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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  August 14, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> good morning everyone. i am patly ann brown. >> i am heather childers. thank you for joining us. it is tuesday august 14th. thank you watching "fox & friends first". >> if i am totime for your top . fox news confirming new jersey governor chris christie will give the covenant keynote address at the national convention. christie saying quote the challenges we face as a country are great and require the boldness of the romney ryan team. they have
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>> he will deliver that keynote speech at the convention. >> a gag order in the aurora movie massacre case. it prevents them from releasing information about suspect james holmes. it keeps documents like the rays and search warrants from becoming public. the judge says releasing the information would jeopardize his right to a fair trial. >> george zimmerman's lawyer says he does not plan to use florida's controversial stand your ground statute in his defense. omira plans to argue zimmerman was acting in self defense when he shot trayvon martin in self defense. if the suj agrees the charges could be dropped omira is filing an appeal to get the current judge removed from the case. he says he feels that judge cannot be objective.
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>> scoring a victor rooefr the environmental protection agency. the epa violated the clean air act and exceeded authority when it rejected the state's flexible permit program claiming it wasn't strict enough. they dealt directly with the epa. governor perry says it's a big win for jobs and texas. first lady michelle obama setting the record straight about the kiss cam incident last month. it was during a team usa basketball game. mrs. obama tells jay leno she did not intentionally snub the president. >> i had just walked in and sat down and i just saw my face on the jumbotron. i am still a little embarrassed. i didn't see the kiss cam part. i didn't know we were supposed to kiss. maria came over after we got booed for not kissing. she was just disgusted with us. she said why didn't you kiss.
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i was like kiss what? what are you talking about? >> kiss what. the first lady says her daughter mallory awe arranged for them to get another chance on the kiss cam because she was so embarrassed. that is your 5@5:00. >> chaos breaks out one block from texas at-batting a&m unive. leaves three people dead including the gunman. ainsley earhardt is live with the details. >> good morning. yes another shooting. police this morning now identifying the gunman. his name thomas cufal. a constable went to his house to deliver an evictions notice. that's when the 35-year-old opened fire killing the constable brian botchman. as officers arrived on the scene a shootout ensued for 30 terrifying minutes. >> i heard gun shots.
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it was a semiautomatic. >> i heard a bullet, two bullets whizzed right by my room. >> 5 people were shot including a 65-year-old man who later died from his injuries. at this hour one female victim still remains in the hospital. the suspect died after being taken into custody families are saying they are quote distraught by the havoc he has caused. this is the third mass shooting we have seen within the last month. 12 people killed at the movie theater back in july and 6 people were killed at a sikh temple in wisconsin two weeks ago. >> definitely troubling. >> congressman paul ryan making a campaign stop in iowa. president obama also in iowa trying to attack the republican vision for the future. kelly wright has more.
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>> good morning to you. hope you are doing well. later today vice presidential candidate paul ryan will be in colorado. he will discuss how a romney ryan administration will pursue and all of the above strategy or approach i should say towards america becoming energy independent. ryan conducted his first solo appearance in iowa at the iowa state fair congressman ryan talked about the difference between the romney ryan vision for america and that of president obama's vision. at times several hecklers interrupted him it appears one even tried to rush the stage while another was running through out ryan's speech. undaunted he pressed on trying to deliver his message. president obama is taking the country in the wrong direction he says. >> one thing we have to get straight. one thing we have to get straight is we are not growing this economy like we need to. we are not creating jobs like we can in america. and that is why mitt romney and
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i have a plan for a stronger middle class to get this country back on track, get this country growing jobs again and get us back on the path of prosperity in this country. >> while ryan piered at the iowa state fair president obama campaign the in another part of the state. four years ago the president launched his hope in change campaign to victory from iowa. now he is fight to go keep his job by trying to define governor mitt romney and congressman ryan as decent men radical ideas for america. >> their main recipe for solving america's problems is getting rid of regulations on big corporations and big banks and giving more tax breaks to the wealthyest americans and their theory is somehow that's going to lead to jobs and prosperity for everybody. and again as i was mentioning earlier paul ryan the congressman paul ryan the vice presidential candidate will be in colorado later today to
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discuss his approach to creating more jobs in the energy sector. later he will travel to nevada where he will discuss housing. >> all right kelly wright live in washington. thank you. time to look at who's talking. paul ryan is the big talker. >> hannity calling it a perfect fit saying it was a smart pick to quote trick democrats. >> i think paul ryan is the perfect pick. i didn't see it until romney did it. i said and trust romney he will make the right choice and i was right. he made the right choice. it's a beautiful center gee the beautiful combo platter. >> this were many that were predicting he would go safe. there's a boldness on this decision. he said we are going to take on your economic ideas failed policies offer a bold alternative. taking on class warfare
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redistribution and let the american people hear both sides. this is a fight we can win. that's why i like it. >> i don't think it's so much bold. i mean i know what i mean i just think it's smart. he's smart to trick the democrats into being forced to debate ideas. that is not their strong suit their playing field they win on medicare and taxes. this is going to be the issue of the debate now how the democrats are lying about medicare. >> speaker of the house john boehner also talking. he thinks mitt romney made a brave and wise choice. the speaker had harsh words for president obama. >> we heard about the physical cliff and what measures are
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taken to get this done. >> you get a call from the president let's deal with the taxes let's get this done? >> no. >> no? >> no. >> campaigning since last labor day. 49 weeks. that's all he's done campaign nonstop. he doesn't engage us. he's not leading. he's out there trying to save his own rear end. >> now it is time for your first degree weather update with maria molina and the current temperatures. >> good morning patti ann and heather. we are seeing pleasant temperatures across parts of the midwest. we are starting to see fall temperatures creeping in.
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we will have a strong cold front coming in today and tomorrow. it will push temperatures down dramatically. we will keep you posted otherwise a warm morning in new york city where we are seeing a current temperature at 72. highs get into the low 80s. we have a frontal boundary. some could come in the form of severe weather. we will keep an eye on that in the after the noon and evening hours. hot day in texas triple digits in dallas and antonio. 112 degrees expected for your high temperature. moisture across parts of pennsylvania and up state new york. you will see the showers and storms across cities like dc, philadelphia and new york city as we head through later on this afternoon. >> maria molina, thanks. now to stories you can bank on this morning. despite the consumer protection laws you are getting socked with
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higher bank fees. here with more on that is lauren simonetti. higher fees from banks. >> by annual survey by money consumers were more nickelled and dimed in the first half of this year compared to last year. fees increased in every category. monthly service fees shot up to averag average $12. minimum balance rose by more than 800 dloorls to over 4400. what you pay to take your own money out at an atm at a bank you don't do service at 3.50 cents. >> speaking of fees spirit airlines having high fees. >> spirit is known for their low prices and high fees. passenger usage fees they raked in 142 million for the airline over three years according to a
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personal finances. they were slapped with a lawsuit which says it is a deceptive way to increase air fair. >> luxury cars not doing well for the latest crash test. >> when the car's front corner hits something what happens? that was the focus of the luxury cars. evenly three got decent and acceptable. look at the poor ratings from the audi a-4 and even the lexus c class. if you are driving the nice cars. >> good and acceptable not that great. >> lauren simonetti fox business network. big brother is watching you litt literally. one town installing cam truce watch the residents. is this invasion of privacy or an extra precaution? >> feels like a heart attack but is it really?
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>> welcome back. 16 after the hour. here's what you missed while you were sleeping. some tense moments for passengers on a delta flight. the plane was headed from boston to kansas city. two of the tires blew out during takeoff. made an emergency landing at new york's jfk airport after a safe landing passengers were placed on new flights. editor of cosmopolitan magazine brown passed away. called a pioneer for women for pushing vice and opinions. her magazine "sex and the single
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girl." she died after a brief hospitalization. she was 90 years old. >> another look now at who's talking house over site committee darrel issa is talking fast and furious. delivering a message to attorney general eric holder. see you in court. law americas filing suit against holder over the botched gun tracking operation and urging a judge to make him finally turn over his documents. he was found in contempt of congress in june for refusing to submit documents and he still hasn't. congressman ice sssa not backin down in search for the truth. >> they lied to congress covered it up for 10 months and that's what they are claiming privilege. much of what we are asking them for is who lied to us who produced the document behind the scenes did they know or didn't they know they were providing it. that is a simple standard.
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>> it has submitted more than enough documents and republicans are disportidistorting the fact. big brother is watching very, very closely in one california city. long beach police have unveiled their new safety program. 400 cameras are placed over town. when a crime vorpted a camera in that area is punched up. when cops are dispatched the operator can feedback real time information to the officers on the street. >> that is what we are asking you to brunn today. do you think this is an invasion of privacy or a necessary precaution? send your comments over to us. tweet them to us at fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail to we will read them a little later in the show. >> the time 18 after the hour going from green to red. another green energy bust for the obama administration and the car touted as the future of clean technology.
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>> experts say it is a buyer's market. when is it actually better to rent. your money first is up next.
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>> 22 after the hour the military will be testing an incredible new jet today called the ecstasy 1 a waive rider. this unmanned crash can reach mock 6 speeds for about 5 minutes before it is expect to do break up and fall into the pacific ocean. that's fast enough to fly from new york to california in less than an hour. hyper sonic flights are crucial to the next generation of missiles and military aircraft. doctors can diagnose a heart attack in an hour. the substance looks at heart
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tissue during an attack. it can distinguish between heart attack and chest pains in 77 percent of patients. it is not yet ready for widespread use. heather? oo recent data shows it is a buyer's market when shopping for a new home. but not all cities provide maybe the best deal. in some cases it pays to rent. with more on that personal finance expert vera givens. where is the best place to buy? >> they looked at all of the areas across the country in most places it is best to actually buy. all of the factors associated with both adjusted numbers of inflation. top of the list where you can break even in less than two years florida markets, miami, fort lauderdale phoenix prices are down 54 percent from the peaks, las vegas and detroit.
5:24 am
if you are renting in these areas you could be making a mistake. trade that in and get some equity. >> break in in more than two years. >> three years is substantial as well. we have rif side, dallas, fort worth, pittsburgh, ohio, cincinnati, columbus, cleveland. pu look at minneapolis. average home $122 less than the average rent of 965 a month. in this area, too, values are down 40 percent. if you are a long-term renter in these areas. >> under five years. >> we have philadelphia, we have sacramento, dc, portland, san diego, seattle. the list is substantial. it's unusual. you think break even. >> determine how long you are going to live somewhere. >> that's the number one factor how long you are going to live in the home.
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the analysis found in most markets the break even point is unter 4 years. interest rates are low and rints are riding up 5 percent this year. >> there are some places where it is better to rent. >> new york is still tough. new york look at them. look at the break even points about 5 years san francisco is higher than that. packets around san francisco mill valley menlo park. if you look at san jose, california it's crazy. hole values are holding up nicely you have text factor this is not a place for buyers looking for a deal. >> look at all of the factors involved when you are renting or buying. listen to your advice. >> exactly. >> thank you vera. we appreciate it. >> janet nepal tano under fire again. new reports this morning of even
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more complaints against her. it's not always business on the campaign trail. mitt romney passing the time with reporters by air bowling. have you ever done that? i don't even know what that is. we will find out. first on this day in history back in 1971 rod stewart released his hit, i love this song "maggie may." ♪ [ pilot ] now when you build an aircraft,
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>> welcome back to fox and friends first. i am heather childers. >> i am patti ann browne. it's about 30 minutes after the hour. time for the 5@5:30 the top news stories at this hour. janet nepal t napolitano under again. the number of retaliation and sexual harassment complaints have more than doubled since she took office. that number jumping from 43 in 2009 to 103 in 2011. james haze former director of retention and removal operations for ice moves ahead with a lawsuit for what he calls her humiliating and sexist behavior against male employees. another green energy bust funded by the obama administration. the owner of a if is kariye m--
5:31 am
fiscar karma hybrid is under fire. the fire was not battery related. the karma is also blamed for a house fire in texas. they received a $529 million loan from the obama administration. security system at new york's jfk airport that failed to spot a stranded jet skier climbing an 8 foot fence and walking across two runways being blasted by the head of the union representing port authority costs. the $100 million system one said is a piece of junk. >> these are things that routinely get all of the luck and the pba doesn't want to be sitting here explaining to people why there are dead people because we didn't do our job property. give us the tools and technology and we will stop the threat. daniel he's the man who
5:32 am
breached security. he's said to be speakieeking le help after being charged with criminal trespassing. american credit card debt is growing. transunion says the average debt is nearly 5,000 dollars. that's up about 6 percent from the same time last year. the rate of late payments in just slightly but remains near an 18 year low. >> mitt romney patti ann having a little fun from saint augustine to florida. he and the press engaged in a time honored tradition we are told airplane bowling. >> like the romney olympics. >> here we go. >> got to do what you got to do to have a little fun on the long campaign trail. that is your 5 at 5:30.
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>> well, earlier in the show we told you chris christie will give the keynote address at the national convention. florida senator marco rubio has been chosen to introduce mitt romney in tampa. rubio was on the short list of romney's vp's. yesterday rubio joined the governor on the campaign. doug luzader now in washington with more on this. good morning. >> good morning. the selection of paul ryan as a running mate means mitt romney will have to spend more time talking about medicare. that can cut either way for the campaign. ryan is a real visionary he has been willing to tackle the restructuring of a popular entitlement program before it goes bankrupt. it would not effect current seniors but it has given the obama campaign another line of
5:34 am
attack. >> governor romney and his allies in congress may think if we get rid of more regulations on big corporations and give more tax breaks to the wealth yis americans, if we end medicare as we know it make it a voucher system somehow this is all going to lead to jobs and prosperity for everybody. >> that has mitt romney pointing to obama care which is funded in in part by big cuts in the future growth of medicare. >> also shouldn't cut medicare to pay for obama care to the tune of some $700 billion. that's what the president does to medicare to current recipients of medicare he cuts the payments, the go to medicare by $700 billion. he uses that to pay for obama care. those are places where paul ryan and i agree. >> no question seniors are going to play a big role in this race. the question becomes is paul
5:35 am
ryan an asset or liability for the romney campaign amopping that group of voters. the one poll we have seen so far on this from the "washington post" and abc news shows ryan's favor ability rating among seniors as a potential vice president has actually gone up since he was selected. we will see if that advantage sticks around. >> interesting. doug luzader in washington. thank you. >> how will having paul ryan on the presidential ticket impact the race? >> that is what karl rove is talking about. he's breaking out the electoral map to show us how it all breaks down. >> wisconsin ten electoral votes even with ryan's presence -- if marco rubio had been the vp florida is a lock. now wisconsin because it's so divided idea logically. >> joe tripy and i were on earlier this evening on bret baier. both of us agreed this puts
5:36 am
wisconsin from a lean obama state which is where it is today to a toss up state. whether or not it is going to end up in the republican column we don't know. a vice presidential candidate has impact in the home state and can have any where from 2 to 3 to 4 point swing in an election from what it otherwise might be. right now the state is 6 points a 2 or 3 from republicans away from democrats would put it in the republican column. >> does it matter 10 electoral votes compared to florida's 29. ohio is another one romney has to carry. >> the important thing is not just the home state. it's not the electoral impact to the vice presidential running mate. that's nationwide about half a point and generally gets canceled out. what it says about the ticket itself. what this says is governor romney will make this about big ideas and about tackling the deficit and controlling spending and he will be aggressive in
5:37 am
defending conservative reform ideas. that is going to be important. >> also saying he believes the industrial midwest such as ohio, pennsylvania and michigan will see an immediate impact by the selection of ryan. >> before you leave the house this morning let's get the first degree weather update from maria molina. she has more of the heat. >> good to see you this morning. good morning everyone. we have more hot temperatures across parts of the southwest. one city in particular phoenix high temperature at 112 degrees. be safe out there. it has been hot over the last several days. today will be no exception. we have some good news across parts of the central plains we are finally getting much needed rain. we are seeing some of that early this morning. we will continue to do so through out the afternoon hours. we are still in a drought. we need the moisture out here. across parts of the east northeast into the southeast you will see showers and storms today. possible travel delays out there
5:38 am
and across parts of the northeast some of the weather could produce thunderstorms that could produce severe weather with large hail damaging wind gusts and even isolated tornadoes possible. heads up new york city, philadelphia down into the washington, d.c. baltimore area you could be seeing severe weather as we head into the afternoon hours. otherwise texas more triple digits 103 the high in dallas, 101 in san antonio. low 80s for chicago and minneapolis. meanwhile across northeast new york city expecting a high at 83. >> maria molina, thanks. it is time to entertain this. after rob pat tin son making his first public pier rance sin-- a since ex-girlfriend's shocking cheating. he was there for the new movie. after less than 5 minutes on the red carpet he was whisked away with no further comment. he was so smitten with connor
5:39 am
kennedy she spent 4.9 million in cash. patti ann just fob close to him. she purchased it and it is right next door to the kennedy compound in massachusetts. meet the new miley cyrus the 19-year-old supporting a very short drastic haircut. she tweeted quote i never felt more me in my whole life. what do you think patti ann. >> what do you think? >> on you? >> no. >> and now for your starting lineup a roundup of all of the sports stories making headlines at this hour. the nfl now expects to start the regular season with replacement rests. the league is using replacements because of a contract dispute in which there has not been much progress. it could mark the first time a woman officiates a regular season nfl game. shan oneaston already making history for officiating a preseason game. state police in louisiana clearing saint general manager
5:40 am
loomis of eavesdropping on opposing teams. they never found evidence that loomis or any other saints listened in between 2002 and 04. michael phelps already back in the water. the louis vuitton ad showing him in a bathtub in a speedo of course with a louis vuitton bag on the ground. >> i always take a bath with my lieu revet tan bag on the ground next to me in a speedo. >> the time is 40 after the top of the hour. billions more of your tax dollars lost on the bailoaudit bailout. why tax payers are seeing even more read. >> could another clinton be entering the business. chelsea clinton is making news that has washington insiders abuzz this morning.
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a oo time now 43 after the top of the hour. what stories are making headlines over seas. in sudan a u.s. aid worker in in court for terrorism charges facing the death penalty is acquitted. he is then taken back into custody. u.s. state department is calling for his release. he was arrested in july for organizing a student protest in sudan. next no norway a government support says last year's massacre that killed 77 people could have been prevented. the government says police and security forces had serious shortfalls in being prepared for such an emergency. he has admitted to the attack. >> after this video surfaced of
5:45 am
what looks like a syrian air force jet being shot at and burst into flames syrian rebels claimed responsibility. they are denying the claim saying that the jet crashed because of technical problems. patti ann? >> the government expects to lose at least $25 billion on the $85 billion auto bailout. the red ink may not stop there. diane macedo has this report. >> in ap monthly report sent to congress on friday the obama administration raised the forecast for how much the auto bailout will cost u.s. taxpayers to more than $25 billion up from 21.7 billion in the last quarterly update. that number as you mentioned could get higher. in total of u.s. invested 80 billion into general motors tors and chrysler to rescue them from bankruptcy at the height of the financial crisis. those companies are making solid profits on reasonably strong sales. the government holds 500 million
5:46 am
shares of gm stock. it would need to sell that at $53 each to break even. this report only covers lawsuits through may 31st. gm stock has continued to drop since then. it is now at about $20. at that current price the treasury would lose 60 billion on gm if shares of more value the government will lose more money. that's why we say it could get worse. the treasury also sold stake in gm financing arm allied financial which lost 900 million in the second quarter. they have resovred only 5.7 billion of that $17.2 billion investment. still matt anderson quote says the rescue helped save more than 1 million jobs through out the nation's industrial heartland and is expected to cost less than many feared during the height of the crisis. the upside is it could be worse. the down side is it could still get there. >> great. diane macedo live for us this morning.
5:47 am
thank you. the time right now 46 after the hour. another reason as if we needed one to eat more chocolate. our study says it's good for your mind. >> it is your last chance to answer our question of the day. long beach california adding 400 cameras to fight crime. do you think that this is an invasion of privacy or necessary precaution? your e-mail is up next. and now let's check in with steve doocy to see what is coming up on "fox & friends". good morning, steve. >> fox and friends kicks off about a dozen minutes from now. coming up we are going to tell you they have made a determination who will be the t key motor speaker at the republican national convention a couple weeks from right now. we will tell you who it is. who is going to introduce mitt romney as well. we will have a gold medallist from the london olympics just closed. he's an american a swimmer. who is he? you will find out. michelle casone knee is going to join us right now with the top
5:48 am
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>> 9 minutes to the top of the hour. chel sr chelsea clinton is thinking about a possible career in politics. in an interview in vogue magazine the daughter of bill and hillary said if it was a point that i felt called to do that would be a question i have to ask and answer. not exactly definitive but we will see. the center of disease control
5:52 am
releasing this map showing where obesity epidemic has hit the hardest. the darker colors have the hire endeckses of body mass index. even though colorado 50 percent are over weight it is still the skinniest state in the nation. some day big brother is watching closely in one city in california. long beach police have unveiled a new safety program 400 cameras placed all over town. >> when a crime is reported a camera in that area it is is punched up. they are back to the officers on the street. >> we are asking you to brew on this today is this an invasion of privacy or necessary precaution? jeff e-mailed us quote when you go outside people can see you. there is no privacy concern here. >> drill from wisconsin e-mailed us i think the cameras will be abused not just used for crime: >> john in ohio e-mailed us
5:53 am
saying this is clearly an invasion of privacy. thank you for everyone who responded keep your comments coming. let's get another first degree weather update with ma roa molina. >> hi again. good to see you. good morning everyone. we are tracking showers and storms across parts of the east northeast down to the southeast and something to keep in mind if you live across the northeast from new york city down into philadelphia the washington, d.c. baltimore area you could see some of the storms producing severe weather especially in the afternoon hours and during the evening hours large hail damaging wind gusts and isolated tornadoes possible. if you get warnings take precautions. it seem like months we are talking about tripling temperatures out here. even seeing rain across parts of the central plains extreme and
5:54 am
going. between dallas and texas 101 in san antonio. we are talking how hot it is out here. phoenix expecting high temperature at 112. just to take a closer look we are talking widespread triple dig get temperatures from las vegas 108 to tucson, arizona high expected to reach 104 degrees. i want to show you where we have showers and storms already affecting parts of the northeast. we are seeing that early this morning as we head out the door to work parts of up state new york through the syracuse area parts of central pennsylvania getting in on heavy rain out there. we are seeing some of that rainfall into later on today. otherwise parts of virginia parts of roanoke seeing that rainfall. showers expected in the southeast atlanta seeing pretty good downpours right now.
5:55 am
westbound parts of kansas seeing the rainfall, much needed rain once again and showers and storms expected in the four corners heavier stuff during the afternoon hours. >> the time now is 6 minutes to the top of the hour. the comblier of fe-- the mayor phoenix finding out the hard way wnba players don't take practice lightly. >> can you figure out our word of the day. there it is. you can stick around we will tell you the answer.
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>> a minute and half until the top of the hour. we'll take a look at the good, bad and ugly. another reason to eat more chocolate. researchers finding that eating near flave noil a
5:59 am
component in cocoa helps with cogniz and plood pressure in elderly patients. >> a break out the zoo in germany. a fox and bore dug holes under the fence to help the kangaroo escape. the ugly, the phoenix mayor breaks his nose in a pick up game with the phoenix murkry. his nose was fractured in two places but returned to work a few hours later. >> good for him. >> gretchin -- is here. that is like a disney movie. >> you ladies are so smart. thank you.


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