. >> i'm pretty surprised. mitt romney is not a gambling man. not made his career of making big gamables. a lot of people like me thought he would make a safer choice rob portman senator from ohio. instead, he has chosen paul ryan. what you are saying is exactly right choosing ryan elevates the ryan budget to the top of the romney campaign ageneral can a. that's not really the campaign that mitt romney has run until now different campaign from now. >> he would be 42. the third youngest v.p. selection since world war ii after richard nixon and dan quail. other people have saying that, you know, this would be great for the republic party to try to at that point -- tap into that younger vote which is something that the obama camp has been good at for the last three or four years. >> he he is definitely not too young. he is the same age al gore was
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when he was chosen. is he a year older than house of representatives. maybe you can is that's not enough experience. he has become recognized as the expert in the federal government is financed both parties everybody on capitol hill, i think, recognizes paul ryan as the guy who knows his stuff on this more than anybody else. >> seems to be excitement that's coming at 9:00 it? >> is trending, my friend. congressman ryan has not been afraid to take on the president. in person. and publicly at blare house and others on a whole range of issues. is he he going to bring an excitement and a directness to the romney campaign that they
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need at this point in terms of having direct talks with the american people about the issues that are facing us, especially in terms the deficit? >> i think there is no doubt this is going to be very popular with the republic base. there were a lot of people in the republic base who were not looking forward to a choice of either rob portman or tim pawlenty. they thought they were kind of boring, business as usual. wanted to see something bolder like a paul ryan or even a marco rubio or even. >> chris: city. i think this is going to be very very paul ryan has shown his ability to stand up to the president himself. and i think a lot of republicans are looking forward to that moment in october when paul ryan vice presidential nominee gets to debate joed bien. >> 119, my dart day. you want to tune in that would be good stuff. you are talking about the
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conservative base. caved to "weekly standard," national review, "wall street journal." who all touted paul ryan as the vp pick. i don't think that was as important as many think it is because the report between paul ryan and mitt romney from the very beginning all i heard is that this fantastic report. great relationship. their wives get along. how important do you think that was in making v.p. pick. >> you can tell when romney was running in the wisconsin primary he was getting along quite well with paul ryan. the two men did bond pretty well. i'm going to be interested in learning more about these deliberations. it's been my impression that as much as some republicans may say oh, my goodness, he is 9 points behind in the new fox poll, the sky is falling, the romney has been the kind of guy to say steady as you go, i have got a plan, i'm sticking to it. so i don't think this was a move that was panicked or was the result of pressure from voices on the right like the
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"wall street journal." through the this bus tour they are going to be going on romney plan for a stronger middle class is what they are calling it through the four battleground states of north carolina, virginia and ohio and the ever so important florida, and, you know, some people were thinking that it could have been marco rubio who would have been the vp that would have helped. what do you think about the choice of picking paul ryan instead of rubio? >> here is the deal. wisconsining wisconsin would be huge for romney. he has got to win ohio as well where rob portman is from. a bunch of states mitt romney has to win. this could make it more difficult for romney to win florida. there is a retirees in florida. there are a lot of people on medicare. democrats are going to try the old mediscare tactic. it might work. if romney doesn't win florida,
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he doesn't become president. >> byron, in a recent interview, congressman ryan said i want a full-throated defense for an alternative agenda that fixes the country's problems. solution to get us out of the ditch we are in and to be proud about it is that the kind of language that people have been waiting to hear from the republic party and maybe they haven't been hearing it up to this point. let's talk about the energy that this announcement may bring to the process. >> it's certainly what conservative republicans have been wanting to hear you are going to see a lot more energy. these are the same republicans that aren't all that enthusiastic about mitt romney. they are going vote for him. maybe they are not all that enthusiastic about him. this is exactly what those conservative republicans want to hear. now, the question is is it what independent voters want to hear in the large group of voters as a whole?
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there has been a debated inside the republic party whether candidates should stress job job and getting out of the recession. entitlement reform and bringing spending under criminal. candidate has to do both. there are matters of emphasis. so far romney has not emphasized entitlement reform as much as he probably will with paul ryan as his running mate. >> byron york thanks so much for being with us this morning. great insight this morning. yuan, i dick morris on this pick. ed rollins and many others. we should point out there is risk from the left too. this is not just risk with for romney. when you look at the obama campaign. now would the pressure be on them to come up with a deficit reduction plan that they have punted on? do they now have to address medicare, medicaid, and there own $500 billion in cuts, peter that they made to medicare as part of obama care? >> you are absolutely right.
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exchange with tim geithner. tim geithner said you are right, we don't have a plan on deficit reduction so,when you have a 42-year-old guy with three little kids, who is health enthusiast, who works out every day. >> father and grandfather died earl little of heart disease and who is liked even by the democrats who disagree with him, is a potent candidate. >> yeah, it will be a bold pick going forward. maybe it puts some pressure on them. maybe we stop talking about tax returns and bane -- bain capital. >> a diversion. >> let's hope. i doubt it. it will probably get nastier maybe talk policy. >> we do need to get to your headlines on this saturday morning. here is what we have for you another fox news alert. another deadly attack on american troops in southern afghanistan. we have learned that three united states marines have been shot and killed on a military base' helmand
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province. it's not far from where an afghan police officer opened fire early yesterday afternoon killing three u.s. soldiers. bringing the death toll of american troops to one day in six. it's also the third deadliest attack in the past few days after four americans were killed on thursday. 6:12 now. we have weather alert. northeast bracing for more wild alert. take a look at the path of destruction in new york after a tornado is said to have touched down in long island. meanwhile, a terrifying moment during a thunderstorm in pennsylvania. this massive tree came crashing down on a home in philadelphia, a kid home alone was inside at the time lurkly he wasn't hurt. clean up continues today after serious flooding in massachusetts. a powerful storm drenching the area take a look at this hospital coming up in fall river it, flooded with nine inches of water. trees also knocked down no
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word on if anyone was hurt there plane hit by a jet on a runway. the jet was getting ready to take off for germany when its wing clipped the united plane's tail. all the passengers got off safely and no one was hurt. both planes had minor damage. the ntsb is investigating how that collision happened. and the governator was almost a cabinet member. arnold schwarzenegger came close to scoring a real life role at the white house. the "wall street journal" reports the obama administration reports schwarzenegger about a cabinet position around the same time his 7 year run as california's governor came to an end. no word on what the position was or why it didn't end up working out. those are your headlines on this saturday morning. thanks anna. in a few hours from now mitt romney makes the announcement we have all been waiting for.
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ya, no. he's over here. >>in the refrigerator? >> wisconsin congressman paul ryan's medicare plan had made him somewhat of a hero on the right and a lightning rod for criticism from the left. so, mitt romney does, in fact, announce paul ryan as his running mate later this morning. will medicare and deficit reductions be hot-button issues heading into november? joining us now is fox news contributor and small business owner amilya antonetti, good morning. >> good morning. >> thanks for getting um with us. big news today. what does the paul ryan plan
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poor tend in terms of medicare, in terms deficit reduction for the united states. for this candidacy and what does small business owners think about this? >> well, first of all, bring on competition, i love that bring that on. i love the fact that private sector is going to get to play in this ballpark. concerns are notoriously, when there a short fall, right? i get the plan, but when there is short fall, guess who pays for it. it goes back into the business community. already having such a tough time where you obudgets. what happens when the vouchers don't meet the expenditures. what happens when there is this bucket that can't get captured, what happens then. hopefully the private sector will do a better job better options for seniors to get this back on track. but, it is complicated. >> in terms of the medicare plan, his medicare plan says it doesn't begin for people now who are 55 and older. they will have medicare as it exists today. but it would go forward at a it later time.
6:16 am
and there would be competition to ensure the voucher system that the health care costs come down. what about deficits? what about deficit reduction? how does that effect small business in america in terms of their confidence in going forward with investment? >> this is a huge problem. the fact that somebody at least has a plan in place to say this is how we are going to attack it, this appeals to us. the problem is it's such a moving target here. how is someone going to get into a brand new business in the private sector when you don't know what the math is going to be. this is going to be a high risk for somebody to come into private sector in insurance. what about the big shift? doctors? this is broken, move brand new business from that. there is a lot of moving parts here. i like the fact that there is is a plan i style feel whatever is brethren is going to fall on small business. and much higher premiums. extended now. longer age limit on this. now we have this sweet spot of time where we don't know what
6:17 am
is going to happen. how do i prepare for that as a business? looking at it from a small business, there is more uncertainty here. i'm not sure what i'm going to get and i don't know what responsibilities are to my employees, two buckets now bucket a and bucket b and how am i going to advise them? a lot of misnomers here. good or bad? what kind of pick is this? >> good or bad. you know what? i think there are some good things here. at least for conversation i would liked it to it be a little bit more exciting and a little bit out of the box. >> take a look at tim geithner and paul ryan arguing over the budget. see what kind of candidate he is. >> we're not claiming this solves all the problems facing the country, but it does meet the critical essential tests. >> which is? >> of restoring our deficits to it a more sustainable position for the next 10 years. >> here's the point. leaders are supposed to fix problems. we have a 99.4 trillion-dollar
6:18 am
liability. our government is making promises to americans that it has no way of accounting for them. you are staying yeah we are stabilizing it but not fixing it in the long run that means we are going to keep lying to people. >> answer out the door. small business owners like what he just said. >> absolutely. i love the fact and i always would have. i like the fact that he addresses the issues and calls the elephant out in the room. >> thanks amealia, see you again. paul ryan chosen running mate could it give him the momentum he he needs to get to the white house? michelle sails weighs in on that next. with a driving range of more than 550 miles, you'll inevitably find yourself on aolate highway in your jeep grand cherokee. and when you do, you'll be grateful for the adaptive cruise control that automatically adjusts your speed when approaching slower traffic. and for the blind spot monitoring that helps remind you that the highway might not be as desolate... you thought.
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welcome everybody. waking up to breaking news. republic president candidate mitt romney set to announce his v.p. selection around 9:00 a.m. wisconsin congressman paul ryan. is that a risky joyce for romney? the editor of the national review rich lowry says not to fear the paul ryan pick adding, quote, ryan is an idealogue in the best sense of the term. he is motivated by ideas and knows what he he believes and why. but he is not blinkered, he is an explainer and a per sward joining us now with reaction is michelle with the daily news. >> good morning. >> what do you think this will brung to the republic party two weeks ahead of the rnc in tampa and just as we are reporting. the biggest slide for mitt romney nine points behind president obama right now. >> this is really going to energize them. i think that this gives mitt romney a little street tread amongst conservatives who
6:23 am
weren't complete-on board women h because now they have someone who is going to put entitlement reform front and centered. that is going to be the big issue. we are not going to be focused on bain capital and tax returns. it forces obama campaign to discuss real issues and plan for the future. >> i'm pessimistic we are going to be talking issues. i hope you are right. i really hope you are right. as much as it energizes the right, mitchell, it probably energizes the left from the ryan budget. end medicare as we know it bill burton who runs the super pac that supports barack obama. called paul ryan the most anti-middle class budget ever. how will romney counter those attacks? they have to be already ready for them. >> obviously it's going to it get dirty. mitt romney needs to explain that we need to reform
6:24 am
entitlement spending in order for this country to get back to being the great country that it is. you will see, i'm sure from the obama campaign, a lot of nasty, dirty, ads where probably mitt romney and paul ryan are holding hands and pushing grandma's over the cliff. it's going to get dirty. but, you know, woe need entitlement reform. we need to fix it. >> our carl cammeron. campaign carl confirming this. we had been reporting it, and ap had been reporting it. fox news confirms the news from romney, that we have been talking about all morning from as well. but, you know, on this bus tour that they are going to be going on throughout the battleground states, they are really going to be trying to connecting with blue collar workers. how do you think paul ryan able to help mitt romney do this? he is from wisconsin. he reaches out to the american voter. he connects with them and very charismatic in a way that mitt romney can't. he comes off as very
6:25 am
charismatic, your every day ordinary man. i think that's really going to be vegdz in terms of mitt romney and paul ryan together. it's going to be very complimentary. >> very complimentary personalities from what i'm told. their wives get along. paul ryan helped play an april fools joke on mitt romney. stylistically, i wilask you, he would are in the media this is what we do. late on friday night. usually reserved for bad news, news dumps. not by saturday morning. on monday morning it's already on day three. are you is surprised from the stylistic standpoint of how they rolled this out. >> i am. because mitt romney is pretty risk averse. even the fact that he chose paul ryan and didn't choose someone who is more safe like portman is very surprising. so maybe this is his way of showing that they are going to come out with a more bold and more aggressive campaign. >> some people would have said, you know, governor chris
6:26 am
christie would have been a more animated pick to counter the robotic mitt romney as the left likes to call him at times. you know what? he is actually an exciting guy. i was doing reading on him. representative paul ryan catches catch fish bare handed. raging against the machine and led zeppelin. he was even prom king i heard in high school. >> nice. big p 90 x fan. can i certainly relate to do you think most of america knows who paul ryan is yet, michelle? >> he has been on the hill for quite some time now. he has a lot of experience, which is very great. romney going to need that when he is in the white house. is he going to need help on the hill. and pawlg ryan has those connections, i think that them together with going to be great team. >> certainly will be interesting. thank you so much michelle fields from the daily caller great to be with us. >> thank you. >> moments ago fox news
6:27 am
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6:30 am
wisconsin congressman chairman of the budget house committee paul ryan as running mate. romney set to make this announcement in a couple of hours from now at the uss wisconsin. i think that was the first hint on friday that this was going in the direction of paul ryan, guys. >> yeah. it certainly was. we are going to be catching up with our peter doocy. he will will be live in washington, d.c. to talk little bit more about exactly who representative paul ryan is this is his seventh term in congress. peter joins us now. >> good morning. we know the announcement is going to be 9:00 this morning in norfolk, virginia at the uss wisconsin. congressman ryan is going to join mitt romney on at least the first leg of his swing state bus tour throughout virginia today. after norfolk the two are going to head to ashland, virginia homemade by susan a railroad side cafe. rally at randolph macon college also at ashland, virginia, followed by a rally at ashland, virginia harris
6:31 am
peaceful 4:15 this afternoon. outdoor entertainment facility 30 miles from where i'm sitting right now. we have confirmed that house budget chair paul ryan is the pick. there had been reports earlier in the week that congressman ryan was taking his family on vacation in colorado for this whole week. mr. ryan, instead, is going to be in norfolk beside mr. romney two and a half hours from now. 87 days before the voters head to the polls to cast their ballots. and 16 days before the start of the republic national convention in tampa. remember back in 2008 when senator john mccain announced governor sarah palin as his running mate. that was three days before the start of the g.o.p. convention and when then senator barack obama announced then senator joe biden as his running mate, it was two days before the start of the democratic national convention. so this pick 16 days before the start of the convention and we are just under -- just about two and a half hours away from seeing the two of them on stage together for the
6:32 am
first time. back to you in new york. >> thanks, peter. good reporting. see you later. congressman paul ryan joined us on "fox & friends" back in june where he explained why mitt romney was his pick for the white house. >> this is one of the reasons why endorsement romney hire in the first place. spending cuts, entitlement reforms and cleaning up this tax code. getting red of the job killing red tape. having energy policy he has been more specific on these things than any other person running for president in my opinion. that's the kind of li we need. >> the decision to pick paul ryan as a safe pick or daring one. joining us on the phone is chris, good morning to you, chris. >> good morning to you. this leans toward the bold rather than bland and mild. what the is biggest risk when it comes to selecting paul ryan? >> i mean, look, we can can
6:33 am
say bold vs. bland. paul ryan comes in paul ryan has spicey filling. there is budget plan, very stark contrast between barack obama and mitt romney. there is no question about it now. there is no mushy middle. when mitt rom my picks paul ryan he he is saying he fully embraces this concept of small government conservatism. that's the deal. that's all there can be. but ryan does package it in a very palatable outer layer. so, he has this very mild manner very everywhere nest and forth right. he doesn't seem like a bomb thrower. doesn't seem like somebody at the top. same as romney, being cool, and being sort of not seeming like an over-the-top guy. >> doesn't this put four
6:34 am
square into the debate the issues of welfare and issues of entitlement, the i of government gone wild? all of the issues that a lot of americans talk about in their parlor conversation but are sometimes not brought to the fore. and maybe they have thought that mitt romney hasn't been addressing those issues up to this point. doesn't that create a real stark difference between the candidates at this point? conservative that mitt romney was not in the fight and was trying to run out the clock and hope that a weak ghee would lead to p.m. defeat referendum. what this pick says and does is say no he is embracing the concept of a contrast election with a very conservative platform. versus very liberal platform. and that is something that is going to satisfy the conservatives but folks like steve hayes and bill crystal of "the weekly standard." the folks on the "wall street journal" editorial page this
6:35 am
is going to get the right fired up about romney in a way that you saw actually in the past week some of the complaining start this says to them let's get together and let's fight this big fight. >> i agree with you there all right, chris, our fox news digital politics editor. don't miss this power play. it's a great reading. thank you, chris. >> coming up, we have carl cammeron on the phone. good morning to you, carl, you confirmed this information for us this morning about representative paul ryan being ending the veep stakes. good morning, carl,. >> we are down here having been with mr. romney in boston and drove all night in order to greet him here and watch this. paul ryan is the man of the moment. he will become the republic nominee at the age of 42, vice presidential nominee at the age of 42. seven terms in conditioning. as you heard chris and others talking about all night long. >> hello and thank you, wisconsin.
6:36 am
>> are you still with us, carl? >> yeah, i'm here. >> what do you think was the most important factor in selecting paul ryan? obviously when you think of paul ryan you think of the paul ryan budget. the changing medicaid, medicare as we know it i have also heard about the rapport, relationship between the two and great from the start. paul ryan endorsed romney when he was still in a heated battle with rick santorum tropical storm. what do you think was first and foremost there. >> no question chemistry. very evident when they campaigned together. they share a whole number of things in common. despite the 20-year plus year gap between the two. they are both data crunchers. he they both love numbers. mitt romney experience working with economies as a governor and businessman. paul ryan for his lifetime in studying the budget and the economy and particularly, how the legislative process and
6:37 am
how federal budgets are made. paul ryan boasts about when he was in high school and other kids were doing what most teenagers do he was reading the federal budget for fun. and one of the things that mitt romney finds particularly appealing is ryan is a very articulate, glib, enthusiastic guy and he can take really complex economic and budget issues and make them understandable and clear, concise language that voters can understand. that it doesn't get lost in the lemg legislative speak that you get on capitol hill. frankly, he puts more pizzazz into it that be romney does. it does bring this debate between left and right now about what the ryan romney budget would soon become the romney agenda supported with ryan all of his principlesment all of that will involve that debate will be a more substantive one than the back biting and name calling we have seen in the last few weeks. as far as the chemistry in terms of the two men. the criticism that romney has not been aggressive enough or not been animated enough or sometimes been stiff.
6:38 am
paul ryan is an energizer bunny. the last -- seven terms in conditioning, he rocketed to the top of republic politics as the youngest chairman of the house budget committee ever. he has left an incredible mark on the republic party with the ryan budget and his proposed medicare reforms, et cetera, all have really energized the conservatives and republics and likewise, it's energized a lot of liberals and democrats who are, as he opposed to it as republicans and conservatives are for it. and that is the debate that mitt romney has been saying he wanted to have all along. and, yet, the campaign has been mired in attack ads and distractions. and so now the businessman who came into this nomination by saying that he had the experience to tackle the economy and create jobs has a guy who understands in washington how to manage the budget. romney campaign as outsider. paul ryan becomes his insider. >> how the two of them are going to be able to make the
6:39 am
economy front and center again rather than all of these distractions like issues at bain capital and the attack ads against governor romney from the obama campaign and but one thing we may start to see campaign carl is grandma being pushed off the cliff because of medicare becoming front and center as well. let's talk about that. >> well. you are referring to that ad that was essentially suggesting that that's what paul ryan would do with his budget and medicare reform proposal. there will be that type of politics, in doubt. but the american people have expressed frustration with both political parties because they get mired in this day-to-day political nonsense and they can't seem to get much done. republic and right leaning voters want to see the american government, uncle sam tighten its belt and pay its bills. and the voters of america are not stupid. they recognize there are serious serious issues at stake. and by picking paul ryan, mitt
6:40 am
romney is trying to signal he understands that. and he wants to tackle those issues. >> what are the positive attributes? you mention he is the energizer bunny. we happen to know, carl, is he a catholic. we happen to know that he has three young children. he kind of looks like jimmy stewart and mr. smith goes to washington. there is a fresh quality about him. personally, you know him. what kind of person does he come across apart from the politics. >> a lot of fun. he is enthusiastic and as i said, can he communicate ideas that we're used to hearing in very dry, boring language. he he can translate simple. can he make simple complex issues. >> when you think about it 17 trillion-dollar federal debt is is a collosal problem, but in paul ryan and mitt romney's estimation, the solution, the fix to that is to stop spending so much. get the economy going. create more jobs and collect more taxes.
6:41 am
>> plenty simple in ryan's portrayal of it and romney's as well. this will give him an opportunity to amplify that message and contrast their view of what america's economy and government budget should be like to what we have seen in the last three and a half years of president obama. now, liberals and democrats will find plenty to crow about. they will say the selection of paul ryan validates their claim that mitt romney is an out-of-touch rich guy cut taxes for the wealthy and doesn't care about the poor. that will be the quickie demagogue gri of this. >> thank you, great job. >> romney and ripe will need to knock it back. >> thank you for joining us. more on this breaking news story when we come back in two minutes.
6:42 am
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>> if you are just waking up. mitt romney has chosen paul ryan as his running mate. how will this impact the race moving forward. reaction from the other side of the aisle. former pennsylvania congressman joe sestak. congressman, good to talk to you this morning. >> good to be with you, dave. >> what do you make of this pick? it's a bold one. >> i think it's a good pick for both campaigns, actually. because maybe t might get us at least temporarily away from the mutual destructive approaches that the campaigns have been on and back to what concerns america the economy and the federal government's role particularly its budget and deficits and debt that we people i think in america want to focus upon. i served with paul ryan.
6:45 am
is he a good guy. he is a good family man. and while i may not agree with his approach, i think this is going to set it up, at least, i can't say it's going to continue for a while on the right issues. >> boy, i hope you are right about that congressman. enough about tax returns. enough about bain capital and the like. rich lowry is the editor of the national review. he writes in political terms, picking ryan is supposedly like hanging out with the number two of al qaeda affiliate somewhere in the bad lands of the middle east. is he a target. how will the left target paul ryan? >> i think what the democratic party is going to bring up understandably is how you can get our debt under control under paul ryan's budget proposal. which mitt romney on the whole has supported only by cutting federal spending. therefore, what happens to homeland defense? what happens to law enforcement. what happens to veteran benefits. seniors are going to say need to be concerned about two
6:46 am
approaches. one, medicare that it will be a voucher healthcare costs are increasing in cost than regular inflation. second, social security will now be a program that will be like any other discretionary spending program where each year you can cut or not cut it. so it point be a firm entitlement. now, i think that set up a great debate because if we do not approach entitlement spending we cannot get our debt under control. hopefully at the end of the day what i would like to see is both sides after this is all over whoever wins might get to some bipartisan approach. i think this debate is needed. that's what i wanted to ask you about. you mentioned having respect for the congressman and worked with him. a lot of democrats respect paul ryan even though they disagree with him. do you get a sense there can
6:47 am
be bipartisan work moving forward being that paul ryan has been in that house for seven terms. paul ryan is a thoughtful individual. again, i walked back with him a number of times as i was in my senate campaign and we had some great discussions. it was just as we wanted to speak with each other. it didn't mean we always agreed but i do think that there is a tendency for him the hardest as you should be able to do but also have some principled compromise hopefully at the end of the day. i will also remember this. we were voting one day. we had one more vote to go. getting late at night and paul ryan had had a firm commitment with his kids i just got to run. it was an important vote. i see a lot of value as you know dave some of the prochs that my side has. i honestly believes this gets us back on the road what americans want to have. not character assassination but debate of the issues i
6:48 am
hope you are right. loved having you this,. >> good to be with you. thanks. >> more on the selection of house budget committee chairman paul ryan as mitt romney's vp selection when we come back. unate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. because enbrel, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b,
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6:51 am
>> welcome back, it's going to be official. mitt romney has chosen congressman paul ryan as his running mate. so how does this change the trajectory of this ever moving election campaign? we're asking one of the smartest people here at fox da northeastern borelli. author of "backlash." good morning. >> good morning, peter. >> this is news.
6:52 am
our viewers did know. how did this change the conversation. how does this change the whole dynamic from discussions about bain capital and killing people by cancer to entitlement and welfare reform and debt and our future. >> this does change the dynamics of the discussion. everything you just mentioned and don't forget birth control. who wants to hear about all of this nonsense. what the people want to hear about is what is the plan for leadership for our country address entitlement reforms. our country is going broke. address spending. this is what america wants to hear about. we need jobs and we need to grow the economy. so these -- this is a key move, i believe, for our country. >> i think we're seeing a real move in that country, in a lot of different segments. you gave a big speech about 10 or 15,000 people. well received people up on feet. talking about it a couple weeks ago. people are looking for a plan. paul ryan has a plan to reduce
6:53 am
the deficit. $6 trillion to freeze the size of government and reduce taxes that discussion people on the left say we are delighted to have it. are they delighted to have that discussion? >> that's a challenge for them. we just rattled off everything they would rather talk about instead of facing the fact. our country is at a crossroads now. too much spending, too much debt and high unemployment. how does their conversation the more entitlements and more spending hip our country get on the right path i think this was a good pick. i think this was something that could help change the trajectory of our country and get us on the right path. >> i know and our viewers do a lot of people do thoughtful person when when you see paul ryan what's your first impression in seeing him now as a vice presidential candidate of the united
6:54 am
states? what is your impression and what does it mean to you. >> someone who is principled. limited government, personality responsibility. big follower of he does have the experience. is he a blue collar guy. is he relate to americans. he comes to wisconsin from the midwest. this will help bring this those states as well. >> thank you for getting up early. >> thanks so much. >> continue to following the breaking details. picking paul ryan to be his vice presidential pick. we have got a lot of guests coming up this morning. everybody from brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to george w. bush to the obama campaign delegate brian benjamin and veteran strategist ed rollins and more on "fox & friends." this man is about to be the millionth customer.
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6:58 am
democratic party, did they unknowingly or unintentionally create the candidate, paul ryan? we're going to talk about that on "fox & friends" on exciting news day which begins right now. fox news alert this morning. good saturday morning. many of you waking up to find out this news. getting the alert on iphone, blackberry or whatever that mitt romney has selected paul ryan. the house budget chair. but committee chair. 42 years old. guys, this is a bold pick. some are saying it's in the necessarily that risky. but it puts medicare on the table. hopefully it moves us to a serious substantive debate and enough of the garbage. >> i think a lot of the pundits saying bold transformational pick.
6:59 am
puts policies that you are talking about in the forefront and maybe death ads about cancer and granny going over the cliff go out the window. >> do they. >> i think so in the end because people start talking about his plan and romney's plan for deficit reduction for tax reduction, for reducing entitlements. >> we hope. look how the left attacked paul ryan. they shoved the granny over the cliff. will we see more of that and mud wrestling. >> you will i think it shows a seriousness of purpose this is a pick that folks were not anticipating. a lot of the pundits so this young 42-year-old father of three. seven term congressman who set the world on fire in terms of opposing obama care and coming up with a deficit reduction plan it's a transformational move a lot of people are seeing this morning. >> it's big. >> resonate with independent
7:00 am
voters as well democrats are probably going to be saying is he a budget flasher. this is a message that could be resonating with independents which really determine the election outcome in a lot of situations. right now, you need to head over to peter doocy live in washington with all the breaking details. good morning to you, peter. >> good morning, anna. just about two hours from right now at the uss wisconsin in norfolk, virginia. we will see mitt romney and his running mate. house budget chair paul ryan for the first time since this news broke standing side by side. congressman ryan is a 5th generation wisconsin native in the middle of his seventh term in congress. he has got a wife, a daughter, and two sons and immediately after this big roll out announcement in norfolk, mr. ryan is going to join mr. romney on at least the first leg of his prescheduled swing state bus tour. so later on today they will be in ashland, virginia visiting a railroad side cafe called suzanne's homemade and randolph macon college and this afternoon be in a college
7:01 am
virginia entertainment facility called the harris pavilion. we had heard that congressman ryan was going to be taking his family to colorado for a week long vacation but now we do know that mr. ryan will instead be in southern virginia at 9:00 this morning being added to the republic ticket. mitt romney told nbc what he was looking for in a running mate and he said this is a quote. he was looking for somebody with a strength of character of vision for the country that ads -- adds something to the political discourse about the direction of the country. mitt romney clearly thinks based on his own criteria congressman ryan fits the mold and big announcement comes 7 days before voters head to the polls on november 6th. back to you in new york. >> all right. peter doocy thank you so much. joining us now with his reaction is former deputy assistant george w. bush brad blakeman. good morning to you, brad. >> good morning. >> you say that paul ryan is not necessarily a daring pick but he is certainly the right pick in your eyes?
7:02 am
why is that? >> he is young, dynamic and most important he he is serious. he is serious on the economy. budget chairman of the house committee. and a young person who is not afraid to make bold choices. and, you know, in a town full of politicians, we have a statesman, somebody who is not afraid to make tough decisions and tell the american people exactly what is needed to put us back on the right course to recovery. i think it's a perfect compliment which is exactly what you want a vice presidential nominee to be. compliment the president, be able to work with congress, seven term congressman, and i believe that both republics and democrats respect this man as a serious politician, who is also somebody who is steeped in knowledge about the economy. i can't imagine a better choice. >> brad, you know what the attack will be from the left. paul ryan wants to end medicare as we know it. bill burton, who heads priorities u.s.a., the pro-obama super pac says ryan is the author of the most
7:03 am
anti-middle class budget ever. how, if you are on that romney camp. how do you counter that attack? >> well, you go out on the offense. leave it to surrogates to go on the defense. and you stay positive. and hopeful. and truthful. look, the democrats are going to embark on a 3-d strategy. distort many romney's record. deflect away from their own desass ter russ record and divide the american people. if you have nothing positive to say and don't have a record to run on. you go negative. at the end of the day i believe the american people are going to look to a positive solution to the problems we're facing in america tough love is what is needed. the republicans are the ones to deliver a hopeful message to the american people on the economy. >> in terms of a positive solution. in 2011 politic facts said this medicare canard was the lie of the year. so let's look at congressman ryan on sean hannity talking about the country's fiscal issues and why mitt romney is the man to fix them and let's
7:04 am
talk about their relationship and how they are going to click as candidates together. our government republicans and democrats for decades have been making empty promises to people. if we have a debt crisis those become broken promises. we say you need to reform these programs if you are going to save these programs. if you are going to get rid of this debt playing our economy. this is why i have been pushing these issues. why i have pushed these issues as house republicans. the reason why i'm excited about mitt romney's candidacy because it's very clear to me from all of our interactions that he understands the threat to our country. >> pradded brad, are we going to see on the campaign trail the two of them, representative ryan saying that he is going to be balancing the government's books and governor romney is going to be as president really trying to focus on job creation? >> i think they are both going to be focusing like laser beams on job creation and responsible governing. look, this president that we have now came into office with
7:05 am
tremendous popularity. he had all majorities in the house and the senate and he controlled the white house. yet, he was unable to pass a budget when they controlled government. and what happened to our budget? it ballooned, quadrupled, we now have $15 trillion in debt. record unemployment. high gas prices, foreclosures. if it wasn't for bad news obama wouldn't make news we have point out to the american people what was promised and what was delivered and point out a president who will be physically responsible. >> they differ greatly on the fact that ryan voted for tarp. ryan voted for the auto bailout. how do they reconcile that in the romney camp? at the time these decisions were made they were made in a bipartisan manner. the votes weren't there to be against something that was going to pass and was needed at the time for the american
7:06 am
people. going forward, it's a whole different ballgame. we need to put people back to work. he we need to have a marketplace solution. and not have the government intruding in the marketplace. i think it will be reconciled very well by the fact that this president has worsened the condition and our government has become reactionary instead of visionary. what we need to do is get back to the vision that the better days of america are ahead of us. which the american people don't believe today. they believe we're worse off than we were four years ago. and we're headed in the wrong direction. >> all right. brad, thank you so much for your insight this morning. >> thank you so much. >> a footnote on this story, guys. the vp pick was supposed to be rolled out via mitt romney's v.p. app. it just now confirmed it. hoping to make the first announcement via that app. best made plans. >> fox news beat him to it. >> it has been trending on facebook and twitter this morning as well. nine minutes after the hour. we do need to get you to the rest of your morning headlines and another fox news alert. there has been another deadly
7:07 am
attack on american troops in southern afghanistan. we have learned that three united states marines have been shot and killed on a military base at the district of the helmand province. it's not far from where an afghan police officer opened fire early yesterday afternoon killing three united states soldiers. bringing the death toll of american troops in just one day to six. it's also the third deadly attack on the past few days. after four americans were killed on thursday. 9 minutes after the hour. we have an extreme weather alert. the northeast bracing for more wild weather today after storms causing serious damage and flooding. take a look at the path of destruction in new york after a tornado is said to have touched down in long island. meanwhile, a terrifying moment during a thunderstorm in pennsylvania. this massive tree came crashing down on a home in philadelphia. a kid home alone was inside at the time. luckily he wasn't hurt. and clean up continues today after syria's -- serious flooding in massachusetts.
7:08 am
even the hospital in fall river flooded with 9 inches of water. no word on if anyone was hurt. begin another government agency wasting taxpayer dollars. the united states agriculture department admitting in a brand new report it mismanaged $63 million in taxpayer funding over two years. among other things, the usda says it spent $2 million on internship program that only hired one intern full time. it also blew $3 million on computer software that t has never used. and $235,000 on data security projects which was later canceled because it was too similar to an already project that was there in place. the usda now promising to be more careful going forward. those are your headlines on this saturday morning, the 11th of august. thanks anna, as we are learning of a romney ryan ticket. how will that effect president obama's campaign strategy.
7:09 am
up next, one of the president's delegates and top campaign fundraiser joins us live with his reaction. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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7:11 am
>> welcome back on a big news saturday as we have been telling you all morning. as the mitt's vp app. confirms. romney choosing ryan as running mate. how will react to this pick. joining us now is brian benjamin. a delegate and top fundraiser for the democratic party. good to see you this morning, brian. how will the obama campaign go after this selection? let me guess. medicare? >> well, that's a start. first of all, if you look at paul ryan's budget, we have to go through this in complete detail because the budget is very complex. a lot of pieces to t very simple points. one is a serious overhaul of
7:12 am
medicare. serious overhaul of social security. block granting, medicare, medicaid. i mean, this is a huge huge change to our system. we need to look at that. and what mitt romney can no longer do is run away from the republic congressman and tactics and the tea party. this is a very big moment mitt romney is not trying to make a decision to say have it both ways does this energize the left as much as it does the right. >> absolutely. if you are a senior. if you are someone row income. these guys want to cut taxes for the wealthest americans. in order to do that. they are going to make us pay for it by completely disseminating social programs. >> as you know. and i'm sure you do know. >> i do. >> for future recipients of medicare. no one under the age of 55 will be at all affected by the paul ryan budget.
7:13 am
all it does for those below 55 it changes it to a voucher program. also, as i'm sure the romney campaign will counter with. >> okay. >> obama camp. obama administration cuts 500 billion for medicare as part of obama care. who do they counter that approach. we are saying some level of spending cuts but tax increases. cannot cut the budget assuming this pro-growth strategy that usually doesn't work out. we tried with george w. bush and it didn't work. so now mitt romney and paul ryan are going to double it down. don't forget, both now candidates for president and vice president on the republic side zero foreign policy experience. given all the things we are looking at across the globe, saying double down on two guys focus on domestic spending and that's fine there is a world that's happening out here. we got what is going on middle east.
7:14 am
versus joe biden and barack obama and hillary clinton. >> i know some are licking their chops on october 119. they love the idea of paul ryan sitting up with there private sector experience. paul ryan has any if any of that. let me ask you though, does it elevate the level of discourse? i'm sick of the garbage about mitt romney's time at bain capital. his tax returns. does at that time least lift us to discussing policy in the direction of this country and the economy? >> it could assuming that mitt romney's campaign is going to decide what to believe. mitt romney hasn't been that clear on economic policies. he has laid out high level issues. it's become this back and forth about the personal stuff. if he allows paul ryan to get on national television and get out there and say here is what i believe in detail then that can change the debate don't
7:15 am
say this or. this keep it light. i think we have something like we have right now. >> one reason the discourse is elevated the respect a lot of democrats have for paul ryan, including the president. i think he has a lot of respect for paul ryan. he spoke with joe says stack a former democratic congressman. clearly a lot of respect for the house budget committee chair. listen. i think it's a good pick for both campaigns, actually. because maybe it might get us, at least temporarily away from the negative approaches, the mutual assured destruction approach that the two campaigns has been on and back to what concerns america. the economy and the federal government's role, particularly its budget and its deficits and its debt. that we people in america want to focus on. i served with paul ryan. is he a good guy. is he a good family man. way i may not agree with his approaches set it up, i can't say it's going to continue for a while on the right issue.
7:16 am
good man, cool, family man. not just what you hear from republicans but from democrats like joe sestak. do you think that elevates where we have been. >> i think it can. he is also untested on the national stage. this is big-time stuff. the question is can paul ryan get on media all day long? he is going to have 24/7 scrutiny of every word. mitt romney makes a word. mitt romney goes overseas. makes a couple of mistakes. romney is all over it. can paul ryan stand that test? we don't know. he has not done it before. is he a good guy if he gets out there and budgets and says the wrong words, it's going to be a huge problem. he is going to make gaffes and that can be issue for the campaign. >> very cool, calm and collected. hasn't been very gratify prone in recent years. >> we will see. 24/7 media we will agree you are absolutely right. ryan, thanks for being with us. some say mitt romney needed to make a bold pick to gain
7:17 am
momentum in this case. does republic ryan fit the bill. we continue our breaking news coverage. [ feedback ] attention, well, everyone. you can now try snapshot from progressive free for 30 days. just plug this into your car, and your good drivin can save you up to 30%. you could even try it without switching your insurance. why not give it a shot? carry on. now you can test-drive snapshot before you switch. visit today.
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7:20 am
>> welcome back, everybody. if you are just waking up, fox news can now confirm mitt romney has selected running mate paul ryan known as fiscal budget hawk. the official announcement set for 9:00 a.m. at the uss wisconsin in norfolk, virginia. >> although it's been announced already as you have pointed out through their app. >> the mitt's vp app. was a bit later than the national media but they delivered. >> fox had it last night. >> good job. >> that's right. >> joining us with reaction to
7:21 am
what many are calling a bold pick former g.o.p. pundit michael gram. glad to be here. astonishing presidential ticket. two murders. paul ryan shoved grandma off 00 cliff. i saw it on democratic ad. i loved. oh come on people respect paul ryan. democrats will take him seriously. they are north going to do slash -- they have two boxes over at obama hq slash and burn. they have opened both boxes already this morning. >> you think this will not elevate the level of discourse to policy to things that matter this morning. won't get us out of the ditch. you expect more to say? >> i'm sorry to say it for very disturbing reasons. one of my theme this morning new media twitter, et cetera, i refuse to debate anyone about the paul ryan plan until they tell me the obama plan. you give me your plan first. here is the first.
7:22 am
president obama's proposal, his own numbers, this is a spin, his own numbers project no change. people who started paying social security this year. new workers like my teenage son will never get back the money they put into social security we found it out this week. for two years social security has paid out more than it has taken it in. there is no plan from the white house. if i have no plan. there is no way have point by point debate paul ryan who is going to be look is he a squirrel. he wants to kill people. this is horrible. astonishing what's coming in my twitter feed of doom and gloom and horror and terror that supporters of president obama already using saying paul ryan is a crazy man who wants to smother your grandma with a pillow. >> what is paul ryan going to bring? you know campaigns. what's he going to bring to the romney effort? >> i will say one thing anyone
7:23 am
but my tea partiers were not happy with the notion of mitt romney didn't think he was going to deal boldly with the real problems: paul ryan is right -- he has the core of the tea party mess sack that goes back and quite frankly to the days of, when george h.w. bush running for re-election, this motion if you don't have the matt right. fiscal stuff. don't have fiscal hours in order, everything else talking about hope and change won't have any impact. paul ryan has been for years now saying look, the cliff is there fiscal cliff is there. not fun to talk about. we wish we could have sunshine and rainbows forever. the fact that paul ryan can take the tea party message of -- this isn't about getting mad at people. this certainly isn't about the president's race or anything. it really is about the checkbook doesn't balance. can he take that message. get us enthusiastic about having a guy who represents that message. and with a smile on his face
7:24 am
explain to the american people. it's not just doom and gloom. there is a way out. gets the tea party people part of the fiscal movement at the heart of the tea party excited. >> all right. and you know what i want to ask you, michael. something our last guess, brian benjamin said. he said that representative ryan is untested on a national stage. and may falter when he has got 24/7 coverage on him watching every word. what do you think about that? >> well, remember, he has debated president obama casually if you will twice. and just wiped the floor with imh he has been under assault in a way that a member of congress usually isn't by the media. because he does have this bold plan to keep medicare working by changing it for younger people like me into a voucher system. this isn't going to be sarah palin number one newspaper in the market juneau gazette and never faced the national media paul ryan has faced the
7:25 am
national media before. also another political thing. i used to run campaigns for the living. here in massachusetts new hampshire could turn out to be a key state. although it's only four electoral votes. one ever the swing votes. new hampshire has a disproportionately senior voting population. that could be a challenge for a guy on medicare it is also part of the fiscal flint, get the money right movement. new hampshire voters. new hampshire independents very strongly they supported pat buchanan because so upset with the george h.w. read my lips thing. they take -- paul ryan will play well new hampshire as a swing state. >> read michael's piece on tactics democrats are using elizabeth warren scott brown senate race. fascinating stuff happening there it's a great piece. >> not a problem. >> i will put that on twitter by the way. >> thanks for having me. >> 28 minutes after the hour now on your saturday morning. coming up on "fox & friends"
7:26 am
weekend edition. paul ryan known as the top g.o.p. fiscal budget hawk. will had help or hurt mitt romney and all the important swing states. we'll be right back.
7:27 am
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when technology works for you. to dream. to create. to work. if you're going to do something. make it matter. >> welcome back to big breaking news coverage this morning. mitt romney's campaign confirming wisconsin congressman paul ryan will be romney's running mate. james rosen is live in
7:29 am
washington, d.c. with more. good morning, james. how are you? >> i'm well, peter. how are you guys doing? >> we're doing great. interesting news this morning. what were the overriding factors, do you believe that led governor romney to choose congressman ryan? why do they believe he is a good pick on this cloudy saturday in new york? >> well. all presumptive nominees, peter. peter in governor romney's position who have to choose a running mate usually stress the same consideration namely that the american selected should be ready to stand. in the case of congressman ryan house budget committee chairman. romney and his aides saw an tournament to change the story line of this election. the latest fox news poll released thursday night showed president obama opening up a 9 point lead on romney among registered voters. and an 11 point lead among independents. signs that the relentless attacks on romney's bain capital background had taken their toll. now with romney on the ticket it's likely that the terrain
7:30 am
on which this contest has been waged will be policy and not bain capital. ryan also appeals to the faulkish tea party segment of the g.o.p. that never warmed up to governor romney. quote. i certainly expect to have a person that has a strength of character vision for the country that adds something about the political discourse of the direction of the country the presumptive g.o.p. told fox news on thursday. i happen to believe this is refining election for america. we are going to be voting for what kind of america we aring if to have, unget. as many as have noted and evident on the video we just showed you when ryan campaigned for governor romney earlier this year in what many labeled as audition. >> odds were on potential candidates. what helped romney choose ryan and really edge out those other potential candidates? >> well, anna, the selection of paul ryan developed momentum late in the process it was almost at a feverish pitch by yesterday morning. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty was probably the odds
7:31 am
on favorite for much of the relevant period because he and romney and their wives are said to be particularly close and because it was thought that pawlenty could appeal to evangelicals and blue collar workers. one factor mitigating against two other often mentioned names rob portman of ohio and marco rubio of florida. the selection of a republic senator by romney could further complicate the already daunting task for the republicans of reclaiming control of the senate. now, what remains to be seen here with the selection of ryan is whether he will help governor romney with a few key groups who are thought to be decisive in this election cycle. women voters, it's worth pointing out women have outnumber nurebbed men as voters in presidential elections in every contest since 1984. independents as we have already mentioned and also hispanics. back to you guys in new york. >> that's interesting. first pick out of the house since geraldine ferraro, do foresee this putting wisconsin into play, james. >> that's a great question. we looked it up. wisconsin went blue for both
7:32 am
of the past two president elections. it's not like states vogt the for george w. bush in 04 and president obama in '08. it would could put wisconsin in play. a lot remains to be seen. we will see how the roll out goes. >> james rosen, thank you. rarely does a v.p. pick actually swing a state into a candidate's column. often ends up about being about the top of the ticket. james rosen good to see you this morning. >> good to see. >> you time is 7:34 this saturday morning. meanwhile other headlines making news this morning. a small plane crashes down into a neighborhood in los angeles killing one person. the pilot called unknown emergency shortly after takeoff from santa monica airport yesterday. plane didn't get far. it could have been much worse. >> hit a tree to keep from hitting the apartment building. the way he was coming down twisting like this. he could have hit the apartment building real easy.
7:33 am
>> no word yet on how many passengers on the plane. and the victim has not yet been identified. severe flooding and slamming. twister on long island. our rick reichmuth has the very latest. what you can tell us? >> big storms yesterday moved across much of the northeast and into the southeast. a system, the parent system upper level disturbance will continue to be there. a chance for some more rough weather today although we are not going to be talking about anything that is all that significant. do want to tell threw is a big pattern change coming. you see these blues right up here. across the far northern plains. temps into the 40s. we have been so hot across the plains. cooler temps are moving. in this is the dew point right here. up here across parts of the great lakes and into plains whee it's been so hot. much drier air is moving. in almost like fall up here. hot and heat has to go somewhere though and this is where it is going out across parts of the southwest. 121 in death valley.
7:34 am
117. and 114 in phoenix. guys? >> no, thank you. rick, we appreciate it thank you. frightening moments caught on surveillance video. take a look as a bus clips an out-of-control car in kansas city, missouri and then flips over and rolls down a hill. 13 people on board at a time. all of them injured with two considered to be in serious condition. we're told amazingly though, no one was killed. look at those pictures. those are your headlines on saturday morning. >> everywhere i tried to drive yesterday was flooded out in my town in connecticut. it was nasty here on friday. coming up, folks, in a little more than an hour, official word from paul ryan as mitt romney's vp pick. straight from romney himself is ryan a surprise pick? we'll explore the impact next.
7:35 am
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waking up. many of you waking up. many of you are seven term congressman paul ryan joining us now with reaction.
7:38 am
john fund. john has a unique take on paul ryan. you met him when he was waiting tables, john. did you know he was bound for greatness then? >> well, i met him when he was an intern at jack kempf's empower america. moon lighting at tortilla coast. this is a guy from regular america. is he going to appeal to blue collar voters. is he going to appeal to ordinary voters. he has the common touch. even though is he a policy wonk. >> you know, not only was he moon lighting as a waiter, also as fitness instructor. we're told that even at 6:30 pretty much every day he is out there with young conservatives in congress leading them with fitness pretty interesting in own right. as he is joining mitt romney on bus tour throughout the battleground states how are they going to be collaborating to connect with voters there. >> clearly mitt romney has made a bold choice. he is going to come forward
7:39 am
and say president obama is not seriously addressing the problems. his own treasury secretary admitted he has no long term solution to our deficit crisis. so, paul ryan is sort of the wing man who can say i have got the numbers, i have got the figures, i have got the plan. it passed the house of representatives. the senate wouldn't even vote on it let's have a national debate about the future fiscal policy of this country to make sure we don't turn into either greece or domestically a perversion of california. >> he is kind of the rock star of american politics. you may have said that earlier, john. in that he is a person that's been able to go toe to toe, head to head with president obama on serious issues. whether it's deficit reduction or obama care. is that going to bring energy to this campaign that it needs and is that going to say to the american people, hey, the republic party means business this time? >> paul is one of those rare people who can appeal to the
7:40 am
republic establishment sober. appeals to the tea party very principled during his time in congress he can appeal to young people only 42. i think what paul represents is a new generation of excitement. three jenkses have solved these problems. mitt romney, paul ryan. i think it will -- electrify the republic base. >> you say he has been very principled to the tea party. does he then, does mitt romney have to reconcile paul ryan's votes for tarp and for the auto bailout. >> i think that paul ryan might regret a couple of those votes now because they passed in the heat of the moment when there was a fiscal crisis. paul ryan was not the only person who voted for tarp who may regret t now. >> what does it say about mitt romney there were people and other pundits who said oh no it's going to be portman and pawlenty.
7:41 am
and now it's not. what does it say about mitt romney in terms of taking a plunge? making a decision because this may be a leading indicator about what kind of decision maker he is. i think this is a bold decision because mitt romney someone governor as well as help him politically just a couple weeks ago that unique had this cover is mitt romney a wimp? this is not the decision of a wimp. i think this kind of contrast, president obama who hasn't really addressed our fiscal problems. joe biden who frankly, you know, is, you know, sometimes joe biden tray table is not in upright -- full upright and locked position. >> october 119, john, we can't wait either. good to see you this morning national review. more information more on this breaking news straight ahead. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ] [ dog ] we found it together. on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk.
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>> wisconsin congressman paul ryan has been chosen as mitt romney's running mate but the democratic party unknowing ily or unintentionally creates the paul ryan candidacy. >> director and reagan bush campaigns, ed rollins, good to see you, sir. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> mitt romney has just now tweeted i'm proud to announce paul ryan as my vp. stand with us today. are you pleased with the selection? >> absolutely. this is a great young person who is the architect of the republic budget plan which is very important. it's all the tough choices he doesn't play to anybody but his own doing the right thing. you know, there is going to be a tremendous assault. is he not known by the country but he will be in 48 hours.
7:46 am
he won't make any mistakes. this is smart smart guy who knows the substance of washington. and i think to a certain extent as people get to know him and as he moves forward, he is going to be a tremendous asset. >> and with decision coming out saying over 100 million americans are on some sort of welfare program from federal spending. and with representative paul ryan being the chairperson of the budget committee, cutting $5.3 trillion over 10 years. nobody wants their entitlements taken away from them. how will that effect mitt romney. >> one of the interesting things in his plan he defends those that are on medicare today and what have you. talks about the future. talks about that next generation. as a republic party, if we're going to attract young voters. we're going to have to do it on fiscal issues. my sense is he he will articulate those issues. he will give them hope that down the road most of them don't believe it down the road there will be something there i think to a certain extent if we don't bring this budget under control and basically make tough decisions which he has already done in his mr..
7:47 am
this country is going to be a mess for the future. i think these young people are going to be the ones paying the price. >> in making this choice. have you been in top level meetings that you have conducted and some tough campaigns. isn't mitt romney and his campaign advisors saying yeah, i'm going to take on these tough issues now. by virtue of appointing him to this candidacy, welfare, entitlement reform, deficit reduction, all of the issues that people wanted in the democratic party to kind of elevated a congressman ryan on. saying, let's do it. let's take it on. i think it's the boldest thing i have seen mitt romney do in the last 6 or years. it's not a safe choice. it's a bold choice. over time it's going to be an extraordinary choice. the democrats obviously are looking forward to this debate. i was on with bob beckel yesterday on another show. he said i can't wait to get this guy. the truth of the matter is he is the best, most articulate guy we have to articulate these points of view.
7:48 am
>> you know how they are going to attack the selection of paul ryan wants to end medicare. how do you counter that. >> first of all you take it head on. go right to florida. obviously he is going to help us in wisconsin. a state that hasn't been won since i run reagan's campaign in 1984. i would go right to florida and go talk to the senior citizens and tell them i'm both protecting you and looking out -- >> go to our chief political correspondent carl cammeron. is he live in norfolk, virginia. getting ready for the mitt romney announcement there. been tracking this story since last night. first on the story, first here, carl, tell us. >> well, good morning, from the uss wisconsin, where mr. romney and mr. ryan will become officially the republic ticket it in just a little bit under a couple hours. this has been a long long process for mitt romney. he started with, at one point, at many as a dozen names being threated around the country. the mentionables. brought it down to a list of three or four in the last
7:49 am
several days there was a real emphasis that maybe it was rob portman and maybe tim pawlenty and a buzz began at the beginning of last week that paul ryan height be the pick. in norfolk, virginia but the uss wisconsin obviously kind of hard to overlook as an irony or intentional coincidence for the ticket. insofar as mr. ryan is the congressman from wisconsin and as we have been talking about. the house budget committee chairman with the ryan budget in his portfolio which now becomes a big part of the romney agenda. he was early supporter of the ryan budget when the likes of newt gingrich and other republicans criticized. gingrich called it right wing social engineering and got roundly criticized for it retracted those statements because the ryan budget has been so popular with the republicans. there is little doubt from the folks who are now coming in here a big crowd expected there is a lot of enthusiasm here. watching this last night and clearly excited. you can't see any romney ryan signs behind me. the new logo, the new artwork
7:50 am
hadn't been prepared. there was a certain degree of disarray in the romney campaign. while senior staffers were aware of this and putting a whole series of contingency plans. the folks who put this event together last night and this morning didn't find out that the pick was going to be today until late yesterday afternoon. and this morning when we arrived on the scene, it was about 6:30,':00 this morning. we saw kids literally lugging boxes out of the trunches of cars. he we we could tell was posters. we have yet to see the romney ryan logo. these are the things that get interesting. because it will be the iconic emblems that we'll see for the final 11 weeks of the campaign. the vice presidential pick is the first presidential level decision that a candidate can make. because if he he is elected obviously this would be his replacement should something go wrong. it's a real measure of his priorities. mitt romney's priorities. his governing principles and because paul ryan is fiscal
7:51 am
frugality and trying to get the national debt under control. dealing with the federal budget. down sizing the size of government. it is a major validation for conservatives of mitt romney's commitment. looking at this ticket, should it win, as what would be tantamount from a mandate from the american people. the romney ryan budget. romney with his history in business and claim to economic stewardship that would be superior to president obama. paul ryan with his budget experience as a ticket would make a statement were they to be elected. republicans and conservatives think it would amount to mandate for change to undo much of what the obama economy and obama economic policy has been. democrats on the other hand, liberals see this as an opportunity as well. it can be said that paul ryan energizes both sides. conservatives and republicans think that they have got an exciting, enthusiastic and vibrant new republic that can help lead the republic. liberals believe in paul ryan. additional target to attack mitt romney. idea being there will be more of what republicans will tax
7:52 am
war warfare. cut taxes at the rich. at the middle class and lower class. and now with paul ryan and mitt romney paul ryan and mitt romney today begin their affirmative case. one likely to change the tone of this entire campaign. in recent months it has been really sort of marked bipartisan negative attack ads. outgoing republic committees. and now because of what paul ryan will symbolize in, this big debate size of government. how to deal with the national debt. how to reform entitlements give way at some point for all out battle on the position size of government deal in the future with the federal debt and get the economy back on track. >> carl cammeron live for us in norfolk, virginia, waiting for the announcement, just about an hour away.
7:53 am
thank you, carl. check in with you in just a little bit. bring back in ed rollins now. marco rubio has tweeted. made a great choice picking paul ryan. i'm curious, your opinion on stylistically how they rolled this out. rick perry said a couple days ago that you only get two or three days news bounce out of a vp pick. being that he makes it on a late friday night, early saturday morning, are you surprised because monday morning this story is on day three. >> i'm not sure of that. normally that's the tradition and certainly everybody said he had to wait until the end of the olympics. we get this entire weekend. going to be a great focus on him. he is on his bus tour. next two weeks are very very critical end looal leading up to the convention. my sense is middle of next week talking about policy i. not talking about bain capital and whether romney paid taxes or didn't pay taxes. obviously he did. is he a smart man and made a whole lot of money. whole dimension of the government that's out of control which we haven't had
7:54 am
in this debate. there is another element here that people haven't mentioned yet. is he a catholic. the christian coalition is very important to our party. but the catholic vote is what basically, whoever wins a majority of the catholic vote in the last. >> the last nine elections has won. so my sense gives us someone who can go out into that community very devout catholic and make inroad there and i think that's very very important. >> do you mean socially he might touch on some of the issues obviously religious liberty is a issue in this election with the things this administration. >> this administration has gone to war with the catholic church. >> will ryan go there. >> i think he will. first of all he he is obviously is picked because of his expertise. my sense a great advocate of the positions that obviously the church is interested in. >> interestingly. >> classically people talk about the well the vice presidential candidate has got to be appear an attack dog. meaning he has got to get into the weeds and punch back at the incumbent president in a
7:55 am
campaign like this. do you see that he will be wig to take on these tough issues and go kind of head to it head the same way he did with the president in other issues? >> he will on a substantive level. he is not christie and john sununu he is not going to be the attack dog. >> no he looks like choir boy, doesn't he? >> what's very important is this country desperately wants a serious debate on issues. this is a candidate who can do that. >> and i want to ask you, you mentioned a little bit ago go trying to court the young voters. he, of course, 42 years old. he has a beautiful whif and three children. what type of energy will that bring to the romney campaign? >> i think it will give a great opportunity for us to go after those young voters. we obviously didn't get them four years ago and people said we will he never get them back because of social issues. my sense the fiscal issues is what is important to these people. high unemployment. cleaning kids coming out about w. big debt and not being able to find jobs. this is a guy who can advocate
7:56 am
a road to the future that will have real appeal. >> some say mitt romney let the obama camp define him before he he defined himself. they will come out and define paul ryan today even talk about medicare and talk about what the president's plan was regarding medicare in terms of controlling that message from the start? >> first of all, the message, the democrats will be on full attack mode talking about substance. they have not talked about substance with romney. they have talked about bain capital and everything else but that. we now have to have a debate on substance. if you are going to diminish ryan, in which he they will try do. they have got to talk about substance. that gives him the opportunity to counter punch and come back and no one knows more about the substance than he does. >> ed rollins, thanks so much for being with us. great insight on this breaking news story. we appreciate you being here. >> great. thank you. >> 7:59 on this saturday morning, it is august the 11th. i'm anna kooiman filling in
7:57 am
for alisyn camerota. fox news confirms that mitt romney will name paul ryan as his running mate. he is set to make his announcement one hour from now in norfolk, virginia. we are back with a whole new hour of breaking news coverage. good morning to you, everybody. you are watching "fox & friends." >> and here we are 8:00 now eastern time. it is a bold pick. it is not anything bland that people have criticized mitt romney for in the past. he comes down selecting 42-year-old paul ryan as his vp chair. knowing full well what the issues will be. they will attack him from the left from the very start. let's ask former bill clinton advisor dick morris about all of this. dick, good to see you this morning. >> good to see you. you know darn well how the democrats are fired up this morning. how does the obama campaign attack this selection of paul ryan?
7:58 am
and how do they counter it more importantly? >> well, i will answer your question, eric, but were before we do that let me just say that this -- he would be a great vice president. before we get to the politics of it. in recent years, vice presidents have become the chief of staff to the president. that's really what cheney was, that's really what gore was. ryan is that, plus. and obviously a terrific president, if the need should arise. and i think on that level. this is just an inspired pick. i think he will destroy joe biden in the debate. i think that he will energize the base. i think it ends the speculation of his is romney really a conservative or not. and i think it's terrific. >> i'm wondering what type of advisor representative paul ryan would play as vice president paul ryan to a president mitt romney as opposed to a governor mitt romney?
7:59 am
so after we get through the campaign, if they, indeed, take over the white house, what type of role are they going to be playing with each other? >> i think ryan will play very large role. i think he will, in effect, be the budget director, the chief of staff, the guide for the administration's financial policy. i think that there is a defect in ryan that makes me worried about him. which is that he has a lot more brains than he does sense. he very often comes to it an academic conclusion of what would be the right thing to do fiscally or academically. sometimes he doesn't makes a much political sense as he he should. he sometimes gets so involved with the dynamics of his own insights that he can't hear the rest of the world. >> so, dick, you are saying, it's peter johnson, you are saying telling the truth becomes a burden for presidential candidate. let's look at some of the substance and some of the
8:00 am
policy. he has talked about reducing the deficit by $6 trillion reduces the tax rate to 25% as the highest rate. he has talked about freezing spending for five years. he has talked about transformational change in a way that we haven't heard transformational change in this country. what does that strike with americans who were r. sick of welfare. who want entitlement reform. who think the government is spending too much and they are paying too much in taxes. is that a clarion call to them from a guy who looks like he stepped out of a jimmy stewart movie? >> yeah. i think obviously it is. i think that this is a tea party candidate. the ideal of the movement. i think it will have a wonderful effect on energizing, galvanizing the activists and the workers in the republic party i do not
8:01 am
think that his selection will galvanize the democratic party i think it will galvanize their attack mode, their attack machine. but i don't see the average man in the street democrat going out all fired up because paul ryan is on the other ticket. i do think this does force romney to confront the ryan budget and to deal with it. bare in mind he has kind of danced around the ryan budget. he endorsed it when it came up. but he never endorsed the cut off of medicare. he never endorsed the 10 year from now replacement of medicare with the voucher program. that was in the original ryan budget. then, last year, ryan amended his budget working with one of the senators from oregon so that in 10 years you would have a choice. keep your medicare as it is. or switch to a new voucher system. that's the amended ryan plan. but in 2010, the democrats ran
8:02 am
full tilt against the ryan budget all the ryan ads related to that. now they have a chance to do that because ryan is on the ticket. >> they were destroyed in 2010. you expect fully the romney ryan ticket to make clear that no one that is currently receiving medicare would be impacted by the ryan budget. it's for those 55 and younger i want to mexico some news that broke this morning this choice was made august 3rd. this was not something came to. what does it say about mitt romney. i know you want to address that medicare plan. >> yeah. i just want to say the other big difference here ryan's medicare plan takes the savings from medicare and invests it in medicare it prolongs the life the program obama's 500-million-dollar medicare cuts came out of the
8:03 am
program and finance obama care. it's a huge difference. what ryan's plan does is extend medicare. what obama's program does is help to gut it. >> work for increased coverage for quality and price as well. i just want to say in the meetings i have had with paul ryan one on one. i get the same feeling i used to get with bill clinton which is to have race intellectually to keep up with them. it's one of the rare times that i find myself almost out of breath after a meeting it's like owe robe bic exercise to have your mind keep pace with him. >> is it hard to communicate to the american people. if you are having trouble keeping up with him. how does he he dumb it down for the american people? that's going to be a challenge for him. get out of the weeds and numbers and talk about people's lives and real
8:04 am
people's lives. in a real sense what romney has done is to choose himself for vice president. chosen articulate young, policy wonk who knows all about the numbers and all about the data. and it might be a little short on real life experience. and it's a good thing to choose yourself as vp. that's what bill clinton did when he chose al gore. he chose himself as vice president. the reason that worked for him was that it made people understand more about who he really was. in this case, romney will benefit from that because people will see him not just as opportunistic flip flopper but as a real fiscal conservative which he is other hand sort of bloodless cold blooded kind of person that the democrats are trying to paint romney as they can try
8:05 am
to paint ryan as. it's their joint challenge to overcome that. >> dick, your point about him and his energy is interesting. he says i think life is short. you had better take advantage of it while you have it. we have dick morris who is going to stick around with us. we want to know about the obama strategy now that paul ryan is confirmed. will the strategy change? more with dick morris in two minutes. [ donovan ] i hit a wall.
8:06 am
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8:07 am
>> we're back with dick morris, discussing the selection of paul ryan from wisconsin as mitt romney's selection. from ed henry this morning. the obama campaign will not make any "on the record" statements until the selection is made official by the romney
8:08 am
camp. ed henry reporting this from a senior democrat. the democrats will then attempt to paint ryan as someone who will do anything to protect tax cuts for the wealthy, back again now with dick morris. dick, i would have thought their first inclination would have been to go after mid care. what does it tell that you tax cuts for the wealthy is where they start their attack on paul ryan as vp pick. >> stride and make it about medicare. one of the things that we have to realize about paul ryan is he probably is one of the most truthful politicians there is, this guy says what he thinks. and he doesn't lie. he doesn't prevaryicate. he comes out and says it that's both a good thing and bad thing. we will be watching that during the campaign. one of the things that troubles me about him is that as i understand the most
8:09 am
recent ryan budget, it continues the 500 billion-dollar medicare cut that was in obama care. now, he says i may be cutting it but i'm leaving the money in medicare to give you medical benefits further down the road. but romney has that issue. that 500 billion cut to defend against the charge that he is going to cripple medicare and make it a voucher system. ryan needs to come to romney on that rather than move romney to ryan. i think democrats are going to do the old social security scare tactic. i think i think he dual a good job of defending it make clear it's necessary to do these kind of things to preserve the length of the program. and not to terminate it in 5 or 10 years.
8:10 am
i think that ryan, it's not so much that he is obsessed with cutting the budget. is he obsessed with debt. he understands that this country faces i gigantic problem in 10 years when the current debt becomes even greater. he has talked about about his view that it would be the independent of america as we know it i think you are really getting someone here who is a debt-focused candidate who can make the national debt and you the spending and the borrowing the overwhelming issue of the campaign. i hope that romney let's ryan do that. americans will be -- i walked away from a meeting with him right after 2010 totally changed in my understanding of the depth of the debt issue and the danger it poses to this country and how it is the cause of the economic malaise we are in. i didn't really understand that going into that room. i hope ryan says this to the american people as articulately as he has to me.
8:11 am
>> you understand the debate preparation very well, dick, when you see representative ryan whether a do you envision in that debate. i see the age difference and see an energy difference there is staggering in intellect i think ryan will cut him to pieces in that debate. it's one of the great things. i'm not sure that debate will have much to do with the outcome of the election. i think sarah palin really roundly won her debate with biden and of course it didn't have much impact on the election. i do feel this is a guy who absolutely can hold his own he has so much to say and so
8:12 am
articulate in saying it. he is so controversial and the media will cover him so much that it really in effect gives you two candidates. not just one in a way that vice presidential candidates traditionally do not billing it that way. calling it america's come back team. that's a very fortuitous comment. come back team they are calling themselves. >> go back to the day of kennedy and johnson to see both halves are on display as potential presidents that's enormous asset here. >> one heart beat away. dick morris thank you for your comments today. >> we are going to have continuing coverage of course of this breaking news. mitt romney picking governor and our governor mike huckabee also a fox news contributor is going to be in here. also we will be back live out at norfolk, virginia at the uss wisconsin where our carl
8:13 am
cammeron is live on the scene of where the big announcement is coming down in just under an hour. stay with us. you'll inevitably find yourself on aolate highway in your jeep grand cherokee. and when you do, you'll be grateful for the adaptive cruise control that automatically adjusts your speed when approaching slower traffic. and for the blind spot monitoring that helps remind you that the highway might not be as desolate... you thought. ♪
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8:16 am
carl cameron. running mate. good to see you, carl. you reported this morning that the decision was made on august 3rd we're told from ed henry that the democrats are going to hit mitt romney. this is a capitulation to the extreme in his party. his choice was clearly made
8:17 am
before "the weekly standard." before the national review and the "wall street journal" came out with their articles. what is the day of that decision say about the selection to you? just after romney rushed it from european trip. he had begun to work on this process literally months ago. his chief vetter, the head of the vp search beth meyers was notified that day and that's when mitt romney actually called paul ryan and let him know that he had plans plans in mind. we were told for days by romney official that the announcement would not come until the end of the bus trip that runs until tuesday. this is one that caught some folks by surprise and has conservatives delighted by their surprise. to the extent that democrats were preparing for a whole host of republic vice presidential nominees, there is no doubt that the democratic national committee obama for america, the obama campaign and the super pacs have lengthy archives and
8:18 am
portfolios of opposition research that they intend to unleash on paul ryan. this is a pretty charismatic two some. we will see how they perform as the ticket in just about less than an hour now. really only a few minutes away. the romney campaign has officially confirmed that ryan is the pick. that was something that they had hoped to reveal only in their app. that was for folks to sign on to get the information first. the truth is, he we broke the story last night. that the plan was to announce it today. and last night that t was, in fact, confirmed by a whole host of republicans, that it was indeed paul ryan. there were tea leaves to read talks of security hometown wisconsin. wisconsin is what has traditionally been considered a blue state. now it's very much up for grabs hot bed of politics. because of the recall election that scott walker won because of the legislative battle that he undertook at the governor there to strip strip certain
8:19 am
negotiating powers of labor unions and try to get the state government back in order with a budget that a lot of democrats actually oppose. some fled the state rather than vote against it now with scott walker the governor of wisconsin and what's requesting on there. paul ryan mitt romney as the republic nominee. wisconsin could be a state that could be put into the red republic column that would move mitt romney that much closer to the 270 electoral college votes needed to beat barack obama. because is i midwest earns. help mitt romney in ohio and battleground states like florida. because is he so determined to balance the budget and restore balanced budget goes along. republic party hopes to really invigorate not just conservatives but also moderate and independent swing voters who are frankly tired of the gridlock in washington
8:20 am
and want to he see the government take responsibility to pay its bills that's been a big part of the dialogue what to do with the economy and what to do with the federal budget in picking paul ryan military romney has absolutely added to the ticket provided opportunity to get back to the debate. >> i assume that congressman ryan will be speaking this morning. in this will be the first preview that we have some of the things that he intends to strike on behalf of this campaign. i guess it's an important speech. of course launch the two some. four day north carolina later today and tomorrow. then on to florida where marco rubio will join them on the campaign trail. then up to ohio where rob portman will be on hand. two people on the short list who have already congratulated paul ryan. they both received phone calls from mr. romney and portman's case just yesterday telling
8:21 am
him that he had selected someone else. finally wrap up in ohio battleground state. >> none have ever won without first winning ohio it is symbolic how romney wants to change this race. he has been a cautious candidate. very disciplined in how he has made his decisions. quite restrained in rhetoric. focusing almost entirely on jobs and the economy. now with ryan doing that he has taken a risk that many thought he might not. tim pawlenty would have been more safe. paul ryan does not have a great foreign policy portfolio and spent most of his adult life in government. and he is now what the romney campaign predicted yesterday, he is now resting on his shoulders the obligation according to romney strategist for 11 point bounce in the polls. romney's strategists yesterday told us the combination of the running mate in the upcoming
8:22 am
convention at the end of the month would give him 11 point bounce. they are already dismissing some of the poles that showed romney losing some grounds as prelabor day. people aren't tuned in. and noting that the daily tracking poles haven't moved as much as the big network polls happen snapshots in time. tracking poll gallup and rasmussen isn't much closer. watch the reaction that polls it day-to-day. where the paul ryan announcement will snap polls how the voters are receiving this. >> make sure you stand by. stay with us. we are going to bring in governor mike huckabee now to talk about this. good morning to you, governor. >> good morning, great to be here. the most recent fox news polls governor romney nine points behind president obama. you can really rely on an announcement of a vice presidential pick? to give you 11 points? >> first of all, i don't know that the polls mean a whole lot in august. the dog days of summer are not the time when people are paying attention to politics.
8:23 am
they are paying attention to getting their kids back into school. that's not a big deal. county ryan selection boost it up? you bet it can. there are a couple of things that are at play ryan is a bold choice but not ridiculously bold. in other words, is he taking a risk by putting somebody out there with some very specific clear policy positions that have already been brutalized by the democrats. the good news is, they have already been brutalized by the democrats. it's not new or something that catch people off guard. but the plus in another way that i haven't heard talked about, paul ryan is a solid conservative on issues that will rally the base. he voted for the federal marriage amendment. he is very strong on the pro-life issue. had romney gone anywhere where somebody was a little bit soft. you would have had0% of the republic voters sitting on their hands saying we have been betrayed again. >> voted for tarp in the auto bailout. >> devote for tarp. those are issues secondary to value voters. he have to explain those. then again, romney supported tarp as well.
8:24 am
that's not a big surprise. >> also supporting a version of the dream act as well, which would provide, you know, citizenship to the kids of some illegal immigrants. not as extreme as what the democratic house wanted in december. but how is that going to be affecting the base? >> i think people are going to forget about a lot of things. there are one goal right now, beat barack obama. they just wanted to make sure that the vp candidate was not somebody that was going to be a direct threat at thisment to the campaign. paul ryan is a plus to the campaign. carl, i have got to ask you. you are sitting there in the crowd. is there a palpable excitement that you are sensing out there standing by the uss wisconsin? >> there is there is obviously enthusiasm in the crowd. big crowd, still growing. these are the things that the announcement of the nominee is important moment for the party and the candidate and the election in november. there is some enthusiasm. now, we're already getting changes in the romney plan. the pus tour that just seconds ago outlined would take him to
8:25 am
virginia to north carolina to florida and ohio has just been canceled. >> what? >> the tour -- no i'm sorry the tour of the uss wisconsin go around pictures on the boat has been canceled. go off and do the around the country stuff. everything is changing. this is an example of the last-minute nature which this has come together. staffers here on the ground all morning have scrambling because as late as yesterday they weren't sure if there was going to be an announcement event nor did they know who it was going to be announcing. no science romney ryan yet. all of this came together late yesterday afternoon in the minds of most of the staffers only senior staffers new it you can see the reaction here. people are waiting and they are obviously excited. this the launch of the sprint. race for the republic ticket. republic ticket is assembled. now the conventions and the debates will be decisive. how the romney ticket is received is almost the most
8:26 am
important moment of the campaign. governor, i would like to know what you think. debates can be seminole moments. conventions are opportunity for the ticket to have itself displayed and convey message as it wants it conveyed. vice presidential pick has traditionally been viewed as the first major presidential level decision. it says so much about what the candidate believes can be accomplished in the embodiment of his partner. >> carl, there is no such thing as a perfect pick. i believe paul ryan is a very solid good substantial pick that is going to be very acceptable to the value vorts that is critical to romney success because there is still a lot of question marks on whether they can count on him. ryan also brings the specificity of his proposal which i think is a huge plus. people want to know not many are any is cerebral enough to explain in great detail. he also has the right temperament. he is not a flash kind of guy go off the handle and yell at
8:27 am
somebody. he is not going to create distractions. is he focused, disciplined, that a huge huge plus for the ticket. >> what i'm seeing, carl, and the governor, both your thoughts on this there is a chemistry between these folks that we saw several months ago almost like older and younger brother there together. they look to each other for validation and for approval go ahead, carl. >> i don't think it's older brother situation at all. i think mitt romney sees himself in paul ryan. enthusiastic young man great potential and ideas who wants to do good who is willing to take bold choices. what's what romney views america as willing to take risks, strong, clear i know mitt romney likes paul ryan's ability to take complex issues and explain them in several terms that people can understand and not get tied up in legislative speak. not get tied up in talking
8:28 am
points that we hear over and over and over again and becomes like white noise. paul ryan's enthusiasm and his command of the issues comes through. he can make people understand the stuff that a lot of things that people's eyes glaze over. >> i would almost say if you look at paul ryan paul ryan looks like romney's sixth son. there is great chemistry there. >> they look like they like each other. a lot of times candidates don't like each other. like al gore and bill clinton he thinks mitt romney chose himself as vice president. i think that's what carl is talking about there. chemistry there was april fools joke. paul ryan actually got in on on punking mitt romney. do you remember this incident? kind of was when their chemistry was developing, carl? do you know what i'm talking about? >> sure.
8:29 am
paul ryan has had claciousz with the president with barack obama. there was a couple of moments where paul ryan called out the president on a discussion of the budget. we're beginning to see. [cheers] >> color guard here in a moment. the choreography here on stage is as follows. governor bob mcdonald of virginia will come out and he will conduct -- in a moment governor mcdonald will come out and give us the actual introduction to the ticket. and they will speak and forgot the tour of the uss wisconsin as we said. the paul ryan pick is for mitt romney an obvious one for another reason. ryan likes to boast about the fact that as a young man in college and in high school while other kids were doing what college kids and high school kids do. he would read the federal budget. now, to a lot of folks people say that's kind of geeky. is he a number cruncher and a man who really enjoys getting into the nuts and bolts of
8:30 am
deep hard policy. mitt romney's entire business career was marked by and everybody talked about it as political too. ferocious appetite for data trying to get most up to date information calculate the best possible decision and eliminate as much possible risk for the best possible outcome. that's how paul ryan has worked chairman of the house budget committee. put together legislative blueprint, a budget that united the republic party and carried it in many ways through the 2010 midterm elections and become a real rallying cry for the type of fiscal frugality that they have been crying for for years. mitt romney's choice candidate arguing that the economy and job creation has to be the top priority in the obama approach isn't working. paul ryan seems an almost obvious pick and we probably should have known it weeks ago. >> trying to get away from all of the divergence and attack ads that have been coming from the obama campaign governor
8:31 am
huckabee if can you speak to this speaking on the relationship between the two of them. yes the economy needs to be issue number one. will they segment out and talk about more on balancing the government's books and mitt romney focusing no more on the job creation or how will that work. >> that makes a lot of sense. we don't know what they will do. makes sense paul ryan go out and make the case how choking us. mitt romney do the vision thing. how going to bring america back to greatness. let him take on barack obama. the future and let paul ryan take on barack obama, the past four years. and dissect why the obama plan has had a miserable record of failure, which i think it has. >> hey, carl, we were talking earlier with dick morris, he was talking about that somehow this is the first real ticket. the first real team of almost equals that we have seen in a while in terms of presidential politics. and now we know that the motto
8:32 am
of the campaign now is america's come back team. are they seeing themselves in a different fashion than other campaigns in the past? does paul ryan have a special role here compared to past vice presidential candidates? >> there is always a rebranding process. >> we are in a prayer now to you. send it back to you in the studio. >> >> just proves that it can never be said that carl cammeron doesn't have a prayer. [ laughter ] >> carl, thank you so much. we want to let you get ready for our special coverage which, by the way bret baier anchor 9:00 eastern time. now, governor, back to you. with something that the obama campaign first let me mention that paul ryan vp up on twitter already. first tweet. i'm honored to join mitt romney on america's come back team. brand new twitter address paul
8:33 am
ryan vp. how many followers 7,000 in five minutes. that is not bad. something obama campaign specifically the president said about the ryan budget back in april. they called it thinly veiled social darwinism. we don't have to wait for on record comment. this is t it what do you think? the counter will be are from the romney ryan ticket? >> i think what they are going to say is they actually had a plan. the obama plan is a lot of platitudes and hope and change that hasn't worked out that you can't get that from a tell prompter. you have got to go out there and dig it out. i think there is a strong come back from the romney team that is look, we have led out specific plans to lead to us a balanced budget. you haven't had a budget since april 23rd, 2008. first president in history. in history. that deflect the details of the ryan plan.
8:34 am
point out we have a plan. you got nothing. one of the interesting things attacked before at work. one is that paul ryan can deal with the specifics. not like is he going to be looking like the deer in the headlights like some would have been. paul ryan has a remarkable temperament. and i think a very admirable temperament going into this. he is going to be relentlessly brutally savagely attacked. paul ryan is not the kind of guy who gets emotional about being attacked. he returns it very calmly. very business like. and that is going to be a big plus because it's going to mean. obama will look like the bully
8:35 am
and paul ryan is going to look like the adult in the room. and that's a big big plus as undecided voters who aren't that political. what they look for is do i like this guy? do they like the bully who kicks sand into his eyes or if that's the best you have got you have got to get more sand. paul ryan shows up as adult in the room. >> governor huckabee hearing for from head henry from the obama campaign. they are not going to make anything formal until we actually hear out of governor romney's mouth that he is picking representative paul ryan to be his vice presidential running mate. their narrative may be that they are trying to protect the tax cuts for the wealthiest americans which is not going to resonate well with some voters. how do they respond to that? >> first of all you can rest assured that there have been a lot of 20-year-olds up all night eating cold pizza and drinking hot coke word slipping out. they are putting together an
8:36 am
enormous frontal attack on paul ryan and on the plan that he has. but ultimately it's still going to come down to paul ryan will lay out specifics and as he is challenged, he will specifically answer each of those charges. it's something the obama campaign can't counter with, because they don't have a plan. and that's what i keep hammering on. they can't say our plan is point a where his is point b. his is terrible. and ryan is smart enough to say really? well, here is how mine works, you don't have a plan, if you had one. how would yours work? >> as we get ready to hand off to brett baier. bottom line, vp's don't decide elections, do they. >> no they can't. they can have input decide or chill out the base. is he going to at least keep them satisfied because he has those right issues under his belt. >> an exciting pick? >> i think it's a great pick beginning to leak online from the "weekly standard" this is the worst economic recovery in
8:37 am
70 years. that's what paul ryan will say in part. unemployment has been above 8% for more than three years, the longest run since the great depression. families are hurting. we had the largest deficits and the biggest federal government since world war ii. one of six americans are in poverty. these are some of the things paul ryan will say in just a couple of minutes in norfolk, virginia from the uss wisconsin. now we get ready it hand over to bret baier in washington, d.c. with our special coverage of this bold selection for mitt romney. thanks for being with us, he we will see you back here of three of us at 6:00 a.m. have a great show. >> bret: this is a fox news america's election headquarters special. i'm bret baier in miami. in just a few moments. presumptive republic presidential nominee mitt romney will make the announcement the political
8:38 am
world romney has picked seven term wisconsin congressman paul ryan for the number two spot on the g.o.p. presidential ticket. later this morning, the two will begin a four day bus tour that includes stops in virginia today, north carolina sunday. here in florida on monday. and ohio tuesday. ryan is a 42-year-old native of janesville, wisconsin. he beats out diverse field that included senators marco rubio here of florida. rob portman of ohio and long shots new jersey governor chris christie and former secretary of state condoleezza rice. ryan is known for economic expertise. he is the chairman of the house budget committee. he has authored a controversial budget plan that brought scorn from democrats. skepticism from some republicans initially worried about the worried about electoral implications. then embraced representatives and conservatives broadly who see this election now as a big choice. the only way to avoid the debt
8:39 am
and deficit cliff that rapidly approaches. ryan is married. the father of three young children, 7, 8, and 10. he sleeps in his congressional office while in washington. he is catholic. is he a hunter, he represents the state that has become the center of the political universe in recent months. wisconsin. and now, he is mitt romney's pick for vice presidential nominee. let's get so. inside story on the ryan selection. here is chief political correspondent carl cammeron in norfolk, virginia, good morning, carl. >> hi, bret. the division was made or at least announced to beth meyers august 3rd. that was the day he got in touch with paul ryan and got this process started. yesterday, they very quickly scrambled to put this event together. the folks who organized this and dressed it up overnight didn't know until late yesterday afternoon. as you see there is no ryan signs up there yet. they hadn't even had those made. we will see them before the afternoon is out.
8:40 am
it isn't going to happen until this event is well underyway. look for mr. ryan and his remarks now to offer a very scathing criticism of the obama administration. he will repeatedly as he has chairman of the house budget committee say that the obama ha administration has failed in turning the economy around and has contributed more to the national debt than any president in the last few combined. look for mr. ryan as well today to give a full throated endorsement and express a hearty amount of support for mitt romney. there is no secret that the two of them on the campaign trail had a certain chemistry and charisma. they there was a time when they sort of almost finished each other's sentences. able to frame the economic issues in ways fairly understandable for the american electorate. budget wonkry. they understand a massive debt. a huge deficit problem and that the government needs to tighten its belt. they also understand it was paul ryan, the chairman of the
8:41 am
house budget committee who came one that blueprint as the architect as the house republic plan to scale down the size of government. romney endorsed it very early on when some of his republic primary rivals were cautious and in some cases critical of the ryan budget. romney gave it a hardy endorsement from the outset and has continued to defend and 'put it forth as a model of the type of fiscal governance that he would bring to the white house. this pick goes from here, virginia, a key battleground state to north carolina another swing state down to florida. a seminole and very very important crucially important critical swing state in recent years. and then they will wrap up a trip in ohio. a state no republic has ever won the presidency without first also winning on election day. so this is a very symbolic opportunity for mitt romney to transition his campaign. a jolt of enthusiasm. a jolt of energy for republicans and conservatives around the country who have been clamoring for a bold choice. and it will also provide a jolt for democrats who view paul ryan as an opportunity for them to continue to hammer
8:42 am
mitt romney as they have as someone who they argue doesn't understand the economy and would not do what democrats and the obama administration and liberals believe should be done. there is no doubt it's a whole new race a bigger debate about issues and paul ryan will be a tough critic of mr. obama and a strong new voice on the campaign trail romney agenda. >> bret: carl cammeron norfolk. i should point out over carl's shoulder george allen. he is also involved in a senate race in virginia. a tight one that will be watched against tim kaine. the former governor of virginia. and he is getting ready to introduce the warm-up act, if you will, governor mcdonald will do the introduction of mitt romney and his new vp pick. paul ryan. paul ryan just tweeted by the way. quote: i'm honored to join mitt romney on america's comeback. let's get some reaction to all of this from our fox experts back in washington. we have got bill kristol
8:43 am
editor of "the weekly standard." joe trip pay and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. and in milwaukee, it just so happens, steve hayes, senior writer for "the weekly standard." steve, want to start with you. the sense in wisconsin on the ground and overnight as this whole thing started to break. >> well, i think it's a combination of people not really believing what they are hearing. that wisconsin is set to be, once again, at the center of the political universe here for the next three months in any case. after having been through what wisconsin has been through over the past two years. i mean, wisconsin has been at the center of this sort of conservative reform movement with governor scott walker, now paul ryan being elevated to be mitt romney's running mate suggest that wisconsin will wouldn't again be at the center of the political debate. also a fair amount of excitement. certainly talking to conservatives early here today in wisconsin. there is considerable excitement and enthusiasm. i think people think this was a bold choice.
8:44 am
and a very worthwhile choice here in wisconsin. >> bill, i will go to you. since you and steve wrote this piece that urged mitt romney to choose either paul ryan or marco rubio. he has done one of the two. your thoughts on this pick and why you believe it's a good one? >> yeah, i just got an email from the romney campaign emphasizing that romney made the choice between steve and i made our repeated editorials. i take the word for it i also thought governor romney had the sense this was an awfully big moment he needed to make a big election, a big choice that symbolized what was at stake. forward-looking, big policy fork in the road for the country. and so but apparently i'm told that governor -- carl mentioned that governor romney called beth myers the head of his vice presidential selection committee. he thought maybe friday august 3rd. i actually told beth of his pick on wednesday, august 1st when he got back from poland. when he got back from his foreign trip. i believe he subsequently met -- he called paul ryan
8:45 am
sometime later that week. they met privately. certainly kept it secret. steve and i were biz will editorializing. reporting. and broke the story late last night. one of the first to do so. i think -- romney has had this in mind for about 10 days, i think. >> all right, joe. so democrats early this morning had been licking their chops. it seems. some have gone out. we haven't heard officially from the obama campaign yet. but unofficially they say this is something they wanted to see. >> oh, i don't think there is any doubt about it that both in the obama campaign and democratic side they elated by this pick. i personally think it's a good pick for romney. it gets him back on message on policy, on the future. but, it does put out front and center what democrats want. that st. paul ryan budget which is not not very popular and has engendered a lot of
8:46 am
sort of push back, blow back particularly on the medicare cuts which we are going to hear a lot about. by the way, you don't see on the romney, ryan web site. they are not -- the word medicare does not appear on the web site this morning. there is a lot of things on there. this is the angle democrats are going to want to go after. but i personally think this is a bold pick. i think it was the best pick that romney could have made given the situation right now. a chance to put the campaign sort of recharge it. but it's going to recharge both sides. it's going to energize the republic base but it is definitely going to energize the democratic base as well. >> joe, the "new york times" refers to 290 page opposition does on ryan. they would have doce on every one of the vice presidential picks. they see gold in the specifics of the ryan budget plan? >> there is no doubt about t. i don't think, look, i think
8:47 am
there were a lot of safe picks. i think frankly, look, i expected romney t go with a portman or pawlenty. somebody that was safer. i didn't think that was be smart of him. i thought a smart pick was a rubio or ryan. but, look, all of them have had books done on them. ryan sort of frames this thing exactly where both sides wanted. the republicans want to get this to the deficit, to the budget, to the future of the country, to getting fiscal discipline and creating jobs. democrats are, look, here is more draconian cuts on medicare. and the other things that are in that ryan budget all to give tax breaks to mr. romney's wealthy friends. this is exactly. this going to set up the very bright line for the debate all the way through november. and i think, you know, both sides should be careful what they wish for. america is maybe going to get a really good debate. there are problems on both
8:48 am
sides of that -- of that argument. ryan puts them front and center which i think is a bold move for romney. >> charles, your thoughts? >> i agree with joe. i think democrats may rue the day. they think this is great for them. it gives them a big target. medicare, they have one or two races here and there for the house as a result of the budget. under estimate ryan and also vastly under estimating what the pick does to the ticket. the best analogy is, i think, the late 1970s when reagan became the candidate and people thought -- democrats saw this as a real opportunity for us. look at all the wild stuff he has gone. a guy far out on the right easy target. and it turned out to be different. i think ryan has that reagan-like quality. and one thing that i think democrats are misreading, they just assume that ryan will be a target. they will be on the defensive on medicare and on the budget.
8:49 am
but they don't understand how much ryan is good at attacking. attacking on substance. there was one meeting early in the administration. obama decided to have a round table with republics as a way to show how open he was to ideas. they held it in the blare house. i think you and i, bret, covered it at the time. it went on for hours. obama was the chair of the meeting. so he controlled the microphone. and the one guy who bested him time and again that that argument. the one guy who always got ahead of obama and put him on the defensive is paul ryan. i think they are underestimating who they now have as an opponent. >> charles, you are so good in setting up the next question that i'm thinking about. i mean, we must have worked together for a long time. this is an exchange that you mentioned.
8:50 am
paul ryan. >> right now. we want to give that you scalp pull. right start freezing now. we are all representatives of the american people. we all do town hall meetings and talk to our constituents. i have got it toil the american people ren gauged. if you think they want a government takeover of healthcare. i would respectfully submit you are not listening to them. >> nothing serious about a plan that claims to reduce the deficit by spending a trillion dollars on tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. >> steve, what about these exchanges and how they play in the conservative thought process about ryan and how they play about going toe to toe with president obama. >> well, it was very
8:51 am
interesting because obviously what you saw there was paul ryan directly challenging the president and challenging him on substance. i think it was one of the things that made conservatives feel comfortable that paul ryan really had become or was becoming the intellectual leader of the party. and, the other thing i think and this goes back to joe trip pay's point, the white house was perfectly happy to have paul ryan be elevated in this way. i think that the speech that the president gave at george washington university in which they invited paul ryan to attend the speech and the president as you say lamb bassed ryan and i would say mischaracterized his budget proposal, was deliberate. i mean, the white house wanted to elevate paul ryan. they sought out this debate. but that speech also, i think, speaks to something that i think the romney/ryan ticket is going to have to push hard and aggressively to defend. right away. i mean, there was a story in the "new york times," a front page story about that speech, about that invitation and the white house told the "new york times" reporter that, in fact, they were shocked to see paul
8:52 am
ryan show up in this audience. and the president hadn't really intended to confront him in that kind of a way. the story was totally false. in fact, paul ryan had been invited and had been invited by the white house and had rsvp to the white house. they were looking to elevate paul ryan and pick a fight and it looks like we are going to have it. >> when you talk about the big issues, big choices here and we keep on talking about how medicare and this proposal in the budget plan is going to get attacked by the left. both sides up on capitol hill agree that something has to be done on entitlements to deal with the deficit and debt issue that we're facing in the long term. i mean, if you talk to moderate democrats up there. and outside of electoral conversation about the election that's coming up, they will tell you, yes, it has to happen. you had bowls simpson, you have had the gang of 14. have you had other efforts.
8:53 am
talk to us about where you think moderate democrats are about dealing with medicare and other big issues like this. >> you have had ryan widen. ron widen the democratic senator from oregon co-sponsored with paul ryan, a proposal to reform medicare. i think paul ryan can site plenty of democrats on board principles of medicare reform very close reforms governor romney has sketched out and obviously bring it together now and have a coherent package of reform. i would also add one point. when ryan makes the case for medicare reform, he says not only that we're going to save money and reduce the budget deficit which we have to do or we're going off a cliff. he also says we can improve medicare. save and improve medicare and improve healthcare e also says and this is important. paul ryan came to washington to work for jack kempf. paul ryan makes the case for growth. i think people who think of paul ryan as budget cutter, a deficit reducer. a green eye shade type of
8:54 am
republic are going to be surprised by the degree to which he can make argument reforming entitlements and federal government and changing the tax code will help economic growth and opportunity. he will have a growth and opportunity message not just a budget cutting message. >> bret: charles, one of the things that already this morning we have heard from some democratic surrogates out on various shows and making comments on twitter and elsewhere is that paul ryan is not a foreign policy expert and, therefore, is a foreign policy light weight. i asked paul ryan about that. we did a profile of possible vp picks for mitt romney. i interviewed him in the spring. we reran it just this past week. i asked him in one exchange specifically about foreign policy. take a listen to this. >> what's the top foreign policy concern in your mind? >> iran is probably the top one in my mind right now. i think iran has done a very
8:55 am
good job of playing the international community. the sanctions have not worked nearly as well as we had hoped because we haven't had all of the compliance from some of our partners around the world. and if iran gets a nuclear weapon. then you have probably nuclear arms race in a very dangerous corner of the world, the middle east. i don't do a lot of traveling but most the traveling i do is to the middle east to learn about all the threats to our national security there. that's, to me, is probably among the greatest threats. >> president obama and vice president biden are already signaling they are going to run in part on foreign policy record. >> great with me because it's not a very good one. >> why? >> well, look at their successes. there aren't any. >> usama bin laden? >> the reset on russia. shah didn't work out too well. look at iran. they are still moving toward a nuclear weapon. look at what is is going on in syria. they are still shelling their people. look at the effect we have had. the green shoots, green revolution in iran where there was a chance after the re-election was rigged there was a chance to speak to the freedom movement in iran. the president was silent.
8:56 am
so, to pee. they have had a terrible foreign policy record. the world is far much more dangerous than it ever was before. and at a time when we have all these new dangerous threats on the horizon. they want to gut our military. it makes no sense to me. we're going to have a navy that is about as small as it was back in the beginning of the last century. and the drawdowns on marines and on the army in my judgment will stretch our guard reserves so much more than they have already been stretched. i think that invites weakness. if we do not reclaim our peace through strength doctrine then we will lead with weakness. vacuums get filled by other countries, china, russia and the rest. >> how big do you think foreign policy will play in the general election. >> i think it's about economics. i think it's about the economy and about our future. about the fact that everybody knows we can't keep spending money we don't have. we can't keep a government that borrows 40 cents of every dollar it spends. that's threatening our economy today. and it's really threatening our children's future. that's what i think is going to turn on this election.
8:57 am
>> bret: okay, charles, paul ryan and foreign policy. >> i think it will be rather ironic if obama ha who had no experience whatsoever in foreign affairs had ran for the presidency. or to begin to criticize the republics for having a number two who has not a lot of experience in foreign affairs. i though -- know democrats are largely immune to irony but this would be a new record. when you heard him in that interview. he he speaks with great fluency. he knows exactly what's going on. he knows the weakness of this administration. the major items, russia, iran, the middle east, syria, the arab spring, the revolution in iran hitting the high points.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> they will have the upper hand. this debate could be won or lost in the first week. they have to be really on their toes. >> yeah from, a strategist -- excuse me, both choking up here from a strategist point of view, joe. what about that and the fact the argument that republics will make will be we put forward a plan, we're serious about addressing t, where is the president's plan? how will that play and how would you play it as a strategist? >> well, i think, you know, one of the things that we haven't talked about, bret, is both the demographic and geography of this pick. what's, you know, what's happened in the recent -- in recent weeks, the romney campaign has been slipping in the midwest in places like ohio, michigan, wisconsin, it's been drifting towards some of those states have gone -- lean obama. ryan, one, puts that -- helps solve that. but the problem here with medicare as charles points out is, look at florida all of a
9:00 am
sudden, seniors. and so the -- there is demographic group that immediately goes front and center is here the rest of the race in terms of which groups are up for grabs and there's going to be a fight over seniors now and medicare has always been front and center in that fight.
9:01 am
that is where ryan has always been a bold pick. people should be careful what they wish for as they go into this fight: i think it is useful he made this selection 16 days before the convention so they can try to define this now and -- the fight they are going to get from the pick but channel it into defining the race they want to define it going into the coming days. >> let's go to the number the quickly. adding wisconsin into the mix may change the equation even though recent polls show obama opening up a little bit of a lead there this may change that electoral equation in the midwest ryan could play. as joe mentions here in florida it opens up a new line of attack with so many senior citizens down here where i am sitting. what about that? >> it is the fact that ryan's plan leaves everyone on their medicare plan and protecting people 55 and older.
9:02 am
that point will be made by romney and ryan it's a truthful statement about the house republican act passed and as charles says ryan is for moving preem why yous support for younger americans to save medicare for them for your generation, and for our kids and also to freerm the government. you can't spend $0.40 of every dollar we don't have. ryan can turn that away from cost cutting and deficit which is also important to economic opportunity social opportunity the kind of america we want for our children and grandchildren. >> bill, what about the factor of ryan being young? you mentioned generations. he's catholic. he hits the catholic vote, if you will, obviously joe bide ten is d -- joe biden is catholic himself, conservatives like yourself it gives awe jolt of
9:03 am
excitement in this race. how much do you think this factor as soon as>> i think the youth does factor a lot. paul ryan has won consistently in a district it's a swing district. about the average district held by a democrat until ryan wanted. wisconsin is mostly a democratic state. he made his experience making democrats and republicans. bill clinton had experience making his case as a democrat to moderate and conservative voters. paul ryan makes his case with moderate and moderate and liberal voters and democratic and independent voters in wisconsin. in that respect he's under rated he's a policy walk a friend of mine. i am biassed he's a good guy great family but he is a good politician. i think we will see that over the next three months. >> we should point out we are looking live and awaiting the remarks of governor bob mcdonald.
9:04 am
he will do the romney pick of paul ryan. we expect this to be very soon. delayed just a bit. steve haze in wisconsin going back to foreign policy you had a point that sound bite we played and charles reaction. >> as paul ryan understood he was under consideration to be mitt romney's running mate he has been under going a series or participating a series of intense policy briefings as some of the leading light on the center right in foreign policy and national security world including elliot abrams threat and kim kagan the brains behind the surge in iraq. ryan has been talking about foreign policy. he participated in an event at the council on foreign relations where he talked about the need to increase trade in the middle east back in december of 20009. he gave a speech in june of 2011
9:05 am
to the alexander hamilton society in which he talked at great length about the need to embrace american conceptionalism. what paul ryan has been saying on national security is entirely consistent with the case mitt romney mane making in the primaries but he is making in the case against barack obama. >> i should say the uss wisconsin in norfolk, if i misspoke there it's because not a lot of sleep overnight and not enough coffee this morning. steve you talk about the generational excitement. is that a factor? the youth vote we often talk about it can it factor in for republicans this stuff? >> i think it could. you go to a meeting with paul ryan he walks in with his ipod playing his ear buds in you ask what he is listening to led zeppelin or metallica.
9:06 am
i has some interesting habits, interesting hobbies i should say. he enjoys the sport of noodling which involving sticking your arm in the mouth of a fish. he's a bow hunter, an avid bow hunter. this is a guy we will learn as people get to know him a little bit better who has sort of an outside personality. big personality. he doesn't take himself too seriously but he has the kind of optimism that bill crystal was talking about that allows us to make the case that goes well beyond the austerity case that we have all come to know him for making on the national stage allows him to make a much more optimistic case about the direction of the country going forward. we are moenlts away from him introducing ryan. he is an optimistic person. >> welcome the governor of the
9:07 am
commonwealth of virginia... >> if you meet him he is optimistic. he doesn't send the attack dog. >> quickly your thoughts? >> i think he has the boy scout image he is young, attractive young family. i think he will be able to make the case and counter attack in a way they won't be angry and enemies. only a single piece of advice. i go light on the noodling stuff. (laughter) >> let's listen in to this introduction from the governor of virginia bob mcdonald. >> to all of you virginians i want to say thanks for having us here today. this is the mother of presidents, the birth place of democracy where just 405 years ago a couple miles away from here the greatest country on earth were giving birth to cape henry the united states of
9:08 am
america. great to be in hampton roads the home of more veterans than just about any place in the world. the home of the grates maif sri base in the wor-- greatest navyn the world. (cheers) >> all of you that are veterans raise your hands so we can give you a round of applause and say thank you for what you have done. (applause) you understand like the people that served on that ship for so many years and you understand like mitt romney freedom isn't free it takes the blood and sweat and tears of american men and women in uniform to keep us a free and great nation. i just want to say it's a treat to be here with a guy that i think was the greatest reform governor of the modern era who is going to be your next great united states senator george
9:09 am
allen. for you men and women in uniform or veterans you have no better friend than the united states congress than our great friend randy forbes and scott ridge. help them get re-elected. >> tit is a treat to be with ou great lieutenant governor chief jobs creation bill bollling. he has done a great jobs creating jobs in virginia but we have head winds in washington. won't it be easier creating jobs in virginia if we have a president mitt romney? >> i am delighted to be here with my wife the first lady and my sons my daughters. how about that veteran janeane mcdonald singing the national anthem. she do okay?
9:10 am
>> i am so delighted to have our next president here today. his opponent has been here a little bit. seems like every time he comes here he makes a little news. he was here last week and he said i want to you help me with this. he was here last week and he said if i don't win virginia i won't be president again. i want you to help him keep that promise. >> a couple months ago he came to virginia he said something i can't believe. i am still looking at the transcript to see if it was right. if you are successful in a business, you didn't build that somebody else made that happen. well ladies and gentlemen, i think that shows why we need a new president. that statement tells you everything you need to know. this is a president that does not understand the american free enterprise system and the great
9:11 am
american dream. we need a change. now let's suppose you were interviewing for a job or interviewing to get rehired, that's what the president is asking us to do. you got your resume trying to tell the boss the american people of 8.2 million people of virginia you want to get rehired. let's look at this resume of the president. he says how about jobs. we have had an 8 percent unemployment rate for 42 months. we have got the lowest number of entrepreneurs starting new businesses in over 30 years. not so good, mr. president. when it comes to energy his record is make it harder for people in the great new national gas to engage in tracking, making it harder to dispose of
9:12 am
nuclear materials so we can't build new nuclear power plants. refusing to allow virginians to use their god given natural resources off the coast of virginia to drill for oil and natural gas? when it comes to the debt. let's look at that record. the largest increase in the american national debt in the history of our country $5.2 trillion. all you young people here you are paying that bill. that's the record. no plan to get out of it only a budget that gets us to $25 trillion in debt by the year 2021. so i say if you walk into an employer and you have got that kind of resume there's only two words that come to mind. you are fired. >> thank god we have got a great choice this election. this election is about really
9:13 am
one thing. that is which candidate has the vision and the ideas to get the grates country on earth out of debt and back to work. you know, on the one hand we have this obama vision of more entitlements and more guarantees and more taxes and more government is the way to prosperity. mr. president, with all due respect that's failed america now for the last 3 and a half years. but then we have got the gop, the great opportunity party and its candidates. we have that incredible reagan, romney enthusiastic vision that recognizes the american dream that if you work hard and you dream big and he pursue opportunity and use your god given talents you can still be anything you want to be in this great land of freedom, america.
9:14 am
>> 100-years ago poor farm boy from mayo county ireland left on a ship landed in boston, massachusetts. that was my grandfather. he worked as a laborer in a glue factory and as a tanner. he never thought 100 years later his son would end up having the same job as patrick henry and thomas jefferson being governor of virginia. that's the united states of america the land of dreams and opportunities. so being an average middle class kid from fairfax county i am thrilled to be the governor of virginia. that's the heart and soul of this campaign for mitt romney doing things and putting policies in place that support and expand and offer hope and opportunity for our middle class families in america. governor romney put forth a visionary 5 point plan to be able to get people back to work promoting entrepreneur ship in
9:15 am
small business because you did build it and if you do you provide jobs and opportunity for other vehiclpeople. to get our great country out of debt by balancing a budget within the next will years. to be able to get people trained in the work force in math and science and the other disciplines necessary to create the work force of the future. to be able to have a sustainable energy future. this president has no plan but novrn another romney has a comprehensive plan to use all of our god given natural resources to promote american energy and independence. that will create jobs and opportunities for a long time. ladies and gentlemen you know the issues and ideas of mitt romney. but i want to say above all those policy issues that really
9:16 am
matters is heart and character and vision of passion. the scripture for lack of vision the people perish. just the op at this tiposite is. with vision the people prosper. one of the lone list places you can find is the inside of the oval office when the cabinet members and leave and advisors are gone the president of the united states has to have faith and know what they believe and make the right decisions for the people of the united states. that's what you get with mitt romney. he's a man of faith a man of principle, a man who has been successful as governor successful on the private sector successful running the olympics. he's a great family man five kids 18 grand kids. he has been incredibly generous to people all over the country and the world. he has an amazing passion and sris vision for the country. deep abiding love for america what it stands for and the great american dream. ladies and gentlemen please
9:17 am
welcome the next president of the united states, governor mitt romney. >> governor bob mcdonald of virginia. now we see coming off the uss wisconsin in norfolk virginia mitt romney who will introduce his vp pick paul ryan from wisconsin. >> thank you. wow, what a welcome. thank you so much virginia.
9:18 am
thank you so much. what a great governor you have what a pterrific man and a terrific leader. way to go. (chanting mitt) >> thank you so very much. it is great to be back in virginia and here in norfolk. your city's beauty is matched only by its proud heritage as a defender of freedom. thank you, virginia. thank you norfolk. today we take another step forward in helping restore the promise of america as we move forward in this campaign and on to help lead the nation to better days. it's an honor to announce my running mate and the next vice president of the united states, paul ryan.
9:19 am
(cheers and applause) >> his leadership begins with character and values. paul is a man of tremendous character shaped in large part by his early life. paul's father died when he was in high school. that forced him to grow up earlier than any man should. but paul did with the help of his devoted mother, his brothers and sister and a supportive community. as he did he internalized the virtues and hard-working effort of the midwest. paul ryan works in washington but his beliefs remain firmly rootd in janesville, wisconsin. he is a person of great steadiness whose integrity is
9:20 am
unquestioned and who's woord is good. in a city that is far too often characterized by at the time teeness and personal attacks paul ryan is a shining exception. dee demonize his opponents. he understands that honorable people can have honest differences and he appeals to the bitter angels of our nature a lot of people in the other party who might disagree with paul ryan. i don't know of any one who doesn't respect his character and judgment. paul is in public life for all of the right reasons. not to advance his personal ambition but advance the ideals of freedom and justice and to
9:21 am
increase opportunity and prosperity to every class and faith every age and ethnic background a faithful catholic paul believes in the worth and tig get of ev-- dignity of ever human life. with energy and vision paul ryan has become an intellectual leader of the republican party. he understand the fiscal challenges faces america exploding deficit and crushing debt and fiscal catastrophe that awaits us if we don't change course. he combines a profound sense of responsibility for what we owe the next generation with an unbounded optimism in america's future and understanding of all of the wonderful things the american people can do. paul also combines firm principles with a practical concern for getting things done. he has never been content to
9:22 am
simply curse the darkness he would rather light candles. through out his legislative career he has shown the ability to work with members of both parties to find common ground on some of the hardest issues confronting the american people. paul and i are beginning on a journey that will take us to every corner of america. we are offering a positive governing agenda that will lead to economic growth to widespread and shared prosperity and that will improve the lives of our fellow citizens oh oo our plan to strengthen the middle class will get america back to work and get our country back on track. we offer solutions that are bold, specific, and achievable
9:23 am
we offer our commitment to help create 12 million new jobs and to bring better take home pay to middle class families. to strengthen the middle class we will provide our workers and children with the skills to succeed. we will cut the deficit have trade that works for america and champion small business and finally we will unleash our energy resources to achieve north american energy independence. >> we will help care for those who can't care for themselves. we will return work to welfare.
9:24 am
as poverty has risen to historic and tragic level with nearly one out of every 6 americans now having fallen into poverty we will act to bring these families in a the middle class unlike the current president who has cut medicare funding by $700 billion we will preserve and protect medicare and social security and keep them there for future generations. and under the current president healthcare has only become more expensive. we are going to reform healthcare so that more americans have access to affordable healthcare and will get that certified repealing and replacing obama care. at a time when the president's campaign is taking american
9:25 am
politics to new lows, we are going to do something very differently. we are going to talk about aspirations and american ideas about bringing people together to serve, to solve the urgent problems facing our nation. when that message wins an america it will be a victory for every america. today is a good day for america and the days ahead. join me join me in welcome can the next president of the united states paul ryan.
9:26 am
9:27 am
>> right in front of the uss wisconsin. man. every now and then i am known to make a mistake. i did not make a mistake with this guy. i tell you this he is going to be the next vice president of the united states. governor romney ann, thank you.
9:28 am
i am deeply honored and excited to join you as your running mate. i want to tell you about mitt romney. mitt romney is a leader with the skills background and character our country needs at this crucial time in history. following four years of failed leadership the hopes of our country which have inspired the world are growing dim. they need somebody to revive them. governor romney is the man for this moment. he and i share one commitment. we will restore the greatness of
9:29 am
this country. i want you to meet my family. this is my wife jana. our daughter liza and sons charlie and sam. i am surrounded by the people i love. i have been asked by governor romney to serve the country i love. rl janesville wisconsin is where i was born and raised. i have never really left it. it's our home now.
9:30 am
for the last 14 years i have proudly represented wisconsin in congress. there i have focused on solving the problems that confront our country turning ideas into action and actions into solutions. i am committed in heart and mind to putting that experience to work in a romney administration. this is a crucial moment in the life of our nation. it is absolutely vital that we select the right man to lead america back to prosperity and greatness. that man is sitting right next to me. his name is mitt romney. he will be the next president of the united states of america.
9:31 am
my dad died when i was young. he was a good and decent man. there are a few things he would say that just always stuck with me. he would say, son, you are either part of the problem or part of the solution. regrettably, president obama has become part of the problem and mitt romney is the solution. the other thing my dad would always say is that every generation of americans leave their children better off. that is the american legacy. s sadly for the first time in our history we are on a path which will undo that legacy.
9:32 am
that is why we need new leadership to become part of the solution new leadership to restore prosperity economic growth and jobs. (applause) >> it is our duty to save the american dream for our children and theirs. i believe there is no person in america who is better prepared because of his experience because of the principles he holds and because of his achievements in excellence in so many different arenas to lead america at this point in our history. (applause)
9:33 am
let me say a word about the man mitt romney is about to replace. no one disputes that president obama inherited a difficult situation. in his first two years with his party in complete control in washington he passeded almost every item onis agenda. that didn't make things better. in fact we find ourselves a nation facing debt, doubt and despair. this is the worst economic recovery in 70 years. unemployment has been above 8 percent for more than 3 years. the longest run since the great depression. families are hurting. we had the largest deficit and the biggest federal government since world war ii. nearly one out of 6 americans are in poverty the worst rate in a generation. moms and dads are struggling to
9:34 am
make ends meet. household incomes dropped more than 4,000 dollars over the past four years. whatever the explanations or excuses this is a record of failure president obama and too many like him in washington have refused to make difficult decisions because they are more worried about their next election than they are about the next generation. we might have been able to get away with that before but not now. we are running out of time and we can't afford four more years of this.
9:35 am
s politicians from both parties have made empty promises which will soon become broken promises with painful consequences if we fail to act now. you represent a part of america that includes inner cities, rural areas, suburbs and factory towns. over the years i have seen and heard from a lot of families, from a lot of those who are running small businesses, and from people who are in need. what i have heard lately that's what trouble mes the most there's something different in their voice and their words. what i hear are dem lyiminished dreams lowered expectations uncertain futures. i heard some people say this is just the new normal.
9:36 am
higher unfloiment is not t-- hi unemployment and crushing debt is not a new normal. it is the result of misguided policies. we will begin a comeback with a plan for a stronger middle class that will lead to more jobs and more take home pay for working americans. naeshg is on the wrong -- america is on the wrong track but mitt romney and i will take the right steps in the right time to put us back on the right track. i believe that my record of getting things done in congress
9:37 am
will be very helpful compliment to governor romney as exec sieve and private sector success outside of washington. i have worked closely with republicans and democrats to work on economic growth fiscal discipline and job creation. i am proud to stand with a man whond stands whunderstand what to foster job creation in our economy. someone who knows from experience that if you have a small business you did build that. at bane cin capital he launched businesses and he turned around failing ones.
9:38 am
companies like staples, bright horizons, sports authority just to name a few. mitt romney created jobs and he knows how a free economy works. at the olympics we have the entire nation. as governor of massachusetts he worked with -- lower unemployment increased income and improved people's lives. in all these things mitt romney has shown himself to be a man of achievement, excellence and integrity.
9:39 am
jen and i tell liza, charlie and sam that america is a place where if you work hard and play by the rules you can get ahead. we look at one another auk success with pride not resentiments because we know that as more americans work hard, take risks, succeed, more people will prosper. our communities will benefit. individual lives will be uplifted and improved. america is more than just a place, though.
9:40 am
america is an idea. it's the only country founded on an idea. our rights come from nature and god not from government. that's who we are. that's how we built this country. that's who we are. that's what made us great. that's our country. we promise equal opportunity not equal outcomes. and this idea was founded on the principles of liberty, freedom,
9:41 am
free enterprise, self determination, and government by consent of the government. this idea, this idea is under assault. we have a critical decision to make as a nation. we are hon an unsustainable path that is robbing america of our freedom and security. it doesn't have to be this way. the commitment mitt romney and i make to you is this. we won't duck the tough issues, we will lead.
9:42 am
we won't blame others. we will take responsibility and we won't replace our founding principles, we will reapply them. that's what we will do. we will honor you, our fellow citizens by giving you the rights and opportunities to make the choice. what kind of country do we want to have? what kind of people do we want
9:43 am
to be? we can turn this thing around. we can. we can turn this thing around real solutions will be delivered but it will take leadership. the courage to tell you the truth. mitt romney is this kind of leader. i am excited for what lies ahead. i am thrilled to be a part of america's come back team and together we will unite america and get this done. thank you. thank you very much. thank you.
9:44 am
fm corn >> there you see the gop ticket for 2012 mitt romney and paul ryan the 7 term congress man from wisconsin. ryan saying president obama has become part of the problem. mitt romney is the solution. said that no one disputes that president obama inherited a tough economy. he said whatever the explanation whatever the excuse is, this is a failed record. that the administration is more worried about the next election than the next generation. talking about small business. he reprised the president's you didn't build that line. he got big applause when he said would he won't duck the tough issues we will lead. we won't blame. we will take responsibility as you look at the family there. mitt romney's introduction, he gave a biography of paul ryan. he said he doesn't demonize his opponents.
9:45 am
mitt romney said we will preserve medicare and social security which obviously is a key point as democrats will come after paul ryan's budget proposal. there was a moment in the troin introduction mitt romney said the next president of the united states in the introduction of paul ryan as he walked off the uss wisconsin. it looked like as mitt romney went to ann romney there you see in the pink. she said you said president. when paul ryan got to the podium, mitt romney came back up and said he made a mistake and reintroduced him as the next vice president of the united states. this is the ticket. this is the excitement that republicans in many corridors hoped for. now it is off to a bus tour of countries around the united states. senior political analyst brit hume from maine. what do you think of the ryan
9:46 am
selection and the speech this morning? >> i have long thought, brett, that this young man this exceptionally impressiveable young man paul ryan represented the future of the republican party. i think his selection as vice president accelerates the process by which he emerges in that role. vice presidential selections very seldom have a big effect on the outcome of election at hand. but they are very important for the future. the president nominated as vice president whether the ticket is elected or not emerges as a larger figure and kind of presumptive next candidate, and this i think will be a big leap forward in paul ryan's career which is already going places anyway and so whatever happens in the fall this set him up if he does well in the campaign which i assume he will to be a
9:47 am
leader in the future. if he is selected vice presidents think of how many have been extended to the presidency. >> britt, as you mentioned this does fire up a number of conservatives. one line that got a lot of applause there in norfolk our rights come from nature and god not from government. there frwere a number of referees to tough choices. seems like this election is going to become withone about b choices and big issues. >> i think they were quite right in saying this is a choice that will energize both sides. obama people will like this. specificity of the intelligent reforms they outline which are cuts to the vital benefits to the elderly and other vulnerable people will help them.
9:48 am
bein become a juicy car gtarget. the other point is ryan has been so specific and ambitious for his plans for entitlement reform that unifies a lot of the republican base who may have been concerned about romney behind him now. this will set up a good convention for romney. level of enthusiasm approaching not equalling the fire that sarah palin lit a few years ago we know how that turned out she hadn't advanced in the way we thought. it made her a historic figure. ryan will come close to that in terms of how the party received him. the issue will be joined. there will be a serious debate this fall about how to get one's arms around this problem with the entitlement spending which is unsustainable. all sides admit that the
9:49 am
question is what to do about it. ryan has a way. >> last thing. there will be criticism about his youth, with whether he is ready or day one. he was considering a run for president himself according to many sources. what about that criticism in the wake of all of the experience he has had in a short amount of time at 42 sfwh>> i think he will pass the could he be president test pretty well. earlier you played a sound bite from your interview with him in which you were asking him about the foreign policy questions he spoke with some authority and knowledge ability about them. i suspect he will be able to do that and put to rest any misgivings people have about him. he is young but he has experience most in the budgetary and economic era. as a starting member of the house you have to vote on the issues all of the time. he is the kind of person that absorbs energy -- absorbs
9:50 am
information vacuums it up. i suspect he will do very well. don't think there is any doubt he will farewell in a debate with vice president biden. >> brit hume joining us live on the phone. in norfolk virginia shaking hands with the new gop ticket mitt romney and paul ryan. joining me from portland oregon karl roaf. your thoughts on this pick, this speech, and the imagery here. >> first of all vice presidential picks oft times say more about the presidential candidate than the vice presidential candidate. that's the case today. last november governor romney gave a speech on reform not much watched at the time not much attention made to it but he embraced the radio he form of the social institutions reform of the budget process serious effort to reduce the deficit. he talked earlier in the spring about tax reform.
9:51 am
by his choice he signalled this will be the focus of his fall campaign a reformed conservatism aimed at getting the country's fiscal house in order. paul ryan will be an excellent partner to governor romney in this. bold or comfortable another choice political or governing but he choose bold and choose governing. >> karl i asked you from the strategist's point of view, what does this do to states? obviously wisconsin perhaps changes a few points but here in florida where i am sitting does it change the equation? >> democrats are going to jump in saying we did so well with the television ad where we had a paul ryan like character pushing grandpa mas over the cliff. seniors are deeply concerned about the deficit. paul ryan will be able to patiently explain to them what
9:52 am
he and governor romney advocate. several commentator rs earearlid they house budget. this year 533 billion in medicare. the house budget plans contemplates 10 years spending 8 r5 5 billion, 10 years from now on medicare about a 70 percent increase in what the annual out lay. it calls for spending 3 percent less than we would otherwise be spending. by doing that and other changes we are able to bring the budget into balance by 2025 and bring america on a path to fiscal health. the president doesn't have a plan to ever balance the budget. it calls forever increasing deficit much bigger than those that greece is suffering today. paul ryan is a great campaigner. his district was carried by barack obama al gore twice.
9:53 am
he went to the mid to high 60s. he is able to frame these issues. he and governor romney will carry the fight against democrats on deficit spending and america's growth. >> karl rove thank you so much. we will talk to you tomorrow about the electoral map and the states of joe trip pee. thank you for the time this morning from oregon. >> let's go back to karl cameron in norfolk before the bus leaves, karl, check in with you about the atmosphere there and the speech itself. >> well, obviously a powerful speech with paul ryan who wasted no time criticizing president obama saying his fight to budget the economy failed. he they have clashed face to face on more than one occasion when it comes to issues on the federal budget. mitt romney is great day of excitement and enthusiasm. he had been showing a certain
9:54 am
degree of bump in his step. we were told it wouldn't come from several days. the campaign tried to build the surprise thought they could mitt romney seemed a bit sur prides. certainly surprised his audience when he introduced mr. ryan as the next president and jokingly corrected himself a moment later. the ticket is shaking hands. it was an excited crowd in norfolk, virginia. this is the beginning of what will be a very, very intense period for the candidate and newly announced running mate. the convention is only 2 and a half weeks away and the two will not only complete this bus tour but they will set out to hit a whole number of battle grond states between now and the convention. the idea is to put them on offense and continue with the two some the republicans believe has the type of credibility vigor and enthusiasm to unite the country and bring moderate
9:55 am
independent swing voters to a ticket that is meant to signal a true and hard fast commitment to significant changes. there has been an awful lot of talk in this campaign about missing the point focusing on day-to-day back and forth attacks own both sides. with paul ryan on mitt romney's ticket it is almost certainty there will be a debate about serious ways to correct the budget problem eliminate the crushing debt. paul ryan in his 7 terms in congress choose to be the youngest chairman of the house committee ever he did so with a tough articulate approach to fixing things. he is now adding it to the romney campaign. they hit the campaign in moments. i am getting the hook i have to get on the bus where we can head over to wrap up today's events. >> great job as always. we will talk to you later on today. let's get more from our panel back in washington our fox expert bill crystal editor of the weekly standard. democratic strategist joe tripy
9:56 am
and syndicated economist charles kraut hammer and milwaukee wisconsin steve haze editor of the weekly standard. a couple stats here. we talked about age earlier. 42 is the age of paul ryan as he is now mitt romney's choice for vp. 43 was how old jfk was, john f. kennedy when he was elected president in 69 the oldest president elected was ronald reagan. just stats as we put some per spoektive perspective on things. charles as you look at the imagery mitt romney and paul ryan in norfolk. your thoughts and what this ticket really symbolizes? >> i think the picture doesn't change the dynamics of the race. mitt romney is a guy who could do a better job i know how to fix the economy.
9:57 am
the other guy is a failure. it was a star let choice he's a better democrat. when you look at the two there are two things different than ryan's presence on the flplatfo. the first is youth. he has the future. he has a youthful look. if you like kennedy he iesque youthfulness. the argument from stewardship of who can do a better job to ideas. when ryan spoke about he mentioned our rights are from nature and god, that is a fairly fundamental idea. it isn't even a policy. it's a philosophy. he wants to make the debate about the philosophy of government and the policies that follow. i think by doing this they are now running on what is essentially an argument known to the status quo. it's a complete reversal of 2008
9:58 am
obama in 2008 was hope and change. you don't want status quo we have got ideas. he succeeded in doing that. now here are the republicans four years later saying you had your shots at charisma with this idea of hope and change. it's not hope and change it's a dismal declining america. we have the ideas and policies. we are willing to lead from in front. it is dynamic about future ideas and change. change is now on the side of republicans where as it was on the policy of this side of the democrats in 2008 they can make a coherent case of that as we heard ryan doing in his introductory remark. >> we have heard initial reaction from the obama
9:59 am
campaign. quote the architect of the radical republican house budget is how it starts. you heard that speech from paul ryan your thoughts about the messaging there and how it might play around the country? >> i thought it was an excellent speech by ryan. being the first time on the stage for vp pick it was one of the better performances i can recall. what is amazing about this is how far the seed changes happen during this campaign. romney started the campaign wanting it to be a referendum on obama. they wanted to make it a choice between romney's experience at bain and taxes and things. the pick today if you look during the summer things didn't go so well trying to make a refer run dumb. it wasn't working. romney stayed close but


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