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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 13, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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tonight. -- languorous. the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: game on as the ticket is set and mitt romney has has chosen paul ryan. voter sthu78 surging. thousands are romney-ryan supporters flock to campaign events earlier today. tonight we'll check in with ann coulter and frank luntz and bob beckel and others but first a man that could be the next vice president of the united states had the privilege of returning
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to his home state on sunday. not surprisingly he showed his raw emotions when he was greeted like a rock star. that excitement carried over in des moines where he spoke to supporters at the iowa state fair. a word to joe biden that will be sitting across at the vice presidential debate. you won't be able to hide behind barack obama's teleprompter. >> president obama has given us four years of trillion dollar plus deficits. he is making matters worse and he is sending our children this into a diminished future. we're not going to stand for that. on enforce 6th we're going to change that. and on november 6th we're going to change that. >> sean: he had this to say about congressman ryan. >> he is a good man.
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he is family man. he is antarctic lat spokesman for the vision but the problem is the vision that i fundamentally disagree with. [ applause ] >> governor romney and allies in congress, they think if we get rid of more regulations on big corporations and give more tax breaks to the wealthiest americans, if we end medicare as we know it then somehow this is going to lead to jobs and prosperity. >> sean: joining me now and the author of newly released paperback, ann coulter. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> sean: here is why i like this decision. i know you wanted chris christie. >> i changed my mind.
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>> sean: that is your prerogative. >> i think paul ryan is the perfect fit. i didn't see it until romney did it. you know, trust romney he'll make the right choice. he made the right choice. it's the perfect combo platter. >> sean: there were many predicting he would go safe. there is a boldness to this decision. he said we're going to take on your economic ideas, your failed policies and we're going to offer a bold alternative. we're going to take on class warfare and redistribution and let the american people hear both sides. this is fight we can win. that is why i like it. >> i don't like it bold. i know what you mean but i think it's smarted. he is smart to trick the democrats to force to debate ideas. that is not their strong suited of them win on issues like
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medicare, like taxes. one issue that gets talked about five minutes on some business show. this will be how the democrats are lying about medicare. it is going bankrupt for anyone age 45 or under. the democrats don't have a plan. what was obama just saying in that speech just now? he acts like he knows something, it's a vision that i fundamentally disagree with. what is the democrats' plan. part of it 55 and older that keep the old medicare is underpaying the doctors you are not going to have good doctors anyway. under the ryan plan the doctors for people on medicare 55 and older, they will be paid better. they get better medical care. those of us 55 and younger we'll get better medical care because
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president will come down someone who cares what the please is. >> sean: the narrative and i saw the president use those terms. class warfare, david axelrod, he is dangerous and extreme. what is more extreme. are we 40 cents of every dollar raising the debt in this country nearly $6 trillion in four years or say we've got to live within our means and just reduce the rate of growth of government. what is more extreme here? it seems like this is argument that is winnable when it is calmly debated on substance which i think is what this does. >>. >> republicans always win on issues that get elevated to the national issue. democrats win when they can call names and tell lies. you can't respond to the deluge of lies coming from every major
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mainstream media outlet. you can get some of the truth on one cable station, a few conservative magazines. you can't respond to it all. by elevating this to a national conversation we win. the same way ronald reagan won. on this class warfare, it's like a perone saying i don't love the poor, i hate the rich. it's not going to help to raise taxes on the rich. the liberals, i hate them more than liberals do but it's not going to make the economy by taxing george soros more. when he slashed taxes there was lot to cut. she increased the revenue to the united states treasury. if you want to spend money on government programs you should wanted to cut taxes because that will increase the money going to the irs. but they don't care about that. they don't care about the economy.
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they don't love the poor. they hate the rich. >> sean: i wish i had more time because i could show you headvice rates obama at healthcare summit. i have a couple moments. one the republican retreat in baltimore and the other one is when he took on tim geithner. these are incredible moments who is well informed and knows budgeted numbers better than anyone else in washington. >> the spending bill that you signed into lau, domestic spending has been increased by 84%. and scapel go line by line through the budget. we want to give it scapel. >> it does need to meet critical essential tests of restoring our deficits to a more sustainable position for the next ten years. >> here is the point. leaders are supposed to fix problems.
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we have a $99.4 trillion unfunded liability. our government is making promises to americans that it has no way of accounting for them. so you are saying, we're stabilizing but not fixing it in the long run, we're going to keep lying to people. >> sean: here is my take. when we saw the effort to remove scott walk they are wisconsin, it was telling to me that the people of wisconsin understand the times that we are living in. understand the dangers of deficit spending. it seems to me that with what ryan has been arguing, what mitt romney positioning they are banking on the fact that the american people understand the danger of us becoming a bankrupt society. is that fundamentally does this campaign come down to that? >> yes, i mean the other thing a voucher program does it harms the democrats true constituency
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which is government workers. it's not old people. they just cut medicare payments for people who are on medicare now. you are getting not as good doctors and that is going to increase if we stay on the path we're on. medicare is going bankrupt according to whole slew of democrats that can't avoid saying that. it cuts out the government workers. highly pensioned and well compensated government workers and give you the voucher to go spend it and look over your medical bill we were just talking about. people who have dealt with someone in the hospital, check the bill. it's $50 bill for kleenex. consumer doesn't care because the government is paying. when the consumer cares medical costs will come down and medical care will improve. >> sean: i think that ann coulter loves more than chris
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christie and it's paul ryan. we made history tonight. >> sean: still ahead, first the real obama. you know what the president intends to do with the country. the answer may lie with his so-called gaffes. >> if you have a business, you didn't build that. >> private sector is going fine. >> somebody else made that happen. somebody along the line gave you some help. >> shovel ready was not as shovel ready as we expected. >> think we're one of the most important election cycles ever in our lifetime. now, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning,
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>>. >> sean: saturday's announcement has energized the republican base but jump stashed the projections about the electoral map, as well. some think that wisconsin and wisconsin native paul ryan could help the badger state over the republican side. here to explain what it would mean in fact if wisconsin can turn red the author of the best selling book scrooge, dick morris. it's all about electoral votes.
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about 12 or 13 of them. you have predictions. let's put them up on the screen. you say iowa, romney, michigan romney. >> michigan is too close to call. >> sean: new hampshire, north carolina will go romney and then you have ohio. you say roydz. wisconsin, romney. virginia, romney and pennsylvania which is always a tough state too close to call? >> yeah. >> sean: why do i look at that and say it's great but overly optimistic but it's too early to tell? >> we're not really reading appropriately what the voters are saying. that is what they are saying. they are saying we are going re-elect this administration. you have 50 plus percent who do
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not vote for barack obama at as some of them vote undecided. some say they are going to vote for gary johnson and some are going to vote for romney. they are all going to vote eventually against obama. this is an election where the campaigns will not determine the winner. underlying economy and environment will determine the winner. ultimately a president can't get re-elected in this kind of economy with this kind of a record and with this kind of an image. can't happen. there are a few states where he might do better than others, pennsylvania and michigan or especially democratic state, michigan is into the auto bailout. nevada and new mexico, large latino populations. you are dealing with states where repeatedly and every single poll you say, 55-56% of
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the voters refuse to vote for obama. they will vote for romney. >> sean: there is a poll that has them tied, five point lead for romney-ryan. >> there is rasmussen poll that has romney three ahead, 47-44. i think both of those are essentially the same conclusion, 46-44 mean the overwhelming majority are going to vote that way. >> when any democratic candidate starts out with california, new york, new jersey, oregon. i wouldn't be so quick on new jersey. joe corrilla is running against mendez is only eight behind and menendez is at 45. >> sean: putting politics aside for just a minute which i think
9:18 pm
it's hard for me to do. >> we're up to the next segment after me already? >> sean: no but when we have 25 million americans they are suffering. when 49 million americans are on food stamps, they are suffering. so i don't think they really care what obama is accusing romney of. they know what is going on now isn't working. when you explain the debt it gets worse for them. >> i think we need to understand the relative approaches to medicare of these candidates. that is going to be a key issue. obama says the government is going to determine what medical care you can and can't get. you can't take that drug. you can't have this bypass surgery. what romney and ryan are going to do is give somebody in effect
9:19 pm
say $5,000 and say spend it however you like on medical care. if you have anything left at the end of year you keep it and i won't tax it. if you run $2,000 or $3,000, we'll pay for that. we'll pay for that. there is a safety net. the point is that health insurers don't care about our health and we don't care about the costs. we make a great pair. what romney will do is make us responsible for the costs. therefore we'll shop, hold it down, ask questions and reduce the costs. >> sean: on a scale of one to ten, ryan choice, ten being the best, how would you score it? >> 8 or 9. he is a very strong candidate. in the primaries coming up in florida, i just wanted to mention three congressman. alan west needs help.
9:20 pm
john and john mica has an incredible record of achievement. he is facing primaries against republicans funded by democrats. >> sean: coming up we're going to reveal the truth about bold proposals to save medicare and we expose how much obamacare is responsible for the real medicare cuts. there is only one candidate that has cut medicare. later, how has congressman ryan's message resonated with voters in the past. frank luntz has focus groups and he is going to give us an answer in an exclusive here on on hannity. [ manager 1 ] out here in the winds, i have to know the weather patterns. i upgraded to the new sprint direct connect. so i can get three times the coverage. [ chirp ] [ manager 2 ] it's like working in a giant sandbox with all these huge toys. and with the fastest push-to-talk... i can keep track of them all. [ chirp ]
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>>. >> sean: ever since saturday's announcement democrats have been working overtime to hit paul ryan and in particular they are gearing in on his budget proposal which addresses the medicare crisis in the country. what democrats will not tell you is that under ryan's plan anyone over age 55 would not be affected at all. now there is another important fact that the left is gloss go over under president obama's so-called affordable care act. medicare spending will be cut by
9:25 pm
$564 billion. that is funny. i haven't heard that fact over the mainstream media. joining me with reaction, co-host of the five, bob beckel and author. radio talk show host. the only candidate in this race who has cut medicare, gutted medicare and taken money away from seniors is barack obama, paul ryan has not proposed such a thing. this is the lies and distortion that keeps going forward. >> there isn't a single american 55 or older that would have single medicare point changed. already president obama's $717 billion in cuts have result in millions of seniors trying to find a new doctor who can't find a new doctor because under the
9:26 pm
medicare that president obama has put into place they will not >> you can't educated me. nothing has changed under medicare under obama. wait a second. that is until 2021 because you are going to get savings in the program. >> can i stop you for a minute. >> affordable care act the president proposes. it got upgraded to $1.8 trillion and now it's $2.7 trillion. and he did did cut $700 billion as a proposed plan over a proposed period of time. >> the congressional budget office, by the year 2020 it will save $1 trillion. >> did did you fall in glacier, did you fall in the ice somewhere? >> that is ridiculous.
9:27 pm
coming from a man that is good question to ask you. >> they can have this argument all day long. on 60 minutes, governor romney and chairman ryan knocked this out of the park. seniors know, bob can talk all day and liberal media, seniors know that the changes have been put into place and talk to their doctors. doctors are getting screwed. >> this is voucher plan. medicare is not going to exist anymore. >> you are not listening, bob. >> i'm listening. >> sean: here is the reality. medicare is going bankrupt. social security is going bankrupt. this is why i lining the choice of paul ryan. what they have decided and governor romney they are take you and fearmongering below the belt, obama supporting friends that governor romney is felon, he is the kirlg of women with cancer. he hates babies. that he hates grandma and hates
9:28 pm
children and he hates dogs. we're going to take you on issues on substance because we want to talk about it. >> is socialist on the issues. >> there is no one out there that could vote for obama-biden based on last four years. smoking ruins of every program he has touched. he is like a walking, talking five hour energy bottle. >> he is such a bad choice. that is why we are so happy. normally vice presidents don't matter. the only one that matter is lyndon johnson. it's not going to matter. it's not paul ryan, who is nice guy, but in the end what has happened to romney ryan's policy is going to attach to romney.
9:29 pm
now you've got ryan's policies attached to romney. those policies hurt people.... >> wait a second. isn't this choice borrowing 46 cents of every dollar versus a plan to get the country to fiscal soundness. >> they are betting on americans being stupid. i believe americans understand we are on the edge of a fiscal cliff. i think paul ryan has helped understand it. governor romney's choice was to draw a line under the facts. >> governor romney's position, no new revenue, cut some spending, it's going to be far greater deficit. >> people will not -- they are not going to believe you. >> they will believe me. >> it can't get anything worse than $6 trillion. >> i don't agree with that. >> what about greece. >> oh, get out of here. [ talking over each other ]
9:30 pm
>> few more delis and stuff, what are the greeks build in jersey. >> sean: stop now. before you get in trouble. >> i'm not going to get in trouble. >> diners, i like them. >> sean: stop you are getting in trouble. i'm going to stop you before you get into trouble. good to see you. coming up, what do voters think of governor romney's running mate. frank luntz, he dialed some ads and reaches the height of absurdity as debbie wasserman schultz has no idea whatsoever that the pro obama super pac is actually affiliated with the democrats. we'll cue the insanity. >> that is priority u.s.a. it's a priority u.s.a. super pac ad which we had. that's great. melons!!!
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conservative political strategist to the selection of paul ryan has been overwhelmingly positive. as expected the democrats quickly launched into attack mode with new ads. what do great americans think of the wisconsin congressman? joining us to share what about romney's pick is frank luntz. >> i have to tell you we have been testing seven for tor yal ads and the ones from paul ryan are among the best. >> sean: drilling for oil. let's roll the tape. >> look what it costs to fill up. it's unbelievable. the price of gas is cutting into paychecks. we're sending $1.5 billion a day hostile to us. with more oil in america than the entire middle east but congress has made it illegal to drill. i want to lift the ban and use the fees from oil companies to develop energy alternatives.
9:36 pm
i'm paul ryan because we have to drill now. >> as high as 60 with democrats. and a little below 60 at one point. >> because we wanted american oil and american energy. we want it right here and right now. >> sean: let's go to the issue we've been discussing, issue of medicare. he wants to save it. he deals with it head on. let's roll the tape. >> i'm paul ryan. like me, are you frustrated with the problems no one is fixing, healthcare is unaffordable and medicare and social security going broke and we are shipping jobs overseas. they are america's problems. >> i've got three kids and chance in congress to fix what is wrong. i introduced a plan called the road map for america's future. i'm paul ryan and i approve this message because we need a road
9:37 pm
map. >> fascinating. almost equal. a lot of points during this ad with democrats and republicans. he is talking about, hey this is problem we're all sharing. >> and it resonated because he had a specifics. road map to the future. what people don't realize the democrats are demonizing paul ryan. they forget when he debates joe biden, this is most articulate officials in america today. >> sean: let's go to the healthcare cost ad. and democrats edge out republicans. let's roll the tape. >> supposed you buy this lawnmower, the you pay $400 but the guy behind you pays $200. you don't know the price of anything in medicare. at another hospital it costs more. or an mri, $600 or $3500. i have a plan that levels all prices. without price competition costs
9:38 pm
soar. i wanted affordable healthcare for everyone. >> it talks about and democrats like the idea. >> the issue is costs. american people if you add competition to free market principles you can bring costs down. of all the congressional ads that we tested, that is number one. paul ryan looking straight at the camera, combining policy and people and no one does it that way. there is a lesson. for every candidate you can communicate to the american people. >> sean: even the next one, shipping jobs overseas overall good choice? >> overall a perfect choice. for viewers that are watching if you what tenant to participate in one of our focus groups we'll be doing them over the 86 days,
9:39 pm
go to luntz >> and then you may yell at them but it's all to get the best out of people. >> i have so much fun, i don't yell at anyone any more. >> sean: as mitt romney takes his campaign out of the gutter, some democrats are claiming they have no knowledge of the priorities u.s.a. ad and they don't have any idea who is behind it. liz cheney is next. and stiffns from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. because enbrel, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred.
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>>. >> sean: mitt romney is calling on the president to take his campaign out of the gulter, arguing the recent attacks diminish the office. presidency. most americans are fed up with the politics, top democrats are trying to claim they have not seen this infamous ad blaming romney on a cancer death. those behind the pac may not be
9:44 pm
democrats despite the fact senior strategist bill burton served under president obama. watch this. >> priorities u.s.a. it is a super pac ad which we had nothing to do with it. i have no idea of the political affiliation of folks that are associated with that. >> bill burton used to work with the obama campaign. >> that is super pac ad. what i think of the ad there is no question that the ad raises facts such as mitt romney when he was at bain capital, bankrupt the companies, laid-off workers, cut their benefits and made millions of dollars in profits. that ad points out that there are consequences to making decisions like that that impacted peoples lives in a significant way. >> sean: joining me now to break down the democratic delusions is
9:45 pm
liz cheney. this campaign has hit a new low. here is wasserman schultz is lying. they knew all about his story. then bill burton, not a democratic party ad? come on. >> she got so tangled up. she had to come out and say, okay, actually i do realize that the people who run priorities u.s.a. are democrats. you know part of me makes me hope they keep doing it. american people are sick and tired of gutter politics. we have to deal with the real issues and real challenges. we've got a debt crisis the president hasn't dealt with for three years. the more that the president president's team and himself want to spend time in the gutter and tear people down, we've got a ticket that is showing we understand what is needed for
9:46 pm
the future. i think the better it is for all of us. they lose credibility. >> sean: what i see in the ryan pick, a seriousness in governor romney. this is a fight we want. we want to examine obama's record and we want to talk about how we would do things differently. this is a fight i think they are signaling saying we can win. they can win without these distractions? >> that governor romney can win? >> sean: yes. >> absolutely. kim stossel says we are seeing intellectual poverty on the side of the president. they don't have any ideas. they have tried their policies. their policies have failed. their solution here because they can't tell the american people, re-elect us because it's worked so well. they can't say here is what we're going to do about the debt and spending. so at the end of the day all they can do is trash our ticket. i think in addition to showing
9:47 pm
that they don't have anything on substance, it shows a real lack of respect for the voters. it shows a lack of respect for the nation and lack of respect for democracy. there are true colors. i think at the end of the day we will prevail zbleets. >> sean: all the democrats have said the same thing. none of them will condemn this ad. you have axelrod, stephanie caught in lie and jay car they are. this is coming from a team that lectures about tone and civility let's watch jay carney, white house press secretary unwilling to condemn this ad. >> do you really think that it's fair for someone to suggest that a candidate's actions led to someone's death? >> i appreciate the efforts to get me to play political
9:48 pm
punxsutawney did it, but that is not my job -- political pundit. i don't have any role in third party groups that produce those ads. >> i don't have a comment on that. >> sean: nobody will condemn the ad but they didn't have any problems after tucson and what beckel started, targeted districts. they had no problem condemning everybody else? >> think this about this after they laid the groundwork where they basically accused governor romney being responsible for this poor woman's death, that is going to affect the way that voters hear attacks going forward. we know the attacks are coming. paul ryan plan and seniors. the lies they are going to tell about that when voters here those lies they are going to think about the ridiculous charges and all of the footage
9:49 pm
like the stuff you just showed. president's team squirming around, we didn't have anything to do with it. all they have to do is what evan bayh did yesterday on this channel, yeah, the president should disavow this ad. it hurts his credibility. >> sean: it could have been for him in the case of returning bill maher's money, it could have been a moment where he showed he met what he said. he was leaked by example. these weren't words being read. it could have been a classic moment. even a political opportunity. >> exactly. it's surprising to me because the obama administration has such a reputation of being such wonderful stellar politicians. they seem to know how to do politics. right now they are clearly desperate. they are up against a team, governor romney and paul ryan that understands we have to
9:50 pm
address these challenges. the united states ought to be the strongest nation on the face of the earth. they understand the importance of the private sector. paul ryan said, if you have a small business, you did build that. president president has no substance he can counter that with. the american people are way too smart and way too concerned about the future to fall for what the details are pushing these days. >> sean: liz, thanks for being with us. >> sean: he wants another four years but what would another obama term look like? the next guest says it's off the cuff remarks that we can find answers [ ma ouncer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil® for their headaches. my name is sunshine and i have three beautiful girls. i like taking advil® for a headache. it nips it in the bud. and i can be that mommy that i want to be. ♪ [ male announcer ] take action. take advil®.
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>>. >> sean: outrageous statements by the president have been dismissed as mishaps or gaffes but these are not the misguided actions of some amateur. these are policy decisions made by somebody who seeks to transform this country is something that our founding fathers opposed. frightening vision for our country and what would happen if we gave him four more years. author obama's america, unmaking america's dream and joined by
9:55 pm
doug schoen. these off the cuff moments that are not teleprompted. we put a few of them together. let's take a look. >> spread the wealth around. >> cambridge police acted stupidly. >> the shuttle ready was not a as -- shovel ready was not as shovel ready as expected. >> private sector is doing fine. >> if you are successful somebody along the line gave you some help. >> if you have a business, you didn't build that. somebody made that happen. >> last election after this, i will convey to vladimir putin. >> what is that. he is saying to the russian president, look if i told the
9:56 pm
american people now what i intend to do now, they would not voted for me. let's wait until i am re-elected and real obama will come out. he saying he has a hidden agenda. >> sean: it seems it always happen when he goes off the prompter? >> he says unfortunate wrong, clearly so. but the russians are fighting us on syria, they are fighting us on iran and north korea. we're not, even though i think obama could be stronger on defense. he could be stronger in his hostility to the russians or chinese. >> my point obama is not a pawn of the russians. obama has a goal of shrinking american influence in the world. he different than traditional democrats. they want to redistribute income in america.
9:57 pm
>> i'm a traditional democrat. >> i'm a bill clinton i'm for growth and assertive foreign policy. >> sean: you pointed out in your book, the obama and importance of ideology and he is miss industry figure to most people. -- mystery figure. he hides his real beliefs which is evidence of last four years is fairly radical. >> if he let on what his agenda is, he couldn't be elected. the key to obama is certain kind of a camouflage. that is what he is good at. look at the people who have formed his identity. he was trained when he was hawaii a former communist frank marshall davis at colombia his professor was a radical palestinian. domestic terrorist bill ayers and jeremiah wright can be summed up as god damn america.
9:58 pm
>> i am no communist and no liberal. sanctions on iran were tightened. he tightened sanctions on north korea in june. he has made a lot of mistakes. we have talked about it. you know what, he doesn't have an hidden agenda. he isn't far enough in the center. >> sean: you interviewed barack obama half-brother. lives in a hut, third world port. you go over there and interview him. during the 2008 campaign didn't meet his brother. he saw the conditions. didn't he say we were to be our brother's keeper but he is generous with other people's money. he is a millionaire. >> at least irt tells american people he a hypocrite. he says one thing, spread the
9:59 pm
wealth around, help the less fortunate. be your brother's keeper but he is actually brother but third world poverty with sewage and slums. obama won't help. i think it's more hypocrisy. he despises the fact that brother won't worship at shrine of father. >> i think frankly it says a lot. >> would you give your half-brother. >> i would. i support my family. bottom line, the real transformation is when you have paul ryan who wants to get rid of medicare, medicaid and social security. >> he is not cutting one penny, not one elderly person. >> 40 years to balance the budget. the plan would do it in 7 years. >> 2016 the movie is out right