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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 13, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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show. bye ladie go get some sleep. "fox and friends" starts right now. have a great week. good morning to you at home. it is monday, august 13th. i am filling in for gretchen this morning. a an emotional homecoming for paul ryan as thousands of supporters greet him in his home state. and we'll explain. >> steve: he might be the next vice-president of the united states. but before he became a congressman, he was a prom queen. i used to have hair like that? >> brian: ad from former staffers accused bain capital of killing a woman. >> i have no affiliation.
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>> used to work in the white house. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> steve: hello, everybody. heart of rockefeller center in manhattan. gretch is still on vacation and brian is in the yacht club . we have eric and ainsley with us. >> with the hat. >> you heard the big announcement that paul ryan is the vp pick for romney. that happened over the weekend. you probably talked about it with your friends from the barbecue. we had the interview of these two. this was the two in wisconsin. he went home for the home town
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celebration and got emotional there. saying hey to all of his supporters. my veins run with cheese, bratwurst and a little spot of miller. i like to hunt here. i like to fish here and i like to snow mobile here . i think ice fishing is interesting. i am a wisconsinite through and through and i have to tell you how this means to be home. >> yeah, the roads are jammed for miles. thousands of people came to show the local boy suddenly thrust in the nation's consciousness as perhaps next vice-president of the united states. it is interesting, 60 minutes ran, i am sure you all watched
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it. ran an interesting, probably a half an hour interview don't you think eric . bob talked to him and they chopped it up in 10 minutes. number one things democrats are trying to do. paul ryan roin has a plan for medicare and if you are elderly he will wind up pushing you off of the clip. listen to the sound bite that did not run in its entirity. his own mother is a medicare senior in florida. cbs didn't run the clip. >> there is only one president that i know of in history that robbed medicare $716 billion to pay for a risky program of his own that we call obama care. paul ryan and i talk about saving medicare and providing
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greater choice and making sure it is there for rrent seniors . looking for young people down the road and say we are going to give you a bigger choice. in america, the nature of this country is giving people more freedom and choices. >> you are going to have to do a little celling. >> our point is, we need to preserve their benefits. the government organized retirements around and in order to do that you have to do that for us that are younger. they started in the clinton commission in the late 90s. >> we heard things is congressman rhine -- ryan going to be the attack dog. >> there were things they decided not to air and not air. it smells little bit of media bias. >> they were both talking and hard to see him say that.
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if the democrats are going to troy to kill him. he said my mom is on medicare. he will not do anything to affect his mom. if you are on medicare, under paul ryan's plan. they are running on the mitt romney plan. on the paul ryan's plan nothing changes for you. 55 or older nothing will change for you. >> we are falling into the same trap. we are debating paul ryan's plan. >> the obama administration is loving this is paul ryan, a conservative and fantastic congressman that is rounding out the ticket and igniting the base. >> igniting the base. >> instead it is paul ryan. did we talk about joe biden. >> this is a election of distraction. talking about the tax returns. this is not about releasing my
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tax returns. america does not care about that. they care about jobs. america is spending one trillion more than we have and it is time to get america back on track. >> mitt romney was asked by hey, you introduced the number two guy as next president of the united states. when did you realize your - on >> i couldn't believe i did it i came down and stood next to my son and wife he said you just introduced himas next president and i said do ino. my wife said yes, you did. i jumped back on the stage and corrected myself. >> barack obama did the same thing as he introduced joe biden. >> i like how the son said you did it and he said no, i didn't. >> paul ryan bounced back from a tough wisconsin childhood
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and get elected to congress at the age of 28. joining us who has known paul ryan since intern is juliana glover. >> thanks for joining us. and what are your impressions of congressman ryan. >> he's always led with principle and personable . i first heard his name when i worked for bill kristol and he worked for jack kemp. krstol came down with a memo regarding health care during clinton health care debate and talking about how brilliant the memo was and a young man who wrote this and extraordinary intellect. i came to know paul a little bit over the years and he's always been someone who seemed
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to be demur from power and in the political game for the power of ideas and changing the landscape. it's even watching him over the last year and half and people talking about him running for president, he would laugh it off. very self deprecating. i know where my place is. i do it well. and others can run the race. he seems awn times to be just someone who is truly dedicated to the political game of making things better. >> there was data about him. he was president of the high school and prom king and biggest brown noser . the hair i used to have. >> and panytime x rutone and he was involved in physical fitness.
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>> i do not. but i have a memory of sitting in tortilla coast with a friend back in the late 90s before he would decide to run for. he makes his own sausage after he goes deer hunting. >> did he pay? >> that is one detail i don't remember. but it is - on >> he is a fiscal hawk. >> he said he was planning this as a child, different child and dedicated to public service. it was a mature decision i am imagining a 13 year old envisioning politics and try to change the country. i got the impression he was very mature at a young age. >> i think the idea of running for congress was something that came upon him and someone who i think who could have
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been treasure secretary in the romney administration and come about through a different path and a staffer rather than a member of congress. he doesn't seem to be in this like so many folks in washington just to hold the office and be powerful. he really has struck me as someone who is demur from that and that fell upon him and it was his duty to take office and to lead and be elected. he could easily have been one of the most brilliant presidential staffer bush or mccain won. he is deeply valuable in the republican party. >> you are the first person who we have known that had drinkks with him at tortilla coast. thank you for answering the call. >> when it come to social security, when his father died
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when paul was 16. he got benefits and saved the money and went to college. >> paul ryan's father at 57 and 59. that may be why he is working on body. >> coming up. jack america arkel will be with us. >> how about the headlines. >> house oversight sources telling fox news in a few hours the committee will file the consent of law against eric holder. he still has to comply and so the house will demow take the executive branch to court and ask a judge to make holder finally release the documents. evangelist billy graham back in the hospital this morning,
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his spokesman said graham is treated for bronchitus. he is 93 years old and admitted overnight and resting comfortably. his reps say that his health has been good since then. and looking at the damage to a navy destroyer after colliding with an oil tanker in the persian gulf . it was left with a huge hole on it no want ares of spills or leaks and no one was injured in the accident. the cause is investigated. how did that happen? she is off of the market. actress jennifer ainiston is getting married. it comes after a series of failed relationships following her 2005 divorce from brad pitt. those are the headlines. >> second most important
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wedding. >> yours. >> yes, i am getting married. >> we are all friends. >> and straight ahead. chick-fil-a protestors demanding tolerance from the food chain getting intolerant themselves vandalizing the building. >> it is not the first time this chimp escapes. we'll be right back . [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac to provida better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha!
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the 2012 glk. where bold engineering meets bold design. join mercedes-benz usa on facebook for the best summer sweepstakes. >> our point is, we need to preserve their benefits because the government made promises to organize the retirement around.
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in order to do that you must organize it for those of us who are younger. they started in the clinton commission in the late '90s. >> steve: paul ryan reintroduced himself to the united states . the deficit hawk defending his change to medicare. will democratic governor of delaware is our guest. he is an avid obama. >> i am not here as charge. >> steve: you are here because you want to give impression of paul ryan. >> first i want to congratulate him and his family. america will understand what is a mismatch between the rhetoric and the reality.
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particularly when it comes to growing the economy. his approach very much like mitt romney's is more about top down. it is taxes, taxes. puhow do you grow an economy for the middle class when you cut pel grants for college students. >> steve: you are talking about paul ryan's plan. they are running on the mitt romney plan. >> they are similar. number one and two. and early in the campaign. mitt romney fully embraced. >> steve: he said he liked portions of it. >> you and another democrat say it is unfair to the middle class. when you look at the middle class what they want are jobs and under this president there are no net increase in job. >> there are 29 straight months was jobs. this is fair unfairness.
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what is the most effective approach. i have a business background. what do you learn from private sector experience. and again his focus is primarily focuses on cutting taxesment >> steve: i heard mitt romney say he want to cut taxes for everyone. >> look at his plan. and if his plan in terms of the tax cuts for the very wealthiest is going to be revenue neutral, what it means by definition the burden gets transferred downward to the middle class and working people. how do you create a strong middle class and government going forward. >> steve: let me ask you this. we talked about the mitt romney plan. what about the president's plan. we heard romney say he will create 12 million dollars. what is barack obama's plan.
6:20 am
>> this is what the media missed. just a few months ago, president obama signed a job's act to make it easier for companies to go public. >> steve: why did it take it three and half years to do it? >> he got it done. he is focused on exports and foreign investment and innovation. i had many, many opportunities with him and governors to be with him and listen to his plans. for some reason it is not picked up in the press. >> steve: we are here fair and balanced and you just said it? >> thank you for having me. >> steve: thank you, sir it is an ad creating outrage on both sides of the aisle. what the head of the dnc just said about that ad. what is wrong with medicaid. teachers are buying their own
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>> ainsley: a terrifying accident in the indiana state fair all caught on tape. wow. wow, that stage coach crashes on its side and jurisdiction five passengers. none of those injuries were serious. it happened before a stage fair collapse. and vandals targeting another chick-fil-a restaurant in
6:25 am
frederick, maryland. they have since been removed. suspects are still at large, eric. >> eric: you pay taxes ask yourself the question. how does the head of the government funded group eastern 700,000 a year. for that job awarded 403,000 in salary and bonuses 40,000. and all on the taxpayer dime. joining us for the senior editor. jamie, almost $700,000. and i think the president of the united states makes $400,000. how does it get to this? >> it is a potential example and would have to come out and justify it of waste, fraud and abuse of medicaid. this school and program is funded by medicaid and the new
6:26 am
york city. and when you talk about a nonfunded government funded with taxpayer money it raises questions. it raises a larger questions than medicaid than one example here. >> eric: what is it? >> it helps autistic children and adults with development the and psychological problems. it does good work. but one of the other teachers say they don't have enough money to buy supplies and teachers are spending their own money on supplies. you question the priorities where the money is going. can we read the quote from the lead spokesman who defended the pay. the board relied on a independent consultation firm.
6:27 am
it is compared to directors at similar providers. they are private sector earning money. >> probably. in this story they quote charity navigator for someone in her type of nonprofit, the average base pay was lower in the $200,000 to $300,000 range. this raises questions about you know, every once in a while you will get stories, antidotes about fraud and abuse in medicaid. i think what is really alarming the director of medicaid by medicaid. but medicaid and medicare by itself are growing at a rate that is drowning the budget . i think that is where the real concern should be. >> eric: real concern find somebody else to do the job at a substantially a lower pay
6:28 am
especially as it is taxpayer funding. >> thank you. >> eric: mayor bloomburg cracking down on everything from salt to soda. and outside of paul ryan's home. how did mitt romney keep the cause. romney's great escape revealed next. >> happy birthday to danny, who is 53. (phone ringing)
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6:33 am
tiger woods ex-coach. >> steve: andrew, our floor manager pointed out brian is not on the show today. and doesn't the guy on the far right look like brian? >> allyson: nice abs. >> eric: from the neck up. >> steve: brian kilmeade in a speedo with michael phelps. he was really looking at that picture. so early for that, right. >> allyson: what did you think about it eric. london olympicses coming to the close with a rocking ceremony last night. ♪ [ singing ] >> ainsley: they look great. check out the spice girls. she ends the ceremon yep her husband started the ceremony.
6:34 am
they staged a show stopping reunion. it was then turned over to brazil, host of the 2016 games. and night capped off with an amazing display with an amazing performance by the who. ♪ >> ainsley: look at those fireworks and can you imagine the expensns pr ice tag 14 billion for the olympics, three times the original estimate. >> steve: i love them on the guitar. >> eric: adsuggesting outrage suggesting that mitt romney was to blame for a woman dying cancer. >> we were stage four. >> eric: but the dnc chair
6:35 am
debby wasserman shultz has no idea. >> it is a priority usa super pac and we have nothing to do with it. i have no idea the political affileation. >> eric: is shid kidding me . priority usa was founded by two former staffers of president obama and white house admitted to sending staffers to priority usa. it is a democrat hunch. >> steve: you don't think they are republicans and libbitarians. a cage match for one wild chimp. he is escaped second time. and escape calling for laws
6:36 am
for exotic. the sole-called escape they think was set up by animal activist. >> we have gotten calls for people who want to let it out. and i hope no one tampered with the cage. >> steve: cj was caught less than an hour after breaking free. she is in the care of a animal entertainer and will be transferred to an animal. who would be trigger or rin-tin-tin or lassy or the other guy? >> ainsley: guys, you remember the story. forget the sugar high. new york city mayor bloomburg might need to focus on teens smoking pot. it is up from 12 percent in
6:37 am
2005. >> eric: congressman ryan returning home it wisconsin. a massive crowd back to see the home town boy. heather is life from brookfield, wisconsin, the state that she grew up n >> ainsley: hey, heather. >> good morning, guyings, a lot of family and friend and people turning out. for lastt night's homecoming rally more than 10,000 people. they were supposed to hold it in the convention center. so many folks came they held it outside . traffic backed up two miles and no surprise, it was an emotional night for congressman rhine. his district not too far from the convention center. he had to wipe away a few tears seeing how emotional it was for folks to turn out in support of him.
6:38 am
listen to what he said on stage. >> it is good to be home! [cheers and applause] ah. ah. i tell ya, i love wisconsin. plause plause - [applause] >> i see my family over here. that's this half of the stadium. this is a phenomenal place to live, to work and raise your family. >> congressman paul ryan is a popular figure in the state. his district is diverse and rural and parts of the inner city. and he's able to appeal to a broad base. he won reelection 60 percent and last one 68 percent . campaign hopes he will help to
6:39 am
appeal to independent and undecided voters nationwide . we heard a theme we think we will hear in the campaign and that is a question of whether or not the u.s. can continue the road of its pending. >> here's our choice. do we want the opportunity safety net and landd of upward mobility and people get ahead or go down the path of debt, doubt and despair. do we want to copy europe? no. it is going to take lead areship and courage. and it is going to take another election just like we had in 20 10 to get this right. >> we know that that message will appeal to the republican base. the question is how independent and undecided voters will handle that especially given the paul ryan budget plan. as of today congressman rhine waking nup the state of the iowa and he will speak later
6:40 am
today. we'll have more in wisconsin, back to you. >> ainsley: he started in north carolina and wisconsin and now iowa. rickk rick president obama is going to be in iowa as well. >> steve: in the meantime, how did they keep paul ryan a secret so long. it turned out on august 1st mitt romney said i want to upon talk to paul ryan. they had him fly into hartford, connecticut. and y know, if someone went to pick him up. they had her, 19 year old son curt drive him in. and they met and decided to do it. and on friday, they did the same thing, there is the congressman had to go through the sikh memorial out there in
6:41 am
wisconsin and in fact, rather than the announcement was supposed to be in new hampshire. but after dropped off in the memorial, he went to his frontt door and he locked myself out and i will go to the back door and went across the woods which he described in this sound bite. >> it was a walk. i grew up and the house i grew up backs up to te house i live in now . i know the woods like the back of my hand and went out my back door. and i walked up to the street. and went out next to the driveway they grew up in. grabbed in a ran and went on. that's the story. >> over the hill and lieus woods.
6:42 am
>> he wore a disguise on the plane. baseball cap. i am not sure it was a cheese head. >> ainsley: said he found out last second sunday and had to keep it a secret . said he prepared for this as a little boy. >> steve: and people saw the roll out on saturday . how brillant on the uss wisconsin. that was not the original plan. it was supposed to be in new hampshire. >> eric: doing it in virge virge was a good idea. >> ainsley: afghan policemenn turning on nato troops. fifth attack in just weeks. what would a romney-ryan ticket mean for that war and our country. a veteran of the war coming up next. >> steve: wait until you hear about the gigantic mummy trouble.
6:43 am
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call or go online today. after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> eric: national weather service team will be in north carolina to determine if the storm that caused destruction was a tornado. 10 homes were damaged and no one was hurt. new york post learning the reconstruction project will be scaled down. it is 400 million over budget to the nearly two billion estimate. >> ainsley: thanks, eric. more reports of afghan friends firing on nato troops. latestt incident a man dressed as a afghan police officer shooting at nato soldier.
6:47 am
this comes after u.s. men were killed by men dressed as afghan police officer. captain joins us we had three marines killed and three more americans killod friday and the numbers keep going up and up and if you watched the interview on 60 minutes. rommny and ryan did not mention the military presence. big military presence on saturday when they were the ticket. what are your thoughtthat? >> first of all insider threat in afghanistan is a problem and green on blue and clearly the strategy of the taliban and target afghan government members as you have seen them go up. this is a taliban tactic to erode our will. what romney and rhine - ryan
6:48 am
would get rid of the withdrawal that is the veneer for this whole problem that afghans don't believe our commitment is there. they don't believe we are there in the long term and that erodes and the taliban exploits the gap. they will dilute or get rid of that and opening up the opportunity for better partnership and hopefullyy less violence in afghanistan. >> allyson: what about budget cuts, how will that our veterans. >> look at the ryan plan, it doesn't cut veteran benefits at all . what ryan does he crystallized the power. you can't have military power if you don't have economic strength. we have to make tough decisions. ryan said debt is a national security crisis and until we address the deficit problems
6:49 am
we may not have the kind of military we want to v. 70 percent of the veterans believe that the debt is a national security problem. until we get it under control and provide solutions . we may not have the resources and will have to make tough decisions. >> allyson: paul ryan spoke last yearr, a weak economy means a weak military. we are hear being jobs jobs jobbs. do we need to focus getting back on track as a country or military? >> they go hand in hand. economic vitality feeds military strength. paul rhine believes in america's role in the world. you better have a strong economic base and propelled our military strength in the world. they understand the linkkages between the two. you will not balance the budget on the backs of the defense department. but there is it a lot of fat
6:50 am
that needs reform justt like medicare and medicaid and social security. they are bloat they will take over our budget in 10 years f. we don't reform we will have to cut. it will be on the table if we don'ty are form our entitlement programs and paul ryan and romney. >> ainsley: you like the ticket? >> i do. >> allyson: thank you for joinning us and thank you for your service. thank you. paul ryan is called a game changer and why? a man who knows him well because he handed over his congressional seat to him joins us now. and actor who played hero on the screen is now one for year. saving a woman's life. ♪ hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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he will do well here and comes from a working class community and does well because independent and discerning demcratts trust him. >> steve: can paul ryan tip the favor. we'll have congressman new man
6:55 am
. he knows representative ryan personally. >> great to be with you. >> steve: i find it interesting democrats talked about an extremist paul ryan was and suggestions are unpopular f. you are unpopular you don't wind up getting elected 7 time in a democratic. >> that seat was 22 years democrats and i was there two terms and paul ryan stepped in. and i first met him, we worked on the plans to balance the budget in the 1990s and i saw that he had great understanding of the budget and found out he was from my home town janesville and i was happy to support him. >> ainsley: last republican to carry wisconsin was three decades ago.
6:56 am
what are the chances that the ticket can win in wisconsin? >> i think excellent. we saw scott walker get reelect our base are fired wup the paul ryan thing. we have an excellent chance. there was a rally of 10,000 and there is a huge turn out. and you can see the excitement in the paul ryan vice-president appointment. and paul is all american family and thos what independents will see. beautiful wife and three kid and all of the rightt things for the family. starts in janesville, wisconsin and winds up on the ticket for the vice-presidentt of thuss of america. this is the american dream. rickk rick you are not surprised at the outpouring of emotion not only from wisconsin wuhe had 10,000 people in north carolina as well >> it is excitingly and paul has the idea to
6:57 am
articulate of how to fix the financial problem in america and i think that's what we need. >> ainsley: i know scott walker. thanks for being with us. >> steve: paul ryan had 10,000 people. how many for the president. half a room. >> one second buddy. daddy will be right back.
6:58 am
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7:01 am
high school yearbook. "fox & friends," hour two, for monday, starts right now. >> ainsley: opening up the yearbook. that could be scary. remember it was hfts, have fun this summer? that was what everybody wrote in the yearbook. >> steve: i don't remember. >> ainsley: y'all a are a bit younger than i am. >> steve: whatever happened to mine? >> ainsley: i don't know. we stopped buying them in high school. >> eric: can i clarify the brown knows comment? he was known as the high school broken nose. >> steve: more about the paul ryan who you don't know very well, but you will by the end of this hour. >> ainsley: now for your headlines, while you were sleeping, sources telling fox news that in a few hours, the house oversight committee will file its contempt of congress lawsuit against attorney general
7:02 am
eric holder. he was found in contempt in june for refusing to submit documents on the botched fast and furious operation. he still hasn't complied. so the house will now take the executive branch to court and ask a judge to make holder finally release those documents. a health scare this morning for billy graham. the 93-year-old hospitalized for bronchitis. his spokesman says he's resting comfortably. he was in the hospital last november for knew many i can't. his reps -- pneumonia. his reps say his health has been good since then. we're look at the damage to the navy destroyer after it collided with an oil tanker in the persian gulf. the uss porter was left with a huge hole in one side. no reports of spills or leaks and no one was hurt in the accident. the cause is now being investigated. steven baldwin played a hero on the big screen, but now one in real life. the 46-year-old rushed to help a young woman having an epileptic
7:03 am
seizure at a new york city hotel. he immediately ran to her side after he noticed no one else did. he then held her hand and started saying prayers. luckily a nurse arrived and was able to successfully revive her and she's going to be okay. those are your headlines. >> steve: that's terrific. >> ainsley: nice guy. he's been here before. >> eric: emotional homecoming for paul ryan in wisconsin. [ cheers and applause ] >> eric: he can't hold back the tear, returning home for the first time since being picked as mitt romney's running mate. both men outlining their vision for the future to the americans across the nation. phil keating live in miami, florida, where romney will take their message there later. what's the latest? you guys excited? >> florida is gearing up big time today for the big bus tour, for romney. after spending the weekend
7:04 am
attached hip to hip, they split up. a brand-new obama campaign on-line video prominently featuring yesterday's sunday front page with this headline, ryan could hurt romney in florida. an hour from now, in saint augustine, romney will be at an event. senator marco rubio is expected to be there, who was on the short list. they were then supposed to go from saint augustine together, now just going to be remain knee to orlando. because of the vp announcement over the weekend that shaked up the campaign. by 5:00 o'clock, romney does resume his campaign event in miami at a latin hot spot targeting the all important hispanic vote in southwest miami. there you will certainly see supporters on hand hearing one of romney's new lines like this.
7:05 am
>> there is no question that if you follow the campaign of barak obama, he's going to do everything in his power to make this the lowest, meanest, negative campaign in history. we're not going to let that happen. this is going to be a campaign about ideas, about the future of america! this is a campaign about greatness, about america's future for your children, for the world! mr. president, take your campaign out of the gutter. let's talk about the real issues in america facing us! >> president obama made his very first comments about the new romney-ryan republican ticket yesterday afternoon at a campaign rally in his hometown of chicago and while his surrogates were attacking ryan for his budget ideas and federal entitlement cut, the president chose the polite road. >> he's an articulate spokesman for governor romney's vision, but it's a vision that i fundamentally disagree with.
7:06 am
>> ryan will be spending the day at the iowa state fair campaigning on his own in des moines and romney will leave the all important state of florida to resume the bus tour on tuesday in another critical battle ground state. that being ohio. back to you guys in new york. >> steve: phil, before you go, would you like to play paul ryan trivia with us? >> i would love to. >> steve: allall right. the first ones will be pretty simple. true or false, when he was younger, paul ryan worked as an accountant at h & r block? true or false? >> i'm going to say false on that. >> steve: that's right. never did that. did he work as a personal trainer? >> he could have. i don't know. >> steve: he did. he was a personal trainer and he was a waiter at a mexican restaurant. >> eric: next one, true or false, in the 24 hours after the announcement of paul ryan as vp nominee, did mitt romney raise 3
7:07 am
1/2 million dollars? >> that is true on-line. >> eric: on-line is right also. >> ainsley: true or false, did he meet his wife on a blind date? yes or no? >> i'm going to say no on that. >> ainsley: i'm going to say i don't know. i have no idea. >> eric: there is a big one. true or false, paul ryan was prom king? >> that is true. >> steve: that is true! you know what, phil, there is a reason you're correspondent because i believe you got every one of them right. nicely done. >> eric: who has better hair, though? phil keating or paul ryan? >> steve: ponder that. thank you very much. so very emotional we saw if phil's report it was very emotional where paul ryan went back to with us i wiped away a treatment earlier he sat down at a furniture plant in high point, north carolina, to do an interview with bob schieffer for
7:08 am
60 minutes. what's interesting, is cbs actual lea cut out of the report where paul ryan talks about how his own mother lives in florida and is on social security. that would be really important for them to have played, but they didn't. the two candidates were talking at the same time. here they are responding to the critics who are talking about paul ryan's medicare proposal is radical. >> there is only one president that i know of in history that robbed medicare $716 billion to pay for a new risky program of his own that we call obamacare. think of that. what paul ryan and i have talked about is saving medicare, is providing people greater choice in medicare, making sure it's there for current seniors. no changes, by the way, for current seniors or those nearing retirement, but look to younger
7:09 am
people saying we're going to give you a choice. in america, the nature of this country has been giving people more freedom. >> you're going to have to do a little selling on that. >> our point is we need to preserve their benefits because government made promises that they've organized the government around in order to make sure we can do that, you must reform it for those younger. they have bipartisan origin. they started from the clinton commission in the late 1990s. >> steve: he said my mom is a medicare recipient. they didn't run that. >> ainsley: it was interesting that if you watched "60 minutes," you had like a 20 minute piece here, a 20 minute piece here, and then their interview was a lot shorter. granted, 60 minutes is produced well in advance. so when this announcement came out on saturday, then they have the interview on sunday. >> steve: rush job. >> ainsley: right. so they couldn't play it all. but it's interesting what they decided to play and leave out. >> eric: very interesting. all weekend long i've been taking notes on what different people have said about the pick.
7:10 am
i find it interesting that 60 minutes played 15 minutes of that when they could have gone the full hour. i'm sure they would have rated better had you stuck with that for the hour. 10,000 people there. candiy from cnn, here is a quote that is baffling. some sort of ticket death wish, she said. how about andrea mitchell on msnbc. not a pick for women. are they just skewing the whole dialogue, they're pushing the debate further left? they're taking paul ryan apart before anyone even understands who he is? they're muddying the waters before the thing even gets started. >> steve: one of the important things that the romney people are trying to do is define paul ryan before the democrats get the chance to kill him. one of the things the democrats are saying is paul ryan has this risky medicare plan. and if you're a senior, they're going to change everything for you. first of all, paul ryan's plan, if you're currently on medicare, you would not be affected by it. it would only impact people who
7:11 am
are 54 and younger going forward. here is the reason that doesn't matter is because mitt romney is not going to run on the paul ryan plan. mitt romney is going to run on his five-point plan, which we've been telling about. >> eric: one more quickly. david axelrod was on the weekend talk circuit and he said, he called paul ryan a right wing ideal log. i saw one great view with george stephanopoulos, he said it three times and called for ryan -- called ryan the prescription for economic catastrophe. you're right. they're trying to define ryan before mitt romney gets a chance to introduce paul ryan. >> steve: what's the matter with being an idealogue? that means you stand for something. >> eric: you want to talk about economic catastrophe? hello, pot, you're calling the kettle black. >> ainsley: the romney camp raised a lot of money, more than president obama's campaign has over the last three months. romney camp raising 3.5 million on-line in the 24 hours after he
7:12 am
picked paul ryan to be his vice president. lot of support. >> steve: absolutely. the president of the united states in his hometown of chicago, he had a $51 a head fund-raiser in chicago. but only half a crowd apparently. jody cantor of the "new york times" tweeted, at obama fund-raiser in chicago. admission only $51. but room is half full. the romney team retreated, the thrill is gone. >> eric: i have a lunch the paul ryan pick will invigorate the base. a lot of people were waiting to see who they picked. >> ainsley: some things need to change. he's not happy with congress of the he called congress last night dysfunctional. saying the house is -- the senate hasn't passed a budget in three years and you're supposed to every year. >> steve: we've got a lot to talk about on this morning, monday morning. a lot revolving around paul ryan, the right wing idealogue.
7:13 am
that's what the left wants you to believe. are they right? we'll talk about that next. >> ainsley: a jet gear gets in? what? details on a major security fail at one of the nation's busiest airports. $[d7bg%[q7$[@3 ["[h7i77 hey, i love your cereal there -- it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way, right? lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one.
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plus it's four times stronger than the leading value brand. and you can use up to four times less. good news for even the biggest kids in the family. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong? >> steve: it was a hometown homecoming for congressman paul ryan as he attended a rally with mitt romney before thousands of people last night in wisconsin. wisconsin now back in the spotlight following its historic recall election. >> ainsley: our own heather is live there with a special guest who is also there on stage. lieutenant governor rebecca kleefisch.
7:17 am
hey, ladies. heather, how are you? >> good morning. they certainly had a very busy night. last night more than 10,000 people turning out at that convention center not too far from here. so one of the many political figures -- and you saw heavy hitters on stage last night. rebecca kleefisch. we saw you behind him on the stage. give us your impressions of last night. >> it was extraordinary. the crowd was joyous. it was a jubilant, exciting mood last night. to see paul ryan return to his home state was remarkable. he was overwhelmed. just overcome to the point where he was tearing up a little bit. janna got foggy. saw mitt romney, governor romney, wipe a tear from his eye because it was a very emotional home. not just for the candidate, but also for the crowd. this is a crowd that has been through so much over the last year. these were the volunteers, the voters, the people who turned to their friends and neighbors and said, you got to get involved in
7:18 am
the political process. your kids' future is at stake. >> your base last night seemed pretty ginned up, but i would imagine there is a certain amount of voter fatigue. you had the heated recall vote with governor scott walker. where do you see things? >> i think there was a certain amount of voter fatigue after the recall election. that happened june 5. i think the u.s. senate candidate in the primary for the republicans are kind of the casualty of that. >> that's tomorrow? >> that's tomorrow. and i think the recall election -- then the olympics kind of sucked the oxygen out of the room for those guys. they were hoping for a little more attention and they've been campaigning hard. tomorrow is the primary. i think voters are excited now. they are so thrilled that a native son of wisconsin is on the ballot. >> i want to get your reaction to something because we're starting to hear about a theme coming out of the obama campaign.
7:19 am
because of ryan's record, i mean. he is a right wing ideologue, the intellectual energy behind the republican caucus there in congress. >> that is exactly the same way they painted newt gingrich. where do you see this going? how do you see them handling it? >> i think he was right on one word, intellectual. paul ryan has a big brain and big ideas. if you notice something very special behind paul ryan yesterday, like i did, think the rest of the country will notice it, too. he had his family on stage. paul ryan thinks first of his children. he's a midwestern dad first and i think that is what american voters are going to respond to. that is what wisconsin is going to bring to this. >> lieutenant governor of wisconsin, thanks so much for coming out. we'll be back here a little
7:20 am
later to check in with you guys. back to you in new york. >> steve: heather live in her home state. thank you very much. >> eric: keep your eye on lieutenant governor kleefisch. she's a rising star in the gop. she's a winner. >> steve: straight ahead. >> ainsley: you remember this? the man who looks just like paul ryan pushing granny off the cliff? you remember that one? more ads just like this one about to air across the country. stuart varney says this is going to backfire. >> eric: then the pictures you'll be talking about all day. a mama dog carrying her puppies from a burning building. >> steve: this is my favorite story. okay, here's the plan.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
>> ainsley: time for your news by the numbers. first, $170 million. that's how much the federal government plans to spend on buying meat to support farmers struggling through the drought. next, 3.69, that's the price of gasoline this week. the drought and supply problems triggering the latest hike. finally, $40.3 million. that's how much money the borne legacy raked in. >> eric: it wasn't long ago that mitt romney announced paul ryan as vice presidential pick, maybe two days or so. that's got democrats showing this ad, showing a man who looks like ryan pushing an old lady off a cliff. >> steve: it's extreme to attack his stance on medicare. will voters really buy it? stuart varney joins us live. >> within seconds of the ryan announcement, erica payne who
7:25 am
made the first ad was out with another, granny off a cliff demonization ad, within seconds of the release. my point is, you spent a weekend looking at the so-called ryan plan for medicare, what's the president's plan for medicare? it's totally out of control. it's running us towards bankruptcy. what is the president's plan for dealing with medicare? we know the ryan plan. it's been demonized to death. what's your plan, mr. president? can you tell me what it is? >> steve: to the best of my knowledge, i don't know his plan for fixing that or fixing social security or anything like that. here is some important headline. that is mitt romney and paul rain are not running on the ryan plan. they're running on the mitt romney plan. we're not talking about change and -- >> eric: i'm not sure what the romney plan is for that. >> i'm not entire leisure in detail what this is. but the president does not have a plan. we understand that he plans to
7:26 am
take $564 billion out of medicare and he'll do this by lowering costs through obamacare and saving on waste and fraud. so this president says, i can save $1 billion each and every week for the next ten years by eliminating waste and fraud and work with obamacare. that is the plan. we're headed towards bankruptcy because of medicare and that is the president's plan. i say that is not a plan. that's wishful thinking and it's pure fantasy. >> steve: one thing we did hear from mitt romney last night on the "60 minutes" interview, he said regarding medicare, the only person in history who has cut $714 billion from medicare is barak obama. >> that is correct. so there you have it. i think the focus, having demonized the ryan plan, i think should now shift to what is the romney plan and what is the obama plan? i can't find the obama plan. >> steve: it's easy to find stuart varney two hours from
7:27 am
now, he'll be at "fox business" network. >> 9:20 sharp. see you then. >> eric: he's the one big name you won't see at the republican national convention, mr. donald trump not hired to speak. he joins us next to explain why. >> steve: and call the pc police. a water park that's been given a discount to church groups for years, now may be forced to stop. oh, oh somebody is all wet.
7:28 am
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7:31 am
er. ♪ . >> ainsley: it's just their job. mama's always coming to the rescue. this is our shot of the morning. a mom dog coming to the rescue for her pups. she pulled all five of her puppies from a burn house. this happened in chile. she places them in the back of that fire truck. the puppies were only ten days old. they've been taken to a vet clinic to recover. the homeowner is also recovering from the fire. no word yet on what caused this. >> steve: that is just amazing. >> ainsley: mama's protect their young. >> eric: the crazy part is she was smart enough to put them in the fire truck which was
7:32 am
protecting the house. >> steve: that is one smart dog. thank you very much for joining us. gretchen is off and brian is off and we got ainsley and eric with us. >> ainsley: we have a good leader. >> steve: it's good to have you. >> ainsley: you're always fun to work with. >> eric: brian, take another week if you need it. >> ainsley: right. time for your headlines. terrifying accident. the indiana state fair and it's all caught on tape. look at this. it looked like the wheel ran over that lady. the stagecoach crashes on it its side, throwing the passengers to the ground. spectators rushing to help rescue the people inside the coach. five people taken to the hospital. none of their injuries serious. the accident happened a day before the first anniversary of the state fair stage collapse which killed seven people. >> steve: meanwhile a security breach at new york city's jfk airport over the weekend has the port authority which has the authority over the airport fuming and calling for an
7:33 am
investigation. 31-year-old daniel cass see i don't's jet ski broke down. then he apparently swam up to the airport grounds, was able to climb an eight foot fence and walked across two runways before being stopped inside a terminal. hey, why are you all wet? >> from the water side, if somebody can climb up the fence and get in. it wouldn't make me feel safe. >> steve: by the way, jfk has a $100 million security system. maybe they forgot about the water. >> eric: atheists targeting a water park over church group discounts. they're demanding they get rid of the discount passes. the owner caving under pressure and discounting the did -- discontinuing them for the season. but the atheist group continues to threaten them. they're concerned the promotion may be reinstated in the future. the atheists claim the discounts
7:34 am
are discriminatory and illegal. >> ainsley: the olympics coming to a rocking closing ceremony. take a look. ♪ >> ainsley: they all look amazing. still, the spice girls, you know them, they chose a show stopping reunion. the olympic flag was turned over to brazil, the host of the 2016 games in rio. the nate capped off with fireworks and a performance by the who. ♪ >> ainsley: the u.s. leads the games as the champions, having won 104 medals in all. give it up for the usa. and 46 of them gold. >> steve: all right! >> ainsley: china, great britain. usa, usa.
7:35 am
china, great britain, south korea rounding out the top five. i left out one country. who did i leave out? anyway. >> steve: you want the weather? usa weather! let's take a look at the doppler and radar combined. you can see where it's raining. heavy stuff from the mid missouri and -- mississippi valley up through the great lakes. also texas is getting some rain today and they really need it. they could also use it in kansas. not the case right now. the current readings, a lot of 50s and 60s in the plains. 80s in the south. today's daytime high, 114 in phoenix. that's the hot spot. a lot of 100-degree readings throughout much of texas. 80s and 90s through dixieland. out west in san francisco, 75. here in new york city, the top temperature will be 86. that's where we dial in donald trump who has got a couple of
7:36 am
sky scrapers. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: i understand you're just back from scotland where you just opened up the world's greatest golf course. >> well, we just opened up a course that's amazing. it's doing amazing. people love it and it's been really popular. polls are showing 93% of the people. it was environmentally -- given a hard time, as is the case in many case. but it's built on the largest dunes on the world and spectacular and doing great. >> steve: congratulations. >> thank you. >> eric: let's talk about mitt romney's pick, congressman paul ryan, as his running mate. give us a sense of -- how should mitt romney play this? should he pick up the paul ryan plan? what would be smart, in your opinion? >> first of all, it was a very bold pick. it surprised a lot of people and i will say this, i have so many friends that are republicans and they are energized like they haven't been before. so it's amazing. but they have really -- he really has energized the republican party.
7:37 am
i think what people get to know paul ryan, they are going to be energized also 'cause he's an amazing guy. >> ainsley: i heard that you were asked to speak at the convention. is this true? and you decline to do do that? do you have something else bigger planned? >> i was asked to speaks but i was also asked to do something else and i thought you shouldn't do both. the thing i'm doing i think will be tremendous. >> ainsley: can you tell us? >> i can't. i would love to and you would be the first and you will be the first because of my loyalty to this great show. but the fact is that i have been asked to speak and i've also been asked to do this other thing and you can't really do them both. i don't think it works to do them both. the night before i'm in sarasota getting the statesman of the year. now, can you believe this? >> steve: congratulations. >> so i'm happy about that. >> steve: going back to the paul ryan for just a minute, speaking of this great show, you were on this great show back in march and we got some videotape where you're not crazy about paul ryan's plan.
7:38 am
we're going to play that for you and get your analysis of how things have changed. listen to this. >> i think it's wonderful to come up with plans, but i don't think you should put it into a 50-50 election. i think it's a very dangerous plan for mitt romney, to be honest, where he's going to be running. he's doing very well and he's going to be saddled with a plan that's going to be very hard to live with. >> steve: okay. that was back in march. how do you feel now? >> i don't think anything changed. this is why, it was a very courageous move. i was talking to and listening to paul ryan and it was interesting because he said somebody had to get the dialogue going. if you view it that way, it certain israeli interesting. it's risky, it's bold. people are energized and thus far, i will tell you, it's been a very popular choice. but somebody did have a to get it going. we'll see what happens. >> eric: what do you think the fundraising numbers are going to look like going forward? have there been a lot of
7:39 am
conservative republicans waiting for this pick? >> yes. there have been a lot of them and a lot of pressure put on to make this pick. people really like him. he's a smart guy, speaks well. he energizes people. it's going to be very interesting to see what happens. i mean, it was an exciting pick. they were all saying it was going to go the other way. it was going to be more of a -- they used the word boring. i don't use the word boring. but i will tell you that this is certainly an exciting pick. it will be very interesting to see how it works out. >> ainsley: boring doesn't necessarily mean bad. did you watch the interview last night on 60 minutes? >> i did watch it. i thought it was great. i think they looked great together. it works and i think they looked great together. >> steve: donald, my wife and i were out in blue bell, pennsylvania spending time with our friends, bud and eileen hanson, their remark regarding the ticket now is finally, we're going to be talking about big stuff. last week we saw the ad, mitt romney killed that guy's wife. before that it's all about tax, taxes, taxes. now we're on to the stuff that
7:40 am
really matters to america. >> i think that's right. it's the big picture. now you're going to be talking about the big and the important picture and you know, obama is waging a vicious, vicious campaign against mitt romney and i think it's disgraceful. and people are going to find out. perhaps he's not such a nice guy. he did the same thing with hillary clinton and i think this one is even worse. so i think now you may have elevated it and may have elevated to the big picture, which is what this country needs. we need big thinking. not small thinking. >> eric: back on the issues, away from the defining the candidates. we have to leave it there. donald, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> steve: have a great week. >> eric: bud hanson? you know bud hanson? >> ainsley: and eileen? >> steve: fantastic! >> eric: in pennsylvania, right? >> steve: are you thinking of the hansons from hmbop? >> ainsley: blue bell. i think of the blue bell ice cream. >> steve: it's beautiful out there. >> ainsley: republicans aren't the only ones celebrating
7:41 am
romney's vp pick. democrats are happy, too, saying it will help the president win reelection. >> steve: senator mccass kill a democrat here to explain that. >> eric: a huge whale, you're going to see how it ends. >> steve: first, the trivia question of the day. born in 1962, this actor is known for his role as roger sterling on "mad men." who is he? e-mail us with the answer. if you're first, you'll win [ male announcer ] when a major hospital
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7:44 am
>> ainsley: welcome back. quick headlines. chad johnson no longer with the miami dolphins. and he just got there! the team released him after his arrest in a domestic battery case involving his wife.
7:45 am
he left jail after posting $2,500 bond. and take a look at this. a group of fishermen getting that up close and personal look at that hump back whale as it shoots out of the water and practically right onto their boat. this happened in british columbia. they have entered the pictures in a national geographic contest. that would scare me to death! >> steve: me, too. and i'm just looking at it. congressman paul ryan is being hailed as a bold choice for vice president by members of the tea party. n we were looking for someone to articulate the principles and issues that we cared about. this election is about a vision for america. who and what we are as americans. and i think it is an inspired choice to pick paul ryan and something we can get behind because he has championed our issues. >> with romney-ryan, you get that big election about big ideas. we get that reagan-like approach again that's positive, it's bold. and i think it does good for the country.
7:46 am
>> steve: so will tea party support help or hurt the romney-ryan ticket come november? joining us now from st. louis, missouri, is missouri's senator, claire mccaskill. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: what do you think? if you look at the blog, watch television, it looks like this particular selection of mr. ryan has ignited the tea party. >> oh, i think this will be a very popular choice in the tea party. the question is, does paul ryan bring the kind of balance that most americans are looking for? i don't think he does. i think he's willing to blow up medicare and to give more tax cuts to folks at the very top and i think that's the kind of approach that most americans are saying let's spend less money. but let's make sure that we don't blow up medicare in the process. >> steve: you know, as you know, under the paul ryan plan, and mitt romney is not running on the paul ryan plan, but the paul ryan plan says if you're -- >> i think he is now. >> steve: if you're on medicare right now, you're not impacted.
7:47 am
if you're 55 or older, you're not impacted. but going forward, what they're trying to do is come up with a plan to save it. they've got a plan to save it. i haven't heard of a plan from the president. and your party to save it. >> there are pilot projects right now because of the healthcare reform that are going to bring down healthcare costs. that's ultimately what we're look for. medicare gets more expensive because health care costs get more expensive. >> steve: aren't we a little late in the game for a pilot program? we're spend ago trillion dollars a year more in this country than we're taking in. we need to have a plan. >> steve, here is the bottom line. we can hold on to medicare as we know it as something that reassures seniors for all americans. we can do that if we do a balanced approach to our debt and deficit reduction. i'm somebody that knows we need to spend less money. i sponsored spending caps with senator jeff sessions from alabama of the i worked in a bipartisan way to bring down federal spending. but i'm not willing to blow up medicare in the process,
7:48 am
especially when you consider that paul ryan believes at the same time we blow up medicare, we need to give another tax cut to people who make more than a million a year. >> steve: well, the thing about the taxes is the president of the united states wants to give the middle class a tax cut for one year and then everybody's taxes go up. and as for blowing up medicare, they're not talking about that. but i know it's your talking point. i want to talk about the guy you're going to face, congressman, been in washington six years longer than you, todd aiken, got a lot of tea party support. and you say you're delighted that he's your opponent. why is that? >> oh, i think that any of the three people who ran would have provided a great contrast to missouri. but particularly todd is very -- it's going to be a real contrast. he makes rick santorum look like a hippy. he wants to abolish the minimum wage. he wants to do away with any federal government involvement in student loans. which is a short cut to saying just rich kids get to go to
7:49 am
college. he is somebody who really represents the very, very, very out of the main stream ideas that i think most missourians will reject. >> steve: i read in one of the papers out there in missouri, senator, that you may have inadvertently helped him win over a couple of republican challengers because in your tv ad, you did label him as he's just too conservative. apparently there are a loft conservatives out there who like that idea. >> i think that may be true, but missouri is an interesting state. we have a lot of very strong republicans. we have a lot of really strong democrats. then we have this great group of people in the middle that kind of is missouri, the moderate middle. when they range from one to 100 on liberal to conservative, independent groups, i came in at 50. or i call that the sweet spot for missouri. i think missouri is going to want someone who -- by the way,
7:50 am
i'm somebody who fought earmarks. my opponent is a big earmarker. so if you look at fiscal issue, i'm somebody who is paying attention to getting federal spending down. i also believe a balanced approach and saving medicare, social security, and student loans and the minimum wage is pretty darn important. >> steve: i do believe mr. aiken co-sponsored a balanced budget amendment and voted against the health care law and stimulus plan, both of which you voted for. senator, thank you very much for joining us live today. >> thank you. >> steve: straight ahead, the unemployment rate among young veterans three times as high as the national average. they're fine lea getting some help from somebody who knows what it is like. dakota mier here to explain. on this day in 1987, you2 "i still haven't found what i'm looking for." [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
7:51 am
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>> ainsley: the unemployment rate among young veterans, three times as high as the national average. they are finally getting help from someone who knows what it is like all too well. medal of honor recipient, dakota myer is teaming up with hiring our heros program and joining us now, along with dakota, executive director, kevin. thanks so much for being with us. kevin, i'll start with you. tell us what this program is. >> it's a national grassroots campaign to help veterans and military spouses find employment in hundreds of communities across america. >> ainsley: dakota, why is this so important? >> it's so important because all these guys get out of the military, and especially with the down sizing of the military
7:55 am
and, you know, the coming close to the end of the war, these guys got to have a place to go. a lot of times enlisted guys and even military spouses, they sacrifice so much for theast four, ten years that they're almost at a disadvantage when going to an employer. a lot of times when they get out, this is the first time they're stepping in front of an employer and doing their first interview. >> ainsley: you know all too well because you are a scout sniper. you were in the military. how did that help you or hurt you when you were looking for a job? what was that like? >> whenever i was getting out, i didn't learn about how to market myself and personal branding. so i don't know if a lot of people know or not, but there is not a lot of jobs out there looking for snipers. employers who need snipers. i didn't know how to put it into communication skills and break that down and smaller to where i could use the skills i received in the military for the next
7:56 am
employer in showing them what i could do. >> ainsley: a lot of people don't know that means power point, excel, you're a whiz on the computer. all of those qualities can help you get a job. if you just hear sniper, many people don't know that. >> exactly. >> ainsley: so okay. i want to know how that -- how did that organization help you as well? >> the organization, as far as like being in the marine corps, troop management, just different things, communication skills, discipline, learned a lot. coming out with an honorable discharge is like going through college and receiving a certificate. >> ainsley: the numbers are staggering. 8.2%, 1.1 for post 9-11 veteran veterans. thanks so much for being with us, telling us about this organization and helping veterans to find jobs.
7:57 am
>> thank you. >> ainsley: no republican has ever won wisconsin, or not since ronald reagan back in 1984. so does paul ryan even stand a chance in that state? we're going to take a closer look. one town seven days, zero women. it's a new reality show. we've got it coming up. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. [ male announcer ] aggressive styling. a more fuel-efficient turbocharged engine. and a completely redesigned interior. the 2012 c-class with over 2,000 refinements.
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and add up to 10 different devices, including smartphones and tablets. the first plan of its kind. share everything. only from verizon. now add a tablet for only $10 monthly access. >> ainsley: good morning to you. today is monday. it's august 13, i'm ainsley earhart filling in for gretchen. there it is. you can see him crying. emotional paul ryan greeting a hometown crowd for the first time since being named mitt romney's running mate. our dana perino has known him for years and is here in just minutes. she's right there to tell use few mention you definitely haven't heard about this geico who could be the next vice president. >> steve: i can hear you breathing over there. meanwhile, you know the ad from the two former obama staffers that accuses mitt romney of killing that guy's wife, debbie wasserman-schultz says she's not sure the people behind that ad
8:01 am
are democrats. huh? >> i have no idea of the political affiliation of folks who are associated with that ad. >> steve: does that make any sense to you? we're going to talk about that. >> eric: none whatsoever, mr. doocy. then, one town, seven days, zero women. it's a new reality show. will the guys survive? "fox & friends" starts right now. whatever that meant. >> ainsley: they have to leave the men in charge for a week. we'll talk about it coming up. >> steve: also we've got in the wings, dana perino is going to be with us. and peggy noonan is in the house. she's going to be with us this half hour. we got a busy half hour. >> ainsley: that's right. we'll start with your headlines. we begin with a fox news alert.
8:02 am
amazing live pictures from fort worth, texas showing the damage after last night's round of severe storms there. look at the planes. small planes tossed around like they were toys. and at least one hangar was destroyed there. people saw wind gusts up to 70 miles an hour. at this hour, at least 28,000 people still without power. no word yet of any injuries. the house oversight committee not giving up in its efforts to get answers on the botched fast and furious operation. fox news confirming that later today the committee will file its contempt of congress lawsuit against attorney general eric holder. holder found in contempt in june for refusing to turn over documents on the gun tracking operation. the attorney general still hasn't complied, so the house will now take the executive branch to court and ask a judge to make holder finally release those documents. and evangelist billy graham back in the hospital this morning. spokesperson says graham is being treated for bronchitis.
8:03 am
93 years old. admitted to the hospital there overnight and is resting comfortably, we're told. he was in the hospital last november for pneumonia. his reps say his health has been good since then. and she's off the market. actress jennifer aniston is getting married. >> steve: again? >> ainsley: yep. her screen writer boyfriend, justin theroux popped the question. the engagement comes after a series of failed relationships for aniston following her divorce from brad pitt. i think that we say failed because they were probably her choices. like, you know, i'm sure she did all the breaking up. >> steve: that was then. this is now. good luck to them. >> eric: yeah. she broke up with him. >> ainsley: everyone is like, poor jennifer aniston. i think she's doing okay. >> steve: meanwhile, they are being billed as america's comeback team. today mitt romney and paul ryan will split up to do solo
8:04 am
appearances in florida and iowa. the two men leaving ryan's home state of wisconsin on a high note after holding one of romney's largest rallies to date. >> eric: het service live from wisconsin with the details. what's going on? >> good morning, everyone. last night that rally took place a short distance away. more than 10,000 people turning out. it was a really big event. some folks here not so surprised that that many people turned out. that's because congressman paul ryan is considered a popular figure here in the state. in his congressional district, which is not too far from here, he's consistently won reelection by 60% or more. in 2010, he won by 68%. so some folks here believe that appeal in janesville, wisconsin, his hometown k appeal to a broader base of folks across the country. one thing that is interesting about this state is that it has not gone into the republican column in a presidential race since 1984.
8:05 am
republicans say perhaps paul ryan can help swing wisconsin into the win column and reach out to independents and undecided across the country. paul ryan on stage last night. i want you to listen to how he described himself. check this out. >> my veins run with cheese, bratwurst and a little spot of shores. i like to hunt here, i like to fish here. i like to snowmobile here. i even think ice fishing is interesting. i'm a wisconsinite through and through and i just got to tell you how this means to be home. >> in case you're wondering what he was referring to, it was beer. lots of good beer here. mitt romney also taking the stage last night, talking about what about paul ryan appealed to
8:06 am
him? especially considering that he had such a deep bench to choose from in the republican party. shear what romney had to say. >> people ask me why i chose paul ryan. the answer is i wanted someone who was a leader. leadership comes from character. this is a man who has real character, who loves america, who has passion for america, who understands what it takes to get america on the right track and this leader is going to help get america strong! [ cheers and applause ] >> as they chant, usa, usa, usa, both candidates separating today. paul ryan in the state of iowa where he's going to be the iowa state fair later today. he won't meet up with mitt romney until they actually head to the conventions in just a couple of weeks. that's the latest here from wisconsin. let's send it back to you. >> steve: thank you very much. let's dial in the co-star from
8:07 am
"the five," dana perino. good morning to you. >> we have a long day together. >> eric: yes. dana went breathing. that was my breath. >> i know. >> steve: i just said i could hear you breathing. hey, we want to talk to you about paul ryan. i love the way the democrats defined him overt weekend, he's an extremeist. >> so scary, paul ryan. >> steve: tell us about the paul ryan that you know. >> i had a chance when i worked in the white house, because he was in house republican leadership, there were a lot of times when he would be at the white house and also he's a good friend of a good friend of mine. so i had a chance to meet him one time. incredibly humble, almost painfully humble. really interested in other people. always remember that i met my husband on an airplane. asking me about that. also i love how much he loves his family. and loves his country. >> ainsley: how many children does he have?
8:08 am
>> three or four. he'd come here and sleep on his cot. he's very much into fitness. very disciplined person. i don't think he's had sugar in five or six years. >> eric: over the weekend, it was said some ticket death wish. the most outrageous things, for me, was the way 60 minute, they had the opportunity to do as much time as they wanted with the candidates and put it up there. they did 15 minutes. but they cut out very important parts. >> right. do we have the one part that they cut out, which was really key on the medicare point? can we toss to that? >> eric: we don't have it up. so they do this full 15 minute interviews. schieffer talks about -- we do have it now. let's listen. >> there is only one president that i know of in history that robbed medicare $716 billion to pay for a new risky program of his own we call obamacare. think of that.
8:09 am
what paul ryan and i have talked about is saving medicare, is providing people greater choice in medicare, making sure it's there for current users. no changes, by the way, for current seniors or those nearing retirement, but look for young people down the road and saying, we're going to give you a bigger choice. in america, the nature of this country has been giving people more freedom, more choices. that's how we make -- >> you look down the road, you'll is to do a little selling. >> my mom is a medicare senior in florida. our point is we need to preserve their benefits because government made promises that they organized the retirements around in order to make sure we can do that, you must reform it for those who are younger. they have bipartisan origins. they started from the clinton. >> steve: cbs cut it out where he says, my mom is a medicare senior in florida. he's not going to hurt his own mom. >> what i also appreciate very much, i'm sure political consultants were grateful that bob schieffer finally pointed out that they're going to have to talk about the medicare parts of ryan's plan. what do you think they've been
8:10 am
thinking about for the past three months as they've readied for this announcement? i love this debate we're going to have because fine lea we can get i way from just pretending that there is not going to be any reforms until after the election. let's have this discussion. let's have this debate right here, right now. of course, they're -- they have a big hill to climb. but i do think they can do it. and when they talk about $700 billion in cuts in medicare, they don't ever seem to ask about the $700 billion in cuts in obamacare. that just got swept under the rug. and all of a sudden ryan is the big evil guy that's come to take your medicare. they're going to have to talk about that, though. it's important that they say in the future, if you're 55 or younger, you would have government funded but you would get to make the choice. who wouldn't want that? >> steve: sure. if you're on medicare right now, you're not impacted. if you're 55 or older, not impacted. suddenly we're talking about the big things. last week we were talking about the disgraceful ad from the president's supporters of the
8:11 am
super pac with joe soptic talk did she -- heart break story about his wife dying of cancer but made it seemed like mitt romney killed my wife. extraordinarily, the assistant campaign manager for the barak obama team was on "face the nation" yesterday and they didn't ask her a single question about that. where last week it sounds like she got caught in a lie. >> this is why i always say if you're in the private sector and you need to hire a communicator or pr firm, always hire people who have worked in republican politics because i guarantee you, they have had to work hard er. >> steve: democrats get a pass? >> do you think for a second that fleisher would not have been asked about the situation from last week? absolutely not. they're concerned about their access to the campaign, but look, that's why when we talk about media bias, it's not so much the things that they say directly. it's the little things, the things they don't say or things they cut out of a 60 minute piece that would have given awe fuller picture.
8:12 am
thankfully because of this network, social media and other ways of finding out information with the news cycle and the internet, people are more aware of that type of bias that underlies everything. >> ainsley: you can't just run an ad without being held accountable. turns out that his wife died likes seven years after mitt romney left bain capital. turns out she does have insurance after, or did have -- >> i think the worst part was, never heard of the guy, and then he turns out a month or so before, they had the conference call. and let me turn this over to joe soptic. >> eric: that's right up there with congresswoman debbie wasserman-schultz claiming she's not sure if priorities usa is a republican or not. >> either she wasn't telling the truth or she really doesn't know and she is the chair of the democratic national committee and she doesn't know what priority usa and joe burton, who was a deputy spokesperson for obama that, he's a democrat? come on. >> steve: we're going to talk more about that later on of the the two of you will be on "the five" today at 5:00 o'clock with
8:13 am
three other people. >> yes. 3 plus 2 makes five. >> steve: thank you very much. >> ainsley: no republican has won wisconsin since ronald reagan. this was back in 1984. so does paul ryan even stand a chance in his home state? president reagan's former chief writer action peggy noonan joins us next. >> eric: a new reality show where every single woman in town gets shipped off. by, can the men survive? >> steve: no, they can't. [ female announcer ] caltrate's done even more to move us.
8:14 am
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♪ with a subaru you can always find a way. announcer: love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> steve: no republican has won wisconsin since ronald reagan in 1984. can mitt romney's vice presidential pick, paul ryan, change all that?
8:17 am
>> i think it is game changing. paul ryan offers something i think unique. on one hand, he has a tremendous way to inspire and pump up the base. you'll see that going into the convention. but at the same time, and we've seen it for years here in wisconsin, he has tremendous appeal to swing voters and independent voters in states like wisconsin that are battle ground states because he's smart and he's bold, but listens and he relates well to voters all across the political spectrum. i think this is a game changer. >> steve: joining us to discuss that is former reagan and bush speech writer and "wall street journal" columnist, peggy noonan. good morning to you. >> hi, steve. good to be here. >> steve: good to have you. what to you think? game changer? >> i think it's big. i think it's bold. i think this choice took some guts. this is -- there were many people who spent the past six months saying guy, when is this election going to get serious? it just got serious. paul ryan brings with him issues that must be discussed and they are at the heart of what is going on in america now.
8:18 am
it's very big. >> steve: in addition to some big plans and big ideas about right now we're spending a trillion dollars a year more than we're taking in, not a good way to run a business. he comes with a great big target on his back. that's medicare. the democrats are on all the shows for the next week and going to say, he's going to throw grandma off the cliff. >> yes, they are. this is what i think democrats are thinking. paul ryan, young, very bright. seriously respected in washington. steve, that's an unusual thing. media folks in washington have all known this fellow for 15, 20 years. they all respect him where weather they agree or not. this is a potentially powerful fellow. so what are the democrats thinking. >> thinking kill him quick. how are they going to do that? they're going to say, see that smiling young man? he's going to take the programs you rely on, america, and he's going to cut them examine gut them. you're going to be here -- cut them examine get them.
8:19 am
and so i think what's important for paul ryan now and for the romney-ryan ticket is come forward the next ten days when you're making your first impression. after all, half the american people don't know who paul ryan is. make a first impression and you make it on your issues and you say, i'm not trying to hurt these programs. i'm trying to save them. i am not the shark. i am the lifeguard. also, i am going to try to save your children, america, from having to pay the huge bills we have put on their backs. americans love their kids. they care about them. they feel that injustice. >> steve: sure. what's interesting is -- cbs apparently didn't run the clip. my mom is a medicare senior in florida. they're trying to hang the yoke of medicare -- he's going to blow it up. claire mccaskill said, he's going to blow up medicare. >> yeah. >> steve: he's not going to harm his own mother! >> no, of course not. but here is -- people like claire mccaskill and various
8:20 am
democrats who are running this year are probably thinking, we have a real opening here. here is the opening. a lot of -- let's say this election is going to be decided partly in ohio. well, in ohio you got a woman. she's maybe 60 years old. she's on social security disability. she is married to a guy getting some kind of veterans benefits. she's naturally conservative. she's like nra. she's pro-gun. she sees our culture as not in good shape. but if she sees -- she's living on the edge. if she sees her reality threatened, she may think twice. this is why it's very important these next ten days for the republicans. >> steve: also a good endorsement, michael reagan, the son of ronald reagan. >> what did he say? >> steve: he came out and said his father would like paul ryan. >> oh, i'm sure at that is so. paul ryan, he sticks to it and he means it and he's in politics
8:21 am
for the right reasons. that's a little like the old man. >> steve: there you go. peggy noonan, thank you very much for joining us. i hope we'll see you again real soon. >> thank you. >> steve: straight ahead, chick-fil-a protesters demanding tolerance. getting intolerant. they vandalized the chick-fil-a building !
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> eric: quick headlines. vandals targeted another chick-fil-a restaurant in frederick, maryland. marriage equality stickers were plastered all over the windows. they've since been removed and the suspects are still at large. and in new york post learning the united nations reconstruction project will be scaled down after going majorly overbudget. it's already $400 million over the near $2 billion estimate. steve? >> steve: meanwhile, not since 1984 has a republican president
8:25 am
won the state of wisconsin. but some are saying the paul ryan of wisconsin could change that. what would wisconsin voters need to hear? >> ainsley: we're going to ask our wisconsin senator, ron johnson. good morning to you. thanks for being with us. what did you think about the news on saturday? >> i was really excited about it. i think it's an outstanding pick. i think paul brings so much to this ticket. what it really tells me and what it should really tell america is that this election is going to be about big things that governor mitt romney is serious about picking the problems that face this nation. i couldn't be more excited or pleased about the pick. >> eric: senator, something strikes me here. wisconsin, it's historically a liberal state. reince previn, the chairman of the republican national committee is from wisconsin. scott walker, paul ryan, yourself. it seems to be that the -- at least for this election cycle, that wisconsin has become the
8:26 am
gravitational center of the gop. >> eric, you know what? in wisconsin, we're fiscally conservative. we're common sense people, folks that actually believe government should live within its means. and you've seen that not only in november 2010, but certainly if the recall election that the voters of wisconsin actually want the people that they elect to solve the problems. tell them the truth and put forward real solutions and that's what this election needs to be about. i've had a lot of conversations with paul. he's dedicated to making sure this is a mandate election because bottom line, we don't have a whole lot of time. we've got to start fixing the problems. we can't keep our head in the sand. that's why i'm so pleased about the pick. >> steve: if people go to youtube, they can watch something called a path to prosperity, where over 3 1/2 minute, paul ryan explains the looming debt crisis. he's got to appeal to the independents. let's take a look at independents' view of paul ryan. 27% favorable right now.
8:27 am
22% unfavorable. what's going in his favor is the fact that he has won his seat in the u.s. house seven times in essentially a democrat district. so he obviously appeals across the political spectrum. >> he does. his district went for president obama. i think he won it by 64%. in 2010, he won with 68%. let's face it, in 2010, we turned wisconsin from blue to red. what is really changed? americans still do not like the healthcare law. it's even more apparent that that thing is going to bankrupt this nation. the only thing that's changed is our debt increased by another 2 1/2 trillion dollars. things have gotten worse. so again, i see no reason why we won't turn our ten electoral votes to governor mitt romney, make him the next president of the united states. >> ainsley: all right. senator, thanks so much for being with us. he sold your state very well. i've never been to wisconsin. now i want to go. i want to eat the bratwurst and
8:28 am
drink the beer. >> it's a great state. >> eric: thank you for joining us this morning. >> ainsley: thank you. >> have a great day. >> ainsley: you, too. new pictures of the damage done to a u.s. navy destroyer after slamming into an oil tanker. how in the world did this happen? a big hole in the side of that. >> eric: then should i read this? >> steve: go ahead. >> eric: every single woman in town leave the men and the babies behind. so what happened to the crying? >> stop! (crying) [ laughter ] >> eric: one couple who took part in this experiment here next. >> ainsley: they're coming up next. >> steve: they survived! >> i want mommy!
8:29 am
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8:32 am
♪ >> steve: are you thinking video? >> ainsley: yes, i am. we saw michael phelps earlier. this is our second shot of the morning. they are the bravest, the buffest as well. you're getting a sneak peek of the fdny calendar of heros.
8:33 am
goes on sale, ladies, today. the 13 firefighters going shirtless for a good cause, all proceeds go to educating kids about fire safety. they are cute. got to say, let's hold this shot. >> steve: they are in good shape. >> eric: just wait until you see the men of fox calendar. [ laughter ] just wait. >> ainsley: that's on the sale rack. >> steve: like one of us is going to take our shirts off? are you kidding? are you nuts? >> eric: i saw kilmeade earlier on the beach. >> ainsley: what if they did the women of fox? >> steve: that would be a big seller. >> ainsley: welcome back. i hope you had a great weekend and i'm sure you heard the news. paul ryan, vp pick for mitt romney. >> steve: plus a lot of other news as well. >> ainsley: all right. we'll tell you about it. here are the headlines. we're getting a look at all the damage to the navy destroyer after it collided with an oil tanker in the persian gulf. the uss porter was left with a huge hole in one side. but there are no reports of spills or leaks. no one was injured in the accident. the cause being investigated
8:34 am
now. a cage no match for one wild chimp in las vegas. she escaped from her backyard enclosure over the weekend. for the second time in the past few months, the escape renewing calls by some for laws on exotic pets. right now they're not regulated by the state of nevada. her care taker thinks this so-called escape was a set up by animal activists? >> we have gotten calls that people want to let cj out it pass this law in las vegas. i hope to god nobody tampered with it. >> ainsley: he was caught after break free. she's in the care of an animal entertainer and will soon be transferred to an animal sanctuary in oregon. forget the sugar. new york city's mayor, bloomberg, may need to turn his focus to teen-agers trying to get high by smoking p. new survey by the city health department found herely 18% of teen-agers are smoking marijuana. that's up from 12% in 2005.
8:35 am
18%. that's a lot. >> steve: one in five. >> ainsley: yeah. the london olympics, here it is. coming to a close. ♪ >> ainsley: that song produced so long ago and it never gets old. i love it. we're all dancing in here. a spice girls stage showstopping reunion to the crowd of 80,000 people of the the olympic flag was then turned over it brazil, host of the 2016 games in rio. while the night capped off with an amazing fireworks display and performance by the who. ♪ my generation ♪ ♪ . >> ainsley: the u.s. leaves the games as the champions! having won 104 medals in all. 36 of them were gold! yes! speaking of winners, check out michael phelps and his four
8:36 am
friends. this is the picture i was telling you about. >> steve: the one from your wallet? >> ainsley: yep. here we go. i'm sharing it with you. these are the guys in their new speedos and they are -- the guys only vacation in the maldives. wouldn't you go there with your loved one? okay. anyway. when he's done relaxing, phelps will tackle dry land on the golf channel, haney project, he will get a chance to try his hand at perfecting his swing under the guidance of hank haney. tiger woods' coach. there is brian. >> eric: i don't believe it for a second. let's move on. we showed you the 10,000 plus crowd that welcomed paul ryan home last night and this morning, he and mitt romney are splitting up. phil keating live in miami with more. the governor will be in central florida earlier and later on he'll join you in miami. a little different demographic between the two portions of the state, right?
8:37 am
>> absolutely. southern florida typically goes democratic. the middle section is on the line. it's a swing area. then the panhandle typically goes republican. so the battle ground states targeted by romney on his bus tour. virginia and north carolina over the weekend. today florida, with 29 electoral votes, it is definitely the biggest prize as it comes down to battle ground states in this oncoming presidential election. in ain't sawing stein, florida, that is where a crowd has gathered awaiting mitt romney who is running a bit late this morning. was supposed to start at 8:15. but on hand, welcoming romney to the stay will be governor rick scott, as well as senator marco rubio, who himself was a vp short lister for many months and referred to the ryan choice over the weekend as, quote, an inspired choice. here is a little bit of what mitt romney said last night at that huge event in wisconsin. >> there is no question that if you follow the campaign of barak
8:38 am
obama, he's going to do everything in his power to make this the lowest, meanest, negative campaign in history. we're not going to let that happen. this is going to be a campaign about ideas, about the future of america! this is a campaign about greatness, about america's future for your children, for the world! mr. president, take your campaign out of the gutter. let's talk about the real issues in america! >> after the event in saint augustine wraps up in a few hours o'clock then mitt romney and his entourage will get on that bus and meander their way down south through the sunshine state, ending up in miami for a 5:00 o'clockish ehave not in southwest miami at a latin hot spot targeting the all important hispanic investment already this morning, the obama campaign is welcoming romney to florida with this web ad featuring floridians all arguing that the romney-ryan choice will slash medicare
8:39 am
benefits. florida has the highest percentage of senior citizens. >> a family man. he's an articulate spokesman for governor romney's vision. but it's a vision that i fundamentally disagree with. >> that was the president last night up in chicago at a campaign rally. as for the romney-ryan ticket today, romney will finish the bus tour here in florida, then go to ohio tomorrow to wrap up his big four-state battle ground state bus tour. all four of those states won by president obama four years ago. and paul ryan today, he is on his own campaigning in des moines, iowa, at the iowa state fair with certainly plenty of turkey legs and other nutritious things. >> eric: fried butter. >> steve: thank you very much. >> ainsley: they just got together. now they're already splitting up. but they did say last night they were going to be splitting up and more so than being together.
8:40 am
>> steve: right. >> ainsley: what happens when men are left alone for a week to take care of their kids and the house? >> steve: trouble. >> ainsley: you already know. you're about to find out in a new lifetime reality show called "the week the women went." >> be careful. don't get too close to me with that snake. >> my son, hunter, has on dhd. >> he'll hit something. >> he'll hit something, he'll slam doors. if hunter don't have his medication, there is going to be a party at 4:30 in the morning. that's a party you do not want to go through. >> does he have enough medicine for the week? >> he does. >> bailey, she's a drama queen and there ain't no medicine for that. [ laughter ] >> ainsley: that couple, here they are, tracy and darnell wilson from south carolina. my neck of the woods. joining us now. thanks for being with us. >> you're welcome. >> ainsley: tracy, you leave for a week. go to a spa vacation in florida. you're left alone with the kids. how was it?
8:41 am
>> oh, it was chaos. i was so ready for her to be back. i moon, i was counting down the days, you know, and minutes, the seconds. >> ainsley: you appreciate her a lot more? >> believe me. if she goes next time, i'm going with her. >> ainsley: how was it for you, tracy? were you nervous leaving the family? >> i was very nervous. >> ainsley: why? >> well, the kids and i had a routine and we had our way. so i just didn't know what to expect, you know. >> ainsley: what was it like when you came home? >> oh, my god. >> disaster zone. >> steve: police tape around it. >> yeah. i had to hire someone to clean it. yes. there was like cookie on the wall. >> ainsley: he's like, i did the best i could. >> eric: i'm going to stand up for the guys watching. what do you do? >> i work for the railroad. >> eric: you take a week off. >> steve: he's been work on the railroad all the live long days. >> eric: tracy, could you work on the railroad if tar nell took a week off? that's the point.
8:42 am
>> ainsley: you're happy in your own roles, right? >> i wasn't working when we were filming. i was a stay at home mom. >> that's the hardest job in the whole wide world. >> steve: darnell, what have you learned about what your wife has been doing? >> i learned she has a huge job herself. i mean, daily of taking care of the kids, cook, cleaning. that's a huge job. more than what i want. >> steve: you never knew how lucky you were. >> exactly. >> ainsley: the kids probably took advantage of the situation. >> no baths. pizza, pancakes. >> eric: no bath? >> ainsley: no bath. your little girl says daddy, i don't want to take a bath. okay, fine. whatever is easy. >> steve: you know what i see on the kids' face, they miss their mommy. >> bailey was -- right before we left, she had this meltdown. i mean, and was horrible. it was like she was screaming. she was crying. and she was tired, too. and there for like a second, i didn't know if i was going to be
8:43 am
able to leave her because she had me -- >> steve: you get in the limousine and spa vacation waiting for you. >> she was right there in front of me. it was like, how do i leave her? that's my baby crying. >> steve: the show premieres tomorrow at 10 eastern on lifetime. "the week the women went." congratulations. >> thank you. >> ainsley: nice to see you both. >> nice meeting y'all. >> ainsley: parents, listen up. if your child snores, it could be a sign of a really bad thing to come. >> steve: wow. >> eric: it's the ad creating outrage on both sides of the aisle, but the real outrage this morning, what the head of the dnc just said about the ad.
8:44 am
8:45 am
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get your student a samsung galaxy nexus for $99.99. >> steve: we've got quick headlines. incredible new video into the news room from fort worth,
8:47 am
texas. small planes tossed around like toys during some obviously severe storms. wind gusts up to 70 miles an hour there. at least 23,000 people without power this morning. that neck of the woods, no reports of any injuries. and kids who snore regularly are apparently more likely to misbehave. a new study finds snoring increase has child's risk for hyperactivity, attention problems and depression. one thing that might help? breast-feeding! it may protect kids from snoring and its negative impact. all right. eric? >> eric: thank you. the obama campaign wasting no time going into attack mode after mitt romney announced paul ryan would be his vp pick. >> i really didn't think that governor romney would go so far to satisfy the most strident voices in this party that he would pick someone who is so right wing ideologue. but i was wrong about that. >> eric: joining us is new york post columnist and fox news
8:48 am
contributor, michael goodwin who voted for president obama in 2008. your column yesterday called the pick a bold pick. but you lots note, he had no choice or he had little choice in the matter. why? >> i think it's not clear to a lot of people, but late last week, the polls started to show that the obama attacks on romney were working. and the race was really slipping away. romney needed to reset the race. he need to do do something bold in the midwest particularly, but in ohio, michigan, pennsylvania. romney was -- this could have been a potential landslide against him if he didn't reverse this. i think part of it is the ranted attack, dishonest attacks from the obama administration, but the romney people looked like deer caught in the head lights. so they needed something to reset the campaign. paul ryan is the answer. >> eric: let's take a listen to debbie wasserman-schultz,
8:49 am
outrageousy claiming if the group who put the ad out were democrat or republican. >> i have no idea of the political affiliation of folks associated with that attack. >> they worked at the white house used to work for the white house. >> that is not a super pac associated associated with the campaign or the party. >> we understand. >> eric: okay. so she's a smart girl. she's a smart congresswoman. i think she knew better. it looks to me like she was lying. can a democrat just go out there examine lie to the american people like that? >> i think that's the right question for this campaign because so much of what president obama is trying to do is to distract a conversation from his record. so apparently they were ready to say or do anything to get people talking about something other than unemployment, debt, deficits, entitlements. they don't want to talk about these things. they look like they are losers for the president. so it is a mark of desperation how far they will go.
8:50 am
even david axelrod's attack that you played earlier there saying extremist, right wing. this is going to be the way they approach it because they can't have an honest conversation about the president's record. >> eric: okay. in sunday's post, it will be on fox maybe? >> yes. >> eric: we'll get it there. great piece. thank you very much. >> eric: he's the 11-year-old music prodigy that just broke a world record beating out michael jackson, gladys knight and stevie wonder. ethan is here next. first, let's check in with martha for what's up at the top of the hour. hey, martha. >> hey there. good to see you. he's no stranger to taking on president obama. how paul ryan is shaking up this presidential race. we've got brand-new poll numbers coming out this morning on what voters think about paul ryan. also darrell issa files those contempt charges today on capitol hill against eric holder. we'll see you back here at the top of the hour.
8:51 am
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♪ . >> ainsley: he's just 11 years old and now holds the world record, beating out michael jackson, gladys knight and stevie wonder as the youngest musician to headline a sew will he concert tour. ethan joins us now, going into sixth grade from hollywood, florida. >> steve: congratulations. >> eric: you going to play something for us? >> yeah, sure. >> steve: what are you going to do? >> i co-wrote a song called "it's all about music." it's -- >> steve: it's all about music. >> yeah. everything i hear around me. and you can buy it on itunes. >> eric: let's hear it. >> steve: here he is, folks.
8:55 am
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