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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  August 13, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> there is new fallout from the fast and furious operation. the house oversight committee is expected to file a contempt of congress lawsuit against attorney general eric holder. we will have more on this developing story in a moment. meantime. good morning i am he heather childers. thank you for joining us. >> i am patti ann browne. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> right to our top story. thousands attend a romney ryan rally in wisconsin. it was an meegsnal nig -- emoti
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night as he faced the crowds in his home state. >> thank you, wisconsin. it is good to be home. oh. i tell ya, i love wisconsin. heather now from brookville, wisconsin with more of what could be romney's loringest campaign event to date. how many people were there? >> good morning heather, good morning ladies and good morning to all of you. at least 10,000 people showed up last night. you are absolutely right. this is the largest event turnout for the romney ryan ticket yet. traffic was backed up for more than 2 miles to get in. they originally planned to hold this inside a convention center but they had to move the event outside. perhaps there was no sur vise
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there was such a huge turnout. ryan is considered a popular figure here in the state in his congressional district which by the way is not considered a district it is verse. as w by more than 60 percent. in 2010 he won by 68 percent. i have to tell you my family is from the state. i spent an awful lot of time here and this guy is wisconsin through and through. listen do what he said last night. >> my veins run with cheese, bratwursts and a little miller. i was raised in a packers badgers, bucks, and brewers. i like to hunt here. i like to fish here, i like to snowmobile here. i even think ice fishing is interesting. i am a wisconsinite through and through. i have to tell you how this means to be home.
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>> well, the congressman also getting pretty emotional as he looked out at the crowd his family and friends and all of the people who supported him over the years. mitt romney talking about why he picked paul ryan to be on the ticket. >> people ask me why i choose paul ryan. the answer is i wanted someone who was a leader, leadership comes from character. this is a man who has real character who has passion for america who understand what it takes to put america on the right track. this leader is going to help get america strong. >> well, after that rally last night you might say congressman ryan would get a good night sleep. absolutely not. he hopped on a plane flying to iowa that's where he will speak at the iowa state fair lart
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today. it is the last night until the convention. >> you know who else is in iowa? president obama at the same time. see what happens there. thank you very much, heather. >> the romney ryan ticket says it has a clear vision of how to fix the nation's economy it is a plan in sharp contrast with what the democrats are selling. >> good morning to you. hope you are doing well. the romney ryan ticket continues to draw a lot of attention. they are describing governor mitt romney's choice as a bold move. now that congressman paul ryan is joining him as his vice presidential running mate the key issues of the campaign now shifts through the issues of entitlement like social security medicare and medicaid. he proposed making changes to all three including a plan to give seniors a government payment to buy medical insurance replacing the current system of medicare directly paying their
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healthcare bills. the other issue might be ryan's support of privatizing social security and plans to revamp the tax code. >> we have a big choice to make. if you look at the path we are on if you look at all of the things the president has been doing, more government, more regulations, the promise of a lot more taxes on successful small businesses we see a president who took what we pioneered here in wisconsin, welfare reform getting people off of welfare on to a life of hitting their potential. >> the commitment i made is we will not have the top income earners in this country pay a smaller share of the tax burden. the highest income people will continue to pay. the largest share of the tax burden and mill el income taxpayers under my plan get a
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break. their taxes come down. we are not going to reduce taxes for high income people and we are going to reduce taxes for middle income people. >> president obama sees it as a way of moving their country backwards. >> paul ryan embraced an extremist proposal and goes not only too far but according to any economist asked cuts so much it would risk stalling -- slowing or even slowing our economy which we know is already fragile. >> we could not have a bigger choice in front of us than the one we face in november. it is not just a choice between two candidates or two political parties. more than any other election this is a choice about two different visions for the country for two different
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directions. >> congressman ryan says he thinks the country is going to divide the country so the campaign boils down the fight over two fission visions for america. >> kelly wright thank you. >> now it is time to look at who is talking. >> we that'sed no time reacting to the pick for vice president. david axle rod says this is a pick that should trouble everyone. >> it is a pick to thrill the republican party but should trouble seniors, students because of ryan's record. he is a right wing intellectual energy behind the republican caucus. he constructed a budget like
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romney would lavish tax cuts most of them on the wealth i didn't raise the burden on the middle class would cut back things deeply like student loans research and development with things we need to grow the economy. he's the guy who is the architect with a plan to help medicare as we know it and shift thousands of dollars of costs on to senior citizens. someone who is the architect of social security privatization. he believes we should ban abortion even in cases of rape and incest. he is outside of the mainstream. this was a defining choice for mitt romney. it's also a clarifying choice for the american people. >> mitt romney and paul ryan sitting down with 60 minutes discussing the decision process of their campaign platform and what ryan's reaction was when he
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was asked to be vice president. >> what did you say? >> i said yes. >> i said i am honored and humbled and i said yes. >> how long have you been thinking paul ryan? >> i have been giving a number of people consideration. there are terrific people who could become president of the united states. paul could become if necessary could become president. he has the experience judgment capacity and character to become president. that was the first and most important criteria. >> congressman, this is going to change your whole life. what did your family think about it? >> we dedicate most of our lives to serving this country to public service. i planned a different path in my life when i was younger. i saw the calling for public service. my wife and i discussed this at great length. we think this is a moment in the country where we need
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leadershileadership we think it could make a big difference and put our country back on track. >> question of the day, ball ryan as mitt romney's running mate, what did you think? you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail to fox we will read them later in the show. >> now time for the top 5 at 5:00. overnight sources confirming to fox news in just a few hours the house oversight committee will file it's contempt of congress lawsuit against embattled attorney general eric holder. holder found in contempt in june for refusing to turn over documents on the botched fast and furious operation. he still has not complied. the house will take the branch support and ask the judge to make holder finally release the documents. a powerful storm withdrew
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parts of north carolina and leaves behind a trail of damage. some of the homes in wilson county practically ripped off their foundations. it is not confirmed whether it was a tornado that struck. people say it happened so quickly. >> very loud wind. >> it sounded like an explosion. >> at least ten homes were damaged. there are no reports of any injuries. >> new details to tell you about in a deadly confrontation in new yorks times square. darius kennedy had a history of officers. in a similar incident he spent 40 days in jail for threatening officers that time with a screw driver. quite a scene for a tourist there. >> stunning images of mars sent
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by nasa's curiosity rover. up close look at the red planet. over the next few days the rover will undergo a software update so it can drive around the planet and start using the built in lap system. they are determining whether it has the key element to sustain light. >> london olympics coming in with a rocking closing ceremony. >> i stayed up too late to see that. check out the spice girls. they staged a show stopping reunion for a crowd of 80,000 people. the olympic flag was turned over to brazil hosting the 2016 games in rio. topped off with a fireworks display and performance by, the
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who. >> who else, right? that is your 5@5:00. pretty spectacular. >> time for the first degree weather update. maria molina has more on cool temperatures finally arriving in parts of the country. >> good morning. we are talking about cooler temperatures early this morning across parts of the midwest. you will see them sticking around tomorrow as well as spont. 59 in denver, 57 degrees in rapid city. 65 in the city of chicago which is going to be a beautiful morning for you as you head out the door. chicago you will see a high temperature at only 69 degrees. it is a hint of all of the temperatures. 13 degrees below for this time of the year. pretty nice day across parts of the northeast as well. 83 in cleveland. otherwise areas of rain in the
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great lakes. some of the rainfall should come in the form of severe weather. >> the time is 13. coming up 3 straits months of being outraged mitt romney looks like president obama is reaching a money milestone of its own. not necessarily one to be proud of. >> a terrifying accident at the state fair. a stage coach crashes it was all caught on camera. something other than work? get two times the points on travel, with chase sapphire preferred.
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>> welcome back. it is 17 past the top of the hour. here's what you listed while you were sleepingover night. president obama may be trying to get a little catchup. mitt romney out raised the president for three months that brings the total of 201 fund
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raisers. at this time years ago george w. bush only had 78 fund raisers. >> the death tole from iran's twin earthquake rising down to at least 300. hospitals are struggling to help thousands who are injured crews end the rescue efforts providing shelter and aid for thousands left homeless. patty ann? >> thank you heather. the u.s. not going alone when it tries to fund new efforts. food prices are up. now there's growing peer of a replay of the food crisis four years ago that sparked riots in 2,000 companies. that's why leaders are calling for the first ever emergency session in the fall to deal with the rising cost of corn, beans
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and other food. the meeting would address changing policies like export restrictions and amounts of ethanol et cetera to avoid a global flairup. >> foreign buyers flood the market because of ex training rates weaker prices and record low exchange rates. they had 82 billion in the 928 billion of u.s. real estate sold in the last year. a third of that came from canadians a large part from south americans europeans all buying up u.s. real estate in popular cities in arizona, texas, new york, et cetera. >> gm recalling police cars thousands of them. gm recalling in the u.s. and candidate. a front suspension can crack and cause a crash. in 20082012 if you own an impala
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don't worry they have different concession cards. >> fox business network thanks as always. 19 after the hour. will the gop ticket will be able to reflect the criticism. atheists take aim at a water park because of the church group discounts.
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>> the issue of meds care taking center stage with romney and his new running mate of trying to end the new program. >> he's the guy with the plan to end medicare as we know it turn it into a voucher program and shift thousands of dollars on to
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costs on to senior citizens. >> says someone about mitt romney they choose someone who has a budget it would be the end of medicare as we know it would increase on seniors and private market. >> michelle fields from the daily caller. that you are for joining us. describing romney's budget when it comes to medicare specifically. should seniors be scared? >> no, not at all. i think what romney and ryan need to articulate is no one over the age of 55 will be affected by this plan. under this plan individuals will have the ability to take a look at the plan which includes traditional medicare option they can decide what best fits their needs. it empowers them but forces businesses to compete for customers. when you have competition price goes down quality goes up.
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>> no changes go into effect until 2028 so possibly important to articulate that. democrats would argue in terms of the competition that it will end up costing seniors more. >> when you have competition the businesses need to compete with one another for the customer. they want to provide a cheaper product a better product so they can get people medicare is family. something needs to be done. ryan is putting forth a plan and actually has something that the governing blue print that no one in washington, d.c. has offered the american people. >> what about swing states. will this hurt the romney ryan ticket? >> no, i don't think so.
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it doesn't effect any one over the age of 55. if if anything it is energizing the republican base and conservative. if you look at 24-hours after romney announced paul ryan as cv $5 million were raised. people were energized about this because paul ryan really reaches out and is a favorite to the tea party individuals but is a favorite among the gop establishment. he is acting as a ridge to unite the parties the two factions. >> we ran a poll when it broke it talked about medicare. we talked about the number of people who like it and the number of people would don't like it. 44 percent in favor 34 percent against. do you expect the poll numbers to change? >> no. under the ryan plan individuals can decide what they want. if they want the traditional medicare option they can have it. if they want a private option they can have that as well. there is tons of choice. that's what america is all about. >> thank you very much michelle.
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we appreciate it. appreciate you coming in. patti ann? >> 26 after the hour. president obama is responding to mitt romney's choice of running mate. we will tell you what he has to say about paul ryan coming up. religious battle at the water pashlg. atheists up in arms over discounted tickets. stay with us. olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! pizza!!!!! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! put it on my spark card! [ high-pitched ] nice doin' business with you! [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve the most rewards! awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet?
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>> welcome back to "fox &
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friends first". i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather childers. thank you for joining us at the top of the hour. >> they are examining billeing billed as america's come back team. paul ryan and mitt romney will be campaigning in florida and iowa. the two men leaving ryan's home state on a high note after one of the largest rallies to date. heather nauert is live in brookfield, wisconsin. it was an especially emotional night for congressman ryan. >> it sure was as he took the stage and looked out across the crowd of supporters he has a huge family in the state of wisconsin. it brought tears to his eyes you can see him wipe those tears away. you don't see anything like that from a presidential candidate. >> this is the largest campaign event more than 10,000 people turning out. backed up more than miles to get in.
5:32 am
>> it is no surprise as many people turned out as they did simply because congressman paul ryan has been pretty darned popular in the state. >> his congressional district which is not too far from here he has con reelection by more than 51 percent of the vote. it is an extremely diverse district he is from. lots of union members lots of independents but it is rural and has inner city parts as well. congressman paul ryan as he took the stage talked a little bit about what this all meant to him. take a listen here. >> i see my family over here this half of the stadium. i have a lot of family. i am 5th generation from this state. this is such a phenomenal place to live, to work, to raise your family. >> that emotion was also felt by rit romney. earlier he talked about why he picked paul ryan he is a man of integrity and can do the jobl. mitt romney also feeling
5:33 am
emotional. listen to this. ann leaned over to me as paul was speaking. we were all moved the way at the welcome you gave him. we were touched. and tears filled my eyes i looked at ann tears from in her eyes i know paul, january fe fe same way. you are amazing. i am not sure about the kiss but the rest of -- kids but the rest of us felt it there. >> they have three young children up on stage. >> as you mentioned congressman ryan in iowa he took off late last night he will be at the iowa state fair speaking there later today. which is where president obama is today as well in that state. >> that is it from here. we will be reporting from wisconsin all morning long. >> heather nauert reporting live from wisconsin. >> mitt romney and congressman paul ryan telling voters in several swing states saying this is a campaign about big issues.
5:34 am
the white house already in attack mode. doug luzader is life in washington with more on that. good morning, doug. >> good morning. democrats are wasting little time trying to define paul ryan where before he has a chance to define himself. president obama gave his own take in chicago after setting a new record attending more than 200 fund raisers while in office, five yesterday. it is a vision i fundamen l fundamentally disagree with. >> democrats see him as an inviting target for the same reason many conservatives cheer his choice. he is tough on budget and
5:35 am
entitlement reform especially when it comes to medicare. surrogates for the president made the rounds for the sunday morning talk shows yesterday lashing out at ryan. a pick meant to thrill the most thriving voices in the republican party. because of ryan's record. the intellectual energy behind the republican caucus. the president's schedule left little room for him to even breathe. not only did he attend five fund raisers yesterday first lady michelle obama had two of her own in california with another one today. back to you guys. thank you very much, doug. you just heard from the obama campaign. mitt romney and paul ryan are also talking this morning. >> republican contenders making
5:36 am
their own case as to what this election is about. there is no question your campaign is trying to make this a referendum to barack obama. some people are saying you are making it a referendum on paul ryan's budget plan. >> i had my budget plan i have put out. that is the budget plan we are going to run on. at the same time we have the record of president obama. if people think their utility bill has gone down and jobs are more plentiful they should vote for him. >> america is a place where if you work hard and play by the rules you can get ahead. a lot of people don't think that is true any more. they don't think the rules are fair. they think corporations and rich people are getting breaks and they are getting stuck with some of the bills. they see the wealthyest paying
5:37 am
the loews tax rates. how are you going to picfix tha? >> what i sees a new amount of krohn kneecap tallism and welfare both are engaged in but president obama is picking winners and losers based on connections based on fads like solyndra and basically giving handouts to the businesses giving preferences to the tax code. >> they discussed the issues of romney's tax returns ryan said it is just destruction. >> time now for the 5 at 5:30. while you were sleeping sources telling fox news that in just a few hours the house oversight committee will file a contempt of congress lawsuit against attorney general eric holder. found in contempt on the fast and furious operation botched. he still hasn't come plied. now the house will take the executive branch to court and ask the judge to make holder finally release the documents.
5:38 am
>> billy graham back in the hospital this morning. his spokesman says he is being treated for bronchitis. he was admitted to a north carolina hospital overnight and is resting comfortably. he was in the hospital last november for knew pneumonia. reps say huz health mane good since then. >> atheists make speaking out about a discount for church groups. they are concerned the promotion may be reinstated in the future. they claim the discounts are discrim store tory and illegal. an accident at the indiana state fair caught on tape. >> look at that. a stage coach crashes on to its side sending passengers to the ground. they rush to help rescue the people inside the coach.
5:39 am
five people were taken to the hospital. none of the injuries were serious. the accident happened a day before the first anniversary of the state fair stage collapse that killed 7 people. this will melt your heart. a soldier returning from iraq and surprises her brother. he runs across the field into his sister's arms after her name was announced for throwing out the first pitch. the two sat hugging for a long time. >> it makes every single day i waited to come back home definitely would worth it. seeing him cry like that and run up to me it's amazing. >> the cherry on top the league won the game. that was the league championship. that's your top 5 at 5:30. before you leave the house let's get the first degree weather update. maria molina has current
5:40 am
temperatures. >> good to see you. we are seeing temperatures in the 50s. we are going to see them stay relatively on the cool side across the great lakes and chicago 69 degrees the high temperature today. part of the reason it will be so cool across parts of the great lakes is we have an area of low pressure moving on through that will produce areas of rain. we need the rain so this is welcome news. the bad news is some of the thunderstorms could produce some severe weather as well. we are looking at risk for large hail damaging wind gusts and isolated tornadoes across southern indiana through illinois and eastern portions of the state of arkansas. warnings issued for the area across that area especially through the afternoon and evening hours. southwest the big story has been the extreme heat. 114 will be your high. >> -- will be your high in phoenix. it is official.
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we have all been waiting for this. jennifer aniston is off the market. she is now engaged with justin thorough. they have been engaged since may of 2011. he was previously marrie -- she was previously married to brad pitt. real life hero. the 46-year-old came to the aid of young woman having a seizure at a new york city hotel. s he immediately ran to her side and saying prayers. a nurse was able to successfully revive her. the dark night rises finally falling out of first place. $43 million debut for bourne. the dark knight rises came in third with 19.5 million. the time now 41 after the top of the hour. still looking for last minute
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>> a verdict is expected today in the trial of a u.s. resident facing terrorism charges. with juan delaus was arrested in july at a peaceful protest calling for an end to violence. next to egypt president obama burging the country's military leaders in a bid to increase his power. this is also to get to generals
5:46 am
linked to former president must be rack. this is where the newlyweds didn't let a little bit of rain spoil their special day succede severe flooding in manila the couple tied the knot in the deep water. they are video has since gone viral. >> that is not a little bit of rain that's for sure. good for them. congratulations. thanks, heather. as summer starts winding down now may ab good time to sneak in a little get away. you are a world traveler. >> best country in the world. >> the first one is bright canyon national park. >> i love the national parks. brice canyon is great for hiking and it is gorgeous to go with
5:47 am
the hudos. you can hike around it's a spectacular place to be. >> peninsula in alaska. >> you can take a day trip it is beautiful. along the way you can see the animals you can see nowhere else in america. >> worth the trip. >> austin, texas. >> austin, texas is the best place to watch live music and has amazing mexican and barbecue. it is one of the best places around the country to watch college football tu at the aun . >> oahu has a lot to offer as long as you get out of waikiki and honolulu.
5:48 am
they have the biggest surfing waves in the world. might see obama if you go down there. >> i am not sure he spends that much time there these days but you never know. dewey beach, delaware. nice beach. >> one of my favorite places in the states. i go every year with my friends. i have been going since college. it will is a great beach town amazing beach a lot of fun great restaurants crowds, seafood. i love it down there. absolutely beautiful. people on the west coast don't know about dewey. the east coast has great beaches there. >> these are the top five if you want to see something here in the united states. >> those are the top five places. >> you would add sen pral park but that's obvious. >> it's easy to say place like new york or las vegas or los angeles. great places that's for sure. >> still a little time before the summer ends. >> 48 after the hour a. little
5:49 am
close for comfort a whale making his presence known to fishermen. time to answer the question of the day. we go back to the big story all weekend paul ryan mitt romney's running mate. what do you think? we will have some of the e-mails next. peter doocy see what's coming up. coming up fox and friends kicks off 10 minutes from right now. the lieutenant governor rebecca kleefisch is here. she has known paul ryan of wisconsin for a long time. claire mckaskill is in a top senate fight. she will be dropping by. peggy noonan, dana perino and the great donald rump all starts 10 minutes from now right here on the fox news channel. ay, emily went right on living.
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but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. ...which meant she continued to have the means to live on... ...even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you.
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>> drivers with the apapcan type it is in. and some worry it encourages texting behind the wheel. wow. getting it up close and personal at a hump back whale as it shoots out of the water in their boat. they have entered the pictures in a national geographic contest. we ask you to brew on the weekend. what do you think of paul ryan
5:54 am
as mitt romney's running mate. bruce from man chester, missouri said paul ryan is the most qualified vice-president candidate that i have seen in my years of voting. >> jim from atlanta. romney-ryan ticket is wonderful opportunity for americans to raise up america. and laura from fort wayne, indiana. people will vote for the ticket because anyone but obama. keep your comments coming, of course. time is 54 after the hour. it is our good, bad and ugly. this man trying to evade the cops . can you figure out the word of
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the day. something to do with the show. remember that. it's something you're born with. and inspires the things you choose to do.
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you do what you do... because it matters. at hp we don't just believe in the power of technology. we believe in the power of people when technology works for you. to dream. to create. to work. if you're going to do something. make it matter.
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>> welcome back. we look at the good, bad and the ugly. first the good. powerball players continue to dream of striking it rich after the multistate jackpot grew to 305 million. the drawing is on wednesday. the bad. mother bear and three cubs broke in a cabin in norway and
5:59 am
caused all of the damage. it was quite the party. unwelcome guests drinking are you cans of beer and helping themselves to tons of food. and ugly. a man squatting in a vacant home got stuck in the chimney. he was trapped 10 hours until neighbors heard him call for help. he was take tonight hospital for dehydration . it is time to get scrambled up. amesley ear heart here to help us out. >> it is the state of wisconsin. wisconsin. >> i like how you say that. >> have a great show today. i watched from the beginning. excellent. >> thank


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