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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  August 11, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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tough issues like medicare and failing to turn around our economy. >> this is the worst economic recovery in 70 years. unemployment has been above 8 about percent for more than three years. the longest run since the great depression. families are hurting. higher unemployment. declining incomes and crushing debt is is not a new normal! >> well, tonight we are learning more about how governor romney made his decision which apparently caught even some of his own staffers off-guard. caught carl cameron off-guard. he is riding along with governor romney. you were on the set with me last night and said no, they are not going to announce a running mate until after the bus tour. what happened. >> that is what we were told day after day after day from staffers who didn't know what was going on with the supervisors right above them and there was really only two.
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mitt romney himself and the head of his vice presidential search effort beth myers. they kept it close to the vest. even talk there was a plan perhaps to have done the announcement not today but even yesterday but pushed it back because of the sikh temple shooting in order to allow for ma memorial and tragedy to get a day behind them. an opportunity for the candidate to liven his campaign. we saw it it today. a new bounce in mitt romney's step and paul ryan and mitt romney complement one another on the stage and there was a moment in fact when paul ryan himself showed a little bit of h his ability to criticize the president as well as compliment the man at top of the ticket. here is paul ryan. >> now, we need leadership. we don't need attack. we don't need blame. we need leadership. we need someone of principle. someone of achievement. someone of integrity. that man is standing next to me he. his name is mitt romney and he
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is going to be the next president of the united states! >> reporter: paul ryan endorsed mitt romney in the republican primaries early on. mr. romney made his decision on august 1 and so until just recently most of his staff didn't even know and last night at 11:00 when we broke the story that the announcement would be today it caused staffers from all over the east coast to come descending here in a panic. they didn't have in the first few events the romney ryan signs or logo. they had to build up the venue you this morning at the uss, wisconsin, to make it ready for the big announcement because it wasn't where it originally had been planned to be. >> shepard: interesting. the governor talked about the congressman's budget plan. the ryan plan today. >> reporter: he did, indeed. and the ryan budget is meant to republicans to signify a commitment to serious change. to tightening the government's fiscal belt, shrinking the size of government, balancing the budget and ultimately writing the economy with a progrowth
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approach. there are those who suggest it could be a problem but when you listen to mitt romney he is very, very excited about it. listen. >> washington is a place where a lot of people get by just throwing stones at one another. but he took a different approach. he tried to reach across the aisle with friends in our party and people on the other side of the aisle. he is one of those who realizes that honest people can have honest differences and so he has worked with democrats and republicans to work on major pieces of legislation that help people. >> reporter: and while democrats argue that the ryan budget what they are now referring to as the romney ryan budget is too extreme and cuts too drastically. one are the democrats that paul ryan reached across the aisle to was oregon democratic u.s. senator ron widen who cosponsored the ryan budget in the u.s. senate. it didn't get taken up and didn't get passed. when democrats criticized the
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ryan budget as extreme watch for mitt romney and paul ryan to point out one of their own was a cosponsor of it. and that there are some democrats who want to take a more aggressive approach to trying to get the nation's house in order. >> shepard: carl cameron live in virginia this evening. the democrats are going after congressman ryan saying it would gut medicare. president obama's campaign already out with a new ad calling the proposal extreme. ed henry is our main man at the white house and there today and the democrats did not waste any time going after paul ryan. >> that's right. tweets and text messages and the new ad you mentioned all on the same talking point. paul ryan is radical. has an extreme agenda. will be in the words of the democrats a rubber stamp for the republicans on capitol hill. if you look at the statement from the campaign manager over in chicago it was blistering. "the architect of the radical house budget ryan like romney
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proposed an additional $250,000 tax cut for millionaires. deep cuts in education. also ends medicare as we know it, shifting thousands of dollars in healthcare costs to seniors. as a member of congress ryan rubber stamped the reckless bush economic policies that exploded our deficit and crashed the economy. got all the rs in there. rubber stamped. reckless, radical. the president ignored shouted questions from reporters about paul ryan. he is trying to remain above the fray. remember the negative attacks. the cancer ad. questions about whether it will about put a dent into the president's likability ratings. >> having congressman ryan front and center allowed them to get away from the jobs problems at least as part of the narrative? >> all along they wanted the campaign to be what they call a
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choice election about the next four years who has a better plan for that. not about the last four years. since that is not so good for the president in terms of his record because there have been a lot of challenges. he is the first to acknowledge that. paul ryan tried to say wait a second, it will be about both. about the future but he is also not going to forget about the past. take a listen to ryan. >> he didn't do things that were centrist. he stayed hard left. so if it he can't run on his record, if he didn't moderate what has he got left? he is going to divide and distract this country to win an election by default. and you know what? we are not going to fall for that. >> reporter: next move for paul ryan you heard from it carl are is continuing the bus tour through battleground states. the president has a bus tour of his own starting monday in iowa for three whole days. big battleground state. and paul ryan going one on one with vice president biden october 11. only one debate, october 11 in
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kentucky. >> should be fascinating. ed henry at the white house working a saturday for us. thanks a lot. congressman ryan has served seven terms in the u.s. house. a catholic who voted against gay marriage and against the repeal of don't ask don't tell but it is his controversial budget plan that helped hypocrisy him to the national stage. peter doocy live in washington with a closer look at that. hello, peter. >> reporter: mitt romney's new running mate says his plan would balance the budget by 2040 but congress needs to reform entitlements and cut $5 trillion in spending over a decade, repeal obama care and enforce is medicaid cuts. he tried to explain to the masses why he supports such deep cuts with a flashy online video and said the whole plan is to offer an alternative to the president's ideas. >> we feel we have a moral and legal obligation if we don't like the direction the president is take the country if we tonight want to see a debt crisis we should do something about it. we have a law that says
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congress has to pass a budget every year. we think we he should follow the law. the senate for three years today has decided not to follow that law. >> reporter: but president obama has said that he thinks congressman ryan's budgets are trojan horse and that republicans want to impose a radical vision on the country disguised as deficit reduction plan. >> by gut the very things we need to grow an economy that is little to last, education and training, research and development, our infrastructure, it is a prescription for decline. >> the president's own budget got zero total votes in the house and senate earlier this year and congressman ryan's plan fail the senate as well 58-41 but did manage to pass the republican controlled house 228-191. and the folks out in iowa are going to hear both sides of this argument one half at a time the day after tomorrow because both the president and mr. ryan are set to campaign there. >> shepard: peter doocy live in washington.
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thanks a lot. we will speak with political experts who have a lot of experience running presidential campaigns and ask them what they think about governor romney he's choice of a running mate. the republican strategist and campaign ed rollins and our own democratic strategist and host of the five boc bob beckel com. and our first look at the romney ryan logo. see it there? some signs of support. the rest of the days news coming from the journalists of fox news on this special edition of this saturday fox report. with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! pizza!!!!! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! put it on my spark card! [ high-pitched ] nice doin' business with you! [ garth ] why settle for less?
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>> shepard: congressman paul ryan wasted no time going after president obama. it is the attack dog is sort of the job of the vice presidential candidate and he claimed that the president is responsible for a record of failure. and that though talk -- the talk may be just behe beginning because history tells us the vice presidential candidate traditionally plays the attack dog roll. and congressman ryan already has a record of taplin tanglinh the president. >> i would submit we can do more and start now. you also said that you you want to take a scalpel to the budget and go through it line by line. we want to give you that scalpel. why not start freezing spending now. we are all representatives of the american people and do town hall meetings and talk to our constituents. the american people are engaged and if you think they want a government takeover of healthcare i would respectfully submit you are not listening to them.
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>> a plan that claims to reduce the deficit by spending a trillion dollars on tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. >> shepard: now, that congressman ryan's name is on the ticket the back and forth has the potential to get a lot more heated. bob beckel was the campaign manager for walter mondale. and cohost of the five. >> thank you for mentioning the mondale campaign. i appreciate it. >> shepard: you're welcome. democrats seem -- >> giddy. >> shepard: giddy. >> we don't get it. we were expecting marco rubio because it made so much sense. without florida, romney can't win. vice presidents don't usually continue states. in a state like, florida, which is so close rubio could have made a difference. this one i don't get. i mean i just. >> shepard: you mentioned
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florida. the narrative on medicare turning it into a voucher system that is something that i am guessing the democrats will use h heavily in a state with so many retirees, florida and a state you have to win. >> i would say use it so heavily -- i will give them credit. they had a nice opening day but the problem is that romney's whole pitch has been jobs and the economy. now, the argument is going to be paul ryan's plan and that includes some ver didn't versil things and gives us an opening to keep going at that and keep romney off the message of jobs and employment. i don't understand that. >> shepard: reading around on the liberal sites on the web they are reminding us that two thirds of the ryan budget cuts go directly at poor people and the middle class. that those budget cuts -- i'm guessing that is what we will hear from democrats loudly. >> you will hear it over and over and over again. and people for example under the plan that he has got people
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who make a million four get a $400,000 tax break. if you want to talk about class war fare they gave us substance behind the class war fare and that is one of ryan's problems. medicare and cuts and keep defense the way it is. social security, mess with that. argue it is a bold plan but a bold plan that is fundamentally changing. a friend of mine that is a republican said to me whenever republicans touch medicare they lose and it is true. a dangerous place for them to be treading. and about an attack dog, ryan may have sounded tough there. you can take chris christie who is an attack dog, this guy is a what way way. >> the righchihuahua. >> democrats must be worried about those things. >> the money is already there. the votes that paul ryan
7:16 pm
presumably would attract are already there. they are are going to be out there against obama anyway. the key was to try to get somebody who could bring constituent icy like rubio he wouldn't have in hispanics. but what you got by having ryan is you got senior citizens which are voting republican that is in jeopardy. middle class voters who now all of a sudden look at this and notwait a minute i'm hot getting my fair share on tax breaks. romney gave his plan which was very vague. this is specific. they voted on it and passed it. it is a republican plan and romney endorsed it. now, they have it and that is what we will go after. >> bob beckel, thank you. >> when it comes to presidential politics the state of wisconsin has not voted republican since '84. mitt romney is looking to change that. we heard the democratic side and we will speak to a veteran republican political consultant. the widely respected ed rollins is with us and why he calls the
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choice of paul ryan a bold one. that is next on this special edition of "the fox report." ♪ [ acoustic guitar: slow ] [ barks ] ♪ [ upbeat ] [ barks ] beneful playful life is made with energy-packed wholesome grains... and real beef and egg. to help you put more play in your day.
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>> shepard: mitt romney made it official and chose congressman paul ryan as his running mate. he endorsed governor romney at a critical time during the republican primaries back at the end of march. now, the romney campaign is looking for congressman ryan to provide another boost and this time all the way to the white house. ed roll rollins a gop political consultant. former campaign manager for michele bachmann and mike huckabee and fox news political analyst and contributor. paul ryan, how do you think? >> beckel laid out what the democrats are going to do and i don't disagree with what he says. my counter to that, a bright guy that can articulate and knows more about the budget
7:21 pm
than anybody. fiscal responsibility is important. somebody has to indict this administration for the things they have done and failed to do. he knows a lot more about the budget than obviously romney does. at the end of the day you have to win with the candidate. it has to be o romney who wins these states and it is not fair to say that he can't carry florida or he can't i mean the vice president. at the end of the day, romney has to do that. i think he will help romney basically energize our base. you are not going to sit here on fox news and watch all of my colleagues here sit here and pound the hell ought of the candidate because they love this guy and they will be thussed as will conservatives across the country and tea party and that is important two weeks to go to the convention. the last two weeks romney has gotten beat up resty good and lost some ground. this will give a new energy and get ready for the convention. even starting in the fall start even and go full bore. >> shepard: the narrate ives seem to be prior to this pick president obama has done a horrible job, we immediate change, bring in mitt romney he
7:22 pm
will fix the budget problems and get people back to work. not a lot of specifics and campaign insiders will tell you by design. now, you have a lot of specifics to work with. >> i don't think the ryan budget will be the one thing they want to debate from here on. it passed the house and didn't pass the senate. it is a foundation and certainly mitt romney has endorsed it up to this point in time. many of the principles can be articulated. campaigns are hard places to go out and explain big budgetary figures but in this particular case the crisis is so severe and the failure of this administration to lead is so overwhelming that i think this guy can basically make a very significant job of explaining a lot of that. >> shepard: paul ryan is very much admired in conservative circles. well, known up there. at only 42 years old his rise ic. been meteor glick in >> he has been in congress for 14 years. i was close to jack kemp and he
7:23 pm
basically picked this young guy as sort of his last protege before he passed on. ryan was at the key of jack kemp the great economic advisor to regan. bill bennett, a young age he learned a lot. in the 14 years of congress nothing but rise. beat out a lot of senior members. another guy who is chairman of the budget committee former fox contributor john kasek. >> see if he can win, wisconsin. >> we haven't won regan's campaign since i beat beckel or regan beat beckel i didn't beat beckel. i said if beckel would have run beakle would have won all 50 states. i'm not bitter. love bob beck.
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>> leaders of both parties on capitol hill weighing in on governor romney's new running mate and we are hearing from some people the governor did not choose. that coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and top of the news on a saturday "fox report." .. to experience the largest, most efficient line of luxury hybrids on the road, including the all-new esh. ♪ while many automakers are just beginning to dabble with the idea of hybrid technology... ♪'s already ingrained in our dna. during the golden opportunity sales event, get great values on some of our newest models. this is the pursuit of perfection. [ "human" by the human league playing ] humans. we mean well, but we're imperfect creatures living in a beautifully imperfect world. it's amazing we've made it this far. maybe it's because when one of us messes up, someone else comes along to help out.
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[tires screeching] >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. republicans and democrats squaring off over the choice of the s & vice president candid. house speaker john boehner said paul ryan is a great leader and will be a great partner to governor romney in his efforts to get our country back on track. harry reid taking aim at the congressman's budget plan and statement reads in part by picking representative paul ryan governor romney has doubled down on his commitment to gut social security and end medicare as we know it.
7:28 pm
we also heard today from some of those who analysts once considered frontrunners for the vp slot. awkward. doug is live in washington. >> first, governor chris christie of new jersey. a team that understands the economic stagnation our country has been facing and the urgency with which we need to change course. senator rubio tweeted "a truly inspired choice." romney, ryan ticket will get the fiscal house in order and get americans working again. a rick santorum tweet now. fiscal sanity he said is back. and this from ryan's home state governor -- >> i have known paul throughout the years and just know him as a man who is probably the smartest person i know in politics yet he is one of the most humble people i know in politics. >> and from the blogosphere,
7:29 pm
iowa hawk fired off this stinger of a tweet. paul ryan represents obama's most horrifying nightmare, math. house minority leader nancy pelosi. there is no question that former governor romney now owns the republican ryan budget that puts millionaires aheaded of medicare and the middle class. ranking member of the house budget committee called ryan's vision a souped up version of bush trickle down economics and this from the national education association "by selecting ryan romney has doubled down on the view that opportunity is only for those who can afford it" is. and judging from those reactions and many, many others the narrative of this race, shep, has now changed at least for today. >> shepard: certainly sounds like it. thanks very much. doug on capitol hill. the last time voters sent a member of the house of representatives directly to the vice presidency, do you
7:30 pm
remember it? 1932. texas democrat named john garner won with fdr. vice president garner. since then the major parties have nominated only u.s. representatives for vice president on two other occasions but you neither won. today one of the earliest vp announcements we have seen. 16 days before the party convention. the only time an earlier choice was back in 2004 when senator john kerry chose senator john edwards 20 days before the democratic convention. get to the political reporter for the website real clear politics .com. great to see you. thank you. >> you, too. >> shepard: almost feels like one game has ended and a new game with different goals and different rules has begun, doesn't it? >> it sure does. the olympics actually haven't ended yet. they end, of course, tomorrow and everyone expected that mitt romney was going to wait until after the olympics were over to make his decision. the fact that he tried to do it
7:31 pm
right before the olympics ended shows that he really wants to change the conversation, the election debate wasn't really going his way. the dialogue was just bad after he had that overseas trip with a couple of gaffes and the polls were trending in the president's direction so he really wanted to change the narrative with this pick. >> shepard: and beating him up on taxes and the fact he is not releasing all of his tax returns though he is not required to history says that is what folks do. how to they have a lot of -- now they have a lot of specifics to work on with the ryan budget plan. sometimes in campaigning specifics no matter what they are can get you in trouble. >> they sure can. and the house democrats are very excited about getting to run against paul ryan and the ryan budget. of course, something he has been talking about for several years now. 2010.n't work in 21st century the republicans picked up a ton of seats in the house and some in the senate as well. but they are excited about it. but the chairman of the democratic congressional campaign committee today said this is great for them because it was a match made in
7:32 pm
millionaire's h heaven but a nightmare for seniors and look for democrats to be excited about how they can campaign against paul ryan in florida specifically with the idea that the ryan budget would slash medicare. >> shepard: what specifically from your reporting and from those with whom you have had conversations what specifically does paul ryan bring in the way of energizing aside from the fact that he has bona fide conservative chops that maybe the governor from massachusetts didn't have? >> for one thing he is very exciting. obviously a much younger candidate. several years younger than the president. he is only 42. and so in some respects republicans think here that they can narrow the gap with obama on the younger demographic, the 1 18 to 29-year-old vote that is so important that helped president obama over the edge in 2008. it could help with suburban women as well. paul ryan is a young father and appeals to families. so in many ways he is a different kind of pick from mitt romney. he is not the sort of boring pick that some republicans
7:33 pm
thought that they might get and some of the older possibilities on that short list. >> shepard: if they were to have gone with a safe list and you can throw out the names if you want, they are out there. gone with a safe pick that doesn't change the narrative. is this a tacid acknowledgement that things weren't going the way they wanted and they wanted to blow this thing up? >> mitt romney i will tell you this really likes paul ryan and this is a really important thing in picking a vice president. paul ryan was always mitt romney's favorite. he got to know paul ryan in 2009 and 2010 when started working with house republicans on their initiatives and always thought that paul ryan was a really smart guy and that is part of what is behind this. it was his favorite all along. >> shepard: no question that president obama's liberal base the very liberal base of his party has not been all together pleased with his presidency and all that he has done. is it fair to say that this
7:34 pm
could very well energize and unite the republican base so that it might come out and vote in bigger numbers? because that is what they need. >> oh, no question. and, of course, we have seen over the last couple of weeks conservatives urging the romney campaign to pick paul ryan. they haven't been very happy with the romney campaign in many respects. they don't think mitt romney is doing the best job. and they wanted to see someone like paul ryan or marco rubio. of course, it will energize the republican base and help get them out to the polls. it could hurt with independents and that is what we have yet to see. >> shepard: going to be interesting going ahead. great to see you always, erin from real clear politics .com. the current vice president joe biden made a phone call to the man who wants his job. the obama campaign reports the vice president called congressman ryan to welcome him to the race. vice president biden is looking forward ton to engaging the congressman on the clear choices voters face this
7:35 pm
november. the only debate in danville, kentucky. vice president is 27 years older than congressman ryan. the biggest gap since 1904. other news today. the feds investigating a fire at one of the nation's largest oil refinery. now, they say they know what could have caused the disaster that may send gas prices skyrocketing. the latest on the investigation and surge in health claims coming ahead. plus, the united states teaming up with a former syrian ally to prepare for what may be a chemical attack and potential fallout of the -- of the fall of the syrian president. it is beginning to sound like noise, isn't it? a civil war in syria. it is serious and affects us all. a
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>> shepard: the national democratic party platform committee today officially endorsed gay marriage for the first time. the platform calls for a repeal of the federal law that defines marriage as only a union of a man and a woman. it also supports the equal treatment under law for same sex couples and the freedom of churches and religious groups to decide how you to administer marriages without government interferences. the platform is a broad statement of the democratic party priorities. back in may, president obama said he personally supports gay marriage. the feds investigating the fire at one of the nation's largest oil refineries say corrosion on a decades old pipe may have
7:39 pm
caused that disaster. be on monday, fire sent plumes of black smoke throughout the san francisco bay area. thousands of people have filed health claims and gas prices on the west coast soared nearly $4 a gallon for regular unleaded. investigators with the u.s. chemical safety board said they are trying to figure out why chevron didn't replace the pipe in question when the company had a major inspection last november. chevron runs the refinery. a spokesman for the company says we agree that this is a serious incident that warrants thorough investigation. we are cooperating with all regulatory agencies and are committed to better understanding the root cause of this incident "blah, blah, blah. to the civil war in syria. officials from the united states and turkey today agreed to work together to prepare for a worst case scenario in syria. really of series of them. secretary of state hillary clinton said they will create a through group that will tighten the coordination between the united states and turkish
7:40 pm
intelligence and military services. according to secretary clinton the group will prepare for a number of emergencies in syria including the possibility of a chemical weapons attack. you will recall in july a syrian official threatened to use chemical weapons in case of a foreign attack. it is important to note activists estimate more than 21,000 people have died in the syrian uprising since last march. turkey is a former syrian ally. it fiercely criticized the syrian president and his regime. turkey also hosts syrian opposition group along the border between the two countries. steve harrigan live for us in istanbul along the stream. steve? >> secretary of state clinton met with the tushish prime minister and foreign minister and syrian opposition figures and made clear when it comes to u.s. policy towards the 17 months of violence inside syria the u.s. has one overarching goal. >> we have to be very he careful and we have to do it in
7:41 pm
a way that always keeps in mind our goal number one is to hasten the end of the blood shed in the assad regime. >> meantime, the fighting continues in syria's largest city of aleppo. for the past two weeks government forces have been trying to drive out the rebels. the government has the advantage of air power. using war planes as well as helicopter gunships. the rebels have no answer to that air power. they have been calling for antiaircraft guns and antitank weapons. much of the aid they received so far including from the u.s. is nonlee shall in the form of communications equipment. the situation is dire and getting worse. more than 50,000 civilians fled across the border north to turkey. they are coming at a rate of a thousand a day. humanitarian organizations say the situation for as many as 2 million civilians inside of syria is dire because of fighting. shepherd, back to you. >> steve streaming live from
7:42 pm
istanbul tonight. steve, thanks. an alleged terror plot foiled and the suspects under arrest as fox reports tonight. security forces say they planned to bomb a shopping mall with a remote controlled plane. it tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. spain. defense officials released video showing three terror suspects testing a model airplane packed with explosives. the plan was to reportedly set it off inside a shopping mall. pictures show the hideout where the explosives were allegedly stored. the suspects all arrested and facing terror charges. india. protests turned violent in mumbai. demonstrators throwing stones and bottles and even attacking police with sticks. protesters jun set about reported discrimination against muslims in neighboring berma.
7:43 pm
a dam collapse washes away homes, cars and just about everything else. at least 11 people dead. many villagers were asleep when the dam broke only to wake up surrounded by the rising waters. state tv shows crews moving in to clean up the mess. russia. a special air show celebrating the 100th anniversary of russia's air force. dozens of planes some dating back to world war ii filled the skies. planes flew in formation, even spelled out 100 for the occasion. russian president vladimir putin attended with many of his top generals. that is a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: paul ryan, seven-term congressman but has a lot going on besides politics. coming up what you may not have known about representative ryan including his habit of going fishing with his bea bare hand. there are more people taking more medication,
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>> shepard: it was kind of a funnily little glitch today in governor romney's historic announcement. see if you can catch it. >> join me in welcoming the next president of the united states paul ryan. every now and then i'm known to make a mistake. i did not make a mistake with this this guy but i can tell you this he will be the next vice president of the united states! >> shepard: to be fair, remember this -- >> so let me introduce to you the next president -- the next vice president of the united states of america joe biden! >> shepard: see, there, it is tradition. and then vice president biden called the president barack
7:48 pm
america. congressman paul ryan worked as a waiter, a fitten trainer. back in high school a salesman for oscar mayer with a new product called lungables. he was all over that. that job led into driving the infamous wiener mobile just one time but that is all it took. steve brown with more on the representative ryan from his hometown of janesville, wisconsin. these days the congressman is is all about his health. he is a gym rat. >> he is a gym rat. and that is largely because of his life experiences at age 6 he found his father dead from a heart attack at a young age. father, grandfather, great grandfather all died in their 50s. he is very much a gym rat. on fox news on his birthday he was offered a cake he replied thanks but no thanks. >> you don't have to eat it. i'm not going to. >> you don't eat sweets? >> not really. i gave it up a long time ago.
7:49 pm
>> up until now i very much enjoyed your acquaintance, sir. >> appreciate it. >> for hobbies he bow hunts and catfish noodles. barehanded catfish fishing. >> he might not be working for governor romney as a running mate, huh? '98 when first ran for congress powers to be wanted him to run for state senate. scott fitzgerald was then a freshman sent down to talk ryan into running for senate. fitzgerald failed. >> after about a 15 minute conversation i could see that he had his heart set on running for congress and. >> why didn't you talk him out of it. in. >> i kind of shrugged it off and said good luck, i don't think he will make it but kind of underestimated him at that point. >> very few people underestimate paul ryan now. >> bet that is the case.
7:50 pm
steve live in janesville wisconsin. now, to his running mate and his board, on the board, governor romney's bus tour is about to take a detour. did you hear about this? the campaign reports it suddenly has a lot more spending money. ooh, the numbers in. wait until you see this. [ thunk ] sweet!
7:51 pm
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governor huckabee in his program live just five minutes ago, five minutes from now on live from iowa tonight and then
7:53 pm
"hannity" is in live and greta in live on a saturday night. wow. continuing coverage of governor romney's vice presidential pick. first, a plane plunges into a suburb and tops our news across america. california. a small plane crashes into the front yard of a home in los angeles, killing the pilot. f.a.a. officials say the plane reported an emergency as it approached the airport for landing. nobody on the ground was hurt. no word on what caused the crash. ohio. a wildlife show in cleveland goes horribly wrong. a train are tries to circle around behind an alligator when his arm gets a little too close. >> oh, my god. >> the gator bit down hard applying thousands of pounds of pressure. quick thinking saved his arm and probably his life. >> the idea that he grabbed ahold of the alligator when bit him kept him from being able to roll over which would have caused severe damage.
7:54 pm
>> the trainer is okay. only needing a few stitches to close the wound. back be to the golden state. a mysterious cry for help coming from an abandoned home. a man stuck inside the chimney. >> somebody is in there crying and sure enough there was. >> police say he hid from officers sweeping the neighborhood for swatters. rescue crews sent a harness down and told him how to put it on because they couldn't get to him. he eventually got it on and they got him to the hospital. governor mitt romney adding another stop to the battleground state bus tour now. in honor of his new running mate. ing thepaign is report the candidates start their day in north carolina tomorrow as they planned from the beginning but that is when the change starts. then they will head to wisconsin for what they are calling a home coming rally for congressman ryan.
7:55 pm
>> paul ryan works in washington with us but his roots reminute firmly rooted from janesville, wisconsin. >> it is our home now. i represent a part of america that includes inner cities, rural area, suburbs and factory towns. >> shepard: on monday congressman ryan will visit the iowa state fair just as president obama kicks off a campaign is swing through that state. tonight, the president is not commenting on governor romney's new running mate. in fact, he sort of avoided those questions today. but the president's staffers and supporters certainly are. campaign manager says and i "the architect of the radical republican house budget ryan like romney proposed an additional $250,000 tax cut for millionaires and deep cuts in education from head start to college aid." it goes on to say "his plan would end medicare as we know it by turning it into a voucher system, shifting thousands of dollars in healthcare costs to
7:56 pm
seniors. governor romney says congressman ryan's plan would save medicare for future generations. the romney campaign reports it has raised more than $2 million just since the governor introduced his new running mate this morning. >> shepard: and on this day in 1984. ronald reagan was the president. and remember how much he joked around from time to time? well, on this day in that year he was joking about bombing russia. it it was during h his reelection campaign. here is how it went down. president regan cracked the joke ahead of a sound check for his weekly radio address and said with the microphone open i have signed legislation that will outlaw ar russia forever. we begin bombing in five minutes. the reporters in the room laughed. it was an obvious joke. everybody knew it. when the comments leaked
7:57 pm
foreign news outlets called president regan an irresponsible old man and the soviets briefly put troops on high alert. it was quite a show. but the president's lips did not sink any ships. 28 years ago today. and now you know the news. for this saturday, august 11, 2012. i'm shepard smith. thanks for being with us. all back on monday. harris in tomorrow neat "the fox report." mike huckabee live from iowa and rick santorum and others and "hannity" live and greta live. settle back, relax and enjoy. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. will right now we need leadership. we don't need attack. we don't need blame. we need leadership. we need someone of principle. someone of achievement. someone of integrity.
7:58 pm
that man is standing next to me. his name is mitt romney and he is going to be the next president of the united states! [ applause ] >> mike: welcome to huckabee coming to you live from iowa. and what you have just been hearing, of course, is is the very extraordinary announcement that was made today in virginia. [ applause ] >> mike: and that was the announcement that mitt romney has selected paul ryan to be his running mate for the gop nomination. we have got a great audience here. there has been a big event and we kind of barged in on it it and we had a wonderful time hanging out with these good folks with an event with the family leader organization. later i will be having a chat with former presidential candidate and pennsylvania senator rick santorum. talking with senator charles grassley of iowa. and we have much more. so we want you to enjoy this very unique and special edition
7:59 pm
of "huckabee" coming to you live from iowa. it was a little over a week ago -- [ applause ] >> mike: that hundreds of thousands if not millions of people lined up at over 1600 click fila stores all over the nation in what critics attempted to paint as a day of hate and intolerance. really? out of all those people who showed up i have not heard of any of the chick-fil-a customers screaming slogans or calling people derogatory names. there were reports of some spontaneous sing of patriotic songs and even stories of people who bought the lunch of a hundred stranges behind them or people who allowed a police officer on his lunch break to move right up to the front of the line so he could get served before h his lunch hour was up. but hate? not from the people who ate chicken sandwiches. oh, this was one loony tun


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