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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  August 12, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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mr. vice-president welcome back to the program. >> it is good to be back and enjoy the show and that fishing trip. >> we will show the fishing trip. we have a full hour planned. we spoke about congressman ryan. my first reaction this showed candidate mitt romney is serious on tackling the defining issue of our time which is economy and jobs. your reaction. >> i am a big man of paul's. i think he's done a tremendous job in the house. he's been there 14 years and jumped over colleagues and president of the budget committee and worked on the potential train wreck we all face as a result of our long-term debt problem. i can't think of a better choice. i think it is a vital one and
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i want to give governor mitt romney high marks for making it i think what he's done put front and center in the campaign somebody who is spent time and energy addressing the most serious problem we have. my hats are off to him and i think he would make a great choice. >> i think a lot of people don't get why this choice was made and their analysis has been faulty in a lot of ways. and the analysis that he picked paul ryan. why did he pick paul ryan and it is about medicare. i actually think he picked him because he want to deal directly and create a comparative election. a choice election if you will on the issues involving the future of the economy and the direction of this country.
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was that done consciously do you think? >> i think about it in terms of yan -- and i agree with you, sean. i think it is a proposition . democrats and a lot of the commentary based on the proposition that show we have the problem with medicare and it is an important part of the debate. it is about the economy and what paul proposed and mitt romney supports growing the economy. you solve the deficit and deal with the spending side and restraint there and making the economy grow . that means more revenue for the government and profits for the investors and jobs for the workers . it is a total package. it is not just about a single issue like one government program. medicare is important. but there will not be medicare
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if we don't get our act together. we can't support it if we don't put in fiscal to our government. we create new businesss and expand businesss and hire people and basically grow the prosperity of the american people. the dems will move in and try to focus on one small issue. but real question they have to answer is where the hell is their plan? they have struck out. >> the question comes down to peace and prosperity and if you are better off than four years and trillions in debt ago. we are watching the sleziest dirtiest campaign in modern political history with governor romney accused of basically killing a woman when he was not working and he is a
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felon and tax cheat and the republicans are the e-coli party and they want dirty air and water and they don't like women and dogs. you have been around a lot of campaigns in your political career. do you think tactics like these are going to work? >> i don't think they will, sean. i am convinced and i read the book the amateur. you and i talked about it. it does a fantastic job of pointing out the fact that barack obama had no experience and his subsequent actions in office are proof positive of that. he has not produced a program that deals with the fundmental issues of the day. their only recourse is try to trash their opponents and you don't see out there any capacity to put together a program, and a program that will be based on the
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fundmental values that most americans believe in and care about and work and produce results. we are four years in the obama administration now and we don't have much to show for it. >> a very direct contrast mr. vice-president what we saw with hope and change . he will bring the country together. not red america or blue america. if you are offering advice and been on a campaign or two on how to deal with these attacks what strategy would you have for governor romney and congressman rhine? they have been out on the campaign trail and i like very much what i see. i think they are doing a great job. they have invigorated mitt . paul is got the responsibility not only helping to lay out
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the positive program in where they want to take the program. i always used the line when we beat john kerry, he voted before it before he voted against it. that always got a laugh. >> he got the 87 billion. >> and the here you have barack obama saying that i know you think you built that business. but you didn't build it somebody else built it. it is outrageous and displays something deep in his psyche. he believe that is stuff. he thinks that the only good job created in the united states was created by the united states government. >> three things that congressman ryan said. we'll not duck the tough issues. we'll lead and not blame others and we'll take and we'll not replace the founding principles, but we'll reapply them. >> that is great guidelines .
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i loved to watch him today as governor romney rolled him out and went on the road. that is an effective roll out as i have seen of a vice-president. >> mr. vice-president, you know the electoral votes and you study ohio and you went in 2000 for many times, you went back to the staste wisconsin, but something seems to have changed. when governor walker fought off the recall and got more votes, that told me the people of wisconsin are serious about balanced budgets and they didn't want deficits or debt or put that on the kid and grand kids, do you think wisconsin for the romney-ryan ticket is in play? >> i think it would be. i would be a strong supporter of proposition. i worked there many years ago . i was assistant to governor
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warren knolls and where i first got exposed to the political wars. and there was tremendous people and leaders in wisconsin in that day and age. can you see more of them in people like scott walker and paul ryan. it has produced magnificent political leaders and they know how to address tough issues. and the thing i like about paul ryan, he had the courage to say i will not lie to you. this is the truth. it is painful and difficult but we have to make the decisions and the choices and can't puts around four more years. i look at my two and half year old grand daughter and every day that goes by we are adding up the bill she and her family will have to worry about 30 or 40 years down the road. if we don't have a president who is prepare to stand up address those issues. i am afraid we are deep in the
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soup. >> mr. vice-president thank you for being with us. we have a full hour with the vice-president and we'll show in the week ahead. stay tuned for on the fox news channel. liz cheney and tim pawlenty and first find out why mitt romney will choose paul ryan. we'll neck next.
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>> we will take responsibility.
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and we won't replace our founding principles. we will ply them. >> the vice-president elect quen short days from now. he was announced as governor romney's running mate. he was on the short list in recent days with tim pawlenty and marko rubio and others. but in the end paul ryan got the call. why he was selected we go to one man supporting romney wrecking crew. how are you, sir? an drea mitchell invited you back after the last show >> look, a lot of people are saying it was a good choice. it was not a good choice. it was a great choice. this is an solid example of
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mitt romney recognizing that a problem has to be solve going out and getting exactly the right guy to help him solve it and mitt romney deserves credit for being smart enough to do that. >> governor, i am a registered conservative and all of my conservative friends put an excellent choice. but for me with vice-president cheney. it seems governor romney is saying we are heading off a fiscal cliff and five trillion in debt and here's the truth, do you want to fix it. it is a choice election, isn't it? >> mitt romney is running not because he wants another title but he knows the problem has to be fix he know that he and paul ryan is fixing it. the question we ought to ask
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are we better off than we are four years ago. another question. who do we have to elect in order to be better off four years from now? and what mitt romney has done by picking paul ryan, pointing out such a stark difference between the capability and talent of the ryan and romney team versus the obama-biden team. that just in terms of broad talent, people will see a difference. >> governor, i think this comes at the end of one of the sleziest campaign weeks run by the obama campaign in american history. they had in the past taken shots at paul ryan for discussing balancing our budget and saving medicare and saving social security from what is bankruptcy. we see the unemployment rate in greece is 25 percent. let me show you one adthat got the most attention that
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democrats used with governor ryan. you can add to this that mitt romney causes cancer in women and a fell yon doesn't like women or dogs and is a racist. let's roll the tape. ♪ >> i assume that was the granny over the cliff. >> sure, that was granny over
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the cliff. >> i could have almost anticipated it. it is something that your viewer do something very important with. as we go through the process and you garbage that you showed, viewers have to know two important facts. obama care steals 716 billion from medicare. it is already law, which means obama has stolen 716 billion dollars. and if nothing is done, there will be less reimbursements and less service to people on medicare right now. and so with all of the stuff that you see like that ad. tell your friends that medicaid is worse for people who are getting medicare now by obama. the second thing they should remember. that if we do nothing in 2004,
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medicaid will be broke, bankrupt. as the democrats try to demonize this stuff. if it is not romney and ryan fixing it. we are in disasterville. it is the democrats who destroyed medicare. to what extent do you believe that obama is allowing surrogates to call mitt romney a racist and harry reid's comments that mitt romney didn't pay taxes for 10 years and comments that romney is a felon. they will have a three shots with granny and throat slit and stabbed in the heart 25 times and then thrown over the cliff. this is the president's campaign and his surrogates.
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one is that he's involved up to his eyeballs and calling the shots that confirms that it is a smarmy presidency or he's out playing golf and having a fundraiser and has no control of the process which is the same thing that happened to america. no one was in charge or leading and controlling. it condemns the president and said we need new leadership. >> we'll take you in the week to come. >> thank you, sir. >> it is one of the dirtiest campaigns and seems that team obama will do nothing to slam the opponent. but democrats are willing to come out and speak against the disgusting priority ad. tim pawlenty who was on the governor vp short list and he will share his thoughts about
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>> at a time when the president's campaign is taking american politics to new lows,
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we'll do something very differently. we'll talk about aspiration and american ideals and bringing people together to serve and solve the urgent problems facing our nation . when that nation wins in america. it is a victory for every american. >> that was gop presidential candidate mitt romney talking about the dirty campaign waged by the left. they are blaming him for the death of a steel worker's wife. former clinton advisor denouncing it calling it the video disdiscussing. now the romney campaign announced his running mate what gutter tactics. liz cheney and lane davis.
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we have two cheneys on the same night. lanny, i appreciate this. i will not give the details. we have had private e-mails. we have a obama member that called him racist and nothing said by the president'sability to lecture the country . harry reid calling him a tax cheat and stephanie cutter suggesting he was a felon. you say the other side is just as bad;ie don't remember anybody calling him a murderer, criminal or tax cheat or felon or racist. snuwill have to ask newt gingrich and santorum. i apply the same standard. when mitt romney used a quote by barack obama that he didn't
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understand the economy and obama was talking about mccain. you know what his response. sauce for the goose and gander. >> but is that okay to accuse him for killing a woman for cancer. >> they are deceptive and mitt romney is dirty on that basis. the cancer adhurts barack obama because his greatest asset is the decency and likeability he convey. i am supporting obama for reelection and this adhurts him. he needs to repudiate it because it is false and mr. burton who is behind it should realize he hurt mr. obama. liz, we proved they did know about that story.
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the president never speaks out about the negativity that is really taken politics to an all-time low. does this hurt the president in the reelection effort? >> i do. members of the white house staff raised money for the super pac. it is not a super pac that is unrelated to anything in the white house. the president could stand up tomorrow and tonight and say it is inappropriate and outrageous. and he ought to do that. and i think the american people . lanny agrees with me. american people want to see a debate about issues. you watch the terrific pick of paul ryan by governor mitt romney. that sends a signal he wants a debate about the issues and that's how we would love to engage the president and the white house. they can't do that. they know the american people will not buy it the record is
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it a bunch of failed policiless. the country is better off to debate the views of the fut and you are where the country can get back on track again. >> american cross roads put out a counter adand we'll roll the tape here. >> put an end to the politics that would divide an nation just to win an election the super pac blames rom romm of killing her. >> is that the rhetoric you want to hear from a president we don't have anything to do with priority usa. >> they are not telling the truth. >> we are not allowed to coordinate with them and we
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don't have anything to do with priority usa. am bark obama and i approved this messam. >> you know lanny, you are friends with bill and hillary clinton, barack obama said they played the race car and hillary. shame on you, barack obama. you know, is this just typical obama, axelrod and gibbs chicago politics. playing the race card on somebody doesn't get lower than that does it lanny. >> firt of all. bill and hillary clinton are supporting obama and you didn't ask me that but i remind the viewers we are
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supporting bark obama because of issues and policiless that bill clinton >> he's no bill clinton. >> having said that if the white house and bark obama doesn't agree i would be surprised it is true that this is not a believable story. the adis misleading at best. the ladyy tragicallyy died in cancer way, way after mitt romney left bain. she worked with another company. >> it hurts obama. >> this is how he runs all of his campaigns. 83 have seen the barage of negative ads and the obama campaign is not moving the
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needle. they are increasing the enthusiasm among their base to vote. i would point that mitt romney helped to enthuse and energize the republicans with the pick of paul ryan and governor mitt romney did it by looking at substance and picking somebody of character and fight for what he believes in as opposed to the tactics of the obama campaign that will not get them over the finish line and ahead of the romney-ryan ticket. >> can i get in with liz cheney. this cam-- campaign. paul ryan is a smart man and mitt romney is talking about the aspiration of the future it is about time he start to talk that way. and about time bark obama stopped the negativity and debated the idea and american people both left and right want that to happen. >> thank you.
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>> former governor tim pawlenty was rumored to be on the vp short list. we'll get his reaction and a hannity beckles shoot out and more coming up on hannity.
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president obama and too many of him in washington have refused to make difficult decisions because they are more worried about their next election than they are in the next generationn. >> that was congressman paul ryan moments after being introduced as mitt romney's running mate. ryan pointed out why president obama should be a one-tirm president . joining me now reaction to the mitt romney-ryan ticket. former governor tim pawlenty. welcome back to the program. >> good to be with you. >> i heard inside baseball
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stuff. we know that you were down to the wire and senator portman was there and paul ryan and marko rubio and maybe bob mcdonald. walk us when you were aproachhed by governor romney that you might want to be considered. >> governor romney first called. first hurdle you have to get over sean has to like you. in the second round. >> and that happens right away. after that question. >> no. i think people are interested in this. generally look everybody who is vetted submitted massive amounts of information and went through follow-up questions and interviews and a rigorous process and it is very well done and professional and my cap is off
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to them for running a great process. i know a lot of the others considered were called late last night and told it was not going to be them. is that the same for you? well, you know, i served as national co-chair of the mitt romney campaign . he called me. i think it was monday and indicated the direction he was head i certainlyy appreciate that and there was an indication about the process and not about his thinking and decision . he call would me monday evening. >> that is disappointing. i interviewed you twice last week and i tried to pull teeth and you didn't give in at all. >> you have to go back to journalism school. >> thanks. was there anything i could have done differently to get the answer. >> no, we want to respect the
3:35 am
process and mitt romney asked for confidentiality. >> what do you think . choice? >> i think it is terrific. congressman ryan is a reformer and he understands geting the economy moving and spending on the federal level is reckless. he has done the intellectual work and putting detailed proposals on the table and people respect him on both sides of the aisle even if they don't agree with him. he will help gov mitt romney govern when he is president of the united states. >> i watched congressman ryan on the health care debate and he leveled him on facts and numbers and information and sources. i actually thought the president lookked stun beaten up. did you ever see that? >> i watched the clips thav
3:36 am
and it is impressive and facts matter and thability to marshall and spar in a positive way matters. the reason president obama is negative he has no record. what about obama care. people don't like that. and porky stimulus. people don't like that. and tax increases in the country. no. he can't run on a positive record and governor romney and congressman ryan will unveil the real obama. he doesn't derve deserve reelection. >> were you disappointed. >> no, i started supporting mitt romney. i never expected to be considered. i support him because i think he was will be a fantastic president. i was honored to be considered
3:37 am
and i think he made a terrific pick. >> i agree with you. i think the country will have a clear choice between two distinct visions for the future. >> thank you. time to check with greta. >> you ought to be happy. >> i am the only one i think in all of cable news on a national level can pronounce. wakasha. >> and i got them. >> just keep saying and i am repeating. >> those names are tough for people who didn't grow up. we have a great show tonight. it is exciting having the presidential pick and one of the two major partis and we have brice who is chair of the rnc and michele bachmann and governor brownnbag is here and
3:38 am
he hired paul ryan as a legislative director in the mid-90s when he was a kid. we'll have that and more. don't go away. watch the end of sean but don't go away. >> special edition of greta in 20 short minutes and team obama is sharpening their clues now the country learned that congressman ryan is the vp. and coming up later. all eyes on wisconsin today and the governor of that great state scott walker is here to explain whether or nott his state could vote for the mitt romney-ryan ticket. that and more on hannity.
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so, same time next week? well, of course.
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democrats are working veryy hard and interviewing everyone in the neighborhood and they are doing all of that work because their campaign is all about bringing america's perspective on the race as low as they can make it. this is a man who appeals the
3:41 am
better angels of the american people and ask us to lift ourselves and talk about issues and vision for america and not drag down the dirt that you are seeing from the obama campaign. >> that was governor mitt romney how he and his running mate is going to do the campaign. the president and his group will use dirty trick. and the obama smear machine. how are you. this is true. we learned this week this is the dirtiest campaign in history. >> well, that's a on both sides. >> not on both sides. >> yes. >> who was accusing obama of murder. >> look, it is it was a bad
3:42 am
line. >> where was the president. >> whether was president obama when he was beating newt gingrich up. did he apologize. >> did he call him er. >> but his point. i don't have control of my pacs. romney talks out of both sides. he hasn't talked about the issues. now they have an issue. they have ryan, romney said i will run on the economy and jobs but no specifics and now the ryan plan and we can run on that. we are running the person in the ground. i love you to death. i can give you the specifics on his plan and energis and repealing obama care and specifics on taxes. what they have done here successfully and everybody missed it in the commentaries. they have now made it a clear
3:43 am
choice election. this is reagan and carter and this is obama and no jobs. >> you have to bring up the mondale. usuallyy people who i don't like. >> did i mention you. >> you didn't have to. these were clear distunctions. the ryan plan and romney are over to the right and obama is farther to the left. the choice is, every time republicans touch medicare or social security they get burned >> do promiseless matter? your president said he would cut it >> every president. >> this is your president's president. >> our president. >> your president gave us five trillion. your cand date then barack obama said that george bush was unpatriotic and
3:44 am
irresponsible for borrowing from the chin a. >> i don't know a president who doesn't. >> you are miss. >> of the five trillion of the debt it was for entitlements. >> what i don't understand. >> one trillion was a stimulus and saved us from a depression. >> you are a smart guy and my friend. i don't understandd something. you would never run your household budget this way. paul ryan and governor romney said we will be greece. greece has a 24 percent unemployment. excuse me. big headline in the daily telegraph kids are dumped on the streets and abandoned. europe look at greece, spain and portugal and irlandd. it is suffocating because of socialism. >> you are comparing the united states to greece. greece is big as new jersey. and the point is >> there is
3:45 am
many thingings. but we are not -- you guys ought to go to history class. we are not in a socialist situation. >> no. >> no, we are not. >> the president said this week suggested that he want to take ov industry and what we did for the auto industry we can do for the industry. >> no, he saved it >> he didn't save it. >> that's the reason he's win nothing ohio. >> how many gm sales are down and they owe the american taxpayer 50 billion. >> they are bigger than they have been before. >> it is a loss. how much do they owe. >> 30 or 50 billion. >> lso . what we let the wall street boys off. they are not prosecuting goldman saches is outragous
3:46 am
and for the justice department to say they kent prove it and goldman has gotten away because they own the government and they protect themselves. they are disgraceful and some of them ought to go to jail. >> the president is going to run and can't runn on his record. if he runs on the five trillion mitt romney and ryan will run away. >> you are living in a fantasy land. five trillion and four trillion is automatic. >> should we deal with that. >> sure. but you want to take medicare and tourn into voucher programs. they will not be able to buy the insurance. >> i think the states are more capable of running medicare and assistance programs than the federal government. the federal government promised a lock box on social security. and bankrupted it. >> it is not bankrupt.
3:47 am
>> you think the states. >> you know what states i am talk governor --s that are republican. jindle and mcdonald. and they turned it around. >> in ohio obama turp it around. the malicious statements about obama changinglying welfares. states to get themselves out of that was utah and nevada, two republican governorings. states can and do implement welfare programs. coming to social security and medicare. you are going to leave that up to a 50 states or vouchher program that leaves people sick and no place to g. >> you know when walter mondale made's mistake. i will raise taxes. this president wants that and answer is government.
3:48 am
this is a fundmental divide. >> on a small percentage of people just like bill clinton . we raised it on rich people . you knows something the tax thing benefits over whelminglyy rich people. >> class warfare. >> we'll have war fare. >> you don't mean warfare. you want the country united. >> i want it unite fair and rich people don't pay their fair share. >> average new yorker pays 55 percent. >> you do. you do. >> i only keep 45 cents on a dollar. >> i don't think so. >>it yes, state, local and federal and county and property taxings >> i have an idea go to the caymen islands and. broadcast from there. >> i got to go. >> congressman paul ryan put
3:49 am
wisconsin in the spotlight . can he peuade the state to come the way. come the way. we'll check in with governor [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save yoby switching, you'd have like, a ton of dollars. but how are they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um" or, "no comment." then there's esurance. born online, raised by technology, and majors in efficiency. so whatever they save, you save. hassle, time, paperwork, hair-tearing-out, and yes, especially dollars. esurance. insurance for the modern world. click or call.
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no one disputes president
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obama inherited a difficult situation and in the first two years with his party in control in washington he passed every item on the agenda. and that didn't make things better. in fact we found ourselves in a nation facing debt, doubts and despair. >> that was the new vice-presidential candidate paul ryan who has put wisconsin in the center of the political world. in the past year the battle ground state was in the lime light with the gubernatorial recall. and could paul ryan help deliver wisconsin to mitt romney. joining me is governor scott walker. welcome back to the program. >> great day for cheeseheads . a greater day for america. >> you know, it is very interesting. i took a lot out of your recall. you had more votes in the recall than in 2010.
3:53 am
>> it told me the people of wisconsin in spite of all of the union money and protest and outside influence, that the people of wisconsin understood they were headed for bankruptcy and you wanted to balance the budget and you offered a plan and they thought it was responsible. you think they will have the same reaction to paul ryan. >> without a doubt. i felt after our election in june, governor romney had a compeeling case to carry wisconsin come november 6th on his own without paul ryan on the ticket. we saw people vote for us. not just republicans and independents but democrats who wanted leaders willing to take on the toug challenges that face our economic and fiscal crises here in america. mitt romney is the guy . add to that paul ryan who is not just popular in wisconsin but carried a district that is
3:54 am
one of the most competitive. district, urban and suburban and rural and a microsasim and he won it. and jamesville is a blue collar union. he is beloved because he will take on the tough issues. heel do about l well in wisconsin. >> he won 7 time in a democratic district if you look at his record here. obama won in 200 andd he won ryan's district. so one in five people voted for obama then voted for ryan. >> no doubt about it. they like not only the fact he has big bold ideas, but he raises the decorum. he is a passionate believer in his ideas and does so in a way that is gentle and compassionate and voters in his district will like the
3:55 am
fact that this guy cares about the issues and without demonizing the opponent . i am the president of the paul ryan fan club. i am more impressed with governor romney. he understands how to win and govern and courage to put someone great on the ticket like paul. that isal. >> the senate hasn't passed a budget in three and half years. when paul ryan put a budget ford to save social security from bankruptcy and save medicare and move us to fiscal responsibility here is the what democrat say. >> serious about a plan to reduce the deficit by spending trillions for millionaires and billionaires. >> what the ryan plann fails to do in any way meet the test of balance. >> i am not making this up.
3:56 am
they sign under the ryan budget. the ryan budget if it were to pass and become law and romney would be president. 19 million people lose medicare. >> and it is something different altogether. it is a trojan horse disguised as plans and an attempt to impose a radical vision on our country and thinly veiled social darwinism. >> radical social darwinism. saving social security and medicare or take on five trillion in debt in three and half yearings. >> yeah, this is amazing. a president and vice-president who campaign and got nothing. no leadership and can't get a budget through the chamber that is control would by their party. i love the pick about paul ryan it raises the stakes to
3:57 am
say that rom romm and paul ryan will talk positively about moving the country forward. the president 42 consectative moppings of eight or above 8 percent . he said the level of debt was unpatriotic and added five trillion it is time for us to replace him and who better than mitt romney and paul ryan they are a come back team and they will raise the standards to make it happen. >> thank you for being with us. it is a choice election. greta is next. >> tonight, the tickets are complete. governor romney, an an, thank you. [applause] i am dopely honored and excited to join you as your
3:58 am
running mate. [cheers and applause] i want to tell you about mitt romney. mitt romney is a leader with the skills, the background and the character that our country needs in this crucial time in its history. following four years of failed leadership, the hopes of our country which inspired the world are growing dim. they need someone to revive them. governor romney is the man for this moment. [applause] and he and i share one commitment. we will restore the greatness of this country.
3:59 am
we can turn this thing around. we can. we can turn this thing around and real solutions can be delivered but it will take leadership and the courage to tell you the truth. [cheers and applause] mitt romney is that kind of leader. and i am excited for what is lying ahead and thrilled to be part of america's come back team and together we will unite america and get this done. >> rnc chair ryan sees us. >> it haseen a great day, long day but great day. >> you worked with all republicans and you come up to the republican family in wisconsin, and we saw governor sct


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